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Head of Bleriot Co. Accused of
Misappropriating Funds.
Shy Harry Graham Carter, a
Languid Englishman, Is an
International Swindler.
Harry Qraham Carter, a young man
whose impressively \u-rior was
adorned with an Inverness coat AM a
iiionocu, irramimnled Dsteotives McCon?
ville and Busby to rollet Headquarters yes?
terday afternoon. The officers had ar?
rested him at the offices of the Bl?riot
Monoplane Company, of which he Is prest?
dent, at No. 1934 Jerome avenue, The I
because Arthur A Hart. \*i< e-presldont of
the company, Royal 1" I'.ibb'.na, treasurer,
and William A. Carte*, a director and unclo
of the prisoner, had complained that ht
bad misappropriated $1.463 of the company'*
n.or.ey. Magistrate House, in the Tombs
court, held Carter In $1,600 bail for ex?
amination to-morrow.
Deputy Commissioner Dougherty and In?
spector Hughes think the] have
an International swindler in Carter. He
came from England about a year ago, they
?ay, where as hardly more thai a youth he
had been in some of the promotion SOb< met
of E. T. Hooley, the meteoric English finan?
cier whose bankruptcy in 1898 convulsed
the Island. Carter, the police assert, ha*
a record In England and Is even now
wanted by the authorities of Bristol on I
charge of misappropriating ?119 as pro?
moter there.
Tbree separate amounts, $?."$, $*5 and
$1.000, make up the total he Is formally ac
. of having stolen in this country Ths
1 N ? omprlsed a (heck sent, it is Charged,
to the monopiit!" oosepany by William
Llghtenhurg. of Johnstown, Penn., and need
by Carter as tUfl personal property. A Dr.
Qulnn is said to ! ave contributed ? j
payment for stO< k In the monoplai
panv, and $,."Ue farter obtained, aOC
if, the comilai:..i!iis. by mortgaging the
lompany. without Obtaining the j.mission
of the directors, to Martin L Henry, of
No 1948 Bathgate avenue, The 1!;
In the short time that he baa >
this side Carter ha? been able t" induce
a number of women to lnv< It ?n his mono?
plane company, amo- .
Yolande Ede. de Yillam m of No.
? st M *::? et to wh< no ?
ported engaged. The II numbered
among the directora ot hla companj
other woman whom he sought as an in?
vestor, however, ?tart? I en inquiry ?
led to his arrest Thla waa Mra William
H farter, his aunt.
East UM strer; I
From time to :
her nephew ssesjtloa
he had promoted in Brill ?. England, -
wrote to that concern and got
that a man Who answered her nephew*!
description | foi embezzle?
ment, that he had been known variously hi
England as H Graham ?
Terah (fioole) ? : ' '.1 and
Harry Taylor, and thai ? two
terms in prison
letter over to II ho sent for
Informatlor and |
the man want? I (rosa Scotland Yard In
the mean time ?M dlreoton got busy on the
books of the monoplane company and dis?
covered the allege! i- which they
accuse him.
When brought
Carter, who la lall and lean ??
remarked in a pronounced English
that t!:? chargea against !
lOUl anfl he could soon ?>!>t?ihM?h hW tnno
He denied a rtpofl frTW '" *?<! ?
wife in Eng'.at i la the Tomba court ha
pretested fc | .ion of
? ing ?
"This matter is BO Simple, our worship
i n stead this check
enburg]. but UM | I I 11 to pay a bill
that was outstanding and lha i
saeta dar in Un bank I
Magistrate Housi advised him to .
lawyer. s.i>iik ? repelled under the
law to grant the extension of Ui
for b] I 'on.
Feist K- I ? I i ? \\
Koss ? lot BxM f< ? it, <??
Haisev .-?: New?
ark, for Improvement with -t business
building, also sold tor i onrad Koelhoffer
to James Ha\e> No, 24 Can!
Newark, a four BtOT) I
The Harlem Propertj
tlon will hold
No ?
Joseph Kramer has opehed an office at
No. 1QJ W.st Mth street f"i t'.
tlon of a general real ?
Medals and Gratuities for Bravery in
Fight with Moros.
Washington, l><. 17.? ?""?? heroic oonduct
in the It^lit with outlaws In Basllan. Phil?
ippine Islands, ?mi Bepteesber Mi ?tt tasan
? r ih. craw of th1 fmnboat Pampaaga
rooelYod medals of honor and gratad
tiOR of |m S*cb from Secretary Mover. It
was In this fight thai BBStgO HOTS* ?as
Quoting Um report of the (nmmann'or of
Hi. Patnpsnga, ihe order sa^:
The heroten and oootaOM shown by our
men cannot he too highly commended end
should receive recognition froni the de?
partment J. n Catherwood, ordinary sea
man, though severely wounded, ?lui all he
pould ?rr the Moros attacking
Knsign Hovej F. H. McOuire, hospital
apprenti ? though wounded himself, gave
Immediate a to the wounded, and on*
doubt? I the Uve? of the boom
' Catherwood Ths coolness and
ihowi by O. i'. Henderson, Jacob
Vols sad B. R. Harrison in charging
(?ids cannot be praised In too
g terms.
o -?
1 The Milwaukee No. 95 Was Nearly
Ready to Turn Over to Government.
[ Muskegon, Mich., Dm ft Just four days
before the Kaclne Boat Ifanufacturtng
Company, of Muskegon? was going to
turn the comrleted lightship, Milwaukee
No. K, over to the United States govern?
ment, the $?.",.000 ressel sank last ntghl at
the Racine dOSk here lu B feet Of water.
The decks are* seven feel under water.
President Reynolds, of the company, ex
?1 the belief that the vessel was CSD?
sized by the heavy wind.
The Tri1 one Bores?.]
Ington, December 27.
ORDERS ISSUED?The following or?
der n issued:
rpa of engineers detailed to superintend
?traction or repair of any aid to navi
lon authorised bj i ongroei In 6th
: TH< >M 18
tREY. eorpe of ? nglne< m.
. San Fran
( ry ?.
Capt:. IT I. CAR8WELL merlica!
eorpe, to Bureau of Navigation, Philippine
INGTON, medical corps, Balling from
! .". t.. S?ll IV ( Dl
i !:i.i.M w medical eorpe,
fron ' - to san Prencloco, sailing
larv ."? fir Philippine?
Captai V '? WRIGHT, 18th Tnfantrv.
to Port Leavenworth foi in for
Second Lieutenant lirnRERT M. POOL, as?
signed to lltli Infantry, to Port l^eavon
wortn February 1, for three months, thence
to 1 i
Leave of absenee: Major M^nm* K BAR
ROLL psymsi lonths from fan?
nsni' (junior gradoi II R KELLT, to
the " ry S
Ensli?ii R P, EMRICH, ? the Minnesota, Dc
i i i;'i?!.;: - ?aient, to
I BR \ NDT, detael <*d the MIs
? PARKER, (Vtnchsd the Chester,
Ensun W il. BTIL1 ! the New
Hampshire, to thi P
?la,),lni8t J. ' RICHTER, detached the
- bam.
following movements of vessels have been
report. | to 1 ? Navy Department:
be Tit ata.'1'ia at ' >sar
Porumoutl .t Nanking !
Ban ? ? Bufl
Honolulu: fie Patuxent and the Poti
10; the Ar timsa at Charles
PI ? Teeumeeh, fr >m Indian Head,
' ". .- Ington
? m Hampton I
Nanihan. frnrn Bhan|
for : Ingham, fr>. ??. E
Hi ?. ? ?
Pati Ammon, the Burrowa the
?i Charles
t .r? gut of rnmmlMl r. at
and ?t l
iri.u. in . . i-kiHi.-,
H Murray Kitchen, the eeventeen-year
Trust i ton
A ? !? m days ag
with the larceny of Jewelry and
John G Wadsworth anil Dr I
? N I I sev.nth erenue,
imlnation through counst I
n in th*- \'. , ourt,
held for th,- grand ] rj on a
the s.e...
.t.. Kernochan. Th<
pot up by ? ther, Cyrus B.
- . of th< Ouaranty Trusl < !om?
? ?
avi sold '
new three
flathouees, and the two story dwell?
ing house, No. B46 Bedford avenue.
