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Late Duke Visited New York in
1876 as Lord Macduff.
ISIS, by the Brentwood i'?-npatij.i
.;? rge'i brother?ln-law, the Duke
et Fife,.who has |ua1 died at Assouan, In
succumbing to illness undoubtedly
g from his exp?riences on the <-> -
of the wreck of the liner I*clhi off
?f Moro m. was a man of ixtv
t?i?.? yean of '?inc. that la to say. nearly
. nf rears the senior <?f his wife He
?*.'. .v fork and other citie-, in the
tea SO Lord Mai.luff, In 1ST?,, ?it
nie of th? rhiladelphia Centennial
Exhibition Purin?? a i>ortlon of his s'ay
In N".?\ .Y'*rk he was a guest nf the late
"Ned" Bothern . ai the Gramcrcy, and
liso frequently seen on ?he road to
th. Jerome I'ark rac?*s on the box seat of
? lancey Kane's drac
? ? v other loreiir.n visitor of dis?
?il. he mad? a i? Int of visitlnc the
and was especially struck with ihe
?.irltin * negro quarter. Indeed, he declared
that he had never been so touched by
when i*e llotened in Thompson
t a n?*mher of "darkles" s
lia sones of their rare, of "do
. ? de wah."
As LaOafd Macduff h<-> was n junior partner
of ihe well known London banking house
t Co., and afterward wai
in vaiiou | enterprises win
his friend and cronv, who is now l.onl
Farqubar. Both were amnni; the most in
aaoociatet of ?Kins Edward as
snd much at Marlb ?rough
? E *. Ingham, s > that the
d Kif?- may le ?aid to hnw known
?ysl consort since her childhood. Ho
eded to ins father's honors in 1171,
married ;?s Earl <>f P*tf? snd was ?reate?!
ten \ Ictorlo at the wedding
breakfast, when oh? proposed the heal*h
of the newly married c?uple. Mo had been
?rite .-!' hers since his boyhood da) .
I - mu.h at Balmoral.
The ?i.ike before his marriage had be
o total abstainer, and even prohibited
the ?ale Of any liquor on his Scottish es?
tates. I must explain, however, that his
if totallsm was of a kind quite different
from that of his convivial old father, for
whom Queen Victoria had always a sort of
kindly feeling, and pity, owing to his wife's
behavior. In fact, the Queen would con
stantly Invite him to dinner when she eras
at Balmoral. On one occasion during a
in the conversation at table he ad
? ! her majesty as follows: "You will
he ?.?lad to hear, ma'am, that I have given
up whiskey " The Queen, who had fre
quently expostulated with Lord Fife on the
Subject of his preferences regarding drink,
beamed with satisfaction and replied how
delighted she was to hear it. "Yes," con?
tinued the earl, "the doctors have recom?
mended me to take brandy instead, and so
1 drink nothing else."
London's Oldest Club in Difficulties.
Bir Robert Affleck's extraordinary lawsuit
In Laondon against certain of the officers
of the old Cocoa Tree Club, the oldest in
London, dating from 1746, serves to call at
1? i ti.ui first of ?ill to the financial difficul
f that time-honored institution, in St.
?'a stre.t. and also to a very peculiar
ptoblem of club ethics, namely, as to
? ? r a member of a club Is Justified In
charging s commission for a loan which he
Mat? s f.?r Hi?* club.
Sir Robert, who has an extensive ac
q'.aintance among loan mongers of every
des riptlon, having ligurcl in th?- Bank?
ruptcy Court, succeeded last year at a mo
of crisis ?n the financial affairs of the
i Tree in ohtainlng a loan for It of
: .As the difficulties of the Cocoa Tree
, matter of notoriety in clubland, the
toi ms on which he obtained the loan were
rather onerous, and when In addition he
himself demanded a commission of $403
lor arranging the loan the officers of the
club naturally demurred. It is in conse?
quence of their failure to pay him this corn?
ai that he Is now suing them for the
amount and revealing to the general pub?
lic the club's precarious condition
Robert ?UBecb is ihe head of a branch
of the old Boot? h house of Auchinleck, and
oronetcy dales from the great naval
battle of Guadeloupe, where Admiral Sir
Edmund Affleck distinguished himself as
I in command to Lord Rodney. It is
a family that has certain American aasocla?
Thus. Sir Robert'o wife. Lady Affleck,
has been employed by Gordon .-?elfridge. Of
Chicago, t.. take charge of the dress de?
partment Of its great drygoodo store in
L ndon, and there have r,? en several matri?
monial alliances with Americans, among
ti ? m the marriage of the second baronet to
i, New York girl, daughter of Thomas
Clark atai widow of Richard Vaesall, of
Jam ?I' a
)"..?*..:'v si- Robert ownetf* Dal ham Hall.
a place burdened with o curse, lik*- so many
of th?- othei erstwhile mm which
: bv Henry vin at the time
? formation. For a time n was
tin- residence of tho Anglican Bishops < f
but th? found the place too heavily
ted with the blight of Ita former
monastic owners, an?) sold It. Pome of its
: rioters, in the days of Kim?
William and Queen Mary, endeavored t ?
? Id of the 111 luck by almost entirely
. the mansion. But this proved of
i o svatl, and th<- Afljecks, who bought I>al
two hundred years a?... were
purs-... ' no frmn the moment
that t ? I *;;...n possession thereof,
there ri"t i- -ie Instance of its do?
une from father to son.
: t. sent baronet was <>venak< n by
ruin and landed in the Bankruptcy Court
after his succeoslon to the
title and estate, which latter, remaining
in Ihe mark?' for some time, was pui
? i by i '< * II I ? ?? Rhodes ?
death it has gone through the hands of
two of Ms brothers and a nephew.
Lady Affle, k. besides her connection with
?ige's l/ond'.n store, which brought no
?f advertisement to the latter as well
herself, is entitled to fame as hsv?
iccesofuily vindicated yn the.!.-.
of judicature in England the rights
? onto i" break tl.cir leases if on tak?
ing possession of premises, furnisf ?
otherwise, they tin?i them Infested wit I?
s ? a*, euphemistically deo?**rtbed ns "ln
English people have e delicacy
? n?.*?.* the word "bug," which is so
<-*.t!y employed on this side of ihe At
I throughout the proceedings hi
\ arions ?omts of law, both high and
i. rtlonabb ? ? rmtn was not ?? ?
l.y its a.-tual name, the
Alien on? ?if
the counsel alluded to It as a "II flat "
ivoldaa? ? of any mention <>f tho name
U all the more remarkahl.*
?whe? II is bome in mind that the latter
subject and theme of
pro? ?pom of law.
With the < ? Tree (?ub, v?*ri
umt i., '.?.-n written ai??ut it as the
earnest of ,,11 th? .luiis thai remain In
? this day. l'i?l* ri k, Prli
? ? ? i of George in. was one of
?und? is h:?.i original m
iv. followed his ? sample
i iy raol sums th? ?? sa
) B? ? *'f Wales < ?ns of th?
??i Hi- card tabica and.
I "f th- i Ulan of the club, ?.?...
