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hy h representative pari (or class) of ti??*
peopH n i- dangerous \* ? i >. f??r any man
to try ?-. improve .?n Mncoln's doctrines of
i ? -;iit.? ,.:?l popular light. 01
course, evervbody, whether a believer in
despotism oi In democracy', agrees that
? ii,?**.- ui.-t be government <>f the people
in tin ?ext place, even *be ruling t-lassei
it? s desp**11s*n mIw?i?m puhlit-lv state thai
? government ?s tor tbe p?'<>i le Th?
point of dilf'-ren. e lut ween the believers It.
genuine tlemocrar*. and genuine popular
rule, and tho.?*?? who openly or secretly dis?
believe in such genuine popular rule and
?.fii??-..- in government by minorities, eomeii
In ,-iinii?.. tion with Lincoln's third propos?.
i o thai Hie sofern i ncnt should be by the
i ho,??* who believe In government or ?ui?
bi a pan <-f the people, by h minority of
the peo'.io, by - privileged ?la*?- oi ?> I
f*\er tie rest of the people, have slways ?
e ?t-d under <*\ery form >?f minority Rov.
? inment. from aristocracy ?>?> pluto
that the? we,e rc,,ii> representing I
pie. hut iii.it thev knew hon t-? repre?
sent the !?<??.pi ruM ho? to govern them ..
Slept -i.-al Detti r ?hum Hi?- !.le dl
v.?,-... it ? . n ihis ?point thai we folio?
Miraba? I,in oln. and lake illrec I ?i?
with ti?-- President. In actual pmctlre the.
President'?, theory of government of ihe ;
people, i.ot h\ ihe people bul by .? repi
?entatlve par1 of the ?people, means simply
?overtiment nt the people by Ihe boss?
b- ti.e niPii \.hf-> represent the comb! it
,.f polltl?-* ..?"1 hi-.* business ?? ? ?mblnatlon
?? political and tit lanelal privilege Thi? Is
m hat _.?\ .-i-'o i? nt ??r Americans by u repre i
nentath < pert oi class pf Am? ri<
?. tu;,i |.i,.-i'..- moans Thanks to the ver* j
lin-???- ,. question, lhanks to ihe repre. -
HeVitatlVis of political and financial prlvi?
lege, and even. I im sorrj to say, s i>i
p -, lion i f ludicl ii ofllc? ' ' ??? ?* have i:i
>..i.i| ? ??.<*! i.?ii. .- had tin- kind <?' c..i?"in
nvi/i? hi. i. the President upholds In man?
..;' . i , ? .ni i . . .ii'I ' h.? ? "I i... n
k ,??-..?- - . ment In .
tic? uch -" ?aller) rep. pai i
of the r?eopls represents and ?:il alwaya
? ent o "thin-.: wliatevci I ? ? 11 privilege.
Attacks Taft Adh?rents.
. i
The rhlel i? r' ienl adherents of in?* P
?t*eni. gentlemen i'k>- Senator Penrose, Sen
hoi t* a Hing r, Mi ?Barnes Mi McKinley,
Ni 'i iwnej and their associ?t?** are pre?
cisar* th? ir?en ?ho under the President's
tbecr* would be, .-? the* to s certain de?
gree fllre*dv ere, the ?representative hart"
?-?i ii??? people which governs the reel of the
?propiA and which .b????? not renllj represent |
ihem et all. but ml.representa them. In
short, in it-? actual workings the Presi?
dent's schein? wo'l.l i?.- ,i government of]
th? n?ople, for Ihe people, hv ih.- Posses.
and it would make bttte difference t.? the
?pr. pi.- whethei the bosses acted through
><.<??< rnntrnlted legislatures ?>i through
boot nominated and prlvllege-rldden courts -
A?; against i ih?-*ory ol government
-?-re adhere to tue Iheor) sei forth by Lin?
coln, th? theory that this is .i government
Of the people, for 1 lie people and 1?? ih?.
people w.. h'*M that the American people j
e It to rul* themselve., mu? that no email :
j*an ?if ti!-->m b to be permitted to govern
the rert tVe hold that the American peo- ;
?-?le ?re to govern themselves, to rtile them- :
selves, and that they choose thelt repre-J
eentativea not to rtile eve- them but merel>
to manage the public business In ii??? ?best
?-?r?=riM? fashion for them, according to th*?|
g'i.er.ii lines which they, ths |*?eople. la*:
. do??, n In ?.ther words, whereas the Presl j
rl. nt believes th.?t a pari of the people are
' Io govern the rest, wo hohl that all tl"
f-eopip ar? to govern themselves by ?linos- !
nc some .?f their number, net t?? govern
them m ihe ???iis?. of ruling them, but to i
?"i-isnai'e their government for them as th? ? .
