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Legislators and Officials Aid in
Annual Celebraticn.
Denies That Man Who Writes
His Speeches Is Dead-Mr. Boldt
Wants New Local Option Law.
They were all at the thirty-third annuel
dlnrer of t>- H tel VsooflSlluii <?t New
York City .it the Waldorf- A M or;;, last
nlc**t. from .1. R?-)??! I'nderwood, m n nager
of th?v ol?l aatOff Uouit to Thomas M. Ml*
liard. manager of the about-to hr-opened
Tandarhllt Hotel And l"*****I_ea, there were
J? few hotel men from O? I of ?????..?. In ad
dltlon there was n scatterltsg of lepi^iator??
from Congreasmaa John C. PttsgeraUL of
_-*ooklyn? down to several recently in*
Stalled aldermen, and no matter where one
turned one was certain of .-oming far- to
face with either s police magistrate, s
fUstlC? Of 8) ? I "?Ions or S ??eneral
-esstona Jmlpe r,r a Supreme Court iustU-e.
But mlaalng fi >n the group? of offlctal?
w re Poll *e Commissioner Waldo and
- riff Julius Harhurtrer. It was Said ?hat
? l one lookini- up some
old laws, hoping to find something t.? ?ar?
fo hit? lr_.il ed*. iser
to tii?-* ai>pointln_ of women a* ?pedal
--".?on Kord.
G i Union, was ti.er?- to cheer
?hen- with h.- IntlHatlons. He de
. all? - was his
"I reel In a newspaper.*' !,e he?_an. "that
' ? gave up after dinner fpeak
? because the man who wrote my
- was <lea<!. I desire to contra?
di i that statenent. The man who wrot
???ches deserve? d*ptK but I
partly al ?
? ral aotabl? per?
sons w1- --?me ba.k.'' he evoked
her by saying;
"This bach Is uu'tr a serioua
question. Th? surest way to eon:?' tack Is
? to go away. Jim JeffrUs tried it. but
te-knest ovei txrse scrapper
of them all tiled t ?rh th? return from
?nd he is now hibernating on
studying the habits of the shy
alv? alter whom hla home town Is
n_m?d. H. will Und the habits of the eys
tcr most exemptai rule; although
when the oystei I? b.,.-. ? - very, rery
U also find that if the oyster
has the - |n ids character or
^?' he Is RUte tO wind
"!' i" t !.. ??ii; ?also tln.1 that
oyster's mall lirvtval is d? pendent
uPo - !????. keeping ?lark and pre
servtng a .?i?. r.-t atiene**. No one can ac*
t being d ? | ibby.
?: thus he v,. -jen! example to
men In public life. I kit s ..? but .m.- man
politice baa garrulous than
tue oyster tnd tl iriey Murphy.
?O*? ? . |J ?'iiarle;. _. tl on! He
' ' fend ?
a pension The wolf never approach?-?
Id Charle) ? wear
injr ? lay.?
Tm" v -I the American public
of h-ivini- a eravinc- for saythlng ?hat It
????'ild get for nothing-. H.- mad? It verj
? i.rleror re- was
? ? the ni.jn ?? sat down
bla meal ?'hlefiy of .
laui ? -lin'-n
nothing. took a fling at the man
who ??a*.* ? -? are too high
K- weary me."
? - ' U i In 1 ? avenue.
'? ' ? -' ['.:
' ?Ced
ar?. plenty Of
plaln pi e so plain
I? it!al candidate?. Mr.
. writer'*
t Wal-.
dorf-As? Ford, rever \
mi-.-e? f? ?linn?-r <'f ?h- assoclaUon, or a '
ech, I'ka'led for an Improvement of th?
,. - -
1 C?lUl I VOl of 1ssil
a liquor I II?
fed ?he association to applj ?'? Ai:
? or? permit.
? -?
Mrs. W. K. Vande-bilt, Sr.. Said
to Plan New Aid to Consumptives
... ; B ,,f . U . e .? fie East
Ri?? . .-. " it reel to
n "..i.! ..f ., v. "'e
.Mr William K.I
. I --.i. .
? ??:. i., v. In. a !
. lome? may '
? hi i
? In il" .
' '
? utter j
. . ?
... me
inn and
of a
D. it_ of Wife of Supreme Jus
tice Momenturi'y Expected.
4n in-, srlf? ol
of the
.._ been
,, sken a
, | ?peeUl
lled .... him
ttu o a with Mr?. I*ay. I
No Delay by Comm..---? but
Sculptor Cannot Huriy.
?casia t??Ti I
Lond??n. Jan. ?.?-There Is "" i**tAlteos\- !
jtlon for th,- oomptadats trota Lowe I ?sad
?Ners York that the Wnlstlel memorial
Id ?Iragging l>ehin?i ?and li . ''ntlrelv
btoctod. The I grlcan c-ooimlt
tes hers has receive?! letters from the
?sculptor, Rodin, showing that the work
?jn the gtattM is polng 00 steadily, and
photoprarh? of the design indicating
j that the sculpture ip of marked and
< rfclnal power.
The money for the statue has been
| subscribed and It Is now in th.- hank.
