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I ?i! A? ?l
^tendance Records Like
Be Broken During Wee
(Theatrical and Society
View Wonders of Grei
Display at Garden.
pe-rpite the unfavorable weather th
mobile fhow In Midlson Square Card,
tfrday was thronged with visitors,
present Indications this flr.-t week
!}?ow will break all records for utt.n
jlsny tr.'ins from the Weal and Sot
well as >?'' "?v Kngland. brought in
numbers of persons interested In at
Mies who did not arrive, for the open
Saturday. While a portion ot the ?
??tendance - made up of persons con
??jth the automobile industry, th.?
majorltv ??:' those who pass throng
???tes ir? private owners or prosp
owners of cars.
Around 4 o'clock in the afternoo
ptM.n took on a tinge ,f the RiSltc
It app?'-?''"! ns If half of Broadwaj
leen transi lanted there, the o?-casttm
theatrical matines day. Many pron
ajstyeri n invited to attend as ??
of th?* show management, ticket- t?,
members of their respective companlc
log Isclosi 1 with the Invitations, .,
lar?.'.- nu ? of actors ami adresse
A qua tet of the visitors that attn
consi'i. r ? attention Sras compose?
WiUlP-ni ? 'Hier. George M folian.
iren 1 Hi? (Kk ?and John Junior. The
mained an hour, and Mr. Collier- ?he
just ? ? new National mac
taid i ' Ing back another day,
?gas impossible lo s.-e everything in .-?? i
s time.
Kitty Gordon, encased in huce m
foearskii, furs, walked about with her n
?tid late- was Joined by Miss Jane Cowl
jlifs Ethel Jennings, <>f "The Oambl
?jompitiy. Kathle??n Clifford and I
Cameron, fr.?ni the Wintir ??arden, mai
most iitu active couple, as did Qerti
Vapdcrbtlt and Sophye Barnard, from "
Bed Widow." Daniel Prohman ?am?
tlon?*. and Julian FJtlnge was with ?
Others well known up and d??wn Pre
any who Interested themselves In the
Wbtts Included Eugens Walter, tho pi
?erlebt; Laddie Cliff, Otto G?r1tz, of
Pltropolltan Grand Opera Company; By
gtssly. -ah,? is with Margaret Illlngton, i
gdtn?>ti,i Beresford.
Although Tuesday and Thursday hi
been termed "society nights" there w
present any number of the smart set b.
altern?e?? end evening. The suffrage mo
ment does not take up all of Mrs. AI
Bel m ont's time, SS was indicated by I
ftct that she thoroughly enjoyed nn h?
rmong the exhibits and stopped at s?-vei
?booths where demonstrations were hei
given to ask <*i;?JSttoaa. With Mrs. Helm.
Moncare Robinson.
Vr, tkrlck W. Vanderhllt was an lnt<
ested spectator. Magistrate Frederio K<
tiochan t*ame In with pome friends, a
young Oliver iselin brought his finnci
Miss la itrlce Flsgg. Others present 1
clud.d Harry Brevoort Kane, Oener
Chati- i" Roe, Mr. and Mrs. F.llsha Pyf
William H. Coombs. Mrs. John R. Drexi
William H. Hide N'ellson, Mr. and Mr
Jules Bache, Mrs. Edwin II Weatherbc
?Mrs W CJoadby Loew, K. Victor T.oew ?r
Mis?- Mahi I '",. rry.
One of the most striking exhibits In tl
who',?* show 1? at the Flanders booth. On
half a car Is shown, the chassis belr
?jawed In two in a longitudinal section.
Is the first time such an Idea has been e:
hibtt.1 at an automobile show. Kven tr
?stagneto valves, transmission shaft an
bou.-itiK. differential and small screw
whit h ?happen to be In the plane in whlc
the chassis is cut. are all In section.
