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A"OL TX'VT V<? 9Q 7?H9 To-ila.v. r?|r and ronllniied col.l.
\ laW !....?> -?>.* ?'-? To-niiirrim, nnhCtt led : liiK>> ?""'?' ?""?
ARY f>, 1912.-FOURTEEN PAGKS. * * I'lUCK ONE ^T^l^amggP^
Chinese Republicans at Hankow
Inflict Loss of Seven Hun?
dred Men and Destroy
Two Trains.
Washington to Decide To-day
Whether Troops Shall Be
Moved from the Philip?
pines to Guard the
Peking Railway.
Fekine. Jan. ?"? B-ven hundred Impe
rial troops sr? report?**- to have been
Killed or wounded ??n Thursday In bat
tie near Hankow. Th.- Importai forree?
w.rt' evacuating the city when two of
their trains ?-r.? destroyed. From those
trains cm' thousand troop?-, Independent
cf their command? t>\ were making sn
effort to return to Hankow. Tin* r?volu*
owever, sttacked them vicror
??, Inflicting heavy loss? a
This Information r?-n? in?! Peking to?
day in n consular report from Hankow.
The report added that t 1?re was s ?'?in?
feren..? in Hankow to-day between the
Imperialists and revolutionists, but that
no si reement was r?-a. hed.
it is believed here that the fighting
? ?.I to-morrow. (?overn
ment reinforcements are beii
t war?! Hankow ??ver the Tien-Tsln Rail?
way. The Imperial commander reports
ttie near K want.-Pel, a Bhort dis?
tan? e north of Hankow.
The three 1
rnmt troops ordered from Pao-Tingand
K;ii-< 'hwang ?or the Buppi esi
the mutiny of Chin? se tr ?op? a!
t'liau arrived there last nU?ht. There was
:? iai.lt- lighting in tii?- city during
Ighl The telegrapH lin? s v, ?
and the mall train suspended until noon
? be? n Bubdued
punished rder 1 : com
plt ?? ?. resttii
The inij'iii.il government troops are
now concentrating at Lan-Chau for the
j'uri"'.-'' of maintaining order and n
of revolutionists from ? 'ant.
revolutionary ?
sued a wan i~ -.a to Cai
ment servi? Othei es will
be destroyed Many of them arc .
ing their from
There Is a marked revival of un?
in Northern China. The imperial
government i_ ctsvulatlng full r?
of thi ' lions with the reb?
Fh_n?7*h;i.i. showing that the i
lsts resent th- det. rml
not to accept
; t" the national conven?
tion t n the future foi
srnment of ? 'hina.
Premier S I i ?r. V/u ,'
Ting-fang, r? alizing thai
h other t.? vi.-it
t.1.?- rival .
Coni ? from
? Chang 'l'a, tii i
il of the provii ? "hu< n, the
{teatest disorder pr< il -. '?? onllng t-?
A thi ? . who was * ? -i - ? 11 -
t.. ha ? ? ired < "hei - I .
,,. k .- his official residei ?
l?ber '-'*'. i i utionariea
?a; erial trt*o] -
? Peking yesterday.
18 to <]? ti ther it will ca !
? ? i dlspati !i
? 'hi.,a.
?f mai in- s
. ? !' '.-I in
? a as
? : the railway
I ??
? ? ? now
?? I " ;? nu ' t
. UpOll ,
t" malm
?."mu: Peking
. m? d by '!.?!.??? hiii. ? ?
n and !..
. when
ml i nl
I i : t
. :;tat?'?
' "hau, and
. alone.
: i
no! s? ?? i, ti,,. ,?.. .
dip] ?mat
it ?i
I ? :
? ft m Hi. !?),
d ? .Una tu.-iii
the i" ? Ipl ??[ orders fr? n w isli . i
' tit ?.' \ . !. | ?if,
tr? The _? n? ral Htaff long
I in China, their maint?
in Indefinite i erlod and the ?
??Illi'W.i'. al
fr?.in Hin ii t.
fru-uut.'i ...
< '..Lim? _ un tel "lui l ..-. .
Stately and Comely
Will Be Memorial
to Great Lincoln
Henry Bacon has dcsiRned,
in honor of the famous Civic
Leader, a structure that will
loom up even among Wash'
mgton's beautiful edifices.
