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and 8 ?Vclmk this morning, ami a maximum
?.f onl\ 4 al*ov< ?lurtntr, the ?lay. this was
the mitlest .lay recorded b) the DetfsM
Weather Bureau sun-? H07. Many places
at? rei?orteti the mercury down to
kg lew, with heavy snow and high Winds
ferinu?lv Impeding steam and cleitric rail?
road traffic.
Men Stringing Wires for Cardi?
nal's Return Forced to Quit.
Frederick Broman and Joseph Hebbelh.
two itesptejacka employed lis t??p New
York Kdi-on Company, w.-i.? rendered
nesrly he'.pleej. by the col.) -wind while at
work on one of the spire? et it l'a' '??'?*? s
?Cathedral yesterday morning. Th- mau
ingaged In strlngtns wires which
??ni eeiv to oatHas ti..- steeples Is Hghl
the Kltbic'titm In hom?r ?'( ?'ardi?al
- return 's held. While working
lop ..t th? north tower, at a
? mi fot the ?-?id si...*.i?
their i\..rin clothing, and In a
sll,,n n , . .die* be? ame so numb
tnat it was Impoisalbl? for them t?> coa
the work
Both experienced difficult} In arranging
to theli .bains, but
managed to lowei themselves slowl)
?fi>. while a larga crowd that had col?
i ?m Fifth avenue looked on ?Both
:-te.i \\ ban they reechd the roof
of the church, and further w??ik on the
mil th? weather
permita the men to ko aloft ?without en?
dangering iheit li\?'s.
w .n !b<- c? lebratlon In honor ol ?
nsl Farley ?begins OB Tuesday the building
?ill tu- ?-.:.!lin??<l With more iban fifty thou?
sand elght-esndle power electric lights.
Each of th? octagonal spires will be Illu?
minated with eight strings of lights, which
near th?? vertex.
The erosses ??iirmountina the spites will
nl?>n is*- outlined, ?'ardi?al Parley sailed
?/pom Napk yesterd t
Ohsined by Ice to Apparatus for
Two Hours.
lagulsvttle, Jsn " Will-- walking over
the roof of a building at i o'clock this
mernini prepomtorv to retlrng his in?n
from the (??.ni- of last sight's lire. CSfHaln
Stej.iVn ?"?hst -*.li|?ped on Ihe ue ami fell
f??ir floot* through an opening ?n tin* ?roof,
Ue )- said to be fatally hurt.
? apuin ?;e?n-?- ?ntspatiick and Henry
Man", wer-j chopped from their positions
..n a water lower after b.-ing frozen to that
iiu? for more than an hour. Their
condition is serious.
u^-?.?. ???,<??, N. V, Jan. r,.-Kailii>ad trafli?
-ass rieiai>??'i from forty minutes to two
hr.ur? in this ?lection of th? ?lay by
. m .-. snowstorm. High winds drove th?
new int.? great drifts, which make th.
country roo*t almost imnassable. Tem
peeatures range ?{rom i?ro to 11 above In
? .?? es?? ? isunty?
.., a
it ?>.l?nd lasbi. Mass, -'a- -A
knot ?sorthwesfrly aal?-, laden with snow,
r?.M i ,,,,.r, to-day among the Heel of
pretown power Pour
occupants were ?rescued
Ihreu-gh thi suri '?? the Hleaavers ?>f the
Rae? Peint and l'eak-i Hill station.?-, gad
il others wi-r? lont-ii t?> land ai other
? :ilong th- shor? Win n darkn?
. with erewa ??' two m? n ? ach
? K H I? reared thai they ?or
? ?> a
.,, ja? r, trtei suffering
rold In nube..' ??
hi iv iwt ? hours, pa?
? ?. Railroad train,
ached by a
They w-*n taken io
? i ?h? n 11 Burchlnal.
i -.. irgi Jai ' eoldeal wrethei1
lu lu ev< i?'i" -i;- ? when
i?d on? -I? gr?se be
Rlv? : .?t \ t-ijnu,
n.. is troxi
Maritime Expert Tells Commission Big
Ships Cant Dock There.
that ''?? B.klyr. navy
yard he used ?steamships
to m? ?m by tlm
? ?
m ; ,i ? n '? Dalzell, "f
?b? Maritime i D| h de
livered ?before ihe N< * *? Harbor
Every one pr?sent -,i resteras?! t hear?
n g opposed i S i? moval Of the yard on Ihe
st nearly five thousand n ?
tmi'.t, ? .hat tin- loss ol
? ,-? i ai,??t flfteen
? ? ? ? :i.i.-nt on 11 tese men
The ?suggestion, however, thai ?should the
?.in th?; plsn uf
itaiovgi, the yard ought to '?* available as
,i ri?<? fer big docks t"i t-omnMrcial pur.
I lion fiom .Mr. Dal?
a '..i ding to Mr Dalzell,
?? ,iw swift ?ml treacherous, and at hiBh
*.-fi > i.l? tide even lh< smaliei vessels need
lug? m turning, ll" also
**\*\ rticv I'uflir Ht thai imlMI Was t Oli
, ? ?: i .,? i he rlvei srai t?oo Dai row
i.? am -iiiii nf greal ? ommer?
dal ni?-! s, ? 'omnilasioner 1
at the iiirctini,' with ?'ommlaalonera 1*. A.
<'. .??m?h ?,
Th?* will of Kthan Allen, a lawyer, who
?was a descendsnt of Oenerel Ethan Alien
of th?*- Revolution?rs Army, was h).-d In the
Surrogat?** ttrday. Mr. Allen died
a month a??. To three nlecei and s ?
he left .$$,000 each and to his sister-in-law,
Mn All '? ?'laRfit, he f-av?* a similar
i n*? fi . v t.? lira. ?Ella
O'Keefe, / nt In ib?* Aii-n
bettsehold. Mr. Allen ilUided the r?sidu* o?
? Ighl i?aits, whh h he I? ft
to r? litt.???:.- and friend ? parta
he !? ft to Mrs. ?Ella Louise Said?, widow
of Jobii il Bands In makini' tin-? i
? ?? -?aid. "Mrs Bands has ?been ?? fa
f-lend. who hi ? glvea me her devoted ??in
since the death ot my wife, io whom and
lo me she has been known since early
? hildhood."
?tn^iiinvj i \tct f .,.,, m COBimo
! Mm- h
7. 2?. Anu? i I*, and Ma :?. ?rjoo from
,\< -a *i c- n mea?
? ? .. i.-., ii
tOt -Hi HIKi
rn?-?)i . a -?n, -j ..., ,
? - '?
II '
?.V? ?Jt fpilii N' w |
cilr-cp Lain > p ,. , i h I
Pul "??>' . Iioo.ou Irani
S?? ?a *ierV
U-,!?l '?i-'lir.n Kel/iua? \ ,?, ,ri.
