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Paul Keglivich, of Southern Hun
cjary, Arrives, Starts for
Hotel, Disappears.
Austrian Baron and Lieutenant
Intimate He Wished to Bury
His Identity?Mistaken for
Maeterlinck at First.
Somewhere in this great city of the
Western world Is a real Croatian count,
go far as is known he Is alone, aava for
l.?*KiO crowns In his country'" **otn an 1
a pedleree. Ho happened into this port
?Mvrly yesterday morning in the staar
age of the North German Lloyd liner
Barbarossa, here from Bremen. Land?
ing at the Battery late yesterday after?
noon from Ellis Island, he took a taxi
cab for the Hotel Grenoble. Last night
he had disairpeared.
C??unt Paul Keglivich was the name
under which he was registered at the
Immigration Bureau. Two friends of
his, seen at the Grenoble last night, said
that waa his baptismal name. But ho
wasn't going under that name now. they
added. He had "checked" that at Ellis
Island and had set foot on American
soil under a name not his own, deter?
mined to become a man of mystery. He
would be hard to find, they said.
The friends at the Grenoble were Lieu?
tenant Hans Karl von Reiter, of the 12th
Austrian Dragoon?, and Baron George
Pelathy. Th< y reached here from
Hlfini. Bohemia, on the Kr?n Prinzessin
Cacilie last Friday. They were surprise?!
to learn that their friend, the count, had
crossed the ocean In the ?steerage. They
wrote, under the Impression that he had
i ome on the Barbarossa because she
Tva?< a second class boat. He was of a
?cood. old family, they tad, and they
wondered slightly that he had only l.tKTO
crowns In his pot k?t. Presumably that
"?as his monthly income, which they in?
timated was a mere nothing to a Hun?
garian count
??ne thousand .tours equals, when
?hanged to American gold, about |2M.
Pome indigent people anvmd the Bat?
tery when he landed figured that the
taximeter would fat up most of his cap?
ital on the way to his hotel, which
stands at Seventh avenue and &6th street.
Count Paul, however, was to all appear?
ances as carelcsr of his wealth as Hun?
garian r.obl'ineii are credited in novels
wi'h belnaj. Stepping brioklj trota the
ferry house in high healed shoes and
gaitera tight fitting ovtareoat and ivory
headed can,-, he flash???l a monocla on th<
astonished tnxl driver.
"Must be Maeterlinck." commented
one of the ship new? reporters, and with
hoi,. born of sudden inspiration he
sdd?*<l: "Take It off; we know you."
It stayed on. A more careful Inspec?
tion dashed the new born hope, for it
showed not a middle aged man of intel?
lect, but a youth, obviously under thirty
and confessedly _ome years younger.
To Inquiries as to where he was going
1 < replied in English that was not of the
****** _A<**
89 Regent Street
Goods Purchased In London Charged
to Home Account at English Prices.
Except in price, moder?
ation is a fatal thing.
?Nothing succeeds like ex?
cess?of quality.
Cross Wardrobe Trunks
For Men and Women
?18 Inches Long x 14 Inches High
Three Ply ITaegwOUd. Fibre Bound?
J'rass Trimmings?Will Hold ? Com?
plete Suit* or Dresses in Tray? Inte?
rior of Trunk Provides Compartm? nt
for Shirts, Bata, Shoes, ?_c. Made
to Fit Under Any Berth.
FOR LADIES. *33.50
v<>n mm.$43.50
r-TKAMER ROBEfl?-7S*-*80 $o C/\
In?hen?All Wool. From... ^0?%J\J
STEAMER SHAWES-*.7x.r?l Inches
?Camel's Hair?Solid Col- (Q Cf\
or? or Plaids.^Zf.iJX?
Thing for Motoring or Walking.
Scotch Wool, Cnlined?Rag- $*?tfi
Ian Should? r:: and Pocket?.wOO
(?I'AllDSMA.Vfi COAT?In Sam?
Material as Above?Short Back Bait
ani Inverted Plant Bqi_*uj*a*|jq en
Siioulder? and I'o'kt-is_v*__i._*,v/
Catalogue Sent Upon Request
< rompt Attention to Msil Orde-s
r i'l.'?'Hi UBATHKH '?'" ?
M ?;<;a?;i s rV-, io.VKRT. QUO\
'??.?-? ' \l> liKTAL, N?jVi:,.TIl.s,
World'? Greatest Leather Stores
Agtnti Throughout the World
Up- \ 210 Fifth Avenue
town | Near 26th Street
Downtown?-253 Broadway
Opposite City Hall
Rofitr,n--145 Tremont Street
King* best that he was bound for the !
Hotel Grenoble, but if that didn't suit
his tastes he won!?' move immediate!?
to the Hotel Astoria, which was tak*-ti
to mean the Waldorf.
It was emphatically denied at both
places last night that they harbor?'?) the
elusive count or any one that nearly re- i
sembled him. While on the island, it j
?"?as learned, he hn-1 called Up the Hun- ?
?arlan Consulate, but no m?,re inclina?
tion was forthioming there.
