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Allis-Chalmers Committee Makes
Deal with Central Trust Co.
Thought Likely Proceedings for j
a Receivership Will Bo
Started Soon.
'!' i .January interest on ths Rial mort-j
per ?-?it b?>nd? of the Allis-f halmeis
? ompany. which lia? b<eti d?>funited by the.
?;\. ??ill be advanced to hondliold? rs
who deposit their .????iritics with ih?- bond
holders' protective ?otnmittcc. headed l?y
N Walla.?. Which has arringc?!
Witli the ?"'entrai Trust ?'ompany. the de-1
?-, fog the committee, t?? ailvance tl?o
amount of the January coupons i.pon the
security of lb? respective bonds ami eou
, ?. ?I. posited. Interest at th?. rat?- ol I
??er cent a ?ear Will t>?- ?-har?;cil l?y the
trust conspaay.
It Is understood that the plan now in con?
templation for a refti'gawlBB?**" of the i
Allis-Chalmera ("ompany will call tor an
assessment on the pr?-ferr?-?l ami common
stocks. Just how largo the SSSotsmSOl will
he hau not been learm-d. but II Is not*im?
probable that the stockrmlders will be aske?!
to raise a considerable proportion of the
additional working capital Sf whl? h tlio
?ompany stands in need
The bonded Indebtedness will also be cut
down so as to reduce fixed ehnrges to a
considerable extent. AVliile nothing official
Is yr-i obtainable as to what disposition will
be made of th? $ll,MS.0OO first mongace .'>
per cent bonds In the hands of th.? public
and the ?k?X>,(??X) additional which has been
pledged ab collateral for loans, the best
opinion Is that the bondholders will he
asked to accept new preferred stink 111
whole or in part for their bonds
According to a statement recently issu? ?1
hv the company, ita current llabilltiea, In
?'ludlng those, for which the J?lO.onf? bonds
sr? ii?-<)ped. ?mount to $2.?)70.ono, while the
surplus of current assets over current debt1
l?= estimated at 87,130,00. This estimate is
sssumed to be on the basis nf value to a
going concern.
The question of a rei-civer'ship for the
Corporation Is still In abeyance, though It
IS thought likely that such proceedings will
be undertaken In b?*-hr.lf of the bondholders
in due time. It Is provided In the mortgage
thnl a forec-iosi:re suit cannot he Instituted
Until ninety days after the default of in?
terest or the? bonds, but It is no? believed
there would be rin.ch dlBICulty In finding a
vsy t" secur? a r<> -elvership b<-fore the
lepse of three months If the bondholders
deem it advisable to d.? so.
The ?-ompany is now operating to the ex?
tent of about .V? per cent of its ?'?parity.
although during a large part of the year
1? wa<; operating at ahr?ut only _> ; er cent
of capfK-itv. It Is one of the largest manu
? rers in ?lie w?)rl?l of machinery used
bj sawmills and flour mills, and this hrancl?
of Industry has been especially dull during
the Inat year, ?ailing for little n?-w ma
chlnary. I_kewlse, then has not been the
, ? ?-ual demand for heavy mining machinery
' whtcfi 'bis company manufactures
Allis-?*halmers .', per cent bomls opsoed
? yesterday, ? point above ?at?May's
dosing Bgure, dropped t" ."? '?"- on the next
?-aie, recovered to M ami then a?lvan<cl to
i which they rloaed, S net gain of ".'
|.?>ints on the dny's transactions. Th-- i-om
mon ami preferred atocki company]
??ere flr?n. The iflrni?T clot-cd at l1-,., un
ai ged from Saturday's ftnul figure, while
? ? I et '-'Ulli of half
a. p? ?
national City Bank Makes Leg?
islative Predictions.
January circular of the National
1 Itj BHtik is de\otid largely to a discus?
of rurrency reform, amendment of th.
commerce law and the tariff,
wr.i? h it refers to as "taras lesislatlva sub?
jects of prim? importance'' which will con
n?'n? Congress when It reassembles to-day. ?
Speaking of the interstate conimaros law,
the circular say.
Tliere is probably s greater variety <?r
id?as in Congress and among puhll?- men
? ?a hat should be done on this subject
than any other. The suggestion which
e< i ms to hav?. the most .support, num?-i
l? ally. Is for an amendment of tli<- Sherman
anti-trust law. Hut there is as yet no
i rystalllzatlon of i?i?-as a? to the form or
purpose of such umendnv-nt. On?- man
seeks to accomplish one thing by his pro
i <?s"d amendment and another Is aiming
?t a different object. In view of this situa?
tion not even a ?-onjecture Is safe as to
lite character of any legislation that may
? saCted, if. iixlcod, any enactment
proves possible.
In regard to currency and the tariff the
liicular says:
Ti?e curran? y problem does not offer m
much variety of opinion in Congress as
the Sherman law Only on?? suggestion ??f
a definite plan to remedy the existing out
wora ami outgrown currency System has
been marie and that Is the one known I I
the "Aldrlch plan," put forward by the
chairman of the National Monetary Com?
mission. I'nder instructions fiom Congress
this commission will submit its final re?
port on January R. hut the main features
of the plan It will t? ommend haw
known for many months end hav?
the subject of wide examination and dis?
illusion. President Taft has recommended
a? lion hv Congress along the general llneg
of ?he so-caii??i Aldrlch plan, although not
steading rigidly for the adoption ?>f that
plan in ?W-tail. >*o activity on the subject
has as y?-t manifested Itself in the House,
bui m the H? nate there are two elements
busy with it The regular Republic?ns
;,re preparing an effort to put through
itlon hn-cil upon Ibe Aldrich Plan.
The Progressive Republicans age opposed
? o that plan and will probably bring for?
ward a measure sa s substitute, if they
cannot seem.- the enactment ?>f their own
Elan they will seek to imprcus themselves
>? a_n? ri'lment upon any other plan pushed
for adoption.
Then- promises to oe considerably more
activity "ti tariff matters during th?- s? B
alon than upon titln i the currency or In?
terstate commerce legislation. All th?
around covered a? the sp?-? iai session of
nuimrr Is to b?. traversed again, ami
it Is already apparent that additional tariff
legislation will >>?? originated in the House,
long expected report of the Tariff
Board iip??n the wool industry has been
submitted to Congress, In several volumes,
and as soon as it comes from the press it
will \w tb? subject of much study by the
variou.? tariff experts of both S?-n.. ?