Thomas I I las sold for FVed
nberg s plot, 10x100 feet, In Bas)
l t.. Jos< i bine ? on 111
.' ? Ins. nous ,
Mailed anywhere in the United States
for $?-50 a year.
?^n?a u. S. Department of Agriculture.
<YV\A\\highWEATHER bureau 2s^
\\\\*\\\ -^y-L'S L.MOORE Chief /f \ mai
r-.'VV/; /??/;??? ?'/> A^^v^Vrx^^Yv >\1 ^29.9
A % ?/* v?' / l/?* '"A-*-..; -V" -?-A \ \3\ ./\ ?x??
"'l MeS?V '?y* ^Tl''''*AL..---;'T:?.l! ? A \^\\?B >foar.day, Sao. 23,
\'30.'l\ ?7-?'J ?qrTT"-J ****- ?>?? J'a T U?n *'\ \ ?'A. f 19ll#
.--1 / A 3?? HIGH i? ? ? ' ? 4 1 ,ltf!,\ \**/ ^so 1 ?-o"1 raaaaaraaaa? Osai
EX PUNATORV NOTES. h ' \~'~. \- V ."~ V* t * 4 for Th.i Dm ^
p?f_*,rewfci_d tose? level ''^>-Af\*_K\ ? l?\ \ A Mfta_*a.M tn 1881
???aa-?.wtUuo?s l>ne?, pai* through point? ot equal ?r yLi* [^"2* v 31.3 1 ?D.% Lo??t... ? In 11*1
9rtmmt. 30..1\ ^ * *3ol,4 - *k hR \ _
|f?S?rf^doaWI?<?.t^l^w^Pp^<*?1,?m- ! ?48 30.'_ ' ^19 A Ia?j\ Prtclplm.on Dr...
ptf???rt;?.ri^?oi?lytof?f'O,treeimg,90,irQl00degrtM. ? I \ > (i)f Thu Momh
QOamt?>weyC>aaay,dj<3aa^s^sa; 8 tasan \ 1 y. I
M Report ?*???_. 'Afro*? ?? with the wtnd. ? ? ? -J \/ fiim?! 6 66 In 188?J
r>?lia^?aOpc?ae?-?p?^w."*^dPr?il>,t?,,<>ad j?i?i o.-j m m??
Ot aesIS_ore, tor 24 hours ending S p<a >ester_y. ? lf?" 0.0?> In 1877?
Official Rfior.l and Forecast.?TV.,*!
D*e 2T ?Tli? aoutbweatem atorm ha? .?>
th* lower 6? lAWieaes Valley, a:.i W.? r?ir.?
ar?o ?no?? ha-.? ended. SHSBt fi I M lake
i*SK>n *??t?a.-ci Rapidiv ri?tnr seeeseoe, with
a oactde-j fall tn temperature, and westerly taita
follow the ?torm, the high pre?8'jre and low
temperature extending WSBtasH to the Rocky
rhere it anothe: steesj of BjBBSM e-juai in
tenaity oa the ports Pacif? C SSI last ass thua
far bean sfaeatod by i?:..s sad ? ?>
Pacific StStee, Nevada, t
Vettern Montana and a Strong, bigs i
area, ga BSJ i
has appeared to the net I
the temperatures ranging fio/n IS I
below gsro.
The hi?-?: a
dicatea that Sill prevail
the next Ihres s I
eaateni r rtlssa Sf
fa.II on Thursday
and lo?, i l?vki region It.wlJ
the plateau reglm l'y ' '?>
Fair weather win pri
Mountain!, oasepl thai i i
1 Thursday from th'- lake region eastward, and
a the farte: :
; ..nralns West of tne. Fix. ky
? warning* have been ??aued fer Mon
tai.* Northers and < ei tral Wyoming ax.d Oh,o
un ;r.e Atlantic
' .???? ?? n Eastport ta Hatteraa. and on th?
anting] have bees
. and lo?er
The . Net? Tilgend and mld
- Will bt high west and north
night; along
<oasi. diminishing ?(it; along
dit, light t,, ino'lerjt? north;
Lake Ml higas, diminishing weat,
? i Kuropean
hl| bwesl ?inda,
., Kg I'^r BgSSSsI I.Ittle?. For the DIs
laaa, fair and sssesi
. -.jy wits ''' ' Is; fair
Bitaw d esM i . -
!.. ..v.a?. sad ?'?' S ?? ! gMMB
i,> ?Mi; brial
winds; fair and contln ? la]
Penni an ? much
. . apt ?i ' w flu i m.s in nort
tlon; i rifk to hixii norihweat mieia i4lr
Dtinui t . eld 1' il'lny.
ra Nee for?, light laca) snuws and
ir.u h eoMer to-day, with high northwest winds;
l?i? and eontlaued . old nidav.
1 ? N( w F.ngland. local snriws and much eoMer
to da>. with high ?*e?t winds; fair 1'riday;
colder In tht lie. rlor ?f Maine.
Offl. lal ohtervatlonf Sf United gtstea weather
bureau* taken at 8 B> tn rSStSTSBy folio*:
CttJ Temperature W, ather
. - ,loudy
Atlantic City. 4o
Boston . 41
Buffalo .
... . 14
Wee fritan? . M
us . 2?
Washington .
. ?.?udy
' .?..:
Ixxal Ofrlrlal Record.?The follows* official
?i (.in the Weal ? i , H...
Llmng. ? m i' ? for laai twenty
four hour?. Ii. con , . nneapond
ins date u( I at yea
IMS lili mm ion.
'?'? I ? SO 4 1 ? g >n ..SI 4?
?I a ni , g| 47 !? J. in ;c, ;;,\
I ? m ..i -i* 11 |. . | ?.-j
IS tS . ?Ill 47 U p. lu U
4 S in 4'l
Htgheol temperstnre ! degrees
tat 2 4o a m i, lowest, si ; avernga, 44, ?wi
ling date lal . 1 a vei -
?*?? f"i corresponding date i.iai thirty-three
\a? j| (orecaat: Light local saows sad BMeh
coldei te day, ?1th high northweei winds. km
? and 1 on tin at j i old.
Property Between Water and Pearl Streets-Buyers Plan to Erect
Twenty-two Story Office Building on Site.
The plot at the F nu t h wo? t corner
H road nml IVaii streets, comprising
building at Nos. MjJ gad IN Broad atr
and No. 41 to 50 Pearl street, reported
last Sunday's Tribune sold by the ?'hat
r. Noyes Company for Frederick p. I\
tir. lias apaln figured In the roaltv niarV
The samo, firm of real catate brokers 9
tt rrlay announced the resalo of this pr
ertv ns WSH as the Hale of the retnaintlei
the block front In I in .ad street, lnclud
Nos. 106 and 108 llrond street and No.
Water street, owned by the Iy^on Kea
Company, of watch Leon wiiner is pr?
?lent The combined plot Is now oovat
with six Store and loft buildings and r
S frontage of 111 feet in Broad street*
feet in Pearl street and 52 feet in Wa'
street, and contains spproxtroately n.
square? feet of ground.
I'm 1? Rosen, of Hosen & Phillips, i
torneys representing the purchasers, 8f
yesterday that the property will r.ot be b
tnediatelv improved, but that eventual
his ellents would erert a twenty-two ato
office structure on the site.
I* .1. Phillips fl Co. have soit] (Off Sol
Brothers No. 44 Went ^Ith street, u fi
story American basement dwelling hou;
with elevator, on lot 25x103.2 feet. The u>
owner will occupy the house. This Is oi
Of ? group of fine houses erected on t
south Side of Wth street, between Columfr
avenue and t'entrai Park Wept, in tl
block formerly owned by the (Turk est?t
James I-. Van Sant has sold ?he six sto:
apartment house, with Stores, at Nos. 1.'
and 1527 Amsterdam avenue, on plot 43 1
lifi feet, || feet north of l&'.th Street, II
Van Sant bought the property last Jui
from Joseph If. Davis.
Ix?rd & Taylor have taken a long lea:
on the property owned by FlSg, DoSrT
Carroll in 24th and ttth street?, betwee
Third and LssJBgtOtl SVenQOS, tO provli
a warehouse for use in coaaoctloa with tl
- ile bl SB) h of their busir.
