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El fflW'MBB
Million and a Quarter Owing In?
stitutions. He Says, $271.851
to Central Trust Company.
?Banker Involved in Much Litiga
tion Is in Europe?Wife s In?
come Not Affected by Gar
nishees Filed Here.
K.hvard !.. Thomas, a ?banker, who
??.if h his former h partner. Or?
(?BBS- r. 'Thomas, h;??, pasi d througl
i <-,,? tudes In the lasl
-.. ,,, -*)? rs. in whleh t i i n ? he wai
?nvolvcd !?? numerous transactloi
.'luirles W Mors? and P. iVugustui
(fetnze, confessed Judgment yesterda)
for* 11.114,4--' on thirty actions brought
against him In the Supreme Court, for .1
.? tal of $1.1-0.84**.
? The amount of these Judgments In
??luded lnt.-rr-^; on th? ('.un?s, bul saV-d
Thomas many thousand dollars 11
, ,,st t- defend the thirty actions
the??* ? latin- r?i reset 1? I.
??-,. R. Phapman, W, O -lllson, J.
-lorar?*. Hardh thers, constitut?
ing tho Thomas Liquidating Trustees,
. rrange?! the settlement. Thomas i?e
? nqie flnan i.iHy Involvad In liM'T. and
l?h?a lr*_st*es wore appointed In 1009 In
?. ?? ? -r Ighten out bis .-iffairs.
debts confessed byThomas
i,, financial Institutions. The
? Central Trust <'om
aiuounted to $271.851. I'nder
xi, agreem? ni l>8twa?6n Thomas and his
partner, Orlando F Th??niHs. ih?- Cen?
tral Trust Oompan) marl." ;? l?>an of
<t2.t>???.<??>? ?. ot which tho claim of the com
ponv " ' unpaid remainder. Other
.?hiir- s Hudson Trust Company,
s?;i,.".*?i Van Schi ? 0. s.vj.v.T.
Th? : ? Prust Company, Mercantile
\a\ Ion Bank ??f Brookl) 11
and m others had sued for various
sun.? debts amounting originally to
mm' ? -_?.???? 000. Rome have been
l'|?. .i,tt. .1. T1 were for l.XtllS.
m u ? .?- to Thomaia and ?
? nitt ed by dm.
Thomas I?, ?n Egypt.
1 ! ? ? ? n ?.f Thomas In ? on
?>?_!'?- Judgment doea not mean ih.?t
?he '-roditors will got their money at
'?no?-.. Deputy Sheriff Burns went to
Thomn.s's office, ;?t No. 31 Nassau street,
to serve ihe execution, but was Informed
that Thomas was In E*gypt, He has
been abroad for ;? lout; time and la in ill
The Bowling Green mpan?,
took another and perhaps more direct
means yesterday to .olloci a debt ?i?ieto
the institution. Mr. Thomas owed ths
bank ?$59.100 In 19-8. which was reduced
to ?$?50,782. The BtpWling ??re'-n Trust
OoS-Pany obtained from Justice
(obran order to garnlshee the income
T_o___b receives from th?- estate of his
?.father. General ______ Thomas. Tina
estate amounted to ?&?fiOO,<OOOl and tiio
"son's share was ^6tXO00 a year. I'nder
Its garnlshee order 1<? per ? ? nt a year
will be deducted from this tn";tric. mak
"ng $16.000 a year. By thi?- arrangement
it will take three and a half years to pay
?he ?-.aim of the Bowling Green Trust
? ?"ompsny.
Thomas ha? had m ? ,tli?-i
? ban those growing out of his nnanct.il
traaaactions. La.?t June it ws
noun'ed from Paria tbf.t his wife. .Nu?..
Linda Lee Thomas, waa preparing to
sue ?- r a divoi maa has s
1 rlpi in .in
autui Long Branch in
AugiM. 10U8. Hli ai ?dvi.-.od
him to c<> abroad, and be left N< w _*<"__
a erg 'Hit? twe years ago with his wife.
p up th? Nile In a
Evelyn Thaw. Rumor Said.
