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be remarked, and th it WS S the
The ||a) ??i* then said:
Hut we u.av not prudeni i.-. ntei lain i be
notion of doing uwaj with our Im ? ?
? mi ib -i. not ir< .?i one strok? . In thai n iv
we would errate disorder hm?I pan
?10 great harm la i.si busln?
honr-t people or, t.. ill' s.vst'm has been
Ions .n the building even .ron? Colonia
dais, as I haw- sa.d To null it down el
Ht ' on. ?? v' ould i ?? .? i evolution and I. "
it disasters. When society
- - tern b? law. s d ? mei li|lly after ?t
i, t.~.?..i i for ?' long um?-, and everj
s .ont .i tt'.-.i m It, -MK-lety shoukl
mil do a Wat With It ex. ? l't h? a was so
? | and gradual as to do '? '
i.nreasonabP harm lo Individuals and t?
it"* i-ommunlty, i-iven ? t.-tii?-.---1 bull wnici
has ? und around his -?take whtl? -
ml i .. < ... broui ?
It. has to un*- ?".i slowly i i?? r than
. ces In an ? Iforl
P" -
?| ?,;,t ?i migl ' pur] ">*?? amid u"
nri l. iclk to s?-?- how ?????? larifl
?a itli .- Il -i i". . "i itlsmi. InJustliH and
i, ..i groa i) m? gradually, Mr.
ior ?>'.'Iin< .1 it- histof*. il?- said II
v i - of repeutcd votes ol th?
, ountr-i ??it H?.- qu< stlon, bul there a ere
signs ??) .. i... ?? through'
courir- Hu t n ?? had gone 1?? exl
and " -'?? t . .? i. s -mming up th?
lesson of his 1 the Mayor
o, h ml ... .- hullclou* but fl'*ni
ion a i1 ?
i be ??'!' ? le Is a long
-. i ...i w.. mus? ' evi nu. .
e an Imporl tariff .av Bui
?. - - - ? I 1 ? | I! . ? I 1."
i is i lee o? fat ol II lam.
? i- i lien ? l m?! lo th? assertl. n ol
ol.- that ??? ; i.-use f. i
s rt-ct.-et?\c is.jir en an*? artlel? exi-epl
protact the American wngrkingman from
Raving hit waged run down lo the level
ut traget o. i - ...lu.-. -
that- article When a tariff tax i*.-- be?
the ?-\....-< . Iioit?d .
s.)'. <--.??-.benefit the working
man, it makes everj one oh- to aagran
ttn^ a fea I ndalous thing to
have a is'iT tax on mai.lured articles
a? high a? t.. enaMe i he manufacturer ot
suer, m ')? '? ?sell them
anroad ?* a r* *>-'? Ht ?' price lower than i
' Id In this cotmir\.
Revenue Only Excuse for Tax.
\-il -e must =*tan?l to this further prin?
ciple, nsmel!. that, except :
oni- . ther? li no exeuae al all for ??
tax on Imported articles which, from pe?
culiarities of soli or clime, or an-,
special and abiding .aus., we cannol pro?
duce ai all, or rannot produire enough of
ihrm 'or our . onsumption. If our land-'
enerall) of so i ish ? ?? grade, for In
? tarne, that i) ? . arc pui .>a mor? profit?
able * - heep raising, an.i the
???e rio not and In ihe nature "i thin?.- wl
t*'.t produce wool encugh foi our own use,
th?--n thor? should i>?- no tariff on wool, un
Hiity for revenue. And s.. on
ail .i'.w n th? ist.
The question should he submitted to
the enlightened Judgment <>f ih?* coun?
try, Mayor Gaynor Mid, as he fell h?
m.o: not mistaken In the assumption that
public opinion on the subject had grown
io be stronger than mere patty opinion.
He quoted from the speech of I'resi
denl McKinley, delivered at the Buffalo
Exposition Immediate!] before hlaa
??illation, to ahow. he sai.l. bow President
UcKlnle ? plainly that the gathering
sentiment of the nation would not put
np any longer wiih a protective tariff
whi'-h went beyond protection to Ameri?
can s
"Public sentiment !" now ripe f?->r the
change." the Mayor said. "Let us no*
disappoint It, T.ct us g-, with It 1 ?1 .
. ??, t us lead it. i .nllghtened pub
li?- opinion m this count**} is such thai
ih?*? statesman d.-e? enough xilm divines
i.- up " "h it and conforms 1" it." '
Turning to the subject of high price*
ihe Mayor said of course a protective
? i ?ilew. That w;.s ita object,
iM, bul in view of the complaint
sbout pi.s.tit high prices It should in]
justice be pointed ..m (hat Mir tariff wan
not wholl> responsible for that ??.ii<ii
tlon The ' In prlc?ai since i ?-'.mi. he
?--.id. had b'-co general In Europe sa w? :
as here and the ? tuse, whatever ?i
lnaiii be, ?> ;.s- w .,,i,i w .,'..
Ms*? "i" ' I n took up the , _es
lion of "li- ?-?.-.? and prices He de
h.-rib? o ti; ,. . - : -tory ? f the trusts
and tb< hist dissolutions -?ire .-,i und?sr
il.? la- ot th? Sugar an.) Htandard CHI
h uat ? ... the ound thai cor
?i.-. . ould not i.? come i opartners
with er., i, other .?: unit? .. an; waj .???
bush* -*- : But stralghtwaj n
?aid the -'? "? of?N< ? Jera.
Manit.. enabling i or pora t lona to unite
?*0d '"' "?"" ...il |o tic
tb( io ? :|i. -i holding com? an*. In this
Wa3 Ih* Vti.ii.lard ml ,,.,,,;
?he Rugar companl?
