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10 GO IF C
prerT*ier Will Resign and Elimi?
nate Himself as a Factor if
Revolutionists Win.
j-jperial C?a*i Reported to Have
Views Similar to Those of First
jfjriiftter Dr. Sun Yat-sen
for President.
. . -., ... .
petons a the
s'ahef.' i ithorlty 11 Tuan
aagt-kal I from the pos
j.? he I'i'- rct-ardin??
th. tboob for S t.'tr;lme ?>f
r?*-nstlt?'tional monar? hv. He is willing,
(.(?wexer. that tl ill be laid
?nal con? gntion, and
aagalgri "led thai he will abide bj what?
met de? .????? a res iu?i i>\ that
?n lha event <'f tl'?' convention d<
pjajgi m?nate h
epthetS trova publi?
it la clan
ba* \|f-xx ?
trape"' Bhih
st th' I
n i? ? Improbabl?
prtmier i ? a II endee**<N shortly t->
attadn ???
saw ' " H not
last raanj ?
Th? a?- ? st
to tl ? - ij.lt??!
.' in? tl I ?ac?
tion? x? ? loj alty of '
Yuan ?
: ? ralei,
stags*? seni
et-urt. ..-'?:?.
lave * ?
tas i
th?r?* i?
Ihre* I ol the
.?inti? and
, ; .? ?
to tha
tion al '
1 Premier ! lan f II) r*ea '.-? s thai I ? re?
? likely t..
? "ii-tr.
He i?
.?.? favor hi? plans.
The Pi In thai he eoul
??ver?, army at
.ii- ,i than
agi gn
I ai
In i- ' in will
? th. ?- at?
nan? lal
? ait usti?n nul atatiug ihut If
? 1..lileI
h? would luti ust
I ?pond
? ?
. . ,! ? Itoi I
.111. 1.1? lo
tan? i:
1 a
-s the
? ?
tar fund befa i tita**) liberated aim I'rince
.x? i
trig between Wu Ting-fang and '?
n Bhlh-hai'a proposal
sent ol
?lleve !
* II-.nain.?
think th.- b. .?t plan
?Hi r.
Ute irr:
? . flnanci
- ? 1
t-Vl? ..
f the r?
? thai i"
roe ? ? '. ?in ?? i i'
I prov
? -
tl of ? 'bina
ti s bod) to Bl
V Ol
? lilted
ries comprise
Bun Yai
?"a. ?a
nd th. nui
??an ? ? ?,,,
?*? ? ?
? then
gt. . the
and ?rill
.. i.l to
. at
boJ1'1'' ? ' '
?>01*1 ' ? a fOI m ? len?
. und? i the ?
of del?
***';'-' ' Kaid
'* l*" . bul opinla
f Vi<i' it ? ..o be
J* ?* '-? ? prominent Jap?
/?*?* : ? | ropoaal will tx ?"
\?x**' ? ? ? uli rs la or?
tJ J* ci i-i. -truer Ifuan
lasaras? , i,,j,, j, i??)
? uaavi
j "' ' ? ..( 'm wall In?
^ftoe-j bort ' Iah i
?*?*a**alwitoalati patient f? ?
1 u* ??*"" Um . . . -mm <?f ?:
DI \.,K \M M W I ?!?' TIIi: ( ' E EMPIRE.
Bho, . ,f Monfolla and Turkestan, which are to fall ?; ????"????" ? ?;?' ???J? * '?0w> t0
the .1 ? of Influen?a In liai Q Brltali - tadlai Empire._^
ps of the present helpless
(', |_,.... ._.,,. ,., iiMlfht. With
rmy at N'ankin?
ma) Insisl upon I of Vu.m Bhlh
kai'.- ? nd th? 11?? t esutnp
wss eld here on
tween menai en of the
d a number of the
Elder B de? Ided that in the srent
oi i ? is Instating on the
... Japan would
..? In the way. This i.lan
est cali ulated u>
maintain t " territorial Integrity of China
Palo M to, < ..i i'?- -'7- a repablican I
form of government In <'hina would t.e an
it a ill be a calamit) to
on if a republic is ?
. d "
Thus de.. w ??, Batsman.
