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^w-?otU ?Iritmnf
? l.U-.W. .1 \M AM ... 1812
lin? newspaper M Otead- and pi?"V
Ufhcil ?>? The Tribune Assoeiat
S?" ?Vori. ??o?-'?or?i',?,>i.- trfici atul /?? in?
ri pul pi?!-'; _/ lutim IM, Iribmie Iiuiht
fa#, .Vi?.' 154 ViBttM? .<f?rff. Vnr York;
Onde* Mt?lt, presiii- '. " '?' H. rttH-,
ffcreturii; Jume* ._. liancti. trtk
Ihr m??ren e,f the officers is th>
of this in tngpgper.
PnwTirTTON RATES.-? ?"" Mall. Post
i ?TB
r*si ? ? ? < m^nth.', _!
thi . ' ' *'
Pally ?11..1 Su
J ? . - ''.
1 . ?*?''"
one ye*r.
months. ,',.-'
? to all countries m lbs
Usivoraal ?Postal i man, including p ;
r'A1 SDAT:
.-l . ?> One year ... *l? --
Y: ?a, ?.
Btx month?... K ?? ?/sat. f?.n
Or_ m nth.$1 .??_ One year.SL ?a
DA1I.T ? V: _.__,,
One : $ .i>0 One year.?10.0?
One month : M . 1e- '"?
N la Y .
One mer.t.V I ."0 .'"-year.
Entered . t - et York ai
ill Matter.
the arbitration tr? itle? with Great Brit?
ain an?l ?Trance begai House: A
bill ? - ult Judgi
???-?Hi is of App?
V"ori:HtN.?Yn ?n Shlb-kal pra?
? In a
?-iter wn 'r;' -
answered the Joinl note ol the power?
?ml i failure of
the Shanghai conference: ti?htin?.' may
morrow; the capture of
Lanchow by tl ' ted In
Lofndoi Th-- Ri hanged
mor? Tabris, Persia, and that
, : Ruasian control
v K?.?iue ?1?. pitch said ili" question of
i. nouai "i the Trl ! nee might
Secretary <?f foreign
Affa'rs t ? King Victor E*mmanu_l.
A ?eml*< ?
Bton ' '
and the i "rei cb \
? ! wenl to
na .?t th. ? .uest -___
\ special cabl i dispatch from London
said th t work en tl er memorial
whs going on jsatisi-?. toi All the
PortUgUe-* bishop? ; I their i ti -
?i. pei ? ihe government; riots in
? nd ><J the ? gpulslon of the
Patriarch of that city. _____ Efforts to
settl?! th? " "?i lockout
Nvor? unsuccessful . '0 workers
nr. *-1 ill mu?.
\ -?ih-roililllltt? ? of tjm
..m Ways
? and
g iron or? on th?
Bids for ti
Ihe X
ing within th. ? 0 limit ?
fixed by fongrcN C for the
Dineni In meat
the !? ' D. Hilea
1 "trust"; it v..
mony woui?.l l??- care
lore the ?. rand jur; .
?. ho Bred the
un Invitation in visit Qi
ite to b
unty, Mass.,
institut?. I i for Viol? I
Court dec
i not 1 Ished for
?. H. S. hlfl
i i -..?- Cornell University $100,000.
? ITY. -Stocka v. ..:...,..
?.'. Hj ?I? 's motion for a change
?f venue will i II
that th? a th? 8th
r sign?
x in behalt
?'one] Morris as
artillery. _ H< nrj
nd. a i engraver, was beaten and
r ni- offlc
bnllding, the tl rig. E K.
Thomas confeaaed judgment in thirty
actio him for
461. broiig'nt I - flnanci; '
tUtions. T t r The -Uffr.a-ette trial In
Brooklyn moved "ne woman "to return
horn?.- ?" her neglected children'' ._. ?
Th. main problem not solved
l'r.:oii ciali conf.rances on subwaj
v to Pyesldent McAneny, ?
tnnhiiii ft amortisation, under which he
thought ihe Irtcrhorough would g<
tween $40.090,000 ?ind $61
which it v.,isn't entitled. -_= Judge
?Toxe In the United States Court
the flr.n decision interpreting the work*
Irg of the new f? ?".eral Judiciary act.
THE WEATHER Indications for to
day: Tair, cold wave The temperature
yesterduv: Highest, 81 degrees, low?
est. 21
1 \ 1OS OUAVT 0?T-7
The ;_i.?>raiice which inspires the Lind?
benrh resolatJoDS fot mi Inquiry into the
"money trust'' i-; basl shown In the '"'?
lowing Paragraph <?f instructions :
T'ind why it U that money is fre
?uently easily pi on loans from
the lars.-r bani :
ml ?? res! for th< purpo
_tr : - ? .latiou, while it i-< difficult
tor m? rehat ts and business men
<_3**0-ghout tha countn T" discount
their r^per v ith such InaUtutions for
les? than th? h ?val rate ami at I
pra mposaibl? to d I th? Ir
pap? ; it all
The i.iea in all this seemi !?? b
Che "money trust" supplie- cheap "call"
ujoi!??y to Wall .Street. ??? rglug
?*->rch_-tg uinl bu-__fss meo stlfl ?
Bat what is tLn- "money trust" about
wb?,Ti Waii 8treel ben to i ? ? > extremelj
bipli ratea for i?s g<**rjommodation, ?
"lei-'it able to borroit
at ordli V That i
not exist now, foi b_sl*_**ta li slack, bat?
in the ? ? ?period tl ?? r?'
pt-it??i o?ct*-__n_l when call mone*
re;' ? i y hiirli mark "in
l*er 28, 19CCI, il waa ?!ii?.t?-.l at l_",
? '!i the same day tin ?
?iu. ? - l??
for .i
What :
was g i allow
ou why n
for th ? than ?peculator? do foi
loan*? ?ut..'?-?-? to call K thai there
-' !'lll
login iioi Kubjeci to ? always
dull Unie-, a mill oui ?
i? . ??
iiuin?-' for bl_ mont
! ? i: ?
? ' Hi
for 2 or 3
? and
' turer < ? eul
? ti..w ami?
III (?*4l
and ?.ni.? .... employ men I
? : , t itke
the niith'irsof th?* "mont-ytruM" rr
lim'-, time and ?nil money an as
iinci ?uni different ?is inter and ??it
who expects t?? lutve nee tot
money in .** few days cannot ?be ten
to lomi h to some ??ii?* else toi
months. And the man wl
?ir 1rs?- permanent ?mestmont toi
money win not neffled mi opporti
r.) invest if thus nt :i ?food rnto o
tercet In order to lend it for a few
?m ?Mil at a much hlgber mto.
