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i,i.?'?.<? sjr Tafl sitting up nights
? bat Mi '.'?e-e-ev?1.! 11 going
!?> do, "? ??*.'. ', i ?Hh? ' i aboul any
l?t*,aae of his own political fortun?e, fcnov
ot whereof th? 'apeak, Mr. Taft had foui
more ?tieising -a ?> Congraai tu write, and
writing them. ? '? ?
un i they nra ?.-ne be wMl no( . ,m -i".
?ti.-a! fate- not neai -
ly sorauc! ,indued aa some of hla friends
*A?iuki like to h;.?., him. How?rer, ?m1 il
c ongres< n to baoltwaa there
v ,'! ii-,?. l ? ' ? -i M much politic '?
?ossij, ni speculation and, ?: ih<- eaee
ttlera who have httlc Inclination to
?Jiaitnjrniah befaren fact and fancy, one
nort of political '"flop?'" laj*a good as an
Othcr Id till ? e-,ilunii? "i to entertain 3
? ? : i ii.i ulnd of i ?;? riel- ?
Crandeis's AMack on U. S. Steel.
Itfghiy ??? the i.-sentment
which the La Polletteltea fool against
i '.=?.?? i i;.?, evelt la lite attack '?n the
St.- ?.Trust wMch 1.ouis D. Brand?is hag
In Ohio. So i?>ng as Mr.
grata with the
i n.su iv<-nt.': tue sie, i Trust waa handled
v-ith ki<! glove*, und there was ?-v.-n 8
diapaaitlon to defend tlie abaorptlon of
the- Ten.. , : and iron Company
b) the United States Steel ?'orporatlon.
N'.u. however, all that Is changed, pnd
Mr. Rrantkila, to whom, it is underal.I,
th.* Attornev ? ',- neralsh'p has been
promis.,' if La Follette ever gets Into
ihe white ileus.-, la anathemattalng the
I'ntted States Steel ?'orporatlon. su\ilig
it in the worst offender of all those trusts
??ii?? parta <>f "big business" Which have
prixliice?! such .i ???cling of unrest thai
the wholesale dynamiting ?,f the atcNa
tnarah was only a natural and |o
Mr. Brandeis Is described as closing
this phase of bis dtacueaiona with th**
declaration thai the struggle f.,r m
tiustriai liberty la now on.*' exclaimed
"With ii sweetly salurnine ? xpression
"?hic'.i would make sheet ateel curl up
and hide it.? fa.-e v, .,re there any in the
Ex-Governor Stokes and Everett
Colby May Stand for Him.
[By 're??sr;iti?, o> j??? Trltuuie- 1
Treiiten. .Tan. ?. The story that a peti?
tion naming ex-President Ilooaevelt as n
candidat?? Tor the Ttcwihllran humiliation
for Preatdenl vas sn?m to he rirculate.l In
?Ma ?tat? did not caUM min h surplis'?, here,
?s several well known Republican? h,*ve
already expressed themselves in favor of
Mr. Roosevelt's nomination by tic cojnllig
Formier ?Governor K. '". St?>k-s. e,n(. of the
leader? of the Republican "r?gulais," not
'ong ago said he considered Roooavelt the
atotagaaat ?uan in the Republican party.
Former Senator Everett Coll.}. of Essex
<v<nnl>, on?- of the origina tors o? the Pro?
gressive Bepul.licaii movement in the stale
has also announ?.,) I Imaitlf aa .? ?^Utoaevelt
loan, with La Felicite as second choice,
.'aines \r. McCarthy, a ?rell known Hud?
?on ?rjownty ftogreaatra?, h;is ?feclared his
??????ntton of running as .. d< Wat-- ?it the
< aaafaal President?.il prlmarie?. pledged to
vote for Mr. Koe.vvclt.
Inder the new pi unary l.iw, to naine a
?andidate for the presidential n?>mination
it is only necessary to file with the S?-?-r? -
lary of State a petition si?n?-d by lAfM
voters of the state, asking that the name
of the candidate Indorsed thereon he print?
ed on the oftici^l ballot used at the pri?
mary election at which delegates to the
Presidential convention are s.iieted. The
?roter? taking part In the primary may In
?licate their prcferewe by putting a cross
in tlie ??quire to the right of the -nann .
It is not necesjaary to have the consent o?
tie- . a:.dxUtt> ui?or??d in such pctitiun.
Full Attendance at Mass Meeting
Booms Governor for President.
The Woodrow Wilfjdh t?*ague, organized
one month ago, arcordli.g to P, Henri
I'inkle. a lawy? r. ?>f No. 78 I?ela?ice
??treet. who eointkapad Be being "??ne of the
:.1xers." held a mass meeting l?*t
night in Progress Hall, No. :?> Avenue A.
which, they ??aid, was the first open mass
meetin? hfld In New York City to Indorae
Um candida? > of ?'??vernur Wilson for the
There were thirteen anthualaiatk a*uf*port
?>rs of the New ?Jenas ??o\?rfl?>r posaient.
hut what they lacked ?s to quantii* they
matte up foi la ambition, which took the
form of a resolution that every ?,n<- of th
thirteen fevered, t, boM ? second ma<?
meeting "as aoon ;>* seemed onvenbrit at
Carnegie Hall or Cooper Union."
S. Henri l-1nkl<-. who presided over the
ether twHv participante in the "masa"
rr-.eotine. did that though they st'iit'd out
with hut thin', members when the l?mg'?e
?rl? organized g iront!? ?ago, they now had '
enrolled < if.
