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KtjnJQoin' ??nlranf.
TSk tiniapnprr ?'?? aimed <""' pii'i
Meted by iik 7 rt'u'ne IssoctaMon, a
Xrn York eorpnrnti'iii ; O0loi gad P'/'i
ci/id* place 0/ bUtfnasS, Tribune Build
tug. Vs. 154 N-/?'?'/i/ sfrert, \?.c k'orfc;
Ofdea Mills, prtaident; Ogdcn If. BtU,
pretrtPrP; Jpmet \l. Umritt, treasurer.
Ihr adtln -? ? ' ff* fat the office
of tht* mercepppcr.
urns??' g ; Pest?
UK? i
$ TS
I ,i ?.?i
I . i ""
. "
. aee
Da ' . e oo
? . t-fS
l ? all counti ? -
One month. . . $1.9-0 Une "?it...
. ONL.1
Fix m'?nth!>. | I
l?\i: V ' i.M.Y
fir.? m ' ? IT.,$12.*g
Ml - ' M ' v \ ?
One month._$ |?0.0S
One m-inth ? ft M
iNLI .
???-:??? ; If.?4 5g
Knt-?r.?d .-. t ? ??
.- .? latter
y//// M H S 77//.S i7-*/."\/\"'
Fi i|:!:i<;.\' Mongolia and T irk?
it w,.s announced, will be proclaimed In
pi "to toi ?tes
1 ...in Bhih-kal was t?i?? ?it?--i to
linn m bis at.ii republi? an
nese polit 1?.- f p\ i< -
.. ?i by the N t
i " ' .
?if Russian atl ? rlx, Persia,
chlldr? n married
? ?? Internal situation i?
mm? nt'i r-ui
\\ . A Si
Blitll with
A Lili v.as in the
of A
- or?
to mo ? Oei
? ?
? :is i
with the
?-? t., toi L ? ? ? sp k?
.. ti. ? ihlo,
Irit; h
handahakii the
II' tiltil in
its flg t to prevent
? . ...
for Bwlfl a '
n the trial ?.f ?
if s Bi mi d< aling In
? ?
by J
the f? it Lot Anf
Tl ? ? mal s'li?.' i
? apital of ***?.' ?
? t nine the
? of Clalmi ? I? lidon
"'1 Xhev WOllM ap] ?
Cll ' I Irregular.
ich on "The Evening
<>t "iDoral obUqult) Isaac Harria
?.mi .vi.'X l.i..i,, k were actj ot the
? \,
i the new
n omissloi
? tii. Ir
? ? ?' ?elves
. rlous
?" - ' part
? ? ? Led? rle
? this clt- be
1 ir. 1
i ? reaft ? res rding
1 It was
? t In the
was I DIM
though 1
. ?-..... ?.?
two wer?
??? .
TH ' for to
I III' >/'/' 1/? /./.'.?? ////? CO.V1 /
1?" Mr. Eda In \ Merrlti. 'i . i.mes
Sp,., .? li-'M .sMPiptily it will
ill H?' w 111 not Ik?
a- till ??ilK'Vil.lM? ? .IlKli'l.lt'v" ?
.'i- a in:itt< i of ?-ourse. Ii he attain*? his
. tloji it n ill Im
.. i;. : ?>.--. ildymen ??i?"t??'
after a thorough ?Ii?" uaslon <?f his quail
flea t km* and ti i hdldal ?- In
grtj caucu*. think tltal his tegi<*la*
. ami length of sen k*e oui
irmouy with tli
form. s?. much the candidacies ?if Mr.
? \ Dana, ol Sen York, and
M: Jo ?. I.?-?? Sullivan, of ?'1 aiit;ii;?'ii.;.
hat ?? made <???:
This ' e ?Tribune
has : .hope that there would
be tin- fullesi nml ii?sl?iii of
nul onlj
\ ? l?l* ?? li"in primar!
? - :i-i!ii!it.\ t'<?i the ? Ii"''''? lios.
: : * -1 ? 11 ?. I : ?.- ? i ? - II ? ?til t" the
i| 1li<? party aii'l the _
thf state to I* i hsk ii ?iver in hb
tine fiiahlon. i l>ly wan l?ni'l.'l
t.. tin? I.', ?iiiiilii ans i.y the i oters II
lion of s'nijai i H-iit ?'ii their
part than s* a highly d^-serred rehnko
i Murphyiz??' '' \. lii?-li hud
exit-ted i ? hbing :.inl
| T ? ?? 111? "I ?
showed then it- ivatcbfnlue-u? 'i'
. Mil? !l ?- li"t
i n ? 14*
they fail to lit ?!- for
Jioliti' al ii|i|*i-. >ni< id
than it n as h ?tli Tammany.
Mr Merritt'e Kup|*orten? unj tli
i- ?.ii 11 - ?.;.;.. lents maintain
thai ? ?? one ?if !>riii.-i|?l?> Mr
Merrltt'? record [mraonally and polltlcai
known c! nil il" i- n "machine
I? Ian" in nil tltal t**rm conveys I [e
i* not in accord with tin- platform
declaration! ol his partj regarding di
r?'"T BomlnaHons ai 'i other m? -called pro
gressire pollciea II? bas publie!
knowledgnd his peraonal pec iniarj
?>m in ?rater on**erns which
must i" affe-cted vitally hy legislation t"
be ?'?iu-iil'?r?'?l I?1? lb?" House of whhii in?
fft-k^ i?? !?<? the l?nil?'i Ile luis been an
active nud Influential |?urtj wan for
gaverai ytnre, and lii- fltneas t.. con
t in ii?- t hit t service ahmg the same lines
Is uiHli-i'iM'-'l Mr Bullir?n end Mr.
pang in?' ><inii-?i' in public Ufa. The
|H?lltl< al altili: lions Of M< Ii Bttd tl.?lr
jiiii.il?' records are **?rogreaalTe. Bach an?
nounced Ms i:iii'll'l?i'\ ft? Hi?' S|i?-iik??r
?hip .u u vlHlUnm ot opposition to ?M
I political views hold l>y Mr. .Meriltt. |
N?'illi.'r. si? fur M is known, luis any
1'<is..ii,.|| interest in pending or propose?,
legislation. Bach in?** seen ?is much of
Itneislatlre life as Ifr. Wadsworth lud
xvlion lu? xv.'is ilcit?'il Speaker in 1008
? -X' i Mr Merritt.
\s a matter of part) t?wvlce and at
public s.i\i,c tins is probablj Ihe m?gt
important Luatter on which the Repub?
lican A.-sembl.? men xx III lit? call???! to :i't
it hchooxes thon), therefore, in walk
?varilj and make no mistakes
/ ///' / till /.?/' m JUSTICE.
Tlic result in (lie Washim-toii PlOCU
lire inosccutiiiii is on?? of those ?li*1
bearteuillg failure? "f justice which are
ai; too common ji? i hi?? countrjr. Beven?
score res tarer* destroyed in a few ii.<?
iiitiil s All th?' circumstances s!i'>x\eil
neglecl t" >>b?\x ami ir?esn>c1 !?> ?*?if??*? <*??*
the laws \\ tiltil in?' made f?.;' ill?- oro
i.ciinii of workers' live? . ?i by the
verdict ?-f 111 * ? Jurj no "i??1 Is "*esponsible
f.?r thai wholesale slaughter! ' 111 ? ?
