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Sportsmen's Dinner To Be Re?
peated Here This Year.
may Agree To-day on Question
of Referee?Gossip of the
Baseball World.
j?a,iv \\. Smith, master of th>> ?irafton
Hound-?, nnnounci 'i yesterday that the sec?
ond aiiiuai* r|"Msni'n'R ?Untier will Im held
ta .?,.? Astor Gallery ?>f the VYaldorf
Monday evening, February 11
Invitations "ill be sent out shortly to all
?he kudinj sportsmen 1" the country. In
?aMSkinn of the dinner, which proved so
|1J(.r,. .'i. Mr. Smith said
Yja,. ?,,( dinner, given lael year, brought
i mil nom August Belmont to
. . L'nlted States government which has
?Jready marled deep Interest in the army
remount problem, aa th*' purchase "f l??n<1
.,? i- ma in Virginia and else?
overnment plainly shows.
Id the l ' d?cada America baa made
wonderful atrldea In the breeding of the
lich't ;. our successes in
j.*,ari, iy, Austria and even snow
?pQui, iunl within the i '
number ?if fsrms In and
tix?ut i*? \!"-*"'*. ?**>?. homes <>i 11 * ? - thor
tiefore he was banrshed, have
purchased tor liuht harneas atuds.
ra ?>f the American army
riding on the Rat and bs
IV?-.,11 i le flags over tne Jumps at the
principal hum meetings, but thai A rica
Ind Europe In it*, vavalry
was evidenced by the pitiable show?
American officers agalnat t h<- for?
eign officer? at th?* last New fork show.
]i |i no? believed that by the nid of Au
f?iis* Belmont. Judge Moore, Alfred Van
oVrhlt ? - others ?md proper education In
*-,,?.. the csvsiry officers ?* ?II er?*
s ho wear the uni rm of
1 i to tho front.
i Is a gathering or br<
tlemen riders, polo playera, ofll
army, members of the leading
tppg ona and sportsmen, and If
rk in .he coming year '-an equal
? hv the tremendous si Ides In
th,? l tie valu?* of this annual
path? ' - will ho ?rvn more apparent
;i n of works of art bronses,
?",-. etc.. Ill the Mvrtl.
oi the ?linnet- lar-t year was unique, and
r h exhibition which would have
> -ihle to have brought together
.*iher reason, namely, for the "sake
Ri< driving, tarin??, hnntinc polo, in
.ft- in the open, and,
ill, breeding, the production of
of value, are becoming more and
? -tins to Americans as they find
mnif leisure: and at tb?i'= annual gathering
tog? ther and do ho-rmso to th' se
v-iio have accomplished aomethlng of merit
In the last twelve months.
a> T: |? . if qtisrters have be?*? firraued at
the Waldorf-Astoria for two da
Sportsmen from far and near 'n;rv gather
a dav oi two before, and meet and com?
mune with one another, without the end
]?-. rush which was so apparent at the
r ? veir.
Aft'r a three-hour discussion between the
rnan.tc.-:- of ZbyaSko and Rateevlteh. at
?rar tJcaity all si-rangements wer?
?ade for the finish wfestllni match to be
held fit Madison Pquare Garden 00 .Mondav
evenlnrr. Psbruary 12, the men will me?t
ecain this afternoon and decid?* ?.pon a
r This was about the only thing
which prevented the men ?ignite articles
ar.d posting their forfeit? yosterda'-. In or?
der to decide the question of a referee, th"
"Managers Will submit a list of half a doz?n
r.~m**s, and no doubt an offlr-ial will be
chosen from among them. B 'th of the
wrestler.-- aie In this city and ready to e.*
Uihlir-h permanent training quartets.
Two n*-*w players sent In the'.r s'gned con?
tracts to the Yankees yesteiday. They
were \Y. 1'. Oshorne, an outfl'.der of the
Rochester club, ?>f the International League,
and O. P. Shears, a pitcher of .he Paris
Club, Of the Blue Grass Leagu?. Oshorne
had a batting average of .290 for 152 games
last year and a fielding average of .971*,
?mnklnsr only eljiht errors. Shears was tho
star twlrler on the pennant winrin?*. Parts
team ?if the Blue Grass League. He won
twenty aivl lost ten pam* s. striking out 16-?
men and paastag onlv 68
Another came has been added to the pre?
liminary schedule of the Yank?-??*?. Georgia
University Will be played at Athena on
Man I
The epidemic of meningitis In Texas Is
I*? ??mning to worry Connie Mack. The Ath
letics have planned to train at tan Antonio,
fa t the situation In the Lone Star State Is
Wat? hed and a ?hange Diay be mail?*.
