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i?m^joxh (Ertbtmt.
Th.it neicspapcr is ?geotaeal tm? pub?
lished by The Tribune A*ti'/ciatiun. i
iVetr Fork vfirporatifiti : of?oe and prin
eipal place of satmwttts. Tribune BaiW
ing, Su. l'.i '.?????':?- street, ?Yet? York;
Oi/den M. ReW, president; Condi1 Hani
lin, ttxrttary; Jon*** m. Barrett, treat'
tirer. Thi "/ t''? officer? is the
office, of this newspaper.
gOfiSCRIPTlON RAT*??-Bv Mall. Port
see Psld. eulflde of Ureai.T New Yor .
Duly and Sunday, er;e month.$ TO
luily a-.i Sun.lay. b.x r..<?atl-s. 4 I/O
Daily and hui.'-i j, one year. b.oo
Dally only, oae meatb..?? -50
Dally only. ?Ix month?. 3.00
Dally only, ?.ne ),-?r. 000
iiunnsy oi;'y, tu months. *2*>
Sunday only on? -...??r.2.80
Forsisr aabseeiptt-sas to mil count.'?? in tba
CmuiMl losial Unloa, Im-ludm? ros'^S'?
On? month. . $* &o o-i ? year_..117.90
Els reoruhi.J :..I7 | One year.$414
UAH.Y ONLY: . ?_
One month.lie.' ur.? year.$12.-6
Daily and SUNDAY:
Ons month.$ .90 i On? year.$iaOS
DAI!.Y ...MY.
Ons month_ J 50 On? vw.$?00
Ob? month.$ .70 i Onu year.$1 55
Entered at the l\.sioflire nt New York ss
Second Clacs Mail Matter.
FOREIGN.--Severn i ? lashes between
Mexican federals ?tii Zapatista ware TO*
ported, the federals gaining th?* upper
hand; Ch?pala? In th?- Suite of Jalis??"?,
reported t> ha? ?jone over to the
rebol?. ***?_=__ Lord Haldane a*ae enter?
tained by the t-Lalser; Winston Chun hill
In ?i ?perch in Glasgow, Intimated it was
Idle on Germany's part to attempt to
*i***m lake Great Bi itain in naval strength.
; D" P< ter Sp-ihr. head of the Clcr
leal Centre party in the Rslehatag, was
elected president of that body: a Social?
ist was el > ted Brat vice-president. ~. ? . ? -
Jleinrlel, tiros-o. captain in the German
merchant marine, was Renter.??.! in a
IlriUfh court to three years' penal servi?
tude for e.--( lonage. ?^r=-: United States
Marines v ere landed in Honduras to
?occupy a wharf and other property
leased to ar? American syndicate.
OON<JRESS.--Tho Senate was not in
session. -r-r__-xr House: An amendment to
the army appropriation b.il reducing the
cavalry force from fifteen to ten regi?
ments wa** udopted.
DOMESTIC?Representative McKin?
ley, manager of President Taft's cum?
Saign, predicted that Mr. Taft would
ave at least 7*-.o v?tes on the tlrst ballot
In the Republican National Convention.
Insuring his renomination. ;?_____ Will?
iam Jennings Bryan will be the Ural
w itness to be summoned before the
Hous? Committee on Tat.king and Cur?
rency to testily in the "money trust"
investigation, which the Democratic
caucus?, repudiating Mr. Bryan's demi t. ;
for a FpeciHl committee, referred te
standing CO '.mlttees of the House. ??
.Io=eph J. Ettor and Arturo Glovannitti
were placed on trial at Lasrrence, Masa*
charged with being aoc?eeaori s to mu*
?.. r. r1, ," ' United States Attorney Miller,
of indinnapOiis. said arreats in ?the dyna?
mite cases might not bo expected b?fore
? ?rly next week. _.r ?several witnesses
i tilled in the suit at St. Louis 'o re
. ..v-i* Inettrance on the death of George
A, Klmmel that a. j. white, wi-?o claims
le i??- Kii'i.nei. in no way resembles the
ulieged "d-aci" man. --? --- Following
k conf?rence at Albany by Goartarnor
R l>ix, th" numbers of- the Stab* ?Conner
?F.vallon Commission and the legislative
committee on the utilization of the
state's water reao-jicoa? the Governor
. that h.; beheved an amicable agree*
ment would be i cached on proposed l?g?
islation foi the ot-naervatlon of the
state's water power and that he was de
Ined that the surplus waters im
.icd at dams shall belong it. the
=i?. A proclamation directing
e<.-*l -?lection be ht H on March
U In th?- Nil Sc-nte District to fill the1
M.can.v censed by the ?leath of Senator
Thomas i\ Grady \-.-.'.s ?..uve) by t.ov
erner Dix at Albany. ?== Ex-Mayor
J. N. Adam Of Buffalo died>it his home
in that city. ??- The Allegheny Rlvei
vas reported to hive ?been frozen solid
io the V.oitoTi at points near Pittsburgh.
Questions of Jurisdiction ?vre,
raised In the criminal case against the
"bathttii? trust" In Detroit ass Will- i
lam Hi_'.iie, eighteen years old, was con- I
rioted ? ' murdei In the first degree at]
Bcranton, Penn., for killinsr an express I
asaeeeuger in November hist
CITY.?Stocks were dull and irregulnr. j
*?=___= A Writ of habeas corpus was Is- i
sued for Foulke E. Brandt the Schiff ;
val?*-t, and he will leave Clinton prison i
to-iiay to appear In court here when the
court is opened Tusaday, and also when
st motion is argued before Judge Rosal
Sfcy on the same day for the reopening
of his ?as.- ? ? ., Mayor Gaynor in a
letter to the clerk of Ihe Court of Gen?
eral Session-? r<"-t)uked the January
grand Jury for critic isir.g the police, add?
ing that grind juries s'.iould "attend to
their own duties."-The New York
Genealogical Society e!??cted Joseph H. ,
Choate an honorary' member, i" ?"- Dis?
trict Attorney Whitman announced that !
"John Doe" proceed i : ins apainst th?- Xew I
York Mercantile Exchange, suppose-, to
control the prices of leitter and eggs,
would begin Tuwday before Magistrate l
Murphy. ===== Tbe Re** Dr. Hugh Birck- ?
heail, rector of St (George's Church, re- I
telved a ?iill from a Baltimore church, |
end It was ??aid he might accept It-1? !
Charles W. Morse spent the day Indoors, !
denying himself P> ?'ill visitors except
Judge Van Wyck. but his son said he
had borne the Journey well, and Wall
Street expected that he would recover
soon at Bad Nauheim. ?=-*= l?ady
Heney, on the eve of her return to Eng?
land, spoke of New York as "tremen?
dous," and contrasted conditions among
the poor here and In England.
THE WEATHER.?Indications for to?
day: Fatr. The temperature yesterday:
Highest. 27 degrees ; lowest, 11
90 lt?R~T? ACTION.