The buildings, which include No 147 t
161 EAat Mtta Street and NO. 141 to HJ Ka:
25th street, w 11 t>e used for warehouse put
poses. Til? ft outage is 176 fast in bot
Mtb and 8th street sad the plot meat
ures 197.6 feet in depth.
The. property adjoins the site formed
occupied by Uie old Bull's Head Tavsn
at Third asssiM and 24th street, abou
which the business of trading in borst
(tntred for marly a centary.
Lord \- Taylor will use the buildings li
their presenl shape, or with possibly s fei
minor alterations. The lee* is said tO 1"
for twenty-one years, si so snnusl rents
of about Ko.000.
It was l< arned yesterday that Amos H
I. Plnchot purchased the .-tai.i.- propert;
Nos 120 end 121 I t < street, r*
sold on Tuesday. This psreel was acquire*
a few weeks ego from Cardinal Farlej
It is understood lhat the pur
i, s..Li it at g prie, around S90.M0.
s n rjoodale A Terry report having re
neatly leased specs in the St James Build
ing to the following: L. Eppstelner &- Co.
Inc., of Philadelphia! Estelle Costume t.'om
pany, Inc., of Brooklyn; George U Kahn
i'. M. Werner ?- w. b. Baraett, Robert T
Walker, Sigmund Levins ? Hugo Ham
burger, B W. Btocker and O. Tuotl ? I o
Inc., who wire for several years located si
No m Broadway.
II. <fc L, Hess have ], n?eri: spate )n Nos
45 17 Kast Mth street to Nelson* Burstein .V
w, Kdeiman fl lUehelson end B il
? r, the third loft In No. II W -
stre.-t to Metrowlts &- Kaiser; spa., in No
Ion Bojuare to Harry Bohwah; spao
in No ist Mth strat t to u a. sot
<? A Welller; tne tMra loft tn see j*> ?SB*
2i?t street to gfeaperdas ?i Aaastes
in NOS -i- ?-41 West It h street to the Schiel
ber Clothing Compeny, sad ihe first loft In
,\. x West Kith street to Louis H
Tucker, Bpeyers fl Co havi lessed to the
Kin's Renting Company the dwelling No.
21 West 4.'.tii street for s t'nu of years.
liooyei it Merston bsvs leased t.> ths a.
? Portei Company, publishers of the
"Houst wife," for ust nd edl
rooms, the sixth loft in the DOW
building at th.- ?outhessi cornet ol Irving
PkW ? gad Iftl street, for S tSI m_ Ol
. tal of about I
i Hu? ? -bel have n nted spa? e In the
? can Butrdli ? si sad fu?
is Circle, to Qeorge i lit r< ? r, Hoi
lester a< Wserner, Remington Bundard
Truck Company, the Anderson Com
Philedelphia Btoragi Betti i y Com
, pany and u llaon ? H. Randolph
Payson McL Merrill bus leased spart
merits In No, 128 Park svtnue t., William
rd Webb, ll Walter \\ ? bb, ir Re
b< ?. a K. Itlggs, l ram : il. Oriffli
nellus H Tsngeman and < illvi r Iselln: In
No Ml Park avenue, to i ' nahe ? ?. Roelser,
Thomas Thacher, Morris K. Parker, Otto J.
: Merkel, P. ?: Lai terman anil Robert L
Burton: in No 110 East 67th streel
1er, ?'hail-s Balrd, Clara ?
ford and Robertson K Ifygstt: for Pease
rie* apartment ?t He, f&
at No. il K.ist 78th street, an apartment for
I Theodore R. Kavanagh to Lewis at Rleli
1 The Charles P. Noyes Company has
leased a ators ?tt No. DJ Pearl street to the
New Rose Pipe Coupling Compeny; the
store Ht No. :.: Ann street to Rotiert Me.
Afee; the ?tote Ht No. *7 Warr, II street K
WllUam J. atozley; s floor in No. SO Beek
: man ?treet to David Fischer; a Hoot in No.
I'l RiirlitiK Slip to Franklin. Oumpert &
Co.; a ROOT In No. 5'.' Ann street to J. II.
Adamson, and two floors in NO. M Gold
Street to Krank R. Kran...
The 2Sth Constnietton Companv ha?
I in the new huildinK No. ll'.-ll'. West
2'th street ths sixth tl. rontalnit.
: ?fjuare feet, to the Prop-esstve Waist ',f|m
! pany, manufacturer? of waists and dl
for a term of three i aera
i a ?
hi? ?old the fix story apartment koeas, with
stores, at N'"*. I8JB ami ir."J7 Amsterdam sve
B rM 4'i.llxlOo f?"t, M feet north of lfiftth
Mr, Van last DflegM tlie property last
Jona fr* i:i .i.,.-e?.h it. Devta
The Charlea i' Noyea Conaoeay resold the plot
at tba aoatbwest cerner of r.roa.i sad Pearl
Um Bssaa broken for
l'reijii!. k P rorstsr, and sold th
i?.? black front including (fes. MM i
?treed ?trert and NO. pi water street eased
by the i,?'":i Realty Cainsaay, Lass Wir
i plot (a now Im
on red by Ma atarea and loft bull Unas, and ha?, a
.? of m fee? la Broad street 119 feet m
M fest in w.ii". atieet sad
contalna approximately 11,100 ?fiaif I
?round. Jacob Hosen, of Rooon >< Phillips, at
? - the fur. hast rs.
IOTH STREBT Meoyer & Marat?n hers s"1''
f"r the Brot ? Oompsny, sa trastee, f"r
???aid Otbb "?tat?, the two itory s;ai>le No.
40 WeM tOtk ?troet, on loi 23.6x02.3 feet 'Hie
k, who will sltei It for
ted th<
FIRST AVENUS Samuel T?rkin h.is sold to
Lowenfeld ? Prsger Ko I and 10 Fliet i
rter of lsi Mreet, s ala atory new
l.iw boeaoe, nn pint +\ ix82x irregular.
THIRD AVBNtTE Samuel Rsti I? reported to
Id tie B8B Third svatrae, between 98th
? ' ta, n (' ta ?toi y t? ? meet ho
lot ?.?* sxioo feet, between Mth sad asm ?tieets.
IOTH BTRBBT l. J Phillips* Co. ba
foi Bean Brothers No 4? Weet muh atreet a
five Moi ? ? .m basement dwelling house,
with elevator, on a lot 28x102.2 feet, I
owner win ocsnpy th- house.
BTRBBT Henry D. Wman?. ft Hay Bold
v ill West B9th atreet a throe atory sad basa
mem high MOop house, on ? lot 90x100 f'et, for
v.--?. ?gnita gylvins Heiiner to Charlea dulden
ba contracta for the -<?.I thia property nrere
Dec er 27
USD STRgBT Wllttaasoa a, Bryan have sold
fo; John lieintz. of the Elchler Brewing Com
pany, to a bull 1er, a plot on lMd street, west of
Tl lrd avetiuf, for imm?diat? Improvement.
wii.kins avente -Wtlltameoa & Bryan
have ko',1 Mo. 14U Wilklns avenue, a five atory
apartment house, on a plot 4oxl.V> fret. Tins
etc* ihe aale of a row of bouaea built at
ti is point by the Mitchell & McDermott Coo
?uui i :"n ' 'fanpan].
The following transactions were recorded
yesterday at the Heal Lfitate Kxchange
salesroom, Nos. u and i<; Veaoy atreet:
Ry Jose; h p
WAO0JWORTB AVB, 14?, n w .or lSOth ?t.
IIO.OxOOx trreg, r, My apt bouse; adjourned !"
December M
By l>. P in^r.-iham A Oe,
MORNINOgEDB AVB, 171. e ?, 1J4 11 ft a of
until *'. -4 IU", :. My tenmt aold to the plain?
tif for ?17,11o
By Unan ? Kerujelly
llSTH IT, 'H Wert, s s, ?.T.". ft e o? ;t:i ave,
ir.xH'Oi!, 4 r4y us, sold to the i ;attitiff for
?ty rlssaaal Q ks
JACKSON BT, .m. w a shoail Ml ft a of <
tt, ;.'ii7."i. 4 fv tanml and atorea an<t .t sty r^ar
tenmt lold to the ,lalntl(T for t
B] iiettert a Bfesrsaaa.
llgTH BT, 149 West * ?. 991 ft a at Rk ?>?.
