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Praises Readiness of East Side
Pulse to Respond and Loyalty
to Republican Principles.
President, in Day Letter to Koc
nig, Glad Party Will Choose
Delegates Without
Fear or Favor.
President Tail si?gnlAed yesterday hi.
thai he would get a solid delegation
Sew York I nuntj in a ?lay letter t?>
Samuel s Koenlg, president of the Re
publii f. ' 'ount: Commltti ??. n ? < y ???) at
Rep?. ? idquaiters yesterday af
temoon Thi Prceldeni Indorsed Mr.
Koenlg's decision that tne Roosevelt pe
Util m hould n?it l-i, attacked, even
though they were fraudulent. Because
of ihe boasts ol Mr Roosevelt's man?
agers ha! the colonel would sweep the
Bas! F II ?? us feel and stampede the;
voten to hl! side with a whirlwind tour
on the ?ve of the primary election, Mr
Koenig wrote last week to assure the
Presiden! that the Republicans of New
Ye? . a . -t .' t to b, so easily
"stami" d'd" to vote for Roosevelt on a
plat foi m ti? .t i ? ?? -i the radl? si doc
i lumbUI and !
Carnegie Hall Thi Presidents dispatch
1 he White House,
W. ?hinoton. D. C, March 24. 1.12.
Ho. Samuel S Koeniq.
Chairman. Republican County COmmH
t-e. New York.
My Dear Mr. Koeriq: Your letter of
Mareh 21st is received. This is to thank
you snd, throuoii yoii, the members of the
Republic in County Committee for tneir
nippnrt. which I warmly appreciate. I note
with satisfaction that every enrolled Re?
publican will he allowed to caat his ballot
' for the slectlon of i-ieiea ates to the Na?
tional 0-invention without fear or favor. In
no vctini population m the United '.t.tes
tire* the p lias respond more quickly than
lo the East Sit*, Their loyalty to Repub?
lic.-'.?, rnnripies 's the hiqhest Indorsement
of the. . I hope v.ith you that their Will
may be fully and fai?"ly and accurately
terpstered. Sincerely yot'ts,
.Mr. Koenlg's letter, which was sont
lasl Thursday Just after the announce?
ment of the Roosevelt Intention t?>
"stami*_if the E__st Side, assured the
Presiden! thai the voters of his section i
he ?ity were "tot, law-abiding, tool
mindful of the freedom which they m
;?ml of thi Ity that has at?
tended thi m under the republican form
of government ,,f this country hihI this
state i?? follow or believe an) such rash
_ud unstable theories ot government __
the recall of judges and the referendum
<.f Judicial doi isions."
Thi ii tter follows:
To His ; the President, Wash
in. ten. I> ?
Resident :
i tul?.n .t. <1P ; been i rougl ? to
lion the man ? unfounded rumora
iii_t the greal bulk ol thi Republican vot
nf New ?ork ' *ye
embraced with avidit> the un-American
d? ctrl ?es of the . he ludtctary und
i nduin on ludida! decision? In
I '"ti.i ! ?I'll -
Unstable Theories Opposed.
Aa a resident of the Has! Side for
.'i leader In the Republican par:.- there,
snd .? o i> ?u daily touch with iep
ini.ii in thai part Of
N< _ ! ??? k wanl to sa . tu you
The votei >?
? show n bj thi Ir lo> -
iihI true Republican principlea that
they are I :ant of tin
of the form <?t the government of tin.
In favoi of Ihe
? Judii i..: ) and o;' uphold?
ing the decisions of the courts, Th
? mindful of th
doni which the? rut} ol the prosper?
ity thai bas at1 : ?;? ?.-.!. indei i he re?
publican form ol government ol thia coun
trs ? i ate to rollo? di t_ lleve any
?ash Mid
im at *s the recall of Judges an?l th?' ref
? ?
? ?ad to
no other citizens in i itrlotism, love
ountry snd respect for the constitu?
tional form <if government which has In?
en equal ?>p
Th. re has Is ? ? ? esent
? m? h ? moring
?l? nttal primai r t hal the oppo?
nents rpose
ly (?is: ? Raided the fH?t, Which the) well
kn<?v . thai on Mar ? .??. will be
_n thi? counl y * ctlcally a prefei -
mai \. ?t which every
ed Republican _i'l I? entitled to caal
his hallol tl ml feai or favor, tor the
on of delegate* t?> th< national con
m at (.'hitago and therein to indi'ate
hi.- ? hoice for nomination
foi ??
This primary is held thia year nol under
ntrol of the party, M lo
years pas) hi t under the same pre'.
as li p. ral election.
Petition Frauds Ignored.
Notwithstanding the fad thai the peti?
tions filed bj tii- committee on behalf of
Colon? - errors.
forgeries and fraudulent signatures and
their validity would be a matter of great
? ' and the part) organisation iroutd
have felt compelled to dispute ihelr validity
if IT tn?; lie. n Ih. ?ase of ne election in?
stead of a primary, the Republican ?'"inly
O'ini." ha abstained from interfering
spvi11. them In any way. Its objed heine to
1 ? - i II VOI
_tely snd fairly
registered next Tuesday.
ule "ti your administration
and ? have only resulted in the
Strengthening of your cause before tne peo
pit- Fallun 'ii the part of the sh<
for n "square dial to carrv their preach?
ment Into practice has resulted In the de?
moralization of their campaign. With kind?
est rec.?:?p. I am, sincerely yours.
Chairman I ?? . County Committee.
New York County.
The county chairman was highly
pleased with the president's indorsement
of his stand with respect to t?i. Roose?
\' ? i?etitions. and reiterated his previ?
ous statements thai New York County
would give a solid delegation f??r Taft
"The Roosevelt jetitlons in many Con
districts could have been
thrown oui because of fraudulent i?r
fraudulent!) obtsined signaturas/* said
Mr KoeniK. "hut the county organiza?
tion has maintained the position that it
would he better to let the petitions
stand, so that the issue raised hy the
ild be appraised bj the voters
of th- party. As to the East Bidg voter,
against whom this whirlwind 'stam?
peding' tour has been arranged for Mr
? ? ?>n the very nlgnl before the
primary, I know that, though the colonel
will assuredly gel an enthuslas'i? reCSP?
lion. the mind of the Baal side voter,
like the minds of the voters throughout
this - made Up, and is made ? p
and thoroughl) settled sgslnsl the radi?
cal doctrine! sdvocated la the < oiumhus
sr<???" h "
Hat 700 of the 912 Delegates to Repub?
lican State Convention.
|Rv T?lenme I" Th" Tribun?- |
'"oiorndo tpringS Col., March M Pre?1
dent Taft will have n malorlt;. of the 91.
