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fiOif.?? EM?
Still Hungarian Meeting Calls Hi?
History a "Libel."
Governor in Letter Disavows Any
Idea of Doing Injustice
to Whole Nation.
Governor Wilson explained to the Hun
lan? of New Vork City yesterday that
torte recently much quote?" passage from
?.?.'??History of the American People" his
"temen i conCernlng "men of the meaner
tort out of Hungary and Poland" was
meant to apply only to "certain elements
-fjlch haJ recently disclosed themselves
a*-?? our immigrants."
-The Hungarian*, together with repre?
sentatives of other races in New York.
wtio considered themrolves libelled hy the
?tat?mente !n the Governor's book, met in
Webster Hall yesterday afte-noon under
the auspices of the Hungarian League.
Marcus Braun wrote to Governor Wilson,
inviting him t0 attend the meeting and
assuring him that If he would do so he
would _et a respectful hcarins.
??I think that on ti.e principle of fair
clay snd in Justice to yourself and to the
multitude of immigrants from Hungary
who flock t? tni? country annually an op?
portunity should be given to you to make
tny statements that you may ;-ee lit to
- make lo that meeting." Mr. Braun wrote
the Opvernor.
G&vernor Wilson's reply expressed regret
tijat it would De impossible for him to
?ttahd the meeting, as he had planned to
be la the West at the time.
"It pains me very much to bo accused
of injustice to so great a country as Hun?
gry, whose role in the world has been
?peat and honorable, and I do not think
that a quotation from anything that I
have written, if taken in connection with
Its context, can fairiy be judged as de?
rogatory to that great people." the Gov?
ernor wrote. "1 was not speaking of a
nation, but of certain elements which had
racently disclosed themselves among our
Immigrante. I a; i perfectly willing to
abide by any fair reading of the passage
in my history to which you probably el
.;? "J pride myself -upon knowing something
? pi the great history of Hungary. That
history displays a Mruggle for liberty
which all of the world must admire and
applaud. I know as well as any man can
know what elements of strength and of
energy the Hungarian people have con?
tributed to the variety and rtchness of the
American people. I do not distlnjuish
?imerlcans In my mind by the country
from which they come. If I have at any
time deplored certain elements that have
come to us In our later Immigration. I
eount myself very unfortunate if I have
been so awkw_rd In my way of expressing
?*_at I had to say as to bring injustice
k-t* a people whom I aomire and respect."
? **_Ir, Braun, who presided at the meeting,
fitter reading the Governor's letter said
that Mr. Wilson had made a mistake when j
he did not tell what "elements" among the
Hurgar?an Immigrants were to be "de? !
"Wilson ?s not the man for President of
1 the United States," was the most enthusi?
astically applauded sentiment of the after?
[ noon, when Carl H?user expressed it during
the course of h.s re?r irk?.
; Resolutions which wt re carried unanimous- ?
ly denounced the much quoted passage
from Governor Wilson's history as "derog?
atory and humiliating to various European
nationalities in general, and Hungarians in
particular." ant n "libel" which, If uncon-1
tradlcted, woulo place those nationalities in
a false light, and after filing the solemn
protest of the meeting against the remarks
In question, demanded that "the Hor..
Woodrov W.lson be and Is hereby respect?
fully requested to withdraw his erroneous
?tatamentt al>OUt Hungarian workmen, vM
*?re kr.owr. to be bODeat, sober ar.l !tt1**:;
The president of th? Hungarian League.
William Parkas, was directed to convey the
sentiment o? the meeting to Governor Wil- :
Amons other prominent Hungarians who
spoke, some In English and some in their
native tongue, were Morris Cukor and Dr. ,
Arthur Kosma.
School Children May Have Them !
Free of Charge, Optician Says.
With a benevolent desire to ameliorate
the condition of the school children of this
city am* Brooklyn. 30 per cent of whom,
It was estimated, suffered from defective
?.-ht. Dr. Garnett [#. Becker, of No.
1!3 East Broadway, announced yesterday
that until the Board of Education was
ready to supply poor children with eye?
glasses he would give them spectacles and
free treatment for their eyes.
Dr. Becker, who Is an optician and re?
puted to be wealthy, said all he required
was a note from a teacher telling him the
boy or girl had defective eyesight, and he
would furnish a pair of spectacles suitable
to the pupil's eyes. Dr. Becker said de?
fective vision was due, to a large extent,
to the fact that many children studied in
the daytime by electric light, going after
ward Into the dark rooms of a tenement
Although he has furnished something
like one thousand ?airs of spectacles in
the last year he will do even more. He
has leased a floor at No. 215 East Broad?
way, where a class will be fonned and
children will be treated and taught how to
properly c?re for their eyes. He has also
established quarters at No. IT?;*? Pitkin ave?
nue. Brooklyn, and at No. 102 Lenox ave?
nue. Manhattan, for the free treatment of
children and the flttln_ of spectacles.
He intends, he said, to give away ten
thousard pairs of glasses. Some children
in Public Schools ?"?. 7, IX H, IM n\o) ???
have already been cared for. Isidor Golden,
of No. ?37 Jackson street, who attends No.
?2, has volunteered to keep the children
In line at the East Broadway rno-n
| The revenue cutter Mohawk reported by
i wireless yesterday that she had picked up
' the schooner Susie Davidson after the lat
j ter had been Ir collision with another
schooner last night and towed her to a
safe archorage off Assateague, Md. The
name of the other vessel has not ben
learned, but the belief is that she was not
seriously damaged.
Maiied anywhere in t^e United States
for $2.50 a year.
Traditions of the Stage
The noted comedian satirizes his own profession and the public
in a clever article.
Dynamite Johnny
O'Brien's Story
A continuation of the series entitled "A Captain Unafraid," by
A Man Called Belmont
The conclusion of the two-part story of adventure in Algiers, by
The President's Mercy
An article about the exercise of the pardoning power by Presi?
dent Taft, by JAMES HAY, Jr.
Our Next Illustrated Song
Claribel's "I Cannot Sing the Old Songs," illustrated by
George Washington
the Lover
A story of the several sweethearts vainly wooed by the Father
of His Country, by ROSE D. MEYER.
The great serial of love and social intrigue, "Her Word of
Honor," by Edith Macvane, and a choice collection of Washing?
ton anecdotes, "Told Under the Dome," by ARTHUR WAL?
LACE DUNN, will help to compl?te the next
Sunday Magazine
Adjutant Genera! Begins Ozon?
izing Depot Battalions.
New Bodies Will Take Place of;
RegimenU That May Be Or.
dered to Aid Army.
Adjutant Genera! Vcrbeck ha? taken !
?topa in tbe formation of a reserve fcr the i
N'rw York National Guard by the organl- i
-anon of depot battalion?, which will form !
an Important addition to the state military i
forces. Officers for several of the depot !
battalions have been ?elected, and the se?
curing of a requisite number of enlisted
man trill be completed In the near future.
These depot battalion? are to take the
places of organizations that may be ordered j
out In the service of the United States. !
They would also be used to recruit and ;
dr;l! men to Bupply losses of organization?
In active service. The officers of the depot
battalions are former officer? of the na
ttonal ?-iard, and tho enlisted men are to be
h?_norably discharged members of the na
ti m*l BuarB and regular army.
Eventual'y it is Intended that the officer?
and men of the new battalions shall be In?
structed at camp yearly. Many former of?
ficers have offered their services for the
depot battalions, and the following are
those selected for the battilions authorl-ed
te be formed In New fork City:
Twenty-second Engineers?Major Daniel
J Murphy, Cantalns J. A. Eel., E. P. S*r
rcl. W. V. Barber, W. E. Harding and
Daniel Wolff, First Lieutenants G. H.
Clarke, V. Price. E P. Herman and G. H.
Rlley. Second Lieutenant's Charles Merrttt,
J.? K. McAfee. J. B. Graham. C. Harrison
an?.* Edward J. Sheridan 'and Surgeon Al?
bert T. Weston.