" ?100 II, 4 My d? i C Crawford
f"i *n , ? ^
By Toseph r Pay
ft^TFt ST. 'jr.? \\>st. n %. i"'j ft ? of Broadway,
iT.xii'i 11, ?, sty .i?s; adjourned to J sanan 9a
At the Bronx snchangt
? By Josei hP I ?'
laaTH BT, 41J Bast, ? , ITS f| m of Elton
.January 17.
rjeMst? ksr.
HOmCAM BT, - - ... ??7ti,
?i ii. :' My <i?k; saw to the plaintiff for
By >>ors:f Pi
I , i iNTON st. 1 v.Ti. w F, IB1 i" ft ? ' ITBUi
' at, 03x140.10, a atj dwg? aold to Mary H
J4 1
rwith na i ad addn ? M leset i I
HOUSTON BT, 8TI Bast (parlor "
third and fourth floora): 1*1111? Tansls to I'hllip
Hurwitsj 5 rra from Bapt l. l?lli H.T4
dress, -71* Baal H
INTBRVALB AVB, 1110 (at? ?' Herman
to Arnes (tender*.: ."> jrre from Jan I,
1013; 1000; address, 2000 Newhold I
KKI.I.V .- ? Itealtv
Samuel Prltiel; ft >rs
1 fr m Wo? I, 1010; $'."". ? ' MB Kelly ?t.
MACDOl'OAL BT, 40 sad 19 lall); Re??alo
i an., n J " :t rra from
i Jury 1. Ifll. N.900; k Idroaa, 201
i V7ABHINQ I' IN AVB, '-'t'1 I
I to Charleo D II; :< rri frora Dec l. 1*11; i:t.7i?j.
n i:nst 129
Anna (.' Jones to Cerilla M < yra (rom
i, IS i. |] -.'?> a?:;<?s 9430 1st ave.
?.?i? v\k. f'.Tt (Mori Boor and reai half of
to Max Wexli t. 3 yrs
oil, 1011. 1000 i -? : ave.
H BT, >? West if ai l..r fl or an I four ton
Bann ' )!'.us-- ?.. Elisabeth Hosi
? ; it 18, 1011, 15,230; addrea , v w.st
1 ."?lltil St
; 4?ii BT, m \v..?t (all); Jennie B TTasrlsj to
F'<,,3. PlaJ '-'' yra from Hay I, 1010; ?12,
drase, 199 W? : aid ??'
rOTTH BT, 7:< r Ooide A- i ;en (a
K'loni to liesKtr Kua ? .ni De,;
i 1911; ?4,7^4. addraaa 1009 Hadist i
10TTH BT, ?-7 BaM (al i; aaaaa t., same; 6 yrs
? ? I, 1011. IS.1B0; addn f.-. aa above
n^TH BT, 181 Knst (all); asma t. asme; n yrs
from Des i lili; ?t';.".44. addresa as above
I40TH st. ?, \v. .t (all); A.ia Prosrar I i lew
Wlna; ft >rs fron. Jan 1, 1012; ?'? 7(xi, a
?:1.- Tell |t
? WiMi nan ? i ur bssar i
BROADWAY, n ? ? ?? r fgth at 90xBB; John w
Jonea to Amos h E T'ln^h.it imtf 1113,000); Dec
97; $10 , 1021 Park svi
rSETT AVB. ?? s. 101 fi ? of 184th st, Mx
fix trreg; Janr s Q Bennett to I'atrkk M M
' ? i, IBX800; addn ta, 47:? Wool 14
r ST. 81, i'xino. Leuii i^ar* t..
Marks; D< -? ; 4it, tl. s .
1834 7th ave.
BAHB PROPERTY; aaaaa is Has Levy, a.?
exr. Dec iifl; one-tlftenth part. $1; address, in
East S7th st.
PARR AVB, m a, 99 ft n or S7th st, K\s.>
Nfsry A Brooks t. Henri i>.*r.s m.\g 18 ?
'-? lHSJ; J]
SAME PROPERTY; Henry Dowaa Is Unsy B
Ittly ^.?, l-s?. Il; a.Lires?, HxN I'.irk ave.
RIVINOTON BT, 829 and lilM. a a cm <??
st. 4(rx><l. SHiiuiel ran'or tn Joseph Tokar; '..i
rertion deed; all liens. I ir rj. $100; a 1 tr.-ss
?: ?th. N J.
47ARICK ST. 108, ?-'1x70. Kate f Krank to
Aufius-.n Kelly; Oci Ifi; il. aidre?.. 104 Var
lek *t.
'.'Ii A\K. UM aid 2184, 41x100; fessle. Suhin
M ?I to Ortus Realtv Co untf $48,000); D
$100; sddrass, 34?) Bread*
BD AVK. ;l'4o to 124?. i<cxf?n, Harcourt Beaity
Sam? ! ..Kirian 'nitj 880,000); !
$1 address. 0 East ?J! M
$S A\E. m ?. 8J ft I of 74th ?t, ,'Hlxl<'4. IVrrv
H Stmonv tr, terraep Holdln? 1 o ontg |7
Da .'-'. $100; address. I03 i?aM l^ftth M.
4TH AVE, jai of n ln.e of lot 4. Mi map of
rorneiius F Willisms :'4x?*x Irreg Andrew j
I'aln et al to Marx Ottlnrer tnitg |*i.fti0?, Da
i*. $100; sdersaa IB west 75th ?t.
7TH A\E. 'JlOft. lSxft.'.. Liwin N Roxlev ?t si
to Kdt^aid j Kitrrel! ir.it? |17.V??i, Oec 1?; $1;
?Asnas, K.& A\<?t ISM st.
7TU AVB. e s. 49 ft n of 13?<J ,, ?jr.y.rf-. Din?.
? ?A) 1 ?xrs to tin 111 1^ >I?\er. C'T 13.
$?'?".u" ? r\tm ave. Jersey City.
11TH AVB a a f-o ft a of 4f?th st. 88x100;
Ausrbach Realty Co to .-ophls 2lmm*rmsn. r>ec
.?7 (aatg ?13..VS?,. |n?-j atlfiraaa l v\>st 7mti st
1?TH ?T, 41-' anl/414 East, i(ix&>. KatL Levy
to l.iiiie I'rl.nd (nitg gSOATSi Dei 17; IIO
dress, 177o Madison ,,v..
IfTH BT, its \\>st. HsMB; Casarte*, a Bada
0 ? ?r> to - Hospital; Dt 90
$t>7..??(?!. address. IM West llth st
I1TH BT, 829 East, 98x108; I *s?i- Babia et ai
lo Ortua Realty Co; rv.- :?? m.ta ??-?<? <"f>i |100;
*' .-^a>.
Mi 11 BT, 111 liiisi. $$aJ0gj Besati Beals et ai
tint? $98,000); I><.- 88; $100; address, .'!4tl
I7TH BT, ir;S w,,, ^?i??1-, leesea fpeiimsn ti
Kiien T Ipellman; Dec lh. Il 19$ Bt,|
John ? 11 Brooklrn
,t4Tii sT 899 West IBxSJ VTai >'? Bettat t,>
- ainili.im. IV ^7 ?lu", a Idr.
"Ill Ht
40T11 BT, ;u? i:..!t, 2?x!is 4t)ih st. BU Esst,
2ftxW?, llr.sle HSblrt et al to Ortus Realty ("o
(acts IT.''?*>i. Ds? Mi |H9i SdetSSS, 340 Broad?
IOTH ST. n ? 2?.*. ft e of 3d eve, 21x Irre?;;
jt.irKHr.1 -i toed te beulee Bellend; D?c 27;
|10S; iddreoa, 207 Fast .V/th at.
V-.TH SI. gfj ?,?.1 gU West. 75x100; Jullue
Tmhmin to Minnie A Iilan<rard: T>o 27 (nus
SSO,oOO)? ?loo. eddreae, 22?? vTeSt 122.1 St
BBTH BT, H s*d M Oa*t. lOsiOO: H-??|<> Sabla
te Or? u Realty CO; Bee 21 *mtg SSX,fSjS)i
|1CO I I >? . : M nrondway.
