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780 ?ES Fil TAF?
New Campaign Manager Confi?
dent of President's Renom?
ination on First Ballot.
Hilles and Crane Meet McKinley
and Discuss Situation?
Washington Headquarters
To Be Opened Soon.
? V -a .
tveahtagton, Feb. B Rapreeentatlv?
McKinley, who la t" take .-han-e of the
Taft headquarters in this city, held a
long -'..n-Vren ?e v. itli Sea-rotary Utiles to?
day, -?i which Senator Crane was pres?
ent. In the Conree of the ilisiussion Mr.
rules ini.i before M.-. McKinley such
?"nets a* h?- has acquired regarding the
President's political pr<>sT*e?*ts and the
situation in each ?t?te. At lhe close of
the conference H was announced that the
President's friends were conlldenl that
he would receive at hast WO vote? on the
first ball??! In the national om "tilion.
No d'diills were furnished regarding the
delegations which are counted on to vote
f?ir Ml Taft. H Is pointed oui that t..
disclose the districts Which are regarded
th? Taft managers as doubtful WOUld
be ba?3 taoti?-s at this time, as man* <?f
them may eema into line for the 1'resl
?lej.t before they select delegates t<> the
convention. Therefore, th.? PreeMent's
iiinriafferis ,--,iiia???t themselves with ail?
ing merely the total on which they
feel .-ej-tain they .-an count.
<*?n? active friend of the Presiden? fig?
'ired out some time ;jK,, that h? would
r?eive 910 vote? on the fiist ballot, and
'hst Is still regard?-! as a safe predic?
tion. Tli?' figures given OUI at that time.
W*re as follows:
Mafcema "4 N?-? Hampahira. ?
Ifltoni. . - "S
*r?ri?-??a? 1* \?-? Mat,)?-,-,. S
' -W-?*"? . UN?"? V'.r'K. '<n
Arrxv-tta^it . 14 Sorth ?'arol'na. 2*
">?*)?*--ara . ?" or--... i"
- lAr)?i- . 12 Oklahon?? . ?si
'?-?"--ria . !S! P?i)navlvan1a .7*?
H??i* . 8 Rh?vl* I*ia-id. 10
TUnei? !-? tiemth < arolln?..1?>
llllana .SO T???n???.??.? .34
Kfnt'i'i- .'?* Torta? . 4?
-A?ii?-na .20 I tah. ?>
Main? It j Varmotii S
Msnlarxl IS Vlr-rinla . 2t
?t??Meh?i??-'. ?1 W,.. virirlnl*. 1?
Ml-Mtar .*0 IVvimaln? . ?"
M?Mi?nv?ri .. 20 it??.-?ii .. S
M'??*'iri . .. SS? Alaira . 2
Mtntini . * f?l?tri?i <-??* ?-oVin-r-la. 2
N't*-**?:* . 16 Pr-iiic-plti"? ? -
.Np-aia . * !>?-"? v.i-o . .- S |
Tetal .9to
Thi? e?t|mate, it \i ill b?* ?-.?orr. leave*
the following In the doubtful ?vdnmn:
-'alif?'?rriia 2?" *f.-i? .1ft
torca . . . 2t* w -?Hn-rten 14
Kan??? :-0'v> -...f,..???. . 7?
MiriT????<?"i ? *--_
Tatar .......... ?**
A Conservative Estimate.
i Ant setiinat? which r-iaee? tv-.eee 14i?
?otes In the doubtful column muet b*
roncedefl f be extrem*!v lOUSei Vttl V*
For Instance, there Is little doubt thai
r-epident Taft ??ill racetv? Washing
ton's delegation, with a poaalbU dedue?
t .-n of th? delegate? ttotn three district??.
|?eaylng Mr. Taft eight In HI. Then 1n
<'?r*gon th??) lid? of sentiment hi ??ettinc
SO strongl? toward the President that It
i? a far safer pr??dlCtiOn that be will
I?-?! the ??nt?re delegation than that ?i
?.. I)] c<-> to gny on.- else, 50 most political
if.a-ierf WOUld pla?*e Oratgon'a ten dele
rates 1n the, Taft column. The Fresi
?Jant'a fstasad? la CaJifornla sr<- confident
?hat he wiP recelvs th? ?solid delegation
frcm tha? state, now thai ,1 law provid?
ing foi s popular Pr-pldentia! primar?
bas been adopted, it is conceded that
before the pasfisg? of thai law trie state
t.-?.? clcar'y a La Follette stionghold ?
not b?>cause th- WltWOngltS fas particu?
larly strong with the people, but becauae I
'.nvo-nor Johnson ar.d hi-? ?"?rj-anlr.atlon I
are, eor*?m'tte<* t<-> T.a Foltette, and they j
bsd it in their power to namo the dele?
gates irrespective of popular sentiment.
TlM opportunltv now afforded th?- r?-o. I
ri? to exj-.rec? their Cho^M, howeser,
v-holly changes the situation. F,'i?n th?
la PfcOett* **-anag*rs in ?"alifornla have
b<*?eonie dishearten? d, according to re?
torts received here since the collapse
of the ".Visconsinite.
To??"a. of cour*;*, i?? conceded to sena
iiramli'S on the first ballot, although
thai indications are that it ??ill fall into
.line for Mr Taft after that, or after
th? Second ballOt, ShOUld there be a ?-ee.
?sad No one familiar ??ith the situation
1B Kansas believes th? entire delegation
?.?-?I! 1 f,tf -.'.-sin-t Mr. Taft, and those
km the be.i?t position to judge believe he
wffl receive fourteen out of the twenty
delegates from that "t?te There are
only three district? in Mitine?la which
fire ?tronglv insurgent, and it is s reas
*--nabl?? presumption that Mr. Taft will
re?**-.)?'?-, elghteer delegate? from that
<-tat*. ?ihile there are ihree district? In
"""'isconsln In which T--? Follette does not
find favor, ?o that the chancea are they
?? 111 instruct their delegates to vote for
the President.
"Taft Will Win ia n Walk."
tlopttaentatlv? M?Kiniev ia much en
?ouraged h< the Information f'irnlshed
to him bv Se-retary Hllles. and Is con?
fident Presld-mt Taft will win in B '?nlk
on the tlrst ballot in the national con?.
