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New Baseball Home fe?r
the Superbas in Brooklyn
Stadium To Be Built East of
Prospect Park at Cost of
About $750,000.
Grounds Reached by Fifteen
Transportation Lines, and
Easier of Access Than
Washington Park.
Brooklyn will boaat ??f new baaeball
ground' ?before ?be pla-lng ?ea?on of ISM
? to ?ii end tha: t?ii| he built ram of
end Nl) Of a? ess to all
raits of th? greater dty nt * . <??t of be?
tween :;o?.??.i ?nd Mit,008. Thi? nnnoupe.
?TiH'it was mad. by c'harlec ||, BbbetS, Chief
owner of ?ne Brooklyn Buperbss, et a din
to th.- baasball witter? and aportin?
?r? of thi? city ;?? the ?Brooklyn Club
\er< night It i rOTOked a storm of ap
? and will i>" glad new? to the io>ai
'"fans" ocrosa tha bridge and all ?hope in?
terested in the destinies of the Broceklvn
1 ? new park. With 8 i-tH.iiuin built of
steel snd concrets to sea? fg,es$ p?riionV
win, according i?> Mr. Kbbeta, ba ie<*amd to
non? in the country, it v.ill ?>c situate?!
eis? of Prospect Park, ns ?aid before, and
will be bounded by Bedford avenue on the
cast. Cedar riac? on the west, Bnlllvan
street ou ?lie so:fth find Montgomei
on th? north The plot measures appro*
mately Ml foot by ISA fen. Htid will be
reached by no fewer than fifteen transpc"
lation lines. Including the Brighton Bench
division of the Brooklyo P.apld Transit and
the? following ftreetcar Unes among Other?
Flatbnsh avenue. Franklin avenue, Nos
lr?nd avenue. Ocean avenue, i.orlmer
Btreet and R? Id avenue. The extension of
the Fletbosh avenue subway alao nuy
reach Ihe grounds in time.
Mr. RbtietO has been working bard "Of
more than a year to ce? title to tin prop?
erty so t:ir>t the pew hoOl? for th.- Sa
perhas co:ild be opened for the ploying
??asou of V.i\:. Many difficulties. hOWOVST,
confronted hinB. ??nd ?!.? last rt?-ed wa? not
?IrlHered and recorded until December 9,
Inder the clrcnrnstane-es work on ??trading
and building the ?tndhini was delayed, so
that h<? has now ?et two tentative dates
for moving from the nld home at Wash?
ington rark. These dates are June U. or
Flag Day, and August 27. the anniversary
of the battle of Jv.ng Island, which, ?s Mr
F.bbet? pointed oof in his patriot!? Way,
had such s tearing upon the out.'.une of
?he American colonists' atruggle for lih
erty. and was fought on the property now
owned by the club.
Some fifty has.'hall writers and friends
of the club sat down to the dinner ?s Ihe
gU-SBtl of Mr. Khbefs, and with the ice
cream came the announcement, that Is sure
10 be appreciated by all those Interested 1n
. ?he great national game. Mr. Bbbota said:
l\ "Most ->f you baseball writer? and news
W pejBSf ?neu who are here to-night do your
^ part to keep the Rani?- <*?f ha?, hall clean
and up to the mark. The players, who
?vive or their best ?kill, and the managers
who, as a rule, work no diligently to l.uild
a winning team, do their part, it i? up to
the owners, then, to do their part by sup?
plying the munitions of war, so to ?seek,
and by providing for the proper and ?ai-*
MadaH a? Well as th" a'-commociatbm ot
ihe patron? of the ?port who visit the
Mr. Ebbets Applauds the "Fans."
"Ko etui? in liie country has bad such a
loyal following a? ?he Rt-noklyn Hasehall
?lui.. The -(am' have nttuk t?> It In pros
and adversltv. Wo haves liad liv*
Nati mal ' eagus pennant? In this city and
one world's ? liainplonstiip In the past
twenty-aloe year?. Recently Die dob has
been struggling, but In the face of one poor
on after another the 'fans' have lent
their full ?upport. in ?1? w of this we hav?
worked hard to ?bow our appreciation, and
believing that an up-to-dar? and modern
plant was? ess'-ntlal, are have s pa ?-ed -neither
?lu H? y n<>! ?-?iil.K to i.rovi.le a pew boille
for the Sup.) hn*. The Brooklyn l'lub lies
purchased and now owns a piot of grounei
on which will he hud? a stadium that will
compare favorably with any In the world,
?o far a* Ha appoint ni?-nts and accommo?
dations ??re concerned.
? The lovalty of Brooklyn 'fans' ha? he?.n
niv bright particular star. They arc en
1 it 1? el to the new park, and It is my pur?
PSSS ?nd ambition to gtv? them a team,
a grounds end a home that will make them
i:. .1. Yorke, of York*- ?4 Yorke, counsel
for ?he Brooklyn Baseball Flub, wa?> then
called on t<> explain the many difficulties
overcome In aeeurlng title to enough prop
cm- on which to build th? new park. He
told of the?? dlffloilt.es in an interesting
way and explained that it Involved the pur?
chase of between twenty-five ami thirty
piece? of property that coat all the w.r
from $1,300 to $8n,1??. ln.-luding one parcel
w hlch was worth $100 and ecOt *?:.<>?". ? m
the whole, however, h? pointed out that th?
property bad been secured at r?Anonahl?
rates, under the name of the Fylon '"on
Mructiou Fompany, whieh would not have
?.??mi posnihle If the purpose? had been
known. H? told ?n ?murtiiK nmrv about
opening the dictionary blindly to get a
nam? for the company ajid how th" word
?pylon" was the first word that ?truck the
eye. Otherwt??, he explained, it had no
meaning, inasmuch a? the Brooklyn Cl it?
practically owned all the stock.
Mr. York? said further that if Mr. Kb
beoit? carried out his plan? the new grounds,
vhl- h he hoped would be calbd "Khbets
r?rk," would not only bo the home of ?MS
ball In Brooklyn, but also a home for all
athletk??. Hs then paid a high tribute t<>
the owner of the Superbas by saying:
High Praise for Mr. Ebbets.
