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Lifeboat Reaches Schooner Sunk
Off Block Island.
Had Little Hope of Being Res?
cued After Vessel Foun?
dered in Gale.
I Nil n afi
fl\.* '. ? . ? . Ilnglng ' - i ><?
4 ? ' ,
lOday from ti?? led""?
of i". ? It Inland lb? fa terrific
Captain T? ??! ano bla
Dfl ? >??"
' v .
' '
. f 111.
. v i.. dl
? ?
ai i ih? m. 11 ? Una
lag l . ih. . c.ii _
prajrt r thai ?
th? m w hen * on lite
*-*eac*i the) kn.it Hnd n
tbankaglvlna foi th? h re? at
laden, balltn? rtroia
Pert Jeffrraoa ind earn d fn
x ? [ ? ? ? ? off i., r
?. ?n't befen?, daylight pli? d
Bp on. th"
?*"*? *"' o she
* than an boni or ?wo.
lighted frei land ind thi ufe?
aavera tri? d r.rst t.-, ? ?
lhayy tri? d lh< ? ;<-.?
- shot from the
ed ? -art. and on the
? te-] m ..f the rope
hed its mark But the pich of the
shti.iv point and (Teal Mde creara bad i?
in Ing 1" launch s bo
?ti Ihetr WS tO II ?
Finally th? Hf*-> at ?
?k-ir--.i ?i . resscl it *a,v-- _ii.
t he] icsi-J.. until the iiin-?
BM n I down and
??*??? Then there a
to Mad without Bwamptni "f
tcik- a i" i*..!nt
.'? Ing station, a h? i e th? y a er? car? ?!
Vor m k things
looked so gloomy foi th?
? ally giv? n up ? ' iptaln Randall
I d told
then tli.:t it looked aa though they had
11? then read
? . ;?? ? ??- prayer! \n
th? w< I? an' urns I thai their
..in? m hud
?1 shore
patrol of ?'? sta?
ll in?-* on his heal a
?un, - .a th? m boon? ?
i ? | ? ?a ? ? ... i He
. ? ' ad reached the i
li ?Ige? I
and ? ?? i Intu p ? T ?
v. Ithln a qiiartei ol ,
hen she Ailed and
? inhibition- "f ?
? trying to drive !
i . .. v. ?
? ? ? . ?a from He Ir
.,,,1 i,< srl*. . a? ; lad '?ut in th? ui dei
: ri'l mil" - '
Old Park Row Saloon to Give
Way to New Bridge Terminal.
"An'" aalooa, known to several
. .. . .,,..,, . day
end by night \tter
- ? . ?rill lock Its
? roa .' -.-i'i ipi't. tor a
terminal In te b bulb
, land a 111 be
v. in at molt* - ? \ti"- Horn a
iv .rvher sad
\* a- ? *f*ht ? in 't i'i." ?. fin -
buns i
?'rin- i- Andy I
?? by Geldl
Gerl but "Ai ? iri.m Use]
? ? Oddback in IM th? Mlaaard
end he mil I ?? ? ??
it. for its < "?
? ..f It. U< bad an old fash
iy h iid
sad a mar*
Afilo. ach. "And I ?li.d
? ? beei kea ' ??' "f bad j
All I
i Is will !
? her j
nan- anil Hef?
? . iran?, ihe "White lintel" place I
this ** *> v :
? ? n h? >!>.:
well. "Boh is Hour ?cove red
hated between iheif aheuMw bladea and
I.".. Inglflg
?1?v>r-* and ko on down the How wltl
- ? ? ? i
Brooklyn Girl Thought of Her
Cat Before Drinking Acid.
i aula, i " . Ron ? Schm Id? i. ??
? i la i ? citj ; lea?
i result of drinking carbolic
si li. gh- w? >. '- g thai a pet cal
Ye ?ir.it t.. h>T !?i' ? ? i elder, S.o.
V.r. .1 ,; n
I : in Brookl) n and
wheat I ara n th?
<?'._ i of CM
?ft? rward sh
?a tni nt with Les
. u na?t? al ?
v ??..?.- .,?? mili yeav ri y
, No.
4- a r,... nil -
:li. al.-i !?>-< ii? r ?? "r ? flv? .
fo'iiov.,!!?.' a pi
1 . ..
ll '?_ w ornan
?SI .a- Mr- i
all of them
? he : , ?: thll
?I liai
Mm I*
? ' |
Hou_ek?--p?_r Will Have to R<.*
turn Money Ho Gave H'.r.
Atlantic ? it>. Dea -' '-?? II. ti
i I
?. - . Mi- Wien
. |i. i ai?
? |
. i ? ? 1
Subway Conferrees Hint ?it In
terborough Concessions.
Although nom- of the cotiferreea who
have maaaamiil the eKj* la the raetsal
?*on?"_*encea arith i*ep*"ea?ntatlra_ of tha
Pennaytranis Railroad and H. f. tk-rlaon,
"i ?' P. Ilergaa ft Co.. arould say so d?*ti
nltely last night, th? Impression wsa gath?
ered from tsikinj* to them that the Inter
borough might make some ubstantlal con?
? 1,1 pn -? ni a medid? 'i offe? to the
<ity f.n ih, construction of new atsgwaya
it aeeins 'hat Sama, i Rea, rloe?p**esidcnt
of the Pennsylvania, baa bees earafal at
?t to give ih. Impr? ?
.-mi th. t li' at all i la- i.'nt. ?! the I'll'i -
borough, holding only tha Inter?
. i i - -ettlnl lb in' ' borough to ''(.me
Into the rapid heme eo thai his
station mighl have transit faetNUea Hew?
?ter, H la known fini he linr? bass hi can?
stanl .'..11111111111'ation with repr?sentative?
