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Harmony in Assembly, Much
Discord in Senate.
Democrats in Upper House in
Tangle Over Filling Minor
place, Tammany Winning. ?
Trlejrraph to The Tribune. 1
Albany. Jan- 3.?The Republicans "came
into their own," as they phrased It. In the
Ataemhly to-day. with all outward signa of
rejoicing. Sot In many year? has there
been s ich I floral display or auch an at
ttnthnee of epectatori ?' the formal organ?
ization of the low?r house. And the rea
?* son for it all was typMol by one of the
?,,.,.-. the dee* Of the Speaker
Edwin A. Merritt, jr. a figure of nn
elephant, trunk raised ;mri mouth open in
a jovial, elephantine laugh.
As II to show- that their year's loss of
| control had not h lured their legislativ?
p?-.v tUd thrfugh the
routine of organisation as if the eogt <>f
Machine had been >:? *a 1>' gr is?d. It
was in striking contrast to an exhibition
of Democratic Ill-luck or poor management
In tr- i?h an exhibition of mis?
hap or in- ?.?ti ? 1 all
tjhrou<h last year.
; ?emocrata had not hel?l a caucus re
ng the minor officet of the Benate,
are tilled each rear. The organis?e
wht? h was i-x
gO through without opposition.
Unfortunately, some members of the Ben
tilled with Tammany,
? mblyman Shelde, of
Suff-'iK ' ounty, should be elected assistant
nt-at-arn tented his name
' aft'-r the name of John J. Dillon, of New
? ? resented according to
rganlsatlon w hedule.
Vote Is Reconsidered.
TlM-e v>a? a vote, on which the I.leu
i T'lllon elected.
? \ Brooklyn and Queens pomo
i protested In Bbelde s behalt insisitnf
on a r< consideration of the vote. The Re
VOted with them, and the vote
isidt-red. 16 to 6.
tor Warner, Tammany leader, very
It of ?he in? ss as best he
could by derlartnK he ha<l not been con
t'jlted about Sheide. and knew of no oppo
D to r?illon. He suggested postpone
m. nt Of act!? n and a conference. This was
agreed to. Finally, late In the day Tam?
many';- Strong arm prevailed and Dillon
was ele? '?
On the vote for Speaker Mr. Merritt re?*
i?tered the full strength of the Republicans
pr?sent?ninety-four votes. After taking
the oath of ofBoe he made a brief speech,
saying that ta Speaker he did not d?-cm it
his dut ire or dictate policies. The
chief duty of the Republicans was to act
n harmony, he thought, and to
ilativa business speedilv.
Jn addition to electing Mr. Merritt as
... r the Assembly named Frederick W.
lb minead, of Syracuse, clerk, and :
?I Hi,n< -, of Westehester, sergcant-at
Conway Fears Too Many Laws.
In ?ailing the Senate to or?er after
r by Blsbop Doane Lieutenant ?Joe
? Conway expressed the belief that the
? ct too many laws 11 wrong
an?l shou: ked, He said
We there
- to-day a sridespread an-1 growing
ng that our laws do not ke<>p pace arlth
. ??r truly i- nd the
.-tan-lard- in business and moralt gen
?raliv looked f>r by the people; that nr
7- d selfishness and Conacienoe?esa av
? arice too often shape our laws so as to
re advantages f.>r the few at the ex
i of th?< majority. Hence th.- existence
of and k?v?? in? cleinHrH for new ami untrV-d
experimenta in government, among them
. beim* the InlUajflve, tho referendum and
the recall.
houees adjourned until next
V> ? Inesday ere?lpg._
Boss Betrayed Shepard for Pa?
tronage, A. H. Eastmond Says.
A. H. Kastmond, a former president of
th--- Brooklyn Democratic Club, is starting
? eampalrn to drive John H. MgCooey,
Democratic leader of KlnKs County,
? politics. He accuses MoCoooy of the
hetraval of the late Edward If. Shepard.
thai McCooey, aettng as aL-< nt
,: for Murphy, traded the Setiatorshlp of tho
*?? for the Job of eloakroom
of th? Legislature and other small
After Mr. Bbopard retired from the Sena?
torial contest Kastrnori?! says he told He
thai Brooklyn s-till might have the
honor if he would support Judge Van
-.1 asserts that McCooey hs
i .' he an?l his friends would
certain numl>*r ?>f votes for Judf*e
Van Wyck lie would get the rest. 1-;. * * -
nr.?l several of his friends went to
Albany and foun?! that Senator Roosevelt
were Willing tO pledge their aid
to the candidacy of Judge v.-m Wyck. The
? ?if the judas wat then added to the
rgenta1 Hst H? received no support
from MoCooey
Mr. BgStmond says the honor of the Ben-?
! 10 was lost throus;h the "stupid, lgno
ra-.t and .?? nahlp of the deputy
of Mr Murphy."
? McCooey anu Judge v^n Wyck re?
futed to tay anything about Mr. East?
rfie^A'm ct it> DM nl
trolman James II. Franzen, of the
treet station, Brooklyn, *ho eraa
, arrested on Tuesday night on a <-harge of
ferrad by Thomas Plsrlotta,
i. e!?l Flushing avenu?-, was arraigned
rday In the Manhattan avenue court
fend held In $1,500 ball for a hearing.