House It is alraady apparent, however,
that 'tlK-re Will b? just as much ?lisagn e
m?-nt among the different elements In tin
two houses as tii>r. was before the report
Before th?- wool bill is fairly nut of the
House bills deallni ?rttfa Hv cotton sched?
i?i the Iron and-steel schedules may
ipected. The Tariff Board is pi
report on the cotton Schedule which
j? , |..,l |o become the DS?iS Of the |-gU
can i ".positions, as it.? ?\""l
i has bii-ome on Schedule K. In
transmitting to Congress tb<- Tariff Board's
i, poit on wool th?- Presiden! recommended
?.vision of Schedule K In conformity to
?h i ?port, but ?lid not commit himself to
icirilt?- rates of ?iiitv. There Is a general
i.-itif.n In Washington thai the Presl
Hi sign an? tariff bills thai com? to
.?it ubi?!, can i" held t<?
oord with th?- reports
.?f the Tariff l',..ai?- K"? in his Wool DMS?
??le ii . ,. ar that he Intends to
land b* the pr?.t<.iiv, principle, and It
remali '?? ?. what mensure "f duty
In? olved In that prln -Iple.
Braeal Dandres sfgjbteea rears ??id. of
.? was held with?
out bull m Die Harlein court vesterda? SB
a charge ?>f extortion II*- was SOOUSsd Of
iioldlnK up "old clothes men"' and extort?
ing suinH ?if -?") ami .".?? cant- from them on
iineats of beating them Marris Rat?kin,
t.,f Me i??i *9aal l.isl sfrsat, saM that s
few days ago I ?.?'l'li'-a b??ld him up to* -'*?
cents and yeaterda) _t___nd_?J .".?? cants
more. Me tol'l the police, und when the
money W| ll I ???mlii-H.
iiii?I?-i .?i i
... a
Msiled anywhere ?n the United Ststes
fer S--0 a year.
Chester W. Chap?n Gets Sum?
mons in a Mysterious Suit.
Chester w Chap?n, ? railroad capital!*!
;?t.:l member ot several Sew ?'ork -lube,
was serve?! with ? lun<in<nU > 'estel 1 \y ?"
appear in a suit against Mm by Mrs Janet
H. Phillips, a widow, tiring at No ."7 we si
Mth street
The complain! whs not filed when i1"'
summoa%wsi made, and mystery as to ths
nature' of the BUll surrounds the* action.
Mrs. Phillips Is staying In Atlantic Cltjr.
Mi Chap?n, who lives at No. n Wee!
End avenue, denies baring an acquatatan ???
with Mrs. Phillips and says no grounds
existed for a broach of promise suit >gainst
Edgar X. I ?nllin. counsel f.ir .Mrs Phillip*,
sajd his rilen? wished to avoid undue pub?
licity, bul did not deny that ths suit ?oui I
lie- brought f'?r slleged failure to fulfil prom?
ises of marrlag? to Mrs. Phillips.
Mr. t'hapln ro? li ? ?I a few years aco from
activ?? bustnaas life-, remaining s director of
Hi? Spokane international Railroad Com?
pany an?l \'ie ?'-president of (he ("e-ntral New
England Railroad. He organized the Na?
tional Starch Company in IS!?0 and was
concerned with Its management many years.
He married his second wife about six years
a?'?, his bride being his cousin. Elisabeth
.lenlson Chapla, of Chicago, who was twen?
ty-Are years old. Tt Is said lie was sixty
five years old at the time.
But New Regulations Provide for
Its Pasteurization.
The- effect or ?he new regulation of the
Hoard of Health regarding the s;?c of milk
in this city, Health Commissioner Lsderle
said yesterday, will not prevent the sale
of "dipped milk" when It has been pss*
On Saturday ?he Hoard of Health rescind?
ed a section Of the Sanitary code, passed
on January 1. Ifll, ?o go into effect on Jan?
uary 1. 1912. prohibiting the sale of milk.
except certain high grades, utiles.- pasteur?
ized. It was rescinded, the Health Com?
missioner said yesterday, because a ?-las
silled schedule had tak? n its place, ?vit h
practically the same Intent, but not baring
S time 11ml?.
The. board found it impossible to make
the old ruling mandatory on January 1.
According to the new ruling, there will
le a cheap milk, known as "(?rade ''."
which will r?e for COOklng purposes, and
can he sold loose or dipped also, for It
must be pasteurized.
In the near futur? all milk dealers in
this city will be required by lb?* Hoard of
Health to Mate what grades of milk they
SXpeet to sell?either the high grades, no:
requiring pasteurization, or the grades
which do. And according to ?heir state?
ments their selling permits will be, issued.
Inspection by tha Department of Health.
Commissioner lsderle declared, would see
that they conformed t'> ?he stipulations ?>?"
their permita
"It all means thai dealers will, as SOOU
as possible,' said Commissioner I.edcrl",
"prepare t i > * - i i- planta t" serre tha kinds
or milk ?hey say they will. Milk dealer
i complete understanding *? to the
new ruling.
? ?
MacVeagh Favors L?.w Prohibiting j
Stock Holding Corporations.
Washington, Jan. I Secretar) <>f th?
Treasury MacVeagh. whose- advice has
been sought by ?i ? National Monetary Com?
mission in training a statute prohibiting
iba stocks of banks from fallin? under tha
control of other banks or corporations, be?
lieves the en?' can be accomplished by a
I mad provision of law designad to main?
tain the independence-' of ?.ach individual
While the Secretary recognises that It Is
difficult to write Into ths law s concrete
statement which would cover all subtcr
fuges. he indicated to-day that an affirma?
tive assertion by Congress in a statutory
prohibition against one bank owning st?j? k
in another bank by direct or indirect meant
would probably meet the situation.
The Secretary believes that to meet the
country's needs and popular demand? the
plan of currency ami hanking reform
which the Monetary Commission will sub?
mit to Congress mu?t contain this pro?
hibitory regulation. H?- has not yet com?
pleted his consideration of the c-juestlon and
replied to the commission.
Protective Committee Issues State?
ment on Default of Interest.
The protective committee of the Wabash
Railroad refunding 4s. of which the << ti?
trai Trust Company la depositary, yester?
day issued the following statement:
The Wabash Railroad to-day defaulted
on the January Interest of Its refunding 4
per cent bonds We- have issued a call for
the deposit of the-se bonds. We believe In
the Wabash property, and It Is our firm
Intention to se>- thai these bonds are made
good. It Is for that purpose we have or?