IW ileciare?! yesterday that he thought
was no cause for alarm so far as
the Giants aro comerned. and that the epi
would be over before the teams went
South. /
Duffy, former menasrer of tjie Chl
W hite Sox and now the director of
the fortunes of the Milwaukee dub, of the
American Association, thinks that Vean
? season will fall iar short of
the i*ecord he made in 1911. Duffy lnti
Qregg'S arm has been Injured
?I i * t*air. '
'1 don't think Gregs will set the Ameri?
can League <jn lire as he ?lid last year."
said Duffy recently, "He was a wonderful
last .season, but In his last game
' ne White Sox he didn't have a
thing, and every time ne threw the ball it
r.l to hurt him. A couple of players
to '. in* that his arm had 'goaf).' but it ?lid
not appear to be as had as that at the time,
fcml possibly a winter's rest will bring tho
youngster around ali right. Greug < <r
lainly was a remarkable pitcher last sea
SOa, and I hope that the work which he did
0i injured him permanently.''
The Detroit Tigers are doing some whole?
sale housecleanlag, seven playera having
ba-en r? leased, ac?*ord|n(i*t<? an aniiouiicment
made yesterday. Six of tins, will co to tin
***fOsMene? club, of the international
'?en?.!!?*, which was recently purchased by
lent Navia of the Timers. The other
player, Ralph Btroud, a pitcher, will go to
the Buffalo ?lui., of the same organization
i?ral*e. an satteMer; Lathers, an i
lively, u pltchsr, sll Igure la ??
trad?* wfakh brings Perry, an outfielder, to
The latter la a star, leadlm?
the hitters ?if the Int. mat:..nal League last
tas J4J fes ?i" i
Hs also was Us hitter la the or?
Kanization, making 185 hits go for a total
Thirty-three ?louhles. twen
tv-one t'iples an'l three home runs were
r! H? will make up .?
r.t trio with Ty Oobb and s.im Craw?
by oMright t*
Schmidt, the vetaran catcher; Ranfer, ?
pitcher, and Reynolds, a eat? her. Schmidt's
retsaat marks the passing <?f an old favor?
ite ?if th?* American i/i-aj?!??*. a lame arm
hrni 1'r.n ti'-rilly value)?*?!?*
ST last >.-ar, but he dM w? II as S
hitter. Th<* Otaya ought t?> mak?* a ?.-'""I
showing next season with the infusion of
nil this now blood. Drake, Lathers and
all showed siKii.i of future brlll
l"i a little seasoning. Lh<i*. started th'
Season In the box sensationally, but did not
last. Ills record was seveii . ntoii. s and
f<ats. Infield, outfield an?l I
?I are Included In | 'or the
benefit of Provldfyice.
Hors? a Pogai ?,f the PhUsdel.
phia dub, of the National ?,.;??-*-,??, has in
^it"i the Athletics to ????viro fhe
training camp at Hot BpftagS with the
Phillies, Instead of me n Anton!,,
ktaa a?nlnallle
NrtMiMa Walts, th.. ? i ? IgM bog? i
Il m--et ? ? 11 i -11 I'aildy" la
len rounds at the American
;Vi'!; mon. i,t Brooklyn, to-night
?? r?. I"1"" !"
\*lh ? hart hi*.
II. e will
'?* ^'ttvr ur . ?re in hi*
Hurdy-Gurdy Engaged by Wom?
en Fails to Draw Crowds.
The Woman* Pollttoal Union's hurdy
gUTdy trip down Third avenue ycst?-:-lay,
with which it fondly hoped to edvertloe
?he ball it is going l" Rive at the Murray
Util L.v. euin, proved a cold, cold Croat The
v.cather was cold, the public was OOld,
and Francesas, the hurdy-gurdy woman,
*was extriniely cold. Even tlie Ines of
v'.tes-for-vvonieii enthusiasm which kept
-Mrs. .lohn Rogers, jr. Miss Kleanor Bran
Mlss Carolin.- I.? \ovv and Miss Ial
vinia L, Dock busy every minute hamllng
0 t purple, green and white .-uinounrenients
Of the ball to paOSere-by too cold to re?
ceive I hem, didn't servo to Infuse any
warmth Into the affair.
Jn vain ?ihi PrannasOB grind out "I'lMIO'll
Ke a Hot Time In the Old Town To-night."
It was ? cold time In that part o? the ?.id
town where four valiant women were la?
boring for "the cause/1 ainl not all tnctr
valor could disguise the fact.
The party, consisting of the four women,
FrancSSCa and the hurdy-gurdy and 3
? "i ps of reporters and photographer?;,
started from the union headquarters, it
No M Bast 2l?th street, at IM O'clock.