11 eincplx ,..: clocrcc
Thi? Is not n (liti'r'-ence of WOrds This I? ?
s fundamental difference, which explains
?** I In .?.<-. mai y mattere the I*TO|tTee-rives ,
do r.ot f*?*?t that the ?President, however
good bis intentions, .-an properly represent
ih?m ?.r pa\ to progressive Ideal 'he kind
Of lo\i-lty Which results iti the translation,
of *A(>riiM mto actions How fundamental
th? difference Is was shown by the presi?
dent-? selection of Lincoln'-* birthday as an
occasion f??r cru according to the
newspaper reports he ?lid tho m? n who pro?
claim the tihihhoieth of "the man before the
dollar " This criticism was peculiarly In?
felicitous on such ?m occasion, for it was ;
Lincoln ?a ho. on April ?'.. Itbt, Wrote to the,
.leffft?-;,,!- ?linn.-r > ommlttee, of Boston. ,
savin*, that ihe defender? of slavery "hold j
the llbertv of one man to be absolutely
"nothing when In conflict with another roan s
i.eht of property: Republicans, on the con- ?
trarv. ask for both, for the man and the
dollar but In case of conflict, the m??n be- |
fore the dollar ' Was Lincoln a ?lema- '
Private Property Not in Danger.
in this country conflicts between human
rights and the riRhts of privilege mas
nueradlng as property rights dt\ frequently
arise, and such conflicts ere occurring ?t
t i? present time. In these conflicts we
put Ihe man above the dollar, and WS are
unaffected by the position ?>f those who.
as we think, unwisely sneer at us for tak?
ing such a position we hear much talk
to-day among the ?Wenders, of privilege of
?f?;?!' lest then- shall be confiscation of
property, meaning thereby confiscation of
private property to public use. As a mat?
ter of fs?-l. theie is no danger <>f such
confiscation.' the danger i?-- precisely tbe
opposite. The danger is the appropriation
of public property t<? private use, with the
connivance of the lax ?>r unfaithful trus?
tees whom ih? people elect t?> protect their
Interest?these "truste,-:' being thai "rep?
resentative part" of tie people whom the
President says should by right govern the
?rest of tbe people. State mad?- titles to
publk pioperty. ?ilehed with the Igl
or corrupt sc-qulesence of the truste?
oue.-tinn. are made the Instruments bv
which real man-made property Is taken
ftotn those who should have it, so thai
few of tii?. people may be permitted to .is?
for their exclusive benefit property which
or rithl Should he used for the benefit of
a.i u e Progrr?nivi-s have seen the wrong
In this at d hu*..? pledged ourselves to Its
Undoing, and we un- not to be swayf-d
from our purpose, which ?? to secure for
th* Use of the plain people the thing
whleh of right are their?.
Reiterates Doctrine of Recall,
'"elonel Roosevelt reiterated bis well
Vnown arguments as <o the right of the
T*e?*tpl# to re.-aii decision?* of mate courts,
declaring that In no other English speak?
ing country, r.or in 1-Yance or Qormany, _|?
Judges possess sin h power as in tlie .\m,.-.
.an state SOUrta He ??aid:
It Is MIO folly to a..y that this is an at
tsek on our constitutional system, On the?
IIWI If *~-*-?? ~?__,. ^?,
Navigation Is Open
Mak* .our trip '?etween New York ar?rl Albany and Troy S restful recrea
tien. Take one of the. magnificent steamers of the
Hudson Navigation Company
ne ?I enjoy the Orel ? lass sendee of the great dining saloons; watch the search?
?igiit piH> on the bistur?? hill? of the Hudfton; rest in the comfortabla lounging
snd amoklng rooms and then sleep in a cozy stateroom.
The n.-iat? leave Pier 12, North River, daily um ludin? Sunday?., nt _ P |f?
arriving Is Albany and Troy early in the morning. Thi- Initial trip will be
made from New York Monday. 21th itist . from Troy and Albttnj Tuesday, -Oth.
For Particulars Apply
Pier 32?North River.
Freight Is now baing received.
(Phone Spring 9400)
Coffin, containing bodies oi sailor, reaeiied from the wreck in Havana Harbor, on gnn carnages covered m? in? . M
Arlington National Cemetery.
?vrl_ht. 1.12. .M_T"'?n PrSSS ASSO .
? .?m rai ?. pi o por a I i ?: ? on
stitutlonal a) at< m hj onnotabl?
with t'.'i'..lar government. The people ol
thin country will no! remain attached i'
lb? -? vei im?' n? and I he U
an- taken Into Ihe ? onfldi -i- s of the men t?
whom they have delegated the management
of the government, and unies* Ihcj know
thai ih. y themselves ultimatel) decid? ho*
thej i hi mselvi n are to i e govi rned.
