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<?* LXXI.N?- 23,788.
T?j-?lu- nn?l t?.-ni?irrow. fair;
xarialdr wind?.
?Strike of Laundry Workers
Causes Anxiety, Waiters in
Hotels and Restaurants
Being Affected.
JBmployers Divided as to Seri?
ousness of Movement, and
Some Prefer General Shut?
down to Compliance
with Demands.
There ?ras u i'-eline* of anxiety yester?
day arn^i? Hi-" Inrj?e routing.-nt of nut.
who like a wi<ic display ..f shlrtfront
when thny v/cra warned ?>f the- Ftartinsr I
of the first seneral strik?* of laundry
T/orkerr, ordered b) ?Local Union 261 ;
of the International Laundry Workers'!
t'nlon, which has i>?'-n thi*eatening al
general .?tries for nearly tu?? years
Accordiii'i i' some "f the memb? rs ??f
the union, forty thousand laundry work
era mav I ? ? to-day. '?'? a*
eis ar?" In the union, and then arc two
mailer unions which may Mrlk? in sym?
pathy, out the membership --t nil three
j.- a small proportion '?i th?- laundry
workers in the ?city. Some ol the em?
: lundi*) firms, ' "v-*' v?fi *?
pteaaed Hi? opinion thai ?the strike would
Involve nearly even laundry to-day, but
ether.- said 'hey were nol worrying
The demands of tl" trll ten?
hour v-orkday. double pa: tor overtime,
en Increase froi ? ? ctnts each
for Ironing shirt?, ? ne route less g ?lay
for the driver;. who also demand *14 n
week for drivera of one?horse i ?gpns
and 111 ?i ?veek for drivers ol two.-h? t .
waspM .md .: union Bfreement. Ti ws9
reported that Irv? hundred of the drivers
vie on strike.
Expects General Strike.
If. LaiiffeMer, ol If. Langf-kl? r ?fc Son,
vho* laundry, a! No 812 K?st 9Jd
street, is Involved In the strike, named
a number Of laundries ?affected by the
urike up to a lat?-- hour yesterday after?
noon. He alao said several laundries
which catered to th?.: trade of the bot. Il
and restaurants were Involved, which
?would t'f s hardship for the waltera He
believed practically all the laundries
would be involved.
"Owing to ?the praaent state of the
trade." he explained, "a pi eat many of
the employers strongb lavor a general
shutdown rather than submit to the de
?Bands. You cannot raise the prices of
laundry *ork to your customers, as you
would raise the price of a suit of clothes
if It coat more than formerly to produce.
They would not pay th?* necessary in
rrease if we granted th?-- demanda, and
to grant the demands would mean that
wc would stand the loss. W. have only
e small margin of profit, any way, and
i is would be sacrificing it all. My own
opinion would he in favor of a ?shut?
At the Brunswick laundry a large
Etrkc was predicted, to which other
frms agreed. Just as lars?- a number ?f
the employers made light of the strike,
AmoriK theae was Frank Fallotl? o. pro
prieti'i- of the Liberty Steam Laundry,
Me? 3.V, ?East 105th street. He said.
"The general demands were made or?
me. but the men did not quit to-day and
gave me until tomorrow, ) do not k"?k
for much trouble and do not believe the
Btrike will be a large one. Borne of the
shops wert open to-day and doing busi?
ness, and some would have dosed any?
Says Whole Trsde Will Be Tied Up.
Th> headquarters of the strik?-iu are
at Dot-lge's Hall, VJ.'.th street and St.
Nicholas avenue, and th^ stiik? leader
is William Armour, president of Local
196, which declared the strike, lb l -
Heve.fl the other unions would strike in
"All the trade will be tied up," he said.
'Each steam laundry controls from fifty
to one hundred and fifty band laundries.
a change la needed badly in many r,t'
the laundries. iltdependent of the ques>
??on of wages and he?ur.s of labor. Se-v
enty-flve per cent, at least, .if th?- work?
ers are girls, and in some- of the fac
iori??6, where the; start to work at 1
P. m.. quitting at 11 p. m.. they are no?
alleive,i t., gil whil?' taking luncheon.
???insisting of ? e.ffee and sandwi. hes, but
? to stand while tbey eat it in a
harry. w< intend te, oomplala to th?
Board of He-alth about this and ?)ther
matters. Th?- d? mands do not cover all
the grievances. We have the laundrl?-.-*
affected 1?y the strike picketed. Put have
no troulile."
He thought th?-r<- wear? itboui twelve
thousand workers out.
