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prison Warden Says He Spurned
Convicted Banker's Offer.
Heatf?? Controversy Between
Editor and Penitentiary Head
Discloses Secrets.
?i ,. C.a.. .Ian. Z.?A heate?! personal
? etween a newspaper editor and
lea William 11. Moyer of the Federal
uriaoa here resulted to-day in disclosing
- W Morse, convicted banker,
? ? in u Wall Street deal through
,. ?? ,,f War?!en Moyer. It was
? thai In the ?prim? of ir?lO Morse
made the money by felling "short" on pas
- ?,f s dpher message Moyer
(,!i?.u- i him to send
hoe i?is gratitude or for soot? other
Said MOI -?? subsequently Of?
hare the proflts with him. This
? on the ptrl of More? so i reja?
werden sgalnst tii<- .'x-i?ank?>r. la
oi r i. Beel? - editor and pub
..?" "The Atlanta. Georgian," that be
. luently subjected Morse t?> dlsdplln?
treatment, characterised to-day by the
'reprehensible "
? i a p.-rsonal friend ol Morse nn?l
? i him frequently In the prison.
i,a?t Thursday he printed In his pap- r ?
it Congressional Invest"?*
Into Morse's treatment in tlic peni*
\ citing an instance in which he was
been placed In solitary COO?
nt In a dun**eon for "giving a ?lek
? ro be discharged a paltry sum
??!' mon*** "
Tie publication so incensed the Warden
.- invited the Atlanta newspapermen
to i lie i rlsou to ?how them. list where
Morse wss kept in solitary "*oaflneinenl and
to explain thi clri imstancea Beeley re?
? ton a? ?b. representative of
hi? pa
-a per men assembled
:n hi? office. Warden Mover rend a state?
ment he bad prepared answering th?
ons made In Be? I? y't : aper. He de?
I thai Mors., had been kept in soil?
larj c*onflnen*en1 for two ?lays in May,
for r'-fusiiiK t" divulge the source ,,f
about M> found in bis. possession, As soon
a? Morse dM so. hi was i ?-leased, he ?aid
I the \l?!tors a fair-sized, well
lighted and well-ventilated room. In which
was kept
Tells of Gas Stock Deal.
The "Jury" wanted t?? know about "that
?i,? stock leal" Moyer said that on March
It, If?)", s,??)!) after the hanker became a
ner he gave Morse permission to ??end
a cipber message to New York. The next
day, he ?aid. he report?1?,! the matter to the
Attorney General, and was instructed not.
I . permit Morse to send messages again.
8? me time lei? r, be said, Morse came into
!-i? off) ? and t?)ld him he had made $_"???">
o'it of that gas stock deal, and wanted
to iva half."
iorii?! vou ever told me that, M"r** .'
1 satd to him." declared the warden, " 'and
i ? ver say anything like that to me
n ' "
Moyer said this Incident was brought
? when the prison was Investigated last
-??ring by one of the most competent of
?,f the department. Seeley asked the
n If he knew anything ab?jut a check
for *?!."*? mad- out by Mr?. Morse to
Morse, which had found its ?ray to the
department Mr. Mover repli?-?! that be
ad never heard of the check until it was
ihown to him at the Investigation. He
said if whs being held for Morse try one
,f lite ep-rks.
The offence for which Ivlorse was kept in
y confinement was ?l?scribcd by the
"??arden a? follows:
A deputy saw a nurse pass 11 S and a
handled knife to Morse, and both
"atreeled." The warden did not be*
the ?tory he told as to how he had
m lined them from another prisoner, and
?irrlered him Into confinement. When Mr?.
?ailed and learned her husband was
m ?rouble she told the warden she had
?lipped about fifteen $1 bills Into Morse'?
r Morse confessed to having receivtrsl
?he $lr, from his wife and about t"5?i from
bis business partner, in addition to ?*5 from
discharged prisoner, which he already
had admitted. He said he had given the
???? to another prisoner for ?afe keep
The money was recovered and Moras
taken from isolation. He was reduced to
?-e?-< mi grade and lost twenty days of hi?
Beekman Vehicle at Home of
Historical Society.
The old family coach of .lame? Heekman.
who erected, in 17??3-'ti4. the licekman
bouse, at First avenue and Met street, then
known a? Turtle Bay, was the centre of
"Ua. tion la?! night at the N?Vvotk His*
'"ii'-al Sod-'ty. aft.-r the annual election,
which wa? held In the auditorium. The
oach, ?till in excellent condition, was
ted to tin- society on l?e?-ember 11.
HI, bj ?leranl H?-i kman It Is on exhibi?
tion In ?.he north hall of the building. Th?
?nembi - bad thetr first -,-i? w- of it
? ? ?? ib? ,?!,?-, i? efe t? ?i: Samuel
I* k Hoffman, president; William M.
lirai vi?.-j,resident: Franc!? H.
Schell, secood rice-preMdent; Ar?-h?-r M
ilniitlrigton. foreign ?orresponding Beers?
'*ry? !?>hn Absei Weekes, domestic eor*
??pond ? secretary; Kandier Nieoii, re
?-ordtng secretary; Warren <'ady Crane,
ireasurer, and Rohert H Ktlby. Mirar?an.
reptMl ??f the necuttra **onunlttee
" ??' ' - - i-ty has 1.04?) m.-mber-,
f whoa 523 era life rnerinbera, r?v annual.
- Mlows, M patrons und n bonora/y. By
eath ?)t Miss Catherine Augusta de
t-tg of her sister, Cornelia
Decame treated in the
-?. amounting t,, $ 6
fi to the society.
The eommltte? advises the erection ?>r
"nth wings t-, the prss? ni build
li - foi ti <? hanging of painting)
'??' lion ;.,i posji -
'? I"- kl.-.s. senior ,.fTi?-.i ?f the
''hltdren's ?Society, with which be bas basa
?onri.ct, ?i twenty?uevea years, an?! Mr?.
; I H? -k? th, ??! S ?.jiiebanna. I'.-nn..
ratuTted ? i, i,y tti<- Rev,
Prank M. Kair.-bii.i. of the ?entral Map
:> I ? lair? b
^?"?k place at th?- ],??,,. at
i'"?fs?,,, ?,,,1 Mrw. k. M. RleeWrg, .r,
t?-rg being Mr. Berkleys
Oiily relative and s Few Intim?t? friends
'' "" I-"-? ?.t | ? -t-r.lay at the Wedding; Of
?'stalle Rathbone Jones, daughtei of
1 Beabury Jones, i?? Jam?? Daniel
'iai i, in Grace Church Chaatry. The bride,
win, was given swan b) her moth.-r, wars
1 '"" I Of black broadcloth, with
a Mack i,? |..,. ;l irtmnsod with whits
di'in-K. ?s|?. |,(l(J ||0 mtondittit?. Ulchard
'???I ?in. p. ?r?oni. ?