' mil Ih Mayor s Id and
s?., . ... .
'" .*---? .? !??,: four ftrth,
UT ? oui ganlzed und
exis- under iht? N*< itatut. V'..
it I nm ?o . .
? ? i.i . r ih.
'""' ' lo. II In ..ni.
Jen?) ,.:,.,,!
. .
...h-, ..... . -r-.,. outer?
..... .??....nu u, |, .,.?;,. ,,..
is an? n*h? -
? ". h\ is it
thai ' ?? .... ..?,-.
i. ;. i l '.. ?
??"e In offli .,--.! ..f nfH.-e trt o
I t>x ?? .-i-'- I.. g|K.
? it : \.. . ;..-?.,.? i,-,
a o-.
which ?as tto. ?ttf'.iio raHlna
peal ??' far ? have heard. Krom which
-??"i- ? .i.-du.-e tn.it the cry
trottln la Wholl* in
l?. ili..li-l?v., Ho . ..-ily. c
\ "u n.,1 think M -it ihe; ought lo be or
? ?ai ihos? thai f;.ll to ? ven 11 ? lo r?
i-'*? i Id stop . rylng ..'M .main.-:
them SI ?I' I?--.. ..f ?i?n- >? oleen7 \\'.? m -s;
i.<ii lay < es op? i. '.. th? ? harge ..1
If (he i....|.|.
?-. hnt .i., trust broken up or ;.r i
Ihej need onlj to el??et governors :.n.l leg.
iilnt'-i ? ?- ... ? m . .ut- oui thrti '?.!!!.
iiut the trusta ?-ould govern prie.
limit?"? ?\t..? only, the Mayor said, ?s
e.-otiono laws were stronger than the
trust?. The large production of gold was
ft further t?.?s.m f'.r the rise i-i prices,
tie snid. but will the time when the ?"?i
' traction ?.f gold b '.'Ins ??. have its
natural erT?-*c1 and prices begin t?. fall
not be . onaidered s ; ? rlod of hard ; Imes?
Man? peopb still ll*.*< he added, who had
goo.- through ueh period, end kne**
the Lard times broughl b)' i?>w- and fail?
ing j i
?Senator Cull eraon spoke siso about the
tariff problem He said ihe tariff In the
sbstra.-t. ns ;? form of taxation, was ah
SOtutely Indefensibie, but did not sa.
that i-i position waa one In favor of free
at ? Hew
I aiy to put on. easy to take
off. ea*?y to fie the tie In.
Hn??'? r<-?>v.*- I ? Massm. M?k-m. Ti'.r n r
?i;|t - . I ? r ? I ; i |;-| ?\'y
-??TABlaSHF-D 1789.
? ,
505 5th Avenue, Rocm 505
If It I R II \MI> \ *-! I 'I'llli. I
Silence of Tammany Leader
Drives Governor's Supporters
Into Fight for Delegates.
Marshall. After Seeing Grangers,
Announces Readiness to Give
Battle?Claims Missouri
for Governor.
' ? ;? graph m Tl . 1
\ V v . i-vh. s After- sphlnxlike
I si I?-nee on the prut ??r Chsrlei F, aturphj
? as to hla Intention In retard to the Kea
? York detegstlon, the Nations! Lesgus "f
I Woodrow Wilson Clubs d?fcl<led to-da? to
an active fight to capture this state
? essary, to give i attic to t ha
Tainm Xatlon il ? irganiser
Charles Marshall, of Washington, after
conferring with promlnenl legati to the
State Urange hers to-day, gave out a
statement outlining the plana, Mr, Mai
shall ? ? ?'
As we do not hope for anything from
charlea H". Murphy, we hav? ?l?"-)?i?"i 10
-i for 11" N- a Vol n delegation, hi -i
four rlays In this -'at?- hsi eonvlno?*d in?
i, rana and til-' of n? m(H-rata sr?> foi
W ii--r.ii \\. have otcni?'/.-<i Wilson olnl
in Albany, Schenecta?iy, Byracuw snd .1
burn, We have opened headquartei
No. IS Mann Rulldlng, I ll?*a, and will
headquarters In Syracuse siso. ''"l'- entire
I Mate s in be oi ganlxed. '
i hav-? |ust gol back from the West, and
a/aa assured of the delegate.? from los?
and Nei.tnr.ka. nnrl you will l?? surpi
when l "?ll vou that ae will have \i ?
soiirl. too n?'tb Polk ana Clark ha
awful fight on. and Mr, Folk l??ld US that
If be cannot win h? will throw hts strength
t? Wilson 1 feel gbeoltitelj sure .?f Mis?
souri after a study <>r the situation there
"What about th-* agreement betwwn
Polk and ? "lark?" he wsb a > ? d
"Well, ti.at repon has been dented. M
ir- not correct We have been assured of
l"oik'5 support."
Reverting \o yew York, he ?continued:
?Th.- amsstng thing Is the enthuslasm
Republlcan fanners have for Wilson.
He i? the only Demo would vote
The state Grange adopted resolutions to?
day Indorsing the Oregon pan (or pref
tlal selection of del? sate? t.. nStlonsl
leal ??onvetition- which nominal
didatea for President and Vl?*e-Presldent
and of the candidate.. f,?r these olBc"*.
?fh" resolution orilered this plan la be
considered as one of the I? pi In
, |pl? - of the order, "to be pr? ?s?'??': I<-?l 1 ? a
? finish."
His Illinois Supporters Will Fight
for Instructed Delegates.