To obtain this lesult we believe It Is nec?
essary thai the inte rents responsible for
the financial management of the road In
past years, Which has led to the present re?
ceivership and this default, shall not, In the
future, continue- in control.
in his last annual report F. a. Delano,
president of the road, said:
Brery investigation of Wabasi condi?
tions, and there have been many by both
in?<-reste?( anel disinterested parties, con?
firms the statement that the property as
It stands has been well maintained, but
that It might. 11 cash wer?- available for
needed betterments and Improvements,
gr"atly Increase it*- earning capacity and
decrease Its operating ratio. . . .
The statement concludes:
"If the able physical Operation of the
property under Mr. Delano can continue,
and If the financial control shall rest with
those in whom th?- Investing public- have
confidence, ample sums will be forthcoming
to enable the Wabash Railroad DOt only trj
m? ? i Its present obligations, but to pi-orlde
Tor future- development which will enable It
to increase- it? gross revenue p.-r mils and
to decrease its operating rat;-> ??
Hank clearings for the year 1911 rlosely
reflect, as usual, the rise and fall In th?*
volume of buslii.-ss transactions -during the
y.-.ir. Total exchange* for the year at all
' "'? ??- w th? United State?, according to
statistics compiled by it. (?. Dun A) Co.
aggregate tltt,7VMU,tt7, ? loss ?,r jj ,?.,'?
..m compared with tha preceding year
, and "f U per cent compared with i&o??.
j While the total .shows soin?- ?leere aso as
, compared with both preceding years ti.i.
? -xhibit. as a whole, is ?airly satisfactory
, the smaller figures being mainly accounted i
fot by tha falling off at New York City
; when- notable Inactivity in the speculative
! an.l financial markets exerted an unusually
adv.-rse effect on bank clearings, I'urtM. r
more, the loss, compared with 191?), jH a|.
BWSl wholly m the llrst six months and
was especially heavy ?n the ilrst quarter,
ths last six months showing an increase-.
At dtlea outside of New v.,rk there was
a favorable comparison wlih both yaSAS,
i for while the returns during the first four
months wir?- smaller than in Ml and un
settled conditions in tarerai Important in?
dustries resulted in losses at a number of
leading centres, there was a gain, as com?
pared with m?o, of i j p.-r cent, ud M per
cent ovi Mi of the ii-, r-jtles Included
m the returns only thlrty-nln- repon I?
comparad with i?io, twenty-one of *
?i- m ii,- Wist, and only seventeen, c?,m
pared with BBA By groups outside <?: New
'loik City ?he South Atlantic State-., make
Ill'' best showing, followed by the Middle
? South and i'aoiu. Ne? England and can
PeTai cities repot I .? mail Inci ? use ui i the
Middle Aiianiie and Western tntssm,' a
assail egapssmA*
Magistrate Corrigan Says Police;
Head Is Furthering Ambition.
Commissioner Declares Critic
Was on Most Friendly
Terms with Certain Ten?
derloin Characters.
it would be ?better for the city if the
Police Commissioner would attend more
strictly to hi? polio- duties Instead >?f
furthering Ids political ambitions." was the
reply of Magistrate Joseph R ?"orrlgan
yesterday ??? r'ommleeloner Waldo's re
marl?i a'oul the magistrate snd in? Ten?
derloin associ?t?
?i win neither confirm noi deny thai i
have any political ambitions.'' said Com?
mlastonsT Waldo upon being lold of Magis?
tral. Corrlgna'i latest admonition. "I
might ?llscuss police matter.? or th?
gambling situation with some others, but
not with .In?l?e ?'orrlgan.''
Magistrate ?'on?Ran jreaterdaj renewed
his attack of last spring on th? administra
lion of poibe affairs and declared that in
stead of conditions Improving, crime had
been gtadually on the Inorenuse and the city
was 'wider open than ever." lb- put the
blame squarely up to the head ?if the
Police Department, declaring that the
fon-o was demoralised under the present
recline, ii?- referred to "Waldos station*
iirv posts" as obsoie?, and Ineffective, ?
nil?- of tb' past, existing at present, a?
far as In- knew, only in Mexico ami Some
South American countries which were not
famed for their iiiugiees He said th? de?
tective bureau was inefficient an?i lhal ?he
bes't detectives In the department were kept
"poiin?ling the pavement a long way from
the places where th?-lr work would count"
"Gamblers are tmi worrying about Wal?
do," b.? ?aid "Why should IheyT The rtty
is wide open. There are as many gambling
houses ami poolrooms <b?ing business in the
city to-day as th?rc evci wer?., and inn . 1??
When Magistrate Corrigan"! .?-tannent
was repeated t.? Commissioner Waldo, he
wanted t?? Know whj he should "discuss
police conditions with a man ?if Corrigan.
"it is admitted that Magistrate ''?)???ip.m
??boiii.i have some Intimste ami perseasI
knowledge ??f Tenderloin ?renditions,'' he
saiii Mis resMence until recentl. was in
the house of tlie keeper of the Haymarket,
H Tenderloin i <?.?-?,, t His pal. ?bailie Boa* I
ton, th?- opium seller, and i*hlnatown'a
former dive keeper, waa recentl) uenl.i
to prison, rarrytng with him Corrigaa's pi*
tol permll \ man Is usuall) known by
his sssoctat? s "
?if ' ours'-. \l . '"Minan I
about tie- retort of ti?-- Commlsslonei He
d?-? lared ?he "personal reflections" were
absurd S?d said that he did HOI consider
his character :?n Issue, H< wat read) an?i
willing to meel any authentic rharges that
migbl i ?? brought against him. Hi? per?
sonal observation an?i InforSuttion In re?
gard to crime ?ondiiion.? could no? be well
disputed, ii? explained Unit in- had re*
vok? 'i the Boston pei um a inn tb- ? 1
plead?*:I guilty to smuggling, and so the
latter i?a?i not gone to prison with
bi? pocket
"Th? i in'I'l'-nt sp?.k? n of i- ab?
surd, too,' continued M Corrigan.
pos.- thai was suggested ?.from the
fact thai Wien i wan aboul t?? be married
,ni ago, i wished t?? iu.?v?- from tt??'
?ilstrn-t where I '?ad lived, bul desired to
ntaln a technical voting r? ?l?I?i.? ? tb.-r?-.
After ? onsultlng the head of th?
bureau i rented a room In a bou
Htuyvcs.it,t Square ami bung up sons
clothes ihers Ths liaoas wss owned by a
man i. ?aan, a ?? was suppoi
run tin- Haymarket i bsvsi Hv?-?i there,
but merely vinit<-?i tb?- bouse occasionally
in order t?? maintala s la? hnl? sJ r?8atdence
in thai dis-,.; 1 \'. BOUrk? ? O Kran b.i'l .1
room there for the sam?' purpoaa Prior
to that i bad lived with Hi-tut Attorney
Jerome, on Rutgers street."
