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Sailor Who Kicked Merchant
Beats Manslaughter Charge.
a verdi t of guilty was brought In h) the
j, in the ?as*1 ?f
jos. ; ? ?. Qrahan a miter, who has been
on trial before Juettee Chartes H. Kelby,
in tl.? old Couaty Court Ho s? at Rlch
n.on.i >'..*? i. Ipland ? ban ' with having
i.f four or more men who kicked
Harry Kolllng, s merchamt, "f Wtatt Sott
Brighton, last .-? hla death reeult
ir p s i? w houre later.
Although Indicted for manslaughter in the
,.,,,,. Jury found tiraham
guilty of ' ?rime, that of assault
m the secon?! degree, which captes with it
;?. maximum seinen?, ot five years. This
a .1 accordance with the evidence, which
,1 there was no intent to kill, the In
; i ?., KolllnX having been the outcome of
a harr..?.in brawl
Tl,. whb h was conducted by
Ge??ri. 8 Paraona, rell??l largely on the
testimony of Dr George W Mord, the
eoi **' - physician, who war- sattsfl?*?! that
the I of the brain was caused by
lion o| the lungs and acute dilatan
of the heart.
Albert ?" Fsch. the District Attorney of
Iba county, caused a second autopsy to he
performed n"t satlslle.l with 1 >r. Mord'a
t This was performed by five physi?
cians and surgeons of Staten Island, one
of them bemg Dr. Carl K. Klngsley, a
t of w?st Sew Brighton, and a?*t
1 |g in thai Capacit) f"r it. Vincent's H"8
i! end the s R. smith Infirmary.
All these medical men took issu.* with
Dr. Mord, finding that Kolllng was in per
fed health up t? the time of the assault.
??ral that even sfter death ?very organ was
)n ?perfect condition, save f?.r a slight con?
gestion In th. lung-, which Dr. Klngsley
t, ii :. .i i r??? ? d? d d-eath.
Qraham will be sentenced this afternoon
thre?. men Jointly Indicted with
bim f.?r kicking Kolllng to death outside of
"Nasselii's saloon, on Broadway, West New
Brighton, are Frederick Wood, William lie?
Orsth ami Frank Norton, all of Waal New
"Brighton. They will be tried probably some
tun? ?. .i*::-* February.
Former Landscape Architect
Criticises Park Commissioner.
Sfmuel Parson?, Jr.. former landscape j
architect of the Park Board, anld yeeter-j
day that all persons In this city Interested!
in the preservation of Central Park should |
hark up the pre.-ent landscape architect.
? barlea D. Lay Mr. Pnraona'a statement
followed the action of Park commissioner
Ftover In holding up for many days the
Terrr.t report "1 Mr. I-.iv. hei-n'.is-e that offl !
< Isl ha?l requested th? Park H??ar?l to sub
rt*. t to him tust al! plans and specifications
before presenting them to the Municipal
Art Commission. *
"Commissioner Mover took affront at thai !
,*" said M- ]'.!? one, "altho igh,
none of the other commissioners did His
iwaaon tor bring affronted was that it hit I
h.ni personslly. Park Commissioner Btover
invariably consulted the Municipal Art
nlselon before be ?ver ?urne near m?*"
when I was landecepe architect, hut none
of the other com missioners did
rthermore, he hail no business with
ng Mr. Lay'i report, in former a?i
mit isfatioiis the r?i'ort of the landecepe
architect waa dlecueeed in public."
Mr Parsons characterised as ridiculous
the ststemenl of Commissioner stover that
tin- chart? contained s provision that the
lands-cape ir. hite? t should ha*.?- the plans
us ?irst. and that Mr Lay
?at therefore foolish in making such a re?
Mr. Pars?.-is said he had to take plans
itions from commissioner Sto?
ver's desk, otherwise he never would iiave
known what was going on.
I oppose.) BO many of his ridiculous sug
liona thai 1 cannot remember them all,"'
.-.,?.1 th? form?-: landacape architect.
Emergency Appointments of Pro?
bation Officers.
The Civil Servhe Commisslon Issued yes?
terday a certificate for emergency appoint?
ments for fifteen days in the case of the
Inferior courts probation officers who are
?due to be separated from their Jobs. New
eligible lista Will he furnish?! to the Board
of Magistrates shortly, from which they will
make thoir new appointments, the appoint?
ees to start work on February 16.
Meanwhile the commission will decide
whether the new probation officers shall be
residents of the court division for which
they are appoint.-.). in all thirty-one pres?
ent court attendants are said by th. rece??
Court of Appeals decision to be hohiinK
their job illegally. They will ba the fifteen
day appointees of the Board of Magistrates.
and after that period the new officers, ap?
pointed from the new eligible lists, will lake
their places. A few of the thirty-one may
survive the Court of Appeals decision, which
upheld the commission's decision that they
are illegally appointed, but not more than
thre?. or four, it was sai?l yesterday.
Finance Department Against Salary In?
crease for Colonel Smith.
T... Finance Department will report un
favorably to the Board of Estimate to?
morrow on the request of the Bark Board
for an F*** increase In the salary of Colonel
Clinton Smith, secretary of the. board,
gome weeks ago the hoard passed g reeolu
tlon to Increai,.' the salary of Colonel Smith
to |4>.? The hoard reduced It last year
to HOW. Park Commissioner Hlgglna said
he was sorry he had voted to reduce |{ hut
now favored it, and desired in that wav to
apotoglee for the mistake he had mad?
The Bureau of Municipal Research how?
ever, opposed the Increase, on the ground
that it had found Colonel Smith incompe?
tent colonel Smith tald the officials of the
bureau ?lid not like his name, and that he
considered them a -hunch of blackguards '?
$1,000,000 Is Involved?Half
Brother a Claimant.
The trial of the suit to construe the wil'
<.f Ji.hn W, Hunt, who left an estate value?!
at more than 11,000,090, most ?if it earned
In the turpentin" business, was begun yes
terday before Justice Bisrhoff. Hunt died
la Dalian Tex., in 1910. His will made be
queeta acKrej-*atinK 1100,000 to relatives,
an<l gave the residue, approximately |1.
000,000, to eatabUeh a charitable or benevo?
lent institution in Georgia as a memorial
to himself. The will was admitted to pro?
bate In Florida.
The action to construe the will was
brought by Bunyan Lucas, a half-brother of
Mr Hunt, who received in the Will tl.Of??
and a farm In ?iklahoma. Mr. Lucas main?
tained that the residuary clause was void,
and If he Is successful In proving It so he
ano the other relatives will divide the 11.
Mr Hunt was sixty-eight years old when
he dletl and was the owner of a chain of
hotels. He made his will a few months be?
fore he died
Not long before his death Hunt obtained
a divorce from his wife, alleging In his suit
that she had become Infatuate?! with a
cousin of the Czar of Ruaste, whose name
he gave as Prince Alexander Tcherdladleff.
He said his wife met the prince while on a
tri?? through Europe
Mrs. Hunt denied her husband's story.
saying she had never even seen the prince.
She ??nid Hunt was Intensely jealous of
her and because ??f this her friend?^ called
her "a bird In a gilded cape.*" Mrs. Hunt
now has an application pen?llng in the Su?
preme Court. Brooklyn, to reopen the di?
vorce suit.
John Miller, It Is Said, Lost
$400.000 in Wall St. Once.
John Miller, flfty-elght years old. who
ran the Bryant I'ark Huh, In the Bry.int
Arcade Building, at iC?1 afreet nn.i si-ch
avenue, committed suicide In the rlub
ro'.ms yesterday by shooting hlmoelf
through the head I>espond?.noy over
financial reverses was aacrlbed as th?
Miller, described as a hanker and broker
.... time, lived in the rlulirooms with
his wife, who was asleep in one ??f the
rooms when Miller went into another of
the five rooms which the club occupies, on
the third floor. He ask-Mi one of the valt.'rs
for a drink of water and then went Into
an adjolnlns- room and closed the door.
There was a report of a revolver a mo?
ment later, and when the waiters W-MN
Into the room they found Miller kneeling
before a lounge ns if In prayer with a re?
volver in one hand and tlond streaming
from a wound in the right side of th? head.
