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New York Bankers Were Also
Unable to Finance a Second
Merger of $525,000.000.
Called Off Kuhn, Loeb & Co. s
Deal for $90,000,000?Judge
Gary Named in Case as
Bankers' Representative.
ago. i ' -'? Uteri ; I V'eeder, at?
torney far swift & Co. an-1 the fll I ?
TT??? called b\ Ha go**?sram?*nl in t
of the t- ?i to-.la\
- made t?A-> efforts to
?rgaalse a tnergei In the summer ol
and thai their < fforta to I
?..ri?-- w? n in? ? ?aful in both ?nM ??
Brsi i Ian ' *?rn*rour,
?j-xxift. M<*a**rii ? . ? with a
Mafia! "f *".?"???"? ?". divided ?i to
Preferred stock. 168.750,000
Common atock.612.500.000
After the rron-'tei^ had fr.ile-1 to ftl
this proposition t touch Kuhn. Loeb ft Co.,
of New fork, Iba atan ?aras changed to p?*o
-rlda fot a .apital?/flti'-ti i f |
but the ."miition of ih.- atone) market
ma?l" it ImpoaxstMe to Bnaaee the modlltea
Mr. Yeedrr testified that B II I lai i lu-'in
Iman and oth? i St t
. i. - -.?? . to have furalsbed the capital and
th? saaonnl they were to i
pensaiion ?.
The story of the two proposed mergers
?a? i?.!,i chleflj ag
an-i sgn
the jiir> ' for the go? -
?mir? unenta
in ?
The hite Oust '. S-xtifi \?
i Mor
? "udahy were to ha?-e Ijeea
xlre-i-reM. i Ogtlen \rti:"iir ehair
man <-f the ex?
Th. ?rltnesa told ol I
the National P Man h
is. lias, i ui -i? in?" i ?'
With the i ?
Mr, Veedrr v
whea court atljourned. II? will reaunie hi?
test to-tnorrow, and it la ei
will conclude b? fore noon. Il
that | - I
he ha? heen an una
f.nvirniiil-1:' if his clos?
with th.- ?
H.-nrv x. of A. 11. V? eder, x? I n
1a sai-l to
ol?i pa govei nu ? ni
un-i? r the i
will 1- the nex!
Gary's Name Brouq'it Into Case.
Th? nan? Gary, of th? '
States Ste? . t into
t1 ? ?
t i for
The no! 'i.-n authoi rnejs Vee
foi Arn our, ?-?,.? Il t, Moi ? and -
K it, Loeb ?I ite.
ombl nation
,.. ? r .?
i ii 'irx.
i'iart;e Uui.?i, apecial ?ajanes! t?.r the
..i.in.iil. .iiiesli<jiH-?l air. X't-c..
? .
an rgei ol p* I i a ? otni
ild thai at. elabora!
aiiiinatioti of the made
appraUx ,i by s i omi
id s 11 ng 1
Wilson ?T.
e -, > : i ? .
"t think the work WSI ? ??!. but
ro Anal i
Mr. Veed? i aaid that undei
W'S?. I . -,
cent ?
Six Companies in First Plan.
' ?
??r ?
l thai
of \<u York, Hi"
I ng ?'"im.
Proxision Company, the << it Hammond
I i 'ompany
ai.-l i i Beef and Pro
?Child * l lu??'li?
tan being to in- huh- it it, the
"in July. :<*..'. Ml- ha?
party to th? . an-l
the rii-iii ? ? i' r . % . lompany
Into th? . u the x?it- ?
ill the
m en
; n th?
of flft
Mr. Yir'hr produced h . o|-\ of
mei.t. ?late.i No? itnbei
? omi.inatioii promoting i! ?
loan ?if ?'"-?? ?
of n?'?x VniK. v rae?k m g. hirr.
"Thi? |
tions betxxe.-n the ?
through 11- , ||f
era esaald hav? the ertaln
< (iiallr. ... ,|,.
tmeOd on
<? at I I ????? ?
of Kuhn I ? <\, <
Wl.l. ,-: . an.. ;. e.ll Ut- I ?. ?, < I ?I , * .,,,?,
?eal ?? ad off.''
Organization of Packing Company.
Tba v\?tne?n then da
tlon of the Packing - -
Mar. ?. it, - ol *r.
fyxti.i?.,. o
been u??-?! pj the pa I
.?.ntiniie the ?.?.i prteavflalng pool whl
?lo-isiy saistod
KariUath.ti of t .'..n,
pany ?"as ] ? . m r go?
ernin?ni ... ?
An'-thi-t agreament
| ! pro\ !-!-..
?.i" Aiiis.ji, sxt?ft ;.,,.| iiorrla bj
' ' al I'-ai k ol New ? ork An
UK?'?-?-!. I "??'? -. '?? ? :?. Iff***, ?ah?
r?a?l. x? 'a 11 I ?-'.:?].? I f. : .i l.,;ltl of fl
l.y Kuhn. I.- ., ?,i,,|
i: H Harrt asas te Aratour, gwlfl and m,,,
ris for aaa in Bnanctng i ?? NaUonal r.?. k
in* ' 'enge
' When M. lut,,
?i for lise ? pro
Mg - oanpaai a aew agre?? rnetai
druxxn and ?affaed bj Armoui gwift, Moins
Hin - ... and -H.h deplait? ' -??>??. in
a ? '!.;. ago bank as e*/i? good fait h,
hi.aj Mi Veedei 1 ?
withdraw n when the ? on "f the
h.K coin pan ? t*...-- abandotxad "
?fov? i mm m off-1- . th?
i. ?to between th? packet ??
