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Makes Iron Ore Free and Cuts
Duties 30 to 45 Per Cent.
An "Ultimate Consumers' Free
List" Also Devised?Bid for
Insurgent Support.
: ' i ? ?4 o ?
Washington, Jan. 4.?Aftei a meeting >>"
the Deanocratlc metnbeis of the \V_>s anil
BtnttMe to-day It was announce?!
that _ suo-committ?e has completed a ?lraft
of ':. hill revising the st.-ci acbedule, an.i
that th. measure may l?_rea?l> to i?-i??'it
t.. th? House eaciy next w?-?k it si? waa
learned anthoiitatlvely, ??*? foretold in these
? tie? restar?s?, tnat the Denmcratlc
Mil i? t? be almo?i ? dupl?cate of tin; Cum*
loi...- st-ei bill. wMch was Jammed through
and Ho - mdon, only to
i? r<M<9?-d by ii),- President li-cause of its
f-baked chars tei
The hybrid i ??? .-? in prepared by the ?Dem?
i" i pa. : ?! aa clearly a _?i?i for
l?. 1 Senate Insuri:. nts. Ttie
Ltemocratlc-Insurgent coalition is renew? :
evidence of th.- common Latent ??> put the
lent "In a b??u.'' ,f possible, bj send*
in?i? t.. the Whll. House tariff bills 10 ? ire*
leesl) .haiwii an?i .<> unr?t?-po__lve to actual
needs thai ,. \eu> win be InevitaM
The Dem?crata ?.i th. Waya and Means
Committee evolved another hica in tert?
re? day. The sieel bill will contain
an "I'ltlmate ?'?msuineis Wtot Lest," re?
moving tii? duty fr??ni wir?. ho??p iron and
oth? t iron and si- ? ;ts which wen
carried duty free in th.- Ill-fated Pan
? bill oX las! ?i i'!i " " la
on the frei um. this eonces
aien partiall) placating those Democrats
i ., . rabid b**lU \> ra ??? the doctrln?
lit? ia?< matar?ais, Tb? pm?-edlns red
lion? ::i the I'emo? rath I ill will closely 1o!
K?w those (?f the ?'?inn,ins amendment,
ratet win range from ?" to IS pel
cent undei th< pi esent tariff.
Hous* Democrats have taken
th? cu< from i ?.?ge
?'f the .?teei bjii in ib.- HO-SB end Senate'
may prove lo b? n
bs the 1 re c ?ntldent th? La l"-l
'.ette fa?.;i?.n .n tu upper cbambei
idvantage, will '
..?? l>emor:at.s
steel bill ??ill be prompt!.*
House, and then will com? u?e bill
- ledule, which la
diawn and read) to drop into
? >t!\ the desire of tin- Demo
era - to appear deliberative has prevented
a report t-foie this tune, a.s it la well
at th? Den
having bef?te ihem -the l.a IToilette-CuBB
lulea "f '. - ?.-' ?? been
? ? to seuil '.h- bills to the
? :
shown In _>?-mo
?tat I to await the investigation
- ? -i and ches tal lea by the
Tariff Hoard, not ha\e the Lieinocrats
: advice e\.f,t su h as ma.? be lun
? ? in their owf tin irei >?! the apecula*
? oi ? ,,f the Insuig? nic
^^ Th? sul.-ccimnii'.i?. ? ?ich ? ..???? up the
i^K ? ?? bill I? ?omposed of Representative?
?HI l'X' ' ?.f Indiana; I'slm??'. of Pennsylvania,
\\W r : Hull, of Tennessee,
Senator Rayner Urges Ratifica?
tion-Hitchcock Fears Alliance.
I From Th* TrtbttM H?r?-?n |
Washington. Jsn. 4 ?The struggle over
?lie ratification of the treaties of arbitra?
tion with iJreat Britain and France began
In the Senate to-day with the filing ?>f a re
porl by Senator Rayaei In favor of the
treaties and a apeech by Senator Hitch?
??"k against them Senator ftayner said
mat they represented ?he greatest step that
Could r- taken toward world peace at the
resent time. Senator Hitchcock based hi?1
Opposition to 1hem on afleged foreboillnes
of r.n eatangUng alliance with Great Rrit
Apathy In the Senat? ov?f th? fate of tlie
ggreementa has glvei ??'???. i" strong ?ee?
lt k- While opposition on the ?emocrati.'
side is i-rumblln... thos? Who' fot one r.-a
another. are still holdinc out against
them are raising ?he . ry of cowardice t?>
? R ? the effect of ?li? popula t demand for
the ratification.of th? tregflea, and threats
are being made of extreme m? tlu.il? to pre?
iset it, even b) ?iibui-tecing. if H ?ho_ld
b< neceeaary,
tor Hltchco k ^a??.--th?? plan ?o per?
mit 'he President t.. appoint commissioners
to a high COUli "f arbitration without the
Consent Of the Senate was revolutionary
and dangeroua
1h?. ?President oulvl authorize three
. o, imissioners t.. ??egotiate and submit dif?
ferences t<> arbitration without consulting
cpnstttut tonal representatlt.'jsi of the people
of the United Ktates.' he Inalsteil. That
the legitimate and honest Interpretation
of this treats'. That is wrat the joint _lgh
commission la f??r. It .a ?Ute trap in this
tr?at.\; it is a device to Permit an entang?
lihfalUant ? by empowering our Executive
to treat without restraint from the Serial?-,
with the government of (treat Britain, and,
in my opinion, it must lead to, an?l it was
? ? gned to lea?! to, an entanglement of the
United States in the foreign policy of
? Britain."