Remember slwayx thai t am nol speak
Ing of 01 dinai s i e bel ? w "
man and man i sin
powers that within Ihe last i?ntury have
En sb assumi d bj Ami rici n i lata
I s ?i? no leal 11 wit fni n t heoi y. I
am_ you to teal the worth of what l say
bj examininK what liss actually happened
ins' across > >ui border In iho Stab ol
New Hampshire. In thai tats we foi
mrrly saw th? practlc i appll atlon nf the
lent's i heor> ni th? .: ??' ernmenl o?
ths people bj .? part of tl ?? people; and nt
this momei i s.- iat< i Gi II ng< heading
the movemenl to relntroduee Ihe system in
New Hampshire. In actual practice it was
(and If our opponents ?in II again ?ill be)
h government of tbe peon) o N'ew Hamp
shln bj that "representative part" of the
people which consisted of Senator Qallinger
Is n i. ? Jim--. thai I ?, of political and
? ? ? lal privilege. Bui at present the State
of New Hampshire Is really having s gov?
ernment of the people i mselves. under t h<
lead ?if Governor Bitas, wbo during ihe
last two .'.ear-? has i.-i th? leading ex
nt to be foui .1 In thi entire Soi I
?it the battle for Ihe cauce ??f social and
Industrial lustics and boneal snd decent
government achieved ilunuph the genuine
r ule of th? people.
Now i ask y"i to contrast for yo n
the actual workings nf tin? two theorlei In
Kew Hampshire. lTnder Governor Bai
we have the i ule of t be peop
has been scrup li ? ted, bul pi lv
liege ha? been detl roned snd human i
havs le- n treated as of pi
Has this Intei fered in
Independence of the minis hboul - I
our opponent? pi of? nt to be so sni
N??i <?:.?? bit. < in the conti -
real ruie of the | as exemplified in
Now Hampshire with Mr Bas a? Gov?
ernor, Ihe courts ba \ e their it. ?
guaranteed !<? them it is enthroned priv
.. nd not the t nl.- nf tin i ? ? ? ? il
menaces thi Independence ?if the courts,
in the most il. '
sil fs st, ndi il
.iiii-t'-? Way which mal;? detection Htid
punishment Inc-onceivablj difficult.
Would Revive Country Life Idea.
Asserting thai the movemenl foi couhtry
life betterment, "t.* u?.n over fpui years
ago," had been practically abandoned,
Colonel Rooaevell appealed foi "an In?
crease in the produ live snd distributional
cfTi.-i? n? v of our f,u mei s, a ing
n i sum.ni ?i t he Goveri of the !
?.. i be ? 'onsi r vat ion < 'ongi esi
Washington i hoped t<? begin s mpvemenl
? thai would un on steadily, in the nation
snd th?? state??, through Individuals and
association? wnrkim. together nol i
for the conservation <?f our material re?
sources, bul for Ihe betterment -.f condi?
tions nf lit? In n.pen countrj 1 -
government i-annol with wisdom long?
main supin matter. Theri
be ,m Immense in? ?? .1 <? In i\ e prod
.111.1 distributional efftclen? ) ol our rai m
?. 11
m ro-oneratIon snd bj Improvem?
butines* method! generally, a? ??it as bj
Improvement In the acl lal woi k of lllling
oil. and In Ihe elimination "f
men. it will, I am ? ?? 1tain, be pos?
sible for the farmer to . ? ..1 nf ? <"
farm than h.- Ht present gets, while rendet
Ing it mine valuable, and a\ t1-.- same time
enabling the actual con ?mer lo get the
produce nf II e fai m at I? si cosl so
\M?rk n diminution in the cost "i living *? :
? people, we must learn economics We
must d? \ I? '? and discovery ?
, ,1 * 101 .-,. ?-.> h>. i.? ?,\,- ;, better -
to the farmer, on the one hand, ami ?
wage worker, the small business man, the
man on .1 salary, on the other hand, who
find the growing cosl ?if ll\ln_ s burden
and menace
The Interests ?f th? farmer and of the
imer ere nol reail> opposed They ?'an
lie recon? lied bj 1 11 h ?? lloi ss 1 - .. ? ? t
Bul i- gel .-'i needs genuine driving
on the par! of Ihe leader? ?if the peo
pli in governmental position
Enthusiasm Alonq the R_. le.
"n the trip from Boston Colonel 1: ??
veil was greeted .??' ?i'u- 11 everj station i?>
. rowds r.f \m\ ?? 1 ? . 1. . .n.1*1 ,,;i
1.'..- platform Bnd ndi with s 1 map.?
_? ? ish their n
Judg? i' celled
1 art ? ' ton srtfti ?