** "" nlng to Paria he was ??! ten
ny of a pretty j oi ng
Mrs. Kvelyn Thaw,
ill : ' l'h.'u, although there
?ay ;lii_)U! th ? identity.
HoWji-v?' Mrs. Thaw was in Euro|x at
? ?i Tli'.ni.i.-' that In
I .1. 1 ? 1 to
Kin '
1 ...? K il.
I f? ?n - ?j;.??in?? a
? .' Kh tor-in
.-lw ij a
frlendl> wit ' .
a 1 nt a <m or? ?? ?nit. it waa
on Thomas that he unie t.. \. -,v
?rid ? hut .'?? m i ,ii?.. 1 . ? ri
i...?h 1 ? In ought h
: ' iversion to N? w .'011? -
,1!' es,
? n. ' ?nsent? d
? !
m< ?? ; m
nd his n lie lor
uno. if <i ? ,t
will i ed hy I
"id? ? ? . r, 1?
redil, ?? ?,'i
> ? r has 1
Tl ? >. ; . ? . ?
il? ni thoroughi.r? Is
? Hli| ?, f ......I .It
??Ii.? (han **-'?
lh< 1. t.. . 1: i opened,
?' 1001 . . _f..| Die 1 ?, :,l
If? -tl ;?
11 in |!NM, : ??
.? iiiii.ni r, ..
1 ?? 1...hi?' ?ii. (?as
flfl tl.tSSJ
. I .,'irt t?.
day upheld I ?
ho.Ji .. ,-wi ? k luting th? ? m
KM nt ..i ?? ., under
. Ighti en cturlng i
o.? ;? until. ? ?..
I. mor?
. ..
Every penny riven t<? u? i;.vrcf??re, |
?.eut dirctt to tlit- poor.
..i tii\
t.. you fol j
?.? Ii- ? d to
. i..
? ???.. i ?. ? ?.* i ??.. IMI'HUI .
? M. I ,l | I D'UM'II? ?"I I III I <?.l|!
I i
VIOLET i:i'M.\M?S.
Tin lialu?e of the llcv. Mr. Iliehe-? n, ? ho has been awaj froui her home for
some (veeks, and whose |?r seiKv as n wit nee? hi the Avis Munell mi.rder
trial la ao much destrod hy the pro??*cntion thai ntei>s l?i trace the girl und
extradite her. if Dcroat-ary. have ?en taken.
Treasurer Who Admitted Taking
$150,000 to Plead To-dav
ivrrv c, Venderoef, who when srreeted,
'?'i \". ? admitted peculatl?
? ? during the last ten years fro-?? tbs
?firm of Van Keuren <v- Thornton, ah
was employed as treasurer, vus i:
i yesterday by th< I Jury on two counts
! of grand larfenj. one In ?J. ?:*?? ?
the other In the ?o -ond
The first ronnl el .-? il V'anderoef
a ,-b?-,-k ?,n lb?? ? "orn Kxchang
on < i'-toi.c r zo ,',,- in*s -H -
t count e.r,.i kepi the mon? y, und the -
? charges him with drawing s check i n July
6 last and rashli ft it t%1 the ll?.t-1 I n
... ,.?.... |)ersed< th-i
? ?, ? ? .lings, ?? i (1 ."anderoel
I -A ill be en ? fore Judge ,dal
ng i":- pleading
j? A representative, of the Arm sni?l >?<
that it ent thai
-i.fi" would ? vei be Bble ??> i
ney, ai It had dwlndl? 1 away
?i i t?. keep , ace n Itl.oc at? -
of greater wealth ban himself, v
- J. McManus, coi
however, ?bat his client would ' a!;<}? an
I at |?ai Mai real , itlon, at least, of the
funds he had ?aken. He >.n?l V'anderoef
?'. ould not plead guilt) to-< i;
Health Board Adds New Provi?
sion to the Sanitary Code.
T B. ? of Health part of
iltary Code yesterday I ????-?? Islons
i del m ol --ilk In
v ;i h -a," adopted last Saturday.
The elas spproved was as follows:
Grad? v. for Infants and Idren Certl
I ected ?rilk,
raw: selected milk, pasteurized, ?;rH?b- lt.,
for a. Belected milk, raw; past?
milk. Grad? V, for cooking and
Ing purposes.