Impel ?i L**nivsi sit ? of China at
rived at his
. | driven o
China olutiun
? ? ont laued
? onditia ind I hey are in
no i .... thetns? Ives, The
? ? |g M.-tied
Republicans Hear Nippon Is In?
fluencing- Premier Yuan.
iv.i li 11.. a \ Shanghai dlspat? h to
th*j Part? edition of "I'll.- New Voik
thai ? oluttonlsti hat ?
n Inj P ,!" ?? ? 'hlpt !
: ' | '
tiu ' ths republicana ars
of affaira The?,
tleclar- .-- premier Yuan announces
u ?Isflnlte polic) inmedlately the) will re
n Runda;.
I strong prot? i aiusd, j
?patch, and ** n be senl to Tokio,
warning Japan thai the responsibility for
? iiu.| (ion "t hostilities will be >?ti her
ndent of ' The Herald"
??arm that Japan win only offei
? ? the esta bllslim? ni ot
a r**|l
Wanderers Eat Spoiled Herring
and Die in Berlin Shelter.
ol the
Berlin ! foi the H"<
? ...i fion* ' 0. and more than
II from th? same
'!' " ; Minte men Who to"?!?"
? ? ii len laM night wa*?
I ? \>.?th them ser
? Christmas touch tc
meal of bread and soup sei ?. ed
a by the suthorltlea Tl la extra
ted in many < sses of spoiled
I sinoi-. ? ? "f a mrii ?< large number
midnight greens were
: (.m t he dorthitort? ? '
? ? ? ,-? about tort;?. and the "in
, liai.- on making an inveatlgation found
? ? 'ii'l others in COnVUl
? l? tan sttached m the in
I stltul ? ? ? pplied ' metlcs, and at?
? tendal ? same time telephoi ?
i help ' p?tala, but the condl
1 non Of I Sn WM li";
I) a BhOrl time.
Eight? ' | 'h" del
Th. n| leted sutepsies sp?
. v. that the
responi ?le for the
knoam to her?
lead or in seek a
condition as lo be unable te throw light en
... : : owever, that
i the flab In the
, ?- oi i neat by mai k? I end di?
nts ' "m.'..')
Tii.? Municipal Nig ol Berlin
proi i?i<-.s .? leeping
ft? . ?o i meal to i.
o lake refuge there at
? -reive months it lui*1
? ? thai
subsl itenc? In ihi wlntei months the
? mounts nlgtn I - lo be?
I '.?i'i '. '!.< i. I ' side? -i i-iia*?
tniiiih.-i of women snd th? coei oi provid
? ? ii ?tn li m? i hj .?" sppropi i itlon
from the city fui
? ? * i,
Crazy American Defies German Police
and Resist? Capture Till Shot.
Bree! Q ?? ? \ ? \p\tot
at on. of th? !? who said be was
Anton Oroea, sn Amerlcsn ? rit teen, i?ui
v. iio ; ' ? .,in?, of hi-.
town, hi ' m sdetl himself In his
I ??"in at I' i Hi H. - ? ,,* BhetS "t the
hot? 1 port? i this .,,,,* ip-ried a de
tachtnent ef police fi i .., hour end ?* ??*,f
It v.??* n?,i until he wa disabled b> shots
In UtS a'm* alio on. .( m? \,.mn lluil bg
wai captured lie v . ivldeatly dawent?
ed. 0m pall? eni.il ?ounded.
I ..ill uiii.-.l from Itr.t |in_e
? i expelled tlie
? ffl< tali i " i?, i Mi tinif the cap?
ita] had been hold bj force The Amben
fled to Peking, accompan - ? Man
chu !?? In? ?? K ing, a i -?? Influent i
? mploj ' d by th? - m sffoi ts
to nulllfj the Intrli a exiled 1 lalal
l...m.i of Tibet and foreigners In Mon
cha ami to bring aboui .he reetoi
?>f Mongolian royalt)
i ? oi Chins ? ? stan, sometimes
called Raahgarla, is eglon In the heari
Of Asia. I) lag h. i w. -i, the N_:
ranges on the lonh and ths Kuen lun
the si . '
fl i'-i: t' .- Pamll B tO till ? i Gobi and (
? ? ?? i'i "\ in? " of l?an-su. It I
? let ate,i t.;. ,. great exl
ol ' l?mate t ? ? ? ? >
Ural-Altai? s, Mongols, Tai tars, i ??
