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LXXI....N0 23.873
T"-?1n- nnil In morr.m. fair. ItrisU
north ?nd nnrthue?.! ?IniU.
In ? In of >ew York, ieney Of?, and Hi?
11 -nviiKKK two rnrrft.
Postoffice Officials Find It in His
Mail. Wrapped and Addressed
Like the First.
$10,000 Demanded, but Lawyer
Calif? In Police?Bombs Sent
to Judge and to Mrs.
Taylor Much Alike.
A second hi.tril? sent tn Judge Rosalskv
.n?i a letter threatening to ?-?-nd a bomb
tr? DeLanc?*) Nicoll have been a?idcd t.?
the bomb mysteri?s alrea.lv puxuling the*
pottce. Both th<- bomb ami th? letter
sxpre sent ??n Wednesday, but the pollrc
Mv th>?t there was no connection be?
tween them.
No doubl lies in then minds (hat th?
tt-ro bombs ti*? Judge R'-salsky were sent
by the same man, atid thai it was h.
wh?*> sent the bomb that killed Mrs
Helen Taylor on February 8, though
the construction of the second bomb to
the Judge was different from that <?f the
?nd one
Th?* first bomb, the one ???"lit to .ludi?e
Rr-salsky on March us. waa ignite?! by
?n electric battery and lIn* Spark was
caused by s spring s* t in notion by the
Opening of the package. N'itrog;> ?-crine
was the exploalve In the bomb sent last
Wednesday, and this was to be exploded
by a percussion <-ap. also to be set off
by a spring on the opening of the pack?
age. The construction <>f the bomb that
Mm. Taylor ?irai practically Iden
ti.nl a'lth tbe first ?me sent to Judge
Rosa I -
The principal pointa of reeemblance
Unong the three bombs are the wrap
ptftg, the style of address and the mall?
?n* The second bomb suit to Judge Ro
*?alsk> was received at Station H, in
lOSd street, near Amsterdam avenue, on
Wednesday. At the request of the judge
? II pa? kages ((.tiling to him by mall sime
Mur-n Id iiH\o been beld at the post
office for examination before delivery.
This package was particularly sus?
picions, aa the clerks recognlaed the
arapptng paper as the same as that
whuh had been about the first bomb.
The address was also of tbe same char?
Infernal Machine Examined.
Inspector Jacohs was sent for, and he
?ailed in Deputy Police Commissioner
Dougherty. The Commissioner, with tin?
permission of Judge Rosalaky, turned the
package over to Inspector David i. Kelly,
of the Bureau of Combustible.?, and an
examination showed that it waa another
infernal machine. In this instance, bow?
ever, the package was opened without
nt and all the parts were preserved.
Owing. It Is supposed, to the higher
power oi the explosive us.-ii. the second
bomb was not quite a third as large as
the first ?in.-. While the bist bomb
weighed forty aunt ea, 1 t on
Wednesday weighed only twelve ounces.
The postmarks on the first bomb showed
that it had ''??I from the Grand
Central Station and it carried lour 10
t-cnl stamps. The bomb that killed Mrs.
Tas|"' a " ,( from the Oran?.
Central Station a?i?i carried two 10-cent
Like the other two. the liimili sent to
Judg* Roaalaky on Wedneeday was
mailed from the Grand ?'entrai Station.
an?i it rarried one l*?-. *-u*t ami one -
(?nt stamp. * ?n all three the address
i typewriting, and it was charac
? "f "?nil tDat the machine used
spared unequally, so that the letters,
particularly the -y" in ?he word city, did
"it mu ? lose'? together, in each caee
.iiir?ss ?as ?written on a separata
? if paper ami pasted on the wrap?
AH ?Vailed at Grand Central.
all three I? ?nibs l?"i ?
? lk <?' the Grand Central Station,
this still lei'- ,< verj lar??' section of
It?/ i?> i." aaarched for 111 * - exact
? t "rom which they ?ame. Wagona
? ?t th? Grand Central station collect
fietii sti.-.-t and office building and
?Parttnent house boxes from Spring
: i.. .min Btreel and from Fifth
avenue to th?? East River. There are
biso iia'f :? do-sen sub-stations in tbe dis.
iri.i where tin- bomb might hav<? been
? i and from which it would bava
'??n tak.'ii to th?' ''rand Cenital Sia
tlon. This possibility, however, is ?son??
sldered t" have been practlcstlly elimi
aated by ihe work on the case already
dona b\ th?- ??.ii?! ami tin- poatofflca In?
who ar.? working together,
Inepectori Jacobs and James, ??f the
i " i artmi nt, have been spe?
cially detailed to the caee, while Deputy
CommissioiKT Dougherty has a d?>/,<'ti of
the best IM nn-l.-r his command s.-aPh
iiix for the tender ?.f infernal machin?t,
Commissioner still adheres t<? ihe
atugenj that the man, when caught, will
i man who has been woll
? ? ? and bas de?