' F". rtlurnius ?niii,,
elen??s?n ill i fc -"?MB
run |nformail??i nf 1 ?.. .,,,, or
AveSUS, .\cw York ? ' *u
Pennsylvania R.R.
BY Ml 01 ira
Documentary Evidence Shows
Old Pool Practices Were Con?
tinued by Combination.
Government Brings Alleged Il?
legal Operations of National
Co. to Within 7 Months
Covered by Indictment.
Chicago, .lan. .'.. - l?.iciim.nt;i. y ?vldeBoa
in -?ij.p<irt ?-r the goverament'a charge that
the practice.? of the ..M pn< k??rs' pool tn _?
in?* the price of fresh meat I.y mean? "f a
?yetem ?>f profH margina .?mi apportioning
th.- business on a non-oompetitlve basis were
contlnued aft.r the organisation <>f ni<* Na?
tional Packing Company, in March, mo::.
was rr;n| to tin* jury to-day in the trial ?.!"
Hi? i?n ChicHgo pseker? under Indictment
for criminal **4*_splra<*y in restraint of
The fovernmenl brougkl the nperstlens
of the ?liege?! Illegal combination down lo
within seven month? ?.f the p.riod covered
bj th?* Indictment.
The Information ?.?..?? furnished by Jerome
II, I'ratt. ?n employe "f Armour <*.- Co. for
more than twenty '?ears, and at ?.ti?- time
? ut manager ??f the dressed beef de?
He testiii?.,! lo lia\ing attended ni-etint;?
?>f the old pon? between I8i?6 and 1902, ??f
which he said percentages of shipment? lo
different marketa wei. decided by ballot
and the margin of profit was determined by
ment a moni the memb? I ?*?
The \\itn?-?s Identified a dosen letten h?
received while in ?h. employment of Armour
In auppoii of hla ?tatements.
Three of the letter-? bore notation? in '
pne ii of th?- ahlpmenl percentage? and
profil margins in the handwriting of ,T.
?.rmour. Arthur Meeker and Thon as
j. Conner?, of ii??- Armour eompany, ?*?"
eordJng ?'? th" witness.
Prstt i..?-iti\.i\ Identified th? handwriting
of Arthur Meeker snd cald he wa? almost
certain the other memorandum? were writ?
ten by .1. ??(-'.??-n Armour snd Thorns? J.
I"|. title -
?Pratt was "ii th? atsnd when i-ourt .??1
'ourned, an?! will continue lo-morrow.
Penalty for Overshipment.
The first document introduced by ti.? | I ??
ernmenl waa .. copy of a resolution sal?l
to have been adopted by the packers' pool
IMO, axing a penslty ?f IVj cent? a
pound on all overshlpmenta t.? competitive
points msde In eicesa ?>f i!?..?'x* pounds s
we? k .. maximum allowed, Thla
was sai.1 t" have :>r en sent out to mem ben
from th? office ol A. H. Veciier, the attor?
ney. The n-\t whs a list ..f shipment per-)
centagea sgreed upon by the packer? Jan?
uar) 18, l*MH, for Terrlt)iie? A, ?'. I? ,-?n.| E,
!'r?tt Identified a letter dated October n?,
IWi addressed to ... Orden Armour, which
i sttach herewith nrurgln memorandum
I fur the week, SV? ahi|7ped 92?,-, per 4-eni to
, Aim..in- <?;? t'o. house? ind !?i per cen? t?>
i Vrmour racking Compeny. To-dsy'a mm
n roliow. .i. ii i. '
Pratt testified thai Ihe letter ?a
turned to him the following day with these
"f perc? rgln? for other
nuns in the comMnatioi which he believes
w.-ie ?a ritt? n a> i ? (gde . Ai mour:
11 "?'.., s H?; M i'.. M mlnua 13? i plua -.
IS lo !
An?. ' dated June _), IMS, i oi -
tainlni, _ ni.inoraii.ium >f margin?, whi h
.h?, wiinesa Identi/lod sa ?a ihe bandwrlt?
Ing of Arthur Meeker, another defendant,
r< rt?l as foll?n s:
Mr Meeker Our ?hipmentj bast week *?'?.
per ' ? .'i Margin? > egterdaj .??<?-.
tf, closed minus 7". linse complaints ol
encroachment? on oui lerrlton by Swift
st Oreen burg, siso from s- Alhena Into
Plattsburg territory, at WaterviUe from
Auguata and .i Olesn from Bradford. This
counted for l>*/ our bu?ln
Jamestown ii?.n. Olesp, This, however, in.?
bet n ?topped J. n. PRATT
Shipment Percentages Revealed.
Th? flgurei sain !.. have been written by
M? ? r ?m th;- I? ti.'i are " raid to b<- th?
shipment |>ercentage, end :!". I. M and 94.8,
I a? th? i" "!it margina,
following l(-it?r, sal?) t.. contain
pencil notationa by Thomas i. Connors an
-?.her defendant, ?a.is dated April 24, 1808,
Mr, A Meeker: Shipment?, ?-7-10 per
i. at, workin mlnua T?.
.1. n. P.
Another letter, written by T. '! I.e<\
msnsger of Armour'? dreaaed beef depart?
m?nt, t?. Arthur Meeker, .lui. 3, 11*08, read:
mei.t?.. at?'. \) p?r cent; working, -
elosfd, 57. N?w v?.rk. 7.61 ; Philadelphia,
7.51; Hi.sinn. 7.73; Pittsburgh, 7.85; Si I.
121, and < "i?i. sgo
< ?tn the bottom .?f thla letter w ?i ? no!
lion, "?_ t" W i"'i cenl lo !??? ahlpped." ?an!
to have been written by Thomsa J. ?Jon?
unis, one of the defendants.
'!'??(. othei lettei i Inti od n ?? r< sd
Wilkes-Bsi i ' P< in . July 7. IS/OS.
Messrs An;'.m _ Co.. < 'hlcago.
Gentlemen: I?., you kh?.w thai Hammond
ha? been ?hipping 73 to 85 cattl? i"-' week
? .uisi-ii?'.- .n Wllkes-Barre for the
last thre? week?'.' Your? truly,
Th<- othei waa In eply '<? thla communi?
cation and wa? Irom Arthur Meeker, ad?
drea_ed to U ?_? Patterson, manager of the
National Packing Company, it waa ?iat?-il
Julj 30, IS??-*-, an?! l?-i??l:
?Dear _Ui Whs! ?re you trying to do at
thla market ? i'oura ti uly,
Wrltte? ?e rosi? the lop of thia letti i in
pencil waa tb? not?