Read about it in
To-morrow's Tribune
I Has Friendliest Feelings for Eng?
land, Says Lord Lonsdal**
London, Jan. I. The ?Sari of Lontdate,
in an Interview printed to-day in "The
Daily Newa," declared himself unable to
?say ?vii.tiirr Emperor William Is coming
to England shortly, but expreaaea the
hope th it he will i>e ?seen here during the
pr? s? ni ?rear.
With reference to Anglo-German rela?
l.'i'l Lonadale ?says he believes it
will tak? some years lo live down the
feellpg ? reated recently by tho Moroccan
situation. If th?- Emperor, he r??"
had not been reeolved from tho iit-st not
to have war it would have been difficult
v Cabinet to realst. But the Em
i emr, Lord Lonadale adds, Is, above all
,i man of peace, with a horror "f war. and
is actuated by the friendliest feelings
toward Bnglan-d.
Widow Sends Son to Study in
Europe?Dies, Grief Stricken.
"Broken heart" is th?* diagnosis by
which friends .?f Mrs. Clementine Gui
l..'i-t. ol N... 14 West 100th street, ac?
count for her death yesterday afternoon
In Mrs Henrietta Behrens'? grocery
store, at No, 17 West 100th street
Mrs. Gulberi was .i widow, ami had
been grieving Inceaiiantly since her s?*n
Paul wei t to Naples three months ago to
complete his education In architecture.
Mrs. fiuiberl adviaed her son t?> ith,
but was lonely after hla departure
lly for the first three seeks, when
a the ocean and she ?"ecetved no
mail from him.
Wl - entered the store j - '? rday
Mi s i-;, hrens, a close friend,
rked that she looked careworn, She
store again In the after?
noon, and as Mrs. Behrens greeted her|
to the floor. Dr. Oler was sum
; from the J. Hood Wright Hos- ]
I ? il, bul she v as d? nd - I i rivcil.
Nation-Wide Movement May Be?
gin in England on March 1.
I.? ndon, Jan. 5. ? A ballot of coal miners
will I ?- tak? de whether
.. ?shall i??- ?given of a national strike,
to take place on March 1. Tha leaders
of th?* Miners Federation are ?against a
?i being declare imt U is pro?
dieted that they will be outvoted by the
men who desire e a stated mini?
mum a
The ?Right Hon. William Abraham,
Memb? ' Parliament for Glamorgan?
shire, Wales, who Is the son of a wor'a
llier, says a strike would Rive the
American coal mine owners an opportu?
nity for wholesale exports to England.
Basis of Agreement Reached in
Lancashire Cotton Dispute.
Manchester, Jan. ?"? Sir Georgi 1".
Askwith, the Board of Trade's mediator
hi the settlement <?f Industrial disputes,
rred to-day with representative
? '?>!: mills and their
\ es In an end-eavor t?. bring about
?tton mill lockout
Th? roductlve of a
?. whi< h, however, re
- tiflcation by the masters and
The troubie in lasl week
? lumption of activity after the
ay, when 2,?00 oper i
it Accrlngl d to work with
non unionists A lockout v\ -
? . ? ? nt spread rapidly
to other towns, till tome ? ? rkers
v..1 ? affei ted.
i .1 m iv? s In ? ? ? case dem m ?led
???-'' ot their unions, this
h <>t non?
?nt Their de?
ck ut
of n of the
? - ned.
Joel ?nd Sarah Klley and Margaret Bury,
il e thi ? ? opera tl to J??in
' i Ibli for the locko .t
a pelled to l".i\,- Ai -
.-.-in.- to : til sentiments
? n : : .i oused,
Timber Kin? Emblazons the Sure
Road to Wealth.
i. i. ? .
I r .1 ? i !'. '?'
i-i"-.-. said in i??- the
to-day save tho
I l?.Mow lui ... .n how to get rich:
un \ our mind to ?-??rk at . "in- -
r? ally woi thj of woi k, and \- ??? k
i" make mon? y is to ?
?l to use whal
i ?on irs ot ? on tant
-i onomy a
?, ?t ?woi ta
vit I ' ? ?? d?t< i um.. ,1 ambition lo v. In,
it? i ol Hi?' man who
, ? our ' of real
" ' 'in,
? man ? m. ; ? t rii h. cai
..,.i m i.?i ? , . it hi
? .
u ?i i i n ? t ' to tie a
im and i- ? ; .
?ii .i|iiiiui.-m |n ? a
, ?i \? k to
.,!., n M| on i
Uli H
' Speaker Hai Severo CoM. and Pneu?
monia Ik Feared.
Washinut? n, Jai . s,., ,,i., , <
? Clark, who had founl ; ?fl n sever?
re? im from \>,, ? t,, n ,,.,
U? I .,.!...