Charta Howard, eleventh l?uk?* ?,f Nor
b i: ? wi th? just m, mber ?,f the
o abandon the pigtail and
.*. lu.ii powder ol the iait<*r days <?f the
,,iHi <?. ntury. Ho stayed recklesel .**
heavily, talked more hk>- a butcher
r i. er of lb? r. ohn,
? o. ?-?o? of ri,?- tercentenary of tho
'ink-.loin, a-*..nn t*l hi imem am .,f m
1?> d .iii'l' at ' Tree Club
ell th? Hvhn male dept**a*ndsats .,: the Oral
bj ??> ? . to abandon tho
when he found iiiat ttt?
t.? ihatt distinction numbered
?oie than i. thousand.
UA&QUIBL Li- r'uMLNo??
?a ? -?-'-?
Sixteenth Century Manuscript
Choral Book Brings $175.
A -sixteenth century G? rman manuscript
choral book, its fifty-four III un
tials well ?pattered with gold and bright
colors, was the entre of Interest nt the
sale of the Kmiile Qrigsby collection at Ihe
Anderson Auction Galleries lait nlghl For
two days it has stood beside til? door, rest?
ing on its massive ????and. When I'aniel
Kennedy, auctioneer, called Its number hist
nicht, all eyes turned to tak< anoth r '. oh
at It.
It was said to have cost Mies iJrigsby
well up Into the thousaade. M.*u?>r Turn-er,
t.re.splent of the auction companv, re
marked to one of the dealers present that
It was worth probably MM or 1700. Mr.
Kenn?dy thought that i\,(*o could reason?
ably he expected for an opening bid, but
no answer came to his suggestion i<> that
""Well. ?**i then." he said "Am I offered
Pome one ventured on IWOt and i ftei e
Blow round of hhhllnts the volume waa
knocked down to Pol Ldchtenstein, a N< w
York dealer, for 1175. Major Turner ex?
plained that the hook was too large for
private use and not fin" enough in ? k-bcu
tion for exhibition purposes.
The total taken in during the ?1 *,"? two
sessions was |S,KM '?'?? Am??nR the lots
, which helped most toward building up thla
amount were a limited edition et Victor
Hugo's works in English, forty-op? volumes,
?bought by Gilbert Weiss, a New Torh deal?
er, for |1?W; a ropy of ChSUCer'S works
printed by the Kelmscntt Press In II ??
bought by Arthur Swann, of the And-arson
company, on order, for |S55; a first edition
of Meredlth'e Poems, being his flrsl pu?b
ftthfl volume, houtfht by J. F*. Drake, g
local dealer, for ?1.in. and the first book
p ibllahed by the Orolter Club. "A I
<?f the Star Chamber Concerning Printing."
bought by Arthur Bwann, on order, for
JKiR A copy of thla same book *
at the Roben Hm libran* pale by Robert
Hoe, Jr., for 1100
From these price? the bidding went down
us low as 25 cents, which M. SfeVoy
for an autopraphed presentation ? ;
llalpin's "'The Barred Heart." Hai
Wright Mabie'a "Tnder the Treea and
where." contalnintr the SUtngra]
author, which h?* ?iid not r? un? mber p
ther<\ was hid In hy J. F. T>rak<* for }?- SO.
A twentieth century v?ersloii ??( the ?,i.|
ballad rommemoratlni-' the ;a?l end ?I the
I Mike of Clarence, srho waa ? i r - > -v.*. -,, < - ? ] in a
"butt of Malmsey wine." was the '? I r
at Hammersteln'i Isst rik-ut. ?b?n t
Houdlnl, in the r.lc of the duke, d
a bathing suit and allowed himself t?, i.
?caled up in ISO gslloni of Knickerl
bf?-r. The out<oome of the experiment, o
ever, was much happier, t? r four n.
after the handcuff wlssrd'a head had dis?
appeared bel? sr the suri d th cover
had been locked on the giant ateln he
emerged, wei and imlling. 'i )!?? f?at was
ai compiished in answer lo a ? hall? * g? fi ?m
the Jacob Rupperl company.
Misa Ethel Horion, of No i Wesl list
street, was marrl?*?! yesterday evening to
Bnslgn ?Michael A. Leahy, of the United
Siat.s *.-iin.iKiat Marl-M ta, i:i christ Epis
.ai Church, 71st str?*.*t an?! Broadway.
The Rev. George A Strong, reel ? ?
church, performed the ceremony.
Miss Amy Walea acted as ?bridesmaid
and Bnalgn Paul Congei was \\.
Tbc bridegroom, the h-asi man and the ush?
ers, all ?f whom ere In th? naval servi?
appeared In full uniform After the we.i
dlng the guesta attended a supper and
given by I'nsl^n an?l Mra l.ahv at
the Hotel Astor.
The operaa for n?xt week at the Metro?
politan win be "Kdnigsklnder," M?
t; "Rigoletto," with ? aruso, Tetrasxlnl,
Renaud and Homer, Tu?*s?lay night; "Bo
h?me." Wednesday; ' Die Walktife," Thurs
dsy afternoon; "Artnlde." Thursday ev?en
Inc. "Lobetant," Fridsy ntt-in, ?u!.
Euridlce," Saturday afternoon, and "Han
?el und Oretel" arid "Pagllaccl," Baturday
nii;ht, lor the benefll of tie* German Pi
- g
}?><? a <1m liston to th?*- .V.i'tl'an Muaoutn of
Natural His???! >*. tha Metl ipolltan M ?
et Art and ti.e Neu tork Zoolostesl Park
Me?tin*z ef ti,?- Manhattan ???-. Mln
l?,.. (ton So HI it lona 1
chur'h. ? *??'iri uni Pr-caKlenl atre?rti n<??k
l\n. 10:ri?i a. m t.. 8:S0 p m
Tha* keray riMit'nai \ > -U-l.t;rt,?.i*i. un ?m Ih?
? '. t :. Sam 1 i ? tuzlll ?r> of the
Hovtbcra Induatrtal Educational Bo?
. * fteghneai Artawry, afternoon end ?
i* |
Maetlns "f t'1* Equal Suffrai*. N? \
V..:k. Hotel Aal r. .*! *> in
MaattaS "t the New York Statr \\
pSbllcaa AeonclaUon, Hotol Aator, .". ?. m.
I)lnn?*r ot tha CortelyoH Club, chibbouae, Bed
r. id avenu? m l Avanua D, Brooklyn, ?
a m
\, ? ?? by Kathei IWnar.l \ aiiuhan. s I . 00
??>..!!,. l ?m . ? i.r? .,'? n
Carnagla Hail. * p. m.
rut.iic* lacturaa ot th? Board <?f Bdu ailon, B:U
).. m Manhattan Public School 101, 111th
Kt-.. 'Hun i? i
dtuck*i 'Hanaal and ilret? *.i
K Goldberg; Public School Is?"? !4Mh atrev?.
.. .. H\ . II.I? .
To-day." i i.ink I1 Uougber; ?ii.it Hall f
i'?M??..t InatltUt?, Mh s*i..| ., . I i.urtii ?V?
mi?. "Out South ?Vmerksn Ntljhb?