Mi. Meeker: Ueveni one cattle most we
have ahlpped ther?; sverage i? -2,0110 pounds
m !?"n W-eks About as light M W? ran
K<| '' ?*? ''
trie! A t tor ne j Wllkeraon during ihe
ng aesslon offered in evidence two
ledgers contsinlng the record? of directora'
nga ?if ihe Nstlonsl Packing Com?
pany, from March 27, 1808, ??> Jun? 8, 1810,
aft'-r they had been Identlfled i-v Mr. Colby.
Counsel for the defendant? dy ob?
jected t.. i ru ?i." oductlon ?.i thi? ? ?
,,,,,i the a ? waa exi used while in.- attor*
. i the question.
... ?- -?? .
Commis?ioner and Chiefs Confer with
Managers and House Committee.
Repr?sent?t!vea "? lb? IM tin ..tus in
New Vork City, together with Chlei Ken
Ion ami Deputy Chiefs <'u<".ii snd Howe
of the Firs l-epartment, wnt lo Wirt Head
quartera yesterdsj morning and hsd a long
en? " with CoromlM.??n*r John on on
the n.-?? "standes Is?."
Commissioner Johnson told the theatrical
m,-n ii .ii i ? want??I t-. arrlv? si
working baala on ih? law and Hfk<-?i them
?t in sppolnting .-? committee that
would consul! witii iitii snd hx a working
? ? ommlssloner slsn ask.-.i
u.;,t the managetneni of ihe various play*
i ti,?- ?i. psrtm? m in ?e? Ing that
firemen sent to th? theati performed theii
<i ..in
P< W l.Hams, Ihe VSUde* III
?poke la i., i aif ..f iii?- Associstion ol
,-,.i?- M?nagera uf **>r?.? York snd a
the Commlasioner thst ail requirements
?.i carried oui to (ha lettei There?
upon a commlttse, i*ompossd of Percy Will
lams aii'i Msrcua l?oew, for the Theatre
?.?SO? -latloii, .Mi. Lswsbe, ''?"'in
missioner Johnson and Chiott i..h ,,
How? snd '?ii'iin, ?as appoint?.i tu frame
riii.-s f'.r th? guidance of liie thsattrsa Ol
theatres which w.-re repraasnt? I, II
? ? i ooklyn an i Queens snd M a
Manhattan, The Dronx und gluten Inland.
COUPON NO. 34, SATURDAY, JAN. 6, 1912.
$15,450 in Prizes Free
My Answers to THE TRIBUNE'S Bookreaderi'
Pictures of This Date and Number Arc
No. 67.
No. 68.
Contestant's Name.
City or Town and State.
Contsstaots In the Tribune'?? Honkrc??d??rs Contest ATonX wr,lf.*>V*J'
?. ?wars upon this coupon, whleh will appear mi Page . of TheJ "W
every day during the contest Ths complets coupon must be ?*??"-?*?
Answers submitted on coupons which are not completo or which ?.???
bear The Trlhnm-'s heading ?ill not be ronsldered. List of prues.
conditions uf the control and
< ?mliniii-.l from flr-ct page.
walk Jusi In fronl of the door, ??no ?>f
those '.n-i'it' had not bren iir<^d. and the
other had .?"?? shell exploded. Four
sii.'iis were esplod'sd In ihc one on Hie
si.i? walk
Chin rmit: ran tn tin* station- to tell
ilice of the shooting. He met Lieu?
tenants Vim Curen ami Kenny on the
w.i\ m Pell streit with a small arm*- of
and detertlves. ?bin stopped onl ?
long enough t?> tell them where the
trouble was and kepi on to th.? station
honro, where he .??i"*nt the night. By the
um.? iiie ?police had reached the Chu Luk
?'bib must <-?f the gamblers ami dealers
bud mad.- their escape through th?- get?
aways In th?* cellar, leading lo the nelgh
1.? ng houses, but seven nun. Including
Mock Duck, remained with the dead snd
Prisoners Linsd Up.
It was m> fnrthrr for the police from
tin* Chu Luk ciub i?> Mnii stroel thsp
h ?had been for the On Leongs i.? come
the other way, and Sfeck sin? and Ens
Man were ?>oon In custtHly an?l ??n the
way t.t the hospital, where Chong Pon
Sing had already been taken In response
to a hurry tail for an ambulance. By ,
the time ib?' prisoner! were back si the
Elizabeth street station Coroner l-vin
berg and Assistant District Attorney
John M. yinton were awaiting them
Half a dozen otht i Chinamen also had
been brought In from the streets for a
line-up snd ?in- witnesses were held In
L'tecli?es' room. Msck and i?hg
mi in the lin?> with the strangers
and Vui.i? Hnv. ami imx Buen came from
the detectives1 ?room Mini Identified Meek
and Km: u Ithout hesitation.
There's another murder up in the rid i
Precinct." said Assistant District At tor. i
ney M In ton to ?Coronar F-rinberg. "I
- we can go up there n??\\. I'm glad
I to-morrow is Saturday. ?Maybe we will I
! have a resl on Hunda)
i His State Chairman Goes to Washing?
ton to Confer with Leader?.
Boston, Jan, 5. -The Presidential boom
f.,: ?Governor Vont of Massachusetts will
extend beyond the border? of the state to?
morrow ?nil the srrlval In Waahlngton of
John I'. .M?*l)onaid. chalrmsn of the Demo?
cratic State Committee, who started for the
national capita] to-day aft<?r tin- Governor
had seen and had obtained the n y ? i ? i ?val
of the movement from nearly all the party
leader* In ?bl*? state. ?"Ii.ilrir.iiii MoDonald
will consult the ?Democratic leader at
Washington In the Governor*? Interest, it is
at nounced.
Political callen ?began to Ho? k to the
State House with the close of the Inaugural
exercise] yesterday, snd to-da; the Gov?
ernor -^c-ita- hi-? two opponents for th?.- nom?
ination for Governor last year, Jamei n
Vahey and Charlea 8. Ilamlln, ai well si
ex-Congressman Joseph ll O'Neill, David i.
?Walsh iin.i several local party leaderr.
li Is said thai the Governor I* convinced
thai there li ? demand fur lb*- candidacy
throughout the >-\it?' .?- well sa frorp
other state?, Mr McDonald will entry with
bun copies of th? Governor's Inaugural sd-I
? dress
New York Girl Marries Atlantan Rath?
er than Father's Choice.
I li r. kfrapa Is The Tribun* I
Atlanta, .'a?- ?'? While hei father was
planning s Ruroivan trip for her In the I
hop? of putting jen end to her love fur h
young man of Atlanta, Minn Mary Elisa?
beth Dupree wa!? hurrying i" tiii.? tin
from t!..- bom?- ?>f her ur.imbiioih.-i, in
Dayton, Tenn., to Join her young (land
She was met at the depot by n> n Daniels,
la wl "in she was Introduced a >>-.?r .