The board will Inform all milk dealers In
Itj that on ." befoiH January 13 they
muat o thai bodj ihe kind or
kinds nf milk the> wish to sell IVrniits
v in i, cordlngl*. and ?' e Depai t?
men? of Health will aee t.> it that dealers
strlctl pro* ? the la?*.'.
Commissioner L?'derle said thl? step was
? , )?;ii?; in the plan f??r a
purer milk ?iippl* ever taken bj the Board
of Health.
The ?finfnetnii which had arii
(??g <?'.. .-ule of "?Sipped" milk, it \>n?
said yesterday, eras without foundation.
' Dipp.-d" milk may n, -..',! p .. ?, it |a
pastenrb/'d or 6>le< t??l
.Mi l " i artm? nl of Heah I rul
? ? *ale .,i mill? ? -, amend, d
in? ? t i he requlremi nti ? ? ? -.
Medical Men Want the Courts to
Pay for Their Testimony.
A meeting was neld In the N. v York
A adem ol \I? d|, In? last ni? hi in il<
auspic? ?? of the ? '.mitte? on Public
Health Hospitals and Budget, which v.,,*
recently created and now enjoys lb.
ol .: secretar; thi. I h<- .. -,,-.,, >itj
.- Mi? i:. M H arrima n
Th<- .,: i .-i the ?'?.linn,-1. ,,-. M< j|, i
Kxperl Testlmon) was rentl, and Its .,,-.
? lusion i i-.ai thi A-. ?bm . in- oi th?
? - leai water bill, v. m i, provides
thai medical expert? ???? recompensed by
th? com i ami noi ?<> the p
b--l.cilf I ? y tei m . called forth a resolu?
tion embodying it. which va? unanimously
D w Gllman Thompson read a
on th? n - r? a -?? und ? of o? cupa?
Hoi al dise i -? ., .i I.-..' . ? ? \V. Hatch,
latlstlclan of ihe \. ? Forl la-part
iii, nt of I, -i he immediate pas
,n ,,?-i whereby work foi ti ? ,.r?.
'. i-i,l ion ,,- ne)] dis. ould < ORII
i i>i
In-, Willi im M Polk presld? nl <?i ihe
i'ork A? ad? mj ol M ?dlcine pi ?
Hi said In lib address,
flrsi hall of his admini?
stration ?. ,,t he wa il V,; the
Interest Un members had Iwiwn In 'h"
i : I h 11 ie work
d carried on In lb? . esi
Agrcl Enjjravor Braton in Build
iti? Below "DeRd Line.*'
\ bold cas? nf . ?satill ami robber* <?
l? low Hi. ? .ic ,,| ||t? ,,,
tii? |? ?? h dlati I? ? The \ let Im was Hem ?
i 'arlaud, an engi evei sevenl r* n
old, who has an office on the top Boot al
Nassau stn el Aft? r i eating ?. i
huid mini be waa uncon i loua Ihe thief
made ofl with s i?hk. .i pah ... cuff buttons
end s: in ?ash.
More ? hen an houi ? laps? d befoi.i
? ... -.1 consciousness Aftei giving
11 , .lim m h? fell t-. > he tlooi 11? \? an
taken to the Hudson Btreel Hoapltal, s/hei >?
i? was found thai h< was sufferlni from
:, scalp wound end concussion <?f the brain
? his advanc? ,i ?gu ihe phj
f. ;u id- lujui les ma* prove fatal
i tu? 11? ? ? ?old, v."???? bus ..n ? ?rti? . .,,i th?
mine ' lai land, tolil Ih? police that
n man . i, ? i ? >l ... - olll.i II o'clock
, . :... |, . i, I I ? -i II..I.
,, VS|.,, . ?. i. ,i wi?h ?; 11,, ,i Hold iii
,,..., m ' : n lainl - lilil? ? '.n hoi r
Inter Garland staggered Into Gold's office
? Ih? robberj
,!,|. iu i, ii i i,.u Imp
,, . -j aid i'?.?1 ?? man ? plae?
? ,,,;, (il - ' '' "'?' ' '" ' ;'"' '* ""'?