When Cotnmlsaloner Waldo heard of the
magistrat? s explanation if his realdenc?
in Btuyvesanl Square he smiled broadl)
ami remarked!
That looks suspiciously ilk?' colonisa*
i ..i, ?
Asa remedy f"? pn sal condltlons, Mag?
Intrate Corrigan suggested thai the r.-.atd
??f Estimate should appoint the Police Com?
mission?r for a fixed terra at a good sal*
ary? *_t\?300 ?.r more. Th- CosBinlaslansr
should not h<- sabjaet to removal omcopA by
the Appellate Division <?f lite Supreme
Court on charges sustained by that
tribunal. Mr. Corrigan said thai ii??- power
?.f appointment and removal ?? now
lu tb?- Major went far toward demoralising
tin department.
111 with Diphtheria, He Kills Himself
with Father'B Revolver.
Bernetl Waller, a seventeen-year-old
sophomore at City ? '"Ibge, living at No
i M Delancey street feared that he woui?i
not recover from an atta?k of diphtheria.
ii?, crawled from his bed yesterday ntora?
ing to a saf<- i<n feel aero?.? the room,
when- his fattier, Louis Waller, a special
deputy sin-riff, kepi a revolver.
His nurso found him lying on the llnor
before th?- safe, with a bullet wound in hi
temp!.-. He ?Hnl before a ?lo.-tor ? ould
nach him.
The following petitions m bankruptcy
Were filed yesterday:
New York, No. 4??? w.st llth street; la*
voluntar? Creditors: Merkel Sass A: Co.,
MS7; Ellen Oaffney, Hal?, and Qua .Miller.
V<>. Liabilities, *-W,Of?: assets. 1100,1*10
COMPANY, exporters, ?o, lit. Broad street.
Involuntary. Creditors: Tin- Hale Company.
saje- Topping Brothers, ii":', ami Jobs H.
Graham ??? Co., }- n,
ENBAUM, wbo compos? the [inn of F
Kaufman >*?? Bierenbnuro, manufacturers of
furs. \o. i.:i West ,'Mii street; Involuntary.
Creditors: Thorer A Praetorlus, *?'?"?>; Al?
ii? it Herskovits <<? Bon, Mil, and Simon
Herzig .?.- Bons Co.. B400. Assets. *?!.'..""".
.iA?'??i: QUMPERTtZ, manufacturer "f
furs No. 32 East Zlsl street; involuntary
t'reditor: Sigliuitnl PlritSChUk, (8-0 As?
sit^, t:.'...
MICHAEL JANES, jeweller, No. I? St
Nicholas avenue; Involuntary, Creditors;
stern Brothers, 3212; Qeorae A Oedney,
1384, ami Alvls Kuhn _ Co., %?: A
ISAAC LEICHTNER, dealer In leather
good?. Jewelry, etc., at No _3 Baal 131th
street: Involuntary. Credltoi Heinrich
Herman _ Weiss, 1170; Brandard Dreei Suit
?'a??. Company, {301, and Oeorge Prldmnn,
|iC0 ?Liabilities. M.iMO; sssets, "T1.0BB
\mki.ia LANDAU, dealer in <ir> good?,
\o r*vi Lenox avenue; Involuntax) Ci dit
??rs: Annie Qarfunkle, i". David itium. I
HO, ??mi Oodfn ? ?hrnhsm, *-':?*. I. ablll
l!'-s. tXtOb: assets. 8W-0.
LOUIS OOODMA.V, liquor dealer. **.'<> ISBB
Madison s -m ? voluntai i La-blUtlcs,
111,Mr'.; as-et? f_,7H
ing ai \?. 129 Kasi '?ih sir..? voluntan
l.ltthllltb-s, $1.b7I no asset- r redit ors: ?'
<; ?im.r Son-, pot: Whltaker A- ?'o .
MM; Matthew Rock,SI?; Cartier. $21.": Wal-1
lach's Superior Laundry, $'?"'. and Forrest'sl
Laundi). til.
LOUIS QOBRI, grocer. No 38.1 Seventh
.?? Voluntan |.ls?)il?lies. I.1.17T). assets,
$i.?ii. Charles I- Cohnr r? elver.
HARRY Sli:?;i:i,. formeriy a ?bal?-? in
woollem m '?ii?-.i street; voluntary I.la
i.;ii'b? 113383; no assets. Creditors: P?">
American Woolen Company. 5'.""?: L r
Dommorich, .?:. i?;t ii. i Llbb> f- Co "_."*_:
N'atloeal Uutch.-rs ami I ?rnvt is' Hani?, and
Doull'Mllh t i'omi.ai?. n.arg
Mil.I I \ \| m Ml*Vi M "el '''f
n? f ,? merlv a ll?i?*oi ? ? all " v" l"****1
'ii a-.".-, ,-oluntary. UkMlitles, *
tL?f; no as ..la
1 Wit
??,- . Beg rrrr<l %RVV/ h>,hil,h*hr.l
I ?-i J mur-Mark ,-j?^g" Ih?? a Century
[Qj ^ I
1 January Sale
p Imported Lingerie
A very wide assortment in style?* and fabrics.
L Malcri?is arc beautiful, dainty and sheer, and the
crarnirnt** carefully made and <>f full si/.c. All attrac
h lively priced.
?) French Hand-embroidered Gowns, $1.95, 2*25,
2.95, 3.75, 575. 6.50, 7.50. 8.75 up t.. .-?7.50. i 1
j] French Hand-made Combinations, Corset Cover \
Y and Drawer**. $1.95, 2.50, 2.95, 3.150, 4.75. 6.50, 7.50. p
'III 7.75 up to 25.00 [j
|[U Three-piece Sets for Trousseau, Xi.7?, 7.50, 8.75, [j
S 10.00 1?.(K). 18.75. 25.00. 37.50 Up to ?5.00. I
!J French Austrian & Madeira Chemises, 75c, $1.00, I
1.25, 1.50. 2.2'\ 2.95, .175. 4.50. 5.7?, 8.50 to 20.00. ft
??-i French Hand-embroidered Drawers, 85c. $1.00, y
?J 1.50. 1.95, 2.7?. a.7~?. 4.;0. ?7?. 7.50 up to 15.00. L
? French Hand-embroidered Skirts, $1.95,2.7?, 3.50, I
7] 4.75, '?.50. S.50. 10.75, 15.00 up to 50.00. L
m F re n c h Hand-embroidered Princess Slips, U
fIJJ $6.7'5. 7.50. 9.50, 12.75. 17.50 up t.. 50.00. ff]
HI VV? also offer a very attractive collection of m
Til Domestic ?garments at special price**. Ijl
James McCutcheon &' Co., I
l| 5th Ave. and 34th St. mSlSHLe. p
Brooklyn Politicians Urge More
Room for Terminals.