"1 do not believe that a squater or h? tt?r
men Uve* to-day than <"liarles H. l?bbets.
To my personal knowledge be ha? been
tbiough trying experience? that few men
could f?*ce and overcome. Against my ad?
vice. I have seen the day when b?' i
gJ8,<00 for two player?, when that money
?too?! between him and what appeared to
be financial ruin. Rather, however, than
weaken his team, he refused th?: offer and
took a chance, and hi- Judgment an?; eeur?
age v ? ? ndicated. Bright, clear skies
?re now ahead if him. and be .??serves the
hearty aupnort and good will of nil lovera
of baseball."
Among the other speaker? were Howard
(. I? > i. . of Howard C. Pyle <& Fo.. the
i- i ,-sta!' lu m which handled the transac -
tiot. and <>nrze W. Chsoncey, i?;
of lii<- Sdechanii ' Tank, of Rrooklyn, and
l?re?ldeiit ais?, of tlte Brooklyn Club, a
Inner was held Bolld ?liver eiparetie
, tie solive nirs. and Mr. ICbbet?
ner an an?
nual lixi.ii'
>, for a number ??(
nt dsnger <>r losing the
?1? ami ?h*. dread, as Mi Ebbet?! put
hit him t'>
new guartei? a? lar I....;. :s thi?e
a^.i BrtKiklyn -.-.as ?a-oured to tin1
.. piece of property that would ne
d at th? sat)"- ??in.- ba
taale-i <?f a-?e?s. That tin?. V..--? ?ecom?
. inpliMsi/?-?! by the la. I that,
* .s time liiinspot latlon line? l?-d t"
i park, sum.' Ilfleeu can be .ise,| io
?. ?f-.-i i
i-heis I..Hows
?\*n*? for the New Grounds.
!| 1' ?1 I Of
1 perinli of an mimen <
?ht. b will i; i\ ?? the ?fteruoun
sun In tli?> rear ami Hie summer breeses
m the front.
Dlsrnond The diamond win he lecatei In
Hie southwestern pan ol th<- plot.
Foul ii?.?s and distan? es Rigid field f--: :
lin?-, home plate i?> feac*e. about three hun?
dred feet. Left field foul line horn?- piate
'" f? ????'-. shout -ti?? feet, Home plate to
t*entre field bleacher stand, about k_ feet.
Grandstand and pavilion?Will run
Bedford avenue, parallel ?Uli Bullivan
street, west to ?Vdar place and north, par?
allel with Cedar place, to M?">ntgomery
street. The total frontage f??r stands will
be LU', running feet.
i7tiiiMii.es- Main r-ntrance for grandstand
pati on a ill be l???-atf ?I In ihe soul
corner of the Held si the ?unction of Bulli?
r?n it reel snd redar pis ?-. The lobb ol
this entrance w?n be eighty feel In dlam
eter, with tile?! floor und a lilte ?I i_e?l bi I? k
side walls, plateglass tlckei sellers' win?
dows, etc. ?'lthln this lobbj will be sepa
rate and dlstln? entra ices foi es h prie??
?i? k? t. Tim?? the 73 ---"t ticket r ?s 111
eater through the proper aille Into the 7",
ren' spa ??? under the grandstand, then es
rend tyn a shorl livllm? to the ?-entre of t' ?
grandstand, Th? i : a nd bo>
holders, lower tier, ?ill pa"? through th?
reserve?, seat, lower ll< 111 - tad pro e,,i
under und to front of grandstand 7" their
proper seats lTpper tier patrons will as?
cend upon Incline al reai of grandstand
Thus there win he ne Inconvenient Intet
mingling of ihr ffYandetand petrons Bees
late entrances also will |je provided for
the Ml and .-"? cen? pe tron? The three cor?
ner plec? - of ground opposite ihe main en
Ira,ic<? at Sullivan street and ?__?ar place
also have been purchased bj the Brooklyn
Haschall Clnh.
Chairs Grandstand ?'hairs v.iil he room?
and arrale
Batter] announcer \ patent 'phone an
ndtincer wii? he installed In all stand* for
Si ore , aril rhangi
Gerage A checking system foi sutomo
Hie patrons will )? Installed The -
will he opposite ihe, Held upon pronertj
owned by the club, running from Malbone
to Bulllvan st/cel
New Pprks in Many Cities.
New baseball park? have been sprl
up op ait eitles In the \mti two or thi_e
year?. The New York Yankees, the l'ns
ton Red Bos snd ?lie Cincinnati Reds ex
pe?t t?. more Into new- homes this year.
The ivin Grounds practically were rebuilt
foil??**.inn the destructive fire early tast
yesr, while the sanie WSS true f?>r 1110
park of the "Washington Senator??. New
an.1 approved uroinuls have been h'dlt
within two years by the Philadelphia Ath
letlcs, th? Chicago "?Vhlte Bos snd the
Pittsburgh llrates? while Improvements were
ma,!* las! year al Ihe home of the Phillies
The Detroit clnh of the American .eSague Is
planning t?? build a new park, while the
Boston club of Ihe Vaiioi.nl '?easroe Is like?
ly to take the same atep within a yesr or
two. Altogether, ?he popularity snd pros?
perity of basebell are reflected In the money
beinc expended to accommodate those who
by inch patronage pay the Mils.
The Brooklyn players who heve ied
contract.s for 1912 follow:
William v. Dahi.n. W. B. Davidson, J. E.
Hummel. Hut? Northen, Wllbnrt Bchardt, I
Zack D. wheat, E. B. Barger, R. E. Brwln,
Otto Miller, P. R-aan. M. R stark, j. i:.
Daubert, R. B. Hlt-lns, R ' Coulson, O.
K, Rucke? an?! Bert Tooley.
Celebrated Mike to Look After
Horace Fogel's Minions.
Philadelphia, Jan t?Mike Murphy, the
athletic trainer of the Uafeeralty ef Penn?
sylvania. It was announced t?i-day will go
to Hot Springs with the Phillies and will
supervise the spring training of the play?
II?,r,i?e s Pergal, president of the Phila?
delphia club, ?-aid to-dar that Murphy's
tri;, would not Interfere with his training
work at tlic University of Pennsylvania.
