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Baseball ?? Automobiling J? Billiards S* Boxing *?* Lawn Tennis ??., Hockey ?* Golf ?-?* Other Sports
Defeats Conklin in Skilfully
Played Billiard Match.
Result Practically Eliminates
Him from Sharing in the
Prize Winning.
Standing of Ihe
'Billiard Tlayerj
ll.ci- Utah
u ...i I ?>?i nvoeante. runs,
M V. Bre-m I I )_> '-?.:< MS
.1 I I'- -?.-??nhiiri: I ? II s-:.?. H
I' ? ollm? I ! 13 iS.'M T;
j, ftajet s S in**--? :.?)
tit i.imiin ' ii in :i~ OS
I* I I ffrnlirinirr I .-, )l I.V'?? '14
pr ?? ?. HoiiBln?. I ;. 10 26-14 ?I
, I ,,r^- fron.
hrtlHai 5 to mediocrity, .1 Ferdlaand 1'"k
jtenbiirc. of th?* T,i< ?derkrans, won the af?
ternoon jam? )cM'Tday In the n
Maat? \ 18.2 l.alk line championship
? Club, Brooklyn, it ?
.: ?-?f former holder? of the title, caci.
desire to K"t the ?better ?f
..tul ??<> it ???;?" that Charta F
i. the Chicas? me off ??-c
? ? the score o? l"-i j.oii)ti* to ".',_'
: Ically ellmlnatw Conklin
from participating In th<- pr?/.c ??inning, a*
Im flu ? turnainent series with three
. ?von and lost.
Tli' rapidity ???th which the two men bo
tfMi ntlng li the opening Inning*
moi-t respectable flg
ni-? -s, s Poggenl irg's ?v.is 1?? iVi-TT, with
high run.- of 63, 53 an?! ig <*<>nkliii went to
with runs of M. 9 and "K
? manipulation with all the delicacy
n the part o) Poggenburg cat
Im along w it li a nisi, at t!i<* begin?
ganie. He i'ia>e?l phenomenal
billiard*, even i??r him?for when In stroke
tew of the s mal Poggenburg
. ?? ? ? expression
ganged position. The great
krani player shaded an av< ag< "f
for his first ?even turns at the
table, hli tally being IS*. "The beat bit ?-?f
- which J'ogi??iiiiurK: put In durinp
tha? period was an Imposing cluster of C
- fifth turn, it was beautifully man
balk lin-, lie ?i? ll the ivories captive
alonr i):?* side h "?-' and In th? centre panel
.tj??l?-.l them with an occaskmal
drive to the cushion Finally one of the
shots "?r-n? ask?*??' an?l be retired.
It ?las shortly after this that Poggen
burg's gam? -h??w?-?i .-lois .?f d?eterlorating.
Conklin offered up nome hafllin?. safety,
and that I .el it- effect. Bui Poggenburg
put together another run that wen! to ?>>
?ame character on his thirteenth
..nd then he experienced s slump, lie
. all ..f tie hole?? aroun?-! the sec?
ond object hall, while .'onklln Was continu
ally lininc ?bes. It cot t?> !?? so
ere was a lot of wooden swear?
slammed the butt of hli i -?? to
the n,?-,? .,t the ),h?1 ? '? baila for
'r???ar'l the , nd. in deapei - Poggen
; n fairly spanked the Ivories around the
1-ti.j.-, and even then It r"i ?ire.i ?-?x Innings
tor Mm t?> rounl his last 17 points. Conk
hn ?? trifl" better at
? i**ertatii, setected the
W-Ong ?hot* When he had Die best opp?r
t .tunes and altogether bunKlM a game
h victory would have placed him
within touch of plonshlp title In
ihe possible i?. of ti a. competitors,
marj folio
RNOi ?x O AUF.
?? |- :, ?; jo, ? ., , ? ,- is :,".. o ft
?.'>. :;i n . . ' . ' I. Si
- j | | ?,,,. ipo r,. . >. \ ? ?,
? : ar.-) :.,,
-;.?>? h-il ? .'? IS. '? 1
t ,- j- ? ,. 1 ...
| j ;. -, |2 ... 1 J... ft, IS
li.rii nn ? 31. ?."? and 2S.
Thoma? J, llallas ?
Dlspti ? -; "i ?' k? d .. kdltj In
ties i'-r?-. Collins, ihe ?'hicaK?? youngster,
ed l ?r. Walter Q, Douglas,
i i Club ol Ne? vt,rk,
? ? e fast m ? ollectlng the
cm ron - ? d . i well s
t narn?-nt aveiage at 13 23-?*
> . ? 14 ?f.xl
beal run?1
I. .'" and I."
Th? nummary follows:
; . . . ?
l?i .. ? _??. :-> <? -, 12, j-> ?J. 2. 2. ?',. 15, .'*'?.
14 :. ? ? .-.- ?? !-?> point?
44 arc! SO.
D?nala? .:.-,) i
', ,. |l ?- IS, ?. 14. .'.. ... ... ??. ?'..
: ?.?,.?" 2 ii
at- :. ? .-?? i: -??> and IS
mai ?? - arh'-r.
i ).? itnal came of t).?- tournamenl
s ..?.?*.! to-day, Morris I?. Brown,
11 imllton Club, Brook!) n, a bo i ??
smI only ??ii?- n;??))?, meeting Joseph liayei
lladelphla rhampton, In the .vent
? ated in this compe
in bllll of ? i?.?ir- I
beni?-. ?? in which Brown, Poggenburg.
flan 11 . Muyer would Hgurc, II Brown
Vfefi- ' th? n the i- - les In a tl?
?J ?'?.llifl* foi -, ?in. i
te.ur cltamplo tirilp a
, h da.? .-?it--r
. ? ? ? ^ ...i/.. ?St h ->r. - '
inl Roudll, ih?
?he lourn
lk .)?--? i h : Phil?
? .,1,1-?. till?.n wiil
enlng l' i/-v
-*? '* M a/ard W ?
' winner <?f ISIC.
bark - i '"iik
the |nti - - ?<?.^t
? ?;,). ???. Pogg .
i rhampton.
? -.-lati.'.
I'l ,- t.. .,,,.| the _
in duratlo In <?r?i r
r m ti - nill be ? I irg?... Hi ?
The Rugged Joe Bell Lasts Only
Five Rounds in Bout.
. r.M.ok
. i?, d llMan '.. ir--i
1 th? rugged Jos ?:?:i
? - ?i round <?f .i i#n
T''':'': ?*? ?'- *? 'r- Am? "?can \ . tic ?M?o
1 I .ti.i rounds,
? r i ;,i rljfht? ??? earn the
1 ? -i.
? however.
? m.ut I'?
: ? ?ugh rtaagerad
aad j"u
*"w ? ? nlni ; im.
-, '??'"? ? mln <? -,r ? xlns In the :..'">.
rd right
' ...-.h.<! laoin?
ending i?i*
1 antas tot -.??.
? i..l-'i,ial i FA0\*
? id -l \\ ilile i:?/? kwell In sn In
I ' Mant? II ?-? ? ?'"?? ?',| -
Ol ?'