Mrs. Miller, too. heard the sh?>t. and
soon was in the room also The waiters
found a sealed note address?-.1 t?? lira Mil?
ler In lier husband's handwriting, which
she ?took and refused to make public.
It was said that Miller was a brother-tn
law of fortmr Deputy Fire Commissi mer
Wise, of Brooklyn, and that several yesrt
ago he was rich. It was said that ha 1? st
about $40o,0*:?> in Wall Street two yean ago
Says 'It's All Over," Reading
Note-Prospered in Grand Rapids
Andries Bovter was found dead yeeterdaj
afternoon in his room at No l.V? West ?.lt!i
street, having committed suicide by in
halini gas through a tube he had fastened
to tb.e gas Jet. He left a note in which he
asked forglwness.
According to Mrs Ritchie, his landlady.
Revier received a '..r while eatir.ir his ;
dinner Monday night. He read it at the
table, and then said to bet; "Weil, it's a1.',
over." After dinner he went to hi? room.
Mrs Ritchie said Bevter came from
Grand Rapids, Mich., and had been in New
York two years She said be told bat he
was an inventor of a paving block, and
had used it In Boston, paving many of th?* |
streets, adding that he sppsared to be well
supplied with money
The body was -removed to the morgue by
Coroner Hellenstiin. Mrs. Ritchie com?
municated with th?*- man's family in Grand
Grand Rapids, Mich.. Jan. 19?Andrlee
Revier, who committed suicide ir. New
York to-da>. was well known in Grand Rap?
ids, although he left here eighteen reara
ago for the East His widow and a -
still live in this city, while two sons. Percy
Bevier, of Flint. Mich., and Duboia Revier,
of Spokane, Wash., also survive.
The second term of the evening ses- on
Of the 1'olleK" of the lit} ot New V??rk
will begin on February ' at the main butld
Ing of the college, <*onvent avenue, mar
With street, c.ii.rs.s in mathematics
litl? al science, history, Knghah literature
an<1 physics will be open f(,r new atudentt
I'andldates for admittance may apply any
evening, except Sunday, from now until
the hejjlnnlni,' of the new term
I- will not h,, neceasary for applicants to
take the regular entran?*.- examination if
thev can ahow a high school diploma o?
?ces of an education equlvalenl lo
that received at a high school
Prom The Trii.,.1. Bureau ]
Washington. January ? ?.
OKDKRS 1PSCKI?. Tii.- following ordi
have been Issued:
???utenant ?"olon-M A >' Lfr'AT, 2?t-)h infantry, I
to Kort Lasvenworth, vie?*- captain SAMUEL. I
V. ham. 7th Infantry.
?'apt-mi OEORQE H. M'MASTER, Bth Infan?
try, detail-id with organised militia ot
South Carolina, to Columbia.
First Lieutenant JOHN C. MOORE, fr.im 7th
t?i ?th Infantry
from ilth to 7th Infantry.
Becond Lieutenant POLLETT BRADLEY is
tt-pied to ?ith Field Artillery
Seen?! Lieutenant KIAVAHIi A. EVE] T
from Mh to 1 ?th Infantry.
( ompsny I. Sd Battalion of En?lneers, to Pa,,
Francisco, th'-ncc. ,n Honolulu Mur? h :.
Leave? of abs.-nee: Major GENERAL FRED
krhk r> ijRANT. two inonthK. ueuten
ant Colonel THOMAS J LEWIS 18th
Cavalry, two months from February ]-,
Major HENRY A BAKRKR (retlredl
mtlltary attach*, one month: Cantalii
-JEORQE M. APPLE, l?t Ki.-iri Artillen
two months.
Civil Engineer R. c HOLLTDAT, detached u
chief of Bureau of Yard? an-i Dr.ckf?; -..
Ir. connei-llon with that bureau
The Tribune
Almanac ^ m2
Last year the size was doubled while the price remained the
same. This year it is still larger and new features have been
added. Price, 35c. by mail. Copies in boards with cloth backs
and handsome cover in colors, 60c. by mail. Send your order now.
1..4 \assau Streit, Vo** York Oitg.
i paper cover.
Pleas send the 1912 Tribune Almanac j, hoard C0|W
for tihieh find enclosed.cents.
.Yarn? .
? y e^i^m*e*^m.+**+r^*^*^*^**^*^^r^se^*^m*e^\ i
Property Mear 48th Street Sold for the Third Time Within a
Year, at a Large Profit.
Thf- lisias values nf rroperty in Madison
hvenue was aKain plalBl) in evidence yea
terdajr hy tbe sale el the f?.ur etory, tviKh
Btoop, brownstone strurture at N?>. Ill, on
a plot '?4 :,xi?.". feet in tbe last three years
this ttructare has ehansed ownership three
times, and in each traneai tion Pease & V.l
llman have h?-?'n the broktan.
1-rf-ist February It was Mid by J'.hn Slav
bark for MM00, who. in turn, a short tim.*
aft.r disposed of It to Mrs .'. W.ntherley
for firni.*??! it was porchaeed y-eeterday by
a ?lient of Peace A- EHIman f'?r a prie?'
said to be NM.000. The property It N leei
from the north corner of 4Mh str?-?'t. Whl? h
was purchased not lorn,' sgo l y T. J Flint
and is now underKoin*,- extensive repaire
for business purposes The new owner of
No. 41?". Madison avenue Is t?i lease th.- par
eel, whl? ii is a?s? t>> b.' altered.
Another inter, ?tins sale by Pease fl l-'-lll
man of ? loft huildinu in Mth street, for
which Chlcaso property la taken in part
payment, is told elsewhere
The sale of property In the zone of the
new courthouse Bite i layed ? prominent
part in the real eetate market yesterda)
The newly formed Excelsior F.stnt? s l'uni
pany hsa*purchassd the two eishl etory
business bulldlnse ocoupylns the entire
| block front on the vv.-.-t side "f ?entre
street, between White and Walker eti
and recently cumpl'-t? ?I end ownt-.l by th?
AhiiiKdon Construction Com]
The new ownera will hold the property
for investment. The bulldlnse "? ? '?' I '?*
frontase of H7.I feel In Centre street, M.I
leei in Whit.- su...! and W.I feel In Walker
str...-t. Th>- bulldlnse ere known sa N
i?. It* Centre street, .and ere bul one block
wesi ??f tbe new clvli centre.
Tii?- Bite was olislnally owned by the
citv. which acquired it, slong with othetf,
property, In order t?i facilitate the bi
of the tubway. This unused realty wat
offered si suction bj the city ?a couple ol
yean eso, snd th? block j'i-i eold vas put**
chased by the Centre-White Coropan .
which BUbeequentlj reeoM it t>> the Ablns
ton Construction Company. The bulldlnse
are of blsh clase construction, and ere
from pi.m.- h> Bchwsrti ? ?reee The
Btructure on the w.iik?-r str.'.-i corner le
leaeed to the bepartmenl of Health The
property li rlshi .'it the Walker street tit
tion of the eubwaj
The Douslaa Roblneon-Charl?Ba B. Brown
Company, In conjunction with tbe C
K. Neyea Company, Bold for the estate ?f
Peter Lorlllard No IU \\?>rtii street, ex?
tend?as to Catherine Line, ? live etorj
basement and ? ib-cellai building, covering
a lot Matt feet Th.- building li leaeed to
K. H. Hamilton A Co until Mav I
The pro pert} la assessed on th? .?v hooka
at |O,000 ami hai been held al M5.000 Th?
property ? slue,
as i? the Smith-HogK building,
occupying the block t"?iii on '? il ? ette
sm.t t'r?.m Worth str.-t t?. th?* Ian . The
property Is oppo te ? .* New \ ?>? . I. i?