The discussion which has arisen over
Assemblyman lUtimati's resolution re?
scinding New York's ratification of the
income tax amendment to the federal
?Constitution leaves one point thoroughly
?established. No o'ie dispute** the right of
the present Legislature to take nnv no?
tion which it may think advisable for
? tbe purpose of recalling the approval
given by the last Legislature. Ample
precedent exist?- for such a reversal of
a state's attitude. New York ratined the
Fifteenth Amendment In lStJO and the
Legislature passed a resolution in 1870
withdruwlng the state's approval. New
Jersey and Ohio did the same thing
when the lourteenth Amendment was
under consideration.
It hi b?*?ide tbe real issue to ar**-ue
that those ?eversals counted for noth?
ing. Congress on July 21, 1808, paired
a reeolutmn directing Secretary Sevrard
to bsue a pr<x*Inniatlon ammu-cln-** the j
ratlflcatlon of tbe Fourteenth Amend- \
meut und to count New Jersey and Ohio j
among the ratifying sint?***- But the ?
Vote? of those two siBtai were not ue?*es
eary to the ameudinent's adopti?.'.:
Thirty of the thirty-six states bud vote.1
aye and only twenty seven affirmative'
vote? were nee?-*Hi.ary With Ohio and
New ?lenej omitted tliere was si ill a
safe margin. The .* filiation was similar
when New York souglit to change its vote
on the Fifteenth Amendment. Twenty
nine of the *liirty-seven states had voted
oye and tweuty-eight instituted a
three-four i hp majority.
Our neighbor **Tbe World" said the
other da,v . "I>t*n if they [tbe support
' ers of the Ilinman resolution] could
"carry their proposal, they know that It
"isvt-ry doubtful whether a state can
"withdraw n ratification once grantc-d."
But ?that la a point which baa never been
settled, becaOM no ?tiro has yet nris
nliioli on amendment has been 9mt
ratified by virtue of approval?? I
rjui*nfly withdrawn. It tv<ui??1 l>e ?if
lie advantage to have that ui.eert,
cleared up !?y ti ndlng ?if tuo Sup
Court. U!kI New York might on d"l
?v, ?it BCTvlec In n- filling its assent
then contenting any r.hnouneemen
r.iiii;?" tion bnaoj on its previous
piroval. it l<">ks ?s tf more frcqoen
mmld ba made of the prcess of ???
tutlonal ameiidinent In the near fu
i. id it 1'- desirable to bate its ??cope
limitations more ?dearly defined. I
approval le final, why is not e raje
also ?Snail Tbe paaaage of tiie lili
r?'s.i!i)tio)i mlgb! help tu.'ii'-rially to 1
about a jndicial ?ettlemenl of qnee
cow much clouded in doiiht.
Later report.-- from Florida show
the stone? of a holt from the tv
Republican State Convention were h
out of whole cloth. "The Jackaoo
Times Union" ?vas evidently doped
publishing a dispatch from PnlaUu
?ertlng thai "before Hi?' stat?? ????uvei:
gol down to business it went to plot
and tint "more than half of the ?
pites walked out of (he ball." That
?patch ?vis ('i?nti,'.ii(*??*<l in erery di
by a complete account of what the
volition re:;!!y did. appearing in
Mme column of tbe sanio i-siie of "
Times Union." But gome Jackson
roi'i'??spondenis, poaalbly hoping to g
wrong impression successfully gtai
gont the "f.ike" account ??ni. and Igm
tn?* authentic '-no.
Prom the beat evidence obtninnbl
is olear that there ?vas no ix?li (rom
regular state f-onvtmtion, a fear cool
Jug delegates from not moro than I
counties who were not ?-e.ited muy h
got np an indignation meeting eleewb
but eren the manufnetored ?lispn
published In Jackeoovllle failed to
th? place of tho meeting, to mention
officers or to gire tbe n.-'iin's of any
the entJ-Taft delegates-at-large auppa
to have been wi?rctetL Four years
then" was some semblance of ? gent
bolt, for the managers of the oppnalt
?took the pains to print a lot of Imitai
tiek?*ts of admission to the convent
hall for distribution among their foil?
ers. The ejection of the holders of th
duplicates pave gome color to the mil
quetit claim that they had "withdraw
as a protest ogainat tii-- nnjual rnlli
of th?* temporary chairman. In 19W i
bolt was engineered by poisons kno
in state politics. This year's perfor
anee seems to have been conducted
It Is not claimed that any contMti
del?galos ?vero elected from the tbl
( ?OOgrt ss di-lrets. The regular disti
conventions were held nt Palatkl at
tlie stat?? convention was over a
proved altogether harmonious. In eu
del"- otee wer? chosen InstTOCtod to st
port PreaMent Taft. Except for the ?
vious misrepresentation sent out fr?
Jacksonville on Tuesday ni?id th?
seems to be no evidence whatsoever
rapport the notion that conteatlag ?ie
gate* from Florida tail) appear it t
national convention. If they do, tho
who pay their lares t.? Chicago wiil hi
that they have merely bought Into
dead loss.
.\/?T JER8EY8 i iirrri:.
It appears that Mayor Qaynor wi
misinformed in suggesting thai Govern
Wilson ??f New Jersey never reeoi
mended a ?no 11 Mention of the ?-orporath
law that has made his state ihe favori
resort of octopoace. In his fii-t ?Betaai
Dr. Wilson ?lid advise "such changes
"the law of the state as will hencefoii
"effetrtually i???jv?-i.t. the abuse of tl
"privilege of Incorporation which has
"recent years brought so moch dlscred
"upon our state." Hut the Mayors I
norance of this utterance Is excnaaU
stein;* how really perfunctory it arg
?since Ihe Governor never recurred to tl
subject and never sought to induce tl
Leglalatnre to carry oat the recommei
dation. When he ?.as reall) Intereatt
in securing legislative action he did n>
content himself with a mere formal re
omtnendution, but refloated It on evei
occasion and "went t?' the people" f<
their support if necessary. The jxilieii
which he made his own thus deca?)
familiar, and it is not rarpriting Ih;
one which has nol been heard of siut
the lirst message was overlooked.
Governor Wilson's practical ahandoi
ment of this reform Is all the more n
marknble since it ?vas one oi the sul
Jeep- on which lie was accustomed t
dwell in his campaign specke*. Wh
did he not renew his recommendatio
in his second m.s??age. Why did h
never take It up with the Legislature an
the public in the way he look up primar
reform, for example';1 Con it be thai i;
office he became impressed with th
financial advantage to New Jen-tey o
selling Indulgences to corporations
About one-half the state's revenue come
from the business of furnishing libera
charters to ?rusts. Hut 1- New Jeise;
only h. if moral'' Has It the virtue o
Oregon and Kansas only so for as tha
virtue is consistent with revenue?
The first votings of the Germai
Reichstag are significant oh showing tin
Ktrength of factional combinations. Th<
Social-Democrats put forward theii
leader, Mr Hebel, as a candidate for thi
Presidency of the Chamber, on tht
grmmd, which years ago ?vas always r?
spected. that the presiding officer should
be chosen from the most numcrous
party. In some recent years, however,
that principle has been ignored, as it was
yesterday. Tbe Conservative?, however,
could not elect a member of their party,
but had to support a Clerical, who was
elected by only 11)0 votes to Mr. Rebel's
175. A? there ure only HO ?Social-Demo?
crats in the House, It Is obi Ions that ?'??