"Y?-?-, ah*, ?terty-flve hitad rod
B. Henri i-'lnli ? d ?hen the re
potrer appeared to i?, counting up the
other taralve mw present, "and that's ootj
iii New Votk c"it\. some ?"it i?i The ltronx
?end ??v " down In ".Jueens. Fixtv IH^r cent
of ?>?-m are ei,r?>l!?d l??-m?HTdts, 1 shoiil?!
reckon, and aome a?N ?Socialista We i?l?n
to lafliaennsr thiiigs so that ? iovernor Wil
?oa ?HI ? ?-..inln-.ted by th?' r??>niocratie
MkUpaa.. inrciiiloii '
Mr Kinklr dis? laltiio?l a:i> knowl?-<1ce ?,f
?%r ? animunication with the eifli? lui h?a?l
ouarter; ef the Wilson boots at No. '
HioadMa*,', bu >aid he wouM b? glad to
?Jive th?.t offl- ?' 'o-n|>era?e wlili Ills? new
At pr.*???!ii. Mr. 1'i'iK!? ?aid, the league
I li?rarti|iwirter?..
r*T Jo??>i>Ji I S-ff a'i?lre?s??t lei?? ^'mass"
aaeaataai aa ? Th. ??r<agreaa ?u lb? Aaaeti?
?an Idea.'" ajid Mr. rinkb told the twelve
ptithttsiasi or the ?yrowth of tlie ITeodrow
Tormer Reprwentative Fowler ?See? No
Hope for Taft.
[Bi i>icjn;.i, te T'it Ttastn
r:il/.abe?li, N. .7 . J?- N? .t?.?-:? t'olnne)
'I'he'.'ior,- ?: OT Senator La? Kfdlette,
h.? 1"!?ilc?' ?liarle, i;. Unph'-s. e?c-?',ovrrn?.r
the ?ItAlce for President ??f
*. fbaler. ?Vmner ?Hepivaentatlve
Mi .,w??*r ?-^w m aepe for ?he- election ?>f
.Mr. '? ? iioininated again.
latorsMp aspirations
-?ell .-? ok?xl the reinaik
i. M i?h. T? ddy ?OSJiea/t hesi
ip? cor.*'
\?.-.lingly stTfing In the
.-..iilli atH H?'st." .aid Mr. l-'ow 1er. Wilson
?r any "teactlen
l<> tin- Hepuliliralis, Mr. K???iel
.Mr. Kowl?r saul. Bjai
; ? u ?t/lttr ii." people There ha
r Mm throughout the
V.-ii'?:* Coaifnission ?Suggeste F. K.
Lewie for Supreme Court.
\- .??a | Tn. \, ,i?iy raaawap
lau to nigh! taijaarraipned i<> N<
leii? an?l !:? fives, asKrn1,'
lipohitiveiil of .1?d?*c
n c Moot ot Lcavenworth, Wan . i i
???te?i Ktates aj^ireaie Court
|roiurl> mice .' th- nomina
i ??/ rran?Mt? K. liane-, ?n ti??? lirtuwnat?
,iis-.(oii. ?i "?ama etbei
v progre; ?1\ ?* iiMli In >M>i|?a?hv .?.Uli
.-Itlon lo Judge Hooh
am hla tl?cl?lon hi the Ohlahoma rate cafre.
Governor Osborn. at La Follette
Meeting. Sharply Criticises
Absent Wisconsin Senator.
Governor Prefer** Taft to La Fol?
lette, but Suggests Both With?
draw in Favor of Roosevelt
or Beveridge.
Lansing, Mich., .lan. t_-ao**ern**r ? iins?
Osborn to-day t??'?k charge of ? in*?etinK
of Pro-re-iv?. r.public? n? gathered ???
hear s.-naio? Robert If, l?? Follette, ?,ho
f;?i'??l to ap)ear. and delivered an address
he had prepared to Introdoee the ?"e'iatnr.
tliereb? (musing an outlmist of complaint
fr'Mu soma of the audience, who objected to
the 0,?.,"i|,,r'H remarks in referring to
Senator i_. Pellette
T???. Oitrerner said thai as between Tall
and La Follette bo pr? f-rred Tait, but
; eked ll?at both Taft hii'I Ls Follette with
draw and join in nominating Bens tor B<
erfdgs or ex-rreniii? nt Raoeevelt.
When the ?Jovernor criticise?! tome of
RenatOr I.a Follet|p ?i acts and called li'iri
a, noiitieian who leaked ~.ut tot Mmaelf
primarily, persons in the ,-iurii. nee snouted
iii.-:t Boveraor Dehors bad n? right t?.? make
such 1-emarks In a hail rented by seppert?
erl ,?f the WISMBSta S?*na?or.
"Well, wiiat dlil ihm peoat? expect when
\.>?i staked mfe le presMeT" replied the Gov?
ernor \vi?h emphasis. " v < ? i knee where I
rrtood. DM yon think i wouM alto? yon
to cesser my remarks'? i am more
then you that the Senn?.,)- ?.?.^s no? her??.
hut I am more ?hen glad to pay for ?he
hall if that make* any dMferenCS to VOU."
S? i retery Hannan of S?-nnt?">t La Fol?
lette's MsfT ?-ailed up th- \In-oni ? Temple,
where tM ?row?! bad asssmhled. shortly
all?) ' C'elnek Slid ?Ifked ??IH? U I??' 140
noiii,?-.ii ih.it the 0_eel-r a*o_M not -?p
|??_r. \V|???n ?his ?Ac.rfl whh ,.?rri?,l I?. ?inv?
entor Osborn be weni lo th? i>l;it r<?: ;ii alone
and, after Stating thai the Senator would
not be press?t, he eitfabted that he bad
prepared *-*-"t_in things I?? 'ay. and In
vi<iw ?,f the fac? thai Um i were to be pnb
I'ahed he saw 11?, roAaop tot not sa>1ng
Tn the latter p.m of the address ? La
PolletU partisan In the rear of the hall be?
san to .?hont: "Wiio Is paying f??i the
ball." but deetstrd v.lien several near him
Suggested that h< should stop.
\v the Governor concluded Frank Ftn
kmrd, th. ?-tat.- manaaer "f the La Folletta
, -??nipaign. rushed t?> the platform and
shouted to the p-*cple: 'Stay Where >?"?
ere; ?he Senator will b? ser? within a half
\? ihi? the orowd returned to th?--ir seats
and Governor Osborn added:
"Good: I'll stay and Introduce him.''
a band played severe] selections while
Robard end avored to And oui where the
Senator was, evidently hoping t?> K?-t him
to Lansing In some ?-?ay t?, answer the
Qovercor. Halt an hour late! Robard de?
elded it wa useless to bold the crowd
longer ?m?! again lb? people were dlsmtllted.