"f ih-? interborougb, .u,d i? la bettered thai
h.- would not Intimate that they would
. i? - ihey were act
ii'.ii' prepared lo do so officially
\ Kho..Ki, in| definite was done ?-1,
ih.. . at the i alen i* ague I ' ak
on v. ? idai -'i ? night, which lasted until
It was saM lhat before
.k'- 'in il.. ?? ?.m?' ; ?" !'? hoi i ai
Ing an agreement in th. nrnr future,
et hing more definite ma] '>?? the re?
of another cronfereaco that wtll prob?
ably i?? i?? 'd on Tuesda)
r an agreemenl la reached at ti???? llaae
mother offer from the Int**rbo-"ougb may
? horl tim?\ hu? iiothlnR
short of aucl. offer ?arlth aubatsatlal
will brhig about a change la
. ' .?_' snuni that la no- beini
All .rn -M'.-.i have been wan about
talking figures, an ?>ihi i m the cru? <?( the
situation, bul ? Is understood that if the
or! ol an offer
?i -*/in - ol a "*"*ieran
!?? ..f not mon than *?'. i>er rent It with?
Ion m July becau?-?s tht
?.-;-., demand fot i per cen?
Total of $196,871,850 in 1911
and $212,999,270 in 1910.
?? ?..?.* i . to st itlstlci made pubil? ' < a?
Iterdsy by William l.oeh. jr.. Collector of
the P i;. tii" . istoma dutlei collected ?ur
ite ?ir?.;>;i.?c-v These
flgures s h.u a failing off as compared i'ltii
mo, when l
? - a larg? increase 'n ihe
dorn? itlc m? ??? vol?
? thli busln? ss li estimai I al
:?**i ?;i'?. an In? r a ??? of ab? I I ? ? ? ov-yr
Dining iln* ?. ai the gold and silver Im?
porta were 138 Ut no, at agaii
? ?. ijphi and Iv?m ? ?;??" l . dota? atic,
for mi amounted com*
i red wRh M.121.TM foi ' rta ol
gold ami stiver, foreign, ?w valued ai
71, _- compared with p\ ttt ?
Mr i." i .stiinat. ? t',. \ .i i? .a mei
??alltilf i?ii) 01 1- "l 191] ii- >*-'?.:"I 71t?,
In l?M mercantile Imports ran up to Hit,
VSXVn. Asid? rn m DM,171 E.Hi et? I In
duties at the port, the i-.?i"irt show* mis?
cellaneous receipts amounting to StJ.331*
which brings up th? n
In? lud? Hi tun .?m. ?.
Madero Government May Ask
for Ex-Minister's Extradition.
. D "v It I rumo ?d
the Mexican government la about to a*?k
for th? cxtr idlllon of RmlUo Va
?...m.-/. ? \-M i "i ..f the li,t<"-ri.>' from
ti? rails i- '." ? ed
that it.? i* beading * revolutionary part!
Th? "i I) offei ' ? ? i ' lomes, ir any, i i d
to ? "i" h political nature, for which he
11 arnera* Reyes arrived here lo-nlghl Th?
car in which ht travelled wa? dropped In
and th? prison? i con
du ?? ?I by an unfrequ? nt?fd route to the
Santiago militar) prison. There wui ao
? '"n.
The personnel ol th? court martial ?
?? 111 t: K' yea In paiI ?as officially an*
sd to-day as follows: Oenerali Jos?
Maria Mler, J<>s? Mari? de la V'egs and
i .au m Villar. To make ihess ofllceri eiit-ji -
ble, the) wen raised b) ogldal _? i by th?
Muii?-t.?r nf War nom brigadlen to -
'?rai? ..f the division. In addltloi . Q<
<W< . ? sa ?i? aignatt d as agent
of the "ministerio publico" to alt wltli | .**
Antonio, Tex., Dec, 27. Rmlllo Vas
? ?omes, a he la In thli
11\ led ? .. -iii"! to-day b< Ml
I ? olutlon agalni-t
the Mexican government Qomes Mil?! the
lei ? ; '. al bernai do (;?
the capture ol i I ? >l' ? era re
movt-a th? ihm ooselbl Ity of a countei rev?
olution In M'a-"??. Il* Bald ? mphatl?*all- j
he i.? arrf. slwaya hai i <??? n
lit neral R< ? i ?
Public To Be Excluded -Miss Edmandr
To Be a Witness.
ton, Dec. 2 S
tr;ai of lb? n-*?* Clarence V T. Rlcheaon
if A?. 1? l.lnnell w< !?? partly
made te-da? sn e ?t*r from Chief Jus?
tice Alken, of n." Superior Court, lhai the
prestir portion of th? fourth flo,>r of the
ihould be i' tan ed for the pi <
i thai Mil) counsel, Jur*. wit
? - and newspapct representatives
should be ?
Th.- trial will h. held In it Is i oi Um
fifth dru Beast"?** ol thi Superior Court,
? bile anothet will h.
rie, r.tr-,1 t.-. a'ltn? m - and Rtnaller rooma lo
the presa and telegraph operaton M1
Edmond* te whom Rlehseea la engt
will i? i? ?' " unctrnflrmH report
wai ni circulation te-da] that Misi i;_
-.'. i at Lakea'ood, N J,
Word wi ? : from the CI krli i
? ' j ; ? I : ? ' ' "n ira rapidly i -
ertng from | Hctcd s r>und- an
t M'l'i aa hli _ ? ? or.n H condll o
Medical Board Will Report Its Find ?
ings to President Taft
Ington, ''? ' 9 'hark V Moi ? '
i ? lui n t.. Washington ol
th?? ;.?? .' board which ws nent lo
? .o. bin befot ? hs ' sn
.ture ol rdli ?. sc< ordlm
officials ol r 1 ? na im. nl It
1?. ssjil tha ' iruoted to
brina .i- finding? t?i W iHhlngton, ami It la
it th' ' : ??' i ' ni i?? del - ' . d to
lite vVi i " n ? on '"- oi ' iw
.ii i.<- prom] fl) toiva led
i., th. ?.. hit? Ho r ' Id nt
'!"..? m.',1.1, ?? - of th?
-? i,i hi r
i ?i >?>,i uinatlon "t ?
VV. \l a ? lillgtOII t "Is
?li lin? 'i o. utski n
.man?m on .M-.i-- - condition Their n
? -i ,,?? Biibmllt' ?I i - i'.'.--''i'-tn '
; Justicu B.jtir Signa Oommiition for
Examination in Hospital
lljj ? ? , i .'.
n in? ! ? Jtal ^' Fort M r
\ ',.. bUgl ? " M'-l !