This ?s elementary, it ought t
understood by .1 committee of ?Con,
i undertaking to Investigate Qnandi
; Cain, Were that investigation in
! i*oni in its conception and free
?ionalism; were it to discari
absurd purpose of revealing a **m
trust" it ?uicht ?serve n u*-?'t'iii en
bringing mit the truth regarding tl
' which ?u?> now matten of rumor,
if it dlaclo-aed anything like the mai
. latloo of accumulated npltal brongl
light by the Inannnce ?inquiry laws n
. be pasead reasonably protecting the
| ii.* Interest, But ?nothing is to ho
I peded from sncb an Ignonnt and s(
'? tlonal proeeedlng ?is tlie Tindboreh i
' ?iitlons oal! for.
i'/,\ /1/ rs CANDID ICV.
There has been no gomi reason
doubting that Pr?sident Tnft desired
ted to be renomlnated to sue
If, and those who have assorte
intimated the ?contrary have dona m I
I Ignorance or ? ainlater motile, Tht
terosl aroused by tiio Btatemenl of
Intentions whlcb ho has perml
friends t.? quote Is due. therefore. U.
'? specific and Incisive ehancter n
rtian in the Introduction of any new
ment Into the political situation.
It i-- perfect 1*. natural and pu
that the Presldenl should want to ?be
nominated an?! to have the fart uni
! sally known. His COns?ant to he a ca
I date In ion1?, wn? not eaail] obtained
j all who knew blm well wore aware f
atset, and as the ?correspond.
I which his pr-edeeessor ?caused to ?be i
1 lish.nl condusively proved, since
took office hi?; sol?* ambition has bee:
carry out the promise! on arhicb
- p-eopla eleot?*d him, to exert all his ei
fr\es for the promotion of the cenoral
g welfare of the ?country, to (
onto the laws faithfully and t?> bo
President <>f all iiio ?people according
everj standard which his judgment ;
conscience approved.
Th?? President believes, nnd just!;
thai be is entitled to a renom!
tion, and that his renomination will s
ply the beal ?possible ?asnnnce of ??
cess. Th?* campaign must be made
j th?? record of his administration and
guarant?ee which it ?furnishes of r
tinued ; dherenci to the principles s
policies of true progressive Republic
Ism. We think that a great majority
the party's v.?tors nol onlj comprebt
that fact but rejoice in the prospec;
tlu-litint: under the leadership <>f suri
man a*- Mr. Taft, and that a multltt
Democrats who will oppose him
party reasons ?estimate at somrthlng I
; th?-ir real value the s? n Ices of a mod*
patient, unsel?sb, wise and sincere Pit
Governor Dlx's change of tone as
economy in tin-? }<ur'> message !?
ilssion that his charges
extravagance ?nil waste against K-tpt
?i administrations were mlstak?
When h.? was a candidate for Goven
j and when he wrote his first message i
raase in the st-ite-?. ,
i upleto proof t?> hi-? mi
waste. He was in the habit
: ?nit how much the state's ?i
?gei had grown in size, And in detail
would t?ll how this i|?'|iartiii.?iit a
that ii? i artm-eul were upending such a
such sums more than they had requir
two, thr?.r five y? ara before. ?'
Idea thai the additional expense w
isary he could not be brought
admit Hut now le- talks of the ?growl
, requirements of government and .-<
I cede? thai eeonomj mus? be 'Tease
s is a virtual concession that tl
? ; be state - expt nditures en
Dot be stopped. It brings to an end a
itly t?> ?reduce gover
, mental expenst and to demonstrate \o
a business man ?could save vast sum?
j the administration of public affairs.
iw plainly Improbable that any - u
bltion w?ll ??ver ?be realized. If oi
atlous ??' t., ?t t ? j n t the publ
i (???liar's worth for everj dolh
? ded thej i\ ill effeel the ntnio
ible. ?Something in this <1
rectlon may be secured through sut
studies as that which President 'I a ft
having made by experts in regard t<* tl
| detailed m?thodes of federal administri
tion. Perhaps something maj be e
j totted ?through an application of m
I ??lea-- <->f tl;>- efficiency engineers to pul
Blness But the relatively low got
emmental expenditure of twenty-fli
will not return, unless the in
possible happens und the people then
turn to simpler Ideas "t a ?_'.,?,
[eminent'? sphere and fondions.
/ '//? y n i\<; ~\ ~\ h~r.in: m si l'a)
a significan! contrast i> pr??sented i;
?current vital statistics, the ?one sld
?gratifying and encouraging, whili
the "tlier i- discreditable and all bu
disheartening. The Board of Health re
that tin- ?lentil rat?- in this oit]
last year was 'Ik- lowest ever recorded
. only 15.1L! to th?- thousand "f pop
illation. Thai Is "))?- ??f the very lowest
in the woi '1 1 ' ?> city of great sixe
Gratifying, too, is an analysis of ?the re
. particularly in its shoeing thai
t lu-r? wit- ?i great gain in the saving ol
lives of infants under ii\?? years "f age
:? of death? in thai class of th?
? :.' 7,332 lew than the -'.\
and thai th" de itl?
roll from "i'? f ulosis in all forms
umouuted tu onlj ?Hi. putting the
"greal whit.- plague' considerably below
the Hrst place in ?i<-.?? 11n??-. I b< *??
things show what i- being achieved,
through ibe triumph of m*ediclne
\ and [tartly through the en*
mitary law*?.
The death rate from a-eddents on the
ou il ?? other baud, wan probably
tin- highest on i'"?i(i. Tb?- number ??i
, , ,.. per -???nt in?)i'
in the preceding year. <?f thes?-, 109
? i, caused b) cura, 112 bj automo
and 172 i ? v agon 'J be cumber
ol uccidfnt* which were cerious ?auough
-., i, recorded, bul which
?liii not i?- nil lu death, was 2,004, or
more than twice as'many as in the . re
ceding j. ar In the g?t al a i
automobile aci Idents In-competent, un
criminal ? huuffeui i were al
fault I'm in i ul;- |2 per ???-III Of Ibe
? ? ? .,-.?, !,.-i ? in cha ? -.'?- ??! ' !??
,. hue in ni-.ii I- liait ? I iln ?
ran a\\a.\ ur attempted to In
?" In a lar 'i 11 ii ii? I it-r ? ' ? .-.h
,-,-t \,-. ul ??lily run down,
tho chauffeurs merely Rounding :
horns ktbi ?unking no .effort to avoid
lien!, '"it ?'xpeetin*- the pedestrian
L.f.i ,,,it of the way- a too common
:in Inevu-ab!?' i'<*rf.-ri)ian,?f?.