Tribune has no ?li-p-oiti?>t? i.? question
lis (hiding. The law saya that if a rest?
??unable doubl exisis persons accused <>f
n crime must be acquitted. The Jury
heard all of the evidence in this case;
bj seeing all th?. witnesses on th?- aland
it ha?! an opportunity t<? (Icit-nuiii?'
whether thej were telling lb* truth or
not. and it xvas in th?- beat position to
judge it' aux reasonable doubt existed ss
to the locking of th?' door U|><'li the
fastening of which the p**??e<*iitlon"s
w hole case bUUg,
t)f all the various ?iiiliv ??innI?- who
should have known ;hat the hnn.lr da
,.f shirtwaist workers in Harris ?v
Ria nek's place worked in i ?.-t ? I of Ibelr
lives proprietors <-i Ihe factory, city
and -.tut?' tis|.ton, superintendents
and those who passed ,.n plans a ml
iictnses, nil fin- personnel engaged ill
the etnpt* fai'ce of protect ilii.' IIVCS in
workshops ou| "f the u'bole liai "f
th?se wlmse n?s|ioiisiliililv seemed more
?>r l.-ss obvions, th?- public proowitor
?hos.- th.- proprietor? us th.- unes whnee
le?p.i?:?il,?iit\ mlgbl lli-'-t surely he
?leu.Ktrated. The chargea against
ti-eiii have not heeii established t.. Ibe
satisfaction <>f a jury. There h liitl?? hope
that th.- bringing home >-f |t??i*aoiui] gntlt
I?. an* "ii.? of the many who took ?le?
pe?ate chancea with the i i v ? ?? of those
worker? ?u Washington Place max teack
a salutar* lesion <>f official or |.rivate
r.-s|i,iiisiiii?i ?. Th?- monstrmia con?
clusion of the law is tl at the slaughter
was no one's fault, t' it it couldn't be
helped, or perhaps even that, in the
tine legal phrase which is big enough to
rover a multitude of defects of Justice,
i? wa? "an ad of ???"1 " ! This concltision
i- revolting to th.- morn! ??tense of the
?ill iiiiiiiitx.
Bill Whj i?? It thai justice in a ?ase
like Ih?s ?,. oft.Ml fails that the people
grown cynical ami ?-.xp.-.t nothing
else? when hundreds ?li?- in a factory,
theatre or steamboat, untler t-lrcuni?
staiici's that ore an Indictment of every
? responsible f<>r their existence, ?>tfl
dally or privately, either do on.' is
hrougbt to justice ->r. as in the ease of
th.- ('enera! Klomm, the law Is perforce
satisfied t<? punish some underling
whose authority is shadowy and unreal
and wia,?i- conviction la so beeide the
mark that the public feels Ii!??' aixriogiz
ill'? for it ever afl??r'.' In the case just j
? ih?- pros4*<*utlng officer wa? effl?
Cient His record is one ..f success. It
must In- assumed that he has done hia
utmost with tile law us it in to tad Brad
punish those ??u whom ihe guilt of the
slaughter rests. Is the fault with a
system that makes all convictions ?lltti
eillt l?.\ excessive Mfeglia nl? afforded !"
the accused.- I ?,,,.s the law further (ail
m ?xing u proper responsibility on own?
ers Hii?! employers? If respect for law
is to grow ami not diminish, these de?
li ,.f justice, humiliating to society
ai.i repugnant t-> th?? Individual con?
science, must Stop.
' /,'//'/'/./ VO Tin: \i,-m)
Tlie chairman .-f the House Military
Affairs Committee las undertaken to
reorganize th?. army by attaching a
serien of riders t<> the army appropria?
tioil bill. These ?rill be in order be?
cause they reduce expenses, th?' House
mies permitting only such general legis
laiion as cuts down expenditure in be
attached to an appropriation measure.
I' is unwise to attempt a radical rt'.-r
ganlzatlon of th?? militar.? system under
such a limitation, and it is apparent
even from a casual examination <>f the
- prepared by chairman Ha* thai
though they max lessen the ?"?t of nd
ministering the army, they will certain?
? -??i?-.- its efficiency as a moans <.f
national defence,
The Tribune has airead.? pointed .-m
disadvantages <>f Increasing Ibe
term of enlistment from three t.. Uve
years i;, order t.. save some part of the
pie?.-1-1 expense of I'l'iTlllt III;.' Our
standing army can ?I.? its |?-?t
l>* serving a- a national school of
Instruction The .??? trained soldiers
h returns .?ich year to civil life lha
? i?? it preparing tin? count!"* foi t
military emergency, ii now graduates
ah. ut twenty-seven thousand men an?
nul lly, but with a five-year term it
would graduate only sixteen thousand.
With respect t.. >.ii.- ot ?is most impor?
tant fonctions ii? efficient** would be
. in ?low i under the new nchetne aboul
i -ki per cent.
The live-year enlistment xx..ul?l menu
a return toward conditions exlatliig at
the time <d' Ibe Spanish war. So would
reation of ihe proposed bureau >.f
the General Stuff, to be t*oui|K*sed "t Ibe
present General Rtaff am! the adjutant
ral'? and iiis|,e.ini (tenernIV tie?
?,:iitin?'iits. Th?. essentla 1 feature of the
(?enei a R i- Hut! nsMlgiinient.-i
'-- it shall not I..- permanent. It ?s a
training school for u.fltcers <.t the
line, f?>r the men who will bave t.. lend
Ihe troops and handle tliein, !'nder th<* j
l-ro|i?i>ed COllSOlldalliHI a |i?'iiiiau?'iit |
-taif tenure would be establlsiied, ami
tin- transferred offlcera ?.f the adjntant
general's departmenl and the Inspector
general's de|iartment would serve on In?
detiuitelj in th.- higher grades ?.f lbs
new bureau 'I hat Would be a doilbliug
ba?k on the old trail toward the DU?
reaucratic order which broke down ?>?
