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College Football -j* Athletics S> Boxing -_* Automobiling ta Other^ Sports
Football Unfair in
Its Time Elements
impossible to Balance Forces
Under Conditions That
Now Obtain.
Ed Coch'ems Suggests Five or
Six Downs Alternately
with the Goal Line
to Gain.
n\ n>\\ \i'i? it < <?< HUMS.
Il, as now con?
f the leailin<;
nd unjust In its
distribution of tim? for the at
ltf? i"ii> ? plicated and un?
natural. Baseball, tra? k and Hold atl
aouii* stbatl, laeroeae, laura I
i football, English rugby football,
i ? , arc all natural in
? hi of play. This is not true of
Amei tball.
? rulo makers ignore or nils?
! this BltUhtlon, so long Will they
ed to tinker erith tin- ?ode -and
s clamoring for < on*
? : t.. able to bal?
the game so long as
mpi to adjust the number or
? ha made within
This is a mathematical lm
.; d .1 pooltlve dlacrimmatlon
-? r . leven. The ?tranger
team will Irly aided in the allot*
me in just that dour-?' that It
? | .i-i i '.? re*
a I ental
should be allowed an equal
i in \?.hlel a Ita efforts,
??s All
i sports ai v
prima eonaidera?
i n and any ol her these line.?
m. re Incid? I
of the - " ? - In conflict. It
teed end
]. . . laying
? il irai ? on
t. l'p to tii. pres
?n; writing all . are ol
?? ly without value
:? point
.Ml tiV' . . ina of the
::i tills
? ? utr- lined protest
: ? a the basis of In
justi. ? the only oas
can successfully ?
? un . ndltlona, which do
I t-st The
??>> gam??
t ? ? smaller colleges
tm< nt <'f u mi?'
? f play*
' ? con? rote ?-xampl?*? ?"?ne
ga ninK ahllitv, ]
of time
is It had an un
advantage alwaya
. er, the
??. t ti? > lament ol
r. ?,-,?>, ?1S atntmta In the exer?-ii?e of
?TO on?? tm?1er the enn Is
?hlc ? ?.trolling tlitf?
of the forward pass Is
illy aeventy*flve yards
? nsnii of s> i? Btfn?
I will instruct lils
1 ? ? ? ? ?us own '.*.- i
except under most desperate
. litiotis in w?et weather it
? em r the ontllh
d, owli _ to the faet that it can
? ? ax? ? nted with a allp
propertlona of the
bal* \ - | ki?-k
ng, and not for passing.
? that only
hx i <;in even
Wa under tite beat con
raver, allowing any
num. ? ? any ] ,4i t of the Held
I ers In any
? ? ?>?. ill predoml
peaaeaaion to
? ?
an be
' ly, an.] a onstltuto a
part of the
? ondltions, since
ill will
? ?
?. ai !
? ?
"f the fundamental
.?ze volunx nd artificial
of in
"f some four' words
?ion of
_"inf? backward, but
? ?
?will ? the objection that
? ? ? writer
I . .
s mud"
? ?? .
? - the rush |
not make '
??Strict ti,??m to ,
? ' by a ?
>n the
U"e\ i In the \
w .il !
.tali/?- and si'
ami Idcldentall
? rail, s, u chalk
tlon and a
.ion'f nib
I. The i to b? galaed is
11 ?i yards, an?! la marked by the goal line. I
Abolish rb. rule muiring a certain dis- )
?ed in any number of downs ;
.. ? .te live or six downs, to
1 bla art t? .m
?:-..? s. i .. .
kick and in. pg- au? h ??^
.t only one
Maintain the I
Rome - EXCELSIOR - Naples
(?trs-s-ei-TOM hot??.. ??n r?st?ub??.t (.nayei.
ii.A?* HOT?L i?j?u?*** ana
meat, n-asnaa* ?
One Way to Cure
Ills of Football
True te the promise made In The Tribune
on ?tunda.,, l.ltvard B < ?x hem?, a football
ma.), well known In the West and a close
?indent of the came, ?iil.tnlt? herewith mik
ae.tion* for mie .hanse?, which are |SSS
revolution?r?; ?han appear on the ?iir-fa.?.
Ile Imites criticism ??' ?he end I hut ?n>
polnls no? full., understood may he ???
The unfalrnes? of the present came. SB
far a? lime element? of the attack I? ron
rerned. 1? the chief point ?let eloped, and to
correct this be tt.mhl alKill?h the arhltrarr
<b?t.wi?e to be ?jalned In a certlan number
of donna and ?ulmti'iite five or ?Is dottn?
to each team atterri.?tel? with Ihr goal
line to be gainrd. He al.o Is In favor of
m ? I? Ins; ?he (unir mure natural by remov
ina-S7 all restriction? from the three arm?
of ihe offence?rushing-, ???"??'?a; and U t ek?
ml?- leaving seven men on the line of scrim
msge and six playera eligible to receive and
miikc the pass as formerly. Aholish the on
side kick and parait of body checking any?
where In the field of play arhlch if not
dangerous to life and limb and is honestly
designed to further the Interests of or ?heck
the nctua! play.
:?. The teams should exchange goals after
?ach score and before each quarter, un?
less a m ore is math, the hall should not be
khked off between hah es r 1? fore a score
la made, but should be placed In the rela?
tiv ?? position at the other end of the field
with the number of downs, etc, to remain
nie. In case of S faillir?, at try at
goal from the field or a tOUCbback, the'ball
should he brought back to the last line of
scrimmage, with possession passing to the
With such a system of play each team
xvlll net --tie-hall Of the playing tune and
every Inch it has gained at any time ovar
the sixty minutes of play. Weather con?
ditions will be ec/tiaUsed. the three arms ?if
the offence will be mad" applicable under
all conditions over the entire playing Held
and cxpressi-d in full, free and unrestricted
effort This ?rill make the game simple,
natural, just and free from dangen.
