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I'll ?By DAI"
Kocnig Voices Wish of Majority
of Local Assemblymen.
Hurray "Much Disappointed"?
Brooks Is for Merritt?Dana's
Friends Say He Will Win.
\>4\ V"ik Count) Republican Srgan
?tsti'''' Isat.nlshl formally placed in :?
-s a candidate for Opsaht i of the ASsembl)
Charlea A l'ar.a. ?>f the !7th District His
??pdkl?' > Is a protest a?i,.;--.t the BSPlrB
nor? of Assemblyman Kdwtn A. Merritt
ll ?? pla. ? A Vigorous fftort Will be
niade to rsllj to the support <?f Dane all
th?? .?:.? -Merriti Bsntlmenl It* tbs si
it <? found that the Qpstats i*r'?rt
from that section and
-*roP'"'*? Usfnctory candidate. Dans
will ? ? ? thdraw in Ins (aV<**i
Assemblyman Dana said he would i
,.? fresa r?o*?? under hi?* fret. S I
list Patu-na' 1 have lern workinR.'' be
Mid "and ? > be as busy as a bee
?^????n non and the time when the R-*
publica*?; Assembly raucu? convenes in Al
Mr.> OB Tuesday night. I am going upstat??
?jr.: ' row. 1 purpose to see as man?
p* the Assemblymen-elert a* possible. giv.?
th'tn a chance to get at.quainted with nie
and SB) ' if ??'?? in order that they may be
in a position to .iudge between Merritt and
mv?.e'f T want them to come to a d?cision
?s te whether i or he would best serve the
' the Repubtl*eaa ?'arty and
"gomebod] has suggest?*?! instirgency,"
?ho Assemblyman continued. 'i want to
|l as emphatic as possible In sa>ing that
^ of tl at kind in this
?jsevsaeat W aie au going ?nto the Re?
in ci ? and a majorlt] of xhe Re
..? mea ?rill ?*?_? 11 a gp? ik
,- We ?ha 1 all stand by that riKS
Bgreinl to stand by ?Dana for
Samuel 8. K?nig. chairman
County Committee.
.-o(,le who a;?? opposed
,,, M- ierrltl f??i Speaker, ami now wo
h? , | a candidate around whom
y\r K ?? t . ? are to mo
I as to how many vote? M
r. - ?
0 .. ... terrmlned later. ' i will
? "that tb?
pledged to elect
? 'hem"
I 'a: a ?a? made
, e N'e.v fork '
... at county ' <-.-.
.... ?'?-??
present, the absentee?.
men Bi ooka and Murray.
. from the
? de?
rm he
It was said
ties ? 'emmlttee, a;
' ?.?..-??? were j
? -?4
"Never Got a Chance." Murray Says. ?
Murray ii thai JCew
I never c cl
? ? ssld yes?
.- 'l'y. 1
' three years '
ave the
I Hun."
. ? ??,.?
? ally
- ? sad il
M! alone been e?;rect?-?d tha? he WO?
last night
- re 0 read
'??'iat th? ? i-i?, t
S? v Vork
kei of tl:. \v
\ I '.il B
Set Vork County, and pledge theli
ring ???.. i hi? election
- ? t-?i of th?
I -i ?t. as ht said h? :
? chancea of Will- ;
' ??? i a can-1
( .mbl). Ten
d . hoi? ? ?
la case ? th?
rawl ? ?.?._- ?
t , hat
him He
*'- ?
Koemq Opens Meeting.
? ? ? rene?
M \
: that New Toil
? resent wsa
liked ? gOUM of
laid 1 object
I behli
.. .
men have .|e. id.?.l I
BSld the*
? knee
Th, ??ve, ol the .-. .le?emlanls ?n the Triangle fir? trial Ihre? the? srms ?round th?** hu?*.??!?' neck, a? Ihej left the ,-.,iir.r,?.,?.
i?,i\ii| Weiner, whoae sister n'a* une o? the Triangle Are rkilma, l?ecame bya
terical from of the Criminal ?"uns Building '.?hen he heard the v<
and shrieked "Murderers! Where are they?"