- ->. \<?i.. -, ..r I ddl<
'??' " last s
T)ouglcL*s Wins Match In
Gold Haauet Tournament
Defeats Seilte on First
Day of Tourney at
Tuxedo Club Courts.
;: T'legraph -r> -**]|. T-I1.ii-..- :
Tuxedo l'ark. N. v. **wb '? Three
matehei were ?le. ide.i p. th.- gold racquei
championship tournament, held und.-r tiie
managenienl of the Tuseido Athletic nub
on th.- courts of the Tu*? d<> Tennis and
Racquel Club, to?dey, .1 Qordon Douglas,
t.f the Sen York Tennis and Recquet Club,
holder .?t last year's title, defeat???! Charles
B. T'ikc. of the University piub. Chicago.
ihre?, game- to on.-, .v, ac.-s t.. 4.'. a?*?--, and
Gorge A. Thornc. of th- Chlcego I'nlvi -
sity ciub. easily defeated William P. Bur?
den, of the New York Racqu-M and Tennis
? l?ib, three straight games. Krskit.?- II? u
Itt. of Tuxedo, won from William R Dins?
more, Tuxedo, bj u. fault.
Th.- Douglas-Pike match was the opening
one of the tournament. Douglas won the
loss and started the service scoring nin?
before l'lke had a show at lh
Pul with his aecond hand In Pike scored
aeven acta, making the score ? to I before
hi ..,(- out. Douglas, with lila effective
!-. r\-ic- In the third Inning, credited three
more acea, making the score 12 t?> ? be?
.- waa pu) oui "n a mis-- to the side
?wall. In the third Inning Pllt* got five
thus evening the tally. 1 ?? -
quickly finished the game at thl? point.
g two on his opponent's mis? and "ii
ri -. rapturing the first game by a
of *,.", 10 12
The s-???! ?i WS? rather ?nc.sided. Dougta?
taking Uve straight points before h? rsi
,. | in Ihe first hand, two on service and
. on opponent's misses, ll. followed .t
up with ?good 1 ck. winning with a sco-->
,,f 12 t.. 7
The Chlcagoan ployed some remsi
rac?|UetS In the third gam- by Ids servi?-...
piixxllng his opponent, taking th? third ii*
, ,.-. al v le b) .. a ore of IS '
TIih fourth wa.- a bard foughl uphill
game for sac i.. nip atid lu.-k all tl \.
to i?*? all, when Douglas, tsklng lh? lead.
PK-ored five a.???--- with hi? la?.i two ?hand? in
,, i ? on the match bj .. s si ? "f IS t>> II.
.- Thome-Burden matrh was rather
bnf-*ided. Thorn.-, having lhn.es all hi
ov n way, took tin thst and second game?
lit ..Hs\ style '- score? of IS t.. n and IS
to I. The third sei was mor- evenly con?
tested, ''it the beat l'imb-n could get w*?
eleven ai*es. seven of which ne made In the
last hand in. snd Thorn? won oui with
;. score of 15 t.. 11,
William R Dlnsmor. dffaulted lo '.
skm>- Hewtti in the Ihlrd match and will
ni. ?I Bobeii D. Wrenn In Ihe Mr" round
on Saturday afternoon.
There ?ill be three matehea to-morrow,
j .; Douglas will mee? George A. Thome.
?Lawrence Waterbury, See York, will m--t
George V. Clark, Jr., Sew Yotk. and Harold
l". McCormtck, Chicago will be ?pitted
st Reginald Linke New York the
present national champion.
Overwhelms Columbia in Dual
Swimming Meet.
i al? sdmlnlstei .-.i ... ? ? to Go
lumMa In swimming and water polo in a1
dual "meet In the Columbia pool last night. |
The local swimmers wer? est? b) s
of ^ t.. il, managing to ? In tirs?
i lace m only ..n?* ?>f the s!\ ?venta The
Blue water polo playera triumphed by a
' .'" to ".
*t the '
contest- were nol one-aided, ,e Columbia
was beaten onlj by Inch? In several o
swimming rai es. and held !?>? own well
against th.- Blut water polo combination.
Yale b?-gan with a ruah, taking tl"- relay
In easy ?fashion ai ihe .?>? t of the
lumbia vas li?-a;.-n by n.-arly half
tii.- length ?f th.- t,,nk although Culman.
'olumbla captain, mad.- desperate
efforts to regain some ..f tie ground losl in
thi earth r relaya
< *ulman won Un l plai t t at < 'o- \
i got. captut*tng the fifty-yard swim'
after s hard struggle with Carl Schmitt, of ,
Yale. Culmen g?.t off t.. a perfect ?-tan
and held I Sbout a f.?.;
Schmitt i losed strong,
bul Culman iust managed t,, noae blm out '
in th.- lOS-yard swim Culman wa
by in. hee h Roberts, "f Yah-. Schmitt j
was third in this : a i
J. ?". Btc**ddart, ?i.? Tali .* nol ?
well ami did no? -perform up to his usual;
ird !i>- won *!.e fancj d!v< by holf ?
? ? and In the SkVyard swim he wa- a ?
on drowned '
??ut ta?- Columblana by h -...:. ,f .-?.
? til >-' four touch ?-?
i ? au nmai \ea follow
? us. |> T Meyei - -
. H - 'i??.:. i> ''ini- ? ?; .- .1 - pul- ,
e. 2:1?*i
K*ai ... Val?
:. - - R - ' I . - . ...
-..I'I- 190 . pointa; T M. l'..?rr<-.t ? Vil .
ihlt-d. with i')<""' ;
R'op by F. .11,1.1?;
, s? >-? ? D. H. M<
H - Palmer, 1 . ?
- ? ..
. ' -
I 1-11 . "- '.I! ?>} T. -- It*-.. \A ? .
? 1 II K.i
ins? 01 .*,T '. ? ?
i.? yard ??? - Won h> i- i; ||? f
K hn ??
ll IM Time. 1 02*-.
II ^
e; I. t-'untili, I?awr<
? _??
? A TER I? ?1 "
pr..;- , .III
, .? 0 Ko
! I.I.
? n. H 11 - H llogow
. '- ? ....
.* I* . .<" ROfJO -
H 1
- Harper. ;- - UacL il
r, .?,.-1. m Ritter. City 1 ?
Defeats Harvard Club Team in
Fifth Annual Series.
Reinforced by aev?wal Intercollegiate
members of ihe Harvard and the
Vale club? <>f this dtj mei In their nfth
annual team chesi lerie st Ihe clubhous?
..f the former yesterday, with the reaull
that th? Val.- <-|ub won by a ?con of i1?
Prominent on the wtnnlni learn were I,
n.M. :? VVateon and B. R. ?"bittenden, for?
m, r pi ?1 Ihe Brooklj n ? :hea? Club;
A H Jameson, chairman ol the Intercolle?
