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V" IAXI....N? 2,3,817.
To ?lu.,. < huid?, ?ni. ?arniiT.
I o-iiKirrow . f?|r; light moderate wind?.
-FOURTEEN PAGES.? * PHKS ()NE (TAT '" '"' j^r^fg^^
Franklin, McNamara Detective,
Charged with Bribery, Declares
He "Would Not Perjure
Himself for Any One."
Statp Prosecution Promises
Startling Developments in Con?
nection with the Dynamite
Wrecking Crew's"
I ? g? et, .im SO. Bert 1? Prank
? M. N'nni it.i ?loi?* the who II to
'??ii ;> char**? of having
o the McNamara Jury,
bly will prove to be an Important
th- caee nt Clarence Dojtow,
ii ? attorney, who 1ms just
inli? te?) t.n jury brlber>'? When
.1 to-day whether ha
had made a confession to the grand Jury
' ii h tin Darrow Indlctmenta were
:. he declined to dlacuaa thRl i',..i
t th?> ?-?is,-, franklin, however, in
u ply t.. question*? said:
"If l am placed on the witness stand
II t?*ll the truth. I v ill not p?>t jure
? any one."
m th? same time, he dei
there was no understanding between
himself and th? Distrlcl Mtorne*
tier regarding posslbl ? Immunity sh<>nl?l
he become a wltneas for th? prose? utlon,
I'??carding ;i confession Franklin is aaid
t*. have tu. ?.red he was before
tli?-* grin?! Jurj t"<" short a time for tins.
' ; ?nn take it from me." he con?
tinued, emphatically, "Bert Franklin
win never t?> t*. th.* ?penitentiary. No
lerienev has been promised t" me, and
there la no arrangement at all between
me and the District Attorney's office At
??recent, I expect to go t<> trial on Fe >
ruary J7 on the two bribery cl
i. *-- n <"1 i i ? ?t against m?* 1 expect a jury to
he drawn then, and the trial will pr<
rapidly, if I am put <?n the stand in
this or nnv other case, I shall t?*ll the
truth I will ri'it perjure myself for any
??ne. Hut I know my rights within the
law. .ind shall tako advantage of them."
Assistant District Attorney Ford de?
clined to comment <>n Franklin'.?* state
? or upon ;i confer? nee -v?ilch h?
himself had with Superior Judge Willi.-.
before whom Franklin's ? sched
for trial. A? cording t.? )?,??
iu'-y will not resume it? Inquiry
?'.-?1; ami probably nul before th?
return o? District Attorney Fredericks
v hi- h is ex].ei ted - ?o?
Foi. I thai si irtling ?I? velop?
menta wholli a: art from Darrow and
concerning only the conspirais; plias.? nfl
i. t.*. ii r?ati?MM**Me ?l> uamUi?i'
n .-i .lohn .1. M. Xa ma i a i i
"wrecking crew." might b?
The pro.?*-, utlon does n..' ? t to hrinu
ih- ii'it. ?i la? j er :?? trial for i long time
Washington. Jan ? To dlvulg? the dis*
position of th.- McNamara defence fund
Krank Morrison <?? the Ameri?
can rVderatloi o? L?abor, and Ifenry II.
Klaiher. cashier <>f Rlggs National Hank,
the depository of the federation's funds.
?will leav?- Washington to-morrow after?
noon for Indianapolis in response t?
'???fore the federal grand
yn y Investit d dynamite
conspir?t*? Both men. armed with >?
"ill for? th? federal Inquisitors
of Justice o***lr?tals
retk*? -.t |? to wheth? r < iher
nation, t labor lei d? ?.* ? .*? i?l he sum?
II ws
had i.n broa I?
? h" m.-?'
? ?f the
M< N'amai -. brol ! err prior t?. their
-ia-.ii? ?>r othei m i h- ir
: ?.nation .if explosives. Tl > D
? m Justloi. it dei eloj ?*d, |
m Ihe ?grand Juri Inquiry Ihe !??:. ;,i stat?
ut* Imposing a hesv* p? laity foi th? ron
lealment >?f knowledgi >.f -.. felony from
the properly constituted authoi
i will appieclat? tMi- oppoi tui.il ?'.
show all our i.ooK.-. and have the F
lion's a<-eoimts Inv? |
authorltl? s. said Id 'j ie
?ubp?na direct
?fiu-ii checks and records of all ?
and disbursementt n>.i?l.- < ? ratl?.n
<? r .. hipisHf between April 23 i i
: dates whli h ??>.
? lo Ihe arresl ? M< Nam ira
I'nrthoi than saying iiiat ?.ut ?.f approxl*
paid in little mo;
?aT.'iOO of ti.? McNamara defenci ? i.
mains. Morrison d?T*cllned t.. d
penditure it hai l>een stated bj labor
the iiiiik ?if in.?
mon* v a ai turned over I I ?a
row, ih-- attorney Indicted for brlbeo : ?s
Laoi Ant
\ ? port of the McNama
fund r<. exp? ndltures ? ?11
ant to every union which contributed
Mr M ?rdered
i,, the . . I of I he a
',lt!'-I> ..'