- that Piaassfl found him
a ?Ifle out of the wimlow in celebra?
of the new year. According to Piad
T"ranz?-n promised not to arrest him If
i would obtain ?i". The complainant
? the patrolman the $i*>.
Physicians win tall you that the aleo*
'r m th<- alcoholic
stored in the system of i
I and woman who drinks to excess.
: Treatasaat has bot a At ceptod
? - t.<>- hi to-date physicians as the
ment for alcohol
leal Ihelhod the patient :;.
iys, to his Dor
ajsl physical and mental condition, with
*" aapotlti and mental Inclina?
Iron t'i ?ir ink permanently banished.
d without tin- use of
podermlc needle, th ?
lei-tly .harmless and
rnpuund, taken inter?
nan y.
Bdredt of tesilmonlalg from < ui? !
't? arc on Dis tolling of the- splerf
resultt a- ,i by the Neal
Numerous indorsem. itrti
?worn bhysic|;,I1H> bankers, professional
ana hue t em ?,-,< ? mHy |* obUlned by
. live < r friend In
! breaking the drink
' '--it.
?! further partlevlari "phone, write
i fcati V*8 th'" treats hie
: ?; Institut?
S-nator Loomis Seeks to End
Defects in Tammany Law.
[By Telegraph to Th?. Tribune]
Albany, Jan. 3.?Asserting that diiect pri?
maries are impossible under the Tammany
direct primary jaw. Senator I>oomis. a
Democrat, of B'tffalo. to-day lntrotluod ,
bill which he believes will fulfil the pledges
made at th* Democratic State Convention
which nominat?-d Governor Dix.
This is an attempt to correct some of
the glaring defects of the present law, not
to aicompllgh the ideal," said tie intro?
The Loomis bill provides that indepen-b-nt
nominations may be mad?; by obtaining
the signatures of l per cent of th.
rolled voters and they may be filed three
Weeks, instead a possible live days, after
the committe? nominations. The state com?
mittee Is to be mad?? up fay the election of
one member from each Assembly district
The present luw provid?>s that t"ae state
committee shall consist of such number
and sleet sucn units of rt-pri-sentatlon as
the respective parti?- shall provide by rules
adopted at a state convention. The mem?
bers of the state committe?, art; t?> hs
? 1. ?ied by direct vote. Under the present
law they ar? to l?e elected by direct vote
only In case a majority of ail the ?rates
? a for on?* ?-atalidate.
Tho direct election of delegates to na?
tional conventions is made mandatory,
whereas under the present law it i? per*
milted by party runs. The pr?>vision con?
stituting the party as the emblem of the
party ?ommittee in the primary is stricken
out. and the use of the 1 arty emblem by
any ?action in the primary Is prohibited.
The form of ballot is changed so a.-, to
abolish group voting for ?-undulate? for
parly positions.
Anothi-r bill of Senator Doomis was in?
troduced to oorrect the Levy personal i-?-k
IstraUon law of last year, arhlclb was de?
clared unconstitutional. The bill provides
for the registration of voters by adula vit
in piaras where personal registration is not
required now.
Two election law amendments w? re ln
troduced by Senator Roosevelt One pro
that members Of all party commit?
h_il t.?- elected at the spring primary
tills year. Tho pr?-seiit law provides that
they shall bs sleeted at the spring primary
in all parts of the state except New York
City. The second bill strikes oat thai
?i??n of the Levy election law which so?
thorlssd ths ass Of party lands for the
legitimate expenses of the candidate be?
fore the primarle.?.
In all fifty-live bills were introduced In
ths Senate to-day. In BCcordanOS with
the recommendation of GoverrjOl l?ix In
his annual message, the long looked for
ira to repeal tht? i raw ley boxing law
of last year was introduced by Senator
Saxe. Fourteen highly technical banking
bills were introduced by Senator Ol?dy.
Their general purpose is said to be xto
stimulate the market for state b?mds an<l
to provide safer depositories for state
A bill introduced by Senator ?.riffen
fixes a five-cent fare as the maximum
Charge for passenger s?rvice on suburbun
trafile trains f??r a steam railroad between
stations in New York City. A bill Intro*
by .\ss.?mi.i?, man Goldberg requires
street railways operating between Man*
! r:ttun and The Bronx to give transfers.
1? B person may travel from any
I ?tit In one ?borough to any point in the
other for five outs.
?Senator FVawley Introduced s hill in?
creasing from wi,okg to IL"**?*) th?;
mum annuity that muy be received from
the public school ?-pa? ':? rs' r? ? : ? ? I
fund by a teacher or principal In New
York City.
a " .
Justice Goff's Illness Postpones I
Extra Court Session.
Albany. Jan. 3.?Because J?iml?*o < loff. of
N?-%?. York, was too ill to ?llroct an adjourn?
ment of th?- extraordinary terni of tha
Supreme <*ourt, which was called by ?lov
ernor Dix to consider the dlsolosur? - ? i
tht Senate committee which Investigated
the affairs of Albany city end county, the
clerk of tb? court adjourned the term sine
die to-dny and dismissed the special grand
jury which had been drawn. If tho com
?mittee's findings are to be considered by]
a grand Jury It will !.?? BS_BB_STy for the |
Governor to call another asfraordlnary.