MiirphV will be the trainer of the Ainerl
can team wMck will compele in the Qtym?
pic games In Sweden the coming hi.rimer.
?May Represent Columbia, but
Not in Open Meets.
H. S Rabcock. the c?ptala of the Colnm
hla track tonn, said yesterday that he bud
? n pried in the Amateur AtMetJe Union
championship under the colors of the New
York Athlet!?- <"lub with the full fcneai?
e?lco of the tra?k authorities at fohimbln,
and with the understanding that lie would
not thereby S*"*s-***altfy himself froni eesa?
petition "r, ?he int?-r<-'>!!?*glai?- team next
Babcock Is the IntercolleeTiate pole-vault
ehamplss and estabMshod s bow record In
tha? event when he ?le.tred the pole at 13
f.-.-t H| irx-h? h in the games at ?'amhridge.
QUStavat T. Kirby, president of the Ama?
teur Athletic I'nlon, Is s graduate director
of iraek etalettca st Columbia, and it is
said that ft was on Ills Interpretation ?>f
Hie nil?, that Hancock ?-ompep-d in the ln
!o?,r? game?, and that oceordlng to the name,
Interpretation he will he eligible to compete
for Colnmhia i?i th? college game?.
lie will not he able to represent Colum?
bia, however, in open meets or at the
Olympic games If lie makes the team.
Manager of Castleton Stud Hur?
ries to Kentucky.
Major Koxhall A. Halngerlleid, for man?/
jean manager of James R KeenS*S ?'astlc
ton Stud, at I,exii)gton, K\ . left New York
yestenlay for the Blue ??ras:-? State. Major
lJalIi??ernel,l arrive?] In ?hi? city on Salui
dav la seo ?'larence H. Ma?-kay regarding
the rental of a raaMeaca at tN KiugMon
Stud, which is leased by Mr. Markay.
The stallions and brood marts at Castle?
ton Farm number sixty-odd lit? laded In
Hi? collection ?if matrons ate many that
proiluced winners of big ra?<>* la this ?oun
try and (ir^at Britain.
The Net of sir? s aS?tat?S tea, and It i>
n?edless to ??ay that they IStW SSSIll Ihe
best in a breeding way. The names of th*
??taillons are as follows: Kingston, Ben
finish, Votir. D_"_atee, Delhi, Peter Phi ,
Superman, 1 lippo?lroiri'-, t'ltlmiis and
felt, a brilliant winner under the silks
of the vice-chairman <?f Ihe Jockey Club,
is ?tandlng at the Klierslio Km?), t'hai
lottesviiie, Va. <*?it has i^en leased 1>\
Ceptaln it. J. Hancock, and ?.ill remain
in Virginia during IhS spring ot tin- pr?s*
eut year.
It Ik Mr. -cue's lnientloi, to asil all of
Ills stallion., and brood mares on June 1,
either In this country or In Knglnnd.
_? e
Defeats Frank Boyd in Handicap
Billiard Tourney.
! James Mlliette. With a handicap of Is*,
j easily ?i-fcat'd Prank \v. Boyd, it . la th?
li m gam?- "f the amauur handicap Iv:
line billiard t araament which bagaa
art the Koi<-k.-)-i)o?-k? i Billiard Academy,
Bt-Sjklyn. last night. The iimil ??-,,:, ?.,,.
iv? ts --' Milk tte played i
throughout, clicking o,t many r_uTO_*_,
.?a.? anaplc to ?bow his real ability
.i -., peril ?linings. i,ut ??s the K??'?!?- pro*
i?*-*essaj1 be revealed much better form
Milieu? bed i atrSjfsj ai ) ::.?.? v.\. i:<>.\,i
stade blab ruaa ef II atul I, wm, ;,.,
ago : _--?-. r???i win opj.us, i'i..,,],..
K( hcldig in the SSeotC-l gaine tkls i-veninn
A. Rossle Played In good form in de?
feating W. II. Thompson, in th>- rapid lire
tournament ??t Doyle's Aca4*_ny last night
?n..- seora aras n t?. m. Th.- g,,,,,, ,.
brlak one. lasting twenty*flvs imiil>K^
Wiiiiiim Dewllac won from Prank Cole
in the ?,|)?-i,n:g i.inat.ur toumamenl i.i
game b) ? scow ol ,?' to is fowling mad?
? ? un of i?>
Msiled ^n/?Ahera in th? Unitod Ststei
(or ?"?.*j0 s year.
Cil \kl.l-S H. I BBKTS.
Chief owner o? the Brooklyn Buperbas.
Court Dismisses Complaint ir
Suit Aqainst Farrc!!.
.ii ni- Bl i hoff, of Ihe Supreme i curl
hsnded down a d?ctelo ? ? ?< ?' ?
missing lit? ? implalnl In the ?nil brouah
hv Jos? |?li G . Ion !" h .v.- i pai t
de, iar, ?j -. t ?-.. ., him -.; d l'iank J. Ksi
,. d, ? ,.-. i'i.-nt .?t the Sew Yoi Ii I ?
c'Hih ol th? ?.menean l.? ague (the 1 a
k? es), for an accounting.
Justice Bl ? '?'! ?aid:
"1 ?.m not pcrauad? d : ? the ?
any contract of partnership "r J0,nl vfM"
m?- exlated I ? "-'??,:i i >? i' " ' ?
leged in the complaint, and therefore dlrec
tha dismissal of ?he ceanplatat upon tk
merits, with costs "
In dtocuaslBg the case further, the ? our
said thai the action wsa brought for si
accounting on an alleged contract ?.f pait
nerafalp <?r Joinl venl ire > etwi en th.
parties, Involving the enterprise ol formliuj
and ?quipping the OrSOtSr New Voil.
ball Assodstlon.
"T am asked to fin?!."" Mild the justice
"the fad ?>f the centrait, the plelntlfl
asserting that it v\as orally entered int'
and th? fendant being equal I) emphatic
In hi?, denial. Ti.e partlea are squally In?
terested in (he event of the a.'tio.
squally credible. Mol a ?crap of wrlttni
I? Introduce,) m fvlde?n?-e for or Sgalad
the e-nntr.ic-t. and so |?r. therefore, th?
a ..it i.-i li ? renly balaaced.