KclMola h?i?i Charitable Inatliutlona.'' Will
lam H. rthephrrJ. I'h I >., Baal .
<? ttlcm? nt. 76th atr? i.*u. i.
* I lie I ?lit- !. - ? .
-) .?ik .1 .ni. Dobb' . K? n )
diet Arnold Pstrlol sad Traitor." ?'lyirK?
s?>iii?iir Mullock N? ? Y* rk Public Ubtsry?
No. no I/r.?\ ?jik.-i. ".-..UK*, of Buraa ' Mi
|e!'*l .-'|.< k. S. . U-\ . Ml.li.hir?- (i
\,. :.'.?, \. ? MMS atnet, "I_fa la tb?
itbarn .Mat,..^ U'lllUni H. .
(?n. i> . Vouai Men'? ? hti-nian \ ?clailoi
No. .*? u.-t r.."ih atfeet, "Monofiolj ami ua
iToblema." Beni-.mln it Aoderaon, jr.
i'h i? . V ?m k Mm - H?
Hall, nt *>'."*i sod Lexlaston avenu?
Mi lodraiiix and ih? i ? ol i
? M?*f' i<rn. . o. ? . \) ; .
?f Enoch \i*?l**n ??> Klihai.i Bin.,
Aabtee J-^nnon ti^ Broas Pnh .
BcImoI 14. Kapeock fraai Bpuyien Do
?i mi City?I I Pi?
U llltntn Ruthei I n-,.h
?trcet. ?aal ?f v\ 111 ? r*.j?, "TaraUtl)
Kmhi." Willian, H. K.iiulti?.
u uiiam R il Martin, long ? member of
;"'i,:iia firm of Rogers, Peet <-? Co.,
? lay morning *?t his home, No.
11 ! i:.-i -t satin ?tre? t. from Bi Ight's d
snd pneumonia He had been ill for several
V ? ? 1.
Mr. Martin was seventy years out having
i ..in m st Louis in l**l.\ 11!
h?... i was spenl in Brooklyn, and after leav
ing school he became sssoclatsd In business
witlt his fath.r. .John T. Marfin. who was
a large manufacturer of clothing f??r the
army during the ?'nil War. After the war
the Martins formed a partnership with
I Marvin H. Rogers Lstei the iirm name
Iwas changed to Rogers, Morgan A rjrubba
then t?? M H, Rog? n *?* Co . and in i -..4 to
? ... th.? Martins continuing
la.-, special partners When Mr. Roger? died.
! in l??::. W, R m Martin became the bead
Mr Mutin gave ?:?? active connection
wi'h the firm some years ago, ,in?l had since
devoted himself t.. real estate operatlona
His real estate holdings were si eased I t
year at more than fio.ooo.000.
He anticipated the rise iti values of t- ?l
patate In the i of Broadway
and . and bought the slteo on
afterward bullt th? v->. bridge
Buildii t of which Is occtipled !
,,f th? d tho
Hot? .i'llie.
All of Mr. Mai ? so ?on
\, ,.<i t?. the trusteeship of Oeoige |
Alfred B. Marlln end Robert Thome on
.i. ? ry 9, when is nal
me known,
i m< of tl ' ? 'in?; of hi
? ? w ..s tl - T?ow mart tfll
working gtria which ho bull? In
Ablns ?i Square m 1901. The charge nt
the TioWin..rt. Incltldtag bra-akin*! snd din?
ier, s ?.". ? w.*k. it I* open only to
women under thlrty-flv? y? u >.f ?.?e who
work for a ?ala:v ..f no| more C?an |U
.i week. Th? proJ**r1 was noi Intended t..
make money, hul merely to i .tain?
ing, and In thai it ! ? ? sful
Mr Martin lived for the gn itet part of
each ? ? In horn? al Greenwich, <*?.nn
He mai B Trowbrtdge a I
v. 1th one bo mem
i ? lub, the Bar?
. ?danta
London, Jan Arl m Hai Itoi i ;???
don, : i ? '? died hero to do i
In his I .ne ..f
the moi t promln? nl Brll lal of
? , Ing held ihe post ?.f Lleutenanl
? r???r or Ooverno of i largi number
of Brll nies, including X? ? ?
wi,k, Trini.1.id. Ma u I
?ii. He w,?~ a 'o. n:1
tli?- da) s of the
1 'rlmean War, when t he Earl
of Aberdeen, was Premlei He sceom
panled O lad tone on the l ?hit's famous
Ion ti th? Ionian Islands In 1 *?."??. and si
* ?.ni of his i oreer filled the office
gh Commissioner for the West l'acide.
He was raised l peerage during th>*
last Gladstone administration (MM) an?l
served recently on of the Hank
?if Mauritius Lord Stanmore'a publics
Include s "Life <*f Lord Aberdeen."
his father, and o memoir of Sldn?-y Iler
Adsm ?" Martin, el tl I t in old, ??*..i
from heart disease at 'he home of his
do ight? r. Mrs l'rcd. ri<k W. LiverniOTO,
Ro helle I'ark. New Rochelle, ?? lerda!
He wenl South for ?l hi ilth wham n young
'.tf> i li.i* from h< SO from tlie
?.. i. m ith the Fo.i
? ? '? ii i| His father
? ml er of an ol?l
New lfork family ol Allen street, and his
motl?? r was Hsnnah Hartell, ... h ? was do
s< ? nded from the firm settlers >.t' tlbanj
He m as i i iminenl for many j i
M< Ihodl I i pi .. pal <,; un h In Sem York
1 ly ar.'l was one ,.| Ihe organiser or'
of ? lur s.ivio:.r. h Hai lern
Five < hlldren survive him.
i""i? Plain, N v. .inn to Seymour G
Rronson, a former banker snd onre M.iv>r
ol Rockfor-d, III. where he passed the
greater par! of his life, die.i here to-day.
;,t the in**. ?.(" elghty-fiVe years. M-- wss
b m in Wyoming County, this state, at *l
.?<*<! from ?!.. Ballston ! a ?>.
? The family rt moved her? I
iklyi ?. entry.
|Rv Trlenrnph to Ths Tril.une ]
Philadelphia, Jan M Michael P, Hersty,
s widely known merchanl and financer
of tils rtty and tin Intimate friend ..t f*ai
[dlnal Gibbons and the late Arrhbi
Ryan, died late last night at I ?? her...
after s Ions lllneoo. He v.as sixtv-on??
y?*ars old Mr Heraty was ... hav? ?. .?*.
the host "f Cardinal Gibbons when Ii?
rlv??- here to morrov, ??. asslel in tl..- eon
fcrrlm? of ihe pallium in on
ST. .1. Jan. M (Spectal) .!?>hn
Hugh Cassldy, who ,-?t the a?.-?- ?.r twenty?
M a.-on. died lo-d ? oma, No. 17 lim?
it t he .ii*.- ?.f thlrt) four ) ears,
from ; i. He was th? eldeel son of
John ? ' ' - ii*i rloon stre?..
i'.-' * ind was sice-presldenj of
?? N? n York, manufacturera
ireo, >?' which his father l** prase*
Mrs >";*ri> Eaton Livingston, wtdon ..f
Colonel l.a Rhetl I, U-dngston, U I
dead at the home of her daughter, Mrs
I ?? ? Hamilton, No M BOQCh str.*<t, Kat-t
Orange, N. J. SI san ?.i?!