? ,i, bei earl . his moo ?
ladl , other
? leaders ol
ailed ?n the governmei
of th<? dynamite coi i ?let? i
mined bf the appearanc? "f l*Tanh
mm, se? rciary of the American r?.
..f 1.a bor, before the fedi
*> ?"liai!..- \\ ".'
io-?lay n?. subpeens had
i* , ??.;. ..:.' ? lomp? ra, and so
'he ltni-w it was i."' likely Mr. ?...inj .*?
VeuM i" called. II was Intimated that
Mr Morrison will say in in
?noto a*-ni ????< :?!? ?i.'tii*! it will tx
? I ration ofll
Mi \l"i
. ; tli?- McNamara brol
\u( ? i ?i MeMaaai
i, i <.f th. In.ri?.?
..-jiiii'il :
which Orti?
amlter, sa- d t . ray
? a ,,|,.| [I.' H "'"IM U
rUCtU**? it WUH While ROlll?,' PVCT
i Jury, ?t .*?
? i?.
_ e ' ?
;.i.i( ? of lila a Ifs in .**.? w
Will not '?? kill ' '?
i. be
Dagoberts By
Children L J*******
" Intercession " is the title
of the next story in this
great series. A thrilling,
masterful tale of the Fran?
co-Prussian war, in next
Sunday's Magazine of the
New-York Tribune
"Georgia Cyclone" Hints Some
Are Mighty Poor Lawyers.
Washington, Jan. 80.?Mrs. Mary Har?
ris Armour, of Eastman. Ga., known in
prohibition clrcl-ea In her own state aa
the "Georgia Cyclone," Jnrre.i Senatorial
dignity to-day. She told Ihe ?nunined
membera ?if the Senate Committee on the
Judiciary, In the beArlm on the pro?
posed law prohibiting shipment of alco?
holic liquors Into ??dry" states, thai th.*\
"could learn ? lot" and that whoever on
the committee voted agatnal the hill araa
"a mighty poor lawyer'' Shi was SUP
ported by Mrs.M.. M. N. Stevens, preel
?lent of the Woman'a Christian T*wnper
an?.e i nlon; half ? hundred members of
that organisation, several Georgia worn
en ami g tent men.
"I ilnti't kn<?w why we should be here
m all," said .Mrs Armour, "since it li
an insult t?. your Intelligence for ua to
have to plead for auch a law. I d'm'i
want t?> hurt anybody'! fe?'linKs. but I
tu i here to talk common sense, and I
haven't any time to waste on you all."
Mrs. Armour an.) Mrs. Stevens spoke
to-night at a temperance rally and the
former told the Senators aha thought II
would do ihem good if they would at?
V"u Senators think you all are too
big folks t>> com? an.I hear nie speak."
?he ?aid, "bul : want to tell you that
you could learn a lot But, ---peaking ol
this bill, I am no lawyer, bul I've read
law, and any one who votea against this
hill because of all-aged unconstitutional?
it y is a mighty poor lawyer."
Fifth Avenue Purchase Said To
Be to Stay Business Invasion.
it waa reported in real .slut., circles
yesterday that an auont acting tor John
D. Rockefell, t* had purchased the home
<>f Francis s. Klnney, at No. it' Weat
."?4th street, reported sold in The Tribune
yeaterda) by Mooyer &? Marston foi the
Klnney ?Mate. The house is opposite
the home of Mr. Rockefeller ami a few
?loots west of that of his son, at No. 10.
Tin house is ?m unrestricted ground,
and to prevent business invasion. It \sas
l.am.il. Mr. Rockefeller decided upon
1he purchase of the property.
Realty troubles seem t?? li?- in the path i
of tlas Rockefellers John l> Rockefeller
is iiuu apparently to get his share of
th.-iii. owing tfi the expansion of business
in fifth avenue north of 17th street.
William Rockefeller, his brother, took a
prominenl part about <-itht years ago In
trying to preserve the residential lines
??t that pari of the avenue His home is
at Nu. 680 Fifth avenue, at the north?
cast ?orner <?t 54th street
In Hi? list too months a hi??** art ? enta?
pas lue.i f..rtn?<l at this point, au,I iiuln**
to its further development fonrn-r (?nv
?rnot Lev! IV Morton, whose homi Is at
No 6Sl Fifth avenue, adjoining '.he Cri?
terion ciui.. ha* piaee.i his house in the
market Cot sal?'. .John D. Rockefeller
however, is one of th.- fen owners in the
? ' *.vh., hat?? shown a ?i..-ir?- to re?
main there. Last year his son h.ni plans
for the erection of a 1200.000 man?
sion at N?? la West '?till street, adjoin?
ing hi father s h..us?. .it N?> -.