and other.-?. The agricultural population
i?. rhlefl) of Turkish stock, and the uni
.'ersal langauge Is Jagatal Turklsli Trade
In ' 'hin. a Tii?. total '
population Is estimated ;.t sbout v.,???
evading relIgten :?? 'tslismtisnlim j
''hli ? ovei this region '
:i ':' i and 1UI It ?? , hUt Was Ihen j
.un il ind i ? the end ol t*. ? j
1.1 nt?.i;, then la) und? i w hits Hun and
? dumitih.ii l'lin.- -? Influem >? hoa [
ntlnued thro ? .i i
This continued tin the j
est, li
I h ? C h I n ? r? e r ed t h ? ? ? i.
' i
ti ' .uni despite n tempoi
. Id it
The last of these i ?volt* took p
tshen Yakub B?
m holding Kashga i t 1 e Chines?
a ?***
Rebel Leader Secretly Hurried
to Mexico City for Trial.
Idexi? " fon o ird R<
on his way !
m Hi.- capital, ? the ?hau.'" ..f
hurri**d southward to-nlgh1 through towna
Inhabit?e - sen Xep1 In Ig
norance of tii?? pas -
f=f? nicely was hit departure from U?ares i
timed thai only a small portion of th? pop-]
ulation a.. swars "t It, and In Moi
his old home, possibl? trouble wai avoided
bj routing hit i ' the city.
Mexico City, D< e
showed to-day thai h? would not Insist
?upon th?- death penal tj fo ':? rs ind his
: followers bj granting to the fail ?
David Reyes Retana el? ? for his -on.
young Retai ?
ntll hi tool up ti ?? right arlth I
' ti.- was raptured >' Burgos, Tama
Hearing of hla son'a predicament, the
father went lo Madero to-day. and
after the conferenc? thai the Preetdenl had
promised to life
A h?.?!' <.f troops consisting of nearly on?
; thousand rurales has been ordered from the
prov?noos of Nueva I. and Tama
to the Provtnc* ol M u. to co-operate in
the campaign against i?<n??r??i RmiUane
Zapata. In the opinion of government offl
? ialc. the reli a 1 north?
.?n districts through the collapse of the
i :? ?. moi emenl will lead t.. the ??
elimination "f Qeneral '/.?nata
Mlnlater ??f th.- Interioi Abraham Oon?
gales declared to?-daj i al ths An
and European Minks were offering sums to
th?? governm? nt at u extr? bk ly fat
rats The question "( i the
governsaeat's debt of o\<r ttP%tm\mX gold
is being ? otisid? r? ?I v, ith the i i
at ? ordlng t?? B< Boi Qonaslea. thai Um
. i um? nt ? ill bs ahle to do SO Hi a
Business Interests, anticipating th? n
\\\,t\ of confidence, have alreadj tak??n
?., pg f,,r the ' otui'i' '?"n of at rata
engagements which had been postponed
while awaiting the r? ill ol th? ? ai
a -?
San Antonio T< i . I ?? ? I 0? a? ?
i?, ?. s mistooli the de lr? of ths pee?j ?
Mexico wbea be undertook this revolution
comment-ad s? lors R< ? i his a it? ?
? in i? i? ?.'r.ini> sen) b ? him to s. hi ?
\ ,,i!, i,, said i bal ?a i" n ha called
ii,, |? opli foi asel tan? i h? ?
ia*ared Th? governm-snl soMlei failed to
, ,.,?hi,? th- general I? had an abu I
,,f tunda "i. his p< ?son. and i oui
n? ule his ?. s) '" i n.- i ititr, t ? .?.t .j. .i ,
, i .,ii.! (HK'Spei 10 I.Hi.U' II' did I ??
, H|.. ?o fi.i ihiM. is be feared id*? symi
, ; ? would ' >? i.?!?* i. and exsi
? ....