Radicals snd National Liberals, or mem
bers of other minor parties, voted for a
Social-Democrat for Hresid.'ii, Tor the
place of First Vioe-IYeslihut the Con
s.Tvativi's did pat forward a man. but
be was beaten by a Social-Democrat, the
latter gering 1.S8 voles to the former's
174. In ~.hls case the S?X'ial-Dernocnit
candidate was supported by 78 Radicals.
Ubi'i'uls and others. The ??berall and
Ra?lieol?. together number only 8'"?. where
fore it scfin?- probable that most of them
voted for the Social-Democrat. Finally,
a National Liberal was elected Second
Vloe-Pn-sldeiit. presumably with the aid
of Social I ?gnoeral voten, given In re?
turn for the Liberal votes for Social
Democrat candidate* in the other ballot?
Thus the Conservative party, the back?
bone of the government support, was
unable t?? elr-?*t even one of the three,
and i*o far as tbe organization of the
Reichstag- Is concerned is practically
grouped with tbe Poles .and ChMlpbi and
other minor parties. It is the minor
member of the "Rlue-RIack bio??." which
now deserves to be called "Rlaok-Rlue"
Moreover, that ?coalition, which dornt
nated the laet Reichstag with an ample
majority, is not only now In the minor?
ity, hut was able, on the supremely Im
portant roll for President, to rally to its
Bupport against so pronounced i Bodal?
|?.-tn-<'i:tt n<t Mr. Itebel only 4?! votes
fron all other factions, while In the MM
division the Sneirtl-lK-uirvnits got I*..1"? suc'l
?Hies. Buch reenlti are suggestive of
what may happen later. If s?? many
j Uberala S?d Hndicals vote with the
Social-Peinoeraia for the ofllcers of the
Reichstag, it nuiy bs that they will eon?
tiniie the babil when there nre dlvl?i KBl
i it ini|>ortaiit nacasnres of legislation. In
that case the Chancellor may adopt the
.-?.arse which Ihe "Hamburger Nach?
richten." wi.h its Ilisiiiarcklnn tradi?
tions, dedans ho should pui"-ue. nani.'ly.
dissolve the RelebStSg and appeal to the
country again. It may he that RNmarclt
would bave done that, or. iis the paper
cited suggests, would have changed the
1 suitrt*-re laws M as to keep tbe Soclal
Demo.-ra.s out of th?' Reichstag, ai they
..re kepi oui of the Prussian Diet. Bit
j ii is m.i at all certain thai such a conrse
j would be judicious now. A good deal of
?water has flowed down the Spree since
the iron Chancellor's time.
(?'.?vernof Harmon talked g'??"i sense
to the Ohio constitutional convention.
! which wo suppose is the reason why the
consul niional convention rejected bis ad?
vice. The one thing thai conslituiioiial
(.inventions cannot abide nowadays |i
::.?i>tl sense. Mr. Harmon would have
: ad the delegates go slowly with the
initiative and referendum He would
i have hud those devices tii .1 ?ni a -mall
, scale hy ciiies before ??> mmltting tue state
11 > them nbaolotely. In the state al large
| he would have bad them employed onlj
tS an emergen? **?' iii'-a-nie. How Bane
Iwas this advice! Bxperkrnce with pop?
alar legislation in this country has ?teen
| limite?! and the evidence is mostly of a
; negative son ; that is t<> My, such
I Union has not yet been shown to bave
. ?icen productive of positive advnntugee,
?even if it cannot be sai 1 t?> Imv resulted
in seri'Mis evils. IforeOVCT, Ohio ll *:
vastly larger state than has yt-t experi?
mented witi' the d?'\ic". and the larger
im- community and tbe more dlvei-lned
its interests the mo;*.- i.i.piacl ?cable di?
rect legisi.it ???ii is llki'ly t?> prove.
lint sanity Is not s popnlar quality in
the I ?hi?? convention. Xny, more. It i
felt that it may be a positive detriment
to the Democrat exhibiting it anywhere,
OnleSS ho is able l<? disiiii-s it ?is lx
longtng to lii*- r.'ini.te t.?! lical past', as
"i?..:-h" that lie one.- believed In or taught
To exhibit sanify so c.iii?pi?-i*fuis*ly Mini
i i such a critical time as this wai sa
?et of courage if m?r of foolhardluess <>n
Qovt rnor iiarmon'i pai ?
An unwelcome sequel to the failure of
tbe Senat.' to ratify t!..* treat] wlih
ii? nduras comes iwiftly In tbe ??Iji'-?i of
authorities nt Puerto ?Cortea, if tin*
treatj bad been ratified provision would
have li.'t-ii made f??r the lettlemeni of
the dispute over which the clash im
arisen, since U was not ratiiie.1 and
the proposals under it bavs lapsed the
government of Honduras has thrown pa
;ii me and discretion t.? the winds and
has ros.irted to extreme measures, which
have In turn necessitatgd the taking of
Strong measures bj tin American author
itics and by the American navy.
The Uonduran ?Congress declared that
all contract- and COUCeSSioui <?f a Cer?
tain American company n*ere cancelled
ami ordered the Misare of the company's
property. N-> notice of this intended a. -
tlon was given to the American (overt
mein, and the r?-?|*.i?"-ts ?.f the compal****!
manager that be is* "panted time Before
the seizure in which t<? communicate
wiih his principal snd <>f the Americnn
Consul and American naral commander
f??r time to OOmmVUlcate with the Amer?
ican government were tartly refused.
Thereupon Americnn innriiic-s were land
?.I. simply t.? guard against violen?'.
There.was no sobare of property by
the marines, the question of title It? It
bring left for diplomat!? nn.| Judicial set
The Uonduran governm-nt seems to
have acted ?precipitately If not dlaCOUT
teouely. A tin.r l'?gard for the pro
?prleties would bave led It to give aotlce
! to the American government of its loten
ti..ii to c!iiic?-l the contracts and to take
possession of the property, <>r al least
to grant time for the Americans there
Ito communicate with t!n-ir principals
here. If there was no legal requirement*
that this should be done, I'onrtesy nnd
prudence might have suggested It. As It
Is, a regrettable inctdenl has bean forced
upon this country, from which It is to
be hoped all partid concerned will
emerge without more serious eooae
qnonces than thoas which are already In?
A Lincoln. Neb., dispatch says that
"thirteen Democratic member*- of Con
egress have been placed on William J.
"Bryan's political blacklist" Bomebody
In Lincoln has gut the figure? mixed.
There must be at least thirteen batches
of thirteen on "The Commoner's" mortu?
ary Index.
The grand Jury was guilty of sedition.