The Banate to-day _r_nt?d a postpone*
m? nt until February 7 ?if the r?-port of the
Investiga??n_ committee, it is understood
that "the report Is ready in its main de?
tails, but the committee wishes to defer
Its presentation until after th>- Cofirt of
Appeals shall have handed down Ils de*
cisi?n In the contempt proceedings brought
against William Bar?oo, jr., chairman of
the i'cpiibli? :?n Bt?te Committee.
I>r. James E. Kelly, of No. 117 West Md
', justice Qotto pe**son_l physl ten,
who has been tr?-atlng his patient B1 the
Alston Sanatorium. No. 21 West ?;ist str.-ct,
said last* night that he thought Just!?-.
??off would be able to leave th.- sanatorium
?lth'-r to-day or to-morrow.
a ?
United This Year for Stilwell
Bill in Legislature.
Albany, Jan. H. ? The B-VOCatCS Of
woman's suffrage to-day followed t h?-ir
uaual custom of beginning their legislative
?s*srk on the first day of the asaetea. Bnna,
t??r Stliweil Introduced the bs_as msasore
that was reported, with i-commo?datlon
by the S?nate Judiciary Committe?- al Is :
slon, but defeated overwhelm?
x i the suffrage aasouiatlons have decided
to bury their differences and work in
,i for this measure. Their Joint
lative committee was repreeented to-day
by Mrs. Harriot Stanton Watch, president
of the Woman's P_Utlcal Vntpm Miss liar?
? ?? May Mills, president of the State Ruf?
f-age ?ssfaclatl'.n; Mrs. A. P. Townsend
and Miss Janet Itankln. of New Y< rk.
? ? _
State Senate's Sergeant-at-Arms Vic?
tim of Heart Failure.
Albany. Jan. ?.. -James H. M? Ma hon, of
N'?v York, sergennt-at-arnis of the S'-nat?-,
was f?)'ii)?i ?bad In bed this morning at a
local ii"t?-i
Mr. M'Mahon was a protege of Senator
Timothy I.). Sullivan and a native ?if Troy,
He had served as a page in th?; Senate and
;i. tl ?? beginning of the session of 1911 was
elected BSIgesnl Bl SI-IB HS was about
thirty-five years old, marrie?!, and for s?r?
ierai years had live?! in New York (ity.
Death was caused by heart failure.
Girl Stays Away, Fearing Parents Will
Chastise Her.
Trenton. N. J . fan. BV?His $2 spent and
unable to gSt any ntOTS. I.''"V Ktiowles,
the seveate? B-year-old boy who ran away
It -t we? k with his scr.ofil chum, Mamie
Holmuth, sixteen years old, returned home
to-day. He aald Uta gt-1 is now at Raven
Roch, a small place on t! ?? Deteware
River, about tareaty miles from beta. H
said the girl Is afralil to 00_M bach horn?-,
tears s?*v?'i?- Clt?StlBSSMSBl from h?-r
Laroy said that hs and the gir! ran away
With UM It?!?"?'"" al letting married.
When h?- i"nri ottJOM i<t his ?ash after he
had landed sl Iterea Rook, bs fonad that
1 , ?|V $1 to his raune, and the Kin
had no ?-a?-.' whatesar. Ks tried to Induce
.man to muir\ tlem f..r noth
, ut failed Th.- t.arents of Ihe girl
,mm,, .?ti for Huvtn Hock to
h Mamie.
First to Enter Legislature
Comes with Brass Band.
H. M. Merrill, of Schenectady,
Also Out for Home Rule and
Direct Primaries.
rny"Telegraph to The Trllitine. |
Albany, .Inn. a. a quiet little man. with
a smooth face and light hair, is Assembly?
man Herhert M. Merrill, of Schenectady,
the first Socialist ever elected to the New
York State Legislature, but to-day he was
forced to be the centre of triumphant entry
into the capital city.
With flaming banners, a band and about
one hundr.-d other followers of Mayor
Lunn. including several women, he ar?
rived here ahout 11 a. m. A committee of
Alhnny Socialists met the Schenectady
delegation at the railroad station. Then
forming In line, headed by the band, the
advocates <>f an tqusl division of wealth
marched up to the CapttoL The new mem
ber walked under a banner carried by two
of his compatriota announcing that he
"wfva the lirat but not tho last Socialist
tentative to the Empire State Legis?
The progress up State street was made
to the air of "Tho Marseillaise" and "The
Battle Hymn Of the Republic." In the
parade the Sociullst red flag was carried
ahead of the stars and stripes, and those
In the line of march wore red ba?lges. A
commotion was caused when Mr. Merrill
entered the Assembly chamber, but he was
greeted cordially by Um membsrs of tho
old-llDa parties, while Ids followers took
places behind the brass railing or In the
galleries They applauded lustily when the
name of the lone member of their party
was called on the roll call. an?l they ef
f? ctuaUy <irowne?i out the voice of the clsrh
when the'.r champion ask? d to be *xcuse?i
from voting for Speaker
"There being no other member of the
party Which I t?present in the Assembly
at the Or? Bent time,'' he said, "1 want to
rdi i as not voting."