Insurance Company's building, extending
from Broadway to Lafa
purchase) la ?? clleni ol the Charlea r
N'?v ea < "omj I
Another Une Home lisposed
was liiiil ;*t So 11 V t
was told .-? B Dsv foi W ... U Bald
w in, presldenl of th? ? ?t?a El? i I
pany, to Blng A Blng Th. ! ouse ha
held at sikm?.' While the dwi III * |
?t.out twenty-flve feet irlde. It stands I
??n a ploi with a front..?-? ? f fifty live feet,
. ng the Second * 'hurcl <?f ? I t
* 1st, on th? ? '? i.tral Pal 1, W ? *
? Bide llgl * Mr Baldwin
to ???' i td iht 1 use for about tweli ?
ne i f
th.- .Vivan?, apartments. In Mth
i:.*.ir Beventh svenue It li -i that'
Bins & Bins will i
ably to a builder May Irwin owi
adjoin.ni? house, No II Weei ttth atreel
Two .nt? resting aal? wert g The
Bronx transactlona Bmlth I I
the vacant plot, lOtxMO feet, al thi south-1
w.-st ?oil.et ??f itoth ?
aid. als?, ihe sdfolnlna plot.
feet, on the south sld- of Bouthem i
vard, 100 i?*?*t south of Itoth atreel ?
lloorehead Realty snd i n ?? ictlon ? nm
pai ?-. vv in? ii erlll ? ? l * e story a part?
ment houses, with st..
A transaction ha a |usl been consummated!
by Richard H Bcoble for one of the cholc-i
? st plota along the (Irand Boulevard snd
Concoures. It affects th? block front I
the Heine monument, on i i >?f
th?- Concourse, between ? -->t.?. ? snd
l?*,j?i H!?*?i, at tl - li w. ? . nd of th<
iliiii-Win . Th?* | loi ? ?nia. n itely
t w. nty-four l"t snd has I r<-r, ?
?? ? ? ? . : course, Ui mist I
: ?:.. t and at oui MS f?. i .n ICd atreel The
?ale was ruad-* b) Mr Bei We fol I'h/.al.? Ih
snd Nellie McCsfferty, Prank r Buckhoutj
snd Man B. McDonnell Tbt broker w< -i
disclose tli?- i?l? iititv ?>f th?
.t disposition was '" '"? made ?.f the
Th? Mi ? '..ft. n y Family has !
oa *.? i I he lend f"1 si o it foi
DousbU I.. Bill man <v i a hav? leased for
.-? ions terra of year? g hu?.- spsrtmenl <?r
sixteen to?.ins snd live *>iii ii-. al No, BW
avenue, ? oro? t ?>f Del etreei t
th?- Century Holdlns Company, Pee ? A
Kllimaii, a?v'?'tiis. t?. H R. Wlnthrop, of
Harria Wlnthrop A Co., bank-sri rhe
schedule rental "i Hila apaHmenl la I1&.O0U
The store, basemenl snd sub-basemeni .*i
the eishl Btory building si .\... lio i?r?..i.i
way, opposite nth stic.t. formerly occu?
pied by tii? Keep Manufacturing Company,
has iieen leas.-d i.v the Surety li?-aitv Com?
pany tO ?'hull's >; WillOUghby, ?le.ibr ill
photographie material? Thi leas? *..- tm
a terra of t?*n ) eara
Intereetlns. because it Indicates thai in?
movement of tenants la not all in a north
erly direction, is a lease lust ? losed n.r
space in Daniel K .-? rbel'a new building -it
Nos Ti and 7.1 Murray street The tenants
are Warren, Webster A <". now In the
Fifth Av.-nue Building The William II
Whitney Company, broker In the tra
tion, has also leased Bpsce In the saune
lure *?? ih.- Merlden Cutlery Company.
li. Crystal A Son hsve-leased the tilth
loft st No. T4 to ?*?" Wsshlnston etreel to
the United Btstee Expresa i ompsny, which
recentl) leased the sixth, seventh end
?iKhih floors in the same bulldlns.
Robert It Ralnej hea leaeed t.-'io square
f..t in the Lloyd'a Plata Glass Bulldtus.
N?>s '?l ami fl William afreet, corner of
Cedar atteet, to il" Guan?es Centrale sad
us esc?date eompanlee
il. i" Beater a- r?> have leased the, three
Btory bulldlag No. IM West 7'itii street to
th? i'.il.unan Transportation Company and
offlcea m the Lincoln Square Couri Bulld?
lag Broedwa* and Mtb ttreet, to L r.
K? . la
Tin- Frank I. F slur Compsnj has leased
to Minnie T Walsh, of iii.au QroVe, X. J.,
tn< ihr..* story dwelling hi us<- No. ? Weal
T.'th stre.-t
The I'u?t k Brown fompanj ha leased
thf store So IStO Amsterdam SVCnue to the
' "l.-tiwal.l I ?rv lioiuls i ?niiipan*.
A. i. Robertson hat i.-as.-.i fot iii?> s??>t?
eetate for twraty-one yean to Thf rees I >.
iivds, coreetlere, ? ? lent ?if t? P, Butterfly,
the four Btory and basement dwelling bouse
No M Wi al Kth Btreet The ho ?-?? will be
?it?r.-d Mr. Robertson h.*.s also lassed for
An.oh h i:. Plnchoi ths ground ii"??i
In No. 27 West Mth sli? I t.. Marie C
Hushes, -,' iwiis an?! wrapa, ami the parlor
st?r.- in the tame bulldlas te "'William."
ladlee* hair dreeeer; also throusb Moojer
& MantOB the store N?( 25 W.st Itvth stre.-t
t?. i'.?ri'?ti- a .-tm, (owns; tito through the
assM broken i!:<* ttore .?t .v?>. ?i West Mth
' ? treat la G.Har?, powna and miiiin
[ cry, and bfarteBtntt in the tMM -HlMIni
I to Arthur H. Scr.tt. Katherine C. ?'hurch
??in! i'harlotte N Weston.
Albert Ii. Aebforth hut lea?.*.] for Mrt.
Klihu l'.oot t?. lime. Eugenie Lem?y, <or
?-?t;?r.*. ???r a t?-rm ?if reera th?* four atory
dwelling hetiea tfo. 8 ?Seat Uth street. The
building win be ait? red.
lira. Catherine F. Wright Is the purchaser
"f tr?* dweUlnS lions.- at the north COtitat
of Mrenlde Prive end loth ?atr-.-t. Bold re?
cently by Peeae ,** EUlman fur Frieda Ar
?i?*-? ph Paterno and Vit<> Cerebon? are
ated with Anthony t!*ampa*pta in the
newly formed A. Campagne i'oust ruction
Compeny, which r?-<entiy acquired throouh
BleWSOn <?* H.il.liy an?) Karle & ?'.illioun No.
.'.?.l t.? zr, West Hal atreet, as ?? alb tor ?i
tali apartment Incise. .
Th.* Riverelde Viaduct Realty I'mnpntiy
(Joseph N'?mark, president I, is having
plena prepared hy Norman l.edprer for a
one Btolry stnr>* end moving picture pia?'e to
? erected "ii th? plot, 100x13 feet, at the
northweal corner of Amsterdam avenue ami
'.'.Till sir- at
Wilbur ?'. Ooodale representa th.* buyer
of So, .;.', to J!1? West lttii atreet, reported
soin Monday.
Braleted, ?'?.miman & Ilerslifleld have
been appointed a**ents 'or the foltoerlng
apartments: Th<- ? heeterAeM, at Mtli t-treet
and Broadway; Ameabury Hail, ??t Hath
atreet and Broadway, and Herodlan Court,
a. Uath .street and Morntngehle Avenue
Henry Br?d] haa been appointed receiver
,.f 'h.- rents ?.f N,. B*fl Seventh ??venue,
pt n.Uhu; forecloaure pro?. a-?iin*-**-?
? Judge Qeorg? C Appell, ?if Mount
Vernon, has bought from a Mr llarahall
So m ?Archer avenue, a two and a half
Btory Hain.* dwelling howae on plol $7*138
i- ? r He will make extensive alteratlona t.?
the house for hi? own occupancy.