Merr?t a.? a classmate at rale. Assembly?
man Ebbetts said he had pledged himsell
to Merritt a long ?
l>ana himself would not hasard
??ailed Dgurea as to the sntUaferritt
strength Borne of his friends figured .?-it
forty-six rotes out of the ?,.,.,
one as bring for htm T! la Im ludea eleven
?.r twelve In New "fork, thine.., in Kings,
two in Queen?-, two in Suffolk, ?me in Nas?
sau, two in ?.rang. ?... , itauqua, one
laraugus, Bve In Erie, two In \iag
a-a a.? ) one in Hericlmer, one In ? ?r- i-ia,
? -ne ? ., ? e in ? itsego
? rgc W Mdi i-ige, of Monro
Naturally, he would he counted x\ith the
1 "eld guard 'but Assei Ibl? man Phillips,
la saiil i" i?e pei
Mernti. He has sa ;
'? ?rilling to talk to the l?ana men in Al?
?n Monday. Tl ? *<? '? I I
hand In I ? ? la!
a ?eon! ?? ..iim
afi- moon
? ? . ? . |ng
His Total Liabilities Were About
? '
Pittsburgh, I -? ' Dividend ? eck?
amounting to ' ' lalma
..f Stan?
ford '?'
1 i?
. >f the claimants ' srill re?
ceive 22 per cent ' at ' Mrs
Mai y i Than thet ' : '
s .-? ? . -' ? SI
t K, U MO
i ?r .i r t'ai pbell, n- '?? y? ;... h"> 0;
Sewburg, N V H .172; M i tin
?? .. ? lu Charit
amtoi S v M.ll D
k, S .:?-?-;
nal claims ol smaller amounts
were all? ft? ring aa to the!
t the c! nants onl;
... ? .
appro? ?
Tba<a s t..iai liabilities were she?? ? *- -
California's Cold Snap Followed by
Warmer Weather
i.- -
terday i .?
? ? . gl the :.??,'. ?
? if California to-da x
?he government Weathei B
ere th?
rost .,:.-? I
I..,? : -? LT.?Ths fi uit '
eras siuag? -i th. ? old of
few ? ? ? -d.
ly as two ? ii-i
.,- .
of th?
? 11.i tog r- tlr? -
? ? ,,l counsel
Mr M . ? th? company's -
?111 U ill I.ik- ola- ? "Il
v ?u-vent
i >? .: T ? i
. i; i; & R. 1 ipany,
In Rho
1 l-e-ir.r ? II.m?
Does 50 Years' Experience
la the ?kim-al distill?t*.?*, of
It has brought thi: finest product of Mar?, land"* fa mou?
distltkiies up to the highest standard of perfection
rt kHX, UOUk ; r*r,*~nr-Mr..**.
' H ?l ??'.M ?' te . ?
1 ASP .' FM"*T ' -. ?~,. s
It Will Pay To Keep!
^ujvli t^w^ rw>X -OUit W JAN.
uni kemji ?a/rvct %*Mal irwruxfe
? New?
(? M .,' B
77ie only time table nPPPpapra tt ,o?, */mt( ?,
ma teat tretnj leeve Liberty Streu -evnrv
hour on the hour from 7AM tp 10 P. M .
end et midnight with sleepera Id nUltptpa
of the hour from We%t )1rrl Stre*. ,'>,.,,,.
,-.?*. es r>e i uss sf d:nin? hour'.
? sal lees ?i trote fir.i asare.
t.r' A quitted!" When he MW the
owners of the Triangle ?rafSt fa- ?--r ?
paas be pointed bis linger at the two,
and shrieking Murderers**' fell to the
.ik .h , onvulslons
Efforts to revi? i him a-'er? m -
fui. and an ambulanci was ummoned
from lhe Hudson 811 H ?apltal He
panlon i said ? * ? ? \\ -
rned to death
Mrf. Belo'oot Hear*- Judqe's Charge.