In conclurdoa Mr Hitchcock said he not
oni.. fa'?.?ed ?-inking ?.ut the last ?lause
of Article II!. providing for a joint high
.? nmlsston, bul also an amendment spe?
cif rail.' aaeertlng that the treaty ?ould n?>l
b? ?"istrued so as to authori/.e the nub;
mission to abhration of any yueatlon In
\? ?ins: the traditional attitude of the
T - ted Pia?es ?on'-erning American ques?
tion ? .?r other purely governmental poll?
Bill Authorizing Circuit Judges to Sit
in Courts of Appeal Passed,
lag. <. The House
r??M??! a Senate bill ?ie*ignt'l to make cleat
tV obHgatioaa of Otaca}! 'udfea ??. si? in
th' burta of Appeal. The _1rcult
? ? rti n which these frdgea preside?! si
aaVll as In ? Courts ->r Appeal,
tarnt out of ? itenc? ? .if.ru,at? i under
Provisions of the new Ju?li, jMi nod?, ?
..- provid?
ed that the circuit ?fudges should continue
irt- of appeal The ;
bin which nos goea ??. .,.,. -*reBl_enl for
? ? .
American Painters and Sculptors Still
V'ithout a President.
f.'Si'l? ? I |)j
Am- rlcan Painters ami h, uiptoi i
fai aa he knew, no steps
been taken toward the appointment
of ' lo i Ai.cn Weir, tvlio re
C",!h r' :' S4 ? -, ? of I,., ,,lt
i. .11.
?*''' sut?*ment, until
- not
*? ? *? ? prstadeai ..f ? so
? ? '
Il . s with Kb
? ? . ?
' council if? resigned, he!
,, ins!
. i|.
Mailed *n whses in the Uoited States
er? ?>. .??, ? /air,
i frota rii,1 Ti nn.ii?- Bureas l
N HKliliiKlon, January
Ml: TAKT CA? M.W.. That thfl I'
?l'-ni !? aalnlng ?-.trengtli In all lectten
the oountr) i- tin- confident ?aeeertloi
mini? ron?? frailera at it??- White Ho m
Is as.??>rte(J alM b) many menben
Cotigreea Anal*.??-? of rtu- situation ?>?
?competent '?? nuiKi? then ghow that u
hi?- many factors which are making f??i
Incrtaeed political MtieiiKth <>f Preal?
Taift. and many tliliiKi? ?a1iI.1i i?ii t
i i- ? -, ? i.. in i. detrimental to hla polll
chancei aie raall) ?serving to increaea
popularlt) la hps t??-??*i remarked in o
ittapat? bea, ti>>- suggestion that ex-Preak
Kooaarelt me) t-? ? ?Candidate for in?- m
Ination tins ?served complttel) to <i?-?i
iii?- Incipient boom of Senatoi ?La Solle
Hut. in.?i, thrin that, ii baa
.. certain quiet reaentment on
part vi" m.ms |n (ipit- who, havlns been t
?>ii b) iii? aaaertlona that Colonel Roooe*.
i? maadbuvrlng to mniro the nominal
for blmaelf, feel that Mr. Tail liaa not :
an entirely ? s?|uar.- deal." Then, t,.<>,
?stravacant utterance! ,,f Senator La i
let!? have ?served striking)) to empha*
ih>- ???.i?. r. eound Judgment >?* Mr, Ti
in connection with thl* ranwi a rap
fi.'ii. Senator ?La Pollette'a own ?tate ?'?
tain merchant? .?f Milwaukee have l>>
engaged In examining the antl-truat i
which he Introduced in the Senate aoi
lima HK'-. .m.i th, \ And that it makes it
felony io ??? . ?oda below ? oat
ever) mer? ! o? ,.,.? mak? a em
in buying und acquires no,,a* Ht t.?.? hi
a ?price, or Which for -"in. reason , am
ba disponed of except at prtcea leaa tin
coat, auch a measure would Impoae s?-rl<>
hardahlpa. would rendet unsalable sor
m ,,; ever) stock "f M'ods. and, h
aldea, would deprive I ? srs of man) h,
k'niiii. Then, t.?o. tin- continued attacks i
th?- Prealdent b) I.a Pollette, ami mo
eapedall) b) ?some <?f tils aupportera. ..
arousing sympath) foi Mr, Taft, eapeclal
as it b?>coniea mure than ever iil.vions tin
moat .?f those who oppoin him .?r.- a. mat
t?\ anything bul i-redltable motives. ?
there is an ? ?. ni--nt of the i?.- ?
which believes II high!: dealrable to find
who ??in "set .ne world on lire
mu! some there are who believe Colon
Rooaevell could >'.? that, bul there ai
mar>>. mu? th???. seem t.. lu- in tin- majoi
Ity, who believe that, for an the friend
be would make, Mr, Hooeevell would mah
an equal i imbei ??f en? ml? i
nts which 1? making f<>: greater confl
dence in the anility .?f Presiden! Taft t
lead his party t>> victory is tin- in
eas of ?le ?Democrats, who know no
where i.? tura for a ?Presidential candidat?