Following 9 visit from th" unions
tomrnitfe. which i*etuaad all ooncasolons
."?sked by th?; employing Steam laun?lr\
tn-in of the city, the latter .-oiled a meet
ing in Terra??? Harden ?am night ?ad
'?ganized themselves under th? name of
?h? Employing ?steam Laundry mon" \
Miciatiot.. with Max Langf?^l'l^r as pres?
ident As the: r-Miit of the Hat. refnsi.'
of the union to grnnf. any oomproralae,
?asan den.' ip-? th? cniployers two weeks'
ttee in which to Jidjust themselves to
new conditions, several of the laundry
owners and proprietors will shut down
their planta to-day for an Indefinit?
Bowery Lodging Hoime Victim Was
Richard Worthington.
Tha body of i man who died on Sun?
day in a lodging house at No. Tl Bow?
ery, was identified laid night by Georg?
W. Millar, of the paper manufacturing
brrn of Oeorge W. Millar & Co,, of So.
??- Duane street, a? that of HI? hard
Worthington, s brother of John Worth?
ington, who at one tlm? was l'ulted
?State* C?>nsul at Malta.
Mr. Millar said Worthington, who wan
about tixty-five years old, cam?! of a
Prominent fsmily in C<?oi>< ratown, N, Y.
He was known along l ho Bowery a?
?ifhard Worthington, and when Mr.
Millar learned ?>f this ho went to the
Morgue an?i Immediately Identified Ihn
?x-dy, ?vhlch was removed lo un undci
?*'*lng ??stablUhmcpt at Nv, 1."??) \\. I
Wth 9Ue?i,
Kex Beach
The author of "The Barrier"
has written a story of Alaska
life that has humor, romance,
and dramatic action. See ',
"The Wag Lady" in the next
Sunday Magazine of the
New-York Tribune
Dr. Bumster, of Long Island City,
Thrown from Hi3 Machine.
Dr. Pntrirk H Bumster, <??' .v?. ';.?;
Ely avenue, Long island city, i member
??f tlic medteal siHiT ?if Bt John's Hoe?
I'itnl. was i?a?iiy Injured yesterday at
t?Tiioon. when bis automobile skidded
aerooa tiio iec-oovereii nspball ?pavemeoi
.?it S4????ii(i and Jackson avenues and ;
erashort Into an Iron trolle* ?pole.
Hugh Darby, the chauffeur, nmi avui- !
lam McLaughlin, who were tiding on the !
iront Pf.it <?r Hi?- machine, were pitched i
<?nt, i?nt eseaped aeriotu Injury. Dr. Blu?
ster was thrown <>ui ?>n the pavement
!in?l was picked ni? uneonstiotit*. \ pas*?
Ing automobile i??>k 11 ? ? - Injured pbysl
trian to Ht. John's Hospital, where he
x\as s t tended bi Dr. n. J. McKenna.
Ii was found thai l>r. Bumster bard
liian.x nits an?l brotseti .'i!>'?nl Ihe body,
bead and face, His injurie? ure said to
bo so severe thai he will uoi bt able
to get about again for several ?,?,,>,?'
Friendly Handshake Cost? Man
a $400 Diamond.
When Henrj ? Ms Ila Id* in
Inland, h ps 5? ni ? ??'
ployed by th? Pennsylvania Railroad,
greeted x?ith a handshake a iii.-n.i mi
thr Anchor Liu'' steamship pier yestei ,
da) .iK?-niooii lila hand vas ?qui
so hard that hi?; rinn near)] ? m Into the I
flesh, in adjusting I hi noi Iced
thai it lacked Its diamond, valued ?1
si?m?. All ill?- N'xs *. --.-,i- iplrlt suddenly
Dosed out ?.?" his fingertip*
in a few minute? v ord had i
from "'?? to another, ;in?i most of tii
first cabin passengera of the ateamer
? "al .?ii.nii?. \x hi?h had Just arrived from
Glasgow, were s"ar> hin?; Up :<n?l dot? n
for the lost gem. Bui despite the ?liii
^?111 search made for it.- recovery whlli
Its loser stood bewildered tin- diamond
was nm found, an?i passengers passed
out In twos und threes wlahlng Mr, Op?
permau all kinds of luck In flndini ?
One of the ill cabin passengera ?ras
Miss Lens Dalrymple, who was met
at the pier by her flnrn.V Bills Parker,
xx'ho is a vaudeville singer, and although
Miss l'.iinmple ?,is herself disappointed
at landing too late to have her mania?*?
performed on the first day <>f thr i?, w
year, ??he managed to leave her belong"
Ingfj long enough to make .? search for
lbs diamond nnd offer a few words of
comfort to it? loser.
Avoids Leap Year Caprices by
Announcing His Engagement.
{H> ?rtagraih ?,? Tha 1 rll -
Boston, Jan. I.?-Robert P. liaf-f. the
good lookingr an?) Progressive young
Governor of New Hampshire, declined to
tak< an) chances nrtth th.- capri?
leap year, so his engagement t.. m'ss
Kuitli Bird? of Baud Walpol? . Mass., was
unnounced ? oin?'iii?-nt with the ringing
out of the old ami tli?* clanging In <>f th.