'I'll? ci : ? moil v Was followed b?
I'llon m the I,..in? Hi- bride's mother,
,,',' '. U,:M| '*'i -????? The couple will re
_ ..7 y"rk "?*'"" M**V return ir.nn
1 "? it ', i?
Hot? An
Present Shaw's "Devil's Dis?
ciple" to Large Audience at
The Tale University ?Dramatli Aa
tion. en tour, presented la t'u- (rand ball?
room of the Waldorf, last night, ?Bernard
Shaw's -Devil's Disciple.'? with Irving < ".
Beebe playing Dick Dudgeon, the title role,
The association rm?i announced that it
would ?tick to the autiiot's original text
with no alterations or mutilations, and the
brilliant dialogue was all there, showing
his play a? little more than i vehicle for
Shaws keen ttaahea of wit and satire. The
"Devil's Disciple." a character that was
made famous l.v ?Richard Mansli.-lel. ?lid
not suffer greatly In the bands of Beebe
last night, despite the difficulties of this
touch-and-go character.
Of cours.-, a?; the Yale players Were h:I
men. there was the usual r.-sult of deep
voice? Issuing from persons in skirts, and
heroines clasping th.-ii hands aa it about
to throw hasehalls. But tin.? waa part of
the entertainment, and the- large audience
liked it.
The players other thai Mr. Heebe were:
Mrs Du iRaxm. Leonard Outhwaito; Kssie.
anbert i*. Height; Chrlaty Dudgeon. John
Prlta Achalas; the Rev Anthony Anderson,
ii....ice i*. d. Newson; Mrs Anderson,
Rufua F King; ?Lawyer Hawkins. Hew?
-'?"ie K. Uaymcnton; | i? p. William Dud
fson, Arnold Whitrldge; Um. William, c.
H. Strang; Mrs. Titus, Henry <; Pownee;
t'neie Tit'-s ?Dudgeon, ?Lawrence If, Corn
s ?Sergeant, Thoma? it. tyaterbury;
Major Swln.lon, Howard T Cummin*;
'''?'.?' Burgoyne, Edgsr II Woolley;
Chsplaln Brudenell. H. H Vreeland, jr.
Actor-Manager's Debts $32,660
and Assets $5,100.
Sidney Drew, the actor and manager, has
filed a petition ?p bankruptcy, with llablll?
tie? of $.t-.?'?'ii and nominal assets >>f 16,100.
This i? Mr Drear's third time In bank?
ruptcy, the Mth.-r petitions having l-.-en Hied
on ?September 18, i M?:?, and Mar. h to, 180?,
in both of which he received a dis? hsrge
Most ..f his llaMlltlea are on account <>t
breach ..f contracta with the Shuberta and
nine t'anadian theatrical managen Tlier-'
are fifty-three rredltora In all. among whom
are Sam s and ?Lee Shubert, I IS,000; Jacob
J. Shubert 11.100; Shubert Theatrical Com?
pany. 11.800, all for damages for breach "f
contra, t made on July II, 1809; A J. Small.
Toronto. 810,mio ; J. j l-armr, Peterboro,
ont.. |i.ftOd ; w. H. itoenlgk. Undsay, Ont,
'? I". U*. Hobl.lns. ?mlllla. Ont., 11,000;
John l'owell. Harri-, Ont., $1.0?"?. F, K.
Johnson. Ilrantfe.rd. Conn . N.000; J..bn
(.riftin, Ooslph, Ont. 11.000; John Chiflln,
??ration!. Ont-, $1.?. and i'orlmin Broth?
ers, SL Thomas, ont., |1,Q00, ?ill for dam?
ages for breach of contract to be perform.-.1
between December 1, WO, ami April, mi,
Other creditors ar- the Metropolitan
Printing Company, *:.-|i':<; Mari.- Mella,
$1,000; Maud I-: L?ealey, |8O0, lease; Bor?
deo'a i'..i).iensed Milk Company, J:i- ; Park
?Laundry Company, 135; ?Knickerbocker les
Company, $is; New Vork Telephone Com?
pany, $??'.; Fredericks Scenic Studio, $254;
in. William Dwight Tracy, *i"7. and Louis
Fischer, 9930, board ami taxlcaba
owing to the numerou? Ural performances
t?. take place on nexl Monday and Tuesday
evenloga, Mme. Simone will be s.-, n In "The
Hetuni from Jerusalem** f.o the Brat time
on Wednesday evening st th?- Hudson Th??
?tre, instead of on Tuesday, ?s previously
unt.ounced. Contrary to th? usual custom,
there win be no preliminary out-of-town
tour, as Mme Simon.- pr?f?ra t.. make h. r
?trst Amortecen sppearance In this play ?n
New Vork.
Martin Heck left yesterday for San i ran?
cisco to begin his annual t..ur of Inspection
of the Orpheum circuit. Sine* hi? last trip
to the coast un additional theatre hai be**n
added to the circuit, the ? ?rpheum Theatre,
at sacramento, COL in two amaba ha es>
peets to return to New York. Actual work
on the Palace Theatre, which Mnrtln ?Beck
is to ere?t at <7th street and Broadway,
will ?begin to-day.
Mr. Savage's reduction of prices ft I the
Lyric Theatre has, be announces, su. ? ?
cd so well that be has decided upon a r?
duced ?cale of price? at the Herald ?Square,
bestnatng next Monday nlKht, when th<- big
far ical auccsss. "The Minion." will ha trana?
f.-rr?d from the Thirty-ninth Street The?
atre- During the entire engagement of
?The Million" nt the Herald ?Square th?.
price, of all seats in the orcheatra for every i
night and Saturday matinees win he ii ,m>.
The balcony will be divided i?it<? two prices
?namely. SOS acata si II snd ."?"('
cent?. At the Wednesday matinee.?; the en?
tire oreh?'Stra will !>'? *"id at tl and the en
lire- balcony --?t r>" cents a seat. "The Min?
ion" will remain at the Herald Square f"r
th?- remainder of th?- season. a?d ?--.it- us
now on sale for the Beater holidays
The scenery, costumes anei effect? foi
"SumurUU," ?lie wordless play with inu:-i>
which win be presented at the Casino
Theatre on Januar) 16, arrived yeaterday
? m the steamship Barbaroass. It required
over US ?.ratea t.. eontaln all the scenery
ami affecta for thla Reinhardt production,
Vrltz Dworsky, sssdstsnt to Richard
Ordynaki, win? la ipersonal stage director
for I'rofessor Reinhardt, arrived yeaterday
morning on the steamship Begonia to
superintendent the preliminarv arrang? -
menta The Casino Theatre win i.?- dosed
next week on account of scene rehi .r>al*.