'? --.??.?? Tribal.-- ,
ig.i, Peb. s, Tii- Taft rampalgii In
? under full stesm lo-ds; . * itii
? i,. ]. rinan at organisation of the T-fr
i bib. of lllln Is David R ?/organ ?.?a~
. i.-.-ta d prrsl ? ? ;? ?. v "
JultUi Rosenwald stsrt?*d th? fins ne tal
end of the 1 ? I ??....
_i I. The annoui
ment fol ? ??? Idltlonsl l?
for imm?*diat< is. II- id.pl
--. m h? ? i ened al onre at on? of II??? loop \
hole's, .?i"i no tint, s 111 1 i It tai tin,, ;
:bt for ? ?.nil ?,i of t
and f.i 1 '?
? ntlon. .-?? " hi !? th?
? la 1.1 ?? ? ???? ? i n l
ti.,.i will r ?
th? F-pfechmskli - r ??f the
organisera of ihe rl ib in lh?> i r? ?. i ?
It in d? n? M: ' ono
V Ros? na ti Id said i . out
and ???n support ? of ?h? ?
n. rnlnatl? n. Wh?-n tu two term?
|t will be th
or i ??? nald? r Pr? Idenl '
great I? a?)? -i- .. 11 ?-1 Ihe g??od ul th?- r.
? ?; \? | ii,i. . - land hla i? ? h -
lion "
llrir; -. \ U le? III:,' * ? -
an to th? real
T ifl ..'i'- ' Ira.
. i M..,\l-n '..-. I K . 'on? -? . \\
i. Rrown, H s " .il and T. F. Iionnelle*?
mad? .' - Imllui In l? noi to Hr
Ros? nwald a and Mr, .\ hi i- ? \)i hon
? -.. r es
I . i ,.. i a/1' ? I the
Tail Club, ???' I h Ihe
standard aboul which lb? " loyal
?r ndi re W n ll>
. -
Confederates Guetta a, a Re?
union of Union Veterans.
Men who flfi ? - ? ? -i. mil; me?
ld nd unit? ?' und? i one
? met on equal gi ound snd ? i
?.' ? S ;.| t h?
i Hotel \-t.,r lasl night, when the Roanokt
v--?> ation ?-,-. |,.,?.-,) ,,f veterans of Ihe
9th Corpa ol the Cnlted Htstes army, which
t--.,-: pari in the first l'nlon victor) ol I ?
War, tha battle ->f Rosnokc Island,
< ? i?! rat? ?I ? - annl? ersai ? of that
? "?it b) an annual dlnnei.
The .\,-,-Mti-.mmlttee of ihe I on fed
si a te Vet? p of Sew v??i u also t
.? 1.1 last n ? i on* en? d In another ?
part of t .>? hot? I, and wh? n the fad i? -
know n i.? ihe m- ml er ? <?f Ihe Roa
jri.k. Association an Invitation was sen)
them to ?? -.:,' and ? gel ana? gs and
have t ii? ii- health drunk in sine msde from
the acuppernong grape? '.?hi? h grew in pru
land ii!? ycara ago.
To ii- irali n "' ?Ii ? ' and ? i les of
"Hurrah for u.?- Johnnl -:" R. \\ Uwathy,
and? ". '.ederat? Vet? ans of
V'ork . ' ?? n? nil I!,m j T I??, .irl.-i.
Clarence R. I i at ton, Udwiu Selvas ami
Carrol Bprigg in??i Into th? ?room, and a
gen? r?ii i? eeptlon follow? <i.
< ?v. ing lo th? rapid lhli nlng uf 1 i i ank*
of i he ret? ? ich ) eai past ?? and
the gi i sing f< i -, : many ol I ?
?in-ill1 an noun? "?I lust night Hut
tl ? custom of an am,.i il dinner and re?
union ??I th veterans of Roanok? p ,i to
he iliHi-oiitiiin? ii. snd when the evening
forty-flve v?
wh?. fifty .'.???" ago Wednesds) night slept
together In a ? m n field on tie Ii lund ofl
of North < '.-i- - , ? t thai the*
could probubly never m ? l again.
The s, ' uk? ? - .-. ho siJdi ? - sed '
Included the Rev. l n Clarke v rig I
chaplain of l ,, ? 'olonel J. N.
Paitrldg? .'fi Massachusetts; llenera?
i; S. i Ireelo) 10th < 'onne. tlcut Volunt? si
h? njumln l? onon, 10th Connectlrui Vol?
unteers; 11 Col Smith, ttli Connecticut Vol
uiiteera W. A. Ameran, Stli New Jerse*
Volunteers, and Louli I. Robblns, _:ui
? It!-. Tha- p.r Biding ?,f!|a . , ? ?
f:. v. ?wts, ??I th?' Hawkins Zouaves,
>-n Id? m of ihe association,
Honolulu, Feb. I M a giaeltng hi r? lasl
night, u.it the auspices ??r the Republican
Territorial Central Comnilttea, resolutions
ih.it Hawaii's delegates io th? Republl? i
NatlOBal Convention '>.- Instructed to vote!
for ?h- in,, mlnatlon of Pr?ssid?rai i.ut. matt
? 11.? o un inlmou d)
Mailed anywhere ?n tha Unit?*) 8tAtss
for $2.50 a ye-r.
11 i aiom; this like.
COUPON NO. 68. FRIDAY. FEB. 9. 1912.
$15,450 in Prizes Free
My Answers to THE TRIBUNE'S Bookreadcr*'
Pictures of This Date and Number Are:
No. ?35.
No. 136.
Contestant's Name .
City or Town and Stste.
