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The Fencers' Club Wins Three
Weapon Bout and Trophy.
O. H. Breed Goes Down Before
Dr. Gignoux After a Pretty
Battle with Foils.
In a rerUs "f In fly bouts with the foils,
doelllai iwrords hit] sabre?, the three-man
Mam "i Iba i escera' cinb of New York re?
peat? ?1 !ts ?rt'imph Of last yr.-ir and capt
i,i..i |ha ibrse-wrapoB trophy and Uta goM
? 'il?-- Amateur Fencers' League of
\ i i * r-1 ? . i last Bight Oorgc H. Breed, the
nal champion with th.- foils; Arnol.l
W. its la Post? o former champion with th"
Duelling ?word, an?! A. Van -. To?t proved
trio that might ha\e put I.i'ArtaKnan
? ml M? brave companions to rout. They
ffni"?h'-?l 'hi- series In th?* new salle d'armes
?.f Um i lui?, .it No. 2 West 4.r>th street, by
wirri.ne fmjr ??outs and losing two.
TIM team of ttie Not* York Athletic Club.
Dr. .1. Kniest Oignoux, S team champion
with the foil; William !.. Bowman and A.
r; Anderson, the national sabre champion,
finished second, with three bouts won an'l
three lost The trio of the Boston Athletic
Association. G A. Bllrs. the New Englanci
champlon with dualling sword; Dr. P. W.
Mien, foil champion, and <".. B. Wilbur, wa?
third. Bliss was the only one to score a
victory, and that was with th? foils.
Despite a stormy night there wa? a l?r>.*>
attendance, more than half of the numb? i
that crowded the room being wom?-n. Mu. h
Interest centered In th?* first trial of the
new rules, which follow the ?ode which
?Ail) i?- used at the coming ?Olympic games
? t Stockholm. Sweden. These rules work
materially for the .shorteiihiK of the bouts
As soon an the score of a stronger oppo?
nent has overwhelmed 8 weaker man the
hont ends, the plan of fencing out to a time
limit being done away with.
The rules worked wonderfully well lnst
night with Chsrlsa Tathani officiating as
master of ceremonies sad Or. M. J. Kche
verria, W. Scott O'Connor and F. J. Byrne
?tctlng as judges. In the foils the per?
formance of Dr. .1 Ernest Oignouz, of the
Kes- York Athletic Club, created no little
iitlr. H?* started off by defeating rteorge
Breed, the. naUonal champion. In as hrlll
lant a bit of ??wordplay as has been
witnessed In many a long day
r?r. Olgnoux s? ?-?meil to have learned
the trick of following his attack Ihroutxh
to It? limit without allowing his adver?
sary lo approach too close. Then his
psrrlee and thrusts were executed with a
turn of the wrist that denoted etrength
and a confidence born of skill. Dr. Allen,
thr Boston veteran, alf-o fell before the
Made of I?r. ('iguoux. as the nearer of
lbs Mercury Foot emblem won in fairly
easy fashion.
Arnold ?le la Poer and OeorRe Breed,
both national champions, each lost a bout,
so that the serles ?-ame down to the last
bout with tlie sabres bilw.cn A. vhii 'A.
l'r,?t and ?;. B. Wilbur, with the Kein ein"
?*l?il> and the New Vork Athletic Club
teams tl?-d It) bis eagerness to bring ??ff
a victory Post worked with such flery
zeal as to cause Wilbur to wince as the
cuts landed on his padded jacket and hel
BMt, Post fairly mail?- a .hopping block
of the Bostonian. ami tin udgea ha_ to
caution him to be careful of hla alsshlag
blow S.
Tl??? summary foil?
Mr. .1 E_-H*?1 OtgnoUX. Ne? York A '"., 4*_
tamtpi .;.-.,i_ ii Hr.-! Fencarf flab of ?. v..
and Or 1" W. All-n. BoatSS A. A.
?'?'?.:.' ?I IP-: PenutT?' ("lab of N. Y. d"
r??,?t?-.i Di ?- it Alles. iXistnn. A. A.
i'? i a*, ?ill? n. Bemum a. a., l?.t all.
Ill'KI.IalNli SWOHM.
\rnoid \\ gt i? r-,.^1. muere" ?"iuh of n. t..
St-fMt?*. W "il'imn t.. linn um. Now York A. C.
?*. A ?ill*? !*o?'ori A. A., defeaied AinoH W.
_? !.. ?'"*r. |-?i,..-r.- ?"Int. of K, Y.
Bomsaa Mas York a. c, lo?? an.
\ van ?/. post, r. ,?.-*? Ctok of N'. Y.. .le
f?Ht?'l V c, Angpraon, New York A. C, ami
i. B WIII?bi t-Mrtoa A A.
^ .*. AnOetaph, New York A. <*.. defeated
O I :..*ton A. A.