DOW jear.
The announcement came aa a aurprlse
to ti?,"? public, it was generall) regarded
that Governor Rush xvas the kind <?f ?i
bachelor that is ordinarily described as
''confirmed.u Also, it xvas believed tha: i
h?- hud so Immersed himself In politics
I that be had no lime to listen to th
Ingi of young Dan Cujiid.
Misa l?rd is a granddaughter <>f the
lat? Pr??ela W. i"ir?i and is prominent
in society. She Is an enthusiastic out?
of?door girl, and Is a member ??f the Xor
fuik Hunt ciub, where she has mad?- a
reputation as a daring rider.
Machine Hidden by Wall from
Boy Going Down Hill.
Tstegrmpl ;<?> Tha TrtbtJB?
i-aekeasack, W. J., Jan. 1? it was th.
first opportunity they ha?l to use ihch
n? xv Christmas sleds, and Donald, nine
years <?i<i. and Kenneth, seven, s?.n? >f
ES, If. RoWnaon, one of the travelling
secretaries of the intern;itl?)iial ??.mmlt
tee of Hi?' Toung Men's Christian Aseo?
rlatlon of New Totk cit\\ living al
Edgewate**, wore among the children
Who during the early morning enjoyed
the sledding down Glenwood avenue in
Their sleds crossed th<- River K<.?i?!.
which Is the main Utoroughfare t.? th,
Bdgewater ferry, where automobiles
t?) and fr?>. UHuall; at ?'? high rat?*
i?r speed. A si?,iv xxaii fence <>t? either
??i, ?,i Glenwood avenue prevented the
boya from seeing spproachlng sutomo
Ulea .?"?i i!'"' if why little Kenneth
i;, blason i'.st his lif?1.
a i>iK tottrtag ear paased along just n.i
Kenneth reached Uw read, and the boj
struck the hind wheel of the uno with
great force ;?ii<i x\;is fatally injured. The
aut'j is owned by ? >? A lUchsrdson, -?i
No, P?*' Riverside Drive, K?sw York city,
it xxas driven by "A," Helnemeyer, ?.f
No. 141 Usai '.??'?th street, rtow fork.
The chauffeur, who w;?s alons In th?; ear.
Stopped and put th?- l>o> in tlte auto and
wenl to th?' Hoiiinsun home. Prom
1herc ih? boy was taken to Dr. HuR<r, |
In F?>rt boOi ;?nd then to 'he Kngl? xv???.?l
Hospital? seven miles ?iist.int. i.ut Uttle
Kenneth's skuii hn?i heen fracturs?4 - 'i?i
be <iie?i just after ma? i??i>k tha ?? " -
Suffers Broken Nose by Fall on
Navy Department Steps.
Washington, .inn. i. Rear Admiral
William ?'? Pottei xmih injured this
morning by ?? !-(11 on the steps of Ihi
Navy Departmanl building as he atarte?!
to tii? u hi: ? House reception.
It v;is ii f.- r |, ported ?hut BS xxas seri
?in-iv in|ur?"i. but ?i the naval dlapen
,, v h-re h<- WHS tik?n h> a fHlOW
I ?(fleer ,? four??! Ihal h<? hod iiffrrwl
., broken ii"" , , ..
iSr|i,il?'1 P ?U< ?' ? ??1 >l ??-? I lit "I" '?? '"! ??'
.-ni ^f si'?nf stops? and fill again t
. i ill ii*.
? WI?II Ml
Mme. N?rdica Says She
Certainly Accept if Nam
Deputy Sheriff.
Mrs. John F. Crosby Ai
Those To Be Appointed?^
Belmont, Miss Milhollai
and Mrs. Laidkiw
v\ ?men the- i-ity o\. i wen
at the Idea ??- 8h< rlfl J
burger to appoint a ?
uty ihf-riiT.-. a< told ? -.- .
Trilaim- - ? .-?? r?i ij N< - -
b; th?.- Sheriff as among tiio.-??- he ?
like t?. appo'.r.; their allllix
to sente
Loadc is ?if v.. ?, t?. v omen f? ?r
in tho suffrage csum and clubwome
declared thema Ives In favoi o( th?
(?l?verai w,omen called on Sheriff
Vurgt i yesti rdaj. scarce! b?
neara, and ?-n being Informed ?hat be
been correctly quoti 't In The Tril
said they aroUW gladl) acl as hl-? d
Mr.--. John Bherwln Croa | .<?
of the Women's Demo? ratio ?Lea
submitted s Ifat of women whom
thought eligible for th? place, u.'ish
Harb irger, aft? i looking tti- lift a
Mid lie- Would aimeiiut 111? m all. in? I
i)ig lira ?Crosby herself. Mrs, ?'???