The Demo? its from Sew Vorh an- Itaini
up strongly f-?i ?Governor Harmon, but iaos<
from the w.st realise perfecUy that even i
it were possible to aomlnata the Oovernoi
?if Ohio it would not ba possible to .-l.-. i
him s?. lang ?.s Mr. Bryan retain? his in?
fluence with tii?- rank ami tile of the
it his been auppoaed t>> th- friends ?>f Qov?
ernor Wllaon that he could count <?: th*
: : of Mi l.t ? ?in. even though In ?? ?
opiKMed bj those conservative? who favored
the nomination of Mr. Harmon, hut recent
unkind Inquiries as to where the G.rnor
<>f New Jersey was securing the fund? with
which to ?-airy o:: his campaign, whleh
have been uttered by Mr. Bryan, have shak?
en the faith of those who counted on his
support for Mr Wilson, and the) au- be?
ginning t-? deplore th?- fan that their hero
permitted himself, in his efforts to se?
ihe i rt of Mr, Bryan, so far t<>
abandon the dictates of his own Judgment
? ? adopt the radical vagaries of the
??'Peerless Leader." Onl) a short time a>*o
Democrat!) sentiment, cspeclall; m the
Esst, \e-r-?l strongly In the direction "f
Pnderwood, 'out now it i-. becoming
apparent that .Mr. Bryan will not iienr.lt
his election, e\en if he is nominated. And
flnall* the Democrats in Congress are tin-l?
ing the reaponslMHty of power a serious
detriment t.? suc?es?. Man? of the
members of the natty realize that they have
mad? a serious blunder in passing the
Sh<rwood pension bill; that in view of their
professions ??f eronom) tin- "pork barrel"
public building hill, which they ?an hsrdly
escape, will add t., ti??-ir discredit, ami that
' e\ en in their tariff legislation they are
j likely m gam mote condemnation fan
i pi alee
DEMOCRATIC ?\\r? is win, the
of devlalng s?>m?- course which will
them through safelv the Demorrsta
decided i<> hold a caucua next ?Satu
BUI even In so ?l?>illK they will, lh.-y
'./??. incur il"- displeasure of Mr. Bryai
thej ha?.' decided to hold a secret ci
Inslesd ??i matins. In open session, si
Bryan in?-? charged them thej must it
?\..ui.i relie* ?? th.m?. I vea ..i bubi ' Ion
a nop t.. th.- Peerless Leader and wltl
hope of fooling the public the* hav?
? id.-.i i?, i?? -.. i "Journal" of the cs
which Is to h? furnished t.? tin- pi. - .
ib.- caucus adjourns, said in which wl
recorded so much of the pro eedlngs,
in su.-h form, as it is desired the I"
should read As a further concessloi
Mr Bryan it han also been decided
i .. v. ot one-fifth of ib.- caucua u
bershlp the doon may !>?? thrown ope
the discussion of any apeclnc proposli
it is expressly state.i thai th* comlns <
rus will nfit he of a poilti. al nature,
who evei beard <>f a Democratic cai
w hlch was not ot a political nal u i
i?. understood thai ;> proposition to pa*??
cther 'pork barrel" MU, In the form i
Iver* and harbors mear m ?. i- the
occasion of the determination of the He
leaders t?. .all a caucus, with the hob?
rescuing from rack and ruin all that
o,.uns of the ? ?'"noiiii programme "t ?? I
th?- pan> has prated ??'? blatantly.
?? irse, the fait 1" thai the I ???ni... ta'?
famished aft.r long years ?it famine, ?
that nothing tvHI control their raped
rat.i? on tii national Treasury
'iiii: M??i?i:sT i.a kolliKTTK r
haps the gnsateat Joke ?.f current |*olltl
l?os.?'.!! :s ib.- suggestion, actuatl] tal
s. iioiisi? in soi.lu?rters, thai Bens
l.a Pollette might efface himself from t
political equation in order t>. promote ?
nomination ?>i Colonel Roosevelt. Thi
who know the ?Senator from Wlscons
who recall hi? Intense leluctsnce i?? t?
?.f himself, hi? horror ?.l comparlns hli
self with his fellow Senators t?. his ot
advantage, his single-minded patrlotls
an.i hi? itlmosl uncontrollable dlspoultl
toward self-effacement, are a. ;. loea
undei stand, ?.. ? h) lie has n
Jumped ,t the graceful opportunity a
fcrded lam by Governor Osborn to obllte
a:?- himself end t?> trade his mlcroscop
boomlet f??i the undylns gratitude "f M
Roosevelt But even they Und it an <" <
slon "! amasement that '!"? general pul
ii.'. or even kn) considerable portion of I
, .: nave -?> accuratelj gauged 11
character ot the Wisconsin patriot as I
ha?- found such a suggestion plauslbl
? if course, t'olonel ftoosevelt's friends ai
, tly rell? ,ed that he hss escaped Hi
Imminent dun?,'?" <>f having t1"- VVlsconsli
it. ab il? .t.- in i. - fa* or, ai d are offerin
pirana of praise that wiser counsels pn
vailed and that ?he Senator from ?Vlacon
sin was actually persuaded no! t?. ylel?
Ii natural self-abnegatory Instinct an?
retire, Immediately the ws
mad? i?, him bj the psti lotlc ? lo? ernoi <?
HARD ON MORGAN Represenlatlv?