?. B Wii' ir, P..?ion A A., los? all
National Championship Next
Month at New York A. C.
Local lorsra of the strenuous sajM of
An,eri?aii wat?-r polo ar<- promis?-?! ? ho
slKh?. ?>f aOI_a of the best games ?ver wit?
nessed In this country some tima in Febru?
ary. The New York Athletic C|u)> hSa ap?
ollad 10 the Amateur Athletic I'nioii for
the championship tournament, and as it
ha? not besa h?-id In Um Bast since i9?.s
everything points to the sanction being
Both the Missouri Athletic Club, of St
laouls. holder of th?* title, sad the CbltESgO
Athletic Association, runin-r-up In la?!
ysar's meet, have strong teams In training,
and expert to make ?i bid for honors.
The make-up of the St. Louts BSZtOt will
be pracUoally th? ?um?-. Captain
Blake. Haaeock, tha tare <"ohn brotbera
und Toepjxn will undoubtedly defend s_c
cusafBlly their position? BgSlBSl ,,tt,. : can?
?lidnte.s. and Ooaasllns und Heath will be
Um reserve men. They win provs a hard
?ggr?-gatloii to beut. A mon Berry lot
never took the water, and they play a
rlsshfng, whirlwind same.
The windy ?'ity contingent Inciudaa Ke?
bse, ?hildzlik. I _rand, Jaeger, Walsh. M
?onnell, Belmer, I_?edhe and llealy, ull
?lever, experienced playera, eager ?o wipe
out the defeat re?-eived last spring at tin
hands Of the Mlssourlans and tin- .New
York Athletic Club. Tin- rumor that they
would be unable to compete f?ir lack of
practice, their natatorlum Ik-Ihk closed for
eaatlBi has prssed totally unfounded. Tin
s?iuad 1? in?-? ting la. 8 a week in th?. \iov\
of the Illinois Athletic Club, and the BMB
..re working tooth atnl nail to net int.n
Iln strength of tha "M< rcur> Foot t"_IBI is
? matl- r ,?f ??-,n.l?--tin??. WMle Kiel?)..
Used via, _Vo_enbscb, ReM, ilandley.
Streen, KaetBlB| and Blss.ll ar<- prebably
the liest combinathin in tin .in?ry a- fSl
nn scl?-i<"e and trickery g .. the.? bars had
as ii??r.i games fo? three year?, and ihev
>vlll ha?, men physically their ??
si-aiiist ?h? m. Whether they win i? sbk
Sf in-l t" overeoline the hamiicap 1
. i-osslaa as osas Question.
Experta betters these thr>' teems will
-..ht il ..it Im UM till?-, though they don't
deny that if Prin??? ?ion <>i Y.il. d*x Id? to
? i ? t -1 ihej will be Is the numlng. What?
ever tu? issos, aaversl splsadldli coat? ???
.? mi h< ? counted upon,
iSo, Jan. _ Jesse Spsldlng, c?ptala?
elect of the Y;il. football t.-ain. is 111 at his
?loin, htm ?Walla ?pending tin- hottdaya
with his psrsnts?.a aovere ease <?f tonsl?
lflis ?I.-v. I'ipi .1. Tin- llhn ss was at llr.-t
dlagno .?itb.-ii.i.
i ni. m i no ro..
.; i ,,ui i. 88 W?-vi ;;4i Ii Bt
T pi?"?'*- Mi!,
../a*/ sra^iaa ?_? ,<HI|, t HXSi? , ,
:.\k-'.'?iu ,?e?ii'.:i?J si. KOOMv mi ?ii
-h.illi? ,. Me.k?. mu) ilion? ? S|,?-,|?||-.
DflDT ??TUIID' hln*?e K^-1-..ra.in Ale. 7 g~a
rUnlAninUn m ???? ?->. - k r nv.?.,.
yriRFTTi ''" *:'* "?' ?
That Is, Before He Meets Flynn,
Just for Some Gasolene.
(Thlesgo, Jan. I.?-Jack Johnson jirobsbly
will tight a ten-round battle with fume
l>oxer before May i, after which he must
engage lu no mom contests until he has
met Jim Flynn. according t?> th? article! of
agreement slsrnori narg i.(-t Saturday. Just
who the champion's ?st-ponent will be Is not
known. We has ssTsrsJ offers under eon?
"I think it will he cooil practice t<H in?*
to mix with sum-? tro?) strong llghtei for
ten rounds befor?? I inset Flynn." said John
Pon to-day. "And then'"?
H? re Johnson gaz?*! admiringly at I
racing machin??. "Well, the 111,000 I'd get
lor a short bout would buy a lot ot gsso
<"asey Mor.in, of South Turcupin* Ont.,
offered ??Thi/joo to-day for the .lolins.?n-Flynn
bout. It was not considered, as th< ??out
probably will go to Windward, Nc\.