The theory that the high price of but?
ter la due to the fact that maker? of
oleomargarine have bought it all up and
are holding It back fo as to force the
people into using oleomargarine Is in?
genious, ami at least as plausible as
some others which have been put for?
ward. Perhaps It is more credible than
that the outter has rubed itself by Hs \
own strength.
Mr. Whltrldge is not such a wicked law
i as he would havs the public believe
lie says he will not obey, ana he does Just
the same.?Public Service Commissioner
At it again, those Public Service Com- j
missioners! Destroying everything, in?
cluding reputations!
Wall Street is still safe from Morse
The New Jersey Legislature seems de- |
terniined to enact the bid, pufhe?,! by the
Holy Name societies, taking from Just.ces
Of the peace the power of pei form.ng ?
BMIrtagm and leaving It with only may?
ors and clergymen. But bo-v ub??ut
placas in which ih.re is no Mayor and
where person:; live who desire a purely ,
civil marriage? There ought to bo some '.
provision for them
The three-cent fare requires a three
cent pliice for the convenience of pas?
sengers paying it. This Is a new anl
further argument against the three
cent fare.
Talk of an Anglo-Ocrman tmttatt
cordiale xhould not be regarded a? vl:?
lonary or unreasonable. One of tin so
days It will b? realised, and Indeed there
will be an entente all around, among all
Chinese affairs stand supreme and un?
rivalled In their lightning changes.
Even In the Bavarian Diet the Social
Democrat?, are gaining seats Demo?
cratic tendencies nro strengthening
uhorever in Germany there has been a
broadening of education accompanied by
Industrial growth.
Spain, which probubly suffers from
flood.* more than any other European
country, is suffering from th?-m again.
And she has been denuded of her forests
more recklessly and completely than any
oilier. Stud, nts of tho law ol cause and
effect may take notice
When two dozen new members join a
church bacauae the pastor plays i"?ol in
the public poolrooms It is Impossible to
asoi.l wondering whal would happen if
the pastor devoted himself to religious
i'.aitimorp wants t'.ie original ,*Star?8pan?
glad Banner"?the one that waved over
l?"ort afcHenry wbea '-"rands Scott Key
?via.t?! his inuiiort.d Urn .-- -transferred from
lti- case tit the National Mus?um In Waeb
ington t<> the Monumental cuy during th?
i i >. m? ratlc i onv? at Ion,
Will open oti .line 9. "The '--un," v.,icin-;
the popular view, says thai i i ?is* ralle is
? so closely connected With Ihe history Ol
, Baltimore that we may, with propriety,
make the suggestion u.at th. federal au
I tbotitles permit the Bag ??> be brought to
tin.- city and aahlbltad here during the
D?mocratie National Conv?*ntlon. ll
: ? ? be removed from th? flat ? caae thai
protects it; I m tbe Bag In ll ? ????? c mW
stand upon ti.?- speak? ..- platform, where it
would be seen by thousands, and exhibited
\ In some other public ig ?;.? ne -.
TI i ? i.ist?.iic embli n ?? I
i ini; sight lu risttora im?i an Inaptratloa u>
I th?. delegab
? ? |..." whli ?i - ic i
1 spank? ?l in.- already for beln' laasy i<>
, her. ?
"\. a ii. I'm goins to >?allop you
? too," retort? fl his father. "And do o i
, know ?n? .'
"Well," said .tolmo?., i.-i'v-.l t?i gel Hie
mounl of a
hop? I? .* t.it '-i affairs. "I'gues? ' ? " -s
?it iss for I he :.<??? Is s? s f ir the
I sand? i '
n -. ? n laid '?' ..n |ui ? ? ."?
: harder, Harp? r ? \i ? ekiy.
i- tier.- gregter ?oy than in Future's sky
.Mi human bind la seen t?? ?I?.
Than there is that automobllee si??-?i
Beyond our ordinary need?
Is there -r. ;it?r joj in a part? speech
Which ti?? slain ful term ?
Tl-an a deep-sea itawi in ? submarine
Where Hi?? w?.n<l?rs of the ata ar. sat '??"
in there greater Jov in ? baseball gama.
Watching a pitcher's curving nim.
1 hall | .,-? ,, tl-, ? ' I .- 'I!
With lif-- mai pad out In a soulful .ir?am?
I i?a-k- n the ' c.t, s? jov ?.f all
is news of foodstuffs speedy fall,
Wlun know ledgs ???ines that a man may
A five-. ? nt ' r..pc" without K?ln?-: broka
A. V. "
"Why ..r.' >oti looking so elated!
"At li?"i I liai. ?ti. Id? i l'ai will hr'.ng
n.?- fame "
"And what I? thi? ijreat idea?"
"Von know what the 'Wedding March' did
for Mendelssohn ; well. I'm going to writ??
? 'Divorce March'!" tloston Transcript
"Th?- late Kyrie BeUew would have ap?
preciated Uds punch," unid a mernh??r of tin?
Lambs wl" i .i, "Hi? liked a mild
punch with a faint cinnamon davor.
"I remember s story he ?is-d to toil ah?.m
a New Tear's pum"i In Australia?a very
powerful punch wherewith fhaj?
used to ring out the old year In the hush??
a soinr plexus punch Bellow railed i?
"One howl, he said, was nil two men
Would take as a rule; l>?it an Australian
host, <>n n New Year's Kva?, brought lb a
Second howl to his goeot at? imon as the
f'.rsi was flnlsh? d
"Ills guest look, d at the frurrant hrew,
and. rl?-lnt". held oui hi? hand.
" 'Good night, Joe.' he i?a!d
"Put the host pushed hitn haok Into his
"'i?h. no' he Bald, 'you're not K"int" till
we tackle th)?.'
" Uli, I know that,' said the ?-iia?.t I
onl?- wanted to ?hake han'l? kooJ night
with you. Joe. while I could see yoi '
?'I want to sat s Wish a trust fund for my
"All ri?!h'." s.i!?l the Lawyer, "what you
want is s, tn?. sol ii securities."
"Bui stock? may depreciate m lat?
year? "
"Well, what do you suggest?"
"Can't I pul a feu thousand pounds ?-r
hotter In trust?"? Washington Herald.
A Munich latter in a BerMn newspaper
gives a description of -?? i ? nefll perform?
i?nce which to??ii place in that city re
in honor of the ninetieth Hrthday of .)?>??. if
Bcbmtd, popularly knowi -.- "Papa
Sehmld." The tieneflc.ary has been the ill
rector of s theatre since IM ?-n the
of which only ?dolls appear '"Through nil
the ehaniri s which have tik? n ??lie?? on tl.e
statte und In Ils manic, m? nt." writ
biographer, "? hmld has remained true ta
;|- I'M.' I ?- || ' ???).. ,|
nt d wept ov, r his Rasperl plays have seen
their grandchildren do likewise."
"Vo you really think the worM has im?
proved in the time that has elapsed sir ,-,
the date of our dlscovc 1? '" .. | , --1 Ihe
ni. I- ? ? ? ' ?
"Well." replied II ? nu-re man. "I don't
think the fatted calf has ?o suffer SO m':ch
for th? sins of the prodigal son."?Philadel?
phia Record.