->lat< 1 abh match commltt-se, and K B.
onetime Yah- Chens captain W,
M p. Mitchell, on-- "i wh. game? --as
ibjeei "f adjudication by Dr. Kman
tel Leaker, and ?Bayard s Lltchfleld, s.-.-r.
f ti.? Hnn.klHi Institut'- ?'h.-- ?lui?.
ice m? mi .is ?.f the Harvard -
... .n
It wa 1 h' i'"i' th gam. of lb?
the Inter luh imp. won lasi v*?r o-- the
I larra rd Club and the two years 1?. for. bj
n.- Vale ?lui.. Th.- bliefeai gnnt* 'm- ?t
tilth board. Wh?sre lb'- 'I- i- ' allack
Instituted by B. Merrill, of lh. Harvard
1 i-i', -..?n- melted the ?defence <>f his "i
ponent. ?h" reelgned In ten moves. Th-J
-...r.- wa? lied at 3 point? foi each ?Me. |
with .1 H \\ .-.'-?"i. .?i"i A B Jai ???"
ftirhttng hard at th?- ????. nd and II Ird
? -ring about a Vale Club victor)
S. .iog thi' WatSOn '"..! |.r;.'t"allv a ?er
1.iln \l-t?i\ in band. .I?..-on, though a
? I. . ont?.||i. _ olmse'f h) offerlnr
? dra? to Mi'.-b'-ii. The latt? r -?? ? ? 1 '? d !
and IVataon'a victor* follow?ed ver* seen
The summar folio*
i-. - 11 \v.\ m:i. ? L1 i- r m.i: via ti
1 v i: dodder?] 1 - i: , . ? , ,. -, ..
j <? i: \i\.i..?n >. i 11. W.?--... .1
:; W. M I- M ? - :.:..- -..n .. '??
4 y. y w. 1.1. <? 1: I'll..-, k. 1
: i: H. Ut? liBeld. 1 W ?'arman '?
5 .-.? h- ...m.?t E. IJ Hurgem .. 1
T 1: '?? ? .. I s ?Wood. . 1
- 11. Merrill 1 M Thaw '?
11 !
. II. lb '.a*.
The Harvard Club had whit? on the ?mI?i- \
numbered boards. The return match will
be played a. the Val?- ?'ini? thi-.-,- weeks '.
h.-li. ?-.
Boy Athlete* from Many Schools to!
Compete in Brooklyn Armory.
. 'i.ed and sight) schoolboy ath? ?
? >'..-.-. nting thirty-four ..f the i?.??i- :
Igh and : raparatorj schools ..f tbe '
?rill oempets In Hie annual games ..i
Po'ytechnle Pr-aperetorj School ,n the
Of II.- I (th K.-?llllellt. l.'.tll
and Eighth avenue, B.Myn te-Utgbt
Tl ? eotnpetllori Include some of Ihi
oolbo] performers In the Bsat au in
Lent, ths s,.,,-;,t? ,,?,] middle iiist;inc ,1,
I I - anl High School, '.'Hi in-? 9k
:*i?j)i. t:,?- ban-i,.,- i? ih? half-mile run la
mi cfr-ii i ... aataMteli ?
Lent I ettle, t nd II 1 euld ? ol i-.
? a him n n I . - m
? : ? prc-aed I
Siff, of Columbia, Injured in Bout
with Bisbee, of Penn.
P? nnsj h..".-.. i- f- ited ? 'olumbla At
wrestling last nlgbl b .? ?core ,,f to to 6
?1?;.: t>? the ii'-i*. waj the) have of
sei rin** in the Intercollegiate Wrestling
? or ?>v i bouts i" 2, ss
otherwise The dual contes! ?a? ).?*l?i In
tlv- Columbia gymnasium before ?? handful
',' -i-?, t,it?.r-, lu t th? re was pi? at?
c I temen t. foi ? ? I ...'. fought,
and five were awarded ?>n dectalon of the
;ef? i? ?
In the bout in the l?ft?i?ound class, after
wrestling for eight minut?is, F, l? B
threw A. I.. sifT. of Columbio, ta> th.- mat
?i ltd mi h fon ? lo. .i wr? tier's
at.kle i>rok>- under the Impai t. -?n?l he had
la be carried it,m, the tl-?" \ though th?
tn? ii had ici wrestli I for the full aim
minutes, the i.t was awarded to the
Quakei on work don? previous lo the sc
? i.lent
II???;?; of Pennsj hatila.
Columbia, in the heavyweight ?
eat h otl er tooth an?) nail and theli boul
?? ? of the evening Although
'.. i outwalahed Ih? Columbia man put up
a nan,, fight snd did not vi.-i.i until aftei
7 fninut'-H nr,,i :.,, aeconda, when Hogs
caught him with a half nelaon ..ici iiowl
i- He i hlui <??- ?i r i:, i ?i? kson, of Penn
? ?]? nnla, ??? ' '
evening In which u fal! was scored ll
t . v. j \ Mullen, of i 'olumbla,
and - ban? en bold In lesi ti..??. foui
? ? et of arrestllng, Mullan wsi on th?
defensive throughout, and had no - )... ? I
c- ? ?.n lop of his oppon? nt.
, rl?-- r?llo?a
11.'. ,. -,
f. .,-. It v . . U ? ? ?
; la -. ? 00
li'? poun?! ' I??? I I' -
ihre? .). A
rhancory i,?.M Time,
i."?", i
-. ,?,
146 pound ? '??? W - ? ? 'I
f'-.il. I M M
- *
ISS ? ? -i ?' H
il.' ??
? ...
17* i ! ?-?in*
Il ..-. L ,? \ IfOU ' - - ?
ueiaon. nun ; '"
Crowd Enjoys Spirited Drill of
Traffic Squad.
A Ml?'?-? lubilee In 1 twi nt)
fifth universal of th? i lurland ' "oi
u?h held on the Ian bark al the Ourlai i
Riding Aeademj las? night T ? pla? ? i
,i..,-..rii?.-,i *rlth silver and white ga?.a
American (Ihps. and the programme
,-,i everything, from ? steeple ba ? i-.ce
to exc?s pts from grand o| era 11 ?
entre? was scheduled f?.r ? !.. u'iluck, snd
prompt i. m I -" ?? ' i" i' t'" > '?'? ??
ritiK. with Mr Durland In th.- van. .i
l.t-autlful silvr roan charger. An addi ?*
bj .iu?i?,'? Morgan J. O'Brien began the
. . r,-ma,ni.-, and ,. distribution of ? il? ? ?
souvenirs foUowrd After the usual (laao
Hghu had frightened the horses Into a
state of frensy the* were reln-ased, ml th?
I i ?-nil???? v. as ovi i
Th?- most popular numb? ; ro
. ramm? u*s 11.- exhll Itlon drill bj th
traffic squad, In charge of Lieutenant DavM
M? Carthy. So cavali >? oflt? .ad?i
.. better showing nor wore th? njsurt m.
prou'll) than theae strapping ??tti? ? ? ? ol
ihe law, ami the) liad t<> r? m ?>ti.| t?> th? ap?
plause again and again
An Innovation a hieb should
,.t .ill horse boa was th? if .i
?liver trophy t.. the Judge who fl
Judging his horses In u.? short?**! Ilmc.
George C Cl ma - bad to handle addl?