?ieleaaten to ih?- ? -nven
tion, w?Mch win meal here on GVadnesda
The latest offld .| count _lv<?: him 7W dele?
gates, with 212 tot !:??" elt.
The _?l i 'ongress Diatrkt 1_ claimed solid
Aot Koo_ov.il.
National Committeeman Says
There Was No Politics in Talk.
Y!,,-..President Jam?-.?* B Sherman spent
port of Saturday with William L. Ward.
nati ?nal ????mmittoeman, at Port Ches?
ter, but only a few politicians knew ?if
his vifiT an?! much mystery surrounds
the confer_n< s It liad been given out
that Mr. Ward was in the South, rjut
be has Yean in Port Cheater nearly every
day lately, except when he was in New
York conferring with Republican lead?
Mr. Ward and Mr. Sherman have for
a lore time been intimate personal
frien'ls. Jt Ig reported they talked over
the national situation, r. It hough Mr
Ward said it was purely a personal call
At the last -t?te ?-??nvn-ntion, when Mr.
Sherman was defeated for state chair?
man I'V Theodore Roosevelt. Mr. War i
and the other WestChSSter delegate?
Itood ??ut to the finish for the election
of Mr. Sherman to the chairmanship
Mr Ward said last night: "There waa
ni thing unusual In Mr. Bherman'a visit.
He hag been my personal friend for
many year.*?. There is no truth in the.
report that Mr. Sherman rame as an
emissary from President Taft.''
President's Supporters May Object to
Wisconsin "La Follette Delegate."
| B* " . pi ?'? Till 7*1 I ;? ?
Milwaukee, March Si -A contest before
th? National Republican Convention I
Taft Wisconsin ?jupportera is hinted at In
a et&tement Issued her*? by ESmanuel L
Phillip, head of the Taft force?. In hta
commenta in ? ruling by the ?tate admin
1st I Ilion allowing the I a Follette deles.lfes
to pi-*--?* the ?vorn s i.? Follette delegate
under their names on the preferential
primary ballot to he aged
Phillip aayn In his statement:
The election of deleita tes to n party <*-on
m la, after all, a party function The
state, i1?? doubt, haa a certain right to reg?
late ?n. h election, however; the convention
to which the delegatea are elected is. in
end, the Judge of the principle?* to
I which a debiifite must subscribe, in order
to I?" eligible to part ici pa if- in Its <i??'inera
I tions If a candidate for delegate to the
I Republican National Convention dealrea to
have h ?ipf-ignaiion .-ifter his name which
nnventlon niiei.t ea> is repugnant t?>
esignatlon of Republican, as that word
appeal.? at the head of the column, he runs
th? risk of havlnc the national body ?leny
; him a neat.
Taft Campaign Manager Denies Press?
ure on Federal Officeholders.
??ton. T?"v . March M.?-H. A. Mnc
? i impaign manager for Presi?
dent Taft yesterday replied to the Roose-i
?fell ?liarK** that the Taft fon ?s arc uaing
lewapapers of t?-x??s in an effort to'
force federal Dffl(*?boldera in line for the
President. After declaring that Cedl .'
Lyon, RooaeveH leader in Texas, had ?jo
conttrlbutlona fr??m federal ai>
P?'intees, tiie Taft manager says:
There ?re three thousand federal office
lioiders in Texas, the hulk ol whom 1 do
not know; and not wishing them t?> be In?
fluenced by such methods I usi?d the new*.
papers of the state to notify the lova' Taft
people thej could aseen their Independence
and pot s iffer therefrom, if I had any in
fil?enle that would prevent It.
fhere is nothlna new .ii>out the ?proposi?
tion '?is; i he siate chairman iMr. Lyon)
I as i.i'iti bulldlag DP an organization with
th?' patronage ol the "big sti. k. and I
merely wanted th.? people of Tesai to know
that he no longer hcidp it.
Roosevelt Candidate Also Appears
Against George Cromwell.
,:?? B Husch and William Wirt Mills!
win be candidate, for delegatea t? ? the Re?!
publican National Convention at th.? prl-]
maries to-morrow, runnina against Qeoirge
Cromwell, presidenl ??f nichmond Borough,
and Chauncey M Depew, CYomwell and.
Depew wet* designated as delegates by the!
Republican machine, an<* no opposition ?a?
expictrii. Since th?-n a petition has been
circul?t?-?! and enough aignaturea obtained
to Insure th" ptaclOg of th?* names of
Husch and .Mills 00 the tiefest
Oroma*eH and Depew ?-'?-r?' Instructed for
Taft, while Husch and Mills ar- Roosevelt
aupportera Th?* contest la In the llth Con-1
gresa District, which Includes Btaten isl?
and and thl lower pari of Manhattan. (
* " U. S. Department of Agriculture.
??->)?._. I r | WILLI? L.MOONC CMtf
py? ?c: -l---i*/, ?^v-v*.
. fe. x i -?-???-__ *-J7c**!r..*_r:,>"
v ?
Ljl?Y^?*^ia "?? ; -?_ \ / ?? !?/ _ZNS?*"
VfS'*""-.'-_-?3/ ???-^L/ I _C v?i[?*?*
tx??j??.?To?v not?. 1*1 "5** jf f._'\--i.\-^?. t?-'J,***;?*c'*"*
ai in a-wss-a-siastiseasa V ^-V^Sf-i ?t\ \ X99" Sfi.?BlIi
Official Hecord and lor.c__l. Washington
March 24 Th? aovthwacl dlstnrbaaca et
Saturday night hn. spn-ad along the ? ntlr.
Atlantic coast from Florida to Neva Si otla.
?ith tha principal centre of depre??lon mir
South??-.?t Virginia nral a secondary on" off
th* Massachusetts coast. High ?Irais or.-urred
at Ynrlou? points alun* the coast, and th?1
rains and ?new?. ?hile extending Into New
England, have continued westward *nd south?
ward through th. lower WaSSarl and lower
Mississippi valleys Heav> anew fell in Mis?
souri, anil hc;i\y rains thron_ho?it th? Ohio
Vails?, the middle find south Attentif and
in the Wast the weather ?*? r<*neral]y fair
It Is considerably colder from the upper
reg'.nn south to th? Oulf eoa.t snd
warmer as a rule e|gewh*r?. although temp?r?
ature, sre sttll much SSlaw the BSSSeas! aver?
age In the upper l?k? region, the central \al
l?\. and th? plains stat.?