Robard criticised the remarks of Gover?
nor ?..-born Hs "shameful," but the ?Jov
ernor s-rerted hli rljthl to sa* what lie
pleased so Ion?? as tlie l.a Foil-It-- ;? sple
lia?! invited him t?> the meeting.
Reviews La Follette's Record.
'ii. ?;?)vernov tras applanded when b?*
suggested thai both Taft and Ls Follette
wlthdfaw iiid influe?- Reesevell or Beve?
lidii?- io make the race. He nM Is part:
The *"a-__t-r*s style of ??aini,s?i?n tends to
ar, um- ii:>. passions of the p?- iple and make
f?,i ?i condition of public Intolerance, which
Is always worse than personal or indiviil- j
uiii into]lairanc?, ttecauin .1 has so much
innre might as a fore?-.
In Henaior I_> toilette'? speechet? and
writings and in this connection loi to?
hat i have iH,k?n and enjoyed "_*
Follette's Weekly" aad i am ;?
now-1 do not think h< dlstinguishes
i..-.?????', hon? ' men In big business and
dl? honett men.
\\'e have g<?t t?> have big business in this
c luntrj if we a?e t,. compel? In the man?
ufactures and trails.??clions of Uta world
Bui bis bus?iesa should no! b? permitted t'?
oppress th?- people
l hav? noticed aleo that while Senator
!.;? Follette ?lid great worV In ridding Wi?
?onsin of i-orrupi faOroad domination be
never said anything against brewery
domlnatl? n in that state Keelly, as b -
tw??en the two. I Should prefer tailroa?!
doi??nation. n?>v>.< ,<i, it was ??????i poll
tlcs t?. fighl tlie railroads In Wisconsin
but it weuM ii')t have yot senator 1j? f??i
n- win i' prnb?hly if he bad fought
s erj. o% ned said ?,
What I Wish t'i make -dear about this
slut?meut i? that il??- Senator has taken
up those things which might be termed
piipulai an?l that ?ont.iin-d the l?-ast dan
ger t?) hJroaolf. Sow, tius may be entirely
unfair. I>?it I have thought it. and do think
it still, hixl I wish to say it to von an?l
io bim fa"*e tu fa?-?*
Detroit. Jan. 2-To a Ragin.iw "caJbbto"
is assigned ill?- blame for Senator La i'?>?
if-iti'H inaiiiiity to r*arry out i,i.- engage
!ii?-ni.? to speak lo-day al Lansing god
OwoBSO. The driver took the Progressive
lentlal candidate to the wrong "dation.
The Wisconsin Senator Intended ??? have
S;,ginaw fnr'onn.??, ovei th?-fit and Trunk
"SallM-d, bu?. by ncstake. hewaedrlyento
?,. p-sse *?i.i!?iu,-ii station. There be
l?oftrd?'l a southbound train Without a I ? l>
st. Which prevented the employes from
discovering and rectifying the error. Its
was well on '?is wai toward i>etr?)it be?
fore be found that he was en the wrong
train. s
Meanwhile im-mhers of Hi?- Sena or
pariv wer?- ?*.*iihiK ImpaUeatly at the
?irand 'i'luiik ?tatiou, and only gave up
lu-p ?.i twins jo.'o.i their <-hi<-f when
a?v ti:?- ?tain vanishing In tho dta
Arrangement^ ?srere then hurrif><ii? made
ta effeel ;? leunl?? of the party a? Holly,
but when ??M mas reedy i??r a ia**lsed Pro?
gramm- i" be announced It v?a* feundthal
train sch??dul??s ? puld not permll thejBen
ator's rlelts ??? Owosso and tb<* state t_ipl?
tsl It whs Ih'-n ?I? ? M? ?1 Il??t be SbouMgO
direill., I" ?.rand Bapidl for ??. meeting Him
. .?mu?;.
Refuses to Discus*? Osborr. s
Suggestion of Withdrawal.
??rand Raptds, Mich., Ish. '-' Senator J.;?
ITeJMse io-ni?,'iit i? ius?-.J patnl blanh to
dkscuM in any itiutni? i tlis spec? Ii mad? by
?;?,?'i-ni.i _?abern In Lansing i<?-?:.,
??I discuss Issues, not men,*' ii?> saM. "i
hav?' a>H?-lut?-ly n?> ??oinnu ul to inek, ." .
"\\fll you panlon me," hr was a.'k??l, "if
I ask ?.?.hat \?>u hav- 1?) say t?> tlie <lo?
fimir's pr?posai ?hat '?otii fea aad Prest?
d? nt T;ir? withdraw from 'le- n
S<?iiator l_i Kollett? merely wuwd his
liauil, .-*> a,?, "I'll panlon you."
Next One Will Be Friday, When Har?
lan's Successor May Be Announced.
Washington. .Ian. I TTtesldsnl 'l'ait
,,ii the Cabinet raastlag scheduled
toft li)-da\ a:i?l can? ? -il?-?! all em;a?iin? nts
la )i.i?-r that hs um-.i.t tak.- up the large
i oi d< n? ? ?.? i.i? h ii ??i accumul?t??*?] in
the hoJMaja 4*_bough his i?k'Ih ii-,r,?i and
arm Were a SttW siiff and -,,i.. from >,?
teeday's t_snas_a->_g, t!?e *^>as*s_sat m.'a
a?, d Io si^'l: -,,,?, ,,? I, -11 ? ? a,
'I'm?- te \l ?'iihin.-t m.itii,? ?a III l?. i,, |,|
on Kridsy aad t'a?- eucceoaoY to Justice
i ma) hi annuunc? ?'? then.
?.? Jan -' A joint tesolii
limi presented In i>?>'h houses ?>f the (b
? ' ?? ??? lo-dsy Invites ?io? -
-?rnor ^....ii.,? IV ?Ison ..f \, .?. .j. , ;> |,,
? ? ludlcal.s air that
SOS '?'?IH G. I" I ??? I? I ii ?.?llhii.' a 1. v?