Hampton Terrace, In Augusts, and within
half an hour the two were married. The
D. D. i ".,!? ? Iswyer and capi?
talist, of See fork, in'i itronglj objected
it? tin msrrisge, and the elopemenl rame
onl) when the young couple bad lost sll
' oi ? nf ?j.-ttin/' his consent. Mr?. Daniels
has notified her fatin-i of the weddtni
it Is understood ht Is hurrying ta Allants
Mi? Daniel* say* hei father had another
man picked ?ml for her ai .N'-is York, thai
he van ii nice fellow, bul she liked ?Ben far
I,. I!, '.
Adjutant General Verbeck Laughs at
Major Walton's Attack.
The ?lst Infant) j. x. ?? .v jr., ?.?.
viewed In its armory si 14th street snd
Park avenue last night b) Henri i. sum
son, S.lai y of Win
\.inn,ml Genersl \ . in?-, I. v
bul whi o ask?-d tu dis? uss I hi sffaii oi
i lie ? n Regtmi nt ?>f ? 'oasl A i tiller) snd
ii,, alta? i m.ni.- upon 1,1,,, [,? gtu jor ( (,
.Vallon, of that regiment, lie smiled snd
uiisweri ?I. " Von . .m ss tliral m hen l s ?
foi .1 reply 1 .im. M. .inn,.,1 t|,,. ,,,
?' In oiflii.nn >? 'I hal inn-lit I,.
a* expressive .in if 1 had a? tually s,,i,|
something llroH i have nothing to mi
.tnel now but \ on 1 .m lit, o, ,,| |)jH /
ih?- first lime 1 ev< r heard oi the petition
-. ?ii lu the Governor concerning the an
point men t <>f an adjulani genersi
Before th? re\ i- ?.?? Becrelai ? Btlmson
Adjulani fleneral \.-ii?-,|, General George
Moore Smith ami Colonel f'eelI were entei
talned .?i dlnm r s| th? 1 nlon league 1*1 .1,
l II ? h? Id officer* ul the ,j,t Reglmenl
?- e
Mailed any where in the United States
for $2.50 a y?ar.
Sent from Hotel Martinique to
Psychopathic Ward.
a well dressed womaq who '"*?*? been liv?
ing; for ?he last few dsya ?? the Hotel Mar?
tinique, BSd sirret ami Broad wa , wa? re
mov**d from the h?->i<*i is?l sight t?. Belle
\ ne Hospital sii.- .?.?a in a half-cons?ious
condition, ami was locked up "ii a. chargea
of attempted suicide,
The manager of th-? hotel sa?? that |gst
?-.'iiirnr the woman ti?ler>hor??l from her
i "'.m asking for a physician. ?Dr. il. M.
Lewis, the house rioctoi, wenl to her i"?.in.
where in- foiin?) her lying ?>n the bed In 8
?iaz??. Hhe refgssd la ?ell what had hap?
pened t.? her, snd the d".tor called In the
ii.iil.-e. who ordered her rt-moval t.? tli- hos
!'??.. i M though sits had rcgl it? r? I at th?
lei?, under the name of "Miss Minnie St?
phenson, Cleveland." she ???id ?he bn?i sise
?1 the ii.itii' ".Minna ?Craft." Sh?- slat)
: sld that ; h? hsd lived nt No it W i ?t I7tb
atr? et.
No trsce of poisoning was found, and the
woman was ?eut to the DSyCOpathlC Ward.
Former Employer and Patrolman
Foil His Two Attempts.
Rdwsrd A. Turner, n locksmith, seventy
eight y.irs old, tried in kill hini??-ii
terday, .?fie;- he had been refused work at
his former employer's shop at No. *8gj
.*?'? ond avenue. He endeavored to smash
in hi? ?-kali with ? hammer ?ml then gash
hi? ilu-oat with a p.-nknlfe. II? wa" taken
to Harlem Hospital, charged with a?
t <-|TI t?t"< 1 sill. Id?
Turner hsd been employed by Rl< ird
ri Iberg. When business grew sia. k a
short time ago Turn.!' WS? laid "ff He
applied i?? Prelbcrg yesterday Pot work,
and was t??ld 11,. was none.
H? . omplalned bitterly "r hl* int sad
msde for the door. As h? reaohed the
front "f the shop he ?. Iged ?? hammer and
?ri??.ii to brim himself with it ?Freiberg
grspplefl witii him until Patrolmsn Mar?
I tin arriv-d. jo-? a Martin started f?>r
him Turnei whipped a penknife from hla
pocket snd ?und'- severa! -licht wounds in
1 Is neck.
At tl" hospltsl T?iM4?r Mid he had been
employed by the government .luring the
Civil War ?R a detective to run down de*
?erters ?from the army. Ths aurgeons be?
llet <? h. s it! re? o\ ei.
[His Counsel Abandons Claims of
Physical Unfitnegs.
Roston, .Ihm h -The letra! prSC |
which ?ill govern the trial <-f the Rev, C.
v t. Richeson tor ihe murder .-f his .
time sweetheart, Avis Linnell, which Isset
for January IS, was the subject of a long
conferenc? betwen Wstrlcl Attorney Pelle?
?i-r snd counsel for the defence this even*
Iiik. according to a statement by the Dis
trl i Attorni
Bines the clergymsn'a a?-: of aelf-mutlla
tii'ti hi? counsel have been Arm In their
?tatements that ha could nut staml the
?.r?ieai ?>f appealing In eourl ?1 so esrlj s
date, but William A Meras made the ejusl?
I fled Bdmlssfon lagnlghl thst Rleheson
would be ai.ie t.. appear In court <>i. th?
! l?pp?, lilted .in ?..
following ?? reptasi that Ml*? Violet Bd
111..nd?, tlalic'-e nf 111. heson. liad ln-eli I?)
?ateil at Voiikets, N". V.iiii offlcei from the
District Attorney'? office stsrted foi N< ?
York t <. - ? 1 ?_ >. Th.? i?i?trici Attorn? :
termined t?? locate Miss Edmsnds,
h is said that Rlajhesen's eounsel lava
not \?'t decided whether the?- win pi
tii?. ? ?Hirt for ihe appointment of 8 pl?>
?Iclan i" detertnlne the prisoner*? snnity or
let the minister ge to trial on Jsnusry 15
win,., n opposition, 'i i ? Edmands family
?s reported l? bellove thsl a plea .>f !n*
sanltj would resull In 'he mlnlstrr*? a.
quittai. At IhS same time, all concerned
In the defence fear ths state has n ?urprlss
1 In s!ore.
Violet KdmandS, Hanc?fc of th? Rev. ?'.
I \. T Richeson, Is not In hiding at ths
oms "i her uncle, Il R Reeder, aupertn
tendcnl ?.f Ihe New Vork Orphan??;? in
Ha t1ngs-on-Hu?_on, sceordlng i.. Mr.