? IS : hands and ovei. and as lie ?? i -
allotted only foui ronti-stsnts, ha- was th?
Orel to pl.?>, the ribbons, Prancta War?
was next, srlth horses n.:? and not ex? .-.i
ng :"?.- hands, and Mrs John Gtorken in i
n round dosen lo look ovei Among ihe
winners were Miss Kearoe: i?i\i,. p i
1 ?.a. la's Ore il bV ?,n. ? ;.*..ig* . "nip. ,
(junker tJIrl and g, K Jacob*? Man liar?
?itii?i numbers on the programme aere .?
?game ?>i polo between tbe learn "f ISIQ ..
n,. team of 1012. man?uvres bj the Tan
?hm ?'lui. and ?? *t-*eplechase race. Tins
final ? lio; i of Mr. I?. ? '?-n.. ? .-. ||p* d ,n
of ?i pi',i- i ,'i in the fifteen ??
imdi that Ihe rina was in darkness'a com
plf-te ?i-< i?l? chase course appeared on th?
tanbark, with )>? u i, and ttmt-er hurdlea
..nd two water lumps Among ti.?- con?
(????tants were Ctoorge ("hlpchauae'i Mr Da/.?-.
Budd an?i Quaker Olrl; \\. .). Hess'? Blue
Mouse, ?? ?V, Catosaaa'a tlrey Bod and
. ;. wo and Joe Meyer"? , ,,i, y-, ,. fn?
ludg? wen gamuel W Taylor, N .1 i|.-ss
_nd l'r:.r< Is W -
I.'ockey Sevens Will Clash To night at
the St. Nicholas Rink.
The lin??? game In tho Intercollegiate
Hocke* Laag??- cbamp^onahj-j ?mUm will
i?- played i-o-nlfghl ol the s, .vi.-ii..iit??
?link with n?- Val.* aid Columbia taams
us opponent* Thla game ha basa looked
forward to with beam tot-twent bj foil.,wein
of both sevena, and the r.-sUit. ?r ,?,,??,?_
Mo wins, ??i" relegatl v..i.- to i ? i i j. i ,d;,,-e
In tbe :a??'. whl?b Princeton bas v..,!.
-,*,,.. i-rl.-.ci-". rniveiM?, t.-shman
hoi k-v (earn w? " bard earned - ?, t..r?
i.v-r the Uotrrbttoprn gcb-ool seyan in ths
st Ni.-i?..!H?- Km-? !i,'4, nitlU{ ''' ? ?wars of
;: to -?
ClOUgll. ti" .M"'ii"'"?v'- c.iptai,,, .
uti agfl 9Mtte, l':'? '"" <*|T'-""'-''
unfruitful _
ICE hock?y~g?ii>e issued.
gpaWtar? "ft'' **** E"1'1,
.,...,I -,.-:-? 1.1? it
of th? iii li ? 'i..u.-.
i*ar, a. ?, ?i
as wist?. Ik 1 ?
Philadelphia "Fans" Would Rob
Tv Cobb of Baseball Crown.
J Franklin Baker Orders nn
Even Dozen Bats Built
on Home Run Lines.
"li ?tic beelS that ? ?'nr uni- |.Irr who I?
? i hitter K in.ir.- valuable t.. hli
the i . herd Ulttlna outfield**, Philadelphia
faut"" sr? trying to nrv loon? tb? cro?*n
of baseball from Ty Cobb'? broa and pi.?.-.
...ii-.. heed of Kddte I'oltln?.
Philadelphia nevei eonld re?*onclle itself t..
!'?? ? ?hb. and will not adn | thai he Is
to?* rrr. .'? i ??? H- ina ball playera a- ion
<? Colltnsea. Balear? el si w?-Hr the
01 m of ih?* Athletic?
t'ombtnlns defensiv? and offensive abillt*
to th? highest degree, ,i is maintained thai
like Wagner, Hollina and Lsijote
ore t.? i old thHi leet -s ,,,. ;n t|,r- ni,..
than (he ' 'Obhs. Schult | and Jad
This Is s ?liftb ult question to decide. <';<\-i
fielding and H'.o<i hitting an fused in out?
: ? Id? i ? more oft? ths not. but ti am?>ns
tin- Infleldera it la rare thai a brilliant and
?nectaeular fielder is mighty ?srith th* ?tMi
Before the sdeenl of Colline Wagner and
i ...I?.?.- were un?}?!? -?tlonaMy th.- klngi ..
the Infield, bur ?Eddie has for?ed hi? wa)
up until he has outshone his rival*, tils
vouth .m?i sne*-d on ths liases ,'i.?* him th"
...11 ?iv. r H.imi? and I an-y, both of Whom
- an hi? ami field quite a? we])
Ther?' ar? many Infleldera who . o*. *-r a
i..t of pi,,und .n-I hit well, snd, ;, Baker
:-nd Mclnnls, of tii?- athletics; Hoblltsei. of
th? Reds; Lord, of the White loi; Cheae.
?f the Vankees; Kimetchy, of the ?'ardi?
?al.??, and l..,rrv Doyle, of the QlantS, but
non.- of th.se has a hanlnc avei-age I
lflg around BO, * ear in and y. ar out. and al
the same t . ,s tbe : i *? I. I i t i _r abllit)
Uns, U'egner and Lajole
The '. u league teams are generell]
?tructed on the basis, .-f a Btroni defensive
a'..) a iti'-nK offensive outfl-rid, bul
muai i?, good fielding snd hitting
abllit) all around .\|..-t ? hemplonshlp
!-?.'ii- liave n-.. ..r mor? -l hit?
n ihe outfleld, such a? ilarke and
. "f (he Ptrat? -, I lof man, Bchulte
snd f*he?kard, of the ..?ube. an?i Cobb and
' rawford, ol the V.-- r? The Athletic ire
sn exception, .??- theli principal hitting
?'h ?-entre? in the Infield around L'ol
Una ami ?Baker
If '- ' ' ? re hitting strength so
?i ii? ii the better for n teem Bui it doesn't
in i; f?.r ? "? .11 in in-1 he ?Will
?,. k?e?> i?. his good work for <??
. ; > al .? i laj ? ?'. a n,. onl)
Ti - ..Lb
? ? ? but?
?- ihe ord? r John I r inklln Baker, ?-f th<
Phils lelphis \ihl. ii- - lent 1
i r.-\? da) ? ..i,.. V? ' ? '
i th. t ail which he n. ? I
. drlvi - that w< i
? p for the Athlet) ? ' the
\. v. v..rk Ulants last i aas i ?de In
K? :.? i- me latain wood tb.it
. K '?? ? am. ? ? ? otent.
rants the twc;v.. new one? madi
j t-t like ?t Also be wants the ?_< r'?1 r.-ln
?.f in? prowess retui 11 farm
ai Trappe Md
?. ? player*, were signed ?
?rhas ? ? ?terd 11 Two pitch?
Bui ? and i ?? tit . ta .. outfteldei -, i >.'