H>21> ST, 1M7 Fast. 25x100, Frederick O Rang?
to Ells? Boyd De? 1!?, |t? address, M Rlv-raide
JiWTH ST n ?. 100 ft w of 1st Sve, 25x100;
Joseph Pampents 'o Vincent J Orlando. Dee 27
tnug 113,900); fiOO; address. 234 East 106th at.
I10TH gT, 1ft Bast: StS hrk. 2.1x100. Ed
win A Polas to Ottille Polak, 4 Part <m'K *,H"
ISO?; Dee H? II, sddress, 2j> west n?th at.
I1ITH IT, 127 Bast, Ils Irreg; aleo M 41.1,
map Van Nesl ink; 'Vcrina Ijinrlco to ?'?r?
mela R-ga. lee 7 fl: address. 27 Oak at.
laWTH gT, 141 West; - ity hrk. 15xW: Yele
'.. Richard .1 M'Uowan nntg t\'M>i; I"1':
I; fl; address. 2354 7th ave.
140TH ST. n I eor of Hamilton pi, lOftxOOx
in.-?; Crotona BecortUee Oo to Hamlltonlan ?'or
: Dee 23. flOu. sddress, Crot?n OB the
Hadaos, N T.
l'"tl> ST. 410 Went. 2.1x112, Kdward A Isaacs
to Benjamin Harris. Dec 2? unfa; f2O,0?j0i; all
liens; $1??J: address. f'23 Fox st.
MST ST. a e em Of B4 Nicholas eve, 2.'ixl00;
rorth Building Co to Edward Raftir; all
lien?. Dec 2?? imtg f?i!,ooO); fl, address, 41? West
tstlth St
BOONE IT, or s, 225 ft a of 172d at. 25x100;
Settlement Co to joeeph <? iwltseer;
DOC 21, fl25; sddrOSS, 2 (JniOB Square.
BELMONT AVE, ? ? eor of 175th at. 100x100.
Ralph Belllao to Farnolo Realty Co; Dm 23;
I ? s, 41 Bee) Ifnasten at.
BROOK AVK?, 12.M and 1253, 41x irreg; Banich
II Hlrv hfeld I ' Abraham Mlodownlck and ano;
De 30 (mtg f:i'.000i, fl. address, 1 East lllth
ORAMTJ AVK. ( a. 201 ft a of Ford ham rd. 15
?88; Francia J if mi to Rosins M Orand; Dee
Bf; 1100 .:'.!..?<. MOI Otead ave.
ii"\r:vu i:i,:, w??:. n m est ai Bel st, 63x
Irrog; Philip Kaufman i , Philip Kaufman tt
Son (mtg $6,500); Dei 2S; |10O; addresa, 855
I ?: U M
l'DKKST AVK, e a, 2.19 ft n of 161?t st. 24?
100; T!nt,.n ave, or ?, lllo ft n of KJl.-t st, l'4x
100; Margaret m Tvrreil et al to Albert A
23; fl, address. Englewood '.'lift
FOREST AVK. | s. 22.1 ft n of lOlat at, 6x
Irreg; Margsret J Tyrrell et al to Mary j Her?
ser: Dec :.;. ?i, .,.. i-. - . ;ni Fast 163d at.
JEFFERSON UVE, ? s, 7? ft e of Oakes ave,
25x100; Annie Tu. 'unan to Margaret Tui.hman.
I; |1; address, liM (Heves at.
LOT -~<. map of nronx View Park, 2*xl00;
Richard Q Harter to I'hurvh of Our Ledy of
Kolace; April 12, 1*10; tl; nddress, l?7tt White
Plains rd
LOT 522 to :,:4. man of Laconia Park; Joseph
B Brown to Irving Realty To; March 10, 1908;
1100; address, 2';i Bn sdwey,
MORRIS PARK AVK. n a, 4'JO ft e of White
Plains rd. 1<kix!*.'i. HukIi F Mclaughlin to
? of Our i^idv of Bolees; Dea M imtg
fia,000); |i? addrese, IST! White Plains rd.
MOR?IS PARK AVK n a. 340 ft w of White
Plains rd. l<X)xi'.'>; pU-t tw^ins 340 ft <? of White
Plain? rd x?5x n MorrU Park ave xSOxlOO;
lark a\e. ti e. '.".?o ft ? of White Plalna
rd, BOs Irrea; John O Mc'nhe to i'hureh of Our
I-i.lv of BoMM (mtg 114,000); April 12, 1910;
|1; sddress, 177?> White Plains rd.
PERKY AVK, n m s, .V?7 ft n ?j of Bedford
Park Houle\ard. 16xll.">; Nlrh. laa Oliver to Mar
?arei Oliver; Sept 6 (mtg ST.eiO); fl, address,
I'.e.'l lvrr> ave.
BTEBBIMB AVK, e s. 44 ft n of Jenninna at.
25x105; .Mois L Ernst to Kllen Qulnn. Dec 23;
flOO; address. 521 West 151st st.
TELLES AVK. 1055. 20x100; Teller ave, 10fl6.
a (too Johanna I. Behlosssr to Martin R Hof
Rov 1 unta; flViOO). fl0i>. address. 161
?th st.
i;.4TH ST. 3W Kast. 2."ixloi); Adam Renz. sr.
to Joeeph Btralle; r?"- 2? tint? f.iooo); tlOO, ad
,47 Mi lrose ave.
I77TH *T. s e cor of Arthur ave, 89x145;
William '' F'erseti to Mount Hope Building Co;
Di W (mtg MB.I0B); fl?X); address, 130 West
ISO) tl
2SSTH BT " *. KO f? a of Marfha ave. 25x100;
: b Bevler t Wesley <"'on?tructton Co;
.;. |1; sddress, 1*1 Best 5?th at.
i With name and address of grantee.?
Interest 5 per cent unless otherwise ("tat?d.
II \M1.\TT.\N.
AMSTERDAM AVK. s e eor of ?1st at. l??*
42 Henn Steen to mton square savtose "?n?;
Dec 2?; I rrs, 4'.. sei cent: 110,010; a.idres*. 20
Union Be
BENNETT AVK, e s. 167 ft s of lMth st. 2?6
Patrick J MeKulty to Jame* Q Bennett;
[i, 2?; '? 't- KB. Sd '? *>. 17 West 37tii at.
DIVISION BT, IDT, i ??? eor of Pike ?t. Us
Dolancey it, 34. 25x80; I-ewt? Kresner IO
Huali H ?" ,,,; ?", y?:.1''"- ?1 "
Irvlnaton, B Y.
rjOER? K st 1^2, SsirJB; Rosa BsstSBSn te
.;,.., (prtor mtg f22.000); Dae 2*<: due l>ec
2S, l'.'i'.1. ,; per cent; 18,000; address, 07 iTlinton
it '
WEBT BND \vk. ne? r of R7th ?'. 22x100;
K ijrdo i" Edwin K SVheptel; Dec 27; 5
w... |37,OOf) addreaa 20 Esst 17th ?!
VI I inn BT? tV>", L'.'tx70. Mhert timwh tod ???'>
I Trust Co; dSS as DO!
Dee 27; S6,000; address, 17*1 Broodwsy.
31? AVK. m ^. ~'< ft h of .Vith at. 50xi>.*.; Samuel
'arollne I-? v \ . .'i vrs. ? per cent, Dec
M Istk st
STH WI', HI t , I4S, IHs Irre?; 10th St 111
Went, 41 x lires; ?Ira ? I P Stuart to L'ntofl Trust
C.( ;.??-. i per cent; Dei 7, 1110,000; ?
BO l'i I IwS).
I2TH BT, - ?, Wt ft ?? of 7th sve, KlxlOO; Bt
lloapltsl of i'ttv of New York to ?'harlej
181,000; sd Iress, l> rsed
N .T.
S4TH ST. tO West; i sty bfdg, lixf^. Maria
s Simpson t> American Mortsase Co; I ?eo -7; I
.u at.