"lb ? oi t :?? ? i, : ,.i lo the probablll?e i
they aie foulai ic> i.e again ? the plaintiff'?
coni'-nt|c>n, and th-. concluBlon II I
inevita>?ie thai he ha^ n??i disehsrged hll
burilen Of SStSMIshlng the fact of the < >>n
"That piaaatiff aided tha defeadaal Ii
launching the . i.iei prive if nut disputed
Indi ed, lbs ?I- fendant ? on.. . t?.;it b.
owe? the plaintiff f.?r th- Ian? - service
But to eay ?.f ?ii?. fact? thai i ?
lish partner hip i t" confound the veri i
conjecture with reasonable Inference snd
in hi? ?ompiaint Horden a;; ^-.-i ii,?t nt
mes to have half the Meek "f th? clul
after Parrel] h?..! recovered ?lie aaon?
advanced for the enterprlae. The plaintif!
declared thai In IBM Mr, l'amii wa
tmbursed lo 11 ? ? amount of |HO,OM, which
be bad advanced i?> the club, bul thai li?
never received pay for hla aarvlcca or hall
of the- atock be was prono -i
Gets Better of Young Shiigro ?n
Fast, Snappy Bout.
in? COSter, ihe Brookl.vn festbsrweight,
had the better of "Young" Bhugro Ii . I
t? und bout at the Royals 4. C ?'f Bro"!
bu last night. Willie .ion. . original!) aas
matched lo meet r*o 1er, bul when Bhugru
lyely ?.mi ?.int. .1 Jones recently, i
v. i ? at once aube til m .1
The bout was fns? and well foniiht it
?i1 times. Bhugro forced ?he peco a? fir?t.
but, with the eaesptlon >.f tas aerea si and
third rounds, COSter b?d thtPBS hm own
Magra waa overaaatoua ami wii.i-in hi?
effort?., while, coat aa h goaaret, OMfter
mail,, him miss >;i.l countered with both
haoda isversl times Bhugro mlaasd poorly
directed awlaga and sprawled to the rope?
Sue-h momenta were coolly and painful
for him, for iv.?ler ntVCf failed to leap
In Slid flRlit like a tiger with both hands.
"Kid" Burns, tha Waal side lightwsight,
bad an assy task in defeating "Yosmg"
Kurtz, ?lie New Jersey tioxer. In ? ten
[ound bout si Brown'a Gymnasium last
with the eaesptlon of tha Brel pound,
Which was even, the We?l Side- boxer BUC?
SSSdel in Raining 'be honor?. In Ihe fifth
K?iitx opsaaad ? cut over Hum?;'? left eye,
but It made- little or no difference
Bhaaaua 0*Brles ?slightly outpointed
"Toung" Bam i-inKfuni in a teo-rouad
hont at lh .Mc.iuil Ve-riinn BportlBg flub,
Whit? Blair.>, last nialit.
a fat lit?lo prir.e package is waiting for
?orna ons ?if tha various "hope-.?? ?.f tha white
race" if he can only scraps together $-..v*>
t.. cover the challenge hurled at ths world
at large by Frsd Bogan, a California man,
who la the pugilistic mentor ol em. wim?
Elder, Bogas la ol the ??pinion that Elder
is the real and only white champion. He
bos bod oser a dosen iikm? an ths Coast
and won all within ten rounds
Two bOXlOg bout!" will be- tie Id m the I.a-al
tO*nlgbt At the Ix)ll?- A? re Athletic
Flub Toung" Reillej and "Kid" Herman.
two ?bantamweights, win box in the main
bout of t?-n rounds, and at th?- Shari.?-y
Athletic- ciub. "Jumbo" We n . th? heavy?
w? ?nit from Australia, will fa? < Jack atc
i arland. while neither of tha pair i- con?
? i aa 'hop?-,'" they are- haul hitting;
.nd aggressive, aad a aiaahlhg Ihjui i?
Harr) Lewis, the Philadelphia welter?
weight boxer, who for a long time In the
i- -i baa admitted ihm h?- i? the real cham?
pion oi ail ih? welterweight?, but who was
recently beaten i.v i arpentler, the French?
man, will have a ?han..- lo win tlf.- world?
ehamplnnHhlp title within the near future.
lanagemeui ol lha Cirque da Part* ia
- d? .i i oi in... i*i make a match bei wei n
l-ewls ami ' l?i\|. Kid." who won th. ml?
11..in Joe Wohoit Home years ago.
??il ?Boag. maaager of "?One Hound"
lloaran, h- about lo make ? I. Ip to San I > -'
11 ? ?> While m ih? West Roag win n. t?.
'. ?od i ...?- In for hla I ro >\ ? t h
? nein .... o ,,, ih. c ?,,, i i,, an prob
i.Mllix.Hok. ,i, ,, pi | ,, ?i ???,#.,in\.. Welsh In a
tw?nty?round boul ut Jimm> ?-"uffroth'a
Win Opening Hockey Game of
the Amateur League.
The reorganised Wanderers signalled their
reappearance In Ihe Amateur Hockey
League bj winning the eipealssj < lamplon
?hlp Rame nom the llo,-k?'y Club of New
fork. ?" goafa t?> I, In the Bl NI?
SI ittng Rlnb Is -t nlfhl '7 .- r il
team pul up ? good brand of hockey, the
ting down th? Ice speedily, and
all the members covering theli exponents
well. The prsseacs of tks veteran Ellison
? ii ??-? per ???i' lbs IVand? re? helped
th? team wonderfully In that ?lepsitm??'
U"?ill.- (he play tli? greater part of the
time was la Ute H?oc_ey Club's territory,
? -1?re were niaiiy ???-casions w!i"n it
i?,',k..i as if tiie Waadarers would surely he
-, ,i.,i upoa. Ellison, kasrevar, i?a?i ???? eys
Ilka h bawk, and it was not until well Into
th?- s??-on?l twenty-minute period that the
puck finally get "MUM him.
if the llo?-gey Club espects ?,? make anv
kind of a showing in the Amateur I ,
tins season it ??.ill have to show a material
Improves?sal ?i?er last night? work. The
club Is greetl) bsndlrsppert in that it only
is able to call spon elgbl pleyei . quite a
.?iif.un??- from Ute Creeeeat athletic Club's
available n<pia<l <?f ferty-tws n.n?i th?- New
Vork Aihleii? Ctab'S hand of tWMty-Stffc!