: thai he l I hi ,i, ,?,,? ... ,,., ,
it that I
1 In lh? lion ? I..
,,,,? ?.-. i.. n hi i- 1.1, i,.,i t.,
, on , ' ?' '" '' '""
'" ll'''"1 ? ? win |,.- OUI
" ? ' ' . .:
are I iklnj no i.
On Leongs Invade the Room
Hip Sings, in Pell Street,
During Big Game.
Muffled Men Come Into PI
and Make Reprisal for Killi
in Cleveland?Several
Arrests Made.
After nearly two yean of pearo
quiet, the long war opened uj> in (')
town again last night, ?m?! the On
onga "i?"''t" the president nn?i the i
11. sldenl ..f il??- Hip Sings. Lung
th.' vice-president, re? elved four of
five shots fired, and died within ?
minutes, ?vhlle Chong Pon Sim,'. Um i
Id.nt, is in the Hudson street Hosi
v 'Hi a bullet In his abdomen and 1
ol his recov -ry given up.
?i i ;. Sing, twe'nty-flve years old,
Eng Man, flfty-elghl years old, two
Leongs, who ^aid the. lived on the
floor of No. 14 M"ti streut, the
rooms "f il:-- On ?Leong tone, were
by the police on the .hare?- of h?
c ??i,-. i:?'?li r'i n wen taken to the n
son Stn i Hospital, where Chong
?sit.? Identified M??< k Sing ai the mai
whom he had been shot. An huir L
li.th were Identified In the Ellzal
?ii'.i'i f? a.11 .? station by Leong Sun, ?.f
ir, pell street, an.l Yong How, <?f No
Pell street, two Hip Sing-, as the i
,?h" had none the Bhootlng
The fight, if it could be called a ti
when all the dring was done by on?' ??
took place In the Chu L*uk Club, a k;
bling place run l>y Monk Duck at No
I'.ii ? tr? et. When the police r?
place thej found seven Chinamen a
in the place, and all were arrested :
held as material witnesses. They w
Mock Duck, the proprietor, who
usually miles away when trouble occii
Yong How, of N'.>. -4 Pell street;
H.in. of No. S9 Pell str. et; [_eong Sun
No. l?; Pell Btreet; Chin Ling Tuen,
No. 10 Pell street; How Yang, of No.
P< 11 Btreet, and Lee Pong, o! N<?. 3? I
Killings Made for Rovenge.
The shooting last night was revet
f??r the killing of an On ?Leong In ('l?''
land .>n November 26. Early In Nove
ber Leong Ong Yong, one of the big n
in the Hip s1!"-- here, went to el?vela
with another Chinaman. < m the 26th
thai month an ? ?n L> ong was killed thi
and Leong Ong Yong*s partner v.
? ! with tii?- ?Tim?'. Since then t
police and Chinatown habitues have be
on the I? okoul for repi Isala
Last night was th.. favoring time. T
. old had driven the loiter? rs from I
id th.. gambling houses w?
filled. Mock Duck ha?l started s n<
gambling club at No. I'l Pell street, co
venient to the corner ol Doyers ??tre?
which was again convenienl to the s
- through " Mott street t? tl
i loody ai Tu, vl< e-pre*
dent nf the Hip Sings, was dealing fai
tan for Mo. k Duck. It ? as a i
lack that Chong Pon Sing, the pr?
of the Hep Sings, should l?- gambling
Mock Hu. k' last night.
The steps In the arcade, halfwt
through from Motl to I?", ra street, ha?
b? en th. bel ''.-n the lai
of the ? ?n ?Le . d the Hip .Sim
i" ide the treaty l.?
? ?..a tli?- t'.nv's, f..iir years ago. Tv<
years ago ?he line was forgotten, win
the ? >ii !.. ?.-.-- croi-sed Into r1. enemy
territory ind "got" three ?>f the H
Ighl it sas unguarded ai
when the n repi up the ate]
Ihey found no one b 'tween th? m ai
Also, there was no ..r
in Doyers ?tree! to dispute ill?- shoi
of 150 i' ? t from the bio? dy angl
to P, i! Bl
Only two .'... rs Intervene between tli
cerner of Pell and I >? ?' ?is streets an
the i m ran? e to Mock I _? k 's ? 'lui I.n
I < 'lull, it i i a narro ? door opening Ini
a vestibul. 1?-s than four feel squari
; : .1 from thai ;!i?'r.' i? another door hit
i "ii i ..?n.?? .?)..:mbei. some four by si
f' "t. Then a tliinl d.? leads Into tli
i All this Is for protec
!.'"i agaltit?) tnc police, as In the day ti m
.-? ? i.iii !.,.-m t* ho pr?t? nda to know n
h i* - h? hind a half door in th
8<-r??nd t< ' in. mbei and 11 Ils drle
vegetables and deals out Information s
?.. whetlw tii. ????? will be gambling tha
i Ighl
Shootinq Interrupts Play.