The fact that the player xvlth th. ball
will have the right t" pass, hi- k or run in
any part of the field Will CM! a doubt Into
the minds of the defensive team as to his
purp-.se, ami naturally eliminate th.- deadly
tackle and body cheek, since they will prove
i.ns, i, ntltlc and fruitless. Two ofllclala
the refer.... who ahould have Jurisdiction
over the ball and time, and the umpire,
bouM have Jurtodlctkm over the play
era are all that at-- necoSSSX}
The only way the continuity of fire
downs, or any number of downs that the
, ? - ? ? termine u] on, can be broken
is by a fumble, the Incompletlon, fumble or
Interception of the forward pass or by vol
untarils kicking the ball before the fifth
down. The p-maltv f,,r the failure of the
forward pass should be possession to the
Th< onlv mark within the field of play
' be to designate the centre This
Will make the gam?- as strong as the rock
of Olbraltar and free from further attach
of would-be reformers. Such rules will ab?
solutely determine under free condition?
the r-otnt at Issue?the question of personal
? quatlon.
Those suggestions may be i,?,m to argu?
ment. If so, the writer invite? open crit?
icism -not Indifference. 1 fail to see that
either t<am is discriminated against under
these rubs, or hai it an absolute ami
just right to expresa its natural powers ol
offen?-?- and deten? e. Tt?.- <i ?fence will be
left entirely elastic as to its alignment?.
while the offence will he free and unshack?
led, vxuh the goal Une as the objective
The Imposaihllltj Of determining a just
distance say, ten, ? Ighl or live yards to be
i on any numbei <>t downs is clearly
recognised when you attempt to oseer
tain on what grounds to has- cal? i
latlona. The number of unnatural reatrio
thal have i.ei-n Imposed In order to
discover the impossible and the continual
.???? and pie ? on that have
been enacted throughout the history of
football should prov? ample evidence that
this ruling has been based on ,,ne ol the
? .. uta] ii: of the rule
makers What is the weigh! ol the tram
and what are Its powers, as allowed undei
the rubs to express Its offensive an?! da
fenalv? ength, on which the rule makers
oncluslon of any number of down?
?arc ?? to be mad? ? Tl ?? ti
la that th.y are working with a variable
? ty ami attempting to produce a con
long i- they continue looking
for the impossible so long Will van
Ol college r> ITC?. Mtat! VS HCCk
unfair advantages In the construction of
unfair and unjust rules "nd so loni:
win ther? contlnuoui changes In the
rules themselves. By eliminating th?
tion of a certain distance to be made xvith
In the g? ..i i - ? ? an-i Ii a? ng th? ? line
made, and by giving
?i.-nce full and free three
arms of Ben Ce the kick, th. pass and the
nd ? ontentioua discus
led and leave the game
simple, lust, natural and fret. By allow?
. ?.?. downs all mate- i
?y until -i aeon is made, tics?. ptiirpoaea saill
he aci-ompllsb.ed.
Some win deci ggastlont as. rad
.-.,! revolutionary, ?ut attention may
,.:??! to the fa I that there is nothing
the i I Int? ?? ollaglate '
? ? ? irt U real ins im
attempt to da th? II i?-, in
tl ? matt, i ? lane, to be gaine i In any j
er "f downs th? irosa discrimination
of the time elei
tea that 'i baa ? i g> n?tar? ,i
that the unlimited u
iwai.i pans will lnt*rease scoring, ah ?
In? t? .i* th? rcoring. Both aid? s
arill have at. equal opportunity in this re
- oiiti nd that it win
??.?> the number Of kicks ii. i. ,,; ol
ass Well and good it srmma tu me
u,at the pa dar ami far mon
? .ni i ..ii;,!.!- than u,- kick . at Ita
a ef? ..-? fa? tor, and vtiii be
greatly by the xveak.r slevea near Its own
g,.ai line, if the game la to have t:.
.-? it without restrictions
Pad lions to tbeli last
i x?:,; Bnd ; ;. ?i i the -?; ,
tion will In ??ii likelihood come from the
Institutions, since the pass ?h h
? ; ?day m ben used .?. lan
the weaker eleven against the graatei
mi. 1.1-?n of th- hug.-: institutions Tl
out r? as-.ii Whj the .? rn.tli SCBOOlS In many
Oases dSfaal the larg.r ones In l?a.iketball.
The forward pass do? s not depend upon
physl? ai but rather Upon mental ability,
}lo??ever. paaa or DO pasa, at least let m
hate dOSM with Aif.il'lal i .?frictions which
an- d? srfi ru -i to a? - ompllsh the
and op? n in? way foi uni m ,??? s
? ? .i att? ntlon ? ;, the muni ?
downa i" ba us? -i ait. i
, a-?
Owen Molen, n? Eagll h boxer, arrived
Last night, a. (?unpaid, d by his wife, on the
White .-?tar liner <)lyiii|.|. ()?? said he
WOUld ok- t? BM ?? '' Ad Willi.'.,.s i ??tun the
latter i*e?galns hi? iieaith, but would be
willing to face any other light Wei? tit at
?. ivVJJ?U*. gmmmWM* ' " ? ?"-??' ' "?"?*??'?
New Marks in Order at Big
Games in the Garden.
? A. T. Meyer Adds Two More
Titles to His String in Win?
ning the Dashes.
A T Meyer, the fleet footed sprinter of
the Iriab-Amertcaa \thirti? Club, ?rained
two more title? m continuation of the Ama?
teur Athletic Union indoor track ami field
champlonehlp cames at Madison ?quere
Garden last night He tlrst raced away with
the !'.!?.yard daab and sn hour later re
peated by winning the fCt-yard dnsh. ?'lose
to flve thousand persons were on hand to
enjoy the keen sport.
Th?- college men made only ;\ fair show?
ing. In the r.f.-p. und weight for height T.
raides, of Harvard, won with a credltnble
heave of it feet ''. in.-he*. Later J. O. Hay?
doCk, of t tie- University of Pennsylvania,
raced to "rit-tory In the Junior hurdles.
Til" most sperta' ular performance of the
evening was the winning of the fl\?- mil"
senior run hy \\\ .1 Kram.-r, a former
Vross-coiintry champion. He was opposed
by such Sterling distance mon ai Tom
Collins, of the Irish-American Huh; I/Oiiis
Scott, of Peterson; I.uis Tewanima, the
?'arllsl.? Indiaii, and ? score of others more
or lew prominent.