?uusplcuousl.?. in ivis insiead ..f sen
lug up t?> ils pr?sent capacity as a
(school f<?r the line, the G?*ueral siaiT
w?-iij?i i.i? compelled to cut down its une
assignments bj twenty-one Mpnover,
lb? ??enernl Staff xvoiild be Imrdciv-.l
with ??Mia dut)?? not essentlsl t<> its
main rmi-poae,
a third serious .1. feel in ih?- Hay
ima-Ul'? i- til?' abolition <>f th?- Ulli?.? of
th.- ? hhf? of tin- ?oast artillery corps
and of lb?' lixision ..I' militia affairs ami
the transfer of the duties of tboae ?.fli.-? -?.
to th?- ??eiieral Siatf bureau 'Ihe ?'??list -
ailillerx COrpa comprises 700 otlic-rs
.' 10X100 tuen, god luis DO ??it?iii?'/.ii
tb.ii hii?'h?T than H <'Oiiipiiii.v. It ??'?sis a
head of its nxvn, ami so (l?M'S the ill?
usion of militia affairs, xvhlch hHs done
ii.mh udiniiable work, lu dru??iutf tha
I army and the militia tofethC". Thai
wort ought t?i in' continued, becauoe the
' future (i??v??!(.|.iii.?ni of our military gjra<
I ten lies elaariy in iho direction of era
I ?Mine rrs?Tv?' f??n??'s which tnuat supple
nii'ut tin? standing army in time of Mod,
Checking f-o-otrdtontloo. betwueo tin? rag
alar eotabllshmenl and Un woarvai
wouM bo the m"*-? foolMi possible form
of military ratreDcbment
gome ?if Chairman Hay's suggestions
may ho eoaunandablo, hut thoy ought
ono mid all to in? cotsridered oo thoti
merits lu a aeparato arm) reorganisa?
tion Mil.
The chief peril by which Bat project
of ?t Chioeao republic is confronted i**
Hint of territorial disintegration, if
ChlUfl meant simply China, the way
wool?! in* dear, it is probable thai a
republican form ?if go*t***romenl would ho
generally acceptable and perhaps wort
able iii tin? Middle Kingdom Hut there
i- a rasl diff?rai. between the Middle
Klngd. ami the Chineas Empire.
Granted thai Ihe republic would ho se
. opted from Peking t" ?'ant??n and from
?'Inisaii to ihr Binding raimo, what <?f
the va-t ami populoug realms outside
tiloso boundarteal
There an? Are grand divisions of iho
empire outside of the Middle Kingdom
which must I??? consider???!, not ooe of
which spprars to ho Inclined toward re
pnblleaniam, snd in<-st of which are ran?
aonnbly nusptHted of an unconquerable
;iv??rsi..ti t., it Th.'Si- are Manchuria,
Mongolia, Rnngsria, Eastern Turkestan
and Tibet in srea they comprise nearly
two-thirds <>f Ihe empire. In population
tin", are m least sufficiently greal to
demand attention. I*i government they
aresomewhai looaely hold under Impartial
rulo, witit tin? proclamation ?>f a repub
ii? at Peking they would probably de?
rla ro their iiKli'jii'iidotii'o. and if they did
ii"i light for ihe restoration ?if the mon?
archy at Peking they would certainly
restai tiie application of the new system
to them.
h ?s w ?id ?i \ lew to tli?? preservatlfui
<.f ihe Integrity of the empire, rath??r
than with .?my regard for the discredited
Mam hn ilvii: sly, thai Mr. Yuan him?
self a Chinaman snd not ? Msncbu bas
been holding oui for a constitutional mon?
archy. The expedient of submitting the
I question t?. Ihe judgment ol the i.pie,
through an elected national assembly,
la tli'orethally sound. How It will work
in prnetl<*e Is another matter. To con
<1ii- t a ?.??lierai election amid th?? fanati
i-al trlhes of Tibet ami th.? n??niails ??f
Mongolia and Turkestan "ill not in? an
easy task. Vet ?f those regions are lO I
i..' held for tin? empire they mttsl he1
consulted and inu-t be made to feel that
tbej hare eqnal rolce with l'???'hili
an?! Klang-su.
inr. \iti he OF 1/ roumain
Th?? excuse ?>f the young autoroobilist
whose 1'eoKless driving of his machine
in Orange, .v J., on Monday resulted in
the killing of one person and th?? Injury
of another is that ho bI**W his bOIH
hut neither of hi* vi?-tinis paid ?my at
ii?i ti'ni to it. This does ii"' mitigate ids
offence in the slightest. Hie delusion
????i ?us t?. prevsll among some automobil*
lata that their sole duty on the bigbwsj
is t?. emit a shriek "f warning whenever
any ??no _et> in their way. This Dotlon
unquestionably goes far toward making
?treets and roads unsafe for ped*?s
iriiiiis. There is 11?- \vari_iii Cos ii in
law No on.? has a right of way mi a
public streH eorrargpondlng t" that of ?i
train <?ii a railroad ret that is what
automohlliats like tiiis youth, dow under
?i charge "f manslaughter in New Jersey,
assume in taking ii for granted that
when they sound their horns evry one in
their waj nni-t run for his ||<**fe or a?'
cept t lu? consequen? ee
rin? born ?is used by reasonable auto
mobile drivers oo doubl makes for
*afet.\. I.nt it i- a question whether it
lias not. ?m the whole, contributed t<> the
reckleaa operation of motor rehlclea.
Th?? temptstion is t?? pul t"o much failli
in its ..Hi, ?i?-.\. if tin? msehlue is being
driven fast there is always the feeling
that the born mav he relied upon t<? ko"*?
the track i-l'iir in front. Iho-.? who.
like this Now Jerse- youth, think that
their full obligation toward their fellow
users of tin- highways i?? to pul them on
guard with a warning screech mo vio
I tin-?- of the born If tbey had not the
power t?> imitai?' tin? shriek of the loeo
Imotive thoy would not run their ma?
chines like locomotives'. \?> one who
'lias ohservert tin? caution with which an
automobile is operated whose born is oui
<?f order can fail to ho impressed with
tli?? Influen.f the ever ready born in
bringing aboul the ?????union disregard of
"i"?iiiiai\ rights .nd deeentiea exhibited
?m the highwn* -
I / i//,' //,?/ 1/. ////:/
The Opinion* "f ?'halles |] ||\,|.? (<,|
le?ieii upon tiie highways by mi agent
ot his defence do nol signify mucb
ahout tho si.ii.- ol tin? public mind tow?
ard him ami they certainly do nol BOOW
thai such a conditon of pf*j"*judice exists
here as to make a fair trial for him Ira
possible. N"ii" <?f th?' Jhiiiu- quoted wore
sold seriously by anj "in? who r?-11 re?
sponsibility foi whal be was saying.
And bow were tbej ? - ? -1 ! ? - ? - t ? *. i '.- Yut I hat
i- Important, ['non atn*h n question it
would in' perfectly possible r?ir an Investi
gator like the one senl oui hy Hyde t"
obtain from the man in the st***-t*t Just
tin? anawer want-ad. .Mi Hyde's repre
*eiii;iti\? bad i ? ?I" was t?? tai..' a "lead?
ing" attitude, suggesl bj h?< questions
ami remarks that Hyde was a "?r-rook.''
or. ii.'iii'i' -h?, conve* the Impresalon
,ii |?iss,-..in" ?in-ill?-'' kuowledge of
Hyde's dishonesty, and pvery one ?if his
interlocntors a*?mld have reaponded with
aeutimenta Mich as are quoted. Th?? man
in th?- street never wants to appear so
unsophisticated a?? to express belief in
ihe honesty, or even an open mind upon
tin? honesty, ?>f one wh< m "inside In?
formation" accuses.