Pia: wii high in Mock Duck's i
' nid the guard was lax. Pom?
of the big if the Hip Sing
were ai the lables Lung Yu, f??r h?i
sins, wai a1 the first table i ?
the door, and ('hong Pon Ping was play
! of the ;?!'
fairs .,! the long as n i imbled. Mori
iii'k was in the rentre of the r?...ni
? -. while In a
.m und? i a -.. ipie ..i -
re ted teh artillery ol the Hip Sings
i-.-, o Colts' II'?, old ?i >\ y guns.
The i I? ' "i-i- ted in ti
h? M. street station v, !?? re Llet tenanti
\';.ii ?'uren nn l K?*nn? ? ? i;
weather with several policemen and th?
plain lothes men ol Ihe |?rc in. t.
'l he ' ?n I- ?ngi i ffl. ti In big
. |.. n. .1 the .1 -i ? r the < 'hu LuM ? lui
..i .i f< und il"- pu ???! m Ith hl bail?
I, H It? ?lilla, til? pla? III III. Ill;"
room. Rl thi on the thi. ? hold th? !??
gan i" -h ",: ,,*''v" bull? la ? aught Lung
i vu in " ?:.<?:' i? ? i th? lefl tide ?.f
I II,,. ?i? . I . I . '.. il l! . rlghl M r i -1 ||,.
t- n i"! ?? i'il a? r???* Hi?- table and w is
,i ? It bin a iniiiiit. n|- two aftei i ';.
?? fi"in the Hud
,,,, :.|i., i i'. ?pltal
? 'hoi ?' l'? ? : hoi ?.ni on? e
! The bull? ' o < m in his abdomen, mi he
!. II !" n ?? n.
Th? !?' .'? I' ' ?." L ' ' !'. a '1 i..
Hip Hing rev??lv**n wen* i ?ill undi 1i...
iiiatti I ' m ' i poll ' . .un? . with
nf ;h. o . h? II i exploit. ?I I '
? ,,i ihe ' n. i. ' i ? i. :? ind nul
id. ' .n..- i....m I her?
1111... ? n were In th? |
? lia... ??: ird one wa on n? ; Ide
4 ??iiiiiui. ii ,,,, .,, ,,?,| paga,
Ring Sleek and E"K Mem wewaneetetl foe aboottag the president aad vi.-e-presuient of the Hep Hogs Looog tan was
h ' i held as a material wltnee?.
Longworth Says It's No Sinecure
To Be a Son-in-Law.
Had to Chop Down Three Trees
and Walk Seventeen Miles?
but "Never Again."
I From Th?- Tribune- Bureau |
Washington, Jan. B.?That the mere
I passive state of being son-in-law to a
strenuous father-in-law Is far from a
sinecure has long been appreciated by
ill? i!i?>rt- Intimate colleagues ?.f the Hon.
Nicholas Longworth, member <?i the
House <?f Representatives from ??hi", bui
th?- full extent t.. which such an unfortu?
nate may ?"- mini?- in suffer has never
in-rii realised until now, for only since
th.' K'-nt!.- hand of time has touched with
?soothing ?grace his strained and weary
muscles has the Hon. "Nick" consented
I to t.-ii the ?true ?story or' ins Christmas at
( lyster Bay.
With his nqrmsl misgivings lulled Lato
Li n? i.'fl aei-urity hy tin; holiday spirit,
n.?<.,r?'.inir to th?? son-lii law of th?
nel, he ac epted an Invitation t.i
Christmas at tagamora H11L The even
of his arrival, Christmas Eve,
passed without untoward Incident, and
on Christmas morning hi- ?arose with the
expectation <>f spending a day ol
and good cheer In the bosom of hi
tingulshed father-in-law's family?but it
was not tO 1"-.
Nu ?sooner had Mr. Longworth lighted
his post-breakfast ? Igar and ?settled
down for a comfortable, lazy forenoon
|th;m the colonel appeared, clad In riding '
bree? hea and leggings ,
"'Nick,'" he ?said, with his Inimitable
?srille, "I'm not feelli - Ij tit these
I'm not getting enough exercise.