Caught in His Stockinged Feet
as Burglar After Chase.
rers.ms walking on Broadway, at tU
street, last evening saw a patrolman and
half a hundred other men chasing a voting
negro through the street. The negro car- |
ri. ,1 two bulky suitcases and only socks ?
cnv.-r.'d hi? feet. O.^plto the handi? ap. |
!,?? ran with such speed that most of Ms
pursuers were Winded herore the policeman
laid a restraining hand on his coal ?ollar.
patrolman took his pris, n??i to the
West ::??t!i str? c police station, where be
gave his name as "Hilly" Meredith, <>f No
31.'. West 4lst street, and said ids father
was a city employe, The police say Ml ?
d ?:: ?Aas j.;st explaining that he eras ?,,,:
of work and money and h<>d tiken to
burglary as a profession, when Howard
Bertine? of No. S West 32d street, an ac
ccuntant. entered the station house an?!
said that Meredith had just robbed his
Bertine and his father, C 1?. Berttae, nn
Interior decoramr, live on the second tloor
at No. ?? AYest TCd street, and have their
place of business on the Kround floor. They
fake their meals at a boarding house at
Ko. : West 32.1 streei Mr. Bertine has a
t? lephone switch between bis apartments
and the boarding houae.
Father and son were at supper in the
bfiarding house yestenlny ?veniiic wl?en
the telephone rang Mr. P- ; tine, senior,
answered the vire, and the "c?ntral" asked
him to bang up bis rcceivr. He immeili
ately knew that somebody must be In Ids
apartments, and told his son. who ran out
into the street He almost ran Into Mere
?lith. who wa? comin* down the steps of
the Bertine house.
Howard Bertine started after the man,
yelling for help, and was Jolne?! in the
chase by l'atrolman Sullivan. Meredith
had removed bis shoes before entering the
p?a, e, he said, and had bllpped past "?he
door on the ground floor an hour earlier
lie had ?raited his opportunity, and when
the Bcrtir.es l?''t the place, bad stolen up?
stairs and into the apartments. In taking
some Jewelry on* a table he had upset the
telephone, thus being responsible for his
own arrest.
The suitcases contained about |M0 wort h
of property, all of which was identified by
Howard Hertlne. Meredith was locked up
on a < liaise ?>f grand larceny.
According to the negro, his father bad
given him an unusually good education,
??ending him i?> Howard University, In
Washington, from which he was graduated. I
He s^ld his father told blm re?ently not t?> i
return home until be had sfK-ured a Job.
Plaintiff in Suit Is Mysteriously I
Wounded in His Home.
Thomai Lynch, Jr.. of No ?oi We-? * I
Street, a tea and coffee _*_fdlS-Bl met with
a peculiar pc.rldent yesterdav monto?; t-, i
roe, and was taken lo luibvi.
pital with a bullet woBnd In I
His condition Is said to lM s-it?ni?
Mr. Lynch has a suit f??r dam.? ?
Supreme Court. He went to ce
day with his wife, but returrM I
home to pet some necessary papes. ?
cording to friends, he star'ed to??.a I ?
bureau In which the papers wer?? kopl I
h? slipped on i rug. He fell s? ?
half open ??rawer of the bureau, In wht? h
lay a revolver. The revolver was dl?
charged . .i the bullet entered bis right
fcr? ast.
His daughter, hearing tho report, ran
mi?, ?he room and found her fatb.T lyinii
or.? oiis? iouB on th.t floor. She call'd Pr.
Mundy. of No. ?.*!7 \\'. St 23.1 ?ir.?-!. He
treated the wounrt?-d man. and advised that
he be sent to Bellevue Hoapital.
Faurot Proves Week-Old Impressions
Cannot Be Photographed.
Three of the men believed to have ?<a?l a
part In the Ferdinand Piirhs Jewelry rob?
bery on the night of November 30 were be
f?>re Magistrate Appleton in tli?*? Jefferson
Market court yesterday. They were Henry
Millings, Samuel B*rger and Louis Kess?
ler, and all were held for the grand Jury.
Kessler and another man wer?; arrested
11M day after the robbery and were ar
iaign*vl In court on a charge of burglar'.'.
! ,it were discharged on account of la?k "f
evidence. Finger prints were found the fol?
lowing day on a safe In the Fuchs place
which the police thought belonged to Mil
'llngs. Therc'ipon Millings, Berger and
Keaaler were arrested. The lawyer for the
pileoners oonteeted the trustworthiness of
the finger print evidence, and thereupon It
was agreed to make a test to prove the
truth of Captain Faurot's claim that the
finger prints on the Kuchs safe must have.
heen made recently, because It was Impos?
sible, he said, to photograph sucli prints
later than forty-eight hours after they had
been made.
Tli? test consisted of finger marks on the
Inside of the door of an old safe at Police
HeadQiiart'-rs. and the safe was locked for
live days. The prints were so faint when
it was opened yesterday that it was itn
poosjhla to reproduce th?-m. On this fact
the trio were held for further examination.
Finland Third of Red Star Line to
Give Up Belgian Flag.
Tli?? steamer Finland. ?>f the Re?l Star
Una, will cease to be a Belgian ship when
eight bells sound across her ?le? ks this
morning, for at that hour the American
olors will be broken out at her masthead
With appropri?t? ? ?remonies. This will bring
three Of the Red Star's Atlantic liners un?
der the American flag, the Kroonland ami
the Samland being already there.
During the hoisting of the colors on the
Finland the ship's band will play "The
Star Spangled Banner" and the entire
crew will stand at attention. At 10 o'clock
the steamer will pull out into the North
Blvar on her regular trip to Antwerp.
Among those sailing are Mr. and Mrs. A.