Considered as a Cause of the High I
Co-t of Living.
To the Editor of The Tribune.
.?Ir- Hefeirln-t to the suggest!? M In 1*1*00'
Id? nt Taft's recent mcs?ng?. urxlt,?- nn In- I
vesttgatkin of what ma* be termed the'
world sweeping troreat or ? ur dm.th,- high ,
coat of living?I would like to ex| ress an
opinion as tn Its cause.
High prices, per se, are not had: it |s >
poaalbie for them to mean high ?nagas and
mor?.* Income for every one. At rresent,
1'cwever, they don'l work out that way
Hence the ?llsturbance Profil In of two
Undo: One kind expands sad sneourages
enterprise, tl.e other contracts and de
presses It One Is tiilurilly progressive,
ever seeking new Induetrla! ?vorlds to con?
cilier; the other is shrinking, timid and sat?
isfied with things us ihey are.
The lirt-t. the nsef-it kind, consists of
wore? paifi to workera, of dhrldeods paid
to these who have rtakad tln'r reeouices
tn activa, If ?-omewhnt Spec latlve channels
an all new entctp; !????? n.ust of necessity !
be; th-i second ?on?l*?*s of lnt?rest on hond j
aid BlwrtgOffc. of loans c?)':sls'l*")i of n first i
Hen upon tangible a?seta. or profit? with- I
out risk.
Instead of tnaktng two Mudes Of ?russ j
to i;r??w when ??nly one ha?l gTOWn before '
Uds kind of prollt allows oth.-s to plan! !
and cult?vate while It sppropriatas unto ?
itself the fruits of ti.? Ir toil The r? ason
fnaiicial power Is ;?bl<? t" fio thli Is plain:
Wo have ri.'opt?-?! and are uslni? a currency
thai i?. in itneif u eaanaa-dttTi and is in j
consequence Jn-ln?, used a-i tboiiKh It w^re I
so mue)- cotton, corn or potatoes, lust, ol
of beln? strictly eoataed to i?s propos
function a? the measure or ?-?iUivali-nt of
all utlu-r commodities. The dollar In ord- r
t?> circumvent the waste of Um?.'and SOSfgl
?spent In buying and pell?n?. It shoultl be
al.-'olut.-ly nuil tluctuatliiK, as its spc illa?
tive ,i>e is n-it only g ?'?-ad loss to the na?
il' n. bul g ih^fruciive tax and paralysin?"
blinht on every activity.
Suppose that a Uei?art.i.<-..t ?lore with
seres of floor space and thousands of work?
ers were to allow its employes to control
tho use of its scales and measuring devices
for speculative purposes and to comer them
for private profit while lines of customers
were waiting to be served. What kind of
success would that kind of store achieve?
Thai's exactly what we are permitting the
parent of the trusts, an octopus with mtH
I ions of tentacles, one head and a neck as
Ion* as the telesraefe wlres-the "money
j trust"?to do with the currency of this
nation. Knowing this, why do we ask on?
, another the cause of the general unrest
, and why those that sow the Industrial gT-'ln
? fall to reup a fair snare of the golden
, harvest?
The "money trust" may be a mythical
proposition so far as constitution and by?
laws are concerned, but Intanglblo as H
may be. Investigation will show that In Its
working 11? s the great barrier to our na?
tional proeperlty, dependent as that is upon
I the perfect realization of three distinct
prem?ese, viz: (1) Work for all who need
j or destrs It. Q) Equal facilities and oppor
i Unities for all who desire to transact busl
Inesa. (S) Kqultable returns upon the ex
| pendlture of resources, the fruit of labor,
skill or enterprise or of their combination.
Who wall deny the existence of some ln
j skiions Influence fattening like a plague of
i locust-? in on our natural resources, and
; suppressing the national 11-,'ht-heaitedness
' like a pall?an unseen warfare It Is true,
l.nt more destructive of bodies than shot
and shell-more destructive of souls than
sin? '
'.\hy should not ths devious thing be
brought to light, not for abuse, but to give
I* a chance? if It eb)ects to the name we
have s'lven It?to prove It3 innocence?
N'fw York, Feb. 7. 1912.
' ? ?*? ? ? ? - ' ' ?
'? An Unconventional View of the War
President at Play wifh H's Son 'Tad.'
'??" thi ' Utoi of Tl ?' Tribune.
I????liiuary 11 nulte naturally re
? of I.ln'cln. I retail nn in
rrad under my obaerve
ini wai time, in Washington, m>n
v. ni. i I .lo not remember evei to
? <n In nlnt. In thoss 'lay there was
|S ?..t-'.- ti... ? of M,?.'. i.i i. ?i land in rather
I untidy rendition lying sloei ths ?ear of
th?- v> lit. ll. is? .i ill - i fioul which you
|could 4?> ? the Intciestlng relic of D-dly
\i.-i.ii.? - landscape gsrdenhlg. This lan<!
Dded n. the Potomac, and through it
..t tin uppet suie i ?in n rambling pathway
i from i?at l.'.th street and th? Tieasuiy
ii ? ? to i '-tii greet beyond, ?ts course
ImakitiK S short cut over th* longer detour'
Ipast th.- fioni of the White Hous?-. for
which i as wai i occasionally made use of it. '
*?ne afternoon and on one other. 1 think, |
|t <ame upon a group --onslsting of the,
I' ' i.i.nt. his little boy, "Tad.'' one of his I
I s. cretin 1rs, N'Polay. W *.om 1 know, and |
: two army officers, who may ?till bs .
Ill In-i. Th-- I'r.-fi-lent was -.hooting with nl
t a target so; at some distance tow- j
n.i ths river, and if there wers any Sectet ,
S. :\l?e men about 1 failed to see them. It
Was plain that he retained ?kill In handling i
ths t 'it-- and seemed as animated as a boy '
In th?- opportunity to enjoy the practice. ;
By nature an amiable and companionable ,
man. he foun'l opportunity to Indulge In ,
f w pesttmes, and his hours, one niljjbt
almost aay moment.?, of relaxation were
rare, far night and day throughout that
peer his duties and the deep
?n-. of his leSpOQSlblllUSS w? Ighed heav
.??11 him.
At thl* time ] held an humble place in
th.- United States service under General j
I <} Barnard, In chance of the defences
?.f Washington. H's chief assistant SPS
colonel it B. Alexander, of the engineers,
whom ..i.i army odken win reeall as one,
of the mn't brilliant member? of that corps. |
Hs was a graal favorite ?>f Lincoln's, who)
0 ea-?|otially H?-.-<-.mpa*i!e<l him Into Virginia |
south of ths Potomac t., looh ever the fortl- I
-..?ni' of whieh were th*'n In
. of completion. I remember ?>n one !
on th-- ln'.-r?st h?* took In the metho?l i
of moaatlng r-oms heavy nuns, then un>r;
Way. Thus It napptHMd I saw Lincoln .
frequently ; hi? personality is still sherpl) j
impre?s.?l upon my memory. Earlier, at
this period i had gone with Mr. Olm?ted
'?> Wsshlngten for service in the United
mission, whsr?