Ar. unusual method of displaying cars o
ene section of the ?It vat. d platform ir
tolv.-s the use of a turntable, perrnlttin
-all ?ides of a car to be seen by a crow
Without excessive moving about by visit?n
The Liberty-Brush runabout, which is th
' low.st priced car !n the Garden, is mounte?
Upon a t-liKhtly . levai? ?1 turntable, covere?
with purple velvet, and revolved by a mo
At the Hudson exhibit correction wa
mail?- of an unfounded story that a nev
: valve was to be shown. The rum??
grew out of some experiments made in De
tr?'l? ot a rotary ?link valve by several othei
Manufacturera The Hudson exhibit con
slsts of s touring car, roadster and lorpsd?
?abode!, the featurse of ths exhibit being a
?JBOw-whlts chassis, which demonstrates th?
Bin:?-"i, ity of the car. This is in addition tc
a "skeleton" of ;i Hudson, with all housing?
?stripped off, which attracted much atten?
tion >. terday
Matiy self-starting devices of electric and
con.?ii ..,l spring types are shown
lr. operation, and the*? ?Iraw big crowds.
Th. r. ,.,?.? numerous self-starters using
?Set) ? but these, of course, cannot
be permitted to operate with their igniting
The s -lf-startt rs Interest tho
worn, n visitors particularly.
A novel idea worki-d out by the Cadillac
Nmpany. its cut-out chassis, instead ot
fcslsg run by curr?*nt from an outside
??cure., la operated by the "Juice" supplied
by its ?w-n electric self-starting device,
which has BUffident capacity for running
th?? ehassli tot about six hours without re
plenlshliiR the Storni"?* buttery. This Barne
electric .system f>upi?lU-s tbs lighting aad Ig?
nition to tho c.ir.
Soni?' RtrSBStet tins are shown In the
vari?KM booths. The Flsk hau one 40 by 6
Inch?-?, und another ':* by I Inches. The
Firestone*? MggSSl around is 8. by I Inches.
The Goodyssr bsa oaa 4i by f>tk inch.;? aad
another 29 by 6 Inches. The Hwlnhart's
' is H by I lachea; the AJax Iihs one
87 by 61*3 tachas; the Rspsblk one M by ?>?_
inches; tho Goodrlch. 17 by 6 Inches, and the
Diamond, .6 by f? In. I
Elyria Firm's Construction Is of
Most Approved Type.
That tli?- six-cylinder Batter has lost BOBS
?if its prest?as during tha last yoar, bat oa
the oUm r b iini has grown in popalsrlty? Is
evidence?! by tho Increased miinber of sixes
?m exhibition at the show. Many buyers of
ill?.? priced ears bava com? t.. look upba
the six as th?- Idea] motor. White it baa
not and never will relegate th?- big fOltfi to
the scrap beso, there Is BO arguaient that
it fills It? particular Bicha In motor car
One of tho c-omparatlv? ly newcomers In
the six-cylinder Bold is the Oarford. Thin Is
one of th.- clean, st looking motora <>n ex- '
hibltion. Tbs cylinder-, are cast In two sets'
Of three, ?ach, and 'ill working part - SIS
cleverly concealed, hut are easily Sfn SSSlllla
Tho bore Is 4V? Inches, whil?' the stinke is
T'4 inch.: IgBltloa is by the iios.ii dual
aystssL Two ?nets of Boscb pinga ??r<- used,
cue set being located ah.no the inlet valve
and the other set on tin- OPpOSlta Bide <?f
th?- combus?Ofl chambers in the cyllndera
Much attention has bSSfl glV? n to the lubri?
cation. The oiling system is self-contain? d
and the oil Is pumped from the base of the
crank case by a gear pomp, driven from
th<- cam shaft through a copper tuba to
front, centre and rear shalt bearing.. Prom
the latter tho oil flows to conn?, ting rod
besrlBgs through tubes oa connecting rods
to wrist pin bearings
in spit.- of the ?fact ?hat William F.