?in.? j. m..n i . . rith In
ill? _. -i um uiiiii. a
? ont i . i .a m nal' "' i ? .' ? ? f Btocl
..f ? ? Kudaon ?mpanj ol
More? ?lit an?l pi
In ?in ".
I 'I ? .1 1 ,1 ? I ? .,I,,!,,.? |01
Ing il
- i- rtfril .
i . . . : ?)?:. . -i ? ,vi
?i. .,j that, hf i*i I thai
_. ? iid thei return to thia juriadietlon.
COUPON NO. 26, FRIDAY, DEC. 29, 1911.
$15,450 in Prizes Free
My Answer* to THE TRIBUNES Btwkrcaderi
Picture? of This Date and Number Are:
No. ?SI
No. 32.
Contestant'? Name
City or Town and State.
Contestants in the Tribune's Bookreadera' Cont?e! mu.?t write Uietff
?paxTsr? ui-'-ti this ? ouron. Which "*lil ????>-?? ir on Pec? ? cf The Tribuns
?ve.,- jay during the r?ontet*rt Thr. com pi it? coupon must bs retmrned
Answer.? submittetl on ?nupons which ar?. not complete ?a xxliich d7? not
bear Th? Tribune's li"a?11ns will not be considered. List of prize?,
?tonditlons of tl-e ?.ont??,? ami
Will Be Floor Leader in Board
of Aldermen.
Aa waa s****** - t??i. AMerman Ralpli Kolks
xxa? chttatja n? n.i-c ?ador of the Rcpub?
Itcan and fusion aldermen at ;? caucus of
the n.? misera from ?Manhattan and TIm
Ki"ii\ st the .'it? Hall yestertlay afli
noi.n It.? t;ik"s the PtaoS of Aid- m?an
.Iniin A. l?"ll??. who r.siKn.-d til.' l'!a
after on,?r> so???*j**ting it, lieeaiiaa ha thought ?
li?> woulil be a liKiin-lu-iiil, the pfeBl ' of
?-iiiiiiman ..f t\\o I'iiiHi-i- Coa*rmlttee hav?
ing been split from that of floor leader.
Aldermen fn.ni ihe otii.-r l>ta*?o?*Bgha st the
Mrs! ?ami.? ?ii7rr?...i thai i ? place should
go to Manhattan and The itronx.
Aldermen Polka la a lasryer sn.i comes
from the 9th Aaaaaablj instii.-t, at which
x* i?i.mi ChUvers Is leartar. He 1> dosoly
in sympathy wHb Haarr n Carras), chair?
man of the Finan, e ? onimltt? ?\ and It i? . t- i
pected thai the two ?rill work togirtltstr ad
x new? ommH tor. th? nartM tobe sale ted
later, will be a?l<l?>i to Ihe standing com?
mlttcee, tii.- purpose of which will i>< to
-ate with the Hoard of BaUmate In I
th. win I, ... n,?, r?ti?-,itl.in .?nil rrf??rm thai ;
:' has outllaed. Mr. Polks v.ii! be midei
. halrman ol this committee.
The .-:?.'-. n It. imbu?an nl'l-.nii.-n-.-lect of
Brooklyn held a caucus :.t th* Temple Bar
Building last nicht ?n?i s'|..-t..l .lohn We?
il ti,. -iTti) Distri? ?. a? tl-,. Ir candid it?
for lac-chairman Of the I'oai?! ?.f Vld? i- ,
men The meeting eon?r? n? -l at ? o'clock i
For an hour and a half they argued .- n-i
took r-everal Informal ballots, Tin leading
candidates xvere Mr. Werner, O .?tant Es*
terbr ?ok mid ?Por?*?? A. Morrison.
Mr. Eit..i!ir?i.ik !?>??.uni angered Ireca
Alderman Dl?amer, who suntnoned I ? -
.us. failed t.. inform t!;>- three Republican
aldermen-eleet of Queens. He sni-i the]
agreement between the boroughs waa that
? - i,i ? ? ? i men ahoaW Join with the Brook*
!yn meh in selectfiig * t*andldate from I
Brooklyn, .i?is? beton th" nnai ?/?ate wrist
taken he !? ft tii>- room ??nisi?).- ii?- iir-?
clared that he had ?--??..m.- s fre? laste? and
would not abide by the de?*4slon of the
caucus, as in- believed it Illegal. After the
caucus wsJ over, ?h?- still Insisting that
be x\as n free lance, he deelej"*"d that he
. ii- publican, Brst, last and all the
i inrte
T!;e rota foi Alderman Wetiaar stood
|] t?. 4.
Dr. Darlington in Place of J. Ser-1
geant Cram, Who Quit in Huff.
i>? Thoma Darlington, who x?.?- H?-.?itii
Corrunisslonei ,.nri?i Mayor McCleltan --? -.
,l,.i..i chairman >.f the D?mocratie <?*n
eral ?^o.nmlttee a? the annual nic-tinu for
'- --: gatitsatlon held at Tsmttiany Hall last
night. He ink???? the "?lac* of .1. S'Tgeatit
. i.itn. ?';-> resigned in Pebruar? la ? year
because nf h quarrel with Charle? P.
Murpl y, the boa? i el? ctlon of s
United States Senator. They hav? patched
ut> their differences now. but Mr. <'r?m
could i.'.i t >!??' the i?!;?? ?? ?tain becaUM be
holds the ?.fTi'i of Public S<rv|.-e CtSSSHStlS?
Tb', oiii- s of ? i.aii iimn .-r th? general
committee has always been a rigurebesd,
and Murphy lia-- followed out his ??
--i i,. ? ping n til1? -i all .i man 01
prominence in the communlti who 'as no!
been sctlvc in politics. However thai ma;
be, i >i Daritngton always baa had th?
reputation of baang ? good Tamnunv it* ft.
ii ? brief speech ??f a?**~?rptan?**a Dr, Dar?
