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Adjutant General Plans Big
Tournament for Next Summer.
Verbeck Denies That There Is
Any Loss or Difficulty in
Recruiting Men.
I By Telsarasfe t? Th* Trih.i"? I
?,'bany. Jan. 4. A?11ntant ?G?n?ral Ver?
beck announced to-day a policy t<- be p\T
aued in tbe future by bis department,
?hi.h, it la expected, will result next sum?
mer in a monster athletic loirnnment. in
Which the various national guard an.I
'aval militia organisations of the state
?ill ?sl\? part
It Is his intention to encourage at
in the militia in every pomible sray. Tent
?ni-inc contests, ruarrhin-- competitions
and track athletlc-s among various com
iani,-s have been suggested. U Is
? h thai 1b?* 1'oib-v of the Adjutant
General will bring sbout military baseball
leagues ar.i other Indoor athletl? acttvl
The adjutant (Senersl ma?l.a mi
? ? ncemeni when he ** is naked his opinion
oi ?'.? legislation ?proposed by ex-Con?
troller Herman A. Meta <>f Neu York to
gire men who hav?- >??r\??l in the. national
guard or naval militia for five or mo;?*
years a ]u per cent rating In ad state and
municipal < hril aervlce examinations.
'ih.re bas been much talk concerning
t1,? depletion <?t the national guard, ami
Ma? r Mets believes that some auch In
, r. tttnt as he suggests should be offered
ti ? ?? men of the state t.. Join military
??anies. He has presented the proposi
krrernot i?ix and also the Adjut >
era While Inclined to favor anything
?in? would assist the guard. Adjutant
General Verbevh believes that the Meta
proposition would create a .Treat ?leal ,.f
a.i\?--?e criticism. At ' '?? same time he
i i aN nt the national guard
strength am) its officers having dlf?
v in recruiting m-w m? n
guard non," he said, "is it a thor?
oughly good condition, and the per,?.ml
awr.jfc ?f the number ol men In It is on
? ? h rease. Fur Instance, the strength
Of tl '? national guard in this state this
??a* is 15,701, as against? 1 ..".;'? last year.
1 do not s-e any loss or ?iiffl?*V.v In it
'Inc. an?l. besides, we prefei to see
len? y In the guard rather than Inri??
. Sers.'
general believes teat more athletics
would greatly encourage ?:,? military or?
ganisation* Bpeaklng more particularly
??f ' - itlon propose i Jiv Maj??r M? tz,
-ai-1 he thoi'shl a L?tt?r preposition
'?as fourni in a bill drafted by the depart
and Intioduced last year. It Is his
?mention ??i have it again lnttodu?*ed n-is
year it p?a es m?en who have served five
? !?? years In t!,e national guard or
ia*.al militia on the same footing as p%
f r-me? i? reference to stau? and
nlclpal civil service examinations
Phillips Wants Questionable Bills
First Submitted to Court.
IP?* Telegraph to Tbe Tribune 1
Albany, .inn |.?Assemblymen Otus w.
Phillips, <>f Rochester, is endeavoring to
Work out a si heme by which the constitu?
tionality of important ?proposed legislation
shall be paas'd on by tie Court of Appeals
?before It is passed by the legislature. The
fat? of the Levy election law. which waa
knocked out by the Court of Appeals Iri !
?wo sections; the pending contest as to tfie
legality of the law abolishing the court of
Claims: the d+cJsion that the workmen's
? sat ?on net was unconstitutional and
simi'ar .?ses have made him believe that
?"ich h Scheme would be of great benefit to
the state Ha does not know yet how it
?a ill h* worked out in detail, but assume? r
?.?institutional amendment nil! be neres
Mr. Phillips la studying the Massachu?
setts system fot ?suggestions 'He has
talked with some ,.f the ludges of the
Court of Appeals about th.? idea and
found them much interested. As he has
outlined 1 is plan roughly. It would Include
f, vote of tne Legislature to decide whether
a bill should be submitted to the court for
an opinion. This would, he thinks, prevent
? referring of unimportant matter? to ?
ourt. After the opinion was received
th? L?gislature would consider the mea?-'
ire and adopt or reject !t In the usual
fashion. The Court of Appeals would :e
-xtra compensation for this work.
ker Merritt seemed interested In the
. t would express no opinion regard
value, lie said any legislation rom
Ing froin Mr. JMiIlllps would be entitled to
rareful consideration.
New Speaker Busy Arranging
His Committee Places.
- hairman Barnes of the Republican State
omnilttee waa at his de.sk la state bead
?iuartets yesterday, bul went back to Al?
bany last night before the arrival of Au
semblynmn Merritt, who ha? just I.e.,,
elected Speaker ?>f the Assembly. The
Speaker lias ?-orne to town to map out his
?ommittee places, and friends? of the State
? bainnan declared be K"t out so as to avoid
the suspicion that he was taking a hand
la the organization of th?! Legislature.
Vie th..! as .t may, the state ?halrman
i,ad a long talk with James W. Wads worth,
jr., former Bpeak?er of the Assembly, In
fternoon, and Mr. vVadswortb saw
Mr. Merritt In the evening to give him what
advice he could out of his fund of expert
? as Bpeaker fot several years, Mr.
tVadSWorth la going to Washington to-day.