An appropriate site has been BOlaCtod on
the ?'lielsea Embankment, th.? b-ast Eu?
ro? can sculj t??r has l?e?-ii < oniniisstone I
t.? create a characteristic memorial ;in?l
tho commltteo representing the Inter?
national society is satisfied with the
progress of the work
M Rodin is not a sculptor who can bo
hustled by ? haraeterlstic American en
eiiry Into any premature a.-ttv ty.
Theatrical Manager Well Enough
to Travel.
Aft. r an illne>H laMtlm.' als months to
?? day Citarles Frohman yesterday left
tel an?i went to the Peni aylvania
Station, where he ?o.,k g train to Phila?
Mr. Proh'man'a llln? m, dm to a ludden
attack of articular rheumatlsni srlth which
he was atrtcken on July ?; ia-t, had kept
him confined until jgesterdaj to hia
ni.-nis in th.- Hotel Knickerbocker, during
which time p-eriodlcal reports ??t' s hlghlv
I Imaginative nature have been In i*irculatloi
I about the dangeroua chaiacf-r of !
j la-ss.
Th.? object or Mr. Frohman'a tr.i? to
i Philadelphia is to see performances of two
j of hi? touring companies which sre
at the present time. Billie Burke in "The
Runaway" and ?Donald Brian In "The
On Monday morning the manager ?
at hla desk Sgain for the tlrst time
last July.
Countess on Same Boat Says She Is
Glad to Leave America.
Marc Klaw, the tin
for Bremen yesterday on the Nort
man Lloyd liner Kronprinzessin <v<\
cornpanir-'l by his el-ectrician, Harry Bes
sing, with whom he ?ill go to Vienna For
a meeting with Franz Lehar, the corn
Mr, Klaw will produce '? .?
est opera nest season. The manager said
he could not r?*<-aii a y.-ar when there had
fewer failures in hla Held and morel
i;ian In the year Just
? m Van Bylsndt, who In
h re three montha d<
prinsossln with the obser a I she
f ad bad a miserable trip of It; >?w- -ia?i
? away from An ! had had .- '
time wl lie b? re " Di Paul (?an*
? man s a ?
? inaries to Poi ? ? un ? ???
;??> ? ?. i-man y to i?r>-!?., i i west?
ward :'
Mllllcent Evans, who ?a* last -?
n wit ' ??? . a F
?b,' ! as -, ?
Thompa n In "Th. I
era," which will ? -r on
Seat - . this mon
gagement at Daly's Theatre oi Oliver Mo
tton of Richard Walton Tul?
l? a Hawaiian play. "The Bird of Pai
which begins on Monday nlghl
? R
\. Roben
' ? natantlne, Laurette 'I
J'amela Qaythors u man and
many othe
garet Illil i
or "Kindling" will be ?given it D
tr. tl la afternoon Misa Ulli gton I ?
ce|ve?l re'niests for boxea ??
from John I ?rew, Misa Kthel B
-. David >Varfleld, Ri ynnond :
? ock, Wilton Lackay? , Cl
Mai : Mam ? ring, Ml ?
-, orge, Misa Heb n
? In ? !.. R n . Holbrooh ;
Miss Const Colliei Ml M
. .m and -
? al th?*
th th' <" Prol
for Max R?
l."i|i !
- of th.- I
and ?mll Lind
-.?r !:? Inliardt'a most
? v. Il be ti.i-c ?
Of ' I'?
ll-,.1,1 now until th?
'.? ? ?
M? - rs. V. .?!??*? .?I :
... t,,t w itn l-'..
? .-coud -lar t>.
' '
Hall In bui ?Vlthoiigh
. tr? ?
. , ,, ted
of ?ether |>l ? i. ? "
: , . "I'I? -
' ? ? ? of ff
H mba - ' '" *v- ' ?
? w iilaj '?'
V v. Y?>i k life I
; ' '
rn a? rvlng Mr. Pani I
? ' i,-. Mr. Krohmsn nt
and Arthur Playfsli In t
Money To Be Used for Promotion of
Studies in German Cult ire.
. . ?: i . Jai ; A gift ol
M Voll? i ?ul-.
I .
1 ndoainenl tot '? he i- dmotlon ?-i Bt
. tur? It is |
check i??i
110 (Wt yesterdai to Mra. Jamea B|m -i to
r I he N? m \ ..i !. Worn
i- n" s L
.?Ml. .
? S ?
.. , ,i -n i una
icag'Jt- J
The Philharmonic Society.
Ther? was no novelty in the scheme of
th.- concert (the eighth In this year's SB_?
kcrlptlon serl".?-. ?Iven yesterday l?v th
..rniot.l? Society, l_to_gh the solo
tiinnh. r could r.ot be <i.?-.e.i s?t__g
the works of Its kind with wl?i?-h
public Is familiar. It was Ru
blnsteln'a pianoforte ?on.erto in E flat.
an?l it.? preeencS Ml the programme wm? ex?
plained b) the ? Ir.-umstance that Josef
lathevlane was the aolo performer. The
oiieeito Is Mr. -hevtnne's battle horse.