Ths pTOfMSSl of th?? fibaiielotmietit '?f IN
Brooklyn Narj rard hns essumed a new
esped a ?Brooklyn politician ?not one of
th?* nary yard sttaehss ?t the Waldorf on
Sal urdir. Slffhl ?"<' ?0,n Mm ,h,',r v,rr"
men) persons in Brooklyn ?ho felt that
th? ?law yard slionl.l k<>. The na\al Ofllm
nraa ?astounded and rrfi,s#-?i le ?**r*it**s?? the
politician. Th?*n ?>n Mon?aj men from ?he?
New Toril Stats Commission to lnvesti-*nte
Port Conditions and rirr Kxionsl?'ii In N?*V
fork Harbor mot several of th?* Isadlnc
polltlctani and were told that their scntl
meni was tha? th?* nary yard eughl to to
A hearing <*>f ths eommlsAon i> to Im held
Krlelar in th?- ?'oiinctl < hamber at th<- Cltf
Hull. Manhattan, and If Is reportSd ?hat at
three i?romln?*nt Hrnoklyn politicians
will *.? before th?* m-rtln? end ur^-e th?.
shai -loiiiiie-ni of tlM Mm In ord?*r that tin?
property may t><-? turne.I ?ever for th.
e-f maaufsctortns Intercsti and the ere? tlon
"f h terminai n??t unlike that of th?? BUStl
Terminal Is .South Brooklyn
Tiie.?.,. nbo'de tio? favor the removal of
ths yard ar<* expected to pul BP a ?tron*
srfUmsM tor the- gSSS men now ?mplo? Cd
end point to th?* fa? t that ?he 1'nlt?*?! Hiato?
government ?ays ? latK?* amount in enges
? I ?.licor OUtlaj1 (Or the upkoep ?,f th?
'?uel. end thai a Rone! part Of this monoy
Is pul into ? li ?.-illation In r?roe?J\l> n
its? Bens, ?>r No ir.io ?'ate* avenue,
Brooklyn, srho killed hli stepdsughtsr,
i i; Reinen, wi lio trying to shoot
it- on Men Tear's Day, w.ts held
nitboni bsil b) Magistrate Leocb In th<?
m; polies .cuit yesterday on a
? ?? of morder, His examination was
set for Mot
- luir i ??-. ; M; atinaet, 4.4t>. moon ?on, ? 42,
" a*e, 4.
. HI* H 4*t
(lo ventor'? i?ian<i. i*js 7 m
li? II ?late-.K _?:?. |:*?|
Th? Sem v-ri?. rsportsd ?? Ti" sillsi ?*?t et
Hoi i- ,?t ? .'.!? a n, \??t?T>l?., I? rape* ls<l
!.. e|,,, K Mr|y niuradSI
'I'lio Pennsylvania, rsportsd ?? 77? miie? ..?at
e' Handy if?>"k at I] or, p m yesterday, ii <*x
? . Am k Thursdaj eftet i
Tl.e Breslau, ie|>orlrr| a? 7I,", mil?! ea?t of
Hook at i 1*0 p ii, restante?? '? espscted
I-. -..?- k I"ri? 1.?v for.-ii'^.n
The l'on.lain. n-i-nrt??! a? iTftO mil?? <j?t of
Sand) ii?*.i?, ?i noon yesterday, i? ss petted to
.:<>. i? ?hi? forenoon.
Tie.? e'vinr!', teported a? HO tulle? -a?' of
Rand) Hoow at sosa itstmlsji. i? sspsctsd is
? '.'?? k till? hftermx.il
Tt.e Adrlal lc. retorted a* ."?I-*? Miles ea?l of
-. h.u Hook a? i i" i? ?s rsstsrdsy, i? exp? tsd
In doe k il.l? no.iti
Th? Lusitanla, reported ?? ?..im mile? ???.? of
Bandy Hook at 4 p rn yesterdsy, I? expected ?o
'?iida? f reason.
S ??*?-.. I. l**r?.m l.ln?
'? ftntk IJverpoot, i>- S3 WTblte -*i?,r
?Mlnneapoll? i.on-ie.ii. i>?..- JS .. At ? Tran?
I? (Yin ? Barbados, l?e. '.'.% I'rln.-.
?Vadertend...?Antwerp, I>e- 'j.i . i{?.i star
'Pctadam.Itotlerelain, l>e.- ft ||(,l| Am
?Adriatic Nap!?-?. I?. O Whit.- .-tar
?Verdi Barbsdoi i>?, 99. i ?in ,\ Ho '
?Hul -ii I'aia. I?., ti .Ilooih i
.?.Iteriniiela. Jan 1 iVnelv-r
?sihiiii, p..!? i.innm. Dsc L>7 Hamb Ami
?Muet., ... Klneston, i>c- ut*. ,n M s p
1?<-lanar*. MaiK-htsUr, T>?-,- 17 .
rhlc-aso.Havre, i>?<: 23....Prvndi I
.Ill mi?? i. lc. lire .TO .Ma "i
norld*., Mac i.- Dee 2.1.Frencii
Tere?a . . Pstsimo. IN I1*
R| Notts.. Oslvoston. Dec M .. .*??, I'ae
?Lssltanls ...... lAvsipeel, Dss -t" ..(Tussrd
?\e .v >.,ik .Bouthamptoo, Vac 21 . Amer
?Astatic I'lln. ?? . Trlnl.la.l. Dr. 27 .Prime I
?Almirante.i'.-Lm. DOC M. I K To ?
?I'ennayl vaols... .Hambura Do? -; Hamb Am
Volturno. Rotterdam, !?<?. IS ...Uranium I
?*olumbta PstlSJ lie,- Ti.Aumrlan
?'hi? a?., dtv Bwanaan, Dec in.Bristol
? ' . .ii Botl?".linn. l?.-<- lit.
n im i.it.
Hem Orleans, Dec ?'" .80 pac
ntlDAT, .1 \M AltY I
?Meslee Mesien, !"?<? -"? w.
?Mim .m <i.?nirae-ao, I".-- U"< lt.,I I?
iU.Bremen. Dee ft. . N Q 1,1... -I
i, Ihlelds, De? '.'? Btsndsrd <?u
1 jcilini Rouen, i" II.