Ja n es, snd a utilll y pit I een. an
-, line
was with the teal
B?m t.. i'.?. "o\?? i?. and may
on e|-e Hpeaklng of tin
? mi-d. Tom Rice -..'.? ??' ' >af'..lf"rl
i:? 11. ? . gh smbltlm to ?? ?? ii >? full
w !th.an ? '-?? -i ??'it "f the
i-- - ' r ?.. me withdrawn
n. was wtl ill '?'"' -?
i ,- ?a- ma wild that I Wild Men
i ii -.. .;.... i., i. N n England
n' .1 funeral "
irle? nos ???-. ?'-i' ' ell,
? .-; recently with the N?-w
> r k , ?, ?i . ?e?n signed by th?. Boa
: .! .-f tl ?? National I ?? igu?
He will go South With the team on
!? . aprtna training trip and help Kling
lh? - ."ini! pit. bei - snd cati
Philadelphia ?' of lh? Nai i
... . , ha? r?-i?-!i!??'.i ?-.e.-k. ih. hard-hit?
Mm: ..-?i:.-l.l?-i. to Buffalo; Stanley, ? pitch?
i: ?? t. -ter. and ll..11, inotl ?
lo 'r.i.-otni? Arrangemei I id*
,< iierel any of th?---.- plaj ei can 1
-... ' en? ? r ths Phil ob Ipl i > ? l .
li en la a <
?;.ge Bonhag |.t?-<ii-1.? thai he will
h the nve-mlle record we? k from
tonight, when he linea up i?..ins: Willie
Kramer and a dosen other runner? In one
of the f.-atiir?- races of the eleventh annual
In??. gamea at the Columbia I'm ? Itj
Trach As-wclatlOT hi the !2d Beglmenl
Vi.,,,.-? Bonhag I- n.?w In minina snd
Ira? elled th?- distan, t In 11
i.i time.
v, ely to pi ."i
n n mark will be the one-mile run for the
Bast? , , up \l..-l i\t* lai has two I- -
bol he will have ta be si
i,..st t. -ain thi- time, ..s he ?in Und ?>
worth) .?|.|.oi.--nt In Ti I ?Berna, l ?
, ,..,-1, in ? hi ??'' ?art dash ^u- h k.I
\j. . . Roeenbergei ..ti?i ? l..? ke .? i
t,,.,i Me..-. beltevea lie will win and ?
,? , .;,M , . -.,. . laMtsh ?? new record
|- |- Holland, Ale\ Holaon ?nd Kdwsrd
? ; ?'???iisbiebis. Jr., member? of the Montreal
ll,,,,,,. i club? ha I for the chsm
., tournament of 1'niici Plate* si
nn l'< binary !t.
i- , bart ?;? ?ti?. s graduate of liai rard
i nivei -Hv ???"1 ??"*< k ' ";l' h "f the i 'nl
? ..f Mtnneseta, b?? he*? re-??ngage*l
f.,- ti.. romlns resr bj the sthletii boenl
/.f ...iitr??l
I,,.,, ?? ri;m., who manages and directa
the pugilistic affairs of Andy Park. r. the
welterweight puglUel ??f < 'onn-ecticut, ..
. n-. s Mik?- Olbbons ?>f running out of a
i.iat.-'n with I'Hik-r. Th- men were matched
to boa before the Fairmont Athletic ?'lut?
of Th.- ?Broas IK-Xt week. I.,11 ?,'ibholis de?
clare! ih?- bout off and took sn Fi'-'l.li?
iii.ks. the tniihii-w.-iKht from Detroit.
Iil?-ks n.iin.-.l UtS ?l-'lsloii over Walt.-: ("ol
t.??. in .1 nout al a local club recently, but
faib.I U> SbOW any alaitiiltiK amount of
ability in ?loluK so.
Parte? Is ons of the i..--i welterw?4ghu in
tbe ring lo-day He Is tweaty-tare rears at
UK-- and has i.ii nosing for th-?-?- uss
l?iiln>_ thai time he has had mor?, than
Oft) ?settles. Traies hs has t?e?-n defeated,
but In each bout when- ll.-- dsckdun we.,1
Bgalast him PurkiT br.-k.- Ins right .win
and was reread t?? ?iuit Bseaa battles
have gone the limit, hut Andy andad forty.
on- of them b\ a kn- kOUt
The ???.liiniilait i'1"'' *?"?? '"l'"ir
. In an Athletic H-wlltic |..
. passai? cit .?? t.-.iui ,.i ih.
Mast l>. 111^.- ?^lb?^? last I IgbL 111 s5.lt. of
Bantett'a ::'i sc-ora In t;... | _;,in?
Passsir w?sn Haoogt* eetasieteni boaHni
. I follow
?i|.I Mil! \\ ?AlO
IIk.t_ it*j IIS 1-" l?u Hoi? ITS? 173 Ml
?1 i.i ; , :>.. . - 155 jo:, 1 in
IU.1 l**.'? 212
-1. lib 17?? .'??-. 15? I*?? I?.:
lij .-j?; 151 ? ? I o ':??
Tenait Jut, ^u u*?-, '?'<
-?? ? i ;.?/
.N?>? president ?>f the United state.? Sa?
tional ?Lawn Tennis Association.
Win Six-Day Bicycle Race in
Berlin After Close Race.
Berlin, Feb 9 The ?jtx-dsy Intf-nwttonal
bicycle race ended h'-r?- to-ntght Walter
f.utt ami Johann Stal, the German-Dutch
team, is?,ii bj .. bicycle length from Jos
P? glei and Jimmy Moran. Eddie Root and
Peed Hill wer* third. The men covered
? miles
Captures a Lawn Tennis Title in
the Far East.
Mamia Peb 9 Carlton R. llardi
Sew v.uk and s,,n Pram is?'o. won the lawn
tennis champlonsl Ip of the Orient here to?
ll- defeated Pdwln B. li?e, who was
the winner last -.?- and t?.? - holdei of the
title, i | thi ??-? sets to oi
The tournamenl t-...k place during ihe an
? ...i carnival, al which the championship*?
of all branches ol sport ?er.- divided.
Tl.-- amati in ba -- :-,?il team of W
L'niveralt . ? I Japan, has tx en on s
i-i- and played games with American and
filipino teams, by hoth of wich II w_ a
Unconscious for Half an Hour
After a Bout in Paris.
Pari - ? .- ? ?? lerican
. list, kn?x k.-d out "Blink" Mc*
? ? in the
ii.-- decisive punch aras a straight
??? th?- point ..f the Jaw, which l.n.le.l
, that Mc? 'loskey s ss un?
? um f-,r half an hour.
Tbe uaual restorative methods were iped
M ? loskey's hsndlers, but ?proved in
i with difficult? thsl
a? h,. wie hurrtedl) s ,m
? |
Dartmouth Hockey Seven No
M.itch for the Crimson.
r., ?,.-. Feb '? Harvard's hocke?
: ? ? .- ? ? i > ? tmmith tins
ng -\ ;? -. of 7 to 9, the Hal over
lean Is two laal goals In th?
,-i.,i half when Ih?? t'rlmson team ? .is made
Up l.n 14- i- of substil II ,
Harvard did ti"' begin lo pi.- a
h ar? ??k ii.?, agalm I Met 1111. and In
? ||n<t|on '?f the Vale gam?? on Pebruarj
IT M coach.