There will h? rain or snow over th? north
and rain over th? south sections alona 'h?
Atlantic ? ?i*?* on Mon.lav. follow?d hy fair
weath'-r at night and Tu?sd?v. in th? In
t?rlor the ??nth-; will 1?? f?ner?!lv fair M
day and Tuesday, although a disturban?-? In
Nevada will probably ?"iiui? uns?ttl?d w-ather
by Tuesday as far east a? the central and
south plains sin'ea
It wltr be somewha" colder Mondar In the
middle and aonth Atlantic mates and warmer
In the BPpei lake region ih? central vall?ys
and the plains ?t?te?
It ?III t>" warmer TsesdS] east of th? MtS
stsstppi River generally
Flood warning? have h??n Issued for th?
RnnniMi?. ions?. Wabam?. Flack Warrior
Ton high*? an?t |o??r Tenn?ssee rivers; also
for flood stages Monday In th? <illlo River !..
t???n the mouth of the Rig Band) Rh?-- and
elm Innatl. reaching a stag? of M or ft_ feet i t
th? la t fer plu? during Tuesday. Th? low?r
nhlo win al?* continue to>rlse. and a star?
spproilmatlng .*.<"? feel, or r, feet above th?
flood s'are. is ?xpect?d at Cairo bv Thursday.
BtOTm warnings are disflayed on the Allan
lie coast from Jacksonville ?Ti Rsstport
Ihe win.s ?lonr th? Nee Fngiand ?ni mlddl?
Atlantic roa?ts *il| he hrl?. M high north and
nonhv ?-??.! diminishing Mendav night, ?n?ith
A'lantir .-oast, brisk to high w?st ta northwest,
diminishing Monda v night MM (Ml MSSt.
moderate northwest to r.or'h. beromlnr variable
Tusada?, west Golf ? >??! mod?r?t? north????
snd ea?t. Ijik? ?I'hirsn moderate norttVnst.
leioming so ith Monday nlsht
pi??ni*r. departing .|on.m for European
?ill ha'? hrlsk to htch north an. noith
???-t ?ml?, with .l?etlng w??f_?r to th? ?.rand
Forecast fur Special I ?milt|?? Vor Eastern
r?nns\ivsnl?. ?-|_?rin. and ?ttghtlv .older to?
nar. ?Ith moderate north winds. TlSMdSy fair,
1"; Kh ''in N?w York, fait west clearing In
Have More than 800 Delegates,
Safe Majority, in State Con?
vention To-morrow.
I Figures Backed by Complete
Returns-?Roosevelt Con?
tests for Effect, He
: stunt I "* the Trlbr-sa ]
Indianapolis. Marrh S? -Complete return??
?from the Republican primaries ?it?rai ?II
li*oii*-t ;.? t., control of th* stifle convention
I on Tuesday, as President Taft -??111 have?
something mer eight hundred delegetea and
y,. ., ? 11 ii out ?<iv hundred.
"You can say with the greatest oonfl
' dence that th<* frionas of president Taft
i will control the state convention on Tues?
day by n*?t less than two hundre-d votes."
) (?aid Optaln Harry .?-> New, state manager
1 for th? President, to-rtav 'This est'mate
! 1 ted on absolutely reliable returns made j
to me bv men In the different counties who i
1 are reliable and who would not attempt to ]
mislead They are corroborated by Asures
received hv the State Centril '"ommltte??. I
which Is not ? 'partisan In this matter, and
i by report!- of the newspaper correspondents
; who have no Interest except to be right
Not Mil) will the President control the
???at? convention and '?ave the four del??
I i?ec at large, hut he will have the dl*
irict delegate*? from eight distriets. beyond
the f*ha?1ow of a doubt He may have nine
and he may have ten districts, but there
? question whatever shout hi? having
? ight. Hi.d 'in this basta the d?tection w?,ii
stand 10 to 1^ in the President's favor *
am under this impression, trat In order to
be Sbsolutel*1 sure 1 fix the number at
tw-entv delegates t.. Chicago, f??r 1 want
to be within the most conservative limits
"The friends of Mr Roosevelt are making
claims that are wholly unfounded They
know they have lost the state, hut they
lire crying frau?! and claiming a majority
Of the delegates for the effa t that may
be ma?!?' in other states In which conven?
tions have not been held There Is not the
least basis for tho many contesta that they
have prepar*-.!. and they are SO groundless
? that th?'v would not stan<1 for I moment
! before any Intelligent body of men.
All this fuss is m inak?- Impressions
elsewhere, ami for that purpose alone, for
they know th??y have, been besten In In
idiar a. and hinten through sn honest ex?
pression of the people's will."
Edwin M. Lee?, ex-state chairman and
bead of th* ROUSSVSII cam?pajgn In Indiana,
?to-night, however claims a majority In
i the state ? .invention of *'., He declares
| Roosevelt ha?- th<- ML M. ?Hh. Kth. vh i?th.
11th, 12th and i.*?h fongress districts for
! a total Of M -lelegiif-s He says the Itooss
veil faction hopea t?> be shle to unseat
many delegates electsd In the i ?
this (Marlon? county and the fight f??r tho
control of th?' oonvcaU? win begin with I
the me? tiriK of the credentials committee.I
Progressive*"' Strength Nearly Three
Time? That of Stalwart?.
i'.rand Vorks. N D . March _'. Neu uk
ures on the r-?*cnl Presidential prefrrenti ?I
primary election, mad?? S ?a liable hist nlfht,
Imiicate the relative strength In this slatd
of the Progressive sad the Ktalwan ele?
menta In the Republtcaa pnrtv
in clghtoon counties Timmi? Marshall, Ls
Follette Progressive, receiv. ?i ???.*? ; Vrt%sm
for national ronunlttesmsn, nrhiii E ?'
Cooper, St.ilwart received -..nil. I,, |hoj
i s am? eighi?-.i, c unties 1__ Follettes rot*
| was itsM, while that for Ressevoli
Jackson, Miss March 24. -R. port* from
five Republican county ?nnventlona Is Mis?
sissippi, held* yeotortey, shoe thre.
mi in ted delegates lor Tuft. ,.n?i taro nam?-d
uninstriute?! delegations to ihr state con?
vention In Jackson on March IX
Mailed anywhere in th? United States
i for $2 50 a year.