. ?. i m the w.nk with ons ??f Ths
Tribune's old 'rienda a. J. Bloor. At this
time, too, I off. n -:nv Mr. Llmoln and
t Ford's Thi-iitre. the night he was
killed. JOHN V C17LYER
Sew Voik. i-', b, '?, I'M.'
To ths (Editer of Th. Tribune.
sir: Fifty-ens \.-..r ago, in ihs
perl of March, t..- (rock-ribbed Democratic
rtty of Nee Tforh -.av.- Abraham Uneoln
nlfli?? nt w.ii.ii?!.- .is ho tourneyed o-i
bis way from his Western h< m t-. i s
rspttal of tip nation, n. r sohed .1
' ?iv a: out n-?n, croeslna hy ths ferry and
landed at the foot of West 13?1 street.
ah the avenues end str et? w. r.- crowd 1
with .? .?? .1 ; nd happ) thiong, it v\ 1
so 1 almv .?n-l ?; ? thai the wtadow
were thrown ut>. ,t*ci every vm
?si Ailed with h.ip!>\ iighti
it uiis my fortune that day to t> - at ..
window of ths gymnasium then ..i W
mi. . t snd Ughth avenue Looking .: ? -i
treel toward Ihs rh er, t eeuld h
fi ..m I-** fluttering of haadken h el I I
the beert : crowd?, ti i .
? ?i - s btoel away, ons could discern ?.
till 1, ?? 1 , (tending ?Tf. t In an open ear?
'.? ' h i.' svi r hat in hand, ' awing
Bra* .?(' one litis .teil then el ths other,
'h.- thought Bsshed in my m nd, What
1 wave? Bt sry one had ?
handkerchief; snd, > "tlnpr my eyes bs I
upon tl <? Fo?.|- ol ihs gymnasium, 1 saw
an aae ui der the ?jprlngboerd. "Ah." I
Bald; "Lincoln. the rail-splitter, knows
what an :i\e I*.'* and in an In-taut I was
wildly wavtni the ax?- from Ihs window,
trusting to eateh Mr ljncotn*s sye; hut
Jti-t a tils raTTlagS ren-hed the iront of
the gymna-lura hts attention was drawn
to the oppestts Ids ol ths street Th-n
a number of p.-opl.-, ? t .kin? in" the a*?e
a.-t. pointed to our window, and the pr si?
?lent-? !e?'t at once lo^ifc.i up. He certainly [
appreciated mv art, for he smiled and
Th. nest .lay. in the City Hall, hs wa?
r.Ivtng our ctttxene, and 1 took nv. plaes
In the long Una lie sin ok han Is with
?very one; and Wl en I r.-aened Mm tblol
Is exactly what **C*****rred and ths words j
Which I asscd between lia As he t? 0'< my j
hand I SSM: "Mr. Lincoln. I'm the youn,' |
man who yesterday waved ths ax- from|
ths Window." Af-aln In- smiled, and re
piled: "I understood it. and am happy to
i... ? t you."
After years of tramping and flfrhtlng ns
?.i officer In the Army <f the Potomac, 1
retimed home in time to visit the Mme I
o!?l < Uy Mall Bgatn, and to take tnv place
in the Ion- 11.it- of sad and (pilet citizens ;
to look .'own upon the fa? of tnat great
end good man as he slept in I ll COfflfl
Brooklyn.' Web, 9, Itu,
A dinner In honor of Almen Qunntson,
president of st. Lawreacs I niv.n-Uy. in
recognition . r :.is having raised t2xu?' tow?
ard iht- gsnerg] endowment fund, will be
giver, by the St. Lawrence Club, at the
Lo.el ASteff ?.n Friday evcnii:g. February 16
Addresses will bs made by President (Jun
nlron. BdWta A. Merrltt. Jr.. Speaker of the
Assembly, and Den r. seiu.
Rio de Janeiro, Pwh. ?.-Har?n de Hlo
Braneo, Ktnleter of Foreign Affair*-, who
has been 111 for a week past. 1? steadily
sinkini,' His condition I? ?itch that the
Physicians do not expect him to ?urviv?.
beyoml to-day. It is reported that Ilomiclo
?ta Oaasa, Itratillan Ambassador io the
tJnltsd Itatea, will prolmbly succeed to the
Ministry of Foreign Affair?. |
People an*d Social Incidents
[From The Tribune Bvreau. 1
Washington, Feb. ".?The President ha?,
yielded to the Importunities of the friend s
of Judge Hook und will not make public
bis Judicial nominations until next week.
j The Senate was not In session to-dny an 1
? ??'HI not be to-morrow. It Is known that
Mr. Tnft Is strongly disposed to name Se -
retary Nagel fer the Supreme Court, al?
though there Is, of course, a possibility
that hf may make some other selection.
President Taft hsd a long conference
With Booker T. Washington, who ?al ac
\ companled to the White House by J. C
I Napier, N. E. Wi thtrles?- and F. D. Lee
? The President sp nt some time discussing
? Panama Canal affairs with General Gce
! thals, who is anxious to see legislation
fixing canal tolls and providing for the
t future government of the Canal Zone
i enacted.
The Presidents callers Included General?
Whlpple und Smith, Senators Warren. BUT?
I ton and Curtis. Representatives Wilder.
j Foss, Moon, Kinkald, M?her. Anthony,
I Smith (of Michigan), Mcoie. Butler and
W. Isae, and ex-Ser.ators Aldrlch, Dick and
1 Scott.
! Mi-s Kleanor J. Roelker. daughter of Mr.
?and Mrs. William G. Roelker. of New
? York, arrived at the White House this
I evening to visit Miss Taft for several days.
[Fro.-i The Tribun* Bureau. 1
Washington. Feb. &.-The Secretary of
the Treasury went to Newport News to-day
to witness the launching of the revenue
cutters Mliimi and L'nalga. Representativo
i and Mrs. Richardson. Commander Beriholf.
i of the revenue cutter servi-e. and Mrs
Bertholf. and others accompanied him. Th ?
cutter? will be named by Miss Elizabeth
IUUes, .laiiKhter of Charles D. I lilies, se<
i? tary to the President, and Miss Barnes
Richardson, daughter of Representative
The Secretary of the Treasury and Mrs.
afacVaagh hare issued invitati?"-ns for s
dinner on February 16.
[Proa The Trlhune Kureau.l
Washington. Feb. s.-Viscount Sutemi
Chinda, recently appointed Ambassador if
.lapan to this country, will arrive In San
Francisco on Thursday anJ will probably
remain there for a day or two before;
starting to Washington. Vlscountesj
Chinda is accompanying him.