Let's u>> and ? hup down a few trees."
Unwilling i?? be called s quitter, Mr.
L?,nKw??!'tli extricated his somewhat ro
tund self frimi the depths of an i
chair and went
"Followinn us came th? ?seconds." bhvs
Mr. Longworth) as he relates the
pathetic story. "Each ?bore a newly
sharpened axe, and we strode on until
we came to a clump of eight trees,
as big as th.- ? olonei's thigh."
"Pick your four!" >-v lalm? ?;
I colonel, and with great care Mr. Long?
worth picked the four which tooked the
. mailer. Th? n the t?,*-'? axemen start? ?l
In Before he was half way through his
? tree he beard the colonel's fall.
' ,th straining muscles and breath
crowing shorter and shorter the plucay
son-ln law chopped manfully on.
As In- dropped th,- third tree tho col?
onel dropped his fifth, and feeling that
?f Blower he was --till game, Mr. Long
worth accompanied his strenuous parent |
i ' y mai ? ..ir- , t ' t . house.
? Ncvi'i' before ?ii.l I know I had s'i
many mu? lea 1 i ???er u ted," says Mr.
Longworth mournfully, as he tells the
tale. "Ami every one of th..s.- muscles
aras s?> sore 'hit I f.-lt as if I'd been
beaten fr<.m head t.. foot. I can tell you
it vas with Infinite relief that I sank
int.? thai easy chair agal i ami thought
the colonel satlsd-ed."
\ bountiful midday meal follow-jd, ami
t Rn th,, <,,]?? and wearj son-in-law
was contemplating a nap the colonel ap?
peal ? ?I again
?? -\-j, i.,' we've ? aten so h-eartlly .-,i>
muai have a little walk," he said w'.ih
his l.laml.-M si
"Now, i couldn't admit I was a molly?
coddle, ?"ulil r." says -Mr. Longworth t-, ?
his Interested colleagues.
?? Must .-. hhort walk; we'll take ?t ?.-is ,
., Hi.Ion? 1 reassuring!
.. tarted out '";'v' ?,l " ll tout miles i
ar hour.'
??\\ til, -,?,?? wslked for four hours, ami
at th.- end ?'. thai time ?????? had cover ? I
?seventeen mil?-. ?*?>'? ?N?'- i-ongworth;
! ?ni,l. i,,. add , aln osl tearf illy; -|{..
' Heve m?-, n ?*?? ll"' '""' * "? ?
. hrlstmai i ? -' P-?* '"? ''" If evef l !
mu t.?,i enough a go there foi i m
again the Orel ''? '.?'" ,l'-" cal
' m,, in th.? .?i ? n may si.t me ??n sight,
and ni never prosecute hlra f? i mur?
,t,,.t i efore i'"' hoi Ida) i . M,.
longworth start? ' ?" ul,t? tremendous
. n? rg) i" draft s wo >l hill, and It la only
? ,,, ,ii,.n of his entire Ibas o| , n
mat ii.- ha ? now . ?ins? nted t.. tell
,,; ... ? ' ". ? I |) '
? ?i. n m l-Vnnsylvai n lo i? \i
l< iv? 12:30 A. M . ?V| I Hal i..... i '
. one .i ??i ? i ? - ' ? '"i . (. in
.- ill ml? ? ?I- !?? I ..,, j
'?^Liiu I'hoiM? MaiUsuu ;?#m, -Advl
American Ambassador Meets
Him and Takes Him to Embassy.
Paris, Jan. E ?J. IMerpont Morgan,
who v i passenger on the steamer
Olympic, which arrived at cherhourg
fr??ni New York to-day, came to Paris to?
night by special train.
Robert Bacon, th?- American Ami
dor, ni.'t Mr. Morgan at the railroad Bta
i 1 link him to the embassy.
Batthyani's Pictures and Furni?
ture Destroyed.
Vienna, Jan. .". Fire In Count Ludwig
Batthyanl'- p.dace In Budapest to-day
destroyed the costly furniture and a col?
lection of pictures. The ?lamage amount?
ed !" $800,000 11. a vain attempt t?> save
;. ,alu dyke Count Batthyanl's
d bear?] s ere Bcorched.
Hackensack Man Hears of Wind?
fall from Ireland.