;m?j btuhrr, I ' *? litch In?
?'.'',. ' the
Baalim ut tax i |g "?? ? ?.? '? it -
flnthoriatd eaplfsltsstlon "t the prOpoa
<*ompany sa follows:
Bonds, $:.'.,.?-'.'?ii?. preferred l i" r ea
atock, 00,000,030; common Block, U:r>."?
Und? r th?' i? m..? of th? agre? '?" !,t "
new company wan to fl?p< 1 BfcW.000
bonds and $7?>.4n?i>.??-? in stock with the N.
Voik syndicats Unan-ring tha ?leal aa ?
curitj 1er tha loan. The syndicate wns 1
i. main In ? one year and r< oalt
.sa compensation Kuhi
i.?., b A Ce ?sera to act as manag? 11 1
I) n.lk ale and receive as compens?t!?
?eie-fifih of the ayndleatea profll
r. 11 Harrisasn and James Btlllmi
srera nentlonsd la tha contraet as men
1 is . f tha lyndicste making th. ioaa,
The appraised value "f tha tangible a
Sets and the annual saitllnga of the foi
promote*-! of the propasad Mg esmpai
en August '. HOI, sere given la a Btatems
,-,l tu the OOUtraet as follows:
. f
t?n_. -?itruing
,-..,ri _ 1 .. ..??;,.???' Of* ss..;iKi,ii
? rmoui ,*.???? . . . 7.'."<>" ??'?n T.fWH.fl
'.'4.i?"."oo :..??mi..?
v 15,900,000 I.17M
"Aflat the merger plan bad falle
throiif-h Michael Cudahy ?lm-iped out "f t
partnership with.Armour. Swift ami Mm
im and at his raqueal waa released froi
.ni th.- obligations Impoa id by tha eontroct,
at hi Mr Veeder, "Tin National Parkin
Company ama then organised !?? entry ?>
ih?? husin? m of th" concerna purchased t
!?? in? luded in tha merger."
Material Reduction in Wholesal
Prices of Hogs and Cattle.
Chicago, Dec -?" siea.i.v Increass in <"ni
? .i_..'p fiesh meat Industry is shown In th
or! of the i nlon Stock Tarda an
smpany, Issued to-dsy by tha of
(???ai statisthian. it show? that AM
? ?? soelved las
\eai than the ymPt befOTO. The totsl M
< lived wa<~:
In adiiition. IhS borSS msrket here iooke?
up materialljr, f&ON head moie belni
? I te the Chicago market in IfU that
in i!?i??. Prices also were higher.
Tl ? Indic?te ?hat pri?es f-r c*i
l< creaaed la tail, compare?
ia twelve months Por heel
pries ? 100 pounds la given as g
,, ?ti hoga the average pria
go It wai
appn ?? JO
In numbei beef cattle receipts fell ofi
. from the preceding ?
numb? -? ppeartng ,"r ??'?'?'
ited !" th? sgalnsi
the i . ilch ' II the freat
?t industry hsrd More calvea ver? re?
?.id, there being
? . eP market ??>
) ead mora than In 1010.
Governor, However, Denies Re?
ported Warning from Physician.
ina l
Atlantic Pity, N. J., Dec 27. Qo\ ? I
W.Irow V - ?-'ti' t ordere fro
I . ? Ian tl Si li"l make
any publl ? addressi ?- until .-ftcr th? close ol
-?pending aet-sl-n of the New Jersey
? ording t.. a message con?
? a ser Jeree* v i scl era' _eso.
elation, at the annual convention which
? hla afternoon
? ioverno ad b< i n acheduled 1 i
make . i, but In vis place Presiden!
? a. Flthlsn, of Camden, conveyed
let Ion. Fresld? m
Pithlan said tha* the Governor had told
him that the physician had defined a lino
of conduct, with a warning that it must he
strh-tiy follow?*?*! if Qovernor Wilson hoped
t.. aVOld COI :.'l have Im?
: i tant )?? aiihg on hit polltii al future
What Oovsrnec Wtison was toi<* to-night
at J'lineet.in ,,f th?? statement made by
? Bald he was aston
.. - stemenl shou
no foundation for
i run laid 'I am p? rfe tly
Writes Eighteen "Command?
ments" for "Ministers."
11 ? ??
?'- 27 Thomas W. Lawson
to-night t" writ? what be rails
"__ghteen Commandmenti ior Minist?
Whether Mr, La? on thought the clergy?
in?'ii needed moi ? dmenta than la) -
? I ? they are:
? " long and I aU
Inglj with thine own mirror er? thou
? ? I? : t ir, congregation,
: ? ? an convexed and coi
?.i thy
and hobblea to ihj pen, lea! th
iilaioi m tl eli n ad
- .
? ? aoula with
trail of faith, lesl ye shatter th- ?
starter on the co ?? o| modernism.
rhou hall r? member thai big
sinii.-i s swim de? u ? . ly Uva b dt.
upe ita coining.
ou shall nol blograph hell con
usly during the h uta i autnmer h-st
ovina pl< '?
. ? i.
i.iu ion t" tom?
tom impetitor, .-'.?tans barker,
en? ?? lo tn?- qui? sri
? is] charter;
?rrill be i unning and on
iftei ihe ta lurj sei o*
? :. h'i'.W li !?,
? no1 forget thai the
winning ? l'a aoui is Lett?
