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New York Real Estate Security Company Gets the Irving Arms,
at Riverside Drive and 94th Street, for $425.000.
The ifeVlehar, Gaillard Realty rompany \
1-ns .?told f?>r ?lie Welfare Realt) and Con?
etructloa Company, of wl I? h looeph ' reed?
man i* ptresident, the "?even-stc?*"* nraproof
elevator apartment house hnown as the Irv?
ing Arms, at ihe northeast ?orner ?>f Rlv
err-ido l?ri\. and !?l?h street, .m plot Kxi-I
feet. Th?- Luvet i?- the New York !t?*?*l Es?
tate Becurlty Company. While the pur?
chase price is not given, i' la understood
the house was held at tc~>.<<?
The land Was bought by Mr. l*i??Im?n
f'-oni Charlea T. Barney in ii??i7. The plan??
for th?- huildin- were Bled by Heary ?'?
PeltotJ, architect, who fcrtlmated the ."ost
at .?bout $l-"..?Y*f'. The New York Real l>
iat?- ?Security Company bought last JaJy
fr?>ni Paterno Drothera the Stadium View,
two twelve?etory houses, each occupying a
fronta-?- ol about sixty feet In Riverside
Dru?-, j i j?-t north ?.r IKth street. In Oc
i<>h< r they tooh title to th?? Concord Hsll
apartments, at No ?!?'?*' Rlveralde Drfro, at
the aoatheast corner of ii(*th street The
rompan) ?is?? own? the twenty-story build?
Ing at No. 42 Broadway; a group of apart?
ment houses at No. SI t?t 72 Kast 77th
Street, near Park avenue, and several lai-?'
vacant parcels at Bt. Nicholas ao?! Wads
?worth avenues, 18-th end 188th streets
.Toceph I?, r.raf. a well known wh.il-sal
hair merfhant, ha? purchased from Klmer
A. r?nrl?nc the fiv. old buildings. Nop 117.
-1. IS) and 12'. West -.Uli str.-.t. n? at
Filth avenu?', on a plot MOscllS feet Mr.
<".r?f has ?riven in part payment So. W?
Hroadwnv. a fhre-stonr business bulldlns
on a lot 2-t1iv? feet, now occupied h\ Mr
Craf. Necotiations arc now peadtns to
improve? the 2?th str.-ct property wltli a
twelve-Ptory loft buildtng of the latest and
no't modern type, 1.. ft A. I'incus rep?
resented Mr. t'.raf. Fr.tst. rainier ?- Co.
and f? 17 Qeodale _ ?Perry represent.'! Mr.
Darllnc in th'- trnnsa.-tion. which Involves
The northwest ?orner of New Ohamhcrs
? snd Cherry streets, at ?he junction ol
?Tames? slip, has been boucht by th?- Ru?
dolph Walla.'h Company from the i
of Bamuel F. Jar?, is?. William I!. Barnim?
. heinf* the executor. The property is known
ps No. ?VI 10 HI New Chamber?. atr?et and
No. 70 to 74 Cherry Street, and has front
?4Re?4 of :<?..". and lft.1 feet respectively, and
for half a century has been earned by the
.larvls family. The parcel Is trianerular In
shape, with a rear lin?- of 81.1 feet, and U
Improved with h two-story building
rians arc being prepared by Thoma? W".
I.amh for a Jewish theatre to be erected
at the southwest ?orner of Houston and
Chryatie ?mets by the Mlnahoi Realtj
Company. It Will be elftht atork-8 high end
?over a plot l(?0xl?7:". feel and has been leased
to a Jewish th.-atrlcal combination for a
term of twenty-one years. The theatr??
will have a asotlag capacity Ol -?8-8 ;in<l
the roof garden about IJJfSX The dt-rnainedr
?if th? buildlag will be devoted t?, offices.
?Negotiations are said to 1..' pending for
the sale by KeviMoii Fr?res of m tb?'ir
leaae of the Revillon building, at No.
]7 and 19 Weal Mth strei-t, extending
through Nos. *N and '?'?- Weet Hth atreel
Th?? sit?- i.? Improved witn an eleven story
buildiiiK, and I.as a frontage "i 60 feet on
Hth street and 4?'? feet ?m 35th street It
was erected by Dr. H. P. 1,'iomia for Re?
villon Ft eres.
A demolition permit has been issued for
1-ikiiiK down the four ?tory 1..iI!?I?iil
p.vlng tin? block bound?d by Madison ave?
Tin?', lid and 41th Btreeta and VanderMlt
avenue,' which li?t? been used as a poat
??fflce and offices of the New York rentrai
Railroad ?'ompanv for many years, li Is
ODS of the few remaining bulldlnus to lx*
razel to make room for tho new station
building of the railroad.
Big Tract at Glen Head Owned by
Scndder Family for Century.
The fin?- old est?t? of the Scudder family
??n H?eapetead Harbor at Olea Head, Ixma
Island, has just passed Into the hands ?.f
? ? Olenwood Holding Company. The
property, which consisted <?r i<? acres, was
<>\?n?<! Jointly by Justice Townaend Bead
?1er anil tho Boudder rotate and ha.] beet)
la the family for "\?'r one huii<ir??l years.
Burton Thorn|.s?.ii was broker for Just:?'
Scndder throughout negottatl on?, which
ia\e laated over a yeeu The prtce paid
?? a Ions leaaa of 189 acres of
? e Batata |*_a been made to the Olenwood
Country ?'hib. Tin- remainder <.f th? prop?
erty will be sold in building plots <.f about
on?- iii-rc ?-ach. The development of the
property IS to begrin at once under the di?
rection ?>f the landscape architects, Hlnch
inan _- i'ilat.
.hiliaii Benedict has Bold Noa
Kast i"th street near Broadway, an ?-Ir?h
story comnier? lal building on plot I? feel
b> half the block. The property was held
-it "._?'..<""
it is the intention "f the bayer, n* soon
as h?' Dbt ?in? tit) ?.. th. -;:<-, t?> entirely
?eudvate the pr? mi:MB :.i?'l to hold il as an
t:i\ _ RSI OK DRIVE 1 ?? McVlekai Q
ii?att? Com(any ha? ?.j|<i f??r th>- W'-ifx
?. -tul < ???Tixtru? llnTi ?-?tni^.n?- Usa lr\triE Ann?,
I ?even ?tory elevator Hj.arim.-ia house, at the
ti<rthea?t '?.rn-r of RiT?r?i.le In I??, atii !i4??i
??:ia-et. to the N'??? Tatk Real B-tate Security
Cctnpaa*'. tnr f4_?,O0D
NKW . IIAM|:i:i:.- BTRBKT. Th? Kotlolph
It 'a lach i'otr.pa a? h_s bough? fron
s.tiuu.i P. Jarvifc. Wllliat.i 11 Bareun, ?-xei'U
-.?t. the Barihwest comer of .\? >? Chaniberi
?ii.? ? - t ?Ite Jan. ti'.n ?.
Hllp. 'lin property i* i<n'.??ii a? No. '.??> t?. !?t
Sea ?'?..?!'.?- Mr??-t and .n?? 78 to 7i C3i,.-u..
???reel, with fi_B( i feet and H I feet,
? ;???-!>.
UftOADWAT. .?..?? 'i I.. i;raf hM aold No.
?li; Bl???tway. ? Ora ?t-.r.? atul loft l'uil.ilti";, on
lot -.'.Xl !?'? '?) f- ? ? . 'I'll. I'.ir. -i;;,? ?? is i: : II. ? l \
Darltns, ? ? , ??? 11!? ??> i^.">
Vfft -Hit atreel ftv? on i?!?.t ?"??
x 11 r> x a r.-lii.n. The ?it.. u:ii. t.. Improved irlth
a ???five ?i ry structnrr The transaction Invclvea
alatiul 8MU.<?00 '.t"i ??;?? neg-tlated rty L a- \.
I'm. un. s i ami I'iom. r.iiiiie.
_ ?'?..
ti.W'vh ?iVSJNUK The ller-nan Arn-? <?<.?..
i. im !i^^ ...t fur William Epplnset to Herman
rrtiol i?.) ir.
a five aton liuil'liti-, with sior.?. on lot -3x"S.
i RTKEKT. I".i>?(l I? l-'ii.?In;.-.
?Ugh! 7m." - ? .IlinH'-r
v,,. i street, a finir ?tory dwelling,
iue, r,
;; \?.?-?.: W il Doleoo Company necoUat? i tn*
I18W BTRBET ef John I?I?
1 .t ??...I No."ZK M?'*-l 71?? street, a Ihree mh.i?
? it .?t\. iiin- house, ?m a loi _??xus?..'.
?' :i- Off? ?' .1 Bl .Hi' 'l'.ll 1^-'
(? .!(??? |.h I', t'. iMiushl in by
Ml Kdi I'n? ?? r ??
l.|> r? ot pi on Ihe
- ii.\ tmpany
; ? i..i Mi- -? .'?:: ? '?lai lea
a it.r.-i? storj dwelling li. r?.-, ?.n ?i lot
IS.MxlOO f., t. leur the pi-Po_i- rxtenati.r
? '.?i,i Mi? Alk'r bo4ighl tie- i
??,, ?.?r? ago for *l4??st, hu.| th. .
aelllaa r??" is saW .. aa leaa ?han thatt
i i:nt!i AVENl i: J.ph p Da
. t Krank E ? ?.?-.-i.tor. Ho
rnei ..f 2.11 h street
an.I IVnil. avenue, on :? pi?.? ?!?4xl."i teat. Tt?e
put?-li:t?et ' ..? lient? of Mr. Day, who
trradlng ? i? ft tmliding fm th? li ..?* n u?
The following transactions a'ere re?
yeeterday at the Real Est?te Exchange
aalesi'ooni, **?'?>?. i* and i?; Veeey st-i
i;., ?aaapk P, Day.
OATHARINE si, m, ? ? r??i ft v.- <?f Oak ?t,
to.a*i02xSi.2xiOg.9. ft ati'l ?tore bide;
irtv . to Jan 12; also,
?-li W ., "MS, t.r lisih at, -Tv??<); r, t-iy
tema! rut. ?tore; asM ??? the ? itfr for 9gg\7kt
At th?- Breas !'.x'-liaa?;e.
By i<.f-|it P. ituy.
?"a??, n ?? cur Valentin.- .-..,.
?Ml 1 x_ 4 ? x Hi". W; 3 ?t? frame n-nnil, ?oM to
II I DlttT lor ?It. 100.
The Realty* l
l?-i???_ la th* Mexican Comnier? 1 1 l'om
paay two eatlie tkoggg In the Dattsld Build?
ing, *o?Uheat.t ??.tri? r of Hixth avenu?* and
?cet. Tlie Mexican Commercial Com?
?ass foimed recently tor the purpose
of melnteintna u rontrc for the displai el
Mexl ,'i products, ;i collection of Mexican
news of Interest t?> American? ntui th?
promotion of mor?> active eoininercs be?
tween Hi* ?ifinhiinrini- countries.
It. <\- h Hese hnee lease?! le Toung
Brothers, hetters, ?I,?- store at No. !*-'<
Broadway, northwest corner of '2>Mh s?r?-?*f..
The lease is for ii torm <?f years at an BS<
areeete rental of $ioo.r>oo.