Idra 0 h P i ?? Imonl s? ? ompanled
r son, II ? anderbilt, ? n
.tered ti !
began hla ! f
i tin- i.iw am, mind?
ing the jui n 'hut |h? d?fendante were
charged with man*?aughter in th<
and s.?d degrees tiecauae --t an ad
?, mi i heir part falling to keep
Ihe Washington Place door unlocked
"If, gentlemen of the jury," continued
Judqe Cram, "this case was a misde?
meanor I would not feel constrained to
charge you that before you reached a
verdict of guilty .t was necessary for j
you to first find that the defendants
knew that the door was locked. But be?
cause they are charged with a felony, I
charge you now, that before you find ]
these defendants guilty of manslaughter ?
?n the first degree you must find that ]
the defendants had knowledge that the |
! ooor was locked at the time charged. If
it was locked dunnij such a period, and
? with the knowledge of the defendants,
> on must also find beyond a reasonable
' ooubt ihat such locking caused the death
o* Margaret Schwartz."
Th, . . :ii ' ? opinion of
many i o hea ; -i II " aa d< ? Id? dl
? - th, i- fendanta
In '?: ? summation .? latan! I ?Isti.- t
At tome? Boat wick open!; charged wlt
or i:i? inn--. uti,,ti with perjury.
.. .t ??? t.ouths <>;' w ?in. - r-,i
th? defence." said Mr, Bostwick, "be
I - i.nhl fiain? the ,( ?, -t lot , ,in?.
? ? i 'rio the
hey was In the ?loor, tied With a ?-?ring.'
Impuqns Defence Witnesses.
?? \nd M b.? \? i-r ? th? ? it n?--s. ? ( ,; the
defence? They consisted aim..m entire
I? ..f first, thus?- dependent on Harris
? Blai* k for a ii\ m?. s?. ond those
. i ,, m. selling goods to th- m som? as
inch Bs *-7-''.<?'N' worth a ?..? i ,,,!
th.- relati? i ? ol the defendanta
"We have pul wltneas aftet ? I
? ?n the siaiid who had pul bia
hand "H the door knob an?) found it
?m i<??i. Ai?- ail these ii iitti. arm .,-?
workers t>. be a tamp? .1 as p? rj
Von .an strike from ti..- record even
im of human teatimon) and - oi
,,iil th.- mute ,\ Idem ?? that ?anii,.
Mr Boat wick here exhibited the varloua
burned bib ' d i hat formed pat i ,,i
I ||e fatal .r, '?- lb lilt I.mut. it. until
re In I he , hu? i e-1 ft .?gin. i
ii,,. i,?i. iii... h -, in?! ii - ahol i...h h,,i,i.
Inn this ? ?" ? I?? Hn Jurors I.x, ?.?m,, ,t
ni.- s th? i.-- i.. . -.nuil?, a from th..
loiiib, -?... Ins I. 'Tou muai hei,, ,,.
mi i >?...? there 'I In.- I* my proof
y,,,i mu.-1 . aamine it *fou mus? i. . ,
in,. . luslon 111.11 : his ,?.?* ti o- lock
\? h* aaa llus d. lo< k? ?i ' To at ,i. i,
th? -? luii.- khi- '- th' i? it i night
\nd Ma S?-Iia.iiv died bei aus- ti,, ,.
rief? ndanta ?-?night lo s,.?a Ihe palti .
,,r i " al? 'un,h. ,it th? \x ? hington
rio. i
r Then Mi Most wirk ' t loaed
I | I . I'< "II' II. Il I' ' ' M. 'Il I'
???til '-''i |T?tHt .'.'U m.'-: du j'.u'..'
Mr Bteuer's summing up was an,
analytical reatimt .?f tin testimony <>f
the aptnesses for the defence, it lasted
two how I ? long as lhal of the J
proae? itlon I'm Beteral inimit?? he
??.??pt the defendants and theli relatives I
? Iplng aw?) then tears as h? i leaded ;
i"t a? aulttal.
Police Think Members of Gopher
Gang Did Job.
'i i..? epidemic of hold-upe 01 the uppei .