Reeder, a |.i'.i-?sh aerver and n detective
n rd at Hastings last evening, but failed
?.? ascertain her wherres-outs.
Mr*. It?a*eder s..'d yssterds) thsl Ihs tel?
egraph ?.tii.e had attempted to deliver a
message t.? Miss Ifidmands, care of i? i:
Reeder, Haatlnga-on-Hudson, but ?hat aha
hsd refused ??> take it. ?s she did ro?
know whore Miss t__manda ?.??- Mm
Reeder thought the girl was In Washing
t"n .,;? ,,t ths Hutehlna ?Hapgood hosse, In
Rivervlaw Minor. Mra Hspgood denied
evei seeing ?.r knowing the girl. This !?
the place where Mlsi Kdmands la said to
IJ ed lour week;- ? '?."
i ? Edmands Is .. nleca of Mrs. ?? n
trburkle, of No I- Britcs avenue, Vm,
i.. i., v host husband I? paator or ti,. Bap
Um Chun h at the .?.?define- at south Yon?
kera Mr, Arbuckla denied that Mis? i-.d
manda im?i been at hi? home <?? thsl elthsr
i,,, oi his wlf? had seen her sin? ?? lha ar
I ?Si "I 111? I.?'Soil.
Uptown Hotel Ouest MiiBt CIioohc
Within Next Few Days.
in be Initiated In the tlimonj < 'tub s in ii
.o ii - qusrtet s in i.ii'ii.?'A ?"'ii?'. i Jail
. i pa* hla wife |M,*ms ha< i? alim?n) I?
th.- i.ii'inative which William W.Iruli
Beyerl] must choose within Ihe next fea
du? .? I 11? m.ill. i was put Up t?> him | ????
lerday, when he >????? aerved at an uptown
lintel ,n lie- aha].t n civil order ??f sr?
... .i bj lustlea '-?'?"? "'
r.. ? ? 11? ?. wife obtained s dlvori a from
aim m lavs. Ihs ...uii ?warding h?i fc,M
a '. ir alim?n?', bat |'e?<rl\' did ?."I pay,
?.? h? ?<?*."< Mi Bevet i? noa Insista un th?
paymeni ??f the Urg^ accumulation uf di
v?..ico money.
Provide Bail for Strikers Ac?
cused of Holding Up Wagon.
Hand Workers Say They Are Be?
tween Steam Workers and Em?
ployes and Are "Squeezed."
A?- Is USUal of late yesrs in ?liik?*s In
which rIiIh are Involved, promln-Mit wom?
en sr?? r-imln-r forward with otters to eld
the striking laundry worker?. Many wealthy
aromen ar?- members of 11 * ?- Women's Trade
i iron Lesgue, *Ahi??h hu? espoussd the
rouse <>f ti?- laundry ?jtrtkera but others
not Ir tie bagne have come forward sflth
? ill, e.
\ii Josephine Morgenthau appeared li?
the Harlem court jreaterday and gave hall
i??r tour 'suppogsd strikers, who were held
by Mnfflmirato Butts In fUt ball ?sa.-h for
ersmlRStloa to-day on the charge of hold?
ing ni? a laundry deliver: wagon and de?
stroying its contents Mr?. Moigenthau of?
fered as security her house, valued at $1?.
OOO, at No. .TO \V?-i?t Taili street. Hhe ?-?aid
*>lie was in ?inptcd lo tak" the step Si the
suggestion of Miss Mary B, Dreier, of tho
Women's Trad* rnlon League.
M1-H M#Unds ?feott, an olRcer of the
iraRii^, ?gras In charge yesterdai of 0 strtke
commltteY which grill hsv? dquer?
tei>? in the leapm- bnllilliii,', No, H Bsst 23d
?ii set
A conference was held Iste In the after?
noon In th?* rooms of the league helweci
i'?-lon?-l Michael .1. lt?-HK?t!. or th? ?State
Hi'M'l of Arbitration; William Ai-mor, pres?
ident ?>r Laundry Workers' Union No. 12U;
I hi lip Qroaeen, business ?agenl of L'nlon
No. U; 3. Taselaar, an organiser of th?
American Kedei-allon of Lahor, snd C. W.
Bailey, ?jecretsry-lrMSOrer of the Interna-?
tloiial 1 sundry Workera' l'nlon. The ron
fereneg van rolled to discuss '?Uns for s
mtdltleatlen <?f the riemamlM ??r the ?trikeis
With a visa of settling the strike,
Mr 1'aselsar strongly recommit
modification of the original demand nd
''.?loiiri Reagan vaid sfterward thai they
shni id b?? rsinsMerably modified
When William Armor, lia* Mule- leader,
was seen later lie ??*> ni**! (hat the strikers
would ggres to modify their demanda Tha
, it .?-??ri -h. 1, demand would ?'mb? " In ' d.
.1. Spiegelglas? i r.'.-M?'ci ,-t -, meeting in
tin? Lenox Casino, i/imx avenue ami
Street, which w.if? ati'-iidf-d by ?lout one
thousand hand laundry owners, wh<
?"?it"! tbst tlie.v were between tho iipprr
Snd low? r millstone t'1 ohkIi this strik??.
Th? owners of the hand laundries ?.end
the work ,if ib?-l! customers to the si.-mn
laundries for washing gnd only do the An
.- themselves. They eay that th?* light
between tin* union and it"? steam laundry?
mi h has closed the hand laundries, and th??
meeting wan oiled to protent ggsinsl the
*t>?ini laundrymen tor not coming to ?wm?
kind of hot!lein??ni with the strikers.
Philip Goeeeen, business sgent of I.aun*
dry Workers' L'nlon No. 3t, was at the
meeting snd made a pies for the closing of
ind l?undrtea He sdvlsed the band
laundry owners t., refuse to obej the iteara
laundry oanert if the) want-ed them to
lake the union sign out <>t' the wlndowi >?f
ih?-ir laundries When ii?* cams mit, he s,u?i
iiln a.l\|." whs 1 ?'.'.?ivi-il with appiaUl
Aft^r th?- iheetlng the hand laundr) own?
ers nai<l they bail decided it? givs the steam
laundi 1 m- n fifteen days to ?settle the strike
in ?some way, the hand laundries to i??*
closed at th<- <?nd of that time if there wa?
1 im sei'!<-ni?-nt.
I a rommittee was appointed from ? ich
bu-si ?sssoelatloii snd 1 rommittee r-pre?
Isentlng the netting wae al-<? a.|ip<?i:ite?l 10
, repr?sentativ-** of (bo union, the
i lea m Lsirodrymro'* Association ?ml the
Plate ?Board of Arbitration for the purpose
of settling the strike.