"Sumurun" belnij presented in eight tab
i.-aiis Th<- entire company from the
DeUtSChea Theatre, now crossing the At?
lantic on He l.nsltanla. will reach New
Vork late Thursday nlj-ht or F?lela y morn?
Nance on.-ii will probably become ??.ecu
the wnton Lackaye Players, recently or?
ganized as u permanent dramatic company
and bow appearing ;et the Bijou Theatre in
"The Stranger." Miss (?"Nell is at present
under contract with David Be las-o, by
whom she must i" reh a I
Kitty <r"i?lon will 'lose m-r New York
?rgagemenl In "The Eneibantress,'' *J ?*?]
NOW York Theatre, OS January ?A I-ni Ing
the I'tnainder of the season ah? will appe r
In Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago snd tl
large? citte? of lbs Bast N?xi summer
,i,,. will ?appear In Australia, undo? her
,,?,, nt N? m Pel ruary M;>*
Oordon sill ..pp?ar in ?i new play, wrjtten
f,,r her by H? srl Bataille, the Pnt a
playwright, it I?, fashioned aboul sn Inci?
sent In Ml.-- Gordon's own iif-'. when,
eleven years au... a - an obscura planist, abe
elop?d with Captain Beresford. This la the
Brat time Misa Uordon baa ever appeared In
other than a musical pla*
Th? Friars have eltnoSB Monday, Ja
2-j. as the aventai on which they will at?
tend Mi- Hit'b'". ks pat fea manee ??f "The
Hod Wldow." at ths Aster Theatre. A
supper Sl the monastery will fellow tho
jarfoi manee.
At Hammersteiii'a Victoria Theatre next
w-.-ek a new ii.. loliamitl. on.-act pla>*tet
about ..pir.m-rideien Chinatown, entitled
??After Dark in Chinatown." will aerve to
introduce tor ths Brst lima on Broadway
,.',?,, k Conner?, who will b? ? -dated by
??,.,. reel Chinamen. _
,.-,,, eAmuaAen to lb? Amarices Mtteeun ??r
" v ii.i.el HIMc.rv M.-l!..pc.lllHii HOseUin Dl
Art ?ted tl ? Bern fork >-.. ...i. *-1 - . t pork.
m... tina .?f ""? ?''"?' fl" """ s'""l> "r '?'?'
V'liie- A?. H-.t'-i A*t'?r. 1:80 p. m.
llcettaj et ?>" ??'*'"'' "'? ,'11"'' i'"''1 ??"'"?
?.?:;?? i>. ?"?
M... tlm; ??f """ ?',,,Ul <1"1'' U"UA Amta
liiiui.r at lb? *'** V,,,K ''"'. !:*.'i.?nse.
... . ., .. tone ?i""" ?" "r ""' v ?"??'? ; .
1"'". ,,-, .?I.U.. vM.'??? Vo 8?
,, , . I o , I, , , ?>.
. .-. .' . i :;;?? h ?trm I
Prank Mt-eeley Htirlbut, president of the
I nlon Brjuare Barings Hank. di??d from
lwart diaea ? yesterday el his home. No.
loi Fast 15th street. He ha.i been in ill
health for some time. II?- is survived by
?wo daughters, Mrs. Mason young, Jr.. ano
HISS Jolis Sampson Hurlbut, and a sub
Stephen Durant Hurlb it.
Th.- runeral will be held to-morrow at
10:30 o'clock in St. Marks I'hurch.
Mr. Huribul was !>?.rn In Milan. Ohio, in
lf?5i. but his pan ut? caase '?> New York a
few years later, and the boy rccciv**d his
??'luc.ition In the public schools of this dty.
He was gradual. ?1 from <"lty C.rammar
Scliool M at tb> ii^i' of sixteen, and entered
th?- servi?., of the Institution fee the Sav?
ing? of Men bints' ?'lerks This title was
afterward chang?*- to Hi?- Union Square
Barings Bank.
Mr. Hurlbut, tbe?*ef?_re, contributed forty*
Uva reara of continuous service to the ?ame
He was elected rice*presideni and trustee
In I*-'*??, and In ?be following y?-nr b<- be*
i am?? pr?-?i?i?-iii. tetter be was elected treas?
urer of th? Savings Renk Aseo? Istlon of the
State ol Sew York.
In '*?"!? he married Martha Newton Samp?
son, of Bpringfleld, Mass Mr Huribul was
.? member of The Players and ??f Ihe Mor
rlstown Club
T leodore Oreen, ? reel estate dealer
with office? at No 101 Broadway, died <?n
Monday at the Hotel st Oeorgs from a
rompllratlon of dlseeees Mr. Oreen ?as
born sixty-one ?cars a??? in the Restera
District of Brooklyn, and area the son of
Wllllem Creen, who built the Aral row of
brick houses In Wllllamaburg. The son
wax one of the pioneers In the Proepecl
Park Booth section, end up to last spring
made Ins home St No 1 _ 2 _ AlbsmarlS
Road l'or the bul ton years h?- liad trav*
<iie,i a great deal
He was pr?sident snd s ?llreetor <?f the
cypress mils Cometer) Association, s
dire, tor of the Fniptio Stale Suret v Com?
pany snd \ h?-presid?-ni und h trustee of
the Kings County Savings institution.
Ho w a.s also prominent in lodge circles,
Tberon Edwards Rogers <l!<-?l at noon yes*
terday at his home. No. ill West UMh
street, si the sge of sixty-nine reara Hs
was born and educatsd in Rochester, and
when the Civil war broke out enUated and
served through many ??i the principal bat?
tle When I.?-?- ratTendered he had at?
tain .1 the rank of major.
in ls_i he came to New York t?t live, en?
gaged in the niant?! -iimI lire grate Indus?
try, and then secured employmenl with the
Mew fork Life Insurance Company, retir?
ing nine years sgo. He leaves a widow,
who was Barah Dey, of Unta, N 1 a
daughter, Helen A , and s son. Theron !..
Rogers, Jr.Ivtl engineer, now m Mexl?
Ico. Mr Rogers was a member of the
Loyal Legion, of Alexander Hamilton Poal
1 Army <?r the R? publi , snd oi
the Church of the Puritana, al No IS West
Ittth stre.-t He win be buried In Rochester
from the Century Presbyterian Church,
ilk?- Ins fathei. he ?.?..,? man ?
superintendent of the Sunday school, a
si , "nil stroke of sp =.>i? \? ???? u-?*?! his deeth
The Ret \ Hill, feme is I the |
days b.tr. the civil War a? ?">? ef Sew
fork's ,. -ding abolit ?? I on? ?? .?
<andldate f??r <;?.v.-inor ??i on th?