Nu stau- of \ ioi.'iit prejudice or an
lipath) ?-xists in tiiis community toward
Hyde. The public has not made up its
mind "ii the queation "f his gnllt The
newspapers have not even Intimated an
opinion ili.it the charge against him will
i.e Justified. Bo far from Its being naces
sary to try him elsewhere s,, as to try
him fairly it is safe to say Hint th?'
various persons quoted by Hyde's agent
as expressing unflattering riewa of him
might ho Impanelled and ;i jury getOCted
from SmOflg them Which COUld I'?'
trusted not to convict him if gQj reason?
able doubt existed <>f his guilt
it will - i lining publli r-KH*-gnltlon
of th. g ...i a.. ompllshed through the
Peabody Education Pund li th? last hi
t from that fund, amounting to
|r-uO,O0O, is made the groundwort of asj
endourment of |1,600,000 to comptots th"
equipment <?f the Paabodj ?.'??liege of
Teaehan at Noahvlllo, Vean. The ve.n
body fund wan a gnat faetoff In South?
ern education when other uut.ide aid
was insignificant. Its final distribution
could not be better signalized than !>v
the raising of ? supplemental sub.ocrip
to put the capstone on Its work.
President Sun of China may presently
be an entry In the list of heads of
slates. It will sound p<mewhat remi?
niscent of President Sam of Haytl.
A Syracuse man Is reported to have
knocked out and finally killed a 2.">0
pound black bear with his fists. It
"?"?undN like the preliminary story of a
new "white hope "
V'hat will Dr. Wiley ?lo when it comes
to penning a scientific definition ?>f
People should be careful what the'r
t'?th show, for the. Supreme Court ha?
Just held that the relations between a
dentist and his patient are not confiden?
-a ,
' With Its extreme proposals for the ex?
clusion of all American Jews and the
waging of a tariff xvar against the
United States, the Russian Douma !?
nbiindantly confirming the estimate of It
t which was formed long ago, as a par?
ticularly reactionary and rencorous
Some of Hie peace advocates spetn to
bava ?aught the 1iul.lt from Italy and
Turkey and to have taken up arms with?
out Waiting to ?onsuU The Hague.
im: TALK OF tuf nw
At a precaution ?.gainst tvphohl fever the
officers and enlisted in?-n of the 71st Regi?
ment, X. ?I S. Y . xvlll be Inoculated with
a special serum by the hospital corpa this
evening This same experimcnl was tried
xvlth suco-ss during the r?-o-nt nian.cuvres
Of the regular army at San Antonio. Tex.
The 71st will ?-ngage In field manoeuvres
next summer, when (he ?danger of typhoid
Will be greatest. The lno< illation will be
?lone ai this time, LtecauM of ?"raster ?.?"
renience Pompan) by company, tha men
will b-- treated by the regimental surgeon,
xia or Karl ?'onneii. nid.ii by ih?? hospital
OOrps of llfteen in.-n. Th?. Ireatm.-iil is en?
i.i--P. voluntary on the j.art of the nr-n.
Mme iban four bundred luv.- "signified
th.lt wish to take It Th?- surn'-oii?- - ?'?
Cttlata that thev can btindl.- four men a
minute The a.-tuui which xvlll he used has
been obtained from the regular army. Once
iiii'?'t.-d Into the unman hod?. It Is | uro
teCtloa for at least live tears a?altlst
Aunt Pirn- Uiephrd luV What have
you hen doific? And at the church, too!
. hoir Ho.? Teaching mil? Thwaltes he's
HO! going I-. slug 'I'-a... ami Qood WIT
Instead ?>f me for tutthing* Nin.lon Opin?
["NOW Is ihe ??Inter at mir il ?. nul, ut" . . .
Kl? bard 111 i
,\ow to tha Monas sh?< nimbi? bops,
The girl w bos.- ?ock with t,ifts WS8
Bhe s.-.-ks to change, when at the shops.
Her antiques for mor?- up-to-datey;
Bhe'a full of ? h>'?-r. of roarse, this girlie,
And 'iiK-s h?-r ?'hristinas changing early.
Now in th.? Hior. ? appears the *rfrl
With rlni; ?ir pin or hrush 01 la?
And aeeka to tln?l, amio the twirl.
What each one cost and so dls-graces
Th<- Christmas spirit For next season
Sh.-'ii :he par value that's her reason.
Moa to the stores a pile of iunk.
Battered and broken, N seen carted;
And purchasers protest 'tis hunk.
Smash?-.! while ?m rout.-, or as they
mnrt<-?l ;
Storekeepers, x-ery much disgusted,
<;,?? n-w fur old which have b.-.-ii i,ust..l"
Now to the stores coma man? things
Which to the i-oiinters luc?- been strang?
ers ;
Each exchangee insists ?lie brings
The gifts she bought 'mid ahopping dan?
Bui man. a merchanl Just now bothera
Exchanging |.la once sold by others.
a w. r.
Peevlah Person (in crowded car) .Madam.
?ou have pricked mj cbeek with that bar?
barous hatpin!
Stylish Woman Don'! be alarmed, sir'
i st?rilisa it ?very day. Judge,
Souvenirs ol the sscenston to tha throne
of Slam of Mafia tVajjirawudh after his
father had been .i.-p"??") were received in
this city a few ?lays BgO Ii the form of two
-ids which had been mailed at Bang?
l.ok On one <-f these Is a photographic
polirait of the young King, i .-phndent In
a military uniform and wearing many dec?
oraUone. The other card shows eleven
BsSmeae boya ataitdlng In a row. sll h.
in Eton suits and wearing high hats i'n- I
del the picture Is written: "This Is not a '?
chorus from a siam?s,? comic opera. The
eleven Btenlena ar.? the brothera of the,
new King. The? were al! educated In El |
"i?oes v'nir boy, Josh, take ?m mtereat In
tl ? farm""
"He's beginnln' to." replied |fr ?'orn
tOSSel. "He's bi-en ShOWtn' Hie w lure WS
COUM have aome dandy KOlf links an' howl
- ? It WOUM be to turn th.- barn Into a]
garage." Washington Star.
He Fears That They Are Leading on to
To Die Edit? i of 'i be Trih me
Sir \n editorial recently paMlslied i-x
you has Just MOM t-> nix attention || |s g
, niiiiiii nt on what I am [.-ported to have
sat l at St Paul with regard to socialism
and th.- schools. Ma] I say with regard (,.
that assertion, with which you ?.tgorousp. I
dis.igre.-. that "utven-tenths of tha New
Torfe a ho.,1 teachera ar-- aoclaUats; that
this is a ten '".pe?f'-'t world, ami not a
ways what a man says f<u publication is
published Just lis be sali! it Abbreviation
.iocs nut always destroy Iks aenss, but sum.
times It changes It My contention Is that
a lai?'' proportion of ?i.ir high school ajradu?
ai.s are socialists a high school teach? i
who has made a study of tha aubjecl told
m.- this, ami that, as the t?*achlng f?.r. .?
iitaw its recruita fiuiii th.- high achoohs, II
will not be i-?ng before aeven??t?mtha of the
teaching force ?rill be aotrtallsttc. I think
ibis is true Moreover, i think it i? true
that the tendencies of those In control snd
?ou know that m New Y'uk tha teaching
for,-, is not in rontrol of our system are
all In the direction of BOClallSTn, and that
th<-ir whole roovemeul la tow ird an int.-r
feretice through the ag.-n. ? ->f the school
xvlth tha functions of the family and th
?'hur b and the State.