Frederick l'o\ .V Co. have leased the
third Htirl fourth lofts In No. 8S University
Place, extending through to Nos. 24 and M
Keel lit h street in Relaman, Rothmen A
Blebor; for Webster B siebte <% Co., ?he
third loft In No ill East l'Jth str.-t t?>
Schneider <v Maletsky; th?' third l??ft In
Non. t;t and M Basi nth streel t-> Joseph
I Mil ?? : the fourth loft In No. ? West 18th
streel to Berenel Mlber, the top loft In N"
si nth str?*?*t to A. Bnunermsn, an?'
?ho third loft In No. 21 West Id Streel to
tin Men York Sample Trunk Company.
The Pearson Engineering Compon) he?
I. a.--..I from the United States Realty and
Improvement Company the seventeenth
floor at No. 115 Broadway for a period of
years at s rental assresatlng shout 180,000
I The H. M. Welll Company baa leaned th?
I store m No. ISO West :*7t?i street to (he
VpHiiant! Company and the third loft to
th.- c. Ullman Company: So. 'S*1 West ?th
?treel lo Oiovannl Marablnl: No. 82 West
L'.r>th street t? Albino Dasso; the first loft In
\o 128 west Mth street to Rltr-hlc A Cor?
nell: (he aecond floor In No, M Weei IM
street to the Rermsn Realty Company, ami
the Htore a? the northwest ???nur of Tro
inont and Third avenues 1c, Charles Oollo?
Th,- L'.'cth <''instruction Company ha* leased
the fifth floor In No. m to 141 \\>!<t 2Mb
at reel to N'ewmarli A Newmarh for a term
| of years
| Qoudwln A Goodwin have leas?-?! ?<> Peel*
? Maloney the dwelling house No i"-s West
I IXHh street
tu m? and sddn m of i?-??. ? i
3 \N!-\t:y I
\m: |i, I, ttorr, tie; Jacob Stria ?nd s no
In llH:n i- 7 vr? from MS] I, 1012;
? :.f-uo ? ? -' ?_ io Hail it, Brooklyn.
CLINTON BT. 98 to .'?J. sll; Btanton it, IT!
! rtnan L ??>??-ntha! rt al \n s
Ceben anil ano: 9 yr? from Jan 1, 1811; 116,240:
!'t'l ht.
CHERRY BT, L'4?.. 4th ertd 5th lofti etc; Hsr
rlt Hhajlro lo Henr) Hoffman; ."> >rg fr..n? M?)
1, If'IL'. $2,800 a.I.Ii.??. 2X8 Ka?t BSd ?>
KRO HIE SI 8*8, oi Most " I I ??*?
? its Olovannl i< Osussa to
/i. ?... C ?-ri fron, Ma? I, 1911. Si -?.K? address,
:>>. Broom? ?(
USES BT, i?1... *:???-<? and basement; I
Wolf Yonker; t yr? i moa from
Jan I, 1812; $1.20
IRVING PLACE, .%. alii Emma PtetJert to
S;cii, Blmnn; ?? \i? S moi fnSrn Jan I, i ?? i -.
13.000; address 3 Irving Plsce.
MADltiON AVE, 112, n ? cor 48th M 27x05
New v..-k i.if? Inantance and Tntat C
mis:??, o- Thomson ' - F*llnl n:.i ano; 10 >t?
Ian 20, 1912; W.O00; ml.Ire??, l-archmont,
New v.-k.
UNION avk. DUS, More and Bsaement; Fredk
iff to Bolot i. ft/ 6 yra 4
from .Ian I, 1012; $1,320: addrew 30 ?:???*? 100th
L'NION BQl'ARE, '". itor? and -
I'nion Sqticgr? ? ?? to .Vfr-M Max. 4 yr? Il ni"s
from Feb I. 191JV; *'?''"" sddresa, 212
31? y\\ i:, IT.12. ?inrp and ?ia??-in'-i,t. Kahimn
i : r to (*hu H no; 4 yri from May
i. i:?io. asan ?- ??--??. ITS2 w ..??<?
-.. H AVE) ,?;,, at? re and port haw a
im<-rj Il:i" to Euifn?. Bolaemsd? :? yra
? >i. i, IS12; |1 " SU \\-?t
-.-??- ?t
?t'.TH ST, .''.2'? East, More n-> i basement: F
it>rs*? to Mrn.in ftr-taal an-i ano; * >i? 10
. i inn. 1440; address 821
Sfitli ?t.
r..;ii st. 40 to H W'.i. itor? ?cmi bsaemrnt;
i : A ?:?.?- ?i.l-Mi '?? t'.-,? .i- i; ?
vr? from Ma? i, lilt; 11,100; sildrsja, n?> West
l."!7th it
lTIS'l ST, 44f, ?Ch?I. ?.i' fCttt I III,mon.i to
K a yra from Jan 2, IfU; $!."<>'.
?jrtcir, ???. ?,T7*> .M u\ '?
taai m kt, ?.:.'?. ? ? ?>?'??'? East
frt-n? So? I, H?H; B&40; ?ddresj '" ? P! " i*-ot'?
:,-r 1
w?- v ? s. es it " "f rath ??, iuis7B; i>hiir
Ilirachflf-ld *"A sno to ? hsrlea ?? Newman min
:?. two. attorn?)-, \\" Bolomon, .'"?Ki
AMBTBRDAM AVE, S1A3, S7i1O0 Man ?'?
One, i lie. ?a Tavlor, ?-?.-! North Putto
Mi \ c h. m "' '- *4?.'-"- ?; i ?? ? SO; $tO0 ?? "
M La ighlls ? 9V rft, ir. William at
BROADWAT. s ?r ?*?? llgth at 100x100
Rralt} and l'onatr-jctltu? ?'-c o> Auguata Van
Jl m iyv??eanl .: ISaal B7th ?? (m?s IflOO.OOO?; 1er,
.-. si o?xi attotseyi Lard, D ?? Und, ???
BROADWAT n * -or fU et runs a h?<? ?
1IXIX \. J.".X ? I??? 1" .?IM il X < 128 IS
i ii i \ . i, i -., to i hnrlf- )?: Jenklni
North Hsckenasck. N .1 (m?a ?Ti'-.O""' Jan '.'.
$l??o; attorney. i^?vt> Title It
Tin?! i*. ISO Bros''-*sy.
? OLl'MBI'F AVK, " a, T8 ft ii of ?th at, 26i
100; Blmon WelnMork to W?ltlam Epplngrr and
ano, tenant? b) entirety, hi" Wrlshi ??, Ktapl?.
ond r. M llei ?? (i its $?'"'
000); l??< 23: Ill-O attornay, Lswyirra Title In
i t ,-,? ? i i Trn-t ?'??. itKi Broadway.
??? ii.i'M?i's AVE ? e coi Mth a? I Ma 100 r*o
hinnbua HV-. ne nor BBth a?, lO'jxlOO. Mfrpd II
\ kern to Htillwell ?'o. 169 Brosdwaj faits i,;2"
000); i,.,. go; $t?i<?. it? inovs, Bowera &
81 Nsm ? ? '
EAST END AVE, I ? ror S2d t ^".xStS. n?
man Erosa to (In -? Huamnn, (Vaterhurj
i,,,, 2; ||; attorney, Edward B Kosenblsm, 4?t
Draliam ave. Bit
KftSKX BT, ? ?? ?, 102 ft r <? ??! ?troonw at, 28i
! in? ; Daws st. - <? t-, T.'i it h ?? ol i roo? ??? at, 27?
li.ii Pantos M, *?". 21s(*5; l/na Hlraehowltl to
?: Vf Realty Co, 82(1 Broadway; .?? 28; ad title!
? ney, I W R? it- r S20 Brosdwaj.
MOTT ST. 81. J'.\1"<i Ijhi- !>?-. \ to BtSlXrM
Roaenhers, ."??'? Baal t'2iiih ?t. I .-. rart, all Itens;
.|jn 2; M. ,nii!r. Hw. ;.:. Eam l2Hth M.
PERRY BT, 81 snd 88, :hx!?.'.t irr?)t: Mst
i-'.-ht. \?c-. Its to (ilovannl Lord I; i
| lirai ?-in.-,, Brooklyn (mti 190.000); I - SO;
?| 00; sddreaa ?'-'-' Mulberrj jt
BTANTON ST. ? w ror POrsyth St, S6x7S M
irasbou-Tfer to Psnssntaoe & Ut>wenM<'in,
132 Nan-Mil ?t. sll Hens; .Ian :i $|, attorn.v, .1 C
Rij in. 182 Nassau ?t.
WEBT BIND AVK. s m "<r 108th M, BlalOO;
ms van ii nasni to Torkal.
Realty snd (*o-*atru<*tlon i'n ^vt.'i Broadwi) luit?
yTn.i?. Dec 21 exchange; attorneya, lt?-.-c &
Potael, ii?? Broadway.
IST AVE, fCA, --xi-SX ?iioff. i, Brooka Engine
I., Si,i,m. t Si.loiciff, i|<- ?2r,?t |u. ^l imlg
If.OOO?; all liens; No? Ii, Hill; fino, attorney,
Herbert Zarslkan, 808 Broadway, ?Brooklyn,
s V.MI3 PROPERTT, Roaa Prooka to asns Isa
i; fHKi. attorney, sunn- as above,
?|*H AVE, ?? .-. 4.". it h o, 88th -t. :-l.so Mm?,.?
Dinkelariel to Protective Realty < ?>. 123 4tli
h\.k 888,000); Jan 2; V . r.11.. t,.
Tiiic Insai ? M ro, ISO Bi.Iws)
;rn wi:, n r -??r Nisi st, .l?viiio Mona?*i
Rfalt) Investing Co t<> Jamea K Kills, 2081 .\t
Brooklyn; Jas ?'?. turn
Phelan, 32 Ra : I? PI. Brookl] n
BTH v'i?:. Ti?;' 29x100; Herman Elsssaei to
Kophla Op enhelmer, 000 West iTsti, ft ,?,|<
|S8 .um. Jan 8; fl<?>.
!?iii avi:. 74*. SSslOO; asme to Oso Kraoa
392 Weal tUth ?I tmt< 135,800) Ian -'i 1100;
"it1?- ?inuticii?. ? and Tiu?t Co, 17? liroa-l
loin \VI\ 840, -J^x7.". Win Epplngei to llei
1.1?-.-i..f, ?::.* Weei 126th il imti |12.Oii0)?
8; *li??. atty, Usa ?, n TltU it - ??
?i'ui.-t Co MO Bros? ws)
8TH si. 888 Bast. -.'?x:?. Mt>hae| -.| - .?
ii. r..?, Botoiiltjcky, IOS 7ili ?t mit? .-.
: |100 atty, tacit- Oordon, ..4?. Brosdws;
il;t?i st. 711 Bsit, -.'.*.? i ?m K ngaton Btdg fe.
t.. .luv Karasik. HA1I Ha< at, PlttSbUICh uniic
$17.000); Jan 2 $1; it i >. Karsalk, it ?nun ~i
I H??; Ml.