C. Fiamk, Mr. end Mrs. P. B. Moon- and
Mrs. Julia. I.. Howies.
Court Says Place Is a "Commendable
Social Centre."
Justice Bijur r< fssted yesterday to grat
an Injunction against the Social Hulls
Association, of which Jacob 11. Schiff,
James Speyer. Isaac N- Sellgman and
John Crosby Brown are officers.
The association owns Clinton Hall, and
,'oseph Bolton. who owna the tenement
I,??uses, Nos. H7 and Hfl Clinton stn-cf, ad?
joining the hall, asked for an Injunction
on the ground that it was "a resort of im?
moral and dissolute persons, male and fe?
male who act in a disorderly manner at
all hours of the night."
Judge Blju*" "aid in his decision that "the
i.eklessness of some of the statements
made on behalf of the plaintiff necessarily
throws doubt on ill the statements." The
court found that the defendant association
ran a "commendable social centre."
Mailed anywhere in the United States
for $2.50 ? y*?-??-'
Y\ Mow ,?f .lust!.. Truax. who ?ill
Throws Negro Over Heads
Mob in Aiding Patrolmen.
Greeks Pelted Former Eraplo;
with Candy, and Harlem
"Black Belt" Saw Red.
Greek candy men lighting over a per??
difference arouaed the martial spirit
riarlem'a "black belt," i.?n<>\ avenue
i?5th 8ti?.-t, i.i.i nil-lit. The negroaa t
aldea from sheer lo\e of fighting, and w
?ome white men triad to reatara ordei
looked for a tune :.? though B race I
mighl iw-Kin Two patrolmen ran up ft
their s!:,t! inary poota and woie about re;
to call for ttie- reaervea and auib..ian
when up ?troll?.! a collega youth. II- *
of th- large, athletic typ?. Un hla he?d ?
a long p.aked cap and a htg College I I
?City of Meg Fork claaapla .h-coreted
?wcat, i
Tlie- patrolmen had lea-hed the ?tr
gling Or?eles m th? denes throng ..f pu
lug, pun, hing, howling ?nd shouting m
woman a:.?i children, hut were having m
than th? y could do to ?-parate them.
"All tight, officer?. I'm coming,** cal
il?- Wliage reuth, "We'll have them
m a munit?*, an?l then I'll quell t
nee "
? . t- I hi? words, hut when
?I mon In ir-.ni of him to <
ip ? negro and threw hltji o?
lera ? ?led their r?
.ige back and wi
1. ? ,
'iii?? ?i!-t f.,i of the mob pul new l
However, With th? aid f {he ?oil?
? ? ' atmen t???>k ne-,.
' miIving at the Baal 12?;
? I'.itrolmen ?'ummlns a
Lynch naade tbalr ?onipiiments to t
young* man In the sweat? r on hi? pro?,
anl ?.?aged to be honored with hi? nai
and addre??.
Tin? "hoy r.,,t hustei" at Hint cicmurr
and thf-n ?aid he ?an Irving .-"hiigrue, t
lie Waa too n.e.dest to tell where l.i? live
He aald he felt the need of a little ex.
claw laut night and had gone out for
walk tiefer? stalling to "hum the m:
night oil," ?rid waa aery gin?i of havi
come upon t'.e "little street fuss." T
patrolmen said thev w?re glad, too.
Now, tl.la was how ?he fight hegan
?J?orge Oramaala. who ...eps a can
Bbop at No Ifl I?aD08 avenue, was wra
ping caramela at !? D'oie? k. when Timm
I.ainpropr.oiiuH. ?,f No .'.,'.'? ?*Slghth a\
nue, Hiid hit hrother ret?-r, of No. f.
Lenox avenue, both candjf makers, we
in and upbraided OramnHa f??r havii
discharged them two WeelM age Th
they threw a? ?irammls choc o?ate errai
and Turkish paste, which Ih?; took fru
the counter.
4'rammi? ha?l trie,I to ren?on with I
Infuriated callers, hut wh?-ti the bomkiir
ment with chocolata ?ream? hegan 1
?barged the enemv and drove them hea
ov.-r-hecls Into the stieet
'ii,., i.,-,iii?iroppoiiu,?? btrothera retreated
an entrer,, hm?int formed by plante h fr?.
Ott th- Hoii'it shop <?f another ?iree
?ie?.ige Huslnos, at Na SA') Klghth avenu
B tew door? away. Taking th?-lr ?tand b
hind tall palm.? and rubber plant?, ih?
secure?! ammunition for a forth- upon tl
?hatglng Orammis by gath.?ring up arm
ful of small plant.? In flowerpots tirarnm
advance d boMl) to the attack, but was in.
with a ahower of flowery mlaatlea and r.
tired In disorder.
Neighbor?, blaek and white, now took
hand In the fracas. In the ? ml. for tl
middle hea been tok), Thomas Lampioi
DOttUa Waa thrown down the subway stal'
way t?n the aoutheaat corn.r of laath atr??
Afterward ?>t. I'ratt, of the liaile-ni Hoi
pltal, took liw Ftltelies In Id? head. 1 ?i
McKinley, of the ?ame iuMltutlon, ami 1 ?i
I'ratt were called upon to patch a numb?
of other :.?ads. No one was removed I
th? hospital, although the I>amproppollu
brothers and their < oinpatriot. Mustr.?.?
found themselves charged with felltious aa
sault .nid with Inciting a riot.