\"!'?'?-(l !?aran??la .,f ., . hara? t. r that
******** him eaaatiar himself specially sei
IM th.? wron-Ts ?.f th?- world,
' "r7i;; Daraghart) think? thai a
dangerous in,.,, is al larga
'" fh."ui.ut,,ts, ,u?| ,h;it .,,,,. 1Iliin ,,.
me ri'C'lu- ??tie
d Ins friends has?
? I :?i. lee-tint IBs
the petit?. When Ihe
II?. I.i-lief
a n.. u,.,K, ,,,,, Mi. , hjiii lh)l
? h some man V.I10 laid
s Ii.-t II,.- judge t,?- ? ptis.in
.. friend,
N the Mi ?Ik tiw-inK*. ami pi
? n?!. r hav ?ln.\->. 11 them
Ills liiallii.K of ., .. ,-.??,I li.m.l?.
ri ?nt uns n
: t-oinillls
? (loa ??f th.- Jodge a um
Iraanan u . Hll,i
I. I. 1.1?..lie
la ? aaaalaal i?y him
us in? ml.. 1 <>f
H ha? bastan- iv difficult t<?
t uHllni.r?! um ?e? und (-.?<?.
Rhode Island Judge Would Co
pel Year of Married Life.
IB) Tviejtr.ipi, i? ?;?? Tribune. 1
Bceton, March -?4. Rumination of
divorc?- menace from our national
iiiH> be achieved If married :
compelled by i_w t?? live together f<
full \ ear before trving for a sopara
is the belief ,,f Darius Baker, assoe
Justice ?if the Rhode [eland Supe
''"urt. expr'-ssod to-day.
.ImIge Raker has .lust finished heat
testimony in a scnaatinnal rase, and
"'?no year of married iif<> before
vorce. Thai thought has coma to
tin.? and titn. again when bearing
vnrren of young person?? wh? have h
married only six or eight months.
"1 really think that such pen
??In.ubi 1,0 compelled by a law to try
married lit".- for .< full year. The f
year Of marriage is the harden! - It
the voar <>f adjuatment To rush i
court for a divorce is silly and <|otn.>t
Miss Carey's Plea Carries I
Through Legislature.
I By Telegr iph to The Tribune l
Annapolis. March 54, Members of
Legislature to-day admitted that
pa*?aaga of the ten-hour day hill
working women yeaterdaj was larg
due to th.- untiring efforts ?>c Miss Ml
g.irct Towneend Carey, daughter of \*
Francis King Care)
Miss Carey Is one <.f the beat km?
members ,,f Baltimore's younger s?oc
set, having made her debut In the sea?
of ItlO-'U. Sim la a beautiful brune
ami ha-- the Ingenuous manner of
>? ung girl in her "teens.'' and her knov
edge of the technical point-, of the te
hour bill would ? 1 ? ? credit t?? a lawyer.
i* this knowledge, they say, coupled vv1
her attractive manner of pleading, whl
won the members t.i her cause, M
Carey is an euthorlt) on the subject, s
had studied thoroughly the decision
the United states Supreme Court uphol
ing- the constitutionality ?>f the Oreg
law, llm'tlng the working day, and -
atgued ? tfectlvely and held the memtx.
t.i their promlaea,
Harvard Observatory Complet?.
Thirty Years' Task.
Cambridge Mass. March24.- a phot?
graphic map ni the t-ntir.' sky. showll
[about 1,500,000 stars, lias be.n prepart
in sectlona by th?- Harvard L'nlversli
aetronomera Placed together, th?* m.
sections would cover more than Hi
a? res.
According to the slxty-alxth annual r?
r?ort of the director of the obearvator
just issued. :'..Ti?(> photographs of stai
were made at the ol?ser\ aturv during ti
year ended September 30 last. The r?
port says tliat as a result ?if thirty year
work ami tin- expenditure ??r $1,000,0(
th?? ?AxBervatnrv !. to-titty nhend of 11
other similar iiistitiiliniis in the won
in ihe matter >.i photometry, pin-tog
raphy and spectrepcopy.
I Sanatorium Patient Meets Deat
in Seneca Lake.
Elmirs, S. v.. March 24. Th'- body 1
! Mis. c. 11 Beward, of Brooklyn, wa
Ifound waahed ashore on tin- bank 0
Seneca Lake a! Watklns late this after
I in.?.n. Mr. Beward ami ins wife haii ?bee
patients .?1 the Cllen Bprings Banatoriun
Whether ?,t not Mis. Beward met in
death as ., reeull ??i an accident canno
be ascertained, sie- had not been oui li
.? boat nor had she been men near !h
water. The body had been in th.- wate
a i,..ut 1 wo hours.
i Prospective Brides and Bride
grooms Must Have Certificate.
Chicago, March 24 Dean Walter 'i'
Stunner, >>f the Cathedral ?>t B8. Pete
ami Paul, to-daj delivered a s? rmoi
upon "The Sacrament >'i Marriage," dur
m? which hi in...i<- the following an
After consultation with the High! Rev
c. I'. Anderson, Bishop ot Chicago, an?
.vrtii his approval Dean Bumnei and in.
co-workers of the Cathedral ??f Bain! Pet?