His request was granted, l'ut when the
*.?>tlng for the election of the Assembly
officials was reached Mr Merrill t< OWed
thai he had apparently held I CaUCUt all
l>y himself. As his name was called he
nted ? name for every place from
clerk to stenographer. Asked ahout legte
?: which the Socialist party Intended
t<? present to tho Assembly through him.
Mi Merrin said that members of ?he st.it?,
exe. utive committee are now In New York
city drafting bOll carrying out the Ideal
of the party.
"I will introduce 1,111?," he said, "which
will provide greater home rule f--r New
York Stab- dtlea. Wc want to make cities
freer from legislative authority, particular?
ly for the purpose of enabling any ?-!tv
that sees tit to brine about municipal own?
ership of public utilities without the neces?
sity of coming to the f?mitteturs
"Wc are also particularly Interest? d in
labor legislation, and I shall support any
measura no matter by whom Intro
if I believe it win assist the lal
A lull which 1h now being drafted
Is the same as :r recent law lu .*.' .
?t^, prohibiting newepapers from ad
Vertlslng for strike breakers unless it is
announced that a strike is on."
Mr. Merrill said that the Boclallat purty
was Interested in direct primaries, and he
hoped to got legislation which would give
the Socialist an?i oth.-r minor partlea
u in primary ?-lection? i te be?
lieved that the present primary law- mili?
tated agiitnst the minar part?an, m t ?t
WOUld permit the leader? of .
th.- ?.the.r of it..- principal partiel ;? ,
control ?if th.- Socialist organization, for
Instance, by getting their follo-veta to
enroll as 8?.'??alista.
Departure of Holiday Turkeys and
Chickens the Main Cause.
H- if prices started t-> -oar airi In
terday sad rrarhnd ths highesi pot.'
have attained f'-r a month and a half.
Daring th? holiday parted, when turkeys
and chickens took the ptect of honor on
bills of fare. ti... peleen of .such a *hlng n_s
plain ordinary t?>"ef dropped sharply, Hut
?with the removal of the heavy i>?,ui?r> coat*
petltlon and tu? return of normal beef ?at
Ing appetites, advantag* was taken by th*
Mg dealers lisgliinliig yesterday to push
prices up agate.
Pri?es quoted for beef yesterday wen
Por first clasa rit-s, IE cents a pound;
lotos, i.'? cents; rounds, 10M cents, ami
chucks, !?'; ?ents; for th.- tecond
ribs, 11^ osnte; loin.-, i-'j rents; rounds,
:?'.. cents, end chucha, BHcents; third ?
ribs and loins, lu cents; rounds, >>'.- cents,
and chucks, 7>? cents. Til?; last w?ek in
November prices were from one-half to on..
???tit lower than this throughout the sched?
ule. ami <lii?in? the holi'lay week tin ? w? ??
equally depr?
i Witnesses in Montreal Testify to Trade
Hampering Methods.
Montreal, Jan. 1?O. A. Slater, president
of '.\ a. ?ator, Limited, teetlfylng to-day
befen the commission Which Is investlKat
Ing complaints against th?- buslnsn of the
Un?? <i si.oe Machtoery company, ??f (ten?
ada, ?aid th?- compaay'i methods wen- cal?
culated to hamp'-r trade Improved mn
ehlnery, he added, wan not Introduced by
th?- ion,?.any into Canada until tin- United
states had been supplied, lb- objected to
the tyitem of compulsory lasting of ma
ehlnsry, saying it detracted from the in
dependence <>f ?he manufacturer, it the
manufacturen couM buy their ihsrhlnea.
Mr. Hater said, th-y probably would be
ahie to reduce prices ,,n lomi <?f tho cheap
lines of shoes, hut i-a on th-- batter
qualltli .
I'.alph K. I/oeke, another Witness, Said
nianuf.i? turers were hampered by tin- leae
Ing system and a ia?k <>f oMnpatlUon
smong the mahen of shoe machinery.
Commerce Commission Prescribes Low?
er Charges on Shipments to East.
Washington, Jan. 8.?Radical reductions
of i xlstlng freight rates on livestock, [lack?
ing home products nn?l salt wen pr?-scrlhed
to-day by the Interstate Commerce Com?
mission, to apply to all Western and South?
western railroads. Concretely, the com?
mission h"hls that the rat?- to St. Louis and
the Last thouM he 1 cents a hundred
pounds hither from Okluhoma City than
from Wichita on parking house products
ami 4 cents a hundr-il higher 00 fresh
m. ata and that the rate on packing house
products from l'ort Worth should BSOSSd
that from ? ?klahoma ?'lty by .','_. .-.-nts and
on fresh meats by T cents. The reduction
bn sal from the Kansas field to Oklahoma
City la 1 cents a hundred pounds
in Instances where the ?rathe is hamlled
by two railroads 2'-. rente B hundred
i? .niis are added to the Mat rate HgfMtOd
by th. commission. The roads are given
I until K. bl uary i to put the rates into effect.