Long and Short Haul Clause Not to In
terfere with Competition.
Washington. Jan. 2.?The- Interstate Com
merce Commission held to-day thai where
two or more carriers are competing foi
buslnem at aojual rate? between two ix.lnti
they should be allowed to continue th?
competition, despite the long and shorl
haul provision of the law.
This ruling, tlie cnmmls.'ion explains
will enable competing carriers to meet th?
rates to a particular city or \o a freight
group made by any Other competitor whlcb
may make a reduction, "although dis?
crimination against interrm-dlate |?olnts
may thereby he lucre.,
The commission may ?hange th- rate?
on complaint of Intermediate shipper?. If
they are found to conflict with any other
part of the law.
Interstate carriers must conform to the
long and short haul provl?ion In all In?
stances Where their freight traffli' provide
for higher rates to ?nterin, ?Hat ? point?
that are not consuming or producing point?
for the commodities sl.lpp.-d. luciera were
Issued by the Intc-rstat- Commerce Com?
mission to-day granting the carriers until
May 1. ?BS?\ to comply with till? require?
Gloucester, Mass., Jan. 2?To tak?; one
hundred million pounds of fish from the
North Atlantic In 1911 cost Gloucester the
lives of ?lxty-two acamen, who left t,w< nty
wldow? and fourty-four children, compared
with twenty-eight live? lo?t In 1910, when
eight widow* and twenty-four children
were bereaved. Since I?B, when the tabu?
lation ?>l the Uvea lost began, 4.118 Glouces?
ter Ushei inen have been lost.
Ih -t aroman made Si?ec?;i? Deputy
Sheriff by Sheriff Hsrburger.
I ontltiu?'?) from lir?i rug?-.
Brady, No. Its) i tira avenue, Brooklyn:
'He Is a thief " Mr. i aru stoi . Mo .1
lilies avenue, Brooklyn: "Thei ought to
e-,\?- luni life fix? times over.' l. Kloemau,
No 71 L'tlCS avenue, BrookBn: "II I <i
damn ?-rook." H. iladlers So I75? Km ton
street, Brooklyn: "He ought to have !,???? ?
buna long aao." Thomas II I'?nrnr-ll. No
'7?. i:? i?i a v ? nue, i Irookl) n: "I im ?
snarchlat but l think I ougl l to ? ?? snot "
? re W "<!. No .'.^ Re?d av< nue, Bi.
lyn He does t.,-: deserve a tn.?:. i- he Is
a damn thief."
"Case Has Interestinq Side."
Wien it was pointed out last night to
DtetHct Attorney Whitman how nearly
Identical was the language used by Is?
rael Tilden in Hie Sullivan affidavit with
that used by Israel Tilden. Jr. in Hi"
Hyde affidavit, the District Alton.? <? re?
"The case has a mm h m??re interest?
ing side to it than it. had !>- fore "
Mr. Whitman has received affidavits
from IIS of the 161 men Quoted in th.?
Hyde document, ???i denying that the)
bad passed Judgment upon Hyde
"So far as my assistants have l>?"ti
able to learn." said Mr Wiiitman. **1
Is no ?-vlflenre that Til?!? n sav more
Han a doa? n of tins.
it was learned yesterday thai Samuel
l'nternner. former counsel f?>r Hyde;
l>ouis Marshall, formerlj Untermyer's
partner, ami Max I? Bteoer, who ba?
been retain??! by Hyde t?, defend him.
w-r?' strenuously s?-?.king the Signatur? s
of lawyers. real -State in? n l?r.,k?-rs anil
merehaata t?> a petition which win be
present?'?i to Juatlca i.? bmaan on Fri?i;?y
In auppofl <>f tii?- motion for a change
of venu?'.
The Histri-1 Attorney said he arould
do all in lils poaraff t?> keep the trial in
this county. A changa Of venue, he sal?l.
would Involve a vast ?bal of extra ex
pen-?- to New York < 'o.inty. sin.e the
cost of the trial would hav?- to b? b??rne
by New York, no rnatt?r wh? re It was
h?'l?l. He gave as atmther reason for hi?
i "I'poHltlon UM **ar1oua disorganized?,n of
bis ofBOO wlii.-li a ?'liango of "renne WOttld
Federal Sugar Case Argued in
Washington, Jan t A spctacilar tight
over Interstate COMiimci '.M-gan to-day
l?sf?)re the Huprenie Court Of the United
Htates. when brte/s w?r? Bled la '- i New
York hnrb?>r sugar Ilght?nigo case. The
interstate Commerce Commtaslon appealed
to the Supreme ?'ourt to stop the cours., of
the new t'omm?'ree court lest the former's
r- wer over rat?? making be reduced t"
The Federal !?iignr B'-flnlng Compeny
pointed to the arrsngem?-nt of rallroails to
pay Arbuekle Brothers, sugar rentiers and
owners of a Brooklyn dock, OOmpenantt>.n
f??r lightering goo.ls BCTOM New York h.ir
l,?,r to the railroad stations on the Jersey
shore as a "new and rtsnjOIOIIS fii?-?h,,!
of unjust dlaerlnstnatton," which, if suc
(???ssfiil, would mak?? former methods
"mere adolescents"
The commission Issued an order ?based
en a holding that 'be lighten,_e COmp? n
satlon sllowrd to the Arbockles and not
to the Federal singar Refining Company
timoiinted to an unjust dleerimlnatlon. Tim
4'ommerce Court temporarllj enjoined the
??nforrenient Of the commission.? order.