80TH BT, -J-" i. '*? lOsJOT; I?uisn
? ? Marrar, t S Todd; Dee 27; 5 yra; |7,
ast -?? i st
BOTH BT, II Went; 4 st>- brk, ir>xiix>, lease?
hold; Frank N Patten n to charlea E Perklna;
i, i? per icnt. IIATSO; sddress, 165
52D st. 2| ? tj bra, ITsJOO; Gkorgs n
i. t. Charlea B Rhlnetander; I >e tl: B
, . p. i . ut. ;iv.s!<, | West - ;
:.:;i> BT, n ?. 1ST ft ' I ::,li av<". l^x
100 Catharine F Finn, y to Do Witt C Ro
Dei 2- I yra, H,00O; addresa, 473
. Bti
MM ft e of First ;ne. f,0x Ir?
in Bchurmacher t" Union Trust
I '??? 27; .". ;...-; f60.000; uddrcsa,
7 .1) BT, 12D Bast, I ?t\ Lrk. I8S100: Burton
,t t.-, to Broadwa Bavlnga InaUtntlon; due
1018; Dee 20; 116,000; addrosa, 5 Park
I86TTI BT, M and 45 Wem, 8 ety hrk, 40x
( ? . $7 100 M'irKiiret J Maco
t., L'n fTust Company; Dee 27; duo
Jan I, 1017; i '? per cent,. |18,000; addresa,
IS Well at.
lit!'I'll BT, n r. B9 ft ? of Amsterdam ave,
.'iviii.' Samuel Beumano t.. Title Insurance
( Arupanj ; 5 yrs, Deo M; 143,000; addreaa. 135
BELMONT WK, n e .-or 17Mh at. lOOx.10;
: Realt] ' 'ompany to iitv Real Kataie
Company; i h ? 20; ?'? per oent; ISS.000; addreaa,
i7>; Broadway.
PRANKLIN AVK. 1211, 17xf>0x lrreg; Jo
seph V Ritchie to Emigrant Industrial Sav
iiiKM Bank; Dee 21; i yr; 11.000; addre?, 51
PITLTOM Wi;, w s, 175 ft a of 171st at,
50x100; l?.'thel ?'onatructlon Company t.,
C Colon Company < prior m?g 117,000);
1012; h per cent, ft,214; address,
^7 g ?I l2.-,th at.
rULTON SVE, ? a. 225 ft a of 171at at.
50x100; Bethel Construction ('ompany to
gi Company; 3 yrs, f.'trt.ooo,
addles. :.!? Liberty ?t.
rULTON AVB, w s, ITS ft a of i7lat st.
50x100 sami ' ? Arnold Tbeyer and ano, I?.-?'
I : 000 eldregs, Roelyn, Long
-KVWKI.I. AVK. n w rnr Weit et, t!3x
7'. Philip Kaufman I'son to Van Dyek eetate
due .Km 1. 1017; I per- cent; Dec
SO; 148,000; address : i m., ?leon ave.
JACKBON WK 181 28x87 Dore Pertsaen
to Abraham I. Hue?. 1 rr, ? per cent prior
mti ft ? Dec 27; 11,000; address, ?-"Jrt
Brooklyn, N Y.
INTERVALE AVE. ? a, r,4:i ft n of WestehSS
ter ave. 79x100; May K connell to Title Ouaran
27 .?uc as per bond;
|l ? ??' ta, 176 Brsedwey,
PARK IVBj n e ,-or Wendover ave, sj i.
Irre?;; Jo) i F UeetS to Title ?luaranteo and
? t Co : . as pet bond; t35,ouo, ad
17i. Broadwsy.
RTEB aVB m a, 24.*. f- n of Uurnside ?ve,
.'?"\ irreg Kate Whltbread to i'harlea Kerner;
I" 28 ? il i"' I ;.:. 12,800; sddri ??. ?ihtnt,
BBIN1 A\ K. , e BSV 170th st. 33x2?; BsH
i-flon Co to Manhattan Mortgage
21 dui a? r'-r bond; 138,000; adlre?f,
I ?
iVE ? t. M 47. map of oitnvllle, 75x
i'" i Damon to Oliver Davtscn, Deo 28, 3
yrs, I par cent; fl.5?i0. address, Kast Recka?ay,
178 I'll BT, BjS, 50 ft e of Belmont ave. 60x
?"? i irmols Realty <o to ?ity Real Estate Co;
D?. 2H 1 \r. rt per cent. |32.i)00, addree?, 17?
Broads ay
I ST. a ? or Arthur ave. JWx48; Mount
Hope Building Co tc ?Ity Mortgage Co; Hoc 27;
? ?r cent. lU'-O.OOo; addreaa. 15 Wall at
I70TH ST. n a. 14? ft w of Wehater ave lflx
1X8; Amalia M H Kaufman to Heltne Kudllch
3 ?ta, ft.OOO. addre??, .Vi? Hudaon ?t,
II bokea, N J.
23STH ST. a a. 2.'?> ft e of Martha ave. 25x100.
???lev Construction Ce te ?"eotral Mortgage Co
gP?, V 3 yrs, 5 j per cent. ?4,000, addreu. &
vnalt st.
'With name and addr**? of lender's attorn?y )
|.r> KMRKR 27
^MBTERDAal w'K. n s set MM! st, I0|,7x
1 27. 1010; 11 a Realty ce to Chelees
ft.?.' .-., tl.t.'Mi, atti.n\?->. Title lneurei.
las BraadwBy. *
nealtv_ , ,, ,,, New v,,lk M.,r!K,lK<. ?rid Security
' I 080; address |S8 llioa.i .
BAN? st, 14. 125 ft e ?f Bleeefeer st. ssSBl;
?I in s, iK?a, Robert aid K.lixal.eth Lindsay to
Ithove* V;',k H*n"K" ,,"'i, *:,V?>. addreae II
IBB); Robert Und
I ? lit?, ?xr; tl.oOn. attorney.
1 Shells, 111? Chambers ?t.
CKeaQtCK IT. MB. 221 7 from new Riving
ton st. 25x9810; July UJ??l?Jggf*? **
newlta to Samu?! and I?ld?r? ?'''"' ' i/06, '
torney. Esther Kunst'er, 144 Rlvington st
Jackbon ave. 188. 9JaBf.fi JBs.fr 18
Dora rerlrnsn to Simon Meyer, SOW, address.
Kloyl st. Rrookljw.
MADISON 8T. s w cor Clinton ?t, IBts?
Der 2?, lOnft; Harry and Tlllle H"rwHft?l
Loula Plachar; $4.40o. sttorney, David E del
fain. :t."> Nassau st.
INlVKRfMTV PXaACB, w ?, .>0? ft a Of t?
st. 148 0x42 ?XiMUxSO?. NOV 24. 100?; Beorge
Fmith t0 William M purdv. $fto.ooo. stssraey,
aa R'irdy. 302 Rroadway
WEBT UND AVE. n * -or 87th st. 22 *xR
Dec 12. 1?00, Krane!? J Rlley t0 th? Seinu-i
fhun-h Institute of N-w York; ?:?t,00<', attorne;
M SAIS Isaacs, M William st.
WEST BND AVB, n e ror 87th st, 22.8xl<
AtSJ 20. lf>"4. Ressl? R flay to Fr?d-r1<k CO
?ey; $700. attorneys, M S fr I S I?aa. s. ? 071
lam st.
?,D WE m ? H.I ft s of Mth ft, .10x05: B
17 1808; Samuel Poltech to Helen Herrmsn
13,o<)i?, attorneye, <;ug?enheimrr, Untsmyer
Marshall. ;;7 Wall St.
3D AVE, w ?. 7ft ft ft n of 120th st, 7.'. *?x2
100.11x25x100.11x19*1: June 98, ?ooft; Edwa
'alian to Harlem Savings Hank. $l2*-,0".
[.??vs. I k & t R Wtja?een, HI Brosgwag.
3D AVF3, n e SOT Mth ??. l?sl?O; Here* 1
1888; Rutherfurd stuyvesant to Union Bquaro s.i
inss Bank; $40,000; attorney?, WSSkSS Rrothet
45 William -t.
3D AVE, s w cor 14th st. 10f?.".x7f>; July
1880 Rutherfurd Btuyvesant to Qi see ai Ich sa
lags Hank. |78,000; adiress, M8 flth ave.