. ? ii alnnera tnat
ng to .-"" the ol ed bag
N.i ? mber that tue
for pink v that th?
.. k*.
Tei T member that tha
of im ?
? i t i y
Tel? oi ? ? i
l'?e t th? -h.l '
m thy
Upon t! ? I'.'lii :
? emerald ? ?
? ? ' it all
:runl( la a
VOIll.'I Tl ill ' ?
t.. for? la
ourh Hell ' on li uth-hunk
I'ift?. mi. Thou ahali no ? ?? ihe
ti |.i| the
'Well don? falthl
shal? nol mistake the
Ins hatband ..;' ? ute ??
nimble fall aud
? -? wind proclaims your
Bev? nte? ' 'i ho i shall nol mista I
muscle-binding ahould? r bis -. ,- n?
your com?
lipped wnii
?!: Thou shall |
ilrror "Lh magogu? - Blalhei
skit? - In ?'"lit m i?,,,,,.
lure, lllbi' 'is. m pulpit, fath< adi "
? >'? ttafli. . i, |hs . !. . St? d, BUb
? ? ii prevloua
? ? The number ??f paseen
d 'hu |ng it..- laft w? ? i. before
? f .'i.'i In i:*--...', n iras
Ihsn th. i "i illation ol the < ntlra
city. This la i? f.ii tn. greatest number
? i m an equal time a? ? ording t??
' ?
I ? la- ? .. .-? i,.. i
Itallv. M..n Show that more than
dlllon i" i eons ??.? i. can |sd on the
? roughout n.. -t.H. during
t"i' ' nrtstmsi A ? ? ain???i
isand m. n snd Ihe at? 't^y
i ? , .. power
? ?i^*ma*l K' la ' w?i .
? nul lioli-j
-. I
COUPON NO. 25, THURSDAY, DEC. 28, 1911.
$15,450 in Prizes Free
My Anawers to THE TRIBUNE'S Bookreaderi
Picture? of This Date and Number Are
No. 49.
No. 50.
Contestant's Name
City or Town and State.
Contestants in the Tribune'a Beekreedert CoriUrtmaitWoUrt*!*
snswers ur?n this roupon. w hi. i. x-tii appear on Page ? of The Trjouna
rxerv lay rl'irltiK the contest. The complite coupon must be retar?*.??"
Ans^rera^uhi-nTtled'on rmipoii? which are not complete pr which donot
bear The Tribune's headlna* will not be considered. List o. ?mm?.
renditions of the contest and
Wanted Government to Pay His
Expenses at His Home.
Disallowed Claim Put in from
"Hotel Grabbenheimer,"
at Newport.
? ireau |
Washington, Dee ." A novel tue"
ting ? r, penses s hile living :<
ho?,.m of one's f.-iiiiii?, originated bj H -?
Williams, a torpedo Inventor and
ordnen? ?? engineer of the Navy i >.-i artment,
?\as rejected to-day, after long delibera?
tion, by the Controller -?; the Treuury.
Williams, who was transferred to the
Newport torpedo staUon to superintend the
construction <?f a torpedo, which, if sue?
ill* developed, it Is said, will
Independent .-f out side cot I
tors, !?-.,,i ;, pail Of the time ?it a hotel
and a part of the time at his homo, xvhieh
he moved to Newport, although he x?.a?<
technically only ?-n temporary duty
When the order terminated an,i he re?
to Washington he : n ? ? penaa
vom hera f'-r |1,M114, <?f this amoui I
rordin??' tn the vouchers, gTSg 1". was for lodg?
ing at tiie Perry House and the remainder
for lodging at the "Hotel Qrabbei
American plan, Ayraull atreet, Newport,
i: i '?
The auditor of the Navy Department
who ?raa unoActelly e?viooA that the "Hotel
?.laliiHiih. inn r" did not ? :?? In?
quiries of the fiostmaaOr. xvho eonflrme.)
the report. William* WtM railed upon for
.in explanation.
"i win .-a?-." ha replied, "thai the quar?
ll Which 1 n m D"\t Btoppll
-. might be
? ? ;?? int. .i form of vouch?
ers submitted by me. Indeed, no on?
regarda it a-- a hotel at all. xxi.i h .?? ?
? gard*
Ing it?- - \i?-. m ? As a mattet of fa? t, tha
'Orabbenheimer' )?- .-i private boarding
house, which was ? ad by the a
name spp? ;.; ?> creditor on tha
?Grab tabllahmenl
being f.-r ? ? ,i,- '.-?tit of i,? i
i :ii;.i .m-, -.if i, and ;
not be :i i? 'urrence of
IllneSS ??111? ll the hitter -I tlM
Pen i House, an llln? edly due to
I varmili ami other comfoi I ',-?
he has long 1-' "ii ,i? - USl >'. - il."
Tha Navy l *epar1 m?
a low the entire claim, but the Comptroller
ol the Treaaury succeeded ii. evolving the
folio?? Ing which the ? ? ? ?
l at the Pei ry I louse * ere held
valid and ihose Inmirred a! the "Qi*a*>ben
" invalid:
\ to th? ? K| ? ? for which ha
?? .ut as ha In? um A at
i!., Hotel 'Grahbenhelmer,' which In unl?
it \?as his own home, an-1 wl Ich api
t-i be an estimated portion of Ihe common
living expenses of himself ami family, as
distinguished from his oam Individual ex?
es, and ai ? tall) rate than
i hat which ha waa requin d to Incui ?