'if ?h? cowimorce Court may, sinu?i> as a
mailer of dlseretnui. ' sal! I" .1 Fan*? II,
solicitor for the eommiaston, in hts brief,
"for its own convenience, the convenience
of carriers or some Other similar
? njoin temporarily enforcemenl of an order
>r the eommlssion. it nwv, we submit, de?
stroy tot nil nraetl? ?I purposes the power
of the eommlssion and reader impossible
UM regulation of transportation a.'en? ?
He said this was a. fut beiause trans?
portation rates were ?<> Interwoven ami the
practices of <ar*','rs In "MM I???-allty so i
latad to ?,th?'r l?t*caIttlee that one orde?
might Ixronif unjust an?l unrea?.,nuble ly
enotl?er or?i?-r being leaspotnrtly enjoin"?!
Kniest A. Big? I??"', a BOUdtOr for the
Federal Rugat Reflning Company, srgi-ed
in a brief that th>? iwtlroads pro].i t"
defeat the interstate eoiiimer?,- law.? a:
illsc,iinlnaiionH l>\ ?1.? hiring the mvoved
shlpper'e private ?locb i? !"? ? railroad
terminal, granting blin ex? luslvc t.nltoiy
an.i trusting to the n..Battles of the gen?
eral public I., for.? t*M growth ?>f th<?
Famous Athletic Authority Has Ty?
phoid Pneumonia, It Is Feared.
.lam.- i: Sullivan, formerly presiden!
and no? -mcrotary "f ,n'' ?kn*atenr nth?
latte union of th.?- United Btata end also
preaIdanl of the inatawpolltJui so-tinn of
that ..t_r;in1zitl?.ii. If seriously III at ?'r.dton
Hall. -Gth su,--! nid ?ro.olway.
lb- ?-.-?unlit cold at t!,?- Indoor , lampion
-iuis in Madlaon lojaare Oarden last week.
has bee? in lied for four days and \.
da? his temperature was ML The ?i???rtors
will h??ld a ,-oiisultatein to-ilay and dsCtde
whether or not bis ?a**- l< ITPImM pneu?
monia, as was feared last night.
Mr Sullivan has been Identified with
athletics In this country for thirty four
years l|. i? a i.i?-nil?-? "f 'be playgrouail
commission of this cltv and Of the it? ard
? f Fducatlnn
N? rlolk. Va., -an. k?While p?-? forming
on a horizontal bar on the torpe.lo boat
Smith at the Norfolk Navy Yanl yesterday
Ensign H. C. Uldsely. I*. 8. N.. fel! io tli?
steel deck and sustained a fracture of the
skull -t th" navfil hospital it is ?i.,?,.,?
that he has only ?ne chance In a hundred
to recover and that bis condition to-day
Is grave ills skull is fractured it till
of the brain. The young officer Is from
llllru'ls. and Is a brother of William B.
Itldg-dy. former Controller of the Currency.
Sheriff Pins It on Lawyer's
Waking Her His Deputy
Widow of Justice Truax ?
and Will Get Appointmen
Harburger Has Busy De
The btiaini ? ,.f ?f.;; epenetl
r-isiiicousiy .. ttar?ey tor sheriff H
?er, who took office on Monday.
iMp year, thet
Be end of pr??posais from women? I
t< say, the doughty new county ofttc
oelved word from many believers
in answer to h
Douneemrat publiahed n The Trlbt
Monday last thai he was going to a
n number of ?rometi apedaJ deputy
Most of Icatli aa thai i
Hartmrger received reeterday in reg
BUggcatloii an ' no one had tli
keep track of their number?were
."? In some way been
i tied with the movement for womai
If one would overtook the stature
?Sheriff he muht be referred to M a \
1 h- ipi rt.i, ..., f. ; he met In tlie
arena yesterday the keenest minds th
? omanhood of Xea fork could pi
and never onco lowered his arms.
Faid when the .lock struck four, mi
the and of the official day (and aome
i berts la taken with the words of. the
??; ti fladiator, bul their purport is
"Vou call me buay, ?Mid w-di do iron I
him buay who for seven long hour
:.ii here and met the onslaught."
when it was all over Mr. Harburg?-!' 1
tot all Hi" a'orld like a man who
lik?- to g In the mountain pa
ir<- not there the chancea are that he '
f:;:ht aome more for the promotion c
l ni.-> of '.von,an.
The suggeatlon <>f Sheriff Herb
t lik' w lb lure, and the result \
keen race among several women to n
... be i|.sii;nated. First it look?
If a ?otnati reporter ?>n an evening I
paper would have the honor; then
glory looked to be safe, in (be ban?
Mrs. Caroline Truax, widow of
tie? Charlea II. Truax, of the Bus
. who by mad algnlfled her wl
lo take the Job, Later there lo
up for first honor "ne Mis? ?'or
Barinnerton, a nurse and a member o
Womit, Suffrage party.
The First Woman Deputy.
?' ? first aroman t?> have "the rate'
tie coin badge pinned on her was
John I ? 'dent Of the Won
? "lull and wife of a well ki
lawyer and ??ingle tax,-r. who on? a w
1 . of the Supreme C
pendent Labor tie ke-t. How.