NUI portion to da> hrlsk north ?nd northwest
winds, Tuesday fait warmer In Interior
For '.-o?ith?rn New- England, rain or snow this
n:ornlng. followed bj ? l?artng. brisk north and
northwest wlnda; Tuesday fslr, warmer In in
For Northern New Knrland. fair west snow
In east portion to-day. ?tightly colder In In?
terior. hrl?k north snd northwest winds, Tu?s
l?\ fan. wanner In west portion
Fm lb? I?l?trl?~t of Columbia, clearing and
Tuesday fair, warmer;
mod?rai? north winds l*?a.inlnr variable Tues
For Maryland, clearing and slightlv ,older to
.1?' r tempi snow In th? mountain?. Tuesdaj
fait, warmer moderate north wind?, becoming
, arlsNe Tuesday.
For Virginia, fslr northwest. . !e?r1ng and
colder In east and south pnr'lnnj to day. Tue?
day fair, warmer In we?t and rentrai portions,
moderate to hrlsk northwest and north winds
For Peiawar.. ? |e?ring and slightly ??older
to day ?Ith brl?k north and northwest wind?.
Tuesday fair
For New tenar, rain or snow this morning,
followed hy clearing, slightly colder In south
portion. tri?k north snd northwest winds. Titas?
da> fair, warmer In lnt?r1or
For \v??t Virginia, fair la day, escaM local
snows and 'older ln the mountains. Tuesday
fslr slight lv warmer
For tv?itern Pennsylvania, generally fair to
dav Tu?*dav fslr. ?lightly warntet ; mo.?rate
noith Winds, hecomlng variable Tusadsy
For Western New York, clondv to dav. Tu?*
dav fair, spgh'lv watnier. moderate not. . tn
???t winds
Official ot?er\?t|on? of Fnlted State? we?ther
bureau* tsken at ?i p m. yesterday follow
Temper?ture Weather
Albany . .1. One*
.t|?nt|e ?my. 40 Rain
Ro?ton . .. | i In,idv
R'iffalo . i"|ou.lv
^hicago . . an Clsar
Hew Orleans. no ?'loudv
Pt l.oul? . ..;? Clear
Washington . to Rain
s I m ?1 S P m._n
Local Official Record Th? following official
record fiom th? Weather Bureau show? th?
change? In th? temperst ure for the last twenty
four h un, in compar!?on with the corre?pond
Ing date last year ?
inn Itll ?Il I'll?
*?am ? a p m 20 j-1
a a m ii .:? il p m _i _?
? a m ?M ."_? Il p m ;$ sa
1 -? m .'. .".T 12 p ni. g%
A p in II
Higheat temperature yeaterdav ..f) degr?.?
|o?e?t. :v>. average. :t?, a\er?ge for corre
spordlng ?Inte |??t ye?r. ?rt ?v?i?g? for ? or
i. ?ponding date for last thlrlx-thre? \e,r?. 4?..
loi al l'.rv ist Clearing to-dav. brisa:
north and northwest winds, to-morrow. ?alr.
Roosevelt Terms New England
Tour a "Practical Trip."
Colonel Denies Receipt of
Threatening Letters?Ex?
pects Mann's Support.
? Ry T?1*graih to The Tribute '
Ovsfer Bav. N V, March 24.-Theodor?-.
Roosevelt returned at f> o'clock to-night
from his N?w EnKland tour. "A most
practical trip!" he exclaimed as h?- allfhtsd
fron the train.
Mr Rocpevelt returned to StW York on the
Fhore I.lnc BspfSSa arriving Si th" Grand
Central Station at 4 O'clock this afternoon.
Kormlt Roosevelt was on hand to meet his
father Th? km. lin? _f c_mtn>it'r* i.cok
nlT?-i1 the colonel an?l trained thell I ?
'h- thtrd-t?rm candidat?- sa bo leaped Into
a taxlcah.
Another pr?ss of commutera re ?gnlsed
ths ax-Presldanl al 'he Long Island wait?
ing room in the? Pennsylvania atatlon he
for* Ihe Oyster Bay lr_'ti \\?nt ?"it. at i ..''
The c.oionei shower) no sl?ns ??f nerve
?.train after his Portland rnrptrtenCee, which
Included thi- collai so of th. platform from
which he spok?.
Th? candidat? will go to New Yorxt to?
morrow mornlnc to work on Ills sp.;hea
| for his Western trip, w-hli h begins on
Wednesday night in HMcago To-morrow
night iir will mnk? pt\ address at Apollo
Hall, i'Union Street, neai '?rand; Lenol
?i i?lv Hootrii. \?, s- ?nd s ven ne;
M.inn?r? imr Hall, Lexington avenur nr,?1
V.th street, Saw Stir ...sino, l_>_lngton
avenas .'in?l inTth ttreet; KbUag'i Casino,
. t Ann's avenue snd Itttb Street Th"
Bronx, arvj Siblo'a Casino, Third svmu?
and ITOth strr. t
Medin McCormick, of the Washington
head', utrtera, who accompanied Mr Rooae
V-?t un his Portland trip, issued the _ol
liiwtng statement In Hoston to-day:
Colonel Hooaevclt's welcome to Portland
va.- .in ovation The street* were linr"1 by
spplsuding crowds. The oldet mm told tne
colonel's lr??f?ds that in M s! ne tor more
than a KTerntinii there had no! been sn
audience which foi ?iz?. Int?lll*.'?ni ? and
enthusiasm equalled timt which listen? I ? ?
i "oion?l Kuo??-\.it on Bsturda) ni?ht
a i etewtde Rooaeveli organlsstlisn was
fot ineii after tin- meeting lo condual the
campaign in the town' anil counties which
ha\? not slresd? el.I detegstei to Ihe
siat? convention it ahoukl l?e noted thai
"ii.- half of th? delegates elected for
the Ma'~ convention sre In II ed foi
Roosevelt, while the ??maining delegstes
aw- ualastructed Baturdsy ni_nt ihe Taft
leaders privately conceded the --tat? to
Thirlng the several Hays tha! i hsve been
in New Eagtaad i have conferted witl tin
^Roosevell leaden fron Sea Hsmpshlre
, M ? tachusetta nu.l Usine These men have
? -m fullj canvssscd Ihe three states sad are
i -nantirions in reporting to managers ? f the
Roosevelt campaign 'hat the rank nn?i die
of Republicans sre from iwo to oae lo m
t?. rme in favor ?>f ? olonel Roo eveli -
nomination. The Tuft managers In New
Mampshlr? are blocking the ?liiiintiil that
th? \utcr? in the town ' ' ? ?-?? shall also
be permitted lo exprea thi fei ? n< ?? a ?
i-etwecn Presidential candidate?