$15,450 in Prizes Free
iVy Anewers to THE TRIBUNE'S Bookreaden
Picture? of This Dato and Number Are
No. 61.
No. 62.
Contestant's Name.
City or Town and .State.
ronteetanta In ?he Tribdnea IViokreadera' Conteal i luetu?'*? ,l""'
?nswera upon thin eo-tpon. which will ?PP?5' "? '"' -" " ?>[ 1I;'.J,^?.'V
every .lay durlnn* th?*?cM?ntesji The complete chapon must be returned
re submitted on coupons which are not romp?ate or which do no
i-,n Th- Tribune'* i.eadin? will nol I? considered Liai ot prises
. oudltlona <>f the conteal and
. aaHaased from ?ir?t ?nage.
spectator*, th.* most pktureaqii?- of
whom araa fl?nerai Bdwta a Merritt.
?h.- sturdy old father of Aaa???blyinan
Merritt James B. Parker, ot Wa?hing
tein County, waa choaen chairmati of ?he
caucus and Almetti W. Hoff, of Brook?
l> n. secretary.
\-s..|.ii.)yn?nii Yonne, of vVeatcheater,
nominated Merritt. He talked of the
dlverjjrenee of vtemg of ?Republican? on
?party policy. He found it ver? difficult
to claaatfy hinis.if. whether as Pin^re*
Mva or "old gtiaxd'" he eald, and rent
ured the opinion thai it would be hard
lor anybody, anywhere, t.> tell defin? ly
?'hat conatituted "progreaalveneaa" He
s: id that the term "old guard" waa ni
waya iiaed In an offenalve aenae. The
tine- was .-it band, h? thojj?jh, for all
^.....i Repuhlicana to gel togethei and
si..p th.ir hlckeringa
Mr, Dana said ii?- oppoaed aferritt with
much regret, bol fell ii his duty us- a
Republic .n
?*We must serve our party," aald he,
"not look ..ut Tor mir [Tienda Kii'l alllea.
Mr. m? ?riti has aerved here long and
well, but not alone on long aervl
I. glslaUve ability should he i>. gtet led
Speaker, We muai look ?nto all hi
ord to ae. II he can repreaeni the Re?
publican party la su? h a way aa t.m
niaiid respect and nain the support of
the rotera."
a pemblyman Crane, o n? Yorlt,
noininnieei Mr I?ana. and BjOtninal I
W?r?- tlM t? ? le,seel
The- other caucua nominations were
in,ule by hi?> Lunation, as follows:
?3m geai ittBn, Harry %V. H
of Yoiik-rs. prtlii'lpai doc.rkeep? :
Mfchael K?hoe. ??f New York. aaatietant
doorkeeper. iASnaa !'?? Hulse, ?>i MMdlo
town; s.-coini assistant doorkeeper. I?
C. F.a.ston. ?ef Potaata, Wba\ tu-'!' i
County, ami stenuarnphcr. Henry C
I^immcrt, "f Brooklyn.
The on? Cuaion niemh.-i. Mete? of
Queena, and lhe two Inderj-endencc
[?nagu?re, Ku'ldlck ,i...i ri?-?i.. oi Sets
y..r!,. partiell ated in the caucus, gl
.-i total ?Republican membership of 101
Mr. Merritt ren*al?ned In the Bpea
room during Ihe batllotiiai
New York City Man Made Assembly
Minority Leader Withont Clash.
ai1.any. Jan. -' i.'-w? Btayveaanl Chai
l>r of Dut? he??, formerly lieutenant ? *?>?
?rnor. pr.'sid? ?I el lie 1 ? m.xi ?1i<- iiiiun? In
the flsaamhlj parlor to-ntght iTbar? bad
nuttaaiaga of ?i ppaalblt ? leak between
the followers ..f Daniel l>. l'i l Me, -.f Bcho
harte, last year's Speaker and Alfred ?
Smith, of NeU York. I >< inoci atl<- M>.,,r
, for the nomination for ?Speaker, bul
ail ?vidences ?>f a posai hie contest ?.?n
laned before th? presiding ..filer'?, gavel
f?ll and Mi I'rishir olsotji Mi Smith"?
name I -fore the ra ucii
Tti. caucua named Geen;. i: v.,n Mantee,
of U/atertown as Its ? ?avdldate for clerk
and ]..?. I' it. it-, of Catsklll, f?i sergeant
Mink Goldberg, Aaaewtblyntan fron the
lit Hi District, Manhattan, will Inlr?
In the State t?eembl) to-day a trans'or
?'ill ?Irawi, alniiR ?I,. ||nes ?.f Hi, ..
i Public Service Cemml
i i order called for the reatorlng >.f
transf?ra ,t 111 pointu in thla ? It)
in amioiinciiii: hla Intention realeren
la? iniiodu, e th. hui Mr. rjeldberg said In
was Influenced h> the fac? thai th? ral
road ' orapanle I ad datermined no) lo
comply with the oni-i- ..r n,,. puh1(c s-r
vl.-e Commission, bul arere ?..im: p, ,,p.
peal to the courts Arcordlng lo the Ae
Heinl.Ivinan, this m.ans H |,,ni* Rgh1 i'l
?he eeawta, and darlag the Interim th?
PSWfM will be ?leprived ..f Hi?) b.-pptlt of
Um ordei .m,i ?-in in \Mtiu.ut rodreoa.
Th?' hill piou.l. : It shall tsAU) ??CI- I . I
on? ".
Former President of Big Four Pur
chaser of Small Cincinnati Tract.
I B] Talegraph to Ta Tiitam? I
'"Ipcltu Ml. Jan. '.'. It be. am.- known lo
day, through leg il iiapera Hied in court,
thai a loi ill Vine Htrer? ;,.;,_? ^,,|,| ?,?. fUf),,
?<??? b> i'rcside,ni Tar? o? Meiviii,. k. rngall .
fornter pi.-i'i.-i.t <?: the ?Jtg Font Etnllroad
Ihe property ta ritoatad In the centra ?>r
th. I.usini-ss di-li'il, an?! is ".? I,v ft |.,t.
