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Armour's Former Manager Re?
futes Testimony of Veecler,
"Trust's" Representative.
First Documentary Evidence on
Point?Witness Testifies All
Traces of Agreements
'incite,. ,ian. L?Documentary e\
til..I the prlOC of m'.it I lid the
i?ii-iiieSs apportioned on a non-eoaipetltlve
ttaela by tn<- r?M?kerK at th?:r weekly meet?
Ink'? Was introduced by the government to
<i?> at tin- irinl of ?lie t?n CMccago packers
? i i ?i"! Slat?-? Dlatrld Judge ?Jarpen
.-'?.<??ai ?ounKi'i ?Pierce Rutler rea.i aeeeral
letters recelred try *?\ I? Miles ir*anagaji ol
the Armour Packing Company, Kanaaa
? H>, in June, ni>7. In which the amount?
of beef to be shipped to certala ?Steter i
nii.ll.. ta were stated and the price to he
< IiaiKMi. l>as?e?j on a waraia of M cent? on
the uniform test eott estimate used by the
packers, ?as named.
The letters also flutly refuted the sUh
m*jit of Henry Veedor on the witness stand
that no meeting.? of tli?' packers to fix
price? and apportion b*jalneaa were h<SM i>?
twaag April, 18i*7. and Jannary, I9M, when
a "statistical bureau' was maintained to
? onjpile records of meat shipped and prices
obtained at different points. Miles, who s.-.
fieri hi? connection with the Annum in?
terests in 1!?jS, will, it i? ?aid, be one of the
?tar witnesses for the government.
One of the letters, dated June 29. 1897,
read in part :
fie-ar Sir: This afternoon ?t waa agreed
that each party will not ?hip during the
current waste* 1n excess of shipment? ai,r?"d
upon for last week.
Boston: At this point it was asreed tha?.
eat h party in interest will not ship during
ihe current week In exceea >>f his promo?
tion of a total Shipment of on? hundred
cars, basing such proportion on the average;
of weekly shipment? to Boato? for the
elpht week? ending June St lael it wa*
?Iso agreed Ihat paitles in InteeeBI would
endeavor ?o obtain f(?r the current weea
margins of BO cent?.
rittshursli: It was acr?e?l that each
tarty in liatereet w,,ui?i not ship m ?
?r?f 90 per cent <?f the average, weekly ship?
ment for the four week? rndinK June 12,
The letter contained directions limiting
the total ?liipmcnts for the week Of JutW
29. l?fT. to 22.2T.ttT. BOUBda ?>f fresh me.it.
of which ?wo million pounds went to !".'?
tea ?mi 713JI12 10 Pittsburgh
Se\crai similar letters were introditced by
tu* rovemnient. and it was pointed out thai
thrv wer,- ?11 iinsiKneel ?nd in ?he form
Henry Vee?et te?tifie?l the packer?'
were written.
Government Springs a Surprise.
After Butler iiad gueatloned Henry Veeder,
?' .tsr> ,.f the packets' pool?, regarding
tht d?1ailr of the couiinn .?ions fron:
|89l, lo .T'ilv 1. I98t, wlK-n the witness sai?i
?he |?>t treat) meat pool di?M>l\ed and h?'
?evered bl? cetineetaori with ?t-e paekera,the
nmenl attorney ?prang a aurprtee em
?h?- defendants by ir^.iintr the letl rs ?ad
i -ci in c\ ?di
???>... iinj: of thes-e letters refresh
_'?r,) in an arrange
? ' i at iii-'.t time covering the shipment <<t
??? fixing of the margin prie?
rut), i
".\"?>: although 1 do n I q eatlon the senu
< l?t?er?," ?aid the witness,
?luy indie-ate that if liiere was- an ar
.i w.i of a t?inporar> ?*liarac
tVere ?n> pa.-krrs' meettnga held be
??prll, '??"'. and Maren, 1MB, at which
ppi\ ??f fro ah ?neat was discussed?"
le my kaowledge," replied i?"
I? ; >.,.i(evcr know ol an> pa? ke?'?'
,i, the eighth floor of the
? ounaelruaf Building during tills period?"
rea I i-i-' '? e there were meetings held
there, but I am nut sur?- of the date."
w ? r.- tnej in regard to tbe supply and
Of meat?''
"Not In regard to this country. They had
to do with foreign trade, as 1 remember."
Forty cents a hundred pounds, was the
penalty assessed against members of the
old packers' pool who overshlpped their
allotment into any particular territory,
and the amount wrh distributed among
the members discriminated against. The
?mounts were paid by check every week
immediately after the *aeatioga at which
the packers reviewed the shipments of the
pr? ep/j?n?; ?Keek.
This Information regarding the in?i?le
working* of the pool in tin? perio?! l?e
tween l?''.-. and i?96 was given by Henry
"What name was tlie eombinatlon
known by?' asked Mr. Butler.
"I never heard any name used."
"What ?lid you ?all these fines ???
sesoed against members because of over
shipping .''
"I referred to them as collections and
other ?juestions and the replies of Mr.
Veeder were:
"Would it be possible for a member n*
i he combination to suspend operations in
tli- shipment of beef into a certain terri?
tory one week and receive his part of the
fines assessed for overshipments?" asked
Mi. Butler.
"Yes. "
"Was that ever done?"
"Tea, I guess it was "
"Tho same general rule applied to all the
territories its which the 'combine' did busl
"What use was made of the margin
sheets?" '
"It showed the profit made in en,h par
tlCUlai maiket."
"Will you phase illustrate?"
"Well, take Albany. N. T., as an exam?
ple. If ?he margin reports showed a loss in
that mark?? it Indicate?! that territory was
flooded, if the margina showed a profit, it
showed the supply -was satisfactory.'1
"What action was taken by Hie pool to
remedy the situation?"
, "The supply to the different markets w,^
regulated at the weekly meetings so as to
tlsfactory r< suits."
The del??ce ai i nil to turn <>vcr Hie
hooks end paper? of the National l'a, king
Company an?! other corporations Involved,
bol insisted that the documents b? placed
In custo?l\- <?; an officer of the <'?>urt. N?>
agreement was reached.
Mr. YecdT testMed that no meetings of
the combine were neid i>etween isitj an?i
"At the suggestion of K. 1 Martin, of
Armour _ Co.. a 'statistical bureau' was
organised, to which weekly reports of the
amount <>f be.-f shipi>ed and prices received
Wi re transmitted by mall. The same pa? k
ers were in the new plan as In the old
pool." he said.