There It s growing feeling among Repub?
licans in New nnirian?! that Colonel Rooee
velt's nomination is tl? ?-t.I\ guarantee uf
rlcton In Novembei The campaign in
Neu England for Colonel Rooaevelt'a nomi?
nation really began ?ml\ Issl week, He |s
i.cing o.*??'! by such reactionsr> leaders
.< - 1 :in'"t - Crani snd Oa linger He v-i'l
carry th? ihrse northeastern states if th?
federal and local ma? bin. > do nut
Mt'.riK enough to -u.ith't pup 1 I .-?
men! Th? peop. ire with him. bul the
bosse a sre against him
.on.- ed the ex-1
ti<?n to a story In a Neu *i"rk morning
a per ol lasl B?tards) in which he
was quoted hi aaylng thai he i
many threatening letters fn?ni Boston and
Portland on the eve'or hla Mains fip
?if? a malldoos lie ' he mapped "i
wish yon reporters would lell your neurn?
[ hsve i ? ? ttcr
of that kind l' doesn'1 mattet f any r,ne
says threatening letter* Mere
If thi ? . ? ? . ? ii?-?1 mc"
He a?iii?d that he had n res of
letteta of congratulation snd letters fore
telling th? warm sreli
l ust,m ?ad Portland, Me.
Democrats in House Not to Pro?
vide Monoy for It.
Prou Tb?
U'ashinston. March M The Demo ral
lio dare <?f toe Hon-.- hu'..? Jednltel* d?
l -.|. d that the Tariff Hoard shall be aboi?
ish?-*d at the end <?f the present fiscal jresr
The sundry civil bill. n?OW In 0 if
pr?*parntion. win contain no appropriation
f"i its maintenant**, and it la understood
ii,Ai the Initial thrist .?t the board ?ill be
taken when the majoritj memb* ? ?? I ?
fVaya and Means ?'ommitt??? make n for?
mal report on the wool bll i r:tl
dam of the emrh of ?ii? board is expected,
sin'?- individual Dtfnocratic memhert* of
the committee bave nu? I ?'?'! to assert
their in.i?'penden?*e <?f the board'i findings
and a lack of faith In its usefulness.
Notwithstanding the vast amount Of
data gathered by the Tariff Board on the
woollen Industry, no attention whatever
was given to Hi?- board'- report ivl.m the
I?emocrats framed the arool Ml: Th.
hoar?! has prepared a ri-port on th.* cotton
industry, and this Is n??w in the hands of
the Preatdent but t\ ?h report too, r?'pre
sents energy wasted The Dem?crata "f
the House ha va sicnifle.l tbeii Intention
not to bring In a c,,tton bill at this aemsUtn
F??r some time the Democrats have gra?1
uslly "?Town more In1nil?nl to the ?on
tinuance of the Tariff Board There have
been veiled threats that th?? l>oard must
go a decision hus how been reached,
however, and th? boarfl || doomed
The Demo? rats will escusa th?'lr action
on the thsory that a bod) gatlteriag Infor
mation to tie used in revising the tanff
sho?il?ri report to ?'?.ngress InMca?! of to
the President. A tenistlxe promtsi la made
to < r?-ate another body to supplant the
present board, this new organisation t<? i.e
responsive only to the wishes of the mi?
Jority of the Ways and Mesm Committee
;in?l to report only to tnem Mills providing
for a substitute i-osrd have been Introduced
h>- Representatives Palmer and Peters, ma?
jority members of the Ways ami M an
? ommlttee.
Th?- T.iriff Hoard is airead) rripplod lor
la'-k of funds and ras less than *.4<?.????
with whl h to continue Its Investigations,
until the end of the fis? al yeai It Is rt ?1
Ize.l, however, that It would lie futile !?>
apply to the Appropriations lomtiiittee of
th? House for a deiic|en?y appropriation,
slm e that committee has determined to
muke, no provision srhatSVer f?n the
boards ?-?intlnuance When the sundry civil
budget is prepared.
Straw Vote Indicates His Success at
Presidential Primary.
|H> Tel-v-Hpti to Th- Tilt ,
Portland, ?*>re.. Mar? h .'4. The results ??f
t postal straw vote in Portland, which In?
dicates the voting strength of Oregon,
taken by the Oregon Newa Asso-riatlor
forecasts the surce-.s of piesWlent Taft at
;he ?iregoti ?Preetdentlsl primary, AprrTI is,
t>y a comfortable HMjOfttJ". While the de
fe.t. hv a small majority, of United I
Senator Jonathan Bonnie, Jr , Is in.lt
-ated, the lead of Ren ?-SeiHn?, his piTn
-ipal opponent at the primarles, is hardly
?ufhclent to conntersct the farming rote
Uno? n tu f.i\or Ore??on'<? senior Senator
(if ci.'-?? i?o*?i_ls mailed, almost ?i.????? srere
?einrned. Kn|l*?wln?* 1?. the -reoull of the
tiallot. Tatt. MM; fcooeevelt- l,?M? La
p'ollette, t.-y?-,.
Senator-.lonsthan Bourn?'. I.Kg; H<*n
?ellln*-. Xat; Stephen A. Powell. ?.:.!. I. \\\
Morton, ill
rongressman C U. Caatsnbtln,
Ralph Clyde, 433; W. Latterly, 1,156, Geyrg?* :
Shepherd, 353. I
Hears Roosevelt "Guerillas"
Have Been Held for Primary.
Says He Has Name of Man Who
Got $500 to Furnish Twenty
Italian Repeaters.
Information ?ame to Republican founty
headquarters yesterday that wholesale at?
tempts to vote ?guerillas" for the Roose
ll ticket would be mad. In the 7th. 24th,
2i'.th, 13d an?! ..4th Assembly dlstricta at to
niorri'W's primarv electkn
Samuel _ Koeplg, president of th? coun?
ty committee, retained the Burns D_U_Ptlva
. \gen<y last night to follow up the attempt?
ed primary frauda, and announced that he
would lay hi? Information before District
Attorney Whitman this morning. The
scheme was to imp??rt the "guerillas" from
the lower West Bide to vote the Roo=evelt
tlckel under the names of ?nrolled RepuMl
fans who have cither moved out of the
district since last Flection Day or who did
not come to tli? p ?IN or who cam? !ats
1n th? day. In th? latter case th?v would
find their names hnd lioen voted, and would
have the greatest difficulty In getting their
ballot:- in
In on? district, the ? halrman learned. |5?Y>
was offered to a man who could furnish
twenty Italians who were to votr- the
evelt ticket in th? f_<i Aeaambly t?is
trli t. In The Pronx.