Matt a.- Albert end Daniel 11. Jackeon
heve sold in ?onkera for Milton tioldsmlth
the northweal cornet ?if i'ark an?! luniKia.?
avenues WxMO toot, ..r^i the northweel cor
I Moreemer. evei n ..oil Adams Place,
EOxm feet
)?? tee .*? Elllman heve rented for Mrs
l/-o,is Neilaon her houe? ??n Central avenue,
Lawrence, Ix.trg Island, to Seymour swan
RoMnaon-(*haaiea B Brown
ianj hai rented for Mra Warren s
Adama the country ?y?tate known as KIU
si.|.- at (?>Ht.*r Bay, i/on?,' Mind, t.? Edward
K> m;* f..r the aeeeon.
Sterling Drake haa lea ed for- M*>
t Real i-aTorwalk, ? .onn . lo
. .1 T Oldham Ihe cottage at th?
. orner of I ? '.Vest
\. i Brighton.
I- Crankfor? haa rented for lire E F
Waehner t" Mas B, Brummer foe the aee
: coti up on I'r.u.k n a *? nue, i ar
Bo? kawey.
W lltem Doedby Lneu '- rep4>rted to have
.>f the late i 'I arl?
il R ?? Laong Island, constat
inre iwo and one-half story men
nd about ? ? five icres <>f land Th>*
lies ? ? r, 1 . !?l nt ,-??'.'?"? und the
ou pi? of
Mr ? rn K \'.?r d? rhllt who net
?r g i,'.i. .. near Jei
Henry <? Eilah? mlua aold for Ihe ?
.,: ii a aiehemlue lo the Pirol Pn
?*r. *i . hurch. <?f ArUngton, N .i. the
? of Kenrnv mu? Laurel
? reel ??? Arlli gt? n,
n .i 1 >,. i ? ? thortly to
., i-.-w rhurch ? n thia alte, which will
Wh.m;.l.-t. ??!. i OUI ? '??'
a . ?
? ? ?3T Tl ? t' igl ?? Ri
? a H Brow n ? ompan; in
.lia ea F v...,.a ......;.,,,.. m, aold
Patei - I
t. a* a B*.?
ling on .
? . f the
I ? ?
.?- I REE r 'I n- thlngdoa
' " e *
I ? a
I ?
. ih* i*r?.t?? i ..u, m
? '? ir ?I
I e fee.
?,. M.,,.,
? ? ii -i i : t. i : T John T P
? te? ni i: ii ? ?
*... :,?? West ? r on
1 !--! ? t ? it tatld
Max fieri Ih?
. ,: i . ? ....
? -. Oil
KTREKT I *?* I ighl fr on
Mrs It la< ?. .o I I t 03d el ...
loi '.'"?x liai * ?
IP.TH Kl iii-'ivr n fia? ? r u a., r r . w ,,
! Raid? i - - t. n. ?.' tha. Old u,
' '? r ' | u, -, , i . Mil,?: g |li?K ,.,,. four
?e No M Weal
B bren I I al 110?.
sot THBRN ROt'I.EY M:|. Rn Hh ,v '
1 Id the va. .mi (.loi. I.aix liai f,, ? ?,* ,,,,
? t-ic, .. . ? .,.. i a,
-,. th. idjolnlnt i lot, ." I\ I i ?
I* if Koul -i. ? ri Houle? a. I iw-iiiii '
? ? .- "?" ?? ? n - I reel, te the M
ii- .?a R? all ind < nnetru r ?,,??. . ?,.,, ? .,., ,, ,,,, :1
noutet with
????'i \' :x. i ri i art H
. Elit.ih i ' Hm koul an.r Mar) s
M Donald t pi t r-ontalnlna approximate!)
t.,or tor? .-.ni havlna rrontae?*a
244 feel 161 ?)
?i kl
? VENCE tVII ........n ??? Bryan nava
.?rid for Jamei y Mechan il- aouth*
n u an i 'T Hfi ttreet, ? ..r ?_?? x 100
(eel Th? prop? rtj ?rlll he Impro? i ? '..
The fniiiiwiiiK transactions wer? recorded
veaterday al th-- Real Batate Exchange
salesroom, Sos it end l?; Veaey street
B] loe? ph P ? '?*
RRO \'iV ,\ V I t COT IC.ita it, '.?iiv i.-,
tt] ipar.n ua< ?I'h atoiea. ?..i,i t,, \\Xe
? ? t .a ,??,
miST ST. 72<? ?Aeat. a >. 21?*.'. fr ta of Hroad
I0fli12fl ?"> ion Cxi ig u ; .1 nt* apart
liii.it, id '??'.? B? -i I i l". h I
\> Ih. I tr< >n n I- \. ti i
H*. i ha. lea \ Barr?an
II i:\V1TT PI.A" F 092, . a. IM.1 ft n of
..,.! .?? ??, p.> Ion -. al*. n.iilr..is.
id ?initrr f.o ?to 'IT.*.
By Bryan i. Kcnnr-ih.
\VK?*T?'lll'..*-TKlt WK. a a eol ?iiitle Hill
?V? M *?xl??? loxl?. ;.v I.",: II. with,Ira.? ri
. with name and addm re of i?*bsi i >
rioliNF.'-. sr. I'M and u*?. all; KllaabeKi
I \\,- .:? i. xira. in Herman t^iwiah; .*, ,.<
from Jan I, 11*12: 12,04)0; address, '.:'... Clave?
.1 \< Ksi.N ,\\i*:, ...*.<i -1..a. end peri baae?
m, i Maaorhead It* ilty and t'ont?rurtloa t'o
In ?"rutila Tnnltt' ?I na fr.mi ' ic< I., jg]?
I i ? l.'.Tth at.
LRXINOTUN WK, ?? cor -?( 101 at ?i. alora,
Gruenett'ln k Mayer to David M Yoff. ?
; \m i ni*.s from Jan I, I912; f1.5*i addrea*
I1C K.iai g|h it.
PARK xx y. i>?!?i and ISM >*ntharina
grhlld? rhl o. fharlei Cirial. and ano; i.i
?r? :, m,.< fr.on Dec 1. it'll 9B.4O0; addreea,
??I Hfl \..luCt .o.
POUTHCRN M't* l.l-'.VAIM?. ITtiT. aonth
?tor, etc. Domealcua .1 Hehler ?., M..rri?
;?? i. i. 1913; *m',ii. .,,i
dr. ??. I7H7 South, in IPcl-vard.
ST \'I?'II"I.AS A\K a e . ,,- .,f 1T 71 ti at
.mi baaement; Pluri Conatroetlon Co ???<
(?harli ? - ' and ano; .". >. r? ', no? from
I..*. I, Itll; $1.300; n.irir. a?, -jik?-, Aquedmci
a-. -.
II? AYI-., |ggg ?o 1 ?*7-*t. all. laidore Pllher
M.i < Silt.. 11!. ,|, :> j r* fro, ,
? 1t'1J: ?...-?III. ..ililr.n?. L.-l Beat 1??i|, a,
TTH AV'K, 33TS, nor.-, arid front 'aa. rn. i,t
w.df Brand t.. ?;n?t.d? Brotbera 8 ?. ra from
Mai I, IfWS. $t J"", add . ? ?im ,q .
.'iTTII ST. HI? VV.-it. all, WllPain M |,,.a|,..
? ihriitiati H i.ana; -1 rra from .i.,n i
y.i'2. I2.***a0 lo $1,000; addraa?. lii.,0 <*ro
; ? i
??jTii II, l?% Beat, nor?, etc. a eilet rje to
Xirk Karo?, .1 yr? from Feb 1, 1312; $?00,
- ni. 1"?i East s?th ft.
I9TTH ST. Ml East. <*or store, etc; Pe Feo
Del c.H-.i.iia Construction Co to Albert t:
Frank ami ano, .1 vrs I mo? from Jan 1,
1912; I760 addre??, SSI East 1?7th st.
i iWith name and sddreae of purchaser and attor?
JAM' \i:y :to
BLEEOKFR ST. 13?. MxMO; Helen ? Butler
to AHpio Oraaottl, IM Bteeckar ?t. Jan ?'.. ?100;
attorn?*'\. I.hvvj rs Title insurance and Trust Co,
IM Broadway.