Sa] g li?' \\ ill a? c-f-pt.
Others ".i th?-- Hal nil ?u-lu?., i ol
Women's Democratic (nub?arc -1
Edith Itelffert, 9 lawyer; Mr.-, ??'"r^'
sin ?' e o? the coroner's ph* il? i
?ins Josephine MrMahan and Mr.? M
E. Lilly, .1 public a -h""i teacher.
Miu'. N?rdica foung, one <?f
women ?bora Bherifl Harburgei via
t?. ;., )... i -1 ? g pec la I deputy, n a*1 In
box a1 tha M? tropolltan ? ??pera Ho
yesterday afternoon listening to ? p
formanc ? of "Par Ifal" a hen naked if i
I "?I! i . pi
"I ' f.-t.ii.ii. ! th? --n I
??-, ro? Ido ;
Assured thai siu-iir. Harburger woi
?. i i] her ii'i i ? other * omen m<
tunic .i m " fit i-ii notification of ih
eppolntm a- within twenty-four hou
sin- looked ? 'i ??? ' 'l and happy
"it i^ertaliil] is sn honor I.m
anil ii Is aleo lu r ein?-," i be Bald. "Worn
[bare succeoded In ever? branch "f n*o
they h;?\ ? ? ?!.? n ui? It la only i rui.t th
they sh.i.ii i '. given .hi opportunity
act as guerdluns e.f ?ii.- peace, and I ->
confldenl they will make g su43ceas.''
Mrs. Belmont Would Consider.
Mrs < i. M. P. B? Imont ii more tha
reads lo tai!< the- matter orar arlth "
Sheriff) though he ha* |ol i" approa?
h?r: she Isn't seeking th.- otile-.-.
"I shall i" v ? glad to hear from tii
p;cntl?r>man." she said yesterday.
;-h??nl?l be \ en Intel ? i ???l to tall
him What h?< says is une mon proof ?
the fac? thai c \c-i .<. h- re th?. world i
waking up lo iiV far! that the servie?
?nul iiiflu? ti?- <?f aomen are niaeded inai
il?-|..?rtni?-?it of Hi? Thai i ?In -.-... i
m i,?, ihouffa women dont want t?
..ii?.i the ni'ii No, in? n and worn? i
iho'iiei worl -?"" ?'' Id?
-Hut about your being ? deput) 9bet
in. ? th-- ?? port-r reminded bar, "Wouk
\ n:i accept '?"?
"Wall'? Mi- i:?ini"ni baaitated. "I
siiotiPi have t?> know more about Ute du
IPs befor? ?xpnssincr an opinion. Wh.il
Asm* ?i deputy sberitt bava to do? v i
p?opP' raid ?rainhiini* linn? ; Dear me, 1
?Pint believe | want t., ih?cI gaURbllni
?if-ns. I think we women have enough i?i
?I?. without raiding gambling dene, Bui
I am read] f think all aromen ought
t<> be ready?to serve In any civic en?
parity en can. I believe moart strongly
in women policemen, and there otighi to
be women officials In all pAneem u-ii.-r?
there ara arom? ?> and children ?.?> deal
with. Bui the notii'ii of i" Ing ? deputy
attcrlff i? tu w to ni', and I'M have bo
find out more ?? i??nt whal ?' rn4>and.M
Mrs. Latdlaw Pieased at Idea.
lira, li? imont Ih one <f the thi--?- sm'
fragvrti wlso took part In s wonting M
?in Paniiirrnfli beaatqtuu-tera of tha 10th
AaaemMi i??: ir-i?-1 j?:i fal] by Mr. M.-n
baigeip9 in. iiation. Mme lallllaa Nur-,
| ?
I ?jutluucd ?n Uflli v?:r. I
., . mas <<? i iii.ii.? ?? Commute
Little Ones. Thirteen and Ten.
Were Trying Out Christ?
mas Gift.
Plunged Through Broken Ice and
Dragged Bodies Ashore?
Parents Had Recently
i Lot! Twins.
v ;.i,.1 ? Iraf. Ihlrte? n j ?? era old, and
Krank, her ?>?!, year-old brother, were
droa*ned y**?torda m th. norria Canal,
.1 : ey City. One of their Chrlstrasa
gifts was a aleigh, and thej went out
for a ride. Their father, before going
I to work In the rolling mill, admonished
the children not to go on th? canal, as
? s as t???j thin.
Many . hildreif ? -i e illdlns on the
ai ,i the temptation was t'." strong
for th?' two Oral children. The girl waa
, riding on the sleigh and her brother waa
hauling it, when the ?? ? gave tray an I
I the* went Into the water .'?i a point
, x ?ere it la eight fe? i deep
The other children, who were a hun?
dred feet o? .listant, scampered oil
: elllng with fright.