The German Counsellor and Mme. Hani?l
von Halmhausen entertained at luncheon
The military attach? of the German Em?
bassy and Frau v?"n Herwarth will go to
New York on Sunday to spend several
[From The Trilunu Bureau.I
?Washington, Feb. ".-Miss Taft was en?
tertained at dinner to-night by colonel i
and Mrs. John R. Williams and Miss Doto- ,
thy Williams. Their other gues's were
Miss Harriet Anderson. Miss Katherine
F.lklns. Miss Frances Llppitt, Miss Jean
O?ver, Mr. and -Mr.?. JooOph Leiter. Dr. ,
fury Travers Grayson, t.*. S. N ; Repr,.
sematlve Butler Ames. Representative
Theron Catlln. Captain Symington of the
Mayflower, Ueuteaaat Raymond Rogers.
William F. tittt and Mr. Little.
The Austrian Ambassador was the guest
of honor at a dinner given t?-nlg!.t hi
Mine. Christian Hauga. Others of the
party were the Attorney 0 ant ral and Mis.
Wlekersham, the Spanish Minister and
Se?ora de Rlano, tbe Norwegian Minister
and Mme. Bryn. Jus.ice and Mrs. Lamar,
Ci lonel snd lira, Cosby, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Oordon-Cummlng, Mrs John Rodgers, lira
Pryce Phillips, ef flsiiiwuji. lira Philip
Sheridan, Miss Shernil, Miss Patttn. Judge;
Jacob MeQavOek Dickinson, Commander ?
flrtfmaaa. Qai*r<aaa n<...".i attach?; Briga?
dier General Edwards, Captain Sowerby,
British naval atta? b?', an?l James Low Hnr
Mine. HaugS has issue?d invitations for a
"Pierrette" and "Pierrot" dinner which will
t recede th?? ?lance slver. by the Secretary
of the Navy and Mrs Meyer on Febru?
ary 13.
Miss Margery Colton, daughter of Francis
?"olton. left Washington to-day and will
sail to-morrow to j?>in bar brother, C
George R. Colton. ?'.ovcrnur of Port.. Rico,
With her coualn. Miss Altos Clark, she ??m
hostess for Coinn?*l ?'olton while In
San Juan.
Senat' r an?) Mrs QUberl M Hitchcock
?ave a .--mall ?lane? to-ntght for their
debutante daughter, Miss Ruth ttttchcocs
Mis James K Bar .-our and Miss Mar?
guerite Barbour satartalnad al dinner t?
nlghl for Miss Dorothy lianlce, .laughter
.?f Mr. and Mrs. Edward a. Maalce, of New
Voik, who is the gu st of her uncle and
aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Wl'liatn L.ttauer.
Colonel Qeorge F. Downey, who baa been j
appointed to duty at Govern, r's Island, and ?
Mrs Downej win leave be?ra in a few days
for New York. They were the gi eats ?
honor a? a tea tins sft?-rnoon, with M
Mai y Sherman McCnIIUm as bootees
Th.- Repreaentatlves In C< agrees from th ?
State Of N? iv Y? rk am! the.r ?vives held ,i
reception ?it Rauecher's to-night, whoa
they entertalnad nearly a thouaaad ,
from ?'in i;.i and reeld m a clety. Th ?
ballrooms were decorated with palm*? an l
Bowers ;.??.i s reetlon of the Marine BanJ
gavi s programma, i t.. of the smaller re?
Ceptlon nan.s ivas arrange?! for smoking.
another for cards snd the larger ballroom?
i usad for dancing. The gueats ere!
presented by colonel T. J. c.i-ehi??, and Mr
Chart? s K. Hu -Ims. Mi Jai \
man, Mrs. William Sulzer. Mr?. E.lw.i ,! ,
i B. Vreeland, Mrs. William M. Calder, Mrs
I George W. Fai -child, Mrs. Theron Akin,
| Mrs. Steven B. Ayre?, Mrs. Henry O. Dan
j forth. Mrs. Henry George, Mrs. John J
I Kindred, Mrs. Luther W. Mott, Mrs
: Thomas G. Patten. Mrs. Claries B. Smlti.
and Mis. Edwin S. Underbill were In th*.
| receiving line. The guests were from tho
j Cabinet, the diplomatic corps, army and
I navy, the Senate and House and resident.
j and official society.
Henry B. Whlpple, of New York, Is the
I guest of his i arents. Brigadier General ant
i Mrs. Charles H. Whlpple. General Whip
1 pie. who will be retired as Paymaster Gen
! eral of the army on February 15, will malt*
1 his futuro home In California. He Is a son
of the late Bishop Whlpple, of Minnesota.
j Mrs. Charles B. Alexander gave ? musical
| yesterday afternoon at her house, Xo. 4
! West 58th street. The artists were Miss
| Luba d'Alexandrowaky, who played a pas
| totale and caprlccio of Scarlatl; Mme
?amara Toye, who sang, among other
' numbers, a duet from 'Madame Butterfly,"
j with M. La Bonte, with whom she also sang
la duet from "La Boh?me." M. La Bonte
j was heard in a number of solos.
The second and final of the new -,ub
I scrlptlon dances was given last night at
? Sherry's under the patronage et Mrs. M.
j Orme Wilson, Mrs. E. French Vanderbllt,
j M:s. J. Pierpont Morgan, jr.. Mrs. Oliver
?Gould Jennin,-s, Mrs. Charles B. Alexan
i der and Mrs. Payne Whitney. Among th?
j other subscribers were Mrs. Oliver Gould
' Jennings, Mrs. Gerald L. Hoyt. Mrs. H.
I Van Rensselaer Kennedy, Mrs. William
: Douglas Sloane, Mrs. F. Gray Grlswold,
' Mrs. W. Bayard Cutting, Mrs. R. Fulton
, Cutting, Mrs. Henry W Bull. Mrs. George
I L. Rives, Mrs. J. Archibald Murray, Mr?.
i Theodore Prelinshuysen. Mrs. James L.
I Brese, Egerton L. Wlnthrop, Grenvilw?
Winthron and Charles Lanier. Many of
the subscribers gave dinners and afterward
took thslr guests on to the dance. There
was no cotillon, the dancing being Infor?
mal throughout the evening, and supper
was served at midnight.
Miss VIeva Fisher last night gave a ?mall
theatre party, which was chaperon?id Try
Mrs. Francis Dugro. The guests, number?
ing thirty, saw "Over the River," and ??iter
the play were taken to Sherry's for supper.
In the party were Miss Julia Dick, Mis?
Frances Wyeth. Miss Eleanor Hastings,
Miss Hope Malcolm, Miss Nathalie Slocura,
Oliver Wugstaff, John Jay Ide. Howard
Bonbrlght, Francis A. Dugro and J. Ellis
lira Charles H. DItson gave a theatre
party, followed by a ?upper and dance at
Sherry's, last night for her niece, Miss Dor?
othy Porter. Among the guests were Miss
Phyllis McVickar. Miss Anita Emmet, Mise
Justine lngersol!, Miss L'rllng 81bley, J.
Harper Poor, jr., Harold Tappen, Richard
Stevenson and Theodore Stevens.
Mrs. Juhn Bassstt M core and Mr?. Henry
Alfred Todd gave a dance ?ast night at the
Burritt Studios for their > chutante daugh?
ters, Mis.- Anne Moor?) and Miss Lisa Todd
There was ganerei dancing thro*, giiout the
evening, and SUppcr was sewed at mid?
night. The guests Included M.s Jo .jp-hlne
Ni'oll. Miss Frances Henry. Miss Llois?.