?"ENTRE ST, vv s. from While st to Walker
at. x-x irip?. Ahinnion ronatruction '" '"
Bxceiilor Eetaua <*??. IM Broadway; Jan M;
1100; attorney, Title Quarante* and Trust CO,
17?. Rraadws)
Kentmore iiperatlnit Co t? Mux Lang, 3*0 Fast
2"th Ft (mla $7,SOh; .inn M;$1M; attorney, ?J 1
Harris M Naaaea ?t.
MADISON AVE, s - ?or ?WIth St. (SOxlOfl; Albert
I Hyde to Will c Russell, Bonanza. Cell Jan -?9:
|$l. attorneys, Harris & Tovvnc. MB Broadway.
RIVINOTON st, UT, MslMa Irres; lllchsel
I Nudelman and ano to Besaie Bchwars, 11* Ha?
los si. .tun. M, it 10; .?l.Hi. address, M un
t?n st.
71 H AVE. vv s. 24 ft n of 1.11 ?t s* MxTB;
J. ' n Raid, Ir, lo Seventh Avenu?- Amui
Co 'i-'? N'SSSSU st: Jan IS; $!??. attorney?,
Btrousberser, Fs.-hv.-i**? .*.* Schellelt, 74 Broad -
TTH AVE. MM, n ? cor I2lsl st, MxMx irre?,
Csr lyn? Vatanson to Mas Beck, 7? Waal s?th
at; Jan 27; $100; attorneys, reiterasteis A Ro
?enstHn, M9 Broadway,
BTH ST s ? .-im? it ? of Avenu?. A, Mx9ts
Irres; Jalla Ksaa to Amelia Theoball uno Rob
er. and Richard Wunderlich ?uydam Place,
i urat, i,. n? Island; on? quarter perl ?mis
IP-MMO-, ?ii Hen? all title; $1 il ora? ? Bmlla
A Hsaaey, :'"-.' ?
?TTH st. s s. $11 ft a of M ave, IHK?;
William w pe? in, ret, t.. Kayeil Realty ?'". Bfl
Sat tu s? rmta |9.000|; Jan 2??. $300; ai'ornevii.
Bowers *? Rands, .11 Nassau st.
BtTH BT, ? ?. BM fl n ot 0'h ave, sirip runa
s IMa ? oK ,, nfi i0 Mreei ? n "'2 to beginning:
1 .*? ? 1 to Duiii I J, J"i*n B. Harry F
nn.i Edward !?' Coleman IBM Broadway; hin
-'i*.; fl
BAUE ITP'I'FRTY. Utile VV Barney to same,
Jai H $1 ..-?? !,..\, Title Quarante? and
co 171! Broadway,
.-?I? BT, 211 East; :: ?ty brk, I81H?; Eleanor
M Mitchell to Joseph A Mitchell. 244 1 ? ?>
si one hall pan fmt? $5.000); I"?.?"?1; stt.
A w Palmer, IS Willi im -'
7?Tti BT. 113 Bast, 25x102! Jaco* Both ta
Herman 1. Kuhl, M Lewi? st; Jan 23 $1; at?
torney, leiden I. wenbaum, ii?i Nassau -?
MTH si*. M3 Baal 1 1 brh MxiM: Bophie
; to Emma Ml? hael, $20 2d ave, one ! alf
pan ?or?: il t noOi all tltl? Jai -?". ii attor
1 vu..--? Sflj Broadway.
H BT, - - SOU h a of lai svs, T5xl17x
Milton M Blsnian to Bvdnej H Heech,
? ?' -.1.. '.1.. 1.1. I'.mi. Jan M 11 sttorneys.
I'i can Levy, Corn ?I Lewis? IM ?? ?
I23TH BT, 17 and 19 u?-t. MxM; Olivia I
Hough ton to Pel . 519 Wesi 155th st; all
Jan 30; |100; atton M F J il ? -? m
111 Broa *
LMTH BT .'7.; 'v..,-. i:,x:.o. Catharin.
ner?n M De Oraaf, Oci M, IBM;
tliMi attorn? ?i?n. i? Cbchrane, 2 Wes. I25th
ItTTH ET, n ? i.*;.' fi ? of 7th ave, l9xM
i: 1/ v Chati rl .11 1?. Mai \ Clark. 259 w. ?t 77th
?>? Jan 29 ;i . dreaa, 2M \v.-t 77th ?1
n. :i. -?? 1 ...?i f . of krai ?rdam -.* ? ti
?12. Ander ?on l'n e 10 Reall ? ' ? Bol t Wasl
tnik-ion March 29 IM7 |l ittorne A Prie 23
Broad ?t
BRYANT \\r. Ute, MxlOO; Mondschein ,t
fo t.. Intearlti i;.-.iiii ? ?. ii7i Washington av?;
?::.: .??., ?i???? alto ix
? -i en -v ! n . .-71 T".. Iway
Bp.nx Park av. \ ? 2nox ?v \ n 2M x ? 203 >"i".
and Count Contract 1*0 to New Tort Wei
* - .v Boston Rsllwo) e i"** IS, 1910; il. ad
1 ? ? .. ? e.
l'I'M '.? 'LIFFE -I. B ?. 901 M -v 0( ' .
., Msll"; Brl??.-i |, I1.11 ?- . I .?I to ' "h .* \
? ?.??>, ?? lan 18 I9M; H
ERNE ? LIF1 ?: PL n ?*. '"' i* ? "f 0
?ame to ?ame; Jan 15, 190S; $1
I TruBi ? '??. 17
limad wa) ?
?ill: \ i ; i > v". e - ? roi IMth ?t. Mi 7.'.. Mrnst
Ine Mol witX, -- IMth st.
Jan J.1. ?1
GERARD ? \ F s a, 25 ft s of IMth -* *.' ?
?..?ms.. Mol? -- ' IMlh -?.
OKI! \i*.i? AVE, e ?, :,o ft a of IBM Mi
',-y . ? I Molwll SH F..-t
Jan 2?; $1
?;l*i; MM' . . ? 75 ft s of la'.tl -* Ma
7:, -, . Molwlti SB ITasi IMth *t.
|1; attorne?, It '
' ,
i\ ,* ri 1 ? 1. IM * ' 1 1""
I 1. , . Cv ? 1041 * "'X s w
Cor 1 ran
? -1 1 *
il>. In liber M H
L\ MAN PL, * - 227 fl ? of 1
;? ??< . *.'.' x n w !?x ? . ? IIS I -T'
r Moi ? ? - Wi .1 1 H"*
< . ....
I 1 ?T 1 ? 1
? > ? ?I, 1911;
? ?? ? ?
i/''i' 2. ma
? . . 1; . ?
* ?
,,.,.? -, ;,; ? . ? i? truat? e, lo rrat \ I ???
it, Dee 13 -<xi" addr? -
? st
I 1 ? l* sun , tot Ti'.sp; ho* .
Ml U* ?* MTV.
.-.- 'J..1 \\'. st 1171 ?t
, Ti a ? ? ?? 1 04
o.t. ho ?,.| v* B2 -? ?9 11 12. n i"t '"-'
? *,.,,. - |. 1 1 *?, m S? -s \ ?.' ^ Wi ?t? ? ?? ? \
Railwa - "? ' ? 101? 17 ?
I ?
1 i? 1 ?
?jut ?1 I.
?. LV 1919 in
I *
? i
Dec 18 Itlt II
I? ..s .
! , . s ?
\t.iiiRiB i*vii-. n? it 1 *i* -
Tin vM BT, a ? .*..i ~ hill ich ..v
1..11. ?v ? it*, n -
. in.? W 111 In 111 If ;?v ir.1
M Burghnrd Jan 27 $100; addrera '..'.?
VALE riXE AVK ''--vi st 103?
2i :...,!? F 1 '?.*? li 1 ? feree, t.> f ?
1 in <.1.
$lil . .I'.. . ? . 1 ? V - ? . -II ?1
- 1MB PR? ?PER 1 *> i*.
11 . ? .:?' ,. ? Jan
> ? 1 ,.s abo*. ?
i*s |i ? ?. ? 1. part loi *. ? map Lot 1
c, Hum eaiate; Millhrooh '"?' lo >?*.'. Vork,
IVeelehesiei ,v Boaton it.iiiv^.v ? ... .1 m ;?. $1.