Nurrts? the Nebraska InsurgeAt, has Intro
,| , ed 8 bill transfer'In?; all postillas'..-r;
i?, the classified service, which is in or
cordance with the views of Hi?- President
although Mr. Norria lia? forgotten lo statt
that fait, bul which would also reduce lh?
salary of Poatmast? i Morgan of Nee
.orS hy BjS.OOU a year, a? well as ? i
.?ri".? <f the postmasters <.f Chicago ami
??.m. oth.-r i-iths. Th.- bill provides thai
in? postmaster shall receive 7i salary <?f
more than *?'.."?> .? year, arui as labe c?>n.
pensalloti of the Postmaster of New ?ork
;? row 0,0110 ne would sutTt-r- a considerable
loss Th.- chief ?purpose "f Mr Norrls'a
bill is to take the postmastershlps oui of
politics, which ?President Taft has taken
n repeatedly to recommend, although
Judge Norria has made the Introduction of
the bin the occasion of an attack on the
President on th.- ground that al presenl
postmasters are ?akin? too active a part
In politics As the bill is calculated t.? ?f
fecl a aavli g i f U.OM.CtOO a year, it
to . ommand the support ..f the
Democrats, who feel they must aave egme
? and, even when It reachei the Ben?
ale, it will ?nJo\ th? support of ?? i ??
dent, although possibly in a aopiewhat mod?
Ifled form, ?; g. m
i Auto Owning Preacher Making
Debts, They Assert.
Thi Trlhui ?
Ha, kensack, X. J? .Ian 4 l'ail .
iheir effort? to get the Rev. carl F W,
Abrena to resign as pastor of tb? C
Baptist*Church, at Westwood, four <>f the
six officials win? oppoaed hi m tendered their
resignations to-night. J. Herbert Hate,
???hrtstian H De trick, Oeneat II Ot,tignon
' nni Quatav K*-ck are tbe one? who resigned
Them officers ?aid th?- church was running
Into debt and that they dl?l nol want t.. be
The pastor has arranged a special s, i lot
for next Sunday right In honor of his first
anniversary in the church. At this meeting
i ?? ?-ays he will have an automobile dealer
I present to explain how he happened to buy
a machine, it was this alleged extrava?
gance thai caused the trouble. Mr Ahrcns'a
salary Is only $20 a week. When certain
women members of bis flock criticised him
for buying an automobile h<- denounced
them as "traitors, vipers and Eves."
Mayor and City Officials Will Go
Through Water Tunnel.
trrangementa have beet made to have
Ma*.?,- Gaynor lead a pan?, of city officials
.nder tii?- Hudson Klvi-i through th? new
Storni Klin? tunnel, thai has been bored
there to carry the water from the Catsklll?
to the cast si?ie of the river. According to
present plans the blast thai will Shattei
ti:?? last heading and Join the two shafts
that hav?- be?n bored from etth'i side will
he lead* 'oi ?ring ?m Tueaday, Januar) 3ft.
Mayoi Oatpot, the Hoard <?f Water Bup
ii?, Commia-stoner Thompaon ol the De
partmenl of Wa.te? Bupply, ?la- and Klec
Irlcity and a nnnib?-i ?if engine?
;<? the east? lit* s-uift When the ?.las' mak?-.s
? y tunnel cootlnuoua Immediately there?
after he will lead the part) throug
tunnel undci Hi? Hudson an-i over to
?Storm King <?n the weaterl) shore
The tunn? l has hecn blasted through solid
rock from end to end and Ii foi the moat
erf act I) dr) even without the cement
Hi ing thai Is to g?. in h??.-r. The presen 1
dlametei of th# tunnel is eighteen feet, bul
- - mil be cui down b) foui feel i? the
Albany, J*? ' '" ?'lea ?,i feverel ad?
criticisms ai the Aahokan dam, an-i
Fspeclall) the statement that the dam was
far too weak ami i<><> frail baeauaa n was
not arched up stream, a statement has
bean made by Alexandei Ri<, m. Kim.
Inapector ol Hams und Docks of ih.?
Men Voik Conservation Commission He
Th? i? Ii no ledg? "f an) kin-l at elthei
end of the Ashokan dam, and ao it w,,ui?i
hav? ?been a great blundei t-> ha>>- bull?
: e. <lan, on ? rurv? I Inapected the work
.i. the Aahokan ?lam <>n Novembei IS,
IMl, an?l su,,?, hav? gone v?-i ? carefull;
ovet the plans foi th>- game. And I believe
thai ii win be a saf? ?? dam as was ever
constructed and the work as a who), on
?skill wat? rah?-d on?- of tha bet t and '
. mi lea ,,f engineering >.f this
PottsvlII? Penn .Ian I 1 h? Phil.I
pi Is .-.i ?i R adlni '?..i ind Ii oi ' 'ompin)
,., ?. In th? in?, of
i .,i! - ? ,i I ?-m ?>>
i.,i, sud baii? ? ?-.ii i'?
i , ,,.< i ? h, six? above i
hanged a do also I In do
President Told Further Impris?
onment Will Hasten Death.
VI ashlngton, Jan. i Additional evidence
to Ind '.. Moi -<? is In a
serious condition and thai his life will be
shoi l? '..d b) furth? ? lion in the
Atlanta penltentlar) was presentad t??
President Taft and Acting Attorne) Gen?
? la! 1 ,,-.- ,| !.. ij.iy
T B Felder, ?,[ Atlanta, counael for
Mois.-, laid before the Acting Attorne
General a report <iat>-,i Januar) i from i>r
I A. :, Fowler, of Atlanta, declaring thai
I Morse was losing vitality even in th? Forl
j McPheraon Hospital, gnd bis death would
? he hastened if he ?-ere sent back t.? the
1 penitentiary. Mr. Felder aald he had
. also pui the report In chann? la to r?-a?-li
the President.