13TH ST, n ?, 172 ft w of Ave A. 21 3x103
Au? 1. 1907; Louis and Annie Sherman and a
to Herman Stark; $2.000; attorney, Nathi
Friedman. 280 Broadway.
I4TH ST. s s IM ft e of ftth av-i, l?6x?8
Sept 1?, M?j7. William <i and Alle? Rutler
William W Dmlerhlll. trus; $15.000; SttornSJ
Bowers A sands, 31 Nasses st.
KM) st, n ?, MT.I ft 1 of 7th av?. lft Oxl"
March I. 1007; fatharlne H Flnney to De Wl
C Romaine SAd William A Hawee. exrs, $5,0?i
attorney, pavld J Early, 271 Broadway.
8BTH BT 3fMl East, IABxTT.4; June 27, 1?1
Bllaabeth Fries tr, Morris Kllnkowstein ; $1,80
attorney, Utdor Conn, 988 Hroalway.
7.".I> BT, 198 i><?\ 18x102.9; Arn? ft. 1902; Bu
t B J Las to Marv farroll, $12,500; attorne
Richard Keiij, no Broadway.
BAMB PROPERTY; Aus 12. 1910; same
John M Bowers, .-xr; 110,000; attorneys, BSSJS
la, ai Nsssea st.
08TH ST, o s, M 2 ft w of Amsterdam ave, f>2
xlOfl; July 20. R??l'. Martha Kotntner to tl
Irving Savings Institution; ?.'.000. attorne>
Deyo A Rauerdorf. Ill Broadway.
same property; Msrsfc ?''?"? R*05; JaC(
and Lilly Herb to samo; $40,000.
GOTH ST. 51 West. HS_80 8; June 24 1??
Trank N Patterson to Fran< is C Dale; llo.tr?
attorneys, MoKeen. Brewster & Morgan, 40 \\ 11
102D 8T. 207 East, 25x100.11. Un 3. 190
HlUs N and Rachel (aplan to C August Han?
14 iNH); attorney, Frederick A ?roh, 1!W Broa'
1<"..TH ST, 30? West. 19x100.11; Feh 15. 19?
Matilda W Rrower to Oecllla (le HOttbeck: $1.>
u?0 attorneys. Horace 3 Ely &. CO, 21 Liberi
lir.TH ST, 11? West,, s s. 25x10011; Jan
1009; Iviuls E Fink to Edmond J Hassett; $1
500; ?ttornevs. Mandelbaum Brra, ?8 Wall at
lftlST ST, s s. 100 ft w of Audubon ave, 41.1
111?.?: Sept SB, 1907; William H Bln?ham l'iuml
In? and Contracting Co to Metropolitan Ufe It
aurance Co; $47,000; address, 1 Madison ave.
lftlST ST. t s, 141 H ft w of Audubon av<, tl
xllit.fl; same to same; $47,0oo.
BEAUMONT AVE. W s. 25 ft n of l?7th si
98x80; Feb 14, 19l<?; Michael and Marl? 1
CRnt to Mcunt St Vincent Co-operative Ruld
in* and Loan Association; 81,000; sttorneyi
OOrSdy Broa, 277 Broadway.
BAILB1 AVE. W s, where lot 95 'map Ian
of W Ogden fjilea West Farms) Interned
Halley avt, being part of lot 90. same mar
24.Cx80x2ox80; March 3, 1S97; Jolin H sni
Erica C Frlcke et al to John and Hary Wil
?on. 83.000; attorney, b n gseley, 17'i Broad
BROAD ST. s m ?. being lot S?, map o
Pairmount, 50.4x149.7x80x144.0; Feb 11. 191"
Charlas W Hangen to .\lic-. C Holden, gn
g?n; 810,000; attorney, F A Bnow, 10 Wall st
CLAY AVE. n W cor Jackson ave. 80x38
.Tune 88, 1805; Micha.-I and Marie I, tient |(
Dollar Sa\ings Rank. Vi.'?<>0. ?tiorneys. Lex
ow. Haehstlsr i O/ella 49 '.dar st.
LOT 24 ameiK'.ed map 1 1131 > of Adee park
0e| L'4. lftii1?, Danle] Q O'Hai.i at a! to Cath
frin.. Lurch; $4.000; sttorney, B P Oerding
llrul Bath?ate ave.
T'>T 47. part of map of Ollnvllle at Will
lamenrldxe D-pnt. 75j1oo. Dec 2.'t. 1008; Ellei
Damon to Charles <> Charlsnd; $1 ""o. attor
ney, Stephen Stllwell, Guu 1J ill Road. Will
HORR?B PARK AVE (MW n M, '^O ft ?
of White Rialns Road. 50x80! Jan 8, 1905
Morris Marris ami ano to H'-Kent Realty Coin
pany; $1,000, address, 17 West 494 st.
SAME PROPERTY; April 2. 1910; John 1
Htirt Kat? McCabn to Lotil? Wsxber?;: $1,000
aitorn. .., Bolomoo H BiSlsr, 881 Broadway.
NEIL AVE, n a ror Roffart iiv?, be|ns- |a?.
1 f. 4, Mo.-k 5L'. map of Morris park. 100]
106.8x108x118; Oct ?-'. 19?.H; Marjory M Butlei
to Washington Savings Rnnk tin liquidation)
I ? . attorney, P 11 Cowttae. 'is William st
park ave. s e , r,r i>t 89, map of Centra
Morrlsania, runs s 34.flx n rsrallel with e 1
f?rk ?y?, Uto*, w 84 Ox s (T f>, 100; June 10
tlhert I srhwsrzl-r t.. Frederick A
JackSOta . nd Adolph stern, exrs; $87,000; at
torney, Title <;.;arantee and Tru-n Company,
i"ii Broadway.
SOUTHERN BOULEVARD, < t, 212 6 ft 1
of Barat?o ?t. 112.8x100; April 2*5. 1810; B
a \V Construction fompanv to Manbattai
MorKran- Company; $80,000; aildrrSS. 20<
, Broadway
WHITE PLAINS ROAD, Si a point 3jo ft
? ? from ,' t thereof, and 14,*> ft n of Morris
Park av, 28x100; Jan 16, 1800; Ike Helnlk
' Regent Realty Company; address, 17 West
4-M ,-t.
Btapfcsa D Prlnjrle and ano. exrs. to Stephen I
Prlngle; !? as.-t.s. total, $2S4,.".*K) 87.
Sam? to Stephen It I M ass's; t tal
$489,411 47
Same t,. Catharine D Pringle; $17,000.
Snaan Pringle; iti.ooo.
8an;e to Maria D Pilnxl?-. 9 SSStSi total, ?24.
Bams to Mary M Pringle; 2 aasta; total, X?2. -
Boma to Besan Prlngls; *R.*>tv>.
Bams to Btophsn D Prtngle; $10,111 11.
Sam.- to same; $10.280 :>
Barns to same; 812.288 83.
Saniv to same; $18,02202.
Bstnc to Bfepnen H Duncan; $10.06044.
s*im<- to CstAsriae D Pringle; $iwm?i
HargSrot R..han t.. Bdw f Rohan; $1.
Columbia Trust Co t. "??h-'ttan Mortgage
County Hol.ilng Co to The Thrift; $7O.00O.
Now York Mortgage and Security Co to Title
Insurance 1S?; $88;! 00
PMadmsa Construction Co to Roy Eimer
Realty Co; $!<h'
Meyer Ooldberg and ano to Samuel j Litten
berg; $100
Bains t asaas; $io<)
New Rrror Celllertea Co to Wittenberg coal
Leonar?! M Thorn, jr, et al, exrs, to Conde R
Thorn, $7.840
to same; $7,840
Sume to sinn:, ?7,.1?4o
(IrossniSU Hr..s ,v Rosenhaum, corpn, to Ig?
natz Roeenbaum <2 easts) $;
Same to Martin Orossmian; $t
Albert Hastorf to Aaher Sal wen; $1
Sanie to same; $1.
fhrtstlna Lurch to Minna Huebner; $2,100.
Jacob Blanuer to Henry illrs.hmann; $1.