Hackensack, N. .1.. Jan. ."? is? ? lal)
s. P. Brown, a lawyer of Cedarhurst,
Long lsatul, called ?m Richard Taylor,
seventy-six yeara old, who lives with his
daughter here, Mrs. ?'. J. Heldorf, to
convey ?in- information that tin- ?>'?l man
was h. i?- i.i a !'?k pot-lion of an estate ill
Ireland worth several million doliera
"This is ail wonderful newa t.? me, but
Mr. Brown was sure I was the man he
was looking for, ami that the big lot ?>f
money i- sur.?'..?? ??.in!;!.* to me," ?aid
Taylor. A million dollars! Just think
nf it! I hope ?' this is a dream that no
will i.- in.-an enough to wake me
Taylor's : ?n-ln-law is superintendent
at the Campbell wall paper plant here.
President of Bide-a-Wee Home
in Auto Hit by Surface Car.
A touring ear owned by Mr-. Harry
Ulysses Klbbe, of No '.'.".s Riverside
Drive, i r?sident <.f ihe Bide a \v. ??
Home for Animals, and driven by Ati'ilph
Mauger, ..r .\... _.. West 92d street.
? rash.-.i inio a southbound ?Second ave
nue Burfa? ? sr ?? 38th street last night,
throwing Ihs chauffeur t.> tin- street,
Ing the machine and shattering the
fronl v? -?ti1 ule of the street? sr,
Airs. Klbbe was returning from the
Bide a Wee Home and sras in th-? ant ?
mobile a* th.? time, sin- was showered
with flying -lass, Imt was iml badly 111 -
lured. Mauger was taken to Bellevue
i?.. | it.il. suffering from Internal Injuries
kc-ordlni i" ?witnesses, the automobile
?skidded "ii th?' wel cur tracks end was
unable t" ni..v.- from ih.- path of the i ar.
'ii.iii?i??n was regarded as unavoid?
able ami no urresi was made
i-., t. i. i. n Jam? Hi -nnelly,
writer "i .????? ?tortea ws? drawn ?is a
...i i... tii.. United -tats? District t'oui t
to-daj and nisj hsv? t.. consldet a real
will i on ? ?fere II.at Wllllsm I??*
,, h cook, tii- d?fendent in
. . a ?viiii tin. murd?i "i
i ? \\ ? m.m. msstei nf tii.- . i1
? i' idowei. v?hile the barge wsa ?.if
N? ?? hm ' i ... r l.i- i .1 un ?
> ' ? i i . i i i \ I \ .\
u iii:;i.l.. ???., ? .?. th. i.? ?t ii..- world uf
loia... Luytit-s Bros., Nan? ..ik-Advt.
One of Yale's Football Her
Tackled Hard by Cupid.
Gridiron Warriors of the 9
Lacked Varied Offensive PU
Required by Modern Game.
Frank A. Hinkey, km.wn to thOUSS
of devoted Yai<? ?graduates as "Site
Hinkey, ami ?regarded by many of th
as Tale's most able football ?
engaged to he married. The n??wa ra
even t?? the '.mist Intimate ??f his frie
as tn-.r?- of a sho??k than that with Wl
h-- tackled the ol?i?-r Corbett, ?Harvai
t hat'.:, in the famous fall of U
The one before whom Hlnkey's hith?
unbroken defence fell is Miss M
Elisabeth Thomas, of Springfield,
Where he Is now employed as gem.
manager <>f the United Zinc ami Che
If yon had asked a Yale man to
who would he the last of all the 18,
! living graduates to marry he wo
have placed his bottom dollar on "Sile
Hinkey. rear aft. r year he appeared
fal? practice and spring reunions t
lundowned by Cuptd. while his comp
i ions in those strenuous days of the e-i
i'."?'s reported tackles by the hundr.
I He has remained as silent about his
feat as he has always done about
j victories, with the result that only a f
j of his closest companions are now awi
of it. What will happen when the f,
becomes known is beyond all specu
j tlon.
Hinkey came to Yale after three ye?
of football at Andover. a slight youth
som?' 18!S pounds. The season had i
progressed two weeks before it was
longer a question <?f whether the fr
looking freshman should play end ru:
but of whii h of the two veterans
"Billy" Rhodea's ?team should play i
other end. The pla? >? tinally went
"Josh" Hartwell, afterward captain
the 1802 crew. Rhodea's team in the t:
I of lsflil was the first Yale team to
' beaten by Harvard sin s about IM
! The next year Lee McClung, now Tres
urer of the United States was captai
and Harvard, with practically h?r vl
i torlous team of the year before, open?
her attack on the diminutive freshnu
! end.