Flynn l?-ft here to-day for Toronto, where
he will meet Al Kublak on January IV.
Charles K?hler Going Abroad to
Complete His Plans.
abarles K?hler, owner of FKz Herbert.
Novelty. Zeu? an.i other Make winners, will
1-e a passenger to-morrow on tits Cunsrd
liner I.usitania. ?bound for England. Mr.
Kohler win r.-maln abroad tot Ms weeks,
during which timo he will csll on the stew.
nrtis ??r the Bngllsh Jockey ?lui. with .ip
p?catl-yns for lie uses Tor S,iimiel C. 1111
?lreth, us trainer, and " .,rr?>11 Shilling, is
Tho present Intentions are t<> thin the
K?hler horses to ?'.rent Britain In March.
The ??tablo is quartered at the Bheepsbesd
bay course, and the horses sre wlntsrlng
exceptionally well in the i ire of i>..vi>i J,
L-sary, who Is in charge dining Mr llil
drcth's absence at Aiken. S C
Mr. K?hler has n-icivcl a 1.1k offer for
Novelty and Zeus i.\ the sgonl ..f sn Eng?
lish turfman who Is now here. llil.lreth
??..is Informeti ?>f tin offer, ami said he
would be Riad t.. purchase the hormis for
the sum named. The stout sop of Adam
Bhsft Is a route traveller of tin- first water,
and It Is doubtful If in? h.is a superior In
thl? respect m this country.
Although th>- Futi.iitv winner S'oveltj
has not shown his worth over Ions ins?
tances. It must not I?, as- imed II it he Is
a sprinter. He Is the sort ?hat losfs n hW
work, and would fool Ul< onl. >>r?-?- a- to his
capabilities The son of Kingston has never
Im en prc)i,,r??tl for race? over a distan? i .-f
?ground, but it is a certainty he win rate as
far as horses are required to go.
Mr K?hler Is In possession of strong let?
i ters of Introduction to the members of the
i body that controls racing In Ores! Britain,
| and he Is confident thai hti employes trill
i be grant?-?! licensea
On iieeoitnt of the prominence nf the
members <>f the stable :t is onl) natural t..
! suppose they will be required to carry big
I weights Mr. Konter, who is in rsclng for
j the sport's sake, will not dodge the Issue.
! If, however, he finds his horses unable to
I concede weight to their rivals in the hanril
I cap division. In will race principally In the
I welgbt-for-age contests
A cable message was received l.y Mr.
Kohbr yesterday from John Ifackey, dated
. Berlin, announcing that the ten marcs
shipped to Qermaay m ven weeks sgo w? re
.-..hl t?.r a total of IS.-tfO.
j The stalll-on Unel? and twelve brood
mures shl?ppsd by Mr. Kohl? In ehsrgt of
. o. ii. Burnstt are permanently i???ate<i in
Trance The produce of the French Lr.-eil
l Itik establishment will be tar. .1 by Mr.
I K?hler in Kngland and on the Continent
Man Who Upset Seiden Patent
Is Impressed by Display.
I Henry Ford was a conspicuo is ligure a
; the Garden show yesterdsy afternoon. The
?big Detroit manufa? turer. WbOM Model "I"
ears ?lot the highways of the worhi, snd
?which will be put out seventy-live thousand
Strong m 1M2, wandered around among tie
various booth?, shaking hands with old
I friends and looking over the dlffsrsnt mod?
els dlsplsyed. ai Reeves threatened t.. sell
him s Maxwell car, but Mr. Fold laughed
Mm away.
It is Just a year iiko that Mr. Ford. In
l-?Kai battle that bad ilrsgged thr?ougta the
courts for many Mais, won tie fatuo
?Beides patent suit, which returned him s
victor over the Association "f Licensed Au?
tomobile Manufacturers. The bitterni
that old strife has been entlrel) forgotten
for Mr. Fbrd was heartily welconwd on
every hand. "This Is ? dandy ?boa " isM
tin- designer snd makei ol the Ford car
"The people seem Interested In the various
exhibits. ?i?'i i ?presum? they trill d?? quite
a lot Of buying."
Mailed anywhere in the United States
for $2.50 a year.
Western Amateur Tourney Lik
ly To Be Played at Denver.
Standardization of Ball Con
manding Much Attention in
Great Britain.
- evpeefaxj that the next amate
i championship tournament of the ?Wests
X-sociatlon will be held over the lln
'of the Denver (Country Club. According
I ?he association's secretsry, B. a. F.uia?
., n sppllcatlon for the amateur tourney h
elved from Deiner, while the Idl
wild Country Club, of Flossmoor, ha? ask
lor 'he op.n. In the event of the amate
being held at Denver, the Olympic ?Ci
competition would als.? be de.'ided there,
The annual meeting of the Western G<
A soetstlon will tak? place In Chicago ?