; ll ' 'I I.- h I.I ? ' H I" ?'
.e I?h?*I "i lb? hi ?id md !?? I
.. i ,...i lives a " ?? i" H.' i i ' ' ?
. ,i) II in I
Police Search Several States for
Violet Edmonds.
Authorities Also Seek Girl Who
Took Shorthand Notes of
Minister's Sermon,
The poll,? ilraST'iet I? out
\i.-4 Vlolei Rdmsnds, fianr-S of the
Rev. ?'. V. 'i'. T'.^ehe?, , irhose fiai for the
: murder "f hla former -.weptheart. Miss Avis
' Llnnell. will ?>? ein on .fanuary 15. The
search ha* already extended ?o several ad
L-- states, nnd if Miss Krimands is
found outside ?.f Massachusetts she will be
extradited as s witness, sceordfng to DIs*
? VM.r'ie> Pelletier. Mips Kdmands, th*
?District Attorney dectarea h??s been absent
;rom her home in Brookllne for weeks. He
gays he doe?, no? believe ?-he Is In I-ake
?..;. X. J.. .ir rumored, bin that be has
?ome evidence that she I? In or nejr New
Vork City
? afer aha left home Miss Edmands
v.-js traced 'o Pomfret, i'onn. She ?won
?? takins; an assumed name, and
?i'l'?- then little news has been received
from i ei. It is known, however, that af?
r mate lettera ire received from her
Rleheson almosl dally and an at
(s Jj?ini? mad?? to ?rece her by means
of these letter?.
It is i:niler?Mo?yl that the District At
?leslre? to l?ente Misa _-?__*-S
i- order t" question her cspeeialiy as to
her knowledge of the whereabouts of
Rleheson on tie <ia>? Immediately preced?
ing ihe death ?>f Avi.? Llnnell. Miss Kd
dld not testlfv before ?he ?crand
iury which Indicted Rleheson, as she was
prostrated by illness at ?lie time, and It
is '.. Ileved tha* her story Is known only
to counsel for the defence. Whether it is
plan .>f ?he ri?fen?-e to bring- Miss "3d
mahds forward at the last moment __ a
viiiie?-? '?. establish an allM for Rleheson
i not known, but It Is believed that ths
Dlrtrlcl Attorney Is anxious ?o learn jus:
h???* much of the clerg) man's tiinr on the
| days in truestlon Misa Edmsnds la able to
nt ivi.
r ? District Attorney Is also lookn.K f.?r
a girl who look shorthand notes of Mr.
Ric-heson's sermon the Sunday after Avi?
M's death, BO that the "xm. t word?
?i in referring t?> the death ean he
a '. .1 It the worda ate what the
? it.n- think*-, an ail? tn;>t will be made
t.. prove thai the; Indicate a guilty eon?
Th? condition ?.f -he prisoner wai re?
to-a.lghl t?. ba ??..iiiewiiat improved.
Messi - I... and Morse, counsel for thi de?
fence, had a conference with him In hla .???.??
? Charles street jail Ths attorneys
at while ?o i " n."i bettei he 1?= still
t from being In condition physically to
and the strain of a trial. They add-"?!
ihm they had agre??1 on .. plan of defence.
< nii-f Justice Alken ol the Superior Court
?.u? tils approval to-daj u> the u?,. of the
i floor of the courthouse for the trial.
Three cuurtroomi ..n?i the adjoining rooms
and corridors will be set ;??hl" for court)
?ssea m ml the press. The court will sit
.n ihe rotunda <?f the largest courtrooi?
on the fourth door, and th.- genersl public
win i?- kdmitted onlj .. asaU are vacated.
II wai learned to-da* th..t tha R? r.
Archibald A Mason, of th? Baptist Church,
? ?? Passumpslc, \t.. liad been committed to
State Hospital for the Insane st
Waterbury, \'t . a?, a result ??: mental
Double produced bj th?- Rleheson case. Mr.
Ma ??n was formerl* pastor or the lm
inanuel Raptlsi Cliurch, of Cambridfce, of
which Rleheson ?u? pastor st Ihe time of
? arresI
Alimony Defaulter Tells Court It
Is What He Wanted.