Th? t? am did i
? her v- i v ??
? i.n.i of whi h th? ? "i mson i--,.
,,i : to i
l .-it ? .n I) In th second iieriod Han >rd
goal? by good ?leady work,
..n,l then Ihe nubstltute began to pour In.
Hlackall and Huntington play?*] by far the
l.e-t game fot Harvard, working splendid!'
? ? ? ,,?. doing nomo*brill?
iant Individual a orb I l.n ? ard' pi
outskated ?Dartmouth throughout the
i intcl and i aork was generally
mm h ? ?? bell i
Th- n imm ir?' folios ?
? '? .. . ileC
P .. miliar 1
' !' . . I?
1 .?. . .. Katie?.
R. Ilellnger
? . ?I .-??
rt \?.
i:..l-lavl:i. " ingrr.
llar vi to*
!,,.- . ? ?or
Chi, kr. I
- II
ll-llllll. ?.",?!,
- .
? ?
Ington "
Hunting!. ,, ? ? <?? ? f? I'aln ? r, Reeve, tot
PI, . i/ingi ''? ?' '? -' ?" r,> ?x "
!,.i ijanhiei Penalti?* Its
?ili,?. , .. l > ? nut h ?'.il.--? tiipptti* ?J- loi n
?oil 'i Ipplng "sal Huron ' ?- ? v ?
Braj Ini.?nial?
, lord n i-i ? ? : i;,-..-k<
\ Brown, B K. A. T real] mlnuM
Rallies and Beats New York Uni?
versity at Basketball.
The N- a ? ?" k 'nlvei ?H;
tenon was ilefestetl b.? the five from llyra?
i nh ? i ?il ' last night, In Ihe g* m
i'Hslum ai i nlversltj Height? Th?? score
\. v- ' "i k !?--l ?liirliiit the
entire Und half and foi ?he Mr?n fifteen
mlnutes of the second hall
Th?' line-up follOWS:
I BSS iStl I'osi'ta.n Neva V.irk -J I
1 :,.., I- v
i: i
, , ? .?'...
i. ?
Risk!. "R '
Substitut? Uli? in for Ryan I ?nail in.in fiel?;
Siraaii-e l?a?? IS), Nolman
? ,. ,. i: ..- !:i-iil v.\>
l-auatilln '??' ' ^ atrl-aughlln i
\> Um fro : Blooi i ,.",,
Ryan ?-'? Soneph ?-?. Mum? Referrc Arthur
Twenl) tlilr.l ?u,-: V M
, ink Quisa, v ?? v.,rk i
|1BU... TWI'I? llilhllt.?I >;.,-),_
The gyms ?-?'ho?>i basketball Bv* ? ? n
Uaued It* il,"n""s i-areer by swamping
ti,,- Columbia Qrammar Uve in a one-sided
,,,[,;.st In Ih*. Savage's gymnsslum yes?
t, |,i,,y The score ?v.... j?i t.. |
.[?i, |ine-up follows:
a?. . fUSi ghat Columbia.;. .?,,
K ' i ?,t, rhlll.I* F. W iiliumi
v.,..i-. -. ? y y. i>iris
.,-,-1 .''. Ologau
Kern?? i - - . I..Hi,??, r-1 .-!?
w. i ni- rali.B.O.... . si? ?Nsstek
Goal? i'1" ~ 1 ""'. 9ppV*h II
|; | , ? ? -.. :.a,l,J 13) ; *.',,11111, l,|n I ,
,,,,,- vviDlam? <;:..?;;.... Qoata fiom fa.-.ii i
y.-r....- ?airaos. ?'??>
. '?' ' A Tiai- ?'
i <: M?-i-mmiiiiti
\? Ht Iji.iah'ln
\i. ...-.
Se* fort i ?; m
\ III.
Tim? . f
BockneU ? ? ? - settlng ,.u?i
i ;)I.| fougl ' ths Manhattan Col?
,., ..n the courts ??f the Irlalv-A-nert?
. ,,: Allll'ti-' ''l,;n laM Hi-lit le i ?ore of
', irtns tbe Bnal period, ? i?? i, i -
., . . ihaiisttng i-.,, . the lead
,. .1 t ? -."? ally, rturkneii ilnallj
in?. , i iiU Id ba kv. ii, thi 11 -t
Uali nunuic oi play. .
Champion Hereafter Must Play
Through National Tourney.
Elected President to Succeed Dr.
Dwight?Newport Again
Gets Big Fixture.
Al the antfual meeting of the United
Stat-e National lawn T. i.ri* Association
In the Waldorf-Astoria, hud nlf-ht. a radical
denaitura was ma.le |n tbe handling of the
annual champtunship toernamenl at New
i ?>*t. After a lona dtacuasssa the pro.
Ives carried their point, and it ?a?
ded-ded that hereafter the national cham?
pion ihouM mu "stand out" to m-et the
? inner of the all-comera ?n a challenge
round, but must i1a> through" the tour?
nament, thus putting himself en sa equal
footing with ail other competltora.
Lyle B. liehen, of the West side Te.mi?
Club, started the controversy on playing
through, which hitherto has always aroused
considerable opposition. But th?* temper of
the present meeting wa? for prostr????. T?>
th. surprise of man? of the delegates Bob
.Vrenn left the ehnlr and took the floor.
Hi stated that he had rtlsrusend the ?nib
Ject at length with vviiiiam \. Lamed, the
s.-ven timea national champion, b?fete the
latter sailed for Australia. After carefin
.???liberation upon the matter he said that
l?arn?'il had changed from his views of a
f. W years ago ami had come out most em?
phatically in favor of establishing the rule
that the national champion play through
th<- tournament Instead of .-landing out. as
he had done for thirty years.
He said that Iwceuse of his many trials
for the championship and in his defence
of it no player in this country waa better
<*iuallf|e?l to pass upon the .juestlon than
Lamed Then he pointed t., the records,
which showed that the champion's position
was aim.???! Impr'-gnttbl? and that he had
been dislodged only a few times In thlr'v
>?ars Mr. Wr-nii added that he believed
In the new ord?-r ot" things, that the test
WSS fairer for the champion to take his
place among the others ami he hoped the
change would be enacted.
Ilenr-. W, Slooum, th- oldtlme chrtn
pion, who followed Dick -?ear?, also ?pok?
In favor of the propose?! change, as did
Edwin r. Torrey, .-. member of ?he execu
n\-- committee
Robert 1> Wr?nn. four times holder of
national title when at hla best ?.-vera!
?? .rs au'". Was .l|?BCted president to succeed
Dr. lames liwlRht. who ha? hel.l the ofT).-?*
f??r nineteen -..?irs Henry W. .??locum, also
a former champion. w?m elected vtce-presl
?lent, whib- a. I?. Hseklns was :.lected
aeoretary and Hb-hard Stevens treasurer.
imposition to Newport as the place for
th? national il?gica tournament and doubles
challenge match again developed, but the
d?licates voted in favor of golna back t..
tl.. < '..sino courts.