ISTH st. 418 WaM, 88x86: Isaac Btvttn ?o
.N'.ix W<u hinuii 1 :; |ian. Jot I-..,, l 3 ,,M||
J . Ii I. Isaa. and Wdore It lt.au. I .'! part- ali
?tens: l>?< .'ti; H'4.'i that l??d st; *ioo; atty,
u?d S 1? m?. Ht? Dr aad era*
81BT HT, 'J4!> W?-.-t. 88x88, 0 itj iik. Lotiii P
Nun i:i?ci t" Mm a Van Riser, IB v\
^t. I 4 pari imts *:.,.<??'?'". .hoi 2; IHM); atty, w
? ?irr. r,1 <*')ianil>*TM ?t.
j.l? BT, l?;?i W. M, 4 ,lv Ink, IsxS.*. |i.,itl',..ti;
ii Olney, ref, to Jera .1 Wright: Ijn 8;
$22,300; atty. Win C. Orr, 81 <?)nnilj*r* at.
?j.'iTii ST. ? h. i!?fl ft . of ?,tii a-.c leSsOB;
I'oleman to HuiidniK Engineering t'o
?mix $55,000); ??il liens; 1188 Broadwa- Jan 2.
$1; uttys, Alt-xandcr * ??r'?n. !;?? Roadway.
88TH sT. 811 Kn-t. 25x87; Margaiwtbs Perth
L-17 Raat -'?;ih st. I 2 purl ?mtx
5-1-'?Hi.; ail tul. Jas .''?; $1; alt\, AiiKiiit Knutz,
19 Av? A
88TM BT, -Ji" Bast, ^.*.x:?:, Mtl it, "it Bsst
26x98; Metta H Hab? ?.ml. to i'1-.a? .1 II?-??.. I 2
|ait; all title; No? I, $1: *? 11 y, ?ami- a? iiIkjw
88TH BT, n ?, 7? ft u- of Iyxlngton av?., 1JK
reg; Ismoa M Vlnoont, r.f, ?,, .tniin II
iw untie $,V',<i?Kl?; Dec 30: VS.Uit); addrmi?,
'JO Nhskuu M.
?ID IT, n ?. ISO ft a of Uth no-, 18x100;
RaSlt - in imtj $7 -
OSO?; .Lin 3; $]?>i. ? v,.?i ,;-d at,
WD . . hij brk, 20x100, Emms
?? lo M.-ir ?i lilil?! s77
?'rtUldwill ,i '. icnauU t.s <nt:r??> (mtg xs oi.ii
all ll-rji; Jan :i, $1, attornov, Tlfli Quarante?
and TniM Co, t'n rtrondway.
74T11 bT, n i, JM> H w o? Ccnmlju? at, 3'A
,,,., .... um Van il Stayvesani ? V-aitehtra
,;-, K-?v, .,,.?,,,,.-ti,? ,-,.. 9*73 Ri ?dwsjr;
, (ion alt? n ta ?v Put? >
mtm -' i"" West; i si) it! "t?xl?y>; Maude
, ;?' . ? nif.-. I?l !>?"??-l ? l'teerlllKin. 7.7 \\>-l Both
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? win PROPERTT. Robert W T?.d.l. ?
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,(lv r, ... Welsman ? Herman I?. Brawn
u:;_ I Park Row (nit? ?181.8001; I*?"
an. tl'?' ?lt_rrie>-. Matlu ? Marks. ?'1 l?lk
it'Tii -'.' ?0 Rast, 28x100; Mar Davl
7-.'.? Kranklln ave. H
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j a- >??. McLam '; ?*? Stern. 13 William ?t.
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122 v" .til llena; Jan ?".. fi???'. attoi
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I4_TH ST WI and 58a West, 88*80; R a'?"
Realty Co ?'" r'rederlcfc \v tYandall, ?188 Weal
u.-,'in ?I and W R ? ""'? - a? l-kl ?nd I'enn ?m?S
$.',:,iio4i) .ihii 2; 81; altorney, Lawyera Tills i"
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. .i iv? Iton to i :? m Welton; Jsn ?'-,
i ' ,-?-. 2408 Bros? aa]
BOSTON BOAR, ? s, 108 fl ? nt ISSlh ?*?
, c, Une i., i ? to Phoel e Ho !?n I '" *8.i
|I? a?Mref- 1074 Poetoa Pond.
RAIIaEY ??VE, ?MSB In MOM, l-o? Irrea: Sam?
uel D Matthew? t.. Jame? K Martin im?c
,.?..?, r,?,, il . I; |10U; it'i.tr..-? 287 Clinton s?.
BARKER AVE, HO ft n of Elirai
2.".xl_'. KllitBbetl Mela? t.. Wttlt.r ??aml>l I
Willen a\'. J*"1 :t' *,: attorney, B J ariebt,
37 w i
CDINTOM Pt?A?7"K n ? 17.'. f? " of ?."?n'1 ?J"*?
24W100 Al-"-? DoubIbs to AiiR'i?! - '
lit: t~ -'?h... t...- 30: 8100; an
Xltli Guarantee and Truai ?'?.. l"?i Broad?
FI I.TOX AVE 171."'. 1-t??i Adeline l-hn <""*
?,?, t? r : - w l? -i- if?*r. 1717. iMtiii'ii av<
?i ?.? , MOO.ni y, i-????- r?' i m?
Insurance and Trusl Co, ISO l*roa_was
OKRARD AVE n ?? <?"?? Central ???? "'"
?rr, ? r. -? ? ? -i ?i ?-. ??'?i l?nd < 'olllna, ?'?'?
Inland t? < ' res Patrl : KHrna ?
r? Kelrat ?' i l> M 11; ? ?*?"*""?< 2
i Ktnitsbiidge Road.
u.U. wi: .? ? -j.'.'. f? x ?>f Jennlne? "'? ?",x
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Dec 22 (mtg gOO.OObt; 11. addre? i a. N J
DOT SI map lot? neat Wlllhimahrlila? .no"-*
p'An?elo ? ? Bl i.. Joseph A Mar? - ?"?
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Forrest C Hlrl. nan :;'?1 ?Ess? 14SI h M
SA MR PROPERTY; JtM-ept" A Barcia "* *hil
Durant? hh?I ano, ?M Baal I :??' st lint?
N?i.i.i m., :.<) ?i. atur?*?, aama -t* ,?i.o?e.
IXITI 8S.1 804, l'i'l nr..l ?,?t>'.'. ??7_ and l'7.?. 100
and l.?xn. map Olt*s?on pi-periy: i'".|'i' - rraai,
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~?. Paasale, N ?'
LOT l_S to n'^, ?ame t?? \?.nl' M %l !,'' ','
78? Caaldwell .. ?? l"- II; t-TJf. atiorney. im
Guara.in : 11 i? ? " 178 Broadwaj
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SAME PROPERTY: John P P?<.','?' ?;< xv"
lirlmina l-Ulh (mis 848.7801 .?ai? ?? *""' ? '
tornar, Hu?ro Cohn, 18 \?. i aa \
MARION AV1 ? - .f '??'?l.?; ?' ?'?
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m. jan :i ?mts ??s ?"?"?: It*??
MARMION v\i: ? w coi ITSth I 7S?180 ?' ?*?
Realt) ... I? - '
?ja il' alt?me: , Krederi ? Bdei I " N ?
MOHEtlAN v\ R, ? ?? '?'-'' f? " "f '""
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190 c K Heall ?'?. lo ? harte? I. he?. -,M''
I-.,.r a??. 8100: alt'.rii''?. Rl-derlcll bOOl i"'
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V .?I'll MAI.V of lot 87. mau. nf
M?\177 Purnellu? U I to OI(- I .- I-?
Pia. ? Jan ?'?. ?<i ? B_dn na ?' hn .1 H i ? ?
RAIL.ROAI? A? 17. ? ?. S-? f? n ?
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attomi . Rdwai i .i Krus ?r '?'" N-wbbu ?i
RIVERDAI-R AVE, t ? "?i k\eet ? -'*
i'.-.:'. Weati l>??ier - i i ????** '" ' '
Eatat' i I7S Hr??adwaj I ?? '-"' 11.000
IAME PR? ?t'ERTl !?? '?"?1 "i"' n!l?
. I ? 28 II '?"
>ii..;\?|. K AVK, w
of laewla 'J Morris, 77.?..l? ti ? - J?
Walkli . ? lo ? arles Knapp, i. !
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Blaki | 71 Wi.ll al
UNION ST. a w a, 75 I
s?. 2011"; ? 'o? : . : . I_ma 1?
ti ion IMai - . Ja.. , 11; a n ?.? ?.
4'.' I'.r i ?.'
I'M? ?N BT. I ?. 1'-' B -' -'
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l-t.",\ irt W Sullivan
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M'EST? lil-i !: AVK n a ?or ?t??ttt a?*.
MO) Irrea; Allee M 1.
ran Realt; i o 1.18 t . ? ?
V4-? .
WEST HKSTER AVE, r. ?? ?. .?? v> s i
71 x lire,. Hudson Terr?
Kf-.ll - <? m.?a
.?::).i.t.ii, jan 2 11?*1 all ? ??
nial . ' 178 Hrtia
2D A\ 17. m ?. 81 : i -? 23. i" ?
I.u It ti K.iliri '..
ti ...:<!?". \ .' . -
8D I? V E ? - lt*1 ? ? - ? ? I i. '
i ? .. :, Watae Realties to
88 w Ilion a-.? < ? lan 2 lion
tot'iiey. In,. ' .
?v ,1 ?
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Title ?;??? iraatn. and ?
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t?<" l boma? J ?.j
of the CU] "f ??? ? V? rfc .:?'. i , ? i i
No* 2?; IJ?*0 ?iton ? . i: li It,
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.1.??! I -? !?>:;.I ?? ; I.. 27 |l al
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226TH BT, n ?? t. at a e < or Mtubl? Hill a? ?
anxPOi |rre|
land o| William \ R
Tetrao? Re? ? . \i ?
W? - - t| |t'_. lai '.' ?KW
ney. 1 : i ? ? ' . uin I
(With nun.?- mi.I ?.'?lr? -- nt . ? .- ? .
Ifltl t-o?.t ,|. .'. pel . | ,., lUtCd.J
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m ?. \ 11 \ t r \ N
RROAUa W . I. '? ..) '..-.I ?I I,.;, |rr, .
' '? ? ? ? . ., ,.,,,7
atrurtlofi ?'., tprloi mtg $7-.','?>?ii .i.,? j ?? ,,,
?i i" ? " n?; |I-?,?h... attorn. Putiei'
128 Hrn,'i?l??aj .
BRI 'M'U 11 ? a - -i i tr.ti, -, \OHgt Pali r
Bo Bros i.. Rill? I h?.rle; Jan I iprtoi mi?
W.""'>? ? >"? ,; i"- rant; 177.,?Mr?. ,
MOtllrl.'ll', K .1
i:.\.-i BROAOYV x". 88, -fSxen *r_ben ?'oh.-,,
) l.lppman ?.'?hen and Beaala Flnkelhrand
truate? ot i 'olumbi. ?'..;,?.. j ,,: ,: .-, ,H ,.
pel oent; tW.WQ; attorney?, .\,..i, ... j0, . ,.
Wall ft.
(JORRi K ST, ' ?. M ft n . i i.,. ..?, u, ????,
??TO l??_. Berlin to J ihn I V??| k ...; Ka i
1..MI1 at; J.in 3; .'. -.i?, ?u.,?,, atiorney? Amend
& Ann ti?i, us Naaaau ?i.
.%\'\'' ':s,\ AV|:- - ? "" ""?'.? Bt. .-'UIihi
Yrirtuhlre Realty k ('on?tructlon ???. i<> ?.naustui
Van II sin? ?? ?uni. .! Kaat r.7tI. si idi_m , t.