;?n.I Paul have agreed upon an advance?
i.nh? . with regard t?? the administration ?>
marriage m the cathedra!. Beginning witl
R?stet no peraoni will be married at tin
cathedral unless the) present a certificat?
of health from ,. reputable physician to 1 h
effeel that they an normal, physically an?
mentally, and havi neither un Incurable m
communicable disease.
This it? ?> Is taken onlj after mon!
stud) of Hi?' situation ami deliberation ai
t.. Its ..?ivisaiiility. It 1^ believed thai thb
si.lin! will mee! with the immediate sym
natiiv ot the clergy in the Church at large.
ail .?f whom in? v. long f? it U_? und
lilllty .it heiiiK party t<? the marriage ol per?
sons who, because of their physical <-?>i 1*11 -
linn, should nevei h<- allowed to enter inte
the marriage state.
Woman Editor Says They Are Cau_e
of Much Tuberculosis.
I in Tagt trap* '?> The Tribuna 1
? 'ini innali Man h L'I l/iw ne.k drSSSefl
and 1.kehoo shirtwaist* am the ranee of
many ? tai of tuberculosis in the opinion
ot Mi.-s Anna C MlOOgOe, a-soiati sdl?
t,,i of "The catboHc Telegraph," of thin
?lly In an editorial eddrSas to tn'-nihi r_ of
the Catholle women ?if Columbia Miso
Minogue urne, that Catholle organisations
Hive mote attention to th?- prevention of
the "white |i|_Riie." she declares !h_t
"women stand more ha need or advice thun
raven." who, *h* evsrs, are bleeeed with
nui?.' eommea esraae than the majority of
MiiirrK \M?m?n where health is concerned,
in wsaihn waists with i-.w cut nock*
an?! ii|"n embroidery during the winter
months, Mise Minogue seys wohnen show
I h -h?, k of sense " To this "Irtish of
shown by reuag womsw she attributes many
i.f tubemiloaU
liiere Should he soin?- SOCtety Organised
in reg?lele the wearing of dnseassnaMe sp?
!?,,, I. .1 I ??? H?.1 ?? "' .' I .? I?l pte? lf< I hose
v ho i.iiitioi ?T win not protect themstvea '
-In s.l -
it was pajt? ai "?" h.? of Mrs \?n
ningerlaad, Me IM tVeel Mth street last
night, the- '" Utn Walker was wsakiH
thai? .In- had bOSB at any ilme ?luring h.r
nu s, rit IHnsss and seemed to be steadily
IoxIiik grooad Her . ounii iQcreased during
,i,, ,\.,\. 1.m in spite of he, weakened ?? ?n
.iition in- Walker declined Ireatmen! from
; ,,,,, |,|r. rielan who oaBed during the
?III I HO. '11
Tells Magistrate $100 a Wei
"Contribution" Made Her
Immune from Arrest.
?Tersey City Man's Story of Rol
bery in Hallway?Lieutenant
Discharges Two Men
Arrested in Case.
Magistrate Presch!, after hearing m
denee yest'rda.\ in a r??l>hery ?ase, d
flared he was going to have Police Tor
mlesioner Waldo itive-.ti-rate the a.-ti?.
of a patrolman and a lieutenant. TI
prisoner, a woman, told the ma?*lstra
she paid ,S1"N> a week for j.nlic- i nt?
tion, and they did not dare arrest b<
Her two confederates were discharged
the station house by the lieutenant.
The .as.- was that of Hamilton ni?
of N??. .'M!? Johnson avenue. Jersey CM
who charged Anna Hi.ardman. of No. _t
Kast '1th street, with robbing him of ?**
II" testified he was walkintr along Bl**1
avenue, near .l.d street, when the WOIIU
beckoned t?* him to ' "me Into a ballwa
He thoiiRht somethinit was wrong at
went in He then sai?i he not into ?'Oi
versatton With the woman, and whl
talking two men crabbed him. V?-' th?
held him, he declared, th?*- woman to?
.*-?_<? from his pochi I
Rice raid he shouted and Patrolms
Blyth, of the w.st 30th street stattet
? am?? up, He ordered Blyth to arre:
the woman and two men, bul Blyth r<
fused. As they were talking Patrolms
(3oerts, ala? of the West 80th si.tsti
tion. appeared. Ule,? t..l?i him whai ha
happened and he arrested the four
At the station house, according I
Rice the two met? wer?' discharged h
Lieutenant Mulligan and the w??ma
h.-ld Rice, too, was held on s ?hare
of dlsordl rly .?indu? t.
"This i*. a most unusual ?as*?. ??ai
Magistrate Kteachl. ?Lieutenant .Mull!
f*an had absolute'? no ri*t-ht to ?Hachan
til? ? two men. They were arreste?
?harp.?: with s felony, ami he usurpe
the duties ol a magistrate arhen he too
it iipmi himaelf t<> discharge thi
men. furthermore. the complali
against tins woman says thai she i? ui
cused of acting In roncetri with two m*i
who ar?s no) arrested. Thoee iwo me
were arreated and dlacharged by Lieu
tenant Mulligan, who h.??i no right t<? d
so i am K"itiK to fea that thi? matte
is thoroughly sifted."
