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Overcomes Big Handicap to Win
Fast Squash Match.
Speed and Court Generalship
Count in Victory of the
Harvard Man.
Two Important factors, court generalship
?nd tpced. carried John TV Premiss, of the
Harvard Club, into the final round of the
apaa squash tennis handicap tournament on
ta Of the Princeton Hub, (?ramercy
Park yesterday. Prentif-s. who was run
national title last ?.?aeon,
forced to his limit. All of his adrolt
I handling: of racquet and ball
-as called Into action before he defeat? ?1
W. Rlley, the Princeton ?'lub cham
after three heartbreaking sets, by
- of I?II? 15?n, U- M
outcome of the match, ?which was
with exciting tallies, marked the
* time that Prentiss has proved h'.s
ortty, with his burdensoni" handicap
- and " or no count. 1? was
-,11 the mon? remark RllOy rlayed
Bd had the further advan
I of being "ii his home court
fives small ins'rlit to the l
Uad keenness of the competition.
? the loiij. odds, Prentlei
'i'.ed to score a total of 85 aooa to M
i opponent in order to win. No fewer
.n times Prentiss was the Vi
? the -'-or-no-count rule. These cam<
? a! times, and in the last
: aa if Rlley would be successful !n
r the game had been set G
at 13?all. On thn
? waa declared the winner
?iiited a solitary one a:
to drop hack again.
Pre: " la B heavy sweat?; and
? Buned felt hat from
? b torn, the brim
- from the artificial light of
the <
In getting his - i, and
had run 1 - '-fore Prentlaa bj aoa
-thi-court shots ta'.ii?-?i i noaa
to actually begin Ids scoring. Rlley worked
rerly In the next hand ami
ird player was on his game
g ? ? nd get Ho hit the ball
M up and down the court, favoring
khand strokes for the Shot The
ante off the ba^k wall with such tt"
-??eed that, dt spite nlmbk
able only to wave his
? . id Prentiss plaj
that Rlley had a nnmber of falla bul
ily was not in.!'.
In this set Pn i
h al ?? nna with 1 nt at 4?all.
? -
the ball clung t?i the side are
un d some Ingenuity
aa to pick the bail off, but he
? accomplished the trick and a
the third set th* Princeton chi ?
? r all it was
worth. He led nd then Prentiss
rlth a run of 7 a'-s. as he
I with marvellous accuracy In th?? ra!- ;
? 1 the stra'iht shots with telling
the hardest sort of work Rlley
' ? ?
? If to win.
P Hlnman Bird acted a< refer.-* of the
. and Frank lyonvg!. the :
aa m ?ber.
Colleges Join Hands for More
Uniform Eligibility Rules.
V w York.
? dlatrict of the
? nal I'ollej
and decl?led to put Into ef
? stringent requirement.? regard
? ? ? gibility of . ollege nth lei
nt? d al the gathering
to ?Iraft rulen on the
eel gen? ? ?..is In
? of a rule providing tor the exclu
? .- for one year from a
team who had j another college
or u* ' the 'varsity team
Dr. R
Henry A. Peck, Byra
! nlvei ty; F H. i'ann, phyaical dl
r at New York University; Pr?
der ? \er. 1 ?i? kinson ? toll? |
Calhoun Cragin Defaults in Lawn
Tennis Tournament.
Indoor lawn
if the 7th Regln ?
day. r I ? sky made the light
.? ??? two '
?i th? Cli
entine Tr?
Innere In the cbam
? 'alhouii ' .
the winner of 1910,
? ?id champion I?
rere In the
led Harry A Parker, both having the
of minus half
ah. Cunnii i us half 4??.
? 1 \V H Wilson, minus l."., by tiie
? chalked ... LlhOUn
Ii. W.
ond round.
? ? ? t. <i that the tournament will
be brought d?.w i - by tl"'
; . day and New '? i
Von Boeckman Wins Amateur
Shoot After Tie.
wood, 1/Ong Island. Dee tl Had It
an for the misi table weather condl
?nortilng more than a hundred
?ell kt.'.wn mark-miii would bav?
part In 1 g al ?o! of the r?a ? ntlj <?r
? Olenwood Counti ?? ?': .!? Tl
morning kept down ti.. . t
tendan < and Ihor- arer? only sixteen ama?