Louis l-'iihi- .ill?.i/.. of No. "_"_'l cien
denny avenue, bearing the cries, has?
i tened to the tow path mid plunged Into
the ??mil. II?' Imperilled hi?? life as be
hampered bj the i? ??. He finally
diecovered tl?< bodies, and thej were >?
moved t.? the home of John Irwin, it
j No. -~'.\ Ctondenn) avenue.
Ef?orta ?.?.< r< made to resuscitate them
j while awaltlni the arrival <>i' the ambu?
lance ft??tu the City HoepttnL Dr. Sharp,
tin- ambulance surgeon, found llf? ? \
tinet in Loth, and the bodies were i?
;u??'.? ?I t<; thr Morgue,
? ?nix ;i month ago <i?:?th Invaded iiie
Qraf home when Infant iwlna died.
Didnt .Situ, "Oh. Yon Bci'itifti! Doll."
to Annapolis Girls. They ?Say.
. |; , n un* I
Annapctla, Jen. i PtoHo Juatk-e lehn B.
XA.-II- ll,i m... inn,; ii? ?iull?? i Mldfhlpa ??'?
Balnbrldgii K??ii??i?i: ?I Sew fork, sad
Viten \\ .\ hhrook, ??? K? Muck*, nf the
eha ?? of ?iis..rih-1'ix eonduct. Tl.. i?\.i
wera takes int.) ruetc-l? '??? th? peUea of
Annapolis last night x?.;?n during the Rew
Yenr*a Eve celebration lieth w?*re ?urested
ii-? ? ilhn.i*. to .-i tight iM-tv,.,ii Aahbrooh
and ?liarle.? Tucker, .? youaa pluaiber,
wheea Kteter, Ce-aee Tucker, had com?
ptalnad le her IweOier thai ?'"' two eoAotM
in?! isjanlted her end tare other Kiri*.
Th? gfrla charged thai the t"*e youthi
had f.)iiou.ii tin-in ?hr?.:i_ii the atreeta t?<
Hi- Tucker home, trying te Mil SrMh ?hem
an?! ninffinf* "vYt. v?>u Beautiful Dolls" t..
(hem. The "rni'-i?? ? ' denied having auag
,,tn ,,ii?! ? ,,,- att? BJpte? t" Hirt with I
: .! and aald they were m.ikinii their *ay
?,> tha academy when young Tucker ac
? i then angrily. His weega ami psan?
ser led t>. the atreel ?Sght, which was in
whan tha police ai ived
Phfladclphta, luu i?wuii th?: spaing
<>i the new year ti??- wagaa of the aaetormee
ami eoiifliKtor? ?>f i'l?ila?lel|?hla'?4 aUSOl
,v aysteas wera sntossaHcally la?
eraasad en? seal aa bear, In eeoatdeaee
??ith ?i plim u<loi?t?J ?om?* time iii??>. first
year nt^n xv?n roeettie 3 ?ents an hour;
J ? ? m- men. S; third x.ar nn^n. Si*
rind fourth year men. -'? cent*. Thee* rat'*
? ;n |.. ii,?t. ...?1 nn'll ah nien hi the M.-nlee
? ?i ni?- pompan; ttv? years revrivo 3? canta
.?u hear. ?
\ l?*e-cbalrman of the beard.
; Aviator's Machine Turns Turtle
100 Feet in Air, but His Agil?
ity and Nerve Save Him.
Clambers Like a Trick Dog from
One Plane to Another as Ma?
chine Descends, and Lands
Still Smoking Cigar.
, B] Pel ??? .??h to Ti.e Tribun?. !
ton. Ja.i i. -Extraordinary agility
mid an unshaken nerve combined to save
Many AtWOOtt ihr aviator, from xxhat
Ibad looked like certain death t?>-iiay
i when a hydro?! ? roplan? x\ith which he
planned to fly to Portland, Me., turned
turtle and plunged Into the sun at Poinl
of ?Pines, less than five hundred yards
from the atiri.
The sl ?:'i \ . .-? witness?*- by about two
hundred era ??..- Atwood lit .. cigar just
?.??s he atapped int.? his machina and,
amlling .?t the crowd =- ? ? 111 his machine
laklmmln*" t?'*roea th? white capped waves
j for wliai look? ?i lili.- a perfect getaway, i
I Th? aeroplune bad reached an altitude
of perhapa n hundred feel when ?t
.'???iii.-.l -... atugger. Then It turned upon
o. axh like u bis weather vana and,
with us Doa pointing ahorearard atarted'
t? fall. Atwood thrust aside 111.? wlrea
In ii?.nt ?f hia seat, and atarted t.. clam?
her up on to th? 1.1? of tii" upper plane.