1 ,? and 1 ? vh ..:? 01 m .?
1 M??M'"Ki ROAD, pan ;.?*? same map;
?an < ?am? Its I $1 mon .
U 'l 111; PLAINS V v l". " - M9 fl 1 -.f
33fltti 1 P itrl? k ciiiv to M
MS Dswson ?< Jan ?9; .<i.
,,it o? ? . ,- !? ? 1 : . Broad
WVATT st, s s, .".u n ? ?>f Berrlan st, ;?ii\
100 ril and i '"'in' - ' 'onir i.*i Co lo N". ?
Vorh w ?tchester S Boston Railwa; ? ? D
? x? ,,; .. ?, ist h ?? snd I.* 1 mi -..?i ive.
vv t?SHlNOTON Hi:. ??. s. 202 ft s of 171-'
si. :i7xii" Int.irr'iv Realt) ? '?? f Mondschel
Co, 1410 iir* un ??*??? Jen M imt? $*.'7.0o?i;
su??, attoi n?). F W E Sllverman 1.1
.?.?u .1*
IS7TH fAf, s ?, 17?. n w "i Brown I
23x1?io 1 hn Bchlerenbech la Rllae fi MoiW?
? mm ??1 1. lan B $27 1 1 ? 02?! sr . ?Iim.
... irn? Till? 'iinirniii. ?? and Truai ?'?.. 17?;
I35TH si*. ?? s. KM fi w of Eton :iv.\ 4".v
lOu Era nil Doe? lo Theress Poes, 191
i.*,.-,,h st; Isn '?'? ? mta $M o"111 lion
nej 1 ' Knoppel, "? Be? kman s'
i;.?lll BT, - * ?*"r \\ Hl.ms p|. lfl3x<M,
? Ri ?n\ and ''"i. ': ueiIon ? ? 1 . lohn
Foatei 203 u-i 2-lth ?t; Jan !M imta $JH,
..???ii $100 attorn . <? 11 Hii;..-n. ?..1 Broad
?? 1
17'TII si. s n cor Hoc ave, 23x100; Kell
?v.1 Really ?'?? to Tlmothj F Bullivan, 27iH
.1,1 ,.v. imta ?1 .1001. .im :*.' *i
BAME PRtiPRnTT; Tlmothv r Bntlivan ?
ili .1 \V nn.i II Realt) Corporation, ?;'.n\ ;?l
:iv.. fmta $7.5001; .1,111 29. Him allornev,
.;.,...? . nd rrosl Co, I7<*. B ..;-,:
. *,< ih r i 1 nd ? *' Iresa ??f $runt?$i and a?
torn, j 1
Interest $ pe? cen? unless etherwla itat-yd
,l.\ I AK-i M
BLEECKBR BT, IM, 23xUW; \liplo Hrn?
?oiti ;? If.'In 1 Bull? r. 559 Part ave Im 1;
0 ms. $17.500 attorneys, Bvana, t'hna
Bhermsn, no Wall m
1 EN rRAL I' m:k s. ?itii . :.:*, r, m ,,f
7ih svs, 75x100; H?ben tpartmeni Aaaocla
lion t?. Hcni ?? w ' Ine ns.ta $120,11101
Jhh 33; r? yra, ?i per test; 'J::<> Central Pa
Houth |1 ..'l'i.i. ail.? y, I., mu? I hk Id more 99
Wall at.
i \.*.- wi: MT, '-'\7". Maria T HIrkIii? t..
Titi?- fluarsniec g Prosi *'?i. Jsn ".?'.
pei bond; fi,?!"" address, ltd Brood wa)
BT M?'ll ?LAB AVE, s i: 7.*. fi s nf 129th
it, -j.*.> im John F itv? to Nicholas .1 O'Coa
m p. u? Olover n Jan M; .' ? r?. g p?) r?nl
??moi mu- $10,0001. $3,500; attorney, TUIa
>;ii.i. nu. ?? ?ml Trust ?'?), I7ii Broadwa)
SI* MCI? il.AS AVE. e s M fl ? ,,f l-js,|, .,
$5x97: same to sama; .inn ?ni (prior mis
?lil.n.Hi. : :; .is, il p.-r <*.*ni . $*.',.-.on. attorney,
? Ulli'' a? uhove
ist wi:, Mio. SSst?; mu?... 1... Ambrosio
snd an*) lo iin*'i"t I Mlllpaesh, 39 K.ist ??_?. 1
?-i. Jan 29; ?lue jap M, 1915; >> pvi cent; ii
?-..? ..iiorni'v, N M B tchulta. :,T, Liberi]
? ru v\F. ? i. ?_?:, ft n of 131st si, MxT3;
S'v.iuh Avanua Ameaemenl Co lu William A
I ruste. Southampton, n v. Jan 29 1
vr. .M-j p.r rent; $ll.nnO: attorney?, Wufi?,
Bettet .Si- Brown. -.4 Wall al.
?'.TH HT. s ?. ?.T-? ft a of Avenue ? *, Msttl
Charlee Meihel te Ethel Wellea Kinmland. I
?*" Kth ave; j.-.n 30; 3 yra, 4**. per c
$?22.000; attorney. Frederic de P Foster,
Wall at.
14TH ST. 12?! to 1.10 Katl. 2?*>2 ft w of
ave ?2x20?*, to 13.h at; Timothy I) Snlh
to r.aon Sc?ilnaal. .14? Wen. S.?..? nt ; .Ian
.?, vr?: $.'?<?.o"ii; ?, ttnrneya. HoiAaita. & WeU
"to Breada
1 i "TH ST. 71 Faat. ? gty 1.1 lc. SSxlOO; A
I.i.i, >., Bmil (Jane, gfi Went Il7?h at; iw
die li.-c 7. 191*1; ? per cent; $4.????0; attorr
I H.eni-in, ",46 Broadway.
IStn **T. * ?. M ti e of Park ave. 20x1
Ann i? Meallln to Emigrant Industrial Bari
flank. Jan ?"?". 81 Chamber? it: ?'{ yra; $3.0
y, William C Orr, Bl Cbambera st.
ISBTH ST. n H. $23 ft ft of tat H\e, lSx
Aaguata Filer to Joseph H\m-?n. ill East >?
*: I prior mtg $10,000), Jaa $0; demand. .">
e, m. $3.000; attorney?, Erejrer A Hoyman,
Broad-? t
I.13D ST. a p. ico ft e of l?enox ave. 28S
Max i Klein to Deneral Memorial Hotpitai
th? Treatment of Cancer and Allied pleeai
I'. Wall .-i. Jan 30; ."? yre; tl- "'**.; a.?orne
Boar? t B Bands, ? :' Nassau at
I4..TH ST, -24 and -SO Weit, r.Oxl
.Manila B Moaher to Arthur H Moaher.
la n?*x ?ne; Jen lu? ?prior m.* $?*8,??00?: 2 >
.'. pet c, nt; *>?_',000; attorney. M II Moaher, :
COLLEGE AVE. e a. *.?2:. ft ? of 17lat at, I
128; Qluaeppe K?.tta ??> Vito Brunxo; Jan
due aa per bond; $2.0????. addrcaa, 434 E
113th at.
H? 'E A Vat, t ?v cor of 174th at, 100x2".; Tin
tin- F Sullivan to K'llwood R.-alty <'o. (
Hunt? Polnl id ?prior m?K $4.800); Jan 2,
yts. it per cent; $3.000; attorney. Title ?luar?
r. and Trust i'o. 17?! Broadway.
I.? ITS ??in?, too, 4.H and 49.*., map ?lleai
property; Frank A tie ? ";, r,, t<> I'eople Tn
i'o, trus. IM Montague nt. Brooklyn; Dee 1
due aa per bond; $4".<?. attorney?, WtnRa.e
? uii'-n. 20 Naaaau at.
I.V.MAN f'l . a p. 227 ft a of Freeman i
David T Morris ... Title Insurance ?*?. 1
Broadway. .Ian 2!?. 2 yra. A per cent. $8,84
??ddr. ?a, I$D Broad?rgjr.