'"???... Jan ... ..- i1 ,.-, . . ,,, j.-,()IH-l
"??"'?? | ?, Lorq, Daj a Lord, io v*
WEST BND AVE, D * ? ..r BBtfa at, IOO|1*_
Huida Brail) <?-? to Bank f.?t Hartnai due ?i
pei i.,h<t Jan 8; ?I7'..????.. atiornei fu'lt Uuai
ant? ' S Trun i '.., 17?; Rroada u
WHITE ST, li li IS, .'"v. '.' , , , , .
Ii..i?i to New i.. ?i
1st. 303 _a?l Ml h ?t; J m .; ;, ,r?. 8?1 ??
SI?.r. Title Uuai.?? * Trusl t ..', I7i; it,..,.,
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Il H *?*? K, ?-' : te l*S7, SSxSO; i'i,,,., ,n, |.,..,|,.
V" ':; ??? r_?? '-If' "!".-? - i. .? '.'.
? PSC ?Bt; til?),.an.
?;-|)i ST BOB Rast, S_sSI; Maria a Baeklei t.
I'harlott; Oelraler, 17.1 W. , Mtli m .!.?? ?? .,,,
.nil? 2. 1812, ti rK-r cant; f_a0; wMrea . i,
?ru HT, ? a '-'-". f e af 1st ave. ?..?.'.xii; iir-nri
Vflgmaon ,.. Dr, D_ ? ";,>
??,;VT,,,,:v:,r;'::?'i,;-; 'k:,,''''1'''???????-?
?III BT, ? ? l"7 ii . .,? \(, f? ,u.,? .,.?..
N? rnma It Aaron " ? ."?' w 1? ,,?, ,'h
D -'-i ?prior mta 181.000?; n,.,,.,,? H ',', 5-"{;
"' ?"" ''"? ' Udward D Newman, itjo Br?j_d.
...?:..?. Rl.torl I..-HM').., .nd an? t" i'i.*, ',':
??Brr, >'- ' '-.:. '?, . .,,? 2 .,,? ,.'
i':;1;.' * -"-? ???..->? m' n,?L. ',;!
870 st, i?;?; t., hl? Waal ? at) brl 17? _r_?
Jeremiah .1 Wrlahl to l___ H ,;,',-, ,
Bi-adway; Jan :i. .'. yra; 830.0?-; attorn*, w?
?? "?i. |] t-M-nbera nt ""'"? "'"
gUTT ST, :.-l West. B su i,rr, j,,i? j .,. ,.
Wm li.-,-?.-). Rutland, \t, du? lui? ?',?',,?.
,; 1" r "''? ?','" 8; "-.BOO attorn?-? |.-,i_. ,'. _
Uai .. M West 7.'.?., ?. ' ??"""">? t-Swanl I
ami st, ? ?. m f, , ,,f ,.,, ??,? ?
Butldlas sad Rr^n-erla, C. to t?en
?nan; Jan _; Sim Juk 1 no- ,
8>S0.00O; att-maya. a?. x'?,,!,"',: '*, ;,':;'? ''?a
-?TH ,r. ffM u,.. I rtf ??;.. _-,x?,?. .vi.-!,
Ml omyna und nt,.. to Julias Pelnbttra 228 \\>si
137th ?1 ?prior pur |18.t800): J?? ;t g'm IM
'tit; SS.0OO; att-rnejr. A r .-mol. 1,?. jj Turk
::?'HI ST. 9JS Watt, 4 st> l?k. BilSS; A..?..?t
' lo North River Havli,Ki? Hank .:i
.1-iih Kt, !>??? it?. ,ii? an mi bond; ?.OU0 .11
1. in-?. No?.I 1! Kunliorn, f.7 IJbert)
?;ist st, m Bast I ??? t?k. r.x7.-. M.,n?
M?.?er to Iv,tin HirarhtVlil, 17 Raai M1711, ?t
0 ? 81 'i i-- t| ?t:,.i?Nt,. ,|,?. ,,,., V] ,.,|-; f
in 1 ,-?nf. ll.SfiO; ?m- rnej s ?oloii u
7 llll ST II - -'??I? f| w ?,f l'ol'ltl)I..IS :?
'":' i, o.ksiui'- Res?) and t*o u
Augu-tn? \." 11 ;i r.aai ?.'
Jan 2 B yra; I-",'-?). .. u rn? \jorg, Da _
?!? Wall ?t.
?:-':'' ? . -, Mi n i\ o' i.en .\ .??? 30-100;
TMau r. I".;, to .Nathan Wo7f. ?_? Weet Ui_
?? iprlor n.tx $18,888): .'un 2; du? ?? r-*r oonH.
$2.000; alterne? lAwyers* TRI? Isewreaes ano
iMi-t i <> leo Pi osa" way.
I30TII BT ? ? M f? w of I>-nox aw;. 1?*
88; Ida Brhuli to Ameritan Vortrage oa?"
Nssasti M; Jan S: r. pis; 88.088; sttorasyS, B ?>
? i ? .-. ? asila, .".i Nasses ?t.
ANTHONY AVE, ? ?. ion f? ? sf F??
Place. 26x87: Hantial? H.van and ano '".??"noo
K Kern, )??2 Maihxat.- a\". '?n B; S >r-\*.,'. ,'
attorney, Lsuryers1 TRI? ln?"tan,- and i
' o, 188 Rroadnay.
BRONX and PBUM11'?Wf-TCLfort Rali
? huid-? New ?ork. New Hav?n & I?"' ' -va? ,
mad Co Maii^m River Breach.roes w ????
1081 w laoi t? H?; Pen-Ural It Nasi?? |H ???_
Newman, 1880 Lexlnetsa a>- X.? 'ddre?. ?5
Dec 88: i rr; ? per seat; t'i.'ioo. se*??
K.iv l]*rlh st. .
BARKER AVE. w .. 808 f? n of^Jjg^?
Wright. ? watt ?i.
CROTONA AVK n ? 11 ftj n ,,?,,
117x100, Irre?; Nslsw fteelty snd?
: o ,,, Naesau Mortes?* "*? ?1 **??""? ... ,
??g $*a.oon); i- 2*; ?ne Msy l. ??"?. N?
rent; 87.000; attoin-r?. BSWSW ? ans '?
'""' *' .c N ,, ,,f Osklsad
CtJNTON avk n- ?. 4? f " '",,(,, .,.:,?>
P , -,ioo; John Webjel t., Rag;???,,????....
isiiih ?t; Jan B; 8 r*?: ?**"??
William Peter?, 8818 BsStSS l'oa.1
BDOEWATER BOAD. w ?? ^".'.?n to Dante?
ehester ave, 25,100; ?JW "*5WoOO; tMWf
Hcl ata lue ?? p-*r bo**Mj .|n" - ? ?
ney, Jullua HeldermSB, 788 BItss ?* .
, ?RDHAM AVK. s , *J? ?* ?^to*??fi
rtsanls, ?OOiJOe; Islsiid .Rsalty ' ? .?J ?a"n
rrurt>nman, of New Tort, 'r. -? ?'??;? ?
yra: $2N,000; stterneys, Min??, '*?' '"?
n ? i mi Broadwsy.
Hl.?iiV ST. w s 238 f. ? ??f Hist &?*??":
IWbrVVvoMi^?ctron' Co t? ?tarsh?m ^v!&oon
Weil 113th ?.; Jan ::: I ri ? txr ; ' ? %
attorney, nil? Ousrsate? and Trust ?. n"
Broad ws
l-ll.r.iv avk. 1713. laxM; Tllll'^'l^r't'-r
to Adeline Cshn^SSSO Omnl ass ?peu? ?***i
:.an 8; B rrs. 8 pat peat: 12.380; attsfiey.
Harry Kabn, 4M BnM MPth at
PORE8T AVK n a cor Home ??. ?*?*;
1?l?;lrl. ti Mullor to Am-uste Harfet, -1 *?*?*"
ave um. r mtg 113.?. Ian l! -\ >??? ***"?
?ttorn? r, '? M Ber?bsrd. UO Brsadway.
HOtTOHTON AVK. n ?. ttA *??,.,*JJ^JUa
38x88; Kduard A D Bchlll ao* ano
,,. u,..;.i Krmm-?r, 1888 Virginia ?v':.-,^"-'r '
vr?. :.'? per reat; 12.300; attorney, IM- ?"'?r
,nd TroM Co. 17?1 l.roadws).
IIK.'.HKS AVH. i ?. 108 f? - "f l??h fj.22
s7 Cambrellena Avenue Hulidlng and ? enArae
tl n i- to Catharine K Webber et* niantes
n- i Wesl T2d ai; Isn 8; I vrs, 816000; sr
i.,. Uwyer Till? laaerancs aad mie ce.
l?o Broedwsj
IKNNINOB BT *?f,7 25x177? Irre?; Wn H
ron-ion to Manhattan Mortassv '" -,:,,n -: c1'"
bond; $4.600 addresa, 908 Hioartnai
i.i'i 881. map of Washlngtanvtli-?: Jolw f"n
lando to William W Petifteld: Nov I; - rr?. "
i.m >?-^?t address 788 EaM 8420 m
MARION WK .- ? 888 ft n of ln4ih .' BOj
lfi.i. John P Batrth to Mlltner Brothera ?lrr?. ?M
M. Corons, I-onx l?i?nd iprtor mtg W
???n: l?.-.- 27; due a? p? bond: 18,780; sttorneya,
ard .<? Mark 188 i:n?adna\
MARBLE HH.I. .WK, g e ?. st n e a 22-Vh
?si 117x83 Hnlson Terrsca Real?? Co to Amen
can Resl Estate Co, BJ7 Bth ?ne; .fan 2. B yrs,
cent; $126.000; attorney. Tin- Insurance
i o. 188 Rroadwaj
PARK AVB WEHT, ? s a. St s w ? I8|th ?t
50x100; John Carr to Aig-rn.n s Prlaaell. T w??i?
,;i it; De< 88; 2 vr?. 88,000; attorns] Title
i. c r. |8B Broadwai
rit-SI'K' T AVK R ? .or l?H?t ??. tOilOO:
Wirt h Realty ?nd rtonstryctlf*-* Cs to Anthony
I. Schiffer und ano. i?2 Grant a\-. Uraatwood,
N J: Jss 8; 1 vr?. $.io ??oil; attonieys, Th^aii *
1 i.'i '.'l'un ?t.
PEBRT AVE. w ?, ?2 f n of SOBtb ?t. 27?
117 Merrill Rmlth to TH!? OuarSBtee and TroM
r Jan 8: I" yr?. ?*>'- p-r eent; $4.750; addreaa,
TBI.LEB AVB v. -, 110 ft n of 18841) M, ?n i
ii?! Thomaa p Burke to Pbelsn Brea Constru?
1810 WebMer see; I* 28 'prior mtg
u.oooi due us p?r bond; |2B0; sttnrney, It n
! idWS]
\ AI.KNTINi: AVK. r ?, 78 ft B <?' W2d it. 2-'H'
'X IxKila Ostaa lo UduIss Adsml, 108
Pi Jan - 3 \-? $5.000; attoroe>,
I Smith William?.mi. 884 Mexio '? ? ?
WK.-vr? IICS'I Kl! AVE. tenu of Itr.unt see,
Hudson Terra? ? Refait) - ' ?A
M IJ Ml '-7 We.?i BSth at; .tan 8; ? ?
. $.1] ???' 1! II Stern. 14'.'