Franceeca's main ides of earning I
monev being to streak ahead, stop an I
play ? tune at a street corner and th.-n
sneak ahead again, the consequence eras
that the suffriigettes ami the hurdy-gurdy
they hnd hired to collect crowds were gen?
erally about two blocks apart. Still, l*
didn't really matter, bacanas the publie
simply wouldn't collect even when ths
hurdy-gurdy stopped and played a tune.
The public was cold and wanted to g.H
home am?1 what did a hurdy-gurdy mat
t-r, even if It did have a purple, green nnJ
while thing flapping around it, with l?t
: it?
At 23d street the reporters and photog?
raphers, who for somo blocks had be?en
growing more and moro disabled with
frozen toes, dropped out. But the four SUf
I kepi nobly nn, pressing purpi<\
green an?l white leaflets upon the hurrying
ersbjr, with Franc, s? a, (he 8eet-footed,
grinding out "The Marseillaise" far in ad?
Bill Aimed to Prevent "Hung"
Juries Being Drawn.
Albany, Jan. M^-Beyond the Introduction
I of hills and a brief Assemhly calendar, no
? business of Importance was attempted In
? r house of the Legislature to-day.
? ?ivii servi?*?- buis wer?- Introduced
by Senator Loomle. fine of them glv?-.s mu?
nicipal service ?-ommisslons the same pow
srs of investigation and -enforcement of
rules that are exercised by tho State ?"ivil
Service Commission. The other forbids the
removal of those in the elasstfle?! service
without specifically setting forth the cause
In writing? and In caes such an employe
ShOUld I"- laid off by reaSOfl of the discon?
tinuance of the work it is provided t lia t he
may be held on a waiting roll for at least a
Assemblyman Brooks Introduced a bill
making it ,a mledemeanor to publish any
statement in substance or to th? effect that
any person Is an ex-convict Of has been
convicted Of <l Crime, even if this is true,
and one requiring a device on all telephones
to register the number of calls.
A three-fourths vote of a jury would suf?
fice for conviction in any case tryable by h
jury if a constitutional amendment to he
Introduced by As.-?ml.lv man Adler, of
Rochester, meets thS approval of tho peo?
ple. Mr. Adler .-aid to-day that the rat?
ification of the amendment would prevent
"hung juries.'' would stop attempts at brib?
ing a single juror to hold out for a certain
verdict and would prevent Innumerable
"The need of a unanimous vote of a Jury
for a verdict results In many compromise
verdicts." sal.l Mr. Adler, "and is only a
survival of th" oldest traditions. This Is
lily so in civil ? ?
other bilis in course of preparation for
introduction Include one by Assemblyman
c.'ffcy putting private water OOSB]
under the Jurisdiction of ths Public B<
Commission and one by Mr. Merrill, the so?
cialist member, of Sehen? etady, aimed to
prevent discrimination by employers
against employes whose .? gar
"Usually?" said Mr. Merrill, "If a Stan's
waR.s arc- garnisheed, it means 'goodby
.? b '
Governor Approves Exemption of Sev?
eral Good Places.
Albany, Jan. K.??Oov?M nor Dix to-day ap
proved a resolution adopted by the Stale
Civil Service Commission placing four of
the eight supervising factory inspectors
? .1 by an act of the Legislature last
year in the exempt classification and the
Other ff,ur in the competitive schedule
The GOVOrnOI Siso approved the action
ol the commission In placing In the exempt
?lass four barge canal terminal - division
engineers in the State Engineer's of lice ?ui?i
..t u ii i: or- positions.
Grand Jury Calls Mercantile Ex?
change Members.
Five members of the New York Mercan?
tile Exchange. ?>f No. fi Harrison street,
have beer, summoned to appear before the
grand Jury next Tuesday and testify in
the inveetlgation Into the present high
price of butter and eggs. The witnesses
win h?? k K. M-iriiri. president; s. If.
Knopp, secretary; W. <;. Prend?, treasurer
of the Mercantile Exchange, and Patrick
Quil?n I-'.>.v. of SO. Ml Washington sireet.
a ni L, Prank Hatty, of Ihs tii in of LTrnay
a. Barry, Net, HI -?Vaahlngtoa street
The investigation is to determine whether
the New Toril Mercantile Exchange, ?is
..lh? ? re, agents or members have been
guilty <>r violating or ar<* guilty ?.r violat?
ing Hi?? provisions Of Section Ml of tn?T
i. tin-Ms law ?.f tbe Btate of Mew York, or
Of S? ' lion Ml "f the penal law Of the State
of New ?fork. The arttneaees will bring
with them before ths grsnd Jury th?. o\\'a
inai eertlflrate of Incorporation or a copy
of the charter, also hooks ?ml pamphlets
containing th?' bylaws and rules of the
Mercantile Ex??hangs that nrers In force
during 131" and IMI
All books of record showlnp the r-uan
tities of butter and ckk? offend for sale
by the oxchaiu-,0 during the year Ml and
January, BAA, adO be produced, as ?nell ss
the minutes of the meetings of the stock?