I . ?' ? Pl< !!? I |<1
\.-i raska ni ? ? n I ? ? iVesterti
which at?- nol 1 n? !?:?!*-<i in the Itinerary of
next wesk'i nip through lh* Central Wi l
t 'oloM I l:.SI ' It look ill? malt'"
ni >? n.1 nt
I'i.i, Hi ally lh? ? 'in-.- ludei ? Im ly of
Phillips 1: .it.-i \ sdemj was ?: t .. ral
i< ...| ? tallen * 1 ? ??? < r Colonel Ro
when his trail Exeter, N. II,
? ?oliig lo ' he platfi rm of his cai lh?
i m l fu .?i k? d "l'h?? sounds Ilk? 1 1
I At Durham. N M. the students of lbs
\< w Humpshin State College i-heered him.
und up th?- ti am nioved out of th?
Id "I am \ *| \ glad lo se?
- peoph ? loodb. .hi _.I lu? k '-.
? on."
? 'olouel Roo ? ? :? rali lopped long
enough al Dover, N II, .lahle him to
make the firs) ; ? ? ? .1 ol 1 h? trip. 11?
?? crowd 1 hal a hal he was pr? a
Covernoi Bass ara n ompllshlni In New
Le. ii .1 Marsl all, ol Lisbon Kalii
.'. as |si Ing ein lars nboul 1 he ? ii a<
I'lsllIJi ?'lllnlH'l l;?..? l-\lli Ol nO| giVlflg
him a square deal, was taken into ? u -
tod; Un- aiternoon and h 1 ? d? laine<l
al the police station until lh.
train lefl here for Bo toi Marsh ill
s..iii he had no Intention ?>f harming Ihe
former Presiden I He Ii ah.an ?jr.. w.;,r,
New York Society Makes Presi?
dent an Honorary Member.
Vermont, through some ?r bei dl 1
gulshed sont ?!??? live within in r boi
laid hei demand for appreciation ami nek?
nowledgmenl ??f her progreas last night 10
'those i?f her gong ami daughters who havs
chosen to dweii in New fork, it was tii<
annual dinner of the Vermont Society of
this illy, at the Motel Amu, that brought
here Governor John A. Mead and Charles
A. Prouty, chairman of the Interstate
Commerce Commission, t" speak of the
beauty ami othei advantages of Vermont.
There was only one remark in the <?
of the evening thai seemed like g d?nant
allualon to tin- pol?tica! doings of the sen
non. Mi. Prouty said thai the young Ver
monter who rtrtw in the accumulation "I
money the <>ni\ aim of llfs was welcome
to lease the state, because. Mi. J'rouiy
added) he would he an undesirable citlsen,
"to use the phrase of one who ?as ones s
greal man himself."
This remark appeared ,n strike the fancy
of die men and women present, especially
as B Short time before all had risen lu
drink the health of President Taft ami had
UMnlmotMly VOtOd lO make him an hon?
orary member of the Vermont Bootet]
Heniy \v. Taft, the President's brother,
?as seated at Hie gUSSl tahle, with GOV?
ernor Mead, Commissioner Prouty, diaries
I' MsthSWSOn, president Of the society;
Roberts Walker, Colonel i>. 1.. Horgnn,
Lutter W, Mille. ex-(?ovein.ii Smith of
Vermont and the Rev, Thomas K. Potter?
Kansas ?'in. Mo., Mnrck *? Bnoa rss>
rrds im Um year were broken by g storm
hers to-day ami to-night, ?t dark lift??<-n
Indies Of snow ha.l fallen, and the loe_|
weather forrea, ter raid Uve hachos more
wi'.i!?i fill before the storm absind. The
storm is general ever Northern Missouri
Kansas and In the noutnrrn portions of
I ??Art anil Nebraska.
feSStnn, Man h .. An ait repealing: the
Old Colonial law which prohibited lh. direct
transfer (?f real est?t? betf/OOS | unhand
und Wtti was .-?sue?! to-dHv by GovOTBOf
Fata The ancient act aras t'Hsi??! nn the
theory 1 hst husband and .lie were one m
the e>e of the law.
: m Dt
f ..elinnr.l frem tlr?! pngl
a ? ha Ir .11 tho
< 'n b"> nebt
.?m Intel
i.? .h Admiral
w? re greater Ihnn sny known bet? eg?
. epl on inaiiguiallon da?.. *sln-n th.
whole countr* alt? rids And di iplte the
rain and the bleak spring winds, the
crowds uncovered ?heir heads when the
? offlns and so remained uni il ihe i
pro caslon had "Missed ?in enormous
I throng had gathered si the south front j
?if the si.it,-. War and Navj Building
, vvii?-!i the i i ? irrlved there. The
coffins had been removed from the
I cruiser Birmingham al ihe navj yard al
? noon amid much ceremon:. Through
crowded streets they wer?- escorted to
?ihe scene of Ihe Ural ceremony. Bllen? ?
p..i.i its tribute throughoul I hi i :
0 ini'es.
President Tsft <>??? upled
? of the ? ?-i lansde
? the Cuban Iflnlstei
. auditor ? 'h his left were
Charles l> Rigsbee, who was captain of
: the old Main?. and Rear Admiral Rich
lard tValnwright. who was?