'i"iH?)tii?i,,.,ii i??. greater pari ?t the Ihre!
iisif. MsQsata, ike speed) rtckt wtssj <,f
Hi? W Hti'l? i.i f ? aiirbl Ihe <???? of the
?nil's by his ? l.-v. i ??oik, hit lie <l|,i a
' ?turn" ?Ahn?. endsevarlai l" aerk me
pitch along the side that was rather new.
In irytng to get past 111* man M??lr.i?h
supped, hut in so dotnej be fell ?>n the rub?
her, holding 11 ?sfelv under his ?tun.?
form (i II Whit.-, the r.-f.-ree, a.-ked M -
(itstii ?hei., he learaed that trick, Tow*
sr?l lh?- ?n?l of the perl.nl the TVsedsciri
srertred their fourth g?al when Harmon abot
H ? pu?',? into Die net <>n a pass from Mr
liter th" u?uai lat?imlsaluii ihe teams
started sgaln sad Harmon, citing the
pu k from the fact o? - twvd f-?? Ike *A'en?
del ei ? In s? - ? n ? ? ond 1 .? ss ti?an foul
minutes later liai mon ?cor.,I again for his
lide on B pass trotu ItuIk. r. Aboul this
liaas il??- ? ..m?-?-)- of t'u? Hockey t*lub men
seemed wetlnltfk hopeless IThenever theji
did ge! within strikim,- distance ??f the nel
tiieii tti.a wer? always wild, although the
a!?r- I,m?.n was slwayi lh-*ra when
needed Recensbersei had te de sem? tsll
g?.?al k'-'-pin?; tlteougke?I ?Hi?, ontlrs period
ai..i not onl- <!i?l h?- step wee, but on ssv?
er.il oi-casiona hr "cleared a?*?ij " In ? .? ..i
fash "i
The Un? ?up fellows
lerera ?T? PssUles Hs ss flub til
Klnsells .... P .* I lane
liaren . ? I'.Nu??- -
. i : II
Harmon.< ' .M< Kenil?
M?-N l_ W. |ir|tt-,?i
MrOratlt .lt. W. S?- ?mi. t
siit-iit'it.-? ii??i?e? i-iui?. v\ ni,at?,? r??r Hew
:? n? ti, ?i hair ?.,?, r?. Ha? mon
M Orath ?.*ii, im'c. i ? 1 ? it- i-.. ? rial. M<
?t? Penalties Noeotsrrthy ?'.' minutest,
i?m ti i|>|>li>* . M ??r.itt, || inmute?), foi tripping;
M. K..v 1*2 minutes), *?ti '? ????? - in..ut?,?. ?
*,?iiu 12 minutes), for trtpptne Before? .;
>i wiiii... .??.?? Y-iK a >? A??iM.it,i refer*.
H Martin ?'res en? \ ?' ??oui umpires i?iii?<4
Hoc?,- Merk?. < luh, an.i l-irr? Van \V?.
<? i Ktebolne, < r? ?. ? m a, < i ? i
i ? ond ? Wand? ret ? I-? n? 11 ? ump
|. . .1'.,. HorlU-? ?hll.. and ?W J ,),., k.-l
\\ ,n,|(r? r?. Tin,?- of halve? T) minute?,
Wins Second Hockey Game in
Practice Scries of Three.
IF'.y Teles? ?Pi? I?) Th* 'Pi ihune. |
lyi*aauss, Jan. 2. Although Vale won lt>
second straight hockej game from Cornell
In the ggrlaa of three al the arena rink to?
night, the Stl-Hls was haul fought and
Hi?- SCOTS I'-a?! I lo 0.
During Hi?? Hist parted, Cornell swept ih<?
Yah nun off tkelr feet, liut when It cam?' 10
making sliots. wan not ei|iial to the ocaa?
?Ion. While ?'arliart <il?l u??t Im v.- as many
.? i ?ltd iiean, inosl "f them w? re much
more difficult
? h.ium.y scored Yal?-'s only goal on a
pretty stiel I minute ami 30 seconds after
Hie mmiid half op.ii??!. The pu, k see?
sawed hack and forth thereafter until the
gam?' ended.
The iin?-up follows:
\.,i, iii? i-oviio-i. Ceraell ""
< m ii m ._eel . Deaa
Mink, ?le? .Polin . Klsbit
?lor, .? 'c\<-t point . Smith
cox..Rover . um
Hannen (?apt.).?'entre .Sehen leapt.)
<'haun,->.Klslil ?Ing.Moor?
Mart in .Left wlnf.i>?vk?!,f rry
Coal. ?econ?1 perl?.d ?lisunrey, 1 :.T*. Penal
tles- sniiti, Hcheu, t H HI. S M?o. Harmsii.
?'si-hart 4. ?I; l??-an. !?, Re!
I ?. lima. H?rai-use. an I Tsessty, Pr.'?>?i ? !????!
umpirm Wldttaker an,I N'.*?> Hro, kiln Timers
A. Dellma and W. Hniith.
Chicago Pitcher Confirms Re?
ports of His Retirement.
Chlcaae, Jan. 2.?Mar Jacal Brawn, star
pitcher of the (*M?i*a_a Cubs last assaea,
arrived m Cklcaao from C-Ufetrnta foe
New Year's an,I Immediately oonflrmed
n 11,?n? which lia.l pr, c. ?led lilin Huit he
ha?l finished ??111, 1,.1-,-hall Hi own declared
las? niahi tti.it it waa imi* thai he would
pri'hahly engage in husuicst? with Aldernian
Tsaraey, who 1. ni*?? presMeni of tha
'I lui-.- I l.eacur
'*Mj '??titiact with ""- riuh has ?-M>ircd.'