A vigorous appeal was made by the
Point Judith Country Club to have th?
? hainptoii?hi[ia go to Narragaasett Pier.
i loi courts, reduced hotel rates, demo?
cratic ton- of the residents, better oppor
tunlttea <?f the majority of the players to
ll:.-ii:..|'.-. ip-l the ii.lvnnt.tS" "t*
bavins the free use of s bathhouse were
ofler???! as IndttceUMItta.
The Cresceni Athletic Ctah als? lud foi
th.- preliminary K?st. Wei?t. South and Pn
Coaat doublas, af?et the single? ha?i
ix-en sirarded t.? Newport, but to u?> a*-ail
The Eastern preliminary doubles will be
played at th* I?ongwool ?'ricket ?"lut*
courts, near Boston, while the Southern
. preliminar) singles and doublra wenl to
Atlanta Th? Pittsburgh Athletic Asi.
I tlon was the ?j?nceosful hi.i.ier for the rlay
? chsmpionshlp of the t'nlte.i States.
Th-* national WOllten'S Sitisb-s and doubles
and ihe national mlaed ?-infles and doubles
were swarded to the Philadelphia cricket
Club. The Merlon irlcket Club was sue?
ful In q.-ttinii three fixture? -the Pean
aylvanla state championship, the women's
Championship "t Pennsylvania an?) th?'
Eastern States and the lntercoU<tglate
? rhamphmshlp.
Ths Tih Regiment In tins city a?.un iras
awarded the In "loor championships. Includ?
ing the national men's singles and ?io.ii.ies
,nd ih? national ?.tomen? ringles and
bles. This award I? foi IMS, ?s tin*
Indoor championship* for IMS ?tan si tbe
armory to-day
The Western prelimlnsr) doubles sn l the
tern doubles championships wenl to
the < ?saw?inn.i Club, of Chit-ago
I>r. I'vUht was n.?t present al the meet?
ing, for the Hrsf time In more than tarent?
year? and A. I? Hosklns presided until
Mr IVrenn wss elected president
.\n attempt to ha\?- the preliminary
matches In the national tournament cut*
tailed to the best two In three, instead of
. ? 'br-..- i-i th-- s?-ts. ..s at presset, met
?v ti failure. It was thought that by at l??ast
cutting ih** preliminary matches to short
set? up to the tinal sixteen, it would Short?
en th.- tournament. Th-- susuestion was
?oic.i down, on the prlnetpls that ihn pre?
liminary matches gare th.- players ths ?beat
opportunity to show their true worth.
Aft.-r a considerable die nsslon ths old
ordei of the national ranking, whleh gave
Individual standing 'o competlte-rs, was
declaied obsolete, ami the n?-w ranking in
troduced last ?all was approved. Individ?
n the (list ten will be rated numerl
bal ait?? that the competitors will
i... ranked In nine ?lasse?, according lo their
standing Tins w..* a victory fer Miles ft
fhsrlock, the dissenting member ?>f tin
nkini i "itimittee of last year. Opinion
almost ira? evently <li\i?l?*d on this sore.
and the motion passed only by a narrow
margin of ^i te ,;,> '"tes.
\ committee ?t five will he appointed by
? ne proaident, two of the committee, at
ir,,Mt, i.einir lawyers? * "? *vt" Ar.xw up a
? n tItUtlon and pres.-nt it at the next
meeting, n ItU,
Heretofore th? es??cutlvs ce-amttt*ee of
the national organisation has consisted of
nine members: and the four officer.?. It was
suggsated that the esacuttre ? ?nnmitt-e be
assd to eighteen, but hy a vote of M
t.. ..; it was decided thai the r? auiar b?isi
nesa of the meeting would not be disturbed
t.. pass upon this question
Th?* following men WOTS -'b-ct <i to make
up. with the officers, th.- asesa* re oo-gatJt?
tee: Snmn.? Hardy, Ban Fran-Isc?; U L>.
S ,.tt. Atlanta. <?*. and Kalph Holt.rhoff.
i inctim.il'.
Karl K.-hr offend a BMtloa that some
method be deeissd to limit the entrle? for
the national tournament. After SBSSe dis?
cussion this ?iiiestioii was referred to a
committee ??f three?
ilcuis' Bemlnary School -matched a
, lose basketball victory frum the HogS
gcbool Bva in a feet and interesting gnm?j
at in*. ?lavage'B gyma?at-sa* reatsrday by
., acera ot -'> to 9i
rti.. lin.-iil. l?<U??ws:
-manea s. aa Ps-?tiie? uoge > !,.?.! .2-1.
.I*. Y. .??hirley '
.K. Y.titorin '
iTk.r .?-'???. M.-KI-i.i.
Mill . I '?.
????*? '?. ?J-abrisIcI1
. fra.i ttei.' :-"rie:i.|s- Seminary: Berger
,.-., Hutl-r ?<l>. r-.i-.lk-r ift, .Mill i2). Hob*
SVhool: so it", si iri. ? .?t? M.-Klern 12), ?...trinkt,
??oalc from toisl >'? - -' Bullsr, Sh.rl? c*.
liefere?- Sherman "l Une >>.' 9 B and
I'hll....- Ipl i '? 1"' I Tl ?* Iriv' hy of
IViuisyti-enta fem-ini i- "?i ?defeeted Bar?
,.,,.| ;./?!.? lo-nii-i't. b) a ?.-or? ?-! Senti
to I. 4
Novel Case Finds Speedy S<
tion in Local Court.
Involves Point That May Beco
Common?Proposed Change
in Callan Law.
A ca?e .if extreme ini--r???t t.- >m a
'mobile de;iler- was tried l.efore Judg?
Av,.? fn i lie? ?'|ty COUII en Thursday,
?.isoiisse-l without ?olna to the i'ir;
vas g "?-et rich quick" pt-op-**itton,
\ohina the aale of i -. bj a man \
'lid not own it to a man who paid out
money hut ??>.?? never a?Ms to take |
session. Tu.? Wallingford m th* ,a?e i
a maa ??ho ?-avp his nam. as Pyne.
SO smoothly did the -.an)?- T?ork th?t
services of - Btaekle )>??-,? grouM ha v.? ,
* -P'-rfl 10U?
l-ate In Mard, of ]mjst \o?- pane. ??
-I himself, enter? d the misse nuis
th?? Watting Motor Company, a? No
Hroadua.v, and inquired ?r the Arm ha
?????"ndhand ? ar for sat" H? .? ?
that the- had a St'.ddard-l'ayton wt
?hey --oui,; s?-i: at *!><>. ]'-n, -aid ;,e
-:-v.*.l be COUld ?--ll :t if allowed to gtt
?i-monstra'lon of the , i. \\ ,,uld be b<*
lowea) tO do BO?
"We ??ill ?end our n?n?i ?.- <)emon?tr
the car ?aid A. H. Whltina, one of
meml-ei? of the firm, "u n the car will
pan. from our posae8i0n unless you
down l%?i in cash for it."