Of c.jurs* tin.*- ? -iini.-'i?.. ,ir-' in con?
flict with the claims of the Insurgents,
V-ut 9f har? been p?-inted out In the-?- ?lis
patches Hi? <la!m.. Of the lnsurg.-nta Will
rarely bear analysis. 1-Vr inatan???, only
this morning a special dispatch fr.ni I
Nebraaha - ? h .?? * ? 1 -1 ?^ ? l that "N'ebrasku ?vouiai j
go for f.ooncvfflt.*' On ?nalyati the din- ?
patch showed merel?- that an agreement
had be. i? reaclx'd beiweefl tho ?npport
. r?. of l.n l-'olbtf?- riixi twOae of 1'olon??!
s- ? clt t<? tho ?ffect that they would
nil ihtow their t?'ii>i."rt *o whichever
ir.a?l?- the sii??iige>-t showing ?t the polls,
ding to'this dispatch, then-fore, if
Mi Rooeevel! received three \<?tes an?l
l,a Follette two at th^ prlinitrieH th?j
i>; !''ullettv supporters would be bound
i?, ?-iipixiit Mr. Pooaevelt Hier? wan
1 othinx in tbt; dispatch, however, to in- '
diente the ?tringtli of the ?omblned
Booeeroll l.n Foii.-tte force?, and. og th.
other hand, there are trustworthy re- j
t>orts from that state indicating thru ;
I 1. ildent Taft will poll more votes than
(?th. r of the others
A good u?a 1 of in? Inaurg m '??trongtli" j
is irierel? ^ . ?, pr? ? ?'.?)ik. and inn. h of I
it. ?>n ? l-.F? r-xaininatioii. will b<- found I
t?> be merely .. eaae af the TomIc.? stn-r-jt
taHori?. Many formal d?*. ??ration? that '
lie tlr- PrOgrS??lV? KcpiibllCans of
pledge oursetvet to support." etc.. ur,?
jtu-t sboul a? reprc_ciit;?ti\c f?f their re
spectl?..rinunltles as those S.?uthw1c|{
knight? of the noedir were repr??htatlte
cf Um 1 'pu of ' ngland." This, bj the
?ony. applies Wltb ??Special fore? to the
'Progressive Republicans" of 'be Pre?*
dent's own -nat. ? ?hlo.
Mr. McKlnle: ? \p? ?*? to open his I
quarters her?, m a few da . ?.'? M
suitable offices ?an be found
Governor Dix Orders Special
Election for 14th District.
'By Tftlegfag** le Tl Tril -;? i
Albany, Feb. I.?QovsrnOf Dig this after?
noon announced h? had Issued s p'O'lama
Uoa ordering a ?peciei ?ir?iinn on March U
m ih? nth Hrnate Msttrlet, which Is in Soot
"t?.rk ?'It;, to fill the vacancy cans"' by
tii? death ->f S-enetOf Urady. The candi?
dStSS Of the various i.artie;- v 11 he i*hOS**11
bj the convention system rathttr than un.I'?
ll!? <iirf<t primary law of last rear The
party leaders have found thai under Besti?n
H of ihe <1lrn-t primary h*.1. In case of a
sftedsl election the candidates may bt
?i.osen according to the nil?*! <>f the party
committees, This meani that the conven?
tion system will he resorted to
Pnder the nee election laa ? period ol
thirty .lay?? must Intervene I" te ??? ti the
of the Issue of the ? ??ll for th?- spe.-inl
election snd the ?late en *vhl.*h it Is is
be held.
Th?- Governor also snnoun?*ed ihat he
would call a .-i?*.'ial eie,-ti.>n in the 2d IMs
irtct ?-f l>nsselaer County to fill the va,
caney caused by the death of Assembly?
man Bradford R. Lansing, Republican, In
. .?s there Is an application to do N from
the ).-orle of the district
Afwemblymsa 'ames A. ?Toley, who r?pre
sent? the district ?>f ?Charles F. Murphy.
is the man the Tammany bs?ss "?ants as
ih< -iic.-^s??or of Senator Orad)'. Thers Is
(pisstion, however, whether under th?
stats ?constitution be would be eligible to
e)?-etion to the SenMt? during ?nr term for
which he was elected to the A-*eembl>*. 8?e-"
t:?-?n 7. Article .*!. ??y?;
v?. member ??f the Legislature shall re?
celve anv elvll appointment within this
.?-ta?', or ths Senate of the United Ctates,
fimii ti.?. governor, ti-.?- Governor ?ml Ben?
?i*, or from the l^eplolature. <?r from any
city government during th? time for which
he shall hav?. been elected: mi?! all such
appointments snd all votes given for Bny
such member for any such office or appoint
n--ni -hall 1? veld.
If thi 1?kh1 s.hi?er?i of Tammany Hall
?irciri? that It would b? p.rf??-tiv within Ihe
law to elect Assemblyman V<?ley to the
S?nat- at the ?tw-.-iai ele?-tion. f??r a nomina
?lot- in practically th? hum s? sn elertlon
in that ?JHstiict, he will tx named
if it is decided that the constitution ?'
?..o vague io tal- a chance, the nominee Is
llk**ly to be Samuel ?'. Foley, who six or
?even rears i.e.? represented an adjoining
district in the Senate. Mr Fotsy, v.ho Is
no relative of the Assehblymsn, would ko
in. however, with th? understanding that
mblyman Foley wss lo b? the regular
nominee for the plac- In I hi fall
? ? -
Mack Postpones Meeting of
Democratic State Committee.
A change -as made lent nirht In th*
dar? f?r the me>*tlnr of the Pemecra'.*
State rommlttee. which on Thursday tras
pet for Monday In Alban?. ? "liatrman
M?e\,, after a conf?r.mc? -it', several Stat
i.-aders In this ?*lty yesterday, rest-taded
that call and _1re?te<*l John A. Mason, sec?
ret?-,- of th? committee, to issue another
call fOI Friday, February 1?". Instead of
being held in Albany the meeting will M
? t the Kniekerboek?*** hrrr
rhairmaa Meek said the reason for ihe
?hange iras ?hat the con?mlii*e vianted to
x ? ..ntii ti-.* peasag< of amendments to
th'- direct primary la?-, which it Is e*
pe?tfd WIH go through tbs Legislature next
week One of the reasons for calling the
oomtnltteernen togeri.T i?, to gire th??ni 1n
tion ss ti how to (.?tii? the primary
-all under the rrl^!*n' 'a*-. I" addition to
filing the Urns and deti for tbc spring
1? was suggests.] la~t night thai one rea
... for ro?tponing thi meeting was to ?'?
!,?.?,- ilfverimr I..|\ WOUld ??">'. thl pUttlS
?? ,o ?v,? various important appoln"
that sre pending The solution of that pus?
7i* irfll unquestionably have. som< hearing
on the epjestlon os to who Is to M the -to* I
chairman of ths state committee
Or?at pressure 1* ?being hrr-uch* to beer
on Mr Match to r'taii' th< rhatrmai
until th? f:PTine convention On ths ?
hand, he is Insisting that som? one be
foiird to take- his pla"5 a? once, us he has
i ? hand! full as ?*hairman e.f th? national
oommtttee. Ths leaders, howevsr -.re all
; t /-.id? over th? (t-eteettOfl Of a new man.
snd 1* if- leased that the e*nelid8/** of sn?
of the n.en spoken of as llk?ly Puer?
to Mr Mark would ?*"????> a BpHt It
committee, fiyh a thin?- ?a not deslrt-d.
|fi Ma?), ?a'! yeeterdey he guessed >.r
w-uM have to serve until It wa: p
|S agre* c-n his SUOOSSSOf
B/tchetrter. S"-Ta?'??e and Alban] ire- *\\
?nxlotj?? to have the state --onvn'ton. b'it
whether u will be held in MM Of thoss Up?
stat?. citiers or In this ?ity, n% has been
custcmary in rrcsi?3?ntlai years, '.a-- not
be?-n d<*-<-ld<"3 Neither has th* ?late nor
tl* man to be tempor?r?,' chairman b?en
en ss vet.