With ?t he w,.n the Hublnstein prize In Ber?
lin In ISA", and with it he eff.etcd hla
American debut at a concert of the Rus?
sian Symphony Society, on Jaauary as, i-?*>,
when Mr. Safonoff, who hud been one of
his mafterH, did him the honor to conduct
the orchestral part, though he was the con?
ductor of tlie Philharmonic Society. It had
been heard DUC? In New York nine years
. When d'Albert played It. and had
? ?1 on th? i?h?-lf among und. slrable
things until Mr. Ialievlnne came. From that
?hell only Mr. Lhevinne has had the temer?
ity to take it. .It Is his specialty. In It he
In able to make ? brilliant sho?v of bravura
playing, and with it he garners more ap?
than W< ml b?- llk?-ly to fall to the
lot of an> of hin colles giles, who. appar?
ently, hive thought "that there was too
lustcal . A. ? ihn.', in It to Justify the
labor Which an effective performance
l (Uttering exterior demands.
Mi-. Lhevinne caused both surprise and
? | v the brilliancy ?.f hla ataccat
playii g, the crlapnosa of his chord pa
and i i*es< n?llng ton? a hit b I ? brougol
,..ut ol the pianoforte, but th? rest '.?as
? '.in?;.
The concert began with f'.rahms's sym
ln ?' minor, which wee t?>ll?>wed by
?\'ita\a." snd after ti ??
the evening cam? to a tiambuoyant
end wlthiTschalkowskri overture "lil_,"
a piece ?*? music wblch, as the com
truly writing It, Is "very ex
. ? snd nolay." But tnu?l<- of its kind
ur grandmothers
played the "BatUe ol Prague" on their
pi noforti ..i i'.. ethoven ?aid the
.h. n for hi , i'Ity with "\v?-!i.
.- Victory." Something much better
\ r ? performance than the s>m
falriy t.. i.e expected
ira w'.ii'ii ought t?,.
?standard for local organizations, ?.? ?ay
II. E. K.
With Toscanini, He Has Been
Engaged for Three Years More.
The Metropolitan Opera Companj baa re?
?-.lulio Gati -?"?" i ,i t;.
Arturo Tuai mini a? musical ?II
rector oi tl.? companj Otto n Kahn _.?v?
out il ' ?nient la?t night at tiie
..hi.m ' ?p. ra Houe? ?n the foil
? tat einen t:
Mr. Otto il Kant, ns chairman of the
board i?f dliectora of the M< tropolltan
? i ? ra i ompai ?
ntracta ol Mr Oluli ? Oat!
an?! of .\
Arturo ? unan mo I i
! ' ; 1). ? 11
Tiraille's Oper?! at the Metropolitan Is
Followed by a Ballet.
Thulll which wa? the tiii-t
T th?- pr?'f? ':? ? ason, wai th?
t night t the M? trop" nan. and j
h of the music is. n
ed hei th? bell? ( '
?? work win remain In th? perma-'
? Intrin*
rlt of th:?; opera with th?
? .?? ? ? - taUon |
?i sill pr
trouble the sleep of \he Itallan**_erman
? ? ?tig .?n th?
?vlth it all, "I." ?
il?' ma night's
moat ol ?
Mr Joillowker, desplt? hla appearance the'
. ?.ening - ' i
r m //.o
voce i ful. Mr. llerl
?kill and
? work. Tl;- - ?
..n1 i-ostumea are among th? n
(ni of .m?' "f f" Metropolitan'? produc
? inevitabl
Large Audience Greets Violinist in Un?
usual Programme.
; [?;?. i..?. .? ,.,-? rise
? : phenom
i i? cltal jesterd 11 toon m
..M.' [ h ? ? . i enee was
Sea Vork this
. ? ,t i.,
inusual nu
Ii .. . i....;. i? ;- irue, witl [?alo'a "Symi o a
a warhors?' ? : i? ?I and inn
rlt with
I ',? 1th . ctraordln u lly rh h
? i" tlon ? w t?,
\. n \ si t.. In K
? ?. This pr? ed 1
:.i..|. Th.
i ? ? ? ? Uan .- ?
suit., il
| .1 . ? !'.- ?le
Ko, i >. himller accompanied
m - i ? and ? t ? ?_. r
i ' l I . latlon ad
? ?
I ? . !
-M u. .Mr. H
? ? ...i Ini the ni.-tii
t il er, Samuel
of Ireland, his
i ? tui lite ol Mi
o No ?
lay at
? i, ? ? ? .
on?? I ? . itti
? ? i
" ? 11.
!?i Junlua h. Ih-ii.' i
.Ii** I. II
manie. Ith \\ helan
-, ill an ?
Am 1', Kin
i ail.'
. ' ? lr. sud M lle.ir?.
.1 Wh? lai , of No. 3 Rast ? tl ? ?
Ide will
-.ui ? -o m. Am ??? h ?. Tl ? v all!
; a? < t.? i h..i,i.' i, their automobile
?nd will ap? 'i" th? real .,? ??. ? ??,.,..,., ??
o i u ?i roush i-'i ..?u. ;,f?t Italy.
la.. I. I Hi-) '? HI ?"'.I I.
Hard, r an?l Mi i ?.ta Innan ??