Patrolman Ooerta s..i.i he kin??* >?f n
reaaen why Blyth ?li?i '?oi make an ai
i'.?-t. when the woman declared the
she paid ii"" .< week for police :
tion, and that the police dare not ar
lest her, Ooerta exclaimed.
"Well, dldn'l I arrest
Y.s. ?...u did." she replied.
Magletrate ffreachl becaaae very mucl
wrought up as the ceas weni eloni
When he arrived at the . barge Bgaina
Hi.e he sa.'i
?i ?filier, thii man ii charged with dis
orderly conduct, you
"Y?s, sir." replied Ooerta
"I s.-.- no mention ?>i so* disorder!;
action In this affidavit. What ?i?> y?ui
mean f Whal did he do?"
"ll<- .swim .it us and threatened ua,'
replied Ooerta.
? w hat did ii? threaten to do? '
"He -aid h?- was kmiiik t<> have us al
'broke1 and was going t<? see Mayot <;.i
nor about the < is?-."
? .-o that's s ha? he threatened roi
with, eh?" eaii ihe magistrate. "Well
from what I have heard. I think he ha?
a perfeel rlghl t?. threaten such thim*?
and, In ta? t. do whai he threatened."
Turning t<? Bice the magistrate said
"Rice, you are honorably discharged
and '.nu ?in! a good thing In having th.
woman arrested I am ?"??in'' to lay thii
caae ?before the ?Police Commissioner am
have a full in?-eatlgatlon made."
The won.an was held In 12,000 hall i??i
the grand Jury on s charge of ?grand lar?
ceny. A search for tbe two men wh<
were arreated with thi woman ami thai
dlacharged arlll be ?made by the police.
Ooerta. In explaining t?> MaglatraU
E-Teschl why Lieutenant Mulligan ??is
rharged the two men arrested with Oh
woman, said thai the lieutenant dla?
charged th?' men ?because the complain?
?nt made Inconsistent utatements,
m i
Kainan Maru Expedition Turned
Back at 80.5 Degrees.
! it. i'.ii.i. in Th. Tribun? i
London, M.if h .i Th?- captain ??f tht
Japanese vepael Kainan Main, inter?
viewed at Wellington, N. '/... stales that
when he left fdydney, on November 19
last, h?' pr.'I'"1 direci t?> Whales In?
let, land?-?) a portion of his party and
proceeded southeastward, where be met
Amundsen s vessel, the Pram,
The Kainan .Main then |?rocee?|?-<l to
Kiiit* Edward Land and landed .?
exploring party, ."-?un voyaging south?
eastward, th? Kainan .Maru explored an
unknown pi.it of the gets, ami on return
Ing picked Up h?r exploring parlies all
aafe and sound.
Tin- expedition has collected valuable
?pecimena and facts, hut these, said the
Captain, h? would have to keep so? ret
until h?' reacbaa .Japan in June.
The furthest point of BOUth latitude
reached l?y ihe expedition was 80:5 _e
Bootblacks Plead for Bill Limiting
Their Work on That Day.
'th.- Bootblacks' Preteotlva League, the
union of th? "shin?? artists" of the greater
City, sen; out circular?, yesterday asking
help Ii netting a bill through the Legls?
I.?tin?- prohibiting the shining of shoes on
ganda) aftei three o'el?, k In the after?
Th?1 lull has already been Introduced by
Assemblyman Hoylan. The bootblacks
say that they have to work from t o'clock
in the morning to 8 or 9 at night seven
iIiiim in th?' week, ami they feel that they
.?unlit i?? bave a few hours which they
could *"l>einl with their families. They
ash i?" th? snactmahl of a i.m "in tii?.
aames ??f their wives and children."
Uninvited Guest. After Being Put
Out. Returns and Fires
Fatal Shot.
?Murderer Makes His Escape, but
Boy Tells Police He Was a
Member of Gang in
i hriRte Laraen, .. young elertrictari
was .?hot md Inatantl? killed last nisrht
In the doorwa) "f hi- Hat, on the third
Boor of Nu. H. Baal 10th street during
the procrees of s pertj In honor of t'i"
eighteenth blrthdaj of Miss Mar) Mit?
hay. who i>oar?le<i arith Lareen and his
_ ife. *?, young man \? ho ?li?l the BhnOt?
i in?; marie hlfl ?seai.e.
Shortly aftei t o'clock i young man
knocked en the door of the l^arsen I
apartment, which was opened by the l
Tve .'ine m the i??i rt \ a.?i I'm gem*
In i-, see Mary,*' declared the yotitl
Larsen i cshed the newcomer oui of
th?- doorway ami loM him he would no!
I be allowed in the apartment gt he ?-as
not -tit Invited gueet. The youth per?
sisted, snd Lernen, becoming provok??d
sent him reeling down tie stairway.
The yotin-; man ro^aim-d hll fWI i" the
second Boor ballwa) Laraen saw him ?
shake hli list
"You'll he,n from me again!" shouted I
th.- youth, a moment later the front
door ?>f the tenement house slammed.