Ii waa leaaed by Mr InaaQa, aith the
prlriletr? o: purchasing, when the Ingalla
. kyax i.ii,f r a?as erecten.
Woman Clears $100,000 on Sale on
Property in Fifth Avenue,
im.. M. Kleis; hinan vaatarday i?>ok nil
to the four story and fwgamenl lort huiiu
iini-r?t No. Ml Fifth avenue, an a plot 8aa
109 feet The property WM M.id b] Mis.
Henri.lia <'. S linrl.y f..i 1L',,m?), sul.j.-ct
io .. qaavtgaga of ?MiMM.
Mis Hurl-y punha.-ecl I lie p.iii?-l licuii
QSSWBS IVnntman m llku lor ?;j.'.,()?jii. and
iln i.-l.\ iiiaUc a profit u.r tUM?0l.i hat U>
ve lineiit.
eV'asnlnjrtoh, Jan | ~Pra>Caa ?' Irving
?Saber, of ?/ale Cpiveretty*, letlng ?mder
a r?-solutlon of th. Anierl? ai; i;.-miomle A?
so.-^tion, will lay b?-for. I'resi.kn' Tall
? ?n Thuradai ? r rnpoaal for tl?e creatlen ol
an International conttniaalon io -tudy the
hl?l? coal of luing.
, Legislature i?ay Pass Only Im?
perative Measures This Year.
J Assembly Committee Slate Com?
pleted, with Possible Change
in Insurance.
I I.? T?l.?r;?i?li I.? Tb?
Albany, Jan. 2 II la the profesaed ?:???
?ire of leaders <?f both parties and both
? of tlie Legislatur?- I?. rnak?- tin- a
aho i session if the poll? ?? formu ited by
th.. Republl? sn I ??? bah man, *?*? llllam
Barnes, :? . and ?pproved ta a large extent
, by mi M? rrltt, Bp? ak? ? ?to b? Is followed
In the AeeeniMy, II ?rill practically
... sHi,,n of deedtocks between tiie t?vo
es oar* importani legislation, ending
with nothing <i"i??
Mr Barnes's riewa as sH forth recentlj
t?, \;,i lou - point, tans, .11 ? 1 ?
Th- , . ?, Asm h.1 I ted ai
a protssl sgalael th< Democratic dolnga
of'last ??-.?!. 'i'?ei.foi.- to ? logical, tlie
Aseembl?/ shouM proteal and do nothing
1? 1! ouM i'"t attempt to pr?paie ??r
carry out am programma ?>f l?i-gtslation
p, adopt any Ptmoorstic
measures psss,?i t.v the Senate, It ?i,?>ui?l
???i i? gialatloti ?pp? ared
?,, 1,. km] ? ? I ' ?? - bills,
? rythlng else Into I
? and ?? n?i t?, t'-.?- Senat? 1
tlon f??r a?!I? ?irnment !?? th.- end of P-b
ruaiy ?a mt#d?f <>f ? I
Aaj ne h 1 oins.- ?a ou i 1 rnak? Impo
reogthenlag o? Taasmaay's h??-?_?i?-?i dl?
??? inen ? law, ? uring 11 ? .1? ?? ote ?n the
Tamman) eject ? law, adopting new eon?
attori or ?inIiist serious eon?
?|.|.ration SO a ASUSS other r*n?l?ttOttS Of
1 to the ol I
It 1- known that Mr. M.niu -SO ad?
\.?n< >-.! irn.wluit .??11n1l.11 Ideas 111 talk?
with a ? miii> m- ? .-p.?*.;. regardiag
any amendoMai bl U tMreel primer) 1??
??i,,n- are thai H wi'i req
? ? ? and perhaps 1 ?icid bsei 1 uli to ?
pollc- tbrougl M-'ml ? ? ??> both
;?n?i both parties have prepared Im?
portant ?msndmsni to the primai? an?t
?a laws, ami then win ?to,other bills
? ii water stoi ig? ?? ileh ?in demand and
onqueetkmabl. 1 ireful conal
1 tlon m both houss
Aftei Ibe election of . Speaker and the
si '?f the ?krv?H*i?ora message the Leg
Islatiire ?nil t.?k?- b raeess t?> permll tl ?? net
.?P?_k?-i l<? seles" his ???mnilite,... a.? sl
reaiiy m?_cat_d, K. I. v?ui!?, of Tl'ietrhes
lar, i? slated foi floor leader, s n<**? place
:?? i? made this jreer; Ueorge 11 Whitae*
?,r Baratoga, for chairman ??f the ?W?
and Mee 1? Committee : James B. Perk?
\\ 1 hinHtoii. for ht.ol of a SUb-COmmlttee
?>n appn-r-riatlonH. w w. Colne, ?>f Kings,
for ?llaililin Of ?'1th- liar?,I<1 .1 llliitn:.n.
I of Albaay, f?>r chairman of Judiciary, and
?'yrus Phillipe, for ? hshrman of ?'odes.
W. & Coffey, of nrestchaslei Ii ?? raadl
dat? foj chairman <?f ti.?- Commltte on
In uian? ?? and in.?? I in?! It,
Livingston Forces Support Mur?
phy for Temporary Leader.
The L.I- Ingi ton forci ? m. Brook 11 n la ?
night ,ie, ided to support filarles i Hut
pii.?, uepiihio-an leader of ihp iai?, ?,
i?iy Dlstrl? i. ?. Hi? h ? udldate for t??in
perar* leader ?>f Ihe Kings ?'.ity organ?
isation pending ih?- return of Tlmoth i.
Woodruff t" the rountj leadership, Ar?
rangements were practically completed
? eoterde) for ti,?- ? ? Meut? oenl ?;???
?n or'H return
ii.,? asteetl? n ef Mi M i ph for t?.*
place followed the announcewtsnl thai II
? ?.? i .?? ii Kredsj Mad ?le.-td???! to
inak?- Marcus B, Camnball, ehatrssan of
Ihe executive commute? end leadet ?>f the
Ulli \ ? ? ii- I'l.itrh t. the temporal :
? mint y |(*_d?r. '
Mr. Miirph? is <?n friendly terms with
the Llvlngoton forcea ii?p HToodrn1? fore*?
and the forces ?>r Congre_eman William M.