??i ?
Reveals No Political Information
? to Questioners. However.
Th^dor* Koos?v?lt was In hi*?h sp'rlts
? t the office of "The O,jtle>ok ' ye-itordav,
bu* be managed to hold himself In check
as far as imparting any political Informa
tlon to reporters was concerned.
'Have you ?ot anything to say in re
Rard to the selection of Pongrsasman M
Kinley to take chars-? of pre?Mer.t Taffp
heade|.inrter.? 1n "^'.-.phlnrtot!''-* on? of his
callers asked.
"Vt'hat IfcKlaley is that?" asked Mr.
"William B. of Illinois," W&* the teply.
Oh. that IMUaley," sni.j Mr. Its oes
\elt, and again lapsed Into alien. ?
In regard to the ?tory of A. P. Moot?,
of PittsburRi*. thru Mi. RooeeveU told
him he ? oui j .".Ty to the lY..-?-!-eS?.|vp?( that
they would find Mm nghtlti-? with them
to p flnleh. the former Preol'lent hed noth
Ine to say. "Mr. Moore can speak f<>r
himself,'' he declare?)
Am nag the oeleael'c' ?mllers y<t-ete**day
wer.- forme- <"ongrer-*?niaii Hull, of l.i-\...
and XT. \V. Hie!:, of Bt Paul
His Resolution Regards Filling Unex
pired Term as Full One.
Washington, Ft ?? r- s<n-.i.,r Roed, of
Missouri, srlU introduce a resolution next
M.iiuiay providing for s constltutloaal
amendaient to l?ar any man from holding
th? office of |*]?>sl?1<-nt of th? rnlted States
mere than *m-o te-rnis of four war- ?a.-h,
the fiiiin? of an un<-\pireti term t.? be r
garded an a full term.
Will Meet Prominent Republicans at
Murphy's Home.
I ? M.lent Taft will be the guest of form-r
Governor l-kanklin Murphy at lun.-heon at
Ms home In Newark on Monoay. Mr. Mur?
phy ha? invited most of the prominent I?.?
piihlicans of New ietnoy tu most the Presi?
dent, and It K probable that polltKal ron?
d?n?.n.- In New .I?ra?y will he discussed.
\ftcr th? luncheon al the Murphy horn?
President Taft v.iu ,|K|t norglum': Matur
of Uncoln 'n Newark ?and tbs Lincoln
>'at?c In l.-:_*t ()r?nSe. aft?r*Aard ?ejjng to
t??? Rases ?'..imt-, Coantry ?iii?. hen i-.
srlll h??l?l a r-.?pt1on for an hour i?. |.?,
?,'??!ns lo Kea ^ork.
$15,450 in Prizes Free
iVy Answer? to THE TRIBUNE'S Bookreaden
Picture? of Thi? Date and Number Are:
No. 13;
Mo. 138.
Contestant'; Narie
. (IT MOM; Till?? TJVF .
Contcs'aints in the Tribune's Bookr?rad?*r?/ CVmteet moat write thtir
snawt-ra upon thla coupon, wtilcti ?rill appear on Psgs i of Ti?e Tribuna
every <la> dnrtn? tlie contest The complete coupon muet be returned
Ar swers subniiitefi on coupons ?srnicb ;?re not cotaii>ii-to ur tvI.icIi ?lo noi
beat Ths Tribune'? heading ?rill not u ?-?jnaidt-ied. Li-?t of in izo?
ConditiiMia of the contest and
? tattooed from flr?t paar.
will appeal to th?* countrj on this mat?
ter, and ii Clark and imi- ??,"" l thlnV
i? p m have no - Pfe? i on Prei Id-sntlal
politics th? j have an at al ? iiiui coming
t<? them."
The latest Issue ol ' Th? Commoner,"
? hich r? ach? d m? mb< rs o? the House to?
day, contains the r.-ii-?---* n.i.- threat from
the "peerless leader"
This is n?. sham battle, ll I? th? i- ?'
iasus between Democra? - ami pluto ia-?
m ,i ? rod , all " in ? nable the peopl? to
mark for si ? i| n> i" mocral s I
an? reason or ui d< i anj pretext pin?'?? Into
the hands of ?he financial ptrat? who,
having plundered the weaker huslnei
I are now trying to terrorise th- r^einocrnl ?
? part?
v .p?,??a) roiionltt. - 1? oeeaie.1 ?<-> make
this in?-e?tiKHtlon ? commit"?** made up ot
men H-k?d for the purpose, an?! no mat
can h* ?o Ignoran 1 of the forcea ..? work
Hs not to know- ??hl'-h Bid
?Id? In ?his controverej., and he who take?
Wall Street'! std?* tak?? I? at hi? perd In
? erMs Mke this th? Congressman who can
be foole?i is? ns r-uich s public menace as
th- "pen and wilful ic' c( the lnt?sri
Ptrentrth to Mr Henry. Drivs tl wall
Street .-ron-d into the open!
Double Dealing Charged by La
Toilette Men in Wisconsin.
?i?- Taleera- at? ri ? ?"
Milwaukee, Feb. 9. ienatoi Ta Follette -
warmest champions In this Stats are tgN
lv SCCaSldg Theo,Irre rf"- ?''" Of tl'S'h
ory to the "vis ?on M n man
The. charge thst M Roose? - r?
positiv? sMuranei to M '?? I ?' r"' '?
would not bs h randldat? tot thi '"?
deney in Ml The?* also ????- that In tl
?lark hours of 11-e PrOgTI BWnt,
when < ' en th? " ".-it ' -, ? fui c-ould
chance foi th? renomln?tl
president T?*ft Mr Rooa?tvel1 drevi tttm
bini all wli" would Bitgg?e?1 that I" l-e. orn.
a candidate; but that aft? Mi ' - I
?Ott? had taken the leadership of th? I
lorn hope had converted It Into ? poten
tial polhioal fere- a-i?i had rea? h?
pol] ? ?? h? re ved h? could m i ?
tory, Mr Roose**eli stepped it? to ir lo
"i7' the fruits of -, |. ?
n.* llllwauk? i I as
stand ? ? "i' in the West.