Eighth Regiment of C?a?-t Art.llerv
Ifajjor BugBne k. Austin. Captains T. E
Lyon, If. Baxter. G. E. Orr and W. E.
He yer, First Lieutenants, H. J. B'-r?ener,
H. Burdge, C. F. Gould and F. M. Crossett,
Stcond Lieutenant- F. Stop!;, and W. 1
Johnes and Surgeon R. N Dlsbrow.
Ninth C*>est Artillery Regiment?Major
Arthur M. Tomnklns. Captains George Con
le;*. G. Ii Pollard. H. B. Kenyon and C. J.
I nperatorl. Second Lieutenants L. E.
Thompson, W. A. Hayes. W. K Hit*hcock.
J. J Bellman, A. Peltbatn. J W. Whltbeok
and K. Banning.
Thirteenth Coast Artillery Regiment?
Ma-or Frank C. Murphy, Captains F. C.
von sterr-berg, C. ML Reld, C. P. f*h nn and
G? 01 ge Qualman, First Lieutenants R. C.
Lawrence, A. R. Gage and C. Elseman.
Second Lieutenants T. D. Croffut, E. D.
Titus, J. B. Hughes, J. G. Huff and B, D.
18 snd Surge.?n J. P. Warbasse.
.-"? venth Infantry -Major Charle? E. Ly
cV.ker, Captains !/. W. Statesbury. J
Wotherspoon. P. Domtnlck and J. A I?e
Boutilller. Second Lieutenants W. F. Wall.
II. L. Nafsaw-ld. W *B. Miles and .7 T.
Fisher and Surgeon J. H. Huddleston
Twelfth Infantry-Major David Bank?.
Captains W. ?*, M<**?an and E. A. Strong.
Flrtl Lieutenants E. Snlffin and W. Bab
cock, Second Lieutenant F. Kernoehan and
?urgeons S A. Brown and G G Ward.
Twenty-third Infantry?Major Frank A.
Murtin. Captain? L J. Pr?ger. L S. Qulm
by, M. A. Hulett and Edwin Codet. Flret
Lieutenant? A. If. Shlbler, F. E. Mende?,
L. A. Tyler, F A. Guild and De Witt C.
Weld, Second Lieutenants E. H. Dick. B
V. R. Spcide!, .7 S. Anderron. G N shafer
am' W. J. T. Lynch.
?lxty-nlnth Infantry?Major Thomas r.
Lynch. Captains E. T. MeCrystal. J. J.
Kennedy. J. M. Cronln. C. F. Collln? and
M. J. Ryan. Second Lieutenants Rhineland
rr Waldo J. McOlll. J. A O'Lenry. M, ?M*
O'Sulllvan and J. J. Scanlan.
Seventy-first Infantry?Major Anthony J.
Ele.cker. Captain W. E. Trull. First Lieu?
tenant William J. Dowling and Second
LI?Jtenant H. H True.
First Company Signal Corps?Captain
Hfnry Codet, First Lieutenants William F.
La?>orte. G. W. Steele and C. P MeKenna
and Sura-eon Ch-irle? \V. Jackson.
First Battalion df Field Artillen-Major
Henry S. Ra-?*uir.. Captain? H. H. Royce
an?J W W. Hanold, First Lieutenant? L.
M. Nlckerson. G Smith. A. H. Meyer, J. R.
Bradley and S. J. Koerbel, Second Lieuten?
ants J H. Yauch, H V. Mcnahan, 3. M.
Mangan and R. C. Aven' and Surgeon P.
H ?haw.
In the event of the ?ervlcea of the New
Ye?I. National Guard being re?*ulred with
I f-e United States army Incident to the
Mexican trouble? the newly formed depot
battalions would plav a very Important
Because they are affected with glanders,
eleven horses Ir Fluahlng will be killed. It
was said yesterday at the Department of
H'-alth offices. Three other horses, the
property of the nan who own? the eleven,
have already died from the disease. At
rreaent the stable, which is at Queens
avenue and 13th street. Is placarded and
quarantined. The State Department of
Agriculture has beon notified, and It Is ex?
pected thai the Stats ?'?te-taarlas ?.???ill at
once order the eleven horses shot
Jeweller's Son Says, Therefore.
He Can't Pay Wife's Alimony.
Starting married Ufe with ? nest egg ot
t?.S?fi. which he said he thought eocii for a
"young fellow." ? pood job and a happy
home, Louis Roseman, son of a diamond
importer, now has neither Dome ncr Job
nor money, ar.d he does not know how he
is going tc pay any alimony to bis "TOOnf
? wife, who is suing him for a separation.
??rs. Roscmar. asked for -. b?r.
Justice Gerard ?_U granted her **l- a week.
Also Mrs I?<-.<-.-:r..'in Is suing ?.er lather-,n
!aw, whese place of business is at No. I
.Maiden Lane, for I-'jO.OX? for alienating the
affections of her husband.
They were married in Septcmtrr, 1910.
Roseman sold he haa the $7.5?? thc-n. Five
months later he had not a dollar, He t-ald
his wife Induced him to buy her expensive
Jewelry and live in aa expensive apart?
ment, arid now that his money vas ?. n>*
she did not care for him any more
Besides. Roscr.-an Mid has i_'i,?r. who
was opposed to hi? marriage, dlicharged
him frcm his err.-.'.oy. disowned him ana
refused even to hartar him In the pai
home, Although when he ha? n? o?h?.r ?la-v.
to sleijp his moth-T admits him to the
house. Rcscman h<?.s ?ouj?nt another job.
he said, but the ? ther diamond merchants
told him If he was of r.o use to his father
he could be of no use to them, so I
lived on the charity of friend?
As to his marital experience. Roeeman
complained, 'In the hands of my wife I
was a mere tool " Just to ?how what a.
"good fellow" he 9T9S "when he had it."
the huaband told about champagne dinners
[that ho used to give for 'ils 'Ufo before
I marriage, even lvijing her clothing and
paying her hotel expense?, for Mrs. Rose?
man Was ft daughter of the West, her home
having been in Washington State. lie
spent $2.6iJO In that v ..*..
In fact. Roseman di.l not like the
I where hlu flanc?e was living and l.ad her
?move to the Hotel Autor. The wedding
1 took place at the Hotel Aster. Mrs. Rose
! man bed leen marric-d iMfore she W?
Roseman. and according to him she had
$.'???? whleh her first husband ga'-'- her to
get a divorce from him.
Now liils Is what Mrs. Roseman said: Her
hu?band d?t-erted ner In February la?t. t-he
met htm first In May. 19.10. and he toread
hi? tt??tiens on her ard she 9ST99? to
marry him. Mrs. Roseman ?aid a ?friend Ot
her husband offered her II.OX) to gl*-e h*r
consent to a -IfOree and that ?he re?
? ifuaed i? _
Bones and Flesh Thought To Be
That of Watchman.
One of the laborers employed In clearing
aw.?y the delvia from th? wreck of the
Equitable Building was digging at the foot
of what was formeil> a atalnvay In the
DM nt In the Mercantil" Safo T
Cr.mpany on the Cedar street side o' the
building yesterday aftem??on when he
turned up fragment? of a human body. The
eharred pieces of flesh and bone. It '.* ;.?:
Ue***d? were those of Frank Jov-ph N'eld
? er. who was a watchman In the Kjultable
Building at the time of the fire. The
dlacovery of yesterday ended a thirty
three days' search for th* body.
Positive fdc-ntliicatl?n will be frrtp-**
It Is believed, as there Is n*?t a vert'.* of
?rv clothing and the < riarred lumps of
f!esh and bone are ?o m'sshapen and de?
composed that It la thought to be Impossi?
ble to distinguish any marks of Identifica?
tion that mlKht have been on the boctv.
Tho foot of the stairway Is about a doten
feet trom the barred window that look?
out on Cedar street, and It i* assum?e
that Neider found hla escape cut off by
the barred windows and was running to
the stair? when he met his death. posj'.Hy
by being overcome by smoke, and subse
0 lehtly burned and crurhtd by the weight
of the falling floors.