Hngton ore??, a rosy picture ..f tha x-i-.
I--I1,.? that awaited tha Deniraeratic party
this fail, n?- said they would be no leas
ii,an thai gained bj the part, in lit* "i
hav no doubt t'..a? 11 ?,. neat Presiden! and
ii,. : - m Governor --f ?bis ?tut?' *?*? 1 tl be
1 ?rniori ?iis," In- s:?i?l "1'inl.r the vis. lead"
T.shlp f<t -.iir h?>nr>r''<1 leader, xji Mu, j i.
i expect m do nsy best to assist m that re?
sult "
Thomas r Smith and Philip !'. Donohu?
? .n-; and treai irer, a?
s;,i-. tively.
There ?ves onlj one chang? in th? execu?
ti-? committee Stephen A. Nagciat aras
substituted fo?- Andrea .! Kelly from tii<*|
:1th Wstlict, KeUy r-siciK-.I In the ?tarly
summer tocausc Murphj a'ould not favural
bill toi a s.-;,,ni?'. , .Jin,- in Th? Bronx. I
Protection Given at Primary
Must Be Paid For.
;? .11 CO.?! Ihe dt! |US| '1.'-"..'. .. for giV
Ing xi'leimmi Samuel .M.irx th- olertion
of tii? law that he though! be ?. - ?? -1 - ? ? at'
, it prtaaary ? la? Htm, ? ben he ??.? - .?
. hi dldate i"i i..iii... ral
A ss. in!,; I >..-!. I? I
\, i % saw treat i. ahead, .. d ten! i tele?
??ram to Gov? rnor Ws, In a bi? i. ba aakl
?| have ?" ??i? ace ol a r*oni. . >toi m
lb? priman el? .,,...,, ??
:,ini...i inn.- ?>r aired rua*! na .?- aa to
tuest xote S-rlnu- not?
i-.i xvin re 'a arrange?
ment? Inadequate to asset the ?xltuatton "
l?l\ I. ?:. .
Bh? ?. xxi'b taa?iru tio&a i ,
the mean ? s Ithln his autha I
Th? sii.-rin ?? i. o m . ,..|.. !
? dal ?-?!? ?y mi. nff.i ;,,?j (
: .'.,--11
-n i-i.i ai A ?*"*" "" ?*
All I ? - : ,,,.,,
: 'i ir ii. .n-i --f Aid? rm< i? r. ? mi appro?
..- bond? i,, !n,,, ,hr
. ..t.ir-.ii- i t'r- nttargaal ?? III re?
Hoard of 1 lltnat?
i h, n ii ,|.| r,.i Hon .?> It
BUNDAY'8 Nrw von.', rrtifll I I
Ma?l?H ?nvv?.b?rt ft lb? Uillt?i?| otates
I lor Jj.:?0 ,? /ear,
Court Refuses to Vacate Order
for Tammany Leader's Arrest.
Judg? Mi Ave.. of the City <"om;. i I
yesterds) to vacate the order which ha Is
?v,!' i i"v the arrest oi r- n i*..,i i;. Nagl?.
Tammany leader, foi contempt "f court
n. ?ii-... denied the motion msde t>y counsel
tor Nagte to opea th? default taken by
Michael Faene) In ??n action on ? note for
?? oi.? ?iv Kagle, on? of which the order
of srrest uo ea
The argumeni ? ?!' AssemMytaaa CuvtRler.
counsel for Nagle, thai Ms cttanl had al?
paid |Mg| .m the note brought forth
.??onio Interesting developmenta. Counsel
i"i Feeney explained that the payra i,t bad
u.iitiTtion with the not.?. He Bald
Faene) bad aaade an election bet, ?with
Nagle as stakeholder. Feattey won. sad
>? ? ' n the time came to pay n*ki>- whs MM
short on the stak- none**. n<- was aa al?
derman ..t thai time ..,*.-i a-rHgntd ins sal?
ai for one month, amounting le WCA to
as part settlement. Bo Nagle still
owes *- i": of the atake money. Aa tar sn)
part of the note'a being paid, counsel foi
sai.I n was H"t so.
Cuvillier'a explanation of the transaction
was iiai Nagle an.] i *.. n<->. who hail been
friends tor many years, used to lend each
other money, He said Nagl? gara Feeney
? an la r for bia mooth'a pay as alder?
man when the plaintiff came t" htm and
him i?, let him have aome money.
Gone from Home Three Days?
In Hospital Senseless.
? ? * ailing al B? Ik - as Hospital for
.lam?'- Barrowa an eleven-year-old boy, to
wake from s coma bo they can find oi I
where he haa been sin? ?* hi lefl his home,
N". ill Wist ftth Hti.'et, aft-*r <liiin?*r on
Christmas pay. H< lefl there ?a'nh * boy
named Cttaiiey Cmmttrrx, mtendlng 10 meet
another lad, named Patrick ffUUlvan, Sad
??o i.? a moving picture show. Thats the
Is ' lime hla mother aaw him, although
she and his brothers searched th? ell :
Ti,, boy turned up yesterday in a res?
tauran) a? No. 381 Eighth avenue, and the
propiietei toM the poUo a man who
brought in young Barrowa aaJd he found
the lad "daggering along th? avenue and
that he aald he whs atarving Aa boob aa
hi aal <iown m h taM.- he fainted, regal
ine tonaclousneas long enough onlj to give
Dr Viator, aa ambulance sorgeon ?"rom the
New fork Hospital, his name nn.i address
Dr. Victor nid it was ? dear ceee. of star?
ret ...n.
,\t Bellevue th? bo) regained conacioti -
_:h111 for s moment, but again w< i.t
into a ?...'ilia. H> was held ? prlfdln !
I .i with Improper guardianship. Tn-.
mother ami brothers ?*v they cannot an?
geratend why Jamet lefl home, as he had
had no trouble there '"it tha pouce do not
undent inri why he remained away when
? ? bad a home to go to, especially as he
\?a- starving. Th? deetet agree that the
i... '.id'i DOl ' an n for man" bOUTS
Mr. Brewer Far from Fort Riloy
When Explosion Occurred.