Ir i? ?I?-? i-ledly ?liscredltalile that
,,eri]s of the highways should thai
crease, and it amount? to little (Ota
an l"*_peac__B*M-l or (>nr admlnistr:
rapacity. In some respects inucli
been don? for !li?' Improvement of ti
Conditions, chiefly in preventing coi
tlou anii blockadai on crowded thoro
.?il ? l*Ogg__p, But we MOflB
?,.i to have d??vis?*d an efficient dm
of making tlie street- safe for p(
triais, although they are the most
nier...i* users of tlie str?-ots and certs
are ts much entitled to p*r-tectiol
gnj "iher claM. The record of 42H k
and 2.00-1 injured on the ?-"treats of
city in 00- > ? ar contains much food
tl.-ouglit ?.?i th?' part of those who
cha reed with the safety of the publl
l;. .r Admiral llobley D. Evan?.
died on Wednesday, had impressed '
self on the imagination of the ??ou;
as few naval otlicprs have done I
the great days of Porter. Du Tont
Parregut. Ho did not have the oppe
nity t?> distinguish himself in the I
war with Spain which came t?? sun
his 9ta?tork\ notably to Admiral Ckji
Though he played a highly credit;
? role In the "captains' buttle" off Sa
ago, equal distinction resulted from I
engagement for many others Fate m
| put him to the supreme test which e\
j oflicer welcomes- Um command Of g I
in action Bul his gallantry, his ium
"vit\ and his admitted pr-.fossi
capacity gn\e him a ipoclal place In |
! lie affectioii. Tils popular nick?am?
? "fighting rt.ib" was in itself an
donee of the count-y's warm apj
nation of his character and atjrainme
II?' reprasented to it a naval type ?
somewhat superseded?the bluff, f
and-sasy, strenuous and breezy sailo*
a g?eneratlon or more ag?-?. In many w
be was the must vivid personality In
navy since its reonrnnization in 1K*<1.
In developing the new navy Adni
I'vans had an active share. He was
??(fice" on whom the Navy Depart m
Icould always depend for service r?-qt
ing skill and involving r?.sponslbi]
He was sent to Valparaiso harbor a
time when the relations between
United States ami ?'hill were stf-il
almost t" the breaking point, and he
blbited there a firmness which the v. h
country vas ?o?.n applauding. He ?
arduous service against seal poachers
?Bering Sea, commanded the battles]
Iowa off Santiago, vas for two or th
u'.'irs the ranking rear admirai on I
navy list, and crowned his career
taking ft-.mu Hampton Roads through i
Strait of Magellan t<> San FraneJi
the greatest fleet of battleships wh
up to that time was ever wn! on w
a cruise. Only severe illn?'s< prevent
his continuing t?? command the fleet
the rest of its voyage around the wot
I.ike other free spoken and Impuls
men Admiral Evang bad many snppos?
ly characteristic remarks Imputed to h
whicb he never made One which be ?
| make aptly Illustr?tes his native res
I ness and wit, He took the cruiser N?
York t?> Kiel to r*epresent the rnil
States al the opening of the North S
; canal, and at a diiiii?-r OU board.
which the Emperor of Germany was i
Ing entertained, the admiral provid
?..me ftspeclallj fine Virginia ham. T
Emperor ate it with relish and w
served again, finally be suggested th
he would appreciate a third porth
["Delighted," said Evans, addinir. srith
|qnizsical ?mile: "And d??esn't yo
j "majesty think thai this would b??
"good time to raise the embargo i
' "American pork?"
'i bal was the real Ei ans the sponl
I neons, picturesque and racy talker, t
? bold, venturesome, read] seaman wl
'entered Into everything which engag
his attention with _esl and \i_"r
/./; i>/ or 11 i ron rip \ri \
I W Us?
It will be regretted thai the sta
Riparian Commission of New Jersey hu
fell .??intii'iied to recommend ahando
menl of the policy of leasing riparii
lands for limited terms, which was ?
tablisbed on the Insistence of Govern?
w ?son last year, and :i return to the o
system of sales In fee simple. Two re
.-mi', for this are given by the board, ar
neither seem? convincing.
One Is that as so much ??f the i
par?an );in?ls lias already been sold It
ii'it worth while to keep the rest Dout.
less it would have been far better to e
tablish tii" lease system at the l"'-i
nlng, and to maintain for all time stai
proprietorship of those Increasingly va
uable lands. Rut the facl thai an m
Wise policy was pursued for man] yeai
la no reason why it should be persist?
?a t?? Hi?- end; that a large part of ti
slate's property has been sacrificed i
id reason for sacriflcing the t*est Whi
?i of the riparian lands Is ".\i<'ii?i.
and valuuble, and is abundantly won
conaervins In such a way ?is will lusui
th?' state'- enjoyment of the sternly it
crease In value which is certain to com
with the industrial and comniereii
, groa th of the state
The other mis.-ii is the familiar on
! thai capitalists and corporations will no
take lands on leases, and that if the;
cannot buy them outright they wll
abandon P?ew Jersey and go to sow
other state. Thai argument used i?> l?
urged, with ail the changes rung upon it
against the scheme ?.f limited franchise
for public ntillty corporations; bnl b?
would be i*a-h wh'? should pul it tor
ward now. it may prettj confidently b<
:i?siime.| that ?'? similar result may hi
attained in the ?use of the riparlai
lands. Capitalists and corporations wil
at iii>t :i'."\\ unwillingness i<? a<-?,?'p
term leases, threatening to remove t<
some more hospitable state and aril
maintain that all ?Hid?- mi long as then
Is a hope ??f its proving successful li
Inducing the state to abandon it-? souo
But wbi u tbey And thai the i"?i
Inflexible thej will accept it wit
good grace and much adt antage,
AS for the suggestion that tin- state
intii'i well affonl to let men boy the
and thus forego (he profits fr??iu
Increasing value* because ??i the Indus
tries which would be established and
the large taxable \ ;?'?m- ? which would
i?. created, it I? ? p**c!ous. ? m the i ame
principle all franchises should be given
?i.,?a\ and ail Industries should I"- ox?
fiiipted from taxation, Tbetime Is past.