Although no positiva Identification ?eem?
to be poislbl?? unless, maybe. If th?? beaA
I? found, there can bo little doubt that
the body la that of Neider. All the others
who were In the building at the time of
the fire have been accounted for. either
In life or death. Neider was about forty
elx years old and lived with his wife asno
r..n**teen-vear-o!d daughter at He ~A~ Mel?
rose aven'Je, The Bronx.
Borough President M:Aneny of Manhat
; tan has a-?cepted an invita*kn to address
1 the Queens Borough Chamber of Com
' meree at a meeting to be held at the W.il
i dorf-Astoria on Friday afternoon, or? the
! transit situation in the city The Queen?
? people are anxious to know what tho pros?
pects are of getting ?orne linca bullt Into
their part of the city and now soon the
' Stelnway tunnel will be opened. Pr?
j McAneny will ?ive them tome lnform_ticn.
*\* **A., U S. Department of Agriculture
? *. U. \ \ \ _ a-,W__ATHER BUREAU
?-?.V lo?*
^ I 'im'N?~o*Y
: C-_-.?\?. ?_?? ? ? ? ?',
?___,,_l_* N- *-**?* ~*_>*_S___
?5?L. 6 "**-.?*-'? i*^"!? * ?**?
MkfMw?, *-"*"*.__: ___^_____.i
toi-ni*????--?.--* **>T'*,*-~''
?4a???M>>,toM???>'>?~-|''a ?"**??-?
^ i _^__?^ZS^
i ? ? *- ??' / s? Y.it. f. r.,
_^~?' ', ~Vll I _-a_?r, f.l?. II,
I \afm*\ H /T **M j\
--i/*-**-' ' JLL?^"";3,?*?Cv
?rar TM bue
I H#BB>**!^ }? ;?
? Official Record and l'orerait.?IVaihln-fton,
' Feb. 11.?The Southern ttorm hu passed into
the ocean off th? North Carolina coast and
I the weather I? now clear Ii? all Atlantic Malea
Th?. Wcaiern disturbance has but IK'le energy.
hm iT I? movii.* e-iit.vard ?lowly. Durin?
Sunday It; ?Ad BlM ?now In the Oten Lake.?
X'?^??-i *hS n,d
h. South ind Southwest, and ?v?t? Ohio
^rhru-Vrern^Iturhan^'wIU^ontlnua It.
*X#?ment Faat and cause light snow Monday
\W?tV*. .outhern lake region, lb* upp^r OUI?
Valley ?nd t?y ' jruona of the rountry th*
??SSVrfe?" 'StA?
K?J?!'i?..*55~?^"'"* '?'""n"
marked, but I }hwlV?i(liippi Rtvar. etc*?*- In
day cast of the Ml"? ??, ,? lha r_r w
the Or?at ?-*kc"r?rf,*5;e? will continue
moderate temperature? *iw _?-?_,, ?J0lW
The winds along ?; bomtn-var||lbI<
will be rood-'.rate nor t??**? 0trat? variable;
middle ^?'?ntlc_/?."_lf c.-.a?t?. light to mo?*?:
?outli Atlant lo and G0unlfLC_k<) MlchH?D. mod
?rate variable, and on' *? , variable
?rate to brmk north. ??ecomm. _ur0p,4n
Steamer? *.e.p?rting-nfl moetly north
porta will have var **?'' "?I "weather. M the
?cet. with generally ?ir
Grand Banks ______
?*-_?.- -J-? ?_-S_S'.a_:
*>rn New England, fair ana *- -.??1,,.??
_^ .-..?fininir elOlI^lne*?: m?5?aerata
?Say; Tuesday. Increasing c b,
north ?tit wind?. heoomlntt^ ' Incre-iain-r
ror Southern >e_*!lv ,,"*,: anow to-day or
tloudteeaa. with P*?'"l,*'-*1 '.'?mr-itrti? variable
Tiiesday: moderately cell. nv
... _ v??-v mcreanlng cloudl
For Eastern We** York. inc ln V-therr?
.tea?, with P'"t>?,li.*n^,.?ay cloudy; mod
and c?sntroI portion?; Tumo?. ?
? rately cold: moderate varare?.?"^
Tor KMtern P?nna>*l"*ania a??
licht ??'Oiv to-day an* sll?-hily war.--.-r. lu?l
.1u\ generally tal: and ?eld; mod
arata variable <~ in.i*
For Delaware, Maryland *n.1 th? DUtrlet of
Columbia, lncr*?<-ln_ cl?udlr.tss *nd -!!-htly
warmer, with prehib'.y HfM ?now, tr-day;
Tuesday, generally fair _:i<" somewhat colder,
moderate variable winds.
Tor Virginia, gen. rally fair to-day and
Tuesday, except probably light ?mow In north?
ern portion and warmer In eastern and south-'
ern portion? to-dav; modirat.? variable wind?
For Western New York, probably ?a?
day and Tuesday, continued cold; mod
aorta \> inds.
For Western Pennsylvania, snow to-dav and
prubably Tuesday; colder I '.?rats
norta wind*.
?jfflclal observations of L'nltsd States w??th?r
bureau? taken at 8 p. rr.. yesterdsy follow:
Temperatur? Weather.
Albany . ?J Cloudy
Atlantic City. 1S ? I*"-1'
Boston. 1"
Buffal, . ,*
Chicago . M ?"?W
New Orl?an?. ?_ 32?
St. Louis. M ?_ *ar
Washlngt.i. .
? a. m , H | la.B.
Locai OOlclal Record.?T?s fc bowing oaclal
retord from th* Weather Bureau sh?*w- the
changes it. th? temper*, tur? for th* last .-verity
four hour?, in comparison with th* corre?
sponding date of last y??~
1911- lot2 *-??"? -C*-,--.
? a. m. 2** I ? P ?**. M ??
6 a. m.29 l. ft p. m. ?2 ]?
8 a. m. *S Zero 11 n ?"". H >*
1_ :r?.82 1)11 B? 99.31 ?
4 p. m. 35 20.
Highest temperature yes-.?.'*y. -t ??-3:20
P. m.>; lowest. --1 i*t 4 "__??> l*v*2f? U
average for ?orrespoadlng dai* la?t **;? j-?:
? v, rage for correspondln?; date las. tBB~~y.
? *_?**?&& : Increasl.*? ?m*aam with
probably snow, t-.-d.-y; Tu',??uCttf_i
i-nodera.ely cold, mod-rats varlabl? winds
i auction mm
Pare?is To Be S:!d Under the
Hammer This Week.
The offerings at auction tn the Veaey
?treet and The Bronx salesrooms thi? weei:
at 14 vesey stkeet
By Jo??r.h p. ta>
10 j-90.-,_?8.8, th?? 2 stv Swig? Isaac Well
?5* S* rJ-l,'!''-t"y *t al; Rosaiukv A O. att,s;
?_-,.*?. Xa3mt. rer; due, $;;.??l 44. ?axe?, ere.
Stun '.,.. ?'ib to a mtg of "10.Of??*
By fcryan L Kennfllr
_T NICR?LA6 AVE, S80. e o opposite 1S4-?.
?i. 90.ixll.*.?x lrreg. <" j,ty Heamcllft ?pmt.
executor'- sals.
convent a****_, ?JM ra -ee. n m cor of i60th
>t. i"9.1i_"-ri!0 liif-,.;,. j sty Ktnw?- apit-t;
executors ?-ai?; estate of Herman B?rgdor?. <-"
By Joseph P. Day.
HTB ST. 233 West, n .,, 4T5 ft w of Arnster
c'*"." a 5 sty tenmt; Alexander Haul
d?n _-t U ?Vyiit <?t al; F**d i P. attys; S.iney
Ncwtc-g, ref. due. 1KB?37; .axes. etc. $23*)-.7
47TH ST, 4*0 Wet*, i. .?. 20.6 ft e C? 10th
av?. Is taunt: J H Rohde ?gt <J
E M*or? et al; W M Hoes, atty; H C Lake, ra?;
due, is.oi-?.'?; taxes, etc. i43k? 25.