It is generally believed that Mr Wans
worth Is the candidate of Ml Harneo and
???her members of the <?i?i ?luai.i for th>
i??m1nat1on for Governor In ?ase it i? fo?ind
that vw ? Presldenl Sherman cannot ba
nomine t? i
The state chairman did not seem to b??
It) a particular!'- good humoi He ??crjared
emphatically Mint be did not intend t?> be
??r^wn Into an*, discussion as to President
THff or Theodore Roosevelt, ot an?- other
[?r.?in spoken of in conne Hon with tue
Republican ?nomination foi President ills
eritire concern was as to principles, as to
v ba?. ?h? Republican party rally meant,
. ? ?leclared
When the reporta that "dr. Roosevelt wa:;
aspiring to beeome Presldenl a sin were
orougbt Up Mr. Harn? h
"It Is a laudable ambition On th? part of
hny man to wish to b< Pi-erMent, I do n?.t
*, , why any man **llh such an . mhltion
should not (?? Mil rig to acknowledge It
Buried from Allan Liner FoUowini/
Deathbed Request.
St John. ft. H. Jan 4. The Allan Lin?
st es tatst1 Pomeranian-arrived h?-r.- tO-nlght
lta\r?- with her flag at h.ilfir.ast on
uccount -t the i-?- of her commander,
Captain John Henderson, who ui? ?i on Bun
<luy ami WSJ buried at s?-u.
Captain Henderson wai atricken with
double pneumonia when the reaael was two
do>s out from Havre, and shortly before
be dle.1 requested bis oftieerH to bury him
A!, xander Braid, ib<- chief officer,
took command of the ship ai.?! brought her
i t-, port
A widow and tbr?. < bil'lr.-n in <;?
?-.??thiiid survivs Captain Hemleraon
,- \r.. art, Manitoba. Ian 1 The fa
,. ?? - Trapplst monasti i Itere \
i-ic e-i i,. t i? i t\y\ to da nonks,
? ,- , , .( , ,1, sir? who .1 ' ->.ti/. I ,.
Sic horn? lers Th?
Meyers Action May Stop Strikes
in Navy Yards.
IP.oin Thr Tribun? Bui-mi !
?HBhliiKtoi?. Jan. '.-The Secretary <>f th*
8VV na*< directed that Hi?- ?-aril system
?hi? 1,. broause it wan r?garde,1 a? ?he
inltlal atop |? (|)p ?nMn,|atl(,n (lf ,?,?, Taylor
?vstem. led to a strike In ?ho Norfolk
iivv y?,rd and i fts threatened to cause a
Mrike ?n tl,o Washington yard, *M aban
doned. Secretary Mayar believe* .? proper
system of ^u,v nwM(.Pmrn. <an ?,,4 ()?.
vised and should !.. K.l.'i.t?'?!, but any step
In thai direction at thl"i UnM li?- regards as
I renintnre.
'I').? Secretary has been ?onductlng
careful investigation into various systems
of shop nt_.nncam.ewt Ha was at first in?
?'Un?'?! to the s..-4'a.ll?.! -Taylor system."
which had boon partly adopt, d at th? \\at
ertown Arsenal hy the War I?epartmont
Many features of this system ara consld
ere,i advantageous, ?,?] it wtm intende.j 1.?
develop a comprehensive system for the
navy yarda, using a* much of th? Ta>inr
ami other systems of ?.hop management as
would appear to mee? the ?ondulons of
government employment und ?-?instruction.
Seeretan Meyer visited England in August |
ami September f?.r th? purpoae <>f examln
bl| systems of organization and methods
employed in thr RngHsli naval yard? and
in th? leading ahlpbuitdlng eatabllahmenta
In ?Iront Hrltaiti.
A careful Investigation of the various- ?yS?
tema ol so-oalle?l aeientlflo management
lui-.?' shown th? undesirabillty of ?"-?mo for
th? nsvy >&r?ls of tills country an?l the
good features of other? *.\h)oh may ho em?
ployed for naval Uta, So.retary Meyer has
been making every effort t?> systematize
tho work in tho navy yards ami to perfect
a ayateni ??f management which will result
In Increased efficiency ami economy. l?>
tills effort there has hen no dealt, to !???
i????? un- ?hardships or th.- mon employed,
although representatives of lahor unions
hav.? protested against every change aug?
t:- at? i.
Secretar* Meyei bellevea that any ln
<-re;,se of efficiency secured by a g?>o?l ayi*
t?m '?f ahop management must benefit both
employer and employe. He has approved
Ihe statement of the Committee on I__bor
of ?ho House of Repreatentatives, which ex?
presaed ?t ? ? oncluaiona as follows:
If energy is wasted In anv form in our
Industrie? <?r In ?nj of the department? of|
the government th? elimination <<t tho
conditions producing tho ?ammo would ho
beneficial aliko to employer and employe,
10 the government ami t?-i tho people. Their
elimination would have tho sam?' effort as
th?- Introduction of a labor ravins: ?l?-v|ro
So protest has heon reroivod from any
source against tho elimination of wasted
Mr Meyer la confident tha: a ayatem can
ho devis?.] which "ill benefit both th?' gov
?"inmont and tho employe _n?l which will
not be pp?!i to th? objection! to the Taylor
Supreme Court of Massachusetts
Forbids Their Publication.