:,ew dub.
The programaos called foi ? lOd
targ?-t ,-i.ot fut amateura and another Ida?
? for pinfaoolonale Natuially
trod In the aatateora and when
the final "bird" was flapped it whs, found
that P. ram Boeckman ami P.. Morgan, both
?f the Bergen Beach Gun ?'lub, of Brook?
lyn, had tied with totals of 87 "kills" each
?"n the shoot-off that followed Mr. von
Boeckman was the winner by the score of
*?1 to 20 out of IS 1
W B. Bllkwortl n of the
Club, took third1, and J I Jam
??lut., fourth prias '
-**b f.. ? ! !.. .i the pr?
? n-i thai, tin- a m at e um.
J -'? ? i...: i th . -. ran, ?aa hi raw
good form, and won with the oaoollont 'total
?I II out of a paaelhle Led i>m
? Mii.'?~ ?'?ywhara in the United Stetes
?ar J2.50 a year.
??N?wso/|nt?rESt M
Mother and Daughter Who
Won't Be Separated Say It Is.
; Want to See America, but Diplo
i mas from Universities in Many
Countries Avail Them Not.
"Nein: America is not the land of lib?
I ?art* You are tr,]r] It Is, you '< .
! thuslastic whan you see th.- Statue of i.ib
erty; hut when you hal entered the country
and tiv to lind work, thf- ; . eel
your ?? ?
and you find there Is no opportunity for I
"?louse, with which hotel for women they
arc delighted.
?Ach: we haf nothing like thla In Ger?
many." said the. mother, lier blue eyes
Markling. "If xxe could but find work It
would be ho jdeasaiit. In the evenings here
the young girls dance in the large parlor to
tue muak of the piano, and all Is so hilght
and eay. In the < iths of Uermany are
homes where women may stay, but SO
many restrictions. Put Germany makes
nothing for xvonien; It is s man's state. In
t1 , university the men ate so rude to you,
? ..- 11 - ilnoi s h your t-" B to show
woman is nothing to them. And the
laws an niade for men"?
"Yes Interrupted Prauleln Lilt, "often
I haf been glad that I am not marrf.-?l
! see what some of my friends suffer
from their hitsbanda There an- many
?ci- in ??errnany, and the
woman must sit still and bear it. Hut (he
? of C.-rmany Is that a x\oman may
Work there. It' a xx ornan ?if ;-?
i though! i-- ?-l a
who \xoiks In an oft" e,*she is no
spoken t<> than a domeatlc. And so
Students and globe trotters, who h>- ?ted al many clinic ai the Univer?
sity of He! lell
un Im n who wlahee to mak
and "
There ai?? ?x? i women,
x.i PTau hi ? i'? ilse I
laui I ' iblch, "
? ?
n world,'
h Ills? -l world, al least, Int?
.l, unassumin . Qt
man ?omen Haven't penetrate^ tn tl
to know.
Fancy s German ??-? tie** ? m wi-.o tun
? ?
I'nlvei of H a?k admis
mon n?.' only for her daughter bul
? In Ihe ? ver mlndli
i .Idn'l and. tan
a womai who had been married an.
? ? ? : again
\ i this
Tribune r. portel
day at the J House
t?a*o an- staving, thi
? . -.
TogX ' ?--.Heine. ;
and - iher things in
in Pans. Italian In ""Tor?
Bwed -? ish In
ey trav. nd took
:: ' ,. I ?
in England; and now they an ans
looking about for ?"ik which will ?
to live in Atnerics and
can way?.
them al the
T ey bad ban
trunk containing all tl ?
and : ? ' their Wan fi ?1 Into
the water of th? H '
The* wen f- ? ling a
- op? n
mind- I as 1 ?-! like
.. ?' ...
? - ouldn'l -i
-an ! ' come
third - ? : you must
bin lli told ? ? ? ?