"What was the reason for the ahsndon
ment of the old pool and the organization
I of the statistical bureau?"
"The S-bwarzsehlld ? Bulsbevger peo?
ple had Increased their b?is!ne.?s to such an
?Xtent that it was Impossible to pfWVefl! II. I
llo??d!ng of certain markets and maintain
"is it not true tiiat a novernment Investi?
gation ?I the packers wss Wgun and ?hit
led t),? packers to dissolve the ? ? i ? i pool'."
asked Mr. Butler.
"There was sotii" K'.mi of m Inveatlga
Hen, but i d?) not remember lb?i details or
the dales.'' replied Mr
Packers Want Back to Old Plan.
The witness said th? "rtatlettcal bureau*'
lemalnxi In ealeten*** until Januars ?K'iV
>? 1i?-ti flic i?a?kers went hack l<> tlie old a
rangement of holding meetings every Tue
??? determine prices and app? rtleei bui
neee ? n ? petfenlige bast -
In March. 1001, the witness said, Behwat
.???hil?! .?7 Sulr.'ierger were take*? bit?) I I
? ombinatkwi, and re-it n representative t"
? i ? meetings
'i hat .?.i - ??; ?nt, i . , . ? ai?i, iu>
for Ihr? years, ami expired In It??I, when
a tew agreement f??i three year? was ei
ter?'?i Into.
Coilt_lalng his re ital. Veeder sun! that
' ma?le in ION i
alty < iiarg.- for overehlpmcnt was ,'? cents
per hun Ir? i t.nds.
lie sai?i comparatlv? statements ??f profit
margins were furnished members on appli?
catlon, and added that he !?? ii?v?.?i ,?n trace
agreement! of 1*90 and 1001 had been
? . .i
"gome 7im?. tret ween 'V* an?l IP?. ti?e
em?-nt In rertaln territory aas ipplled
'(? fiiSh million ?is well a-- b.-ef nn?l ?lie
Ity fixed for overshipmeni was *i a
hundred pounds, in )!?c th?. agreement pas
? M? nd. ,! to lne!u?l?- *.<?;,! In Certain ?etrl
tory," continued the witness.
Henry Veeder was on th?* stand when
court adjourned ami he will resume his
? ?? ?? u ornaag.
President Will Refer It to CiistomB
Appeal Tribunal.
\\ :..?lilr,gton. Jan | President Taft will
r? fer to the courts the wood puip and p.t
per <-onir?)v< i.?y. Involving the fre?- entrv
of those articles Into this country from ?u
ti?,ns having nio'bt-favored-natlon treatbs.
Protests i?> Importen will be praaoeted to
?he Board of Oeaeral (Vmaalaaia. in New
York, and then sent to the ?'on of (Tua
torn s AppeaU
"It has be? n decided,'' t!>?* Treasury I >?j
partmtuil announced, "that. Inasmuch as
lie- questions presented contain many ele?
ment.? of doubl as i" the proper lnterpre?ta
tlon and Interrelarion <->f the treat!? s and
statute.- Involved, the right <>f free entry
will be denied. The department ha? Issued
lMtrw*tlons t<> the appropriate nfllcei? i?,
.,.???? th'-m co-.,p? rate with the importer* In
bringing th,- ?_?_?*_ forward f"i i.i\ bear?
Ing and d'-termlnation."
Secretary of Commerce and
Labor Sees No.Otter Solu?
tion of Trust Problem.
Breaking Into Separate Parts,
He Says in Annual Report,
? Does Not Meet the *
Question. ? ?
WaahlngtOD, Jan. i?"The mere bf?*aklnf
up of large combinations Into ?? number of?
separata parts ?by n?> mean? meet? ?the
whole f '?t queaison.** aaya ??.tary
Nagel cf the department of Commerce and
Labor in his annual report, transmitted |.>
da) lo Ftealdenl Tan.
Becretary Nagel aaaerta that the Sher?
man la? ?mm been proved i?> be an effective
statute beyond an doubt, and ?hat a de
free Of <omblnatlon of capital Is Becea
?ary, bul ha adds thai the ?uprerae court
lona in th.- Standard Oil and TObaeVO
c?sea liara ?lemonatrated thai the next
Step in the control Of (real Industrial enr
po: allons will he th?' creation of n perma?
nent federal agency.
Mow such control shall he e\cr. Ised ?
? ,i by ??onmii.-sion. federal Incorpora*
?ion or other means, which luuo he? n ad?
vocated recently hj .Incite Klbert 11 Carv.
Oeorge W Perkli ? and other financiera be?
fore the ?JJenata committee ?rMcb lias been
condtictbig hearing? to ? 'ermine what
changea would be daalral ? In the anti?
trust la* ?Secretary Nagel doea not ?h fi?
nitely My. lie tavor?, however, a deed
opment Of the powers and acope of ?he ?Bu?
reau of Corporations. Mr. Nagel Bays:
a certain degree of combination of capitel
i.? admittedly eaaaiitlal to ti.e eorrttni on
of our great buslnesa ? nterprieea Po ?
trol properly such nereaearj combination?
a ?> iciist hair? some administrative federal
oflVe or commission which shall make ?hi:i
work it.-? bualneaa We must have a per?
manenl authority which shall b) steady
ami continuous aupervlalo*? an?i publicity
si feguard the public Interaata and ut the
?ama lime allow full ?cope for iiece.?s.'ir?'
; nd proper bualneaa ? IB? lene) and develop
The deejidoti? of the Knprem? Court in
it,.- standar?! ?;!i and American Tobacco
Company caee? have brought forcibly to
lb? r ihiic attention ? feel repeatedly pr*
?ented In the reports <>f thlw department
Cie imperative n< ,! ' i the positive cimlti
|,a'l\e regulation of cien? Industrial cor
i'oi ai lena.
Tells of Need of Control.
The reeenl decision? and re?nganlaatlon8
which followed h.eve made it i lear thai an?
? il ? ' Imperative .-tcp remains to be taken,
?nd that thi? i? ?he establishment by ap
propriate leai?lallon. of h broad ?vstom of
vision and publicity to?- all ihose in
dustrlsl and commercial organl?atious en
Raged In interstate and Irteriiatlonal busi
vVhe] ?hall In done i?v m?,. ?
i tin i or bj a federal office
or eommlaalofi exercising pown-. of ??
no,, and R.toereision ma be .< ?eronfiar?.'
quest . ; i ?? ?rai core Ideration ?1 .
to he toe establishment of permanent ?d
mlnistretlv? imiMIcII. r?gulatle<n and su
pervi^ioi?. Ti;., tune 1- peculiarly rip?? for
11? h ;?? t ??' r it,I opinion ai:<l 'lie
of map" eorperatlon i ?