In the early BtagOa J. Silva, of Hoston,
raced away In front, but after going a
mile he "came back" rapidly. The Indian
'?-?I for a fini?', but Kramer took command
at thr?'e miles, and the Long Island Ath
i?'ti" Club athlete set auch a kiiilnc pare
that tho othera wer? aoon beaten off, silva
and Scott retiring Toward the end Colllna
spurted atiii beat Tewanima for the place.
in the tirst heat of tho lift-yard senior
dash J. .1. Archer, of the Ir!sh-Amerl??an
Athletl" t'luh. Bhowed the way to his cluh
mnte, a. T. Meyer The time naa 1? l-.i
StdOOndS. The second h? at saw .lack Kller
show his heels to Jim Rooenberger, who
retired from the Mft-yard rim on Tuead i\
niirht because of Illness. Filer beat "Hii
sey" only hy lachea, tho time being the
same *-j in the first h? at
There was a differ? nt story to tell when
the sprintera got together in the decisive
heat. Hera the Beet-footed Meyer ap?
peared at his beet For a tim.- it l??oked as
if Roeenberger would win, but th? | 11
athlete took the Fourth avenue turn hadly
find Meyer noeed him out at the tape, Hu?
maran being l.-ss tiiun two feet.
As Archer Rnlshed third, it meant a ?lean
'sweep for the Irish-American club, Tin?
"time, is4-6, squalled the indoor record,
mad?, hy J .1. KM. r in IM.
Only four m<-n to??i the scratch for the
?oii-yard senior run. They were a. R. Kiv
iat. of the Irian-American Athletic Club; 0.
i ??? Grouchy, of the New fork Athletic
Club; h Hlrabon und f ?i. k Bgan At ?he
tun iv grouchy jump.-d away in th?' lead,
followed by Klvlat with Ffran n<?xt
and Hlrabon Ias1 This order was main?
tained until the bell, when KMat raced to
the front, and Increasing his advantagewltta
over) stride, w?*,n by twenty yarda from l>e
Grouchy The winner' tin s wai I I '. the
satVie as ?;i<-stnc mad?? when he won a year
aC i
Poor indi*ment rulaed E it. Moran'a
rhnni's ot' sinning th? lunlo? one-mile
run. TV-?- rac, li;,.l map r?'0?'"?** **?~
before it became evident thst iirst and
second places rested between Moran snd
G. P Klmball, of the Boston Athletic
Association. At thre? quarters of s mile
Klmball and Moran were leading by n wide
margin. Motan then attempted t<> take the
lead but I ? Boston man start?'?l a sprint
win ii d!?l r-"t terminate until Moran had
run himself Into l groi nd. Klmball won
by twenty live yai Is In the fast tin\e of
i.' " '' beat the old Junior mark.
mad.? by Oecer Hedlund, by one-flftb 4 >
T. ?'ailes, the aturdy lyern Athlete from
Harvard, was the first of the collegians to
score. it was in the Junior M pound
weight for height and Cablea heaved the
blsr ball 14 feel ?'. Inches, which equalled ihe
beat junior mark. This wns three Inch's
better than ti." throw of J. Cahlll, of the
Irish-American dub, win ?ot the plate?
The Adams brothers went to the fore In
the senior Standing high Jump, Plntt Ad?
ams winning with a leap of i foot r?
Inches, while B \v. Adams cleared the bar
at ?' foet '. Inch to tak.- second pli ??
Whatever hopes T. Neunendorfer, of the
N'.-w York Athletic Club, had of winning
tii.? three mile senior walk vanish???) a few
seconds after t!ie start, when he cast a
Before h? ft reahod th?? tiei.i bad
gained a lap. a Veelmeke, the Pastime
nd toe artlat eras ruled of] for skip?
ping, and ihe!?-aftei the ra< ??? narrow?-,1
down to a atruggl? between H. F, i
of the Hew -Orb athletic Club, and i.
Pena, representing the Mohawk club Kai?
ser won bj i". yards In 1 h new
champ? inshlp mark, bul s long way
llng'a indoor record of M M
a Almleaf, of tho Bwediah-Amerleaii
Athletic Club, Sel i new junior mark m
the hop, st. p and lump by clearing ?? feel
?.'2 Inches T. L Rooney, "f the Dominican
Lyceum, earned the place, aearl) a fool
further liR<k
K. M. l'rltchanl was thrown twlen In th
quarter-mile sen i then
? i to ??u ; t I*. B. i torland won, clooel)
rj by ' D. Valentine, ..f the Irish
I Amerll an ' lub
J. G, Hkydock, of the 1 ersity of I', nn
aylvanla, made a new record In the Junior
70-yard hurdle ra? e by covering the dist.ui-.
In r? i-.'. aeconda J, K. Lewis, of Harvard,
won last year In :'< ? ? on
w ? ? n ti.. men ? I foi
yard senior ?lash one of ti.ntraata who
failed to respond eras Robert Cloughen,
last rear*i champion .?t the dlatanoe, Tho
... ath of i.is f.it.i'i-r a few bom
foi.? area reapooalble foi Ma al enoi
Th? deckM In two trial httOtS
i: K ??'Mara, of the Bo ton
Athlet Ltlon, won the frst beat by
v iniiies "front Archer, the ttaaa
being ' nda Meyer won the un
. ? r: th? sain-? tino He broke the tapa
a foot .o advaa.I i larke in the tinai
m ? r gathered In an? ther title by
u k" a foot Th ? ?
W. <?!<-r. jr. ti" P**0mlalng New York
Athletic Club high jumpei won the
?vent at this style arlth ? leap .,r ,,
feel ?. In? h, more than tin. ? ? ?...tier
? '..? ..??I Junior mark.
i: w .dams turned ti a tal lea on bis
? ? tie three standing jump- i..?
won arlth :.; foet 1 inch, while
Platt Adam a bo did .i., hap, bad
i ? ,.i with tiiini pi.i. ?
The point score follows. Senior cents?
lii-n Americaa a ?', '<<>. New York a. r,
it; unattached, II; Boston a a, u? Co?
lumbia l'nlv?-rslty at.d Mohawk A. C, 10
each; Xavier A. A., fi ; Long Island A. C..
I; Montreal A. A, .* ; Mott Haven A. C..