Kansas City, Mo., Dec, tL?A congrega?
lion ??i Quanah, Tes., was hearing lb? Rev
Charit?* M. Brewer preach a sermon on
"Practical Chriatlaalty" at t ii?-? time of
the hiowing up "f the government hndg?-?
at Fort EUley, Kansas, in Which the pgg.
tot . name was Implicated through a con
i, i.f Pi |vat< Micha? i Quirk, *>? cord?
in? i" a statement made I. to-day by
?h?* Rev. Mr Brewer. Tin clergyman was
passing through this city "n Ma arg) from
Olustee, ''Ma. hi.- home, ?o Port Rile)*,
. i,< .?a?, s. be w ill Investiga!? ti?
ditions leading up to hla arrest and ddtnang
an explanation "f government erBdala
? M- ? ol< mission In llf? ? i aid Mf,
to cl ?ar my nein? "f this
against me. l* wa"
' itel unwarranted, aa the federal
suthorltk - found ?"it ??f?or tii'-y had In?
v.-tl-.'ii. 'I it Hut Ilia? goes li"t .atisfy
nu. i want to know who w,.s retjpessdbla
i..r mixing m) name In th.* dynamita plot '
Th.- Rev. Mr Brewer's arr.-.-t r-iii>wed
b confession by Privat? Quirk, In which
: mei the pastor, formerly
chaplain at tha fort, riding n an autemo
i,j..i sriih ;? a "in.m. an.i thai Ihey ha I
vj?, t., |o|n tin m li I.low lag i',' th-'
brtdg? " et ih'' Kanaaa uiver.
i ? ?.a- personal ma lint In nen?
ne? tin-* n ? n.im' wilii n,-' plot," i ?? pas?
to* ? " itlnu? d. "VI ? ? n th-- bridge waa
blou n un i wa pn acl Ina a ? i.n in
Tea. i do ? "t know Quirk by
i .i., not know whether i aaa I Im
or not l might retara mb? r bla feo if I
nn f..; I wai nled arltk many
enlisted oten i am golag to Fort
to sift this matt r *u th.- i' ttS
i f r my " vu -ai. ? .. far ika
Aha of i I'-u i ahall not rssi until
absolutel) untai nish- . by
. ?? ?v " the F? i Riley eftkh "
Meyer Will Get Minority Support for
Ti,, i.. a ? ? nl ? ? .'? ? ? Dining
AssemM a..'??.n !? ' a?) i itv
? d Thorn ii C Mai tin, "f
m .i-.ai i ..uni , na ntlnorlt) leader :?" tha
, omlng m ' "' '? ? Hey? ?1 I ?
of the ? '?ni' rene? fol
d,. Ii'.iimi n nomination f?>i Hi
i i ,? ..r in.i ...i., .i
upen n a ? lira a mnei ? I nomla itlon
- ; . ,1 r, l.l|? ||. V Ithdl .' ? III th' Ill
leresl of ha? i
i ... ? ',.
, '? ?i ,. up? rat' ' nil a
.. ..?i ??.in,' i .' i ? ? ? n ..i
. *i . -i. ? ..?-.i n.
I .., ... .1 <|,I... Ml
. ?n? Republli tua
Members of Sicbrecht Family
Near a Clash in Court.
Fifth Avenue Florist's Son Finds
All His Sisters-in-Law Ar?
rayed Against Him.
During th? trial reeterda: of th? mil ror
divorce brought b* Mrs. JuHa W Webrechl
Hgalnst her husbsnd, Henry A llahrecht,
li . tfoe ^r,n m a wealthy Filth aranas Bor
Ist, In the Bupreme Court, Whits Plain-, it
cams -?'it thai afl ef Mr. "gebrachte slaters
[n-law were arrayad again*1 bhn. tthiia *??
pel itlv? and ':.n pondenl : hu hand
a era standing by him.
Mrs Blebrechl and her tristers aal 1" ?"'',
part of the couitlooui arhlle Wtbr-K'hl,
Urs. Franclns Miner, of Nea Rochelle, who
la named as the coraapondent; bei husband,
| Frans Miner; Mrs. Wnrr'i parenti and Mr.
and Mrs. llenry A, Webrecht, wr.. Joined
? ii......
ii ejaa developed ?ha? th?. chHdren
divided. Louise, seven yean old. testllled
r..' her mother, v. hit.? her f oui teen?year?oM
? ;. rtrude, ? be Is living with '?? i
'mi" i at th? Si- hr? 'lit home In Neu Bo?
chetl?. gave evidence for her father.
i.'-mis. looked In awe upon the court n ,!
w itnessc -, i , ...ok m,, n itnea
Justta Milla patted bar head and told her
ii"i lo I." afraid "f either lohn M QardlX r,
'"ini-.i for Mr Blebeecht, or Henr) ?'? ?*?'?
Heath, who represents Mr-. Blebrecht Bhe
nodded her head and said Bhe wsen'l afraid
shr told ?.:' how her fatbei had taken her
?lone when he '.???nt ?.. caii at the horn? of
Mrs. Minee, sh.? atoo toM ef several rowa
her parenti had evet Mr? Miner.
"Did asar ana ten -nu thai you would be
acolded if you didn't r --11 tha trutht" Mr.
rjardner asked m cross-examination.
"No, hm i ihooghl I would gel .1 icold?
Ing from you, Mr. Qardner," the witness
rrpii<?,? oulekly, making not onl) the spec?
tatora bal Jaatlee Milla ai-o laugh.
Things warmed up after Hanry a. p-ie
breehtt si . tonk th.* alt nasa atand to deny
?um.* of the saldan?a given by bla daugh?
ter-ln law, Adele, Um alfa of bis s.>u
? 'liarles
"Tour daughter-ln-ian has testified that
? sha liad no -hfferetftcea with you. Have yon
I had onrr*
"V'?.?," he replied, with a flash of bla
Ma? k eyea toward ?Adele, who glared at
him; "she ha? mad.' try life miserable
alnce aha cama ?uto my family."