Hoppe, tie world's champion at 1H 2 and
18.1 balkllne billiards, will next gatarday
lake charge bf the room at Mtb atresi and
Sixth avenue and pat up bis name hi giit
tsrlng electric lights, the old propii.-tor.
John J llcOraW, will still continue his ln
In the room. M><'r.?w amenm id
last night that there I ad been a mlsi.n
def-tsndlng m to the changing of tho
nanu. It la the Intention of McCraw te
?ontlriue his Int. rest, and be will lx- as
prominent In the management as hereto
t,,r. "lie will be regularly at the room
until th.- Olants Ko South for tho spring
training When he Is absent trom the city
Tom Ratty, who will continue with the
billiard room, will act as M?*i "raw's repre
? s.-ntative. _
Automobile Shobv at the
Valace Open** To-rnorrot&>
New Exhibition Building
Offers Fine Oppor?
tunity for Dis?
play of Cars.
"When the show of the National Associa?
tion of Automobile Manufacturers, in th<? new
Grand ?"entrai Balate, op. ns to-morrow
night New York? rs und the thousands who
eons here for tho annual displays will Ik?
able, for the first time in ?JSWSSJ years, to
examine during the sann- Week all the cars i
of importance made in this country. Here?
tofore trade rivalry Bisds this impossible
The show at the ilraixl l'entrai Palans
has for several fpaiA been held a we.-k ?
? ,?1 ??f the Gard.-n exhibition In ths Imps
Of K.-ltlng first attentioii ut the hand? ofj
the public and tho press. This year the
strenuous rivalry that has heretofore rruir
sctsrised the shows is missing Patsnt
milts ha1*S pSSSSd Into oblivion and the
only reason that two shows ?re t>> I >? held
Is that n<> building In New York In largo
enough to acrommodato all of tin manu?
Cast ??trass
Miitiy thousands of persons will obtain
during the week their ilrst gMflBpSa <>f ?M
n? w Oraad Osatral ra?aos. 'i" ibose who
hi ill bave th,- old building of the BOOM nam*
In mind the tn-w BtrSJOtars will prove a
r>-velatlofi. It is looatod tiro blinks north
of the old 1'ulacr, ;,t L-SSlSgtOS R.. title and
4>**th stre.-t. The tu-w I'ahic? has more tloor
U in am ?.ther btilkllnK In th?> <-tty.
In cm e.piet; e uf thlh th.- management has
.??,ie to provide spa? s for both passs?aV
?far and ? uitiiu? r. I .1 v- I.I les. thin being th.*
first time this has be,-n possible In any
American sl..?w.
Present Line Is Outcome of Five
Years of Production.
This Is the sixth year the output of the
fierce-Arrow Motor Car Comp?Jtny ha?
. mi led that OOPOSTS to exhibit ?dx 'yllnder
cars at the Madison PaWaSS Gard.-n phow
The first nlx-cyllnd? r Fierce-Arrow model
Was a tar maiiufa? tured for the Hfl toll
in? season, and deliveries were made In the
latter part of IMS, B<sasaasd ?Hidden tour?
ists will remember tiiat one of the experi?
mental Bier? ?--Arrow sixes was titled as a
prsss nii'l official car In the HM Midden
tour, which begsn st Buffalo and wont Into
Canada For the last ihn?- MSSOM the
IMerce-Arrow ?'ompany has exhlbltetl stx
. .tinder cars exclusively at Madison
Square Garden, its psssrngcir car output
having been cowdaod to ibat tvp?
in ?Tarions eombtnatlons of ?is three
? has ?s of '?%, -Is and M horsoponmr sn?i
many body styles the l'|?-tc.--Arrow com?
pany has twenty-throe cars for n,?- bays*
to choose from. Obviously it would he lm
PQSSlble to show mor.- than a suggestion
?.f u line of cars of this ?j|ss In the re
stiicted t-ia'.- at the Garden, and foi | it
reason the company OSS arranged an aux?
iliary display at the ?howiooins Of the
Harroida Motor I'ar .Company, In .'.lib
.-11 eel
Finishes Sixty-four Hours with
Motor Still Running".