118TB ST. ."3 East, n a, 113 ft w of Park ft.
ami and Bieres; Be'ty Davld
soi- a_t Le-pcld Kaufmann et al: E. A. H*??e>.
?ttjr; Alcxar.Oer Lrough. ref, due. $10.15161:
. *1.!?31 M
;.'TH BT. 4"'* East, t s. 173 ft w of Avenus
? -5x103.2, ii sty tenmt and ?tore; Bank for
: ita- ?-..i. -gt I D Levy <-t al; Strong ti Co. attys;
til??, r?f. due. J1?.672 Si. tax*?, ?te, $1 *
112 2?
By Daniel ?_reenwal<i.
?liTH ST, 22V East, n s, 300 ft w ef 2d ave.
l'.'.xi? ?:.". 3 et> du ?g; Honchen Straus? agt
laeebaea et al? Wlllian Brunn?*r. att:
A exanoer Brough. ref: due, S~,02? 72; taxes, etc.
Bv Joseph P. Day
-'CORD AVE, 34!*. - ?. m ft s ef I4"d st,
; 8 ??*_; Bwv; NX Ar.her agt M A Blanch
I ard et al. Davis A K. attys; M B Levin?, r?.':
due, SS.iW 70; taxes, etc. t?2U 21?
JACKSON AVE. ?40 and ?42, n-Mr l?Oth st.
''?. ' s'.v temnt ?nd ?tores; Jacob Wicks.
Jr. a-- B M S Mastanl* c il; J B Mitchell.
'auy: UT h Loughim, ref; due. $41.232 31. raxes,
, ?'<*. ?"n- 78
By Joseph P. Day.
SOUTHERN BOULEVARD. 347 to Xi?, n s.
171.ti ft e of Alexin_?-r a?.?.-, ?even 4 ity tenirus.
I each on lot 20x100; vol sale.
1S4TH ST, ?40 ?nd 342. s s. 8&5 ft e of Alex
: andar ave, 42xK0; two 4 ?ty te?trnts; --ol ta>.
24TH ?T. 331 to 337, n s. 325 ft w of 8th are,
?.im tire*-, ?..art l?*??ehold; 4 and 2 sty
> b'.dgs: exr'? ?ale: also
i 1CTH BT, M. n -? 100 ft a o? 8t_ ave, 23x
l lo? 'xsirrcr; 4 sty tenrut; exr's sale, estate of
I James Eigar, deceased.
TRACT of 57V? acrss and two dwg? at Wesr
j fleid, stat?n Island, having frontage? In Mo
! Outre eve and Wood Po*? Road: trustees ?al*;
i ai.-o
19TH ST. 334 ?nd 3"", s ?. 845 ft ? of Oh
av*; two 3 ?ty tenmis. each on plot 30x32; trus
I tee ? sue. estate of Mary McKeon, deceased.
BROOME ST. 3S0. s s. 253 ft w of Mulberrv
I ?t. 24 fvltO 3; exr's sale; also
"r.i.KNE ST, 47 and 49. w s. 12211 ft s of
Bro-me st, 4AxlOO; 6 sty loft bldg. exr's eale,
cft.it* cf M L fj-. Voursney, decessed.
LINDEN ST. a ?. cor Evergreen av?, Brook?
lyn. ti.r?e 4 ?:y tenmts; txr t, sals, estate of
Heinrich R-Kke'shausen, deceased.
MADISON AVE. 18?, s e cor 134th st. 20.0x
80 : 3 stv ?J'.vg. vol ?al?.
lOoTIl ST. ? ?nd 11. n ?. 100 ft w ot Central
Park Weit. SoxlUo.ll- lrreg; 3 sty garage; vol
ELDHIDGE BT, 74 and 7?. e s. 100.1 ft n of
Hester st. 50 .',x*?7.6. two 6 sty tenmt?; vol ?sie.
AVENUE C. 173. w s. 23 S ff * cf Uth St, 23 9
?63, B ?ty tenmt; vol taie.
THIRD ,\v? i-^ie ard 2318. w s. 24.11 ft s of
I2?"th st, ?0y.Ou, two 3 sty btdgs: va ?sal?.
47TH ST. 4L n s. 300 ft e of 6th ave, 23x1003.
4 sty dwlg; vol ??le.
MADISON AVE, ? ? cor of 72d st, 102._*:'Cx
lrreg, 3 ity dwlg; Dime Savings B?nk of Brook?
lyn agt G R Waldo et al. Dykmtn. O & K.
i' !I Oregory, ref, due. SlM,27t?4?: taxe?.
etc, f14 '
50 r H ST. 215 East, n s, 180 ft ? of ?J ave.
23x100 4. 4 sty "enn-.t and store and 4 sty tenmt
In rear. ChrLuna Eiitclborn agt William, Ey et
I al; C xx Tonipklns. atty; Sumner Gerard, ref;
117TH BT, .304 East, s t.. 103 ft e of 2d ave.
11. 4 ?ty t-nmt; Rob*rt Ferguson, exec?
utor, etc, agt Antoinette Faggelle et ?1. Uary
A C. atty?; Pau! Jones, ref: du?. $11.074 02;
t?jtes. et?. $330 t'O.
<-l__\TLAND PU 10. e ?, 1023 ft ? of f*pr:ng
?t. _:_'?? 3x20 2X-0.8. 5 sty tenmt and ?tore; J
H De Witt, gusrdlan. ?g? Mtcf.ael Brtgante et
al; Cary & C. ?it>s. w s Bennet. ref: du?. $28,
?83* 70; taxes, etc. $1.404 8_.
By L. J. Phillips A fe?
ll'TH BT, 2~S ""'est. ? ?. 423 ft < of 8th ave,
-*! ? ?ty team, ?nd ?tore; Ade!?
BlerUr et al ?gx M B ?plnfer ?t al; K1*rm?n.
L S. a tr?: Bernhard Rabbtno. ref: due, $3.
t..x?s. ele. $1.?333 71; ?ub to a flr?t mtg
of $3?) OtO.
By Daniel Greenwaid.
AUDU'"ON AVE. 3'JO, w s, 80 10 ft n of l?4th
?re*. S *ty dW.g; Luclu? McAdam ?t
? asseutora. agt C A S?-hueWer et al; C A
! Fiarf-ner, ?Uv; Irwlii Kurtz, re/; due. $7.$71 13;
| i?x?s. ?te, SI,ISS -2
Bj Je?-ph P. Day.
170TH ST. 412 Es?'., ? ?, 106.3 ft e of Web
i ?ter ?se. 148x100: 3 ?ty dwg; Bungay Co agt
i Joseph -??1er et a!; K C HlrTeman. atty: War
l ren L*?:!? r?f d'J??. ?2.022 87; Uxe?. etc. $13130
By Joseph P. D?y
AVENUE 2 IB t 232. s w cor 14th ?t, ?8.11x
|fc*i. *.~*o 6 ?ty ten-r.ts and stores; Rosehill Realty
r?t!-r ?gt B Wolowltch Realty Co ?t al;
M .? tty; B C Herriman. r?f; du?.
8B8.M-28; taxe?, etc. $1.00-J<0: ?ub to three
I rntgs aggr-gatlr.g $86,000.
I1ITT1 BT. MB Bad 211 East, ff ?. 137? ft e
e.t M a-.e, 37.6x10? 10i ri s'\ tenmt txui store?,
I agt Flsc-?1 Realty Co et ?J! C I.
?S, attv; S S K.vnl? ref; due, $ll,3i?2 43;
; sub to a first mtg of $34.OJ?*
_D AVE. N40. w s, 781 ft s of 76tb St. 23x
103; 3 sty tenmt and stores Rudolph Well ?gt
Max Wertheirr.er et al: Franken thaler .*. K,
Herman HcffTan. r*?: du*. $-.,._S7 52;
?'.Il 7?! s'ib t? threa mtg? aggr?gat
40TH ST. 337 ami 330 E?st. n s. 383 ft ? of
2d av?, 40x160.3; A stv tenmt and ?tores: W A
Sind? et ?l ?gt David-Lena Coh?n Co et al:
M m Borland, atty: A J Levy, ref; amt due,
S37.'?21 10. taxe?, etc. ?1.01" 13.