PROSPECT xvy. m s. KB ft t of Oakland
28x100; Wirth Realiv and Construction Co
" F. S Crin.?* ? *o. l?;o Wehster ave; Jan ?
due April I, IBt-1; <i r-r eeat; $2.000; ett?
n* x. Paul M Crandell, MO Broadway.
I NIO.N AVE. n ? a, ??1 ft n >.f 163d at.
?i 22x133 13 tntga, each jifin.nofl
Krame, rontracfine ''? '? Ahel Klna and a.
14S I 88tll Jan 21> ?prior mta. $117.0041
dm* Juli I, 1013; 0 per cen.. $30.00?.. attc
neyt Krusman ft Frankeahelmer, 38 Br..;,,i
\ tl.BNTINE WK. s <? s. nt n m of \w
ar :.i:,x Irreg; Valentine Conetruetlon Co
Paulina nreenberg, 2'?7 Fast mat st : .ian 2
du*- ara per i.ond. $3.84*0; attorney, Ott? A Pat
u? is PO \ isaati at.
21. ST n a p. n i, |o? .",7. map lot 37. mi
flare.nt, .',<i\l77 t.. Hif.iii.n.ice at. --i\ Irr?
t'ormllui Long; io John J'Hynee, 231?'. Devi?
ton av? . Jan '-'. ?in* etc, at per bond; tut
,1 .1 H '. n. ?, 12 Bl ?ad? B)
I37TII ST. n I. 17n fr ?v of Brown St. 28xtO
Rllae II Molke t? John Selii.-renheck. 30 1
?'.o?r I pi. Stm Ko. heile, X Y: Jan 21?. due F<
t 1017; *7.ooo; attorney?, B?he a K?iler, 2:
1 1 ,*
SAMi; PB'iPKRTY. tame to aame ?prl<
mir* $7.000); Jan 2-> du.. Au? 1. 1013; .*???. P'
cent; Ss'iihi. ettornejrs, ?*.-,m? as above
(With nan?* and addre?? of lend- r ? attorney
HENRY si. $0, 2.-.X100. N,,v an. i.*nn. jr
arph ' Darla ?o Mas Mandai; J1.7.'.<
?'troii-,.*.. Siriiii?! Plummer. " Bcektnan at.
MOKNINOalOE AVE, s ar cor of I3tal st
m. <,ri te tu ret if h al: June rt, mil p Da
k t4ona, Ir.corp, to Fitzirihhons Boiler C?
$:'.7!r| ?ttorneye, Woodford, Ban.* ft Butchei
I Madlton i?.e.
S' l-l.'I.K ST 141, 20\7.-., AIM I, IBII
' and Lena Realer to it.iman Fi^manoaft
*".. 1 torney, Samuel B Poll ik. S3 Par
1!.. ?
.'_?[> BT, 3d Fas'; trus; on fixtures, ete: Da
II 1011; Harry l? ChriatApher to I. Kern
$4,77' nir?ii ft Ehrmen, IB Will
i.i m *t.
23D BT :." K.st. 2.1x08.0 March 18, 1011
.*>.. ;o Eael 23?! Bl 1 0 to '"?'.'a- 1 Realty Co
$7.1.?n??,. attorney, Title Inaurance Co, 13
?AME PHOPERTT; March 2. IW-B; l>o?
Br.anai ind Va' 1 ind Harj .;i,?ssheim ?*
.i.,a..,.i. i- ,.\ m m it.-?1.1? v. Tit I'
?luarante? ?m,; Trnai Co, I7B Broadway.
83D BT 43. Weet. 25x100.8: M IB IBM
Molli?. Solomon to Roben Cable; $3.<M*0; at
t m -v. Tl ????? nod Trust Co, 17i
ril HI Ii.-. Bast, 33x100.11; Mai 31, IB04
' S. XI it S an.
Jennie :? Korn and an.. ??|o.t?o..
Qua? k. ni uth ?? *?d ims, 33 Broad st
BOTH BT, 17.1 K.st. 38x100; May 31, IBM
'. !???? .-man t,, |-ini, , $1
? s abov?
UK ri I B, IM ft W of lat ave. |.*,*
100 I I . .lu,? 1. IBO?l; l..,ti 1 ,\ I,*. 11
? ?? ""?. tttori 1 !
? d Trust Co, 160 Br.
FRERM \\ ST n a, **?> ft ?? of Btebh
I?, :'*".. 11 in m .
- T 1'?>??? - > I. ?.
- ritle Insurance and Trual Co
l'ai I!
,t. i\ Efl . . 10 " t ot '
??. Odenwald ; Jan 12, 1BOB Ham Wal
M ? 1: Monat in $22".. attorney
14$ Bro ?dwaj
!.. >T ?4: \. nd? d r*. ip 1
I 11.11. Bill
* I (-.man ?
l.ik r
SAME PROPERTY: ?ame map and dite.
sin..- to Pet? ?. Hatting; *2'm>
I.THAN PI, ltd 7. Dlk 442. mu?
Ll m 1:1
227 fl a from e s Freeman ft run? !
? - tl ?? '.'.".x n , 0 2\ n J* tox m 1?
??a to Au rui ? I" 1007; 1't 1 - '. thertne
<? o.m itiornej
Srn III W ? ave.
' EST, l4>;i |Bx$7 lOxtgxM ?'
- ... 1 * loo? i Mary ?latton to
..iriix. ?"loo attorney, J
Hanter Lack ? ?oklyn.
' 7'.' !'. ? 1 23.3
? 1".. litt I; O'Rou
?..,-*?? - f Kai
111 ; ?
I/on it I B lunar?I. $200.00? .
I'.n il m ;:? . m i.,-. . .-. hlnaal *??"?"..
Mel I r., t.. ,*i Rcl
: $1
. 1 i'o ol ? ?? v fork ??>
i: Biolt; $1
1? nt V Md.eo.l, $;
??: Solomon ? Mot? a sol >m< - 11
Real Batate 1*0 t.. United Si i?et l.if*
s 100
... I . ? -, ? ear, to fl
r a v .. 1 < .-i. 1er, Link.
.. to Panny W ?lark,
tatet Tine Guarantee . ? ? -, Reg)
. : . .
\ 1 ' ? ? true lo Bronx invest
111. or . , .x-. .
.-.i m.111 ?o to New V.ck True:
\ . It ruction ?'?> to Pauline <?,reen
\. ? y.?ri< ! .t. inturanca Co 1 1 Lawjrere
. , , * ??
. ? \ oit to Wilson M Pow-al:
).;? ; IHK.
Kdi?.ar 1 sn irh t,. Emilie W Retckotr;
?i .*.
liant '?' '. Truelaen lo Charles Vettermann
*I*ltlt ? and Trust ?o (o Josefa
? . |io.?,.orvn
n I il. d BtBtee Life Insurance ?'?
Ir ? ir v of \* ? V..rk. 'loo
\. v Vork TniBI f'o lo He-tlia T.calnakv el
ni. exrt $100
I^iwyera Tul-* Inturance und Trust Ce to
I..im?.-i-a Mortel?-.. Co; * 1 ***.'?.??<
? \ Patm ?n $10,00.1
Lawyer? Mortgage ?-o to Monteft/>r#i
rorpn. #2(1.000 or' "em*,
3D AVEJ. WM and IM; G B Raymond g ?
W Bourke Cocieran, owner; I^-nieno j u?!
contractor; $4?. mi
BEATON a VF. w t. .12.*-, ft ? of ]
75x100; Pete. lirokaw act Heatr.?n ?onatr
c, owner an.l ??intrac'or; $718 gg.