Abrain Bernard has Just been r-appoint?
ed , ht. ? clerk "f th.- ith District MunJdpal
Court for a term of six years, Mr, Ber?
nard has occupied thla position continu?
ously for the last twenty-four yeara. His
it appointment was recommended by
ihe I" lUltteei sl??lng in the If h District
??..nit ?m i ?o?.f ?a. oi.-t prominent citi?
zens. Irr-: I"- ti'-i.- of paity.
SAVE some money the first
thing this year. Put away
$200, $500, $1,000, $5,000
in our Guaranteed First Mort?
gage Certificates. If $10 g
month is all you can spare, we
can sell you a (200 certificate
that way. The interest on all
of them is 4'. ?? and the return
of your money and the Inter?
est is guaranteed.
Capital . . $ 4,375,000
SurplusCall earned) 10,625,000
i 76 B'way, N. T. 175 g?*m-?en St., Bldyn.
350 Fulton St, Jamaica.
DAY ofIIi?ra?eIIs
Stock Exchange Adopts Amend?
ment to Constitution.
Two Other Changes Accepted,
Including One Covering Part?
nership in Foreign Firm.
The arbitrage buslnens on the New Yo-k
Pto<k Exchange, which has been leading :i
1 iccjtrious existence since the adoption by
the Rovernlmr. committee last April Of B
r? M itlon prohibiting any business, domes?
tic ?r foreign, for the Joint account of a
member of the exchange and a non-mem?
ber, where each party ?o the transaction
?barge?! a commission or allowance, r?
< i-iveri its kno?kout blow jrosleiilsi. when
an amen<1ment to the constitution of th?
exchtnK?! was adopt?-?l prnvl-llng ?hat here?
after the full brokerage commission must
be paid where stocks nre dealt In between
firms having the gam? or some, of the samo
partners. In other words, a Stock Ex
change tottSe whoee partners also are
members of a foreign banking house can?
not split commissions with that house In
any transaction? Involving the purchase of
securities on the Stock Exchange.
Up to the pr?sent, tlrms having such for?
eign connection? have been able to carry
on arbltraglr.g by charging their for?lpn
hous?? only the $2 rate Which obtains be?
tween m?-mb<-rfl. Instead of the full |12 .V)
rate which non-members ba?/e to pay a
broker on every purchase or sale of one
hundr?sl shares of ?.took. This. It has b?en
urged, has been unfair to th?? memb-rs who
liad no partnership relation with foreign
houses and who have been prohibited from
doing IMB?leas on what was known as a
"Joint account" with I?on?lon Stock 1.x
-banga houses, under the resolution alrea?ly
referred t?*. Naturally they objected to this
| stute of affair?, and the governing com*
? ritly S-ggasted an am? :i 11
t?> the conatWutloa preventing it This
simwdmont. and also two others relating to
partaershli l ?adopted by a
Und? r a r? ? nt ruling ol ? ? h ??x
chaiiK.. authorities all amendments to the
t7*onstltutlon mast be voted apon by
ballot. ln??tend ?>f, as formerly, by ?
m? ru?., r having Ills vot?- r? ?or?e?il by tb?;
chairman on the floor <>? tho*exchs?_e.
i ud?*r the "i i rule members who were sol
on the floor wet?, not able to vote, and
this barred out mnny memh?rs of the ex?
change who re??|d.> li. ??tlier cities and BSl?
don <<r novel visit the exihan???'. Now, a
copy of the amendment or
iini.ndni'-iits Is s?-nt to BV? ry member of
Uta etehsags with a ??.upon attaehed oa
?hlch to r? " or?! bin v?.t- . Whleb Ifl t.. bs
?;tt.irhei! and sent to the ""XChange authorl
Uea The ru- mbera bare ?? week in which to
send In th?lr vote?, which are counted by
t> tiers appointed for the purp??s?i by the
governing coouatttee? who then make the
result known to the members, it takes a
h ajority rot? ??! ti.- members ?>f the rx
ehange ?<? kin ??n amsadinsht proposed by
the governing i*oramlttas, but s majority
vot?; is not tt-cassary to pass sew amend"
?t.. nta
The i ? m method of voting was foil..we?I
for the fir?t time In voting ??n the am.-nl
r..? ate J??*t adopt?*? The voting began a
week ???". ?"?'I snded feeterday, and the
i? ?uit was sai'i to' i.?rerwhehnlngly in
favor of the changes ]: ipoSSd by the *"0"/?
? : Blag committee. Hrok-rs txpr? ssed ?hcin
Belvas a? Krcatly ptoaasd with the new vot
liiK plan.
The amendment, which puts a stop to
arbitrage flesllni between housse havim?
partners in foreign hanking houses, is to
.hctloa :'.. Arti'le .11 of the constitution.
Which r?a?l as follows:
A Arm having as a general partn.-i a
member of the exchange ?-hail be entitled
to lu'.v.- its bustn**ss transacted at the rates
of commission hereinbefore preecrlbed tor
members A member oi the exchange can
nol confer tins privilege upon more than
one Arm st any Ume.