Pt-ohlMtlon tlckel died <?n Mon.in? at the
i?,!ii- of ids daughter, Mi? Charit
Kleid, No. 1730t* I'aciflc street, it.k!?n
He w.?s born In Mlddletown, I ?? lawar?
County. N V . on .bur at. : '*--'? !!? was
educated at D< Ihl it ad? mj h ? hl
an ?i el ?be age ??(" nln? nrdained i?>
the Methodial Kpu*<*opal mlnlstrj Alt?
il?-.? hing In Men fork foi several rears
he removed to lows, biter returning lo tak?
part in the m it i-?? abolition. Hi r?
from actlv w..rk In ItFJO, He was el on?
time chaplain of ?h>- i-'iv. Pointa Mission
Mr 11,11 mad, his boni? In V??nk.r?i up t?
six week? a?,") <?ii .o ?iiiiiii ?t his railing
health ' ? a - i?-?? persuaded lo come to
Ui-.M.kKii to live ?m? his daughter. Ht
?lieil from heart trouble within two deys of
his eighty-eighth blrthdai He leaves two
unnt?tried daughters Marj F. and <'??r.? I
Hill, fo'ir grandchildren end four ?
-nrandcblldren, The burial will I
er? to-dsy
Balleton, N. i Ian I Ei Stab St nator
Harvey J. Donaldsoi one of I -?- Republi?
can leeders of Seratogs County, died to?
night. HS Was slXty-three ?ears Old and a
native of Argyle, We?hlngton County He
was a member <?f the Aw mhly In -
an?! ihe f lloertng '.--ar was elected State
Bi nator from the Mth District
I'incinnati. Jan I?The Rev, Howard A.
M Het-d-trson, Methodist e*et*gyinan, ?"I
?lier and author, died Itere to-day aft?*r ?
lingering lllneoa Dr. Henderson lived In
Cincinnati for many years. I>urlri? the
??un War be was n, charge ?>f the Con?
f.-derate Initial for the exchange of prls
Asbrtry Park. N. I Inn 1 -Aden I.lppib
??ott. .-, cont**actor, u<-d hers to-day from
apoplexy. H?- -va.? seventy-three years ol??.
and had llv?d in Asbtiry Park thirty-two
rears. Mr. Llpp-ucotl was a veteran of
the i'ivii War ami a member of ?*. K. Hail
Post, ?? A. R . ol c,i? dty. He lea
?.? |fe and <>i ?? son.
MRS MARI TIMMS, ?Alt*?- Of Theodore
M. Timms, of Orange, N'. 1. ?lied y?-st?r
dai from heart dlw*ease. Mrs, Timms was
.,. native of W.-stfi? l?l. H. J., the daughter
,,( Mr. and Mr-. Abner Burnett. Her bus?
bend, a son, Wolter h Timms, ??* Elisa?
beth, an?! a daughter, Nanette Timme sur
,ii IHN Bl'CK BEE, ?? m? ?.? of th? 5rm
of Ash a.- Buckbee, wh..i eaale plumbers si
Bpruce snd VVIUlam streets, died on Batur?
day at his home. Ko. M Her? street, Brook?
lyn. He was eighty years old snd was
,?,,, in Nee fork <'lty. He was the flr?t
president Of the City ?'lull of N?'W Volk,
Which lia?! i'? !i?;ob|iiail?-i- at No ***J BOW?
_-. .,, ,i wbich later i,e?-ame known as tin
A m. i i? ?>- Club ' "t'-iii ' Tweed, ones Tam?
many's boss, was the *b*a1 president of the
Am? rlcus Club.
LOUIS W. WIBIOAND, superintendent ??f
the Es tern Dletrtti Hospital Cor twenty*
three t? <"? Monday idghl at bis
home, No. M'..- South td street, Wllllama?
burg? Si ?he an?' Of Hfty-etghl years, lie
ban l" Oermany. When he oame toi
Country, ai the an?, of ??-v? iiu-en, he
n.ok up hoepttal work and for thirteen
ira .ted with a hospital In
Philadelphia He then ?ame to the Kas|
,,i, District Hospital !!?? leaves s wiie
and two children.
ALE-CANDSH LE?I_BRC?Q, trail known
a? a caterer In Newport, ?? ?i?-???i la that
PORTUI B? HAN?'??? K. the <?<-?>n', <,i,|
eel Representative in the Messoehuoetti
Legislature la p InI <?f ssr*i*k*e, whs this
mjm? !<? have entered on hie thirteenth
term, ?? ?h-a?! In Brockton. He was s?-?
enty-Vlve years <d?l
.vins HART .H'l'SoN tlie oldest sjssb.
b. r of l'i>ni"iitb Church in ictual >?-ar.?
of ati-nd.???'? ? died at her hotns, N?, 17
I'.i.v.ioit IM:???. Brooklyn, on Saturday,
For ssariy slaty y?tan she had seen .1.
,,, ?mbei "' lb? church, Jolninc it shortly ]
?ftei >l 1 I'.- <?? ?i?-t 1.am?- Its i?astoi- I'm '
, 1 >, a, - - '??? ...,- ,, 1? ?, 1,. , :.i 11 -
1 ool M'i, ,, , 1 her lime lied ??? ? n
;:i\,-n i?? foreign ml*?tonar* \???ik. M 1
Judaon was bOIU in Hudson, N. T< .
_ -
Sir E. Moss Makes Her the Sur- ?
prise of His Surprise Party.
IUy ?ablt- to The Trilmn?-. I
I,, in'?-ii Jan. 3.? Si? Edward Moss
guv.- a novel New fear's surpris.- party
at the Richelieu H<?t?-i yesterday The
surpris?' came concealed In a property
pie borne to ?ho ptacc of honor by two
v. a ?t.r.-.
?{?Then ?he pie was opened there stood
revealed dainty "Lady Little." ths n ? j > -
podrome itar, like .? Ihre doll, with her
tWCnty-tbr e im bes ?if height, a smart
green velvel walking coetnme and toque,
bejewelled hands <?n?l piping voice.
l.oi\ I.Ittle s" special c-hurin as a
midget lies in the perfection of her pro?
portions, v n more than In her lack of
size, and at the ag?' of nineteen she i?
believed I > be the smallest woman who
has ov*r lived She? tripped among the
wine glasses and colles ? ui?s. shook each
Of the ?lies'.:. o> the linger, and rebuked
men who asked f.>r kisses. Then ?ho
sung semi's, ?uni altogether mads hsrsslf
very i -.polar.
The V.lll'- "' Hie littl. lady's Jewel?
is ?nid to be one hundred thousand
pounds il 'Hing.
Well Known Press Agent -Friend of
Lord Dccies and W. K. Vanderbilt.