No man who has a healthy sympathy for
his unfortunate fellows ?an protest against
feeding little mi"? who are hungry or fur?
nishing them with medical attendance
w Inn thev are sick, but this should be don
thtough other agencies It Is not the busi?
ness of th? school. The mind of the grow
In?*: .'hlld should not be linpr.-ss.d with the
notion that IBS ?tat.- Is bound to proxlde for
hi? mat.-rlal wants, particularly when tha
puts all the ?mphaala on such ma?
terial wants and teaches nothing authori?
tatively with regard to the moral need? of
a ?en?e of obligation and n sense of r
?ponslhlllty. This Is what Is bad for the
hihi and bad for the state.
I >o not bellete that the teaching social
ists are mere ?h--?ulM?, they ate the pi o
nial mea "f their awwrtanenl what do you
think ?'itused the mercas.- In th<- ?OClallal
,ot.- and tha so. iahst ??-ntiiii'Uit, ?... marked
In reit-nt year?' Da you aacrlbe It to the
eoapttaM men at the street i ornera" If so
1 think you are wrong I think the dl\i,r,,.
of religious lnaplratlon from education an,;
the tendency of the public ?. b?>ol BJrStim
low-ard a materlallstle basis haxe gi?..n t,,
th. political movement Juat the phlloaophl? ul
foiir.ilatifin Marx and Bagel und th?* Other
fathers ?f soclaltom saaaevored to create
The practical reault of ea education that
?trail only With natural phenomena Is t"
leave t'i?? mind of routh Impressed with th?
Meg that there Is oothlag worth while bo?
rons natural lew? that setenes baa es?
pledsd as a sii|..Tsiiii"n th?- Mm. of s per?
sonni, mtelllgenl supernatural power to
whom man ? loopunslhla for hi? art.-?.
PSshlon eontrols tbees young psopla and
the impression n godles?? school give* thorn
Is that it is tN fhshlon aninn* selsntlfle
and enlightened (.??opio to ? off .it ?.?Klon.
The faet. of course. I? that nom" scientists
.*re atheists and some tlslata Their setao?
HU-? work has ?.?ry Uttlo to do with their
r. llRloiiH opinion?. I think It will he found
to ?>?4 true that the moot eminent actantlota
to-day are delsti rather than atheists But
the partly enlightened, the many who cannot
he familiar with the rtdeacea bdeauao to he
so demands ? sp?cial appll?-atlon. a life?
time of Study, but who lik.? to jiatter of
theories and gtvS thon I weight not ac?
corded then l?y Hi '.?- Who shaped them?
they will not believe that this is SO. And
they are directing OUT ficho?.1 potte** to-day
..nd dire, tin* It toward ? revolution. Head
what th* Mctallet teachers ;ir?- prreacblng
to-day. "The rovohition" is their pet
phraaa They do not desire, they ?io not
purpose te refern our government, but to
overturn It.
I llrtnlv helle?, p 'hut the eonploto s."ti
larlzation of th.? sefaOOlS is what han given
power to soclallsn here i believe that as
? people, 00 matter how many denomina?
tion?? there may i"-, ere believe In God and
democracy, aad ibal only s prejudice, whoso
genes!?* is political rather than religious, Im
ii"is us to turn ?eir children over le ma?
teriellem and Mciallsm. i bellevs also it in
time we put a st??p to such S school s?, it? m
?nid devis?- one under which the creed of
th.? fathers maj be taught to the children
Tecona, Wash . Dee, _:?. 1111.
Formation of New County Can Be Sub?
mitted to Voters, Says Lawmaker.
To the Editor of The Tribune
Sir: i have I >?n iiiu.il Interested In the
published discussion relativo to the ;
don of s new county hi Ths Bronx, and es
peciall) tli.? ?lueeUon of referring tii" mat
t?r to ?? voto of tii- people Interested. Tho
propriety. of this coures atoms to bo gen?
erell) concedtBd, I ul th? point is pri
that there Is no constitutional "ay in
?Aiiioh it can bo acconpllsbed. This objec
tlon. if valid, would, ?if course, b?
onl) serious, bul prohibitiva
There can bo no doubt that t?.nstltu
tlon !ix?-s the author!t) by wMcb legislation
can be enacted, and that laws must he
mado bj the Legtolature and not by tho
peopto direct. But th? re ore w.-?' s In which
l think the desired object ? an be attain? l
aithoul en) ? onfllcl srlth c? i stltu
limits i ions
During lbs seven y? trs la which I lerved
In th.- I., gtal .1 ii" ri.'iu 1871 to IST7 portly
In the Asaembl) and partly In the Senat??,
i constant!) mrde use of what Is now call l
the "referendum" In Io? al matters Invol?.
Ing taxation, and ?-?. far as I know it WSS
the Brat systematic employment of thai
principle ?n su. ii matters In .hi* country.
of course, the term "referendum" aras nol
then In vogue, and are simply called the
practice "submitting to tbo people."
At that tine the districts which I r.-pi"
s. nted, Aral In Queens County and after?
ward embracing Queens, Surr.dk and Rich?
mond, had t..-..n subjected i" enormous ex?
pense f"i local Improvements mad?- under
special acts of the Legislature, snd in my
: rsl campaign i promised that every act In?
volving local taxatioii passed during my
t. rm ahould i??- submitted to the people im
mediately Interacted for tbelr approval, iho
laeembly ?iisti:<t was heavtlj Democratic,
bul i was .'i""i?'i as a Republican by a
large majority, and continued to be simi
Inrly Sleeted, atid twice t.y unnnlmoii?*
rotea, until promoted i<> Ihe Senate; and i
have slways attributed what was consid?
ered phenomenal success ver) target) to
the sense vf security which Mi*- peopl?
under that pledge. From Ural to las) I
never disregarded, and mj ";.?? whochooaea
to examine the session laws for the flvo
veara from IS71 to 1.75 will And ?v ? twentj
introduced b) me In the Assembly
t?. which the submission clausi
pended. When a candidate f"i the Senate
tin- sam? pledge was made to ti" enlarged
conatituenc) on both Islands, und i was
. lected b) ? ? Ity, a hile the district
w .ut 2 TOO liw* '" ' ati? , t (.?s rui
ahead of the I Icket, and thla I bell? ? i -
largely attributable to the sam?' cause.
A list of th" (?ills thus paseed with ? sub
rtlni estlng now,
hut the) embraced act? for the erection of
expensive scl.i houses, the construction of
hlghwaya, tho mapping of vtllagM, tii" pur
"f st.-am tii" apparatus, and a multi?
tud.? of local Improvement? incident to the
growth of the suburbs of s gr< it city.