?Saturday evening, January 20. one. we?
alter the I'nlte.l Stateg Oolf Assocl.-it'?
., Belon In Philadelphia, lo far as is know
|| w .-tern body is not looking for troafc
this year, Only one amendment to the t-o
stllution will be propose?! at the comll
meeting. This ameri.lment has to do wli
?Hi? nominating <?r directors, an?i reads i
Section : ?ai-Each assoristlon within tl
territory of this association shsll hare tl
right to il? m Dste, in such a manner as
mav ?leterminc. a candidate to represen 1
?m the txosrd <>t dire tors of thl- asaoci
Uon Ti.- names ?-f such candid ites sbs
i>. tilc.i v?lth the ??(i.tary ot thl- assocli
tien not later than the first day in ? ?t*t?
ber in esch yssr, snd be by him Immed
atelj reported t.. tii?- chairman if tl
nominating committee .?t this aaaorlatln
ai ?1 the nominating committee ?hall s.?1e
from there various candidates ?. nanti
i !>\ th<- several associations caiu'ldat? I fi
nortty of tin- txsrd of dtroetors "i th
iciatlon; provided, however, that in .a
| a sufficient number ol association?, ha?
Inot lih-d with the secretary of this a ?
elation by octotier l in esch rear tl:
? names of enougb candi.lates t?, af?? i ?1 sut
(majority, then the nominating commltU
?mav sclecl lt.- nominees In such oth?
manner as It may s? >? fit.
The ticket named for the coming year I
j as follows:
! ?President, John D. Csdy, Rock Islan
IArsenal Oclf Club rics-nrWdent, Fran
L Woodward, ?Denver Country ? 1 '
'retary, < "bar?es K. Ulllard. South Si ..r
?Country Crab; treasurer, Brtici i>. Smit1
Onwentsla ?lui? directors, Joiiu C. Fennel
I Evasion ib-K Club: A. IV. Austin. Lernt
?ton Golf and Countrv Club: .1 K. ?Bol?
Mayfleld Country Club; llenera! s
Carne*, Memphis l'mtitiv dub and ">\. '??
! Walk. r. Northland t ? .ntr-. Club
Bver ?since Harold If. Hilton the re
1 noarned golfer. returned t.? Greal Brltsli
I after his successful A merles n Invasion, hi
sdmirers at home hsv? been showing thel
'appreciation In xarlon- wars. Not loni
; SlnCO he attended h dinner al Which he ?ii
th" guest of honor. On the outside ?>f th
invitation card appeared th? following
The world's great??? amateur golfer, 19H.'
1 ?>n th?. back bat were printed the n,?tiie:
I of the members of the dinner commit!??
i th* chairman ?being L-sonard Mossop, cap
tain of the Ashford Manor Oolf ?"bil?
iithers oti the committee were John Hull
il. W. Beveridge, Krnlej ?Blackwell, II. S
Colt, A. C. M. Ctroome, ?Bernard Darwin
j Horses O. Hutchlnson, H F. !.?? Has, Kr
! nert Lehmann. John L. \*>-* ?Stuart Pat?n
: Sir r.eorge RltMell and H.trd.n <? Smith
inside, opposite tin- menu, was printed h
I tabulai form Hilton's championship record
it read:
, a mateur ehampton ? ? ""?^
Amateur rhami. . I:''1
' < ?p< h rhami . l*tt
? ?t? ? i hami Ion . I ?Si
Irish npt .i : . 1-'?"
Ii I? ? . ?! - n Min.it. ir ? Hampton. ISOO
Ama i Ion.
I ?i Stillen stnsteur ? haniplnn
Opt ti championship.
llarrt VardcM
A .Mn??\. .T. I
II. II. IIIlion.. .104
me g?.If. i? who take the trou'"le t?>
look Into Ihe future Imagine the;
breakers/ahead ??-It'i regard t<> ths pos?
slble necessity ,.f standardising i .? ?...n
In Orea i Hi I tain this subjeel :
commanded consldersbla attention, and
Wl 0 gO .-<i fat .,s to <l?
clare thai somethtni will have t., be dona
if th? Inventors manage to cr??t? a new
hall rapsble of bstng driven mu? i furtl er
Lelghton Calkins, for ?/ears prominent
in officiel goif cii.i.s in this country, i??
Hevea thai I?? tor.? attempting to regulate
the ball it would he better to seek ? res
ad) Ihr ou i i re? onsti n tlon ..f t -? links
h. other words, even supposing ?? ball I il
average player* would i?-- able t?. propel
? di ihould ' ? j.' ? sd
Ion the market, there would be s way out
of t...- difficulty i. adding three ?,r four
holes fi ?.m ?'?"" t.. !. irds m length.
This, according lo Calkins, could Im dons
without sddlng t" the total length ..i the
courses, his idea being i<> throw two ' oles
Into ?ans snd si l ? ? ins time ?..i.img |
\ more shorl holes T ? ..?it lole ? ,,?