Boston, .Tan. I Private letters w riten by
the late Mary Baker ?llover Eddy, founder
of the Christisn S.-lenee Church, may not |
be publlahed for a'lvertlsinR- purposes, ac- '
cordinir t?. a ?Irrisi?n hy tho full hon.-h of j
- ntome Judicial ?'our?, which waa
handed down lato to-day.
A l"oal auctioneer of manuscript? sought
to publish the letters as an advertisement.
but the executors ?.f Mary Haker <;. Eddy
sought an Injunction and also asked the
court to order the letters turned over to
thorn a? hoing the private property of the
late Mra Kdfly. and thus ronsti.uting a
part "f ho- estate These lott?rs wore
wrlten t" a roujin of Mrs Eddy shortly
after the publication "f "Science ami
The opinion written by Chief Justlc?
Rugg. ?ays that the weight of dectstona
bv rourtS of ??rent authority supports the
cfYpriu?lon tha? *q?ilty win affor?i Injun?
tivr relief to ?iir author against the publi?
cation f.f hia private loiters upon rommon
piare ??nb.lects without regard to literary
merit The court holds that the recipient
of the letters has a property right in them
and is not obliged t.. surrender them to tha
Toledo Gets Partial Concession
and Company Asks Receiver.
Toledo, Jan. 4 ?Toledo will have three
rent fares for two hours In th? morning
and two In the aftorn'ion, and six tickets
for -') cents and universal transfers the
????st "f the .lay. ?-s the result of a tern?
?..raiy agreement, pending franchise nego?
tiations, reached this afternoon between tho
T?.io.i.? R?||lwaya and Ugh' Company ami
ihe city. This announcement followed close
I) on th" l.eels ?if the application for a
receivership f"l the company on behalf of
friendly Interests In the United State? . ., ifl
Kept. ????natives of the company and the
city got together shortly after the co rl
proceeding, an?! within ten minutes had
agreed to abide- by the proposition mad?
by th? company Th? new rat? <?i fare, it
is expected, will n<< Into effect within a
week. The houra are 5JO lo 7:7>,<? o'clock In
the morning and 4:'0 t<? |*S0 o'clock In the
The application :..i th? appointment .?l a
receiver for the Toledo Hallways ami Light
Company followa protracted negotiation?
between the company and th?' city of To?
ledo in regard to franchises ami ?ai.s
Man] of the company's franchise? expire.I
l.i November, l!?i", and negotiations hav?
been under way ? -ver -ln.-e th. n to effect
a reor*ranl_atlon with a lenewal of the
franchis?? The oommitt.-o on reorganisa?
tion submitted terms to the City Council
bint ni?.nth for new franchisee, but this was
followed a few ?lays ago hy the passage "f
an ordinance providing f?r three-cent fares
Th?- company then ?ame to the conclusion
that Its Int.rests WOUld be best served |,v
seeking ?!?? protection of the courts
The city authoiitlea ?wer? unwilling to
grant fran'-hlses mi the t.-rms aubmltted
by ?he ?ompany which p<rini??e?l it t?> earn
x i.?r ceni ?'? year <?n what i* would cost t?>
reproduce th? property, Including a pro
vision foi an automatl? reduction of fares
v h?.n the earnings ahould exceed that
In anticipation of the probable accept?
ance <>f ib' plan arrangements war* made
recently foi the formation ?.f a nee com?
pany to take over all th? gas and electrl?
heating an?> llghllng properties, as *<ll a
th?- railway line? of the old companj Ar?
rangements were also mioi?- for Ihe sal? of
< .-,..?.. first mortgage honda .?rnl an l-su.
of preferred atock to prorid? fum?n f?.r pay?
ing off th? M '"??'"'" Ural mortgage bonda ol
the preaent company, it w-^ furthei pro?
poned that an aaaeaament i>. levied ??n ih<
BtOCk of the Toledo Hallways and JJght
Company, in order t.. rHise fiesh funds, ah
of thee? plan.? presumably will bo nullified
by th? pi ?s? nl action.
Tha application f?<? ?? rtaeelv?T by the
United State? Mortgage and Trust Com?
pany, Of i i?!?- city, us truste* under the
mortgage securing the 4 per cent consoli?
dated Rrst in'"ig??g" bond*, |l_,?MM-**9 of
whl? n w.i. authorised under the moitguge,
with |\Ms,? ? now ?.'it-.tari'iing, I? In lln?
with th? plan Ol th.- ?ominltt-?' ol leorgali
Isatlon. The company baa been in d-faull
i?,r Intereel on thaaa boDda f??r several
yen?? hi. I ?!)<' committee hae. been working
on plans for tha futura of th? oompan)
?lining the last Ihre? ' ems
Andrew Carnegie, iosaph ?. Choat? and
is, pi,tentative Poster, of New Jersey, win
ppmli ,,n th? arbitration treaties ?>? .? maaa
meeting lu Y'.nkers on Sun.la?, Januaf) M
.uiini? i" ?o announcement ?nad* \o?.
t.,,i, h \"-*l?ei F Haskell, -?"'-eist y of
n, Vonkera Toung Men? ?'hrlftlan As?"".