..?m L- t n la? ? ;' '.- ?? lei '? i i? to
thi conelustoii that th? Wisconsin
had been the victim of double dealti
the part ,,f Mr Rooe? I '
t???t the rrnominntiot. ,-f Prealdsnl
might be fraught with \em avi\ than the
nomination Of I oloni ROOI
in Its news columns "The Journal cred
its Ls 1'eii? tts " 1th m log be ?
support a? nan who doss boi puMlcl;
it. an uneQUlTo? al stati mei I |
clples of progrei .-.,.,,... This i
accepted ss a direct bloa *? Rodkevelt
Her?- la ??* sumraar* "f the reply "Tb?.
Journal" says i ? Follette s-i? ? la th?
suggestion thai he come out f
i have ?been the standard bear? r of
not I Indi? Iduali no poi
, ..nu;,- i.? clrcun lancee can chana?
great Issuei foi which t I
will continu? to light I i n enlist In th?
ranks of no man uni? is i- a?dopts pul
?n binding ?.-n.,-. ih? true prinelpl ?
of l'l '? ? - i - . ? -i
While "Th" Journal1 a? knee .
Pollette's Ulm imn
from th? AeM, i"- Washington con
dent, In elope touch with the ?Senator
l,a Pollett? Is del ? i - n..m. in Hi??
f race s nil? bti sti ? ngl h holds out
Solid Delegation to Chicago Con?
vention Sought
i n? t. ;. grapi ?,, i?:..- '.- bat ?
Hotteten, Tex. leb. 9.- II r. MaeOregor,
<?f Houston, a laadtng Republican ol T<
has returned from Waablnston ;?i"! begun
to organize the Taft supporters In Texaa
for th? purpeae ol sending s solid dslsgs
tlon from Tesas to th? R? pu II? in National
Kegardlng reports that h" wai seeking
the overthrow ?>f the reell Lyon regime,
M;i, ? ireg.>r said personal ami local politics
would play no perl In his efforts to obtain
?i T;.ft delegation, a telegram fron*
frlend of Lyon said teat Lyon had aever
eapteaeed opoKtottkni t-? Mr. Taft'i candid?
?aey and could not be clawed as an antl?
Taft D)i)n
Refused to Vote to Rescind
Roosevelt Indorsement. *
st. i.'uis, e-i. I u' k s Jarret <\u<?
to-night dupoacd as chairman of the It?
puMteaa City Committee and Krank M.
Slater was elected In Ida -?ia.-?-. the chana?
folloarlng the conunlttea'g indors-jmeni
?-.vrai weeks a-.? . Th.i,,i
go? .??????eit for ih? t-Te-dd? m ?
on K.-iiiuary i the Taft adherent? In tli?
comml. |, ? -i ad? d ? ? others to rea? Iml
in.? Indorsement ol c. l, n. ? it,,,., Vclt, This
tl.-v ail?i i.v ?i larger .i , ;? ti,n? that by
\?lili-h the Indoi . neni aaa pasaed. Jarret
-*...?? the only m? mtv ?? of th? comirdtte?
refuacd te vote acalnal lloooevcil
T. S. Haley, of Westhaven. the Victim I
?His Companion Held.
\. *\ Haven, r1,, i Thomas g Haley,
K.ci-i-'ary iin.i treasure) of th? Wlr-i tiov*
eny ?'umpaii?. Of U ? .-lia? en, UTOA almost
rn-stanilv killed tonight when Ih? ?*??*
y"",'iL,Lm1, ^,ltCl\.,;" *'???? rtdtag ran in.?, ah
li*)i railing on l\m B-idga <',,,,,.-r..-- a ?
.,,..- thfowlng him to the ground and
rraeturing hi? skull.
w n_ \\a--d.. ., , ,.,,.,, of thr ,, -,
V.;'' 'i1 l omWT> ? ?? Wcatbavcn. th?
owner and orbe, ,., ,,, ,:,at,.h((1(-. ....
a.?.> thrown out, i,,t . , .
aii Inveetlatlon i.v ,,,f. ,,?,??, ,,
rorty-tao years old and stnaie.
Government Virtually a Trustee?
ship. Says Governor.
Tells Kentnckiam Corporation."?;
Rogarrl Tbomsrlvos as the
Country's Guardians.
.-it,*.11, k- i eb ? W oodroa v. ?i-.n
expounded In viewi of I'm.. lo I s
I Kentucky [?-?glslatiir? Iste thb iftSrnoon?
? ? r,,,. .1 , itratghl Dei
i ????mi. I a Ik Lot. ??? nlglil h* spoke st ?<
| bano't- ' i- ? i *?? i . Wood row IVIIson
l?eogiM oi Kentuck? .?? ? lo si hotel
FUrly in his hi ? ? ? Legtslsl
m. Mr \Vll?jion brought OUI Ms idea
eyettm ?.f Int-t-aeshlp." which, h
greu oui ..f I hi power ?M'ld'd l>* V ? Mg
Mti In th? political world hy "men
v. ho could not <??. further than across ihe
dlreetors' ' ible."
irgtng tii.-.t rspressntatlv?
era were ft??et hv these men. b<
go*, eminent virtual!? r??oi-.?.i it?.-it' Into
? rteesl Ip, sad sdded
<ld?r ihemselrs
I r,- ,|,., | (? \\v
' .'l;:-n?nt >.f th- people I- f-e.nnd. h-f
suardlsnabip M iim."*- Il U neeessar? in
? m promoi
. rltj ..t- p
i il i e ,- lid of ilir?-atv e.t ?le r'- e
<m with fuetf gained enlj I?)
?nowleggt o( bu*ln<
-? i... ? , p ?.?
t ....
? ? ? V. I 'i-.il
? ? . i i1
ihai.tac? Bu are afraid to
I ill .-bin s '?
, nre-.'l ol i? .-'.? of pi
- i -. fon i ' 1rs s;-o .).->? ? ?
? r?'Ai W
- ,. . ? ? raer of i ng
? t.lr Wer* aculm-*
Ihii now ll ? ?t i nsrtsssn
M ". -! -.? .Id no: at?, tnpi io
ln< si fa
e.n? ,|.l .1- ?1 hUt e o lie? ?. t<
? . ill m Intel ? ?
;.-. reedjust themselves os t1*? tt ?
? i.h prit Heg? I
.; --???..- |. .'-*.| Is
\| '? ' . ' .. -.<-... ? ' ? t ir
Iff S|. -.ii.: .- ? ? i a Insurgent
' ..i- rung around ?.mi around umli
? ?h the exception
( ... ih, ? . ....... t.. . .
? the] would consider themselves Imp!? II
. ti,. ?A .'??! SI S) fr< in ' ?
Would Br a Rreach ti Courtesy to
?Speak tn Harmon's State. He Says.
? ?o, |e|. <i I. KOUld be a
h of professloaal courtes) for me to
.m ? Governor Harmon's own state, <?.h?n
Ugi i, | itelf i?. .-> candidat? tot tl ?
i. ... Prei ?:??-.i-i nomination," sii?7
Governo W.'??-? Wilton ot Neu Jersey
? cltnlng sn larltatton to sddress the
Ohio Pr-fsbrterian convention, which meet-.