Sow, liovt was mis accomplished i
r?. r i - i constitutionally? In s very simple
manner, which can '. ?? aeen b) reference to
any "f theee ia?s running from 1171 to 1177.
After the desired provisions liad n. ?n in?
serted and th.- iiiii was perfect for opera?
tion, there was appended ?? section con
_ substantial!) as follows 'No ac?
tion shall bo taken under the provisions or
thla act until it shall ha?.?- been approved
. majortt) "i tii?? votera" of the town
or district? as tt,?- ?as. might be; or. In |
..th. r cases, ? or ..-' is folios? ' Tho I
i..?,n.i shall take no stops In pur-- ...?
hereof unUI the sunn- shall bo approved by
? m i lorit) of th.- voters," stc
This, ?? ou oboei ve, did npl Intei fere with
the power of tho Legislature The law wai
I aaa? d by the Legts ature and I Ii alone;
but tbo tlrn?- ?.f Its taking of tak?
ing action under it was fixed i>> tho act
Itself al a tine subeequent to us approvaL
No objection waaevei mad., to this coures
of pr?'?'.-?iui.- (?Teert) over) one of theee
arts involved the leauanee ?>f bonds, some
tines to a large amount: bul no queel
legalft) was over ralaed 1 he people were
satisii.-.i because th.-v were consulted, and
the conetltutlonal powers ol the Legislature
were preserved.
To tli.? older generation the?? facts .?t?
entirely familiar, but among tho younger
Ihej nay not !"? well known, and so i
have thought it poooibl) serviceable to re?
call them to mind
1 . ? ilng, Long lajand, ['? " .?. ?
To th? i.ditoi of Tii" Tribune
Su. The following broadside la tho New
York Boclet) Llbrai ? dated March .
tint a general peace was de
bftw?*en "?I'-at Britain, Prance, Spain, Hol?
land and the United Btat?
win the ritlaona' peace dlnm i prod
n."i" laottag peace ?
v QENBRAL. i i .?
? "i.. Mo I :.\". 1783
S'tght, *n KipreM fn m ttaa
J? IK?-.. I I
Thai "n ?- id. Twent] Third
Instant, s Veaaa\ arrive, .u Philadelphia in
i'iiirn Bv? h.o- (rom i ,i Ils, ?> itl
in th. ' ontlnental i mgrean, Informing ?
ti.ut on M?nda) l ht rwentlrth Uaj of Jan u
_r- . O?.? PKEMMIN \ltli:s n,
a ok.n>:ral i-eace,
i ?' ??? ? ?." a? Itrltali i ram ?, ?pain ii,.i
. I tli- I lllt.-l -I..I. ? ol im?
??re HIOXED st Pi il?. i -,,.,.'
mlMlonsn fi ?m thes? Power? In i
sees ..r s-hlch, MesUll -? . and
|j?n?l. wart
??..nn.-tii Da- ol I', t ruar* si
AniTi?-?. on Thursday, th? Twentieth Da
March, In it"- prescni ?.
Heven Hundred an I Eight) '.
, ins ?en Impoi '..ni i ?
N'lghi announ? rd >. th? ?Siring of Cannon
K< -, ? ? tit.? th? Pai ti. uiara of this Irul- In
'?'? ' no '""i- sra \.i received
i a Mi. - ." ?
I'm ' ? - Rmngton Prlnlei n. ihm
Km*> Mas? Exi i lent m ?? ?
\. a v.irk l '. < -T, ii?ii i i: |
London. DeC fl \\ liltelaw Held, tin?
ajaartaea ?mbassadei in London, ?aiii ?**
for New fork sa beard Iho busttasda <.n
Halurday next with Ihe liitt-ntlon of tuklng
a vacatlun In Aumka
People and Social Inctdenu
Ilr-iin ThS Trlli,me llur?.iu I
Washington. I >?'?' IT. -The I'resl-'i. n? and
ll-presentatlves Payne and Hill ?llsrusse?!
Hi.- tailff at sum?. length lo-day.
Following a ? onf.-r.'tu e with the preal
dent. tha :?'? -,'?-tai I "f State said that th?
policy of hi? departm-'nt In n-gard to the
?'hi?ese situation remains the ?am<\ and
finit further than to protect th?- rights and
property of lunawlcaa cUtasaa in that coun?
try the United State? will riot interfere In
the estahlislunent of a new go? eminent.
"I lm?e l,..n getting- letters fcom all
parts of Oklahoma practically unanlmo r?
In standing by President Taft for anothet
term." said K.-pi.-s.-ntatlxe Mc'lulr?? at the
White House to-day. 'I have never se?:,
the people of my state so unanimous for a
man. They btdlsve be has been mlsund? r
StOOd and misrepresented, ati-l th?v a r?' BUt
for a square ,hal for fix- man who has al?
ways given I' 1-> others, even If he ha? not
advertised It much "
A "buck BCratCber" as a ?'hrlstmas pris?
ent ?ras rsoelved by the President to-day
from a Michigan nianufa??tarer, who a? com
par.led his gift with a latter in which he
sal-!: "Should yotj ha\- ... ?- fsSlOfl to H
before 1?1_' phas.- entertain the happ)
thought that Michigan Is ut your DSV k "
Mas Para, of C*hlcago, was ? mtwheon
guest at the White i-iouse. i;.nli'-t la Ihe
day he, with Judge fseara, discussed the
Illinois judgaahlp ?> acain x with Mr. Taft
Among the White House callers ?rare the
I'osim.ivt.'r Oenerai, the tl?*cretary of ?'?.m
merce and Labor, Commissioner Nelll, Sen?
ators ?'ull'.m, Snutot. Nelson an?l Suther?
land, Hepresiritattves Xeedham. Weeks,
Loud, Cooper, Mar flu ami (?iii.tt, ex-Rep?
resentative Benne?, and Colonel sp.-n<.r
The pii-sid.-iit deliver? i the principal ad?
dress this- evening si the opening meeting
Of th.- Vin. il, .n A??o,i.,t!on for the Ail
?'ancement of Bclanee at the New National
xi ; -urn.
Mrs Tail will hold a receition to-mortow
afternoon for the w.-m.-ti attending the ad
entitle congress?a being held here.
M??s (inn el Anderson, in?- niece of Mn
Taft, arrived si the White House to-olghl
I l-'ii.-u Tl.- Till.m .? I'- i. in |
Washington, Dee tl The ,ist of guest..
asked to the fane) dress ball gix--n by Mrs
w. Ham f Draper and Miss Margaret
Draper to night included Washlngton'i
exclusive aoclal Master, numbering about
three hundred The hall was the most brlll
iffalr ol the winter so far. aw Dow?
ers were used In the banquet room snd
ng loom? Mrs. Draper wore s gown
Dstln and h.-r li.aiuonds. and
- osl ume sraa - spied from
Botticelli's spring." the dress being <f
tissue and gauss, with .? wreath of
? a i.d buttei th'-s in h- r tiaii and many
colored butterfl* ??'.m?s f*?<jn the shoulders.
sais raft's gown was of the Louis
XIII period. With a pink s,,!|n petttCOOt, a
brocaded pink bodice and fichu of real lace,
ii. i hair was p.iwd. red, Rol ? i ? and
Charles Tafl wore conventional evening
cintiles. Viscount, ss p.. in,;?' u \/\ repr?j
.???tit. .1 a green butterfly, silver gauze being I
us. d In combination and green eau/,- wings
from the shoulders and smaller oie-s ?u her
hair. Mm-'. VassillefY, wife of (lie Russian
naval attach?, represent?*?] s Russian wom?
an of the sixteenth century; Mme Loasw
enthal-Ltnau, ?? Vienna waaherwomai
tume, and leu- sister. Countess Nosttta, a
French peasant Mrs, Edward Baals Mc?