, the *-li!p Bol h bo?
? , pial
1 old al ? int? d th? ? ?
?.:>!> >i the deeti u< t Ion of the ? ?
? 'hap nln Ba rd ....
. ?. and Ihcn ? *hnplain ? "hl.
from h full hear! B< fore him
? -i. .i ii.-.ir a mil? . ' ? ort? ge thai i ?.n- ,
i iHin? >i .?H that i it of the men !.. j
whom he had mini Icrcd spirit nail) more 1
than fourl 11 ? ? a-er?
\v t m h? n he i.? ...ti lie ?-.i id, in |mrl :
Kor the aid of e and tin
...- o country
. . ,.\. Up H.eil l v.
v ? mad? T<>
1 forth oui
not wli rengi ? In Ihclt
. I.nt a iih the feeling of till
lire, to right " ns
f??| 111'- ,
in<1 thank God f..i thai >v g wish
? iint* k*?.o.i for tli?? natlo ? Ith ? i Ich
v.. are ..v. ..i ,.,..- -I whoi e prosp?
v\.? desin N'< rei lh< I? i, th? ship ?
? and Ihe m? ;? v\ i,?? ?
\ thorp all? r of liai n to fall
up. o Presid? ni Taft, bareheaded, walk ??!
to the iioni ?.r the platform. He did not
t, ? io ?h., id hlmsell ? the storm, and
, i .. id?, the uffers ? I an umbrella.
The i . ... ? .1 of citlzci ... .1 m
the military, h ird him In r? pc< tful
j silence, 'i .- Pi ? Idei wld:
We nu el Io p.?' appropriate honor to I ??
??i.-moiv ??f il?-' Ural of Ihe ? i "}?'
| v h,, g .i- e up th? ii llvi i In oui war with
??pain I do not mean i>- this t" ? liarge
.,-ihihiv to the Si...m .. govei urn? i?t
,,,. j-?-plosion ol II ? Maine, but thai the
I ? ,.,--, >u was pari of the causes which I? ?i
i up i>, ihe ?Spanish war n.??? familiar with
: ihe , in ?mi- lu.?*?* now doubt
Thal w.h everj Am? i Ii sn can feel
of. because it ??" 'ought v\ Ithout a * Ii K'c
I |p itlnc-l and was prompted bj Ih"
I mo-1 altruistic motives Beginning with :i
seif.d? living ordinam-i ?'ith i.sp-.t to
??ni.-,, we were t -. * - ? -1 mt>> the attitude ol
th, philippin? s. and oui ?
in those islaiKls ha- reflscted the highest
redit on our purposes .?lid I'ivlllsstlon
These, <?ur honored deed, were hurled Into
?ternit) without ihe Inspiration of antici?
pated battl.? hoped for ill toi y. Bul
they wer?? on dm. when the) went down;
they wore lbs uniforms ?.t their beloved
mntry, and the) are t?? he rlsssed ????li i?>
the for.- in th.it long bst of naval heroes
whose stead fastness ;ni?l courage have
given the American navy the high posi?
tion it occupies in history an.g the navies
Of the world
It is well thai we should halt the wheels
of government ami stuv the hum of Indus*
trj t<> ink?- time to note bj appropriate
..?iv the debt we owe t?> those who
gave up their lives f??i the nation We
raised the ship from ths mud hottoiii Of
Havana Harbor and v? ? v.? hei remains hon
treble burial In the Mue waves of the
i.?-aii \\'e now ?consign le the sacred son
of Arlington the recovered bones .,f those
who gave the Ifalne her personality and
made her a living weapon for the protec?
tion of national honor and vp.-ii interest.
We have given i?> those ceremonies ail
possible solemnity that are Included in Ihe
honors of war. and we shall fail if they do
not express In unmistakable tone ami sign]
ths deep and lusting gratitude ?if a nation
t<> hot mart) red ?l? fenders.
The flight Rev. W, F Anderson pro?
noun? rd th" benediction, th?> artillery?
men on their hornea saluting. The croud
?mis uncovered. This ended tho exercises
'it the .llv The ceremonies -?/era then
transferred t.. Arlington Cemetery, across
the Potomac
Through a sea of tniid the cortege
made its way t.? the .'?tv of the ?bad.
The long lln?; Of cavalry, artillery, ln
fanlr.v. seamen and marin. - mai. Im.l the
? ix miles from Washington i,, the Vir?
ginia burying ground t.. dirges and fu?
neral marches. Along the way A silence
mor?? iinpr? s?*ive than i heera greeted
OlM bv on?, the .nfTiii? were lifted by
reverent hands from the gun canlaRes
and born? to the open graves that
?swned ?m a rainswept hill overlooking
the Pomma?' River. In ihe .entre of the
(Waiting graveo sloe?, the old anchor of
tie Maine it- Iron shank boVe s pints
inscrib? d:
is t. m mm:
i :.. j w*
Hers II? th? remsln? ot I S3 men of ths ^
Maine's crew, I ? ' "ubs.