Mr? i'r,,?by la not auch .? tadlc-al a
cat.? for the equal rlghta of women, foi
s cid that while bet own name waa n
M i re.?by, she ?mi thought her huabo
name was goe.il enough, and preferra
I., known ; It Bo th.-re Is ?till hope
Mrs. Croaby vas not quite eure about
she would Ik? called on to peif
but ?ho meant to .study the situation,
?he felt Hiir?' there was plenty of WOT
tils town for a woman social dej
sheriff dead the remark? of Maglst
?'??rrlg.ui about th?? wklo open town?
of all the worn? n mentioned for the
Which Sheriff Harburger la going to
only em?- ? nt her declination to se
Mrs Katherine Maekay. wife of ciar?
H. Maekay. aent the following dippatcl
'i he i : ,. a .- aaterdajr
Mas. ray my thanks to Sheriff }
burg-T for the courtesy of hi? ?uggcs
and my regrets that 1 am unable to ac<
id? appointment.
The humorist? and comic picture i
bava been supplied with a brand new
valuable material for their work by Bh<
Harburger, but he doc? not want this tl
treated aa a Joke. He Is In dead earn
"Vou can go to the Waldorf or to
Hast Fide, or any ot.vr side of the c
wh.-re you think you *an do some goc
lie told Miss ?Swlnnerton. T think t
women ran much bett? r take care of
at?rala of New York 'han men. Vou
go Into dance placea where all Is not J
a? It ought to be. and I am sure tho <
will ben? tit by your observations. 1
can make arrest? youroalf, or ?all a poll
man to do lt. In ???nie* section? of
city there I? a field fnr euch work.'"
Miss Hwlnnerton, grt-atly Interested, as?
this hypothetical question : "Buppoaa I v
going through I.u.'.Iow street, and I ?.
a lot ??f boys maknix a tire?could I arr
those boys, or wou.,1 I have to call a. j
llcemaa; an?l if I c.tii..! s policeman woi
I have to go to the station hois? to ma
a conipialnt, Just like an ordinary ? ltlz?>n
'Ten could can ?he attention of the i
ll'-eman an?l let him make the romplal
or make the arrest yooreelf," answer
the Sheriff. Then Mr flarburger continu
to toll abOUl tlu moral effect of that "di
ling" little hedge tlial can be ci.-aned
aaatj] ?Hh ih- ?aase potlah ugad on t
l.lt, h.-n tinware
Harburger on Badqes.
"v\ .-n i was Coronar f was .ailed o
'.ne morning at 2 o'clock. A crime h;
been committed la Cherry street, which
th.it tima anta a rather tough place, Wir
I ?rot there my way was blocked by B gat
of ruffian?; I was alone; i drew b ich B
reat, showed my ?aadge, and '.aid; 'I a
roner.' The crowd ?iispei.i, gi
the men ?bow. d me to the place 1 want
t., go to"' - The telephone hell here I
tempted tha Bherlff "Hello' Tea ?>
how .ne jrou, Mr. . "omsto'-k? \ es, you ca
coma right over."
Miss Swlt,m l'on wanted to know wh'the
. he would re under the control of th<> I*.
lice Commissioner or of the Sheriff. II
soon Btraightened her out on that point
mid continued, "Now, for instance. If ther
sho'il.l be B riot, It might be necessary fo
\oi t?> ?o armed with a club or a revolvet
N,, i am not apeaklng }oooaely now; aucl
.,!,? ti, ? contlngendea of tii?- j.,i. that yoi
are willing lo und-rt.ikc"
The applicant asked for ? cops e>f the lav
that detlned the elutb s Of the special dep
Uty sheriff!?, which was not on hand. Sh.
then left the office to think the mattd
over. Also sho will think over the |hi.i?>
bond that th?i Bherlff demanda from eaei
special depotyi so, M he explained, if anj
one of thetn commits an ?.vert ad lie wll
be lii'b ninlried, because he will be responst
liie for the official acts of ewry one of them
Anthony ?'omatock. of the Society foi
the Suppression of Vice, droppe." In about
this time to ask for a renewal of his ap?
pointment as special aaputy. ("Omsa.irli
said: "1 think that the work of a wotnan
?pectal deputy eaa I?- much more effectual
instances than that "f a man."
Earlier lo the 'hiy ?Sheriff Harburg.-r re
CCiVed .. letter from Mrs. Truax, who lives
ai the llot.l Savoy, in which she said:
Hear She? Iff Harburger: While I am not
in advocate of woman suffrage, neverthe?
less 1 ?lo ?ell.-ve that a woman can do the
w,,rk of ? ?pedal deputy aheriff aa well as
a man. Should I possess the ragUlred
uuaiinci.tioiis. would you consider me as a
special deputy?
To tills latter the Sheriff sent the follow?
ing reply:
New Volk, January 2. l?ij.
Mr? t'aroline Truax, Hotel Savoy. Klfth
avenue and S8th at?.t, New Verle city.
My U?:ur Madam: Nothing would pi. is..
me better than to have you accept the
,1 deputy sherlffshlp. I am proud of
tha tact thai so able, conscientious and
honorable a lady applies for this position.
I ba\.m ? great admirer of your lato
lamented husband. Justice Truax, and my
, ouneel, Kmanuel Itlamenstiel, who is an In
I t?mate friend of your family, has congratu?
lated ma upon your acceptance of this po?
rtion, in which I join. Sincerely,
ICl.ll'S HAItUL'HtiKlt. Sheriff.