Wesi side which the police have proved
nai.i. to deal with, broke oui ?
night ?*. hen four men, a Ith
?.. ea and magasine ;??- '
olven in theii hands, entered the saloon i
? t J-. h H Pi Idsch? i. hi No 7*?7 eleventh l
.. lined the customers up agalnsl il?>? ?
walls, and robbed the bartender "f ?
. nd gold tick pin.
.list a i in? '?? th? '.; - raulted over 1
i and ma.!?- for tin. cash register h |
.\oiiid be patron opened the door and pul !
? i in-id. to entei i!?? took one look
at the masks and revolv? icked .
momeni hi feel I 11 the sid? -
walk h? started up the atreel on the run
? ellini | o !?? w ' "h Polla Head
? aquad ol d?te? uves <.n the
??I long -un.- gone
r.M-. ? ' ? laloonki epei wo Id not
i and it i- believed
thai ? ' ? membei of the
in * in. ii op?r?t? ? In the ie .?*ii
Regan Says New York Has Fine Chance
of Getting Democrats Here.
James B. Regan, preprletoi of the Hotel
Knickerbocker, abo is ..tie of tlie lending
pints in the movement to bring the Dem
x.in..nal Convention t" this dt)
said las- night that Ken I . fine
t.. land the convention.
The financ.nmtttee "f tlie Hotel lien a
l?elation, h la underst.l. haa been nie
fui m ratslni nearij ail of th?- ?in?/??
? .j _?. >ii...i ti.-. ei sei ?? foi i be sncc?
the pi. Bui Mr Regan? a bo is a
member ??i I Ittee, ssld be wss un?
able to give the exact amount subscribed so
in- He add? .1 however, that the sum
.. made known to-da^ afters meet?
Ing of th? hotel men. which Is to he held
m then rooms; la the Cambridg? Bullding,
at "fifth erenue and Bd atreel
i? a ?
Sacks Pnt Overboard at Dock Instead
of in Bay.
T..( lie frequent ,{, I,, , s to big
ateamahipa in taking "ff the mad on th"
,. in. lin.-, from ?.' ? ' ' mall?
boat Poatmaster Oenerel ?nd not sttempl
. the mall last nicht from the
White su.1 in."'' "v- mnk whlh ' ? rs
under way. After the veesel had warped
, .,, her dock the mallboal took her Bve
.,,,1 tacks from i i bats on the pert
quarter, The reception of mail in till"
manner will facilitate greatly i ?nick trip
from Quarantine.
Th? Kronprlnsesstn Cedlle, of the North
German Uoyd Une, was delayed almuet
two i.oits b) the maiih.iat oa her arrival
h< re Is ' \?' sk.
i'redeii.k Borneiiiaiin Was in M?Call
Oj)?*ia Company Years Ago
i?,..,], i,. ?. |t< i !?? mai ?.,??> i i ? *-!-':?. ?i
u j Ip. f(? |?-j i- -??i i-'niii streel arai Iruck
. i u'. .-?i ii. .ai - h i r?stenle
, , I'imi. ? ira? t ami -?? as I
a, Harlem Ha
ii,. Wss la <?? .! ? I ?< ,'"li ? ''?"lr
,,[,,. Chun lii si ll'lh atreel mh.i Park i
,.',. H11,| , ,..?? i" d i numbei "f German
r Bodetli i ??i Harlem Pi? ? Rochet*
?.il i/emoa
i.,-...n ? . ?" H.?i : ,r.
,,, nu' Bv- esi ?-.i
?? , . ? ?i- rs '.i m i Ii Itsd 'i?e?l
a. 'hi. dtf '.'?iiuuu'."j8i.- tai twU: .car.
Manslaughter ?n the first degree.
"Such horricide is manslaughter m
the first degree when committed
without desMj.fi to effect death:
"By a person engaged in commit?
ting, or attempting to commit, a mis?
demeanor affecting the person or
property either of the person killed
or of another"
Manslaughter in the second degree.