-,ii?i hio\?p. "and 1 ,?o n??? believe u t-eakl
be renewed f??t as much . 1 could eaiu
.?ihert?ise. iii 1, f.,1, ii,cf |. arai'seli .
?haut?- that | ?ahI Im ?v.?*" SS Hie UCJUiid
n? xt saasar-**
importers Show Their Newest
Cars in Gorgeous Setting.
Novelties Galore in Interior Fit?
tings, but Mechanically the
Changes Are Few.
By far ?he mOSt representative disp|?y of
forei-rn mil?.mobile? ever se..|| ?n 11) t h city
OBa n|a. e,| on View With til" Opening of the
Importers' Salon In the Hotel A?tnr ves.
lerda v morning. The array of car? In the
beautiful ballroom ?-ven aurpaasss that of
IM, when th.. importera chose the Ifaey
bulMlng for thep- annual ?now. ?in ?hat
? . ion th. beauty of lbs decoratlona ex
eii.ei comment everywhere, but then- eouiej
he no liner background for the car? than
that furnished In lb?* current salon.
Hundred."? of (?nthuslasta epenl houra fee*
terday afternoon and evening Inspecting
m h the tvpes that ?tend a-? represents?
tlve ..' ESurope'a h,,>>t f>->? 101?. it t = indi.a
Hve ..r th. pre?, ui ?tog* of th" Industry
?hit there ate tew change* in mechanl is
trota th.- designa ef twelve month* a?*o.
Her.. ..nd there can h? discerned slight re?
finement*, but In the main the power plant?
remain the same, it I? In body work and
design IhSl the widest divergence can he
found, ami tha MS typos were tin- sttrai -
lion for Ih'- openlnj' ?lav throng.
Mechanie ally, the novelty of the show i?
the i>arrai.|, ?hown by Ducaaoa a.- Oo? and
e.p;i|.prd with a n?-w l\|.? valveloSS motor
Thia if aven mors of a novelty than was
i i? Knight motor a year ago, for th" de?
tail? of the latter had been anticipated.
while tha Darracq ongtne comea as a sur?
prlse in the neo typa one rotar) sleeve,
having an Inlet ami ?-xhauat por? fnr each
c)Under, asrvas for ail four cylinders, ? ?
tending lengthwise alum* th.* t??p and bav?
in'' i.ut iw.? bearing point*. .Such e.?ii
atruetlon allow? ?ei remarkable compact?
nt-Ks ii is said that th<- engine is abao
lutely nolaelesa ai a distance e.f ?; feet.
Th.-re- ai" other IntarssUng point? about
(his particular car. < ?ne 's II? equipment
with the c'old.. top, a German invention.
\nv on?- Ulm ha? ?t niggled leu or lift-n
minute? in a rainstorm to >.\x in ??la- an
ordinary top will appreciate the value of a
top (hat can h" pla.ed In position In t?'ti
's )>' one person ?t?n<1l?itr In th?
tonneau. Folded, Ihe top dlffets in no wise
fmni the ordinnrv type. Also the ?ar is
equipped With the Victor cement hamper,
wht. h. it i- ?aid. will realm the moat severe
rolllaion without breakage.
Pti babtj the mosl romplete dlspte) IS
ih?. salon i thai ??f De Dten-Beuton, which
? of half a dosen eemptot? cara at* 1
two peltehed clisadla The mom novel ??."
the?? i- a collapsible inaMa drive landaulet,
i mu m thia ? "uitr. from Ideas picked up
by Mi Lasoorls, general sMaagar of th*
lie I ?Ion It? Ameri. a vv hll- e.a a visit !"
i.oi d- n ?n?i Parla bus) aoaaaaer. ?While ap?
parently a ?losed ear as it ?la-ida, the en
t,,.- i,,-. foMa bach amoothly, Isavtng '?'i
open ..ci t. ..ii h?tenla Tha bssl faatura
?V the c.r. from the standpoint of e-..|nfoit.
I* that Ih'- toiuic-a i .".it I? placed well for?
ward ..' ti ?? t.ai .-.:.?. ?llmlnatlng j- Iting
An innovation m body building shown by
!?e Hon i* th.- ii*.- ..f .loth upholstery for
? .r ? Thli i* ahewn on two cars,
..ne by Burr ami th? other bi Dsmaresl
That cloi can i- k.-p: clean In an opes
coi m . i ? do bted, bul Mr. Lacrearla sa ,'?
that slip cov#ra will obviate thia difficulty,
the "V ner will enjoy greater comfort.
It. n* ?t- '".?., n* HSOal, show a very fina
' cars. With various body type? <?r
th?. I . ? --. This I- ?>n?> of th. ?701
riKii make of established reputation in this
country, and Ihe ? of ttie
centr? ? of attraction throughout the .lay.
la a Renault cheest*. show in in the Renault
Flares apace, i* a new Idea, tha employ?
meat of twin tliea <>n the rear wbcela Tin?
idea ha-? proved bo - ceasful In commer?
cial work tli.it the M|. helm company RM
adopted tt foi >. i ? anger uae, v -
cording to Wally Owen, assistant
manage) ol Renault Fierce, Urea In twin
?Jorra will last four or flva tlnv i aa long as
whan used singly.
I Impresaive ?.f tha Renault closed
..I ths ASter la a limousine- lifted with
a Kalinin body. The Interior la dniahed In
inlaid mahogan) and lha e\tia ?eats arc In
e hall form, whhh j;iv.-s the- appeal in,?- "f
a small room rather than an automobile.
This body is a ape? lal and ims been a Peat
ni" at all the I.Ik fscolgn BbOWa. Renault
? .-n ?true lion u.is ve.,, is practie all) the
name aa i hal of -? v ?ai ago
Naturally thep- t* much mter.-st in the
Metallurgl(|ua ? xbii.it, due to tha hoveltlea
shown at the till ?Solon. Nor I? Ihe visitor
disappoint? d. for the ?ar* represent every?
ihm.; In th,- way of luxury. Among the
. ira fitted with Van den Plea bodiea la i
lam?anle? whhh I? novel In that no how?
aie ahowrn on the outside. The interior t<
finished in Louia xv atyle, wnii <itr.?n and
pollaande, Iwa rare wooda The flttlnga
Include a folding escritoire ?nd cabinet?,
with brushes, iracunm bottlea, etc
Anothei i- marl,able i ar la ?. ?'??! >nla!
coup?* limousine, built to the order of
Charles Thorley. of this city. The body
treatment f? llow? the coach Idea, and was
worked out by Moore & MunKcr on lines
furnished by artists employ?-?! by Mr. Thor?
ley. The tool boxes resemhle ancient steel
treasure chests, ami the lampa and h?rnt!
are also of antique de-sign This is -aid to
be the first America:) body In which mar?
quetry, "r inlaid, work has been attempted.