Texan .Puerto Me?, I>er :'9 Am Hum
E\ ?'Id.See iiri.cn?. I??.- :il Bo Pa.
I'll of Savannah. S.naniiiili, Ian 2 Sa.:iiin?h
CI R|r,. RslveStOfl I te ^t" Ho PSl
Kauhdln, ?Bmnswlcli, Jes I Ulyds
?Huns? mall.
Mill \>?i?el
Ve?.?-.| lor. Line. clsoea ?all-,.
.-,.Han, Berroude. Qiiebsc B'OQant |?i:iNiam
,. i.H Ouayra. He.i l?. *:Msm 13*00 ?
Uetapss c'cle.ii. U r OS.... l?.-l??um l'.';?iOiu
1 Antwerp. Red Itsr. ? U?:Oi)a ?n
Italia, Naples, Arclmr. - -*?*-*?
Matanisa, ciuantanaino. W'ui.t l'.':'? m
ArspsboS, Jl k?? .?nvllle. t'htle 1 :?K? p in
1\ prlSSMStS ?'. llrein.-n. N? ?I. H.in :t m 10*00 S M
I..? i.e.rruln?., Havre. Pr?s ii t-QSam 10:00am
\i.t?.|-, Liverpool, Wit ft Hilliam I'-'cHim
Monterey, iiivuna, Ward.... S:00am 12:00 m
oeeana, Bermuda, Bar At....Il:"j6a m t-OOpra
Byron, Babia, Lamp * n-.it.il :.ll) .1 m SKMipm
Minas ?;?ra?H. Para. 12:00m 3:00pin
AII.Rtiany. llaMl. H v ..... I <??> p m llWpn
V .-? tsla. Naples, ?Tsbrc :t:?M> p m
Hainbtirs. Naples. H A.- S.00 a m
i' ..f Montsomsry, .Ha*. Mac.- S:00pni
s;,i,in.. Brunswick, Msltery., I-Wpn
P RIDAT. .1 VM \nv I
, 'I rlnl.la.l PI ?i?i a m tSjfO m
e1.n?. I"?!!!. It.-'t!. ?? ?- -'?0 m 1:00 pw
*;'<.i Prince, Rio Jan. Prince. MM? m 3:00 pm
Un'ahlrw, Uonl'v'o, 1,'pl lii.':i??im 3:00 p m
AiitlllM. T.ii,i|.l.... Waiel ... I.'tai m
.v..im?'., Jacksonville, llyds I:0U|. m
|. nhMtle? mu? stssM?! Ctsse \s B. v. f, M.
.'.K.n. ee.r.a, e'hint ivls >?illl.?
straihl)on Te da ?. i M
Hawaii. Upan. ?orea, itilna i-la
Han Kraii.-U-oi ?til??? Mam.Jan 5. tVIO
Japan, ?"ciea. china. l'l'IHppliie? ?v?a
Vancouver). Kinpic:' ?? Japan. Jan 6,0.30
'Xa!.I ti. ?la|.,Urbaa. C'-uk 1--?31ljl.
"Buy when the weather's
cold" is only another way of
saying "strike while the iron's
Warm Winter overcoats.
Serviceable, several-season
Coats with belted hacks.
Shaggy woolv coats.
Motor coats.
I "Isters.
I*"nr lined coats.
Kur outside coats.
Plenty of all kinds.
(?lad. hecause this is the
time when men need new
overcoats and need them quick.
Kver sleep in fhe open ?
Everything t<> do it comfort?
ably, including '"Fiala" out?
door sleeping suits of llama
wool a variation of the
"Fiala" sleeping bag which
makes sleeping comfortahle.
?even in the Arctic.
The whole outfit is shown in
onr windows to-day.
Three Broadway Stores
at at at
Warren St. 13th St. 34th St
New Zealand. AnatralU <\la San
Kranclac-o? Tahiti .Jan ti.?.30
Itawall, .laj-an. e-,,rea. t'tilna. I'hlllp ?
pines tvla San Francisco) Inaha
Mam.Jan II. 6.'10
i lelnn.t?. S*t? Zealand, An?
irai la ivia San Francisco) lieni-ik
ll.'en .Ian H. d:.10
FIJI I-landa. samoan Inland?. New
/inland, Auatrilla ?via Vancouver)
Zealandla .Jan 19, ?1:30
Tal.ii I and Marcpieaaa (via Han
Kranclnco) ? Mariposa .Jan 29. 0.30
Quant, Philippine? ?via Han Kran
.??..?I t t transport.Jan at. ?J:*?
Port of New York, Tuesday. January
2. 1912.
Mae met Havana, Hsvasa Dsrsmber IS M MM
New Volk and Cuba Mall Sa c*o, ?Uli 111 pa?
vengera, mall? and indes. Aiilved at the Mar at
I m |. m
si,.ui,.i Panama, i'iiat?i?ai Dsosssbst ft, is
Hi- Manama It It S. I.in.-, with It? pa??ciiK?'r?,
malls un.i iii-Ih?- Arrived at ?he Kar at l.'Jitp n,
Stiumer ftsnslll? .'lampa tltali. Llabon Decem
bar II. to the Clans S. Line, with indae- Ai?
lle i- I mi Die ||ar at I'M j. m
m- ?i... IroqOOla elir), towing bur?,- Navahoe
(Mr), tu T I? Warden, In ballad Arrived at the
Mar at l:l*> p m
BtSSSMf Vailerlaiid lllelgi, Antweri, l?e? e-inber
2:; and Dover ML to the l?ed Star Line, with tuts
?ensera and mdm. Anchored In Quarantine at
8:30 p m.
MssSMf L'lltr iNon, Denierara December 'Jit.
to I. W .v I' Arm. trous, with ?ugar. Arrived at
the liar at 10: 0 a m
Steamer Altai i??er?, Carla?, na Deceniher 21,
Kavanllla ?.''i. Colea ?'.*>. Kln?ton ST, Port Morant
.?h. I nagua 20, to the Hamburg American Line,
Mllh ihres paa-a-nger?. malla and iml*.?-. Arrived
at tha Mar at 11 JO a m
Mas nur City ?>f Montgomery Savannah i>e<
*?, li, id?- ?Lean S? < '?>, wlih t>a??enser? and
mil??'. Pssssd In i.'ii.?i.iniln?- at I 'J*> a m.
Meani'T Kl Alba, New OrUan? December "JS.
in ths Southern 1'acltl.- <'o, with tndae. famed
in Qusraatlns at .*. 2:. a m.