Here's Your Car
?at the Right Price
Chalmers hxkibtt Mudisou Square
(?arden Space 21, Matt Fleer
Alter you have looked all through the Motor
Show and seen all the 1912 Models you will have
a pretty definite idea, especially after you have
seen the very high priced cars, as to what features
you want in "your" car. The next question is
where can you get all these desirable features most
Of course you will want a car with ?a self
starter. The days of cranking are over. No car
nowadays is up-to-date without this convenience.
You will want a car with a long stroke motor.
That's another trend of modern design. You want
a four forward speed transmission. Nearly all the
high priced cars have this feature. ?And demount
nble rims. Big wheels and tires. Cellular radiator.
?Carburetor dash adjustment.
Then, too, you will want a comfortable, ?con
v<*nient car. A beautiful car. One handsomely
finished; well upholstered.
With these features in mind, we invite your
attention to the $1800 Chalmers "Thirty-Six". It
is the one car at the show selling at a truly econ?
omical figure which includes all these features.
We question whether there is any other car at no
matter what price that has all these desirable
By noting the good points of many cars you
will be able to decide what "your" car should be.
Then when you examine the " Thirty-Six " you
will say " Here it is at the right price".
Chalmers "Six" $3250; "Forty" $2750; "30" $1500.
Be sure to see the Chalmers Exhibit Space
21, Main Floor.
Chalmers Motor Company, Detroit
Carl H. Page C8_ Co., Broadway at 50th Street
" Wa Gu?rante? tha ??rvter "
Hartford. Conn, opposite the Hubeleln; Bridgeport, Conn . 28*. PairftelR Ave
Brooklyn: Bruns Auto Company
Newark: Paddock-Zusi Motor Company
always he Rood holes, provld-d ?hey are
laid ???it properly Tha reason that it
would he poor policy to try t<> -_d to the
?>?t;?i length of the link* is thai -loba ara
now tlnding It difficult to get Ilia land
Bsfjessary for svsn the avsraga efghtssa
hole lir.-iiit.
New England', golfing BSBaSB. Bsya ?
Huston serine, closes with every encour?
agement for th?- future, tie numher of
? Players having increase?! in every state,
; ?he eint,?, bS-rtag had ? good year flnnn?
[(-ally, the eUsdsrd <?r i>i??y hevlag baaa
j as high as in ether parts of the .-..untry
??nd the tournea Jiasr ?he eltloa hsvlog be?
come a? well adapted to the demands .if
? the memh-rs. generally apesklBg? as the
'"intnlttec-s ?:an make them.
New Bnglaad, however, shows lack of
' enterprise In not makin. Its ????urses at
'he resorts in the mountains and at the
I ?h?re so good that they will I.ring visitors
| to them In the Bummer and In tha fall in
much larger nnmhers for ij-ilf than now is
t dreamed of hy the most ?.anguine msB?
I agers.
It probably will he left to Sew Vork.
j Philadelphia and Western people to hulld
up golf resorts In ti'?* near future In many
j parts of New Kngland. while those who
; have the country and oppotf-UnlUes under
their noses with a g'.od 18 per ?eut |B?
, vestment practically certain, stand aside
and send tTelr money away to ba hurled
In gold tnlne.s.
; Hoboken Boxer Game, but Badly
Milled at Olympic A. C.
Young Ahearn the d_n ing master, had
an enf-y time In outpointing <y Smith, of
Hoboksa, in tea round? si the Olympic
A. ?'., of Harl.-ni. last night. The boUt was
so ?ne-slded that i? was lacking in Inter?
est. In the ?-ntire contest Bmlth loaded
only a fOS eleSB 'BOBCheS, and only ?>n-e
was Ah.-arn near danger. That OS In
'the third round, when Smith managed to
land a wild right hand swing In the body
thai made Ahearn hold for a few secoadH
to recnver hi.? wind He recovered soon,
and tnr th. remaining minute >.f the rouml
hs i..n.i?d alraost at win on his plunging
opponent. , ...
Ahearn -imp'- did _a lie plessed with
Smith. He exchanged punches at the rat.
of fully seven for one, and hid the
I voung-ter pc? . ????! a punch Bmlth would
! have b?-en hnockod ?>ut. Ahearn posed ..
left hand Jal. t>> the face and rl|.I an
Uppercut t.. th.- law with an ease that w.-n
; almost laughable. No! "ne ?lid th.- Ilo
h.ik.-n in.v stop, hut he ?ras totally out?
classed ?nd in? Bameoesa ???t him nothing
bard knocks
? .
Sailor Barke, ti>r Brooklyn mlddlewslght,
, i.n nuitIsssnd -Tteorge McDermott, at
the ii vu?- Athletic Clob, William
i.-.st night, thai the referee had to abruptly
Ini.Is i'i th- fourth round of a teo
round bout. Frim? tha opoolog round
Burke rained betm* "?? hi- ?i-ai as he
pleased, without an effective roturo. M-?