Cr.mmodore Hastings's Son Asks
Court for Heirlooms.
? ? ? h t,, Ti < Tribun?? I
?lau :<" llenrj i Lasting?,
thi la i ? t'ommodoi e Hastings,
I ..* complaint with ihe cle "k
?i th? Suffolk Superloi Courl to-day,
; kitiL- i??r an Injunction against .1 war
,. n Bailey, ?f Newton, execufr under
Ui? will of Kate Hastinga, who died
Kebruarj * 1907, after a decree Lad been
given '<? the complainant for a n-turn
r his personal property hy n master.
?I'll which 's Hated under two
? ?chiblls, Is said t?? he th?- most unusual
filed i" Suffolk County, It contains
i i' t ..f material from a bottle ?f brandy
i. it by great-grandmother Hastings, to
t ??? fa mil) Bibli
H< re are some "f the artl? lea
*, mustard pot, father's Harvard Col leg?
i.k and plat?', groa i-grandmother's fan,
i Hi-Hi??*'- wedding slippers, a hiar iie_<), a
buff ??? l ? ? i i"ii of eggs, a
ii*' m i Ions Kong, a !?.\. an
dictionary, sel of t?.?-.]*, a
I group pi' lure taken wh m
two cologne bottles, a punch howl
with ? a.i? 'l "ti It, a lx.it). i.f
i ai ?i left i*- .*' ? mol ?" i, nd the
> ibli
So Missouri Maid PayB More and Takes
Her Clothes Galore.
Cincinnati's railing, looking lasi
| at the has. sal | young .Missouri tiiai.h'ii
i from 84. Joseph yesterdai Though the
' .1 I?, i vs.-i.l a bit ami
whispered low, Julia Ackerman sal think?
p ef hei Iowa helos Bad she
? haps she'd stay betn along the
W !l!l? W'n\ rath. I HUM I.?- out of
fashion "ti the roa.I to M..n<!alav ..
road t" llandalay, where she'd never been,
i vu, i., ).,, ilk,- than?
II i.? t . lothlng weren't an fait.
- riren bel owi ?i I iddlni
. had n?"
ige for the three months' crul ? ??
Meward up la lulls to in?
form her that her trunk, which sin lalx I. !
loi her stateroom, would i ??t -*" *??
. .r bunk
-? i ? ship al "ti? ?? i sa i. ? i li
N->\\ tell a*?-, pray, ma- a woman
-.'!?.'? 'I I ? ? . M m.'.,
I',.i ... * ? - --. i for
11 unk would u".
? i..\ found ?a - i? n n rented .<
.ini-outi. ?I Mi ?
jults if II hold
, - i
,n . ?..? i?.
"Forgive Me and Forget My
Manners," He Says After
Conference at Club.
Governor Hoped "Harper's" Sup?
port Might Be Continued?His
Manager Says Watterson
Has Helped Wilson.
Tbc Wilson Correspondence School
fii)?i..?l another ami probably final ?-our!???
to its curriculum yesterday, when the
letters exchanged between the Governor
of Now Jersey and Colonel Georg? Har?
?rey, editor of "Harper's Weekly.' wore
made public through "The i'- nina
Neither ?"f Ihe men wished In be put
in the position of giving out private let?
ters, bul '"?Hi wore willing thai the cor?
respondence, referred t?> by Colonel Wat
terson as "the abjeel letters of Governor
\\ iison." should in- made public.
William l\ M" ? '?"Mils, the Wilson cam?
paign manager, had int."' conunenl lo
make upon th?' latest addition to th?
"letters of h Governor," bul hoped thai
the public would note thai these letters
were all dati i prior t?> the Ume wh?u
Colonel Watterson Issued his Brsl pub
ii.- broadside agalnal Wilson's candidacy
?To mj mind, it is significan! thai
Colonel Watterson, knowing of these lei
tera, as he apparently did, should issue
statements and talk of them as he ?ii?l
Al Colonel Harvey's ?.tu,?- M was sa: l
thai he had nothing t<> say aboul the
Utters or their contenta and attention
was directed lo the fad thai he han had
nothing t<> .*??? v al any time concerning
any of the pointa In Ihe controversy.
The Evening Poof printed the let?
ters with a preliminary explanation thai
neither of the correspondents wish?
be put In the position of giving oui pri
\ate letters, "bul both aaaented t<? the
publication \?iih the dlstinei understand?
ing thai th?* initiative came from The
Evening Poet.' "
Added to that, "The Evening Pool '
the following letter, from Got
ernor Wilson, m response t*. Its r?
for permission to publish th?' letters:
Trenton, N l Januai s ! .