"Such homicide is manslaughter in
the second degree when committed
without design to effect death:
"... By any act, procurement
or culpable negligence of any person
which does not constitute the crime
of murder m the first or second de?
gree, or manslaughter in the first
The indictments were predicated on
the allegation that the defendants, as
proprietors of the Triangle Waist
Company, committed a misdemeanor
in violating Section 80 of the labor
Isw, which provides that:
"All doors leading in or to any fac?
tory . . . shall not be locked, bolted
or fastened during working hours."
Investigators Hear Witness Tell
of Meeting J. B. McNaraara.
Los Angeles Dec. -7 ?"oineident with the
si pe.ran. ? of ii \v Pohtraan. business
iif-ni; of t!?e .-.??irle iron Workers' L'nlon,
,-.s a arltness i.ef,.?.. the federal sr.ind Jury,
which resumed if Inveetlgatlon to-da? Into
ti," nation-wide dynamite conspiracy it
became known thai another resident ?if
Beattle, Dr. G D. Wagner, had appeared
before ti..? Inojulsajtors and ?Ken important
testimony. Dr. Wagner, who nianaee.-? un
e]eetrleal ?npply company. Was said to
bavs t?>!<! of a meetin? he had with Jam"*?
I: McNamarS in Heattl" In AUgUSl last
year. Dr. Wagner's store wss rdtusted
opposite th?' Lyons Building? which -.'a?
damaged i" dynamll.i AuK".st :;??. MO.
The Lyons Building explosion ?a- cred?
ited to .Iain.-- B. M< Samara, who at that
time WSS BSld ;?? Ita \ ? mad.' his first ?iyna
mlting expedition to the Pacific Coasl Ac
cordlai t" the testimony Dr. Wagner Is
-aid t.. have given, .?. man whom be after?
v...id Identifled by newspaper plcturea as
Jamea i'.. McNamara t"?'k a part "f on?* of
his d. -ii m tiv? m.-, iiin? - t? th? Wagi ? r
? ..mi riy for repairs.
? Another ^^ i 11 ? ? - -= -? wa*- William Ttto.Mi an
I employe ol "The Los Angeles Times." He
testified ti..' the morning before the Times
Building a*as destroyed, October I, ItIO, he
met James h. McKamara m the basement
near the ?pol where the actual exp
i"iwrr-d. According i" Brown, McNamara
said he ?.?.??? looking for arork as a news
pap?- mailer
After questioning i'.?"i Bcharrenburf of
San Francia o, lecretar: ?<: ti.. Btati Fed?
eration "f Labor, the '-i.nni jury adjourned,
The federal court adjourned until Batur?
.-..i a .. ,\ indictments srould liave ',.
presented in that tribunal the adjourn?
ment preclude-d th.- posslbt.it) of the return
. bills before t!...t date
Th.. preliminar) hearing of Ben i?.
Franklin, a detective employed b* the Mc?
Kamara defence, ? :.!_>'.i sith liavtni at?
t. mi ted '? s ? . mg bribed
lurors in it?.- trial "t' James B. McKamara,
., - ended to-day. Without baring attempt?
ed .? 'i- ence, counsel foi Franklin allowed
? niinitte.i f. ? trial in
i th.- guperioi ''out Franklin's bond of
! $!?'.'?? v ,i ? allOWl ?: '.. stand.
Contractors' Clerk Discovers Explosive
in Bag at Rochester. Penn.
Rochester, I'-nn. i>er .t. Twent; to i
sii'-ks of dynamite, twelve capa, "?rappedI
:ii cotton, and ten yards ol fuse, secure!)
packed In .. ??>-.-' evidently made for the'
p irpcee and ?.'-? mbling an ordin?r) travel?
ling i-ag. w.,. found iu the \aiu ..: M. ? '
I'l.nai.i & Hartman, dealers In contractors*!
luppli? ? ???-.ia>. by Aii,'-rt Wilhelm, ?? '
.'. ri< in tir firm's .mido?. The und was
turned 0%'CI to the police, who ?list over?'1 '
thai ti.. .,.?. el o ?oiiiain??! h lone raetalllc
paper knife bearing the name of a Phlla?
delphia company. The police tet*?r?gnised
g as .m. the) had seer? In the hand-;
? ?r ? *rtrang? i- on the tie.-t?. aeveral daya
Since the discover, aeveral month? ago
of a Quantity >>f esplost?'e near the end <>t
the I'lttsi.urgh g Imkt Brie Kaiir?..?.! bridge
across the Ohio River froin her?*, said to
have hen lianteI there b) anents of the
MeNaraaras, the police b^\? been active
land th- biidge has been guarded nay and
Moneasen Case, Which Promised Sensa?
tion, Dwindles to Larceny Charge.
ptrtabui i. i?- I n?on ? Mi di ?