Corbett, .heir speediest ranner. w
sent at him with a touchdown in vie'
Whin the play was disintegrated it w,
found that "Laurie" Bliss was on h
iwsy down the Held with the ball, sboi
to acore s Tale touchdown, and Corbe
was In such a -.01111111110 that he c.mldti
?recall what liai happened. This ?an
only the beginning, Hinkey was unpn
t. ited all-American end for four year
and shared with "Tori" Bbevlln the en
positions on Walter 1'amp's footbs
1 team for all time. He was captain 1
the team for two years and started tl
Yale 1 ractlt ?? of returning the year aft?
graduation to set as head i*oach for th
succeeding captain. He has been bsc
every year, it is sal?;. ox?-ept last
when he was detained in Springfield t
supervise the construction "f a new plan
I ft, his Company.
Island Official Selects Portion o
Wreck as Gift from U. S.
Havana, Jan. ."?. in eccordanre wltl
the sctlon of the ?United States Congres?
In giving t" the Cuban ?government ;
i portion of th?? wreck of the battleahl|
?Maine for a monument to 1.rected li
Havana, the Secretan of ?Public ?Worki
\ i.-it.-tl tit., iiivi K tO-day and s,-l.'?|..
the aft'-r turret and the guns in it.
The topmast of the battleship Is to g
t< Pittsburgh.
Audience Waits While Russian Dancers
Hunt for Their Clothe;.
I m Telegraph to Th? Tribu?
Philadelphia Jan ."?. Members of
\ !.. ni^lit ki.-k.d th.11 h?-, 1 ., .1
.- uwled m the Qrand Opera House her?
while Hi?- members <?r the all star Imperial
m Ballel ?rustled frantli sil) pround
j tin? .-it-, endeavoring i.? locate two can of
1 ostumes and scener) which liad gone
between J? rae) I 'Its and Phlladel?
I'l.ia Th.- performance ol the It
' ii,.i,< ,-t . was -, 1,,. mi, .1 to begin at * 18
o'clock, but Instead the rurtals .11.1 not go
; up uiiiil I U By thai lime several ?. i.-.n-,
: had laft th? opera house and there ??.. - n,.t
' more Mian haii an audience foi in? p -i
formant -
To make matters woi ?. when the
.-\, m nails w.i. lo< ?t. ?I and the s? 111.1 v
,iii,l trunk- loaded ??n h wagon one of the
horses attached t>. the wagon fell t?n the
ici i'.im ni?m and Hi,-n was another delay
,,f several mlnuti
? ?a ?
J ANOOSTURA DITTERS lands delicious
flavui to grapefruit ami jdilei?.?Advt.
Drop of 20 Degrees During the
Day and Night Carries Mer?
cury Down to 8 in
New York.
Instead of Relief in Sight for To?
day, Forecaster Says Even
Lower Temperatures Are
To Be Expected?Aid
for the Homeless.
This city shivered last night in the
grip of ?h?- ?.!?l?st ?treat- .' and experl
? tireri th,. ?n.>.?t tryltisr ? ndl'ions of the
kln.l so far this winter.
To a?id to the nil? -ry Of thnne who
w. r.- "ut . f .in- during the day and
Right, a pir-i? ing wind, often reaching
th?- ?iroporll'.iis of u ?ale, swept and
Whistled Uirottgfa th?- streets, working it?
self into wbtrtpoolfl on eon**88*i and mak?
ing it tin , for p.-isji.ns to combat un th.-y
tiled t?. Tr ?k<- I,, aiiwuy against Its foree.
FaXtremo c? Id was r?-port?'d from the
West, als?., Chicago establishing at noon
yesterday h low r>< ?>r?l for many years
_t 9 d?Bgr?-S ?below z?ru, and still lower
tlgure?, moreover, were pr??li?*ted for to
?lay for ill Ihe region ext.-nding to the
?Rocky Moun'air.s and north into ?'anada.
Can.-ulKH low figure was 42 below zero.
Duluth r.-ported 35 below. la... <'r?*s??: r? g
iHtere?! :.", bttUrg) ami Kau Claire. Wl?.,
?.'H below, and a shrinkag?- of th? mer?
cury t?. figures like 40, 30 mil 32 deg*re?-*
r?.spectlvely was predicted for to-day.