Hirttlln? with ?now und contending with
bnd roa?!?? and Ice cover?-<1 hills, the Aleo
truck in servi.-e for the United gtataa Kr
jir.-ss CompaBy i__t avsalag reached th?
Klxty-four hour mark The world's non?
stop i? lord, which this tfuck holds and
Is rnal.lng un attempt to PKCOOS, !?< 18.
hours, mad.- a v?nr ago No dlltl. ulty has
ln-i-n experienced with any part of th?
mechanism, und the mOtOf Is runnliiK
coatlnuously avsry hour of the day and
I Miring the last twenty four hours the
duty was non II ?ad t<? long, heavy haul*.
?is a remit th? truck covered I"?**, tulles cf
territory. It mud? twenty six trips, aver?
aging elghl miles each, between tho ex
preSS COmpaay ofllce* and ?he railroad ter?
minal.-, of a number of Neu Jersey < it le?.
Three crews of drivers are employed, each
?lrlv?-r being ue<-ompanled by a helper,
r u h >?liirt Is on duty for elghl honra.
The truck Which Is negotiating this run
Is one thai has b?-en in pert ii <? for the ex?
press coBcera f??r the las! ala weeks
From four to six teams are being sup?
plant.d At the aad <>r thla aerrlca it will
continue Is its ovoryday duty.
Hugh Chalmers Says Present
Display Is Wonderful.
Expects Arena That Displaces i
Garden Will House AH
Makes of Cars.
"As I ex.tectod, the ]j"2 show Is far
ahead of all earlier exhibit?," ?aid Hugh
Chalmers, who reached New York yester?
day and spent the day ut the show. 'Two
things instantly Imprc-se* rne as I wnll?*l
nbout th.- auditorium: first, the cars aro
hands?.m.-r and the exhlhlts nre m<>re valu?
able from the buyer's viewpoint than ever
before; s. rond, the d? ? oratlve ?chem? of
this year's show particularly lends Itself
to th?- a o vantageoils display of cars The
show commltte? I? to he congratulated
upon ha \ lug built the handsomest m>"?tor
Show we have ever had. gtaeo this is the
last shOW which will ever be held In the
B*_-BBoa Square Garden, it I? fitting that
the pissing of the automobile from the
famou-i building should be slunallzed by our
best and moat beautiful show.
"I am Informed that work is shortly to
be Started OP the new arena. Next year
the automobile show will be held In a new
atul a larger and handsomer building. And,
best of all, there will b?> no neeil for two
shows It Is li.,p.-d that the facilities will
be sti.-h thai all of the wonderful produt
of the motor manufacturers of the United
Slat.? . an be ehOWS under one roof. This
is a condition to which we are all looking
forward; and I am sur.? that only in the
combination of the present two shows will
w.? g.t an exhibit superior to the present
.?tie ill tlie Gardon.
"In th?. exhibits themselves I see the
most striking evldenci-s of the prosperity
of th.- Industry and of the tsndency among
all stsndard manufacturen to give the
bltyer more for his money. One cannot
walk through th.? Harden without noting
the beauty ??f line an?l finish, the conven?
ience, the comfort for which designers are
Mthli'g in BUI of all prices.
"I am told that one of the h-?st crowds
Iti th.* history of the pIkiws attended the
opening on Saturday nlKht. To-day I have
seen a Mg atiendan?-.?. And everywhere I
see people really studying tho cars. This
Is simply b'.'al evid, n. o of a condition
i which exists throughout the country.