To tills ha? been added:
Tin- privileges provided for ander this
section can only be conferred upon a branch
in thi- c.niiitry erben established un?
der ?he same name as the parent linn and
h which partners >?n<i their r?*tspe?3tlve in
te aro Identical with thttee of the par?
ent Hr m.
of th- other two BjneB?-?teats adopted
i ?lay, one ptweldefl that the law pro?
hibiting a person from being eligible to
either general <?r speelal pe_t_ershlp in
mor?- than OBe ie?ister? ?1 tlrm at the BBBM
111il*?- shall not obtain When B iin-mber of
such firm forme a partnership In B for?
eign country under the ss_as ???' different
name from that of hi? firm in this country,
I rovided that the firm in saiil foreign coun?
try shall not derive Hliy benetlt fr<>?:. the
privileges wbi< i? attach t?> membera ?>f (inns
regtstered ??t the stock Exchange. The
seomd mafcea Se-tion I of ?irtlcle M <?f the
constitution nail:
Whenever It shall SppeST ?0 the govern
|pg committee thai ?? member has forn
partnership, ??r establish? I a ?branch olflce
lor is Individually or through any member
of his firm Interested m a partnership in a
foreign <-??untrv|, whereby the interest or
......I repute of the exchange may suff-r.
the ? am mine- ma? require the dtasolutlon
I ?.f mich partnership. ?h<- dlscontlnuanee <?f
I Mb?- interest in said foreign partnerablpl ?r
! auch branch off)??. ???*? th? osas may !..
The words in bre>t*kets are new.
i December 5 Report Showed Consider?
able Falling Off in Business.
Washington. Jan. t?The condition of
national banks as sbOWU by IbS Treasury
call of Iiecemher I indli-atcd a coiisl.br
nble shrinkage in business, as compar"l
with September I. All national banks
showed lo?s.-.s in l"?ns aggregating 14.
|01,1?M sad in ess* of ?7?2.K*? 1.210. but a
gain in deposits of ?46.047,269.
The situation In tie Kastern States was
mizzling t?) UM officials. The banks In
that section lost a total in loans of $39,
"? 1 t.7 i _. In ?'ash of IST.tlt.lZ1 ?'?n?l in .1
pogttS "f IT-"! TtMtt? The retu^?',* Indl
,?,?, New York City los? $4?t,SM.tH
In bt.-in?. $37.!?7<?.7?. I 'n ca8h a'',, WMH,*
;?;?7 in ?iep??sits
Compared wit!? the condition on Xovem
g.-r Hi. 191". the I>ereml?>r report for the
entire' ?-ountrv show.d the following
galea: Loans. |.'0v,|f.r..l4'?: cash, ?Ifi.T.'*..
.-.::.'. an?! deposits. |M1.*?88.87?. There
Brers 7.32? banks <?" ?^acombar 5. against
7.:;"', in Novenil?:. ,:,'n
The aggregate resources an?l liabilities
of the national b_BkS BS DBSSBaksr, I were
$10,443.457.186. T',elr total reserve
?mounted to 11.404.400.973, an averae?- of
I 21 ar, per ?eut. an?! $66,19:,393 above the
' uniuunt required by law. x 1
New=York Tribune's
$15,450 in Prizes
ISU. ?3.
NO. 64.
Contestants are required to write their answers upon the coupon wThich is
printed on Page 2 of The Tribune every day during the Contest. An?
swers must not be sent in until the ?ast two pictures are pubiished.
Did You Enter the Bookreaders' Contest
with the Beginning of the New Year?
The Opportunity for Rich Rewards,
Amusement and Recreation
Is Still Before You.
DON'T allow your New Year's enthusiasm to
cool off even if it is wintertime, and don't
hesitate to make your start in The Trib?
une's great Bookreaders' Contest.
The opportunity is still before you.
And NOW is the ideal time to engage in this
intellectual exercise. Only thirty instalments of
the Bookreaders' pictures have appeared to date.
Forty-three more are yet to be published.
The competition is not yet half over, and with
such a stretch of the contest and long winter days
before you there is sufficient time to get into the
game, enjoy the fun and strive to share in the list
ci rewards.
Begin by solving to-day's pictures. Then keep
right on solving them every day. The entertain?
ment that you will derive will make you glad that
you started.
Perhaps in a few months, if you succeed in an?
swering the most of the illustrations nearest cor?
rectly, you will be skimming around in that $3,200
automobile or the $2,200 White Steamer.
Or you may be enjoying the delightful strains
of a player piano, or admiring and cherishing a t
set of beautiful dining room furniture, or wearing
a diamond, or adding one of the many cash prizes
to your bank account.
The !>riz>>s an- i;oihk: to he won. and you may se
eun one o? then? as well is anybody?if you will
i ;t begin and make lbs effort.
Tli>- two automobile? en union? the world over
for thoir efficiency, dunbillty end stylish appear
The Irinnen are going to be proud of them.
a-i<i mi ere the ?rinnen of the planoe, th?> furnl
ture, diamonds and more tlnin a thousand other fine
and well selected rewards that como a little further
down the list
everything has been iirrnnKe'! to make entry to
inteai simplest thing in the world. The
hack numbers "f the pictures that lias.- appeared ta
date are .ill ? ?'t is necessary, and all of i^m may
be secured at The Tribune office or bj mail, as ex?
plained at the foot of this announcement
The Contest Is simple, and you can't make work
out of it even if >"u try, for the solving of the
Illustrations should be ? matter of only a few mo?
ments' consideration each day.