Qoofgotowa TJalraraltr, Harvard Unlveralty
nu Booth Patoreoa A ?'. : Pastime
\. C. W? si Bide v M iv \ Knlghti of
.-i Ai. ' '?'?? h il? lad n s, h".,i, i
? a? h
1?0 ' '?'?
Am? ti? ..:. ? ' ? ' :. ?' J Arch?i i, i,
An,, ii. sn .\ ?' , ti.ii'i 'i ui... h i. ,
le i un i I'll.I i i N "ii I.. ? ; I' Klmliall
Boston a A.; E k - Fork A <" '
.... .,i..i. ii .M. o.., i lomlnl
'III...-. 4 ?8
. .... pound >??? iah? ta* bt lahl (Junior]
u on i i ? ?i 1.1-, in.? vera, with s thro? ..f
M I**? ?> im he?, J Cshlll. Ir?Hl, Alnrrli km A C,
second, ?m i. Ibros "' i? feel :i laches; i; N
PsyM, m.util.. In .1, third. v.H)i a llir.,w ,,f 14
I ?naadlaaWb-dyagM BSSlSSammmn%mmfmmnaa
Indoor Champions
on UracK and Field
22 rsaw
Ktent. Champion.
**? yards?A. T. Meyer .
"" yards?I.. II Holland
I ""ii yard??A. P Klvlat
70-yard hnnlle??.lohn .1. F.ller
Two mile???,eor*e ?'. Hunba*
IM) yard??b, T. Meyer.
Three-mile walk?F. II. Kaiser
??" ? ."? hurdle??1,. H. norland
mm yards?A. It Klvlat .
60 tard??A. T. Meyer. O:?****
1 it.- mile??W. g, Kramer .Mtttfa
F., eut. Champion.
-t m.Uni: Lis: I. jump ? ?". Lawrence
.Distance. Ill fee? S Inrhea).
".?-pound tvel*ht for height XI. .1. Mr?.rath
l Distance. IH feel :: inrhea).
Kunnin* hl*h Jump. ... ? **. C Ijswrenre
(Distance. 6 feet t% In.'.esl.
Tole vault for distance II. g, nahrook
. Distante, ?A feet jig Inch).
Hop, step and Jump ?I. t, Fahey
(Dl?tanre, 43 feet 4 In.he?).
Putting I'-pnund shot K. I- Beatty
(Distante. A6 feet).
Standing hi*li jump. Plait Adama
(Distance. ,S feet I m Inches).
Three ?t?ndln* Jump?. .11. ??'. Adam?
(Distan? e, HA feel 1 Inch).
24-pound ?hot. .. . P. McDonald
. Iii-i.iit re, .,? feel 1 Inch).
Pole vaul?. t.. B. Dukes
(Distance. It feet 4 Inches?.
Wins Two Games in Battle for
Triangular Chess Title.
Cornell ?Irew away from Pennsylvania
In the thirteenth annual tournament of
the Triangular College Chess League, the
second round of which was played at the
rooms of the Brooklyn Chess Club yeater
flas*. P. K. Perkins and A. C. Ehrlich won
their games and added two points to the
si fires of the first round, making 3's all
told out of a p'.ssible 4
Rudolph BSS, the Chinese student at the
University Of Pennsylvania, played in the
b-nge.st gamo of the day. It was flnallv
adjudicated by common consent at B
o'clock, when the referee, ?"} .1. Hchwietzer,
de? lared the position, which was ouite dif?
ficult, to be a victory for Sze. The lat?
ter'.?? partner having lost to his Cornell
opponent, Pennsylvania's total was in?
creased to L' 1-2, or 1 point behind that of
Cornell. Brown*a repr?sentatives wars
both beaten.
Perkins, of Cornell, scored first blood of
the round by defeating Kmmons, of Brown,
at the tlrst table after twenty-eight mov.-s
Kmmons lost a rook through an oversight
<?n his twenty-eighth move, hut even at that
time h<- had the woist of It, being a pawn
down. The victory placed Cornell In the
The board at which Sze, of Pennsylvania,
was pitted against luirfee, of Brown. W8J
the i entre of interest, and to this interest
th?- personality of the Chinaman contributed
ci'.'tlv Sze |s of gentle disposition, re
fined and affable lut extreti.elv reticent.
He played a lively game, sacrificing two
minor r-iec*>s for a rook and three pawns
Later ?-n Sze .aplmwl two a ?id It tonal pawns
and had- all the better of it when a truce
xrris called at luncheon. Although Sze was
reckon?-! to be ? sure winner. Inirfee hel?l
out In good style until .. o'clock, St which
time sze nan a sntgnt and hisnop against
a rook and two pawns.
Th?- summary follow?
Knar** XVhtf. Hiark
1 Emmor.i? , Hi.O p.-rklns ?'>. 1
2 T.lt.lbaiim (P) 0 "Chrllrtl k'i . 1
a Isa .pi. i puf.. |B) . o
The openln*?: Hoard 1, Bird's 'i Keiir
Knight?, H, H i? l/.i-ez.
In the third round. t?> be played at the
Brooklyn ?'hess Club t" day. the pairing
xvlll be as follows Perkins \s D?rfe*.
Ehrlich ?s. Hze and Ttdtelbaum va Em?
One of the liveliest games follows in de?
i mistara
t Brown )
SF K .1
a Kt K B3
4 P U K t .1
B P Kt Z
?'. M 0 7!
7 .r,?t;e?
? K i R .t
I? Kt ... Kt ft ? "aarle?.
1? 1' ? ? Il 7! P Q Ii I
11 Kt H :i Q 1? 1
12 Q K K t K 'J
i:: g It i p r. S
itrir i^r
is n k ** Kt n 4
(< ,in?ll i
P (J 4
Kt K H 3
P II 4
Kt it :t
b g i
P K |
P K Kt .1
P. Kt J
(Un,?au )
l?, g K
17 Kt g
1? Il x H
il. P <> B
?J.' Kt K Ti
21 P s P
S3 P K 4
a h' x H
M ' ' x K t
2.'. K t K .1
27 Kt , Kt
ta r b i
o -irnell.)