Joseph gclacce to Cus Lackes; $800
Henry M Hejrpor to Lens Haver, $1.
Same to ?ame; $1.
Wittenberg Coal Co to Sophie Scheftel $1
Anna Moon to H"o 1. Carlisle, jr. $10000
Lena Friedman to Morris Frank; fl
City Mortgage Co to X y Mortgage Co. $1
Same to ??ame n; MftS); $1.
Manhattan Mortgage Co to Guaranteed Mor'- 1
gag- Co: $2i?.o<h.
San?" to same; $20.000.
Same to same; |2fn?<l
<;<orge Turow to Wm Felnber?. it
Annie L Kneer to Ferdinand ?; Kneer $1
W'm Felnberg to Tlarrv I, Cohen; $1 '
|8?0W>h ? Bf" t0 Marltt I? MonU?n'. ?rue,
?'arl Krnst (0 ''urtiia P M>rr,n. fiOO
Realty flperatlng <? to Kd? .1 Moio-ighnv It
Ida Campion el .tl to Elmond I. < amplone?u?
ano, trus. fl 0,000 ?"Jn ""4
New Vork Institution for the Instruction <*
I'eaf and Iminh to lawyers' Mortgage r?;
108,100 '?
?^?yers Mortgage OS to Moses Mendei(ohn;
Rama to Anna F Beere fii ?*.
Lawyer? Title Inauran"- ?n,| Trun i >, ...
PO; $18,001 ^
? to .i Harvey Ladea et ., tr?, $70 rev,
\ 1 rfchem 1 'ohn to vi-.< . p \ ? - t- ..
Tit!,. Guarantee and Truel .
Ravings Rank; 1100,000
Bn? h c P'li HMM
Ede J M? . ige 1 %\<t>.
" V-MIN'-.T'.V AVK. I ? DM MM ?? - -.
ion Kmii ftchwai, ag? Mary Alter!, em
( ontrai tor; ill i"
V. \I LACK AVE, S e , ,>r Hwr',? ? rSOxMOi
lohn M Plaoeo agt \! . ' Iructk c%'
ov. 1.. r .i:i-? .n't ,
MOTH ST 11 t, ?hole frOBI b0tO*S0S Rd?ra 4
and Canel ?4. l'..*.*".'. Levarles * ' iaxriau? ? . v?
agt K I i -???ri Ele. trie ;
Kenn Well ?'ontrarting 1 . ?>.
I04TH st. i"7 West. Morris Telsk] agt lie, rv
an-i, r>wn*r. AfBortcan Purehaalng
; tor, $7.V4
ISSTH BT, .'tl-'! and 31' \\>?t JeSSfft Tlr.o 4
.? Mhx Marx, owner 1,
contra/tor. ?1"
Ri'RKK BT, n 1 r,,r Wallace a.\?
Herkshlre Lime Co ast M ? ^
Co, owner and eontrsctor; 1801 Tl
AMSTERDAM AVE, m *. ?hole frort h?tw?ea
I7?"th and 177th ?ts, ?100; l'nit..l p; ,
Berasssor, contractor 14,81070
miNOTON AVE ISSI Devtd BhspBe ass,
Clement II Hinlth, owner. John Lai?- -v.
Irdetor; tn
BURKI HT. n e cor Walla.* Sve, lOQllOt;
Hudson Woodworking Co \m Madison Coi
ictor; <!*?>
RIVERSIDE DRIVE, MS; P H U . Bole 4- '"a
aRt Parkin ronetructlon Co et a!. A :
n.v b< 18.821 -
WASHINGTON AVH, w a. 50 ft s ag IT .?
tB7th at, 47? ' f
T T I'.ei : Fonttructlot C*< ? ?? at; Dec 11. isii .ay
bond) 1184 01
:n BT, lit Brest; Issssel M Heiser agt *Jrs>>
andei; Brosrs et 1 23 lftll (b> 1
WASHINGTON AVE, 24"3. and ItTtfc .-. (EJ
William Belkln agt T - ? ? ,
? ii; Nev 21. llll (by bend); ii.Boo
USTB BT, n ?. M0 ft w of w tel B*e; An
. kx' I>na Bar* ? . .*,
1011; 1188.
?TH ST. 147 and Hfl West. Hull. Or:;-. 4
'?.. ;o<t Qeorge i:ae;<er Construction ce et al Nor
lo, ISl : v
i-'i.M'i ay AVE s ? tec RV'ti st H7sS8|
? Khling ?gt Hsdden Realty On et al
re "f bms>; attomeja, K Cebe ?> .1 t/h>
W2P> BT, 33' Best; DevM M
Werke of New Yoi)\ an' Josse! Boesntnetg
(notice of etteehment); etton ' le
1I4TH BT HE Beet; William Rabia et ?1 agt
Herman Kaeepar e: ni i.-u-uon to foreeloae me
1 lien); attorney, M i>'vin.
ITH vvk. m s, 77.;, ft s of lit' -? |
Mary L Dayton a.- Oeorge H Plguei 1 et al
sera OC mtg); att.'rney. | A I( I,.?
1 KAY AVK, I83B; Frank S<-o',aro agt H?!?Me
BetkowitS et al 1 foreclosure. Of mt|
pp w n A 1-anzlt.
MONROE IT, HO; TseesesM Keejse l>p?n
ni?iitment Of the City <^t New York agt David
Letky (notice of ims.. sttemey, A R tratara,
IAMB PROPERTY; fame agt BSSBS ??.??? 1 ef
1, ry); attorney, a R Watson
I <>T 111, trap of village of MorrlMnia. Rrenx;
? agt Eltzn Eastnurn eta ' 1*
. oaure of mtg); attorney, E L Pel
WHITE PLAINS RD. e s. 115 7 ft a of HSOj
"x Irreg; Elise H Roterts *** kdetelee
Uido er t| ifere..loeure of mtgi; attorn' i
H Moll?
WEBT BT, n w eor Honev-w-el! ave, BT.ltsMJg
Irreg; van Dyck estate loans Philip Ki'jfman k
Sm $45.000.
(30TH ST, 12? and 30 Beat; Title Gu?rante?
ai i Ti ;?' Co loans 12?? Kast 60?h Str*>- c0
niTH ST. s r. 25? ft ? of Martha ave, 25il00.
Central Mortgage Co '.oans Wesley construction
, . S4.00S
BBUCOMT AVE, n 1 eor 176th st. 10"xl'V>;
City R'-al r>tate Cb loans Panto!" ReSjty ''0
8TBEBINB AVK, s e cor 170th et. K3.5i?2;
Manhattan Mortgei I Bdle.e-ood. ? M
ftructlon Co $;* 000
Our circular
on Ta,. Registration should
be in the hands o? every
Real Estate owner. It will
be sent on application.
CAPITAL- -34,000,000
SURPLUS - - 0,600,000
160 Broadway, ?w York.
188 Montaigne Street, Brooklyn.
375 Falt?n Street, Jametes.
Geo. R. Read & Co.
20 Nassau St. 3 East 3 5th St.
in I .? ?: iirT: las; wlthi:; ar. I
Me*S Y'.rk. T
tra.-tivf froonda. ?
i. ' ? ? m Ii e 18,000. Tale ti
a bargain. &
T. O. Kox Kl. Ne? \?ri < im
5-10-20 OR 40-AORE TRACTS
..f coi 'i pr fl . '.' - f: . ? 1
with a perfect tltti tfol cll
n-.at?. of beautiful Southern Mow Jersey p^?"?
$^."> p<r a r.-, worth $ii.n. eaay terme .?.?lErt
CAN' LAND CO, Mi tropollt ?
hornea; Baa location: ?i.ui.i vtewa A l
i in ?s 1.1; ? nv ">- ? in>- v ]
Ball SIDE.
IM?IM ^:a^t Mtt ?it.
Apartments of 9 r..,>ir? . mj ? ?sti *' 1
Large and Small
1 o Let Offices
Single or en Suite in the
i$4 S&ssaa Street Opfwsitc City flfcJJ Park
The Centre of
Transit for the
4ILM Stations
Entrance to
Brooklyn Bridge
All within a Step
Absolutely Safe
(Plunger T>pe)
Electric Light
und Janitor

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