Lean represented Mile de Lamballe; Miss
Harriet BOutherland, Pirouette; Miss AJlo
Whiting. Night, in a costume of black ai tl
sii\-er. Mis? Julia Whiting, a costun ?
led from s miniature of Lady Ord, bj
?ray; Misa Loxira Meniam, Alice In Won?
derland; Miss Bat bei sinter, a Norwegian
maid, Miss Martha Bowara, a Dul tt - -
tume; Thomas Bowers, a cavallei Mi
Hlnckley, an Irishwoman, in whit.- and
green, and Miss Qiadys Hlnckley, Dawn.
Among the guests were Miss Helen
Roberl Taft, Miss Anderson, Mr Jone?
.\ir Towns....i. while House guests Others
were til- Russian Arntrasaasulor and Mme,
Bakhmeteff. the Becretary ..f the Treasury
and Mrs MacVeagh, Ames MacVeagh, the
Becretary of Commerce ami Labor and Mrs.
Set '? Misa Nagel, the Postmaatei Oen?
erai, the Belgian Minister and Mm?.
Havenlth, the Spanish Minister and Bel
de Rlano, the Ruaalan militari attacha snd
Baroness BDsabeth de Bode, the British
milit?t.? attach? and Mrs. Mcl.achlati, Mr,
snd Mra. John H McLean, Hear Admiral
and Mrs Clover, Major Archibald
Huron Hardenbroek, Miss Ma**gery Colton,
the Hun. Kathleen Bereeford, of Knglatul;
Mi am! Mrs Stephen Pell, <-f New York;
Mr. N'abok'.u, of th>- Russian Km
M M,rieras, of th- Kr?n- ii Kmhassv; Henri
Martin, Bwlss charge d'affaires; Colonel
and Mrs John H. Williams, Mr, and Mrs
Joseph Letter, Mr and Mrs Henry White,
Mr and Mis Waltei Tucket man. .'larence
Hay, the Assistant Becretary --f Btat
Mrs. HunUngton Wilson, the Asatstant s?. ?.
retar? of the Navj ami Mis. h?>-,
Wlnthrop, Colonel and Mis spu-.-r i
and Mr, and Mrs ?'handler Anderson.
Misa Maul... Bowers entertained
Ta ft, Robert Tafl and his houae g ,
.1 '? Townaend, of Slew York, .?ml Bi
'. an? Jones, ?>f New ?>?
others at dinner to-night, the part) after- '
?s.u.i attending th? Draper ball.
?haiies Taft spent a i>usy day socially,
inst going to luncheon srith Henry P. Hut-:
1er, BOO of Mr. and Mis ?'barbs Henry j
Huiler, and later t.. a BChOOi girl and boy'
I tes .?t tho hone of Mr and Mrs f>tvlJ
Mis Mary Barbour M< < si n i Hnri (.
| tain Harold P Norton, I' s \ were 2
j ried at noon to-day al the li my of V*
, bride, 'i he Rev Edward i. Burke,
?t rector of St. Matthew's, offlc?t?
only members of the family being pre-J?
I Ualfr M,?. Parland, of New fork, t'*i-<?w!
i man and the only attendant .Mr? N-,rfJ
sent ?ut announcements ??f her w.?dd r. .
?fore starting on hei wedding Journey *?
afternoon, and win be ?,t home at St?*?
I I'-lRh < '?-urt in l-"ehru.?i ?
Mrs t M t-Mlp and Mi-.-. . U|p w,t, h
at ? dinner tonight, and Miga Celesta t\+
le? alad entertained .? , "
Uautenaat (teorgo cieiand D N>a?. ?? .
M. ?'. and M.ss Nancy Marl? Pierce,-g
Qeorgetown, irare married at Holy t'-i?.
it\ Catholic Church to-day, and a r,ct>
lion at the horn?- of Mr and .Mrs ? ha*?*
Brooke Pleroe, parents of th?
low sd
K?ar Admiral and Mrs J Dextei a*?-?.
Invited the navy contingent In VVashi-gw
ami several hundred others to the defeat w
of their daughh r, iia Adam?
I his afternoon.
Mta ?Yanderbllt gives a : ( '-nigb*
.?t bor house, on Fifth avenue *n<\ r,-^
itreel afterward taking h?*r guests to Un.
.1. Todhuntoi Thompson's dance for am
liter, Mis- . gg Tl ? aaea, w
Shorn 's
Mrs M <?rme Wil?on also h:m a d.nr-f
to-nlght st ?ipr home, In test (t*.
Mi James i. Ca\!or ha? a -^
ii-r al Sherry's ng tor Mi-? jU|.
tins ?C' raoll
Mrs W Bayard i nun? _?<..* a ?ma**
?lan I >-r house, h ;?;?,?> ;y
Ml -' William Ross Pro? I ? ,
a i Sherry's lasl night f? butaaa
small balbroom, d? i ? '?stnu
and K ras m*?
1 : ? is general d , Inlgfei
when supp? r a 'he sj
guesta wore Mi-"? Luo Dal gran, Ml?
J? an Morris Miss Wlnll il : . -, Min
jos. phlne Nli oil, M . Mm
Marj n and Miss Flor? Mm
i 'ore Hennen Moi i ? th k
Th?." ? ? ver' W. I'.ii'l. Jr., J'.et?naM
Whitman, W Strother .lone?, Kdwar'
Bhlpp? n. Sd. O - . "Amia
Bruce Brown.
Misa ' itherlne L Hen rsl? cu? (
No \ap
Fifth avenue, for | w:a:.
... j-.
and Mrs Hamilton Flah Keen, Mise Jse>
phlne Nlcoll, M Mm
I'- al "11 Ml - M
Ms id ?. Shepli
AstOI . Man: le? Ko. he. I
Charles Miller, Newton Rae, VV
Brown, STctoi Chapman and Dwight lira
trldge Ml Sirops
.n jan laxy ?.
In the iar_>- belli i s lut
night M:.*- Robinson's d s? far
formally i r. .-?-nt*. t*
tj until ne: I .?<i its chriataas
dance Tho ballroom and room?