\?r.o.is rhurch? nlll unit? ?????i
11,, ?, M ?' A Hi h<t*tdln| th? ni'ctinK
New Dreadnoughts Can Be Built
Within Limit of Cost.
Had Feared Effect of Eight-Hour
Law?Fore River and Oamden
Companies to Get Contracts.
AVashington. Jan. ? Proposals for ?be |
h'Mldlng of the two 27.000 ton battleships]
Oklahoma and Nevada, oren?-d to-day at I
the Navy Department, agreeably surprised
??m.-tals, ui,r, hsd feared that as a result
Of the eight-hour law. they would be un
ahlo to obtain bids within the maximum
??st r.f tfi.nno.furn allowed Sy the law.
There Were ontv three bidders?the Fore
Hiver Shipbuilding Company, of ?Qutncy,
Mass the New York ?Shipbuilding Com?
pany, of Camden, N". ,r. an?i the Newport
News ?Shipbuilding Company, of Newport
News. Va. The ?Tamp Shipbuilding Com?
pany, of Philadelphia^, refused to submit a
bid. ?aying that It ?lid so because the law
would Compel the adoption of the clnht
hour law for the work of its entire plant
a? a condition of taking the naval ?on
The Pore Hirer Company offered to
hull?! one ship on the department - speci?
fications (or H.SH.IML but submitted two
Othei propossla .it Inwr- amounts. It pro?
posed a vessel with the substitution of
turbine Instead of reciprocating ?engines,
as called for by th-- department, at IS.
MK,<M0, ?,*? -, vessel with mi entirely new <|e
Vice, Combining th? l.esl feature?, of tin
bines and reciprocating cncin?s. at *:,.
The New York Phipbuilillne ?'?impan>
submitted the lowest bid at K.MMM for a
vessel, substituting nickel steel for ?*o per
cent special ste.i required in the depart?
ment's spe.-ifii-atlnn, and turbine engines.
With reciprocating enalnc?- it would build
,,ne vessel for tS.M.QQS, substituting nickel
steel for a la*-g?. pai t of the Kpeclal steel
in the hull. |
Only on?, ship waa hid for by es?*h of
the.se companies The time for rompis
tlon was thlrty-ali month? it is prob?
ble that a contract will be awarded to
eaeh of them.
The Newport News rompan y placed an
offer ?if .?ne vessel at fi\sM,Wt\ almost j
IK0O.OQO more than was allowed !?v Con-1
The new vessels will rarry th? most
powerful main batteries ever put afloat.
Pour turrets will house ten 14-Inch rlflea,
three of the big guns going into each of
two t?rrete. The main armor belts will
be it inches thick. In general design th-sy
will be almost exa?-t duplicate, of the New
York an<1 the Texas, now building. They
are to have a speed of about 19% knots
and Will use oil fuel
The three armor producing plants of the
country aubmlttcd pra'ilcally identical
bids f'?r supplying armor for the navy.
Th? Bethlehem, Carnegie and lildvsls
companies hid $420 a ton for 13.104 t??ns of
i lass A srmoi or MM a ton f??r ??.??ti t??n<<.
Tor Class H armor, air intltiK to M5 tons.
there was a alight difference In the bid
?lint*, th?- Carnegie Cotnpanv's bid being,
U?o a ton, the M id va Is and Bethlehem
offer 147". Por bolts and armor attach?
ments, amounting to M tons, ail three
companies bid 9U*) a ton.
Howard Charges Conspiracy Was
Hatched in Army and Navy Club.
Washington, .Tan. ?.- Repreaentstive How?
ard, of ??*orgia. In urging to-day before
the House Saval Affairs sub-commit tee t hi
r<-,ostat-ment of Lieutenant Colonel C, M.
Perkins, of the Marin? Corps, declsred that
Perkins's dlschsrge for slleged "mental In
etsney" was a "Dreyfus conspiracy.''
hutched at ihe Arm?, and Naw i lui here.
Mr. liowar?! attacked ?both the marine
corps and the naw.
?Only B tier cent of the offi era of the
navy." be said, "are in actual service The
remainder sit about V sahington, engaged
In ?social pursuits. Naval battles are
plain?.1 and fought in th.- clubs, when?
Hquot takes the place of the brinj deep,
with a red ?berry us the ship and a tool
pick as the propelling force. The officei
furnish the wind "
The committee took the Perkins caae un?
dei sdvisement.
Michigan Returns to Port to Put Coal
Passer's Body Ashore.
Tie battleship Michigan, which put to
aea -eeterda) morning to iak. part in the
coming naval man?uvra oft the Atlantic
? oust, returned t?. port late In the after?
noon to briiiK.baik the body <.f a coal
passer, Jsmes Relsey, ol Seabrook, N 11..
wh., was kilb-'i b) falling down s chute
He was burled beneath sn avslstiche o(
i oal.
Kelsey had i,?->-n ordered Into an upper
bunker, ?containing some fifty tons of coal,
to start the flow of fuel Into the tin- room
h Is ?believed that he ?as overcom? b
? oal gas and lost hi? balance HI.? ship?
mates saw hi? body land head first In a
heap of coal at the bottom of the chut?.
but before the* could rescue him he a-ai
completely buried from sight.