Mr* ' ? was the daighter .of the
late surgeon General Joseph .\ Bston, of
th? l I 'orina tbeli m ?r
rl'd i ' ind h?r husband h.nl rpent
post in the
country Colonel Livingston at one tune
ommanded the barracka at Washington.
He died then yesra sgo Two daughters,
Mrs. Hamilton and Mr.-. Sidney Stu
nrt, of Wilmington. Del., irldow of *'.<p
tain suait, survive. n,r grandson, L. I.
Stuart, la a ? idel at \\ ? il l'??lnt.
A ?-on-mlttee of BoclsllstS an?l r? up
stives ?.f trade unlona met last night t?>
make arrangements f??f the funeral on
Sunday of alexand? r .'"Mas. editorial ?rriter
of "The Ken Tort Volka-Zritung." who
ell'-d on Mondsy. The intention ?>f 1 lie mm
tiiitttv. is t?. have the funeral in th<j H?rtet..
Hiver Casino, IMtti atreel end B-rcond ave?
nue. an?l tn?.--t of the labor unions In the
city will hsve large delegstlona then
well a- BoHallatli and other bodlea
Mr. Jonaa w i. (.urn In Berlin, (lermany,
In ISM He rmme to this country when s
young man and became editoi of a news?
paper ?l? vi.te.i to sroman auffrag? Later,
utii others, he founded 'The Sew York
\ nlki Zeil ing " M ran foi Mayoi o
<?.. lall-t ticket it, Wl, polling I.M '
anrl supported llenrv fMorge in th?
mayoralty campaign of the latter In
m ? -
ROBERT F ?'i.auk. formerly a police
commisaioner of Boston, ?ii?.i yesterds] In
?tint <it\*. Mi ?ink ?-in treasurer of the
?i Stock Exchang? for tw-enty >???>
MRS ANNA I' NEWTON, irldow ??f
M-Jort Newton, <ile?i Monday morning
at St. I.?;ke?; Hospltsl ?ft?*r a I'Ulg 111
Bhe waa eighty-three jrean <?i?i
ami had been an Inralld f?>r live
-nemher of 'he ?'tuirltv Beneeo
i? ?,t Society, ? ti lext institution*
of 11? kind In the s'ate, an?l ?as long a
n ember of *"ai* ? i h The fui ? ral
will be held at i o'.-l.v k this afterno
?ne of her niece, Mra Henry C. Law
st N" I'M W? ; t 88th rire? t
M: IN8LEE H BERRY, emergency
phyal-stan for the Blmi.n Ptswfucd ?"??m
pnnv. who Hand ?' N" \*i W?-Ht 22.1 hit..-.
i yesterdsy from a rompltratlon <?f ?in
... He wi about tnrty \<ars oM The
fi.n^ral win be held at The Funeral Church,
No. 241 West ;r*..i Ktr*-?t. ?>n Friday morn
II.ki H' H <?'? '"' k
? UPTATN OEi WOK W w n.l.s. ?.f Ken
nebunkport, Me., a retare ?riner of the
Atlantic ' ? 1? ?-.?I at Ta ?
- Sgad ?eventy-nlti?*
of Mayor Otto ll. Wlttpenn ??f Jersey City.
j .it..?i yesterday ;*.t No ?'* Ps lile ??venue.
.i. ? ? *, ? "Il Sha WA* lift]
M? -ORE?, ?rldo? of D s n k- tl Moon
*.- dsy at her home? No "I* Wesi .'?'?th
street Sh? #sa In the Bcventy-flal
ber ne?'. The funeral win be held on I'rl
dsy tnornlnc at \A o'clo k si Ihe Church of
th? Heavenly I'? I. Fifth avenue end Kth
Mr?et. The burisl will b. In W.Ilawn
? Guy J. Major Pauses Away at the Now
York Club Here.
<*,uv .1. Major, form? r Mayor of Toledo,
died yesterday afternoon sfter an lllneea
of three weeks at the New V??rk Club, So,
M West 4"tn atreel The ax-Mayor'e wrife
was at Mi bedside when h<* passed away,
having been In ettendan-oe on htm con
atantly aim ?? January i"
Mr Major came lure on January I to
iranaaci business, being Interested In the
. i ??ii Industry. He wsa preparing lo
return to niit?? when he was taken in snd
forced t" remain In bed. lie wee Brei et
? i with tonsilitis, which developed Into
pneumonie Istei Dr. Cuueinee *'. i*ti.???*. of
Nu. IX) East IMh su? .-t attended him, end
later l>r Prank HolIU 1? r, ot Mo Mi W i I
77t b atreet, s sa ???? II? ?I In.
When Mis Mejor iesrned of the aerl
condition ??f h*r huai ? ime her? si
once from Toledo, and t???.?-* up her reel
dence si the Hotel Manhattsn. Bh?
teldom sws) from Ihe m? k man's I,,
at sny time
The ?body of the former Mayor was re?
moved t<? an undertaking ratabllahmenl In
Blxth evenue, snd this afternoon win be
taken to his home in Ohio. Mr Major
. besidea hin wife, une son n. u;,s
a member of the Mew V.?i * Club for fifteen
Billings, Mont., Jan M w IV. Wprthlng
lon, "t??* nr the leading roa] minera in
Montana, died here to-day Mr Worthlnn
lon'a famllj r dd? In New*Torh, an?l th?
l,.,?i\ win be taken there r?n burial.
Louise Hackney Interprets Barkcr
Housman Fantasy at Btirritt Rtiidion.
The llttl?' pliy Of hue ami |oj which
Oranville Barker, the stell known English
artor-manager-idayirrlght, and Lawrence
Houaman, i.t. wrote together, ami which
London has asen many times arid enjoyed
\?ry deeply, was r? a?l bv Mis? Louise Wal?
lac? iii'ki a i.mpeny of friendi snd
Ihelr guests la-?t night in the Burritl
Studios, in Baal Hd t?tret. The -,iay bsi
never been performed <>r published in this
??? uniry.
Before the reailin? began Katherine imr
ritt, contralto, rendered ? graup of Fr?ancb
!*?l*' : *
The Tail? is? n Trio, roes pesad of Mrs
? '... i Tsllefsen, pianist; <'ari 11. TgUef
..?.ii ust, ah?l Pan] K?'fer. '? ??lll.-t, with
M..r? ii- Kellerman. barytone. gSTS a ?*oii
i. m last nij-'ht in Carnegie Lyeeina The
Tito played a nambsr of eslsethma. Includ?
ing Mooart's Trio In E HlsJor, In an a?le
quate enough manner, while Mr Kellerman
proved that he haa .1 tine natural volte.
which bad prodiMion split? Into half a
dozen sort of timbres He aim? 1
-m-e, which last night he too
??leu allowed to run aw *o with aim.
Two-Day Centenary Benefit for
"Poor Whites" Begins.
| Entertainment Draws Society in
Large Numbers to the 69th
Regiment Armory.