Mr. Roanig has the name of the man
who pot the ?..i upon his promise to fur?
nish th? tweiit?, "p'lerillas." and the de?
tails uf the time and place when the final
arraugemeata for the deal were made
with this speclfli Information he win turn
over f? th* I ?: -1 - * ? t attorney this moaning
two men v\b?i overheard the ?jonveradtlon
at which the arrangements wer? made
Edward I! Meat- 1 . th? candi . it? for th*
?llstrf'*t leadership uf the M Assembly Ws
?r I ??n the 'Rooaeveli 11 i- and Aifre.1
.??imnnds, the presen! leadsr, is the eaadt?
data of the r?c?i|^r organisation for re
???fi'in Blmoi I Hsaly after a
Mtl i primary (let t last v?ar
Tl e Story of the ileal bv which the gner
illas" veri- to be import'-d to vote the
Roosovclt'Hosly ticket rsme to light be?
cause the Rooaeveli rn*n pought nut a man
who has not t>een allied with either Re?
publican or I "eniocrati?' organization.? in
The i<ron_. ar.rl wanteil to know if he
j could put them In touch with an Italian of
some influence who would i?e aide t?> k^i
and deliver a bunch of "guerillas."
This Independent said he would see, and
v a i lold tu .?il the Rooaeveli headquarters
on the telephone on Friday night and re
port If h<- had found th? riunt man. 1!?
wi " told to aay thai he was 'Riliy Ktonx"
and ask for "Fred Meiraae" when he called
up and when a man cam? to the telephone
Who said, This is Fred Mclruse," he
should deliver in* message
On Priday nlghi Billy Bronx" called the
avail headquarters In the district, !?-?t
h. did it In the pr?sanos of two men In
i lose touch with the regular Republican
? tatlon ot the district, niter having
told them the whole stoiy
He tftld "Fred M t?rese" that he could
meet the rriuri on Saturday nf Kbit lu a cer?
tain ?saloon mi Third avenue, north of i7..th
.-tn et. ami on that night, when tlie final
gi mi tn.- were nade with tin- i?
Who S ? ' fun -i the "guerrilla.," two
nuti from the regular RepubUoaa district
?i were In an adjoining booth in
the saloon and overheard tha conversation.
? in Friday nU'ht arhen Hill. Bronx"
telephoned t-? 'Fred Melroee" at the Rooae?
veli readquartera of tin- diatrtct his me.
eage was simpi] "1 have tha man who
..i- ua the iwent) *guer1llaa.' r?ou meet
?aloon to-morrow ta^fit."
Mi. !<?" :.!K said last night thai h.? was
not surprise.i ,it the Information <?f the pro
? t?ctica of the district leaden taimara
running un the Roaoavetl ticket.
"Anticipattag some such action by the
Pi ?gressivsa who are on th? Raaeevell
tickets as contestants fur dlsttid leader^
? -.i ? taken every possible precau
? , ? ? I:- ; ubltcan rot
era from losing th?lr chance tu vota at this
l-nrn.i>-v becsuae of mv such work as this,"
Mr Koenlg aald, "an?! If tor nothing more
than tlie mural effect, we will Institute
prosecution un this case Immediately.''
It was announced last night at the
tartera thut a committee
,'t thirty lawyers, with Hugh Qordoa Mil?
chairman, had volunteered t<. b- at
Ifferenl poll o courts during the hours
? the polla ?re open to-morrow to look
to at that may !?e hrouKht in
from ihe different dlatrlct.. and if the
voters arrested have a -_<mm? case they win
be defended.
Harburger Takes Steps to Insure
a Fair Primary.
If Sheriff Hsrburgsr and his eight hun?
dred 01 -'i special dsputles havo their way
ther. -?ni t.- no ni??re tro'ihle St ttie pri?
mar) electhmi t" morrow than mlKht take
? at a raffle for a sofa c.ahlnii at ;i
churi it fair The Sheriff la makniK thor?
arraagementa to guarangas ??nier in
every one of the thlrtydlva AsossaMy ?lia?
it,. !s in New Tori* County.
The first m"\c toward preserviiiK the m
t'.ii?? "f the ballot v-.HI gg the ?eiidln-*
nui to-day of noti? <?? t.. the apecial deputy
to repuii to-morrou at th?' Sheriff'
??ti'i. ? ? lui primary da* dut) Borne of those
who will be summoned to report are K?i
irard F. ?piker, t?.tm?*i chlel of the P|r_
i ?.pat inieiit. Harri Conten? and .lullen Bts
vsna liiinan, bankers; Frederick Las, preel
denl of the Broadwa* Trust Compsn* .
Mil?. P? Min-,-, silk manufacturer; Irving w,
Chi Ids. s/ho llvea .?t the Hotel Rector; ?f
Van peur, n Min hei! an?l Jack Norworili
and ISdmund B. actore The shenff
will insist Hint hla men act without tear or
favor, but without any "btronf* nnn" meth?
Last year Sheriff Shea US.d st'vcr.ll auto
mobiles on primar) day, but the billa f??r
them have nol >?i been paid by Controller
Prendergaat, who refuses to approve of th??
$f. an h"tir charge, Inslsiini? th.it %l an hour
li enouah.
Bhertfl Harburger, though, win not be
daunted by this ex->orl*nce of his prede
lle Intends lo employ about twenty
automobiles to move bis flying squadron
The ape? lal deputies who serve to-mor
row will be entitled to f*< from the count?'
for ti?? day'i service, bul the substantial
c-ircumstancei "t the volunteer force trill
mean ? real saving to the count)
!',.? auae or ihr- numerous ?'ontests m the
Republican organization, due largely to the
Roosevelt movement, which ?overs every
Assemhl) district, there will be a wide area
i i the pedal deputies to cover this year.
Representatives of the regular Republican
organisation and of the Roosevelt commit
tey have communhated to Sheriff Mar
: theli desire for n fair count, and th?
Sheriff haa promised th it they shall bsva
I) Some Of the leide? s gjBO have corn
, . |i ,k,i ?ritb fjovernor Hlx. who. In turn,
I , f.irwarded the appeals to the Sheriff.
N. Y. U. Students Organize in Pehaif
of Favorite Candidat?*?
The students of the law school, the
flch'.ol of commerce and the scjiool of peda?
gogy "t BeSg York t'nlversitv have
plunged Into the political maelstrom bv or
ganlstng '" support Ihstrt laverai tevorttea
who are in the ?Presidential running.