Dermoti wsa in.? h..tt.-i.-d condition on th*
rop. - .,? tie- end <?f the ?rei round '???!"
-.ntlnoooa hi"?* Oolj auperhumsn
?ut end stantlna on the pari of m< i.ernu.i?
westhered the ??t.irtn during lb?
Jsch Deonlns, the i cal weii.-rweii.-hi.
who t- to m..! Mike niblioaa the it Paul
whirlwind, shortly, hud the best of Terry
Mitchell, of Brooklyn, In a teo*round h..ut
.t th. . ari-.i. Athletic nob, Brooklyn, last
night. Th, pace w.i- .. fast one Donning
wsa on the aggressive throughout and
found little dtfltculty In landing booh Mini
I ins rights <.n th? las H? had ihe honors
In six <>f me rounds, a hile mal I
about eren in 11??- remainlns foui
Atlant''- city, Jsi * An airship 1.1 -
?iiitnai fot alrcrafl which Sl*e to pi) i?
:' I ? rltj and N? w V,.rk ? ill be
erected al the inlet h?-r. n psrmlaalon
i .m 11 . from tl - Atlantl? < !lty
Coun? il. 'Pu:< permlaston ??h .?.?k.-d for to?
iia\ by N.-w Votk cspltsllats whose names
? Main- >i They applied un?
d>i tha> nsioe of th? Allan! (*< ? ? Air
Tram portstten ?' mpon*
it i<- th?' lot? ' log ?? * ' "? * blpa _)Ing
betW-on this city and Ses Y,,;k Cltj not
i lat.r than July. The niai, i- to carry both
j freight ?nd pasa? ng<
Cars Being Built to Mi-et the Most
Inclement Weather.
Other Features of the Modern
Vehicle Pointed Out by
Veteran Designer.
Ht Charle? I Ihir.rea.
With a snowstorm raging outside, th? I
first thing that strikes one's attention at I
the Madison Square Garden show now in |
propres.? is the proteetbin from th*|
weather that modern .Tutomoblle builders ^
are giving their customers. Only a few \
years hock the automobile was simply ? j
boy to be used on fine ?lay.?? only, and prin- l
clpally for pleasure. To-day that idea is
absolutely forgotten, ami on every hand
we find ample evidence that the automo?
bil, is one of the most practical Of
A glance over the monster exhibit
shows at once that nearly every vehicle
is equipped with top for bad went her
protection. So numerous ?ire these that II
WOnld be easy to note the exceptions, and :
I when these tops are exhibited folded they
are provided with .slip covers to keep them
in Rood shape and ready for use Slip
Covers would not bS needed If the top was
not to be exposed to had weather ;?ti?l ?
bad roads us?.
Nor Is this all. The fore .hors are on ?
every hand Completely Inclosing 'he ri?s
snd protecting the owner In the front aest
as well ,is the passengers In the rear
se;its To IttSSl IhesS fore doors the
dsshes me mostly of the scuttle variety
ami quite deep, ?JO as to large!) raver ths
feet snd lega of the operator, ?aho, having
I pedsla to manipulate, Is not able to be t
i protected by robsa as fully as otherwise, j
' Mud guarda are longer than heretofore. ;
] and thus more complete!) prevent the
j throwing ??f mud.
I ?Particularly is this tru,- of the skirts
or margins of the guards, which, once ap
j plb-d foi stiffening purposes, now form a
I reel!) vslusbla psri of the protection
Ths aprons which Inclose the spaces be?
tween tfie wheels snd bodies are llheral In I
.si/.e. ;md in some cars, as in tiie Hudson.
they extent) from one side of the rar to
the other, thus keeping the radiator clean.
Black fimsh ts t.. i ?? M-op on sil aldea
and ??ii -eh csra sa the Nation, Maim?n.
Alo. Premier and man) others, it looks
far more practical than ths former brass,
finish and is much essier lo Wc?p .-lenn. !
v. ? ere t'..-t.?i la esposed it is largely for
the almplesl of trimmings, and is reryl
oft? n nickel Instead of brass. When all is
ind done, utility is the re;,i basis of
beauty, and these things make for pra<
tlcahllli i und larger ussgs
Chicago, .fan I Boxing, wrestling and
other "antagonistic" sports wer? cher-1
scterised by Chai-lea Hammett, athletic |
Jlrectoi .it North?.',, stein University, last
night, as the hop?- ,.f the na!i??ti. In .1 |
?, before the Young Man's Christian
v n latIon, In K>snston.
Mi Hammetl declarad that ties.? sports, i
together ?ith foothill, offered the best
chances foi development among the young
m? n "f the .it-,.