Hamiiel Win became '?s|cr.?;,? the first
gupBl of Sheriff llarburger in Ludlow at reel
i m 11 Win proba bl; hsd heard of the rom
t.,m one could enjo? in the ?Vltmony i"*iub,
?.ii,i m "..? oui? ??n hi? own Insistence that
lie wii' :-?-??! ??? the I,uni?.-a s'te?) |,hi< ??
Will \? ,'? ? tl.Ueii 1? f.ire Justice J ,r,\,,,,,,,,
.. da) .n "i?t?i i?i show ? Htis?. why
mild n??? i? punished for not pa? intt
his ??lie (on i \? e.-k sllmonj pending her
;?. Uon foi separation He r. fused t?. t? talu
a lawyer, saying he would argue his own
"I'll unnoui ? no? that i do not Intend
any sllirionj t?. Mra ?Witt." he -.,\.\
i haven't given her sny hecause l hsven'1
Hti) to give, snd if i had ' ?*"*" ''?I net
?lie it ?
Justice i.?-hiiian said ti.at Hi?? decree
might i.? .un? ri'led If ths ullinonv provl?
?I'.iih aers ?'... arduous Hut win knew
Hie law, and hs refused the dispensation
II. aid thai owing leas ttu.n ?'?.?? he could
lall ti re* months an.! th. n .? ould
I-' ,X'in|.( .I..IO nil) l.irtliet [,_-. in, i,|
.1 lit.-? i. lit., m. astonished asked "Ymi
? '? ii? un .m Dial i "'i w uni m. t,, m.
Kxai'tl . , I? pile . Will ..n i i r ...
i .-ion,."III..I
K .m lin 4 ,\ ItSt. "i? -i i*
sueil to du) loi bidding lhe. furtbei cli ,
ii? lhe state ?.i lip in ? o ir ?t.it. ..n
wbll? i?.. ? Ui:._ in Kansas will It is Hated
? ? ? " , ?a?n. ?t?. ?
in. Slat? A"??? ??? i.i ii-?' "?n ..????
? i . ? Hing "il?' Mla
McAneny Thinks InterbDrough
Asks $60,000,000 Too Much.
B. R. T. Offers Moving Pl;iifo:nis ;
to Pennsylvania Station?
Contract Is Held Uj).
Another i oint that I? bol ling up tli ne?
goMai.'.i ? bal lia ve i ??? i. it, procrees foi ?
il.im i. of th. Intei hoi,, igh R ii>,d
Transll < '..m, any to th? ..f nibway
extension Involves the amortization chargea
ire t.. be taken out of the n.-t earn?
h i Hali n? m u'ill?-?..? of the P ibhV s?-i ?
vie? Commission, Controlk Prendcrgasi
and Borough Pre?rldenl McAnenj '.<>'d thatj
tl.rrangemenl i est d b* the inter
gh means that .1??- company would ;?-t
tit-- amortisation fund for elghl years fa -'
v-ii.i the time when th? bond h^-. would!
have been fully amortised. an.? i at after
th? !.i?t--i p.-i :?>d the Interborougta ?-...uld. '
it? plan, (*?*? from M&.O0e,OOO to **?.- ;
? ..-.-i oui ..f tl - eai nlnga to wh! 1 II would I
n? : l.? justly entitled,
lUgh I'm lidenl VI? \ ? 1 ?? a< know]. |
g? ; ,...-.?.?? ,. that this "a" ..ii" of the !
:,..n<"-- .,' contention which contum d a
?real part ?>f the time <ii the conferei
the I'nion League Club on Wednesday)
I night, if?.- and H* f.-iion representatives I
<?f the city hold 'hat the Interborougta lei
| nol entitled to this money, while Sensuell
Res, tlce-presldeni ..f th? Pennsylvania
Railroad, ami H. l\ Davlaon, of ' P. Mor?
gan ,?. <?<?.. hold thai it i? , perfectly le?
gitimate 1 art of tile plan.