Ed I Im of "'I'll.- Kvei
Bincerel] appreciate ^.'n klndneitu I
i, i lalnl) have no obj? pilon ni ..il ? I
publication ..f mj I? iten? t?> ? 'olonel 11 <t
vey, bul with regard lo hi? letter? In me,
1 ha\> the ?tronti feeling, which I cannot
overcome, thai I ahot.ld ii.?t.- in loin Ihe
..f th? m* n ??. h?i .u ? pnbllnhh :
vate I? iters, Th? re Is, ol ?*oui ? noil
them thai l should noi be glad to ?ee made
The ?. llson? Harvey I? it"..-. In their
order, folio?.?. :
Fifth avenue and Mit: xtreel
r? i nial i ?? ?
M i " -?i ? 'olonel Bvei i da) i era ? ?on*
iiim-?i in ih?- jiid-rnwiit ilia) mj mind
,r i n, >.tii? one train
of though! at n I'm? .\ Ion? lime aft.r
thai Intervle? with ??.?i mid Mai ? Henri
at the Manhattan Club II came ovei m<
thai when (al Ihe i lone <>i the Intervt? wl
you aak<*d nw that queaUon aboul the
"\\ ? ekh i anew? i> ?I it ilmpl) .i? .? m?'
1er "t fa. t. and >.f buslncaa, ind said never
a word of my ulncere gratitude t?. you f.,i'
all your ?-'? n? roui auppoi t, oi of mi h"i ??
thai i' i nllnued Foralv? in-'
Hti.l forget my manners Faithful!* yours,
in reply. <'olonel Harve) arrota I i
Go* ernor Wilson as folloa ?
kiln ?quart
Pel ?" si Januai ?? >
M) I"?a. Hovernor Wlla-ori i'.-pi*.
i our not? froi lb? L'nl > ? ? i. f'luh I ?
ii ?i,. ?i.i ..... ' ? i no |. i* ? i ?
? ?ni.I arise ii I tret n j.nd
me w halevei anj bod? ? ? i u mi?>
\?,'i mirely mtiat it now ti
at..ir . .,? .' faith, t your poll11? al
? the I...-? r? w years I ' .. v.- b< ? n
olelj bj th. h. ii. t thai ' was
na .i 'II -tlii. ; public sen Ice.
'I r ?? i . .il point at Mi.- i nn. ..f <>iir
\ lea ?." aa i ou aptly pul it. one ?Imply
".a fact .. d "i bu Inet and a h? i
i.it. ?i th? fact t.. be lhal m) auppoi I
hurting youi candldacj and thai yon were
experiencing difficult) In finding .. wai lo
eounteracl It? hai ?I. the onlj
poaall i<- for me to <i"
you n?. lea? i han In ? onslderatlon ?>( my
OWn ?' If I? ?-"..?. r \\.. .,, ;, !),.v, yoil Of
youi ? mi.,n raw ??!. nt. so fat n lay ? ithln
.'. pow? ? lo do no, bj ?... Inn t.. ad
'.cu nomination
That. I t hink. WM a fully und? i o "I '
tw? on us in the time ti d . . cord
Ingly, i look down your pun. from Ihe
head ol the "Weekly'a" editorial pane aome
dayi before \?>??r letter waa written Thai
lo s.- nil th. r? ?s ,.f it
W atever little hurl I ma) havi fell at
a consequence of Ihe unexpected peremp
torineaa of roui ittltudi toward me is, ??f
??our?... whofl* eliminated by \<mr gradous
V? iv truly your?,
Governor Wilson replied, under dat? of
Januai v 11 .-?*? folio
My l "?u ? 'olonel I larvej
Oeneroua an?! cordial a? aras yotn h-tirr
? n In reply t.. m? ? ? ? *,,-,. ... i .
??eralty Club, ?t has lefl me uneaay, he
cau .. j.. m perfecl franko.??-s. it ahowt?
thai ! .)''! h ii you b) what l h,. (actlct-sly
?aid nt the Knicker "joirker l'lub i am vers
ai h m. .i ..-? m* .u f,,, there Is noth?
ing I am more ashamed of than bur-tin** ?
true friend, however unintentional th hun
ma* bat ? be n I wanted vei ) - - ??.-,, i,.
see yon In Waahln.?*t> n, bul .?.;??-> absolutely |
raptured by i aller ? ? \ ? r) minute l ?? i
mj ' ???in-. and \? b? n l wat noi there ?;.
fulfilling publl? ? nga**? menta. I torn you
al it.*- dinner, bul ?-ould nol "??? al you,
and ait? r the dinner waa ?urrounded and
prevented from Kettln? al you I era In
town i '-?in\. t.. ?a|.**ak ?his evening, ami
rame In early In the hope or catching you
?I your "''
For I ??>? ?? II I ?i .v.; and |o m\ own
though! end feeling to tell yon how ptrat?
i fnl I ,??n for ?H nt generous prala?