?teere tan Nagel recomtiienda Ibal lha
Bureau of ? en p?,ration? le d>?.?;,?
take ?,|, th?. form of aiipaaalalua i??- ?na
(?eta ii would i?? only n ietaleal eaptanafoe
of ?he bureau'? o?peratlona and poHey,
which, he saya, h vi i.c i >,, . p on put,
h' ity foi 'he? last ? i?h? >?ar?. and bava
dereonatratad beyond aueetlon what ? ??..?
t"tn of permanent BUgafl latotl ?'ari do
Mr. NageTa report in full deal? with ?'?*.??
yea i 's wo. k lu tl.e many bureau? and dl>
vi?i.in? ever whtet? he piaaMaa
In e ?.one. lion With ?he imm1gtat1??n 8?
vl<-e th.. BaereUury retosAsnssids that an]
ameadmenta t?? the Iminjgralluii u?h tend
to relieve Immigrant* ef undue hardship
Without lettlnK down the h?r? ag<iin?'. un
daalrablaa, laarger discretion should he
lodgeei wlih oAl, mis. he ?hink?, to admit
unfortunate a?*entbera <?f incoming famiiiev
wi.etc |t is ?hov.il that ?oci??t> aould I?
profited agalnat buiden ?nd ?danger, He
recoititnends als? thai < ?amlriatlon? of |OV
mlgranta be made i^for?' they ambarfe for
?his country, ????'i thai lha time for <i?"..n
iiiK ea?nfeaeed <r ?nin.ii? iy? extend, I
?Secretary Nag? i "fer? t?> reeeat cri?i?i?>u
of the iinniigratioii aervlce. He s*)* the
bureau ha* rrjdeavored to abej the gaisaral
ni na lata of the Jaw tan.) r>il?-ve til" indi?
vidual of hardship ?Mierev-r the BtatUt?
permits It.
?in the mean tlm? Uaeola'a ativtea tUsAs
renewed application," ?ay? ?h? 8. ? r.
quoting the words, 'if hoih tAAtmS
neither, ?>haii abtaa \e,n, yon will pro
be ?lout right. Beware of ?wink- aaaeHed
| by on? ajid piiii'rd by ?he oilier."
Official UeeorO ana roree-st. -Washington.
Jan. 2.?UBS?asonabljr low temper-lur??s continue
throughout prartlcaliy the entire ?sountry. and
reading* ?Selow ssro v re genera) Tu? ?lay in
Northern M-htt-n, the upper Mlssirtgpl an?)
Missouri \uil?>?, th' ? .ddle plains states and
the plateau - ?><??.. ths lowest temperature re
i?rrU? l_lng 82 dsgrr?? below sero at _rsnd
Forks. N. V
The Itmperature Is down to the freezing point
as far su ?th as Contrai Texas, Arkansas and the
extreme northern portions of the eastern Uulf
A disturban?- that developed during Monday
right o??*r the Oulf of Mexico has caused rains
Ip th* Gulf and t-uih Atlantic states. I,?-* I
snows have fallen In the middle Atlantic states,
i,_ ragion of the Ortet Lakcs and at widely
rfSttere? ??Inte In th* Mlssouil Valley.
TUS disturban?-?; thai Is i?i>w south of th?
?> as < ?.?st v in probably mtrra northeast?
ward ?_"i eause snow? Wednesday In the middle
All?UU? "???I New I.!,. :.,ii ?tat?? and rain? In the
??nth Atlantic and ?atI Gulf ?tat??, and ?in
?eti!??! w?_ther will 'Oiitinne In these district?
?tur lrc Thur?ds>. Blf^wher? tiiioiigh?>iit Hie
the weather will be fair WednemUy and
I?m temperature? will continue Wrdne??l?\ *;,,!
i y ?,ver the region ?s"e?t of the Mi???l??ii?i>i
<?_?_? a?a ?. ili? upper lak? region.
Co'?"er weather Is Indicated for the lower lake
region, the oh'o Valley. Arkansas. Tennessee and
the Gulf state? Wednesday; the Atlantic ?tan?,
except the Florida I't.-nlnsuls, Thursday.
Tlie winds along the Atlantic ("oast will 1
ftioJerale variable: emat <;ulf ?.:??*t, moderate
noilheift nnd mrth; west ?Juif ("oast, mod?rate
north: lJ?k? Michigan, light variable.
Ki.-anieia d< parting Wednesday for Kuropean
port? will have moderate varlahlt? winds an?1
overrasi Weather, with stjow or rain, to the
Grand Bank)?.
|,,re<a?t for Kpeelal I_? all ties.- Tor North?
ern New England, snow flurries and somewhat
colder to-day; Thursday unsettled, with moderate
variable winds.
For S'ruthern New Englsnd, prob*fly snow
to-day Thursdsy unsettled and colder; moderate
variable winds.
For Kastern New Tori*, probably snow to-day.
colder in the Interior: Thursday fair north, with
unsettled weather In the south portion; moderst??
and \KiUUi: winds.
For Kastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Dela
wat?. Maryland and District of Columbia, un?
settled weather and probably ?now to-day;
Thurndsj clomiv an?l colder, with moderate trari
able wlr.ds. ?noetly north and northeast.
F?>r Western Pennsylvania and Western New
Verle, ?now flurries and colder to-day; Thursday
fair, with licht to moderate northwest' winds
l ,.i Virginia, ?now or rain In the inteiior.
with ruin on the <o??t t?. day, Tbursds? un
?eitle? and ?older, with moderate northesat
w hid?
i?,i Western Virginia. kn6? flurries and ,-old?
er to day; 1hiit?dsy piuhatib fslr.
Local Official Kecord. The following official
r??-ord fr?)m the IVeuther Bureau ?how? the
chahg?'* In the temperature for the lust twent? -
four hour?, In comr>arl?on with the corresponding
?late of la?t year:
1BI1 IMS 1911. ll?l_
S a. m. 41? .I'-'*, r- ni."?'I ?
? a. m. HO M ft p. m. |g It
? s. m. f| ? Il p. m.M .",2
12 m.?i ;?fi n? p. m..*- ?