Th? t>*rti? of the proposed leas would he
fit -nine years. Th-- plan outlined by the j
rnterborough would provide !<>r th? amorti?
sation of Its bonds in forty-one reare, ac
? -a ding to tii? contention of 1 *hatrman will-1
COJ .1,1,1 h!? COnfl-?rM r??r the city This
would leave Interest charges ami ??Inking
fund cherges of 1 per sent to rom?- out of1
Ihe earnings and go to ths InterboroUgh I
for ei?-h? additions! year??, ??-cording to
their fijrure (?n?l would be ?dear pain to the
Mr. Davteoa an?l A I. County, assistant
lo Mr. Rea, took the ft g un?? presented by
th< dty and said thev would analyse them!
And report at a later conference. The rep?
resentative? of the interboroi-Rh were anx-1
Ions to close up the negotiation?? so?n>? time j
sgo. hut at that point ?Controller rr?*tid?*r- ?
gast Insisted upon having one of his SO
< ountants go over the figures, the result ?
being that many new poln?s were brought
up. These have not been ?satisfactorily
settled up to dSte.
Tt may be said on the bent of authority
that th??re Is no chance of the InterboroiiKh
coming; lno the subway situation again un- ?
less it dei-ldes to mak>> some material con?
cessions from Its present stand.
To ni-et the objections of the Pennsyl?
vania Interest? that th? subway system as
planned for the Brooklyn Itapld Transit!
Company does not provide for adequate j
ser\lre for the Pennsylvania Station. Colo?
nel Williams, president of the 'Brooklyn
Rapid Transit Company, has asaurod Mr.
Rea that his company would be willing to j
build and operate a moving platform be- ,
tween the proposed subway station at 33d
street and the Pennsylvania Station, to he
used by subway passengers to and from
the Pennsylvania without extra charge.
That members of the Board of K^itimate ;
are not yet convinced that all hope of j
?Teaching an agreement with the Interbor- |
ough Is Rone was shown yesterday. v. hen j
the board without comment poMponed ac- '
tlon on the contract for Section ? of the ?
Broadway-Ltxlnston avenue subway. [f |
the Interborough ?completes Us "II" there
would he no need for Section j as laid
down In the present plans.
Borough President .Miller <?f The Rronx
moved that the approval of the contract be
postponed, saying; "Conferences sre now
under way betwsea city officials and the
railroad, and I think It would be pom
judgment to award this contra? t now."
No Women Deputies Without
Votes for Women.
And sow along comes Kmaiiu. 1 Blumen*
stell, couasel t.. the sheriff, and -nocks
int?. fifty-seven kinda of Bnt-thereena the
hopes '.ha? die women advocate? of equality
of the aexea have ? ntertolne.l for a few
days; snd, quoting tha cold, cruel lav., ?a?
Sheriff Harburg??' canpol ?
i ?' -!.?-?!?l deputy Bhetiffa aa be
ghl of doing, because '?he?, have not a
?..t . And to think the women meant to
use the offics ;" further their campaign for
the rlghi of suffrage by flemonsttatlns thai
they ? "Hid <!.. Just es good work In pul-Hc
offlc? i- ihe man! And furthermor? ut
what's the usa -Section 1,843 of tha Penal
Cod? taya thsl ?i apectal deputy sheriff
be ? ne who if entitled to vate In the
count? in which tali official i? appointed,
and the women cannot rote In sny county
In X'*w York .-"t?te, no! yet. As Sheriff
llarburger said on receiving tha oplnloe of
i Is counsel, "I bo? t?. the law. I em sorrj
'thai It la tmpossibie to carry oui my plan
to .i..| ?nt tii??? women deputies. Probably
this will Bpur them ..n In th? mOV? fo:' ?he
light () vote. Also, It is n..t improbable
that they will icek to ?bang- the law so
that they es u sei ce."