Kt g 3
K Kt K S
K x H
Kl M 71
P x P
Kt ?j 4
Kt x P P
Kt x M .?h
g x Kt
'.' R g
Kt H 4
Kt x Kt
Q g.Xrh
Makes Quick Work of Munro,
England's Wrestling Champion.
Kansas City, Mo.. Dae tl Krank t*toti h.
th? WOlid'a I-a\ ?weicht Wrestling cham?
pion, defeated Atet Munro, the Knglish
champion, In straight falls hire to-night.
The ijr?t fall -ame In II minutes and the
s., .nid in | minutes E seconds, ouch W|f<, ft
half Kelson and crotch hold.
After the decision Qotch cam.? mer to
the ropes and smilingly sal?! to th.- n a
lap? I nan.
-. I'm done This wa- my lasf rip
?; on tha mat "
Enliven? I :- only t??o route's of fast
i boxing, Joe Hirst, of Phil.? ?!. lit , ..
the honors by a slight margin over .tack
Morris, ,>f Kngland. In a ten-round bout
at the Sharkey Athletic Club last night
Throughout both m? n ???r- Inclined to hug
llnch, but th.- spectators saw aojae
fast work la the fifth ami sixth rounds
Owing to the Ulneas of Eddie Smith, the
? 17 11.1 boo! betwaaa the lui mai and
li-.ward Smith at the Long Acre Athletic
Club last night had to be ?ailed off
Adama, Nan v.uk a. .'. with .. Jams ??f .'.
t-.- tU Inches; B W Adama. Ka? York A.?'.
arlth i lump of ? fp.i i4 tn.-h. 1,
ng Mohawk a. C, third. ? it h a. lump
? if 4 leal 11 \ luche?.
Ttir-, mlla ?ulk (MSlor) XXnii i.i p ][
Kai.ei. ?as y,.rk a. ??.. g. i'. ?is. Mshawk
a. ?'. aaeoadj B Behwaits, Paatlma .x ?',
third. Tima, 33 M 71 B
P.v? nty-fl\.> i.r.l -lush ? J u ril - >r . tlnal h.-ati
Won I.? ?'. II. ?'lurk. X,i\ier A X II II
Heiland, Kaviar v. a. aacoad; V Olutsch,
Paatlma a C, third 'i Ima, 8 OS
a?*veaty yard hurdi? (Junior: tinai bast) Won
b] J <) llijilmk, I'niv.-r.ity of Pennsylvania;
I J L.n.'l. Iri.I- Anurl ..n A V second; \V
i' Portar, unatta, heh third Time, o ?OS.
Hop, atasa and jump (Junior) '>'.'..ii I-. A Aim
? . - ? rtcan A. ? with ?4 f..t rm
f i, Rosas?/. Don lnicas Lo sum ??
and. ?I'M ?;; tea? *H Inches; ?? i Brtckley,
third, with ?.'i f.et ?? |i
I,.? w.r! hur?:? IfwnlOr) \\?n |lv I, II H?r
i ',?-1; 1> Valentine, Irl?t: American
a , . .?<? oui. i .1 Lovait, liiati Araericaa a ??,
tiui-i 'i in,., a h
itur.nina hiah jun.ji (junior) Won i W Oler,
Jr. New York A ?'. ??lth % Juniji of ? f.?t ',
, .. B1 Qsorgc ? ? ', socond
?Pli a Jim p of S f?et 11 ', lti-h?a; A XV MolTait,
Harvard, llilrl. ?rlth a Junit. of ft feet ICH,
IX". >;ird run (a.nion- XVon I ? A B Klvlat.
Irl.h American A '* ; o .? Da Ortsehy N-tt
York A C., aerond; H. Hlrahon, Irt?h-Amerlcan
A ' '., third Time. 1 14
sixty rard dash laeniar; tinai ii.ati Won i,?
A. T, M.,er. Irl.h American \ C C n
Clara Xa ,1m x a ??. ? -, i r P 0 Mara, it,,?
ni ? a third T n.-. .. OS ; ?',
. : , \\ , II to II W
? ? \,,ik X . With SI f--l I
ahrlns. Mohsa I ' ?nd, sit h .i
r,, i, | i Mi ?? y..ik x ? ' third, ?tin
Puttlns the 'Ji p. and shot taanissr) w..n bj
p y. l.otiald. Irl?h Amerlcaa A. >', ?rita SI feat
1 im !, .1 H Kill*'.I. k N. ?? Y ik A i
otad ??ith :i'J fe.? Hj Inch; II ?' Klagea. New
\ C , thlid. with SO f.-. t (i Im he?
Tl.. mile run (aanlnr) \". n '? W .1 Kram.i
Ij aa lalaad x C 1 I I
A - .... ,iii,l. l.oiil? !?->,. , .ir 11?l?-, lhlr.1
l l???
I S ?ault for lielsht ?Beiilon XX on l.y ?1 It.
Luke?. NVtv York A C, ?Ith II fee? 4 In.he.,
XV II.i|,| <-i,y. Monlr.u . i.l. with II feel, j
Summer Baseball and Its Evils
To Be Discussed.
Meeting of National Collegiate
Athletic Association in
This City To-day.
The executive eommltfe of the National
Collegiate Athletic Association h-dd a ses?
sion In the Hotel Astor last night to lay
out the programme ?nd prepare resolutions
for the annual meeting of the ?Association
at the same place to-day. ?'aptain Palmer
? Pierce, r S. A . who has been an active
worker In the cause for clean sport and a
raising of the standard of Inter'-ollegtate
athletics, Is likely to be re-elected presi?
dent, an office he has held since the asso?
ciation was organized, several year:-, ago,
vhen the first crusade against football as
fiimefl dangerous proportions. He said last
night that he expected a full meeting,
With representatives on hand from most of
the nlnety-OOe colleges and untversitl.-s
which make up the membership.
Responses to the letter of inquiry sent
nut by the association on summer base?
ball and Its evils were received from ISO
different institutions Professor i>ank
W, N'l'ol.son, of Wcsleyan, secretary of
the asso'-lation. rea<l a long and exhaus?
tive report, which he summarized as fol?