Perrj House, he is not entitled to b? '?
ln?bursed, for to? rea on thai while tin;*
h?inn in his o\?,i. ? , hav?
abandoned hit atat i? aa a traveller."
Taft Directs Board of Doctors to
Report on His Condition.
Vtlanta, i ?>-. !,' Acting und? r In
dona "f President Taft, a "??? a! board of
Inquiry romposed of ?.tii-?? rs of the m?
? m ps, United Btatei arm*.
night to make another examination of
Charit*. \\. Al '.r-.'. the Nea V'-rk banker
confined in tha army hospital al Fort M? -
la of Colonel
Pauntli ro) and
Major Ruas? II, all on sp
? ?
it xv,is said m i o? i .xi, Phers n ih
llminarj examination "f Mors? was made
shortl* after their arrival about , ..v].,? i\,
tt.it nothing as in tin f tl ? ?;.?? find?
?? is mad? pul He if Mr. M
ditlon i-1 mu-, a thoro ish ? lamln .-. n xxili
... to-morroa ami th? ? port
to Washington
\- - ..r.iii.t? t-- officers at i-'.-n IfrPheraon,
Moi se's ? ondltlon ha ? remain? -i a bo it th?
-ii m- during i '?.. last f. a da ) s
Couple Wedded Five Years Ago, Never
Lived Together.
?: i i| ii .;.: ... Thai .i,. ?
Philadelphia, >>? tl Through the ?
of the xvin of ? ': Bpsldl
wealthy rei.i eata!
th.- romane.- of his life far tha last tree
o aa rev- sled, ?? ben ' ? a cndlcil he
told the world that i" liai he had man-i.-ii
Mo Catherin? H?t?nTner, a comely widow
of this etty He left l.? i ?".- m oui
end after .. f? w small i
half ol ti?. ?. sldue of hi es( its a h! h la
In his ?tl'l Mr Si r.j t?
rrlve the reason for the uVe ?/ears' MWnc?,
ami hli .?Idoa sajs if her hueband t;
' t.. hav? the a? ? with him
... i
Mi spai.un?? . -i Mn Hog i were
married .??-. ret?-, on Oetohei 8, '.?.. ,it the
Churdl ..f the Ti-ansilKurrttl.,ii See X',,1 k
City. Immediately after the "<?i -riuuiv ti,^>
-.|.uai..i. i,. going to ?i?, ??nil in? dauglV
1.1. Misa Hei? n A?i? 1-- gpaldlni ,,i . ;,,
man town, and Mrs. gpaUdlng returning i?.
th. i,,,'h. ,,? i,, i mol her, th? bite xi
\i..i. ,i -1 Hoffi ? of this el| 11.,.-, gtd
not live togethei loi ? "aagk
? ?intliiiird frein HrM pnre
of her experience, and they ?-wore ven
Btaracio visited Annie again several
days iit-n at the factory. He was brutal
t . her, the -in said, and d< manded thai
she auppori hint Annie was afraid and
promised the man sh?' would give him
money on "?'aturda'. Testerdsy Bhe
went t.? the Harlem court and asked the
trat.- f. i a a arrant. Bh? a as told
i,, point him oui *< s patrolman and h
WOUld he arrested.
little Italian girl determined on a
quicker and more certain method of
avenging her wrongs in the evening
lipped noiselessly into her father's
room and put "ti his garments Then
sh.? armed herself with th.? knif.? and
silently lefl the house.
Whii.. she was tracking the accused
man, step by step, confident thai sh?'
would make him atone for his treatment
of her. Inr plan was foiled by th- i
trolman, and ha said thai the Kirl wepl
bitterly when aha realised thai revenga
had be? n anal h? d 11 om bar.
Relations with Patrons Not Con?
fidential, Court Holds.
Justice Beabury, Justice Cohalan and
Justice Guy, sitting In the Appellate .
of the supreme Court, decided yesterday
s dentlsl wss not a Burgeon In th*
legs! ? ? term, and thai he did
the prlrllega of refusing to dl
vul*e Mm n?ttir?> ot til? profM-lenTl re
i m Ith Mi pat!? nta a? cord? d to
physicians. BurgOOM and nurse*.
Prank M. Howe, a dentist, sued the sa?
? te "f Edward Regens
.. \ ]. .-i r,.r -.'. ..;,??: the d? : ? 'l'iatlt?
? i to pa). Ma gol a verdict In tha
Municipal Court, snd t .?? ezeeutora ap?
pealed .m iha ground thai Howa had i"
vealed Information he obtained in hla pro
fessloi Ity. Tha
idgl lent .llisth . Si al.i.l -,
wrote t he opinion of the I
be said;
In the eai days in England t he pi
ol th? d< I wai nol : i iogi lie : ? *t< epl a i
it fell within the icope of the fun? ti?"