Dr, Fowler, in agreement with the arm)
surgeons who have examined the former
banker, s,-u?l Morse was suffering from
'three diseases, each progn ? In Its
?? arterio sclerosis (hardening of the
arteries), organic valvular disease of the
heart and chronii Bright dl
"Bach week," he added, "thi t the pa?
tient has been under observation at the
Fort McPheraon Hospital he shows a
slight loss of vitality. Xotwlthatamlln
thai Mors,- has lost ground each week, i
am ?.iin?st in my belief lhai bad the.
r>. iidenl ol the united Btatea not order??!
his removal t-? Fort MePhorson his vital
itv would not meaaure even half up t-?
w hat day, hen? ? the sUght re?
tardment of in
"If Mors.- is returned to the penltentlar)
i i ci nnol ? omprehend how h e ill
than to accentuate ' !- malady ? nd
shorten his ?l.-. \ s. which are airead num?
ber? ,i "
German Manufacturer to Appear Be
fore United States Authorities.
.-??.iin-;? n. German). i ?? I?i Ho
presiden) of ih<- Solingen Manufacl
Association, tai a ? i t? ? nvlia
i he i nit.-.I Stat. - ?ovemmi ni i?, ~?> i?.
I aiii.-i I, .. t" explain I?. Hie i stom ?
ttioiin? Hier? Ih? rosl ol piudui lion ol
,-ui lei ,'i ? lermaii) II at? of a au-, a*
paid, etc
Til? Mao ifa i urei \ ?>? . ? ion has
granted leave ol ab ? n< ? to Di Hon
believing thai hj h personal meeting with
the I nlt?-?l State? official he will i
in removlni ihe suspicions which ? ?
been ?'asi on German cutler) manufactur?
ers in general, whereaa those guilt) of re?
. ?-nt undervaluations were only a few
Man Suspected of Murder Left Home
Hurriedly, Police Learn.
Coronet Feinberg stopped the funeral rea
torda) of William I'feuffer, who was found
dead .N'-w Year's moruliiK In front .?i No
Kfl l-'ast 21 a) sir.i-t Th- hod) was t- i ? o
to in? Morgue The Intestin? and stom?
ach oi i'i. uff? i wer? i? mov? ?i b) i 'oroner's
Ian i.? hane, and will be chemically
analysed 'Phis action was the recuit <>t a
Icttei received b) th? dead man'i relative
sa) Ing thai hi had ?be? n murdi i ? d
The a i i"-i ul th? lettet gavi 11?- tiam?
;? iul addi ? ? ?.i n.i man h? ised ol hi -
i, Ihh t,,i I'i. un. i ? deal h, .?n?l
at th? lltl i " ? i addi el ? hi? Ii a ? ? nun
Honed m th?- letter, the pollc? learned that
id Inn 11? <li? pa? i ? -i hi l hin
\ew aVai ? Da] and departed In i laxl?
, ,i.
I'feuffei wits iw? nt ?? ?even .???-' old an i
ue\ ol ., ni. i -"i b hi
, i) -,\ . -i 11 <i str? -i \t ? ordln? |n hi?
hin i,, phi ? left tin aloon In
o,,,I v hi, i,im ? -'?i .n,l .i I Old ??al'li I In -
.. ., ... Aliei
llis bod) wat fo.c.?
He Proposes to Show New York
How to Give One.
11?..m The Trtbaaa Burma I
Washlntgon, .lan. i .lust t? ?how Neta
VoiH how b peaes dinner really should i?e
conducted, Representative wuinm Bulser
's t.. i,.- chief host in th.- ?Secretary ?>f Mats
and the .llj.loiiiiillc corps at a. "rial pea. -e
ful function" In ??Vashlngton .-?i lbs nlghl
of? Februar) ::.
\ioiiiiiiK the pitfalls ovet which the
promotera of the New York peace dinner
stumbled, Mr. Buiasr prev?s ones mors
tn.it he i? an opportunist. The calcium
will play ?>n his manly form and lurid and
Struggling I ? ks. the dove of pea..: will
lUhi on hla shouMera and reel content;
there'll be diplomats to right ?>f him and
diplomats to left of him, ami there'll b? no
smbaseadorial regret?. The smhessadora
an.i the Secretary of Biete were among
the missing at the belated and somewhat
unpeaceful Nee fork affair, but the Huizer
dinner ??ill be different
Mr, Bulser is a harmoniser and ?< peace
banqueter par excellence, and hla pians
an- well made There will be no imita?
tions to or decllnatlona from Colonel
Roosevelt, Andrea Carnegie ami others,
nor win Mlllard .1 Bloomer delay th??
iilnn.i or lose ii." guesi list The Bubwi
peace illiin.-i is to I.?- an exclusive affair.
No out of-town guests will be Invited, it
win I... merely a dovelike meeting ot Be?
retsr) Knox, the diplomats and the mem?
bits ,,? the Foreign Affairs Committee arm
tlieh wives.
Til.- members <>f the House committee
will defraj th- expenses <?f th? feast. The
dinner will be given in the Pan American
I'nlon Bulldlni .Mr Cs-negle contributed
a large sum ''?? the cog^truetion of this
magnificent building, but, of coursei if Mi.
Carnegie were Invited, others might gel
Mi Bulser aaya he doesn'l warn hla call. .1
?i p. ice dinner." it is merci) a ?ilt.'ier for
Beeret a r; Knox, declares th.- New ?ork
member, with the diplomats mes,.m t>
.-.i,"?? tint relations ail around are most
pleasant. Notwithstanding the mod??it y of
dt Bulxi . ii must be admitted that it win
I?- a pa. it" feat if He Foreign Affairs
Committee can assemble tin diplom?is
where tin- Nee Yorkers felled.