Th? Michigan haa pul to ?sea again
ir..m 'i he Ti Iboi - Bureau
Washington, lanua i ? ?
ORDERS ISSUED. The following or?
ders have been Issued:
Captain CHA RL.BH r< ?i ,\*C1 ?il l'a??
Port itii. -. fei sxamlnstios foi prom ?
Real ensilen ot First Lleutensnt HBXRV i"
. ?shorn, m- "I sl ? - col pa, Bli?
Second Ki#-\.t.-n.,i.i SAMt'KI '.. RTRIBI.IX?',
j-jci Infsntry, to Feri Psm Houston foi
?? animation to? ? ? lin m< nt
Second Lieutenant FRANK M KKKNCbT
Kill, Infantry, from Waltri p.., (Hneral
i oapltal to Augusts
i,H , if absence Capiasin PRBt>BR]< K
W. BENTBRN, 12th l>?*Hii"., ? ? ??
,-.n?h? ?"i r? lief Ti ,.in Al "? 1 .'"i
i,.-,?i,-t Itoapbal, Hoi flprlng?
N \ v v
Lioutenai i I * ? i ? - . .|. :.,.?,.,, , .
hi,.i second dlvlalon I'm t?i,- torpedo
lo enmman i i lie 11 hippie
l.lemenani W T t'OXN, ,|elached lbs Ml
gun . i,, i He ',,ii-i-, 11. ul
Il II F M Rill? K di Is? i.e.l ihe
Ha lern . lea? * t hre? mon I ?
pa mast?r*i Clerk H MACK, appointed tWt
lerk, Pa? in.. n< ? ?
First Weutenanl it H KBYSBR detschad
marins barra >? srd, Washington;
m. attach! American Rinbawy, Tokio, r??i
h-rui\ of Jai .m- ee lans \g
First lieutenant H 1 .TlLTE, detached cen
irai recruiting district, i in.innati, to ,
, i ?HIiMj dut* flevalaad
BOCOOd lient, i,?i.I K I ZANK, qUSllAsd I?
Majoi H C KEIRINOER, detsebsd ettet a*
?1stant paymaster, Ban Francises, to the
(Hpinii. H 'i PUTNAM, deuched *- Minad*
paymaatei Philippin? to Washington
H.- ..a.i IJeutenani A s HW-TI.KV. detached
marina barracks, Annapolis; t-> ti? North
I lakoU
following movements of rssssls have ?been
i, pot t? .1 to ti . .v.. -, i .ep.ii tmenl
MlUl ? I.I?
j.,n -.? rha viv h ..- Phlla lelpbla
ja.ii :? Th? a'.h, ? al part Arthur, Tesaa;
Hi-. An.ii in- 1 i ?el iw. ii,, Mil,i? ?, m.
ii. Idaho, ti.? Mlasouri, ths V'ermost und
lb? <lin.- ai Hampton Roads
Jut, 4 I lo- ?In? liuiuil ul Chafen
hah.i i ?
.Ta-1 j 1 The \i\rn. from ?'runden for Phlla
?lelpbla; th? Patuxent, from Qusatanamo
to ;-c,ii Aiii-,1,1,
Imn :; u,e ?rorktown, f r,?m Panama f-?r
<Ju*y.??|iiii, th? Nars m a? Panama f??r
\,.|,,il,. lbs laOUletSSS, 'Ii'1 iTMylcn, ih?
M.'rtll H,- PaSldlng, the Kor Hid I,.,
i ,-ri ?. f'"in n.c ? srd Verb < >
, i,,i,iimi mi ?. il.,- r.eorsls lbs Virginia
und the >--.ia, ?? from Boston for tiu?in
ic.nc.nin. ?i.? Huiii..'. ?he Patterson und
h, T? i i? i.? from Newport f ?., Qua me na
.., in,, Washington iba North Carolina
Ml ', ill , omoi ?iit1 ll ? .' i.l.ln. f i ',,,
Hampton ' Ii ??, ? ;,ih ni,,ii?ni"
?n-men et,n th? Prestos from .* ? I
Hampton Road
i , i ?[ ? II I to nil .in?
Ian i 11 ? * Cilteni | . \ I? in m*
??, lb DOlUlu,
Effort to Start Inquiry Into
County Judiciary Sidetracked.
Lawyers' Association Would
Work with Judges to Relieve
Court Congestion.
A resolution Introriu? ed bv Abraham S ?
??llbert at h meeting of the New Y?.rk
County I ?wyers' Association In the Hotel
Astor last nigh?, ?ailing for an investiga?
tion of the Judiciary ??f this country, w.?~
aMetl*ae_?d by Alton !'. ?Parker on the
-round that It was not In or<!< r.
Mr ??llbort told of his experience in
Part iv of ?ho city ?'ourt. where ?h.
Ju?l?e .amo in a half I ?mr late In the
morning and was again a half hour late In
the afternoon? "As thet?. were hH persons
waiting for tho fudge," he said. "1?J<> val?
uable hours wer?- wasted. I want to say
thgt th?-r? are in the City ?'ourt s?.in?>
judges who are on lime and are capable,
end .?? nscientlous, bu? a Judge docs n??t
?am hla salary If he come? lato.'"