That would he satisfactory Pyne ai
and Mi Whiting ordered hin man to ti
the car for a demonatratlon. J'roeeed
?iptown. Pyne ptaked up a man nan
Mead, the victim in the a-ase. [fc \
taken for a ride, liked the car. and
turneal to hi? home. Theie, as he s
fH.se,i. |,e bought the machine, giving P;
17"" In ? ash and a note for laX'.
' Nov.-," said Pyne. "I'll run over and
my own racing ear and take you for a f
run." He told the d.-monstrator the sa
thtag a? he left the bonne, and ?-.-a?
away. That was? the laar any one of \
interested parti- ?i saw of Mr. Pyne. Sho
ly after Mr Mead came out. and told |
man he had purchaaed the car and I
?l-r?*?l him to take i< to a. -Tarage.
"My '?rders are to take this oar bark
tl..* shop," sai?l th?? driver. Thereupon S
Me?d callad up the "Yhltln? Motor <^o
j.any and ?vas told how matter? sto?
Ahout three days later he attempted
?replevin the ,m t-iit could not lorat* it
ihe outc<?me was a ?nit against t
Whltlntr Motor i.ompany for 11.000, repi
aentinif the value Mi Mead plaaad on t
car and UM for ?iamagea. The case %%?
called on Thursday, and after hearing i
evidence of Mr. Whttang, ?Mr. Mead a
t-*,, or three other-? Judge M-Avoy rul<
thai the plaintiff h.??i failed to ?staUl
!?r?"?f that Pyne bad acted as an agent
that ttie( possession of the car had passe
A? a result of , unteren? ea held in th
city and at Albany within the last te
| days, at which several Of the most tnfluei
: tial motoring organliatlons in the sta
were represented, it was decided t.. ?ntr,
ii? several bills in the Legtetatun ?
| Ihe puip<>?> --f anMtKttng the highway \?\
, especially Article 11, eo*nnaonly know)? i
?he Callan motor vehicle law. which
.???eral particulars has not met ?<lth tl
>?;,- .?s.? Which It? sponsors had snttdpatS
Notwithstanding thi.? law became cfti
AugUI - ' sral attempts we?
mad?; to amend the pet before it ha I le*
, thoroughly tested, sad it was agreed th?
|| would he unfair !?> make _nv radlci
chang?-.? until the law I ;??! I
;e,?st .? "l?verai minor sais art anal
were, however, made to the law at the lai
?>f the Legislature, but they Hr-? it
significant a< compared with the bills no'
being cooaWered f"i" introduction?, st ?hi
?)f ?he more important changes < on
sldered at the oonferance st Albany o
Wedneaday were seiet ai of the raeaai
niendatlonf of the Touring ?"lui. of Am-i
lea, whi i wave unanimously adopted ?>
road users' day. during the American Roa
Congress, held at Richmond, Va?. ;?.?t fal
They are a*, follow?: Lights OH all vehicle
from one hour after sunset t.. on?? hou
before sunrise; prohibiting ths OSS ?f th
n. iftler cut-out in cities and Incorporate
irllmgaa; adoption <?f the Connecticut pro
vision fo? non-resi.'.-nt tourists, whi?'
would make New fork a tri?s ??pen ?tat
to non-realdenl owners ;? n?i op?rasses re
aiding m .st.ii?-:- graatlag to New Yorl
owners ind operators ilk?? privileges, at
amendmenl ta? pro-rida f??r uniformity H
the lo'-al .?rilnancs In all cities and lix-or
porated vlllagea in regard to motor vehlci?
regulation; prohibiting tl??" US'* of daxzlln.
hea.llights in all cities and incorporate*
v.liages; providing for the filing daily ol
the r?acorda of owners registered an?l
chauffeurs licensed with th.* poUCS an
thoriries in all cities revesting th?- same.
amendment to provicjc that an appttcaal
for the orlKlnal registration of a BSotat
vahlcls who does not file hi? application
therefoi until after Fer.t-.ary 1 in any year
?ball I?- en'.itled t?. a pr<) rata r.'ductlon m
H,-, fp?, fa,r BUCh r.-aistratlon. calcul?t-*?! t->
the fk?t ?lay of the ni"n?h in which appll
B Istnade; an-: amending the highway
low t?. ;.i"\l.l'- for ?he transar at;d J'.rls
dk non of 'he automobile bureau fr?>m the
?.the? -if the gecreury ?f *-*??? to the On
I artment of Highways.
- p
Scores of Boxers to Meet in
Local Rings Tonight.
_v baker*! dosen of ?boxing bouts which
j, . pud??-) t).e linnl r??'in?l "f Die -n.?t??li aV>\
jti_* und wrc-'iinj. tourna meal al the tri?)i
\iii?ri,:?)) AthlCtk \ ??*?'? -lation. will lie <*on
i. te?i to-*nlght. The Lest of the |ei ?a 111 he
| ,(rmi?n' .??hletla- ?'lui?, of The
Bronx, where "Young*' rtt/.?immnn... the
f-aitherwehrM if the \\es_t side, will nsaN
"Hi-" Uacfcey, the -ddtime ?'i-veiand
<?! me," for tea i-ounda Thers will h? a
g.i eoatasl ?? the Olympic ?ihieii?- Huh
? r Karleas, whers Marty ?Brown will fa?*e
"',,i;iu" Mickey, and whirlwind a??tl?.n I?
..ii the .ar?l al the Hoya'e Athletic ?'lob, of
H ooklyn, when 'Soldier" Kearns and Al
McCloakey, two plupging heavywelgk-ta.
-..-s nioves. Kearns i? ?? boast of th?
I'..m shark.? type, and has all the ol<l
BBJlor's Wf.n.ierful pfcyStgns, courage an.l
httttng al)lliiy.
Ths other i?outs are as follows "Kid''
Tuths va Al KniK. al the Maliern ?'lu'?
of Th?.- Bronx; l?ave Dillon vs. Krankte
Kelson, i.t ?Brown'? ?'.yinnaslum; Jem Ken
?irlck \s. i:?hlle rtherman, at the Hharkey
AthkHk ?'lui?; Billy West \n. T??m Dwyer,
at the l.on? Acre Athletic ?liib; Jack Will?
iams vs. Ja?k l)iis<??ll. at the ilowanu*
Athletic ?*lub. and Andy ?'.ntez vc. "Younrf"
nt the Liberal Club, ?>f staten i-i
and. Bouts will nie?) Ih; h??ld al tl." Na?
ti nal Ath'.eti Chit?, the fttaadard and In
li.r clu'?)?i, of Brooklyn.
.loe Dylan?!. wli?> was ?lei'airied fruni box
inr in this state fur ?.??ay daya foi br<eatti
.?r ?or.tra-t. is evidently weary of Inaction.
Charley Harvey, ?.e- i.'tary of the State Ath
?.ii. Ootcmlsakm. Ij In :-"<?.-ipt of a letter
fiom Myland. iniuirmg when his ??pen?
sion en-Is. In a? many wont? 11? land ?s ? ? :
".Vrve? a?uin."
a- , ?
Mailed a-iyvhara in thf Un?t??d States
for %Z'jO s year. ,

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