Lou? Branch, N. .1. Jan. * A fall of
sDuurfollowed by rain prevented the .-.?, .?
otnmodore'a cup by the Ice yachts
of He- ion? Branch Bcml snd facht ?'IuIj.
this afternoon. The river Is covered with
SlS-lnch i'.-, and "??1111 a night's fri?, zing j
the surfsce h ill h> in lln?? condition for
Several r?l ti..- thjrd-cjass dyers ?'en oui
on the river, hut no faces were tailed
The South Shrewsbury t'lub has called ?
t-\ ? mi meeting for IVedneads) night, when
hediile will be made public
' Commodore It? ?ij.tmln P, Morris ?aid 10
night that there would !.?? in?ue pennants
and cups offered this season b) the South
I Shrewsbury Club than ever ?before "All
?,. nt ed." he ssid. "ts good I. ? and g
I bn-ese, an?l a record ason la promised
A. A. Brownlee Gets 4 Months
for Habitual Drunkenness.
Graduate of Princeton Theologi?
cal Seminary Taken from
'Cure" to Workhouse.
Arthur Audley Brownlee, a graduate of
Trlnceton I'nlverslty end Princeton Theo
logical Seminary, was tempt to the wAtfti
houso for four months yesterday by Msg
trate Appbton In the Jefferson Market
Coart He ha?l ?been an Inmate recently of
a liquor ei^re Institute )n }.;aflt ??2n ??greet,
which addresa he ?gave In sicniiur the cour
paper? The former college man was ar
reeti i <?n B charge of habitual drunken?
ii- --.
Brownlss ?as in the i lass of 1SS9 at
Princeton. ? Slid was graduated from the
Theologlcsj Semiaary in ism. lie lived in
Princeton. K. .1. for several years after
he had received his theoloiftcal diploma.
an?i then --ame to New York. He was a
prominent? athlete In his university days
and playsfl on the Princeton football team.
When urrnlgned In court he ?nid he was ?.
mining engineer. He 1? forty-four years
The warrant was obtained from Macis
trate Appleton yesterday by a lawyer who
said his name whs MeQolre. Detectives
'.Malier and ?".imphell, attached to the Jef?
ferson Market Court,, brought Mrownlee to
court In a taxlcab. The prisoner was ac
compatttsd by a man named McAlplne. who
kept out Of the case, but waited In the
courtroom until it w.ts disposed of.
Brosmlee's -is!, r, Miss May Brownlee.
twenty-nine yean old, of No. 12:50 Amatar
dam avenu??, mad.- an affidavit stating
spe? Ideally that her brother was grossly
IntOXlcsted on November*20. Itll, ??ml that
he had been an habitual drunkard for
seven years. Katherine It. Bailing.-!
Kauffman. superintendent of the Institute
when BTOwn.ee recently lived, mad.? a
corroboratinx alti?la\lt.
While hein? arraigned Brownlee asked
for his sister, and was told that she was
not theie She did not wish to be seen
by him In court for fear that she would
break down In having lier brother sent
awa?. Marford T. Marshall, former As?
sistant District Attorney, represented the
defendant, and when Brownlee was .not
Inclined to plead not ?guilty his counsel ad?
vised blni to plead guilty, telling him that
he would he sent away anywav. and If he
pleaded guilty perhaps not for so long.
Hrownlee stood for several minutes think?
ing it over. The court waited for an
answer, finally Mr. Marshall said to him:
"Ton will go to the Island for five months,
anyway, s<> why not plead guilty and have
it over with. They have cot to send you
???ill? whet.? to help S ou."'
"Ig It anything like Bellevue?" asked
Brownlee in a csuttoua tone.
I'pon I eine Informed that Pellevue and
BISCatWeH'a weie two entirely different
places. Mrownlee addr??s?ed Magistrat?
"Will you make it four month?, judge, if
I. plea.i guilty?" he ;isi?e,| Magistrate
Appl-ton said he Would.
"All right, then; I plead guilty," said
A> he was hein^ t..ken away he turned
on his heel end again spoke to the court.
"Say, can't you five me a rebate <.n
that .'" he usked.
Magistrate appleton shook his head, snd
Mrownlee stood still for u moment and
t.ats appeared in his eyes Mrs. Kauffmsa
went over to blni. and teaching up with
her handkerchief wind away the t? in
Koxhall Keene. son of Jam?*s I_ Keene
and a noted p??lo player, is beina raed by
the Wfaldorl iatoi .. Hotel Company for
fijas for "fofxl. lo'l'-tn? and entertain?
ment" from February. I**, to October,
IMS. The origins) Indehtsdness waa tl.tX'A.
--ti which K. en?- paid t\ ??
Gather in Cafe's Darkest Cellar
and Call It Bohemia.