Laraen returned to his apartment.
Half nn h?.ii- later, when the partj was
; _t it.? height, h sec,,nd knock wan heard
The electrician's wife, holding In her i
arms her three?monthe?old daughter,
Alice, begged h.r husband noi to ?.pen
the .lo.M'.
"it ma) mean trouble." she remarked.
i.Hrxen mailed and opened 'he dour ??f
the apartment In the doorwa) stood n
youth ai.iait seventeen years ??I?! A ?lark .
cap Was pulled well over ht* eye* und
his right band tens concealed In in- ?.t
"I'm looking foi Mi Larm ? gruffl)
announced the ) oung man
? i am Larsen," said the electrician
s?. v..nre th.- 'guy.' are youf* snarled I
the youth.
Etefnrc Lai sei i ould i rot? t hlmeelf
tin young man drew m revolver from ins
coal pocket and Bred The bullet pene?
trated the electrician's heart and be fell
In the doorwa) Of Ins apartment
William Heneen, eight years old, at ?i
Ann!?- N?tzen, guests at the party, ran
Into tin- hallwai In time t?> see the young ,
I msn thnmi the revotvei Into his pocket
land hurrj down the italrwa] He was
; lolned m th.- ground floor hallway !>>?
i ai m? ii
Th? ?hot _.i?< heard hj Patrolman
Thomas Cannon of fhs East ISth street
station, v-hn ran t.i the Aal Drs Bovak
un?! Ivey, ?if Bellevue Hoepltal, reepond?
<_d tu h hum ambulance calL They pro.
nounced ?traen dead
Patrolmen Cannon, v\!,-? s.u.i i,. mw
im one run mit ?if the vestibule reported
the matter to the East 16th street sta?
tion. Detectives Andrews .ml Murphy
went tu th?- Laraen flat and queatloned '
I the Mans, n boy, who said he followed
Laraen to the doorwa)
The lad said ti?. man who shut and I
liiied Laraen was ? member of s gang
Iti Hie lelghborh.I l'r?nn him and'
from "h> Mitten girl the detectives ob?
tained .'in exceden! description >.f the
murdei er
?GAVE $10.000.000 TO SONS
Henry Phipps Divides His Pitts-!
burgh Property Among Them.
I B] 1 ? I? t- vol to 1 h? rrlbum i
Pittsburgh, March -l Henrj Phlpiw,
ar., yeeterda) tranaferred all the rich
realty holdings he acquired In Pitts
burgh, as the partner <>f Andrew Car?
negie and iHler, tO III? thl'ee Sulls. .lullli
S Henry ami Hourard Phlppe. all of
Nassau County, N v The _iii in-.
eluded th? Pulton, Bessemer and Manu?
facturers' akyacrapera, The entire prop?
? us ?s valued at $10.000,1100.
According t?> the deed, which s repre?
sentative recorded, the man whose nn
inei'oiiH donations r.-a? ii s high flgure
accepted .<1 for his I'ittHhnrKli real ?s
tate. Tlie ?leed In an ordinary type-1
written document In which m> apace Is !
weeded with recitals other than describ?
ing the propertlea Nothing la said
about h'.w the three sons are t.? share
j in the ownership of the property. Hem*)
I Phipps and his wire. Mrs. Annie ?'.
Phipps, KiKiied and acknowledged the
document in How York City, Um dal in
tin transfer being Mam h 13, 191?,
lass than a month ago Mi. Phipps
ggva his three sons $.'!,< wo,!? mi worth of
('Imago real ent?t?-, and neither the
father n??r th*- sons would comment upon
that gift, which, according tu a friend,
was to relieve tin- parent of much work
am! worry.
The elder ?men, John and Henry, l.a\?
estates of tln-lr own In Long Island thai
aie as imposing as their father's In N'-_
York. They own enough of tin- United
states steel Corporation !<? enable tln-m
to have homes In Plttgbu?Tgh nml ?estates
in Ki-ntland.
Will Go to Convention on Horseback
and Preach Good Roads on the Way
I By Tslsgragh le The Trtbeae.]
..alem, Ore., Match .'I OorOTOM WSSt
next fall will rl?le on horsehack from r*al< m '?
to HoUe, Idaho, more than hve hundred
tullen directly through the moiinlalns to at?
tend u meeting of the We_tern (?overnure.
He announeed this trip to-?l_y, saying that
along the route he wouhl preach th<- - i = ?? -
ti ins of good roads.
The reuson for the lung ride Is that the
Coveitior? travelling appropriation of |l.
made by the last legislature has b?-en SX?
pended. QOfOrnOff West Is a man of small
means, and _ay. he wlahett to attend the
meeting, but <l?jes n?it feel that he ?an af?
fin il to go on the train, nor is he wlllin.
to ?reate a delii'it In Im appropriation an?!
appeal lo the U-glslalur?' in refund It.
I UK * mMKss ni-' WARWICK.
Who. figuratively speaking, folded her leeturlna tents and took ship ba<-k to Kngland,
?m. to her manager tie ta*-K of explaining wbj ?die suddenly abandoned her
toui ol ni- coui n j
mm m muuG
Says He Cannot Explain L:
Warwick's Sudden Departw
for England.