"bai ber aurgeon multitudlno
eluded 1 nol only "f tha
barl ' ? . ?? n. bul th? ph) ai? Ian and
dentist a.- Well
w Ithln quite recenl times it a as cu;
foi h.'i: "i s and i to ex
ti a. i teeth ' "un. i |y the work "f filling
and platina teeth w aa frequi m I) p? i foi med
b) the Jeweller. A proces-i ol Integration
and differentiation baa taken place, and the
-?I'.u.ii" and distinct profesnlon >.f den
l th;.- si ? ha? n
b? neu? .. II*. to Ihe i i mmunit) and that
oped aclence, requiring .?f lt<- |
advan? ?d knowl? kill, la doubtless
true, I ? : doea not igalm I
n lion of Section KH of the ? 'ode
ol ' ' Pi ? Inn ? (eluding .? d< ntist from
the operation ol It? prorlslona
Ther?. |a char evidence in the atatutea of
this itate ??f a legislative Intent to regard
tii" two profession? of medl Ine and gen
? parate and dit I
Murderer Believed All Would Be
Better Off in Heaven.
i ton. ,\rk . Pee. .;. ii. ;, ,., p
In "d? ? p de-spalr" and bell? ed he and his
family ?'would be better off In heaven,"
Jan ' i i haut clubbed his wife, fi\'
dren and stepson to death and I
elf Sem.- time last night. The bodies
i"!' th. children were found in their beds
toda? each skull being crushed. The bod)
??f Mr.- Grant was found In the horn? half
was kill? d -i
about lo retire A heavj i lub coi cred
w i'ii blood >><is found in the house, snd II
wa- apparent 11 was with it Oranl killed
in. seven members of his family, The
children ranged In age from Uve to tbli een
yeai i
h Grant, a alxteen-year-old son, the
only membei ol th? family aHve, discovered
odies t"-'iav u ?,. i, he i eturned 11 om
a holiday celebration at a neighboring farm
md a ti"t" signed by his fath? v. which
explained that "owing tn deep despslr snd
thai ? -.? nothing f"i me <?r my children,
w he. i !.. lie*, i, would i It? off In
i,, svtm, i ? "tumit i hla set " Insti ?
were given where money mi_ht be found
? r b'trial ? ? -iii eq?i?. i wa i
? ' ins par.-ut- -le.ni.i not be
i n i i .iM'i the fa Id ! ? u
? ;i am lived im er Ih toe ? o? ? farm, ami
wa*| reputed to be well p? do. H? also
conducted a mercantile business
Deferred Service to United States Will
Cut Cost in Half.
Berlin, Dei '-?: Tha hnperlsl i" '
i . . itabUsbm? m i f ?? * '?! "?,|
cable . r\ lee ?'' I ill rates lo ' ? "??? ?{
tot iiv? on Jaanaty I. to the United Si
Ifrtcsn roioniea, rarious
? ?inn. as cities and th? Britl h ? olonlsa it
? .i that n- gotiat "U i"i the eaten?
su.-, of ti" system ?an progn
i . action on th? ;? .i t <?( < '<? i <>? i
ti,, i. ,n of the competitive challenge
off? i. 'i hj ihe W ? ?? ? a ITaloo The i ? i
man co ? at laid about ten
,,... und? i i . Atlantic, so ??s t" ?
at.ie German] t" he Independent ol the
' |.-,, ?,i, and Bo dlah - aMi ? otnpanl
?it? haalnaaa with the i nib d M H
Mailed anywhere in the United States
for 12.50 a ye-ir.
la f?lCette IST
Gives His Views on Progressive
Republicanism to Big Crowd
at Cleveland.
! He Demands ?a "Rule of the Peo?
ple, Supreme Over Legislat?
ures, Presidents, Consti?
tutions and Courts."
1 1? '.land. li?e JT.-S'-nator I.a l'ol!'?lt??.
nos an avowed candidate for the Preslden
tlsl nomination on the principles outlined
as "Prog rasai va Republican," closed his
flrst ?lay of campaigning In President
state with a largely attended meet?
lag In th? Cleveland drays' Armory to?
night, aii.i a short apeech at Toungstown
in th.- afternoon. While at both meetings
considerable attention was paid (?i corpora
ti'itis and their growth and o-Mduct, th.?
greater cart ?if th.. speeches was devoted
f.. explaining what was meant h"? "Pro
Republicanism" and what tha
Progressives have done In Wisconsin.
Th?? Initiative, referendum and recall
arere ktronglj advocated sa cardinal prin?
ciples ?.f the Progressives.
The Bureau "?' Corporatlona waa charac
? i .... a?- th?? iii'i'i Wonderful institution
world, and th?' speaker commended
Commissioner Herbert Knox Smith and hla
predecessor, .lames I'.. Oarfleld, who sit mi
th.- platform. He aald th?- bureau was
doing great things In determining iba ral?
usti?n "f corporate properties
Th.* Bens tor* a audienoe waa enthuslastld
ami frequently urged him t.. proceed when
be ma?!?- an attempt to shorten ins addre ;
Repeated Invitations were offered from th"
audience to "come again" when h? an?
? .I ti.it ,t was the Ural time he liad
i., .n in ? lei ' land T . mor? ow Mr. i
lette ?m .-peak in Norwalk and Toledo
John D Pachter, state secretary "f the
Progressives, presided over th?? meeting
lie introduced Senator La Pollette at? "the
i man who hss destroyed the bl-partlaan pol?
Itlca m hit business in Wisconsin and th-?
next i'i' sidenl ?d th.- nation."