. t ..f me ?n?, one hi*- i..
l would Ilk.- t.. belle? ?
n yself t>. be than \<>n have) h<.--. I have
admired .on for the Independence snd un
hexltatlna courage an?! Individuality ?>f
your course, ? ? i > < i how far l was from <ie
alring thai vou sho';l?l .?a?. \oir aupporl
of me in th" "W.eklv " Vn i uili tnh '<
m?- very stupid, bul I <ii?i noi Milnk >.f that
a? the n suit of n?v i.huit BlUWer lo youi
..n. I thought onlj oi ih>- meana of
convincing people <?f the real Independence
,.f the "Weekly's" poaltlon v..n win .,?.
member that that aras what we discussed.
And no", that I have iliilnt??nt|oii?il|\ pin
y. n in ii falae and embarrassing position,
you heap eoala of fire on my basad i.v ,-,.n
tlnulng to nlve out Interview favorable
m nn candidacy, ah thai i ran say la,
thai ,r>" have nroved yourself ven i.n.*.
and lhal I wish I might have an early op
?. ..?'?? ?., i,, up \,,i race t.. fare h'\v I
i. ill? fet ' ahont it all With warm r? -
? Tiii.iii* ,,i?i falthfull) ?"
WOODROW U'li.suv
? is noted In the foregoing that men?
tion ?.f the Knickerbocker iii8t??a?i of the
Manhattan Club is rrlrrloualj a ?lip ..f the
Colonel Harvey's reply ?as as follows:
January It, ItU.
MN Deal ?;"* ?mor Wllaon
Thunk ? "' Inearel) lot vour nn.st imnd
? ??' I I . 3-i 11 Onlj I -?r? HI ? ? ,r | ,n.?
I,,.foi. that I t i I ti" part". I, ,, ,?,r.
mi si ? "i.' imenl l??ft in m?*. and
i t,.i.' you i" believe that I hav? ??? ?
of.? word I inybody of criticism of \?>n
1 h;i\e to nrli't ? word ol explsnal
Ihe "W?-*ekly's" n idem, bul It will i.? th*j
l,,;, ft ? . Vi i | nil'. ? on* ...
< 'olonel liai ey's lettei inckas? I p . opy
t I'litini). 'I ia? ?r? ?mal utze.
"Forj-jivc n:?* .nul lorgei my manners. ... 1 owe il t?i von and to my own thought and feelings
to tell you how grateful I am . . how I have admired you . . . and how* far I was from desiring
that you should cease ytmr support of i ? n'The Weekly.'"?GOVERNOR WILSON t.. COLONEL
II \R\ IV.
Judge Swann Says Court Had No
-Record" of Burglar Caught
in Senator Fox's Home.
Writes House Owner That Pun?
ishment Would Have Been
More Severe Had Prison?
er's Career Been Known.
judge Edward B* ann. of Ihe Court of
General Beeetone, re elv? ?i i l< tt? i
days ago n m ?a .-? natoi John Fox, ? I
,i..,,i of ti"* National Democratic
Club, aaklng ?ii* i' ttaa thai ? young
man bj th? name ? I John Bdwarda. who
broke Into Senator Pox'i hout* . No I?
Rast HOth tr.'.t. b; going through lh
, ,,.,i bole in the sidewalk, one nlghl laal
??,, ,i,i? i. ?.?..<? aent< B( - I t.ily four
monthi on Blaehwell*? laland '
Bwann'a r?*i?i: . mallod yeaterday, un
?wen Senator i'?>\.- queatlon, and .ii ?>
contain? ? aevere rrltlclam of the Poll? e
Department The lett-ar lay?:
i find thai Ihta ?aae au Mnl from
ti,?. calendar of thla ?furl t.. Ihe - al?
endar of Ihe Criminal Bram h of the
Bupreme Courl few trial, and when it
waM called the defendant offered to
plead gulltj to unlawful entry, which la
,-i mlademeanor, and becauae there was
n?, police record among the papen 01 i
the poaaeaalon of Patrolman Prank B.
i ;r.-.-n. of tli?* Baal >**al In ' i"'1 ?'?? -s;*'
tlon, th" very brave offl< or who followi ?I
the prteoner through ihe dark coal hole,
justice Mu? 'is lof Buffalo) ?li.l not
know, and h id no me ma of knoa Ing
except through Hi" Police Department,
,I,;|I the defendanl n'as a notorloua
burglar with four prevloua conviction
win the Police Deportment does not
provide the arreatlng officer with ihe
, rlminal record >.i ? piiaoner on trial
when the officer la the neceaaan arltnea?
and la trt?-* only aource of Information i?>
the eourl the department in the beat
qualified to aaj ? it la nol the faull of
id.. officer, i.m of muii" arbitrary rule .if
the department. Buch record la neces?
sary i" croaa-eaamlnatlon of 111 * ? de?
fendant, aa ?rhen h* puta bla alleged
prevloua good character la evidence, <>r
when he pl-aada guilty and Um Judge
wlahea to Inform hlmaelf aa to the previ
oua life of tin- defendanl '?<> aa to Intelli?
gently determine tii<- extent <>f tix- sen?