,'--il. bul we
An-i i b? n when I to Ho
? ink, an l at
t In a corn? r I saw our deai
ere a Ith, all
soaking wet, th? i II with I
id so thai ?
i 'at holt? sh? 1" r th?
? ? ? ? i were kind t->
;n unfc in
? in ??. v. r< in
,| ? :
...n writ to the ,1'itiior ?.
w< cam? to America, but America, It seems,
? ?' work foi ?
it whs Kuh tu October ?
Fraulein Hablcb landed In Hoboken, and
afterward they gathered up tiieir
as diplomas showing that they had
go? f. nome waj In the atudy <>f medli Ina al
fiel,iriberg; diplomas from French, Span*
ish, Italian and Norwegian s. iiools show
it they could teach IhOM bUlgUag) -
find they wiit hopefully c? the Young
^'"m-n'? Christian Association .ind said]
that they wanted work. "And at Rrsl it!
seemed that they would fii"i us work, they
took so much trouble m looking .'?t our dl j
plomas, and spoke so pleasantly, Thai is
what I cannot understand about Ami
said Frauleln Lili "People promise you so
things, and nothing cornea ?>f it. u >
? ;? rin.-iiis, if we i- thing, we will do
11 Cut i think it was our religion that
ti?" YoUflg Women's Christian AsS"
ciatlon tell us th? re aras no work I
And 1 catino' - ? .
es i 'h: ist ans? And is tot t
Mon for Christiana?" naked Frauleln
Latter the mother and daughter went to
i hospitals to which th' v had lei
ters, a.?king for work at nursing.
? A:.'i ?t ? ?? wer? told that we
? ? ? ? three years' cours? that
what we had don.- at Heidelberg would
<. nit nothing. .M Ifounl Bins! wa were
told that then o igh plai
? r t ' ?? :- ??' wanted to nor-. At
the E*reabyterlan iiosj'it.ii they said my
mother v?.is too old t?> bo of use. Ana my
tld Fraulein LIU
'i'o rarious at w? nt to look
for woi k, with no bett?
"A llttl" aum "f monej w? atlll haf, but
,t Is m. I ting; i" aldea we wish to gel
i," aald Fi aub In
I.ill. "I go an hour each day to teach .?
not tak" n
Work we could get. pefl :
?,?., would ted, but did my
oe? bool a th me,
... u, travel evei ?> h? r< togeth? r, to be
. ? ? ? No, no!"
.,:" ,-ani lia moth? i. taking up a
sheaf of letters written In ;? long, running
"Here I < Irand i hieb? sa
,.? Bs ?en wiiting i ilwaj? made
her a hen we were i - ar ber
? and s'h" Why it
, hard for Instru? t? ?! worn n to Und
woi k. Bui BO it
i!?i;iv and very ti??1 water, ?- hot as the
m ik' s .m ' scellenl ? leanser
Inted eralli It win take soot from
a grimy kitchen wall aa if I magic, j?ro
i!,,i a goodly pi iportlon of the boras is
? .
Seen in the Shops
?ol? store -
?hu- bargain department, wh* '??
; with th? He
?th gravi !
prio t. ? atalof I
tvt-i or tin--- months, and will
hing It
An extremely practical automobile
ol acarf by
. and
Tiie point i!"?"
I unli a I : , ? I-""1
is llm -. ?"-? ?'"'l "
d |. r . ... can !?? turn? -i i-a-* to make a
,. le 'i"'
.-??., wrapping alien i ?
? ore remain the long eotla of the
acarf. This coi
... .1 dai ? nd wbltt ti Ipe al
jabota In .. number ol pretty stylsa are
aelllng for 1 ? Dta e.-i'ii. Many Of them
are double ..,-?? ., i?lng trll
-...?th Irish - an two and I
t thi
? . i,,atom and Ii.?
ti,- wldo 11
an additl
m? ?.i i ? . n,.-, i lion, win.
th.- ?rid? .
ol ravers] . . loth, sritk taxe .. but? j
tona, ca?i be lud :(l tan, gray ??'?'? K'??*" "?