4 p in.(2 371
HigrVat temr>eisiure ?.rsterdsy, ft? degree?;
!?,??. ?t. 2H; average, 32; average for correspond?
ing date last year, M; average for corresponding
date last thirty-three years. .11.
I/ocal For?e?et-Probably ?now to-day: to?
morrow unsettled; moderate, variable wind?.
Olftclal ?obrenatl'iiis of United Ulster w-sther
buiettjsjsker? at S ,\. m. yesterday follow:
City, Tempersmre. Weather.
Albany *. *_
Atlantic Clt* . 4<< ? loudy
Boston .*?. 14 ? l'iidy
Cuff ni?. . /. 24 Snow
<ll<a??> . ?l.-ir
Htm <>rlesns . '?- ? 'iou?lv
>? I/nils ?. _.' ? ion,i?
Waahlngtoa . ?*'? Mllion.
i m > a g
Ma'iled anywhere fa the United States
for $-50 a year.
Mr.. Jasper Lynch Stops Dance;
Causes Men To Be Searched.
So-iety Woman of Lakewood
Makes Commotion at Country
Club Celebration and De?
tectives Are Called.
[Bj Telegraph to The Triteit," 1
l-ikewijod, N. .1.. Jan. 2.?The chief topic
Of discussion in lAkewood just at present
e 111?? sensational happening at th?* Coun?
try Cluli celehraiion on New Year - Bv*
There* was a dance In the ballroom, and
?.?.".llthy cottager* and many prominent peo?
ple fii,m*.S"eu V??ik. Washington an?l Phil?
adelphia Were ?-njoylng the affair. The
ballt??fa. ??as ablaze with light. Holly ?nd
*-oii'lieiii pl.'ie and alluring mistletoe cov?
ered the walls; roses and carnations were
banked around, and fa? es shone with
Jovlallt^y and good cheer.
\\ lien Ihe dancing was at Its height Mrs.
.I..??(,??)- Lynch rose from lier chair, ami.
With oetHtiet<he<l finger and in a \oice
that ?has distinctly heard by all. commaml
e?', the doors to l,e close?! and l?ick?.?l and
no on?-' to leave the room. The ?lancing
st..p'.-'l end ;h?. orchestra ceased playln
A deed end painful sllenee followed.
All pyes w? ; ? tuniefl ?,n Mrs. !,yiich. Sev?
eral of the waiters ruslixi into the room
al her Miniiii-ms. Then t?> tli?- aw?-stru?-k
eompany siie ?Jeclered tiiat her diamond
stti'id'ii hendbeg, containing several inin
dred dollars, had lieea stolen. In an instant
all was confusion. The eyes of each mem?
ber f?f ti" eompany fell on th? otbere ??iti?
questioning plan? ? -
Mrs. Lynch then poured forth s vol?
uble explanation of how ?lie had l?'ft the
bag M th? s. at beside her. an?l liow It
was sud,I. nly missing, and insisted un a
general s?-ur.-ii
Among thost i rat ml were i,. Easier ami
It. M. fflliaigOOll. Iron, New York City.
The?, were ?trangers to the majority of
i ? ?? o?. ?ut. end several wotnea bee?le
Mrs. Lyaeh demand. ?I tiiat tliey t?.
v.-.n-'-ii?-?. Mi. itiood^o, ?i ronasnt*-. i?ut
Mr, Kartei demurred, aaaerttag be was
?weil known t?> ?tie atemben ?>?* tbe ???if
?In!? and should l,<- nl>?)\e 5?jgpli l??n. HOW?
?\er. Hft'-r protestation b?)th men a?l
toini.e.l to anolhet room, ?here n search
wa*. c?,n'iu? tad by members ?>f the b??.se
committee. The bag onto n??? found, ?n?l
1- still rol_slag The two mea who had
L'en seai-bed left ih?? club Indlgaeatly
nnd returned to their hotel.
Severn! aniat--??r fcteCtlvt? '""k Up ti,"
?n \ m I11. and two 'Tink'-tti'ii- " have
been called In, and n? present are making
One Phase of F. W. Sherman Di?
vorce Case on Trial.
The much rompllceted matrimonial sf?
fairs ?>f Pragstirb W. Sherman, a i??.?.!
estate dealer, came befare Justice Delsny
for unravelling yeeterday. Tfie particular
a? lion on trial 1* ?t, effo? f t.f Alts ?Mirls
, ? ?? ond m If of the
- man. to en for. e ,-,n agreement
b| W||l< '. ?lie was to rec-i\,. Ii.'.'on ?>
it in alleaad in married ?be pr-esanl
1 J'ei |he f'.i ? ral "f '??? first
\?if?, ? 1 ich his .1 ?? te attended, n?*
?? it ? .:? ab
tallied l,\ frrmd mid duress
Mn S h Tit-.in !? siso ? ' . ?? bus
|. f..,- ,i!,?iv? nsmiiig stltl another
Mi? M lier man. No ". With Whom I ? IV?
i?r?'l:i?i Ig .low li-lnir f?h?? was ftfles
??leas'?!? Mrs Sb?rinan No I fs t*e<
reiving fi?> a week alimae** tending ber
SUM for dlvorre ?She vais .?be ??.?.? hi.
and when she recovered siie fouii?! lier
place uanrped M n?> 1 ami thai Sherman
' given i" N". I the '?????MiiiK ring of
Sheiman .??i1? that lie nev?-i mar*
t ? .i No ;.
Parents Become Almost Hysterical as
She Is Placed in Ambulance.
fever;, v, ,.r ,Id ?'?lia Trlvaia \..is ?ti m k
b] in Mot?n. >;,ii? .,? -i,? ??.?s "Tt?ring .-?
? ?e-o?,, neeir 17.? ? Wh in ? ??
?.ay uM to??<>h, aii<l sh< ???,'?< lakeii t?? Belle
vu<- II. -pit al ?'iff..rln?; f"?m In?.-mal In
juries I be ?hilii's h_*ne Is ai No '7 r\a*x
Ott- str??-t, and .? minute or two after the
?cid? lit sot,. ?,ne Inform, d the glfl'S
?,- and ?ati? i h,ai ?he bed been run
"??i '!''" iierents hurtled from th? ir home
i;<sr !,> an,! both lsN*am? slmaal hysterical
le it'-ri they ?,,w I heir daughtei place?! in
The >:lrl had attempted i?, **i*eaa ?he a\?
ini?- wl mbei if vehicles were pam
lue tthe tan from behind s truck and
found herself dir* ?i? ??? from ,.f tbe ,,,it,,
rnoblle, wblrh ??a? operated b) James
of N- ?? I'M ! ? i \rot t. Th*
? bu?; heeeim frightened end stopped >h??ri
m tin pet h we) ol ?!?? maehlnt ? '??? ih he?
no lim? to stop
? ?