"We ars squealed between the strikers
snd the steam laundrymen, though we are
net pecttripents In the tiaht through the
strike," said 1.. N Berg, me of the "and
laundr) owner* "Tha steam laundries do
the rough work and i\>- d?. only tin- finish
Ing, gome of us have shut down already,
snd unless this conference we are planning
leads to a settlement all th? tit thousand
band laundries In th.? rtty will close intll
th?? ?trlke is settled."
It whs Ksled thai up the Strike ha>>
proved a pua; 1 enefll to the Chinese
dry men th. Chinese Lsundfymen's Ouild
Is willing to kI1.'- s too.I cotltrl button m
tin- i-trik?? fund. Th?? fsmtly la und 1
have also been benefited by th strike, snd
those who were willing :?> work for 1 ?>t
|i :'.', s day now dfrn.-unl ?Jl .".().
The officers of the Btesm Latindrym'Mt'a
Asso? iiiiion said lost nighi thai there
would bs 11" mon- conferences with repre?
Mntatlves of th?? union. President Lang?
;? in. i- said:
"Ws will never recognize the union. All
the l.iiinilrl,-s affected by the sulk.- .me
working, We have vpeclal guards on the
wagons and police are guarding the laun?
? ., . ,-?
Found Dying, Police Say Pris?
oner Threw Stove at Her.
What seemed to b?' the Btorj <?f a double
life was uncovered to tue police of the
K.mt IMth streel station when the) entered
?? dingy two room flal on the top door of
So. :'.'! i-.ast 117th street last night, The)
found lying ?ai the bed Mr- [-.ins ?'.off?-., a
v,<?mnti itiiout forty years old. She ?ns
comteleus despite the facl thai h??r clothing
SSI bnrnf-.l almoHt entirely off am? h?-r
akull tAas ?battered and iit-,?k.-n. The bed?
clothes ami msttress hsd ?been atir??, bul
the flames bad ?been smothered with water.
Thi hanging stovepipe showed thai the
stove had been taken from the door and
hurled at th? woman, it lay on the floor,
the ron la faiblis OUI of its lop In the room
with the almost <i*-iiik woman whs her
twefve-year-old son, Walter, and from him
?,\ piecemeal Detectlvei Br) in and 1 nj-.-r
managed to gel some Information,
TI- little l><? sai?! he wa- <-.ill.-,i ? i ..in his
uncle's house, nt n,> im i:.???t i-.'Sth street,
by email ?Soya who toi,i him his mother
was <i\ing He ?aid .1 man named William
Hotter, alias) ?Bentley, dring al No. 13 blast
112th street, wa>> the man wIm had assault?
. .1 his mother. Walter Mid Beutle) hsd
lived with her at \aii??:.s times and bad
treated bi?r cruel!' Th.* detectives
to the litre streH a.idr?**?, smashed
door ami fourni Bentley, or Hoffer, who
fought desp? rat el)
lie denied all knowledge of the affair,
but the detectives ihmk he three t* 1 ? - .-t??,-"
si Mrs Ooffe ami tried to kill hei
say he Is "Bentle* ih?* Murderer," so
named ?because he was Implicated In s
mill tier In the Harbin Market last fall,
being released from the Tombs ,.u Thenks
r'wng Eve. The little bo) ssys tlial ?Seni?
le) ?aroi.- hi? mother from the Tomt>a, ssk
ln>; her t.? viril him lh?sre and threatening
h* r with death If she ?n?i pot, and signing
the letter "V.nn loving ?friend, Thi Mur?
-. ?
One Killed and Another Drops Dead in
Brooklyn Yard.
Tu,. m, o dead an,l ope !?>*\erel) li
th. i. - ,i.i ?> 1I1 -'i ?' ?it the net.? yard 1 .
H.kbn The <h--o? men ?re < har?as Re?d,
aixt- filin years old. ?>f \>> ivt Decatur
in?-1. Brooklyn, who died sudden!) near
1 ,i aate of in.- \ ard, from h? si 1 dis?
? les i ogan, rift) -twu j eai ?
old, e ho lived ?1 N o ?3S l'ai Itou at.?
his skull ws h??" lui ' 'i in an at'ctdt m m
ihr "hoodoo di v.li'? I?. i?.,i i,, ,11, ,1 in th 1
Cumberland Btreol llospitsl
1 1. dei l.k l..f-!n 11 . one of the v.ml .|i\
sra, a 1 ? i"-;i|" ,"- falling rock und? r
murr, and his right hand crushed, ik
111 ?a ?A No. 1?J Cuiiibvrlaiid ulieet?
mm us bam
? .?nilnti*_ fr??m ilr.i p,^-,.
t?? the I'resldenry of the Provisional ?lov
A report from Peking that fremier Yuan
had applied to .hipan for help |? dl?crc_Tt?Sd
In Tokio. Kv.ii if i? wer?- true, tli,. btUgt
prevails '?ere that It would be prematur?
for any power to abandon its attltu.l.- of
n?'Utr?llty nt this Juncture, unies? in prepa
ratton for emergencies which miKht art?-*
ihroiiKh th?- Manchus turning against Yuan.
"London Times" Correspondent
Refers to It as if Decided On.
?London, Jan. *i. -Th* foreign military
Otflcera ?ere .iiithiirl-'ed ti.-day by their
respective ministers tn (af-S steps t<?
maintain free ?"mnuinioatinn h'tween
Peking ?lid the sea under the p.'oto'Ol
of 1901, say? lh?? < i?iT<?Hpoii?ient of the
"Times'' in Peking. As a temporal
precautionary mi-asure the railway will
i.e guarded bj troop? of the raansctlve
nationalities, each patrolling it_ own
section of th?- Uric Pendln? ?lie ?irrl
v.ii of American troops, the iiritiah will
tnke charge of 'he American section of
the i-llroad.
Promises Adherence to All Treaties,
Concessions and Obligations.
Hhanghal, Jan ?'? Dr. Bun rat-gen, Pro?
visional President of lh? <"hin? ?? ItepttMIc,
Issued to-day a manifest?*, t?? Mi?* foreign
[?.?vers explslntag the publie alai? mid poli
elea ?.f th.- republlcsns. Th.- prsaeol situ?
ation, ?aya the manifesto, ha? been feroe**.
on China b. Manchu misrule, which w_?
Incapable ol remedy without a revolution,
Th< i"'ii'" of iiie dynasty was seclusion an?l
unyielding tyranny. The MabchuS w-i?
?etuated le- ;, vlrtou? iraving for Bggran
dlsemenl and gorerned the .oun?ry ?o th?
lasting detriment of the people and re*
tarded it; commercial enterprises. The
<l??< unvnt continues i
"We now proclaim the resultant o?.er
throw of despotic ?way and the establish
m? nt "t* a republic."
The manifesto -..t? forth m detail *h?