Broa i?a- |
.'. ttMHINOTON AVB. s e cm t 1841 M, 22x1
r - i- it\r.iii is WiHiiiu Mullir?n 16
i ?. i ksws) Psrk, Long Inland ;
mtg ?ii???-. Jan 2 u? m i??*r t. .nd. fS,
i?H>. attorney, William r Daly, ! Plae ?t.
1.1*41 il SI 85S RaM 85x108 RI ' kid P f? -
?.? ? i -, - | i? i 157 4
in ..-?
SAMK I'ROI'KRTT ?nme to Ouatav Lalchlnger
. ? : : ten '. ?rnt.
n eya, Amend * \ 110 Nai
? 184. map Morrlsanta,
81s10| , ? . ...,,. 28
w? ?? ii? ?? i . - dm isn -.?;. 1012; a i-ei
I7STH BT, s ? IT R s et Creetss s?s BOxtt;
I ? i Idler; du- Isn I, IP17;
?ve; I?-. 2 ||?>.i??i gtl
Wllltsn .... '
t ? *. ? \ i .
A\ km i |i 21 s w est H r.vino Jan
'- ,,?,", '"' ?ualin Pi??, her and
. I .... || v |
x? Lit?
Vi D 'RON AVK ? w cae IMth ?.llxSJ
Vi'.-.i I 1808 Charlea tA Urabam la I i i ? an :
? - 14.'-?? siiorneye, Uavti Hymme?
' Mil ?I
i>i:\ 25x80. A ? ?? \ '.-?
Ufe \t* it Bortet y
, I ... ...
\ Un 11 let I, ?-J C, lar ?t
/ .BETH -T IS2, lit tt n ,.f Spr |
Ko\ I?. ISOS Ann- ? ag ' I) lo
n '??' ation ' I'd ward s
I! ' !'
riRKKNV* I? Il HT ><I4. - ?
i t-:?.; r .?-n. e t, 11 art le] lo i stbetlne
?. stti > P II \\ lav. 271 Broad
Mt'DHON '?HI In ? ?
?.. i alle) v?7 to Mi?
,?'.x7o 2 to t ? * Ne? le 1811; Oreen?
? n ii Inveitli . i mea W Cru ?hank and
William i> Kllpeirtck; 82.6o0. Sttsrasya '
? ,
wii, PBOPKBTT; Ksi 99, 1811; aasss to
Mill. ?1 "?<?
I.ENOJt AVR I''"' laBxaBj tip? 27 1800; 'leo
M.i.i ;,i..t .m, lo Irving Bavtnga iii.tiiiit.i-.,
.... ,,,t. . Kranrti W lulu?. 80 fteat Brand
I i |.| f)W ST, tl", !'?' ft 'i "f Delaneei ?t. 23i
,? ,, ||( a isofi il- '.....n-1. ???? Philip Hold
,,.,,', $< 000 l?t ?' ?M I I'rl'-dni.in. 58 Lib
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MA< i-o .'.M. -r. w ?. rena ? 88.8a w -,- Ii
.... . .-.-> 11 m -.?:. 4 f? lo beg M-, it?.
1*07 |a? \ Moor? ?nd ?'"? lo North River I"
,i.m.. Co; $4,000; atty, > s | w Hstchtss, 88
mon m.
BAMB PHOPEBTV; Ns? 18, 1887; asssa to
? i ?job
- S1CIIOI.A? W'tX a e cor 186th at, 80.4x100
,-;,:,,, i -, i, | isio Peter "'"i Metis Bckhnff
i',, lohn'H Wildern $8.000; atty, \ D Paps, 88
i. ii..
?;ti, at, 7i? til??).
'"ni-sr'KM. AVK, ? ? .or fOUl M. 7o Is 100:
. ,v mi? :;i" Street >?> ?<> Alea it NI?ol
? . ,,, .?,... litfe. 105
.,,, ,%K .. - 70.?4 rtii of T2d ??. Slit**
? H.itw peb ?. l?oa: i'llor Rluinetikrphn and
1 1 Dagan; ?7.500; sltys. Uchnisn &
It ?::? Nsi I
.,,? property Joes M. 1888; Rstarcs J
1 ?|!1l'...'.Ve ?.?.I Sew,,"?,- S,.,M?.el. $30,
r.i.i .,it\ a, ? ?-"'? ;i* above
n. ,\ ,- m , .ni ft ? of 23d M, run? w ??*
I .-? . I6l . 7'? t? ? s of .Id axe x n 24
'.,r,,K Sie ? la?; Charles W siis
'" "^ L ?,?., o nrvenwlch ??avtn?-i Hank.
i ?ri'liil AfK* ? IIIMll ? .? tl tt-let MM Vu-a
j-jfl.ooo; attorney, Oeorgi ?. Da Witt. 88 N?<
"-'tVi n i- n ? tot si I48d at, 188 10x310;
,,',', s p.,', lulls M Ciirtlaa lo Bml?rsnt ln
llank; WO.?*?: sttorneya it *
ii,, (Vim an. Bl Chsmbsr? a?
'-in \vr BM 7:?.'. f a "i Mth M, Btsvm
Ort 34 ?il Henrietta r Burle, Ig k-t<
,,.., Reel?; "? *--.(>"".'-""? M-"k
m j . i? m iiroudaay.
?ni rr ? - 228 i.' -M *'" M***-*
mTv in asi Arnshl '"' ' '?"" 1,|,,""""l '"
i v. it,,,..-h. 15.0?; attorney, David
n l-ark Row
i.iM st ? i- 228 f ? ** "f ?*' '*'*'? ?aar;
. -? low Henri -1'"1 :v',,"r' vv ??"-S '"
\t.i-;.|lH?i $15.0110 Sttarosy, Irank
,,, m Psr* it"*'
.,, h xi ,, . 188 fl ?? et 8th sve, 2?'.'>o.
i.,, -a? issi Mlcbsel snd Johsnns ?onn?-li> <-t
?Mo i .,,. ;;.?i i.iduiir.i.1 Si.vn.xs Bank; feet?;
addre 1 51 Chambers ft
SAMK PBOPEBT1 Mi I ^%***? i?,",
Mt .11 UcbtenMeln t asnas: 83,888
5STH BT, s a mi ?? fl ? "f :VV.'T .v .V"
ion 1 ... ? 1 laai; ism? \ <?';', *"'" t.\ ??!
1.1 living Hsvlnga InaUttitton; ?li..vm:
kW)er? Title 111 -u ? mi. ?? hihi TntM
1 ? iso Braodwaj
7-.TH KT .V' West 18x188.2; July I-, 1881;
i and Helen M I'?11 ' ' N,w v'"1* l'lt*
... $28,000; sttorney, Heearj ? Bepset, 01
. M.
BIST BT -.i- I".????. ? ?? ?abJO.B; Ms; 16, 1005;
Per?! ind \niiH l'enin-r t.. Pssny llesne; I?..'??,
.... rni Moaa l Peiner, 88 Nssssa at
I08D BT ? ? 'H-'1 B ?? nt ?*?* ara, 87.0x1008:
lum i.-'. 1888; Hyman a?*B?M Afi?latela et al
t., Mari., 1. v'snderpoel; 888,00e; sttsrasye, Mm
a.- .?Ian, 88 ?Vail M
1 :... il 1 sr. n n, 188 ft ?? or '''n0't ,av". ?hsmilS
1008; Joseph R'hltmor? to Abrsbam lam
uela; I7.0UO; stttNOsya Kaatrvwlts &. Hiera,
220 Baeadwsy. , ,,....
TUP l?K'>Nv
BBOAOWAT, ? ? ?*or Kalrvlew i.vr T4.fal00.8
XH? loxloo.8 ?>ei 22. I???; ''.?tl'-rln- ?? Mlddleton
tu Amerlrsr Mortgage ?'". ?H.IW?>. atto.-asys,
Uswera fl Isada "il Na??*au ?t.
CUNTOM xVK w ?, 88 It 9 ?f <':?klan?l I'la? ?.
23x100; June lit. itii?; John and .\u?u?ta WelgM
to Irvlnx SavInK? liinllt J'.ioti : 13.280; ultoniuyi?,
i>. . .x Baosrderf, 111 Broadway.
CROT?N ? I-I.M'K. s '? 999 l<? ft a of n.'.tli M,
2,'cxloo April 2. 10o:i; Charlea W lier? .;> Jamen
i.i.u??n, ?2,o??, attorneys, Dlsoa & liuim?-?, s?
Ubert] ?t.
CROTONA AVB ?? I Hi? " a "f ,7-',h "?? 26?
12". De? il IWN-,- .Inlin Rohlnr-nn and wife 1,1
in . ??muante, & Tin?? ?'"? ?*?*>?' addieas, 170
? ? o 1: i i.v:Mu \ 1 k. ? ? '-'.. ft 11 c from ? w
. or 2.'>.'id m niss of Melro****. ?>d"S pan nald lot.
;:i,.xi<i<i 11 i., iBOB i?.h" and Marj Machoi
t.. nu Mi- - 0 ?ttorney, fcimiie
. i.j
? i:K PON \\ 1 u 173 fl ? of l-'i'id pi
^>x;l?*. Mspt 18, uflOi Mslerlcb *n<J Bmili; CotU
I to Tlenjamlti ,\?>*rt; ?4,000; ?Morn*?-. Kdw Merr
rnann. _?l Broadway.
DECATUB AVK. e *. 10<? ft r of Ir-ih ??.
?*0.8al?8tV__l._tlO0; May 22. 1808: Mauri, e and
!.*n? Ahl to Sue Van Riper; $2.?V*<?.
KI?<;kwatkh ROAD, ?* ?. ?til {t n ?f
WeatcbetMer ave, BalOOj Jona - \?*r>. Annie
? nd .lohn M?sOovern to Tho? w Botta truatee;
84 004?; attorney, T W Bints, ?l ?'haniher? at.
JENNlMOS ST. 10?.!, n s. _,xl7."..7x_r.?l77.
?>??? ?I. 11?-; .lohn II Con.'oii to Frieda Krey:
"_v**80; tiddress. i? Lafajratt? pi.
DOTS 2.V> to BBJL amended map 1,181 of A.lee
Park; .inn- ik. ISSS: stern-Wolf i.e?ltv ?'" ??
Em?jr A Hall: M.09S; adorne). Krank N ??love.i,
\ii versea, K v.
I'ITS BSJ to 241, same m?p; same to same;
ft: ?K?.
I'IT lit, block 4. BBSS 11.087? Trenton? Ter?
race; June lf>. 11107. Delphi? P.auvtn ?? !? rank **?
Heavi?. 18-8; attorney, P li A?tr?. U-> Broad
?l H\
lot loi mai? Be?-l?a a. Vyra estate-. Mar 4,
It-?; William C White to AI.,nzo .I??-k???n; 81.
808; attorney, s nikcr. jr. 4<i ?>d?r at.
DOT 101. same map *n'i _-*e; ??.me to sain*:
? 1 "?IK?.
I-?T 4.1. map n*0. village of South Mount
Vernon: Sept ?>. ISIO; ?'attutrltie A Ponoho* to
Pouth Brooklyn Savings sad Loan Aaaaelatlon;
82.700 attorney, Janes ll strain, BBS .'?in _?.e.
Bra iklyn.
MARMION AVK, n w ?-or IfJBttl Bt f?7 4 ?..'<?*<
80.1x00; M.?\ 28, tail: Thorna? ?' nn.1 Sarah A
Unk to Pto?pe,t ln?c?tltig ?..; ?:.?,??<>?>. attorney.