I Krim ii.c ' 11 Soi s Ratees
w .?? - m ion, l.uni?)' ? :
ORDKR1 IM1 I D H i f? ItoWtng ?.rder.?
1 H\e ?- e|| i?,
C?ptala rRANCia M mi.*ki.k. .o.oi ?mm
frnn, presa ni ?hitlas to Portion?! ?? npiTlni
Instroetoi .?..i-? ?niliT- ' '.-.ie
1 ( Orasen
Cspialti l?bWARD : MAC?N (retirsei, fre?a
n?)?vi? Island atat* ?'?niege, Klngsti ni.
detall?*? H? piofr?>or ef militar* sel?*?, ce i??
i'??rk t mon Miliiji- A? a.i.-im Kork ? sktn
Captain WIIJHII1 E DO VR irettreai, tram i..,i<
ralos Militen? Afadssjy, i v?r _ lTtal?_n. \s
?atoUet ?' pro?? mh militori 11? n? i?
nh??i. Istae?! Itet? ?.?'i?-?:?-. Rfngstati it ?
< ?r'sie id"w i?- r? ?iitKKNi: iretlreg? from
f?|Tinsfl'-I?l ?? < hic,,j|r>. ??ni, |,|? ?Julio? pe?
Ulnlt'S I? ?h? ?,i jr-.nl">.I mllllls ?>f Illlnol?
f'*r??ln l'il?*)NK I- HO**KINM. 1st PIsM Ann
l*n. ^?'?lll"1 S? M'l'lct ,111, ?r *r\. , f |?,,.
fot flfll artl?er? l'n.-! --1 ?>. I-Mmi;,!?- |5
Tir?! bl-iil'inni HKMtV \ MI.VI 14 li . ?|R
nsi carna. on arrive! ai .-.,,, Wnnckata
Presidia ?f ????? irx"???.?>. ..? t?imtui_dint
officer of i'?m|i.n\ M ?lunal eons
Hist Meiitcnatn HM?.*?i;V I. < M APCKI.U ,,.,|,
, ?i res?nrs corpa, ? ? ? ?? ? Hi sf-pelaitad, la Foi ?
Ko!|r.wli)g t!r?l lleiiten.su?? ??f liitNllcal re?er,c'
, .,rp? front ?talion? d?msi)alr?1 in Ssn l-'r^n I
?wo. ?allliiK Nf?r.-li .'? f ?-)? Philippines
?,K??R?;k I* HTALLMAN. K?,it Dounin?. ?n,i
IIARRIPON W .11 ? KI7V. l'n <;r?i.i
l,esv>? ef ?h??n?- ?oiitrn.t DtNltal ?ll?ge<?h
JOHN D MIM.1KI.N. ?o March ? <rtp?Hiii
Ull.MAM TIHBAI.I. '<,a?i ar(lll?r>. line..
months: Cantatn IXf?S ?'? KROMRR, quai
leriDssler. [are month* on rsUet from Pert
I.l? ill? nant i-i,iniiiaii?1<-r II. W UACKBT, to na? ?
y uni. N?,rf, Ik.
Lieutenant r roi.KV. ?-Hecbed ?? in.p-,t,? ,.f
>?*dn?4_r?J In rharse of naval mimkh/Iiic, Mina;
liam. Mas?. January 17. ?<? duty in conne,
Hum Hill? ?lenetsl H?,ar,l. Ws?hlnsliiii
Midshipman ' n. PUATT, ddaciK-d the Chea
?er, i,, the I44rmmshant
1'sssed AsiUtsnt Hurgron II \S' ?'??I.l:. I., , ,
i-crulthig stetloa, RaHhntwo, .'snusry s
?"hsplaln M. ?' OIJ?I*-*ON. dets-hed the llan
?n k. 1'Ybriisrv l?, i?> tlie Asiatic ststlen
Chief li.iatswslt) 1V. Sl'I?'Klt, d? tiuheil nsval
?raining- station. flr.?al I?.ke?, North ?*hl
eagSi to the Newark snd rmva| ?tai|,,n
? iiiantsnain,?
Ma?!ilnl?t H. I/)B1TZ. from nsvsl hospital.
Wn?hln_ton; to navy yard, Norfollr.
Ms-hlnlar \V. ?' HTAl'I'EH. deta. lied the iTie?
l?r; to the lllrmlnirhsm.
*_OT_rM?-NT_ OF W A HS HI PB -The fol
lowtng movement? of vessel?? have heen r<
ptsfted to the Navy Department:
I>c. 2K?.The Trlppe, Ht Newport.
Uee. .10 The Walke snd the I', rkln?. st MV*"
ysrd. New York; Hie Ksro, at Panama: the
South ?'srollna and ?!?<* few Hampshire, at
Tonipkln?v:Ue. the Wj-hliifcton, st llsmpton
Iirr. :?l The Dc't?wsie t?ld tie Michigan, at
Totripklns? IHe: Ute Wee OrWn?, st Voko
hsins: the Rosan, at San I'leso.
Jan. 1- The Naushan. at ?longapo.
Jan. 2 The North rarollns. at Hampton P.osdi;
il,e p|-cs?s?,UB, at Fuchsu.
p. "Insltsm, from Ar.napoll? f?ir
v?.il??lk: ?he Ainmen. fi????? ?hsrieaton for
Norfolk, the South Carolina juhI the New
Hampahlre. from navy >ard. *iw lork for
T.,i,ipkln??.!llo; the? Washlnston. from Nor?
folk for Hcinpton llofl'l?'
I?. .il - Ih? |?i.4, atsqua, fTO? Into?? f??r In
?hau. the r>lawsre snd ?he Mtri.ljau. from
navy yar?1. New York, for TompklnsM'le.
?h. Sim llainpnhlrr. fro?? Tompklnsvllle fot
Hampton Ttoad?. ....
Jan '? The North Carolina, irem Norfolk for
Haiiibtun P.oad?.
State Shows Alleged Message to
J. J. McNamara.
Tveitmoe, Johannsen and Mun
sey Get Permission to Defer
Pleas Until January 12.