?r? '--i M.<? rrtahl at xl..n?-.? met while i ar?
, ,, IUK n - ..,,!...hm-' savent) ?%*.??
' ?h, ka ..i ilynainll ? and toe* - *"*?*
ttlti. 1er? rh) i Ha i?. da) '?> an on"* ?..I ..i
the lten.li ??--H ?'-...i i'.-ii-i ?"?. an? .lb?.
III?. .??|.i-i i , ??.i i?I? from lha ? om?
i, .h, m ia . tine a Iwarlng, al whl? h
ci i 'fee I-I--I..I.-.-? (.-..-i itions lui i- ???? l-o-l
poned until in,1.1? m,,ic
'ri,- i- II? i la raining ground lha! there li
| nothing ol . -? nsettonal i ?tura In lha ar?
? i. -i a| in i-i... ? T.*?' ">mi'-?'iv ' alia
gatloaa sad the charge of lai*ean) again I
inm seem to have niuiiii't.' ' ,l'"' Irnportasjca
of in. in? "i. m
M ??led ^n, where m IN UllHg??1 blatte
[lei J- -C a ystg
Officials Go Over Mass of Figures
at Union League Conference.
Sa}'3 Commission Draws Con?
tracts So All May Bid-No Basis
for Interboroujh Yet.
There '???a.-' another oonf renes ever the
Subway situation at the I'nlon lyag M
Club last Bight, Which ta-t?-.l several hours
It ? IS ?..ii?l that while no definite '.?asi*" on
which the Interborough might make sn?
other proposition ?'?in?* the lines at the]
McAneny?Wlllce_ report ?-? reached, it'
was believed progre-s had been made,
Those present wer?- Chairman Wllli'ox ? '
the I'lioiii- Service ComnHsslon, Borough
President MeAneny, Controller Prender-,
(?as?. Samuel i*.ea rice-presldenl of th**,
Pennsylvanie Railroad: n. P I '?? - M
the banking firm of .1 p. Morgaa & Co.;
gotfa Low and Morgan J, o'llrlen. of en'jn
bsI for the Pennsylvania. Earlier In the da] 1
Chairman Wllkos had talked over the .-n- \
tire situation in ti.e oftice of BOTOUgh PTSSl? '
dent .M. fineny. 1 MttnllerPrandergsstwaaI
also ;,r. s'iif
At tlie conference last night a mass of j
figure:-; was -?one over In nn effort to arrive
at an eguttabte percentage of guarani? e
that might he ottered to the Intrrhorotigh -
by th?? 'ity. The lotorborough submitted
figures, and at the same time ?n analysis
of these figures Was presented h\ i'ontrol
ler Prentlergaat and President M? Aneny.
< 'omn*lsalon??r Maltbie ??f the PubUc Ser
v i<e Commission, in speaking ?>f the operat?
ing contracts that have been drawn up foi
the n?'*A BUbway lines, sanl yesterday:
'it has been the policy of tlie commission
to draw up forms Of contract w hi'ii it
has thus far advertised, in such a way that
any corporation Wishing to hi?l might sub?
mit an offer. This poUcy ha? been fol?
lowed in preparing a torm Of contract for
the operation of the Domprcbcnslvs system
of Bubarsys non b? ;n-? cotastructed and ti?
be constructed with <-itv money, it would
ObVlOUSly be futile and unwise to gdVOT
tise for public bidding any contract upon
which only oik- COmpan) ? ?uld possibly
The ConMxdsstonsr said th??re might be
various special Inducements offered by dif?
ferent companies, which would be consid?
ered by the public authorities.