? ?!" Arias, ? - - ? ??il h "?nl' 'l Min?
iste) "i Panama ??. w hin on
United Krull Oom
i?'.ii\ ? lit?? ' Minn int? Ii . . ore
1 t.? hi t mills . ;,|,,| 44 i 1 .... i .
.1 . ..I, II . ,
I'srloe I'I
to , ,i i on -?
Charles Taylor I atlin <ii?-?i rsstanaaf at
the Hotel St. George. Urooklvn. fr?nn pn?U.
monta Re waa t?rn at Mew Bright?)!!.
t-tHt.-n Island, on May V<, IV,:., and ?was
^railuuted from Yale In i ?.-.;.
tftsr lea?. In?- college Mr. Catlln taught
for several >cars In I'.rooKlyn. He SSTTSd
,i - Mcretary of the -Citizens' ?las Light
? ?-mj.any until ISHO, wrhen he retired to de?
vote himsstf t?i study and the giving of
profess ?Vinal readings.
.Mr. ('atlln was a member of the New
York chapter of the Act'irs* ?Jhurch Al?
liance of America, the Yale Alumni Asso?
ciation of Long Island, the Amaranth
Dramatic Association of Mrooklvn, th-;
hoard of visitors of the New York Insti?
tution for the Instruction of the Deaf and
Dumb, the Psl I'psilon Fraternity and the
Tals and Lotos clubs.
In 1ST3 Mr. Catlln married Mis? Mai y
Louis- L!!'l?y, ?laughter of William I'.
Llhl.y. She survives.
The funeral will be held to-morrniv after
noon at 2 o'clock at th.? ?Second l'nitarlnn
Church, ?'llntf.n and ?"(-ngrcss streets,
?Ste;,h?n M -I'artlar.d. ?,?-nlor member of
the drygoods firm of McPartland B
O'Flihirty, at ltd stn-et and Eighth
avenue. ?Il?-?1 yesterday morning shortly sf
ter h" ?reached his office. Dr. James l-\
Doyle, of No Ol West i"?i atreet, was ?called
In. hut ids efforts to revive Mr. Mcl'artland
: all.*.
Mr Mcpartland. who was seventy-three
fears old. cam? to this country when he
was twenty years old. Soon after ho
starte?l in business, and later move?! to
Bath ?tre? t and Kighth avenue. Increass in
trade forced him to seek other quarters,
and he moved to 41st street and Kighth
avenue Me was a memher of the Catholic
f'luh and of several Irish-American clubs
and ?oc|et!e<?. He lived With his wife, a
son and daughter at No. lit West 9'.'d
.lohn Henry Khrhotn. a retlre?l cigar
manufacturer, died from h-'art disease last
night at his home. No. til West Mtfa street.
at the gge of sixty years. He was for
many y,-ars a factor In local Masonic clr
Mr. Ehrborn was b??rn in ?Hamburg,
Germany, and started in the cigar business
-.: No, ZU Ninth avenue about forty yearo
ago. He retired In 1*>T.
For ten years he was the past Master
of i* ssler Lodee, No 67?, F\ and A M ,
and three t'nvs was a director of the or?
ganization. Mr. Hhrhorn leaves three mu?-?.
one of them is H? nry F., ?superintendent ??f
?Station J, N? w York PostofBoe, an<i an?
other la Oscar W., S law Mr. of N?. U ?Will
lam street.
Daaiel R. Kendall died yesterday at the
home of his sister. Mrs. Francis \V. Up
iiam, No. -17 Fifth avenue. Mr. Kcn?la'l
? .-..h .if tin- late Isaac C. Kendall
and Elisabeth Rogers Kendall. He waa a
iii?- Metropolitan sad Union
League clubs, Th. funeral will he held at
'in- Madison ?Square ?Church, corner of 24th
to-murrow morning at M o'clock
Catania, Sldly, .Ian 4. Man?? Raptsardi,
B ..m i?...i died hei to-da] H? was
born in Catania m isii. snd tor years heui
the ; rofessorahlp ?if It ilian literature la
the ?University of Cal ?
L'tlca, N. Y , Jan i ?Edwin A Han
daughter la the srlfe ?if S'ate En?
gineer H. W. Sherman, brother of th?- Vice
President, died at hi? home here thla
Ing after a nrl-f lllnes-?. H? w U ?
years old. Mr. Hammond was probsbl] the
Oldest Mas,,a and ? "hi F? How In til?
?n point >>f service. He becam? in Odd
Felloa In IM?, an?l a Mason in
Boston, Jan. h- Dr. Algernon Coolld
?? i on, ?ii.-!
??t hla ttotne In this cit? to-day. in
?'oolldge, who sraa ? i-; tj two fear
.in old time Boston physician ;'n?i
on and was w.ii known yeara ago
Dr. ? '( lefltei -
idor t?
Mildred Lowden tlollenback, wife of John
Ii..11. iih.u k. died In the H? ? L. I.)
Hospital from peritonitis yesterday, aftei .?
short Illness, She ?a the d? lighter of Mrs
i.,u,i.ti. i member of the old Long
famllj of tha nam< A aev? n?
months-old .??-n aurvlvea ner. besides three
Frank, i ,? ? l.u-i-i.,',
Lowden Th? funeral will be conducted by
R V. William BurgWln at the lo-al
Methodist Church snd tie hurlai v,:li !.. in
< Ire? ma id ? ? mi tery, H< mpstead Mi a,
? . ? ? i,at
PHIUP ZORN, a mllll.tire brewer, "?.-ii
known throughout tii? country, died at in?