11. trait, i '"' ? Patrolman T.tl
Moynlhan, attached lo thi tdtj TreaeUrer'i
?.til?., was attacked and robbed of |j,
l.,t. to das while on hli- w., -, fnmi Ha I
ii,.,ii t.. the . it) gai bag? pi..nt Th" m..u. .
v?,,,' te i?, used in pa | ing ths ? mptoyea ..t
th?' plant. Meynlhan was attacked h> two
young tii'-n. one ??t them striking nini hihi
a "hilly,1' knoiklng him ?PWSa Bat Dthei
takiiif* UM m<ui**\. Beth run ?lovvn un alley
atid ggeaga4
Change of "Masterly Inactivity"
Policy Urged in London.
W. A. Smart Attacked by Tribes?
men While on His Way to
His Post at Shiraz.
i Cable to Th. Trlliun? |
London, Dec, 2& The attack on ?lie
British I'oiisui at Bhiraa ma? possibly
i.-aii t-> th?- disappearance >?< Persia aa a
soverolgn state. Th.- newspupers are
rging u,?? Brltteti government t" pul un
.tul i" the poll rterlj inactl?Ity
and not allow Ruaata t" have a raonop?
? i. ,r th- work <>t patriflcatlon
The argum? m i.?? used that Bi ,tlah
preatlga m the Middle Baal will i-.- uro
trlevubl* damaged unltxw prompt action
\t tai.-ii , j
T? ?i .m I 'e. 11 I. lops i. hes troin
Rhlrss ???? .? iv.-.i i.eie give furthei detalla
of tin- atiio it on the lad!
aii ?. . . K ? -?-u,. Tha Indian t,oopera,
one hundred at**ong, ?'.ei-- .- .,c w \
.?-mai t. British Consul ai ? mi tu?
port of Bushire to bis post Suddenly,
when tue? had arrived In the riclnlty of
In the pi o? luce of Kara
i ..? mUea weal ut Bhlras, th ? ??? re fierce?
? a, k.-.i on .,.. Idea eight andred
i ? ?:, i ?i ibesmcn, ?de
ate Of ht ensued, in who I ? I oof>ers
' :.ei lan? ' ? anil ' al liilie? Wlttl .
.'Igoi Th.- i'.-i^ian? were driven off, and
lit la believed !'??"? ? irrled several ?lead
'and wounded with tliem.
IiuiIiik th.- fighting Mr Rmari was
?? m,mled. .nui i.? non i? Ins In a cara ? -
Medical sssli tsn? i ? enl to
Indians wei e foi ced to ret? eat to
Ka/.-i oom, lea fing tin i ami
t nu.- much a fell - on?
cernina !i: - fate R< enti of on?
hundred and tift owara . en dis?
tant, h.-d from Bhiraa to i.-lii-n th
?t Kaseroom
F. E. Cairns, His Principal Aid,
Spoken of as Successor.
Teheran, Dec. 27 - U' MoiRan Bhuatsr la
still awaiting the nomination ??? a sue
lo whom he can hand ->v>?r the
function.?, of Treasuier Genera!
The populace, which holds Mr Bhuster in
great aataaaa, is much Iricenaed sgaii
Cabinet, owing lo Its action In dismissing
him. Man? written protest? have been
.--ut !.. th.- authorities
i. is undcr.-toi-d i? .u the Regent an i
' ? '.linnet desire t!,<- ep?*4"tntinent --i tha Amer?
lean, P. B. cairn.?, ii". principal aaalslam
,.f Mi. Bhuster, aa the net?. *i***?t?ssureff Gen*
era! of Persia it h moi?- likely, howexrer,
j tiiiit M .Moinard, the Belgian ex-Inn . tor
of Custom.?? in I'cim.i, who >om- months
, ano mad? h I in? If prominent hv his >.? -ui
lt) to Mi ???? iiatar, ?aiii secure the poslUoa
Pel : 1 avatag ultimatum
concerning the appointment of lutura tor?
Ielgn advisers has lu.-n imaiix a*?freed anon
j ill the following tl!"dl!l-d to! Ill It !..