Under the mystics! von! "Nyasloa," a
Thackeray centenary opened yesterday af
ternooa la the armory ol the ?"th Regi?
ment, at Lexington avenue snd *?th street
"What ?i. eo 'Nyaalea' msanf is it any?
thing lik? nphaata, or neurastl enla. or
oomethlng like that?" a*as inn.*
"Weil. Ah like that suh," was th*? an?
?wer In a ruffled Virginio so ent. "Indeed,
suh, it means no ouch ?Inn;;. 1*ij lOleo
stands' fo' the 'New yo'k Auxiliary of tho
Boat hern Iml.istrlnl Edu rational Associa?
tion." suh."
"oh: Ami what does Thackeray have to
do with Southern Industrial educstlonf"
"Well, sch.' the Virginio accent replied
with feminine, ocorn, "you are Ignorant,
fo' sur Thackeray wrote s book called
Tlie Virginians,' and it a*ss on.? of the
first of i i books to pay; so we thought,
M.li. If Virginia he'ped Thackeray hecould
he'p us. If von wsht to ' now a*hal ?ie
'Southern industrisl Educational As
tlon' means, read about it In th pro?
s.., according to an address by Thomas
Nelson Page, printed in the programme,
one ut tho greatest humanitarian taski
waiting for the p. ??pie of tho United B
Is the uplifting of the ?Southern moun?
taineers, sometimes called "poor whites"
??r "mountain crackers," who aro peculiar?
ly <-ut off from the real of the count***/ by
their Ignorance, possessed of few schools,
.u i many of them ui id < r write.
The receipts from the centenar) will go
toward h? Iplng these Southern people.
Th?- greal flooi of the armory was trans*
formed Into a repr?sentation of the old
Tempi?* Garden, London, arranged so that
? ? spsctstors could sit shoot ?it their
ease on rustic benches while the enter?
tainments were presented on the stags.
Between, whiles tea and light refresh
mento wore served by young women in
old Kncllsh costumes doing tho honors for
"Torre's Tavern." serving tea ami s??ones
In (lie aft??: noon, while boulllabSiSSO and
coffee were in VOgUO at night,
The programma last hIriii consisted nl
most entirely of bits fr??m Thackeray in
on?- form or another. A tribute to TttSCk?
eray was delivered by Charles Formst
Moore, and then Ben Greet read a pro
if'KU" written eopectally for the occasion
ty Percy MacKaya, After tho otnglng of
"Wapplng Old stairs." Colonel Newc?*?me's
favorite song, by Andrea Harto, a series
..r tai.iear;- was presented Illustrating the
best known Thackeray themek.
Those hums'n pictures, rl. hjy costume?!
and carefully posed, .ame and went with
the changing ol trie lighting ef?
fects behind s filmy screen. They
wer?- n?t follows. From "The Newcomes,"
"Colonel Newcoroe" and "The Ball"; "Pen?
denial?. " "Henry Esmond,.fhe Virgin?
ians" and "Lady Bernstein's Route," snd
f i ..m "Vanity Fair" scenes representing
"?Becky's Piral Holiday Visit" snd "The
Hull Before the Battle of Waterloo"
tabldSUS were "The Hallad ?if Boull?
"The Borrows of Werther" snd
"Peg Ollmavaddy." The laal was a Kran?!
psgesnt of characters in Thackeray's
The chairman of the Thackeray Con?
ten.itv is Mrs j i:i!iot Langstaif, while
the tableaux were srranged by Mrs. l.e?.
Mall The pageant was under the dlrec
of Thomas Mcllvalno, Alpl s IS ?'ole
and Mrs Alpheus Cole. A basasr for th*
?ale of mementos of the affair' was held
In the form of a "vanity fair," In charge
of women from Virginia, under th? direc?
tion of Mrs Roger Pryor snd Mrs. Living*
?ton Rows Bchuyler.
Tho affair will continue this afternoon
arid end to night
Among the patrons and patronesses of
the centenar) are Mrs. Waldorf Astor,
Mrs. Courtlandl Field Bishop, Mr. and
xii'ir.-u Carnegie, Mrs. Henry ?Clews
Mayor and Mrs Qaynor, Miss Meien
David H. .'?teer. William
loan Mow, Us, Mr and Mrs Bath LOW, Mr.
and Mrs .1 P. Morgan, Mr snd Mrs I.? vl
!' Morton, Mr snd Mrs John D Rocks?
feller, Mrs. Ruaa? Mrs. Henry W.
Taft, Mrs Vandorhllt and Augustus Van
It Is Said It Will Mean Preserva?
tion of the Arena Part.
A meeting ? ss held yeaterd ? the
office of s M Vsn Allen, pr?sident *>f the
Sportsmen's Show, si No :.".< Fifth ave?
nue, at which representatives of various
organisations thai hold shows In Madison
Square (larden were presen! it was ro
ported shortly sftsrward that it was do*
elded at ti e conference to submit s nsw
rental proposition t*> t??.* F, B i>. Com?
piur\', owners ?.f the Garden.
it is sai.i that th.* new overtures are so
favorable thai they will i<- accepted by
the I*', A I?. Company snd that they will
resull in preserving th?- sreno pari of the
structure for many ysars to come. Ths
representatives ol the showi will meet the
?lire-tors of the K. <-.? i? Company at the
oflli.i I. Louis Bolssevsln, prestdei I >>'
the company, In tii?* Knickerbocker Build?
ing i" <lsy, :",,i I' is though! definite
action will i.o taken ..n the negotiations
Th?? question as in whether or not the
proposed oren? building for a Lexington
avenue sit.*, Just north ?>f the Grand Cen?
tral Station, would be carried oui was also
George C, ComMock, s lawyer, who is a
?liii. tor of the F <v I?. Company, was
ask?-.i last nlka'iit if he had hear,! anything
as to Ihe form of the proposition sail to
have been decided upon at yesterday's
meeting. He said that he had nol h> ird
a word, except thai the meeting had i.n
held, adding: "We would ilk? m keep the
arena In Its present form, and i hopo we
will be able to .1" so."
Charleas H. Seely in Sanatorium
on Mother's Complaint.
I Bi Teli graph r.* Th.* Tribune I
Stamford, Conn., Jan, '.??. ? Iharl? ' I
Boely, once rated as one of the leading Rolf
players in ihe United States, hss been com?
mitted to a private sanatorium bore i>>
Probate Court Judge Tlerney, of Green?
wich, for one year, The commitment was
hi petition of Mr. Booty's mother, who si
leged that In* was an habitual drunkard.
Ti tlmorty was given i>\ throe physicigns,
Seely won the Metropolitan golf cham?
pi.u.ship at Baltusrol in May, 1MB, from
JorOme Travers, who had twice Won the
I'liit.-.i Htat. - Golf Association champion
Ship h required thirty-eight holes t<> ??.in
the match. Beelj siso won ths Metr?poli?
tan golf championship in IMS? ii?- u.?,
Connecticut chsmplon In INI, IM*, and IM*,
Me has defeated Walter J Travis, Kindiay
B, Dougis - snd other exporta "
Albany, Jan. Mi?The validity of ? pro?
vision of ihe will ol Henry Harte..ii, of
Brooklyn, loavtag 09*00 tor* the sroctkHi
of a status ef General Leiteyaile, to i?
placod In Piospscl Psrk, Brooklyn, after
the den h of Mrs. Hartem, was uphold by
the Court "f Apr??!-- to-daj The cas?
hat? bSSB in the ?.ourta ior s.6??*ral yi-ar...