Stephen \V I'ollln?. ?? Wall it.
SAMK PROPERTT: Ma? 14. ItIO; ?am? to
Joeeph Roaahoa; ?'-.".??'?. attorne?, K I, Harnard.
?-'71 Broadway.
MARBDB mi.I. AVK. n e car 22:>ih st. H7x
80aP8sSS.ll: Mav 2."?. lOtO; Hii'lson T*rra? *
Reell) Co to American Real Batata Co; Biet,
?oo; attorney, i C Meyer, .'.27 Btit av-.
SAMK pROPERTI Mt? SB? 1910; aaaaa to
same I'JO.iMHi; ,11 torn-? a? above.
MARION AVB n ? "" ISSth at, BT.4sUS.ls
!?lxll!?.!t. Thomas C Msk to Ann?' B Carroll, in
dividtiall?. and tut truetee, rt al ?n?l 7'honi-?
.nul Bella hc,.t\, aatlaSed of r***-f- wlttM**? pro
duetto? of mi?, in T'lir of Bvpreme Court;
tln.liOO; attorn*??. Merrill _ Hogcts, 138 ?road
MAPES AVE, " ?". rar t,f Wh at, B0_""7.f:
!>-.- 14. IS0B; Toimuasa an.l Italia <;i.ir?lano to
Brau Borough Hank. ?20.0(10; attorney. ? liarl.-i
P Hall.i'k. !?<il? KH.?t lXdth st.
MARMION AVE, ?? a MM ft s of 170th at, 8Sa
88.8; Bert IS, lisM; charlas and Meta J Hlorke
glen to Kotiert I, Ireland, truete?. ?4,<X>?; utn.r
ne?. Title ??uaranl?'.- im?i Tni.t i ". 17?! Broad
OAK TREB ri. SU, laSslU; Mai '-*- .St*;
Joaepa an?i m??ii?.-;i [Hetiieh to Ramoel otaru
???. k .tnd ano. fi'.OOn. attorney, s N Tu? kman.
._.? Bn adwa)
RIVERDALE AVB a w ear of nt?er *t. runs
. 1l?lx ?v ll-rx m Vix v. 2111 lo land form.-?I? of
iam?s I. Walla x n 2?.2x e 2W to beginning.
.Ian I. lf?0S, lena ?ilniH R?ron to l|?.tirv Krot
?er; 11000; attonteya, Pat*? a Keller 2JW?
VALENTINE AVK. c s 7* fl n ?.f l??2d s?.
2S_M.la_}. lx?M,3; March 'tl t!*'?.. Maitha F
S? hnrer to I?11 Ik ?Jal?*; 81.000; attoni-y. I 'on*
Ihk MalhewK.iii1, _?W, Mroailvti?.
WOODRL'Pr wi' ?1 e cet ol Proape? ? at ?'?"?
IO4.4*-aO_l00; tul? 2, 11403; Hildget and .lohn
to .1 M Denlcke; 90,100; attorney, Stephen
Wray, i!?'??". Boatofl r_
WE8TCHBBTBR ayk. ? - ?. ?.?<??, pi Raw ?.r
Soothers Boulevard, nina s e ?mi 7x ? w 2_3.7a1
n w 7<?fl'.?x ? .? to Wrat-heater ave x n ;17 ?
?o beginning; Jan .??. 1 no.-.: American Real
l)?tat<- ?'.. to \. ?.-burgh Saving? Hank f'-'.-to.?'
attorn*). Title tiuarante.? and Treat ?'?). 17?
WILLARD *VR "lo? Xfltth sn. 200 ft e of a?l
?t ?Kefler H?ri, B-llOS; ? ?. t 14. |SQS <','org?. W
and Joaephlne ?SdmondaoB t,, n-nr-. Selb l^.tiO??,
attorney. Smith William**?, .toi Ateaan-ttkr aw
HTH ST mo?? Kill. av*?. ? ?, at divldlt.g line
b"tween I?3?? n..| 3tQ ?map Lit, I ?Import?, *<- ft
from w k fa?t|p lim a?-. _.-.?to? I'.t, 21. IWI1,
Amelia 11 l'air t.. t).?ra i, Bnwtber; ??"???" ?'"t?)?
ney, Prank t?ooa, w*m fhester.
IS8D ST, 024 _B?t, lABxiu.K?; Mar 22. if????;
Helen M i'aae to Roben 11 Bergman; **. ??<?' ad
?HI :?.| ,l?e.
IS7TH ST. ? . ,-r Slniptv.n IfOrtnerli K?>x) st,
2.". I?;.?<?. .hue -.'. 11)11; iiattl? l-Vkelmann to
Michael Mechan et al; "-.??Oft: attorney. Hugo S
Mark, 7 lleekinan ?t
I7BTH BT, ? ?. ?; 3 f: e of iresthn a?e. .?\Ml
1 I, IttUS: Prand? Kre? to Kllzabeth Stein
mull? 1. t'l.nn: ?ddreM, I.M1 8d u -
l7i?Tll BT, ? ?? IT.8 f? ?? of ?',.-??..1 a?*, ?*a?)x
h<> I ?>t 1. I'.hjv Prancii and Kmma i're? ???
Km.-sl <; and ?larha,-? Idler; 14.'?????, ,-it;?'rn?->.
.-.".ik.-.- A BttHnmuller, 1811 ''?! s??
23BTH ST, . .1 ?Marble RUI ?. re, mtg on flxt
'ii.? ..- 1: s,. \|,n? li. 1011; Hudson Terra-? < .?
to iii.i?."n Mantel and M ?*o; *i -"-?>
anee Co, 188 B adwa?;
j Dora t.. Marl* a kn*r"i, 11,400.
Mini ...... ? ? David J Kaltakl; *4 8S8
I.. 1. ? t. M ?'"? le V\ m K A Kurt;
?,]? ....
Marge) PHedner t-> Kmma Placher; |2.<>00
Wm v f 1 ?a 1 ?--. ear i.? Paul Arnheiter ?1S.OO0
? . r'li/ettnti i.-l? nt of In
a St?e of Ne? Tork. to Julia A ii?'?,ft
Mil ? ??? 1 1.*u?- 10 ,t.,iiu .1 Rubel; 83.0?8.
Ina Roehm to Moriis Benjamin; tl.
Samuel 11 Plnh ta f Wm Heida and ano;
14. ?1
iloorge p M..n?r to ?'?iTii.-iia A Kennedy, tina
. '' ?? n .1 "\r*. to I.i,i?i?.a lira in,
II.'. .-??
. util? P H?r.'ti to Wm K Sullivan. $l?iO
ph Itoaenfeld to w m Boeenfold et ai.
. 4 ?i
n??i,t ? Prank ? M.r M M?.?. M..V
|-iaii-'i? .1 Welton t?, 1:il - M Welt?; $?""
Central Mortgage Co IO Title ??u.?tutee an?l
Ttnst ? ? 14,.-.<?>
Kmii it wi?! to Title Hrnuraatae << Tr_S <'??.
t.-, .4?.
.i.hn h Paradle? ??? lohn 1'rar.gj-. |i .???
11 ? triar sa?ing? Institution b ?:en-rii"u.? if
Sjie-r ?'.'l ?mi
Ijini'--- .. Mi|.- ta M.r? ?, IlOWell I4.f?i
.:.ihla Trust f*o t.. i':t> ln?-ir.?r, .? ?'.. ||00
: Stem t" Harr? Samuel . *'_'i??i
ii.-idirg ?'?. ?.. l'do M Kielachmann:
1 ??ophlo (kaodmsn:
Albert Ah? in 1 FAerar 1 1? 1 kie ?i.^?.
fat-ie t?.. 1 ! to Mad n O? IJ..1 <?<*
Luc) r Hell ?nd ?no, ? \. Hors.' to Harsh A
\\rl??,' ?'.'.Va.
1 ..r ? , I N? 1 l'Fon ?nd
an< 8.1 ?"??
.;?...,.?.? \t tnet and ana, eaeeut?ra lo Mai
g?r. , 1 . ?
'?!?? M'-tiri-, ? t.. ?i??.-? ? 1 IfiMoughnej
?7 M*'
-.a* . ?1?V)
R'llllam W ??? nr. 11 r, Natha;., t paekaitl and
1 '
Il la. k-.." ? -
Mape? ? ?M ? ? ? 1? wall ?7 780
1 ni. Du iranl? ?? ai 1 Tni? ???. 10 0?*-raa ll
Allen; ||8 "?>>
Same 1.? Willie \v Wilmol *? flOf?
Sam? lo Harr) _ Oppenheim I ? 1
Title Inauran?*? r*o of Net? v.?rk :.> Rila P
Scott. fj ?>?.
Kama to Neu \.-.ru Uta Ineurance ?'o,
fin. ??.?
BROADWAY 7??i tad IBS; thraham Batner
aet titolph and Rudolph H???k- ritt, owner? \\. ?t
1 tlon ? '?'. . .in'ra. '??! I -
1421? BT M7 We.t. Bhollenberger x t'o .igt
Wim on l'amble, owner. Roth CoiMtrui-tton Co,
...i.tr.. fl?l ".?I- 1?
2IST ST, 4<i Waal tmerl an Radlatoi Co .???
? I, , '.? is Rhlnetander ami William V R Kip
? ? -? Petdnian Heatlna To, rontrartor: 8183 80
BROADWAY, n 1 _ t.? mi?;. i?-i _a?er agt
RroadwB) 11 1 BBth Streed ? .?. owner?; Prederl??
\ . . , ? ola, .-..tiirii, tor; |1,184 81.
I'l.N'KIII ItSI' AVK n ?. ??lime dont between
I7i??h and 180th ata 2?'"<i"?? Mendel Sfrn agt
iti.irir??- Reell) tit'.1 ? '??ietrui-ili.it 1 "o, owner
m 1: Rountree, ..-?.,., ?n.i no trac tor; 122." i?t
l'ROTONA tVR b e cot Ha??m at. 72.10i?4i? 2.
Dellala .?. Co ng? Sns- Cal Realt) and 1 04 1
tion ? '?? "?? ner and - ontrai i?.i . 8_?
l;l\ KRS1DB DRIVE; n t .-..r t?4lh at, 71x1*1' !'x
m a ?il tiiii't B Thlbeut, Iti--. ag? Welfare
"t?, alt) and ('?_i?tru?rtl?*n Co, ?.?ner. Uraude
p ; . ( 'o. .'.intni.'loi $2."? II.
?mil BT 171 BBat; ftUdMen Rull?lai Ce ?gt
Malle) I'eabod; Boach, ownci t?>??i ?wnlraetor;
11,888 l".
M< )lt.M\?;st|)F, I ?It IV H.. ? ?v or l'JI?t st.
1 ina '?7 QarrletiM ''" ??K? Steveeaon l'on?
?1 uetlon ???. .1 .1 Bopi II. n>i 1 ; $.-.i 117 10
.. wii: PROPERTT; Atlantic Terra ?'???ta
?'o jg? ?am. ; Sepl I, 1811 , $7.".o
SAMK PROPERTT; Deeld Mlllei ?'? agt
aame; sept 2. IS11, si??.T???>
SAMK PROPERTT; Tuet Ce ss< ??????".