holders *"'??? '??" directors, st which ?livt
den-ds have icen ?i?-, ?mil. According to
?hah is in the <-ity. th" -,rices of butter and
are not wrongfully controlled. They say
prices ??*"' "made** daily by a statistician,
who IS not a dealer, after a study of the
market all ove* the country. Butter was
;? seats pesssrdtsj ss Um rrnhsngs. they
and was 41 CSBtS at retail. The re?
tailer, they ?ay. ?nnst pay a premium of
al ont VA CSBtS I pound tn ths commission
William A DS Fa?n\ the Assistant Dis?
til? t Attorney whs prosecuted the live
poultry truet Sill Oondoet the present in
-_ ? ??_
Kuntag ""' leertet** <??. niwisteni moa,
it sorge <? Bastee (IM) easily 4*feat??d
l'huiles H. LsWlS 'l'U in tbe handicap
amate? M-l balkltne tournamani ..t the
Knickerbocker Academy, iirookiyn. last
?,lj.|1( was IM t?. M?;
..t?.?i William i ?
pool tournament at Duylea ACSdeiaj
1 Carry Out General Verbeck's
Ideas of Guard Reforms.
I Uy Telegl'Sgk to The Tribune. J
Albany, Jan. 2f?.?Assemblyman I-trooks,
chairman of ths Committee on Military
Affairs, to-day introduced six amendments
to the military law which wer., drafted by
Adjutant Qeneral Verbe, k. The adjutant
?encrai had announced that he would not
recomnfend any new military leglslatlnn.
and when asked about the Brooks bills
he said that they wem merely to correct
the present law or ?any out legislation
Introduced last year.
one of the h?ls fives g military court of
th?. national guard the same power ol gen?
eral or garrison courts martial to sen?
tence nn?l punish as la now exercised by
Similar courts in the Vnited States army,
exi-ept that no sentence of confinement
Shall b? for s longer term than to the
expiration Of ths tour of duty of the ?>r
ganlsatlOB of Which the prisoner Is a n?. tu?
ber. These courts now have tho name pow?
ers that. United States army courts had
prior t?. the passage of federal statutes
forming luminary courts. Tho other bills
In brief follow:
ProvMIng that machinists and electri?
cians of ratings lit the naval militia may
!.?? enlist. (I BS SUCh,
That an enl Sted man taken up by the
national guard after once being dropped
must pas- th? same physical examination
as is required on enlistment
That no body ol mon shall receive a
certificate of incorporation under any
name that nit?ht mislead any person Into
the belief that the corporation Is con
nected With ihe national guard.
Striking ou? ?h.** provision that no ?inim
for pa) end care when injured or disabled
in service shall i*- allow-ad unless the
claimant within thirty ?lays notlflee the
adjutant general tn writing of his lnien
tion t.? make such s claim.
Thai 1" ?a h ambulance company there
shall be allowed annually H.Oflfl t<> >.?
pended foe mount??) drills and parade?,
Htid for th? f.'-'i and shoeing of hot. ... |260
Brockway Suggests Ending Civic
Life Instead.
Albany, Jan. n*,?Zonas R. Brockway,
former superintendent of th?> State Re
formatory at Blmira, sgrees with Qov-srnor
Idx and Colonel Joseph 1". Bcstt, Superin?
tendent of Stato rrisons. that capital jem
lahment In this state shouM be abolished.
Mi. Brockwaj ?oes further and suggests
that the elvic, rather than the physics!,
life of murderers be obliterated.
Senator T. 1?. Sullivan, wlio has intro?
duced a bill to sboUeh capital punishment,
says ho will ask for an early bearing on
the me.
Alienists Interested in Experiment on
Forger's Skull.
Albany. Jan. 2-"?. -Alienists have
much interested In the case of Edward B
Crimmell. of Huff alo. recently .ti'
from Clinton prison by the Slate I
Board. Orimmell's skull was fractured
wh.n S boy of fourteen dutlng S <i
wiih a playmate, nn?l the claim was made
that the Injury was ? potent fa. t??i
veloping his criminal career. In March.
UM, the man's skull was operated on with
the idea of correcting his criminal tenden?
* We ate not tunning any g.fM risk In
Ing QrimroeU/' sai.l Colonel Joseph P.
Icott, ?upertntendenl of state prlsoi
day, "for he will continue under the Juris?
diction of the board snd will not bt
mitted to leave the state.
"Oov-srnor \\' i?it.?. who com muted h
tanca, reo-emmended that be be paroled f?>r
an unusually long l?*i led, BO that M
might be can fullj obeervi ?i if b
sum's evil practices he will be t .k? a
back to the prises, if he ?v srach
the better, if he becomes g forger again,
probably we will not lie under proMUTS f??r
?piite a while to have eonvl? ts' l ?
at? d on In Sn attempt t>. Changs their
moral ti.itn
Lawyers' Mortgage Company Expected
to Offer "Melon" to Stockholders.