Mr. <!lll>erf then Introduced a resolution
?ailing for an in?-e?ti-iitlon of the judi
. iary of this county t*OCaU?? I? had he?'n
ff.r some time the aubject of much public
crklcism. Me asked for the appointment
of a mm-partisan committee to itiipiire
into "the quallllcatlons, ability and work
"f the Judges Of all ?ourt? in this .'.unity
10 the end that tie public be definitely In
f"iTii?-?i of th?? rircumstpncea under which
lie? were nominated appointed and elect?
ed; whether any of the iu.ia.-e - ar< Incom?
petent, unfit or neglectful ?>f their duties.''
Th? re ?vas an objection to this motion
?)ti the ground that it was not in order,
ami Mr. i'arkor referred it to the Judiciary
...rnmitteo of the association. The dlSCUS
-,.?n was then cut Bhori bs Abram I Klku?.
who proposed a resolution calling upon
the Justices of the Supremo .'ourt to _p.
p..in? ? committee of Justice? who would
...-..pera..? with a committee ?ff the county
latlon to ho appointed b? Mr. ?Parker
m ?>rd. r i?. Improv? th. presen) calendar
practice It was adopted
A resolution requesting the i?oar.l <>f ks??
iir,te t., select Immediately a site for the
ji'w courthouse ?a? pa?s?-'i bv acclama?
The law's delay Slid the ??.ngostlon ..f th?
trial calendar in th?> ?tat?, courtf were ?he
? f topics of discussion. Th-? blame was
put mostly on the system, though the mem
bera of the bar had to hear .?.?nie plain
t..lk ;i.? ??? tluir share in the delay, and the
Judges 'li'l not ?".?i"' rriticlem
Nearly flv?? hundred lawyers were priss?
ent, among them s.?m. ..f the best ..nowit
niernbors of ?he N'ew Vork bar. Alton B.
l'arker, as pr?sident of th? association,
started Ihe discussion v.y ?ailing upon
?le.irgo ftordon Battle t?. lay h fa suggestions
before th?- audience. Mr. Haiti?- said that
the fault was entirely with the system, an?!
I,?- proposed to amend the present praotire
from the point wluro it rCS?tied the rail
The call ralendar, he" said, should he
read on Friday afternoon or Saturday
morning, and Instead of aendlng cases to
one-day ?-alendar aeparate them int.? three
part* x. that each Judg" w?hl receive a
lln Ited number <>f cases and be able to fin?i
out which rasea were reall> ready f..r trial.
John M. Levitt disagreed with Mr. Hattlo
lie -..Id that, in life opinion, 'he main cause
i,,, the ?"ongestlon of th?' calenda i vus eu?
llrcly due to the members of ?he bar. The
call 'alendar had been established to find
out whether ihe lawyers were read) or not,
he ?aid. and If thry had aided the rourt the
pi-r?ont condition would hsve no? or come to
f ? ?? i s ?
? \\e nmt to that rail calendar to
?ready' whether we wer? 01 not, or ?ent
clerks or even offiVe h<>? ?-. until i? be?
fir-o," Mr. I.evltt said. "Another r."-?"** ,s
that m? many ?ases are passed is becaus' ?>f
engagement of counsel. Some leader eg Ihe
bar Is busy, and the ens.- has to wait for
his convenience. y0t. must adopte th?? Eng*
Ils!? rule that a ?ase must go on when i*
is ready. And there is another reason. H
is our bad faith toward th? ben? h. Th???'
In not enough esprit du corps or rcHpe?t
toward 'he bench to prevent frivolous* ?*
cus?>s by counsel In or?l?-r to obtain ad?
Justices S.ott. nay and llot.-hkiss had
been present almost from th?* beginning,
while Justice IVndleton and Surrogate
Tow !.t arrived almost at the end of ,,,e
Justice Scott said that he deplored the
popular tendon? y to de? ry and to belittle
the Judiciary system, lie said that if the
popular faith in the Judiciary were broken
anarchy would be?ome Inevitable. This
tettdency was even worse than the demand
for the recall by which Judges would I*?'
, empelled to consider personal consequences
to themselves, h?i added The attacka on
the judiciary were horribly unpatriotic an?l
?ricked, h?> said.
.lustl<e Hot? hkiss, who carne on Ihe
ben> h throe days ago. said that there was
a great difference between a lawyer t*?iilri?<
a judge what th? law was and a Judge tell?
ing a lawyer what the law actually was.
The mass ?if cases on the ?alendar, lio said,
was perfectly appalling, but the reform I
must com.- from the liar and not from the(
Bench. The congestion was so great, h?
lemarked, that th- point has been almost
reached when a Jury ease was a liability
to a lawyer Instead of being an ?__?_
Firemen Couldn't Make Engineer
Hear Their Yells.
Two Bateara and two automobllea were
badly damaged by tire on the tracks of the
N? w Y'.rk ?entrai Railroad near ?TTth street
last night.
A nun who noticed ?h?- blaze Informed
the police of the :,7t h Street station. Just
.,? the engines arrived the trainmen start?*?!
... I nil their burning freight to ?Od street.
where tit?' apparatus was available.