('alder, the es-leader, n was from ids
district, the nuil Aasemhly, that Mr. I.I\
Lngston eltose ins randidate for the vloe
ch?lrmanahip <>f the Board of Aldermen
last Sum?a? Mr Murphy ess one <>f tlie
leaders who ?ii?! nol favor Ihe ousting of
Mr. Uimdriiff leal summer After the
plan was CSfiled out he gSVS lllS support
tO Air ?'abler, lie Is now c?tiint??l with
in?- bitlagston forces ngjslnsi Mr Kracke
An a psieaslSl IiIcikI of Mr. Woodruff, It
is fell that lie WOUld I"' a< ? ?pl ihle as the
tempor?r* lander ?r th? organisation l?s
ii en,illness with H"- leaders ?>f the fa?>
tiens, it is tbought, ?;ii have the effect
of ?"?aflueMg the friction in Ute organisa?
lion, lbs iiiK work wbi?-ii will face Mr.
Woodruff in a few weeks.
The plan Of puttiiiR tlie organisation
Into the hands of one raen Is to make
possible the abolition ?>f th?- steering coin?
piittee. Regarding lbs necessity ?>f doin?
wlth tills committee ?????1 selecting
i temporary (??der, ?buhty Clerk Devoy
said Vi-steida?
"We ean't a?? alome with thc""nteei lui;
< ominitti?- much longer. Wlioever Is
elected now will only n? t as a p?'a? ??inakei
for some I,Ik fellow Who will ?'Oins rfloni*
later on it will bs tlnt?ooi an Impossible
ii-l. to unite ti,?- pert* ii"". because it Is
?li?. Ided lui?? so many factions."
i" temporary lea.lership"wlU probably
he passed upon at ?? meeting of the ?tec?
utlve committee eerl) neg( "eck.
Mailed anywhere Hi tho United States
for $C50 a year.
Progressive Democrats H
Bryan as Ablest Representa
tivc of Their Ideals.
Recalling Parker's Disastroi
Defeat, They Say No "Wal
?Street Hireling" for Them
This Time.
1 olumbtj ?. ? ihlo, Jan. t -a campaign
prevent fjovernot Judson llam?n fr?
getting Hi?' ???ii?? delegation t-. the Dem
i ??at'.- National ?''?nveiiticin began in earn?
ii? r<- t.>-<ia>. when the Proireastve Deia
i ralle league of Ohio came into helntr
a conference or Dem?crata ?/rom neai
everj nouai] In th. mate. Man. ,,r i
confrereea entered the raeeting with t
'avowed Intention of dectaiing againsl t
('residential candidacy of Oovernor lia
mou. Although 11 lu name waa nul 088
tloned directly in th?. resolution^ 11 <v
clearly attderatood that thev ?acre alined
him. The ?noferenca aasktned Itaeif wl
adopting .? declaration of piInetnlea urgii
the members to work again I Ibi rholca
.?i lielegate t?. either state ejg nation
?. a.?niion who :%???! not paoved blmaelf
tried and true Prugreaalvc Democrat.
The name e.r tTIinam .1. ?Aryan, herakk
? "*4t to repre/e-nt the {?Ttiatreanri
ideal- in .?ity p.i i :? a ? r.h ?d 0II
applause, and ?peakera who fanned ti
r?emocratic ardor while ?awaiting tbe r
port of th? resolutions ?oinmitt'e mada a?
Iterance to him the Anal teal to H" m
.?r t?rogresirii >? l>- mod gey.
The conference, which wa? railed bj v
W Di'iiun. .nose aa-('ongreaatnan John .
4.? nt: aa chairman, Mr. lienta latei wa
elected president of the newlj forme
Th>- resolutions folloa :
We, the repr?sentative? ??r the plonw
I i ?..?lessive, n, il,. D? moi ,-.iij. pari} 1
the Si.it, ,,r ?Uno. in confer. :!? .-. i
1 liai the n- \-er > nilini; '? oiitt|,-l ?wl?e.,ii I
?.Itera" . ,d i he Ci .??i aaslt i ?
siiii in. and that certain selrlsh, tordld en
mercenary tageitctea are active in their ?i
fort? i?> thwart the purposes an.i hopea <
Hi ~i\ and a h.ill n:ill|oii nun who vote
tii? Drmocratl? ticket every time th? Deoi
?x-ratlc National '.'onvention gave 11?. i.i
Progressive platfortn and leader, ami recoy
ntatng th. ? ??? ?.; fact ?hat the lar*. -
v.!. evei aal foi the Democrats tick?
,i ?h.- tiir, c ',i.ii,' when the pari ? he?
a platform and a candidat, ?satisfactory t
the Progressive Deniucrgej of Uu counti
do hereby declare and adopt th?< followlni
i Th..i th.-ie ?hall h ?? ' a, It ward ?te|
til-? n i,v the Democratic party, either h
n.?- platform adopted or the i?*a?iei namec
'-. tn< nest Democratic National Conven
I rhal to guarantee a ??rotjreeelve ni?t
toi m and a Progressive candidate :a Ii
neceeakry ?h;it the rani- and tu. of ohl?
Democrats take immediate ?iep? to
the election of forty-eight tried and tni'
Democrats ta delegates to the rooming na?
tional ? onvention.
No "Wall Street Hirelmq" Wanted.
:: That t? protect the ProgreaaHv? Demo*
crata ??f <?hlo against the possibility of any
i ;iri-,.:.? tho i-.'ty-eJgbl delegates It
la Imperatl? e thai no ad< i io? late,
protector. ,.ir agaatt, oounael, attorney,
\. r. , hamplon or hireling of Wall
s-'treet oi other predatory int.-res? be chosen
a? a ?'-???.-?t-* i? .
i Thai to p'"'." ' the Progressive Demo
i ,? of ??hi?, againal the poaialbllity >f any
irMii-.r aiuong the delegates t?? the slate
?onvention, It w Imperativ? that none i?
s. ni to the t.?!- .-.invention to adopt a
platform and nominate candidate? lor ?tau:
iifflee? .en.I ?eleel delegates at large to the
Democratic National Convention except
m? n ?'ho 1...V. shown ?iy their peal i ? oa*da
thai they ?i*e Pr? i >? rmvrata.