The directors of th?- Lawyers' Mort
Company, of which Richard M. Hui
president, are sxpeeted at their ?,<?.\t meet?
ing to recommend t?? the stockholders sn
Incrosss in the capital st??. k. which is ?
l.e.'.ssaty by the growth Of the ?*..tupan 's
The present sto?*k. upon Which 12 per cent
dividends are paid ?-a? h year. Is II'?
and there Is a surplus of fttOMMl Th?
sioi'k has recently advanced in mark?
pries from Ml to MO, and it is the under
?landing among in?, stockholdei i thai the
new .-liares win be offered f??-- subscription
at s ligure which win represent a hand?
some "melon" for thern.
Miss Grigsby's Cooks Show G.
W. Cable Inscriptions.
Alfred Douglas Wrote "From a
Poet to a Poem"?Art
Siile Goes On.
Hamilton Wlight MahlS, associate editor
of "The Outlook," who Inscribed a book to
Kmilr,' OrlaUby an?l promptly forsrot the
In? i l* nt, Is not the only author repre
Sented In tli" library of ?'. T. Yerkes's ward.
', rge W. ?'able app??ai a to have In
scrlbed two relumes to Hiss Origsby, ami
Albert 11? i t<-r. tji?* New ."tk artist, who
illustrated th<? books In question, is also
repn rated. In a limited edition of "Old
(?cole Day?" Mr. Cable wrote on the fly
l?:?f "Misa K I!, rjrtgsby fa quotation of
thr.e linea of the booh follows?; the most
cordihl good wi lies ?if youra truly, g. W.
Cable. <"inisiina*-', '.?:i."
At the bottom of Uta paga Albert Hcrter
wrote: "This smbetraasss me and i feel
microscopic -Albert Herter."
a similar edition of "The Orandisatmes"
i quotalon from tho boot In lha au?
thor? hsndirritlng and the inscription
?.Mis- K. B. Orlgsby-rKvery good wish of
'."?.i truly, O, W. cable, rjhristmss, tt,"
Albert Hatter's contribution is "Since I
I rvi* done it I suppose I must stund bj It
snd sign my mime to It -only hsd 1 known
.?.?m m hen i did it it ? ould not bays bai p
so bad? Albari Heiter." Mr. Herter, when
interrogated over the t?l?phona Isst night,
?aid thsl he wss not quits sure hut that he
might have given tho bOOkS to .Miss Grigs
Alfred Douglas, the son of Lady Alfred
Douglas In his "The city of the Soul,"
unite on one pal.'? s? viral rt.iii/.as of \ ,-i
and on the opposite side appears "To
Kmille QligSby from the author-New York,
Nov., UM." As an after thought is added:
" l'i oui a i.t to a poem "
Three autograph iett,?ts of Theodoro
K"o ?veil to Mi. .a Qrlgsby ara listed in th**
? lion, i.nt there are merely formal
notet concerning the furlough of her
broth? r. Who was x member Of the Rough
i; Henry W. Poor, In a volume of
bookbinding, wrote "To Miss Qrlgsby,with
the compliments and besl wishes of Henry
W. Poor, New fork, .hm It, UM." ffenry
liarland, In "The Lady Psramount," wroti
"To Mill* 'the real Mllh' from the crea?
tor's humble pupil II. Ilnrland." .lohn
Lsne, the pubHshsr, In a IMI ? .lition of
Richard I** tJalllcnne'i "?Obsorge Meredith,"
wrote: "To the twin Bister <>f Lucy Dee*
i.igh. from the Bibliographer."
high prices crommanded by two
paintings ol andere Zorn, ihe Swedish art?
i i to whom l'i? ddenl Tilt sat for a por
ir it. waa the m?"***t interesting feature of
the sixth session ?*f Part I of the Grigshy
sale held at the Anderson auction rooms
last night. Arth'ir Swan!.. Ander?
SOfl Company, acting for an unnamed hid
di r, pal . "A Hath? r." a striking
? i In a l? .if. i orert The pat? baa
of sunlight on the Mel? ??re done In striking
and I ? ? Won
Hugo Retsinger, ths well known collector,
mad? ttott to uttain the picture,
I ..p;.<I ?nit at Ivm? Ha was able to
:?? hints? if ??? fea moments later by
ring the other Zorn for II.?". "The
er," Ihe painting bought by Mr. Bel
siiig'r, pi? tur?.x a nude woman ?landing at
ti ? fool of a high t"> k In s qui? t Wet St
yond, her companion, dressed in p d. is eau
? .ring her wai atom lbs rocks.