But Mrs. Crosby got to the Sheriff's of
lice first. He has ordered 1.00O badges?not
all for women?and they are not yet read v.
So he got a badge somewhere, and the
ceremony of appointing the tlrst special
deputy was on.
' Perhaps I had better hand it to you '
suggested the Sheriff, 8s the camera man
waited with the flashlight.
"No, voit pin it right on me, Mr. Har?
burger," saJd Mrs. Crosby, who is a
kindly faeeil woir.an with gray Im_T, and
Sheriff Harb irger ?111 as his special deputy
toid him.
Mrs. ("rosby s."id last night: "1 haven't
had ??me to nrt?l out exactly what my duties
will be, but I supp<se they will he along the
lines of police work. The Woman's Demo?
cratic Club has always Advocated poll.-e
wornen, nnil Sheriff Harburger. k!i?>wlng
this. I suppose, thougnt making us deputy
shertffa was the next best thing.
"I expect to be on ditty in the dance halts
and make arrests, If ne< essary. I'll do any?
thing I hn\" t?,. Suffrage? Ob. yes, 1 am
a stiff rap is?, hut that has no bearing on
my work as ?'eputy sheriff. I would arrest
a suffragette Just as mm_ as any other per?
ron !?* she wete breaking the law. If thcy
try tweeking windows I'll pull them In"
Appointed by Dix to Command
the 1st Brigade, N. G. N. Y.
Albany. Jan 2 --Colonel Daniel Aople
ton of the 7th Regiment, New York <"lty.
was appoint.-,1 a brigadier general of the
NOW York State National Guard, to com?
mand the 1st Brigade, by Governor Dix
to-day, in place of General George Moore
Smith, retired under the new age limit
The well known commander of the Seventh
gets a step up In the National Guard.
The Governor also detailed Colonel El
more V. Austin, of New York city, com?
manding officer of tho artillery corpa in
the 8th District, aa acting chief of coast
artillery, t?> succeed General David K.
Austen, retired. He will perform the
duties of both positions.
Colonel Appleton has been a member of
| the .New York .State National Guard since
i 1171, and was the oldest colonel in any
branch of the guard. He had been colonel
of the 7th Regiment since 1899. In 1900
he was made a brigadier general by
Vehicular Accidents Increase in
1911, Autos Slaying 142.
According to statistics Issued yesterday
by Edward S. Cornell, secretary of the Na?
tional Highways Protective Society, the
pedestrian who attempts to dispute the right
of way with the automobile, the wagon or
the car Invariably receives an adverse de?
cision. I'nllke the ocean rules, which are
so strictly observed that a cat boat may
force a liner on a mud bank, the rules of the
street ate lightly regarded.
Fatalities resulting from vehicular traffic
In this city during the last year sh?jwed an
IP I am of I! per cent over 1910.
Of this Increase the automobile account?
ed for 713 per cent. The deaths of 1911
wert 421 au compared with 376 in 1910.
The lacreas?? in accidents was even larger,
for 2,?"?' persons were Injured In 1911,
while the 1110 tally was only ISO.
The ?baths arare apportioned as follows:
b) automobile, 142; by cars, 1<*9, and by
Chief among th.- causes of this increase,
e"*-9*"ding to Mr. Cornell, Is the confusion
??oacernlng the Callan law. The law did not
?nipereede tii.? city ordlInanos which fixed
eight miles an hour as I maximum rate of
. but this fact has been overlooked by
many automobile owners ami some officials.
i ?ecii-tons have been landsrsd which up
I ,,1,1 the right of the pedestrian waiting for
a car or ?leslroua of walking slowly to make
an approaching automobile slack?- spe?_,
hat w!i?-n It cornea to an actual test the
,i itonwMIe has the weightier side of the
argument. Convlcti??**.?* for manslaughter
against dHvero who have overrId?len the
rights of pedestrians are very rare.
In the ,.<?>?'?-nts which occurred In New
York City last year the owner of the car
was tit the wheel In only 12 per cent of the
cas.s. The "Joy rlile" continues as the chief
danger t?> pedee?rlaaa Upoa sixty ocea
slona Hi?? driver reeponsfbls for the accident
ran away.
In N?-w fork State, exclusive of this city,
there Were last V?ar 2.'!?> fatalities due to
vehicular traffic and 1.:>?!:? injuries. Of the
fatalities the sutomoblls accounted for 132,
trolleys for ?>7 and wagons for 31.
An encouragl.ig feature of the work of
the National Highways Protective s?ictety
was the fact that the number of children In
New Vork killed by vehicles wus 6 per cent
lees la 1011 than in ii?io.
Victim of Stabbing Sees Piece of His
Skull in Court as Evidence.
A circular piece, of bone about the size
of a quarter, with a piece of knife brade
Imbedded In It, was a sll.?nt witness yester?
day, when Thomaa McDermott was ar
rai(*n?Kl in the Harlem court, ?diarged with
slabbing Michael Boyle in the hea?l. Boyle,
the owner of the pteoa of bone, was along.
It was a part of his skull. three-tpiarters
of an Inch in diameter and three-sixteenths
of an Inch thick.
Boyle said that he attended an affair In
B tenement house at 124th street and Am
Bterdam avenue one year ago next Tuesday
night There was a brawl, and he charged
that McDermott stabbed him In the head.