This mad? Mrs Adele Blebrech! riee. and
start tourard the arltneaa chair, and though
friends re?tr;iineil her. yet op* kepi Stagd
in. While her fatlio:-in-la*A- continued with
his testimony:
"?One tima aha asked me why her hus?
band ?'as kepi sy lata In tin* store," ha
Bid, and I said there WM B great deal
..f business tn be attended to which kept
?us ail lata Then abe said to me, 'Bui
? hr ilnnine.i:- That is tin spirit sh" lias
acted in aver ?"in? 1 she came Into my fam
Air-. Minar ?*???- naked If Mr. Blebrecht
i . rer given her any dlamonda and aha
answered In the negative. Bhe then Iden?
tified the handwriting on B card as here
Mr. Heath aald that Mrs Blei.hi had
tound the mid in ii?r husbend'a rotyn. it
read UK?-* th!*-: "r>enr Henry, we all ?*-;nnd
Our love to yon and make a Wish that bjT
to-morrow'a ?lawn your <*oid will ba gotaal
I Take ?00.i ("are ef yourself, bacauaa yea
? are entiralj too arlea to pet 1 areleea Mary
nui be well to-morrow. Good night.
I Frankie "
j Mrs. Miner amid the seni the card with
a i"i'i('ti"t of floa*era because Mr Mihrecl I
was in Mr. Miner swore he rurrie.i the
(lowers te the Blebrecht home
The ("Mi initiation of Mrs. Adel? Su h
recht by Mr. Gardner a as full pf e\
?iting momenta When the lawyer talked
loudl) and ebook hla tinf-or at the witness
she would exclaim: "Now you stop il
w :;en you tslk lower to me r will answer
j our Questlona"
When asked ?*?hen it WH thst i-lie fell
out with Henry Klebrecht, Ji?., aha an?
swered: "when 1 a*w hlra squeezing Mrs.
Miner? hand When I ?<a W that. 1 fill
OUI With liiin "
Tiie witness then s.,i.i that In company
With her hiif-hatid sbe went on S sleiKh
' ride aith Mr. and Mrs Minor and Mr. and
Henr] Blebrecht, jr.. to Blossom
ilentli Inn. ' Partners were rhauxed during
the trip ami ?I'm.? went With Mr-. Miner
? .\r i ,i- '....mi and 1 didn't change,** she
.I'.l.oerl "Wl didn't drink, either I am
! no' a so. a i?. vornan oi .?* had us ..ne.
, When we reached Ihe Inn. Henry kox Mrs.
' Miner'a i oa1 and kept sejtMealng I *;? hand.
I it was almos! constant, thai squeezing, t
refused lo bos to Mrs. Miner after --he
! drank so."
Justice Mills said he would not decide
j the cast until brlefi have been submitted.
Pennsylvania Has One Nearly
One Hundred Feet Long.
?m" of th? largest locomotives In th'*
world has been bulll for tha Pennsylvanls
Railroad, it will he trie.i out in freight
srvlce "n the _ti i'|i gradea of the moun
taina In Western Pennsylvania PTom Hm
! p"ini of the pilot to th.' pulling far.- of toe
coupler on tha rear of the tender the dis
tance la M feet 3I?4 Inches. The weight
.,f the engine in work ins* order and the
tender leaded i? Ml,. pounda This li
18,. pounds heavier than the hia\:- I
ps ? enget ? nglne and 272,101 pound ' i
jet- than th." heavteet freight ??nelne nog
in us? by the rinn-' lvalue road.
n outweighs John Bull, the Pennavl
vanla'a oldest locomotive by 144,271 pound
The n? a locomotive has four ryllnders,
each having a diameter of 21 Inches and i
i-ir"k.? r.f 31 iii'h' Baeh of tha ala teen
driving wheeia la il Ihchee In diameter.)
TlT? ten.lrr Will hold I'.'1"') ??SllOM of ,- ,t, , j
..mi 30 III pounda of ,-o-,1
| New Yorker Succeeds to Presidency of )
Pennsylvania Bell ?System.
Philadelphia "''?? S Frank H Bethell,I
presiden! of the Bell Telephone Cow
pan) of Pennsylvania ltd ai adatad com
ted preaidenl of Hie Bell
Telephone Company <?' Pennsylvania, Ih?
Dcdawsra 4. Atlaatls Telegraph and f?
phone Company, the Dteniond smi?? Tel?
phone Company, and the Cheaapeak? i
I'otomac Telephon? t"ompan) lo-day, aui
'?"? ding L'nlon N. Bethell, wla. be?comes
1 hairman of the boarda of directoi i of
t hose ? umpu nie*
F H Bethell'a Identification with iimi
telephom i"i ine?H In Philadelphia dates I
from MM, when he . ime from \\ isl i
n. a.- urne th.- sctive management ,>f th?-'
l'"??i Bell company, in tim early purl of
Util i;, i .-m..v.?.i lo PCew York to assume. In
addition t.. hla othei ofll ? ? ? thai 'f ' I ' .??
preaidenl nf the Sea \i.tk Telephone Com?
Advance of $10,000,000 U Possible, and
Without Customs Collector1*.
i ?? ? 'ni ? proposed loan
i f ? ?"'?? f -, IN giivenuneni of Hun-1
dura .m. gad thi'ii;*'. the \\'Iilt?i.-y.?'.?i|. I
? i. ii Bank, ol this dt* I i .
. i.. fore Ihe Hond .ran ? 'ottgr?
ilion nu v' month, u eordlng l
.uui.ain. .-m-m mail" * ? ? ? - - li |-? ,,.,| ?|,.
?i. i ? ? tad n- t\i ..??ii,..
"Th? i- ?'li be n" ? uso.m col i?. loi ?
, a , . r.. Rident gol We-clei ... th? v\ hit
si Bai i*, mu? ?? ? n ? unfldenl
itloni v*iii com?
il .-,..i. lust? ? ,.ii ..i n
i. n. , , ? ?? i ?
t ? mattet a 111 be placed hefer? ihe \
' ' "I . ;...?. |h|. ,(,. r
I ? l|ond*n ,.n ' ongre?