Mr. I.a Pollette depart'! BOmSWhal frntn
| the apeech he had plann.-.i by takine up the
primary ballot law, charging that "C"leve?
j lenders have been sitting around here being
disfranchised for fifty j ??.?is by political
[ h.isses. but it Is nut for Innp." he Mid, BS ;
1 his hearers laughed and applauded
in his ?lis. usslon "f trusts Mr. La Pol?
lette aald ! .mblnation of corporations
sraa 1 ? ? luse ?if the high cool of living?
because they controlled prices; and that
Qod Almighty never made a board of di?
rectora good enough to control the homes
and families ?if Americsn citizens "
While the Senator was arraigning the
Standard Oil Company and the banking In?
stltutlona of the country Prank Rocke?
feller? s brother of John D. Rockefeller.
sat on the platform, wearing ?< committee?
man's badge
Defines Progressive Republicanism.
What Progressive Republicanism means |
Senator Ls Pollett? again described Hol
mad.? a rigorous appeal !.. I lennn-ra t.s t?.
loin the Progressive Republicans, because
only represente.i S true democracy,
and he ' h irged that the Iiemncrats of the
?''??, ., democracy of das-? and
The initiative, referendum and the r?? all
arere declared to be tenets of the Pi gree
slven, arid the ?leclaratloti fer the latter
was received by the audience with ap?
plause, which. InCTOSBSd when the speaker
Insisted the re. all should he applied to
"With all Iny respect for the courts as a
?.i d" nol feel thai they are bo holy
thai they are incorruptible," he aald,
"There are ludgea who have served ooe*
.. long thai th? r can't see
straight They mean to he honest, but they
, m'! hold the scales -?f justice level We
- -lam? ''?i applying the re ?all
t.. th? , idgp
Mr. Ls Pollette sise discussed Elbert H.
Gtary'a plan fer federal regulation of prices
Bs a relief from monopoly. He sai<i he
had BO path nee With this method. Ultl
i." Bald, the government would
hare to fix pricea of labor, hours of em?
ployment and comp? of original
producers in order t?. iix accurately tha
prices for th? onsumers.
Commission on Trade Restraint.
;' the i'ary plan or the Taft
pian ??f federal charters foi corporations,
Senator La Pollette proposed his own plan
for a commission on restraint of trade, to
relieve the i ountry of the condition In
whh-h he finda it. Tha Senator saw great
??.ii In the growth of the trust--, and de?
scribing it said:
A tn mi ? ? hss grown up in the
countr) m rece?? years, Again and again
li has proven atrong enough to nominate
. tea ol both political parti? s. it
rui.-s in the organisation "f legislative
bodies, state and national, and of the com?
mittees which frame legislation. Its Influ?
ence la fell In Cabinets and In the pollcle.
of administration! its Influence is ?.?en in
the appointment of prosecuting officers ?ml
the selection ol jn.l?' s on the bench.
in business it has crippled or destroyed
Competition. It hsa stilled Individual inl
ii has fixed limitations In the field
..i produ? tion. it makes pricea and Im
i.- Ita burdena upon the consuming
public ..t wIlL
in tinance its powers is unlimited in
large affairs it gives or withhold?; credit,
ami from time to tmi" contracta "i inflates
ihe volume of th? monej t ? ?? i ?i i r?. I for the
transaction of the business >>f the country.
Ilesa of everything excepting its own
it ha acquired lartje control of the public
iln, n onopoltxed i ij resources,
timber, iron, coal and oil.
And this mighty power has grown up in a
countr) where, under the Constitution and
the las. the i Itlsen li km ei
Denounces Payne Tariff Law.
Although Senator I.a Pollette made no
dlrecl reference to the Preeidenl and ?h.i
nol auggest hla own candidacy, he Included
In his i ? eck a denunciation of the P i
Alun h tariff law Immediately following
his praise of labor organisatles and
oplnl ai thai th? Sherman anti-trust law
?ii?i not ? oiit.'inpiat, uifir regulation, lie
., i
The passage of the Payne-Aldrick bill
was the mosl outra-trot, sssaull of prl
la upon the p? ople re. or-ied in
ta. Ill hlstori.
critlclaed the National Reserva As
i of tu? Aldrlch monstarj plsn,
? ? ? 1.1 competition at
the control "f credit
and the i oncentratlon ??f mon.?v in the
? who control th<? trusts. :
Klasticit) m our currency is Imperativs
and must be s.-e.'i. d. bul anv plan to
? it Ilk.- that ?.f the proposed N'h- ,
tlonal Ressrv? Association, ?hi. h puts
??ontriil m the hands ..f the hanks ?and
moneys?! Intereets, will strengthen the
P?*er "i tha trusta t.? ?/.-t capital snd to
? ompetltoi s from Bettina it \n.
an I, plan must be controlled by the p.-?.
hi" It Is the people 4 money thai I ; ex?
i to i;i.e aecurtt) t.. am plan nd
the people's mon.?, must not I.ntrolle?!
bj those ? ho, on Hi- pi? isticlty.
?"?ill h. ahl" !?. n-" H to kill ? ?'in,
? ?f Ihe ft'.
iloi i.a Pollett? d< m rll ? i i1 growth
"f trust- an?! monopollea snd attribut
potent rights lbs tarifl ia?s and the
'monej trust" tha retasan foi their beintj
Hi said
Al an lime within me i.i.u ten i : titlet n
?. h? n.a .-i a voi., ha u. i n -??li sd in
' rot? ?i u has been ?Itemed or discredit? ,i
? .in,,, k upon business and prosperity.
Honest, unselfish, patriotic effort to awaken
ih? puhii. m an appn riatl.t the dan?
gsra threatened bj tins great power has
bren denounced ??s the ?..rk of the ?Jema?