. : WSI n I' ? "1.
Ti.? Rev. .1. ? Reihardt? ?f barren,
? . meeting ??f thi churchmen her te
?lav read this extract from Governor \vil
., n . ? . i. to the eon vent Ion
Mavnr RgftUMl Invitation to Annual
Dinner of Brooklyn Learue.
M;.\.'i Gaynoi ass refused to speak st
ti.. ranting annual dinner of the Brooklyn
I?eague. si ?hi.h i:.ii.fiiiir wit-on ..f New
.1. . ? ? i tu !.e tii?? . |,|. f -|.?-?ikrr. Th?
Msyoi was Invited lo attend the dlnn?
? n.i iv.-K-? ago, i. i..r. n irai known that
Governor Wilson wai to speak, ai * i ? ? t
Uro. he eocepted conditionally. l?eter,
when March ?? wai selected i the dste of
ih.- dinner, a formal Invitation tras sent the
Mayor by wa) ??f retnlndhig I ilm of the
time ?est. Immediate!) afterwrsrd the Mayor
? mi.- President V. n ?Puller thai be woold
mu be sMe ??? sttend, plead tag :? pri???- en
gageaient. Tins ??i- i.-.irn?-?i yestenlay.
A ii Bsstmond and a fea otlfc i bids
penden) Dei.mi* hav. been trying t..
-i;?, i n w il--.-n i.i m Brooklyn? and the
opinion Is general thai Ihe Brooklyn
? .linn, i \- m i.. s..ii?.i upon es .-.n
.ortuntty b) the boomers it M thought
the) the Mayor ?i?.. tJ*si.->i want i.? i>? p -.-..i
..n euch nn ?.. ?... *-1 ?. i :. al lessl m pottttetens
. spltstn hi-? elisage ??' mind. Mr? Puller
?attach?e no political slgnldeanci i<? the r? -
Mrs. Bass Tells Diners the Clr.b Should
Become National Body.
Mrs. James Madison ?Base presided ;?t the
seventh eni*"rl dlnn.r of ths Ain.-r.can
E-*leyg?9era. held ?.t the Hotel Astor last
night, ssslstsd by i..-"u Btberl Landone,
- halrman <>f ths board >.f governora An
effort WOUtd he uin.l.-. Mm Baal said, t.,
in. indi- ?tii similar elohs in the i*nite.i
so es to make tbs -imsileaa Play?
gesrs ;: national tegsnlietlon !?.!? bsneflt
Inir the <Ir..iii;i.
The speakers iBSJUdsd .Mi*-- ?inj.-?- Isabel
embrea, mis?. ?Dials lilaea tbs lt.-v. w. h.
le?ares, of Philadelphia: Luther B. .\n
ihonj*, Charlss Rann Kennedy ?nd h.-h
Oreet Mi?? Edith Wynne PettMson r?.*it-?i
it ?i Mssa l'un Ko ?ZK--?- her Japanese .ianc?s
and von?.-.. <">ther-? prescr.t Included Mrs.
J;.in?> ILnry l'arkci. Mr.-, ^'?Illn-ftoii
Massss, Mrs. n.ivi?) Mason and Misa Jessie
B, '.'.-inn ron
Maile?*! an-.vhere in the Uniterl Ststt*
for ?2.r)0 a yeir.
Willard D. Straight Said To Be
Neqotiating at Nanking?$5.
000.000 Loan Proposed.
Secretary Knox's Note, on Joint
Action by tho Powers, Ap?
proved in Germany
and France.
i.'-r don, i'-1?, i". The newspapers in
I'.'kinjc report that Willard I?. rUralght,
irtlng o?i behalf of an American group
of iii.iin.i.i--.. ?s concluding Hi" details
.... i t:,..f.??.Him loan to the revolutionists
tit Nanking takln?- a?- security th?tr-*for
the i'ant..,i-Hankow Railway, ?ay? a die?
patch to the "Daiij Telegraph" from
r< kii t
fotogne, Germany, Feb. ". "Th?? Am?'?i
criri not,, to ?Jermany regarding OOndltlons
in China ?alii i?e sln?*erely welcomed by all
striving in co.-i-i r.?m h toward ? peaceful
Issue "f th" Chinees ???.nfllct,'' ae<??>rd|i>?,
t.. ;iti inspired telegram from Berlin In to?
da y > "Kdlnlsche Zeitung." The dispatch
, ontinu?<p'. "That German pottey Is liter?
OUghly ?committed to a?ieh j practical pro
pramme ?oe?. without aajinf."
Paris, Feb. ". Prance has nol made any
change In her attitude w?11- regard to
? bin*, Prance, ilk?- the United ?tatee. la
or.[,'.?e.| Iq Hi,, principle of Intervent),.1,.
Should, h..waver, the hit nation In China re
??julre some action Fra!i?-?* would fav?-r only
unite?) nation l?y nil the power.--.
Shanghai, Peb. '?>. Tans ghao-yi, ?he
I reprenentStlve of Premier Yuan Shlh-kal,
to day declared himself '-onrt'lent that the
' abdication ?.i tbe throne wimld be an *<*
?-ompli.?!?d fact before Pebruary It,
There S PC? OSTS ??> be |e???i ? .julidence no?*
? limn flier? lias hitherto been tl at Yuan
i mu? i., -elected f-.r the Presldenc* of the
.lie. On the other band, th-? name of
| i.i Yuen hen*-, the pre?<cnt Vire-prestdent,
! i? m?ntion-?.) Hiid it i-, possible that
may be eventually set? ted
The draft of the proposed Manna ?'har?a,
of the new < 'hi?ese rc(?ul?lic has l.ccn .-?-?in
, picte.i ?... t>r. \\-i Ting-fang, the Minister
of Justice in the Republican Cabinet, and
no-? ,\x ,,.1?, -a,. approval ?-f the Senate at
"tanking. T ? document provt.ie.c f.??- *
l're-l-ktit.-i) term of five year?, hut the
S .?ni, te will prebabl) mak-- the fir-?? term
only one :????
Ho .k,;- -,. ;'. ,. r?. Th- citj ,-f Kal-Pln?,
-.in--, .,f i"lii-I,i. n,i
t- bombardnteni to-day by th?
I rerolutlonary troop? A''c?r?)ln?_ to the
report?, the tonn is ir. flame?. Tl s
republicana hrotght twelve heavy field
trun.? int-i action, and for several hour*
-tercel; shelled both th? eltj and the fort?
TMeiuy-three efTie?r?- belonging ??? 111?
. . - , -v.?, .!U,| |.
K*n?-ral in command. ?' Itho'il trial, ensue
ptclon vi' collusion with t),<- revolut
IBltwjgckdtl Tjantl to Occupy Troperty
leased to Americans.