?rung? of th? ?'hi?ese people, an?l then elo?
quently promlaei strict adh?rence to .-?'1
treaties, concessions an?i obligations under*
tal n b* ? i? ? 'inn. ???? go*ernment
II glv? an assurance of the ?afei?- of
the person? -in?l property of f?irelgner? In
China. I? provides f??i equal trestment of
th<- Maachua It de, I?res it will ?oolish all
restriction? ?>n trade, uod<artsk? the r??visi?"n
of all law? and insure religious toleration.
It then s*ka for the ??id of foreign nation?
"for the consummation of the plans which
they have -<> long been i'Stnty urgini* upon
the j?' ople of our countrj '
The remedying ?.f the evils,'' the mant
festa says, "will enable China to ?nter th?
fam Ij "f nations \v<- have fought for and
formed a gOV?*Tnnient, and lest our good In?
tentions should be misunderstood we pub?
licly snd unreservedly declare t he follow*
Ing to t... .?.?r promis? ?
Th?- treatlea entered Into by the Manchus
before the revolution will be fully observed,
\nv tie.itii?, entered Into aft.-i ti.otn*
ip.eiU "i till : ? Vol ItlOn Will be r? -
I 'eu t?.?l Por? la ? loan? and indemnities
made by the Manchu? before lh? involution
| will he acknowledged, but payment? ln
[ currad by ?ii" MancT.ua alter it-^ commence?
?ment ?.?.ill i." retmdlated. Concession?
granted to nation? an?l their nationals
prior to the revolution will i" respected,
hut sil -?nil granted afterward will be re
? i "diat'il.
The person? snd property <?f foreigner?
MUcllon Of the republic ??in
be respe? ted and protected, Manchus who
abide peacefully within the limit ? of our
. lion will be a? .-or?!-I eejuaHty and
prole, tiou
We will remodel tue lew?, revise theciv|C,
criminal, romrtl rclsl and mining ? ???les. re?
form Itnanc??. abolish ie?tri.-tlon? on tr?nle
and commerce, and in-ure religion? tolera*
? ion and the cultivation Of betteer relation?
with foreign peoples und govcrnm?-nts.
"Ii is our earnest hops that the nation?
which have ben steadfast In their ?>m
pathy ?rtll '.?in?l it,.?1'' firmly their bonds of
friendship and bear In patience with us
during the period of ths IrtgJ ?onfronting
ns and oui reconstruction, and Ihu? aid in
the consummation of the farreachlng plan?
they long vainly urged upon r*nr people and
With this message of peac? and ?-on.|
??III the republic cherishes a hope for ad
mission i" the family of nation?, not mere?
l< to ??hare In their light? and privileges,
but ?o eta-operate In th?* pre.,t und noble
tasi? of the world? civnigstlen."
Nanking, Jan. _ Tne i*efajb-C_n troops
began t"-<ia? ferrying s large quantity at
railway rolling mot- across the river to
Pu-Row. The) ?rs being rapidly tqulpped
ii preparation for their march on r.-kinp.
The revoluti ?nary commander received to?
da' a reinforcement of I.OtM men from Can?
ton, who broughl with them ?VvlMS now
magasine rUles. it la estimated that Ihs
.republican forcss now amount t>> consider?
ably m.a?? than I'",?????) men. with many bat*
j 7--i-.es of mod- rn Held guna and plent) of
The republican government's h<**a?quart?
e:s have been established In the Assemhly
hall, a large modern building, In the i-en
iii of th<" city park. The I'r.n isiona! As
aembly, consisting of delegates from tie
provlncea meeta 'iai!>. ?Pr?sident Bun fat?
s.n presiding, The proceedings ar?- carried
on in an orderly an.i dignidad manner, th?
machinery o( the government tnovtng for
w.mi apparent.] without hitch. The insat?
Inga and conventions sr? ..pen to the pub?
President Hun l? working eighteen hour?
He drlvea lo the A?s?mbly hall in
a big automobile, ths onlj motor vehicle
In Nanking Within a week the d?pan?
nants will be fully organized. Commuai?
rations arc passing continuously between
Nanking and the leaders in all ths r?volu?
i i..nary proVlnCH
it i? quite evident thai Dr. Sun la ?u
premely confident ??f ultimate victory.
There is ie,i-on to believ? that he bus
i?,u guaranteed recognition as a bel?g.
ei.iit b> one and perhaps two European
government? sa soon as a certain -;?i*e
at organisation ha* been reached.
i,..n.i??n. Jan. - British snd Qermaa
troops have i.n ? dispatched from Ttan?
Tain, according to an Exchange Com?
psny'a telegram, to (?an Chau, ihs strategl*
ml point of He- railroad leading from
Peking i" Moukden, where the Imperta]
? hues.' troop? a few days ?go daelared
fot a republic, elected Wsn| Wle-tze. their
.i,oler and .inn.?une?.1 the) were about to
..n p? king
Tia> British troop? will occupy .?n.l patrol
Ihe American section <?f Hi.- railway be?
tween Tang-Shan ami i.an-t'iur.i, where
the ????ns have been completely blocked.
Fighting of the most severe description l?
proceeding In ihe vicinity ??f Lan 'hau be*
-, ireen the Chinese and the Manchu troop?.
American ami English Interests Said
To Be in $50,000,000 Deal.
i...i,.i..ii. Jan I Negotiations srs proceed?
ing between well known London iluatu-K-rs
snd iwo powerful American groups of
n a ii nsi , ompanj a It h a
, ,,,11,,' o? *?i,.??...i. ,,, handle African min?
eral and UnanclaJ enterprises, c-pe.-t.iiiv
Rhodt-stan mining intereata according
published to.la? to " lh.- Alii an
World sud ? apt ? 'airo _xpn
*** ? ? .- ? -
1 i? ', sap? ? led thai the
i'i. n. ii governmeni will short!) huiIcii.-. ?
the l-'i'iiih Telegraph t'ubla Compan* i<
extend hall ratea m defrrred able mes
;'. ?Ilspiiti he? ns dug between I ? ?? ? ??
snd \iu. n .? i hi i*:, n i , ompani I? ..'?
read? ???'eptinu ??leh meaasgea between th
iiL_?u ules und ?franco.
Lavvler and Fredericks Take
Bomb Case to President.
Distrusting County, They Will
Keep Him on ?. S. Territory
in Indianapolis.
Indianapolis. Jan. T,.-0*car I.awler, sim?
rlal assistant to Attorney General Wlrk
ershsm In the goiernment* pioseeutlon of
the alleged dynamiting ropSptomsy, left here
to-night for Washington, after s e-?nf->rrn?*e
of three dsys with Unlfd Plate* Attorn?/
?'harle* W. Miller. In e-harge of the federal
Investigation In this distrht.