- ?gui and "if ai she* Wheevei ha - b?. n
? ?" -pi' .? 111 an ? i""\ ? nein mim ? Ipsl
Btsle or nail? nal i liai in.,:, h.. Iieeii
marked ami proclaimed uaiigeroti . .I
?usf?.-.? auch a lead? r baa been thut-U^li
going und err,.. Uve ka lila work. through a
i'ontrolled ptess and upon th?: high.-t buei
ii'-ss authority, every stieh man im? tieen
esp?,-iallv characterised an?! the public
pai thiilaily warned against him. But.
finally, the time seems to have Rrrix'd
when even the moat conservative cltlsen
admita tha gravity <?f the prohh-m <on
fi ?.otlng th.- Amerh-an DSe-pIs
Cure Is "Mora Democracy."
The Progressive movement, Mr. I.a Kol?
li ?te de< lured, lias as If m aim the restora
tlea of the government to the people. "The
real titira for the ills ..f demo racy Is more
d, miicriiey" was one of hi? statements.
'?Thai la xvh.'.t the strui??;?e In Wisconsin,
in California. In Ohio and Pennsylvania.
SOW Hampshire and gf*1?. and In every
othir state n this 1'nlon means; that gOT?
ttmeUt shall he brought ha. k to and com?
mitted to the hands of the people; that they
ar?- supreme over leidslatun", over gov? mv
ii.etit. ever presidenta, over constitutions,
PVer '"in Is." lie assert"!.
Th?- Senator pointed to the record of l?''"
?slatlve and administrativ ?o hi'-v-merits
in Wlsi-onsln as proof of hi? theory tha*
Letter government ?an he given the people
l.\ r? storing that fnm'tion t.. them
"The very nncltbone ?>f true i eprea.-i.t.i
Uve government Is the ?llr.-'f participation
in the affairs of government by th?- people
through direct primarle? for the nomination
.-I' i andidate?," h-- said. I!'? de< lar?>d that
the ?.Id niaehiii" polltlcMtis had lost control
!n Wisconsin through this law. He ahu.
favored the l*i?'sl.]ential primary system
<?f this he said.
If th?r" Is m.e t h I n St m<?re than another
thui has been ptft to the front in this cam
polgn by th?- itogresaiv.-s. it Ii the demand
for the ? lection of delegatea t-- th?
? i,thui by popular primary elec
tlona, .mu .. provision by which el? - l
m.,v directly expresa their choic? for "/resi?
dential candidates upon their party ttcaet.
S.-iiat..i- U Kol'ette sook-- In Young?
?own at noon "ti pre? tlceJty the sume sub?
"What ITC xve hen for," lie said, "xvhen
sn ii,any men attend .1 ti'-on-lav meeting i f
so distinctly a political character month??
betote an election? The question is n<?i
one of mUroad rates, nor tariff, nor OCM
..; national currency, bul it is a question
whether there Is a for,-e stronger than lite
American people, ''an tha p<?.p'e of the
I'nlte.i States, after m.-re than a hundred
?,f ?rial, .'"iiti"! their OWB govcin
metit ?"
Indiana State Committee Repu?
diates Lee's Statement.
i n?- Taleg? tpk to Th. M sa? '
Indianapolis, Dae. -" .?urtende of
PreskSeni Taft domlnaiUd a matting ot
the RopubllCafl State ?'entrai ?'ommitteo
to-day and fixed the data f'.r party re?
organization hu February .'i, when the
chairman Will b? ol?ete?! ami the ?ole? -
tion '?f new ni-'fni.ers of the committee
will be made by districts on PVbruary -.
chairman Lee favored S later date, l.'it
was overruled by unanimous vote of tii->
There was tronaldarahla dlecua*e4?**n of
the atatemen! nade by Mr Lee '" Wa?h
Ington, i'1 which he said thai President
Taft CAnnot carry Indiana. Tlio m??in
ii^rs disclared that Lee had n??t cx
iTessi-d tfio sentiment <>f the committee.
Ho replie?! that lie had spoken ??lily a?
an Individual and not as chairman.
A i. solution was then adopted Baying
that Lee ?H'l not express the sentiment
of the members ?>r the committee, ?xhen
ho made the Washington statement.
Lee is a candidate for re-election, but
th.? sentiment of the committee Is so de?
cidedly against him that it is believed
In- will withdraw.
Everything at th?? meeting was cleerly
in fax or of Mr. Taft.
Gov. Baldwin Deplores Stretch?
ing of the Constitution.
Buffalo, E>SC. 27.??'ontrol of state hi
thorltie? by Inferior 1'nlted States r*OUt*ta
has ilevcloped to such an extent that | e
I.pi?- ar>? h.-coniing ?mpatii-tit, asserted
?lovrnor Simeon K. Baldwin of t'onnectl
CUt, at the opening of the twenty-seventh
annual meethi'4- of the American Historical
Association and tue eighth annual n.ting
of the American Political Science AgSOCla?
tlon In joint session here to-night. He
it' some of tha recent ?leeisions of the
courts are not dlaafflrrtwd, the judicial
povt-r of the t'nited State?, apparently Will
extend t-> any Justiciable controversy aris?
ing In any of th?- states, although per?
taining t?. mere matters of local concern.