"Almost" all of the colleges consider
Itaset-all as now played a benefit, but many
think it <*>uld be Improved by eliminating
or reducing the professional element and
by emphasizing the Idea of sport rather
than contest. There is a general belief
that there should he fewer Intercollegiate
contests and more intracollegtate. A large
majority of the colleges reported that they
enforced the amateur law. Ther?* seemed
to he decided difference of opinion at> to
what t ht* t law is.
"Most of tiie colleges report the con?
duct of the student spectators at the game
satisfactory. Few of the colleges ?onshler
baseball to have been professionalized in
their Institutions. There is evidence that
conditions in this respect are improving
in many places.
"In more than haif of the colleges re
jiorting, less than 2i> per cent take part
in anv aray In baseball. In the other In?
stitutions the number participating runs
from U to fill per cent, and even more in a
few cases.
"Tin.' majority of the colleges do not
think it poaetMe to abolish (?ate receipts.
chiefly for financial reasons. although
there is a general belief that the practice
now Increasing among the colic?es of es?
tablishing a atUdont tax for athleth'S, if
combined with subscriptions or an endow?
ment from the college, might make It pos
si'ule some time in the future to do awa."
With gate receipts. Th?? majority of the
colleges seem to favor that course as soon
as it becomes feasible
"About ha!f the colleges emplov a rr"
'.al baseball coach, but decldedlv less
than half express themselves In favor of
that plan A lar??' malorlty of th?? col
ktgea favor th?? proposition that ?he bas?
laii reach be not allowed to direct the
game from the players' bench "
At the present time Yale, Princeton and
Cornell aie th?* only leading universities in
th?? Knst which have not Joln-??*l the asso?
ciation. Bvery effort haB failed up to this
time to gain their co-operation, but ?'aptain
Pierce ?s still hopeful that every Important
educational Institution in the ??ountry
eventually will join forces.
The summer baseball evil a form of
semi professionalism In the colleges a ttnl
form amateur rule, the needs of football
and professional coaching for College men
are the leading ?luentions which will bo die
CUSSed at th?* busin??ss sessions In the af
ternoon today ami at the informal S'S-^ioii
In th? evening
'I'll?* morning will h<? devoted to ad?
dresses by Major (ieneral Leonard Wood,
chief of staff, P. ft. A., on "Th.? Military
Value of Athletics to a Nation"; Chancellor
Mo'ormlck of th" I'nlverslty of Pitts?
burgh, on "CoHtsglate Athletlca from tin?
Viewpoint of the President of a Univer?
sity," and Professor Scudder, of Rutgers
College, on "The Influence of Collegiate
Athletlea upon Preparatory Schools." Cap?
tain Pierc also will mane his annual ad?
dress on queetlona of vital Interest to th"
welfare and advancement of the associa?
The aaeonation is made up of faculty
representatives of the various colleges and
UnlVOrettlee, and Its purpose la to direct,
rain'r than to control. 1'nder the circuni
Stances football and possible rule changes,
for which there Is such a clamor In the
Bast, win be treated only in a general ara]
as the work of revision will be left to th?'
rules commlttSS when It meets later In the
winter. Th'-re is almost sure to be aome
general dlocusatou, how.-ver, which may
prove interesting, more particularly as i?r.
Harry L Williams, who will represent Min?
nesota, and Who Is a number of the rules
committee, said Just before leaving Minne?
apolis that ha WOUld "i pose any attempt
that may he made to abolish the furwanl
pass, asserting that he Is satisfied with the
preeent ralea ami is in favor of allowing
then to remain Intact
Christmas Fete Held at Central
Park Riding Academy.
a Christmas i d? and equestrian tete
was held at the Central Park Riding Acad
emy last night, line, of the most interest
Ing features of the Programm-- was the ex?
hibition of tandems by members of the
tandem class Mrs !_? Court, Mrs Coone,
lin Stone, Miss Ooldman, Miss August,
Miss Le Court, Miss (iaheln and Mrs
Hirsch land, were umong the ridera, ami
they pui their horses through evolutions
which would have done credit to p!..:.-s
Riders for Jen de barre occupied the tan
bark In tin- early part of the aVOnlng. The
contestants wehe .1 Sella, Joseph Dorando
Olid .1 !.. Malier Young Mutter was the
fir?! to lose his trophy, which was a red
rosette i. Bella was the lucky contestant.
It v. a ; Bella's turn next ami he was not
able to defend his trophy against th.- com?
bined . . :? rhl Malier flnaJly managed
to get Dormndo'a trophy In the last period,
a hi t. made him tin? annner.
a polo game between the Durtanda ami
tic i,.,-i,., team and a high Jumping contest
finished the programma B .) Stern, Jr.
Caw threw and I C. Sherman represented
the Durtanda arlth Araber Klnney f"r
referee Charlea C Oerhardt, Bchuyler
Case) ami .1 Bdward Habet Beads up the
?'??titrai Park team. There were more than
a dosen entries In the jumping contest.
Which brought out champions from the
sta'l.s ol Martin Avlward. Mrs IV A
'"lark. Miss La Court, .lohn Hich, Harry
PI mili and K Swan
Two series were rolled In the Athletic
Mow-Urn** League last night, one at Mont
dair, in which the Passalc combination
took two games, capturing the <>?i<i by only
two plnH, and the ot'er at N'oitli Knd, In
?Ahull the home ? lui? area two go mea with
? iiv hush scores
i . m i?? ??; i... kwood lai ii
i:.' let isa kneel ?.??'i mu ii.'.i
III l?s 17.'. I'll,n.i!.,. HI |M lis
i ' aviu ni,'. isi isa iiowi .i i,o ist -in
Brunt ? ?Ml Ml IMlCvaaa , i*?? Igg tig
Tattle. Ml BM BrBll Totnli . . Hil.l |gg H7i>
i ? ?I.IIIIA Nl 'It 111 KM?.
u/, phi moi iiiii.uiu mi int ira
Appugai* lag '.'i? ni Hsipoi ?sj ita i*?]
ltii.?i ii.ik 17" l.u b'l Brier ,...gM tU 32
,..?. il 111 188 ? 1.41 k lii.i SOB HO
IlitiUell ...tig l>a> -KO. Booth .170 I'M '-'OS
flSBSh? ?** ?**_twi _ A\na^ Jtmi M*l i.v.\
?ca*i&n'*\ ^itct?n<f'?
a<yQ Dave i?9 ) C^t^?,
So- ?VlteVi* ablest ol aP?rtcxicayi a?ei?tncU,
?ti J?h?,tcccci?iAy>i
O? Srit?A, mVcitiAyfiac^c,
? zai
Athletic Research Society At?
tacks Difficult Problem.