Laboratory Named for Scientist
in Royal School of Mines.
(By ruble to The Tribune.1
London. Jan. 81.? To I ommemorate
the great Kt-anttflc achievement of the
late Sir Henry Hessemer a fimd was
star?. ?1 in 1909 and the committee which
took the matter in hand decided that
the memoria! should be in the form <>f a
laboratory in the Royal School of Mines
ai South Kensington.
Y-est-erday the laboratory, which has
received the name of the Bessemer, was
formally opened and its administration
placed in th..- hands of a governing body.
It h claimed that with this aildltion the
Ro; ?I School of Min?*s has th- finest
equipment of ?my institution of Us kind
in the world.
Success of Their Loan Exhibition
of Old Masters for Charity.
Artists overtaken hy misfortune, or
rathei the organizations which exlat for
their relief, have benefited by the retnarka
i ?n exhibition of oM masters at
Knoedler*! Oslleries, in Fifth avenue. Mr.
Knoedier I svlng d-evoted the entire pro
..????ls thereof t?> the funds of these ?-o
cletlea The eshlbitlon, which opened on
January 11. has been one of the most re?
markable eyer assembled under one roof
in New Vork. The number of ??alnstoi
ougha amount-Mi to seven. Then there base
le? n live Hoppners, three palntlnSI "f Sir
Thomas Lawrence, five m?stet -pieces of Sir
Henry Raeburn, four sir Joshua Eteyn
oldaea and four Romneys, besides Turners,
Cuyps, Vandykes, Mutilles ami Velas
?.'.? /? .
?ine "f the inililerts of the exhibition was
the visit paid to it by the Duke and Duoh
of Connaught and Prtn??ess Patrtela
on tue . ve of their departure for Canada.
Although their time was so limited, yet
they spent more than an lour on Krlday
la-t in examining the oalntings, under Uie
guidance of Mr. K"oedier, the l?uke rec?
ognizing ?m the walls several old friends,
that i :?? say, pictures that he had last
tu the possession of their former
own? rs In &ngland.
Boy Scouts Will Greet rounder of Or?
ganization in England.
Lieutenant Qeneral sir Robert Stephenson
Bmyth Baden-Powell, hero of MaiMdng
and founder of the Boy Scouts of '?reat
Hrltaln. will arrive here this morning on
the Royal Mall Steam Packet Company's
Anadian, fron. Kurland, to visit the Boy
Scouts of America. 9*
A hoy MOUt, who, through saving an?
other lad from ?irowning. received an honor
medal from the Boy Scouts of America, will
?i- among the tust to greet him. He is
William Waller, of Brooklyn, a member
of Troop 2C, under Bcoutmaster M. O. Kelly
Waller will ??> down th?- bay this morn
lnii on the revenue cutter in company with
Jamei B. West, chief scout executive of the
Boy Scouts of America, carrying s letter
from ?President Taft. ?"??Hector LOeb gave
them s|.<? *.,[ permission to board the cutter.
When til?- Arcadian reaches Pier 42, in
the North River, Sir Rolen will find mor?
boj 1.i? Lorlllard Spencer, jr.. ecout
< ? mmlsslouer for New York, and William
it Holcombe, executive secretary of the
lo?-al council of Brooklyn, will b.- ?n charge
>.f the younsat-sra
Sir Robert will be taken to the headquar?
ters in the Fifth Avenue Bull-Un?- Later
in the day he will he entertained at lunch?
eon by the executive councIL an?1 this even?
ing he may he the guest of George I> Pratt.
He will ?o to Boston late to-night hut
will return on February I, when a dinner
Will be given for htrn.
Express Preference for Dr. Abbott as
Preacher?Taft es President.
New Haven, Jan. W. The fnvorlte bever?
age ?if th?- vale academic senior ?iass is
water, a '-cording to the vote of the
publish?**! to-day. ? ui<- h*in?1r<-?l and nine
men \ot??l for water as their choice Of S
thiist quencher, as against M who vote]
for beer.
Mr I., man Abbott, of New York, was
voted the favorite chape] preacher The
first ?*h?>i?*.' of g Presidential candidate was
President Taft, with 15.? votes, and ?'.?ivernor
Wilson wae second, with '??*? Five men
voted for former President Theodor?- Roose
Msrshsll Darraeh will ?rive three recitals
! of Shakespeare'! plays al tlie Hotel Piass
f"i the benefit "f the Church Periodical
?'lu?', ?.n February .1 "The Tempest"; on
Rehmer": I*. "Julius Cieesr," a-i?I on Feb?
ruary 17. "Twelfth Sight."
ir Hammerstein, through his son. Ar?
thur Hammeriteln. has mmle an offer for
N- si. the Italian street slnsr?'r latelv
?. ' Pe? ? Williams. N'esi made
hie Broadway debut at .the Colonial Thea?
tre list Monday afternoon fMr tttinmer
s'?*m wams the Florentine linger for in-.
l.on?ioi, opera company.
r.'i* the sp-ccial performance st the ivn
tury T... at:? Frldai sfternoon, February
9, to !??? given und?fr the auspices "f the
National Alliance for the Protectli n of
Sia?.' Children, Urns *;!u?*k .m?l Pssquale
Amsto, of the Metropolitan opera Com?
pany, yesterday volunteered their s-er
Florence Sash, now under contract with
I.'.w f:.!?Is for his early spring production
of "The Ringing Teacher, will present at
Keith ?v Pro lor's Fifth Avenue Theatre
nexi we. k a new playlet hy William C.
He Mills Associated with Miss Nash will
be Mlnaette Barrett and Joseph Jefferson
Charles Frohman's latest London ar
1.1 gemente Include the presentation of
1'ir.i*,.', new play of stage life, "The Mlrtd
the-Palnl Olrl." at the Duke <?f fork's
Th? an. on February IS, and the American
production of "The I'ink Lady" at the
Theatre, London, on April 11.