Contestants in the Tribune.-. Bookreaders' Contest must writs t'.eir
answers up? ti i .- coupon, which win appear <.n Page 2 of The Tril.nns
?ver;. ?1h\ .inn," the .""test The complete conpoa must bo returned
Answers submitted on coi.na which .?ie nul uomplets oi whivh ?i.? not
l ...ii The Tribune's headlntl will not Lc considered. L'st of pilz??J.
intent: 'tis of t!ii_ COntMt and
(until..I from Mr?l l-:ic?*
Lincoln, the ?President douhtlesa will
re unequh ocally 11?a1 he stand on
i i record, ?.n?l thai record la such as
10 justify ?i ?..titiiiii??! Re? uhliran ad?
ministration The President probabl)
i will insist thai the party Is pi
! that ti has impr -v .-.l rondltlona ??? i i
si.nai.i-? methods .uni lhat II I? progres?
sive In the sense that it haa made prog
11 ss :ill the time.
.v cording to the pr-ediction i of th??se
t.. the ri-.-si.leiit. his I. .!? "'n l ' ?
h n ?1! be the actual 1. ? note of
ihe approaching ? ampalgn.
The President Is growing imnatienl
with ii - III 'A i" * ? '.>u\ in?'' ?1 that Ihe
time for agi ? ????' j,"? has < nme and
that the ?period In arrived when th?
Republican party must stand o? i
h. hi? vementa and make re idj i-- i..<- ??
? ommon cue* rxt X?<
li. i. .| that he h 111 make ol
?fork speech .? <ii' ft ai I
ward uttei
Supportera of th Prea i d en1
" ?
for months pa I
Ing that Ihe Pr< Id? nt'i L l"
ri 'v ;'l add grestly tn
the ? '*.'? Of 111- ??;.?
paigu h? idquartet
!" ? \ -|l ;
? to the Pri
late the IV.nil ,m i
that his re?
? - ?
tvlth t
Ihe Heut? ' ? ho Will I.
? i.|.i mi t. ? ?
? rtllfldl lit b? Ikf Ol
Whil? lb. ?
I? t.. ?i. f. ml in i?oll. ?.
.. t. .; ill. - : ... Taft <
; i. . ?. i rt ei
..i Mi M.-Ki l. ? ? ". puh
II .. - vho expe? I t ? dring .?h" ?
-. |. '? i -, It th? poll - * - ml., i
Conoressionzl Comrntten Orc-a?? it
\ ' . ? g of 11 ' ' i.
lonal ? ' ? ? i>i ? .
'..(.i. ? tleterm'l cd to |
* Kii :- ? . Iso ;.? Ih. head ol Ihe Tafi
laign head?, rl ? the foil?
?' ..i the < "ir. m? ?I
';? t.-? s? ? itlv. \\ lllinm II \l< Ktnley,
.-!..-. in. t a m . i :? . i eut a live i 'barb 11
Hurl-.- ..r South I ?i1 ? t.. ? lc? > halt
R, |.f... el,tl.lt .- .1 I ? I ?
;?? ' t.? ? ? ? ' ding th?
1 ?. ?I < i..leni lag. ? ...... :
it I ve tie? ' .i. -ii Id, of
.... . 11 ? asurei H pr ntatlve \V,
.1 l ?>. niiifi ..I V- ?? Jerse), ntidltot ?
? 'asi m ..' Wlseonj In, a? i i itant
rotary; John ? '. Ki ? rmn n, m Ulli
, ? . m ireasiin-r, hi:?I Prancl ?
nl M.-i- .?. ' " . t : -. .in ? ? i ? ..: the 111
I.Ill e I II
The follov li 9 mem ? ?
? .1 I?. the executive rommitte? . Repr.
. nt.li r.? < "ha? les M Rurke, ??i Hoiith
Dakota; <;? orge II ru- r, of Rhod. I
??li.I; l-TOIlk I' \\ ?.???I.-. ?.I lot* ;i
II. Davidson, of Wisconsin; .1 Hampton
Moore, of Pennsylvania; .1--i.n W w ?
id Ma.--nchusetl H. F. Hell
North Dakota; Rh hard ilartho it. ..:
.Mi.-souri. (leorge W. Kalrehlld, of Sen
\... k, ?n?! .' ' ' x.-'-.lh.'.iii. "f < 'allfoi lia
R?solutions ?.f regri <? nvei Ihe .i*.h <>f
?;. m . sental Iva I '?? nry * '. '?outil n lager,
|..i mer -??? rt larj ol tin commltti ? t.
hi,.,Din.*lj adopt* i).
Mi, M oK Inlet expr. ? ' Ihe Is lie| ...
night thai the next House ? III be It.
? nblli an bj fort - majority.
Hiiles Trying to Prevent Split
Washington, Ft b ? i 'etermlned to pn
mi t, if possible ii.e sppearsnee In the ?'In
.ont i nth '. ? i pi t ?I- le,:at,. n I fr -.i.
Mouthern Mat??* and tu avoid eont-psta, ?
i ?. miles, si. retar to i'i ? Ment Tsft, Its ?
summoned leader? ?if ihe Itepublhan latrtj
h, th.- smith to Washington Mr. Kill?
1 ,. u t,|. the situation In Vlabaui i
will th'- ?Republican national ? n l
Mr. Mm ki ?. ?n .1 Mi Long, tat.
? i .m iii-iii ii y .i undei stood thai
w.r.- lastrueted to Is) aside an) factional
differences they mej hat ? ? hod.
Mr. T.ift had .. talk t.. day with Vu ?