St. Miner San Jacinto, QalvestSB Dse 2", to th?
Malic rv S? i'... with BSSSSSCSrS and mdae.
Passed in Qnarantlns at ti::i2 a m.
nteanter Mohawk Jscksoavlll? Decemhsr .10
and I'harleaton 81, t?? the- Clyde H? Co, with
? laera and inU.-e 'u?s<-d In Quarantine at
7:41' a m.
Steamer Hamilton, Newport Newa and Nor
frlk, IS the Old Dominion Ha t'o, with pa?
M,-n?ers ami mi!.?- I'aaaetl In Quarantine at 2AH
g .11.
tJteemsr Navahoe. Will Ingt.ui Dee-ember SI.
in the Civile s? c,i, with iwsHenger? and mdae.
I'a *.???.! In Quarantine at 1:27 p m.
st-aiu'i ?iti'.rlne Cune,, (Non. I'nrt Anlo:ilo
December ST, tc the Atla m.- i-'rult <'u, with
fruit Arrived n? ?he Mar .1 1J:.tO 1 ,n.
Btaamer l-.na iBr), London December 7, t.. tie
1,111 s*. Co, with sides. Arrived ?' ?be lar ut
11 .:??! p it? I?*?
>i. une-i Mai-owijne iDutch), I'aramarltMi |ie
,,m!ier ?"t. llarl?a?loa '.'*> and Trinidad ft, 1.. th.
I!,,v,il Duti'h Wesl In.II.1 M-ill. with 7 \<h*
:-. mal.? ami mdae. Arrived at :hr Mar a?
.*? a in.
Sicamet Saxonia ?M11. Liverpool December M
M. ,1 Queen?town i{4. to th? i'unm I s? t'o. with .*i?
ln>t ila??. 7? ?SflJSd cabin and I*"? Ktee?gl
r?, malls and mdae. Ai rived at the liar at
.. ? .? m
>..?n..i Bart? .11 Qlortts ?Noel, i?..r? Antonio
Dm-ember ST, '" lh? aiihiiii,- l-Yuit i'o, with I
Igen and fruit. \11lved at the Mu tl II '.1?
a ni
Si-am?-! uiiflaiiiiiu ?lr;. Huvr? D?..?*iiibu 14.
Stern Brothers
For ?i limited period will accept orders for
for present and Karly Spring Wear
At Specially Reduced Prices
GrOWTsf, copies of the Litest motfcU, fro? J85.00 Upwards
Tailor-made Suits, of tb? newest fabrics, 69.50 ?pw_r4i
Special facilities tin? ?eason i??r making t<? order
Hiding Habits, "i tIi?- moat ?tkngMt materials,
including Linens tor Southern Wear, t'roiu *33?50 Upwards
Dressmaking Salon? Tliir?! l'Ionr. New HiiiMing
Stera Brothers
h ill continue to-day, Wednesday, their
Special Sales u?
Women's and Misses'
Suits, Dresses ana Coats
Women's and Men's
Fur and Fur-lamed Garments,
Household and Decorative Linens.
Cotton Dress Fabrics
West 23d and 22d Streets
H?l> \?-..4:id-44t*i p'l'Mst.2. B?stl??sts81. _*".B
?it i ( onrtantlnn-Allrr Nielsen Fop.
Sun. I.iiha d'Aleiandrowsky. Prl?-??s
Kre. ?Russian Pymphony Orchestral f???ats now
MAXIXK |Th?*a.. SStti. b**-B'way _ "ith Av.
KI.MOTT'** Bra '?.'??' Mat. To day. 2.7W
Plsshnii?a4<,*h K of ?'nmr.iBvga.StlO.Mats.
riByilUUaO?'hmi? M3I Bryant. To-day.
BOUGHT AND PA10 F0RThu^fb9at
William ?'o:ii?r's COMEDY, ?ist, F. or B'?va?.
DAIaV?. B'wav. .Vtth Mats.To-day.Fri. * Sat.
MmM JLUNSTON u^-a5ah_6_ ?
casino'vrS: pTcc?M?b'
Matines To-day, 2.18. J UMHI E'uarr
Manhattan op li? . 34?h St. _?_.?. Kvs. 8:15.
""_??_?* LEW F?ELOS ?k?-?IcV
u/iutcq nioncu H ???> *r* ??>*??-? **?
ITiRItn UflnU-rl Phon* 411 ?-olumhiu
Mal. r?. innrro??. .M.< 7.'x . and Bsst ??*sts 81,
<.abj D*?l.??._%nne?le h?.|l*rmann Star Cs?t
BROA MVA Y Tha? . ?1st A _*arajr. BvgS.4:1*1
To?1a> TB8 WB-din?2 TriP R.ir/lnaldj"? K?*v?tv
? ?l II *?T. Thfa.. Bttb, m- B'way Ev?s. ?V.??*
?A Grand Jam- Tur fJII I IHM M ?"'."*
hors?*." WorM IjlC ml LU Uli T ?.?la- -.'-'??
l*s PWds' HKRAI.D HQ.. M? * 88 K,.? I .'?'
Mats To ?Ih> , Sal pairie II DUC IN *"
Times. DilBbC Ll tiill "SETse.
ENTIRE OR'MEf-TRA. ?I BS Bal , $1 I "?<""
______?' ___.? _?_!_: 8i ?mirs R?: BSe
I.YKK. 4"J.I, uvxt ,,r B?.?a?\ Evanlnss I 13
WEST EM?, 126th Bl ,\V of Sth A*. Bvs. 8:19
A::A^;n?PINAFORET? ;-,
. B'way A 43d s?.
g.l.v Mat?. 8:18.
and hi?
own Com
pany in
B'wav. 45th Kv ? ? 1 :.' MatB.Wed.A
S;<? 2 18 TO-DAt MAT. lOe-fl.OO.
The Mh Wonder of ?he World.
flCMTIIPV 'Formerly ?3d A 8th A?e.
WbHlUftl New Theatre) Tel. OSWCol.
Popular Matinee To-day at 2. Mr. to *.'
Eve?. 8 Mata. Wed e Pop 1 and Sa? 2 Sharp
UfS I I IPtflC M'wa. and 30th St Eves. 8:30.
If ALLaUR * Mat?. T?*-day nnd Ral .
ir? Bve..Jsn i.1* IS Frl ?.ft..Tan 5.2 30.
??OfielT of New \ orl.
Motel JOSEF I.HF.YTNNK.. Pianlat.