.'.-'ihat th>- recan? ?/ictory <>r iientoccratlc
candidate? in certain Kastern and Middle
Htitev normally Hepuhlicin was aoletjr due
to to?? protaat ?>i the Progroaxive Kepuh
. 'Ifl and ol h? r ?elfish
"stand-patter?" In that
8. Thai tha auggeatlon of th: noiniuati? n
? : than a known, tri,-.? .?n.t ?rue
Progressive l?.m<>. n.t tarings imnie- I'atH?
t., o ,. memory the disastrous defaal ? ?'
IBM, when In '?h?.,? Parker leal the ?tati
by nine thin 30,000; on of th? twenty
.,', ,r .'?.i;,, .. men a loal twenl out o
four hundred and lift* county otiice* wi
loal i.m?- hundred, and oui of < ighty-eigiit
?>nt' -one
; That in erdei and (or the aurpose oi
,-nee ling and assuring lo the Democrn j
of <?h;o attd th? nation the final consum?
mation e.r the principie? here s?t forth, we
.'.. herr?n pled;?, cur ever' ffi r? to thai
. nd
.Mi. Lenta, a.? tempor?r) chairman, named
Mi Hiwi.i .i th lietnoe-ra'l candidat? |
? ' * "?? ~
most Pkefy to be elected. "I am one
i hose who bo-!lev< that more Promes?
Republicans v.Ill vote fr.r Mr. l'r>an tl
for any other Dr-moc-rat," he said. I
Hryan was balled as the original I'
pre-tPltc by .Stale Senator Frank T. Don
?ioveinor Harmon hs?, i,,.,.,, i.nfaltli
t?. the nue .-pint of Qemoci*_ey,H Mr. n
i)in Mid, befor?- the seule feme ?ras cal
to order. "His i ;n,,-- as Attorney G?
? ral vas rea? ttonery. what, sort of in
j would this b% to place at the bead of l
national i??r-iocracy, in the face of i
7.rd of t:.?- pr??ent Rcpubll'-aii admin
tratlon of -m'??!. h*- the Sherman Id
?which Harmon said s/aa a ?had letter?"
??overnnr Harn:?>-,i to-night pro?luc-d I?
| ters from a aumbes of the men taking p:i
? il, the. conference, some of whom ws
I t*_eted ??fft'-eis ?,f the peimar.rtnt orgai
?etton, in which they iu??i soiiclied t
Qovemor*s *ropi*ort for an eloatt?re ?????
office or his api?>r?i?ment to one.
Tlie letter! show??! that the QOveTS
bad been approached for backing by ?an?
!,r Stats Printer und for srrgeaii
at -arms ?if the Ohio Senate, and had bei
Solicited f??r appointments to the Sta
Board ?f Administration, state Board
Control, EStaptoyers' liability Commlsal?
and the ."erry'k vi?tory Centennial comml
ston by men leading in the efferent
l-i'i-lli, r than H"- wiKgestive exhibition i
these letters, Governor Harmon w??u
make no comment.
May Become Democratic Presi
dential "Dark Horse."
\;w Telegraph lo The Tribune. |
I- Uadelphla, Jan. i. A new Iiemo<'ratl
,Pr?sidentiel poselbUlty loom*??! up to-da
in the person of Kogene H. Pose, Ooverm
of Massachusetts, A pe??seylvaaes Do*
ocratlc leader Inadvertently mentions
i-'nss, uni when cornered admitted Hn
plan.?? had l-eii ?inietly lab! to brin? for'
F?)ss :,<; ? "dark horse'' in the lipm?i?Tati
Nan? n.ii coiamittee meeUng in wasiiins
i.m next Mondej
The Poes boom Is based on the bel!?5
? i the candidates already in ?he tie!
have so split up f!i<- s'ipporf that .? ?'oni
promise candidate win be necesnan
They predict ?' at the Clark, Polk, 1'nder
wood, i>i\ and Marahall men will pssnssn
the nominal ion of either Wilson or liar
mon, Then when these candidates ar
tired ?>f making a hopeless flgh? the nam
of Poes will he brought forWsrd. Massa
rhuSattS, It is stated, !?? ulreadv lined U]
for him. Alt N'ew Knclnrid, I? 1?. unM. sil
support liim. and while New Ym\ nniy b?
nominally for Mix. it is expected to HWitu
in line for Posa l?e?aware is now ?livide?
ii.io Wilson and Harmon ?amps, and prob
ably will compromise on Poe*
Representative Underwood, of Alabama
is said to favof PosS rather then Wilson
ami if unsuccessful himself, which tb?
Poes inen think be will he. Is expected t<
ai?i Poss greatly, a strong effort !?? belnj
nia'le to have Pennsylvania s?'nd an linin
stfucted "MlegattSn. '.Vltli Foss as a can?
dldate, the tart? would he the principal
?. 1'??: lie is deidsredly in favor ol
wi'.at he lernte! reasonable revision.
Mischievous Boy with a Match
at Bottom of a Lot of Trouble.
A mischievous boy, whd touched a match
to a cart loaded with waste pap?r in Elev?
enth avenue yesterday sflanioan. cut in
motion a seri^M ,,f events that ended in the
narrow escape from death of a d?>*.en per?
sons th,- wreck ?f a trolley car, the ar?
rest of the motorman ami serious Injurie.?
t,? three firemen, two "f whom ar?> in the
hospital with slim ?nances of recovery.
The waste pap?-r ?art was crawling gl*ang
tiie avenue when the lad tan out from the
gutt'-r and "-et lire to SSSSe of th? paper in
lie- Vfiiide. An excitable bystander who
,-> the blasiag can passing yelled to th?'
driver and sprinted for the nearest tire
ulano box, at th?- torn?, r of the avenue
ami .".l?t str?*?t.