Weal \ Irginls lead. ?-. Mr. Mill.- In
night .!?.)iii.'i to sa) whether mor? South
? -i. isartj i- sdei would i-- sumn.i i"
r. w hite House In Ih? m ar future
Roosevelt Eliminated from the Cam?
paign in Nebraska.
i B* T< legrapti ... 11,. Tllksn. i
l.ttvnlii. Net.. I", i, | -?-i,,. [_? |.-,,?|. ?t.
league h;??- Completel) swallowed the
Roosevelt boon* In Nebraska. Arrangements
a . re uompleti ?1 t..-.i ,-. fr-tween lead, rs of
ih? twe fa<*tlona >< i.i.-ii eliminate R.?'tit
from th? NeiiraKka held, The ?delegation, hs
announeod by the i.. r.,n,n, ?n? n and ???
qu'esced In hj I hi H.Iters. 1- ?H f?r
the Wl -ii-in genatoi irat snd R?m*?se"*eli
? i .i-.iii?i.
??. ordlng to th? at?in aanounc? .i to d_
ii,. Roosevelt admire to trot? ami
?m k to.* in. -i lection of those ?i? k ?
who li. im t. -nil i- plerlged to vote i"i
R.? ' i< m n-" ?.r.... ntii n If li l seen
ii?.it I... l-.ii? it? . annul p. mIMj ?in.
Odo? .inri O? hors Declare for
Presidents Renomination.
M- |h t : ?? ;
Poughkc . i-. \ , Feb. S \ nun b? '
of prominent Republicans from Orsng? u ,!
Putnam .mi >? ? ??, ?. I -1 ? lo da - lo ta i
??.? r \? i'li Robert If. Iluntei. ih< I;- ?- I I
? m leader In I tut? h< t*?i intj . Birang?
| m? ni;-- for 11.- coming ?.'or-. ? j
i A in on g th? i ? i ? Il -m.U?,n i I ii
ml, John i '"Hahne, of Put
?um. Count.? : Senator R?>ae and Count;
i*l?11- ? ;.tnit).. of i ?i mg? i '"'in?'
. \'l i.' red i ?? T ifl ?a ? !o\ernor
? ?Melt, .,f .*? ?
S|I|N ' ? ? ' ' ' ,.
? h? A n ?*rl< n. i VI? un i io Mi
? n I ?? i --I ? . i .?.? n- .
?v ids
, ; i i,-t of ? n ?ne--, i lui? |x Putnam < ?un
tie*. II imillon I l-h. ? '',|?,tl- I
Mi mil? - llsn > '?Ids ? II
. > 1.1. i iwlng ? -. -I n
nh<? I
? ,, re? I.,.
: If Thorn? ?i- ? ' le i?-t to take
? ? i.
Conference Over St.itc Ciai
manjhip A*-poi?>tnient.s Soon
? ? . . ....
' ' ' hel'l
?i -I ? . ?,,. f | ?
n t-,
? ' '
? ??
' - .
? ? ? ' '.? ? ? I
t ?'
? i-,?I
I \l ?,-k. "I
Rt rl .'?-.
I. . t i ?
? ?
. , o1, hill I
I ?
. H ? i '
for Pu ,,i th?
histrlrt It la ?
().-? sppnlnlm? i?' - ;i be
Ste, in ?pli? !
of th- o| I |,.,n |.-| I ?
I ' '--nil ?
I ?" led U-.l.li'ls;
lo II? k to I i r? ? ?. III un i Hh< ?
l..m n? n .' ' ,!?? srd >. It gga f...
ervica Commissions ol ih< Isi r> ?
Mr. H not the i sndldat? o| ?
Mu? i ? .: ,
I. ad? i. and t h? ? m i hat ih? Ho? ?
. : nor .' ited lo nam? Wxtx* and
: I the i.i- i ilia) th? ?rganlsatlou !
I? ad? ra i talla! I mm "i
lb< I. gialallon In ? . K lo get thru igh tha !
? , .-i la)un this r? u
? .
No Legally Elected Delegate:,
Left Convention, Says Chairman.
Jai. - nvlll?. Pis . F-;? * I lew. ft
? bubb, - .i i iilkn "i i h? R? publl? n Htatu
? '. i.iimI ? '..iiinijli. , h ?- |d< alai? in- III
in regard *.? th? ??? port? -i pill si I h? . Is te
a-, ir'.'a iillyn Bl Pala) It a- fOllOS I
Th. r?- ? ? i ? ai. -hu? I? '? ? - lhan six dele
..?ii- ?.t in- total number ?onstltutlng
Im u n the hall ?im n?- n*
? ! an dl itlsfactlon with
>|- ?! lili?.
Th? ?i n\? i,linn ??as i ruclicsll) iinsnlmu
a,|, ,,|| ?|lll lion l.-a.ll'l- III I'..
lh< ? ? nventlon i erlfj
, i. fu. i 'i'h- - -,iii- aiinu' d< l? gatea n,.m
! lip-!.... ? "i h ,ni?l Km .mini.litlet Were
. ? ? ' and n ? refore n n ??.-.'. >
Ii,. , ., |i .:.- a ??!, Hi- (Ml I) ,|i?L-r uni l.-.l
, . Th-r- was no spill >>i bull ol ua]
i n ,i
Tii? ' " roborated b) oth? i
Ii?.min. ni Republl
olutlons Indorsing ihe sdmlnlal
rir.n naming ITesldeni Tafl as lbs rtaada.nl
btai i f' ' IMS wer? adopt? ?1 b tl.nw n*
II.,,,. p ,(In,ill uppOl III? B
Illinoi-, Mcr'.-haiits' AtMdt?tton Pefnr.cs
to IiulorhC Him for Prcsideni.