Set,, ?:. lin . ?*?:t.-..
sv.mi: i?i? ipERTl tiriuiiii w Ketchara agi
asme: Sept 7. ISII ; M.703 IKI
SAME PROPERTY; Standard Areh Co hk?
aim s. m ? ISll $r. ;\:. on
SAME PROPERTY; Joaeph Tim a Ce .'<?
?ame; Sept ... IS11 ???'.*??; 11
IA ME PROPERTY; Tray Muni Lath <'?.
?igt me; B? pi 2, mil ; I??????
BAMS. PROPERTY] I'nlted Ststea Dyne.
.?i. ?gt . !? 11 ion. "-.sol -???.
SAME PROPERTY; Patrick O'Rourke ni;?
?am? . < "i 11 1*811 121 800,
SAME PROPERTY; Candes Smith a- How*
lend ?" as? ram?; : ?pi I, 1011; IT, i .1 ..1
I7TII ST. '.'.?I ?111.1 ?.-j.: W.st. Hull, Ol
,t- ? .. sal Monahaa i:?.i>ri?a Co, Besllj 1 ???
partm? a?, et at: Jan :: 1012 J.no I
IS4TH si'. ., Bast; William Rabin ;tj.t s..
phl* Knepper ?I al; Ocl 2.^. mu tcanc?lladj
I.?4TII BT. MS Kas?; ?ieorg. ??..Iilli.ijr agi
On? iiun.iteii .111.1 Thirty fourth street to t
?,i. ? 1.1 sa ISll (eaaeetled); $141 us
M \ Ml AIT AN.
10STH ST ? ?. IOS f? ? ?f l?t av.?; I ?ty
Stable 28alol.8; .lohn f?llen, ::?7 *8as1 I?i7t?i
?t owner; M W i>?i ?liiu.ii... ml i;Ust 1,,
in?.nt ;????, u.?l't??ct; %:,,IHH).
THE liiU?\'\'
llDI.I.AN'D AVK. ?? ?, ,'?:..72 ft li of 211??,
st; 2 ko i??- atare aid dwg, !_*_iS; Krank
Belottl ISS H??!? a\e. .i??nei-. William K
Merer, ISffl Cartra a?^. ?rahltact; |4,ssa
iiitiM'i?: .wi'. n a . "?? IBM st; I sty i.rk
warehouse, 78?00.88; 11 .1 Helnti <?.. ?-?:.?i \\ e?t
?i ownera; WellM .?:. a.Iwlllie, ::??t 4th ave.
....-lieets: M?.000. ?
ARTHtTR wi'. m ?, IS.8 fi a ef is7tb st;
2 ?i? brk atable, BOsll3; Anthony Ca?ero,
3280 Isi Btre, owner; Il W !???! <?un.li... lui
Tremont ?v.-. ur.hit,.? t ; is,?????
i | DI.OW ?VV?Ei m ?, IS1.1 f? ?? ?>f Delante?
?.i ';; si? icnmi; Ho?? ,1a? k-.??n 81 ?-7i?i '?
?i ' owner I??mmerfeld .??? Stecklei ;i L'nion
bite? i*. ????.000.
,u \\K n a ' -'i ' IM ?' I .i * all hrh
ito.t, Sl.f3slSS.sSi Ki*n?.is Beters, Nee? Ro
ehelte. N Y. owner; Albert g D?via, 258 Kaat
l.'ISth ?t. arrhliert: 1*0.008,
DCVOI AVF;, 0J S, ?-M. Rw of Walker ave;
2 ai y hrk ire ??nrago. 41 *x.*??.; <'oniunieri' Ir?
?'o, on premise?. SWBer; Frank Wennemer,
21.16 Honeywell av. srchtftt; $mx).
HOt'BTON BT, 128 WeM; Bernardo Seinenaa
igt Ague? T .Madden et a! iforeclo?ure of mtg?;
attorney?. Barne?t * Jahlow.
PINK *T. 27 and 2t>; L'nHsd State? Realty and
Improvement Co axt Th? Twenty ?even and
Twenty nine Pine Btreet Co et al ?foivcloaure ??f
miio: attorney. I* ?j Halcbaue.
?.VI'M ST, n ?. 175 ft e of 2d ave. 37 ?,1.100.*;
Katharine M Bisas e? si ait' Lodtaa & Romm
Realty ?*o el al (f'?iei!o?ure of nugi; attorney,
t; B 'winthrop.
IHYTH ST, n a. 238 ft e of 2d ave, .T7.exl00.8;
Ctty ?teal festste < o mit Lsdlna a Romm Keaity
?'o et al iforerloeiii? of r.itf); attorney I ; Il
' AMHHHI.I.KM! V\K. n , n- e,r ?*.?*.? et, I25x
188; Walhnrga i" M?'wi nie charte? a Mentel ?t
al ?action t?i recover ?lower, et. i; attorney, Il tl
?*OX?v?Rl> AVK? 883; John Kndlleh agi KBts
Montagu? et al ?ioi.-.J. aure ?f mtgl; atlorne}.
Il U Kudllch
8BTH !4T. 44 Kaat; ?-)ia,!e? ,\ Uotmt et ?I ?Kt
CSrolyn T Kelaej at al ?f.ire.-i.ianr? of mtg); at
t.'iiiev?. Kearn. & Dtcdlnsoa.
' "i RTUANDT AVK, - b ">r af lu* et JA ?
188; siow.n M Ooldamlth egt simon t hlf?M<# et
al ifore, |o?tire if rn;s>; attom?-}?. Newmss *
1IWTII ST. n t. 100 ft e of lit ave. 37.lxlOO.ll;
William t. ?'aim aft .luit i? Merlin, r e? al ?fore
eloenre ..f nitgi, altorn- j ?. LevSMrttt, < c?jk *?
?T:\TltAI, IAIIK WERT, 471; Klwin C
Cl iiinhorlln axt Sdiia M Warner ifore |.,?ure 0f
m ta); attorneys, w b a c p ?iiamberiin.
JANBBN AVR, ? w ,-or of 22Mh ?t. s;..*,*."?! t;
Thotna? l-V<- afir Margaret M Merrill et al (for*
etosure of mtg); attorney?, Pettretch * teyeel.
I30TH ST, .",- VV.,1 l'obert Hahne e? al agt
Alli-it K llen?clie| e; al IforeclOBUra of ISt8'?
attorney, Il Sivaln.
7TH avi:. n a see of i4i?? ?t. 80,11x180;
KnMan ? vn?trm tl?i ?;u aRt Motiatou Realty In
veatlns Co et al fAirrclosure of mis?; ni'orney?.
Weschler A Rotheahltd.
TOWKB ?m,, n ?. !?,.?> ft e of Wsfestsr ?m?
2H 11xl?e., Bernard 1 Ruad agt Abraham I. Prsy
ei al tforeclosur? <?f mtg): attorney, w i: Basa
io.il> st. ii a, MB rt - of 3d ave, 87.8x188.11:
'?itlieii?' Sa.lnx? ?ink art .lultu? Weinstein et
ni iforreioBiiro i.f mt|<); attorneys, Ptrasos >\
I48D ST, 1<*> Was?; Julius cdemm agt t?>?<-r?h
'?oldlnic i'r-alty ,-0 .t al c foreclosure of mtf).
attoi-ney. I l'ohen
?TIf ST, 222 Bast; Metropolitan Saving? Hank
??r* i'hilip Woifiran i?t ai (foreclosure of t?o
tntgS); attorney?. A S fl W ltiitrMn?
WABHtNOTON AVB, w ?. 80 ft a of 171?t a*.
17.8x100; IVi.llinui.i -; Kn?c-r agt Charle? .1 g
Boehm >t a I tforerlosure of intgi, att??rnr->. K
.'".Til SI, ? t.. inrt,? f; ,. ?f 8th av. 10? Sx
88.8; Florence Colemsn loans Uullding an?l
I . ? ? rlnx ??? $220,000
HOITOHTOX AVK. n a. 2-';?.4 ft w or Have
meyer ave. ?18.4x883; Arnold K-m;ier l?>an?
Ed? A Schill and ?"Inri-.? Brohmcr $2 .".0<J.
Broadway Takes Over the Savoy
?No Change in Policy.
The Broadway Truel ?'ompanv, eoatrad of \
which was acquired lest ??-ok by interest?
Identified with tlie Irving National Kx? j
change Hank, will m? rg?- with th?? Savoy
Ttimt Coropeny.
The plans Of ?he mattet wer?' af"roo,l on
last nlirht at a im-otln?-. of the directora of
?h,- two companies,
XeRotlntlon? for taking over thr Savoy
Trust Company by the Broadway company
Iihv.- lip?n under waj for some time. At
llt-?t It was propooad to amalgam?t* the
two Institution-, and ?-ontinue the Savoy at?
a brandi of the larger company, but this
r?an area abandoned. George C. Van Tt.yi.
Jr., State Superintendent of Hunk-?, boa
given bis approval to tha proposition.
The Savoy Trust foinpanv, at No. D20
Broadway, began busJneea in 19*1-;. it is
capitalised |l BM.888. Kmanuel fjeril,
president <.f the company, In also a ?lirector
ff th<- Broadsray Trust Company. Th?
Hron?iway Trust Company waa organlasd
In IM with n capital -took ?if INM08,
srhlcb i? now to be tncreaeod to $i.MO,?W
lt^ .!?-1????-11-i amount to dbOUl IM88.0I0, and
It has a surplus ami lindlvtded profits of
1 - ' The oftli-<-s of the c onipany are at
Nu. TM Broadway i-'.-.-d?ri?-k <;. i.ee i?
president a number <-f merchant.? and
t.ank.-rs will be add .1 to the dl-cctorate at
tin- annual m.'otiriK on January 12. Mr Lee
j-.ii.i last night thai aft-?r Pebruan I all
? . usin?es <.f the Savoy Trust ?Company
srould ho transacted at the offtcea of lite
Broadway Trust (Company Ther,- win he
no change in the poli? y of the iatt?r cum
? a Mud_
i Son Helps May Whittemore to
Capture Errant Husband.
(land- W Walter-, a travelling sales?
man, "n- arrested In Bronavllle yesterday
?m a cnarg? 01 abandonment
Walt? rs -in Oetober, IMi She
?,is t: : ., aoprano ?ti Lillian RuaeeU'a
rompeny, snd ???> known on th, staK?* as
May wtiitt.?mi i ? A? "ti" tiiii" .-h" aang In
the choir of it Stephen's Church, N'-w
fork Since he went away >ii<- ha-- been
living wltb her mother si No US South
Kleventh avenue, Mount V-r
Kothlng ara? heard from Walters until
last spring, u h?-ti he sent a letter f?i h|a
von. now a t;ft* ?<,n-\ ?.ii -old ttudent In the
Mount Vernon ihl:!' School. Thlslettei ?a
shown t" Detective Bllverstein, and a bench
warrant for Walters'? arrest aras Issued
last Mar. h, ifter he it.?-! been Indicted for
abandonment bj .1 Weatchester gran.l Jury.
Bliversteia instructed tba Walters boy t<>
anawer hi*1 ratlter's lettst and told dm
srhat t" ?ay, A eorresp?9nden?Ba between
f.itii. and -on led to tin- malting <?f an
appointment .it eMcb Waltera "as ar
Values Diamonds at $2.500, and Hus?
band Will Pay for Recovery.