Biooi?g?od, Mm Bes?is Claflla, Miss Mary
Edgar, Him gusaa E. Colgate. Dc Lanccy
Nie. li, jr., Leonard j. Wfyeth? M, Bannet
Irving and Robert Peabudy.
lire. William P. Douglas gives S dinner
this svenlng at her house, In Park avenue,
and Mrs. W. Bourke Cockrur. las a dln
ner si the Rfta*Carlton. Mrs. jam
Clews will glSS give a dinner this evening
St her house, in Esst Hth Street tor her
niece. Miss I ?et a Sullivan, of Philadeij hla
Mrs. Frederick Roosevelt will gf\<- a
bridge , arty this aftcn.oon at her house,
in Last htt stn ft
Mi-. George Walter Jenkins will give S
small danee to-night at her house. In Ma 1
leen avenue, for her debutante daughter.
MISS il-len Jenkins.
Ms- '"..ile Bacot, uaughter of the lat-s
I'nii.k Varcher Bacot. will be married to
I Uni.' Appk-ton. of this city, this
.fternoon at the Hotel Gotham.
Mra Lc Lancey Nicoll will give a thei
trs party on WedntSday for 1er debutan .
daughter, Miss Josephine Nicoll. It Vtllbs
followed by s imeJl dance at th-? residente
oi Mr? KleoU, In Fust 39th street.
Mrs. fTestoa P. Satierwhlte will give a
theatre party on Februar** IA
John I. Kai.e and her daughter.
Miss Mary Elisabeth Kane, who was ore
Of the s.uson ? debutante-?, ha\e left town
ior the Wast where they expect to ?i-end
? f. --. roontl ?
[By TeMgraph to The Tribune.)
Newport F-b. 9.-According to reports,
there are to be fewer absentees in the sum
? eas ? than for smrsrsi
yeere it is understood that Mr. and Mr?.
Mrs. Vai.derl.ilt, Mr and
Mrs Cornelius Vanderbllt, Mrs. Ogden G-oe
p-t. Mrs il M K. Twombly and Mrs. Rob
,i-i C.-U-t will occupy their cottages.
Mr and Mra ?Frederic Cunningham, of
Boston, ?wlH '??" '<.?'>? ,h<-*lr Washington
street cottags next suinnmr- They pl.?n to
?pend ti leaaoa abroad.
Mrs. HaroM Brown will complete her
Newport v.sit to-morrow
Mrs WlUlam Watts Sherman will open
her ?rills sarly la the spring, according be
Familiar Figures Appear at Halste*.?!
Sa"le of Art Objects.
An old Chinaos tironas raao, ?rita
spreading n?ck and tubular handles, or
namented around the M k with a
band <?f archaic sc-?-iis, brought ?.""!>
yostl rday at the second session of the
Halstead sale of art ebjoets at the Ameri?
can Art Oalleriea Mrs C. K. G. Billings
was tba- successful bidder Si-?- also ob?
tained, for ?125. a pair of old Japanese
limn..?' fonts of lotus design ..-n S hexaK
onal Shafted base, also .1 large lni|)erlal
Chinese cake box, for which she paid i6o.
I ?avid Helasco was an extensiv.' buyer II??
paid MB each for taro antique Spanish fan?.
and MM each for two n)or<- f.itis of different
leelgn All ??ere - lahoraasly ?Jacoratod ?1th
?pastoral subjects i-"..r a ranrnrnoth i?aimi<?
cheat ho gave |UM, and for "The Butterfly
Box." S Japanese writer's b?>x and cabinet
combined, of polished black lecqu??r, he
paM M?.
lift llet.ry Clews bought for ?5."? a Jap?
anese bird cage of vermilion laoiuer, and
L'aptain J. R. I )> La mar gOvO JUS for an
-"abarata bronze fender, ?vi?h ornaments,
made from original designs by Suno Taint
r-ht.-ii The same buyer ?.btalned for ft?
i pagoda shaped old Japanese bronze grand
temple lantern. M s H H. Williams
hoiif?ht a larKe Japanese chaniplev? tciiM-r.
for ?vliich she gave ~~"g, The ?otal of the
sos Ion was i?.'J-'J M. 'I be sale will end this
? ?
The Sa:at???a County Socl.ty will hold
Its annual dinner Monday evening at the
Manhattan Moto!. Among the speakers
will be the Hev. Dr. George Alexander,
Jamos G. .Cannon. J. S. L'Atn<*r<-au?:
Uir.cs W. ?floughton and Jutee Wl.Ham
I ? MoNuKy. Senator gtygnr T. Bia<k?tt
Will speak for the "bom? people." i*. If.
8 Putnam, the president of the society,
will preside.
Honolulu, Feb. 9.?-Viscount fltond
('hinda. the newly appointed Ambassador
from Japan to the United States arrived
to-dav on the Japanese liner Shlnyo Mam
He will reach San Francisco on Thurs?
day next
lNew York Banker Suffering from A
tack of Quinsy at Palm Beach
ii'? sne.l
Palm Beach, Fla.. Feb. 9.-Henry P. Ti
vison, of the firm of J. P. Morgan A Cc
has been confined t?? his bed at the Royi
Poineiana for five day?, with an att i-k ?.
quinsy. Mrs. Da vison said to-night tha
her husband eras ???>:>? ale*.:lng and h
would ba .?1! ?lgiit in a few days. He ba
sugared from s ohaiiar throat affecioi
.Vr Davlson, who came South upot- th?
advice of hts physicians ?to take a rest
has now decided to go on a live ????ks
galas through the Florida Key? and
oi "mi Cuba, -'??id has cha* ta rod ths )'asht
i v. v. v. c. whi?*!) pass.ai gaady Hcok
on Monday OP th ? way down.
Mr, Da~"leoa earns here s n*aah ago la
a private cur ?itii Mrs i?.?.;-??t? and their
daughters, Miaous Alice and Frances Da
\, n. who will accompany then? on tad
- .o?
Association Hopes to Ra se $10,000 for
Ecne.1t of Orphan Asylum.
The *-"venty-iourth annual ball ot the
Em-rald Association was held li*t vening
In ths Waldorf. There was dancing In th?
Astor gallery and Ihe ?rand ballroom from
the time the grand march was led by Pres?
ident OBd Mrs. Kugene F. Motan, at 9-?1
?, i,nli, until the very tiny hours of to-day.
There were at least tjsnv people present,
and It was hoped to raise about $10,iW? toe
tl'..- benotM Of the Roman Catnollc u-pha?*
Asylum of Brooklyn.
Bishop Charles B. McDonnell, of Brook
lya and Long Island: Mayor Gaynor. Polios
Commi-nkmer Waldo, Bridge Commissioner
ii'Kea-ITi', Lieutenant Governor Conway,
S??r?tary of State l.az.insky and forme?"
polie?) Commissioner Cropsey ?ere tmong
those expected to bo present

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