i ir 'i legrapti lo ? he I'm,... - i
i:, licvlll . in . Feb. I i '? I? gat? ? i?. the
Illinois it? tail Merchants' Assoristlon In
convention at Belleville i?? da) howled ind
: j.. r- .i dos n an stt? mpl '" sdopt ret ?lu?
ttons Indorsing Col.H '?'.?"?*?> f'" iv-?i
T.itt .lotions had ' ? ???? adopted in
! Whli Ii in.- I'i-.-kI?!? nl 919)9 ' ?.'inn? n?l??l for
\ his "high eost of llrtng" "?"? remi rii<>
i. olutlons, Intro.-ed bj ?olomon VI
n, 11 ,,*? Chicago, declared ih? conference
, i. ;,i..,i ti,. merchant of - ef-ponslblllt) fut
I iihih pri'-a? snd Bsddled It on th? rrrtddle
Jantes A Jol peon <>t Chloago, -m on hi?
i..i srith .m m?!??! ???iceiii ?if ResBMvett, in
i . Hi? k ' ?* ' .SI I?
i ,,|,i prfi. ,),,?? n. ?i" n ?i?' R?a vi U in- .
ii-,1 m- r,t \- a.. I- ? ? ? ?1 ilu.'.U.
1 Offended at Desertions to Camp
of Theodore Roosevelt.
Conferences Expected to Result
Soon in Definite Statement
from Colonel.
loua differences have ?Jeveloped be*
tween Ihe supporters of Senatoi i-1 ?"?"
lette and of Th? odore Roost relt. ? ho bavt
held a number of conferences In this city
v. .iiiin the leal fe? days, it seems th*'
??ni. ... the dyed-in-the-wool frlendi of
the s. n.iiiit from Wisconsin hsve been
eonstderabl) piqued at the way thai some
of hi o .tun. suppoi ters ha? ?? deserted
him (?? -m.m for l<.?'s- velt. it Is i? lleve?!
thai this feeling will aerlousl) sited the
so-called Progresaiva movement.
The mosl enthustastlc friends of Benator
i... i ...I? tt. iay thai thoes who apparentljr
have deserted lilm had ii" warranl for
. Ing to th..ncluslon that tin stste?
m. ni iiveii oui In Waahlngton ???.ntl)
i..;.nt thai the Senatoi had laid asid? his
"? ? ildo.nl :.: itnblttons The) hrdd th;.'
w'iii. nines? has in.--.i- It nacessar) for him
lo . .m. ? ! man) ol hi eiigag. ment
his ?n-ti.lt> inr ;? tlnn, I., a ill '..
In Ih.. tbrhl lat? r, ami Intends ??
. n .-. ? s tul (date for the ?Presidential
ni.mhi itlon.
The*.? m. t. ..?.in?., i t? ihe larl Ihal Mr,
lb.relt had an far resisted snj effort lo
deflnite statement from him thai he
. ? nndldate Th? ? -<ai.| ibat H would
? i In It. una Ise In II? n . to Mi R
? ;? n hen he mighl dei-bl? si th?
nmniie tit.it he would n??l tak? th? nomina
lion. ? - ? -n If a iked t.. .1.. ... ;.i)?l thai he
??? . ?ranted it. Further than that, th. y
-A.i-.. not ..t ,.ii mi re that h? stood olldl?.
en the prln. Iples for sliMi Hit Piogri
h.? .n llghtlni
SeeK Statement from Roosevelt.
I|. .i-i ? ffori t.? cet an ..n ???>. ? i lo the??. r?b
..... who hold thai Ih?
xboiild ' ?? .i::i'i..| a ''h the obi? -t of
itlna Fl.relt " nt ?? i ? i?res< ntat
former Pn ?Ident In an effort lo get
oui? -.nt of., definite slat? ment from ' Im.
I ... i .? . I.een M...HI M
l'on i k. ttovernoi Hlrsm W. Johnson ol
l'allfornla i- said t?. have represented Ihe
i.a Kollette . r? ? 1 of the controversy In taili?
ng to Mi R.
v a resull '",-.? ? ? re?entatli ?
liitn It was reported y? lerda; thai within
? ? ??-o M. Roosevelt might mnk? tils
priiK-lples known, st.yltig at the ?ame lime
tii.it li- w i net , . andldati , bul
not ? ? ? . ??i? ..f ; . - pari v.
The i. . i -, ;..i ? . ..h no ??? rtlleatl.uld
. . that l taten It - '
Ih? me? ting ol I'.'"
? ? . t| . 'hleaCo lo
. . ?
? - - '
i Un? " i'1, thi-- situation ? ?
i.-. a r Moore, editor of ? The puts
.? -. to Mr R< "-??
i .. ? mat
... i .i.
ertei Mi M.ild M Roos? veil ml..
Ki? \ t . . t I ' ? ..- ?
? , ? ..... ,..,| t||fv
w HI "i .1 nt' light ng side I |e with th. m
i.? tli ? nlsh
. ? ? .
Mr. Roosevelt wh*1
? ...tii ite f i ton sefli e m re
II? ltd ... ? that
: t. .| m? l*r?gi ?
? ?? I-..I'. <?f Progr -
w.-i. i ? rollo** ? ? ?i. t..i.i him. lu
? ? ?
? |. ""?'??? .?
?? ild not .? -t-t th? nom nation H
? ? k.-epln
' i ? ?.... i itatlng theb ,.<>
i ?n ? Mr. M ?aid In Id
? ' M i - ? . ? ? .. n,.-,
-?? ? It l....lie -.. . ,. Mi. v
? milil t .-t ... t Roosevelt
or i. i . ?? '..? thai ? ?
th" I . .|.-.| In rm
os --.i !.<i moi ? ?
i ink
Ml Mooi ? ...... i,, -i . ,
.? .-rt of i nu ?ii? i.itr.,,...t fr??m \i?
it.it might h. ? report? i m m.