The mercury in this city fell steadily
all through the day and night. The
t?-nip?-rature was _M degrees at on?, mln
ut>- aft?-r midnight yesterday morning,
and from that Unie forward it continued
to racade, until at 10 </? lo? k la_t night
it r. a? n?-d Its lowest ebb at 8 degrees,
Ait?r ! o'clo? k, however, the gale w_s
tempered Bomewhat and did not play
with its full for ce down the narrow
streets and exposed sections of the city,
as it had done all through the day; but
even then it was a bitter night for tre
city's poor, an army of whom crept for
?heiter Into the various municipal l?.dg
lng bouses and charity organization
buildings seeking shelter.
Th?; Municipal Lodging House. N>> ' "
K?st -."?tii street, received every man
who appeared at Its doors, and gave him
hot coffee and food ami a b?>?l until Its
capacity was exhausted, and th?-n ?p
pii ants were sent to the Charit)
part m. -tit's pier, at _?ith street and i'io
Kast Hiver, where they were housed f? r
the night.
It was estimated at midnight last night
that more than one thousand persons
had received help of this kind. The t??r
mer re?*?.rd, made last January, ?rs
applications. Secretary Larson
that If the cold spell continued to-day
and to-night vest rday's record would
be broken.
No relief is held out for the immol?
ate future by the weather man. HI
ficial forecast for the forty-eight hours
is as follows:
"Fair and c?-ntlnued cold to-day; to?
morrow unsettled ; i robably followed by
snow. High, northwest wirals, diminish?
Passenger Cars Imprisoned ?All
Night by the Cold.
' By T?'l?>?raph to Th* Tr-.bun* 1
? ?tnah ?. Jan 5.?To-day was the cold
sal ?lay in this city for seven year?, the
thermometer registering l!? below zero
this aftern?..?n. haili-ois at.- badly de?
moralized and trafile is moved with diffi?
A Union ?Paelflc freight train froze to
the tracks just outside the ? ?maha yards
early this morning ami for two hours no
trains could move past that pou?-, ?M
tratfi.' being held U|
Retweei ? 'arroll and kflnning, (own, laaf
night, a Northwestern suburban train
froze to the tr? ks a- .1 was unable to get
a?a?, until this morning.
Minnesota City Coldest Place in the
United States.
l?ultith. .Minn. Jan k?Street tl*_im?*"SBO?
? ? ? r.- this morning ?hewed 33 to 35 be
low ?ero. A slow tttorth srlnd is Mowing.
This is the coldest .l.iv of the winter. I>u
luth to-day is said by the -'?8ath?f llureau
t.. bs Ihs coldssl nla?-e in the United Statea
Persons Living on Short Rations?The
Cold Intense.
Kansas <'lt>. M?v, Jan S B>l0_ z?*ro
temperatures arare r?*-or_sd ail over tb>*
to-day aii'i t.. - * -. i ??i i. t. At
Kansa? City, si * ??' o '* th? mercury
?tood at T degress beloa sere, ? _rop of
eighteen degrees In tawnty-four I
Kan i? repot t?8d t< " n? 4
I tO 7 d?gr?SS '"?'?? " Much suffering
?re? r? i"????'?l m th? ?restera par?
-tat.- ? . Sid : I 1"
i?,, -1..-.I i \ the State Puhtlc IT til
mlttee at Topek t from m uthern i
Count) Tel-grants assarted ?iiat persons
there ?rere living" on ?horl rattofta, that
were sold out, an?i thai unless* _i<i
?a at once there w. ? ? 11. i i? ?'?at sui
Six Below in Chicago Coldest in Two
?'lii.',?.,". Jan .'? < 'Ii'.? ,.?;.. ?hi?. '
!.. f?.r>- th? i<?!>'?*! day that ha? ?rtslted tho
< it y in tv\>. \. n? Karo weathai f
liist tune tliis Winter .am' in
?vealng beCore ?> ?hiving aorthsre?! ?Ain?i
mtinued t.. ?end tii?- mercuri dotva
until ils degn ?tow sere ?res rea? _ed
gcorea <?! i.is wer? driven into ii,.?
two building? destroyed, ami ihre*
fsmlllea ? i id. I ??? sa
III?- ?BOUtll Bldi .irl? ?
sstei plug? m the In inedl it. vlrtnlt*
the I'.i/. atoro froses snd water w.? -
t ill'.' ,1 tl "i.i Plllg? I In .'?' I'l??' k< it '
Wale i 8 i. m th? hose, bursting it.
? - ? m.
Detroit .'..?i I with a minimum t??n
peiatuio of 4 _?_ui- koktm isre lr.lwt.en ?

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