,\ iiin?is'>tiii> reward await? the person
who win r?-tiirn a diamond necklace Mra,
John J. Reifler, "f No, v<o \v<?t 4:>th
street tool ??n New v?:ir-?. No qnsetlona
will be Bsked
Aecompenled i?> her husband, lint
iti-iti?*! took part in .1 N?-w Yriir's celebra
tion in n restaurant al Broadaray and 4">th
Street When they ?ami* ??'.it Mrs. Keltler
mleanii her diamond necklace, which sh
relues at 13,500. A hurried ssarcb waa
m o?,-, bul ti?? trace of it could be found.
The lease 'v;>!* reportad to t>..- police of
?ho West tTtli str?-?-t station, and detectives
arara aeked i" tin?t it. They have i?*."n un
aiiii- to gel an\ dew ?is to its whereabouta
Mr. Retfler, who la a "hoea bsrber." said
last nt8,ht ?hn? in- sraa ntlsfled the neck?
lace wea -toi'-n H' leltl he atai anxhraa
t,, get it hack.
; ["loin 'Pi.? Ti 11 uns Bei ?
Washington. January 3.
ORDERS ISSUES), -Tha following orders
iiuv- 1.n heued:
A Rail
11,,. teUnWlns ?Iihuk?-? In a??Hfnni?*iit? of ?>f
.1 tlll.-i \ onic i'l 1 ii- ' Use
ioiimiii inii.N i- i\i-ii'ii.t.K. .11 kSMiBned 1
>iKti, .1 -o ii'uii 1 onvpany, vie? 1 ii-i Ueutea
HCNRl T HI'lt'ilN. to i;n.i>?l!.-i,c d liM
Plrsl tlauteeani AKTlll'H T hai.'I'on. ?XI
Infantry, '?' ''''.as?*. f'>r s??ainlnstlon fur rs
follow ItiK ,-liaimes In :i?-ii{nir..-nt? of . li,i|il?li,?
?t ,.,a-i artlll rv ci.l.i>|: \V M.I Kl: M \ t{ ?
mm: iiiini i-'?-it i'i-iia ?o Por? M???; J"
1,1 \s 1: IfATBS, from Port ?lowsrd to Port
Hancock; IVORT H B, HVAJiLATt. tree?
1 .,it Hsn?*oek o? i-'"n Hswsrd.
Leave of sbsen??: l?'iri*t Ueutenam r,tr?>R??!: it
i-i:i-:k. eoast artillery, thrsa assams
in" in?; BBOvenaenta ??f vseesla have been n
peftoS'te th?- Navy Dcpattiii'-nt :
U?.- BA??Tha Stritnliam and th- iiaman. at Nor?
Jan. 2 The V.-imunt and the North Iiukota. at
Tompklnisvllla; the Monsaaan, *< Koaiun; the
Tunopsb, .u in-. > yar?. New York; tin- Mem
HanipBblre, . 1 Norfolk: tiir- Hector, ;he M?r?
m .1 th,- Null ni, ut Ousstsnasao; tas in
ti>-plU, ut V.-iba. Itn, ::u.
.U11. '.' Tba Minnesota, tha Idaho, the Missouri
ano nu- nhio, from Philadelphia .'?1 Ouanta
rutiio. the Bhode Isluod, fro? lluinpton
iioud? for Qsaatasaaao; Um Pstapeco, from
PortsmrMith, \ 11 , f,r Uuantanamo; ?he
\.?munt and m. Nortti Dakota, f'-'i" BStfJ
>.nd, Ne? Votk. fot Tjiin'kln*vlll'-; ?h?
Honssbsn, from Newport lar n??s?<ni; ?he
Tsoopsb, from Hi.i,ok,-. ?oi navj yard, N
\.?iU. the Prslrte, '10m ?'harleaton for
Itsatpton Rosda; th?- Albanr, from Rbsngbal
r.?r Nsnklnt; tiio clnrlnnstl. from ihanahti
lor r-h'-foo. ih. \ I, k-t'iir?, from Mar? I-lnni
i'?r San Olelifo: tdr Intrepid, from Mar,. I !?
?od for Vori* R?en?; ?n? Petrel, 'i??m ?as
Oilcan* tur Tuerto BsnctM
0. 0. Symons's Picture Takes
Medal and $1,000.
The jury In the award of ?he National
Am ?"Itih sold medal, for the most mer?
itorious painting In the special prise ex?
hibition, opening last night, swarded ths
modal yesterday to George Gardner 8>
nions, of the ?dub's art committee, for hta
picture ?ntitled "Th?> Sun's Glow and
Rising Moon." With tin medal went a
pri?e-Of ti,?*?, given by a member of the
club, the picture thereby becoming th?
property of the club.
There are sixty-nine entries in the exhi?
bition, all the work of the artist mem era
of the club, ?o whom the exhibition V.H-.
limited. At the format opening last night
the following reception committee m? ?t? i
guest? In the ?alk-rles of the club building,
No. 119 East nth street: John ?',. Altai,
president; Richard T. Wellin?, treasurer,
William T Bvana and A. Augustos Heal y,
_vl?-e-presl?l.nts: Kmorson M"Mllltn. Alos
andor K??nt.i. and Itlrge MairUoii. George
?lanln.-r Symona, Prenda ?'. .lon.-s, ?'?orge
T. Brewater and i\ s. Lamb, of the art
The Jtnlged who awarded th?? prize In the
afternoon were John W. Alexund.'i-, prest
?lciit of the National Academy of I)e*lKa;
Ivluln H. BiaahiUld. presMset of ?In- Na?
ti.ma! So.-ioty ?f Mural Painters, and Will?
iam T Bvana, Francis ?' Jones. Qepfgl T.
Brewater, I". S. Lamb and John Nilaea
Laurvik, of the art committee. The exhi?
bition will continue until January 'Jv
A. H. Spencer, Who Suggested Its Ap?
pointment, Chosen Chairman.
The Parks Advisory ?'ommlttee. recently
appointed by Mayor Gaymir to sdvl-e lira
and the J'ark ?ommissloners in the de.
relopment of the park system, met for
organization in the Mayor's offloe at the
City Hall vesu-rdny. Alexander H. Spenaei,
of the i'ity Club, wh?? suggested the an
pointment of such a citizens' cowmittes,
was ch'1-..-ii chairman.
Atnonir the othsr members of the com?
mittee are Dr. N. L Hrit*or( director of
the New York Botanical Gatden, Dr WIM
lam T. Hornaday. .lire.?tor of the New
York Zoological Society, and George T.
Powell, president of the New York Hoitl
cultural Society.
In Real Estate ownership
Is made absolute by In?
suring the Title with this
CAPITAL - - 84.000,000
SURPLUS - - 6,800,000
160 Broader??/, ?w York.
1RS Sfontaaae Street, Brook It?.
875 Fulton Street, Jamaica.
A Certificate of Appraisal
issued under the seal of the
Board of Brokers of the City of
New York is vested with an
authority that makes it inval?
uable to executors, trustees,
institutions and lenders on
Bond and Mortgage.
Real Estate Board of Brokers,
Geo. R. Read & Co.
20 Nassau St. 3 East 33th St.
r-'?\?t?l exceptional New York City lir,pro-..d
rpnl estatp projin.itmus that offer handsome r- ?
torna on .our Is vast mat Full detalla on appll
r retTk Zittel & Sons,
I'.r. ,,tec n at 'Dili S|.
ment prciy.-rtie? slons present ?ubwar ?hei
cas t' L.i'icht at reaaonable Hji?ire-? <\ill mil
Invertlgaf. t CLARBXCE DA VIM, l?6th
??:^?t and Third avi_
IM \l?*?t llth ??tree? .i-id LIS Broad wav
Have ?e\eral large plota for eele. aultab:? for
? ? a fn.-iorv or srsrehovsSft
Price?. Sl.ViKM) Per lx>t.
loft building for srell lo.ate.1 lots, SW.-JOO:
In v.^^- ? ids spartmsM bonae, tt
liaiiic* for property with some cash. POHTI'R
i ' ' ? im w ijath *t
No. 0 T'lne street. Fifth av.mi., et rn?r 4M i
?'.,-.?? Esteta Managed. Mortgage- invest?
ments, careful Appraisements of R??attv Exs
_ _
l-KKM K FOX a, in,
(U'pixneo Btii.DiNa hrokfi -
MalS off-*,.. 14 West 4<>th it . npr PunMe
Mrancli ..file, 7'.?;; Braadwsr, oi'p.
now ready.
hv Reginald Pelham Rnlton Postpaid. t-2 re?.
The IV Yinne Press, No. MM i -f.i-.--e it N f
ALL kinds properties, sale, eirhange. lens.. In?
sure, dealt with, ?'all, v rite wan?i and off?i-a.
OYR1LLB CARREAt*. Aeen?. 7tX??*th Ave (tfth)
? ns?. hoasss in ? ?laasv neighborhood.
T:>ke Brighton I." to Kings llghway. prop?
erty, Ocean Parkwa\ ?m,t Ave, cj
lltUStsd In a rc?ic|enttal park. In tho
mountains, seor two beautiful lakes:
actual water rights; .?m ?-nient to
Il .t of I?. I., a ?A". R. R , l*?*?e than
un.- hour from Hroadwav, N f,
Honoa i? sen attra.-ti.r ijr built on
.<ii.--h.ilf uete et ?haded land, hs? 10
rooma filed bath and large rSfSJlda
iii modern eeavsnleaess, h?r jnci.oit
water, atoas? beet, etc.; hardwood
trim und psrqiMl floora. ?'an be j.?n
1 v appotntmeBl Write for euta ?nd
plana Addi p??i
OWNER, r. O. Bo* T44. X. V. Pity
Ken Noil., on 1.a. kawar.na Flftv ilous??, all
bu? t?<> non occupied; flft'--n under conal
non. Write, phone at ?ail, ROCHE, CBAM
& WILEY, N?i i.i" Irssdway.________
roR bale oaaiNixa ideal il'Bi?kba?
home? In? loeatlrn ?rand irisara Apply '??
?,li?'S I.I-: \lt i'. <?<iuniM. N V.
WOOLW?RTH l-ftl.PlNO Moot iiiajcnin,-ent
building In the wnrM, now being ei ?".????
on Broadway, be?. Park ?'la.-* and Barrier
suet. For pinas, lio..!?i.-t?. ? ??? , apply i"
\S \ltl> J HtiOAN, Ag"nt. 3 Park How. _
BJBWt ??
Broadway, 69th to 701* Street
M, d. nil'ej_ln_ everv; detail_J?
1*6-1 jo BssA -mi I? f$*
Apartments >?< '?' rooma. a m pis . loaet?. ..fiL_.
Mrkiiv ~ >Ktt LNt.l,ANI> ^^
?l to 61 K ?"?*?"' ???? *4 K- T,vlh ll" tf.??^?
us s-v.-ii i.i'.tu". ""?? >:"' '?*" bathe..Il.-wjg
?1.7011 Two rooma snd bath....... ?????'ir
Mi Improvomeots: raaldjnt Sup?. llEMt-O.
Hro.idwav. tisth st.
\ . ENTLEM?? and tAS ,?J?er '^^.n
furnish. ; apariinem ot >lx to -.?ht i ?'? .
ren: no don-: apartment will '>? P'?!*''';
for; rsleren? ? ??s1^'1 "','1 /?-r" "?<? *?? ?^
mall, giving locstlsa sa-J ?pries, neem w??
inger DulldlBg, New Tork (1?>.

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