..... loi ?volutleni nid ?h- i_ii,.
Uli.i "f ?i M-i'le. g'^ernni-int."
70 Years of Maintained Superiority
and Conscientious Brewing
h,&,SchacferBe ngu
Holiday Brew
On Draught at All Customers'.
Bottled at the Brewery
For Hotels and Restaurants- Family Trade Supplied by l.eadinj? Dealers & Iracail
Brewery and Bottling Works, PARK AV., 50TH to 5IST ST.. N. V.
St. Yves, Marathon Rnnnei
Jumps Just in Time.
Henri St "fves, Ihe Marathon rann*
?'ii.ln'1 shine rou, ?i ;. .. mot.-r? '?? ? ?
i-f-rt last Bight it? was apeedlng thro*ai
"?6th sire? ; when he ran Into a l?xica
:,t pifth avenue, and it**urrowly teeept
probable ? rious injury.
St. V'.s, ;i.?c.-.r.linK to '?'i'hcsses. ?rb
to cut the t;.vi off, bot ? altad. He ?* ?
i... .im?: rtralght tot the no?p of the ?-.
he i ? alias ?? that his head
-in!.- i?. Bo ii?? Jumped Hi- cycl
grased the rear a'heela of the cdf as
toppted over. |"1" Marathon runner fe
on hia ? Ide, and r? eeh ed ? broiaa ??
the head
Patrolman Lai.sr*ected to pick u
s badly hurt Bt I vea. The latt? r ?:?
up, however, niM*?ed hi* sore spot, an
..i.. '.\- rer mind a ?io?'tor. How I
tiie bik? "
wh.-n aaaured thai aelde fixmi a fe?
-, i itchee, it. like htmaelf, waa compara
lively undaniaged, he waa plea -? ?"
The poiicemmi aNaa-ed the tta? I
,,.,?.,-e.l. the .'!?.inff<?tr and St. Yv<
; i?'ieeii?K tliat th?- affair v is entirely .-,.
, IttantaL The Marathon runner then re
ir.oiii.tt'd his motori'vcle, sax ing. T
'have t?> ?JO better than this or stick t
my f?*a*rt*" He was cheered as he rod
I Priest Had Paid Over Money De
manded of Him.
\V? Itport <""iii).. Dec. C5?. Walte
Eddy, sixteen years <-i". araa arreMie
here to-night as he waa removing a ba
: ? ntalnlng 125, w 11 i. h had been ptacssd o
doorknob by Pather Duggan, In re
si,..,i.se to .- letter sif?r'.e.l "Bla< k Hand.
Tim letter, received this morning, threat
, - ed If the money waa not forthoomin
m ?dynamite the priest's house and in
i':, i injury opon hia perant
The boj eOnfaaaad to writing severa
auch letters, an.i In -t pocket xvas foun
. r,e addreaaed to P. PI, Babntm, manage
of a lo.al department stor*?. demandln
|25. Hia father, he said, made him do li
but the authorities do not believe tha
to be tha ease. Several prominent me
an alleged to have paid sums rangini
from 125 to $lt>0, among them Wliiian
Adams, ?? i" left 1100 on top of a chlckei
j No One Sees Mr. Cortelyou-?
Union to Act To-night.
If the citizen high tap in linance t\ lio
it is i. porte?I. ?-a- to see President ?'ortel
xoii of th*? Conaoltdkted .'.as Company yes
terday and try to arraajga a oonferene?
xvl?i the repr?sentatives of the GaS'Worh
ers' Union, ?rot in touch with any one or
the Subject BO one would say anj thtmi
about it. On W?sdnesrJay alght after th?
meeting of the union. It waa annoiin?;?-?:
tliai action on the queatl<W Of a strikt?, baa1
been postponed until to-uign?. pending th?
report of the man v\ ho wa? to see Mr
Corteh ou.
H. ?'. Keating and other representative!
I Of th- Btrikers said last, evening thai thet-(
was no report to make, , xeept that confer
en? e? were under tray, and tliat if Mr
?'orte!., ou .!i,l not Rive relief tt> the nier
decisive eetton, ?rhleb, It was etplatned
might ..r might not be a i-trlke, voul?l bt
taken at a raeaUag of the union to-night.
?'ii the other hand, it ??as denied laM
evening on behalf of the Consolidate-! <;.i?
Company that any financier or any man
I ad seen Mr. Cortelyou on the aubjecl <><
a conference on liehalf of the union. A
representative of Mr Co*rte!you ?aid:
"Mr l'.irlelyou has not been approached
even with .? SuggOSttOa Ol a conference
txiih lepre.st ntative | of the union ajar of the
gas ?.?i-rkers as ?? body. Mo appolatmeni
has been nJked ttlth Mr. ?oitelyou looking
toward sm-rr ? etmfcrenoa nn?. Mr ?'ortet
rou knowi of ne ?.ne who ?routd ba likely
to ask for auch a con?*e**a***te "
| Long Standing Undervaluation
Dispute Settled by Appraiser.
A d?B?*is|on xxa,?, made by 1'nlted Sutes
Appraiser Hacher yesterday In m<- C*orm**-*
tutler: -..--. of wn-!--valuation. The?.?
?asea bava raaulted In Itaxdahtpa to im
porters of German cutlery becauas of the
f:?-t t'-.nt for several months past the ajov?
ernment, In order to put a mo|> to the
undervaluation ?>f this I-!?.?* of good;?, h,?.*
been holding up importation?:
in th? .;? .-isioii i*asars that had baen
brought from G?rirmany and ag?*a*f?*d at a
raluation ol l1 ,A mrka n d<"*xen have been
?1 te n valuation of 14.71 marks, and
in other instances raaara brought in at
11.:?? marks were *?dva**?ced t.? It marks, in
...sr? of scissors and kalvea advancea wars
mad? on about the s?tm> ha?!?:.
The importers have contend??-] that ?he
tiiriff a. t which pi-escribe? a gradtiatad
ICal? of dUtl? s .H'.rv ha..-* lien, rcsponai
hle for the condition which brought about
the und? rvaluatlon prosecutions >,? the cits?
t-'US .lUthnrl?|e?.