The .linn?! is to i.? an elaborate and ??
pensive affair, bui the expense will be
trlflin** compared with the satisfaction
gained in putting on a dinner where real
:? . (a;?.??! ?.ill and International fellow?
ship will reign Ths members of th" Foi
.???ii Affairs Committee will ?hip In" on;
pens?, their wives will mingle In so?
del Intel.ae with the women of the lor
? i?;ii ...lilts, there will be titbs galore, ami
t hei ? h be pee? a e? ,-t > w hei ??
Taking Down of Big Structure Post?
poned for Five Months.
it waa ?i noun? i ?! ofll? :? est?
tii'- date for thi raxing ?>f Madison Square
na.- i. ?n postponed from February
until July ?>f this .? -ar. ..ml th.t Instead ol
completing ?in- proposed commercial build?
ings planned for ;?" block by February.
::?' :. t hey will be i";,'l? i or ?->? cupgl
year later.
esta . ontrolHnj i ,?? propel ly have
practican* givei .-in option i<> the backen
"f th?. Democratic convention movement
!" us,- ibe (larden In th.- event that the
? ii"d fur this 'in
Detectives, Fearing Violence.
Hide McNamara Aid.
Missing Witness Tells His Story
to Federal Grand Jury at
Indianapolis, Jan i Ortla E, McManlgal,
(.onfoaeedly a member ?>f the ?lynamltlnK
staff of .Inhn .1. Mc.Vam.ira. was not
brought Into this dtj to-night; as was ex?
peled, but will reach here In time to tes?
tify before the federal ?xrand jury ?>n Mon?
day Agenta of th.- Department of Justice
guarded to-day with the greatest ?croc*
the whereabouts of McManlgal and pre?
pared to prevent the time of bis arrival
from becoalag known
i?i-? ii'ht-s annovabed thai McManlgal
I? ft the county jail at Loa Angeles on Mon?
day of this M?-?-k. but it was learned t??
lllghl that the ?hi.ctlv.-s Intrusted with blH
transfer to this city planned to bring blm
here hy a ctrcultoua routa in ordei t?. ward
off poeaiUe Interfareni ?? by his enemies.
Oscar Lawler, apodal government prose
?uto:, r? marked to-day In connection with
the accrec) surrounding McManlgal'? Jour?
lie) that "all the slui/i'eis are not yet dead
? -i ? aught."
half a ?in/, n witnesses appeared before
the i-ran?! jury to da?. Most of them ni"
aid i., know the detall i of the explosions
at Peor?a, 111., In the fall ..f 1*10. They !
also are believed to be able to fix the Iden?
tlty of persons whom Ortie K McManlgal
dire? t?-?i him t<? the points where
dynamite aas lo be placed. Fran'< Kck
hoff of Cincinnati, intimate friend of .lohn
.1. M< v.mi.ira for years, and whose where?
abouts nu- said to have been concealed by
Burns's detectives, was at the grand |ur)
chamber. R, n. Johnson, manager of the
street railwa) lines at Peor?a, Hl., also
cam? In anawer to a aubp?na. Moth mei
are aaaumed t?? haw- related details of ra?
il i n.mnt,- exi lot
Th? framework alone of the government's
case, it was said ti,-day. has thus f a r 1,,-n
laid, and within two or three days evidence
concerning nearly <ui" hundred of the ex?
plosions charged to th<- Iron Wbrkera'
i iiion will be brought from the office of
District Attorne) John i>. ?Fredericks, of (
Los tngel-*i Mr Fredericks will not | -
tlf) before the grand Jur) hlmaelf, but ?rill i
l< a-.- the work to aome >.f his assistants. 1
He will leave here to?morroa with his wife'
on s id .,-or.- trip through M,e Fast.
"We gathered together," said Mr. Fred
?rlcl s. all i i - evident*? in the United '
States and Canads which had any bearing!
-.ti the dynamiting conspiracy. I think In
most every Instance th?r.- were violation.
of state as well as federal statutes. Tour
are BO -man that almost
evei time -. man changea hia mind he
. -its!.le the state "
In tha case against the McXamarae in [
California. Mr Frederlcka ha?i Intended to
use eritn?esses to prove the) scores of ex-'
ploslona occurring throughout th.- coun?
try ?er? ?lir.-.-t. h by union labor oiTiciaN.
For thai reaaon th? California evidence '
In convenient form for handling here
Mr. Frederlcka telegraphed Samuel I.
Browne, chief detective at ?Los Angelea, to?
day that be would not tak.- any part in '
?ils controversy with \''llllnm .1. Run,^ STS1
the rewards In lb?. McVamara OSSS
At none ?f th*? varbnis riatfonail ur Ion
headquarters In this city t?>-<lay w.-.s it poe*
slble to obtain a statement < onhrminc
chargea '?y ss*Majror CbarJes a Bookwal?
1er that labor official? were sdvteed of the
<1> iiamlHiig operations ?,f John I. McNa?
man two vears a?., ami i ha ? If lh?-y had
seted th?n they miKht have prevented "The
I.'.? AllKeles Time?" ?xplo-ion ami llM Bt?
tendsnl loss of tweaty-?ns lives.
*fl I'aso. Tex, Jan. 1 I'tid.-r the guar?
iiianship of taro detectives sad securely
locked in lb<* ?taterooni ?if a sle?plitK car
attached t?. a Bo-t_?*? Paclfle train. Ortie
B McManlxal arrived hers to-day His
i ear was transferred to a R?.< k Islaml
: train, ami In u few minutes was flylnir,
north. N?. one was permit??-il to BOS him
Mi Msnlgal Is BSM to be en route to Ind?
ianapolis, fritsre he is expected ?<? testify
in th?- probinK of th" dynamite erases bj
the federal grand Jurv.