? !.. rat? tmaa greeai,
boll) end la rel Miss Robinson ?us
mated in l m m
tronesses, amohg whom were Mrs R Fol
ton (Tutting, Mi n Mrs. 6
O'D. loelln, Mrs John l : ??. Ma
Charlea Henrj Cooter, Mri H d? ??.'rk*i*r
Parsons and Mrs Henrj <; Trevor. Th?
patron? saes Mrs waiter G
? >akman. Mrs .; ir,|
Mrs \\ Hilan B Din -?8 the
mem I i Co*
t.-r. Miss Beatrice Burrlll Ml** Roeslil
Rloodg.I. Mlas Wise Acto?
onne i--?- in Miss Katherin? "aknuut,
Mlaa Helen Morgan and M ? uitlnt.
The cotillon ??is led by Mist RoMnsoo,
one, and ? ' ? -ted of
1 a hlskbroon ho ta over silk
f..r ill?- Blr'.s and satin rihhon erders an*
paper clips for their ? -
Mrs Richmond L ring gave s **?<**-"*'
l'un i'ii'rnnofi to Int OdUM ka
M -- l'oiiv Jacob. It took place !a
erativo hone building In Kast tfti?
The debut soistod la pa
celvlng hy Mi-s Urania W Browa, Ml*
Nathalie SI?-?vim. Mis?- Hele . I*- Gourd.
I, Misg V'lelin? M.
. nd snd Mis A rhilbn.
Mis .lohn C. LI? \ne *?
ttre partv this ng f? ??*?"
tante daughter. M ? UvhSJBgn
Hn . rifeg B ?Ol B*t *
dance at h?r hOOSO In W< USf? ?
Frida ??'? ru try 2
Mr and Mrs Oliver Gould Jennings ?n*?
town to-day for their couatry r?*?**?
at i-'.i:??".? d i "ii. , 1 ? orex er?
in- v ? ?-.)
Newport, !'? Mi :- '? Mrs s?mu''
i WagstafT, who s| I Chi I u trt.anw
Mrs Amos Tu? - Pi 'ne<1 w
New York.
Miss Mai ?> e*f*
n.-xt month foi Washington, ' nag d*"
N". w port ' state
Mis Austin I - a . ? N?*
York for the reel I i
Dr. Cannon Praises Medical Genius
Before Combined Societies.
Haitinioi". Dee "7 scientists t<> the
number of about one hundred from ?lif
fer en I parts of the country attended the
combined annual meetings ?>f tho in
.... leal Bo let). th" American s ?
clot) of Biochemists and the Ameri in
Bodet) of PI trmacolog) and Experimental
Therapeutic* here to-day. The m
will end ??n Frida)
Dr. W. B. Cannon delivered th.? memorial
address on the bite Professor Henrj I'i k
erlng Bowdltch, paying a glowing tribute
t.. tho man and but work In the ta
medical and *--?t??nt111.? research. A number
of papers were reed at the scientific
nr. s .1 M.it/.r. of the Rockefeller in?
stitut?? for Medical Reeeareh, NOW York
and Dr, A J Carlean, <?f the university of
... wen re-el< et? d pr?sident and sec
respei lively, ol tho Physlologleal
Estate All Personal Property, Largely
Railroad Securities.
Th.? transfer tax r.-port on tho setate "f
i:?iwin Lord ?as ni,,i reeterday In the Bur?
rogate's ofBoa Tho estale aras rained st
all In personal property, Ths hold?
ings "f Mi -Lord were moetta In railroad
securities His largest homings arar?
stiat'S m the Ansertcan Light and Traction
any, of which h?- had 1.4SI of com?
mon. ? ? ued at Ml5,A?e, ami 1,336 preferred,
.-al ."d n ws.m
?\ a larg? -T beneflelarlea under the win
Of Mr. Lord are his two atSterO, Mrs. Annie
a Sawyer and Mrs Susan A Kant, ee 'h
receiving M?.STJ The rest of the ?
was divided amona ni. cae, nephews, grand
gnd grandnephewa
11,,, .un. al dinner el Oreup s of tii" Btata
Banken' Aeeoelatlou, conpr-talag the t.mk
? ? -, Manhattan, aritl i? h..\.\ ut the Waldorf
on Monda) evening, January U. Tho speak?
ers will *be "'?iwiii I' Klngaley, prtwldent
of the New link i.if,- insurance Company;
Lieutenant Oovernor Robert Bruce of Ms
gachuaetts, and Colonel Norrls ?; Ooborn,
editor of Tlic Journal and Courier," of|
New Haven I
Churches and Hospitals Benefit Uni?
Mrs. K. I. D Harriett's Will.
s..\. r>.: i, i aata I ? mstit?*
tlons and churches a ' "''
of Mrs Kathorina I. D Harnett, whe?aw
.?ii I?.-c ii.ber It She M . ?ar ?*
Ri? hard V Harn.tt. win- ? 'i?"10""*'
real est?t? brok? r ai i'0 tk*
Church ?>f the Ble? - ??' ?*'r*
Hnrri.it t.n.- feOOO for ?,
memory of her husbai i -' CwP
- Impel 11,0 s !?*??
fund for the l""-r Of the ; irish.
Mrs Hain.-tt Instructed her executors?"
, h.r will t.. sell h< i hous - at N ??' "?v**
17th street and its film: ? '"?' *
the proceeds to give ?'. ? :'rt"'
Hospital t.- endox? ta I m*:n'
and, and ?- "" '?" th,? *'*
Sonet?- for the H. t ' ?t** **u?*\
ured and Crippled t" endow on? free ?*?*
In iih'iii'm? ?>r h.-r s.m. Tommle Dona?*?
TI ?- Re? Thomas H BU!
ami Patrl "i0 f0'
Mrs Harne! I
m s/a than aft? ? n hundred < - ? ??" ***
?.-M f,,r im? w..- ?toaer In See ""?*
i ?.u te haxrs D? ""??"**
II. M a,I u. - - Pt( -"?*?
N. ?t Y rt B?WI > ??>'? ?kate a ta afW 'n J
j.m,il, schools and ' '' ?J *
??m cd h ii....:iiirai sport, norl-kt Tiita*?
t m,.n
11- inst dim? rausa ira h,?. .- ? ? ? ?**?*
York i ?fi m Nea gart th??' ? tsm
will tm-r-?t* UeOSVrUi. <'ourlet J urn?!
We reterrt to net? t'iat In N-?.? X ' s tfl? ?*?"
.....t,mltie? "er a-nina ?trunk un Sa? ?***'
. en t.- i- ? "*?? jT,
. Hank oa New Yea
gtw Yara - ' '?"*:
No on-' aoea 1 \ ?? X
infoi 111.4111.?i Watertowa Standard I? *"
flllKllt? I" ' " '"> ":"" ' r "
Nos rork. W? think
| llalli ..(T the reel S? 1.1. I- H???1"*
\ N.-? \ ,-ik tra, ti.iii rompant i? '? '"''"Z^
,, rasa km.i si eai It la t -;* ****
??-i a.l teert -t ail Tala srlll *'l*^V??
N,w \i>rk auanl? to niitk." SBtS m. Ilk? a*"
Loi?? Ihaa ?ter Uvslou AU'?-ill??'

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