,u Indiana .
.1 ' 'I. \l:l\ i: ?a 1*1 NT? IN, Hiii
oi i. i- .i. ad a' Marlboro Inn, Monti i ilr,
from Blights disease. He hud been con?
: with the Aii-Ti an Telephone and
or twenl r \ rare. He
'. and t>? ? children.
'. ? ? .?da-, ill \\ i- hit ? K ?
II?- ?va-- a ! loneer '?, snd one of
11,.- last ul th? ? -i i Indian lighters. He
?? ? .?iii.. | ? \| edition
-??m ,?-it of Kansas after hostile re ?akin
and l? ?l in the vanqulsl
Indian warrior who tetroriSed Ks
? . r I ?-? ',.? 'a
? OLONEL < M Mil.i:.-' M \i!i M? ?n
iiAN, former memtier of Congrem, who
. .i ?iv.. tet -? i. four a? l " m" ? ?t and
>>ne sa R llcan, ?h? ?1 si hia home In
Joplln, Mo., y**sterday, following an attack
?if pn< ?? -'*?'?? -nine ? ? u
? ? ih \i ? out the
? 'i 1 War as a ? ' ul??! Oldl? It" was a
? ..m . ..-.a,, ; .?f volunteers durii .
?STEPHEN V Till lu.' ,,v prit ? i|
, .... cl ."?i - for twenty-five
and sui" rintendent of n,.
-, hools f..r t!-. r ?Si s?*? ?-ils, died at hla
home in Pottsvtlle. Penn., >? rt. rdaj, He
was a native Of M line, DOm in l<! 2.
. ran of th Civil War and on? of the
ronsmosl publl? ??duratow and orutora In
i hi ? ounty.
MAJOR ?'. V\ BOUTIN, for several ?-.?nn
custodian "f the lows State House, ?il?.i
,,i i?,s Moli - ??'"'' ??sventy-two
yeore. Major ?Boutin ?served In the 4th
?Vermoal Infantry during the civil \\ai
j? ?UN B. PEABLKE. a prominent edu-l
w.-u known throughout th, i*ountry. I
.it.-.! in Ctncli na terdaj
pi.iin. nt in leHglou? ?nd charitable , ir
ties in v,.?, Rochelle. died trots erysipelas
ot u. ,ui. -da? ?Igbl u? ""? '"-i)..- ?.r Mis-i
i.i,/.ai --in T Olid lhat city. She
Old, and I. ,\, ,,
? ! thi.- ?:
II?U IN JEROME Mi " ?RE ? repon.
The New v?.ik Herald" ror the last -,? !
,i,,.,? i.,?t night st hi home, No. fen
D? an street, Brooklyn Heart disc .-.. wit1,
which lis eras ?" ? ?*? " ??sveral daya
waa m , ' bis dsath Mi
born m .1, thtrty-flvi
ii- ?*,,?! a frequent rontrtbutor to ?;. 11 a
|,. :,l ||.. i-?i?? - ?? -?it.
M,-iiled anywhere In ?lie United tatet
for VL50 s ytsr, J
--1 g-1 -
Charles J. Owen. Once Manager of The
Knickerbocker, Victim of Indige?tion.
Charlea .T Owen, a well known hotel
d!fd auddenly In hla room at the
Hotel Cadillac yesterda* H? waa forty?
id been manager ..f
tela in this city snd th? vicinity.
Including tl ? Hotel Knl I For
s 11 m?- he was assistant manager of the
Hotel |
He had been ataytns at l C idillae
for the last two montlia with hla wife.
She |..ft a .?..'.-rs ago to visit friends In
I? . ; .1 r h iiband'a native place.
af eft he complained
" :. . ;-? physl?
it th? ? ' ? ? .?mit ed his
trouble a
? 'oroni r a Phj - ine -ii t< r an ex?
amlnatloa aald ti at Mr, Owen had died
of acit? indigestl? n
Mr ???.. ? signed from a? tive work a
? erection of a <*hai:i
of hotel? that ?\ ? ? lid -' etch .?'Toss the
. on ii >" ? H? waa a ?"! a mem?
ber of the Hotel Met I Itlon.
He Fired the First Shot at the Battle
of Gettysburg.
St. Louis. Jan. _?Colonel John H.
i'. g. A u, tired i. who iir.',| te?. Brat
.?-li.it ..t ihe battle >.f Gettysburg?. died
in St. Loula to-day of pneumonia Hi
.-.;.. .?nrs old. For many years he
had been Instructor In military co
and for twelve ye.,:.? ?Aas ataUoned ?n Fort
.M ?h?- battle ??f Gettysburg he waa in
command ol th? 7.1 united State? Ar
tlllery, ..t? i the sun from which b? Bred
-: . ' , ?tandlng on the battlefield.
li, ???ii !.. burled at West Point Hla
summer home waa m Gloucester, Masa.
?i ? widow survive-?.