As he did ?? ??? th? aeroplane started to
turn turii . ; ad Ihoa. : hors were ;
treated t'1 ? : ???it that baa n? rer before,!
.-.. far as '* known, been witnessed In J
.,?. latlon.
The principle on which .\i\x.i clam?
bered about the falling aeroplane was
th? aame as thai on which the small
trick ?i???' familiar t<> those w i?<? frequent
the vaudeville halls, clambers about the
i body "f his master sa the latter < ?.ntorts j
htmsel! ahoul the stage? Atwood went .
from one plane of the aeroplane t" thej
other sa it turned boltomslde up In Just
thai xMix. Th? aeroplane atruck the ?
?eater with its hydroplon?*** md Atwood.
up. The force of the plunge ?li<?v, i?
Into the water so thai ?ver? wave broke
?,\.r ii, but the aviator managed t<?
cling on.
About Ihel time u?.i dl?R-ov**rrd
thai the cigar which had reraalnud
clenched between his teeth while he and
his machine described ??r?'s in the ;?i-i
mtiepItere, was ?till n?*?it??'. so be k?i>t
on enrmklng until a little gasolsoe
"kicker" i i which ;? ?party ' ' Italian tish
ermen were puttine "^eaward went to his
t<scue ?nul brought him ashore' unln
jiireii. ii?- xxas soaked ?ron? the bottom.I
,,i in:- f....f t,, hi.s waist, hui t'.u- rigar ?
nrai still going.
Atarood mteoded t<? atari again si
soon a.* h.'il?l ?<?'? another machina,
hut waa Anally prevailed an to ir<> to Un
cottage of Hiram Carter for s ruh down.
i afead of the ruh down, Atwood gave
an ?ngan recital. There was a small, <>l?l
i';,.-.iiio"?vi organ In th?' ?x?ii?,' i.m, an?!
be sat down and played "The Mesurer *_?
IHK Rar," anil "Kx?ry Little Moxi-ment
Uaa ?? AL-ani?iir au lt.s Own."
The machine Hank in ahout t.ti toMA of
water. Praps__i_ii_s wees made at omet
to raise It and convey it to the Franklin
aviation held at ffaugvs for lepalra
over S ?iTirs c|Uleke.-t to Miami and IIh
vnua ? nertda Bpedal," Atlantic ?"'oust
Line, i tralaa d^ily. 1213 Broad*''ay.-Advt.|
,4?-?????. ? ?
So Avers "Daily Graphic"
Comparison with Lloyd Geor;
I B: Ca*l? to Th? Trlba?! |
London. Jan. 2.?Dr. riiffoicl, in a '
\ Year's address at the WeatboUTOQ I'
Chapel laet night, reviewed rece??
velopments In political and ?social
paying some extraordinary complinM
; to ihn ?Chancellor of the fochequer.
1 hailed the minister as another Kir
, ?i.lov.i Georg* the Pirat.''
"The ?Daily Oraphl? " li angry and si
I Dr. Clifford's address is an insult to
, King.
London Chemist Prepares Su
stance from Common Seawee
[By Cabla to The Tribune?.*
London, Jan. 2.?A wonderful sub:
; tuto for vulcanite has been prepared
i a L"ii?ion cbemlat from common Brit
j sr aw ? id. The t?ommercla1 value of "a
! gumite," as the n- v. ?product is c-alled
i stated to hav? been firmly established
| ? gpetimi nt
The most remarkable property of si
gymlte appears to be it." high ek-ctrli
Dynamiter Leaves Los Angele
Presumably for Indianapolis.
I.os A.igcles. Jan 1. -?Oiti?- K. McMai
pal. confeaaed dynamiter/ lefl Los A
ge\e%, to-night In company with Maleo!
McLaren, .1 Burns detective. Hit desi
nation is thought to be Indianapolis.
It was more than tour hours Lefo
any Inkling of their depauHure leak?
OUt, and jail olhVers refused ini'ormatic
as to McManlgaJ'a wbereabouta,
it 11 believed MeManlgsl win appet
I Pefore th?- grand Jury now in session i
fniHurinpoli.? and repeat the conf?-ssi?i
he made to Distrlet Attorney John 1
i'l-e^l.-ric-ks. which, it i-- alleged, name
ma'iy labor leaders of th>' "higher up
circle as having knowledge of the doing
of thf IffcNamaraa in the many cxplo
9ioiis throughout the- country.
The Unidentified Assailant Flee
After Street Row.
Earlj this morning three men, wb
gave the named of Richard bleating, Ml
cha?-! Quiini and John Walsh, the lutte
n sailor off the battleship Vermont, srer
shot by an unidentified man In iront o
g lloon at N?>. BOS West 4!?lh street.