110. Useful coats m u lather light vvcij.-'t
? to, anil polo coats are tl ? in a price
At $-?."?" there are guita of mixed clothe,
In v.l.ich red, green, gray ?u brown are
liied with black Each I Ult has a
1 ciliar In Its <iw n ? Olor.
. m Bomi tailored i
tor PI .'i'?' -mart inod'ds of doubl?
m two different anadea "f dark blue
and black, TI a reversa I Id?. whit h hi
.i with white, la used In ma
quantities for trimming ??u both akir\ :
. o.ii Th? ? ?
Dumber of da a
;,-.. |. arrang? i i ithi i -11 .?t th?
j rice ?ii" ?'? plain a? rge In aInti
with t^i-ru.1- buttom In diflfi
t,,u. h? b ol v? iv.-i for trlmi
*_ven the ???? man ? h. I
amount ?of needlework ?jometlme. '.?.ants a
bit Of embroidery silk in BOOM unusual
shade. There Is one shop where It Is al?
most sure to ti" tatuad, as it makes a
liy of thll ? ? ? WOt kef lik?-ly
to weal
; repairi
tire ? oui.o '
? 'I l" h HiilllliK the
llnest | nd in the
m,. pla< ?? one i an I Ing ?Join- on
i from or igi nal 11 ?
.-. una
..a ii.in i??.-?? mart
... 'i i Ib un* To i
prompt i?"i"> ii?? data of vut___iU.ii sii.ui. i10
Henry T. Finck Sees No Hope
It Save in Education.
"This here progress It do keep up
pedagogy as in aviation, ao that
?schools having passed through var
stages wherein they taiiRht the gentle
of washing faces, cleaning; teeth, ma!
bread und breathing through the nos
is high time for them to advance a
further and teach chewing. Ortalnly
It sene.ILle to teach children to cool
they don't know how to chew their 1
properlx" And why be so particular n]
the rows of shining teeth If the chll?
haven't been taught what their little W
pearls are for?
Henry T. Flnek advarm-es this theor;
the current number of "The Century 1
a/.ine." the third of a mournful se
xvhereln he hexvails the gastronc
d?ficiences of America and fln.li? hope
the future only In those children who
now helng taught cooking In the pu
Put It is not enough that school g
and hoys (yes. bovs, for their wives I
he 11!? should learn to cook
'Tii.x should also learn bow to eat,'
declares. "I'exv learn this at home. T
are usually taught to eat silently and
to take soup off the end of a spoon or
put tl a knife Into the mouth; but
mon Important art of mastication !s
iior.-l. It Is a branch of physiology, i
-should be taught by experts in
..-c ??
A picture oi a class of boys with ms
? - a tiia.-ti? utb.n lesson lying on
desks h.'fore than*1 Watting for the mai
cation master to come for the mont
b is. takes form In the irreverent nil
but vanishes before tit" vision of the c
nary millennium drawn by the author.
aval y American will he an epici
for he bas bartied to chew, and hence
taste his food; lie will demand tine Rav?
Away ?vit h the < ii-miL ally denatu
foods, t ie cold storage chicken, the wl
ered V4tgetabh ?*, the merily "fr< ,?h" ei
and the leathery peaches. Then the B
banks and Hetchers ami Wiley? xvlll he
alted al.ove baseball players and cook;
no, they will not look down on com it
mortals, for they do that now hut w!
the culinary millennium comea nrdln;
moi talS xx ill look UP to ?'ooks, for the gr
? o-k is an artist who "can vary the fla?
of foods as a coinj.oser varies his orch
tral colors and harmonies, getting genu
artistic, a.s v ?-ii as gaatro**?t**"a. >? pleast
therefrom.*' iTeii this to Brtdgat) Ti:
dirty stovos xviii give place to elect
ranges snd tireless ...okers, so that mm
Ing win be c rme a joy and attain the ?i
nit y of a learned profession. Then
wf.men xvlll love it and all heir husbar
will love them and ?nvorce will vanl
from the race of man. Is unythtng; m?
needed for a happy home than a w
who feeds her husband well?