Th.* ' ? ? gtf I ohder a brilliant sunlight.
i?ur.; ,i ?.!/??' f..r Claude Motaet's
"Hlghlaada on tit*-Ranch ?oast.''
Waiting," by Alfred Stevens, went lo M
Ki.lier for t?.7"? Alfred Harter*! "Th*
??arden of Dreams," the central figure of
which la supposed to ob Miss Origsby, wss
bati?*h. in in- Arthur Bwann for mi un?
known bidder at MM Other buyers were
Theodore Heinemsn, <; it MacDougalt,
Kr.ttii. M. Wlon.r, Jr , and Francis ?'. Well
in hi.
The t?,?al for the evening was J I ?
which brought th? grand total <>t ths day
up to Mft.710.
Table China and glass and slher servir??
.?n s.rie at ins sftsrnooa session.
which netted M.MI M I h Valentine paid
9'<\0 for twelve Sevres plates, formerly
OWT.ed by the <'omites* tie Pernandtne, and
took i.ther lot belonging to the same s?*t
at the Sam?- prl? c
Qeorge, the sctresa, pai?i OH tot
six large silver plat, s, fold lined. <>ut ?if
raspeet for her husband and manager she
l'i'1 under the name of Mrs. William Brady,
other buyers were H. G Waterman, Paul
Wstklns, W, H. Barnard and J. "**, Wilbur.
Mailed anywi ere ?n tho United States
tor $2.50 a yaar.
rr-,w h,. -?j g Department of Agriculture.
^'"? **' ">?*? WEATHER BUREAU
??????M. ?MM IX, cu'?"???? M-?. ?.????? >K^
u?iM,?.,..i?,i<ii...i..i -?> ??? ??Hnn
O Cm-.???*?-','.*?????,aLknAi. ? Urn.. Sim..
I .Ate.*ml
,^mfmmm*.gmton????", u???! l?i?|HW?i?l
* ???,??. M ? ?>?v> r??~f I ?? ???"*>.
i ...
??. )ka ?mi I
? ... 3.*-? )wl*i
??????*). 1? 1? IIU
I,* I.II In li?),
Itltlilal Record nn?l I ?in-?*?ml. Washington,
Jan. ?T. ThSfS has t>een a general
prc??uie. rvccpt In t!ie ."fort lirait. 'I'll?- n ????III
Pacifie SlaturbaD'e ha, moved eaut to V
Nr.rth Dakota, and another Is a??i?ft?a< hing the
Ore?on coast. Then are also suot*
sisas ever tim caesliass and rtortht-asten
Thrro wax. however, no precipitation ? f
hi-?pieno over ihe country except In the n?rtli
l'a? Ifli- rtStaa oben rains ron i Inn? J. and In
.',. t?m Montann, when thijre were rains ?ml
\mOtt tempenturea eonttataa from the lake
region sad spper Okie Valley aaatoard, i.ut
? re, ex'rpt In the south Atlanti?- itat'v.
they Can rlsaa g'-ner-illy, anl In the plains
state?, the Ho. ky .Mountain an?l pl.it.au n-gion?
Ihey ?ire fi.?iu III t?? '?T, tt.pree* alo-.e th
Fonsl average. Owing I?. the tendency toward
falling | refnur ....i* tho country, tin- ?...
|x likely to lie UQaettled during the next two
days, sseept*is t1"* Kertbasst, ?mi local mews
and rain? "ver the latsMsi ?1 apt the
central Itocky Mountain region and the Souih
it ?ni be sanase Friday one tha testen
half of Iht country and wnimer' Satunlay In
tho lower lake region, the BtidSla Atlanti,
.ml New Knglan?! It 1HII I,.? aSMS* i
night an'i latsfssy in the Nerthwssten It
'Ihe -wind? along the New Knglan?! easst ?ill
he moderate north: middle Atlantic ?.??ist, swd
erata noith ai 1 at ath Atlanti?- oeaat.
l,,,M|.i.?i.* \ o i ii-,?.)--. '-?..-e,., *n?l on lli.. North
?*ari?iiii?i cosat; i.uif ceest, laodenta aeuth:
,,n Lake Mi'-hlgan. meSarata aa il
gtaamen depaitltig FrMa, f,.r Kuropcan port?
?ulll bava mo.ierni- north win.I?. w:tn fair
nastbar to the tiran?! Hanks
PUSSeSSl fSS S|M?lal l.oralltiri,. -For the Dl?.
\ii.:e'f Columbia and Mai \ land, unsettled to?
day and pi'O^0'"-' Saturday; somewhat warmer;
light variai"
\*ii,**iiii.i, uaaettled te-dsj nr.?i prsbeblj
Saturday. ?Uslitli* warmer to-daj in estera ?vor
lion; warm? Saturday; light to moderate v.iil
lll'l.' w 11,. I
Fot I icl.iw.ii, , unsettled to ?lav and prohahly
.?what wanner; iigiu t.? asodersM
li"l III. .ist ulll'la.