Los Angele?, Jan. 2.~01af A. Tveitmoe,
Ant.m Johannsen and .1. E. Munsfy. the
' labor leaders Indicted by the federal grand
jury last Saturday on a charge of being
partie? to a dynamite conspiracy, were ar?
raigned In the United States District Court
to-day and obtained delay until January
12 before entering their pleas.
Attached to the indictment, as It waa read
In court, wa? a letter alleged to have been
written in Los Angelen on June .',, 1910, on
a Icttcrbfiid healing the word?, "Kugeno
A ? lan-y, No. 2u0 Guerrero ?trcet, San
Francis.,., ral.. International Association
of HrldRe and Structural Iron Workers,
oftlce of the first vice-president." The let?
ter, slirned by "F.. A. 4'lancy," was said t">
have been addressed to J. J. McNamara at
Indianapolis, ami read In part as follows:
Dear Bir and ?drother: i have been here
live daya new, and they have Marted her??
the greatest -trlke any part of the country
1 as had in a lorie; time, All the shopmen
"f the Union Iron Works, Baker Iron
Works and Llewellyn Iron Works, are quit?
tlnic, and we aro about to start a new local
here. All the machinists, moulders and
pattern make? ? are out, an.i thej are help?
ing each other fine. The State Muilding
Trades ."oiin.il ?.as a man here, A, .I?,haiiii
?en he useil ?o be with the Wood Workers
in Chicago?and also Stewart Reid, of Chi?
cago Now, Joe, '.vh.it w.- want here I*
llo? kin. The greatest opportunity is here
now. I cannol *ta\ here; il la impossible;
but T have things going Un?. "Frisco ;
behind this move heurt and soul, ami we
are going to put some money In here. The
state council |? gofltg to put an assessment
on, so you s.e that means weekly, so now
is ti e titne. The palmers, teamaters and
I lie carpenters have a man here already. I
i wish I could stay, Joe, hut H'ckln Is th?
nein: take it up with Ryan at once? tha
lest man lor the position. I hope Frank
Is at the oflle.. when this arrives, so be
Will send llix'kln at once. I leave here to?
morrow nigh! for 'Fris, o
Tveitmoe, who reside? in San Francisco,
('??patte?! for hi? home io-iilglit. Johann
.ven. also of that city, went with him, but
Mini-.': . who live? In Salt I-ike < it v.
elected to stay here until the time set for
their plea?. Speaking of the coming legal
battle, Tveitmoe declared "It would be a
tiubt to a ilnlsh."
Uli, n told that W. J. Burns had said In
Indianapolis to-elu> that he expected soon
to < oil.?,-! from Tveitmoe Xl.'.M, which
Tveitmoe. as seen etary-tre?a?u cr or the
S'ate li.iildliiK Trade? l'ouiicll. had offered
for the arr?-*t of the persons guilty Of
i,?t;sliig "The la.s Angeles Times" ex
ploatbn. Tveitmoe sai?l li?' w??uld lay the
matter before the council when the time
.ame for actl?>n. Tveitmoe showed B
di patch from Andrew Ftirusr t h. [?resident
of ?he Seamen's t'nloti. at Washington, ex
prfaalug aatonlahmenl ?t ii,; arrest.
iohannaen ?aid he did not know whether
he would h'?l?l 8 conference with ?isticv.
also indicted. ?Alien he arrived nt San
i*"?-:iti, h?.... Ha aald ha understood that
became of Clancy's iie?rt trouble no par?
sort was permitted t?> dis?-??? ?lie indl-'t
uieci? with him.
?i?rei)ce DaiTOW, who defended tie Me
Mamara ?Vothera and who i? spending a,
ittoa at banta Moni??. -,??>i ne ?reaM
no? i,. tomnKted '\ith the defence
Fredericks, Lawler and Burns
Gather at Indianapolis.
Indianapolis. Jan. 2 IM?1"Vt Attorney
John 1? Frederick?, of LOS ?negate* CJoUOty.
CAL, ex\i\ Oscar l?a?l?r. ?pe.i^l government
paaaaiiatOf 'n Southern ? allfornla. ?net
William J. Hm n? h'-re to-night for ?he
rtr?i ?mie BBICO last Minim? r, when the
deteetlwa looli t<> i.?.? Angele? ?vidence for
lb? truil of the McNamara brother?
"It V.HS a flue hit ?if work on >n'ir pail
oniinent?'d Him? to l?i?tnct Attorney
i"i. ierick?. *? they ?hii?ted a*rar Uta avente
iba? ?I row forth the collic?ei?vn? of th? M
Mamara twothwra
"Ami the . otiipllment 1? returned. re
markeil Fredericks, a." he recalletl he
air.-st of th,- McKaaaaraa by Hun,? and
III? men After the ex.ch.inu?> "f BUtttial
eongratiilattoaa thej talked phiukiiv about
vaiioun phaaea of tb? Invaoajgatttim nein*
| oondtacted hi the poievaaienl hate Thai
?'-i.. Joined by Ijawp-r and I lilted State?
lUstnt Attorney ?'harles W. Miller later,
and lha party e*enl to the theatre Car the
The Minouin ein.tii if ?iriic I. M Mini
gal'a .I? pa i t'.i a from i??>s Angeles for Ibfca
, n\ eompletea lha gathering ?>f the pov?
? iliment? Mice-, m buildliiv up Its
? iba dleged ronetM.?etore,
Hums declared be would not i>> aurpiiaed
if by the end '-f I lie week a 111.is? of in III I
menis wan letnrned, an?i thai aa army ..?
let,- tivaa la aUII tracing th? movcMnenta and
Activities of big l.|l??,i I ??Icm. In Hie inst
tw.?ra He ? pr? aaard the Belief thai
i., weald collect upward ai H.? in re
Thla soin, he added he ?';'?ii?lc?l
t,, ,!i\i?ie among tin' aiany ?? latente who
helped hlra i in ?b nrn the McNamara?
United Light and Water Co. Will
Control Housatonic from To-day.
Following the report published alee,m
two week? UK'? (bal llie I loil.-atot.i. ['men
Company liai leaaad its electric Habt ami
^-.1 paopertlea to ihe United i.iciit ami
Water Company, the announcement was
made IhM nigh? ?hat control will ?ja inins
ferred ?-?-day. The neu company will hohl
tin- properties under ?? lease dating hack
in October I laat, and ruanlng for r??i
l'entrai ? m the original report, the (
United Electric Light and Water Company,
it is ?aid. Is not owned or controlled by
the United Gas Improvement Company of
Philadelphia, but is a new and independent
concern, having no connection with any
existing operating company.