? ???,. a ?,. \ ? _-i.n. i.e. ember 20
The bones of the unidentified heroes
to-daj wir.- consigned to iim earth with
those whose names wars known.
As es? h coffin wss lowered Into th
earth one of th - ' who bore it
remained a| the head of the gra\e with
the star Bpangled L'nlon Jnck In hi?!
hand.*. Its trailing end covering the <',,f
tin henea lh. Ah grave after grave re
? el ved us deal tin squadron of silent
sentinels Increased, Eventually the en?
tire i'i"t wns studded with inllorg stnnd
Ini bnrchended In Hie nun.
When t!i<- last ? uiiiii had iieen lowered
the flowers, almost knee deep be?
side the graves, had been arrunce?!
Chaplain Rayard read the l-'.p.
\ i. . fur tlie dead. Ill 111.* rODOS Of th
Church he faced the driving rain tnfi In
enti ' ' read i he rll
He ivas followed bj Maurice Btmtnons,
commander in chief of the United Span?
ish Wm Velei ?i who paid s high trlb
?? - - . lh-,i.l. Thi ? in? tut- i'- ?,; the
? i ?! r Hi- n ? ; me i? rward and t? ?<k sta
... : ' . ..,.?? .i a\ ?- -. Th? 11 r > t
cast s prig a ? erg n on l'??? i uffin.
? In behnlf ol the United Spanish War
Veterans," he said, "this evergreen is
?placed ?ip"ii Ihl; caskcl on? f??r all, and
, i emblema! i of ih>- undying love which
i. it. def ml. i - and the
? ??m thai v' ?? as ? ??Hita?;- ?' feel for
i h? ? m< n
Ti'o ..-, ..mi \. ?. ran pla? ? ?l on the
? -.nia a ..im- i ??-? m lu- h he .aid in?'??
? at.-.i ti?. .?-. b? I- .ni. 1 ??! th? -? ?>- ho ?lie?i
m tJvti i.if th
The third placed u small United Stater,
. -..I. the other s* inbols. ' l-ei this
flag ui our countr). he said, "w hi? ii
.?.n comrade faithfully served and iic
ii-mi.-il. remain with the comrade whose
.mortal ^remains are Inclosed in this
i iak? t ? n" for ail and for all time."'
The Lan.is broks Into g mournful dlrgi,
uhi.h was tilled ? ???' ihen a shan?
order rang out, and the firing squad left
? all? ?I mai i of soldlei - snd ? ame
forward si the double qui? !.. There was
a ? latter of equipment as the nun mads
i? ady.
? i-'n??? ? i led ihe ? Ulcer In ? ommand,
and ? rattle of muaketrj brok? the sol?
emn stilln. .-?. of ihe afternoon \ second
and a third vollej followed \; the
: |tind fell back t-? Us place In the Une g
navj bugler, standing beside one rtf the
open graves, sounded "tapa. When th?>
las) note had died, the flrsl crashing nut?
nt' the guns al the for! ras heard, and
H v\as repeated twenty tinu-^
Then Ihe Presiden! snd the multitude
, returned lo Ihe capital through a gray
. day i hal I ? I was nearlng night.
? .Spanish War Veterans in Chicago to
Receive It a. Sacred Gift.
Chicago, March 3. The pennant of the
Old battleship Maine Is to have u perma?
nent home in ? Chicago,
ii has been Informell] presented i<> th?
I Spanish War Veterans ..f Chicago by
<ii-?iir:? C, Mages, presen! owner .( ths em?
blem, and will i-- received with appropriate
ceremonies on Memorial Day, it will be
placed among the historic relics thai adorn
the walls Of Helle Hull in the l'ubl!. 1.1
tu a iv lltiilding. ?
Mr. Mage?, who was in Key West, lia.
when news of the blowing up of th?- Maine
was received, chartered s yacht ami went
immediately to Havana in the hope of
being of aal to the sailors Kor the part
he took in the relief work the pennant wns
presented to him
Mi Mages Is seriously III, and he ex?
pressed the desire i<> place the pennant in
prop* r care before us death.
Kelly's Place Attacked by De?
tectives with Axes.
Win n "Honest lohn' Kelly returns to
low n t.i-.l.i. he 'A III lllnl hi:; resort ill list
afreet in sad need of it-pair. Fifteen men
from Commissioner Waldo's office, led hy
Lieutenant Costlgan, rolled up in autoiiio
Mles al H <>'clock last nlnht ami attacked
the doors with a.\i*n they had burrowed
from a fire house. They amaalied In Hue. '
doors, arrested n)t employes and earned
off a load of ganilillug apparatus.