3TH BT, .Y-J-l an.i Mg East, J?*?eph f
al a?n B?>sie an?! Qoey F-or?t, owner? ?n^
.-tors: UM
YBRMILVFA AVE. s ?, 100 ft w
150x104; IxwkwoKl Co astt Allen l'om-ru. .?nl
owner an.i eaetrscter; Mft ***
BEATON AVE. w ?. 40!? ft n of N*?,on ?T,
xlOO. Alfonse Perry auf Ann!? ?ui<1 Harry
1er. owners; John Saunder?. eontrai-tor tgh
LEXINOTON AVE, 3?M; Harry Roa??h
Iron Work? act .-Vsle M Fauat. *?wn*r Ed,
Mai'Kollea. lr??ee; pre? ton ?4 Fault, i-^nuac*]
RI VER.?I PE PRIVE, n e cor of ?-e.- ? J
H2.2; Roh?rf ?;rimn <V> act HlchwA_ i_>
and ?Ymstrti?-tion Co, owner an.i cotiusutemV^Lfl
f?iOtV, "***? V
l.".7TH BT. V10 Weat; same act TOw1n n Wm\
owner; Hlshw-wl Realty anl iv.n-.tru t;?-**Z>
eoatrac-i? t-, |i oto??. "?n ty.
VARH'K ST. 71; charle? RurkHman act *i
r> Herman, owner, p Herman, ?-onirartot^ |Jj;*
BOLTHERN BOCLEVARD ''l? t. 624 jama?
M*-Brlde <*,, act Sntnuel Gntthelf. owner- Rott?w
dam Holding co, contrector; $-?M ir.
PARK AVF. vv s, 4(7 7 ft s of 1?7th it li*-?
100; Harbison Walker Refia-'torle? Co ,? ? '
c.instni.tlon <*o, owner und contractor; |?-20
IMTH HT, IM "-?t. H.iiTv Or?hman ?n
Elizabeth A <".lbs?-?n, owner; ? K<lz
tor; ?7 25.
I estate, owner; .
I s?v> and ??.ntrartor. f.*t32 *W
HUDSON ST. .Vi.t t., .V>7; rirleni-il Fireproof
Pa?h and Door Co act Greenwich lnve?ttnc cV
owner and contra? tor; |M7 90
31. Fdwarl r Euetace act rfolk
Broadway Parking B x ?'.,. ?Z
Broadway. MS; Morris Kimmennaa ?it
Joseph Cooper et al. Sept II. Kill v?,,
VICTOR ST, * s. I?W ft . .,f
Mujfler Iron Works act conn Bros
Itlf; |ltt SS
BETON AVB w s. 4i?) f? - ..f H,rdafl BM
Standard Plm-ihln* Bupplj ?*. act \nrit? Ma__
1er -i al; Jan 21. fttt; gilt
BUVANT AVK. .. ?. :*7.-. ft ? ?f .Jennjim ?t*.
?'*** *** ?1, Au?
Mnrrt? gm.
'*? ?:. J?n i;,'
j culio a* Rro act Mondschein *
7. 1911; *4i-,
"TU BT, ?I Fa*-!. Ann., ijoldsteln i?1 IiiMivk
;roi:h..i/. et a:. May ?:?, itll; fin t
?nine act .Mme;
MTH BT, 899 El il
i:?li. gbt
LENOX AVE. ?-? ?. i -m^^s
f . I ?t*. oil ?torero?.m, s-..'*; ! ?|. nu .?J4
Allled H spitals. owner; V M? ?r .. 4te<t
IMTH BT, s r ?t l'ark ave. fo- a ;, n5 ^
tenint. 00x90; Hope Coostructlon Co :*<> b'*)??*..
way, own.-r. Fdward J I -, ??
archlteet; $M,*M9.
MtTH IT n s. 152 1 ft w ..f IVaahlnct n tug
tor a I sty brk tenmt ?12x74 7. Re>h. ! ?>?.
tlOS Co, 1027 Fai!" t" .*>:?;; Fou.irl-J
Byrne, *V?2!i Id ave. archlt* , |BO,99o
OAK TREE PLACE, n > or i..,-? mal-e ?v*
fot a 5 at) hrk tenir.', 21x?5 ?i; Bernari Coo.
structlnn Co, 1198 Weshinctor. ?--e, owner; R4.
ward J Byrne, .T?:**? 'M ave. architect, tVi.itn,
MORRIS AVF. ?? s. ?.?(.*? ft n of IMIth ??.los
.*"* its frame ?.tore and dwc. 22vTJ ' it? Pit
tnro. on ['? * '. Moor? << I,^r..(>K;?l,
;;?! ,1, erwl i4---h ?t Brehltu t? ll.OOn
PROSPECT AVF. e ?. Bin f n . ? *,;i ?
to a 1 ?t> hik store an?l d?c. .*;?'\27 rt. S.'-rnioa
Weinstein, 1141* stem.in- a-.?, owner; .mthur
Arrtander Co. .".'?I East 14*?- r.i-.ect $i_
Ann? a -4$?i
?-?4 of
1.14TH ?T. n s. S99 fl
irn Ft,,.i- T|
Thirty fourth B$re< ?
I1.-.-I attorneya, Walla .t- Pnedek
IS D ST, n a, SB ft ? of wi
Jani'-s H Donald act Pel
? io-ure of nitgt IttOI DO) \. E "
I2IST PT, '?SU w m
Valertlne s ESsrlej et ^ if. los ? .'g.jtt
tr-'n-vs. Miller. Klnc. I.?ne A T
'IDSON x\v. 94*2', Harriet D i.nv?t?
I .is i*..-,:rv* Co ??< is\ iforeeloaure of
1er a Pn ?t
12TTH si. 2"7 and 27"' Weal ? n 1 M-r,
asi Henry \ 'ker el al il ' ?ntc),
. ; C Ooebel.
I?0TH -Tj.'.'..", Fas'. Wllllan Oeorci *?t JAas
H Brown?. .% al (forerloau ailorfey,
H A Vlej.
SOR1 HERN AVE, n ? rot IBIsl M
.''..I ave. ? e cor 17".fil s- -..-. ?% ,
..;n-v Bank of N'.-w Y. .***- Reattjf?*J
PAME PROPER-! same ino?eM
M ' son.
ITH HT. n s. 193 I ?? ivvav,
i:< H---1 s-, s s 70 ft w of
rire O |
ITANTON ST. BO; Thorn tos F Turner
m.-* 1 ..'ir t M ><??? ?' ' T"i el il ???
' * f.,-. 1 * ? - " "
l'RIN"."F *'?. IK\ and \*t 1 N, 11;
two art:?*"-,?. Affthll -* Thoma? ?51*
I ST. n e ?or .1?, KSOfl ?* ? l':xii
. .-. m -. "?7 J f' n of Wih f. 1
?t ave. e t. :?>"
? K ?t
t l|Mi,-.. (notice .f I? * ? ??'? r?s M r).vu
s-, n.
235TH HT. n s. 2*'.i 7 ' ,* BM
39x109 r, J I Kart? ? ? ??
? $$.tne
23&TH PT, ? a, 2SS.9 ft a ?>f FaulUn? tsti
l'.'.vi?.'.'.! -i-;i.. loan? ?am? $.t.7?*o
23STH ST ? s $11.6 tt u of PauMisi are
o-,,l... .*. we same 13 100.
iili?hle for ooth summer and ?vintrr ?
urne. Ir. tl** mount.uti*. n? ?
tain of lake?; contains 7rooms an-i ?
,... .,. ,,- ? half acre -*>f ' I "-?? ?
?ur from Broadway. N*vr Virk Cttr. ?
tl mod .-m improvement* Near trol- ?
? 1 i*hui.*he? $4 ?'"?" ?mil. ?
iah, halan? ? '?'?rlt? ?
OWNER P O, Boa 7t4. N ?. City, ft
l.ost: ULANO.
Burnished rottuces to r?
Lis?* "-. i^i"'r**
plana and phot.vcrap is of 1 on??? a? *,-ac*
apartm-nt. Here pmp.-rtv. Bronx; very iu*n
<? .,vi. ,,rlce, $T( V1?*' 1
?:???? t.r?'KY.
EAR! *n>K
IM-Itt EAST liril ST.
Apartment? ??* !'_"*""*'? rte -
ti M,.,;v r?. mat ist ,i:,i;.l?,S
for two adults in apartment 1 :' *\ "??'?Fl
ave.. ; references eachansed .1 K ?" -v j
\ ^^ ^o^ large and Small
! To Let Offices
Single or en Suite in the
IVmmb Street Opposite City Hall Park

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