Now sad then you may run across a picture that
topean to be a "sticker," but In such s ?ase you
will only need to tike enough time to study it
[n'such cases you win fin?l the possession of a
copy of The Tribune's Official Bookreaders' f?ntest
Catalogue very useful For it contains all of the
names or titles <?f the hooks that will be shown dur
ini; tii*- competition. The price of the catalogas is
??-, cents .?t the office of The Tribu i.e. or SO cents i>v
?i,.ii snd they an obtainable only from The Tribun?-.
place yonr order for the back numben and a cata?
logue now ami net ? tar ted at once Thar will ?nake
yog s contestent In full standing and place yoif on
the highroad t-> winning a reward.
Tribune's Bookreaders' Catalogue
Great Aid to Contestants
The Official Bookreaders' Contest Catalogue
of The New-York Tribune, containing a large
list of book titles, among which are included
all of the correct titles to be used in the illus?
trations throughout the Bookreaders' Contest,
will be a great aid to contestants in arriving
at the correct names of the books and their
proper spelling. The price ia 25 cents at the
office of The Tribune, or a copy will be mailed
to any address upon receipt of 30 cents in
1-cent or 2-cent postage stamps. If cata?
logues are ordered by mail, contestants should
Bookreaders' Contest Department,
New-York Tribune, New York City.
Explanation of The New-York Tribune's
Bookreaders' Contest.
Kvery day for Seventy-three (7.1) d.iy^ there will
annesr In The New-York Tribune (Daily and Sunday
Kditlons) Two (3) Illustrations, Cartoons or other
re?resenuftlona of the names of hooks The Tribune
win swaid ten hundred snd slaty-seven prize? to
Tribune readers sending In ths nean l < orrect
Answers t?' the entire serie? of book Illustrations.
Tl.?- tir-t two official illustrations appeared on Mon
day, .December i
The correct names of hooks to he lllnstnted and to
?erve M ' ->?*?? of awards n\e hem? selected by the
contest Department, and will be Included in the
New-York Tribune's Booknodersr Contest Catalogue,
which will be published as a kuI?1o mtH* reference :'or
contestants' use The correct list of names will be
placed under s?-?il in the safety deposit department of
lly or house!;o'.d, and only no? (1) set of annw-m will be
accepted from any Individual contentant. Participation ia
any other co item now b?la* run will nut debar anj- on? from
entering tai competition.
6. All answi rs must he held until the entire aerlea of
book Illustration? nave been printed In the Tribune, and
every ?et ut coupons upon which answers ere wrlunn'mui'
be arrange1 In numerical order, fastened securely together
and delivered or malted In a Hat package, not folded or
rolled, plainly addressed to the NEW YORK TKJBl'NB'SI
BUILDINO, NEW YORK CITY, within the time specified
la Rule 7.
7. The t'me for receiving an?wers will hav? no effect
upon ?he awarding of prize?, with this exception. All
answers mus? b- .ieiiverrd at the CONTEST DEPART?
MENT of THE TRIBUNE, or bear postmark of mailing ?I
not Ihter than midnight, Saturday, Marca 8, 1912.
8. Prizes will be ?warded to the contestants. In order.
.accord I ne to the number of correct answers sent In to ths
entire ?series of took Illustrations?
First Prize?Steams Touring Car. to the. contestant
?ending In the largest number of correct answers.
Second Prize?White Automobile, to tha contestaa?
?ending In ?he second largeat number, and so on until all
the prizes have been awarded.
In the event of a tie between two .3) or more per?
sons, the contestant sending- In the largest number et
correct answers with the smallest number of duplicata
answer? (not coupons) will be declared the winner. Where
two (2) or ries contestant? submit the same number of
correct answer* and an equal number of duplicate answer?,
the ono usiner the least number of coupons will be de
tl.rtd ths wl.'.ner.
Kor example; "A" and "B" are two (2*> contestant?
and send In the following number of correct answer*
duplicate answers and coupon?:
Correct An?. Duplicate Ana Coupons used,
A . 130 18? 241
B. 130 188 240
"A" win? the anse because, although he ?leed one (1>
more coupon than "B." he sent in only 186 duplicata
answers to "B.'a" IK??, or 2 less, and displayed greater skill.
In case two (2) or mor- persons simmlt the same num?
ber of correct answei? and the same number of duplicate
answers for the entire series of pictures, together with
the ?nine number of coupons, the value of the prise aa
tied for will be divided equally among those tteln?*.
0. A Board of Three (3) Judges will be selected by
The Tribune from disinterested citizen?, who will take
charge of the answer? and award the prize? strictly la
uc ordanee with the correct construction ot the title? Illas
trated and as given In The Tribune's Bookreaders' Contest
10. vl?? re a ?et of answer? I? ?ecurely fastened to?
gether, the contestant will be permitted to stamp with
rut.r ?tamp or abbreviate hi? or her name upon the
t|i:ir? allotted for ?ame, and omit the full name and
address from the majority of coupon?, provided that such
full name and full address are plainly written upon tha
last ?Ix ifli coupons of the ?et, where ?pace for same will
be provided In due course.