1Y. Imei lean Mus? um of
\ ,? .". Hist?? ?? ai i ' ?? Sen York Zo
leal I
; arian
Worn? r I.- Church, 11 u in.
U \ 7'. \> ill.
.,( the Ca
7 p
? -.
..ti I'.i >n "?'
Mental!? DtiVieni Chtl?lr?*i ' Si _.] !
. ?n,
\ .
.u? t,. th- Probl? m ??f
il Evil," CI - ?M ? M
i nlni
??'. " 71
,,i War, ..iiii'.iv. i
? - ?
|i m.
. ..
?t ?? all
' ... lt.i;?i.l ol tv'.
.? it ? film on In,?i
It ?I ?
|| .. I..1, ??:.. . Il.'.tt.
' I '
,11, Wllliui
. \t, f, h i-li i
ti ,u ith
m, ? . .?. l*ubllr. .-? lool :>. t? m
. ?
i.,. ,?. a,i ,.t tne vin-ii i. \i ?>ld
|U -?'Hi
H'jv, v.-.i ? .u? iti-eei and \ ? i m ? ...
In? .
i. Mi..... l".i!.it. rtthool ?i??, ?t
..f l'i:?i avenue, "Imperial be lln," Pto -
ii. i.i? K Nortltrop; r I - ?I BO, I.?tn
?,, ? .? ' ..? -? .... " v, rial
Naxisatlon, i harm i. Harrington; Pub tc
Ha-h?K)l 00, A?. N 'i"l.
iiU .heina tin- Land "f Now," t-.ii?? u
Public 8? ?.i IS? I--.I ?ti." t an I
? ..i ..i. ni'
X....4 ? i s. i,.?.i 167 It N
? 8 ? Its. i .
\\\ \,.,,,?: II - . I' . lie - : "i I? '''.
.?iiuf.ii1. mi'? W, n_t?
I J] 1,-. )? ?' ... .I'.I . .
II su'.?? ? a 'I I' '
. iland,
I M ' S*o. 311
"in .tin? m lui .
114 ? ? \ Public
: " ,-? ? . ? 1.1
tinar.i Jimwi.? a?a; Public
-.. .?,1 ? M tl.itU I . ' '? ' ? I
? "tba au
i, . ? . ?... A. D Neli .m P M . '.
. ..I IS, .!??-..
v. . ? ? || \VI I
?bina ?I..I i. u\.e i Avl i I.' H liool hi.
. u lam?
i ? ??i w.a., .-;.-..tt. '
. |! .;. ,u l*ul I - In* ! H I
?, . ? Island
? ? ; :
i vi thonj
1 V\ ,.r
I I'.i
i |?...i
tteai I h roil* h
ni a ?rv e? ah? DaC ?parara
Full Military Honors Will Be
Paid to His Memory.
Washington, Jan. 4. ?Funeral service? over
the ?body of Rear Admiral Roblev D- Evans
will he hell at 2:31 o'clock to-morrow gfter
n.' at All Souls' I'nltarian I'h'iroh. which ?
I' ? M'lent. Taft attends. The f n-ral e?SCOn
will be composed "f four eompaat?
two or three ?sorapentes ol
Jacket* from the Washington Navy Tard,
a battery <( artlllerj frcm the Washington
\ ? Sa ii ai ?i .. ie battalion ?>t mldal lp?
n-en irom the Naval Academy at Ann,
?The hcnorary pallbearers srfll i. Rear]
Admirals Willard II. browr.son, ^
Hchrceder, C. H. Stockton. .1. K. Mltobury,
U. F. Nicholson and William ?Swift snd
Major Oenerals .1. S. S?nger and A ? ?'
M? i '''ok. Fight petty ofBcera from the
Washington N'avy Yard ?will bear the eoffln
?a? and from the ?-ai
During the church servi-*.* the historic
old Pa-.l Revere ?bell will h. tolled, Presi?
dent Taft, Admlrsl Dewey ?and members
of the PresMent'a otBctal family srin cc
cupy seats In the body ?if the church an<l
the military escort will keep ha-'k tl
The hurlai will he at Arlington National
Cemetery, in s plot which the admiral
? ! severs! y?-ars ago.
Lieutenant Commander Frank T. Evans. ?
the only son of the admiral, who was sup- j
pos i to hsve salid yesterday "or ?the West
Indies on the destroyer Monaghan, was
detained In Host.ni, and consequently re- '
?eived the telegram sent to him last night |
informins! him of his father's death. He j
caught a night train and arrived hers this !
morning. Captain Marsh, who married one \
of Admiral BvatuTi daughters, was r?*a bed
by wireless on the battleship Michigan, but j
w?is unable to interrupt the i-ruls? to the
West in iles and return to Washiiigt'm.
Albany, Jan. 4.?Governor Dix to-day ?lesig
nated Commodore Jacob W. Miller (retired?
tu represent New York a' the funeral of
Hear Admiral Fvans.
Services To Be Held at Trinity?Car?
negie To Be a Pallbearer.