"For example.'' bS said, "one company '
in making a bid might offer tr.in-.fT privi?
leges to Iin"s whi'h it now op"rates and
controls Another might offer a cash pay*
ment to the cltv. which would operate to
release bonds from the provision of the
debt limit, thus enabling the city to spend
the mono) on subways okMWheN
"8till another c? m? any might offer the
city a very large annual return. When tiie
fariOUS otters have been received, it ?rill be
for ibe public authorities to consider wl Ich
?offer, from all points of vies. Is the m<-?st
! advantageous 'or the city."
Not Worried, He Says, by Repudiation
in the Waugh Case.
Msrtin p. Lynch, attorney for Mrs
Frederick W, ? Iper, of Brooklyn, for whom
agen a suit for Reparation Ml Tuee?
1 la?, against her husbund, a chsutteur, end
1 another for alienation of affections against
; Agnes Waugh. who was attacked near her
j home in Hay Ridge some months as?, said
, last night that Mrs. Piper's repudiation of
1 tbs el-areas la the affidavits which lie drew
1 for her was not worrying hint.
"Mr. Cropacy ?.?. i 11 assume office ?. - Dis?
I trlei Attorney of this <?"mt.-.' on January
I I," he added, "and I hope be will make
' ?hif his tirsi 1 as.- I am anxious to have
? " matter "?mie to trial at ?>ik-.-. I am
Dorry for Mrs. Piper, but 1 maintain that
she made the statements attributed 1 ?
concerning her husband and Mis?- Waugh,
I have the l-tters and the postal cards
and all I want to ?l?> Is t., -**JU -. M;^s
Waugh on the stand, t;at v.iii probably
'Silent Six."
luill for tfiott wfto ut. the bet
? tried ,ii,? pro,en
? ha??l? of r.inirL
able tsorkman.lilp.
Mr....|.?j, m a:0<j Hirrrt
Union Will Wait for Report from
Volunteer Arbitrator.
Action on a strike was postpone?! until
to-morrow night by the ?Jus Workers'
Union at .; mailing In a*ehatsen HaS, No.
12 St Marks Place, last evening, pendin**
an attempt to he made hy a . Itl/.en .->
'?ting about a ?-onference between President
? 'ortelvou Of the ?'onsolidated ??as <om
panx- and representatives of the union. This
citizen tras described a? a man of higo
financial standing, who. It vas stated, will
see Mr. ? urtelyon to ?lay and tiy to bring
about h conference with repres?ntatlxes of
the union.
While the eas companies hav? been ?ay?
Ing the] Were not afraid of a strike of th?
gas workers. It Is known that for some
time they hax->- been preparing for a a-*ae.
afbte strike. The ieprsaantativea of strike
breaking agencies have been reporting
every da?, to the ottW-s of the i??.mpanl? s
to offer their scivi.'-s Men in the union. It
was said, had be-ome tired of the strike
talk and wanted a?-tl?.n and a strike rote.
They ?aid that la stacl .? case a strike
would t.. won or lost in twenty-ftsnr houra.
Tb-- I'oll.e l?epartiornt had be. n asked
for protectl.Hi In ras? of trouble, eeeeeteltt
at the large mains. Man? (?usin?es ssssj
telephoned yesterda) t.> the oaaces of tM
?.iiipatiien rUsking If tli.-i. was unv
?langer of theli ? stuidishments tVing
plunged Into darkii.-.? by a strike. They
w-i i. i..id not to w? ,1
Insane. Daughters Say, and Under
Woman "s Influence.
B ' ''? .nr |
Atlantic City, Dee, H -?"oionei i^uis N.
Orleman. I". S. A .retired', who, prior t.?
his retirement, command???! the ? adet bat?
ol s -, i- "?' ' - - largi ?? militai '?'
I academies in the . ountrx. a-ta**e?1 for hour?,
te da] at his .laughters and alienists, who
gave testimony t-> have him adjudge?! a
'he j-roce?,lings were hOgUll by [>r DalS**
I Orb-man Robinson and Mi? V:ol<tt?- i ?rit?
man Smith, of New York, ?laughter? of th-,
d?fendant. The) .??k a guardianship to pre
Vent ' olotirl (?rl.'iimn from bestowing any
part ?if his monee upon Miss hilen S ? ? -
nell. a woman fort?, y.ars old.