"I am convinced," condudea Judge
?wann, "th.it had Juatlce liarcua known
of tho mans criminal career he would
have impose?! a very aubatantlal sen?
tence in st.it" priapO I regrel very
mii'h thut In* ?li?! t("t know the fa?*ts."
when Bdwarda pleaded guilty, I? p,
Couway, ? probation officer employed by
th.. Qathollc Protective Society. Ka\?. a
good character to Juaticp Marcus In be?
half "f Bdwarda. The priaonar, how-'
ever, admitted that be bad bean mi
BlackweU*! laland for four montbi for
,!i.,.!?i. rij ??iimIii? t
? m tho rr-.ciiit of Senator Fox's le ter
JimIk?' Bwana pot ins probation ofneer,
111m ('"li? Joga-nah, -it work on the caes
in th?*- t*Me* of the dart of the court
two in?ii< tnvnt recordi having reHo*
slips w-pr?-? found. Tbeoe fallow *Hpn
ghowed thnt Bdwarda bad Ihre? previ
.ms convicttoaa against him.
Egdwards'J pIctuM In lh( Rogues' <:..i
lul'J lb Nu. LiiUi?O.
Shift in Fortune Gives Jersey
Man a New Deal.
?:.'! 1" The Tilbuni? I
Long Bnnch, N i . Jan 30. Instead
Ing a*ni to the county poortmuse. if
plannet!, jHmea Paddock, "f Atlantic
I Highlands, a patient at the hfottmoutr?
I Memorial Hospital, to-ds) fell -i ir toa
.i more than tl.ooo.ono. Ps*i
?'?.? K h id been treated aa a charily pa
i'..i* paralysis. Sonie * in? ago 11
v\as ?!.li ?! I" send him t?. a p.i.?rhous...
and word waa aent t?? some >.f his rela?
to th.it effect, a tew daya later a
leply waa recelired t?. thf effort that in
.?i\>- relatives would In? I:i :i post
lion I. *-? ??? thai li" ".tut".i fot nothing
? ir?
sitii"n Paddock, of Byrecuae, > brother1
?i th? paralytic, ?li?*.l recently, leaving
broth? r heir t?. morn than 11.090.000.
? i.? a wealth} wallpaper manu?
facture! Man) >?*.*rs ago he Ml trace
..t in.- brother Jan.?*s To-di * Jamea
confronted by proof of his Inher?
it, latlt es, accompa nl? ? by ..
i.-.uy. : . ?lied at it ? ? host Its?, it aaa
not lona afterward . lat the patient waa
. from the ward (.? a ?iti\*.t?*
r..?i?!i Word waa left i?> sui?r>i\ th" man
w Uli ? \ "! \ luxut
Blmon Paddock, ? con ?>i th? patient,
.Atlantic Highland*?, is bIbo
i ? ii.-n? i n \ under the will of hi-? uncli
h? Inherlta $50,000. II?' lefl his place
-.. sti't ii ' y i?, receive the legacy, To make
i trip young Paddock borrowed 113
ti?.m Judge John B. Post-er The yout?i
Is unk elghti ?'ii y? an ? ?l<t.
Grants Pension to Widow of
Great Russian Reformer.
st t*. t- r burg. Jan SO. The Russian
Kinperor haa granted a pension to tho
\. i i..w ??t Tolstoi, who hereafter win re?
ceive 10,000 rubles ($6.000) annually.
i -
ut.i- Ti.istoi araa before her marriage
' Suphii Behra, daughter of ? fashionable
do. tor <>f Moscow, She was married m
Count Tolstoi in Utt. Th.tuple had thlr
t - -ti children. Although Tolstoi onoa char?
?i?*t..i?/.??i hla ?Hi- ?is "by no msana a
trltli-r. I.ut an .?irn.-st helpmeet," she ?lid
ii.it rarrj her aympathy artth hla later ???
ciologteal doctrinea to the extent of shar
Ing hla ascetic mod? of Hf?*. n<>r did he re?
quire II ??f her, When, In isfW, in purauance
?.t his prim ripies, be renounced ail claims
tn his estates, everything was made over
tu hi- wife iin.t children, the eouatess
acting as truatee. They continued, ht-w
ever, under the -am?, roof.
Tolstoi's opinions I.roiiKht him much \.> r
?ecutlon at th" hands of the -,rovernm"iit,
moatly of an lti<iir..?*t sort, through the sup?
pression of hla works. Following tita at?
tack ?i. the Orthodox Church in his novel
"Resurrection." he was excommunicated,
the decree dating from February 22, !90l.
Bravado of Convicted Murderer Brings
Him Life Imprisonment.