Leads Debate on "Woman's In.
humanity to Man' and Watcher,
Successors Flounder
it was a great night ia?t i,:.-h? f,?- W|l4t
New Vor's ralla Hohemla. Th?*,?iw**s?te?.
couldn't ?top >m. They vm|, un t??j^ther
It?.?- ctit-u|H. and have ;, regular blase? at
| S tlm? And the thing? they -i; : f.u|,
I you know!
l'ut tlfty of them together at .. ion? ?,hi%
j In u ?lark cellar, and It In some ?liov unr?.
i Then, what atout live hundred ni (he genii?
all in .me place, listening to Emma ?,oi,j.
man trying to make a hit? Tbafa whs?
they hn.l at the Caf? Boulevard lust n-.sii?
They , ailed theinselV?'?J The --'it.ii?.. ( |uk
land th? lloulcvard dldn'i , ,!? wbtt is?
I name was- as lens a? they paid fee .nejp
| dinners.
There was no doubt ivhal they **?**?,,
soon a * you saw ihrm. Bohemia *_)?sW.
I t??n larK*? aero?? th.- room. lam?.? hstr tfa?
takes Itself seriously buna over tUc_r_?r.
of many of the men. While straight ?*omhM
? hair that take.? Itself even mor- seriously
i graced the brows of inr women, \\^
\ ?h't,- ?rere the roysterlng blade* .. i > j know
?the kind. A lemon phosphate and a ?igjr.
1 'tie, and l?s "?'??in" on, Percy. Let'? go out
and do th? town.'' The IIf?. of the party.
Each one horn with a mandolin pick In li.i
I Rngors,
I Fortunately there were some there who
saw th?- hurnor ?it th- performance g,.i
; as fur Bnuaa? cue couldn't say whether
IM took herself seriously or was juet ' _B
dlng along." From the was- si????. laughai
when those who followed t"ok her nerlosa>
ly one was iBcllned to think i? a n? ? g.^xi
juk" with hor.
The subject of the eroalog for the duo
debut?- was "Woman's Inhumanity to
l_?M." an.l Emma l?-<l off. It was ? ? rtain
j ly quite an Indictment that ?he had for
[both aosca. She mad- woman out a very
'.-ill1., vain and quite contempt!!-'
while man was no less silly, vain and, i ??
[tempttble aad most lameiitaUy weak into
[trM bargstB. Woman's Inhumanlt*. I
lt,?eif through thr?->- channela, ax-otdtng to
th ? speaker, femininity, six and lau-os-i'.le
goodness ?nd virtu.-. And S hon Miss QoM
ina i couldn't make ,i ;,?i sitb her squlsa
she tried heing rlaqu??rather poor ? ffort*
?but she got a hand from time to time.
But thos. who fallowed ! There uni
Mrs. Klla M. Murray Sie was terribly
'*i*.tres*cd. ah tha heuxr ?if Emma Oold?
-ex stuff was completelj lost on her.
/\n<l thai other bus|nesa about how woman
dragged man down from hi* high Meal?.
One expected Mrs. Murray to wvep and on?
fell hlghl) relieved that she go* tai"?) from
the platform without faintklg from the
\ery stress of emotion.
Than there was Ileniv >."i.-hol_. It huit
? Mm deeply to think of ihe opportunity
? Emma ?bad lost, and hi described In .?-tall
now he could sea her raising ?? br<wx_ of
children. ?_ l ? dressed In red llaga, sOasaaea
And 1?--. William K. Robtoson. He ?n
all bet up about what had bOOB said about
woman ? drugging 'can down. It' wai .?,
- i 11 >-. stupid II. -, he said, and he gave a few
i \ unplsa of Men who hsd not bsea 'lragg?*<i
down from their high estate. It went
? ?om.thlng Ilk?- til? "And how shoot I'ar
?srln, Qsatbe. Dickens, DaudstkarhBarshtN
gohuxU yepaa? eremerson words worth V
And all the time Enana was laughing
? and making notes.
London. Jan. V-'HIlnk" Mc?'lo*k?-y. the
ArivrUan pugilist, and Arthur Mannen, of
London? 'ought twenty rounda at the Na?
tional Sporting <"l?ih here to-night. The
referee declarad the soot?at a draw, hut
the decision was badly rocetved? the crowd
favoring Harman. The men dlsplsysl
mUCh had hi.!
? ? ?
The Tires That Make Good
Every Day?Everywhere
MAINTAINED THE consistently high average mileage for
the past year.
?? THE TIRES that arc offered with an urgent request to
investigate their record for service and economy.
II THE TIRES that arc backed with direct factory repre?
sentation in 35 cities and a personal interest in every casing and
tube sold.
q THE TIRES for ANY RIM in the famous FISK HEAVY
CAR TYPE construction.
Wtr are exhibiting at Madison Square Garden
and Grand Central Palace
1725 Broadway, New York
llruuklyn (after Januar? II)? l '<>" Bedford Ave.

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