.i?.ini fort has purchased throuch Macejr
Harlem, agenl for the author. ? new 111 r*-?
a? t il.?*, ??t American life, by Ttteodore Hurt
Suyei and Cleveland Rogers Th- play will
b?> produced early ? ?*m eeaaon
.\ ?popular price souvenir matinee win be
Riven at ihe Winter Garden <?n Thursday
sfternoon, Februsry x. An autograph-id
photoBi 'i'h of Mil- ill Mordkln win be ?pre?
sented t?*? every woman presen!
o ?".n is??. Antonio (?'..tt! an! one or
two other Metropolitan < 'pera House artists
win attend the performance of "The Mill
|on" at the Hersld Square Theatre to-nigh?
t.? hear Paul Ker, "the Caruso of the Boa
?i\ ' sing 'Dreams ol Long Ago." the love
? .i.iiiy composed by Caruso for
the Henrj W Bsvsge fare.? The parts* of
li n?.I ..!?? ri artists -Will oec ipy a box. and
1 ivs promised to Join In the refrain of the
hail 1.1. which is inti?.?ii ??I during the .ic?
tiol of Ihe third act
The '""Himbia tmusemenl Company is to
civ.? two inhibe u.'.ks. The week ??f Feo
ruer y 12 the company win oe teen si Hurtig
<\. Besmon's Musi.* Hall, '.'.".th streal an?i
the week ot February w at th?' Murray Hill
Theatre, ai Reeves, known as the ? Major
Domo of Refined Burlesque," will be the
attraction for the sals weeks of the Jubilee, I
During the Jubilee weeks Mr Re-eves.will I
hold stage receptions daily. During the
Performance of the Beauty show many
novelties, special songs, costuawe and elec?
trical effects win 1?.* seen. The much talked
of "turki v tr?>f will be given in the Mime
rnsnnet- which created the metropoliten
sensation sin?*.' Mr. R-sevee lirst Intro
di . ??1 it.
The complete casi for "Making Good."
t<> be preeented at th?' Fulton Theatre n.-xt
Monday! is as follows: Charles Lane, Will?
iam Courtenay, ??ritllth Rvsns, P. s Bsr
rett, John \\_U?ir?l. .lames Lounsbery,
Frank Hstch. Robert Lswler, L C. Phil?
lips, C Wilson Hummel, Paul Harris, Fred
Hornby and the Misse? Huns Keane, Alma
Belwln. Isabel O'Madlgan snd Ada Cii
in.-iM. The seen s, psmted by n. Robert
i.aw. represent ? lumber ?amp hunk house,
a general ito s m'a Maine woods s..tti?>
iiH in. a drawing 1.m in a New fork
mansion and a shack beside a ?lam in the
logging ? ountrj si the lime ?>f a river jam.
A nunibr <>f engagements f?*r the ?sen?
tenary revival of "Oliver Twist" were yes
lerda) Announced Busanne Bheldon (Mrs
1 lt-111 \- Alnleyl, nos playing with Qertrude
Klli.ui in "White Matci.-." will *?ia\ Mr*
M 1 \ ti?-. Olive Wyndhsm, Ing?nus wit 1 ? the
Kew Theatre company, will be Kfewe, and
Courtenaj Fote, lasl sesson prominent In
Oeorge Arllss's company, Harr) Maytte.
Fuller M'Ui.-ii ha? been engaged for the
part ?.f Qrimwig, Brie Blind for Monks,
Charles Harbury for Mr. Brownlow, Frank
Lyons for Humble ami Mrs Cooper-Cllffe
for Mrs Bumble As previously announced,
Nat C. Goodwin Will play Pogln, Constan,,.
Collier win be ihe Nancy. Lyn Hanlin?
the Mil Sikes and Marie l?oro the Oliver
Ostes and Moronga who ?leslsned ?nd
painted the settitiKH of "The Garden of
Allah.' will make the scenery. Reheat sais
for "Oliver Twist" commence tItltt morn?
ing ??n JlH r?iof ot the Century Theatre.
No th'.itfe has ae yet le<.n dteimined
for the -production
Miss Goodson's Recital.
It Is not aureeahl ? ever, ?ven to a ralloUi
reviewer. t<> appear dlscoutteous; neither Is
It agreeable, always, to Invent pleasing ob?
servations on entertainments for which ons
can disi'over no artistic necessity. U an
agent has heen so hard pressed to co-ral
an audience by means which all profes?
sional and Ripateur musicians understand?
nn?l th.* puhlir ought to (or will, sooner or
later)?why shouhl It he necessary that tho
occasion be treated from a critical point
??f view, when those who were not present
would neither understand nor be interested
In th.? dlscusalod, and a large proporttOM
?like the children who wer.* I rougfct in to
?fill up the seats yesterday) would not bo
Intsrestsd in it if mad.-?
.Miss Katharine i;,?odson, an artist, who
has deserved an/1 won serions attention as
a pianoforte pa-rformer. gave a recital in
' srnsgie Hsll yesterday afternoon. She
played a eerlous i-ioirramme. and she de?
served a serious hearltiR. Hut it seemed
to have been Impossible, by hook or by
?rook, to rill the room with the kind of
listeners which she ?leserved, and there
was, in conser|uen?:e of this (and other
mattersi, a depressing spirit upon the entire
affair. Miss Uooi'.son played a sonata by
Mozart <tho one In A major, beginning **vlth
a theme and variations), then the "Faseh
Ingscbwank aus Wien," by Bclt'imaiUi, and
(hen the chief number of her scheme, the
? Sonata Tr?gica."' by Mr. Ma? DowelL This
numb? r seemed somethin? like a bid for
Ihe pntronaiie ..f the American people, and
was played with much liner effect than
anything else on the proa-ramme; but it
was not obvious to the critical mind why
the other numbers shouhl have leen sacri?
ficed to it ?OSpo? ?ally the composition by
Schumann. Which lost all Its charm be?
cause of the hard tone and angular rb>1hm
wltl which Miss ?ioodson gave it out. She
played afterward two numVrs composed
by her husband, Mr. Hlnton?a romance in
A flat and a study In the Mendelssohnlan
style, from which school Mr. Hlnton has
ii?-t yet ?pilte emerged?charmingly, and.
after that, pieces by Debussy and Chopin;
hut she was neither bo compelling nor so
? harming as to elicit especial critical com?
mendation. H. E. K.
, Pneumonia and Heart Disease Take
Heavy Toll from Aged.
There were 2?32 deaths last week from
pneumonia in this city and 315 deaths of
persons more than sixty-five years old.
To severe weather was ascribed the heavy
mortality. Children did not figure in tho
increase?! death rate. Heart disease, which
has heen on the increase for a number of
years, also demanded a h!a?h toll.
"The had weather lately has had much
to do with the great, number of rneumonla
cases." said L)r. Guilfoy, chief atatistlclan
of the Department of Health. "The in?
crease In the number or deaths from heart
disease Is one that has been continuous
for ten years or more, and Is the outcome
of the strenuous life we live here in New
York City."
T.iere were 1..V54 deaths last week, as com?
pared with 1,461 for the same week in 191X,
Dr. .1. <;. Hi!.ben, the new president of
Princeton I'nlversity, was the guest of
.ianies W. AUxander, T,??, a member of tho
board of trasteos of the tinlversitv, a' an
informal dinner at the I'nlversity Club la.st
night Twenty other gne.-ts were present.
After being in'rodie ? d by 1 is host, l>r.
Hlhben, In an Informal way, outlined Ina
plans for the fut ire ?nd the policies which
^he intended fe-ilo-aring after his installation
a.- presidonl next Mav.
When Rubber?. Heaume Nea*e??ary ?nd vour
?hoes pln.*h. Allen ? I'?..*! Ea?e, the An'iseptto
powder to n? ?haken into - i ? . t* tuet th*
thing to us* Tr? |r foi I*. . ?king In N- *,?. SI oes
.??M-very,*, lier. ,25e Don't accept any ?ubr.it ut?.