The- woods used are mahogany Inlaid with
while holly, while the toilet article
backed with white ivory.
A visitor to the show yesterday was Herr
Alfred ?iolde, of ("era. (?erinany., inventor
of the novel top shown on the Darract
ar. Heir C,okl<- I* visiting America to
attldy the methods of automobile building.
Thua far he has seen only the Pien-c
ArrOW and l-'ranklin CactortsO, and BO |S
amaaod at the detail and system shown it?
these plants. He was especially impres?ed
with the meth??c| of building aluminum
bodlea in ?he ri? rce-Ai row factory.
?ni his return from a 12.1?) mile ?rip ex
|. ndlnc c.ver a period of two month*,
i'enrge I.. Sullivan. Aleo Bales representa?
tive <?f ih?. American Locomotlvs company,
yesterday told of th" spioa.) of the motor
tlOCk Into tli* smaller eitle*. Accordins
to Mr. Sullivan, the leaders in huslnes? all
over ih? country are motorlsing their haul
irg aystem,
"The time baa gon?> ,v m aay that iii<*
motor tnt'-k Is 'Coming,' " say.- Mr. Sulli?
van. "Any one who doubla that it has ac
tliatly arrived and has made a place for
itself it, business, sa secure aa 'be tele?
phone or typewriter, needs only ? irfp of
a few weeks through the highest eitle* in
the country lo reillze the large proportions
Of ?he motor trink industry All over ihe
country men at the loads of big husl
resses will Luv in.tor truck? In the ?prlng.
They have Investigated and have almost
invariably, arrived at the conclusion that
the motor tru.'k Is a saving In time and
money, t believe that more motor trucks i
Will ba rolel in tha Be?! ninety day* than
!n .??-. either ninety eh"* sin e tru.-ks h?
camc a commercial factor.
"I know of cet,-. rl?y of 0?.f?oo people
III Which eight will be sobl before Feb?
ruary I. I'lve of the.se will go to one
llOUSe, a big department store with
branch stores over a coiiHlderabte terrl
tory. Another truck in ?hi* same city
will haul meat from a town thlrty-slx
miles away, and the pa?'king house which
win buy it e?poeta to double Its carrying
: capacity. lu another W estera ?l'y ?
moving ?nd transfer concern with a great
deal Of heavy Ion? distan? e hauling to
nearby town? nlll add motor ?ruck* to
tak" cars of this end of Its bUOtgeaO alone.
< ?ne man in an Kastern city I? figuring r>i\
ten truck? to be fitted with ?treetcar
heee|le-s t?. c-olllpete with Streetcar line*.
"Is one <-ity which has not more 'has
7,.inn? people tli* haul? are all compara
tiviiv short, hut a bright truck dealer
Worked OUI a plan by which live biisineK?
houses, all of 'lifTei-?-nt types, could |?ur
. lias, six t, uc-ks. These are to be need
on a community baste, thereby saving
each member of the combination a con?
siderable amount of money and a great
i deal of time. The tiling that is moat 1m
I praoelve in lha truck buabaaoa to-day is
the great d?.n>an?t and the fact that th?
broadest, biggest minded business men of
the "titire country bnve racogniaoi the
aupeiiorlty <>f t??*- truck ami have decided
te. adopt it. '
Springfield Claims Record for
Five-Man Team.
Springfield, llosa, Jan. ;.?Only two
' tram? In the indoor league of the t'nited
' state-.4 Revolver Association survived the
sixth round without defeat, according to
?he official returns received here to-daj by
.!. B. ?'rabtree, the secretary. These are
the .Manhattan t?am of New York and the
Portland. Ore, dob
In th.- ?eventh round Spi inctield claim* a
w oriel's record of I,Ml for a flaw mag Mm.
Ilett.rn? liave not yet been m?<1e by the
Portland, Ors., st. Lo?la and reuagetewn
The ncurei foHOO
MvT.'lt 7
Srnr? Te?ni*. f?--ir*.
[Kpiinglleld .U?l Emeryville . l 60)
I Manhattan .. 1.1Ws>attle . !?Tf?
I r'??leral. I.Ml I Yonna-.tnwn .
Pi i : -1 i>h i ? . . . l.fOfl hiauli Ma Mar:?., osr
Ppokan? , . i nSTfgan ?Trane laca ... 1 MS
t*olumbua .i ??7 4 rroirlitanra . 1.808
i..- tngalaa. 1073; Beaton . loh '
. . 1.086 eiuklanl. l OJB
l'litat.iirK . I.CIM R?||.-mII? . !?<*>T
Cert land. Or?_ 'Portland. M?. 1,801
Ft. l.oal- . c'lil, ,?(?ri. . 1.017
ll.illlmnie . ?7? Moe-??t?T . M
Msohoitsa ... . in?!Portland. Ma .... I.aaj
Kprlnafielil . 1.127; Waablngten . i "72
..;. i? o 1.008! Seattle . HO
i-v,t-iai .I.OOBJColumlMM . 1.072
Boaion 1 087 H.iltiiuor.- . '.?77
Philadelphia .. l.087|?V? An?'i>a. 1.00$
Sp.kaile . 1 UTf? -BellevlMe . M
l'litshiirg _ 1.074 St. l-oiila.
I'm- lb m-.- 1.083'Saul? St? Marl'- . !>7f?
?'.iriian.1 '.r- llOneryrllle . l.e???
Unklare! .I ?U3 Ho? heater . . 9.1T
Chicago .t.??."!! Yoiiinstown .