The three were bundled Into an ami.u
Ian?-?' ami taken to Roosevelt Hospital
! Keating ? i ? shot la the lefl sido. Qui?i
'got Q bullel in ill?- I'll arm and Walsl
was .?hot in th?- breast. None of the tri?
was in s s. rious condition from tin
Jerk of Syrian's Whiskers Shows
He Is Not Maeterlinck.
T l-xr;i|..'i lu Tu. Tril SI
Boston, Ian. I. When ihe- steamship
Devonian came in to-day the imasangeii
thought they were being bwrded hy
pirates A squad of reportera swarmed
up the eld?, with s battery of photog?
raphers, and s? t out to nac?rtela if
M'iiriie- M'. I?i liuc-U. Who has bet p.
?;,n ' s. a ? recognition In tmeriea, a/as
tn;ii!\ -M boar I.
a smi.iii .\iiii i suspicious looking
be ird ulh-tl i.n* Ince th? m be was
not th ? i"?. I in III h- I? f 'li n. pull his
heard. Tin i !n- '?Its .xti..??.-i! tli?-ni ?II?
facial "'??' am? m w us strictl) ? bom
- - ?
RcFcuer Takes Young Skaters from
Pond Just in Time.
i-'-an- ',.\-, nearly m? t death yesterday
whlP- skating ?a? I.yen's I'cincl, at Cypress
and Beirnoal avenase, Uiaeetis i3orough.
Two Of Hi? boys went through the Diln kM
int.? seven feet ???' sratar, an i .lame-.; itail?*>-,
twelve yean old. of No. 391 Lafayette av?
mie-, miel James Whu?-ii?-ac?. 9torea, ?>f He.
9*3 I.iila??tt?- avenue-, ciawlf.l out to tin*
?>?!?{?? ..| ?he- ie-?- atiel tried to help tli<-iu, lnit
the lea again gave way. and they, too, fed
into the sratar.
The ? rfcsf fay kelp of otbet bays at the '
pond l.ro'utht I man t" lia- lvse-cc. He \
i?iun?{?-?i into th?- water sgd managed <??
all four bays out of the pasad. The sausasa el
the tare that Irat fell in were not loturaed,
nor was tba nain?- Of tie- rese uer.
I.on?lon, Jan. 1?A Fp.-elal dtapatek n -
eeived here from ???Pssa saya ih;it the ??f
toris et the- Zomatvu Ibera to prajsaha a
boycott Of Ameri'Mii ^..e.'ls Is nu-clii'? with
small soccers owing to the popularlo of
Aiiieri'-an ma-hin-r>
Board Organizes for Two Years'
with Republican and Fusion
Majority of Nine on ?
Full Vote.
Chamber Brilliant with Flower
as City C'jrk Calls Body to
Order?Mayor Remains
Away from Office j
All Day.
Tammany Hall lost its long control ef |
the Bourd of Aldermen yesterday. Tha
now hoard. wMch is to serve for two
years, was organized hy the Republican
and fusion majority at noon. Th.? ma
i Jority on a full vote will l?e nine. Presi?
dent Mitchel, fusionist. whs absent yes?
terday, and Ald?*rman Kenneally, Demo?
crat, although in the building, dl?l not
vote, so the line-u|> was 43 for th?; fii3
lonists to M for the Ivm? ? r tj
Although Alderman Dowling, leader of
th? Tammany majority in the old boar I
and minority leader tn the present board,
put a few >ix?k?'H in th?' wheel of his n?l
Ivereariea mor? om ot a s**irlt of mis
chlef than anything e]?e. the fusionists
had no trouble in putting through th.ir
*.!ate, as follows:
vi?-e-< h.o,?;,..,i. 'o!,?nri Araolph L? Klum,
ol Brooklyn.
Chairman <>f inr Ptnatx*? Ceaaaaltt?_??
Henry If. Curran, ?>f Vanhattan.
Bergeant-at-Arma -Ambroee <?. Keal, Ke
! publican !?-;id.-r of the "3d Assembly Dig.
t.id, Manhattan.
Assistant Bergeants-at-Artna -Frederica
Horlacher and Bamuel ?'. cogen, of Man
! hatten: Oeorge Trtebel, William O. Badger,
ar., ?in?-ten Busch. Ifcnry Baum and John
J. Daly, ot Brooklyn, ;in?i FSdwtn Reea, el
?.?I!? .-p?.
Committee on Rules (which will make up
in?- ataniitiiK commltt-?i a? well as frame
the new rules)?Aldermen Ni**oll, Ootzler.
Plenirr. Downing. Khlpl? T. DoMl'ii* and
I i-? sldent Miller of The Broap
Th?? Tammany candidate for vlce
?hairman wgs John .1. Meaghcr, and for
chairman Of th?- Flnan-v ?'nmmittco
Frank L. Dowllng.