("hi? iiKo, Jsn I Joseph I-] 0, Ryan.
press Bgenl for New York and Chicago
stock shows and automobile expositions
fot many yeSTS, died her.- to-day of heart
He was ai.oiit forty-four years
Mr. Ryan came to fJhlcago from Dublin,
Ireland, about twentj yeara ag... Ha was
a friend e.f Lord De? lea ?nd w. K. Vander?
J. K ?l. Ryan was known In Rolf, aut..
niohlh' and In.is? show circles from coast
to coast He began hi? boslnesa career in
thl? country m a newspaper man in ("hl
cago ;'t tl'- a w.-.-k and worked til? wav
up by the aheei f<>rce >.f hla persons Ht y un?
til he became recognised a? ?.m* e.f the
leading press sg**nta In the country, with a
\?-arlv Income of from 08,000 t.. PO.008
He owned m controlled a chain of ?raudo?
(.-lile tbestrea In th? Middle West end acted
as pr.ss agent for Ihe big horse show? both j
her? and In Sew > "? k When wilting gelt (
some t? n yeara agi lie practtcallj mo? I
nopollaed the field In Chicago Nol satis? I
?vd with thl?, he ?u -i ' k t" re. ogntse |
the chances In automobillng nn?l turned hla
attention ?" publicity w..rk that ?Trovad ra?
mai kably profitable.
il?' boosted of bis broad itfqualBtance and
enjoyed It, loo, baring friends in m???t ?
. ?-.. iy Important ? It) In the C ?Untl
Russian Ballet Gives Performance at
the Metropolitan.
The Russian Ballet, w !,->?..> doings have
i.o eralded and reheraldetl, until the be?
wildered public, no doubt, i< under the- Im?
pressl? ii that Slav- .in- burn with toe? pos?
i of some extraordinary magti
i clal performance huil ni^ht et the
Metropolitan Opern House, dancing among
other things Dellbee'a "t'oppelta."
? h simoun ? 'n.-nt sent :?> the
newspapers, H wan not the first complete
mam ?? "f the ballet In \? ? v-.ik. it
having i <?< o given here >.?m?- twenty yeara
lid again al Ihe Metropolitan during
m pavlowa'a and Mi Mi rdkln'a lirst
\\'h>, t..?.. it should be announced
thai a French ballet founded on ?< tier
man st?r* waa to i? gives m ?he Rnsslsn
rather ?iuei> the Italian rerslon, might be
of Interest ??? Inquire.
However, let it b? proelalined, thai "Cap?
pella waa danced moal capably by Mlaa
..t..i Mr. Mordkin .?nd leas capably
b| th.rss de bauet. A*, f.-r the srches
tra, ?le- lesa said th? better. Hut perhaps
the tiio-t delightful Mi of th.- evening w..
glven ?' neither "f the two stars. Put by
MIm s. hm..u and Mr Vollnlne. .Ida was
th.- >'i ? nlng number of the dive rtlssements,
a polka violett? of Strauss, danced inost ea?
ijutritel) by th.- two artleta Th?- applause
it received waa enthuslsstlc ..nd aell ?l?
?-< rved
Ti,, . ? mod? i .'?
"Tristan und Isolde," with Burrian
and Gadski, Monday Night.
? Tristan and Isolde, nith Mr. B
and Mm? Osdskl In ths litis rol? a, will
op.-n the ninth w??k of tha sesson .'t I ???
Metropolitan Oners House on Moo-lav
night. Mme, Matsenauer ??'H bi Bran?
B ,... Mi Weil Kurwenal snd Mr. Orlsweld
Km/ Mirke Mr Toscanlnl win conduct
"KOnlaaklnder" win be given ?it- sn sa?
na performanc? on Wednesdej afteimooii
with the usual Cast, ami "OrfeO ad Kurt?
in,.-." witii .Mm?-. Matsenauei snd Mine.
Rappold In the iltie- ii'l'-i-, srlll be given
on Wednesdsj evening
"Rlgoietto" vxili he Thursday evenlns'a
hill, with Mm. Tetrasslnl as Olida, Mr.
Amalo in the title role ami Mr. Smirnoff
a-c th ? Duke "Taaem," ?HI i?- muh; on Fri?
day evening, with Mis? Parrar, Mm?
Maubourg, Mr. Martin .ml Mi Bcottl, and
The (!n I of Ihe (?..bien West." with Mm?
iK-slinn. Mi CsrusO, Mr. Amato un.I th?
usual cast, will be Saturday matinee'?
Tannhttuaer" is ?nnounced for Batur
.ia\ evening of neal week al tha A<*ademj
?,t Musi, in Brooklyn, with Mme?. Prem?
ia.i, ??link. Bparkes, Van Dyck, Orw ?
S'l-lliML' and U'ak.lie-lil and MSSSTO, Hur
n Hi. Weil. Wlthei-moon. ROtSS, lllusliaw,
,,,, ,|??.| 1M,i Bayer. Mi. Herts will con?
Wolf-Ferrarla cantata, "l?s vt?a Nuova.'
win be given In the preaence of ths com.
pose? ;it Sunday Blght'a concert.
A Quadruple BUL
Marquise Mella Mars, who la ijlaytng -
brief engagenienl si the Irving PlOc? Th.-a
tr.- appeared there las? nlghl in a new
Ugh! opera episode entitled "Brlganttno,"
the mask an.i lyrics laalng lha work of her
husband a. Bels Laasky. ?"bo played the
accompanlraeaL The pteea i- alight, tell?
ing 0r an adventura whleb an Italian mar?
quise had with a handsom? and ausceptlbt?
brigand who beide bei up and then fails
a victim i" bar eoquetHea. it mad? an
ag? espida facteurs <?t an evening pcrogramma
of raried cbajmctor Albert rrtta s--.?m- ac
,,-ptahh tha roi- ot lha brlgead.
The maruuls.' also gav? seven nm.4,1
r.-cltatlons. it. wbl? h sh- displayed her ?X?
cep?onal laleol ?? 'hat form of dramatic
eutreeatoa She has a wide ranne in <b
,? tin? .tm.tions and produces h.-r effects
irttb ma.k.?i ?irb-inaiity and skin sh. re?
ceived many recalls.
The Irving Plosa Ibsatrs stock ooaapanj
ajspeared m two ?ass-aal piece?, the former
the old favorite, "???. Klnsiedler."' nn.l the
Utter a Uv.lv little comedy called I?r-I
?.am.-nhiit'.' B^ w"r'' ** ?*?* T"P
?asta ** ' ?
!!"r,vir'.;;, ? ,,rl I?- ???*?*?? l-*HietOt-Plei?B
l?r H?*frl-?1 ooni? " .,^|t|r ,(|#>nM.