By Samuel Marx.
10ITH BT, 45 and 47 Weis?, n ?, ?c3 ft w of
Sth ave. 5:xft?.l! hrk church; J L Hollarul ?gt
ureb et al. Myer N'us?j
?aum, attj Hinry Smith, r?f. du?. $l_.C??2 10.
taxes, etc. $"2.
By Jos?sph P. Day.
102D ST. 67?*? Ea?t, ? s. 211.7 ft ? of Prespeet
ave. old 'ne, "Ox?; 5 ?ty t?nmt. W H Sage ?~1
Fred F Frenrh Ce et ?1; W H Hage. ?tty.
Joneph D H A?ams. ref: due. $2,2-6 43, sub to a
Oral mtg of $27.0.'?).
By E.-yan L. K?r.nelly.
K6KT0N SI ?"r ave). ? s. 20? ft ? of City
Irland ave (or Main st). 2ie.t"x270 to Rochelle
(or East? x 214 i'.xl74 C. City Island; 8 a Mott
lagt R W Freestone et al: A A Kotten, atty;
Lyttleton Fox. ref; partlitin.
name an<1 address ??' ' -?
HESTER ST. l"7 and 100, store, etc: Concetta
Gu? to R.-sarl- C*l|glnl: 2 yrs 8 mos from Feb
1. 1912: $t,2?JO; ajdress, 100 Hester st.
liRANT. BT, ~-7. all; Sam'iel Frt?,lm?n to
ta Brand; 5 yrs from Feb <*, 1912. $.",400.
? 101 A\e E.
RIDOF. HT. B7 theatre, ,tc; S?freme Ridge
lk; L? yr? from April L
I ?;.': ii.t.t/t. ad.ress, 1576 1st ax*
WEST^HESTFR AVE, S15: ?tore and ba?e
ment; Wolf Btirland to Max L'fkowltz: 1 yr
fr.m March 1, 1*12; J1,_C0; ad.lriss, 123? Wa?r?
mrton ave.
."D A^1". s e ccr 2Hih st; store and basement,
Joseph H-cht to James Bvrne; 3 yr? from May
1. 1912. *J.4?X?: ?Idress. 343 3d ave.
?D AVE. 403; 'v Ir ter1*r of premises and y?rd
Dftvtd I.|.?.-r-?nn to Loul? Miller. S ytt from Fe*j
lb, 1912; $1.030: addrecs '02 5th st.
(With name ?nd address of purc*ha?er ?nd at?
STANTON ST. 31. 31x100; Maud B BarcUy to
Enimar. !?!! Newman, 64 East 12*d st imtg $44.
000): Feb 9; $1.
? NTON ST, Bt*4] 27x100: ?jam* to ?am?
imtg $;<!).i-X)): F?-b 0; |1; attorney. Hugo Ct?hn.
It* Avenue A.
SEVENTH AVE. S w cor of 54th St. H>0xl"O
(mi? $'.*"),O'.ki'i; 7th ave, n w cor of Mth st. *Krx
ICO (mta lltW.OfiO); Joseph I Or?- ?t al to Adlon
?tlon Co, ?12 Broa-lwav: F*n 7: $100.
attorney. Henry Me er. 303 Broadway
5TH ST. 328 East. 23x07; Joseph L Butwn
?*-i???r to City of New York; Jan 23; $26,000.
10TH ST. * ?. ?07 ft e of eri. ave. strip 2x92x
lrreg; Charle* Lanier, exr, to Br?*?kty*- Trust Co,
177 Montagu? ?t. Brooklyn, truste?; ?11 lien?:
Feb 7- $100; attorney, Till* Guarantee ?nd Triut
Co, 176 ero-.cr.ay.
UiTH ST ?0 West. 2*xV2; Ero?-.khn Trust Ce.
iru?*e. to Wllll?m N Dyckman. ?xr, 14S W??t
Feb 0: $_-.'??/?. attorney. Tit:? Ouxrantee
?n?l iiust Co, 170 Hr??dway.
S?5""H ST 19 to 21 Weit, 4 ?ty brk. 4?x98, 1?
?nd SI West 8?'.t,i Street Co to William M
Soerrv at Crawford. Union County. N J fmtf
?830 COO) Feb 2: $100; attorney. Lawyers Title
iMur-u-e? ?nd Trust ?C?. 16?j Broadway.
SlST ST 311 P-at, 5 ?ty brk. 23tl02; Rtdcllfl?
??Mit? ?-a to John M Wynn, ?*1 8?ckett ?t
feiroklyn (mtg $24.260*: Feb 8. $1?~0; attorney. E
fcl aijm, 170 r.rcidway.
r.LLDWELL AVE. *? * MJS ? of W0"h ''
Alk. Stras?b?rger to ?iliabtth K'tti.
r?_ Green".to sv?. Jan 31 'sita $11.000); $100.
?" C A Fu-nhman. Sd av? ?nd 14?th ?t.
CAYUOA AVE. ploU 18 ?ad 10. blocit 1?. map
' F leidsten, con-air.in?; 1 * 23l square ft. Parkway'
. H'.-ir.t?. Co m s?. .
1 NlehoU- ave. jai. '.rr.ey. 'lltle Guar
I an?*? and Trust Co. IT?! "
FOX ST. w ?. 112 f*. n ?if 169th at. 31y meg. !
t?. Noi3 Co?-isfrjcti??n c?, 318
r.ar*. ? jth at ihntg *?.o:?0): Feb 8; $IC0: attr-rney.
Title Guarantee and Truet Co 17?j Broadway.
LO~ ? itata; Karl
; Aac!.ir?i>r;r..J to Louise AschenbiaM. at l*:ip.
' Lon? latead; Jan 24; 91; attorney. Johs R Vur.k
tut, Lonj Is'.and.
\ L?T :2? m!.. ?6? let?. Hurt? Polrrt; Hunt?
Point H-Mlty ? a Ce-.i?l-ir.a Q?r?i?;i to C'ci?
"? ? ' ? ? '? *>' .'? 4 il attornev, _
"-? E- -t UM- tt
MOiH?LV PARKWav SOUTH, nwcor 2034
? st. USIti El*-e fcevj te R. Meld C< nsir'J0t<."a
1 Co, ?WS Mojnoiu Pfiikuay Souii? ?r.r.g $2.20?, Feb
C; ?1*0; attorney. Tltl? i*iunra*it.r a-.d 'lrust Co, '
| PBOt-PECi WE, e ?.. 525 ft n'of lSSd at, M
? SMx irr<? ler.n:-. Cc'.ian W Made:lne Hi?ti, t2S9
; Si-np*o.'i st. Feb T; Id: attorney si-rmund tVeacb
i irr. 32 BroaAe ay
SOPPING tir or WAX W a. 1?X> ft r. of 177th
?*.. nota irret; Herbert Li.nburg referee, to l
M Ryckmao, ?_9 sjmi'h ?t. ?Vawerk. N J; '
Feb ?:? 11.500: attorney*. Ml? hell ft UtilUa. 55 I
I Lifci.rty at.
j TRINITY AVE t ?, MM ft ? of l.Vth st, 23x !
? 73:: in<*?**; Caroline A Wooer to Antoinette Went*- I
1er. ?6? Trinity ate note 111.****)! Jan 3; 1100, I
I attorney, Lawjer? Title Insuianc? and Tru?t Co,
170 BrcaiTray.
13TH Ft, a ? lot tot map Unionport. l?***<*--x2u6 ;
I Marta ?. CV.U t Ma.-y 1 Whuteinore; Fob 9: \
j tjia 60; -..'.'re*.?. ISS Dekatur at, Brooklyn.