II? >".i add, t ? to hi foi tns :
th? ? i ??! t.- ?? i? n? hunting ,. Qghi with
1 ? veil .. -I i|? i , ?
.n - go ng to g< t it, ?f i ,. > ;,,
' too far. And if the? set it tbf.? are s"\nn
! 10 Kot ?, good."
Among Mr. Roosevelt's ot??er <a|">rs yo>'
tarda) was Uovernor Johitsoa. .**"'? ?' "
1 has h,-, ri m the .-it> th?' <'."V"i'" " u'~
taken great care to keep away from ? ??
! newspaper neu He Is said to be one ?>
: the I... Koii.it. men who is not el ????
? pleasH with th.- Roosevelt p.-li?'.? "' """''' ' '
Bear Messaqe from La Follette.
in sddltlon t.. tiovernor Johnson ?and
?Me-iii' .M?''.)inii<-k. those ??ii" have TaVc*"*
, pan In the i..m- renci ? here In the ll,s"
few days are Amos Hiiehot ??'?""-?'' ''
?Record, of New Jersey; Walter 'Honern
and Charles it. L'rsne. --I" FlUa-sls. " ,s
underntood that Walter Hotiseff and ? on?
?gressmsn Lenroot, . r Wisconsin, win? !l?
from Wsshlngton on W-ednesday '"
bears message from Senat?"" I;l Folletu*.
Otlberl Pi Roe. former la* partner -f
?Senator i-i follette, mid " rterday that
| he ha.I tsken no prut In the conferences.
He said, however, thai he read In deflator
i.a Follettes t-, em Btatemenl rmthlng that
could warrant a person in ssylng he lui ?
withdrawn from th? raw for ??** ?'"'s'
dentlal nomination, il" said he hsd hear?!
: from th? Hens tor sin ? the statement had
been Issued, bul ?..ill?! give no ImJIi atlon
of s hat the Senator had said to him.
Mr. Roosevelt had nothing whatev? r to
say on the political news end rumors ? ?:'
; th. day, when B?een late In the aft-wnoon
[ ,.t -Th? Outlook' office. He declare ?
that there waa nothing t-> I" Batd about hi*
talk with Governor Johnson; that he wai
-ni" Uovernor Johnson would have noth?
ing lo ssy now, although he might Rlv?
out ,- ?tat? nu-ut ii--f.it'.- long.
Returning to Oyster ?Bay this aftcrtmon
Mr Rttoa-evell will h ? bark In the city on
Monday, and la plsnnlng t?> ?"..?j her?
i h rough 11" ?>, - It.
Acting Governor Talks Enthusi?
astically About President Taft.
I Bj T I? graph !.. 1 iV Tribun? '
Tr? nton, >?'. J.. l*?-i- s I'??' Hie third
time ltd year Senator John I?. Prince, of
Passai?- County, president <>i Ih? Senate,
aworn :ti ? acting Oovenw to-da)
i.aus* of Governor wy*ion's absence
from the state, Til? acting Govern? - d
. t.. sign a few requlaltloni
? an ai -h m RepuWIcai
According to the Constitution th? Stal
Controller i- compelled to pa) ih" a?'tins
tiovernor for ihe tima- h, s-rve Benstor
Pi in? ?. bow? .er, bu ? f'-ilow? ,| the i r?e< ? -
denl aci h> Senatoi Aekermaii, also .? Ri
ran, lasl year, b) Indorsing ids salary
| , ? ? k snd turning it ovi r lo Ho?
' \\ rl.
Acting Uovernor PrUice reiterated to?
da)- hla sentlmentB regarding th? renotnl
I nation snd r? election of President Taft
He ?Ir.w a parallel between th? agitation
against Presiden) Lincoln in ItM snd that
! agslnst Presldet I Tsft al the present time.
"The agitation again?! Unjoin," he said.
I Hot ?I, ? ;i s, at- ,i Ii ?a ? - ai lied on
igltatora, who abused lilm ahamefu'.ly.
going ? ia aa i" call lilm scurrilous
nani. - In ?pit? of th th? i? ople <?i tl??:
i .-..iit,ir> i-.-.-i by Lincoln and re-rt<sct? I
| him, becauae they believed lu m honest an?!
I with ' ' ??? n Intel ? ' - of t: -x ople at
' heel t.
Leaders of New Jersey Boomers in Se
crct Conference
- ret . ,-,??. ,. , . of the I ad? ; of the
ve|i m.,-,. m.m ?u Ne? ? i?
t In l<| a* tl fl -, natoi ? olby, In
. N- a ark, ? ? .t, i ir the
, legal ??' i he ? onilng prl
man. 'i r ? look part Included ex?
? !. i ' t and Stokes, . \ ? '?.i -
- Iiarlen \ Kowler, ex?Senaton Colby
..n.i B idli Bordei i> Whiting ??
i inh- r of others wh? in th? ortg
ii...i - onferen? ?? m *?? ? York.
I? " ?? said after n.nference that th"
:.i a. of th? r osevell i ? ? tl?l?
. i that another conf? renca
i.-? h? Id In two ?,r t' I after
? i... .. . ,?. u.- t -.-,? ?i.i probabl] he i -
Buyer of Her Property Wants Her to
Pay for Prerogative
to , bant ' m" '
Tl-?- ? ted
In on? if th ' ?" ? at | Htiona filed in the
Superkii ?'-.??i In a l"ii?r lime Thi suit la
bj M o n n i ? ??? It? lie sets out thst, on
-1-. 12, 1912, Kniina Blscbolt um'.i in
. ?., -?? il hin, i prop? , j for Si.I???