; ',' .Heiarieh Kalk
'JV" ,.? .1 - .Hanoi Hr.H-kmanii
Am...i. /In i?-?" " .,,?? ,.ratorlull
I- I |> .11 I' ll. ! I ?U??'!'
,,,.,?1 i.vMKMII ii;
., ,,,. ."ti" ???H- '?
' MHll Kl
!?'?'.. Uflle'l ??e?*l
' asar. "" '""?' - ji-aw,-; m-i,,ri
? i)i)tmur?! from tlr-i |a?R?*.
raising, and In this he appeared to have
met with a full share ??f misfortune. An
epidemic kill?-?l most of his sh?-ep, caus?
ing a loss of about siiMt.tMH? Thla Was
cloeel) followed i-? the death <?f hi? flrsl
wife In a runaway accident. <?f his ?, ??
ond marriage Mr. Dickens said litti?-.
The ????'ii le separated several years ago.
After an absence <?f nearly forty years,
and brok? it In fortune, he sailed f?*r Eng*
lam? with ?i determination t?, earn hi?
! living oa the lecture platform. Bava
thai he was tn?,r?- bald and much whiter
Hi.m the novelist was the son eras ??
strong reminder <>f what "Hoz" was com?
ing t?i when he m?-t an untimely death
In 1*>7?? ;.? the an?- of fifty-eight ?
I He hadn't the beard n?>r the flaehlng
? ea of bis father, bul he posa?taxied the
prominent brow, the sturdy no?? and tin?
high cheek bon? s the for,-.-tul mouth ami
chin and the flexible tonality <>f utter*
an?-?- thai warn charming attributea of
the novelist.
Mr i>i?ken? was charmed bj bis en*
periencss in th?- United state? <it was
hi? first visit here), ,in?i Intended to re?
main h?-re over the Dickens centennial,
February 7. 1912, His brother, ?'hurles
Dickens, Jr.. visit? ?1 tin? COUntl*} in I8_&
Besides ,iii" lectures, Mr. Dickens
wrote s book, "My Father and His
Friends." His i-r- tiu r-, Henry Fielding
Dickens, rig years hi? junior an?! ?me of
the Kind's counsellors, lives In London.
? I
American Painters and Sculptors ad?
mits Members at Second Meeting.
l?verai new members, whost name? will
|. announced later were admitted at the
second meeting of the sew art society,
The American Fainter? and Sculptors,
which was held in the srt gallsry of Henry
pitch Taylor, si No. MS Madison avenue,
I I I l-V? llillk,'.
The eoctet} wes fornMd on December II
el s meeting which took piece in response
t.? th<- invitation of Mr. Taylor, en i was
attended i?y Karl Anderson, I?. Putnam
Brlnloy, Outson Borglum, ifowbrsy Clarke, I
\itbur it. Daviea, Leon Debo, James Karl I
"fraser, William j. Olackens, Roberi Henri,
Wall Kulm, Ernest Lawson, Jonas i.i?-.
?leiTKe Fi. Luks. Jerome Myers, i: !.. Mac
Rae, iienrt Pitch Taylor, .Mien Tucker
BOd 1 A!?!"?-? U'elr.
The society w??s founded to develop a
broad interest in American art activities
by holding exhibition? of the best ooatem
pcrarj w??tk thai can be secured repre?
sentative of American and foreign srt
The officers are as follow?:
pretadent, .1 Akten Weir; rice president,
Qutsou Borglum; secretsiy, Walt Kuba;*
treasurer, Blmer i. Mac u.?e. chalrmaa of :
the eommlttee of ii?> whole? Henry Fitch
Taylor; asscuUvs ttommltttae, [?eon i?.?i?),
Jerome Myers and James B. Frassr: eom*
mittOS ?m constitution an?l bylaws, GutSOB
Borglum, Arthur B. !?avi<-s an?l Muwbrny
< Marke.
Albany, .Ian. 2 -The State Trustees of
Public Hulldlnps to-?!a\ awarded to Will
H. LOW, of Hronxvllle, th.- contract for
the mural decoration? Of the n.-w Slat.
Education Building at s seal not to ex*
COoi J.;?.'"'l. (BkjiM of which Is to be avail?
able this ?ear.
TI??- nehtttng** ar.- to I?- patterned after
tbooa in the Publie Ubrary in Bastea and
Hi?. ? ?s^gre-ssonal Library la Washington,
The will Of Dr. Joseph E. Janvrln, a w.-u
known phy?lclan who died Hecember B, at
Koosevelt Hospital, was tiled in the Surro?
gate's office yesterday. He was a member
of the Ixjyal I.c?."lon, Mayflower Society and
Society of Colonial War?, an?l left his cer?
tificate? of membership In these t?) his son.
Dr. Kdmund It. P. Janvrln, with his medl
cal books. lnstrum?*nts, his military record
In th? ?'Ivll War, hi? sword and ?he Jan
vrin arms. To his wlf?, Mrs. Laura L. j
Janvrln, be gave M0M outright and a life
Interest In one third <?f ?tie re_kfl_ary <??-I
t.ii.- The stsa ami .1 ?_sughter, Miss Mer*
guerita i. i.nivrin. ??ill receive.the n
luulndvt ot the esUie.
1 Former Wife of Dan R. Hanna
Charges Cruelty.
? Cleveland, Jan. 2.?Mr?. May HarnnKton
j Stall,-,, formerly th?- wlf.- of Dan R. Hanna.
this afternoon filed suit for divorce from
Kelmuml K. Stallo, formerly a Cincinnati
attorney, but now of New York. Cruelty
and gros? neglect ar<; charge?.! In the bill.
! The petition which was filed in Common
I'l-iis Court char?''s that Mr. Siallo failed
I to support the plaintiff, that he had beeped
' Indignities upon her anel that he- h;.el oven
threat.ned to beat her and would have
.1- ii.- ,?o ..ii ..ii?- ocasi?n had not her BOO
by her former marriage laterfered sin al?
l?gea mi. a .-? forced to leave ?in apart?
ment she had furnished as her home ?o
a\.?id meeting objectionable companion?
her husband Invited to visit him.
The Stallos wer.- married in April, i ?
In this city. Mrs. BtallO'a hist matrimonial
ventura took place when as a young girl
sh.? eloped wtth Dan K. Hanna, son Ol
the lap- ?Senator Mark Hanna. Soon
Stories were told rtiat the young ?ouple
were continually .piarr? Hing, and finally
In 1 ?\&S. elevan yean after her marriage.
Mrs, Hanns obtained a divorce. The cus?
tody of the three children was given to her
and Hanna was ordered t., provide lor
in poo when Hanna learned ins form? r
wife wa? planning to go abroad. Ii?* secured
a court order appointing his father ?uai.i
laa of the children and prohibiting her
from taking them outside the jurisdiction
Of the State of Ohio If.? sent detective?
to Watch Ihe- house where- she and the chil
elre-ii were, but whll" they wefe guarding
the front entrance sh?- and the chlldn a ? -
caped by the rear.