The Br?me** ahouted t?> th? t-iglnear t-?
Stop his train, but onld n?>t attract his
attention. They were compelled to ?base
the blaze for several blocks before they
could get a ? hance to work on it.
The Bateara were the property of the
\Vaiia.?>i Railroad. The damage aras estl*
Master of Ooelet Racing Yacht Victim
of Shock at Newport.
Newport, Jan. 1 ?* paralytic aho? _
caused the d?*ath at his home here to-day
of Captain John ?'a-ley. formerly well
kn?.wn as master of the ra.ing yacht
Norseman, owned by ?he lat- Ogden
fioelet. When the Prince of Wales, later
King ?Edward Vil of Qreal BrlUln. vis?
it?.,! this country, he wsa a guest <.n ?he
Norseman and gave Captain ?'arlev an au?
tographed photograph of himself, remark?
ing that he t*on_*dered the ?acht the best
disciplined and best .<<?!>? boat he had ever
Captain Csrley saw senrlce In the In?
dian war? and during th?- ?t?ii Wai wa?
master of a nav.il supply Ship. Il? ?vas a
nativ? of I ?anbury. Conn., ??nd waa sev
enty-eighl years old H? leavea a widow
nmi three children
The Barnard f-terarj Boctet] of Colum?
bia Cnlverslty has chosen Ita debating
t.-ani to ??? fi ' sent the university In ?ho do.
hate with the Cnlverrlt? of Pennsylvania
to be held In Karl Mall auditorium ,?t I ?
lumbts on the evening of January M TI a
?ubjeel will be: "Resolved, That the Sher?
man antl-trUSt art b? repealed and a new
las passed whereby t*orporatlons doing In?
terstate business may he regulated
of destroyed." The Columbia representa
tues who will take the affirmative "in be
R. Colby, ? I'. Mllhelser and 11. .!. Farrel,
wlih P. Blosaon .? - alternate.
.\ir.m?. .lim I. 'ihr- state Pair ? ommla?
. ion to-dS) reported to S t h t ? ? Controllci
?...inner that the receipta .it ihr i.-i-t its te
f. : ..... ,. |112,0>M, netting a ! roflt to Ihe
-?. t. of ".'....7::''_
New Jersey Commission Organ?
izes for Work Under Law.
iRv Magrapb is ti,? TVMams.l
? Tr.-nton, K, J . .Ian. 4?Tin- sterilization
mm mission appointed by < luven, or Wilson
under an aet of last irtntst orgsnlssd t ?
(lay. i'i Oeorge B. Wight, ?'??minissinn-r
of Charities and C-SiTSCtkupS, wan alect?sd
chairman and Irr. Henry It I'osttll, of thin
? in. secretary. The , ? mm-.s-loners de?
cided to Inform the managen Of all Insti?
tutions likely to have Inmate* avaiiai.'e
f'ir lr?-atm?-nt that they were prepared to
enforce the provisions of the law.
Th.- get provides fot the .stetllUation of
certain deeaea ?>f insane persons and
criminals c-otnrietad ??f ?specified ?if.-nce?.
More Interesting Than Politi?
cians, Says Park Director.
| Animals are much more Interesting than
politicians, airordlng to .lohn W, Smith,
the ?llreetor of the ?'entrai Park rm-nagerie
Mr. Smith says he OUgnt t.. know, for ho
was onCC ?i member of the Legislature, and
for th?- iaj<t eighteen rean he lias been di?
rector of th?- menagerie, never once in that
i time taking a vacation. But, because of
Illness, park Commissioner gtover told Mr.
'Smith yesterday be could hav?. a three
?months; leave of absence
"One term In the legislature was i?n?n?h
for me. ' said th.- dire, tor yesterday. "Hut
I do like animals -wild ot tame ones."
Two Thousand Workers to Join
1,500 Already Out.
?By Telesrap'i In Th? Tribune j
?Boston, Jan. 4 A strike of the long?
shoremen waa declared at midnight to?
night, fnllowltlK a '-onfereil.e of the union
| leailers called to take action on the rom
munleatton received from the ?-ommlttee
I representing th<* steamship linen and sieve
Ilore.? this afternoon, in which SH in.-rease
in wages was refused.
, At midnight i.."-"- men, working al tr"-?1
White Star Une, the Ilamb-iri?-Amerl *an
Line, the AUan Line, the l.eyland I.In?
and the ?south \meri an Line dOClU a'
1 Baal Boston walked out. To-morrow
morning 2.<tt*t mot?? men will strike.
Th" sfrik? ?-ornes at the worst possible
lime for ?Boston, Tin* recently organized
Itoard of pnrt directors, which was to de?
velop the araterfrdnt of tin* city, max- be
ask?-d f?- take action.
Tin? union lesdera rleclare that every?
thing v ill he tb-d up until their deman.ls
for an Increase <>f 10 ccnta .in hour for ?lay
and night work are arante?!.