Poarte i ortes, Hondura? Fob ?T i
lave,).. T'ier. has ???er a clash between
? -i states .-?id Hondnrsn suthoritiw
over ? " enforcement ol .. government de?
cree directing i ' ',-?s of ??? s
Valentin? to surrender te sn-ernr_?'it
authorttiei the railroad, wh?rf an?l other
prepea-tae?. ' 1' ' ' lit? Valetl
... -\ir
geveaty-gvs n,?rin?-.? tren tho 1 ntted
State? g'inboaf. Petrel leniled an-i a
. is - barf ?nd railroad Hon-:
?hen ordered te ?top ell trains :
Qovernoi has dl??d ?? prol
?r <? population here t?if greatly m
... - ? ,- - . -??diner of the matinee
\. ?,,,_ ,,t,A., the autl .no- of Congres?.
,ie, isred tl i Valentin? ?-ontra--ts
cancelled. Prealdent Bonilla ordered <'"tttt
. ,? .i proceeding? be brought against 9\ 8.
Valentine, I ' ? < rork; ordered delivery
t., t .. go? em men i of the railroad and
? harf and demanded M'i ??eceiintlng for a?
isgsi ?uataln?*d b? th? e-??ern
The -?fr?? r? ar served ?ipon A c. ?;re?
ley, local manager of the Valentine ?yn?
with Mr. Valentine Tina re-m?'--? wna re
fused, whereupon Greelej app?ni--d to the
\n.erhan ' 0 ?f-ke-l the ,*.. ?nera
?let. "f thi commander of the gunboat
F'etre'. n?,?? in tl ? '. irb*t
The cf.mtii.inder of the 1-etrei reoueeted
? the i forcement of tie a]?., roe t de
.r.wal tWMt* fonr hours until the Amerl
? ii could communtcat? "i?h the
Department. Th? Ooverner ?i?-?? .-?
r-J*----?I I'll? rea?,i|eat. and det|l*r??|e.1 that the
?i a???; wharf be turned o- er to him
1.? i.. lock thi? morning. The com
niand?- of the Petrel th*?. landr-l -.rient
marines an i placed th? t.? ?,.
wharf snd st tbi ? itlroad ?-(flee
? - i- i- n-,. Mexican Danish
.?nil ' ' SUlS a ere ?,|t|,
ml through then, f'-e ??o.-ernor pre?e??t?d
to ' te tmerlcan Consul and the Pstrel's
commander .,srain?t the landing of the ma
rin? h.
Presiden) Bonilla was Infeemed "f thi
turn ?.r eveuta, and lie ?raiera?.i that ?.??
tachmenta <?f arnt-sd tr?i--p.s be Immediate
If placed at t.a ?limn, one mile south, and
,?t Chamelicon, twent) ??la-h? milev -....iti.
of Puerto '??rter.. with Instructions to
Stop -ill Iraln*.
Washington, re?- :?. n,, g tot? Depart
'i -lit Is ?ril.hinjf .level.apmenlH ll. Ihc .|j?
pnt- between the Hondura? government
and representatives of the Valentine sj-n?
Recently th? department lenrne?! that
fitiioni notice t?? ii,Ik government Um
Hondura? Official? ?ere about to aelte the
Valentin? proper tien Tita gunboat ?vtrei
?? n.?< ?. id t?. Puerto Cortea ?mi salloraj
????r?' landed. The pioperti wan not S?l?ed.
Thi onlj purpoae <?f landing |he bluejack?
ata sraa t-? guard agalnol ilotence. The
itueatlon ?>f title t<> the property in ?ii
pute la t<> be settled through Judicial and
diplomatic method?.
Mr. Valentine, in the }>f\r'- IHl-'lg made
two oontraots with the -*ovarnr~*enl ?>f ?fon?
aura?.. b> the terma of which he w;in uraiit
limtted operator's lease of tbe iaiiioH?J
in.?! wharf, .'?jntriut:) ?vlih-li by eagstltu?
tlOnal i'-.j rlr, nu nt had t,. I., .?.rilitnlitcl l,.
iv.n_r?-ss for approval, and, H li?vlng been
.'??rec.l that In the ?vent of Ih? tallUM ?if
? 'onsra-NH t,, approve, Valentine would r?e?
turn the properties t<> the p.. ve in ment and
receive t.. ratant the sson?ys gdvaneed by
bun ?>n la.-.-t.iint (>f the leaae.
it i- alleged that befare Congrees ?lie
cuaaed ih. . , mtracts they srew spectn?
?ally rsatlwdad ..? a? aKr?emeiit alsned by
Mr. Valentina .mai th? gu?sr?m?ot. T?ls
agreenient. however, a*a? ?lolutnl. It la
?aid, ,.y Mr. Valentine by ?U> ?"?'?iiui?? to re?
turn to tit?- government the railroad and
?vhaif a* a?jr.sd upon. ?'i,? the national
Congrees, acting tinder It? ?tonatltutlonal
pow?*-*a rejeeted the cnntnict?? under eon?
Pari!*, rob. o. The MliiiMry of l-*in.jt).
has appointed .-i coinml?*>lon to whleb ?III
be ?nibnUtted In th? futur, ?'t ?ppllt*atlcns
i lattng t<? the i???aiie an?i aale in Prance
?M n?. sdmlashwi to th? Paris Bourse ?>i _j|
linelgn I ..nda. ?Iiriie? and Stach
About 200 Youngsters from
Lawrence To Re Cared for Here.
<"?n? hundred a,,,1 <?,(?!,. ,,. fn#, children of
th* Lawret.? strikers iirt, a,?;,,red of thrr-*
sepiar? meals a da\ fr.^m r.'->w on. anyhO"
Th?v will ,-onv ,,, \>n York to-ds>. ar?
riving a? the ?;rat?i Central station, si ?','1
-tr-e-t. some tin?, l?t., in the sfts-rmm**.
and frill I-? taken. mostl) tn eutonwbilee
contributed by sympathfasra. "MteetlJ te
th? Labor Temple, In ?Best *'??* Hraat,
?"ii?-" Hi?: .-.in i??, apportioned le the
people- wtio kan Mgnlfled thdr ai9nwm\asem
t.. tak< thi m ii?*:. ones ?n
Of ?retirse, ihe) ere n..t making lbs sui
ney from Lawrence alone A ?-ommlttes
of four, two man m ?i?) two woman? wer?
sppc|nt?*d i?v tot K?n.r.ii strike commute,
here te ko to Lawren**e at"' brim? then
doe n.
It ?in ;? ii regular Tower of Habel
party, f??r ?Preneh, ItaMaa. Toman, lithu?
Hiilat) and man-- Othei It iii"ti"Ut|os **H1 J*S
?.m?.ut them.
MIi Is wonderful." Mim Olaaheth Gurh-y
Plynn Mid y<*-terday, "how many fMsnds
; ., . risen ui for those < hildren In this
i-old?heerted New York. On? doctor, who
: ? a sanatorium, offered to shelter ami
?it? for Mateen?