Indlanapolla, Jaa H Becauaa i{enr-?e
Devil ?i""*- not dreiol liaiiKint?. )>ut ragaids
It as h ?t. slt*ilile distinction, l?overnor Mar
siuiii to-nigbt -commuted his teeth asn
tPiu-i to Itni't i>>mni.-lit for tita,
I lavis, a aegro, murdered a woman com
panlon si Qary, Ind., by cutting tag her
In ml with a knife, and was :^-nten?-i?d to he
hanged n<"<t Friday. Warden FoKarty of
the Michigan City Prison reported to the
Qovernof today that the condemned man
looked forward to lbs execution of the
ii.urt'? aentenoa as ? mark of honor.
? I,?.!.' ?.?it .?. Friiliate Judge < liati?*'*
?^ Cuttlllg* :?i-?l.iy authorized Loota | <iw>
locutor of Iba Chatrtaa T. Yerbas ae>
II l.'..*x>( sinne, of .to -1. lu the
i ..;.,,:i.i RallwfcyM Company, <?f I, n
han tu u?-- .-oll for v Went tli
109. vJ
Announces Intention of Devoting
Himself to Propagation of
Jewish Faith.
Not in Accord, It Is Said, with
Congregation of B'nai Je
i shurun, Which He
Joined Recently.
Rahhi Judah I,. Magnos, vv hn resigned
aa aaooclate rabbi of th?'Temple Bmanu?
*?*! .m a? ? .Hint of a sernion against re?
form Judalem. and later went t?> B'nai
Jeshuriin, an ultra-orthodox congrega
lt"ii, hau again found himself out of
eympath*. with his flock. He announced
last night that he had resigned t,? .].?
vote all his time to the educational work
r the Kehillaii. or Jewish Community, of
New York Clt)
Although Rabbi Magnea in his ?tate?
tnent make*- no reference t?. any friction
between him and ble i oiigiogallnii. and
although none of the trustees of B'nai
Jeahurun were prepared to aay last night
that their re'iitlotis with ?Mr. .Magues
had been anything but harmonious, it
han been rumored lor tome timo that
the rabbi found oondtttona .?t tbe syna?
gogue distasteful. The congregation has
been divided int.? two factions for aome
time past, ?mo faction has upheld th.
conservative opinions of the rabbi, while,
the utiVr faction has urged Innovations
and changes in the ritual
Before tho coming of Rabbi llagnea
the servir.? lu?l been modernized to th?
exten' <>f ?? mixed choir and an organ,
shortly after his advent both the organ
and the mixed ?hoir were eliminated. ?V
decline in attendance at services fol?
lowed, and the faction which opposed
I?r. Magnes was not slow in using tilia
fact as ammunition with which to .it
tack him. In addition to announcing
hi? resignation. Rabbi Hagntt in his
statement say , that he will go to Pal?
estine for two months to acquaint him?
self wtth Jewish probl?me In that land.
Ills educational work in New York Is
likely to !?? largely in the interests of
Zionism. The statement of Rabbi Mag?
nos is as follows:
It v?, us with much pl-a.siin- that I can
announce that $.'?i>,?Jl?l lier annum, the tirst
OUOta of the Jewish Kducation Kund of
New York City, has been talaed. Practically
ail the ?ubocrtpUona ??ovar ?i period <>t a??*
ireara, so that it may be ?aid that $JJ),u.ji)
tuts been pledged for th? Jewtah Kducation
I-'uiid Of the .l?*wlsh Community iKehillahl
of New York ?"Ity. In addition to iliis,
.is at th? disposal of the .lewisli I'oin
munlty for educational purposes, making
lin .?Il u fund in axceaa of a*SM,(M0 to be need
fair tl??? next live years for Ihe Improve?
ment of Jewish religious education in New
York ?'Ity.
Tho work th?vt I have heen pi iv 11,???.?,? to
do in this connection has convinced me
thai i uaa best serva the Jewish cause hy
concentrating my attention upon the prob?
lems of Jewish ?ellgious organiza!ion and
of Jewish education. With the consent el
Congregation B'nai Jeshurun. and with the
ail of several men of *hls city. I shall have
ihe opportunity ?>f devoting myself to these
prolilems of Jewish religion? organisation
??n?! .lewisli education without being ,?i
tached to any partleulaa synagogu? \
Society for the Advanoament of Judaism
has lii.n formed, and I expect thro.iglt this
...i.i.i? to I?, given ,iiiip|?te freedom and
added energy to ?levo... myself to J?*?vlsli
work in this city.
Before taklnjt up lid- work. I expect lo
visit Palestine for ibout two mont In?, in
order to acqnainj rayeali with the rengious
..?id .'du?.atlouJLl problems of th?- j. wa
i ._- -
Time for Their Attacks to Cease
and Nation to Listen to Facts,
He Says in Most Aggres?
sive Speech.
Old Line Republicans the Real
Progressives, President De?
clares?Gives Three Rea?
sons Why He Believes
Victory Certain.