An attempt to define the meaning of
pure amateurism as it is known in sports
xvas ma.le yesterday by the Athletic He
search Society at its annual meeting in
the Hotel Ast'ir. The society will try to
determine this long debated rpiestion and
give an officiai decision on th? *xpe of
athlete who may be considered an ama?
Representatives of leading amateur ath?
letic organizations who were delegated to
meet as a federated committee under th?
auspice? of the society to consider the
athletic situation In general and as a per?
petual body met for the firist time and
The?M representatives were Dr. Paul C.
Phillips, director of physical education at
Ambers! College; Wllllinn <>rr, Deputy
Commissioner of Education. Huston, for
the public schools; B. P. Be ?"?root, di?
rector playground system. Chicago. Lee
Hammer, of the Bags Fo'ir.-latn.ri. NV\x fork
City, for Boy Scouts of America;
.1. Fisher, international secretary of phya
tcal work for the Young "?tens Christian
AasorlStlon: charle? W. Brain!?ridge. Oar
ntantown, Penn., National rederatton of
Settlements; I>r .lohn Brown, Jr., Be retar
I.hxsi.al work. New Vork city Young Men's
Christian Association and rural interests;
\V ?'. Pearce, International Sunday school
committee, Chicago, and W. A. Slb'her
Philadelphia, Turner?? and North Ameri?
can Ojrmnaatic Fnion.
Dr Phillips and his asaoclatea atodled the
miestlon of amateurism according to the
case m?tho?i- that is. fr-un actual dtoputes
or prot?sts ajad before son*** r?*?ognlBsd aa?
thotity?but of the t.-n oaaas ooaald4*red only
two ,.<* them ii?Ter.si. and th.- >*ommlttee
helieved this was a too narrow considera?
tion of th.- subject from which to arrive
proper!? at a .-at'st'a.'tory determination of
th? problem. The work will be continued
with the assistance of a sub-committee
from the federate?! committee on athletics.
"It Is certain that the solution of the
question of amateurism will not be decided
upon the simple question of the r> ceipt or
non-receipt of money." said Dr. Phillips.
"The rommltt-e will decide on the broader
basis of ?he Influence? Involve,', In the que?,
tion of the amateur or the professional, BO
that the determination will go further than
any of the .-ommonlv accepted rulings on
h?- question now In fore, or that have heen
(Jeorge I,. Fisher, Secretary of the Ath
letle League -?f North America, which is
composed largely of Young Men's Christian
Associations, told of the reasons for break?
ing with the Amateur Athletic Union last
July. He said:
"I liad to think in the terms of No. 2!
Warr.-n street, and we were forbidden to
play any games with ?'anadian ?.rganlza
tlons h.cause the American Amateur Ath?
letic 1'nlon had a fight on xvith the Cana?
dian Amateur Athletic t'nlon. Non we are
having gam.? with the sanction of the
.'anadian union and with all others from
which we were excluded when under the
Jurisdiction of the Amateur AtMetJc
(?fllcets Were elected as follows: presi?
dent, Clark W. Hethorlngton, Fels Kn-buv
ment. ?licago; vice-president. William Orr,
Deputy commissioner of Education, Bos?
ton; secretary and treasurer, Joseph K.
lUycioM. prof, .?sor of physical ,.,? ,
at Princeton.
Clubs in Outlaw League To Be
Under Single Control.
Articles of incorporation of a baseball
league, the much talked of "third big
league,** will, it la said, be tiled In New
Jersey within a ?lay or tWO.
If pre.?.-nt plans are carried out the
?sagt*?, which no doubt will be outlawed,
will be operated on a new tas*]*, The
IBM -. and not the local clul.s, ?j-J" buy
or lease th.- grounds .-,,,,] pr,,V|,?, the , api
tal needed to put teams In the Held.
Th.. following eitle? ?au! ?nike up the cir?
cuit: New York. Brooklyn, Washington,
Baltimore, Pittsburgh. Chicago, Indianapo?
lis and Kansas City it Is said that tl.
grOUWdS in Brooklyn will be hetter situ?
ated than the home of the Superbas at
Washington Park and that the N.-vv "fork
?lub will have a diamond hi Long island
City 'lo.?-- to a station In th.- BUDWa
Kaufman May Be Put to Test in
Fast Bout To-night.
With the Ca,| Motrla -Tom K. nried?
hout ov.-r interest of the h-ning 'fans"
..-titres around th.- rneatlng <-f .\i Palaer,
the Iowa haavywaaght, and ai Kaufman,
California's bast big man. at the National
Sporting ClUb of Ann ne. to-ttlght Kauf?
man xvas knocked out by Jim Fix nn. xx ho
mauled Cari Morris so terribly in Mad
Square ?larden, but Kaufman has always
declared that It was lack Of condition more
than Flynn ?vhlch beat him down Since
thai timo he ha? challenged, but alxv ,
vain, for a return bout with the mm Who
lieat him.
"The match means much to PalSCf He
has much to ?lain and ItOthlng to 1,.,.?,.
If he IM-,its Kaufman h will stop to the
front ranks of the h.av\ w.-lght.--.
Tom O'l'oiirke. who l.n.ught Palssr out,
and ?x ho in da? s past niaii.u:.,! .?ueh tn-i;
,- Tom Shark.v, Jo.- Wolcott, ?b'orgle
l?Uoii and ??th. is, declares that he is DIM
of the best h.avvweUhls ,,f the d ,. Pal
z.-r has Shark.-?, s afBTSBSllrinsBS and his
hard hitting ability and is i-aptdli be? ora
lag cool and deliberate when under fire
Palzer came to N-w V?rk somewhat
than a rear ago, and after boxina several
minor battles was matched ?,, meet Tom
Kennedy, whom ho knocked oui in nine
rounds Kennedy, It i? true, had slightly
ih" better of him in a ten-round bout in
the Itoyale < lub recently, hut Palz.-r
hhowed in no uncertain manner that be
was coming 00 and was a boxer of promise.