Mrs Delay firkman ftiibmson told how
I her father lir-t BBet Miss ?'orneli ?'-lon.-l
Orieman ?tas commandant at the Pe. kskill
Military Aeadeaay at the time <>n,- ti?\- ho
ordered out the entire hnttalion of c.?dei<
, sad paraded them In all their glory before.
the home of the young woman who ha?t
' captured his affr?tions. I*a.ter ? olonel <">rl?
; man sohl out his Interest in the milttar?
? school, and subsequent!) ** ?ta found, his
jdaught?; tesHnoS, In New York, living In
quarters adjacent t>. tb?aes of Mlaa ?'omen.
Dr, W, W. l'rltchar?), of New York, a
spe iahst In montai ?uteeeeo, ?aid the colo
i!. 1 was suffering from senile dementia. The
Case was not ended.
Justice t'ohalan denied yesterday the ap?
plication of Mra. ?.?erirude Van Hchatelc
for |1.'?X) a month alimony from John B.
V?n ?Jcttalck, formerly a mejnher of MM
Stock Bxehange, from whom she obtained
a divorce The court denied the motion on
ti.-? ground that ihere was no proof su I -
"Bitted thai I ? I- 'dant had any funda
and itateatent to the -??ntiaty was made
by Vaa Beba*
\'an Schal- k said he was a bankrupt. th*t
he had to s??ll his .-?..at on the Stock K\
change for tli<- benefit of his creditor.??, and
I?l-- mother waa supporting Mm at her
home at Huntington. Long Island.
Special Limited
Trains to Florida
The "Florida Special" via Pennsylvania Railroad
and tin? Atlantic Coast Line, and the "Seaboard
I'lurida Limited." via Pennsylvania Railroad an<1
the Seaboard Air Line, through steel Pullman train?;
between Pennsylvania Station, New Y?>rk, and
St. Augustine and Palm Beach, Florida, will begin
running for the season, with first trains leaving
New York
Monday, January 1
The "Florida Special" will lease Pennsylvania Station
1.26 P. M. week-?lay??: the "Seaboard Florida Limited"
w ill leave at 11.16 A. M. week-daj s.
( Hhcr good train- to Florida, including the Southern
Railway's "?Southeastern Limited." lca\mg Pennsyl?
vania Station 12.38 P. M. daily.
ticksta ?if ? ? ? msrveUsaa sad ?-v
Informstien, apr-t?. t-> ? itv TICKBT OPFICM Ml nfl I ??? ss (Ceraei :*>??*
?.?.??r.u.? (at UM ??"* ??*?' Brsedwai (Coras? i'.r.ind gtfeet), ITS
Corset Malees Laas). Ill Weet i2Mii Strssl
Telephone ? MrtdUof* *4<|uare ;9?W gg
c itutf<ta Ulstrl ? Pssseegei Ageat, .?>.; ptftk Avenas, Mea fen? city
McGibbon & Co.
House Furnishing Specialties
Two Weeks Left Before Removal Time
Dismantling the interior o? our building hag brought
t.i liiv-ht a t?w more lotg that had been pushed l>a?.k
in a ?.?"nier and lost ??i^ht of. We are not ..n "lire.????.
Parade" these last days ??i the old year and for us
ihc la>i day* in t lu* "kl store. Lut shopping here
i- still i ?-.. ?. i t * I <- ?n comfort. Interesting prices prevail.
Man) table cloth* have l"-t theii matching napkins
? ??I?I [?iecci of decorative limn are marked nen price*?
Ml the iiiu?-eil handkerchiefs have been re
iltioed \ li?'t troll will make- tlicin ri_.lit unaiii
embroidered iheets, I><*<1 ipreadi
ami |>ill??\? cases arc included
Towels ol (??'"<l qualtt) .??<? marked at mh
itantial reductions a/here the lot*? an* ?-mall

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