State May Try to Connect Connera
with National Conspiracy.
Loe Angeles, Jan. i. T.-n into.s nreia ob?
tained to-day !.. try Ben it Conaers, one
of tbres union men Indicted ..n '!"?
of having conspired t?? dynamita ths county
Mail of Records on September s, ru??. The
Jury pan'-l was exhausted, ..ml the panal
in another ?1? pertinent of the Buperior
I'ouit was drawn upon, over the objections
of I.? Compte Davis, Conners'a attorn.'.-.
An Indication tin" an attempt wouM be
nia.i)' i?. connect the Hail >.f Recorda ? as?.
with the alleged nation-wide dynamite ??in?
spira?", area found in the state's -
aalng t_.orge Eckmsn, <<f Seattle, wl ?
brought here bj th.- federal grand Jury
tha? is ? oinpietiiiK to.- Investlgetloa ??: the
McNamara conaplracy, (?ckman, who is
employed by the S.-attie contractor?,
conatructed the Lyons Building there
which was dynamited by James B m -
?amara in August, 1910, formerly was em?
ployed i" the Los Angeles contractoi who
tilt 'h.- Hail ?.! Recorda
Father Makes Lad Shift for Himself
After Early Marriage.
Denver, Jen. i laawrence Brown? th?
only son of .1. .1. Brown, mUMonaire mine
owner, of Denver, la compelled to pound a
drill in a mine at Victor, Col., m order thai
hie young wife ami flve-weeks-old son ma"
l aw the necessarlea of life.
Bore thon a year ago Bsown met Mi-?
AI ? n i loi ion, a Kansas . "it\ deb :
The tw-ii were married ?nil young Brown
brought hi.? bride t" hi.? father's borne. The
father ?'.id not take kindly to the marriage
because of tbe youth of the two and toi
, he woubl have lo -i.ift ior himself
Brown said he and Ins wife were I
und that he would not ask his father f r
supQprt ho ion- as he aras able to work.
Bayless Company Asked to Pay $127,
375 Damages
Coudersport, Pena., Jan. I. Twentj m.
damage suits sere filed by a- msi Austin
at ?i Costello '?'?.i survlvom against the
EJayl? ss Pulp and Psper C< mpeny ol \ i
tln, snd ???or?;.- C. Bayless, "f Bln|
?on, N V . yesterday.
The claims run from H.000 ??- HZ2.MI, a' ?!
th? total smount demanded yesterdsy 1
Tiie.s?. suits ire a result of alleged diim
'siaine.l at th? ?im?- "i th' Austin
ilsaster of September SO. 1811._
Renewal Question May Take
German Secretary to Rome.
Rome, t m, t 'i' mil iea< m arMeft -,-,.
being hroiiKht t?, bear i?. Indaee. Italy to
? renrvr or HOI to renew the Triple ARtaAce
with Germany .?n?i Austria-Hungary are
, becoming ds?j >,f a mon ? <-har*%
' act.-r
Reporta bave i?. i, i.ived here through
a special message frort? Parla ?iiat ?he Oer
man Rmpcror ha? mad.- IstSltl) SOSM un?
nattering .menta ai,out itals and the
1 Italian arm) and .?t ?? >? ???.-.?i,t ?<< tun
, w.-v the wer i.< Tripoli is being eonducnid
i by Italy.
Although It Ii not ? authoi *a
',-, and reap mi IWe quarters In ?Ron ?
I the moment has arrived when Italy is
i ready to drop out <?f the alllanc? with tt.a
Ctmtral European empires, H i-- ei
?(hat Herr von Kl'b rb-n'v'. a'h'?
man B( I for For? Ign Affali
.-on.- here shortly to pa) a vsit to ig
\ u tor Bmmanu? I.
Th?- Secretary hsa airead) b
Vienna bul h i i ei ? i ilted Rpm? -bee
he took up the portfolio ?.t foreign affaire
i--it. which baa not ??
aouneed offlciall), is . onsldei ? d ,11k it
be th<- starting.point of serious n<*-gol atloas
for the renewal of the Tripla AIMMbO*
Riot3 Follow Expulsion of Patri?
arch of Lisbon.
Lisbon ?V?S fronti?re .Ja.-i I !?:?
bon, >.\ ? nt hon ? M? ndV - Bell
Has ordered to I ? expelled on '??
v\ by the Portui ernment for two
all the Portugueae bishops ?
proclaimed their Independence ??f the gov*4
. mm? : I
The '?' i" a
communication fi??m them tellini
ih?-ir refusal to ? Iwtl author
Itles the) will all be expelled ft.,/. Portu?
gal. At !>??? sain.- time he will hold ?
; esponsible for an*
Th<- expulsion Of Oi<- Patriar, h of Lisbon
.aus. d ? ? : '-'I to-day
Moi?- Ulan t.-n thouaand i ei ions i-i ?
to the Patriarchate to <,ff--r their < <>n
doleni ea to th? i ?prelate
Extreme Republ and ??'
four thousand manifestants, who marche,.
to the ?Patrtarehate and i ished on th?
Catholics aasembied there, ahoutlng:
"Down with th< monarchists! l^eath t,
the ? i?-'
The Catholics responded with , hcers ?
the Pope, i"t Dom Manuel an?i for i?. ,.