Declares Receipts Had B(
Higher than Average and Gua
antees for Future Lectures
Were Profitable.
With [.m Warwick, England's m
advertised beaut) and lecturer, some
hundred miles out on th.? i?r??:?d Athp
?bound f"i s<.iith;iiiipioi and hum.
? ni?. ;i tu. litt>> "tli i.lain .
the office ul L K ? : .. lier m.mai
was la-i night one large Interroga!
Mr Ke.-iji i- ipi m set eral ho
In his office at So. ltd Nassau strt
trying to tell Inquirers how little
kn.-w about the -*.-.11..t? ? affair, and the
tempta al solving the mystery were
i. ? rupti d onlj bj Une oi caslonpl tlut
.tu from s??ine i lace In Ci
.i.l.i or He- Weal ? king ?
monta lu i i" n cancelled.
Mr Keedl? k ?li?l not k?k.w n
all comers he denied emphatically tl
the ils I? ? turoa all that had ?be* n gh
out of the series ??f thirty, had m?t i?.
n success, .ml offered all kinds ofstal
tics tu 111?. " >? ha I h?< said. Th.m
SBS had a long talk with linn, he <
dared over the telephone ??n Frld
night, and everything seemed t.? i??? fli
The m m word he had of his dlstl
gulshed employer was brought to I?
mi Ha turd a> afternoon by n reiiorti
whn had - ? i. ? M' \ i:. Wrl .?.
lu rrj m. Aboard the ? Hj mpl
shortly before Ihe i??ai sailed, heavl
\elled, an.: trj Ing her It-eal i?? .?-lip awi
unnol i' ed, lea*? Ing him ?? Uh h 1100,11
Insurance policy on hli hands and ?jon
twenli ?four le* ' urc ? onti ai ta to r?_.i
?'Had No Business Over Here.-'
in \ i.-w .-i the lightning i hang? s ..f ti
previous * venty-four hours, her mai
an? r li"i I ..i ' I) lim?' esterda* t?? colle
his wil ii a\Blanche of querii
rolled m noon him, bul the nole remai
t. which '..iii"? Warwick had given u
lera nee ??.iiii'ii Mr. Keedlck said he cou
r.-i ,iii as in an) waj savoring of a wan
Ing thai In i widely herald? d Uni i Ii a
tniil was ti? In- a llasrn ??as ol.i:n
las) week \?. L s i?- m ?Baltimore and Waal
Ington, .?.?. unusuall* large batch ?
cable messages had arrived thai da;
and as ?he finished the lasl the countes
turned i?? him and remarked thai affali
were In a serious condition si home an
that she "h..d no business over her? l?-??;
uring al this lime, tie} ond that, noth
in m attempt to mak" whatever ex
planatlon was possible i<> the public Mi
Keedlck gave oui u -?-tai.?n from hi
.?Hi. .s last nlghl m which he said:
Owing to the fac? thai there have i ..-*-?
man) conflicting reports < Iru dm
L..H- Warwlrki sudden departure fo
Ungland, i tool i all- -<i upon to issue i
?tatemen! i<> tbe :
Th?- first intimation i bad that theC.i
i,- ..i' Warwick had sailed was whan .
... v. report?-! Informed me thai sh<
v., , walllna nn the < Uv mplc whit n hat
Just then left Hi? |'i? i I i i'ii ?iii? ii
11, i i, - had ' ? i n uiisii i-.- iiicii. inn
minute? Inter ?? tm m un i .?m- from ?Lad)
W .11 iiU'k. from v?. in. h I i,in.:. II? t. How
11. ..i \ii i.
??| have csbleri from my busband and
lu.m.mpelllng my Immediate return
upon Important btmliics. The coal >trlk?'
affect* us m ?Iderablj and my ?present-e ?
, i ? Vomi stncei
K. I'.. \\ ARW1CK.'
Other than tin? above i hav? no informa?
tion explaining ber hurri-?d departure but
l am convinced that th. ?situation at home
must have been most urgent, es her lecture
tour hud bsea ?.ked iHirel) for fin
returns, and the enaagemeni unfulfiU?-.
were guaranteed at higher prU'-f-* than an)
speaker has i-ommandi-d In recent yean
?During hi?- career aa ?? lecture maii
HKer Mr Koodlch haM handled the Amer?
ican tours ?>f sir Ernest Bhackleton,
t?unt ral H.i?l?'ii-l'"Well ami Willi am
idekeiiH. sun of tii?- novelist, who ???'?!
at tin? Hotel Ast?.i. He says, hustetet,
thai within the last thirty-six hours h,
ha? discovered thai ha knows nothing
ai all abOUl Ihe I Iltisll.
I'me, rich, "tul mellowed in the wood. The
he-it all season drink. Luyl'cs llrou., New
Five Others Burned in Ei
Morning Waterfront Fire.