"The Paralan govei*ii*a?sat, m tteu ?>f the
. trong ?i? aire alwaj to ?*t*,i**tff***
reJatlona with ?Itaai '?>Italn and B i
j win in tha futur? '? cai-aful when ?tnga?**.
ing lorelgn oA?osrs toe tha "s?-a*g<*mia?Uioa
.-i aeg -, im?-ut?. <>f sute thai an appoint?
ment l" tlOt inii'lc m a waj ?xhi.li ?> ??nid
he likely tit injur?' Hi? lawful lnUi
the two -,'iv.Tiitn. nts in Persia. To this
end th? i'? i - lan government a III :
hHiai axchangs riewa with the British and
Rusalan legations at Te(*?e"*aa.'<
rond?n. I'? ' ? The Teh.-r.in ? orre
-l.olldel.t of "The Tim? s" te|e?,r.i I
Th?- principal ??aielidate for ?M office Of
Tisasniei Gen? si Atneei Muja Id, the
Bakhtlari, wli??*"' knowled?,'?- ,,f artthtn- ti?
la defective, tmt xxhn la 1 'put* ?i to have
th.? .lei-pent pocket of all his aequirsltlve
trtbs ii:s caatMdatara tlsroari a lurid light
-,ti the r,iikhii?iil *'U'p"ri ?if 'he cabinet."
; ,,,e!oii 1?" H w\ Morgan BhtajB*
1er, the aMsaatos??! Ti*?aaeur?n Qanaral ?>f
I'.-r.M?, 1? . xpe, led to h-a\e I'.thIh ??Itlilil
a i???, stays, aueisrdigg ta s diap?teh t?-?
tha Sute Iie|.aitliieiit to?.luy trotn ?' W
Rusatt?, Amei'.'?" MlM?ter ?l T-liirtsli.
u.- vtiii ... tteen 'l'hemii i-. Baku, on the
Caspian .**????- and theg aoroas Caucasia to
Batoum, ?? pori "" ?i** l,lti'k ?Pt saxortV
14***, hut the exact dal- ,,f
. |?4,mi. |a ?USI ItlSd, "i al ?Statt hits
not i,. .u mad' kiiovxn
??hi. age, i" "? Tl"' "'"? ?THitom I
Toll was tn-d.t? eoll-e. , ,|r.| nlTlJi.lll
Blahop ?>f tat i'-'i'i?" "I'-i Church In tha
diocese of ?'III?.?*" l'l??h'?l' Tnll I? the
third tonregen Bishop in the United ?
the ?there !>?*l"*" th* -?'fTraaar. hlahopi of
New Yoik sXiid o? l'hlUdelphlti.
Talc of Atrocities in Pers
Grows-Wives of Tabriz Citi?
zens Captured or KilN.
Sir E. Grey s Support, of Czar
Poliry Is Repugnant to Those
Who Elected Present,
Liberal Majority.
London, Dec. -' The Peg?is i oifcml
ire. romptseed of prominent Engllahm
interest?'?! in Persian iffairf", liar? reveiv
th?' roltowfnf ?"i."gran finwn Uta i'r
rlnclal Aaeembiy ?? Tabria, seal throm
tiie Pendan Society ?-f Conetantlne-ple.
??>n December 11 Russian troops ;?
tacked und wised 'he edmlnlatratli
buildings They trampled school eh
din' under fool and kith?! ??ml deapoU1
inn.', i nt i i'ii and a omen. Thej al
looted the inope. The Inhabitant all
extraordinary lorttearanee began to i
fend themaelves ami toread the Ruaalai
t?? evacuate Ihe government office??.
?on Deoember M th" Ruaalana born
barded th.- elty until sunset, conaterni
tittn increaatng hourly. On December I
in conaaqvence "f orders from the eentr
government t?? ?-ease lighting, the Inhal
itgnta took no **t?ps t?? defend ttir-n
8. lve-4. tait UM Rug-tibM renewed tl
homii-irdtnent. Bring ftrofffl Ihe envlroi
of their conaulate at aromen and "th'
Innocent peraona They wounded i
made captive the wives and <iiiidr?'ti
min?, respectable cltlxena, and sal Hi
t.? numerous buildings ? - ? ??ri mosquea
"The Inhabitants sun remained qui?
on December 28, Hut the ferocity of tl
Rusarians Kreativ ln<'r??ased They kill
many aromen and <hildr<?n, and a lari
number of : uildlngs wer.? iiurninl \.
thetn. Ii1 to-morrow they do not desli
from their savage attack the itihab
tatits will !'?? compellod to defend their
"We bag you ?" communicate thi
telegram to the principal newspapers an
Influential rentres of Europa."