And ?till the federal Constitution Is flexi?
ble enough to hear a conatructlon sup?
porting legislation by Congress fa- in ad?
vance of anything hitherto attempted
?3ov?*rnor Baldwin's topic was "The Pro
trr.ssive Unfolding of the Powers of the
United Stat.v" In addition to ?dvam??-.!
Interpreta tlona "f the Coaatltutlon, ?>>>v
ernor BiUdwin found a i*aal danger In the
re?tent iitteran,??? of a 1'r? ?Ident. that he
?a?- for a Constltutiori when it conaarved
the people's lights, but not XVhen it per?
petuated the |.pie'a wrtmga Governor
Hal.?win said:
The danger is that a "'hlef Magistrate
by some stretch of his executive ,,r mili?
tari authority may come to clay tha par;
ol .1 dl? tatui it Is only a remote p<>?i
hillty. but tha *clen?*4 which we profess
warns us that great powers -?re apt some?
times to be abused and that the fathers
were right when they declared that eter?
nal vigilan.-.- xaus the price of liberty.
rTTofeaaor William M. Hlnana. of Coium
lila University, pr?sident of the American
Historical Association, s]v,ke on "The Sut?.
elan, ? and Vision o? History."
Former Senator Says President Surely
Will Be Renominated.
I B T? ; r*i?a?Njj '?> Tha Trltststae |
i;ii/.al?eth. N. J., Dec ft, -"I think th? i-?
is no queetlon about the choice of Prest?
dent Taft at Chi, ago." said former PJSnSHll
lohn Kenn to-dav. Mr. Kean added that
th.- President waa tmUtktd t?> a sscond
t.rm. that be had the ooafldenoa ot the
people and that the country would Pr*oeper
under his wise and r*oo*e*rvatlve adminis?
Mi Keatl will m>t hold his usual New
fear's reception, instead, he win ha a
gtlesl at the White House. Charlea N
"fowl r will hold hia Uaual reception.
Queens District Attorney elect Retains
DeWitt for WUlett Case
Metric! Aft'n ?..??.-.?!.-., i Matthew .1 Smith
ol Qaeens C?ouaty lata >? ?t,id...v afternoon
annotmeed hla osBoa staff, and ha sise an?.
nouaced that he had rdlalnsd i?!siri.-t At?
torney Krederhk ?}. DeWltl vM:,:n he is
to suce,..,!, to raaks th.? argument for the
prosecution befare the Ap.pet.ate Division
on tha appeal taken by Joaiph Caaaidy
William WUlett, jr. an,I Loots T. Walter.
? .a pressai umi.-r $s.?>,x> ball ? ,
on a oharga <?f ghii.g and i*a?***4vlag mon.?
?n liilni?lnK ahoiit the nominal ion of Willst!
r.ir justice of th- S.ipri-m,. Coat? ?>n thai
i.em...'iMii?' tick.-t during th.. last eampalgn i
John Hetherlngto,,. ?r A?,t,?h,. who has'
i..,,, Aaotatanl Dtatrlct Attoi*ney under
I.eWill for the UsSt three fOOtO, Will he r<
I,lined in hla present p,,M, a, a ?..larv of
t>.""" ? "'>"' "Wie nth.-r assistants are
yrank .\?iei.-. ..r Rligaa.i. aoa-la-law ..f
forrr.? r Sheriff Joseph Me) err?se; William I
i ream? r, of ?'or?n-., n,?i ?>??,, Ui,ni,. ,,f
iaaaalca, Tbeir ssiarieg ?in i?. gygg ?.
year .*.. i> Wallawa i.,, )llis. llBs
n..m? i as chief < 1.1 k
HaekaeMMtek, M ,i |,,,. _.7 Join?i) T
Hutehiaan, a?ho ?a? redeem t.-.t a inimkir
,.f n,. Harkeiameh laaai?ove?neai Cueamla?
?i?.?. I??? .'1('. ?'?'I who has t....,, m
uiii.i .1 I-) County Clerk Thompson that
?i r -. -----*,
I Good Morning
Good Evening
Good all thetime
ht < anno? sei ??? ? he failed t? ?*?,->
a certificat? of I
to-day ti.it h. will tak. Id- s.-ai ,,.
Mi Hutchison .'.'!
The candidat? mu? ? .,* n.?
expensea Nfot having _n\. how *a- n
pOSSlbl? f'" me t., file SI "M ? ..?
Stats Controller B?hmer appointed Ws>
he " R Praser yesterday h -
Controttet In charge "f lbs Nea Ver?
office t" au? <???? ?i -i ? irger, _h.
qull i the 'til' ? on -lain ?i \ : ?
I i.f New 1
of Prsser*a new |ob will expire ?>n 11?? .?*-*.-.
ber 11, 1912 Tl ? *-? '"'' ??
Kra^ei arsa t'orporatlon Tax I'ommts
?toner tinder Controller Olvnii, ..nd ?*a?
reappolnted by t'ontroller Honm-*?, n<- ?.-,
lawyer and Ttaitnrui ? '? sd< r ..f i ?
M. I'i-trh t \
? ;? ins
Experience has perfected the
Tecla Company's products,
established their standard,
made their reputation and
proved their guarantee.
Tecla's Emeralds. Sapphires.
Pearls and Rubies mounted
with genuine Diamonds in
settings of platinum and gold.
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rful ri.ATI i
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we rSS i-oiiirii ?. >ur plann IB!? ? .,.:*.??*
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lo i'Ut their last*..
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Factors. aSt-Sei Heat Mil* *'? .

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