A. M. Young, who died about three week?
ago, was the president, and his plac- has
not yet been filled. The vice-president is
M. J. Warner, of Branford. Conn., son-in
law of Mr. Toung. The other ottlcers are:
Arthur Perkins, of Hartford, secretary;
Richard Sutro. of the firm of f*utro Broth?
ers & Co., bankers. New York, treasurer;
( . L Campbell, assistant treasurer, and
Alexander J. Campbell, general manager.
Aiming the directors are R. A. C. Smith,
of Greenwich, Conn.: Richard Sutro, of
4 ?leu ville. Conn.; R. K. Breed, of New
York, and at J Warner, of Branford,
Sutro Brothers & Co. are the financial
representatives of the company.
The properties thut pass under control
of the United Electric Light and Water
Company are the electric light businesses
at Waterbury. Watertown, Cheshire, New
Britain, Newington, Plainvllle, Southing
ton, South Norwalk. Wilton, New Canaan.
Weston and the gas and electric businesses
at Niiugatuck, Norwalk and ?ir?.?enwlcli.
The main office of the company will be
In Waterbury, Conn.
Counsel for Shooting Show Girls
Files Petition.
?lark F. Jordan, counsel for Ethel Con?
rad and Lillian 4'raham, the show girls
recently tried for shooting W. E. D. Stokes,
and acquitted thiough their attorney'? ef?
fort?, ha? filed a petition In bankruptcy.
He has liabilities amounting to 88,411 and
e^sets of $1.998. Of this only 155 fs In cash,
of which S? is banked. Mr. Jordan says
that fourteen clients owe him $4.943. Among
these client? is Broughton Brandenburg,
the magazine writer whom Mr. Jordan da
fended In a check transaction,
? There are thirteen Jutlgments against the
lawyer. The Fulton National Bank, of
?loversville, If. T., is a creditor for $475.
The debts were contracted in this city and
(?loverBvIIle, and are for rent, printing,
stationery, furniture, notes and merchan?
dise. Mr. Jordan said last night that many
years ago he contracted four times the
amount of his liability through aiding
friends and had paid off all but the one
?luarter now remaining, when his creditors
sudden!" decided that they wanted the
$?.411 all at once.
; a
! Two Children May Die as Result
of East Side Blaze.
Fire In a lour story tenement house at
I N". ;,l| Mast lltii street just after mld
j night sprca?! with such rapidity that It
aaa wllh difficulty that the iiremen and
kpo||,e were abl* ta? get the panlcstricken
. pet pic ont of the house. Four persons were
taken to Bcllevuo Hospital badly burned.
Two of them, little children, are not cx
I eotod to live, one woman wa? badly in?
jured, hut would n??t leave her children
and go to the hospital.
The fir? started on the ground floor.
I Which Is a pushcart "stahie." and worked
j Its way to the top of the ho'ise in g few
i minutes. Patrolmen (irajit, Morgan and
I Tinnty. ?f the East M street station.
j found Jacob Seidler. a pedlar, and hi.-5 wife.
at the top t*. i mlows, overcome by Miioke.
I With the ai?i ?>f Fireman Louis Slmonitt,
of Knclno 25, they got them down a ladder.
They wets aa ba>?Sy burned they had to be
taken to the hospital. Fireman Frled
ii an. of Truck II. carried ant their chll
?'" n. Etta and Kri.-da. Both were ?o badly
' the doctors didn't think they would
I nein the -ante floor Mr?. F.Me Friedman
.tumped to the courtyard in the rear, but
(?truck on the handle e( a imrhrart. wiu.-h
probably saved 1 er lile Kh<? was badly
l.rul.?id anout the head urd body arid both
her wrleta wer-* broken, but ?he refused
to Ira\c her seven children and ^o to tha
The fire damage was only about $?<?. hut
I In? firemen and policemen ?i?el i hard time
getting out the e\.ite,i tenant?, ???peclally
.?^ the sitwtaa ?a- il?ii>e.
? ?
Attorney Oeneral Charges Fail?
ure to Finish Work on Time.
Attorn.' Ceneral ?"armody began n ?til?
in behalf Of the State of \? W fork ye?ter
?I ty agalaat gagn?t Belmon?. Andrew
I ':< ednian. William H u clay Parsons and
,i ather '.-defendant < for the for
I? l! ue of the liane his,e route? of the Now
York and Long Island Railroad ?'ompam.
which ? on?ti-u.-ted and awna lha Waannay
li.nnel? iiniie.- t' e Rgal |{|ver.
The attorney general asked that the
Btah o \"c rorh ar Hi" city <?f Mow
^i'ik ?je aathoirbted to tak?- <?\er the tun
->f?? i tii. railroad lia a?ke?l this on
the fjronnd n at the company failed ?o
finish th?- construction of the tunnel and
pul i i? railroad Into operation before
January 1, iiot.
Mr. i'ario,?i> a?dded that the corporate
existence of the campen?? eeeaeel by rca??-in
..'? ?his failure. He aald that the transit fa
cilltlea of Sen Tort ? ? ?t> were* new wholl?
II sdrmiati and ?hat feet more il.an a year
i lie I'nbh" Bervlca t^mmlaaakm had tried
in effect nu arranceanenl for the opening
of the Btelna ij tunnels, but that ?be
compenj retueoA t?> enter tato .m. nri?.?
ti.. lion ?x i'ii ? he coni ?I? ?Ion.
The .trial ?>/ Wa.-hlnctnn B The
president of the American Sugar l*>--Miiin*
Company: -lohn R. ??araona former counsel
for the company. ?>|"1 ?? aomber et the
oompan - e4fjelala and directora en In
dlctmenta arowiim ont af the dotting .?f
lha (Philadelphia Ph?n1 Of the Pennsylvania
?Jugar R?*nnlng f'ompany, has been i?>st
poned unid the ?tajreh term of tha liiit"!
(Hatea i ??-*; ???? ? t*awt
? Health Insurance for You
Keep Well! Drink !
A Delightful, Uncharged Water
from the Famous White Rock Spring*,
Waukesha, Wk, U.S.A.
At leadiar Grorer?. Druffi?-. Re?t??i???j
and C?f?H
Doorman Helps Barry, Accused
of Falsely Arresting Youth.
Says Eagan Remarked "They>g
Got Us"?Commissioner May
Decide To-day.