?eSTH IT. ?. s, 10? ft e of Ftndla?- pre, 33x104: i
Realt Co to Bernr-rc bioch, lUO St |
as ave trotg *23.7:?): Feh 8; tlw; attorney, i
j Title Gu?rante and I rust Oj. ITU Broadway.
173TH *i, Ci? East. 1*jx1'. 4. C*rl _. K?a_ri:p to
hanarup, 4*>s East l?*.th it tmtg $4.500i;
I Feb 9; ?iiv, adere*?, 4*sA E<_st 175th at
j (Wits name and address of grantee and at?
Int?re?jt .1 per cent unless otherwi?? stated ?
j EDOECOMEE AVL". 103 and 157. 40x100;
[ Ite_ia M Brobat to ?amuel L?8?, 530 Pacific ft,
; Bioot-lyn; F?b v. 1 yr. 6 per cant: f**?u; attor
? n?y, G M MoscowUz, l?& Montague it. Brooklyn.
MANHATTAN ST s w a, at n e 125th at. run?
?'? -. :i e ?x s 4 174; Ann McGulre to Agcncv
j Realt. ?inJ Morts-ii* Co, 31 Nassau st. Feb 2; 2
?? pet < ent; |s,*jC0; ad'ress. 21 Nassau at.
? WE?'T KND -\* H ft n of 101st St,
! 22xlu?; Robert B Walsh to Florence S F tench,
i 886 Clinton ave, Eroc.'-lyn; I vrs, 4H ftr cent;
Fea 9, 8..5.C0O; Rttornij, rit.e Guarantee tvai
*. CO, 17ti B.*oaJway.
t tD ST. 1*58, 24x11*: Joe V '.iser to HaiTy Goid
I Inf-, 2 **.\"?ewt. 12Dth *t; Jan i*j, matalmente. ? p?
cent; <3.0iX*. _tiu. . Roeeaberg, 71 Naa
? 9SM R
10TH ST, ? ?, ;V?i ft e ot ?th ave, 23x92.
Ciarlos Keck to Brooklyn Trust Co, 177 Mon
I t?i(?uo it, BTootlyn; Feb 0; due a? per ?oond;
i 119,000 ? ?' Guara::'.? an? Truet Co.
17?. Ero&.v ??
i V11H ST. 1*? Mid 2! We??.. 4 *ty brk. 4<?x??8;
Tim :i ;,'.r: ?e la to 21 V.*,:5t ^?tb Street Co.
3> ?Broad st. Feb 2; 2 yrs, .. per cent; t_5,?f)00;
| atiorn.;;', J well. M Broad at.
70TH ST. s s. 12o ft w Of .M ave. 25x102:
I .'<3*pl; I Grcin ?.u Lawyer? Mcrt?T_je Co, 5? Lib
! erty tt; 3 yr?; Feb 0; $25.000. attorney, Law>er*
I Title /nsuran;? and Tr-.i*t Co, Uso Broad-?'.
102D ST, 2U Caat, .*? atf brk, 25xl(X), Hyrnan
Block to Magdalena Oian&e. g'n. lOM Tinton
j ave; Feb 0. 5 yr?; tl7,000; attorney. La.vyera
I Title Ir.surancs and Trust Co. 1C0 BrOMwey
BATHGATE AVE. w a, 100 ft n ot 181? ?t,
2TxU4; Huso Donahoe to Uary E Conway, 784
St John's pi, nr?x?klyn, 1x00; attorney, J H
P.o--an. 1*5 Nssaau et.
CAYUCA AVE. -Mote ?8 an?. 10. block 19. map
riel?ston; Barnard -'cl.ool fur Boys to Parkway
T!?!?hn Co, 23 Breed st J?n U; due aa ?.er
iond; |13,f-.'); atl'iney. Tttla Guarantee and
Tru4t Ca. liil ?rotiilway.
FP.AN?CI.IN .\VE. 1?33. l?xlW>; Edward J
r.?l!y to Mary A Kll?allen. I?2 East 55th at,
i Feb 1. 3 yr?. 6 per cent, $3,500; adir?s?, t02 Eaat
Wth st.
OAKDEN ST, n s. 1C0 ft ? of Prospect ave.
BOkIOO; Jacob Cohn Construction Co to Ncrth
i Side Savin?? Benk, 3230 3d ave; Feb 6; due aa
per bond; l;.3,iXK); attorney, Title Guarantee and
Trust Ca 17'i Broadv.?y.
LOTS 2 to 8, 0 1'? ani IV map esUt? Joseph
Hu?son; ?Gtrorae Gier.? to i:arl Klua. 1U3 Inter?
vale ave; F??b 9 (prior rr?t? S?IS.0?00) due Jan 1,
1913. 8 per cent. ?3.00O; attorney, Charles A
Firtr.man. 3d ave and 14&th st.
MO-H'DLI-' PARK"?V.>.Y i-OUTH. n w cor 203?3
st Zixli'n Irre?; Rockfteld Construction Co to
Title Guarar.ipf; an I Trust Co; Feb 0; 1 yr, 0
per cent. $0.000, address, '.78 Broai-ra-.
TRINITY aVK, e s. G??0 ft>a of 138th st. 2."?x
71; Antoinette Wentzler to Minnie E Uhl. 1211
Beach a*-e; Fub ? iprio? nit?-j 118.800); due Dec
2?. 1914. ?; per cent; ?15,000. attorney. Lawyers
Till? lr.surar.ee ar.d Trust Co, 180 Broadway.
WILLIS AVB c s 100 ft n ci 144th st 30x98;
Celtic P.cal Estate ?!*o to Eaili?r_nt Industrial
Savin?? Bank. 51 Cbamb?r? st; 5 yr?; Fob 9. 2
n.igs. tae! ?''."?' -;".*"-' :.tt?-?i-n?y. E J Mc
Culre, 52 Wall ?t.
3D AVE, s w cor 174th st. 200x128; Harry
Simon to Mariette E Williams. 430 East 57th st.
Feb 10 (prior mtg StW.Ctxi?; i yr, ? Der cent;
la.flO-ri; attorneys. House, Grcsa & Vorhaus, 115
ICTH ST. s s. lt vart lot 287. map Unionport;
Mic?iael J McCarthy to Bernard J ?hanlev, 216
East 127th s: crlor n-t??- tt,OtKn'. Fe\ ti: due ?ua
per bond: $l.?.*O0: ad.-lres?. 216 West 127th st
177TB ST. n a. 29 ft n o? GranJ Boulevard
ar.d Concourse lOOx trre-j; Mount Hope Methodist
El iscopa! Church t.*. Celia J Fer-pieon. 223 Mount
Hope pi: F?? 9: ?cm-md, ?'. ir c*nt (prier rtng
Sir ?.'Ki'i. JI.OjO; ?ttorniy, E R E*kley. 43 Wall
(With name and address of lender'? attorney )
February 10.
PARK AVE, 1735 <122d ?t. l??>, ? ? cor 122?
st. 73xlS; D;-: 2-i. IM?.'. Mortimer S snd Kath
Horton to E?ward McWhltin-r, at aeBaral guard?
ian; |14?000; attorney, John L Sutherland, 71
Wall st.
W?tyt END AVE, ?v t. 338 ft n of 101st st.
22 3xK0. Feb 9, 1903: Louis anc H'.'.en Russell
to G Frederick Schwar?; $29,000; addres?, 40
"Wall st.
10?D ST. n s. *_? ft e of 3d ave, 25x1??. 11:
May 17, 1904. Albert and Ellzibeth Brandt to
Irvtnr Savings Institution; JIaCn); attomer.
Lawyers Titl* Insurance Co. 160 Bioadway.
126TII ST. 100 ft w of Columbus ave. 34.7x
104 ?>?. ^ 2.3; Jan 21. 1911: Anton Lieb?
ler to See rttr Bar.* of New York; $4,0u0; ad?
dress. 147 L*a?t LXt'i ?t.
BATANT AVE. 14S7. 20x100- Ju'- i. 19C8,
Jaiob an' Llt.tie Krononberger to the Mercb_nts'
Co-operative Mo'ifiige Co. ?2.5?J0; attorney. H H
Rlttc-rb'jsch. HO Nassau st.