Arrangements for the funeral of Alfred
Tennyson Dl< kens, mm of ?Charlea ?Dickens, ?
ivelist, whose death occurred here on
lay, wer<- practical!) completed last
nl-?ht. Services win be held in Trinity
. on ?Satardaj al 1240 o'clock. The
Rev i'i William 'i*. Manning, rectoi of
Trinity, uni offl .
Th.? Hal of ?pallbearers so far determine. 1
upon coiitanid the names of Henry ? leers,
the banker; a. B. Hepburn, presldenl of
the Chamber ?if Commerce; former init.-l
?States ?Senator William A. ?'lark i>r. John t
ii. Plnley, president of tin? <Mty College: I
Robert C Morris, form<rr presldenl ?>f the]
Republican Club; indren Carnegie, ?',.urt?*-!
nay W. Bennett, tn?? British Consul 0*-n? I
eral; J. K. Aleaantter, Le? Keedtch ..n?i
YV. ?;. Class.
\h ciews who has had the arrange
m cha ' last night that th.?
operation of a number ol wealthy men had
resulted In arrangements tor the imrial to
lace i?i Trig ? ?? '? rm tery, Wsshlngti ?.
Helgl '
? ?
Plans for Yale Scholarship and a Mon?
ument Completed.
N.--A ?Haven, Jan. i (gpeeial).?Memorial
plana for James j. Ho-gsn, the former Tele '
a I i-l.-t.-. who died S o-ar ag.? while he WSS
?Deputy ?Street Cleaning Commissioner of;
Sen Vork ?'ii>. hsve tak.?n the form of a
university scholsrshlp snd ? large monu- ?
ment In the Csthollc remetery In Torrtng-i
ton, Hogan'a boms town Th.- monument ;
win be erected >?> hla Tale classmstea it,
will t?- 16 t'e.-t sigh and I r.-.-t ajuare at
th- base a contract for its erection has
just been pla? ed
The Hogan memorial Bch?olarshlp has'
i ,..'ti ?announced b the itnlve Mty corpora?
tion, it win be awarded snnuall) t.? aome
und, ?-graduate who shows merit il s, !:o!ar
Ship all?! Character. The same t>;i?- of stu?
dent as Hogan Will !>?? s-'iigiit In nuking
Hi.? award. Th.- acboliVahlp amounts t..
9JLAB), .it?.I its Income wijl be g.v.-n to the
holder ii eras raised utiu.ng members .?f
the junior fraternity, Delta Kapps Bpatloa,
t,, s hi> h n.,,- m belonged.
, i-.\ reiegrs-s* is The Tribe?a i
Trenton, N. .i. Ian. 4. ?The lupreme
Court K-tus, ?l t'.-.i.u i,? -?tux ?he operation
Of II.. Ol ll? i "f Ul. H aid of ?Public l'Util
? ',linn ? noli in?; i .,1b ,?,,!-( op? - it
\. , |? ' ? to proi idi fi*< ?? Imll
11.in ii -i. Inking - ape Ph? ordei ? <??> sine
effective last Monday ami the railroads
are emitting its validity.
Long Island's Chancellor Will Quit
Parish for Cathedral.
The Rev. Dr. Sp?nrer tsummertVld Roche?
who for more than thirty 'ears ha? tjeen
? - rector of St Mark- l'r..t.-?ant l-.plseo
pal Church, Adelphl ?met. Brookljra. ha?
ed. a meeting "f ?he '-ongr-Ratlon
- urda) nlgnt a' ?viiici.
an enort win be mad? ??> indue? him u>
It. Ro?;he has be?-r. ' -he ? ;ar
Ity cathedral a quarter of a ?eti?ury
an? ellor of tt... dto. - ??? ser*
?? ai years. A?, the argent request A the
? . ath? Ural chapter he d*?
? id-d to leare his parish nr:.l devote his
me t?j tii- cathedral.
St Mark's hss grown nt,?ler lila adminis?
tration until it now owns proper!) ? :
? ? iture of th*
iooI for d<
t. 11)13. I Ltvlne
Re? Dr. H''-r-.k Oii*f?r Hall.
? - ? I 1.? th* K?v Dr. Junlui B. Ken -
M u..1. .I.ugh-cr ?f Ml ? i Un ' :?.:.?
_, I'-.-. - ? ? >?i.i ? Klanl
Nntlre? of m_rrl_re?. ami rtfsti-? ma? be
i,, ompaiiled by full name ar?* ?????????a,
Arttold. ?.jilln? t l a C M.
? lew?, ? at'iTine.
Cat Im. ? >.t. K'a_en.
. . i er, Job? ;'h !' ? :a..J, Hannah A.
ill I?_nle| It. '7lmn,?. Mary E. tX
.. Frack ??. -. n. Mary 3.
, Mary 1.. (
lu M?no"i un
Martin. Furrier J.
ARNOLD?-At Albany, N Y.. Thara-ar. Januar??
-i. 1912, Collins Arnol- in ti.e 73d roar of ?"?
No. 7!> Manning
i?. *_mrday, at 12.30 noon.
HAH?'"'K ?et a'ednaaday, January S? 1912.
Jamea A. Balx-ck, .n th. M*? ><"-r of hl? a??.
Kun. rai tervleea wlli I- hel?l ai No rtl ? "?