Bishop Greer Presides at The
Annual Meeting in Synod Hall
Women who support various aetlvlti
at the Cathedra] Of Bt .Tohn the r?lv!
held their annual meeting yesterday
Synod Hall, Bishop Greer presiding. Anio
lim??- nrcsent were Mrs. Lev! P. Mnrtr
Mrs. William Barclay rnrsons, Mrs. Jam
Herman Aldrich, Mrs Henry W. Munn
Mrs. Charles F Hoffman, Mrs. Hal
1 iske, Mrs. Harold F Hadden. Mrs .To!
Greonough, Mrs. M. F Watson, Mrs
Horrlrn Harrlman. Mrs Vernon M. I'ax
Mrs Rlcl srd Irvln and Mrs. William
meeting l-egan ?rlth a service
? - - athedral itself, ,-rt which Pish,
Greer made a brief addresc, mentioiili
? ? 'tally tin- Spiritual side of person
work, isolating him were the dean, t1
Vary Rev. !>r \V M. Grosvenor. the Ve
? ?! ? trcl.aeon Maison and the He
Canona Robert F. .iones and Ernest Von
Luncheon wag served in synod Ha
and following It was a 1 usines.-, session
< .(Ih ers ?I, i ted were Mrs Henry \
Miinioe Mrs- Richard Ir?ln, Iflas An
Tow us.ml and Mrs. ?liarles F. Hoffmii
and In the list of general committees we
Mrs David H. ?Ir.er, Mrs. M V. Hoffma
Mrs. Frank V. Burton, Mrs. George Wil
Douglas, Mrs. Francis C, Huntlngto
Miss Julia t; Ml AilSter, Mrs I. || ?X;
?i-n. Mrs. Frank Hunter Potter, Mr
.lames M Vnrnntn and Mrs. John Jarre
Mayor Shank and Mrs. Bangs to Tell c
Savings in Food.
Albany. Heo. "0 Mayor Samuel T Shan
of Irtdlanapolla to-day Informed Ra*rn*?on
A Pears-m that he will be one "f the sp>al
era at the annual meeting of the Stat
Agricultural Bodety in Albany. January
to 1? Mayor Sliank has atlia-'l.-l mue
attention by his effort- to r--I ,, ,? the CO?
of livmg by bringing p**ot**icera and cob
..-. I toyei he; .
Another speaker will he Mrs. Pleecke
. of Brooklyn, who has o**gtuilsed
lub of nHghbora to buy f0o<i supplie
through ,- ? p. ? -m at lowest wholesal
prices, thus ?ff.-? ting a large saving in cae
Injunction Against Dairyman Wh<
Herds Them in School Lot.
I Bj V-.. Bl .; . ?-, Th.. ?Irltniii' |
Cincinnati? Dec, 17. Cattle are Interfer
Ing with the education of youth In Spring
ti- Id Township, according to a suit tiled lr
Common Pteaa <'..urt yesterday, and upoa
Which Judge < ?orinan Issued a ?crnporar.x
Injunction. The suit Is by the Flnneytown
Hoar-1 of Jvluoation, an-1 Is dire t.-d against
Augustus Kompl.?-, dairyman. The Injum -
'Ion prevonta !<umi?ke from driving his cat?
tle int?. an Incloeure near Hi- school prop?
?uil all?gea conditions in line with
tii.. dl losur? contained In th.- icen? i.
.?? the sin.- School Commlaaioner as
? . i . i ? hool districts, it i? allegad tiiit
there is a treti of eepeclally char and
?rater on th.- propart) which the
, h.i.ii- u ?hink from. The Bull also says "i-y
, ,,[ Hi-. - on? letra I ton of -attic within
? aid in- I'-siire, Which occurs each day dur?
ing th-' SeSSlOlls of the ?ohool. the |,o|?e
mad., b) ?aid cattle and tha con*nnotlon m
cident t" herding them m ?aii Inclosure
.m i driving "''i P.'i'-of greatly disturba the
, | of said BChOOl and dlstru, Is the at
teatlon "f r/nidls." a?
suit asks that the herding of Ihe
cattle be d?n*lared a aaiaanea.