Ruedan telegrams from Tabrls repot
that fighting baa bean roeumed Pit
peraona ware killed and four wounde
in th" Ruggjgn Conaulate in that vit'
The other consulates were pata
Private msaaagea from Tabriz say tha
foreigners residing m th.- city ?re in .
lad plight They are OOOflned to thel
houses ?.wing t" the continued flghtin
it: the streets and are running short o
provlalona, with no proepeel of obtain
lag a further supply.
Another meaaagg from Tdbrls receive?
hare states that the w.-ll known l.-vohi
ti?.n.n? leader, Amir Khlchmet, the lo
??at head of the Radical party, lied or
Monday t?> Karadagh, in the provine?
<?f Azerbaijan The Reactionaries hav?
since made ? < demonatratlon in th*
.??.treets of 'l'aI.riz. during Which Ihe?
cursed th.- democratic movement ami
th.- constitution am] laid.-d th.? paluc?
of th.? Qovernor Qeneral The deput)
Governor*, .?.in, at th.- moment was alone
m th?- pala? e. ? night refuge at the
tiiittin ?*on*?iitntf-.
'i'ii,. dlalocation oi tin- telegraph lines
makis it Impoealble to gel a reliable
narrative of the outbreaks fet it can?
not i " itbted tint a situation ??r the
graveal ? u plexlt: has grlaen
v- rei "i Kussiaii progresa In
Peral? ami ?tories of ths Indiscriminate
killing " natives in Tabrls and Reaht
and 't the destruction of Perala's Con?
stitutional government under Russian
menaces continue to reach England the
people n?- becoming Lncreaslngl) dis?
quieted ai th.? British government g
complicity, which Blr Edward Clrey. the
Pureign Secretary, thinks is a matter
ni p..n. ? ami i ompelled by the Anglo?
.n agreement
Doubts ha??- aleo been Increased as to
whether Persian independence will ever
?,. ?-?stored t?i even th?' feeble status it
had before this last assault by Kussia.
i li.im. im were sitting there would
undoubtedl) in? s? vere questioning ?ii tin?
tr'.x eminent on this subject mid an ar?
raignment of the Foreign ?ftre.
"The Times" is the only paper xvhlrh
strom-lv ?upports th?- government, and
i? ear>reaaea considerable ?netrtnesM over
Russia's intentions ?? hinted m th? Bl
Petersburg reg*orts 'The Manchester
Guardian." th? able I .rid moei Influen?
tial provincial Liberal paper, d^piorea
British responsibility snd queetlons
whether tl.e government r?OUld ,l"t h?va
taken aomt stand earlier, bul feai
It Is no? too late In short, the whole
affnlr I? r? pugnan? to Liberal sentiment
Ml Communication With Teheran and
Tabrii by means -.f the lndo-Eut*opear
Telegraph Company's airea, which !?* ihe
usual rout? for telegrams, has been cul
off since Mondai Mestnag? coming
tr.-iu those two cities except those paaa
inn through si Petersburg are ear.
ori? f They ,i?e forwarded Mis* to Bom
buy. and from thm?' to London over the
cables ol th.- K.istctu Telegraph Com?
I air.
St Petersburg, D*** 17 A semi offliini
lent Issued this .venins: ax.' tha?
the EUtastaa ko?,eminent, in rien al
of f.-oihar-u aggisepUw **ominltted a,
the Russian for. ??>. and Instlttttlons in
Tabriz. R. slit and Bnseli, sotn.fltr.'
towed h? t.iuful torture of the wounded
and base outra-sres aarainsi the dead." has
derided ti-.it th. severest punishment of
tli<- guilt** Is merlt.-d, and Russian -<ott
mand?is, in conjunction ?vith the Russian
??onsiiis. s re Instructed to stloi t 'h<> m ?at
?triagent meai urea.
The?? mas aa sari forth in tha
statement Include the arrest and trial by
court martial -.i all participants In I
tacks, the dlsarrntunenl of tha Pid?is sad
othei 11ouiiie.-..-m.- element,?., ti.e deetruc?