\ Taft club baa h*?en Organised, with a
m? mhershln of four hundred out of seven
hundred students in the three schools. ?*aeh
member pled eins* himself to active work
for the ret?? initiation and re-election of
: . idenl Taft.
Th?- -*luh is busy ?itsirlbutln?- llterat'ire
t.. fotrwaffl this end.
A Woodrow Wilson club, win. fortv mem
nets. al?*?> has bren formed. Ther?- is
seme sentiment for Koosevelt and Harmon
In the classe?, hut It haa not yet taken any
distinctive f.rm.
m, mm men
Ex-Governor Herrick Sure That
President's Home State Will
Support His Candidacy.
Roosevelt Manager Unable to
Prevent State Committee In?
dorsing Administration?
Mr. Stimson's Stand.
[From The Tribune Rure.u]
Washington. March 14? The prediction
that President Taft will have a solid, or
nearly solid, delegation from his home stat?
was made today bv ex iJovernor Herri? k
as a "safte assertion " t'ommentlng on the
clearing up of the Ohio situation, he said:
Of course, the popular drift townrd the
?Pr?sidant In the .ountry at large and the
pie?, ailing onlniun thu. his renomlnatlon is
now Inevitable have had their Influence in
Ohio. Bat this al?n? does not account for
the pre.-.nt situation Ohio Republicana
liave u way of thinking things rait for
themselves and settling their own diff?r?
?mes. I feel that I ? an speak of them
with the advantage ut least uf having al?
ways been one of them.
In my own experience In public life in
Ohio i have observed certain ?mi'Ortant
characteristics among the rank and tile, as
veil as th? leaders, of the Republican
partv Thev have the ,outage to fighi.
even among themselves, whenever there Is
an h<?ne. t difference of opinion. They arc
not willing '<? a i ept this or that pro?
gramme of partv actiun just as a matter
of courue Thev want to know about
things. Whatever Ohio Republi-ans may
say or do, In the end they are invariably
They will, 1 belle?*, now r?fuse to be
unfair tu Taft Tlie?. have he.rd every?
thing that could be -aid against him. Thev
know his . ork without boasting and with?
out fear, and that In the midst of all man?
ner of misrepresentation he has _one faith?
fully ahead, serving th* rest Interests of
the countrv, getting the thing? done he
promised to do, refusing to play pol?tica
und in every omergoa?y the president of
the whole people
Says Indiana Is Safe.
Reports of the reoiilts of the prim?
election in Indla-m received In Washlnat?
despite the claim of the Roosevelt m*
agers that the s?ate had been carried
their candidate, show that President Tl
baa aptured the PngnSStve ?trontfiif
and will have a msjortt) Of delegates at t
state convention.
?>f a total of 1,4.-" delegates, ?vcordlng
the information of those who have be
watcl Ing the situation closel?,, IK? ha
been heard from, and of this number
are for Taft. in?ir.? tl an a majority of t
total numlier to he elSCtOd Of th?!
ful delegates, fa sre for Roosevelt, la
than a sufficient UUCBbe** to Insure ?-ontr
Of the BtOI.BVOntlOn, even should tl
Bit) <le|eKates yet to be heard from I
added. On the basis of the returns t
eel red. President Taft will have twettt
two out of the thins- delegates from tl
Director .McKinley, of th? National Ta
Bursau, after summing up the results <
tl e Indiana primaries, to-night Issued th
following statement announcing anotb?
victory for Taft iti the "insurgent cour
The latest adrices from Indiana indtcat
beyond a doubt that th? Taft people cot
1rs) the state convention by a majority c
st least *i?> and will eend foui delegatea-ai
large Instructed for "Presiden I Taft, o
Tuesday. It is settled" beyond ?ny gueetlo
that Taft win have twenty-two out of th
thirty In the state The 1st and 7th dis
in ts have ahead., aent Instructed del*
fist.s snd It 1?? absolutely certain that Taf
delegates will be sent from the 2d, 3d, -Kr
Cth. 9th. loth and 1.1th districts.
Oixon's Loss of Montana.
The failure of Senator Dlxo-n to ?.ilni
his ?iwn state into line for Roosevelt 1
pointed at by the Taft bureau ta a stats
n ^nt mad?, today analysing the Repub'.i
can altuation lu Montana. The atatemeu
Senator Joseph M I?ixnn. of Montana
. -man of the national Roosevelt exe-CU
the ?--ommlttee, Buffered a ? rushing ?lefea
tn his own boms state late Saturday nigtit
when the stat" committee, compose?! atom
member from each county in the sate, ai
a meeting at Helena, indorsed th? Taft ad
ministration ami President Taft for re
nomination h> h rote of _**? to \o. The stat?
committee oi Montana is choaea by th?
delegates to the county ??inventions, whicr
are, in turn, rhoaen t?y a primary vote.
According t?? the Information received at
th?? national Taft bureau to-day, several
members of the committee voted against
the PreetdeBt'a indorsement out of regard
t.n Senator Dtaon'a ofn?iHi position in th?
rvoosev.it camp, while si the name time ad?
mitting that they were nol refi??ting the
actual sentiment in their counties !
The action of the State t'ommlttce of
Montana meretj reflects the actual senti?
ment among the voters of the state as It
hss been known to exist to th?? Taft mana?
gers for some time. Ther?? never has been
any question hut that Montana's eight
votes in the Republican National Conven?
tion would be caat for the nomination of
President Taft.
. rtiiig that the campaign for the Re?
publican Presidential nomination should be
fought on principies nnd policies and not
or. personalities and "mud slinging," Sec?
tary of War Stlmson last night urged tho
memlterfl of the National Republican ?nub
of the Metric! t<-> rana wad efforts.
?.'I occupy n peculiar position In regard
to both the great Republicans who are can
dldates for the nomination," s.?i<1 Secretary
stims?in, who was rigorously supported by
Colonel Roosevelt when he was a candidate
for <?o\ernor of N?>w Vork. and who Is now
supporting President Tafl
"I have no doubt which man will receive
the nomination." he continued, amid mu?.h
applause, "but T have no sympathy with
any attacks that may be made upon the
other. I,et oa have a clean, decent fight,
without dcsi-ending to personalities ' '
Calls for Proof That Harmon I
Wall Street Candidate.