Cinematograph Invention Lessens Dan
ger of Picture Show Panics.
ii,., m, 11.. :T in m. ombuatlbla i n
matograph dim, which will t? - -. n th.- pos
?iiiiht? "f i""1"v !" !'' " i" tare the
- -tiai.,i re? entlj before the
Berlin ?'h-ini-?! Soci.-t , and is mux re*
poi ted to be a completa ata ?
?| i,, in ? .-i, t I--I? Is greet.-,I with enthu-iasin
In H.rlii?, where s.-v.ral puni? s hax<- at>
?iirr.-l ?it liltn lews, ih. latest of Which
happened vest, play, but punned off Without
laaa of Ufa
New?York Tribune's
$15,450 in Prizes
NO. 49.
NO. 50.
Contestants are required to write their answers upon the coupon which is
printed on Page 2 of The Tribune every day during the Contest. An?
swers must not be sent in until the last two pictures are published.
The Holiday Season Is a Good Time
to Start in the Bookreaders' Contest
There AreEntertainment and Bene?
ficial Recreation To Be Gained
for Every Member of
the Family.
YOU could not conceive of a better time to en?
ter The Tribune's Bookreaders' Contest
than during the holiday season, as it will
furnish amusement and intelligent recreation for
father, mother, sister and brother; in fact, every
member of a family.
Don't get the idea that this competition is in
any way complicated. On the contrary, it is
pleasant mental entertainment and furnishes just
enough recreation for the mind to suit the holiday
The contest has been developed along lines that
will interest people of all ages, and those who
live in the country will find it just as interesting
as those who live in the city.
New contestants are entering all the time, and
if you have not yet started you should do so
without further delay.
To begin now you need only to secure the back
numbers of the contest pictures which have been
published. All back numbers to date may be had
at The Tribune office or by mail, as stated at the
foot of this announcement.
The contest is fascinating, and once you begin
you will find that it grows on you. The only re?
quirement is the supplying of the correct names
or titles of the books the pictures represent.
If you have never entered in a contest of this
kind before, you should study the explanations and
conditions. They have been drawn up along most
liberal lines, and offer equal opportunities to the
inexperienced as well as experienced contestants.
All have an equal chance to compete for the
prizes, and the prizes are worth some thought.
There are ten hundred and sixty-seven (1,067) in
all. Read the list of prizes and conditions of the
Begin to solve the pictures to-day and enter
with the determination to stand among the list
of successful contestants.
Tribune's Bookreaders' Catalogue
Great Aid to Contestants
The Official Bookreaders' Contest Catalogue
of The New-York Tribune, containing a large
list of book titles, among which are included
all of the correct titles to be used in the illus?
trations throughout the Bookreaders' Contest,
will be a great aid to contestants in arriving
at the correct names of the books and their
proper spelling. The price is 25 cents at the
office of The Tribune, or a copy will be mailed
to any address upon receipt of 30 cents in
1-cent or 2-cent postage stamps. If cata?
logues are ordered by mail, contestants should
Bookreaders' Contest Department,
New-York Tribune, New York City.
Explanation of The New-York Tribune's
Bookreaders' Contest.
Every -lav for BeventjMhroo (73) days there win
appear In The New-York Tribune (Dally and Sunday
Editions) Two (2) Illustrations. Cartoon? or other
representations of the names of hooks The Tribune
will sward ten hundred and slxtyoeven prizes to
Tribune readers sending In the nearest correct
answers to ths entire series of book Illustration**.
Ural two ofllclal illustrations uppeured an lion?