Owing io tin earl) hoof liters was not
.? patron in ths pia? ?-. The officers madi a
tremendous noise breaking the ?doors, and
the window.; m the upper floors of the ho?
tels Knickerbocker and Albany were fined
with Interested spectator*.
Ths d?'te. Uves had warrant* made out by
Magistrate MrA-ino for the umial "John
Proprietor." "John Domino" and "John
Dealer.'' and I ht.-.- ic'til l-men were l.lentl
tled and arreated. They cave their names
and W< re locked up In ihe Wrat _ >th atreet
Police Say Two Men Confessed
to Long List of Breaks.
Said To Be in Safety Deposit Box
?Detective Sewed Up After
Making Arrest.
Two m?ditai students, one from the Lorn
Inland fol?ele and the other from the New
York Homoeopathic ''ol|eRe. in Manhattan,
were arrested In the Bedford se> tlon cf
Brooklyn last hlsht. charged with being
Implicated In the robberies that for Ihe last
nine month* have beVn Of almost weekly oc
Detective O'Netl, of the Claasea avenue
?station, noticed two aretl drfss?*d young
linen rnterlni?; several of tho apartment
lit.ii?x?r>fl along Washington avenue, and fol?
lowed them ii itil he saw one. who l.ter
?gave his name as Oscar Jacobs, of No ;,_*.
Putnam avenue, enter an apartment houte
?,i Ni?. HI Washington avenue, while his
companion ttood outtfde.
Tiie detective entered the house and found
Jacob! on the s'coii'l floor. *vVhen a-k.d
?hat lie was d'?lns In the house, tiie ? oiinc
man said he v?.as looking for a l>r. Allen,
who lived on the top floor. The occupant
of the apartment rnei them in the hallway
with a revolver In hit hand, und told them
they were both rrOOfcS, and if they did BOt
leave SI once he won hi shoot. O'Netl then
started downstair-, ?ith Jacobe following
When about half wa. down the stairs, b-*
cording to O'Nell, Jacob, drew a Jlmmle
from in? ?-"at and struck him on (he head,
knocking him down the itaii-s, II* then at?
tempted to dash h\- the detective, hut O'Nell
?t.iRpercd to he f?**et, caught the man nn?l
i>)oh him to the Clssson avenue station.
\. tinp Captain IfcClusky ?nd Detective
Gallagher went t>. the prisoner's home.
where he lived ?ith hla grandfather. Oscar
D .Ma>in'-. a retired merchant, *<ho han
.ne,| for him lince lie ttai ten month?, old
in a suitcase In Jacobs'/ room they say
ihr-, found $'.','?,?i worth ?f watches, riiiK1-.
irette caa chains and ail kinds of
|e?*eltry, In the mean time two hoya went
to tin- Atlantic a\c: ne station with a silve
tollel set, ?rhlch they ?aid the;, bad ^ren a
man answering the description of Jacobs',
rompsnlon throw away as he was running
ai??ng St Andrews Place.
Trsclng the man. Detectives McVet nnd
Donlln later arrested Pierre <\ cub i
twenty-two '.er>:s old. of No I2-<t St'*ili'i.
Place, the -on of ;l salesman, ?iil.hn
.. Junior at ?he L?ong (aland college. 1
Ii oba ' -aid 'o have idraitted hla cui'i
'a._J Implicated (Hbbons, who alio "onfe.M.,
according lo the police. Dr. Abbott, of th?
Cumberland Street lloepttal, took tw?slvs
atlteliee in O'Nell's h--ad
The police ?aid little. If any. of th? stole?
property hsd been disposed If. having been
put away In a safety deposit box.
New Yorker's Wish to Expiro %{
Home Unrealized.
(By TVIejraph to Th? Tribun?.*i
Middletown. N. Y., Mereh 23.?P?.
cause he pl.aded to be removed to tttM
York, that he might die In his own horn?,
friends of Samuel Greenhouse, of No. 44
West 117th atreet. that city, took him
from the MfddJetOWn State Hospital this
? afternoon. While wr.itlng In the Kris
Station for n train to New York Mr.
?taeenbouoe died without warning.
He was talking with a friend, when his
head fell to one side snd he expired a
Immediately. He was taken from the A
ho. pita! against th? advlos of physicians 9
The body v?as COttVeyod to New York/
this evening. Mr. Greenhouse had hee?i#
connected with the New York Board off
Education snd hod boon a playwright. 7
Assistant Prosecutor Says They
Hindered Investigation.
AftT h? had examined sevetal detective*
in the Coroner's COOrt vesterday. Thernn
EL Strong, Assistant District Attornev in
? liaise of the ease agam-t Charles B Plitt,
accused Of shooting and killing Wav?rl/
Carter, a negro, said the police had been
or no assistance to him in obtaining evl?
dence sgaln-t Ptttt
? 1 ? annot rely on th? pottos In this case,"
said Mr. strong. "They seem to be doing
what they con to hinder us in this ttrttt*
i tigation."