Mrs. Hanna l ame ?o New York and lu ru
Hanna obtained S writ of hah.-as corpus
from Justice M.-Adam. A fri.-nd. however,
the Baronesa de I'allaiul. atded Mrs. Hanna
In getting aboard the Campania, her hus
band'a detectives falling to serve the writ.
which ?hey *>-nt Mrs. Hanna concealed in
u box Of roses.
The tlrst intimation that the BtsJlor were
at odds with each otlier came In 1!?8 and
was followed by ? brief separation. The
two were reconciled through ths efforts :>t
Mr and Mrs. (?. Weaver Loper. ?if Cln
ClnnatL Tha ?-ouple again became es?
tranged last year, following Mr?. Stall"'.-,
trip abroad. On her return to this eoun
irv she took separate apartments at the
Stall.?'- lust wife Was MUM Laura MC
lionalel. only ' hlld of the lot? Alexander
Mel ?.mal.I. at oil- time vice-president of
the Standard oil ?'ompany. She <JI?d wnen
?he elder Of be* two daughters was two |
> ears old.
[H AUgUSt, 1**1 ?>. Stall., applied to i'urro
gete Cobalan for SB allowance as guardian
for the- malntenaacs of the two daughters.
'I'lie- request was refused beciu.se- of failure
to show that his own Income was insurfl
cien?. Later on the application e.f tour
surety companies, the Surrogat.- reeoki*d
Hi?- letters O? administration issued to g tallo
as administrator of ?he tanate In n?-w Vur.;
of Alexander McDonakL
Oae of the daughters. Miss Helena Mi
?Donald stallo, achieved some notoriety lasi
y?-ar bv breaking her engage ment to ?Vila
norman. .
In December, Itll, Stall.? tiled with the I
Surrogate hi*, accounting as guardian of
the person and estates of his children under '
the ?riU of their grandmother, asking to
be relieved from further responsibility. The
Children also inherit?.1 ?h?-ir grandfather's
?scat., Which is still ill process of Battle?
Ordinance Goes Into Effect Without
the Approval of the Mayor.
Without receiving the approval or dis?
approval of the Mayor, the ordinance re
rently paaaai by ths Hoard of Aldermen
permitting standee? In theatres became a
law yesterday. The Mayor had hehl it two
iresks without tckln? iM-tion, which made
H go Into effect automatically.
t'neler the ordinance standees are al?
lowed in tha pas.-ai-eway? behind the or?
chestra chairs to the extent of four rows
whenever the width of Hie passage permits
Six clear feet of additional ?pace, if the
passageway Is sixteen feet in width, the
st?nde?;? may occupy as much ?pace as
there may be in excers of ten feet. At I
the suggestion of the Mayor ?he- ordinance !
provides thet th-? dear 888008 1 .?? separated
from the standee? by a tape easily broken
it: case of a panic.
!>KV.iIl. ?.-II VM ?m January | HJSjt \,y ?yg
Itev. Hartell l'i<-n?i.e. ?'?.?.ig.. Beware. I?*\oli
i<> Joanna Mull.-.- lahara. ?I?ii?ht,r of th?! Pit?
ll in i i - i . \ l
No* ice? of murrt???.? ?oei death? must ti#
icc?m???nitil \>? fuU eau? ai?* -.??'???.
Bradford, i'liehe A. Kay, ?"-harlot*-.
Durand. D? iinani A. La Houtllller. Mary.
Fln.ey, ?;,?r?,. K. I.u.lden, William.
Ki?k, Janett? Ma?*kle, Margaret.
Fleck, George. Jr Moot?, Mary A.
Oreen, Tfi?-??i. r?j B, Parseas, Theron B.
H.?n. JtMeph H p.-rkiiiH.F.Iisabstb J
Harttgaii. Margaret. Itaasy, Pheh? J.
Holllster, William H. Ta In tor, An, * B.
!'?>'. Ai rta K ?? Tliuiiis. Mary K II.
Hurlbut. Krank M.
BRADFORD At Stanifor?!. ?"onn , January 2.
ISI_, I'll. t.. a . ?Mow ,' .'..?.pb Hradfor.l. BS
N'???|..,rf, Rhod? Island. Prayer? at ?he r*>?l
A*nee ,,f I-.- v.,m In law, Dr ?'lai??n S. Wir?! ?
wll on Wt-lii"?.|a> at 0;43 a. m. liii-rini-n'.
rptnt, it i
DURAND Deetaaa Allen Durand, age?! 21. Fu ?
ii.ii --Tiii? i-'iinersi tJharch.'' Ne ?!?! We?i
?M ?t (rran* 17. Campb'-ll Building?. Wcdn?-?
I?) o'. !?" K.
FlNl.F.Y Desenibsr :.i. tall ????rn* F. Fln
!-?. ?.f No. 4l?4 Halssy ?? . Brooklyn. aged "W.
F__?ral ?arrvles Jaetsary - i?t*1-. b? * s m
? FMK On Mil-day. January 1. ISIS Janette
pen. widow ?if the i.e.. i,.n?T.il ?llnton B.
Flak, m tits MHii year of h?'r ?*? F'inerai
-en'.? ?ill !*> hell at th* Madl?on A?ini?
Methodist Episcopal Church. Ma?t'.?"n av?-. an.l
??.<?:i, .t . on Wedneede) Jaauary -, at 3
O't I" k Klr.,11? OSBit flower?.
| FLECK ? _ Moe-ay, January I, KrU, ?>or?a
Fleck, jr.. aged OS >*.i;?. Funeral trim his
late reside???e, Ne. 2!2 Mm-oin read, Flat!??h.
1 on That?lay, Jansen *. st *?-30 a. m. Inter?
ment In St John's Ostwstsry.
i OREEN At H'.f-i st. Oaorma, Jsnusn 1. Ii?l2
"Thertdors E. ?3reen. In lbs *>l?' yar of hi?
age. Funeral ?er?!??? Wednesday. Jan'iir?
:;. at ?> |). in . at ?he rr?l.l?iiee of 111? brother
Iks 'ate George W, Onto. So. lis liolne?
?t.. Pro kl? n.
HART- "u Monia? Tsaaatl 1. H?12. a? his
real.ien?'*. No. _.'<!? H.trr:?on St., Rrooklyn,
tn?e|,ii |i M.ir* Futteral on W*?lne?_;i?,
January ?''? IS18, a? !?:"*<> % m.
UARTIUAN On fun?!.??. December 31, KM I.
Maiaat-H, widow et Ihe late Maurice Hart I
??a Funeral OB Wodlt"*?lay. January 3. at
IS ;c ni . from h?-r late re*lden?.-e, Tildan and
Canatala aye?. Hrookhn.