In ?endlnp In the answers at the clot? of the contest
It I? Important that contestant? seal ?11 package? con?
talnlng ?ets of answer? and ????- to It that poetage there*?
I? felly prepaid a? the rate ot two cent? (1 cent?) aa
ounce or fraction thereof Tel) your Post maul er that youf
pack.-tg.- of answers contain? written matter and most be
mailed at ?he first clas? rate.
All communications or letter? of inquiry concern?a?;
the Bookreader?' C"n?.-?t muit be addressed to the CON?
Ptreet. N'ew York CltV.
(llfTereiit cartooniaia ? m ?rs? ."c i'uun illustrations.
The cartoonists will not e\en Unow the answer? to
the PUXSl* pictures they draw._
i The Bookreadera" Contest Is open to all readers
?f nie Daily J"d riuuday Tr.bune. exceptln?- employes and
members <.f their famille?.
2 Contestants must write the name? of the books rep
..???ted 'iY the illustration? upon the coupon provided
theicfor. and which will appeal on PaK, 2 of The
Tribune (I>?lly and Sunday? every day during ?he period
of the competition. Anawer? may be written with pen
pencil or be typewritten.
3 Each picture represen?? ?he name of only one (It
book and contestant? will not be required to give the
name of the author, .?nly ths title or name of trie book
I? all that will be required. Where conteatants are 00[
rertaln of the correct name ?ney will be permitted to
...ut five ?".) ar.a...rs to each book picture. If t?ie CQr.
reel answer I? Jfiven. incorrect answers will not .our.:
?.eainst the contestant.
4 Only two (II answers may he written upon a ?Ingl?
coupon; extra coupon? mu?t be used for additional an
Different members of a fsmllv may compete In the
Contest, but only one prize will bo awarded to any on. fam- *
1?SH.'OO Fire-Passenger Stearoa Amtetaa
bile. 'lb? ''. It. Mearas Company.
Broadway and 57?b 8t.
t?-f'-.'JOO WliHe Touring Car. Tha White
Company, Kroadwar and 5td ft.
$?-4?$2.100 Koeeker Art Player Planos?, $1.066
each. E. Boecker. 2S West 18th St.
f>?SHOO Pram I? Ha? on Art Piano. Bacoa
rtann Co.. 113 East 138th St.
6?$M00 Anderson Player Piano. The Ander?
son Piano Company, 870 Fulton St*
1?*7.',o Francis Bacon Player Piano.
8?9?SI.200. Two Wing Piano?. $400 each.
Wing A Son. Ninth Ate. and 13th St.
10?11?$1.000. Two Boecker Art Pis?os. $300
and $400, respectively.
12?>:c,o Dining Koom Suite. I.ennoa St
( ompany, 151 Past 23d 8t.
IS?SIM cash.
14??100 Solitaire Diamond King.
IS?16?$110 (luster Diamond Princes? Ring*.
$80 und ?JH. respectively. L. W. Sweet
a Co.. 170 Broadway.
17?$80 Cash.
\t?is?$90 Cluster Diamond Princess Rings. $13
each. I . W. Sweet A Co.
20?20?$100. Owen Kodar Leather Bed?, $4.1
each. D ?. Owen Company. 84 East
23<| at.
?,n?tl? **.0 nikh, $25 each.
$f_g|?$40 ?ash. $10 each.
SU?its?$300. Men'? or Ladle*' Gold Watrhas.
$10 each.
r,r,??7?#M? ?airfi. $S each.
?8?107?$300. American Therm??, $$ each.
American Thermos Company. 243 West
17th -i
108?287?$300. Ladle?' or Centlemen'? Silk Um?
brellas. $3 each. M. (Steinschneider. $7
Maiden Lane.
;gg?067?$730. Waterman's Ideal Ponntaln Pens,
$2 .",0 each. L. K. Waterman Company,
173 Broadway.
60S?1067?K7.-.0. Twelve months' subscription te
"Pearson'? Mngarlne." $1 00 a year. Th?
Pear?on Publishing Company. 435 East
24?b St.
Place an order with your nearest newsdealer to begin serving you with a
copy of The Tribune every day and enter the Contest at once.
Back numtiers of the Bookreaders' Contest Picture? and coupons may De had at the office of The
Tribune. No. 154 Nassau street. The price in New York City. Jersey City and Hoboken Is 1 cent for the
p.-uly and 5 cents for the Sunday. Klsevvhere the price is 2 cents for the Dally and 6 cents for the Sunday
Where back numbers are ordered by mall 1 -ent additional for every 10 numbers must be remitted for
po>tage. All of the back numbers from December 4 will be mailed to any address in greater New York
upon receipt of &2 cents, outside greater New York end Jersey City upon receipt of ?SO cents. In ordering
back number? contestants are cautioned to order only by th? number which appears at top of the coupon.

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