Motor cars are selling everywhere. The
Industry was never In a more prosperous
Mr Chalaastl then w?nt on to say that,
w lil!. ? I..? known Ken.ral conditions per?
fectly, be can speak specifically only about
his own company. Mr. i'halmers states that
his company In the first six months of the
Ml i-eiisoii, or up t?> January 1, sold 43
p.r .-nt more ?ars than were fold in the
same period last s?-ason, and this despite
the fact that IT*11 was th.? MgSJSSl s. ason In
the company's history. Mr. ?'haliners also
says that the Kast has a worthy rival in
the Kar Want as an automobile market,
th? largest l'acl'lc ('oast cities lielng ?sec?
ond to New York as automobile buyera
Mailed anywhere in the United States
for $2.50 a year.
The Man "Behind the
"Silent Knight" Engine
Inventor P-vys Tribute
to Barney Kilbourne,
Who Helped Him
Charles Y. Knight. Inventor of the Knight
motor. Is a constant visitor at the (larden
Wlnreyer he go?? he Is accompanied bv
Barmy Kilbourne, of Chicago, who. It ap?
pears, made possible the development of
the new type motor. For years until the
Invention wa_ found commercially valuable
he was "the man behind."
"Kilbourne deserves much of the credit
for our ?ucees?," Mr. Knight ?aid yester?
day. "When things look.-d darkest for us,
when our expenses wer? t?Trill-: and there
was not a ci-nt of re.eiiiie, I was often
badly discouraged. Then Kllbourn?; would(
come to BBS and tell me that we couldn't
help but win out. The sleev.- val-.- motor
Is successful bey. in? I all BUeet-M aal la so
sdmltted, and i waat ??< -??,- oaal __?*? Ktt"
bourne has done far more for It than must
panons realtae, Efla fslth and hop.- in the
OBgtae have been constant from the first1*
Mailed anywhere in the Unitod Statea
for $2.50 a year.
Space 104?Garden Show
A BIG car, of enormous power, built of the fin??st
materials, self-starting, a masterpiece in design and
construction, and equipped with the best, the
Everitt "Six-48" is well worth the usual three or four
thousand dollar price necessary by slow hand-methods.
New automatic machinery and advanced manufacturai*;
methods have now made this 9plen<?d car possible at
$1,850. This Six has had a season's searching test; it
compares favorably in ability, performance and make?
up with the very finest ca^g produced, either here or
Tha Seit Starting
Hie Evasltt "SU" is generally
considered, In auto?nobile circles,
as the one great car of the year.
It is the big success of 1912; the
car that every dealer has been try?
ing to g?rt, and that every user
bas been waiting to buy.
Its c-ortstruc-tit-tn is of finest
chrome-nickel steel; its manu?
facture by the latest automatic
machinery. Its parts are worked
with the fine precision of a cost?
ly watch, but given a strength of
from two to four times over or?
dinary automobiles.
Every mechanical advantage
known to automobile ?practice has
been embodied in its make-up.
Every feature of merit known
to the costliest has been ?adapted
to its use.
Its modified !ong?-?troke (pat
Metzger ?Motor Car Co., Manufacturers, Detroit, Mick,
N.wtoa-H-aaapWre.Ule Co.. Nowark, N. J., Tanner Motor Car Co., Brooklyn
Sh?wh?vd Motor Cea Co., 10S9 Broadw?y. Now York
exited), bloc-type motor, endossil
s?ejit valves, douUe-exnaast
(eliminating back-pressure) heavy
chrome-nickel crank shaft on ex?
tra long bearings, extraordinarily
quiet gears and simplified design
are only a few of its mechanical
It bas the big 36 x 4-inch
wheels and tires, demountable
rims, a 127-inch wheel-base, beau?
tiful straight-line, fore-doored
bodies with all levers enclosed,
and i? fully equipped with Top,
Windshield, Prestolite, Speedo?
meter, S Large Black Enameled
Lamps, Extra Demountable Rim
and ?Carrier, Horn, Tools and Re?
pair Kit.