His wound was dressed at the Harlem Hos?
pital, and be went home, but bad pains in
the head several weeks later sent him back
to the hospital, where tils skull was tre?
panned an?l the piece of knife blade was
found la t!.?' "button" which was removed.
After live months in the hospital Boyle
came out with a silver plate in his skull.
McDermott had been missing until yester?
day morning when Detective Sharpe ar?
rested him at his home, No. 404 West ?Kth
lie was held without bail for Gen?
eral Sessions. He Is twenty-one : ears akl.
Boyle is a year older.
34th St. E. at Park Ave.
Op?ra January 19,1912
In h.?M:oVniia! disinct on
Murray Hill. Four minute?
(r H. and Penna. Stations, in
the heart of the theatre ?nd
shopping district. Subway na'
non adjcining the hotel.
.Sinai* Room with b??th?83.84.
$'?> and $6 per dav.
Double Room with bath ?$5.
86. $7 erO $6 par day.
Dot'bl?? Hedfoon? with Ixmdoif
or dr*?v>in?-t*oom and bath?$7,
1<S. SO. ? ! 0 end i 12 per day.
Suit???Salon. R?d*oom and
Jbeth-810. 812. %\e> and 810
i ? r day.
Notch COLL
Eaay to put on, easy to talc?
off, eaay to tie the tie In.
Cioett. Poatxxlr a roMfany, Maker?, Tray, g. t
Fireplace Fun?shlngs
Flir Irons and Braaaea
Spari? Guarda, Antfrcma
C oaJ and W??od
Town or Country
130 & 132 West 42d S-L.N.Y.
Will rent a Light Touch Monarch
for one month.
Will rent a Light Touch Monarch
for six months.
Monarch Typewriters may je
purchased on the Monthly Pay?
ment Plan. A post card will
bring full information.
Health Department Men Visiting
Lodging Houses at Night.
Isxlgtng Louses In this city are the aeeuea
of numerous vaccinations In these day? ?n?1
the method being used la ?aid to be one nf
the most unuHuaJ ever employed by the
Health Department.
The vacclnator? of the department lavada
the lodging hot???'? after everybody ha?
gone to bed and without any ado arhatarai |
they pull the covering; away from ati arm
and raccsaata th<? Bleeping owner thereof
before he know? It.
Marked Improve nt In the sanitary con?
dition of lodging house? has resulted In the
last six month? from the Board of Health
rules and regulation? requiring bathing fa?
cilities and ventilation. All beds must he
two feet apart, and In every sleeping room
It I? required that there ?hall be 400-cubic
feat of air space for each bed
In every l?vlging house the board re?
quires at least one shower bath for every
fifty bed? and one bathtub for every twen
ty-rtve beds. It is the duty of every owner
or keeper of a lodging house to inform the
Department of Health Immediately ?ny Ill?
ness is discovered In such place.
Although there ha? been Improvement, yet
Commissioner Lederl? believes there la
room for betterment, and he expect? to ac?
complish more in that direction this year
than has ever been done before.
Imprisoned with Lawyers; Un?
able to Open U. S. Conrt.
Judge Holt, of the T'nlfed ?States District
Court, and a dozen lawyers were caught
yesterday in a balky elevator 1n the Post
office Building and were Imprisoned be?
tween the first and ?coord floors for tw??n
ty minutes. The Judge and the other pas
seng.-rs took the trouble calmly and waited
patiently until the large oval cage could
be released from It? wedged position and
hauled up to the second floor.
The wait occurred on the elevator In tha
northeast corner of the building, which
has only recently been changed from
hydraulic to electric power. Judg? Holt.
who was on his way to court, uses thl*
elevator rarely, as he prefers the elevator?
at the so.th end of the building. The ele?
vator Jam caused some delay in the court
proceedings, as Judge Holt and tha law?
yers were unable to appear on time. Tha
delay might have been much longer had
not workmen who were busy at the other
corner of the building repairing ?astaasT
elevator gone to the reacu?.
Galena Signal Oil Co. Plans to Chango
to Yearly Payments.
The Galena Signal Oil Company, one of
the former subsidiary companies of the
?Standard Oil Company, which laat week
sent out dividend check? of such small de?
nomination that some of them did not
amount to the necessary postage, has asked
holder? of Its ?hares to acept yearly in?
stead of quarterly payment? on their stock.
The circular letter say? that to avoid
further splitting of fractional ?hare?, and
with a view of ultimately decreasing tha
number of fractional certificates outstand?
ing, the follov/lng ruling ha? beet? made for
the government of the transfer department
of the company:
No certif?cales will be issued for less than
one whole share of stock, except aa pro?
vided below; '
"I?Fractional certificates already taried
will be transferable on the book? of jhis
eompanj as they may pas? from oeaggt to
?J?To holder? a. quiring fractional ?hareo
?ufhclent to make one or more whole shar??a
and a fractional ?hare, new certificate?
will be issued covering the whole ?hare or
share? and a separate certificat? for tha
remaining fraction." _
Muskogee. ')kla., Jan. 2?The Prairie OU
and C,a? rompany, for many years the pur?
chasing agent in the Southwest of criada
oll for the Standard Oil Company, but oow
s separate company, announced to-day aa
increase of three ?-enta a barrel In tha
price of all Oklahoma crude oil. making
th, luotatlon 53 cents, the big bean? ft*afJJ
amM ?mt ?ai la four i ernte.

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