Detective 1 homes A. Thompson testlfle?
! thai he had seen ?art er In the hospital an.
that, ihe tiegro told him a detectiv? had
fiotie ihe shooting. Plitt, he eald. gave tu?
p,,h? e the information on -.?.hii-h they mad?
the raid on the rathskeller In which farter
wa-' shot and tim negroes regarded Pint
as one of the d?tectives. Mr. Strong sp
peared surprleed at Thompson's statement
"Did you ever tell me that before?" h?
ssi.? d.
?I told yo? when I went down to your
offi.e to te* >"U sbont the tase,' u1
? -Well." rrt\d Mr. Strong. I certainly
have no recollection of it "
Coroner Holtshnuoor held Plitt with.ut
ball to await the inqtiesi
Murphysboro. III.. Mnreb H -W. H
t\'alker a farmer living near here, ?.hot'St
? hawk to-dny. mMoei if and killed hit s-n,
elcht years "Id.
"The 'Bi? Store"^?
rWLS23TM <J.B.GREEMHUT.Pre5. *" *-*?"* * *??*
f?LMLCiNGj W'K'.V-^TZtfL'/t'*<TJ*.K
Ha/s Trimmed Free
Share Our Profits to the Extent
of 5 Pe?* Cent.
By Collecting 4#t*/T (irccn Trading ?Stamps,
Which Are Civen Free With Purchaser Marie Here
Wo also make it e-?c?, for ,. on to open a rharg* gCCOUWt, and
i;reenhut, Klegel, Cooper ?*?. <'.?>.. Banker?, offer r-xeOUent banking
fa. ilitles and allow -"-. rer ?.enr per annum on mnnev depoelted
- '
Monday's Big Sales
1/ i IX It i'if TilXt' V**' floods, Fancv lioods,
??j.i/.-i />f MisMJlJujfjw--WemrimjAppatttl, Orstgetishg, Et*.
Brilliant Easter Displays of Spring Goods
in Every Department of the Big Store
WOMEN'S SUITS ?vnluea up to $:>,*.. a?
fll<l.50 and *.'?rt.
; *i 1.7ft.
LINERY at .*."? t ? ftftft.
HATS at ftl.Sft ?o j??*.t."V.
FINE MESH BAOS?values $175 to $.*>, *?t
OS,?, to BB.BB.
amaxingly Ion prteee
110.73; al 9 I.Tft.
?MART ? i.?)*rtiiN?: .'?>R BOYH at m?>desl prices,
If v..i:r Snmnier home is not vet r?*a<lv t<> receive rour purcl ?
We feature for tomocrow, tale? in CHINA, UPHOLSTERIES and l^Y..\
RUGS and ? remarkable .irrav of value? m "WEAR-EVER" ALU?
i l'or complet? ?letails of the .?hove at,.I other Important sale."
for tomorrow, Rita?! pee today's Herald, World Mini Am ricen i
$Qf- r.r_r_ vv*": *,,e t,,,>, iin,ou,it ft|"* *?? *?***,>i n customers
*OUjV/UU to tell us hy the?:- VOTES which charitable and boner?
? f>t -. ??lent Institutions, societies and churo has ?ball raeelro
to ?unarity .?lls ,,,,,,,,.v. ???? costs you nothing to vote
Double s%*t? (irccn Trading Stamp* Before /_? o'Clock
The Increasing Cost of Furs
Demand? That They Receive the
Bett of Care When Not in Use.
The Lincoln Safe Deposit Co. ha* ?luring the pa?t titeen
ve?is demonstrated the advantages of Cold Storage,
which protects fur? from moth and prolong, the life of the ?kin?
Oriental R?g?, Tapestrioa und Curtains ?re also benefited t'uar*
antee It "riven with each deposit.
A Safe Deposit Company Storing Household Furniture
i?? exporte?! to Rive special ?..re to su? h foo?l??. !-?i*fet,v gn.ii aii
teed seal no I hi?*, theft, and breaaane by .?.perlai ?-,-rltten or
ranCSmeni Blatean hundred fireproof rooms ?re filled yearly
with the 'hiest household effect*?. The ?,'oiur-any maintains a
superior force ?*?f ?*??? ker? ftnl an electric van ?ervice. Soec?al
Vaults for Silverware.
The Vaults for Securities on the ?frenad floor in ? MMMt
Mithin a building eeeure the content, fietn fire an?l water ?lam
. _?< ,ta v ell as burglary.
Safes SS per year.
Lincoln Safe Deposit Co.
M?**'? CSatrall/ Incaled ??? ?? aubnav ?xprOM ?t*tt*?"i
4'"<t Street, nppo-.ltr (.rand (entrai Terminal
Sent (or pamphlet ai?4 estimate Telaphen? Murra. Hill 5**?l

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