Two, four, and five pa?ueng?r
type? cost $1.850. The six-pas?
senger car costs $1,9*30.
Touring Car
Price $4,000
. With ? ii?i?l... K?|iii|?ment
f Hix oilier b??dy type?
THE Pope-Hartford 6-cylinder embodies
all the fundamentals of perfect construc?
tion as well as the many refinements that
contribute to maximum pleasure and comfort.
Down to the smallest detail, the Pope stan?
dard of unexcelled quality is rigidly main?
tained. It is reflected in unexcelled service.
Catalog tnailcil on requeat.
The Pope-Hartford 4-Cylinder Touring Car, Price $3,000, with
Catalog equipment, ia generally recognized as best represent?
ing all that ia deeirable in its type. Eight other body types.
The P-P? ManufiMliirlns Co.. Hartford. Conn.
N i_s Pop ? "artford Km,,hit, Space So. 5. Main Floor,
Madl?on St?uare Gurilm
19.-.0 ?ROADWAY
While you will, of course,
be interested in seeing our Ex?
hibit of 1912 Cars at the Madison
Square Garden Show, it might pay you
also to look over the USED CARS at our
salesrooms. These are LOZIER Limousines
and Touring Cars that have been rebuilt and
refinished and are sold with our Guarantee.
In driving a Cadillac I have the
satisfaction of knowing that I am
not trying out the maker's experi?
ments at my expense.
T<> locate the CADILLAC at the f?AKDES ahn?
jnat look for the bualeat exhibit.
To be found at the Garden
Show, on the elevated plat?
form directly to the right,
as vou enter.
Where the Afeo Gets its Rare Personality
IT takes a year and seven months to
build one Aleo.
A month alone is required to build
the rear axle. It is one piece?not built
up- but hammered out of a solid billet
of steel. Forged out by the largest drop
hammer in the world?one that weighs
250,000 pounds and cost $51,700.
Metals in the Aleo are rare. Brief
specifications do not reveal the superior
properties. These are metals that 76
years of locomotive building experience
have chosen as final.
Per pound in the raw no materials
cost as much as those in the Aleo.
Before these metals are turned into
parts for the car they receive the most
thorough heat treatment of any automo?
bile in America. Gigantic ovens register?
ing as high as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit
render every part in the Aleo where
strain occurs well nigh unbreakable.
Aleo parts might be bent, but broken?
almost never.
Large vats of oil complete the heat
treating processes. To fill one large vat
in the Aleo heat treating shops requires
$3000 worth of oil.
Tests are numerous. As in loco
motives.a motor car is strongest only in
its weakest part. Therefore, every single
part receives a superhuman test.
In the chemical laboratories of the
Aleo, metals are analyzed into infinitesi
builder? ?be of Aleo Motor
Twice winner of the race
mal particles. Every ounce must come
up to definite, delicate standards?on?
of the specification sheets would amaze
nine out of ten motor car manufacturers.
In the physics laboratories of the Aleo
are wonderful machines?Frankenstein
in their strength?which test springs,
axles, frames and other parts with thous?
ands and thousands of pounds of
Many automatic machines may be
found in the Aleo shops. Here also are
gigantic machines which perform a score
of operations in one. One machine bores
a small hole through a solid billet of
steel almost six feet long with a mathe?
matical accuracy of one one-thousandth
of an inch.
One may observe as well small tools
that perform a more delicate operation
than that of a surgeon.
And the men who run these machines
and build these parts into Aleo cars are
skilled New England workmen who love
their work and are proud in knowing that
they assist in building America's superior
motor car?the two time winner of the
race for the Vanderbilt cup, America's
motor classic.
Much of what has been said here may
be found in first hand evidence in the
Aleo Exhibit at the motor show. Examine
the Aleo chassis there. It is evidence
which will convince almost any man.
- 1886 Broadway, NEW YORK
Trucks and Aleo T ? ? ,c ab?j
for the Vanderbilt cup

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