Mon of pi?ces ?risers raadatance might i?.
0*1 ?red, an.' whatevet else is deemed nee?
eeaary to re-?*astabllsh ordei and secura
chaatlsement of the offemlsrs,
The latest report- from Tabriz, announce
that the telephone line to Juifs baa been
??it Jalla la a small town In Trans-au
easia, on the Aras Mver, ?wintthing
than a hundred mile- Iron Tai-nz.. It ?Aits
from this point that the Russian r?m
forceraenta ?rere dlspatclMd t?? Tabriz sev?
? ral davs ago.
About two hundrefl ?'auca-iian lidajs. ln
cludlng a number of leaders, (led last night
to Karadagh, with the intfntion., it in be?
hoved, of , rosaing the Russian frontlet*. A
Russian Ki'ar-I has lieen placed ?.ver the
Russian hank, and the citade', over ?vhi'i?
j Ihe Russian Hag Hies. Is occupied by a RUf
1 alan rift?- "?eglasenl
The "-th Chasseurs, with an artillery da*
I tachmi-nt, has foreed Its wa y thr?>ugh to
I Ratrhi'hemal, a suburb of Ti.hrlz. to Join
; ihe Russian forces encamped th.-r?-. There
were several skirmishes along the road 'in
! the march from Julfa, and at sunset to?
night artiltory and rnafhtwt gun fire could
be heard In tin? distance.
Tabria, Dec. :'7 (Via Bt Petersburg).?
A mob of reactionaries, after demonstrating1
[against the constitution in tha atr?ete "f
ITabria to-day, destroyed th-- building <>f tha
' '.institutional ?'lub.
I Then they proceeded to the residente of
Shua-ed-l-owleh, a former .'ahmet minis?
ter, and r. -misted him to assume the admin?
istration of the province of Azerbaijan. It
?s reported that Bhiia sdTmwlch agreed ta
The Commercial Cable Company an?
j nounced last niarht that th- Q**eat Northern
|.?n?l Indo TTuropaan rootea to Peraia ar?- In?
terrupted, but that the Kastern Company
? an reach Persia hy wax' of liomha'.- at
|1 IS a word from New York
Manchester Weavers Locked
Out, Spinners on Half Time.
Manchester, England. Dee, 21 ?The re?
fusal --i (,ne mail and tWO xtoin.-ii to join
a trad.- union, oui,led with tiie decision
of the Mast.-r Cotton Spinners to close
th.-ir mills ihif .lays in the week, causa?!
a complete stooiaiRe of a gs-asM portion of
the cotton iiiIIIh in Northeast l.ane.v<hf?'e
this evening
Efforts are slr?*ady afoot to brin? abom
a ?-? ttlement, but aa one woman, who left
the union after twent* years b?*4*aiaaa ska
believes that the b.netiis ui?- not comni.n
surate with the payments, pet**a***ts la h?-i
attitude, and the Mast.-r BpUiners Insist on
! open shops. S I?'I1K and l.ltt.-r Struggle I?
feat ["here Is danger, too, of the tight
spreading to other ln4iiatrtea
The lockout Involves it?..xa. waaTiiis. and
nearly an equal number ?.r spinnen xviu
i..- i.-ju.ed to half pay". There an- indica?
tions airead] ol probable complications
through the Introduction ol the <i
.,r B-ageS. This move has been taken b)
the weavers, who assert that they Intend
to make an advam? of .'- per Mnt in \v a ???<.?.
a condition <?f say settlement.
The weekly loss la wagaa to the weavers
and allied xv o i kn s, spinners and ?aidioom
employea i.U Bated at IL<MW, The
weavers will receive roughly *3*a\00ti lockout
DO you want a aafe place for
your dividend!7 Oar
Guaranteed First Mortgage
Certificates provide Instant in?
vestment for any sum Unta
$10 monthly to $1,000,000
or more at once. Interest d'-V?.
The payment of principal and
Interest guaranteed absolutely
by the Bond 6 Mortgage Oust?
antee Company.
Capital . . $ 4,375,000
Surplus?allearned) 10,625,000
i 76 B'way N. Y. 17S Remsen fg., BTdyn.