If it ever reailj en l?l ?d, s hen such
means musi !"? employed to -ilmulaie
the development of industrie? ,\ rail?
road doubtless encourage? the building
ut towns along it? route und the growth
of n large ?population paying taxes to
tii?' state l?'it thai facl entitles it t.. do
exemption from taxation And it the
I lid h Idual piopei il?-- along Ite route are
HOU |j ! ' a ?I? \ ear ? fl I" lake
Hdvantuge of their Im-raisln**. ralue, it
i? only fair thai there should be from
timo t?? time an opportunity to gavlM
the franchise of a public corporation. 10
that the state ma\ similar!-, take ad
vantage of H?- imTPnse In vai'i". In Che
case of the riparian lands, ?he ?state will
?I?? weii to ?nt the part of any prndent
land owner and lease in-t.-i.i t*i ?jelling,
is-uri'd by experience that H ?*iD looner
or later bo receiving each year in rent*?I
mote than the sale price <?f th*? lan-1 at
the present tlnu?.
Colonel tir van finds it hard to say a
'lownrlRht "no." even when to ?i?i so
would ?.->st him nothina. that b- could
possibly get.
It in difTlcult to see on wh:?t ground
our genial friend Dr. Wo Ting-fam?
so bitterly reproaches Mr. Yuan Shih
kal for "repudiation of hi? representa?
tive" ?imply because he would not fol?
low and approve that representative in
| all he did. it is the duty of ? representa
Uve to obey the Instruction?? of the chief
| whom he represents, and not <->f the chief
I t?i obciv the repr?sentative
Senator Clapp, of Minnesota, is the
| latest participant |n the Progressive
conference at Chicago last October to
repudiate Its choleo of a candidate for
the Republican Presidential nomination.
If that conference could impose no
! moral obligation on Its members to re
I spect Its decisions, what In the world
I was It ever held for?
Justice Erlanger'a remarks reeterday
I : ? em to afford the Board ?if Health or
; some other competent authority an op?
portunity to condemn the Tweed court -
' house as a publlc'nulsanoc and n mena?**?
1 to the public health.
Opposition to the ?arbitration treaty
: with Great Hritaln as a deep, dark a tel
j desperate scheme to trick the United
.States Into an entangling alliance t\ l*h
? that country Ignores the fact that an
! identical treaty has been negotiated with
Fran?:e and that Germany, Japan and
>?tb?>r powers are standing In line awn't
Ing tli>-!r turn. Are they all Inveigling
| this poor country Into a trap, each . \
? pecting to use it against the others?
What a shame:
Moralists will have to add orchi'ls to
the temptations which they warn young
?o -n against. ?Orchids are said to have
hf>??n th?? ruin of the lat?-st defaulter.
The Fmpre??. Dowager <>f China bas
b-een asked to put up $2,000.000 of her
private fund? for the suppression of the
revolution. That precedent adds 9 new
terror to war. Had the dynasties ben? -
fited by the innumerable war? of history
! been required to pay their share of the
, bill, the world would have seen much
?more extended Intervals of peace
The current number of "America.'1 ?
'Roman <*athol|r papel contains a protest
I airalnst Innocent parodies on the Ten Com?
mandmonts, calling particular attention t.?
the "sensational substitutes for Qod'a
word" framed in Divine phraseology re?
cently published by a clergyman. "Mis
frlvolon?. laws f,?r wives couched In the
form sacred t--> the nt?calogue ha<l numer?
ous Imitations." ?saya "Amerles." Equally
Mvoloua laws for husbands were similarly
? constructed by flippant parsgrgphera sn 1
! women of notoriety and so on "till th>- most
solemn of Ood's wordi had become the
plaything of profl?gate! snd mockers"
\n-?t.i-r writer 1,n thi ' quotes
among the new Commandnients: "0
auction brill?:? ; .? prisefight*r*s deralogua
ion health; a rabbi'1 umended decalogue;
i Prau Maeterlinck's ten commandments for
?nomen: commandments for married men,
and others for boys, girls, bachelors, old
and nollttclane "
? "Did th? burglsra overlook anything o(
value?" bifiuired ti,. reporter.
"I'd rather not nay snytbtng sbout that,"
answered the man whose house had been
"Why so?"
"Because they'll be watching the papera
? f?,r ? day or tun, t think. t?> And out." -
1 Chicago Tri
"Ha? the war correspondent any friend in
I this unhappy world of Jealousy and ??in?"
? asks 1; Ashmesd-Bartlett, war correspon?
dent, now In Tripoli, writing In "The tcad?
emy." a* n ?general rui>\ he says, his paper
hates him he i:iu?.? he n ?m enormous ex?
pense, and the return on hli outlay In very
uncertain; <?n the other hand, he cannot
he dispensed with. 1T1.- cotnradee on the
staff are envious of him, ?and when he ar?
rives at the headquarter?* of ?he army he
Is at once regarded with great suspicion by
those whom be hut? com? t.. Immortalise.
Hie credential? sre <iuevti.iti.ii. ,,?- >. many
correspondent! are sttrsct?-d like
\ ultursi t.. the front II 1 often dlfllculi
t?? dl?jcrimlnats between those who sn
really there to represent papera and those
who are merely there to - Ir Insa?
Hal l? love of adventun
Manager ito dramatist)?Your i-i? ? ? not
al ?il bad, but it rather lacks lit?.
Dramatist If that's ?ill. I can ? isily kill
1,ft two 01 ihrer people In the third ici
],??ok ont: She conies with sword snd gun,
Th? deputy, with law Imbu? ,i,
She ??ees a duty to be done
And, though It's nidi.
She grabs her ? 1 ipon '?.? th- hin
And?man of muacls, win you? wilt!
Great men of crime may crln?;e and crawl
At her approach?It's leap year, t,?.
Por \\'.tuen hold the town In thrall,
That'a what they do:
But mark you this: Wh'-n she's afrsld
She'll ,all on man to give h?-r aid.
fter all Is said and done,
Th? girls have not discover? I
A single pursull 1 , not "ne !
Where they cun get
Along without a man. Thank?, i,.
Perhapi that du y we'll never see
A. U r
Aunt Lucy?Yes, ?mcle Is back from
tos n. bul It will be .. week l? fore h<
and around
Neighbor Why, what happened to hlraT
Aunt Lucj He tried to i-,'>f. through one
? e revolving doors si th? rusl hour
1 lit. ago N?
Th? n*"' Iref-ldent of Switzerland h.-s
had .1 pretty thorough training for the
plac- 11, i- m. rorrsr, a federal council?
lor, snd h. has served in every department
Of the Swiss government SXCept I he 1res
ni>. and for the last B*A ? < -\ ? he ha
' the h-aad of the i??st,-?i and railway
?i? ps tmenta ?Pr?sident Forrsr, who 1 aed
the unie repubWc ones before, In taaa, 1
a Dative of Zurich and ?1 law? or by pro?
fession At the ?age of SlXty-Sll h? h ? ?
h,ni thirty years of public Hf?.