? ? ? , ..
Duncan W. Peck Appointed State Su?
perintendent of Public Works.
Alba. ?. i>- ? Duncan \v. iv.-k, <?f
Byracuaa, a*udstajil ff"|*xrlnta?Tdaot of Pub?
n?- W?lk-, aas appoint? -i sur^rlotendent
Oov? in.'i i"\ to-day, to sue. ? ? i
Charles E, Tien,,,,,. ..f Uhacu, re?)lgned
The s.ii.ny la IttW .. rear Mr i?,?.-k haa
had ? hargi i I the middle ?i1? Mon ..f the
? tate'a ?? u il sj at? as
xii i-. ? h was born -,n m,,? .;. ?aaj as
a '? '"'" "?" ?" the ?yi*act. M Mh?*ola and
nraduat? d from . oettell University
I" 1? aaa ale? led t.. ihs issembly
from ?nondaaa County, und in iiNwasttM
Damo ? ' cat lid M for Mayor ol I
?"???? i,':* ** ?|"'-?"! by i. than two
hundred ?mtea, la UN i?. ^,.Vl?, M ,,u!lil. !
?' '' "l'' Plt*a Marsha] ,,f!
?yraeusc, and In UN and UBI M Conua?s
<|.,n.r -d I'ublic Bafet) of Hi.n oh'- M.
I , als? aerved as eltaltrtuaa of thr On?
ilaa ? ? uunt? I'.'ii.?..cm, ?-..?itnitt- ?
i " " ? i I I ?man. n... ,. urlng supwln
'i"1""1 Mi i'.ck ,?a ?i ,,. ,
thai Mat? i itglae?. Bes?t? I ?/hares hi?
opinion "that he i? ,i,. ,1<;n, |( n fu|. ^
- ? ?...?
Mailed Boywhar? m m, Umted btatei i
?o? K--0 a ysar.
Animal Crashes Through Pint**;
Glass with His For-sieet.
T?x.. wtndoa ?' ? ? ? . -1
?h?-? display m a :?!">?* -4 in.:..?.-. ..f t
department ?jton a? I kh ireel and
iivi M?e, lata ? sei ' h* ?
horse crashed through the *ti*
forefeet f ran hltcl ed ???
livery wagon owned bj P ,
*-T"**cer, ..f Sa Bast 1_.Mli .?I--.
.*? numb? r of \.->iiii
man Ininliam, of tb< Fjtmt *??? '
HCC BtAtlOfl, in cutting ?In 1.v. >?-..
the waeo'i r*n<- harne-v. T' ? an'rr*l ?? g
i'.-i'ii frightened bf tha glare ol ?'?? ligbu
in til.- window and th? crowd s ?
collected shout It, ami it h?gan ? ? |
agslfl sflar I* WM r-aaSBjad from the w/qton
and f.--ii into a stalrwa '? *d ag to
menl of the atora bt lor? Il could I ?
trolled, crar-hitiK thrangh tha storm doer?
of tha ba aaaeni and frightening the ?loie-?
_'r;s employed In lia-, rro?~l.e.r- departaSMM
of tin" .-?tor?;. Whieb i** hi the bei ' I
It took half an hour of pulling, '
and not a little application ?if
tf.-t th<? bOrSS Up th? ? IN street
It was not Injured beyond I f'*1? i :?? from
the brohes ?ri. .?a
New Year's
Atlantic City. Ovti
Sunday and th?* hulula}-.
Through Steel train-: <?>;
fcllcnt hotels. l.o.ive Henn
Sylrtnta Station at 1012
A. M.. 3.04 P. M. week?
dav*: 1.20 P. M. Saturdays
only; 8.12 A. M. Sundays
sp?cial trams leave Atlantic
City. January I, for Penn?
sylvania Station at 4jQ0
P. M. i parlor ?-ar-? and
dining oar?. 5.30 P. M.
(parlor cars,, dining cv
and roaches), itopping tl
Trenton, Elizabeth usi
Telephone -Madison 7*H)Q."
Pennsylvania R.R.
The Thermos Bolt!* r?o?*?-, ?on-iethln**
that *?,is undreamed of before Thermos
was invented It dor"? Just what every.
one wants done?it keeps eoff?N tea.
aoup, etc., hoi for 24 hour-*, "i cold Bt
three days,
A Thermo?. Bottle ia an ideal jrift lot
man or woman, hoy or fir!
VRK ? ll.iKi i r
Therm is Bottl?M nrr aold by ail food
.?-tore*?. Beware of Imitation!?. ?.ci-i'W
Therm-*? arti'Ie- have th-'? ninic ThPt*
moa atamped upon the bottom of tMI
vram ion catauM,
American Thermos Bottle Co?
THKR.MO?* ni |I.PI>t,.
NEU *?oith.
Have You Been to the
Piano Shop
at 35 West 14th St?
Wall, res ajtfkl to re ?.v.?: ?f 're
tara la a**e ?n the T.ATKnT t p TO?
?a ,i?,i. . v.i n vvKu ri \sq
IIAMSM Il?( ?-.?' I>e I
Bj atajea. Al ?he "PIANO aHOr
i m imv iii...i"T ?nj .nil _>??? ?'??
qiullt?- Of ?'?li : ??'- "f ?I
l'lWcs POR THKIR ' >*N
Why? ii.- um.? th-> ' *n aal
? li, ?r ..rtimi. turn? for mu. ' I-***
.-.i N?w
h -ii
S!. I
1(1 Y
i -?i:
For a Moderate Price,
.,. ...... ? . ? ? . in? ? * i.:*y?r
m ill.?,-, u?.? ii ?ithe? ?*??*'?
r ef ?nur f-lllll> <*???
, ? .. H HI..1 pi...III.- Ally ?; .M ?'
to Bull thai ' <-'
Come to the Piano Shop.
lame aroaai "? ?*_ *?*?" *s?sa?aaBSl ?*'*
rttjnltl?! ae ira ?earing.
H Wart Hth i-trf?*
, ist wi ' ??? isita n

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