I i.i ? . fair sud slightly wann? r to
day; aoaettled and ?armar Baturday; aasdamts
?inrtn mi.I north? I r ? iri.tr*.
For i..?*-i,,., r. ' unsettled today
?and probably Haturdsy; somewhat wanner; llslu
?. north ?el a'1-*
l-'or Bastera New Yolk, full ?lid slightly
warmar to-day; unsettled and waimer Saturday;
mod?r?t* north and aorthesal winds
K?>r Southern New l?rs*e"*d, fnlr today; un
settled and warii.T Saturday; mod* rate nerth
Fat No?them New Knsland. fair to day;
warmer In wintern portlos; fair and warmer
its northwest and north ??.Inda.
l'.rr West Virgin!?. iin**lll?*d t" ?l.i.v und priala
?turdaj . wat inei to 't?<
i,,i \\, i, ,n pannsylranla, unsettled sn.t
a ?1,-litlv wanner t<> day. U?eal BOOWS ?o iiIkIii ?>r
Ha lu relay; wanner Saturday; light lo moderate
sort has * an i eat I ? lads.
lor \\. ai.-rn Bett York. local snows to day
snd prohabt) aatnrday; slightly warmer; light
to in,,.lernt? east winds.
Ofllrlal oheervatlons of I'nltcd States weather
bureau?, taken at H p m yesterday, follow:
?llv T? liiperatur,?. W.-lth'T.
Albany .~. A Omar
\t?" -i. cuy. 22 rioiidy
. ?2 r\"?T
Huffalo . 1" ' }***
Chicago . P ?'loudy
New ?irl-ans. g" ' i,""r,
St. Lowls.? ?loudy
Waahlnirton . M ( ",*""
Loral <inia*l?.l Keeord.?The following official
r from the uTeathsr Basses ?hows tt-e
<han*.ea In th? temperature) for ?lie la?t ISaSlf
f*'ur iiouia in ssmpartssa w"'i the ssrreepsiaSnNi
dala of laut year:
mil 1912 1 mil. PU
S a. m. M H ?'P '?. ??"' '?
A a. ni ?.?,! 17 0 p. m. <1 H
B a. m. .T? 1?** M P- m. ?*<* H
12 tu ID 12 p. m. -10 ?
i a m. 44 211
Local i ?,,?. ?r i.ur nn?t slightly wanner Is
?rid H.rmci, mo'lerata
Eorlh SUV* emmtmeeet ? ???J-*
Boy of 16 and Girl of 15 Will
Have Parental Blessing.
fBy Telegraph to The Tribune!
Trenton, N. J., Jan. Si.? A love of long
Standing* culminated yesterday In the elope?
ment of Albert T.'fms. jr., finteen years old,
and May I.echman, fifteen y.-ara old, class?
mates at the Centennial S?-hool. The chil?
dren, who are of prominent Trenton fami?
lle??, started for school yesterday morning,
as was their custom, and disappeared.
The police of all of the cities of the Kast
have been told to be on the lookout for the
youngster?. It is even thought that they
may have persuaded some one to marry
them, and if this has been the case tne
parents have announced that the parental
MeSStn-g awaits their homecoming.
By trolley conductors they were traced
as far as t'amden. and It was supposed that
they vvere on the way to an uncle of ths
led who lives l:i Atlantic i'lty. . Kniest
Miller, however, another uncle, sal'l to-:
night he saw the boy and a girl to-day In
New Brunswick. ""?a?
Homer Davenport Says He Is Not
Responsible for Wife's Debt.
Homer Davenport, the cartoonist, applied
Yesterday to the Supreme Court to have
pet aside an order for his examination in
supplementary proceedings on a Judgment
obatlned against him by Lord <t* Taylor for
II,'21 for merchandise purchased hy hi
wlfe. The defendant based his motion on
the Allegation that he had not been served
In the suit Which resulted In the judgment.
Mi'. Davenport said that he was an Inti?
mate /friend <>f the late BdV/srd P, Hatch,
who was the senior member of the firm of
l?nrd At Taylor.
Mr. Davenport said also that It was un
derstOOd that ho ?rould not have to pay for
ths merchandise, nnd that he had notifiedI
Mr. Hatch that Mrs. Davenport waa not to'
buy goods on bis credit. Among the pap?*rs
in tho case was a letter from Mr. Davei
port promising to pay when ho gather!
the crops on his New Jersey farm.