"One o' de mus' curiosest thin?:- about a
f,.- i; . ild fu? !. Etx n 'la de w.i? i,. '||
holler srd pH ma?i if you d..?'t i,t mm
\ <=ho\?.- ?.ff his misfortune.M Washington
\ ..?-? in ?some respe? I? Imllai 10 tits
one which broke up tin- Ksa fear Eve
partf ??i Hi?. I.ak.-u.nid Country Club to l>
,?i Baratoga v. o ? ago. ' it was In
im da) etPA n ? !ongn Hall waa populsr
with ?1 IfJUTgS ? l.i ? of M :'"1 1 to t
tin 1 ??au ? ho was a 1 t at 1
"A dan?-.- for chlldr? n bai been ai 1
by the m , ?, 1 ..t ,n. m,.m-???. snd when the
little folka w. re going through the i.?
ures "t m old fashion? d qu idt Ule a
woman I lly to the 1.Ii
,u,,1 told him i.? - top 1 h< mu? le, w hleh in?
uni promptl). thlnklni thai sn se id.1
in,- v.a '.-'hut th? doors!'
?roman Bosse ?-ne at?is mj Ben
n-, a watch!' Th?- manager of the hotel re
tOMOA her demand that every MM i>
?earebed for th? watch, wblcli later was
found with the governess, t.? whom ?Benny'
had given It "
"The psychologies! moment eounta fot
"That's right, vim?.si ,mv town could be
??if?.i dry ab.iiK about January I." I ou ?
Ville ? 'onrlfi--.loiirn.il.
It* "Unanimity" Not Mathematical,
Says One of His Countrymen.
To th.- F'llt.ir Of The Trlh.m?
Sir. In an editorial of Di-errnber 3!.
1111, you direct??,I attention t-. the fact that
Dr. Sun was n?t "tmanlniously ?i
President of the f'hlnese republic, either hy
a plebiscite of the Chines?- nation or by
votes of the Joint ?^inference of Imperial-*
lsts and revolutionists; that he was merely
the choice of the ?military leii.l.rs, and that,
consequently, the "unanimous election" is
misleading. Mathematically I apr??e with
your conclusion, but I beg to ?llffer some?
what from the premc?'- ? n which you
base It.
As regards a plebiscite, no one gifted
with the liveliest Imagination would ?
any such thing from China s dense popula?
tion. So far as the Joint conference 1? con?
cerned, It was not to be expected that the
Imperialists would vote for any President.
Suffice It to say that Dr. Sun received the
majorit] von- of th,- revolutionists?that l*j
. th?- majority of the representatives
of fourteen provinces, an overwhelming
majority of all the provinces of China. In?
ferring to the military leaders constitutlnK
the main support of the doctor, it shoul?!
!??? remembered that those military I?
were from every <?n" of the fourteen pros
? ich annsd with credentlala of his
sativa ?government H?>w much mor?! rep?
resentative would the West have such an
election at auch a time to be?
Another p?ilnt which has not been em
i?! sslzed m th?- American press, and which
'.??ins n, me "i?,st significant of th<- repre?
sentative character <?f th.- Shanghai elec?
tion snd unmistakably lodteative of the en?
tire absence <>t partisanship or Jealousy
among thevmilitary leaders themselves, as
W? 11 as proof positive of the whole souled
patriotism hy which they wen- In common
animated, Is that Dr. Sun, unknown per?
sonally to th?- majority of them, ahouM be
elected to th.- highest post. Hut why'.' Be*
???iise the leaders felt It their duty to obey
the people's mandate; because they believed
if treasonable to urpe their private ambi?
tion?-; because their unmixed love for th. ir
countrj decreed the selection of the ablest
and best equipped man to guide the destiny
.if the nation. In electing Dr. Sun I be
they have discharged their duty and
won the approval Of the majority of th"
Chinese people.
if misunderstandings like your premises
are the only dlffUultles which at present
s-.. m to bar tht- recognition of the republic
of China by th.- United States, let us hope
that American sentiment may be led stray
from apathetic Indiff?rence to active >ym
path' snd recognition for ''hi?ese d^tiioc
rscy, which Is the crystallization of ?the
noble itruggle for political liberty and en?
franchisement HUA-CHUEN MKt,
Recordtnit be? retary of the China ?Society
?if America.
NV-w fork, Jan. 4, IP I 2.
A Simple Plan That Does Not Include
a Pension System.
To the Editor of The Tribune.
S'r: New Y>?rkers hav?- g wa\ of feeling
so secure In their self-satisfaction that It 1?
nearly slwsys necessary t>> apply drastic
methods to si-cure adequate sttentlon when
new solutions for old probli ? ,- pi
1 themselves. The destitute widowed mother
j has ?always tilled a large portion .?i" the lista
??i i (table dependents, it is some years,
?however) sin' social workers pinned their
i faith to the orphan asylum for the children
j of widows The institution has Its rightful
I use for the full orphan. The trial of the
?so-called boarding out ayatem -the plac?
j ing of some children in homes Instesd Of
Institutions?produced resulta that pointed
: th? way.
i Se'.iiai enlightened states have non made
Ilegal provision for the children of widows,
seeklni t" keep th?ai out of institutions
and m their natural environment, at home
j with th.-ir own mothers Illinois and Mls
i sourl have laws f-rantlng pensions to srld
i owed mothers on ? p.-r capita ba
I <-acii child until It passe* school ace. In
Massachusetts, thanks to women's clubs,
mi -h a law will be Introduced at the ,-orn
?n? session ?if the Legislature.
In New York Section .;?vt of the cltj char?
ter, which relates to the commitment of de.
nt children to public Institutions, can
be emended bo a^ to extend to the ?*om
?i. i of Charities the privilege of
boarding such children with their own
mothers. To enable him to enter into con?
tracts with the mothers for their ?support
la all that i- legally necessary.
Con?' ?n would bring ini?> nee
this sane method of dealing srtth one <?f
the most apparent needs of modern Hm.?*,
which has become an unnecessar* problem.
'A util.) it I"- possible t" i-ru:, tic attention
?if the coming ?session of the Legislature
for this common tense act of Justice? a
mother, however Ignorant, la bettei ntted
to train In-r chlklren snd make ?good ? Itl*
sena of them than the most cultured t<-ach
? i who has not love nor undent nding In
her heart ?HANNAH l?. EINSTEIN.
nt Widowed Mothers' Fund A oso?