Ti'i'k No. I 4iisv\ere?l with its usual
complement <?f men from Its ?luait.-rs at
the corner of F.iglith ayenue and tit h
it was making line time when it
?iru? k Tenth avenu?-. w***at*e a southi?und
troll?,'? car, in charge ?>f Motorman Terence
<??,; ml? y. crushed into tin- rear ?-nd ot tli?'
tru?-k. foreman ,i?hn J. Monaaan, Law?
rene? Fisher and John Itoach were pitched
off Into ?I?0 str?-?t, tli?- truck eras s-nt
spinning up against the curb and all the
glass in the front vestibule of the car ?'us
Roach sc?ped with a few bruises, but
Fisher an?! Monahan WOTS hurried 'o
Kooseveh Hospital la an amulan-e Th?
motorman ?ras art*eated ?barged with In?
tel f??rln- with the progress of the nre
truck The latter continuad ?>n after the
ucclden!, located the burning waste paper
..ut and douched it with water. Th?- two
nr.m.-ii ai th?' hospital an believed to ha\e
received Int? rnal injuri?e j
ft' Mill AMUSED
| Won't Discuss Rumors of Wil?
lingness" To Be Nominated.
| Says He Talked Politics with
President Taft, but Cannot
Discuss Nature of Talk.
Political c ,vi|. centred in this city ye?,
tenia y around th. various ?tories regarding
the wlllincnes.i and unwilling"?*?? of Theo?
dore P.oos.wit t? ?.eek renominaiion. Tha
?tories varied, depending upon the !"??*tlo?t
?>r the country In ?arhlcM they originated
I'oth xarietl.? 800808*1 to ?ff.-rd Mr. Roose?
velt huge aaanaaaaant in hi? editorial
idem In th? "Outlook" nfhVes he r?'fu?ed
to e onftrni or d.-ny any of th-m. declaring
thai whatever Mr'!?" merit he had to make
would he made d|r?'c tly ny hlmaelf and In
such a way that no on?; could ?n I.?und er
Mallei the in.
OHo T. Unniiiinl, prcaldert of th? New
*? oi'< rrusl Company and long-time friend
of Prealdent Taft, who spent New Year'?
Day at the Yv'hH? House, returned to the
? '? yesterday. Ot coarse he'talked potltlea
with th" President, he ?aid, l?ut o?**.*ioii?iy
he could not he expected to ?;i??u.'i th??
nature <>f the tail.-.
Manda et President Taft In ?.hi? ejt) MM
laut night tl.it they did n??t tteHev? th?
?tory that .Mr. Ito?geWetl had eut a m?*
f?age t> tie President to Inform him that
'he fP.n/vcvcltI would no* go ?o far a?. '.'?
niAkrt a :??.ttern?*fii ?hat "under no rlrcum
Btgn. <?" would he seek 8 r?*nomln??lon at
?I.e i'resMential convention to h? gsAi in
.lime. They said l'r?'?i.letii Tat? did not
aalieva Mr. ItooaevtU Intend ni to maka a
l???ht f??r the nominal ion.
Whim the story ntlout hia alleged ma >g?
lo President Tat't waa tr.*n?i??ne?l in tba
pre.?en. e Of Mr. f'nn*e\vl? he *.n\-t:
"I haven't seen the ?tory. I suppoa* I
ha\ - i?*, n tieciecilt:i5 my ertu'aUon again.
1 will say thl??, howe\.*r. that \\h?n I have
Ml) aiiiioiil??'eni*lit lo make it will B?
publicly. I will not tlisc usa any of tlie.i,.
In regard to another <,r [he eropet Roose
\e|t Htorles now In rlrctll? cion, ?lUOtli.g l"?if
ford Plnehot a? saying that lv ha I fgem
told hv Mr. Rooscrvel? that the lat??r a.oni?i
HI accept the nomlnatletn. although lie
thought i:e could be elected. Mr. Uoo>evelt
"I ha von t Bean that statement either, hut
fll wager that It Is not ?<?. Tine? times in
the last three Week? he has Ven ?plot
saying something like thl?. 1 SttotS ?o him
tv.le, . nnd found out that h<* had not ?all
what It va? AtsBffAB he had ?aid."
A?kcd wheth' r h?- hi I heen a,*oro
bj| "any on?? oi ooaaex)taaaaoaM la New jersey
in ragaid to laving l??s fAemS pla? ?el on the
primary l.ailot there. Mr. Kouxevelt ;-,-i-litej
"That nooeaeertly Involves a definitiv ? af
tlie iihras? any one of co4aaeojaea?ee.' i tnaag
decline to eoaflrn* or deny any run."
reports of that nature."
"Have you taken any stet?e to have j."?r
name removed from the primary l-allot la
Nebraska?" wpj? asked.
"I have taken no steps one way or the
other." he teld.
Some on- mention, I the fact that II
understood" that h* would nav? a ?ta?,
meut of tremendous iiniiortat.ee to glv? lo
the public on l-'rl.la> jiujhi.
" To eiactrif) the situation?" laughed >lr.
Roosevelt. "No. I have no dinner engage?
ment for Friday. T am still not hungr* "
Lada Have a Jolly Time Through Gen?
erosity of a Parishioner.
Fifty hoy-- he-lntiglr.s to tlie ?Jholf bf Pff*
*.ary Church. Fourth avenu-- and Cl?? ?tre^t.
were ?u.'st:- Ht a dinner in the ?*af? l'.oui.
vard last night el Mrs. Wllilar' f, H.?'k .
one of the oldest inemtoct-rs of the church.
Sickne.-? iiaviiiu ktpt her from an
church a long time, the boys' choir went
to her home ?recently and aang for
appreciation cf lier interest In them
??he sent a cheek to th ? rector, the R?**-.
Theodore Se-lgwick. M B i'lTl-nna.?: | i-*?*n*
lor ?he* youngster?. She a.-kexl him to ?pend
ihc moi:?y in -my ?ay M fiemSe? :or tl ?
i ? nein or pi? icuir? of the hoys, and
Ii-. aid Wji'.iam 1'laii.'. . thi ChOil .
of Calvary, arranged for ' ?lin
The Gateway.
lir TO THE ?x^
ST etTcassuac
Qtai ISA
"-?.u a. * h

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