Fusion Majority Stands Fast.
That the efforts of Tammany Hall : ?
win over members of the f'ision major?
ity had tailed misttfabiv iras apparent
when the tir?-:* roto xvas taken, to BMkt
Alderman Diemer. of Brooklyn, the tem?
porary presiding officer. In the ab^, :
of President Mitchel. Tammany nomi?
nated Alderman Walsh and got only .')-'
out of the 77 votes cast.
It xvas just noon when, under t!; ?
charter, the new board was called to ?
der by City Clerk Scully In the .ildoi
manic chamber In City Hall. Outside
the flags were fluttering in the sunlight
from every ilagstaff. Inside the cham?
ber the air was heavy with the Odor <>:
roses sad other flowers, made up In ex?
pensive set (daces and paid for by a?i
miritift friends of the aldermen. It x\ ? ? ?
remarked that the Tammany Bienabers I
got more than th. : unionists, which re?
minded those prsaaatof a fuaarhL some
of the ads-blag Meada were hs the gal?
leries and others getting in the way on
the floor, for the retiring sergeants at
arms did no mo.? work than xxas abso?
lutely required of I?*ens,
When the first \ ote was being taken
Alderman ?Howling sew ?i chunco to
place the new leadsrship of the maj-r
|ty on Its mettle. Commissioner Pounds
of the Department uf Public Works xxas
Sitting In place of Borough President
Steers of Prooklx n. Dowling raised the
point of order that Commtsslt.u?r Pounds
[could not vote until his certificate of
I deaignatWU to set for President Hteers
in the n.'xv board luid been prop?-rly tlle-1.
He was as serious as a church, and
half a dozen of he funionists jumped up
to combat his p.int in ?lifferent ways.
I William O'CJonnor, -*ecretary of Presi?
dent Mitchel snd the parliamentarian
of the board, asttlsd th?: |?<?int in n Jiffy
by ha vin?,' the sectkSB of the ?harter
read which gives the Commissioner >f
Public works the power to carry out an
the duties of the '* .-ougli President in
the absence ??<* the latter.
Colonel Kline, mi faking the ?hair as
\ k*e-chairman after his ?lection, ?aid h.*
realised tin? resiXHUrtblllties of ?he ot*i<*a>
but thought he toas fully capable of osjg>
lag with them. i think I have the re
q .., i ,>t thoae ??-h" know me," he said,
"and I feel that bofors the end of th?i
t\v?, years 1 .shall ha... tIn- res|>?'?t of
in. s ho do not know me now."
?'olor'''. Klin?. Who W;l:* :l member of,
i he hoar?! BOSBO >'ears uk?>. m??<? he in
ten.K-d to enforos avarj rale on ths book
xvith Impartiality tskeoevar he waa
?alle?! upon t_ pi ?*vii'?-. "I shoul?l like to
?all attention to one rul?> now on the
books xvhl'li is vi?late*! riKht alona-." he
siii.i. "H is the one ***rohiblting .-ntokin?*:.
i: you ?l?> n??t want that rule you <?ikIu
to l.-seiiiii h. but if yfti keep it it ought
i,? i?. . sforced''
Dowling Harries Fusionuts.
When th?: i??????lution for the ??t<?iir?ni
.,. Ambroee ?>. Ncal as aergeanl >i
arms ";'' ?r^MWO year," waa Int-odtaced
.\id?rni'i? Dowling ?ast a few thorns n?
the path of the in? ??mists l>> d< ciaring
thai in some wa> or other the btidgu:
provided only |1,30U for ib??t ??mee. "I
just wanted t?> point put that If any
gentleman thinks ho is walkfpg Into
.*_.?Km." he said, "he is greatly mis?
It was later .-aid the Boord of Katl
mate had rectifled the error and the ?i
?lerm?.n would <1?> so later.
oxford has r.sixned hecauas he re?>
fuees to lake th?. redu? ? ?1 salary," de
? larcil Dowliiif- with ?i smile, when it
came tim?? to name oxford, the former
sergeant-at-arml ??id a Sutiivun man.
t?. oppose N.-al. The assistant sergeunls
at-anns gat 9U200 each.
? ?n motion of Alderman Folks, Vice
chairman Kline appoint?-?! a commltte?*
i oiis.stiiiK of Aldermen Folks. Downing,
Herbst, Kenny and Dowling, to inform
:h? Mayor V ;it the ixjard had been or
genized and awaited his pltaeeure. An
the Mayor >x?is not at ?l?. ?it?- h??II yes
tenlax ih. ,i? uh? i'tion hud to go over.
It has ?ot l'?>cn th?- ?n-torn ?>i Mayor
?lax nor t?> end his annual message to
the Board of Aldermen ut th? tirst meet

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