Sam YmU. .Ian. 2. l'.'ll.
!.. the Editor of Th? ?Tribune.
Sir: s, v? ral w? ' ced a ? om?
tinmlcation from Daniel v R? I. head
coach of Mi?- Comet? football team, thank?
ing --.cir paper for the apace devoted to
Cornell football news during th? last Bea?
ton As on? of ti ? ?n ??? ? od ni Cornell
alumni In Sew fork Interested In college
. -a ?. a- d. in p irtlcular, In ( 'ornell n?
w. mo like to add my thanks to Th? . i
t,?r that department, which, ta much a- aus
.-!,, ? factor, keeps pi, among lt.^ "constant
read? is "* J. D. ?flTHTTK
\e\v York. Jan ? . '?
The Progressive Movement and the
Candidacy of Senator La Follette.
Fron, i I ?? arsahtni ' i
It asnal be istbai Us ?? (Ming lo ?Sen.?' '?
r,,r, tu i' ' Ml ttl i- te ei.? -IV?- the i Iscta
o? the m. eslled Pi ' '
m -i- i-,l,,i>.?i-i, IV
i? (imakly ? ampatf i i
ii in??
I . ... oenltttMi i,? I? .i itat i ammlns,
I Kansss, n
..?h. r lesura ! Itetta t-? soi ???'?'t in ?
1.a Foil- ? ??? m ?.m-iii ovil '?. h'.,I 'h- m-"
a he an rlth I lis hsi *
a v?>rv - . i way of Indorslsg hi m a-? a
atsteemsa, bei no? sa the lead* ?>f lu? lection m
i ?,. ? tor Prael
9 ?? met tht troubi? arith the taasrgi
the >' lumbus, "tu?, msettng? Why 'i It ihsl
I ge| - ue a?
"fallo? Progi ! wbe "hett ?he prln
? !.. 1,1 I. -
? . |
If l.M
| ,-vl ? iii?l?'-l
i rlns I ? ' ? ?
I , , ? -n U ?
tion, ?ni i. i ",! ""? -- how i .ai
i .,? ira to ral ru in I th? nsa"
?1 ho ii.?, ???i 'i
one im bst i > i -i
,,,,?, i,..,,. Ina iioai'i't In ??" fi "
Midi th< '
inirj cut
,,i i ,11 la th) i - of th? in,
, .
. ii-1" ng ih?
i ai i?? sn I oi.-n
Veople and Social Incidents
inie. 9a
'A.i klagt? h Jan i P? Uta i was the
chief tofk of tM* ?? salon at Um m.it. Hoas?
tr.-a*!,,, Th. Pl-Stdent rr-fiv-a .?,..(? nrax- ',
lag reports from th? Vice-Pi*? . ?k ,?, gana*]
tars Crane, Nelson, >__*>oot,
B?randegee -"", Bros???. ?_ Bptahor ?CannonI
aad Repre??ntsUv**s MeKlnle: and Mud-i
The ?President call?--?! In leversl .?.??ml??*!? I
of ?i.. g?sna<*- Jtsdtctary Commute? to ?Mo*
cus? ?he ?-nfT.'-me Court sppotnunent Th..
names aus ??ted t?> th?- .??nimi't*"-- ?rare
Judge Hook, Becretarr Nagei, lastlee
s?' , ? / and l'nnk P. ?Kef*
H s. Qrogory, E. B. Toiman and i T.
-*fl?-!i-4r<ir. members of Um Ch-CagO an?!,
liiln'.is bar, urged Um ippotntmeat ot
Judge Orrin N Cartsr of Un ?_upreiaS|
Court of Illinois, to th?; ?Supreme Couii
The executive committee of th-* Amerl
csn Bar Ass?*eiatlon, which is In Washing?
ton arranging for the next iiMStlng of the
association, ?ailed on th" ?Preaideat.
The invitation to the annual dianor of
th?> New- York Bar Association In NOW
York or? January 20 has been 1 ? ??m"1'
Mr. Taft will attend th? meeting of the I
Yale Corporation and tho dinner of the ;
New Haven Chamber ?>f ?'ornm?-rc- on th*
The nomination of Daniel F. Breites
of New York, ?o be l.'nlted St.ifes \!
of the North? rn District of New York, .?.;?&
sent to tha Senate to-d<*y, with a numberI
of others.
Deiegafo Andrews, Representntiv.-s-el-?'?
Curry and Ferguson and a delegation 4e*,
iivered to the President this morning th.
formal certificate ?if electloa from New'
Mexico. Mr. Taft paid that th? new state
ha?i compiled with th?* t? rm-i of the ena- ]
b'lng act, and Invited ili?' New SI? Klco dee
gstlon to th? White House to-morro.'.'
morning, when he rill sitm the proclama*
tien admitting New Mexico Into the t'nion.
Professor Irv.ng Fisher, of Yale, talked
t?i the President to-day about the plan to
consolidate all the health bureau? of th?
government, and h success' r to Surgeo;?. (
Qeneral Wyman. and urged the apflOtnt?
n-.ent of an International commlssttM I >
Study ?he cost of living.
Th? Pr> sident's luncheon guesta Included
Admiral Kempff, Miss Kempff and ??-Sec?
retary MetaCalt*. Following the luncheon
the F'resldent held a conference wllh ex
Secretary Metcalf, Judge Henshaw and th"
latter'.? brother.
The President Will attend the funeral of
Rear Admiral l__bley D. Evans to-morrow, j
Among the Whit?- House callera were
Elenatora Martin, Bwanson and Bacon, Rep?
1 ? -? ntetlves Taylor, Fordney. Foster, S'il-:
tor, Carter? Madden. PairchOd, Austin,!
Morgan, McKinley, Sells, ("arlln, Holland.
Anderson an?! Ferguson, th? Beeret?ry of;
Comiuerc? snd Labor, Commissioner Nelll,
? Glen !. I of th?
University of the Bouth, ar.d lion Ignoi
Washington, inn. 4 -The Becretar) of |
and Mrs. Kn?*x entertained th? ?Prost-1
dent and Mrs. Taft at dinner to-night.,
ThI? was the first of a series of Cabinet]
dinners for tho President and Mrs. Taft.!
The guests asked to meet th?-.n were th**]
British ambassador and Mr*. Hryce, the
German ?tunbasssdor ?nd COuntcsa
Bernstorff, the lt_tlan Asabsasador and
Marchosa Cuaano Confalonier! ?'asati, the
m Ambassador and Mm?.-. Bakhme
t.ff, Justi?:?- and Mr- McKeana? Senator
anl Mrs. Warren. .Senator ami Mrs. Bailey,
Horace Taft, brother "f the President; Mrs.