CLARKK DRAKg <">n Tharsas**. Januarv 2**,
in Tr<v . N Y, Iy ih<? Key Eugen? lier,??.
AIIcm I. I?rake m Rohert \V. M i'Ui:;e.
MOI LT?N I'nTTER <>n jasas? 3<>, I9i2, at
the rector} of the Nee Old .-?outh ?hurch.
Boston, Mass . by the Rev, ??eorge A. Gordon.
I? I?. Mrs. Madeleine I.o,k"t Potter, ?f N>?*?
York City, an 1 E\?-rait H. Mou'.ton. of !
KottSOS of ?ii.rr in,., and death? mnat be
a?. i.iii|i.iiiit-?l by full name and aildre?*?.
IWty. ln??lc? H Mar'ln. Adam C.
Fralelgh, Emma f. Mai i . ?.*. Ulla? R. H.
1 !*na T. Moore, Margaret ?.
Gill, Roher? S. lerhlll, I? Kirk
iw. Kate H. Vail, Kmlly J.
Horn Bernard J, Vonbernuta, C, He F.
Lu?*-?? n. Isabel ? .
PBRRY Inalee M i-ert> Services The F'.naral
?'hurrh. No Stl \\>?t -2M st ?i-^-ank K ??amp
he;! Building), Frtda*. noratas at H <?'ri<>.*k
PR A LEIGH V' Hr I Hook, N Y, on Januanr
SO. Bmma Beyer, wife of Ri-hatd b. Kraleigb
?ltd 'laiilfahtcr of the late John and I^ur-y A.
? rai servi, e? at her late realden.*e
on fluir.??)? y. Feliruary 1, ?t S o .-lock | m.
?an lag.*? awaltln?- arrival of train leaving Naw
York .?t !> I?? .?. m Burtal sarvkas at the
><ur;al Cemetery, Fishklll Village, on Frtla?.
??arria?.?'- will await the arrival of the 11 10
train from New York.
"FROST On Januar- 2?. 1012. Anna T.. daugh?
ter of KlUabeth M and the late Pen'amln
Treat. Euneral servi,e? on Wedaeeday, .tann?
ai?. II, a? Il a m . at her l?'e home. No ?0
v. e hutm ?ve . Upper M'.nt.-I.ilr. N J. Erie
Railroad train leave? foot of rhamher? at..
New Y*rk, at 10 a. m . to Park ?t. ?ta.lon.
?Ill,I. Oa .tannarv no 1012. Robert S beliavad
huaband of Hannah M GUI m?a Slavln). Fu
neral fron? hl? late r*??iden.e. No ?>127 Pa.-lflo
m Hi <'?kl?, n. M Y . Ki Ida v morning at O:.-***?.
HEN8HAW A* Fi?e port, I.?-.ng I*land. January
20. 1012. Kate H. Henshaw, in her ???h >??r,
Eiraerml aervleea will be held at the reatdenea
of her .laughter. Mr? Franklin 1 '?ood. Ne.
17? *AVst Menick Road. Freep?*rt, Long
Island, at 7:."!i? i> m.. W. dneaday, January St.
HONE On Sundav. Januarv 2S, 1012. at hla
No 2?> !'-?'k yipee, Prooklvn. Ber
r Hone, h?lo\er| ?nil of Catherine Hone.
Funeral from hi? late realdence on Wedneadey.
? :,<> a m.
H'FS-SFN" Oa January 20. 1012, I?ahel <** . wife
of i,oul? Lueaaen. Relative? and frlenda are
Invited ?o ?trend the funeral, from her late
realdeaee, No 3?7 State ?t , Prook'>n. on
Thursday, February 1. at ?.15 a. m.
MARTIN A? ?he home of his daughter, Mr?.
K \v Uvennore Ro.-h-iie Park. New Ro
?helle, N Y . January 20 1012. Adam C. Mar
in* in hla *-'??li rear Funeral servir? a? ?he
above re*ld?*nce on Thuraday. February 1. 1011.
at 10.15 a. m ?arrlages at N<*w Rorheiia ?ta?
lion on arrival of the !? <>8 a in. ?rain frota
Grand ?'entrai I?epot.
MARTIN "n Tasador. Januan Mfc 1012. V.'in
lara R M Martin, -on at the late John T and
Prie? Ills Martin Funeral on Thuroday at IO
a in frnm III? laie r?'?lden.e, No 1U Eaat
.'latth at. Intenrient private
MOORE "n Tueeday afternoon. Januarv fte .%
h?r residen, e. No 10 Waal 65th at . Margarat
l?.wr?n.? M<vore, widow of I? Sa.kett Moore.
In the 71s? >ear of her age Funeral ser?, i. ee
will !? h.*!.l FTISS] morning, Febniery 2. from
th- ?Church of the I!>*a\.nh Rest, Fifth ave.
m 1 l.'rh ?t . ?' 1? o'olo.'k. Interment ot
Weodlaem, Kin.iiy essH flower?.
UNDERHILt. \t Bellhavcn N ?* . on M.-.n?1ay.
Januan 2?.?. ISIS. I? Knk L'nderhlll. in hla
i,.,iti year Funeral -aervl ? will i? held a? the
Frlenda' M?*< llns Houee, l.o.-ust Volley, l/?iif
?aland, "u Thuiaday, Febrasry I. at 11 a. m
raiTtasea will m?.*i train r?*aahlng I^i uat
Valley gtattOO pt l<?:?-5 a. in,
Y vu. \t Rahway. N. J . Januarv **0. imj,
Fnulv Jervt?. widow of Robert Bruce Vail.
?i*,.1 ' i v.iirs Funeral aervlaea va ill U? held
,t her U?e re?l?l??n? ??. N?l loi Kult n ?t ,
Thorsa?ay, Fshrasry ?? *i* tOA o'ct?h
VONBERNUTH Oo Ta*a*eday, Januarv tb, I?i2,
ai her n >i.l?-n. .?. No. 1 W.?t 72.1 ?. . ?'aroiine
p.. Foreat, wtfa >>f Frita Vonbernuth. Jr,
daughter of th. late E Thompaon ami ??arollna
De Fere?? Gale and mother ..f Conatance De
Elaln? Ellol and tirare Al?ala ?>rr Fu
neral private. Intermenl at Troy. Kindly omit
Sowers, _
23:id St* 1>V Harlem Train and by Trolle?
Ofrhi*. '.'?? E.??t 23.1 8.. N. T.
I RANK E. < AMI'HH I. .U ., We.t jsd st
Chapel?. Private ltooui?. Private AmbuUncM
Tel 1.VJI ?'hrla^a ^
MAIN ??FF1?'E--N.. 1.*.4 ftSSSSg ?treet
UPTOWN OFFICE?No. 1364 Broart-avav ae
any American Piatrlct Telegraph ?ifflra
HARLEM OFFICES -No 157 East !2Mh at'ra?*
No 263 We?t 12*.th atreet'and Nj *l?j w..'
l?.Mh atreet. " ?* ~*bm

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