But there is still Important bnslnesa for
the Sheriff to handle. He might Bel a
hurr) ?-all any minute from ?lie <ju*rtlcea of
to- Supreme ?'.?un to find for them mors
commodloua quarters, which the law Im?
poses on him as one of his duties when
such re,(itest ?v made. And Sheriff llor
rlghi on th?- job, ready to carry
OUI the oiil.r sa soon after It Is served as
l.? can arrange It. Th?re will he a meet
in- to-da? or to-morrow of the Supreme
Court justice* ?o consider the courthouse
".?n. The meeting might result in a
call to M? Ifai-urger for help. ?Said th*
"As looti .i? i cei rhe order I will find
n? w accommodatlona for ?he court. There
la no doubl but lhal courthouse is in sa
iinh-althfnl and dilapidated condition. And,
then, if it i? decided to build a new eourt
house on some atte to he cboeen I will a-sa
t.? ii thai II la completed in a year, it can
be ?lone. Office bulldlnga are put up In a
year, m why not a courthouse?"
Fight Against Order for General Vac?
cination-Talk of Independent Schools
Olean. N. T., -Tan. '.More ?han two thou?
sand children have been excluded from th?
public schools here because of failure to
comply with an order of the Hoard of Kdu
ratlon requiring vaccination. Nearly eight
hundred school children out of a registra?
tion of '2.V04 liave complied with the Order.
The Antl-Vacclnatlon Taeague has offered
to defend any person arrested under the
compulsory education law. There were
forty-six ?ases of smallpox in 01?an last
The children were excluded as a result of
a resolution passed by the Board of Educa*
tlon following the smallpox acare, which
became effective yesterday on the reopen?
ing of the schools after the holiday *>*aca*
Th? Antt-Vaccination League has adver?
tised for In.-tru.tors to teach independent
BCheelfl which the league purposes to *etab.
Mailed anywher? in the United Statea
for $2.50 a year.
^?T^Qvillorv Fr?res
roveoec ?ft*
January Clearance Sale
O-ar annual sale of manntcKtured rurs at greatly reduced
prices will begin Monday. Jan. 8. This >ale i> announced
in advance so that intending purchaser- ot furs of good
ijuaHty may take advantage of it.
The uotisnally mild veather of the autumn and Holiday
seasons has l-eft an unusually large *-tock. which in accord?
ance with out invariable custom will be entirely cleared.
Nineteen West 34th Street, New York
Shoe Sale
Five dollar values -#?*? # ^
All Kid, buttoned or lac-ed; Gun Metal, kid
top buttoned or laced ; Patent Leather, kid
or cloth top. Tan 0." Gray Suede, buttoned.
Uthei very attractive values in higb boots at $3.25
.-tnd $2.75.
flatti Avenue at Nineteenth Streat
? \xsdl tm Tf\Aj tw)X VU?? tor
una iujuaxvad -falWmiynufe
itmuvloj Xacuoru e>t^ fleur ^JeMe/^ ]
Ge/rCDuJ. ?/nd aSu d ttaem-tfui^ic?rnl
<A iTvij hU^vdU, uifia ??Ae uii/iijttiu ?Um?? ,i?Lt?itL{tfdJ
f? ??ku-A ?cw(Aei(9oCuJtXcr^
1 he muy t.tue tahle SWAASASuTJ ,* v'our watch
a* /at? trains leave Lil*erty Streit ? evar\
hour on the hour Iront 7 A M. to 10 P. St..
end et midnight with tloepern ID inmuten
YOUIt^VATCM "**' ,h* '"""" '""" w*%r *,lrr' ?Srr*"?"' /^nttu
IS YOUR TINF. " "r' ' ' n" ' *** ?' *"">* tourt
YANew Year Resolution
It Will Pay To Keep!
Clerk Yields Only When Four
Men Go to Aid of Policeman.
Matthew Rappaport. S young clerk, ti ?? d
t.. kill his mother and brother when ba
: beeams violently Insane Ute yesterday
I afternoon In his bom?-. No. |BJ Wythc ?.ve?
nu*-, w ?Uamsburg?. it required the strength
of live m.-n to overpower Mm, and after
being boiin?! with ropes he ?us taken to
I the Kings Count?. Hospital.
It has been Rappa port's ambition l"t*
| cently to become a great pugilist. Almost
every night h? bas attended extaMlions at
| tiie boxtag clubs, and wben bis b**other
I George refused to bos with him yetUerdaj
lie h'-cunie violent and eitded by graljbins
hla mother i?y th?- thtoat. The brotbei In?
terfered, but Matthew Inlocked blm d? >?