Featherweights win hold the oentru <?f
the atage i! the Fordon Athletic Club to?
night, where Pac-te* Uommex the Italian
p,,? ?x ill i ice the fast coming "Yotina"
Brown, of the hast side Joe Coaler win
i,aV. his hand? full ?Aben he mets Johnny
Mot,-a al the American Athletic Club of
Urooklxn ^__^__
?fill KMDAV KVK.. DM, M,
falser I??? ?trfri.trcl Kennedy twlcr. Thi? la
tu, reel ? -??>?? ?*>??' saatah 3 the tear.
,.,*- ?Vric?4 * w\ M?)x beata t*?*?.
Show Preparations Begin at
Hotel Astor and Garden.
In preparation fi r tl I automobil? ? h?*.-|
?Xhich begin n?-\t week at the Hotel pu_.
and Madison S'piare < ?arden ?rOrkmea took
charge of the tw?. p -.0r
tli" importer??' salon in the belli ? ? ? f th?.
Hotel Astor only a atari '?' ?I th-,
work required amounts b rerj little Np
amount of decoratton could surpaja t_t
white and gold furnlahingi ?*'??. are t
permanent feature of I
At t ? Garden w? ? ? in en ? trans
formation will ?- ? ?? ^
bars outlines of the hug.- structure, and
this is already well mador aray w i.?n th?
full force gata t" work in a da . - tff0
nearly three hundred men will be kept hu-y
until the day the show open Coo<*reti
pillars were placed in the ?-ter
?lay to s ippm t the tot .?I
that win form th?- tempor?r) ,.a
th.?- main Boor. In ? ?h?
building laborara were piling ? t ? furni?
ture to b? teed while othera bet the b>
tion of the elevatora
to botst the ? ihlbil i to 1 .in-i
the ?on? ert hall.
Fi tonda of fjasttou Platatlff, manager of
the local l-'ord bramh, will learn
that he is w 11 on th.* road tnward recov.
ery from the lllneea that haa confined hita
to his apartments for near I) a n ? th ThU
second serious Illness Mr i'l-intif*
? ! ?luring the year, the first hav?
ing ii.-cn Mo? d pole? nlng resulting frota \
mosquito Mte received while on a visit te
l'?troit last summer
Jack Rutherford, the amateu
ided to sti? k to a ? ?! ear
f"i- ni-xt | ear*! ?
ordered a 40-hoi ? ' th?
way roadater type from | .. i rtaw
Motor Company, il?*? plana t.. .n'<r it in
the california road race? set for nexl Ma?/.
Rutherford Is one of the cle? ? re* driven
in the amateur rank-.
Qoealp in truck circle? yeeterday r>m
cerned th?? remarkable continuous - ?
run of an AJeo true* in Philadelphie Th?.
? ended on Tu it th?
motor havtng been stopped. The work p?*r
formed for the Adams 1 -panr
Included heavy trucking b?tw??-"i the rail
road atatlena and docks and Um mala rft\c%
of the cone, m l?re
eonsnmed for each hour of ?.ervte*,
w id!" a 'iu.-,rt of oil leste I Og**
of the offldala of ; land
that the Aleo trii'k bad don? mor" work
than could have been perform. ?1 bv etv two?
horse teama in tii same length . f tuna
Knocked Out by Jim Flynn in
Third Round of Bout.
Salt Lake City, Dec R -Jim '"ynn, of
Pueblo, knocked out Ton] i apoai in th?
third round of a it was t i !'*<>n _
ten-round hictit here to-night
Klynn said after the tlj-hl I weijld
now try harder than ewer I i tijht
witii lack Johnaon, th? h-sevywelghi chata
l'ion of ti"? world
Bell Saves Loser from Knockout
in Three Rounds of Bout.
''ail If-orrle, th? Oklahoma ? nt, "aiiiy
outpointed Tom Kennedy, the f< naer .it*1*"
t'-ur boxing champioi i haw
round bout at tii.? Empire ?Vthli 881
night Kennedy took - gai
if Mon S
would have emied In the : '
T! reo times M Bt
ve!?.'" "j ? i;;;... go it, but i l
giant didn't ki on ? ? ?;?'??*?
1er the i a "?*
seventh ro md lion la 1 ,0
the re* - ? '
I ? | i
bloa t" ? nd the bout ??'? let
teal ? ? ? '???'"
nearly gom ? ikna
Morris a I J
U, ? ..i hie
i.'..?i In trouble e I I thi
right at Ken tie. 1 v f.n ? .fid?.
?how? ? Ing right? and lei
in the tiftii round Kenn ,! '???
Jaw with a left and ? 'e'til
a i i.ht. and t?o- < 'k'.? I ed *P
considerably i ","**
ard the cl f the i ' !"'nt
-. oStt
of itu ht s and i? Ka
Although Mon ?!y'ut
ht bal
avtill m. to !? ' >n'
?Idered .? rea "white hoi -a"
_r. s-h" .md game, but lu "" '-1"
that is t.. ? ..--... ? to a trnplon.
IlttU.llllli ???>..
A?t a Ml 3?'h St.
lee) Murray .1111 -
ion to '
1 IMOI B ?.I KM V\ lil-'l VI K VM.
Music i.l \ i ? sTRA"
W' i, ' i : ' i ? ; ? ? I. ! BR "
Pllsener Ganossenschifts-Brauerd
ise-ata w?*-.t im *?? room-? ut?**
Mi-lltUli. Meoka mi.! Chop?. ? - ? T -
., i ope?
? v gt-oatag, I'e.-nnS?!
ntnenl Artist IqM
H(t,,.. - for OpenlB? *n_ f ?r paw
? ? _
Port Arthur S?'SSSSK
j ,, ? MORETTI -T'tt
?_ . ,a Now teta? (illur.trate.ll. IOC.
Benutifui grlvee from i ?we i-.v '????V
TravelUra* Co.. Aster Csart M vv-?i 34th **
Telephone .'4.'-' Murrsv H:ll _?
fga?i stauch's ggi

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