Two persons are dead and five ot
suffering from serious burns are in 1
s.ui Street Hospital as the result i
tin- m the t'en- story Fall River H
.n'?.. 171 Wee! street, early this morn
Om "i the dead is a Mr? O'Malley,
ran the hotel. .
The other is ?i ne_r?'. known as "J
; who worked on the Fall Hiver Line \
i Th?- fin- Htart.-d in the restaurant on
?I floor and ran up t?. the tl
Moor. Suffocation caused the deaths.
Michael Wallace, seventy-four -.?
old, a mechanic, waa dragged out of
burning building i>> Patrolman B?>stw
of the Leonard Street station. Wall
Patrick M. ?amara, a mechanic: i;?->
,u a butcher; Michael Pier? ?<
laborer, and one other, were taken to
i hospital M? Xnmata and the milde
I lud man are in a ? rltlcal condition
?aid at the hospital There \
ulout thirty-five persons in the h
w inn tii" Bra broke out.
Loaded Locomotive Is Rush
' Against Mexican Armored Tra
Juarez. Mexico March ?M.?The ret?
after three days if lighting, claim \
I tof) t"-ila: There an- many dead
; ii.ith siii,- General Uonsales .alas,
federal leader, .vim resigned his po
' f..ii.? as Minister of War t., take the tl?
Sixty f. ?lirai dead Wele accounted
when the Insurgents loaded a light <
ith ti.it> ix.x.-s of dynamite a
. _eni it headlong into an armored tn
loaded _ Ith federal soldi)
'I'ln federals entered Escal?n tn-?l;
t\. ?? thousand strong, loa?!?-?! on thi
freight tra?na snd began t?i follow
the retreating rebele
General Campa, commanding the re
.?is. secured a light engine and an em
ne? r win, agreed t.? accept th.- hasarda
task* .?f starting it after it had be
. loaded with the explosive. He ran
I until a down sra?l<- was reached ai
: then, opening th?- throttle, Jumped. T
wild locomotive ton- down the track
terrific speed
The engineer ??! tin- armored train sa
i,i- danger an?! stopped, hut could n
m., onrushlng menace. The latt
r. i..-, ? |i?ii Hi? engine .nul tust cu of t!
! train and ?I? railed the last tv
\t the -..in.- iristiiut the dyiinmi
[ exploded, killing or wounding practical
: ?.)i of tl-..- federals on the train.
Ex-Convict Tells Boston Preach
er Hotel Men Were in It.
a .? The Tribune, i
liest,?n. March .'!. The Rev. Herbei
s Johneon, noted throughout this stht
as pre.oInr ami energetic social work?
pastor ei the Warren .venue iiaptis
Church, to>nlght told his congragatlo
ni an alleged plot whereby hire?! criml
nais were u> break Into his hohae Tins
Dlghl and murder him
Accord! ig tu his informant, the des
I it.nines were t?? I??- hired with mom>J
furnished ? >. Interests behind the secoat
.lass hotels, against which the past?.
? lias been weging Qeyce war. Mr. John
j sou Bald that smiie months ago he ha.
been warned thai his \\f. was in dangei
i if lie k.-pt up Ins activities. The warn
; Ing was gt.en by s lawyer. !!?? laugher,
.-? ,t
\ ? ? -.-i ?i\ let, non a member of th?
? congregation of Mr. Johnson's church
j ami , great admirer <?f the preacher
c,?in- to the pastor last week and told
' him a startlihg st.,r.\. The Informel
I thai two men had already been
| hitad ni ?_i.o each le break Into th.
r'?? i ouae, hut he himself had boeh
offered $100 t.. be the third man in the
gang. They ware t.. knife Mr. Johnson
wen to ransack the house. The
., ,,,i tin . mi und was to be divided.
:left behind at queenstown
! Mauretania Unable to Take Aboard 132
' Pa.i*enger_. Owing to Bad Weather.
mu. en. town. March .I?The steamer
Main. tanlH, on her way to New York, ar
? rived h.re today, hut was tmable to take
aboard IM sssssngsra ??.?i many sacks of
m,n! which were awaiting h.-r.
Th?. steam tender which pilot between the
I port and the large tr_n. atlanM_ liners was
I unable to leave the harhor, owing to the
| t. _\> am.
Ten Meri Ra?mso to Indict on Coi
?spiracy Charnes. ?houqh Will
inn to Indict One Wan.
II Is Si)id.
Not, Even a Presentment Look?*;
For?Reversal of Gerard's De?
cision Would Send Brandt
Rack to Prison,
Lawyers Say.
After ?onslderlng the conspira?"
?hartes in the Brandt rase for n?"arl
two month?*, the grand Jury that, hn
been ?-ond?? tin?, th? investigation wl
??nd Its labors this week without a? tint
There will be no indictments and no pr?
The reason for thin Is the stand take
by ten members of th?? grand Jury, wr
for the last two weeks have stood solid
-israinst indictments, though before thi
most of them were In favor of actloi
Sir??-* they have changed their argumer
ha? heen that the rase haa been ?jn?*i ?*
persecution, and they have confine
themselves to that statement and
steady vote against Indictments.