.,i,.t thai h- sa? t;"' '?> bind the bar
_..!., and past ' ?.-... ,?\.
?-min? -I Tl ? ,1 he ? ?fus? d t.?
mak< " - ?'? ?nd h? ?-' - for th? r? tui n
? ?i ??, hi? *?;, sn i for - - ?. dltlonal.
u iii.-b, ' ? illei ? i pn nt i"-? t.? hi,n
fall? ?? ol the ii?sg? tlattoi
Initiative and Referendum Win
in Constitutional Convention.
Adopted by Vote of 60 to 4 5?
Woman's Suffrage Plank for
New Ohio Constitution.
Columbus, Ohio, i-'.-h. \. After itearingan
addreas at noon to-da) by Governor Fiar?
mon. in whii-li h.- took ?iron-i 'ground
against Incorporating ;< ilauei providing
for state.u ??i.- Initiative sad referendt-hn !n
th. new ronstltutlon. Supporten ol the
propoaed Initiative ami referendttm pfunk
wi i? a deelsivi vi.-toi y In lite cotistU
convention s f? a h"'.rs later.
Th?- .;(>\, mor In his addre-as said tl
Idea ??r direct leglalatlon till Is In an \
perlmental stage, sad that OMe would do
w.-ii at least to ".?it till ?' has la*.d i Iher?
ough trial in other states. M? defined ln
OWn position <.ti the subject, ..? a w hole, a
helng in the attitude ??? "th man fro i
Th- deelaration of the Governor -rn- :
th?. n;.t>ir ? uf n sensation ??? th? sup)
.it* the Initiative and referendtnti a ?non*'
delegate* in the convention, ????mini: ss ?'
?ii?l al a titn?- when that i...?i. was about to
tak- up for ? <iiis-<le.ni|..ti ..
which ha?i been Introduced bj i ?? I v ,
Halfhill, of Allen Count] . Th. Hstfh .1
resolution, ?backed : ? n|.|>..r. nl ; ?>?* the In -
fiatl- .- ami t- : ? .-t.'l?IIT*?. proposed to ? ?
I'r?-i-leiii Rlgeloa for having ?ti?..i
pledges front man. ment?a t to sbtdn !??
.-an- n- .-.."ion on that subject. Th? i- 0 -
Mon ?le..-l;.r?-?l that th.- a'*ft-.n ... .?i pr?s
lient .,, th. ...f.-lift.Ml III -eeurlnc- l h-1_.
(,.r raueus support of tlw initiativ. ?<.? ?
i.-i*. rendum -.??.< - unfair,
Following the address ??f Uov-crnor Ifsr
mon? and at the close <?t' an acrttnon.?
debate, ti... ..invention iat< to-day ?
the resolution, th? -."*? I uidlni ? to '?
Presl?j?nt Rigelow l<?i th- debat? ..?. the
resolution, declaring that It i ? sup
ported by "reactionaries" and as*
ihat it ?a? necessary to secure th?- ...
support to prevent the Initiative and r? .'
erendum plank being lo I becaus? o? di?
vergence of Hews nf its friends regsrdlug
mattet-- ?.r detail. ??
in his address to-da) fJovsmor Harmon
also urged ihe ronventios t?? provide borne
ruh- for Cities ?if the state, all'l H ??"l that
th.- question ??f licensing saloons ? :? ft to
the various communities thetnscl ? for
That a ClaUM pre. Iding for equal s;' l .
win he i. poi ted favorably by the ? omnaitt. ?
en woman's sutYraK'- of th? convention was
? -?t ee.'.it Hi's evening, following a hearing
at which leading advocatn ol suffrag fs
women liad made add - i halman
? ?? u asserted that eighteen of the
twenty-one members of t.mmlttee
? he proposal whlcb gl^ es tl
franchise t.i ? omen.
Kings County Republican Commi'ir-e
Adopts Plan After Fight.
The ivinc? Count] Republican Committ??e
at a meeting held las? night |_ the
-?..n Building. I'lati. n ii avenue and K<
atreet, BrooWyn? adopted the v.,.
district unit plan of representattoi f- il
lylmsiles t.. be held undet th? ne-? a**?
T'... - at< stood MM to l?*).
Th? majorlt] report of the eommlttn-i
recommending Ih? o?an * - at spot
until aile.- a boated dit*
nearl) Ihree hours, it was present?**!
? arte? | Um phj. A minortt] -
- orina the .i. cflon ? i ? - ? r; - ? as th? unit
eifer?-?! bj et Assembly man ??
? ? o
(Governor Waited, but Texin Wtn
Too Late.
i idelphls i-i- ? Governor v ??
\"i ils* '. ol' **-? lei -? - ipenl two houi
I weep train In Philadelphia I ? ?
All. ntow ti, Pean . t hew h?
s-..ke i*et night, lo Frankfort, Ky
th. r. the Governor wai to hava hid a . ?n
with Thomas ,: Love, head "f th?
\\ .....it-...- w .u.ift movement In Teas . bui
the latter ha.I not arrived ?t 1:1.*. ?. nt.,
when the Governor left for tlx a--?
V\ llson \ III add MS 1 KCI
lucky Legislature to-inorroa ?? 1 will i< ?
? at ? dinner In that ? It
Hie presen plans 1 .li for s camptet?
ttatweeu 1 riday itJgbt <n?i Monda) morn?
ing, when I ? ???> srriv- in ?h1 <<?>
He uin leave tltat city Monda) afterweea
and is 'lit-* in Trenton Tuesday morning

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