A. O. McCllntOCk, and Mr. .and Mrs. Hugh
Knox, the I.ride and bride-r^oir of tlie
?'ahln?-t circle.
H-'i'-.i The Tribun?- r.'irrau I
Washington, -l-n. 4.?The Austro-Hun
-rarian Ambassador, Baron Ilengelmuller,
and the Swiss Minister, Dr. Paul Ritter, are
? xpected to arrive In New York on the
latusltanis to-morrow. They had expected
to sail "n the Mauritania, but are a day
late iMCauaa of being compel??-! to ?hange
The sister and brother of Mme L/Oewen?
thal-von I.man. Countess an?! Count Nos*
tit-, who hav? spent the early winter In
Washington, left here last evening for Ne*
York t" ?all for Austria.
The new Minister from Peru and Mme.
Pezet are expected to art tve In Wasnington
in time for the diplomatic reception at the
White House next Tuesday evening. They
will not come as ?trang?re In Washington
? ?"i'ty. as th'y lived here BOOM years in
the regime of Minister ?"alderon. Se?or
? ??.?.?i? ehargd d*a_Taires for some time
after the departure of Minister i.'alik-ron.
Mm? Pesel wa? a great favorite when she
lived in Washington, her hum?' being ?.
rendesvou? for the young people of the
diplomatic corpa Beflor Pexet was -??i-i.-tt? ?1
In an English university.
Mm? Vassilieff. tait? Of the Russtaa
naval ittach?, will observe Friday? InJanu?
Hi'v aa "a? home" days.
'Fi'-.i.i T_4 Tribune Curesu.j
Washington? Jan. 4 -The former trnited
? i --?dor to Franc? and Mrs.
Henry White entertained at a dinner dance
thl? evenlns for young people Ml** Helen
Taft and hei couam. Mlaa <*_id**rson, oft
Cincinnati, were th. gie ?ta of honor. Mr.
i nd Mre. White will tak. possession ??f then- I
n? S home in Washington in another ?reek. '
Th? bouse atanda on an eminence at the !
?head ?f lSUi street, overlooking the city.
Lieutenant John W. limn*on?, naval ??M
to th?- President, and Mr -immoaa en
? ? sed at dinner to-night. This i? Um I
first of a aerlei Of ?linn? rS which lliey h.???' j
arranged. Mrs. Tlminon? la UM daughter '
ol **x*Vlce-PrMl_eni Fairbanks snd haa .?
i?.?t of friends in Washington
Ml?? Helen Cannon, daughter of tl
??i.eak?r of the Ilou-i? of Representatives.
hsa returned from Dsnvttl? This is the
me In eight y?-srs Ails? Cannon has
h!. to ??ner.d New v?.ai ? Day with
her tothtt) ml friend? m Illinois, at h*r
reception her" on that ?la-, <-.??> always or.??.
? f th- Importaol itmcflftu of ?he season.
Ml-?- CSWKM f.-'ind HVgral hundred ?cards
left for her on New Yer?r'? r?sv h- eld
friends and attf|SStntSI ?
Ml?. Ann' t!?>mu'ir f?ne* ?ill bf fire
?.?n'e.l t<, Washington society at a reception
gtvea hy her parent.?, Representative and
Mra Willlm, ,\ .tone?., ?.a Friday g\ *-n\rr,
January tt.
Representative md Mra .1 A Hughes, of
Virginia, will onter?aln C
al the tfAP) Willard on .Tannir*' I from ?
t,, .. o'clock, to pre?en? their daughter.
mi?.?- Elo?sa Hughen, t-> aoristy
\tr? Walter P Wood son, wife ,( ?>,
tenant Woodson, l". B. s, ?has ?gone ?o VTsst
Point. Where ?he will be the g'.egt of OSp?
tain ani fefn I ta? N?well for fen day?
Tin Mi?. n, daogbtsr of Ifedl
ca? Director and lira Prank An-dereon, t
tertatacd a company of reont peoiile ^
tes this afternoon from I to 7 o'cio?-k.
Their guests were sskM ?o ?nwt their co?i?
m, Mrs. Sidney IfOfgM Ri Btf, of New
Vo:-k. their hOtSM gSJSM Mr? ?Eds
Burr, wife of ?Colonel Burr, and Mrs. P T
D. Ptoller presided &* ?
the others who assisted ?rere Mr* E p
Woodward, Misa Emily Beatty, MIM Ed
monts Adams and MISS Elisabeth Moitford.
Edwin ?Clarence Moiier gave a dst ?
Sherry's last night tot I Miss
Ruth Moller, the debutante da ighter ? f
Mr. and Mr.- Charlea O. MoUer, ?r. Mi
M?ller was I ifjsa
Mille,-, ?rho waa In white taffeta, ?trimmed
with lace and [link rosebuds, ami hy his
aister, Misa s Adelina Moller The small
ballrom waa usi ? Ing, wbicl
general, and at midnight sup,-er was
?served. The guests Included Miss Lu? ?
Drexel Dahlgren, Ml
Miss Alice Drexel, Mis? Adeline Townsend,
Miss Augusta Dixon, Miss J?-an Morris,
Miss Ethel Outerbridge. Miss Helen Auer
bach, Miss Sarah Morgan. Misa KathsUe
Slocum, DeLaiwey Nlcoii, jr., Ma
Lefferts. jr.. Richard Gamhrlll. Howlan;
t?. Davis, Moses Taylor Pyne, t?eth Barton
French, jr , Oliver Bird, jr., and Ht'jddard
Mrs Iy.,uis Condlt liav and Mrs. ?Jeorge
E. [de gawe a danos at th- Colony < is ?
last night for the latter's nieces, Mis-,
Isabel, Miss Alice and Misa Eleanor Ide.
her nephew. Worthington Hine. and for
Mrs. Hay's son, Wellington B Hay. Mrs.
Francis L. Hlne. of No H West ;?d
?gave a dinner in connection with the af?
fair, her guests later going on to the
Colony Hub. There was no cotillon, hut
general dancing was enjoyed until ?
nlghf, when supper was served. T ?
guests, numbering ?about two hundred and
fifty, Included Miss Eleanor Prentlc-, \( ?