Insurgents from Heads of De
partment Association Organize,
A new teaefaera" association, tentatlvel
known as the Association of Assistant? t
Prlnoipal of the fil y of New York, wa
formed yesterday afternoon at Grant Hall
No. 489 Washington avenue. Brooklyn. Th.
meeting as held under the auspices of flv?
Insurgents of the Brooklyn Heads of De
partment Association, of which Miss Maj
Vail Is pfc-sldent.
The association recently refused to listet
to an address from Miss r.race C. Strachan
tho Dlstrh-t Superintendent of Schools
Five members demanded a special meeting
for the purpose, without results. They
then i.?'k matters in their own hands and
oalled yesterday's meeting? All the 381
heads of departments of the city were In?
vited to be present, and more than two
hundred responded. Miss Sara L. Rhodes,
one of the insurgents, presided, and an?
other, Miss Mary A. Havv.xhiirst, acted tu
Se Ti'tary. These Insurgents were later
made temporary president and temporary
IfiSS Btrachaa told her story of the tight
for the equal pay measure that became law
a few months aao. Sho took Issue with the
Heads of Department Association for hir?
ing a lawyer to look after their Interests
after she ind her co-workers had dono
practically everything there wa? to do.
When she had finished, a vote of thanks
was pass??l an?l It was decided to give her
B dinner in February.
Then" MISS Rho.les proposed that a city
organisation of heads of ?lepartments bo
formed. One teacher protested that it
would he unfair to organize with Miss Vail
absent, but the others decided that the
chance was too good to lose. Misa Rhodes
picked out a committee of seven to pre?
pare bylaws ami a plan of organization. |
The meeting a?ijourne?i tin February li
? Andrew McConnell Convicted tov
Assault on His Wife. .
[By Tele-rraph to The Tribune]
Freehold, X J., Jan. 2.?.?Andrew McCon?
nell, author of "Human F.lectrlclty Selen?.
lili? Hasls of Life," who has delivered
lectures to audiences In all the l?rice cities,
failed to-.lay to exert his ?Towers upon
.IuiIk?* Foster to keep him from being tried
and convicted of assaulting, with intent ta
kill. Ma divorce?! wife, Marlon Daniel's Mc?
Connell. Mrs. McConnell was not in court,
though her physician. Dr. William A.
.Robinson, said that she had fully recovered
from th?? wound inflicted by .Vi'-Connell
when he shot her in the (Scad.
M. i'??iiiiell tall th?? jury ttat working*
from 8 o'clock a. m. to 12 o'clock mid
night to ?ave the afflicted of ?hlcag?? from
?-raves of despair had prod?i<:ed an effect
upon him that he could not explain, hut
he was certain that there was some mys?
terious hypnotic influence exerted over
him that caused him to do tilinga which
lie ?Hi not wish to do. McConnell was
remanded to the co.tnty jail for sentence
next Thursday.
Widow of Lieutenant E. T. Piece In?
jured at Her Staten Island Home.
?Mrs. Mabel R. I'ie.rce, widow of Lieuten?
ant Edward T. Pierce, U, S. A., was ?seri?
ously injured by falling from s window on
the fourth Moor of her home at Richmond
Terrace and Kork stro?j?, Na.w lirtghton,
Staten Islan-1 ihe Was taken to the ?. R.
Smith Infirmary, where it was found that
her left leg was broken ?iid that she was
buffering from Internal Injuries*.. The sur?
geons at the infirmary think, she will re?
So far as could be learnrd, Mrs. Tierce?
??is ?iiisir.i? th?; window s-usli when she
lost her balance and fell to tho sidewalk.
Ths only petraon in the house with her
was her little son. His cries attracted the
at tuition of some <?f the neighbors, who
called an ambulanr*e.
Mrs. Tierce is thirty-eight years old and
Is a daughter of Stuart Taylor, of, Man
i hattan. He and her sister went to the
hospital soon after the accident
NO. S4-FRIDAY. JANUARY 26, 1912.
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Hv waitliiK until the pictures nre ?ill published
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Entry to the contest now is one of the simplest
things in tito world.
?ine only ne-ds to secure the serles^of back num?
bers of the Hookteaiiers Pictures which have been
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logues are ordered by mail, contestants should
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' .".Tib ?I.
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Sack. K. B?e?ker, 2? Went ?8th gt.
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I .in.? < ompnnj, 113 K?st 138th St.
6?Ssimi Anderson Player Piano. Tfa<t Anders?*!
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7?AIM* t-'rancln liaron Flayer Piano.
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I -<>n, "Ninth Ate. and 13th St.
10?i)?it i odd. Two Koerker Art Pianos, $f.0fl and
$400, r?-,|><'< tiv.lv.
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13??lim rash.
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K0?31???.Ml i ash, **-'."*? ruth.
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168?267?$300. Ladles' or Gentlemen's Silk Um?
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