BURNSlOE .WE, n s, Cl ft w of Basafcrd
Place, ?.x9;x:t' IUL'.b; Juno 13. i0< *5 : M.;yer Bid
"Lena Mar.assa to Harltm Savings Bank; |4.5C?D:
aticmoys. 3 K _ F B Wiihiman, 22j Broadv.-a>.
l'\QL?. AVE, e s. ?103 ft s of 15tSth st. ?JJX113;
I Sept iv, lOOt; Mich?le dl "Benedetto to Fannk
Cohen; $1,150; attorneys. Fettreich A Seybal. 41
Park Row.
I EAGLE "AVE. n e cor Wesfehester ave, 08.9x
!2??.H3 4xJ3 6; :-"eb 27. 1-93: NiCi.oia* and Anna C
I Wlelaadt t? Peter Doeiger; $;,(XM); attorney, Gao
: _ V. :- 3C5 Brooir.e st
? GRAND AVE, 1993. 2*?xl0rt. 11x25x107.5. April
j 27 1207. Eertha Newman and Lll?e frotta to
C Pef-irrew; $1.300; attorney, Jacob M
j _ch?>enfeld. 299 Broadway
I MOSHOLU AVE. S e, 214.4 ft ? of Fleld?tone
75?u'-'.3x79\l'4 :?; Cet 25; Benjamin F and
Shirl?v C Warkir.s to Emerson Lattln_; $4,0t0,
j attorney. C P Latt.nf, 34 Pine ?t.
KCDGERS PLACE, e s, 492.4 ft n from n w a
Wcstcheste?* ave. 30x?yx22.ix90; May 25. ltX)4.
I Honry I? *?'om.lrir, io Henry Pol'ock; $2,?3?X); at
i icrtay, ? E Davi-, M \*a.sau ?t.
? \"*i'SE AVE, w l. 201.2 ft s of 180th st, 38x
100.1: Feb 8. lO'O, Marie Krabo and ano te. Ber?
tha nuiehattke; $2.0?'0, attorney, j a Seldraan,
?Cl Park-RfJ-".
H CT, n ?. -SO it w of Elton ave, 25-f*100;
1 No\' **3 U*8i Ptt-y, So : lard & Wslker Realty
Co to ventral Trust Co; $10,000; attorney?. Mll
: ??.Kr.am, M Broiidway.
:C7TH ST. n e s, 108.5 ft e of Vanderbllt ava,
43x140; Jan 12. 1*?'.G; Mary C A Brown to Tbareae
Benin. $0.80U; attorney, Lawyers Title lnsurar.M
?. j. 180 Broadway.
17STH ST, n f. 2002 ft w of Morris ave and
IM 11 t't w from n w cor Grand Boulevard end
.rie. ?XlCO; Apri: 3. tUOO: Anna H Bed?
ford to Martin Walter: $4.u00, attorney, Doujla?
Mathewson, 2ta Broadway.
William H Ely to Joseph J?rsky; $1??.
Joseph Jerskv to Lewis Krulewltch; $100.
j-wne? J Tully and ano to Margareta Walker;
Annie Cohen to Jeanne R Kall?h; $2.000.
Airaliam Kornbiuth to Aoraham L Kaa?.
La-vyer? Title Insurance and Trust Co to Jo?
seph M Adrian; $12.500.
gute Bank to Lawyers Title Insurance and
Trust Co. con?.?oration omitted.
Polar Savings Batik to Millie Beiden; $9.000.
I ,?.i?e A Romsteck to Fanny Franz. $1.
James J Tully to Ann J O' Donne;l; $1,300.
Vary EriiaMt to North Side Savlnffs Bank;
as ? ? <
Hunts Pint Est?tes to Sophie 6teln. $2.500.
Frances W A Lonohoe, trustee, to Osret E
^e'^F'aTce. E Winanta; laooo.
I Same ?.X.? S^et E VVinants: $55.000.
Mutual Life insurance Co to Nassau Mortjage
C?Amlrlcan Mort?age Co to Jared W Ball,
,5?a2ne .?-. U?Ul Pre'.l. S7 000.
tawyAWt Titl- Insurance -?nj Trust Co to
? ?tvv?>r? Mortaaae ?-0; ??J.UUU.
Nassau Soft?*?*) CO to Mutual Li!? Insuran??
C:Low-*rs htartsnt? Co to Mira A Bowie.
,1i_S?h Ro-ieniVral to Minnie R Mult.-: $1.
E*?norj Poi^er to Samuel Hollander $2.??0
?TV AVR 5?t8' T??e Jc Towa? Mfj _o agt
lut?T?a ZaxarsSer, Aaaa B SUrtiand and laa
?in?? Co, contracto-, $130 7?.
inn ST 10*? to 1">8 West: Michael McNemara
'.?,, vi?d Stre'et and Lenox Avenue ?Sompany.
1 owner; FlniteUteln & Kufel. contr.jtors; $30 5?)
I kth'AVC 54??. Josep.-i Tino _ ?Co agt Isabella
t Robev ami Andre v.- Aloxatder. owr.ers. J* C
?A? mtSi Co. con-Tsctor. ?O?
I -.f>.T-ii_?V AVE. t*-?9: Bymtn Cohtn apt Jacob
' poudam. owner; Pi* Shalet. owner and con
? tractor, tHU _
H8TH ST, 410 to 420 West; Expert Rooflng
C(,,t,Fi ai*es C Hendrlck. owner. P e Hen-j
drlck contractor; ?1000.
RT NICHOLAS AVE. n w ?eor 15Sd u. I02x
21". 10. Jack?*--'? M?nr?! snd OraU TtorYt art
M R L ~Jul:dl?:g ?Co. o--ner and contractor: 81.4?"
f BROOK AVE. 260: j Gre***-*rg Co ?gt A ~~
Cohen, owner: Hyr.-gn Cohen, contract-**: 843
CHURCH BT, Nos ;'l* ,n.i $17. and Ll?t>?nard
*t. No 38; Morris Talsky ?art Es?cff ReaityxC?
et al. Dt* 21. 1911; $17:.
BROADWAY. No 1794 to 1M8; Comr**on?--_tl
VtooUvtt Co agt Georg? Ehret et al- April 2A
lull. $773 43.
BENSON AVE ? ?. ? from Frtsby av?: RIA
ard L Thibaut inc. agt Bet.it ?__in?ber- ?t al.
Jan 8. 1912; ?130 OS.
CAULDWELL AVE. e ?. **.*. ft . et 163d St.
ASg*4 iSll^lifl "i*1 Henn*C D ^ " **?
SAME PROPERTY: Niecla Mazzecge aer?
?ame: Auf, ', *.~:i; ??C67
SAME PROPERTY: Veacento Marine ?*t
?me. Aug 11, I?U; $17 30 ^
SAME PROPERTY. Vtac.jdt Vantura ?*r*
same; Aug 4. 1911: $23 88.
BAME PROPERTY: Frsnceeoo T-amano-a-i
?gt ?ame: Aug 4 U'll. J23 ?37 ?nmm^mmmm
SAME PROPERTY: Enjuto Bernardlat atr
?am?; Aug 4, mi; $1667. -?<?-?> ??*
-s^AugT^Ks^*^ ?? ??
AaV?.-ffBRF* Ga0taa0 ""^ " ?*
22D 6T **?5 East; for a 4 ?ty day nut-err, 2ftx
l '..???L*-"",y of Gr*"> Hospital and Hern?. 834
F-ast *2d street, owner; Rei'.ev ? *.-?'s__ck. ,?1
3th ave, archlf*c*e: flJ.OOO.
11TH ST. s ?. 267.;? ft e of 6th amor, ter an 8
?ty ?panment h. ?4*:7ij.O G w Lea-it*, ?_r?en
burgh, N T. owner; Lawlor A Hatte Aj v all
?, architect?; $(0.00-).
AUDUBON AYE, ? e cor 184th st: for a ?