Cotombue, Ohio? Jan. M.?s\*Pri***faa}
the achievemente of hi? administration
before the Columbue Olee ?'tub her*? to?
night. President Tuft ?Irew the line
?harply between the old line Republi?
cana and the Progressives of hia party
and practically declared thai the time
whs at hand when the "denunciatione"
of the Progressives must .ease and -when
the nation will demand focta.
H" had not the slightest doubt, h"
said, that the Republican party would
win In the November election**.
The President made one of the moat
aggressive speeches he has ever deliv?
ered. He made it clear to his hearers
that he had grown impatient of the at?
tack"' that have been made on the Re?
publican party and on his administra?
tion in the last few years. He declared
that the old lino Republicans were pro?
gressiv?- enough to adopt all the legis?
lation that progress demanded, but .--aid
that he was not the 8ort of man to
promise t?> 'make a heaven on ?arth"
or to refi.rtn Hie world in a day.
Three Reasons for Success.
Hf said that in his mind there were
three reasons why the party should be
returned t?> power n^xt November. One
was th?tg it ha?! "done reasonably and
fairly well'' in its administration of th?
government in the last tew years and
deserved i h?- continued conHdeme of
th. country; the second was that it
was "progressing, and would put in
operation all the necessary legislation
that is progr.ssive." and the third ??<
that the party was 'not ? hasing chi?
meras and ii"t unsettling the founda
tions ??i government merely to indulge
in the fancies of bone."
Th?- Preeident'a political apeecti ?ame
as a surpris.- to nmny of his ami
who list.ti'-il reopectfully when h?- bega*
reviewing in narrative fashion hm
knowledge of William McKinley. From
the former Pr.'si.lcit h<- switched siul
tleniy into a dtocuaaton ot preeanl ?aj
pol?tica, and the dtnera cheered inm
wIMty when he sa ni
"I believe that the Republican par!
is jining to i..- mu i I'sst'iii In Noven
1912, and i believe it thoroughly and
?Incerel) and without any mental rea-*
irvatlon whatever, ami I believe tbat
becauaa I have real faith in th" Intelll?
gence and dUB rimination of the Am?'t*
can people, i believe that they kno"
what good service is i believe tbat
they have intelligence ami dlecrfmtna?
tion enough to enable the party organ?
ization through the pr.-ss and through
political spenkiTs in tin? campaign or
?ducation that is coming to convince
them that the Beruftes of th.' last four
years has iie?>n such that thej can truel
It for the nest four ? ears
A campaign is four months long I'
aeema in-..- four reare, but every voter
abo ha.-* b? ? n pu' -m the qui vive will
have his int.?rest aroused and Brill know
th.- candidate accurately and will hive
been given a fair opportunity in that
time to Judge which parts offera the beat
arguitu nl for the next term."
Prom his optimistic look into the fut?
ure tin* President turned to the past an I
th" preeanl and his voice, husky a? ?t
was. ins?, to a higher pitch.
He spoke of th.- Democratic victor) *?t
th? polla m WHO and declared that thai
was not the fault of the Republican
party, but <>f dlaaffection wrtthla ita
Disaffection Caused Defeat.
'Who are the persons who are g*>in<
up and down the land distributing theso
views ' Wh??se lungs have he?>n used to;*
yeara in condemnation and ?ienuncia
t ion '.'
"Were then? any regular Republicana?
Haven't they ail been shooting at the
.?id Republican party ami ihe oi?i ad*
"Now. I think we are getting at tho
point when we ato to get our innings.
W"'l! deal, not in prophectsa and not in
unfounded denunciation, but with facta.
Let us get ?lout? to facts, and then it
they beat us on the truth we'll taha our
heating. Rut let us have a square hear
iiiK anil a square deal, and ask them to t
I.rush aetde the fogs of denunciation"
Mr Taft said It made him Impatient
to hear l.pie talk about the way hi*
aiiininistration had enforced the anti?
trust lau
Have Been "Seeing Ghosts."
Wc n>.i s?.me lawyers who iinderatoo*!
that enforcement ?>f the law meant it?
enforcement In th.- courts and not lu the
newspapers, and we enforced it. i dont
claim any parti? ular credit for it.- ? n
forcei.i. Hon we'r? not witi the
proposition that we've forfeited the sup
port of business because ??? have en?
forced the law. That is enough !?? inaha
on?- Impatient. Those men who thought
Ita enforcement would Interfere -\iih
business have been si-'ing ghosts.
? I would say to you that our re? or.l
at Washington ia good and we are en
titlo-d to the next four years of admin?
istration. Why not go before th? el. ? tor?
ate and ask for a vote of confidence*
We do not promise to give entry to tlnj
millennium. We will not make every
man rich or ?-very man poor who may
have gained his wealth dishoneatly. \\ g
will not revolutionise the Constitution
and have a heaven on earth, because I
don't believe any man who says he saix
do such a thing.
"But we are progresaive step by step
We are Improving by reaaonable meth?
ods and by statutes and laws directed ?:
c\iis, hu*. wc cannot work by lygerde

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