1 H einher I.
orr-BCt names of hooks to he Illustrated and to
h, Bi a he le Of awards are beins OOlected by the
Content Department, and will he Include?, in the
New-York Tribune's Bookreedera' Contest Catalogue,
which will be published as a guide and reference for
contestants' use Ths correct list of names win be
placed under seal In the safety deposit department of
[ho National Park Hunk, where it will remain until
it is called for by tbe Judge* at the eloee of the con?
tas! To compete for the prizes, contestante must
?five tha name of the book exactly according to the
wordim*. spelling and punctuation as published In
the Trlbuno'0 Hookreadera' Contest Catalogue
live (o) different persons will furm-u the ideas an?j
different cartoonlati will draw the book illustrations
The cartoonists ?sill not even know tiie answers to
the punie picture* they draw.
lly or household. *nd only -_? <?? ???? ?*?* ?newels set!' *?*
accepted from any individual rfmf+Stsnl I'afiriratlon la
any dher -*oat*Mt now U in* run will riot debar any un* flora
entering the coic.j etltion.
& All answer? must be held until the entire terlea ot
book Illustrations have been printed in *?'h? Tribune. anO
every set of coupon? upon which answers are written mus?
be arranged In numerical order, fastened securely together
and delivered or milled In a flat package, not folded or
rolled, plainly addr.u-.-d to the NEW YORK TRIBUNE'S
Bl'ILDINQ. NEW ?ORK. CITY, within tha tima specified
In Rule 7.
7. The t'me for receiving answer? will have no effect
upon the awarding of pru.s, with thle eiception v;i
an?w?r? must b" delivered at the CONTEST DEPART?
MENT of THE TRIBCNE. or bear postmark of mailing at
not Ifcter than midnight. Saturday, March 9. 1?12.
8. Prtz.-s will be awarded to the contestants. In ord?r.
according to the number of correct answers s?.it In to tha
entire serie? of book Illustration-?
First Prize?S learns Touring far, to the ron'*?*ai
sending In the largest number of correct answer?.
Second Prize?White Automobile, to the contestant
sending In the second Urgent number, and so on until ail
the prizes have been awarded.
In the .?v.-nt et a tie between two .2) or more per?
son?, the contestant sending In the largest number ot
correct answer? with the smallest number of duplicate
answers (not coupons) will be ???.?tared the winner. Where
two (2) or mere contestants sul:;'. t the same number ot
correct answers and an equal number of duplicate answer?,
the one using the. least number of coupons will be de?
clared the winner.
For example: "A" nnd "B" ?re two (2) contestants
and send In the following number of correct a-iwera
Duplicate answers and coupons:
Corr?*.?t An?. Dupll~.it? Ans. Coupons used.
A . 130 IS? 241
b. i3u in ''?h
"A" wins the pr,2e became, although he used on? (It
mnre coupon than "B." he sent in only IS?* duplicata
aniwers to "R.'s" 1SS, er 2 les?, and displayed greater skllL
In case two (2) or more persons ???omit the same num?
ber of correct answeis and the same number of duplicata
answers for the . ntlre series of pictures, together with
the same number of coupons, the valu? of the prize ?S
t:ed for will tie divided equally among those tielng.
0. A Board of Three (3) Juog.-s will ne selected (-.->
The Tribun-? from disinterested citizens ? ; take
charge of the answers and award t i ? prisse i"r;.-tly In
,ir ??.relance with the correct construction of the t!r;.s : : i?.
trated and as given in The Tribune's BookreaderV i'ontest
10 When? a set of answer? Is securely fastened to?
gether, the contestant will be permitted to stamp with
rubi.er stamp or abbreviate his or her name upon th?
space allotted for fame, and omit th>- full nuns and
address from the ma1or:tv of coupons, provided th.it such
full name and full sddrsas are plainly writt-n upon the
last ala ?*>) coupons of the s.-t, where ?pat? for ?.m? win
be provided in it;.- course.
In sending In the answer? at the close of the contest
It Is Important that contestants ?-?a| all pnckige? con?
taining sets of nnswe-s and see to It thai p-jota**? th-r-on
1? fully pr.-pild at the rate of two cents (I cents) an
ounce or fraction thereof Tell ynr Postmaster that you?
pack.ig. of anrw? rs contains written matter and must be
mailed at the first class rate
All communications or letters of Inquiry co?ice-nin?
the Book'-ende'V Contes? must be adnr. ??.'d to the COS
Ftreet. New York Cltr
. .
of the competition m
pen. U "i be lypewrltien.