Mr. i,n*i.r !,i-i/i,-ibi> will conter
President Taft, as well as with th?* Attor?
ney General, on the latt?-r'e return from
Panama, next week. Besides being able t?>
Blvf? tin- PreoMoal a penonsl sceotmt of
what tin- investigation at Los Angeles re?
vealed, Mr, Lawler now run furnish s gen
eral r?s?Mid of all the svMencs a*?'
here and ilssw|nre throtighaut Ihe country
showf?ag alleged violation* of federal laws
in trannporting explo-dve* and eon-t
to violate Miene law?? Ils will have with
him State Attorney lohn D. Predertolta of
i."? Angeles prosecutor of the McNamaraa
Mr. rrederirkK left liera ?rorffer in the day
for Washington.
.Mr. I-wler ioo\ m 1th bun mgpy ?nip-?'
tant books and papers, which i ?? win ex
MMt pareenally to officials ?-r the Ds if -
nut ??f Jiirtb e Many Of OrUa M M?
Ifanlaal's confessions have never reached
the department, a* It v.s* not bet!e\e<1 S?l
rispbls to transmit them by mail, ?sscawro
01 the msn) persons through whose bends
they might pass before ?-caching the ?proper
?SfflelSla Mr. T.swler will it-tiirn here smn *.
I,an "?-xt WSSk, ?o lime i :n th*
examination ??f McManlgal before the fed?
eral grand Jury.
McMsnlg-ii, who Is now en rom??. I* ex
pc-teij to rr-arll liTO ?;i .-'dibi'? . I? ?'..??
learned to-day that preparation? to a<>ar<l
McManlgal in th?? federal building have ie?
suited not ont) from lb?? desire to pr
him from possible SttemlM but also to pre?
irent sny Interfeien?-?- frmn the co'inf
authorities. He therefore will be k?-pt on
f?deral ?territory instfad of at the ? mini ?
Jail, where ? '?'int> officer? ??OUM Interrogate
him or poMlMy art'et bun for alleged M its
offences, a-- he Is not. under federal indict
ment, but subpcsna, in this ?jurlsdtetl?
Italian and Turkish Personages
Said to Have Met in Paris.
Paris -Ian. f>%? It has been learned from
most reliable sources thai ?wo very ?lfgi
personage?-', ope Italian and the oilier
Turkish, have met lie!?- to die? use I s
question of opening n?sgotlatlons for pea?.?
betwsen Italy and Turkey, sa; ? the "Petit
Journal" t'li"? momma The paper ad? IS
Ilia? it is understood these person? agieei
on to?' following baaes i --? irk?) I
cede absolutely to Italy TripoHtana s
l'frenai.a, ?second Itsl) t" pa; to TurV.?? '
a war Indemnity, ami. third, the Sultan,
commander of tha faithful, to retain spir?
itual supremac) ' ? .metan
Inhabitants <?f the ceded territory.
An official communication Issued
Horn?? say? responsibility for the duration
of the var -?--ft?, on ?r-MlStentinop.e. It
adds that Italy is disposed to tresl f? '
p?-a?*e, but Will nut .illou Trip.?',! ?
made sn International
Germany Would Like to Enjoy Term*
Offered by U. S. to Cauada.
Berlin, Jan, ?"? The ??ettlrovfrsy ih?s -.'*
ing on in ,\meri?*a and Kurnpo on ?!:? - |l
je, t of paper putp duties i? occupying the
cloi-e attention of '>fTi> lal elrelet her??. It
i. understood, hoarever, that Germany hs :
not tak?*:i any ?steps in th?1 matter an I
all*? is waltinc in th?- h??!??1 that t:-,e :
states Congress ?*?ni mak? ?universal i
einptlon? in that respect offered to C
under th?* at for Canadian rr,-i-rci.-it? by
?which the free adnH?JSlon of wood pul|i
under certain stipulated conditions v, .
vlded for. ?German; might, it is thought?
in th<? la*? resort sppeal to Th? Hague.
\., > ? iiiniunication whatever ??n Hi? euh?
ject has yet passed hotwiro ti o ???
Foreign cifth ?? snd Washington or the
Ameri? an Rmbass'
The ?contention of ?3-srtnsn! end oth?t for?
eign ?rountries having treaties v.n?
rillte?! Mate.? i*ontalnlng favorod-i
?lauses is that h ?sow becomes the ?
the I'nitetl St.itea to admit tree 0f dutv
their wood pulp ?>n precisely the
I es are offered to Canadian wood pulp.
i Coder direction of President Taft thi.? n?n
i t?-nti.?n of ?'.orinan? and ether foreign coun
trles Is ?<j br referred to the ?Customs ?
recently established In Washington The
German government holds that tin-? court i>
not competent to pew upon the terms of i
treaty, and that under the limits pi escribed
by the act of Congress creating the ?
of Customs it has so Jurisdiction m er a mat?
ter of thai ???it. ?Moreover, it Is held
i.. ' ?stems Court Is purely sa Aihertcsn
institution, antl would b<- likely to decMl a
question i>t this ?sort in ?favor of Its own
go-, i rnment
Sir E. Carson Says Navionalist Rule
Will Not Be Reeofnized.
Omagh. Ireland, Jen. .'? sn ?Xdward i ?
son. Member of Parliament [or I
I'nlveisity, in a ?speech delivered hoi o to?
day against Home Rule for Ireland, do?
flared thai the province of l ??tor had
completed arrangements for a provli
government, if the Home Rule me
is pas?.?,I b) Parliament Sir Bdwsrd, ? I
is i-hairman of th? Ulster mam--?
assodstl?sn, tie.iare.i that tiie Protestante
would refuse to recognise .? satlonsltat ?ov
, rnment.
Pa'is. Jsn ?'? Pans i? suffering fion* a
s?ries of daring crimes, including mur
d?*is, attempted murders ami robberies
with Vlulenca The latest of iuk boli
outbreaks oceurred t ii t ** afternoon. whea>8
man named Isaac mad.? g bald att,?,-. on
Judge Henri i?itt?>. president of the Tii
buusl of Itrat Instance of the ?S?lna T ??
man waited III front of the re.ii.lem.? of
the HidRc iin.l a?* Hie bitter rame out ef
the ?loot trod two shots at him. neither,
hoarever, taking en.?, lsaa.- ehertty ???*
terwsrd sur reads red lo the pollro,
it is believed his sttack m tha judu?*?
was due to a desire i.? reveal
Upon the court foi bavins granted ,i .1
vorce agatnat inm
A Snappy Seasoning
It is necessary to the (till
enjoyment of a dinner.
' thi oniaiNkt woe ?-.'????-,? ?
A ?iii-ierior reli?li for Soap??, t'l?sh.
| IMcake. Chopa, Salads, etc
An Appetizer
i leas i?1 *" ?*?'< S>?*??. Agenta n.lf

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