But though they have refused to vot
the two lndi.-tments necessary for a ??or
spin-i? y charge, these ten would bav
consented even at their laa* meeting o
Thursday to find one Indictment. The
have finally refused to Indict one oth?<
man, and. though it hag been explaine
to them frequently that a conspirar
charge cannot lie against one man onl:
they have steadily refused to find mor
than one indl?*tment. while freely el
pressing their belief that one indictmen
at least, should be handed up.
This situation has resulted in nothin
being done. For District Attorney Whit
man considers that it would be llttl
leas than ridiculous to hand up a pr??
sentmenr saying that there had been
Kr'.Ks misearrlaij-f? of Justice and that th
law had been broken, and yet refuse t
lind indictments and attempt t?> punis
those who are de?lared to be guilty.
'ihe grand Jury will meet again to
morrow. and it is prokible that they wi
make their report th? n and aisk to h
dismissed, though they may tak?' the re
n.ainder of this week. This delay is 1
deference to the wishes of the ten wh
h.ve stood out against indictment)
Thirty-five witnesses have already bee
heard, but there are still one or two wh
will testify against Brandt, and the-,
ibe te;i want to hear te|l their .tor?.
P.rsonnal of the Grand Jury.
The members of tiic grand Jury tha
lias considered th?' Brandt < as?
Henrj Oetar arela, <>f No, 17 Baal *-7-'
street Alexander Weinberg, of No. 11
West 11."ith street; Moritz Kornsaml. ??
No. 129 Park avenue; C. J. Wittenberg
of No. 38 Weal ."-??th street; Bmfl Krank
lof N??. is Beat 00th str-ot; Iforlta I.
' Krnst. of No. IBS West 123d Street; Hen
; jamin Stern, of No. '27?) Eaat 80th street
.Joseph Cohen, of No. 85 Kast 1 * ?T t,
! street: Maurice ('oinprecht. of N" M
W.-st 153d str.-ot. Samuel Fry, ??f No
lit? Kast ,?_d street. Bernard KaughtOT
<>f No. 610 W?*st Knd avenue; Robert K
Dana, <?f No. 210 Weet I02d >trect
James s carnejr, of No. 558 Weet 14J<
street; Henry A. ratten, of No. ."UNI Wcs
iiHith street; John a. Hersag, of No
1530 Broa?lw.iy; Jamo.i BucWey. wh
lives at the Holland Hou-??; Willlatn '?.
Hill, Of No. '-'71 West 127th street; .lame
T.. Laidlaw, of No. 6 East 00th street
William D. Murphy, of No. H> Kast 4i?tl
Street; William J. Murphy, of N<?. 101
Weal Tilth street; Marcus W. Cane, o
No. 1 West ."??ith street: (Je.?rge WlehelUg
of No. 72 Hank street, and T Q n't'on
n??r. ?if No. 1 West 87th street. Bu.kle?.
was the foreman rtn?l Hill the secretary
For the last two weeks the ten flrsl
named bare refused te vote for the in?
dictment Of all the principals in the <????<?
though they would have ?*onsented t?i
the Indictment of oxse man. They ad
mitt.'?l freely and without argument that
one indictment was well deserved, bur
no amount of argument could mak**
them see, or at least could make them
admit, that two persons v,er?> require!
to form a conspiracy. When it came to
talk of more than one indictment thesa
t?n stubbornly voted no.
At the beginning of the investigation
only two -or three of the grand Jurors
were against in?li?*tment_. As the caae
went on the little group who stood
agalnat Indletaaanta whs gradually in?
creased until they became a solid body
of ten. In the end it came to be that
three or four of their <<>lleague_ joined
with them.
Disagree Over Witnesses.
Finally deaperate efforts were made to
have Ifortlmar L. Ochlfl and Howard B
Oana ?ailed as witnesses. Though di?
rect In aj-ainst the ?ranting of Judge
Craln, t?> whom they ha?l ???ne tor a?l
Vh-e, eleven members Of the |UI*J \ole?l
that the two be OSdled, and argu???i long
in the endeavor t<> bring ?i majority evi i
to th.'ir side.
There waa no! al an) time an) i. -
tener in the gran?! Jut ? room thai
Brandi had committed burglary. It ? ? ?
admitted by nil the Juror? thai the t? -<.
rnony before the grand Jury that m
diited him for burglarly did no! BBom
that that crime had been committed, ami
it was sgreed that all the testimony be?
t?r.- th.* present gr.in?! Jury showed that
there had l?e?*n n?? burglary.
When District Attorney Whitman
offered to bring more witnesses on the
burglary queetlon he was told thai
were not needed: the .'urors were sat?
lHfled that there had been no burglary.
Brandt, in tha meat. time, is out on
bail pending th.- hearing of the appeal
from Justice t'erard's decision granting
? writ of habeas corpus for him. An
intricate bgal tangle ha- already grown
up around this ease, but it is considered
likely by many able lawyers thai if Jus?
tice Gerard's declelon is reversed Brundl
Mill have to return t<> prison and serve
.?ut his -eiitence unless he is pardoned
I.?, C...V? rn..r Hix's su? ?essor.

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