Brahm?' l?t Synsph.. Snietiui? \lta?ra. Ru
hln.teln ? on?ert<>. T??halkov? ?k> "I8H."
. t-. $'.' Management l.oudon. Charltor.
seit Runda*, vft . Soloiat. I.HEVINNE
? Walter l?amro?w*b .?'onduetor
J Third Concert Sat., Jan'y 6. at 2:30
X Tickets at ?fltes, 1 W. 34.?*?.,A?'arnrg|e Hall
I QLl tCPn 44<l' s' ,ir- M'*v-.>- Bee.
| DuLBuuu MatineesThurs * sat..
H HI. VS' ? ?
West 4-d Sire-'t. Eve. at S 2?.
MatinSSS To-?lay A Sat.. 8 '.'el.
(AHNE?,IE HALL. Wad ATI . Jan'? HI. at 3
Only N. Y. Hong He. Hal. Ale??utndro
Ticket! "?'>.? te ?*-. at Ho* OSes; Ilaen?el a
?lone?. I Baa? ?'.'.I arid 1 Weat 31th. Room ?111
rh<.. . i'?i h. nr B*waj
Daily 1 M and *> :lu.
HUUfSMVfBIN'l I Vdele Ritchie, Krank Bask,
12d Bl Bvs. --??? ?l.BelleBaker.Eildiel.eonard.
t ?? ! s Mat ?;.* -??0-7.V. Trovato and 14 other?.
to ?ie-oige W I'ltou, In balla.l. Arrived at the
l'.ar at H:?O p in 1st
steamer American (Dutch), Antwerp December
18 and Halifax 80, t., 13Stegs W I'ltou, tn baila??.
Arriv?e! st the Dar st Hito p n? Is?.
Steamer Yadcrland (Helgi. Antwerp Decsmbei
M and Dover M, to the lied Star Line, with IM
- a bin and 43*? ?teeiage passengers, mall? and |
nidve. Arrived at the Har at 4:eV) p in.
**.in.iv Hook. N J, Jan 3. tt:3?> p m Wind
calm; partly rowdy; thick haie, ?mooth ?ea.
SlSSmetM Taormlna (Ital), Philadelphia, llvn
ilum (Dut.hi, Hott-'ielam; Arapahoe, ctiiir.<-toii
and JackSOSVille; Dronnlng Maud iNor?, Newport
New? Madi?on. Norfolk and Newport News; Bl
Or-.-ldente, (Jalveatnn; New York I Dutch, tatikl.
Re tterelan:; Advttn. e, frit? toba I; City of Atlanu.
Sa .iiinah.
1...ul.in. Ian 1 Minnt-wa?ka eHii New York.
Hremen. Jan 'J Main (?1er). New York.
1'ort Said. Jan 3 Clan Maelver cHr?. Nee York
via Ht Michael? und Algier? f..r T?lngtau.
Suez. Jan 2 Waltu' Hall cHr), Manila, etc, for
New York.
i Karhadn*. Jan I Trent ?Hrl Southamptbn via
PoatS Delgada for Colon, ele, and New York
Montevideo. De.- 2H Stor?ta.l (Non. New Y..rk
Algier?, Dec 37 - Drurht-nfel? K'.e-ri. New- York
f, r I'ort Said. etc.
i Savons, De?- 28 Cheyenne ilti?. New Yoik
Havre, Jan I --Rne-hamheau iKn. New York
Algier?. Jan I Katuna ?Hr), New Yeirk for
SliiK-tl? re. Manila, stC,
Monrovia, Dec 25 Arnold Amsinck ttSgri Hem
Yoik ? '
Sanio?, De, 27 Sallu?? iHil. New Tork (cor
i. .led r.-|).ii i i
Malta. Dr,- .1?. Diumcondra ?Hi? (from Cab-ut
?ai, Hoatcn and New York.
Ballast. I?.-.- J7 S.illu.i .Hi i. New York
liemerara 1?.,- ,|ti (?uli.r.a ?Hr?. New Y-rk
Havre. Dec 81 ll?rdeaux tl'r?. New York
l'ara. Der Si?Demlnta Hin. New York
Hiem.-n. Dec :t?l Ithcln (den. New York
?Bple?. D-. :n OesMbi iii,i). sem York'
Dot ft \iitentl?m i.Ytui). New York.
""?tai??l '? '"J1*-"'""" t*ier), Calcutta and
t ?rond., . for Hoat.m ?ad New York
for UbgM ,:,n ' ,,lr"" "t,"?', NVW **"*
**?*w ^ork? l.eadln? Theatre* g *ucc?.m??s.
EMPIRF "'"" 'V ?*. 4'ith st, Ev#s atS'.u
_._..._. Mann?--? To-.la? and Sat.. C 15
sTTUCI ,:'h' '? Bsrrymore's Beautiful A?-t
?*? ? IB-L'?* Brilliantly Rev?ale?* ?Tim??
in A. E W mason s po**rfui dram?.
CRITERION _s:."i.xhr^*ii
LYCEUM ' Sl "??? '? R'?*??>?? Evm ?in.
_iw__ni Mata To-niorro-A- a Sat. 2:1*.
' GENUINELY EA? |\ \ ping - -\\or\0.
in ?h* Brilliant Comedy. BrllllsntH ?, <???<*.
l-fiKlMtf ER .__-?*_ RJ
NI'.IIT l_lw?nl?_i I
gar rick :v,,h st ?"?"?rtt''v" Kv* **
To-day Matin??, "a> ?o ll.SO
?j.ii! i.) M.ftOB.
uiintnu **tn s* ? t" b'wsv e?* i-_
nUU.UII klata To-day an.! so ; :o
Nftt ffae_-sans (?Ban. 10? -<:it? ro-m'w
yur CllinilC r1'" K?*??rn <rnR*
mlHCi OlMUIIC Jumselesa_
U ADD It W??st 43d St root R\ ?nliis-8:?JB,
nanni- y.,ta to-?,,,, ?? A .... ... m?,.
?8ICTV "'?' Str??t, B'ws? Evm I:?|B
MIX I I ?.,,,, To-.ia? aad s*: I :1
DSQaf "'" Si h ??.??- folunibu? Hi*"*?
rana? g, . * u? Mats w i - ? ? - 10
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The Quaker Girl
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Olnck, M a ?n. Eiuii- M-? m. ii??"*
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Netl Week: Mon. Kv_. at 7 I'. Trl-la? ?a?
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Irimeokd HAM.. V? E\si ?I*?"'
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Olive Mead Quartet
\??i?llntt Artist. MKNK1 I.KROV. .*2fiX?V
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