?ty tenmt, 70x79.3; <*raeen Mab Co. ?S* M*rnlag
?ld* ave. owr.er: Sec*-art* A Oras?. 347 6th axe.
architect?: $33.000.
4TH AVE, ? w oor 30th st. for a 18 sty
lefts. 80x100: 440 4th Ave Co. 49 Wall ?t, c-~~*??
';'. -. Cri'** ? Cr?a*- 327 3tb ave. architect?.
BENEDICT AVE, n s. 300 ft w of l-~-g?l?-*
av?, four 2 ay- brk dwlg?. 20x54: William BuhU
""artlng and Glebe ?ves. owner: Henrv Nordh?ln*.
lute" Tremont av?, architect; toul cost, $2S.000.
! 23IS I ST. 33e.ua ft w of Independence ave.
! l"i ?torv frame dwtg. *-~.8-,?"l..-;, Henry- A Kro
, g*r. 4?'S Oresnwlch st, owner; A F Korn. Jr. 818
West 67th bt. archil???: co?t. $8,500
i,?S?0,$.^v,Llua' 2 t*. brk f?*-wy. ???-ie**x
II? *3'4 : Gil?? Whiting, 2 West 45th ?t, own?r;
Richard Berger. S-j? Broad~**av. arcb.tect: ?jo?*.
! $soo
LOTS a 7. 8, 30 and 83, sec 1. map ?f Mem?
Park. The Bronx; five action?. Georg-? C V??i
Tuyl, Jr. ?uperlntendent, agt Pelham Parks-ty?
Rta'ty Co et al (for?ck>?ure ef A?.* mtg?); ??
torney. F M Patterecn.
PARCEL of l?nd beglnntn? at a ?m? 11 pointed
rock, partly 6unk In meadow, run? n w 612.11
ft to new mosquito ditch x a w &20-4 to cer.tr?
line of Black Dog Creek x? ? xe ? x?e 14?*
to out In ?mall ?tone in cluater ot ?mall ?tone? z
n e ~S0 il to hummock? x n ? to beginning, ?ea
talning 7 3374 acre?. The Bronx; EUiabe***
Rcenier agt Herb-rt M Holten et ?J (p-rUtlonY:
attorney. A F Geschellt.
139TH ST. 281 West; National 0-*-t**?t.ng ?Co
?ft Elizabeth A Dodge et al fforecloeur? ot
mtg>; attorney. M L Hetdenhelmer.
138TH ST. s s. 730.2 ft w of BouI*-*?-"~. VAtx
100. Broadway, n ? cor of Rock ?t, lOOzlelt
Ellzab'th R Wh'.tehead agt Sarah G Seddon et
a! (partition); attorney, L Werthelmer.
72D ST, n ?, 150 ft w of 8d eve, 29.*tl?**_,_
Tyulee H Jackton agt Mary O Manahan ?t al
(foreclosure of mtg); attorney, C Wood.
CLAY AVE, e ?, 170.11 ft n of IdOth ?Jt 18>.t*a
fit): John Baumann et al agt Joeeph Leek et ?J
(foreclos-ir- of mtp); attorney. 6 Wlllla-naoa.
MADISON ST. 854: Cali* Sehnater ?gt lasas
Roeenwesser et ?1 (forecloeure ot two mtg-*:
attorney. E H Arnold.
WEBSTER AVE. 2-43: He?ir W Wtoch agt
Martha C Hogan et al (foreclo?ur? of mtg); ?i
torney. B E Rabel!.
2D AVE. 2286: ti tat? Bank agt Samt*?! Hott
m?n et al (foreclosure of mtg); attorney, J A
WALTON AVTD, n e c~r 172d ?t. 47x05; Bronx
Investment Co loan? Hurier C?ldw?il Con?tn?r>
tlon Co $36.000.
BROADWAY, n ? cor 20th ?t OS 1x1136? Irteej
to 21st ?t; Clarence 8 Herter loan? ButtteHar.?!
Realty Ce ll.8flO.00ft.
] Sheriff Harbnrger Expresses Order'b
Appreciation* for Country
! The forty-fifth convention of District
; Grand Lodge, No. 1. Independent Order Fre*
j Sons of Israel, met yeeter?ey morning In
i Alharnbra Hall, Seventh avenue and l*?th
j street. Solon J. Licb?aklnd. Grand Maaur.
I presided and a?_dre~**es were made by
! Sheriff Harburger. Con"r:essmari Goldfofle
? and M. Samuel Stem.
! Sheriff Harburger ?poke of "That Waah
[ ington an.l Lincoln had done for liberty
. and freedom and added;
Fifty-two years later we e?e the fruits of
? th??- greatness and v e love and venerst?.
I our great lar.d for it? unswerving rldellf
to mete out Justice to those Amortan cltl
? z-ris, whatever their rt'.l*rlo?is belief, vrho
?are desirous of \?siting Russia. Our great
i order, as we do to-day, ?how? its apprecia?
tion for our country, -vhich ha? been s<*
' ?rtni a bl?Mlns to u?.
! The following officer? were elect???.*, te>
; eerve for the ensuing year: Henry J. Hy
| man. New York. Grand Master; Bamuel
; Sturtz, New York, First Deputy Grand
Master; Max C Eaum. New York. Second
! Deputy Grard Master; David Harria. Bor
' ton. Third Deputy Grand Master; Abraham
' Hafer, New York, Grand Se?*re-aiy; Adolph
j E. Karel*or, New York, Grand Treaeurer.
1 Benjamin Blumenthal, representative te th*
! UnltM States Grand Lodge.
A <mi*t. restful place In th? ?rcbu-%
or country ?her* you and your ??xd
dren may enjoy all the recreative ad?
vantages of land and ?ea?
XV. have it ready for you?werm.
-*?.y. elegant. Artlatlc handioraft Bus
Jalow or stately Mansion?either la
?11* Terre on Long Island Sound, or
"-?-?lvn E?uu?, In th? Wheat!?/ Kills
?37 and 90 minute? out. High?-*,
most beautiful point? of North Bhena,
L. I. Special term? and price? to pleea?
Ask for th? "Bartt?? Fe****et*" A
111 Hr>ia?i?.vai N. Y
Tel.. SIM?Rector __^
Our popular, ?ow-coat buagtlow? make a
s immer by the bay and sea easily ?-tibia
the reach of moderate tacomt?
Xonhere can you find so much pleaaur?
and recreation?for ?o little??? In th?
Bungalow village tn th? Pinea or "BrlgbU
Now 1? a good time to ?elect your plot
for a ?ummer bungalow. Specially favor?
able tt-rm? made to early purchasers.
Write for Bungalow Folder No. IS.
New York OtScr?; 1 Went 14th St.
To Close Out
Must ?ell at once, lots near Station and
Bay; direct !lr.e to Montauk: boatinc.
bath!*.-,' and fishing: Main Street, Brook
haven Heights. $40 each. If? down; I years
.--uiranteed. Ne
before nor nover again wi'.l the Ilk? bo ef
to pay balance; title guaranteed. Never
TKOMAB CTIJ-Y^lljg Br?r*dws--.
F-OR SALE?Choie? 10<0--?o<;t corner ploT in b???t
improved section Lena Beach. L. t.; near the
locean: convenient to ?latlon: eduoed piic*. A4
dr*?i? OWNER. 1T0 W,?t iic.t ?t.
Loft to Let
with Fwer It. the
Cor. William and Duane St?.
31 Nassau St.
_ 'Phon?*. j'-->??onl?ndt.
Woolworh Building
Broad?-?-. Park PL to Da re I ay gt.
Appllcitioos for spac? ?hould b? moon m
Edward ?I. Hogan, --?ent
Co-t. .'-rrf' or.r A?tcr 99aam
' ""' *-*______!'--"
__ADa-trnent? of t? rxop.t. >m-p)e cl?*>?et?. eta? _
**? ______*-?-?
7TM AVE.. ?. n?ar l?t_ ?t.-^Reo-**?*. ntMao.
?tudios; ?t?a_- tighr and hot -?ur:
vated bonete

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