"The Asso? latin-; ..f Italian Physicians
- otunte? rs *" ?Jive nil mode?! medical at?
tendant, fro?. 1 couldn't tell yOU of ?Ml
ih? ..ff.-r:- ..f h?l?. we've had. H has tak?n
a -(reel deal ?>f wrk to settle all the de
tails ?f this thing, for. of course, tb'-ro
ha?l to he a ?'.ireful Investigation of every
pin.-?, whether privat? home or school,
Wltere a Child is t?) be placed. Hut that ||
n.i done, ?and ????' are ready for th? children.
"There may i"* more than one hundred
and 11 ft ; p"ssihh n?;?r?r two hundred."
Sent to Asylum After He Cross
Examines Witnesses.
KoHtoti. feb. 9 Former .fudge It?nry P.
Dewey, of th.- Muni-ripai Court, was rom
mine?) to the Boston insane Hospital to?
day, after a hearing before .lud?*? r."be-rt
Grant, in the Probate Court. Judge n??.?
CondUCt-Hl hi- own .-roes-examination of
?iritnesses. Ko On? el<je appeared In Ms
Two phytrtelsns, Linnens A. Roh?rts snd
Edward B. Lane, teetifled that their ok*
?jervatlona hsd sstlsfled them that .lud??
r*?w?y na? vifferlnc from paranoia: that
ths dtseee* "..- Incurable snd progresMve;
thsl the Judge iitder |t^ Influen?? mltrht
some time beeome s mena??- to r??ople ?n
the community, und that i? wns i*i**V'ilt to
! ?jgy when an outbreak mlpht occur.
Judge r..'"?\. ?li- Is also n hrl?*csdi?r
?fenersi of ?tat? militia. v?tlr?d. app-ar??!
in court r?ecently In full uniform. in?iud
it-o; sword, spurs end revolver. H" ws?
?-?ni to the fit) Institution for th? 1n?*n?
t-i., -..?4? n;.i fer observation.
? |. r Justlc? Bolster, of th?-Munirtpai
? ourt. ssld thst he had known fudge
i for twent) years, Lest **"*" tota*
Dewey .-am? to him and applied for war?
rant?; for Bishop Lawrence, the R.?v. TV.
Qeorgt A. Gordon and filshop Hamilton,
thre? of th? leading cler?ytnen of Rosten,
on the ground thai they bad been sullty
of hlssphemy, blackmail and bribery.
Fail in - Exams.'' and Resifpv Others
Mav Quit Navy Same Way.
Inngeolto, Md., ?Teh. k?Flfteea atfdsblp?
1 men O? th? fourth Clegs of the Naval *,ead
?emy f*iii?d in the?semi?aanual examina?
Hid "ere. fOTCCd to re-tlm. Th? Kevy
l*?epa*tritent formallv a?e?pted ti?? re<?i?-na
tiens to-day, ?nd the delinquents left th?
H is understee.i that i number of oth*
midshlpmen hmc teadsred their renigna
?ions for like reasons, but thes? have not
-, t ;,.-?t- S0**epted*b] H.r department.
Di..--.? who resigned to-day ti? T'enaid R.
rifcb, Leuteispa; Chaplain y. retins end
..-, \i rhompson, Virginia: .To*-.n M.
Tildsle-. Mississippi; Armif-tead ?' R??r?r?.
Tenneesse; .lohn IV Punbar. Texas, .lohn
Rough, Jr. Michigan; .Jonathan V) Reed.
Kentii" kv, Kdwln >'. .'eciirane. North Pa
kr.ta. "."1111am I? Welch, ln?1?ann Ira B
Hill, Wieeonsln; Sidney W Kiniand. Fier
;?* f a Motte, rrashlngtoii Btet? .
Btsnton ">' Kalk, Nebraska and ?"taren?*?
E Des Champs, South ?'-?reiin-i
\ mnvber of oth?r-- who were net so
badly deficient will h? given another cha?es
by dropping oae-k into a leww clssa
Question as to Country's Literary
Lantznage Causes Dissension
Chrletlenls Feb I The reslgnatiews yse
t?,-div of th.. \-ov--opiap Min1?-ters of For?
eign '?ffslrs. .I'istlee. Ce.nitr-er e, DefSWQS
?ni Colts and ?**ubMfl Inatruetion was ?iu?t.
to their oppt?eltlon to ihe movement .to
make the peasant dial?, t Norway's Bterary
languaire. 'I his movement hnd been etithu
ttsstlcally supported by Premier Ken.-?.
who in a recenl speech characterised ih?
opponents of <''? change si fnn-iti??? t?.??>
Incensed the Conserve ivee ?nd Uksmli in
th? Hoiitblng. Who, *?l?h a ma.torlty of th?
,iuth..is ,)i.d sclentlets, favor r?tainmg th?
? d Danish tongue ?? the literary lag
guace? ,.f Hi?, country. They thrr?.for?
tske.l the Premier to resign, snd when he
refused they reouested ihe'r representatives
in the .'ai?in?t to give up their portfolios
? ?
Will Withdraw if Conduct in War with
T'irkey Is Condemned.
Koin?. Feb 1? Th? me;e.ting of th? lnt?r
pariiamentary Ps?_<*e Union which is to ho
held to mono-.-, at BnMeslS Is regarded
here as most imp?.riant, oaing t?> th? .?e
. ?^??.ii of tii? members <?f the Hallan group
n-u t?> participate, end. Indeed, to sever
their connection with th? union, If th?
meeting insists on discussing and ooademn?
liiK the action of the Italian f?o-.eminent in
the . onfllci with Turk??>.
Cnless the uni.m agi-.-?.- thai seither sa
?< CoUective IkvIj nor us Is?latSd groupa
can its members pronounce Judgments for
?-r against belligerent parti?-, the ?Italian
group will relire d.-flnltelv
S ?
Tendon. Kch.l!?. The Saxon court Is n*gc.
ttattng wtth the auth??rlties in Vienna ?ith
i \ i?w or obtaining ?i declaration th*M
es?-Crewa Print ass Lentas <>r gaaony Is not
responsible f??t* her aetlone? according t?> h
?pedal dispatch r ? ?elvad from that city
to-day. The Beaon roysl family, it i- rs
? i. Intend te 'na\.. Iter ptaieed under
HaHfas, N. S. l".-t?. ?. l*i-ai)k Klllott.
Sgsd thirty, second Ofheer of the steainer
Rosalind, which arrived to-.lay from Mew
Tork, la missing. He is supposed to have
i>e?-n drowned nt sea. M. was last seed
sfter leaving his sratch at midnight on
o ? .
Regina, aaekatehearaa? Keii. 9. -Ths
Lsgtsiattne of leakatchewiaa i?y ? \0tc *e -
to 12 te.day aa#ro**ej ?>f redprseal tra.i.i
relations With tl??- United StutCH, after a ?Jc
h:tt? ingUag three du>s. T?0 CSeMsrvatlres
vot<vi witii the government Premier fai
d?r of ?aekatcbewan Rave the condudina
addresf, whidi will h?- a hattle cry at the
neal i?ro>in-i-41 Medien,
? 1 s _
Msnehester, iv-i*. ;-.-Th? tona worker
w< nt "?. strikt to-:a, bscauas th.
shipping companies ronttnued to employ
noti union laiior. A general ?trik.- of trans?
perl w**-rkerf Is threatened ualesa the si?.
pul - iweeg the dochera :in?i u,- ,,,,?,,,, .