Philadelphia, Jan. 2, \ rnartisge license
OS! iasueel here to-elav to Kddie Stack, the
termer l'lilllle> pitcher, recently traded to
I-;, oklyn l??i" Bcsnlon, and Ml?s Catherin?
<*, Dwyer, "f tins- cltir. The man-lag?- will
lake place In a few dis
Wright and McLoughlin Beaten
in Lawn Tennis Match.
Brookes and Dunlop Rise to the
Occasion and Australasia
Keeps Davis Trophy.
(*hrist?liur< h,' New Zealand, .Ian. 2.-All
chance of ihe American challenging teaaa
lifting the Mavis ?'up vatih-lu-d to-day With
the defeat of Mauri e |-; .Mc!?o?)glilin an?l
Boal? C. Vt right in the doubles. The fiery
young Californias, who \?. a* her.? two ??-ars
a|.'o, and the r.\---liampion. Who ?a.- .- in,-m
her of tiie team of i*"i(?. f"ii before S'oraaan
!?*. Brookes, the Australasian ktna of the
lawn tennis ???irt?. and his partner, A. ff,
Dunlop, In four hotly oontested sets The
'<?. wa I I ?, ?*?--7. 7 5, *?I
By ?his vl? tory the Australasians scored
the third point of the series of five mslrhrs
the first two by Hie results of Ihe sing.- ?
?jreeteettsy, and the a.i?iitionai point by tks
doubles to-daw The tliird c.iallenge of thu
Americans liai? been a* successfully met as
the previous ones. Even so, the tw ?
matches la the singies. in which William A.
Larned ??III meet Norman K. Brooke? at?.'.
Beats Wright Idea Tad Heath, will be
played on the courts here Is morrow.
Again the weather was fair for Ihe dou?
bles match to-day and from all parts of the
island there was a gr?-at turning out of
lovers of the old game. Brookes received
a tremendous OVatl<>n when he tame on tlio
eourt, f??r it is the itajsj-reasiasi timt ?miy
for his pei-s*'Veran?7C In preparing the fore?
most ?if the Australasian? for the American
Invasion and his wisdom In playing the
BSPB, there might have been a ?llfferent
-.lory lo tell .?s to the outcome of the
n a i? kea
Throughout the ?-(?nlesi the spectator?
s/era treated tS some of the most daring
smashing and volleying thut has ever be. n
u n neeei ?l In th?i portion of the world
I'r?:??ik?!H aiKl Wright, both of whom swing
ihn hat with the left hand, engaged in some
marvellous railles. It was the A ?ti.illa
who shaded the A merman oftener In the
twinkling bits of work. He seemed to rim*
his shots to the fraction of a ee?:ond. Then
his eye was as ?rue as g hunter's. Brook??
rarely mlpsed through any bungling of the
stroke He was remarkably steady, end 't
was only overhead that he displayed any
Even In the owning set it was evident.
that the d?f?-tiding pair had taken the
measure of the Americans. It was Brook? ?
who was up to the net In the volleys, ami
he tiok the returns hot oft the bats of bStk
?hi I?1SUlilki ami Wright as easily as a
waffle turned from a griddle. In fact, In
all four of the set* the position at the SSt
was left largely to Brookes, and lie ac?
quitted himself nobly.
Upoa the occasion when, under the direc
tlon ?if Wrijrht. who acted as the general?
issimo on the American side, there was ..
concerted lobbing attack. Brookes retirad
alOBgSldS of Punlop In deep court. There
was then no dou'.t that Dunlo;? ha?!
profited hy his year In Kngland and In
long series of tournaments during the last
season. 11*? was fully as formidable as th?>
great Anthony V. Wilding, who, with
Brookes, won the trophy for Australasia In
W? and has always defended until the
present series.
The smashing of ?Dtinlop rather had the
effect of making Mclaughlin's ov.-ihead
stroke.?*, flashing and effective though they
were at times, appear weak. It was the
sort of playing ?hat discouraged the Ameri?
cans, for. although they really s?-orcd the
secoii?! set after once at deuce by a ?api ?
tally manag??! lobbing attack, still Wright
boon ?7? mi? to the realization apparent!'
that It ??as a losing game, and so fell back
upon volleying an?! driving to dislodge th?i
def?n?Hng players from court position.
It was Melxmghlln who seemed to eaOM
through the mat?-li with the greater sliar?.
Of the honors on the American side. It
wa? he who the more readily handled the
bad breaking service which Brookes use?l
and to which he imparted a puzzling twist
to the ball. Then, as the game progressed.
be ?lid not show the signs of waning ph;-7
cal strength as ?lid his famous partner.
In the second and third sets then?. Is no
question that th?- Americans were dan?
gerous. They brought out every atom of
fighting spirit la the two Australian", a >
i.allze?! that the ?-'if? was not safe until the
third point had been scored. Dunlop. from
the baas ?in?', made a number ?if ?nia.
critical times by main strength, and I,o wa?
in the forefront of th" rallies until M< -
I.oughltn and Wright had been overcome
In the Udrd set at 7-?.'..
That was where the tide of the great
match turned. Wright fought en
enough, but he liad not the same force .?s
earlier la tne contest. If anything. Me?
I.ouehlin entered Into the fray with a I
spirit. Bat ?he mighty Brookes bent them
bark until the hope of lifting the t-BMUS
trophy had been extinguished for this year.
fil "Silent Six." \\
LadS-TTTj II M lili [MI lili lili fepsl
* I
Luxurious closed bodies
of the latest designs by
Quinby and Brewster. A
tried and proven chassis of
remarkable workmanship.
?tail! for Those ^&|JBffl
Whc Use the Beut . ?^^hM?f
[V rit?n-?i<>i Aiitom* b li? Compi nv ~???3?fflr^^S!??^^I?si^iKl
IV i I k e a - ! 11 rrc. P r ?lia ylvauia ; ff5&$& 5uf -4f?\ W S? 'k^I
Broari?,^ay al Sixty icrc n i Street ^tmspW' V^lafl ^1
1 [OJ7 ?''??? '? ?" ' ".?<? ? ' '*? Il????.>^^**ei**nmmmmmmBmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi ?e??i?e?we>--r???.?^^??????^"e?w?**?-*?^^

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