Hr.oklyn. on ?Friday, January 3.
u: 1 r- m,
CATI.IN At H tel St. ?ieertr?-. Pr??ktjn. on
Thursday. January 4, in the 77?h y*ar of hl?
... Charlea Taylor Calila f'e
??:?.'. ? - r t^e ?. . in Ctl iret?,
eorner Clinton an?l i*oi;_*?? ?t? . o- t?a?ur?lajr?
Januars ?i. at 2 P W. Plea??? ?ji--.lt t"o?ver_
- rfilder.e. K'ltherfor-. N 1
:; IS12, Jia-sph P Cooper, la t'-?
?f h_ ,,nv. Funeral Mrvtcae -
?..-Id at Qroce 17ri.-??era1 ?'hur. 'h, Rutharforl.
N J . - 77 i? m.. Friday. January g 1P12.
Interns it .?? nt si-i-? Cemetery, at eoov?Ml?nc?
of f.imil?. Kite tra?n toss?? f-jf. of (';i?mb"ri
I 4.', ?? .n
DE GRAAia_-A_?__a M. ?Idea? ?f Haaty P.
Da .;?),; In hei N*??!. :? ?a ' Kuniral tefvt?-*_
?t. Jir i?ry H, at
."? 14s Inulto??
- rrii it Trmltera N t In
Sun??i '.i. tb? family p?ot. Va:a
Ce?wtery. Schenectsdy, H. Y.
KENDALL At ? ?Jl??t*r. _r
Frsneti W l?i?h?m. So 247 Kif'.h a?? . ?> ?
, lanuarj 4 l?un..? ii.. ?_a ot the
?? Kendall and Eltsabetl R .f? ?
K?r.i?ii Funeral ?rrvtcea ?ill h? hWi at th*
Madia Church, ?x?rnet '.'?'f- ??_. nt l?i
?, m. Saturday
PETERS S . .- I I'll. Trank ?1. P*t-e
-n, t?--.i - I 1'? Pur?ral Cr ir- s
Sa -J41 t? I st ?Frank E. Camplvti
?_l IVY At iier rt-IJi-t?. in Ront.m. Mat*.
,?n Januar) _ ISI2. Mar? i.m? i. ?M.t.i?? ,(
sann; i Qnlncy Funeral ?? rvie?-?) ?,-itt h?.
held ;?t the Chapel. Pci***?" t? la i*aaasten.
riata) .lirui.iiy .", a( It oVtock.
RICH RATH S ,'id.fily. ?in January 3. tSIt, Jnha
? if. ni?'hra:h. wta-ow or pctaw J Rt? hi-tth.
N< .-! ? ? I ?? n klyn.
?ALLOWS On J? Sal ?
?laughter ? ?n.t
Brtdfet Hallo??a I'in.-ral from h?r lata
n ill Roerun ->k?>n. on
, at 2 V u?. Inter-. M !t COirOTf
BHERW4X1D - '.
m ? ". ?Huh Road ' ? - - - a ? ireei,
. r m ? i ' ins. Mrs. J. (1
? - - - -1 Mineral am
v ,.
IS13 ??' H 15 i to? ? Kit!!
\k.> ? "! I .? ttarj " ' - I ?!* ?
si..?i,tuii Funeral ?..?. .??? ,,?
Kkl'lmsn m Bro.?i*yn, on t . <, at
I ? it?ay
moral?s. ai i ?. tea ii n*
STRAUSS On Jan? i . : . ? . ?...rine
ia*M 70 \,.ar. j
.- 3 p n*0 " '.' r .?:? r. -ll.-n.-a.
N. I2S Mimpter ?r . Rroekl]
TIMM? Buddeslj i \- ?>. i
I ? if?? ..f The. t.- \!
mother .?r u itiar l?
Timm? an?! Nannlr Tlmma In h< ? ?>.iti ?earl
? ?. i
Mm? It A. Hui'iati. N oor.
? I N .1 It ' |i m..
l-ir-i mi. nt jir:? ,iu
TIM1'-'.'X '"? lanu.ir? | (SU .?t SM
? \ . ? ? ?? \ i .
- Tlmpao?, tv?_* ?if Char'e? \v. ;
?.m in t.r ;.*>th ??ai vr t.. r a_?\ Kuneral
MXttT'.N?In ion?*atl tovtc? n.a-iiiur? of Ft?rr!*r
j. Martin January 5 HI
i nun iai ?
Tilt, tvnoni \?\\ ?ntiriKT.
:?.:. 1 B< I' 11.?ein Tiain _n?l by I'ruilay.
.'.. gsat .\U St . S. T.
I Mil I? I VMM?*?
lUWK tl. rA**H'RM.L. 211 1 W, ?? ;i?| -.
Prlvs? 1:?.*. l'ri%?to Atnbulancaa.
T.'1 ? J"* ?''' ?'"- '
? ? '
MAIN I ' ' Na??au ?>?r**?
riTOWN ' ' ? ' 1 *??' ttroad??
T?U?jrapb - -
I ist r._?t t? ? ?-r?.
?c at-.?e?t i -i tr,?,
ItSth ?tr?;at
?OS A-HIN-TO-? BCR_-?.---W??ory B'Uldta?

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