Miguel, a? w-eii as '.?>'?? the monarch) 'i '
the lilies ..'' poll.r I SOl
t-u- Patriarchate, whl< h they Invaded, thus
fort Ing th* clerg! to ti?? I
drove off the Republicana. Many i
were Injured
Th. d Atl intlC <'aide; ,
and Heat? t for th?; last tin:,.
last night. I'll?- famous old structure !s t.,
for ;t twelve-atory business and
Idlng which is to cost. $32.}<XX"
The furniture and relics are to be sold
at au 11-*ii- Among these is the great or
?h'-strion. known to many of tho sailors
In the American navy. William Krasasr
brought It from the Chicago World
at o cost of IS0.0M, It Is said.
Wanaioaker Silks for Spring
Soft Taffetas Changeant and Rich Corded Silks
The craze Paris set1 for changeable taffeta i-'ist summer is not to subside.
Among tlu- newest silks for Spring are the lovely toft shot taffetas in ddici?its
colorings. Easy to imagine the charming frocks they will fashion.
Eleven color combinations at $1.50 and twelve at $2 the yard. Both are one yard wide.
These neu ?m?ported shot taffetas also come in brilliant striped effects, the
stripe sometimes of satin.
These are $1.50 yard and 36 inches wide.
Corded silks that look like uncut velvet have come from Paris for the chic
spring tailored costume. Over them is shed a soft frost-like bloom of changing color
that gives them the French name of "givre" or hoar-frost.
These imported corded silks are $3 and $3.50 (the latter a silk-and-wool in striped effect1)
?and the American reproductions are $1.50 and $2 yard. Main A< or, Old Building.
In the Auditorium
Today At 2 P. M.
Mr?. Ailelc Braden M?.Adam,
S? ,,,;,? a
Mr. Albert Wiederhol?!,
Mr, Alexander Russell.
ai ./.,? Pumo ami ' '
We Shall
Place on Sale
In the Men's Store,
Mflin Floor, New Building
At a Price Very iMuch
Inder Actual Values.
A Group of Oil Paintings
Personally Selected Abroad and at Home
Receive New Low Prices
h ?s our custom in ?January to offer at much tower-than
usual prices, the ?paintings remaining in our collection of
?personally selected American and imported canvases.
Each is by <'tn artist of merit chosen not merely for the
name attached to it. but for the excellence of treatment.
The subjects are varied. Among them
Costume linens?in white and
natural color?are at home in the
Linen Store. They say there that
a certain linen suiting. 90 inches
wide, is already the rage. Women
use it for knockabout linen suits
and dresses. Its great width
makes only three yards necessary
for a suit.
First ??.in, ? >M Ruild ? g
Housewives are stocking their
chests with cool fresh white bed?
spreads for spring use in their
country homes. The desirable
bungalow spread has recently
been improved. The crinkly ef?
fect has been made ever so much
prettier. Prices are $1.50, $1.60
and $2, according to sizes. Ariei
bedspreads of figured English per?
cale are shown in beautiful new
patterns. Prices $2.75, $3, $3.25.
$3.50 and $3.75.
Set > ?tli ( ?allery, Now Rldg
t'hit A *'? ? N-on'j Wn-j
? ni e i. /../? Partiemidi ?
Sheep and Landscape.Rousseau
Landscape .Chartray
Sheep and Landscape.Charlier
Landscape .Henry P. Smith
Landscape .Aldrich
Autumn .Deyrolle
Cattle and Landscape.Alsina
The Harvester.Alsina
The Milkmaid .Houben
Landscape .Wiegand
Venice .Saucheg
Marine .Johnson
Also a choice collection from $2.50 to $35.
frame and shadow box. Eighth Gallery,
$150 $75
75 50
165 95
175 95
150 95
175 100
135 90
70 40
180 100
37..50 25
45 25
32.50 22.50
Framed with gilt
New Building.
The Burlington Arcade Motor Show
Visitors in New York for the Hotel Astor, Madison Square
Garden and Grand Central Palace Motor Exhibitions are in?
vited to a display today of motor apparel such as we do not
believe has ever been equalled in Paris or London, and certainly
not in New York. Burlington Vrcade, Main floor, Ne*n Building.
A. T. Stewart & Ce.
Spring blankets! A trifle heavier
than a Summer blanket. $5 and $7
a pair.
Summer woolen sheets, or blan?
kets are priced $3.75 to $10 a pair.
Seventh ?...ill? rj. N? ? BuiW
Parasols? Of course! Some very
pretty new ones these are. for the
woman just starting South.
Main flo< ?. ' '!?'. Bi ' linn
In no place is spring more W
evidence than in the Baby Shop,
where already a flock of cunning
spring hats have made their ap?
pearance. Embroidered pique sun
hats, graceful new shape in pale
straw shades, prettily trimmed
with daisies, and rosebuds or soft
loops of ribbon?all arc delight?
fully new. Prices $2.50 to SQ.50.
Third floor. Old Bi iltl
Linen cushions for the summer
I bungalow are in evidence in the
Art Needlework stoic. A linen
slip with Bonnaz braiding on cot?
ton crash is new?and there are
various cool linen covert stamped
in new designs for embroidery.
I it ?t floor, ( >1?. Building.
"Spring furs" milady calls her
pretty marabou neckpiece ind
muff which she dons on that day
that is a trifle warm for her real
furs. Charming short capes?
t?ve-strand with chenille tassels
are $3.50. Mutis aie $5 and $7.50.
Pive-ttrand ooas. llj yards long.
are $3.50.
Mam floor, J ?l-l Building
Broadway, Fourth Avenue,
Eighth to Tenth Street.

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