: with -,? punch -ii.i tic n began klcktai ?m.
Mra Rappap*?rt'a acTcama attracted the
attention of n??- neighbor .?.?l Patrolman
Recent Pictures
Willard L. Metcalf
Now on Exhibition
Montross Gallery
5S0 I i?tli Ave., above 45th St.
Kannoa, bul Feitnoe alone ?a? not abi?
to subdu? Hsppnport, v? he, \:i* not over?
come until f.,'ir ether men ??..--nt io the
poll?*eman'a sssletan?ce.
fuo us.pat err
C. C. Shayne & Co.
Importer and Manufacturers of
Announce the opening of their
January Discount Sale
Fine Furs at a Great Saving
Imported and Original Designs,
comprising Coats and Wraps, .Mutis 331/??-?
Scans, in Chinchilla, Ermine. Mink. /<3'*
Astrachan, and various other, tur^
All Auto Furs, including Fur-lined Coats. 20",,
Mink Coats, other than models. 25%
Seal-DyedMuskrat, Persian Lamb, Broad?
tail, Mole, Astrachan. Sealskin Otter 15%
In Astrachan, Beaver, Squirrel, Opossum
Fitch, Pony. Wolf and Bear.
Mole. Mink,"Fisher, Skunk, Lynx. Mat
ten, Raccoon .
Ermine. Chinchilla. Sealskin. Otter, Fo<\ 10?.
Our large stock ot manufactured Russian and
Hudson Bay Sable will be sold at prices slightly
above the cost of production.
C. C. Shayne & Co.
126 West 42dSt.
With January como the
pleasure of dividends to
those who have invested their
money wisely. But a**,?le fr??ni
the pleasure and cultivation
o? seli-respeot which come to
the ?person who acquires the
habit of saving, is the
?growth of a quick judgment of
In purchasing the necessi?
ties of lite he ?knows that i'
?s the good article that pays
interest in genuine service.
It isn't the cheap piano
that earns the dividends?
but the piano with a known
reputation - the hon?estl)
made and honestly sold in?
strument ? the one that
maintain*? it-? value it you
ever need to sell it?the
piano that really means
something and touches the
listener's heart because of its
pure sweet tone and high ar?
tistic qualities.
It y??u use -1 ?me of your
January ?Dividends in the
purchase of a
\ ou w ill be compounding
your dividends. Because it
is not a mere question <>i ex
?pense, but the question of
making a ?paying investment.
It is like putting the usual
rental foes into the purchase
of a home.
Von become the owner oi
real property and with ?I ill
creased self-respect and au
improved standing in the
Kven piece ol music
plaved brings large do idends
iu pleasure to \ ou and your
friends a pleasure impo?
sible to measure by the or
dinary standards oi piano
music. Ih?** piano you can
play yourself you become
the master and don't have to
?depend on Borne one else.
Von may have heart!
Pianos with Player mechan?
isms, but there i> a? much
difference between the musi?
produced by the artistic
Sterling Playerpiano and
that of the ordinary piano a*?
there is between the cult?
ured voice ??? it h .1 natural
gift for song and the unculti?
vated notes of the savage.
\ Sterling Piano ?s much
more than a pie??- of mer?
chandise it is hu intricate
pic?-? of machinery a work
of art, ami Us purchase
should be more than a m i
question of pri< e.
\n?l \et Sterling ?Pianos
arc not high priced - they
.ne the cheapest in the ?real
sense of cheapest that you
can buy.
The very large output of
mir factories enables n> t??
sell the>e absolutely reliable
pianos at
A Moderate Price
and on the easiest kind .?>
m?.iithl\ pa> ment plan ii you
desire. Rvcry instrument car
ries the broadest guarantee
r\ er iriven bv anyone, In oui
Rental l)cpt. we lease new
Pianos onl) and make an ar
rangement for the rental u>
;i|ipl\ un 1 purchase if you
w ?sli t.. ou n the piano later.
???< Sterling Piano Cu
Sterling Uuilding;
.%18-5-?0 lulton St., corner M<tno\cr Plact-, lr?okl*,n. N. Y
telephone ?092 and .'0<M Main

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