Each picture i ..?presents the name of oniy one (1)
?,,,i contestant*- win not u? rsqalrod t.. h-ive the
, ,,, .- ,.f the author, ?nljl 'he title or name ,,( ?,,? buuk
p. all Ihet Will 1"' requlrott. Where contestants ?i,, not
certain ?f tb>- cermet name ines w;ii bo peuuitted to
? five -'.-*" ?**? "**"" '.' ?'
answer 'le airea.
.? ?^.. book picture. If tl,o cor
Incorrect answer? will nut oounl
?ogeinci in ,..?.... -i. -? ?? ......t cvmaiinn wish
to submit additional cameo to the same book lllustratloa
they uia> ."" *"> Without filling out the entire coupon.
Pictures nia> be Submitted With the answers If loutestants
so desire, but they .vlll not count for them.
6 Different members of a family may compele In the
Contest but "">?>' *"??" l""'*?* *A"1 D? swarded to any on? fatw
1?S.i.'.'llO Five-Passenger Meara? Automo?
bile. I he I It. strarn? (. uuipau ?.
Hri-.tdwii? and STth M.
??li.'OO White Touring Car. The White
? oi-ipttny Broadway an?) "?"?I St.
|?I??M00 Rocker Art ViaSat Piano?. $1.030
each. F Baaebar. M H"*t ?nth St.
is?*in o Fran-rts Bac? *?rt Plano Barco
Plano Cf., Ill Kast I ?Mil St.
6?-JHilO AadHBOn Vtaree Pian". Tiie Ander?
son Piano Company. 'S7U lulton St.,
Hri.iikh ii.
"?$*"?0 Iran? is Ha. ?m I'luver Piano.
11.200. I wo Wing Plan??. $600 each.
Wing a -"". Ninth Ave. and 13th St.
10?II?*l "'in. Two H,...Uer Art Piano?. $600
an?! $400. rctpc.tl? rlr.
1!?$:<M> Dining Room Halte. Lennon *
i i.m,i h,?. IM Kast IM M.
I"*.?tflOO casti.
14?$100 Solitaire Diamond Ring.
15?|r|?$110 ? lu.ter Diamond Prince.? Ring?.
$<><> and *:>0. respe. tl\el?. I.. W. Hweet
A to. 170 Broadway.
1"?$*?0 (?mh.
IS?19?$<tii (luster Diamond Princess Ring?. $tj
..?. i, I , W. amteet & to.
10?20?$lo?i <iM-n Kodes leather Bed?. $10
each. D 1'. ??wen (. ?inpaiiy, M Kast
?;:?.i *??
SO?tu?j.-,n . ash. *.'.% euch.
s??u?$io rash, $10 each.
?i????*i?$:tui) Men's or ladle?' (?old Wat ?-hex
$10 each.
,;6? r,7?*l?i rash. *"? each.
CO?107?nee. Amerl. an 1 hemm*. $:t each.
\n.. . o m Iherini.n ( .initially. '4 1 \Ve?t
17th St.
lu*?'**?7?* 'oo l ?dien' or Gentlemen's sin. tm
hrelln?. S:? euch. U. >l?ln?< hiirlder. if
Maiden lane.
tdS??ai?f_Se. Water-ana's Ideal Fountain Pen?.
It SO each. I. I. Waterman t ompany,
i*:i Broadway.
$6$?10?7~S7:.O l\?rl\e month?' ?ubsrrlptlon ta
**Pearson's Magarlne.-' $1 so a year. The
Pearson Publishing (oinpauy. fM |UI|
?Ith St.
Place an order with your nearest newsdealer to begin serving you with a
copv of The Tribune every day and enter the Contest at once.
Con teat Pictures and coupons r.av . e had nt the oltl, ?? of ts.
I.'.? ll. M_wa r?t< l-llv Un.. I -.,. mw.A IL.I.^U.r. t_ 1 ?._. ml- .

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