?If 1 ?r ? lie 1. I
LEWS At? E?1
"Win at Lawrence Means Down?
fall of Wage System."
Prosecution at Trial of New
Yorker Alleges He Inspired
Strikers to Violence. -
I-awrence, Masa, Feb. ". Three l.ttc-a,
'.?hi? h -vera- finally admitted ..-' ? ?? ?)? ?'>"?
over the obieeil>?n <?f the detened ".
prominently in the hearing i?) ?h? io . !
Il??e court to-dav of io?.?r.h .1. RttOT, v '??),
until l.la arr?a?, ira? th?' leader >,f th?
lti(- textile v.ork?-r? h?rc. and Arturo >
vannittl, hfa lieutenant, both of tftm
They are cbarned with iv?fiij? ., ? ,
before tp? fact to the nsusdf of Ann? I ??
pl?r?r<). an It;,Man wo:, ran m lio T?-? ??'.-.-it
diirir.-; ?t rtot on January 9,
T?\'? of the letters were from vm? < ? ?
lohn. general aeeretary-tr?aaurer of fis
Indu.??tiial Werkera of the VVortd, at ? !,|
eagO. OBS ??as ad?!r?si?ed to Kitor and tt ?
other to William 1?. Hatweed, tbe W?~ ? ,
[ h_bor ti.an, who i?? now 1)) [_*r?Tenc v
rJsting the ??trii.er*-. Tn th*?? letters Mi.
it .r??hii urged dm recipients t,. organise
the I*awrence textile uork?r.? thoroughly.
He cave advic? ah?)ut currying on V, ?
strike and Indicated his dlotmai ??' ? ?
Ant-erleaa redsrad??) of Labae,
"A win at Lawrence mean? a ??.in thai
win only end ?-.?th the ?downfall ?>f th?
wag? eyetetll.M said th? l?tter to T Tn - t ... .1
The third lctt.r was arttte? to Fitter by
TbopiB? Miller, of l.ymansvjll?, R, I.,
who-e Igenttty or business was not r ;.??'??
dlB--los?d. but who la supposed to be -?
Rhode lu?an?) textile ererben la riiie l-it-r
Mr. MilUr Indicated his belief that it ara I
n--t b? difficult to organize ? ?encrai .-'?iUa
in the milla of ?lie Anicricrm Weolea ,-,-,,-,.
?any tn Rhode Island. Th-? P"-0eeCV*t.?*l
had onl?- fntrly started It? c*-.e n'hen Wbrt
adjourned ?intll 10 a, m on Monda?' fpbxt
District Attornev Henry '?'. At??111. in tmt>
Hiving the caie. MM the pt-aaaevtlon ri-o
posed to ?how that Ettor, a*, a Igggnr in
the Industrial Workers of the World. .. i
organization which de_lr:<1 s Social revel 0?
tlon and flic destruction of tlv -???-.
t?m. made ?p?ee|i,->.s and em?* ad'.lc? to ?)??
strikers whh'b (?/?spire?! then? te us? ' i??
>nce. This, the DlatrM Attorn?-.- ?lc lured.
resulted in the riot In w*hl?'h th? "?pi?--)
woman -?as killed. OlmaiWttll. 1: ?al?l,
had aKr?lst'M i't'.or in his e.fTor's. H- lal I
It would bo shown that th? bullet whi h
struck the -?ornan had be??? Intended for
a police olTlcer, and that wh-n the person
-???'r.o lired tli" shot, whom he tteocitfetd s?
a tall Italian, saw that li?? had mi.-.-?--) i
I mark li? stabbed the ofMc?r.
? Th? whol? intercut in the strlk? situ?t lea
?today -?enterifJ In th<5 court pro- ? lodtaga
j Aatgfl fi-"!ii one or two j-mall gatl-crings of
Central Labor T'nion ?operative? t.- fomw?
| late demande than were no meetings, ?'?n
? (i-,e streets tirer? was no semblance of die?
I order and t'.ie -?quads of militia etatlon?!
' about the police station and courtroom'ha?i
| little to do. The number of operative* ?t
work it? the mills ?u about th? earn? a-,
en rest er,La;-. .
All ih? letter* which figured in ? ?
State's case were t,-)i<?-n from Ftfor When
? ? ?? i.? arrested, according to the testi?
mony of Cantain v\ illia-n H. Pro-tov of
the state police. In the letter to Ha>
i^"od. ?'. .to.'.n said
I ??ant to suggest that If th? -tr> Is
to be of an?- length tb? practice of trying
?o earn it on b? pnylrg strike ben-*t.t|. and
oper,ln_ a -jommfssary must be rut cut.
Th^-r.- 1? n?-. rh-n?" to wtn anything t'.,
wa?. The-e ar? out-of-date methods ?Jet
?h"??- sixteen thousand or twenty tiious-md
ergant*?--- to ?Teak Into th? tall and nvi?<?
the count? feed th?m ?hil? the? are on
strik?. Organli* them to go back Inte t ?
mill?, and figlit ther? <;?t th?m back >*>
an organliafion with the understand ins
?ha? they ar-r to continu? to fight.
That F'ttor in one of his speeches orged
the strikers to keep th? gun s'uop? busy"
and declared that he WM going to get a
gun himself, was the testimony of two
n??? spap*r m?n called to the stand
Tb? strike r?-r.im1tt?? vot?d to rSeum?
pi ??.??in* Tn order to k??p ?rlthrtn the
la?? the plck?ts will form an gndlaa?
i bain, walking m Stngi? fil?, ind k?er - --n
I ?tant'y or th? mova.
Second Blaz? in Two Weeks Wipen fat
Busin???? Block.
rittsfield. Mas? . T"?b I Tl?? m?-??ii-1 b s
Are in ?bis ?in within two ????kf brok?
? ?m to nicht and d?stroy*d th? ft?ir?-?
Mock, m busine*? stntctore, sltdated at ?' ?
corn?r of North and Pummer ?trec-tj Tt-.
>}0al H "I"'???' James M I-t-irn?. ??>??* ??= ??
present in Florida, o^ned the bulldlns.
??bich was <>f woo.j.-n eottftltKtlO? fo "
?tori?s blah.
It was tMCUpted DJ fl?? .Irms. the P?-? ?
i ?""lark ?"tothina Company; nie? a Kelly.
f'irniture dealers; .T H Pudley & Comr-'n?.
clothtn?. F>ederick P?)d?n, hardwar- *nd
F Fru-- Por,aldeoa ?t-)tla-n?r?
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