H'M.l.ISTKR - At bl? horn*. Ho'*: R?naiaaan-?.
on Tuesday, January 2, 1012. William H. Mot
lister, In ?he 67?h year of hi? age. Funsral st
CI?'irch of Hesvenly Rest on Thursday,, Jan?
uary 4. at I?! o'clock,
HOTT- At New ??atisan. <."?inn . en Monday.
January l. 1?H2, Anna E Crennan. wife er
Btttpken I? Hoyt, ag*d '_? year?. Funeral ?er
\ I, .- ?Ill b,- held at her late residence, Mal??
?t.. Ne??- ?'anaan, on Thursday, January 4. st
2 ?.'?I?- t ti.. ?"airiHue? in ?vattlug a?. N??*
.Ste I n f??r tram leaving Grand Central
Depot at 12:03 noon
llt'RI.Hl'T--On Tuesday. January 2. st his 1st?
i.-|.|.n,e. No. 101 East loth it KTank Mom
i.? Hurlbut, in ht? Sut rear. S st ?titee at st.
Mark's <h,ir?n. Second nv>. an.i 10th st., on
Thi,r*.l?y. January 4, ISM, at 10:3?) *. m. In
t.-riii.-ni .o mmiiassui m_??.
I The Dtrectecs of Tlie Players announca with
I deep rei?r? t the death n* their fellow msmbar,
Frank M Hurlbut. on January 2. IH1?
8e<-retary. Prealdan?
KAN' -??r. Monday, Jantiary 1. Ml*a Charlotta
K .' , .?a? ?rhter of the ?ate Simon ?rul ?"harlot??
Kay and ?l?'ei- of Mi?? lOmma Ka>. Mrs. Don
<?. She,ton and Mrs. John A- Hhedd. Funeral
servie?-?I at her residence. No. 243 West ?XHh St..
Weilnesday, January a\ I p. m. Pleas? omit
UE HOITII.MKR In Wsahlnglon. D, C, SB
Sunday. Dcetnber 31. l?li. In her *_th year.
Mary, trido?* of Jam?i I_ Boutlliler, of Cln
? ?attuiii, and daughter of the 1st? John .?ad
Maiu.ir?-? ?button Gallier, et New Tork. Fu
asral astrlese a? ?he r^nidenca of her ?on-iii
law. . General O'Connell. the Wyoming. In
Wa?h'lngt?in. D. C, at 2 ? "clock Tuesday after?
noon. January 2.
LtlDDBN <?n Tue??lay, January 2, 1012, at hi?
? . No. 221 Gate? ave., Brooklyn. In hla
With year, William Uudden, beloved husband of
Mary J. Blatchley. Notice of funeral here?
after. New Haven, Conn . papers pleas? copy.
MA? KIB "a Jaassry <i> ?__i Margaret, daugh?
ter of the late Daniel and Julia Hitchcock
1 odd, of N'ewask. N J.. au.1 wife of Jame?
Steuart Ma.-Kle. of Morrlstown, N. J. Funeral
m r\ I, e? will be held ?>? rhe Church of th?
K.de-mer. Morrtstown, on Thursday, January
4 at into a. m . ur?.?n atrlva! o( I_ckawann?
train lea? Ins; Harcluy ?tr??et at S and Newark
at !?:.T<J.
MOORM <??? TtMSday. January 2. 1912, a? ?he
i.?i,len.e of her ?on In law. Senator Howard
R. Ha? ne, at N?*w Brighton, S-aten I?,*n?l,
Mar? Augusta Moore, widow of Dr. i4amuel
i i?,-?.an M?,e,?\ late s lig.-on ?;? n?ral of Ute
I'onfederat? State? Army, l-'-ncral ?ervlce? will
1?. held a' No. To St. Mark? Place, New
BHghtot), on 'Ihursday, January 4, 1-I?. at %
0'cleek t>- W Intemieut priva?? Washington
and Itlchni?ind, Va., paper?, please copy.
PARSONS ?>n Jai'.uarv 1 ?'.?lonel Theron Yk
I'.osotiH. lH>lo?ed huslian?! of Sarah Day Par
Funeral fnu.i hi? la?e n.-?ld?n?-e. No
in; West l_rtb St., Thur??lay. January 4. Si
i, m irHenesal at Bocbaster. N. y. Roches?
ter paper* plea?,; copy.
PERKINS?At l-kevllle. Conn.. January I,
Elisabeth Jon? . wife of Jolij? s. Perkln?.
Funeral from late residence on Thursday
MSB ?i? - o?lock.
HA/.I7V Mr? P__M J. Ha*ey, ?lied January 3.
1?)1'_ at her home, on the ?????heo-F'ortda,
N Y.. Slat?- Itoad. Funeral Friday, 2 p. ??..
from her late res4_*_->.
TA1NTOR laauary I, 1UI2. Anna Belle, ?tfe of
Edward M. Talntor. Funeral ?t her 1st? r-?l
?)?!).? Ko .1-ro'> Uroadwsy. N. Y.. on W*dr,?_
.\j\. January 3. 2 p. m. Interment t.*olchester.
Conn., Th.irs.iay, January 4.
TIMMS ;-ii?i?lenly. January 2. I!?!2. Mary B.
Burnett, wife ,,f Theodor. M Timms, ??r
?i),4C.Ke V. J., ami mother of Walter H.
Timms and Nannie Timms, In her ?Oth year.
Funeral serviras a? ?he home of her sister,
Mia? R. A, Huii.'-ti. No I Wtrr.n st.. cor
ii. r Halsey ?t.. Newark, N. J.. at 2 p. n_,
Friday. Januar? 5 Interment private.
233?! St By Harlem Train ar.d by Trolley.
Office. 20 East 23d St.. N. T.
FRANK E. rAMPBKLL. 241-3 West 2Sd 8t,
Clitipel?. Private r.ooms. Privai? Ambulances,
Tel. 13'-? Chelsea.
Htephen Merrttt Burial and ?remallo?! Ce.,
the Wor!d-wlde-known undertakers. Only on*
place of buslnes?. Hth ave. and 1!?th st Largest
|P the world Tel .l_24_J?U*_12*? ?'hel??a.
No. i.',4 Nassau ?'.rest.
13H4 Broadway, .?r
. Telesr.ph Ofric?.
ilABl.KM ' 'II l'*B?> :>^'- 15T E*?s? 123th ?tr?e?,
No '.'?. West 1-jtb street and No. 319 W??t
WASU-SO-O**? BC HE AU?W ?story Raddlaa.
ut fit I
M UN OFFI? R No. 154
vvn-rl.?)i Dlstrl.-t
...... !>,. . il.'1-ICl.*? '-v..

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