350 rait on St., J?males.
Russian Proposal Would Bar All
American Jews.
Washington, Undismayed, Looks
for Two Treaties to Replace Ab?
rogated Compact of 1832.
st Petersburg, Dee. 27.-A ?supplement
arj legislative prnneaal of ? ftaa?ljr pre
hlbitive Character was Introduced hy the
Nationalists into the Dowse to-day it is
aimed flreetly it the trailed ?-"ta???*.
According to the term?- of the proposed
rnacRnent, American rittseas of the jewiah
r< liiii'.n are i.. t?. totally excluded from
Russia, and euete?ns duties are to he rain*??.
!"' pei eent unies?, th?? Raaalaa aeemal
r-Chedgle Ig Ih-at than the American. In
eaas ? duty eeualhag the American
duty will be cil., ted The author of the
lili states that the iH?t provision Is nece?
aery In order to deal -*|th the import of
American agricultural machinery.
.'he remalntag palate at th.- propo-e<i mii
correapond la rlrtuall*" every particular
with the hin introduied on December 22 by
ex-President Ouchkoff providing for ?arlff
schedule.?- applicable to the I'nlted States
at the expiration of the"Ruaeo-American
comineros gad navigation treaty of 1.32
\Vashln?t?.?n. Dec. 27? Kxcept aa lndioat
i ing the estent Of Ituaetaa resentment at
the action of the United states |g abrogat?
ing the treaty ot Iggfc the introduction In
tin? Douma t "-day of the bill attacking th?
American export trade with Ruanlu \r n?)t
regarded with much ?oncern In official
?.ules l!??re. Kveu if the meaBUr? should
he sdopted by the Douma, It WOUtd re'-uir-i
th?- approval of the Imperial t'ouncll and
! of the Emperor himself to become la*. In
tli.it eaas it Muid not take effect before
i .January. l'.?i:J, because of the continuant*??
! until that date .it' the present treaty, with
? ?ered nation clauae.
Indii uions are that negotiatlona for a
n??w treaty will not he undertaken aerloualy
before leptember. In the interim ihe Rus
. lun general election* will have been held
and the Aintrlcan national political conven
tlOBS ?aIII have panned into nlatory. Re
moved from all likelihood of political In?
fluence m "ither c mntry, it is felt that th?
negotiations thro can of ?"?inducted in a
i did '1 manner.
There may be two treaties matead of one.
ni tins,. ' .invention?? on?? would deal en
tlrel) with matters of traile and commerce,
gad tin? operation of Its favor?-d nation
clauae, if one ensrs embodied, would be eon
fln??d to tli?>??e -ublectt?. The other treaty
woui.i retasa -??re*-.- t.*. mnttcr?- of clflxen
i ahip and naturalisation, which? of course,
! aoukl Involve sows troatansaj of the Jew?
ish .|iusti?.r.. TtSS a'lopli'jii of thin cours?
ma) be suggeeted by the Rrgaslgg govern
'rio- movement in Russia to boycott
American machiner) Is stated to l?*- ??row*
Ing, 'ri"- State Department wus gdvlasd h
?il.?, itiat members ?if the Council at Maeeee*
..ii.i Kui-k bave petltoaed ?be Deaaaa te
Hamburg, v*-, 17.??The Hamburg-AaMtr?
lean i.in?- ii"*? ardered a nurd |*j),9##?tea
'liner foi the tranaatlantlc service, ihe
1 will t..? coaati ?. ted bj Bloom A ?Teas in
; their private yard here, and will be a sls
ter ship of the liner Imperator, arhlch ban
' a length Of IN feet and a Su-foot beam
' The Imperator, erhich is *o go into servi?-?
a spring of I91S, will provide accom
; modatlOfl f"f Bve thousand passengers at
I all . lasses
Wst ftiening M
Among the more important features of this number are
The most complete and comprehensive ever compiled
Personal views of well-known authorities over their own signatures
A complete record of the year's important financial events
Dispatches on the situation and outlook in the principal cities of the United States and Europe
Articles by experts on events and outlook in the commercial markets, the money market,
sterling exchange market, etc., with record prices and comparative tables for several years.

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