Inclement Weather Sunday Cut Normal
Amount of $30,000 in Two.
inclement weather on Sunday ?ost the
sick p">oi" "f Sew York <*ltv .?!.',.???.. for the
annual collection of the Hospital ?Saturday
and Hun.lay Association, taken In one bun-1
dr?-d churches on that ??ay, was reduced to!
only one-half of the normal amount of
$.10.onn by the rain and aleet, wh!? h kept the '
people awaj from the churches
Aasistance ?ive-, by forty-six private hos?
pitals in New York to free patienta costs
11,500.000 over all source? of ?income, in
eluding city ai'pi ipri.itions. and the Hos
, pltal Baturdaj and Sunday Association is
nni? of the ?agencies that help make up u>?
dlffer.-nr-e The collection tak?n the laat
Bunday of the year is ? material .source of
its Income, but ibis rear the treasur-r,
?liarles Lanier, "f N<>. ?? ? edar street, will
not be ?ini. to make as favorable a report
a? last year.
The a*orh of the association In organising
the trades and professions of the city for
concerted ?giving resulted in a a per cent
Incresae In its in,"in.-, which for the year
I ,?n,led September 99, 1911, amounted to
fflfi.OOO The trustees asked for f-JOO.flOO,
which was t., be divided mnrni' the ?inspi?
rais in proportion to i lelr work given to
fi ee patient.-. '
Neither Rich Lad Nor Mother at
Sun Cult Hearing.
Testifies That No Improprieties
Occur at Sun Temple?His
Evidence Refuted.
Chicago, Jan. ?J -A second disappearance
of Wllllarn Lindsay, twelve \ears old. and
heir to a Philadelphia uncle's fortune; th?
apfieargnee on the w|?n?-?-s stand of the mit
loader himself and tho tntrodu.-tlon of ??.?
tlmony eoncernlng the letter's assertion*,
?hat the boy snd his mother hold piaros In
the cult different from other members, were
features of to-day*? hiring In the Juvenil??
court Involving the "Ilev. l?r ' Ottoman
Sar Ad'isht Ilanish. head ??f the Hazdaziisn
cult here.
The court pro.eedlng? aie the outgro-sMi
of an uncle'* attempt to remove th*. | ?.???
from the cults "tempi?.' whore he was
living, and where, wi?h his mother, he was
receiving ''treatment'' in accordance with
the Hazdajman belief.
Hanlsh denied knowledge of the wTn?re
ahouts ..f f! e bay or his mother, declared
ha was of roval descent, that he was known
by the term "master" to his 'oHowem. sai?!
he became a do? tor at a CM? ago medical
Sfhool and was rbarae?erlze?l "reverend"
by his own society. II?? told of trips abou?.
the ?ountrv with the Lindsay hoy st the
mother's expense, told of visiting Mrs.
Lindsay at her New York apartments and
denied iba? an-, ?.inproprle?!?* took place at.
the templo.
Mrs. Alma l.raktrt of New Tort?*; slstee
Of Mrs Lindsay, related tales she aatd her
sister had told hor. wherein Dr. Hanlsh
was eonsldereal the reincarnation of Chriet.
.She also described mystic rtt?-s of adora?
tion h? fore pi? tures of Christ and Hanlsh
by Mr?. Lindsay and the boy. Mrs. Llnd
SSV, she said, told her Hanlsh said she was
a prln? ess ?>f Trance end ?hat the boy was
th? "lost orphan of laou.e XVI."
Mrs Asenth ?'??chran. of New Tork. a
friend of Mrs Lindsay'?, said the latter hsd
I r-.ld her of the ?lls'-overv of ?Thris* In
Hanlsh, and gave as proof th* statement
that the cult leader "told her all eNj-ut1
A recess was tak?n until Psturday.
Salt r?ak? ?ity, Jan. 4.?Ottoman Be.?
Adusht Hanlsh was plain Otto Hanlsh ?V
teen >ears ago. when he came to Utah sa
fa ?onvert to lb? Mormon Church from
Bweden. He worked for a yesr as a com?
positor on "The IVseret News," and thef?
attempted to form a ?llssentlng branch of
the Mormon ?'hurch.
TIanlsh was one of the originel exponents
of the "hunger i lira"* fa* dlaea?*.
Mr_. Lawrence, Heir lo $1,000.000, in
Poverty, It Is Declared.
Mr?. .Julia ?'urtlss r,a?*,r?nc?. who 1? ?n
titled to m->r? ?h.n J1..10O.O00 of the est?t?
Of hor aunt. Miss Marv ?,. rin? kney. cm
plains that she has not enough monev ???
pay her debts, snd wants the Supreme
?"ourt to hurry th? partition of Mis? Tlnck
ney's estate so that she ran get some ready
cash. She al?o wants, an arro.inttng.
Mr?. I.awrer.ro has been de?dar?d m'tit
ally In.?impotent by the Probst? ?ourt of
Connecticut, and the appllratlon to th*
court >osterday ?as made by Rlmors !?
Hanks, who is the consei \ ator of her prop?
erty. Mr. Hanks said ?hat his '-harge ? ??
actually in pevetty. Me de.lared about
$2.vy?.?vio of Hie Pinrkn*?' property ha '
ready been aold, but ??!? ?hs? Mrs _aween? ?
had received of her share In the esta?? ??a?
? Ther? Is a larg? debt .-?gainst M??
Lawrence, ?;??'? 'he conserxafor, ??hi, h t. ?
?.. ! ? .1 a? once.
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