The trial of David A. Barry, who was a
first grade detective until he was red?j<ce?!
to patrol duty, followlne the arrest of VT1I1
lam Kagan. a Brooklyn youth, was resumed
at Police Headquarters yesterday. Tl's
charges are neglect of duty, conduct un?
becoming an office"-. Inefficiency and con?
duct Injurious to public peace and welfare.
At the close of the session Deputy Comn.ls
sloner Walsh reserved decision.
The general charge of "persecution" made
by young Eagan in a letter to Mayor Gar
nor was what brought about Barry's trial.
The youth ?aas arrested on August 21 on
a charge of vagrancy. He was taken be?
fore Magistrate Reynold?, where Barry
surprised the court by admitting that he
could not substantiate his charge of va?
grancy against the young man, and Eagan
was dlseharaed. The ?Detective was soon
afterward remove?! from the Bergen street
station, Brooklyn, to which he had been
atta?:hed, and was sent to the East lTjUli
street station for patrol duty.
AnioiiK yesterday's witnesses ?ere Mag?
istrate Reynolds. .lames O. Dunn, tbe offi?
cial stenographer in his court; Charles K.
Daniels, of No. 44*1 State street, Brooklyn;
Eagan himself, and a young man by the
name of Grant, h chauffeur. The magis?
trate and his stenographer testified to
Harry's failure to bear out Hie charges he
made against Eagan and the letter's dls
,-r.a? "B
The general line of defence yesterday ?as
the alleged talk made uy Grant and Kjcan
shout some Jewelry stolen from Mr. Dsn
iels's house a few da>s before the srreat
of the two young men. Kagan admitted on
cross-examination his possession of twenty
five keys belonging to apartments leased
by his father, but denied ever having ?al?l
that, these keys "would open any flat In
Brooklyn " He also admitted having *-en
In th? Daniels apartments on several o<-,?
?Ions, ant] that he w-aa there the night of
the robbery and later met Grant.
Mr. Daniels testiti*?! that he had h?*rn
that Kagan remarked that the Jewelr?
"would never ?ome bacK." and that h?
spoke to th?? youth alxnit It previous t"
his arrest. Srvcral other witnesses taa_?
fled to having seen Karon banging around
the distil? ? and gambling in back alleys
The doorman of th? Bergan street et_
tl'ni, Brooklyn, one of the last witnesses ?***
UM day, ??oistered up the defence'! r_s<
?onsldeiaoly In hi? testimony regarding \
conversation h? al?ese? lie heard on ?l,e
night the two youna men were loeked i,j
li-l that ho had taken Kagan out o'
Ids Mil SO that he could talk with hi?
fath.^r. When the youth got back, rue d?>or
man testified, he remarked to Grant: ' ?
g'ie.?s they've got us." Grant Is said to
bata hurst out: "tnooe your mouth. ???u
damne?! fool; s??mebod'. may be ,lst?.-ning.'
Barry was asked by ?'omniissloner Wal?
what reasons he had for placing BagaI
aril ?irant under arrest. II? said he ar?
rested the former because or hi? a?i"*cia
t_>n? with the latter: because he knew
Kagan lia?I in his possession keys thai
would admit him to apartment? In Ma
father's care, und because of whet h? had
loarnsd of the young man's ehai_?*t?'i.
?rnd? r what condition did you |ea_
Bagan op on the chars?' of vagi an f,
When von did not know him to be a \a
grant*' S?_ed Deputy ?CotM"*___aabr
Mr. Sullivan. Parry's legal ndvisei. in?
form?'?! Mr. Walsh thai Um pfwcbtlare of
Um Brooi.ivn iiiagTlat rales' ottuet ?? HI i
a charge of ve_r_nej waa ti?1' sains as a
short afflilrii.lt In Manhattan ami 1*_B
*_asrrwi*_e Bulllvan, ooanaal f**r Ram.
moved to have the i-a.se ?<i aside. b?jt this
??a? denl???! by the Ix-p'iiy ? ommisel'*ner
.??, ? :'.i ptwhaMy be announced Ms?
m ?? a
Ha. Typhoid, Due to Eating
Oysters, Family Says. .
i ? ,-.-..,.
[fjlacuea -Ian '.' BupreuM? Couri : istfcte
Henry R. Cotnaa, of M.??iison roual *
critically ill at his home suffetbig Horn
typhoid fever Tu?al_lM II *va*? said ?hat hs
WBS threatened with pneumon?a He was
taken 111 several <la>.? agn ,(fter retumtnf,
borne troto Rlmii .
There I,.? was ma?i?' ill. it was -aid. after
having eetea orotan. He first had ??mr*
tot_s of ptonialne poleealag and typhoid
, fever ?!???..?loi? ?t
Limitad to one hundred members
The Anderson & Co. Player-Piano Club offers an opoortuniiy
to buy OUTRIGHT a good player-piano at a moderate price.
? The price includes everything. There are no extras of any kind. Xo interest to he
added. Nothing to be added for freight, bench, scarf; absolutely no extras. The price
n eludes everything.
/These Pianos are worth $600. The Club price is $447.50, thus saving you
$152.50. The terms are $20 cash, $2.50 a week. No interest added to this*
You get the strongest guarantee ever given on any player-piano; if you
or any one can write a stronger one than ours, write it and we will sign it.
?7 I-'asy rltib term??20 doses the first psymrnt : then
2 do Um And 50 cents a ?we*, without interest Added.
a gliorev back if, after a month's trial, you are dissatisfied
a You get a year's privilege of exchanging it without los?.
?J Your family gets all unpaid payments canceled in
event of your death during the life nf the Club.
": You get the piano tuned l*wo ttmrs?'rer.
?T You get a good btneh. latest style Scarf?free
to thi*
Library Rolls Free
Exchangeable for new rolls
for 5 cents each
? This Anderson player-piano is a full sire, upright grand, colonial design, and the player on the
inside playsevery key on the piano?thzt is, these club player-pianos are standard 88notepteytr*.
f These player-pianos have an automatic shifter which compels the music to play perfectly. These
player-pianos have lead tubing?most player-pianos have rubber tubing. The lite of rubber is
one year, at most. Lead lasts forever. If you ever intend buying a player-piano?cfo it now,
125th St. 5th Ave. ffMe^A/% *?*?/*%^aWjPM Ae^ffmYsA Jr\. ^sff^af^ from R?ro??ih
Northwest Corner
Open Evening? Until
10 o'Clock
Hall Sub?av h??tlon
Phon? liV<e Mai?
Open Seturday Erea
ing Until 10

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