Anita Merle Smith. Miss Mary ?Edgar
?Elisabeth Clatlin. Miss Agnes Claflln, Ml
Vera Van Buren, Miss Frances Wysth,
/Ulis Ollbert, Miss Lydia Butler an-i
Miss ?'aro Q Brown
Mrs. William ? Playback srave a dance
St ]?>lmonlco's last night for her
Miss Augusta Wight, who made he
last winter. The dancing was gene:
a buffet supper was served at midnight
Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. G?S?
tave F Tom? hard, m.. Mr. and Mrs |
AspergnW, Miss Katherine Rising. Miss
Helen Hoffstot. ?ieorse Armstrong, 0 r>
Gray Vsnderbilt, ?'hurles Inmnn
?"?hnr'e? W.st. jr.
There were nianv socially and poU
prominent people from ffew York and A
haliv preStnl Si the ?ar?e lerepfi,?: u nio
Mrs. A A Low gave yesterday ar l?->t
i.ome, N'o ? i', ?rrspont Place, Brooklyn
it ?was In honor of her sons bride, Mrs
i;?ni-? Cabot Ward I-ow, who before her
marriage on November '.l was Miss
thea ??urns Douglas, daughter of Mr a
Mrs Curt?a N. DouRla-'. of Albany, and i
?lie-e of ?Governor Dix and Mra. Dix. I -
??bung th.? hostess In reoeivlni w? ? Mi
Curt?a Douglas, Mrs John A. Dix. Mr?
William Raymond, of Cedartrarst, L? us
Island, a daughter of Mrs. Low; Mis,
Elizabeth Claflln, th?? fianc?e of A. A. Low,
.ir ; Mrs. t?eth Low, Mrs. William G. Low.
Miss Benson, Mrs. John Hill Morgan
Edmund Lynch snd Mrs Adrian Van
The thiid ot tl' ?". ..nsmis en Crinoline
inaugurated by Mrs. R. w. Hawk'iwon
was given yesterday morning at the Pla-a
Alma Gluck and Cecil Fanning s-an.;
Among those sssn In the audielice a-ei
?Mra lohn C, Livingston, Miss Ali?la Liv
Ingston, Mrs Charlea A. chiids. \i ?
Rudolph Weld. Miss Lura Webb and Fr< 1
? ?'c h lOV RSCnd Martin.
Mra ESben Wright ?rill ?i a ostume
dance >*ida evening St t?herry's for h.r
i.,. Miss L-sta Pell Wright M ?? ?
dinners will be ?given in conn?ecttou with
the affair, and t!..- majority of _
in Quak r .ostume.
Mr and Mis Harn-? Kahn? -'
arrived In loam trotn ?Lenox and
th? Hotel Gotham ovei th? a K k-end
Dinners erere given is-?t night by Ml*?
Emily ?-?loan?? .?nd W\ Mra tat H l?
Mrs liamllton McK rwomMj givei *
dinner thi> evening at h? r ho ? In Pitt i
Mr end Mr-- Tnrnttrs
. d to th? ? itv trovt i enox, s here
? pent the hoildaj -
French Ambassador Went to
Panama at Taft"s Request.
Paris. ,i..n l.?? wm l-officia I i tatemen!
na? Issued te-da? In regard to ? newspai ?
report which bsa been repubUshed here
th? French ?Imbassador at Washint
t. n, J? an Jules had been af- |
b) Presld? nl Taft, and had I? ft j
? on a trip to Panama .??> sa to
be absent nom Um Saw Yea reception!
it th? White House, and thua to .?how hi?.
sdhetji. I ? ??? "id Beosevalt.
Ph? latemenl ?aserta lhat Um truth of
the matt? la quit? differeni It say? that
Aniii.i- adoi .ins?, rand lefi
nues! ..t i Taft, who had
ad th? i noh .mbai u dot
? i ? ? ? i .un.i b re th? i il ?a? com
i leted
M Jue arand snd his ?rife, sccompa ilt-cl
by At torne) ?.ral ?Vickerehatn and t?1"*
.? if.- i. " for > an . :.-?! on i ' ?' em-< r
ax pec t ??. return to Washington on Januar)
*?. aft.t which M Juaserand ?ill i lo N-u
ttend th? :.? \? s
?.... k Bai at wl I I afi
1 ? g\ > ak
? Tu.- good i< iii"i. ' - loi between
pNSldeal TSfl ?uni Ami I I ??I. i
i.,ii.i tha r? ?t? ?" ?
knot n ? ' ?r from ; ick ing i twdl_tl< -
i.-H,..m.-4 m connection srlth th? negotia?
tion ol the treat? ,.f nintration, .? - one
neu paper Insinuated, i? was M. J ?lasers nd
who v. ia it"- ui;?i i.i appro*/? publicly .>r
th? Id?.. ii ??a? that-hs to his Initiativ?
th it th treat) betwi an kYTanc? ind irat v
limed first
.1 ?? v
? nl .i ?a ? n - i
i a? ' 'apltol t.? ?lay, and will b<- put In i la?*e
m a niel s cl mala ? ntran? ? "t ih<*
s. oit?, i? win be t? il to the but' Il
' l-lt
Warfield and Belasco Amona,
Bidders on Oper.in?**, Day.
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under th? sill, ?araa enriched teterds
the exta-nt of *at,)St? h\ ihe first day's sal-?
of th,- contenta .-.f the house ?it o??or_ ?
i"r...'k? ? t ??le, which was held at the
Amerl ?? \--? .-, iiierlee, No i
v. ? i irge crowd, but
? the ?in? was Igte ? ' ?
ltd by William Bklnner, Of N ?
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ictor, pail th? second >Mg**tset
wh,.n he hid ''"?? for s ? _i
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? it irted t1 iften
? ng -?i . :. : ? lota .-f _?:.i pillo?
raaglns l*t*om ?v. to tl It
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in ?pi?"?- ?i were fee id? own home.
U ?> , ? live I
eat- i .ii i- > 8. Kohle i man?
of No ig) Vl eat leSth tree* waa th? atosl
\ old snuff boaea brought
?..-??? loa flgursa \ gsM and aaasasllo'l
?m. ?>f th? eighteenth eentun treat to M.
i ittlmef lor ?r.v. but a
sp?proached this Bgture A lar,
Prench poreclaln il"?Morat?*_ ras? arg
In bj K s KMm tot -
tnarble Rooms laaap btroughi >i:o. H
\ . .'. ??? street,
betag Uv surcl i
captata J i? Do ?-amar? ??'? No
.i .venue, pal I Hi I ?? ?
? klld h) c Laptm rttnl IM.
ii other purchpiirs san
M ? Waltet Lewlaoha Mr? Di
Ann. ?. th. Tl tMaas Poeler, H
Harding snd wtiiiau? Read. TM se'-e ?tu
sad to-morrow.

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