COlumbua, Ohio, March 14.-Prior to hi
departure for Nebraska to-ntght. K. H
Moore, chairmen of ths Ohio Hsrmoh cam
palgn committee, gave oui an open lette
t.? William Jennings Bryan in which i>
oniis upon the latter lor proof of "insin
uations that Governor Harmon is the can
didate of Wail Street Interests," and alai
asks Mr. Bryan to explain the t.,
Governor woodrow Wilson, whom you an
siippurting. is walloarlng tn a campalgi
fund, the tdsa of which, aecordlm tu k?i
Itor Henry .Vattereon, has not been a*?t
sin? ?? tha days "f senator Hanna.
Colonel's Michigan Supporters Elect
Delegates in Crov. Osborn's Home.
Baull ste liarla, Mich., March :t The
Republican County ?'"nvention yesterday
in i'hippewa County, the honv- of c.overn'ir
Oaborn and Frank Knox, chairman of the
Republican state, central Committee,select?
ed I delegation of nine to the state conven?
tion, with Instructions to support <'olonel
Roosevelt fur President *v similarly In
stt"\ii ted delegation of elghl W8f ?:hoscn for
the district COnvantloa ai Ishpeming next
Army Veteran Difs at 102 Owing to
Fractured Hip.
Atlanta, Marnb n. wnnam oape. \?n
years old, a veteran of the Semin?le Indian
and Civil wars, died here to-day from In
lurlai received in a fall several weeks ago.
Seventeen of his twenty-three children sur?
vive him J
Mr. <"ape never ?_t wounded in s?r, and
wlille suffering from a fractured hip as a
r.sult of hi? fall pathetically remarked:
This is the worat injury I ever received j
In my long Ufe."
! CANT ?m ran
Progressives Dodge One of the
Biggest Issues in Indorsing
the Colonel.
Platform Favors Election of U.
S. Senators Directly by the
People and Demands Na?
tional Inheritance Tax.
Colonel Roosevelt's supporters in Xew
Jersey made public yesterday the platform
on which their candidates for delegates to
the Republican National Convention will
run at the primariea in May, the most sig?
nificant thing in which is that no mention
is ma/!e of the recall of Judges or of court
derisions. The only mention of the reran
la a rarefullv waited suggestion that it ap
ply to executive piares within th? respec?
tive states The platform says:
*\V? Ivelle'-e that the popular will should
prevail, first, in patty rule. and, second,
In ail national leglalatlon and In the ad
ministtat???n Of the national government,
for in the end the people will demand th?
control and -lire? tun ol thur own affairs
an?l execute their ultimate will at w.-,
cost Theiefoie we declare aur ml vea n
favor of the initiative and referendum In
Impurtnnt iratt.-is of |egi?|ari.?n and *h >
recall In executive poetltona oittin the
respective states, ii'it all SO surr" I
with s'i.-n safeguard I a? Will insure d
ate action. The people can then use thi-??
remedien VNhenevei neceasary in order t?>
put Into operation aiM enfer? e th?1r will.
Amone the thlncs favored in the piat.opn
is the aho]|ehni-nt of tha Comm*. ' '
the e|e. tlon of United ?tutes BenetOTI
the people, a national in?onie and inherl
tan? ?? tax and tne extension of t!?e parcela
[lost. The Payne-Aldrlch tariff law i.
?demncd. that plank tn the platf- rm reading
as folio* -
We ire :n fai r of ? tariff eomm
to tl ?? end that pi ote. non _. he cuaran
teed to the oonaumet ?s wall as the pio
ducer We are ?n favor of a tariff baaed
upon ascertained facts, and are opp?*e?l
to a tariff ?_S'd upon corrupt agree,.
We arc in favor ot a tariff which men
the ?1ifferer.ee in the cost of prodtn tlon ??
home ?nid abroad More than this is
t?. the American consumer, and lee
ti :<= Is unfair to the American laN'ter We
condemn th* I'a> ne-Aldri? h Kill, because
it was cot fr_m.d In accordance with the.e
prim !
Th? platform berates President Taft and
those supporting lilm. saying that they are
the so-called allies of th? 1. * convention,
' tvpifled. represented and led by Joseph <1.
t'annon and Nelson W, Aldrl^h," and con?
The oueetlon now before the ncnu, .
party is a very simple, plain and dltrei
one- Shall our party t ow hecome what it
was under the leadership ol Abraham l.
COla, the _e?,ulne fiarty of the peopU
part\ that stands foi real, popular rule. |i
deed, truly for a Koverr.ment of the pt
a k"\eminent guaranteeing equal opp r
tunltjes to every i ltizen and granting f\ e lal
privileges to tiune'.' Is the Republican pan ?
? ?me truly ihe party "of Ihe Mgheat
ideals of eortal'and Indu striai justice'?
We ?lei lare that W* an- In perfi
with Theodore Roosevelt when he savs
that human rig,its are pi ior and superior
to and mote smred than property rights"
We declare thai the Repuhll? a
should be a progressive partv and n?)t a
stand-pat. reactionary party, and thi n
we are In favor of Theodore R oeevelt
Fault Is then found with Prenden* T.-ft
and h1.? campaign manager, William B Mc?
Kinley, ht taima the manager has re ?'used t>
acced?? to the demanda or the
boomers for popular elections cxi-pt la
those states widen have provided t- v then
by law. In the light of these fa ta, 9*
submit that If President Taft's accredited
representatlres rcf_ee to tnijt ?h* p?_\pl.
in ?elect delegate, to nominate a .anti?
date at the national convention, he ? ami--i
blame the people for refuslne, to trust htm
to execute their vvll as l'i evident."
A commission similar to the Interstate
Commerce commission 1* also demanded,
with power to exercise over concerns ?loin*
Interstate business the fullest aupet
nn?i r?gul?t!
Charlea N. Poarlar wae chairman ??f fie
committee whlcii prepared the platform.
Kx Qotaraor John Franklin Fort, ta-fea*
atar Everett Colby. ex-senator William J.
Bradley and Edgar Pacoa have aiieaiy
been pic bad out by the Rooaeveli bao mew
in New Jersey as th.-lr candidates for __.
Several State Committeemen i*
Fights Outside of City.
The D?mocratie organis?t loa haa n?
Roosevelt issue for the primarie.-. hut 1'
has a few SghtS lor members <?f the stat?
? Bant?ttee on its bands. Non- of them an
in this cit>, hoarever, the leaders havlaf
the situation t?io well in hand.
In the 1st Senate District, which In
t-.ffoik and Kssaau counties, Rsnry b,
Keith, who BUCCeeded in getting th" reg'.
lar ?estgnstkm away from Kdwtn Bailey,
the member of the present committee, is
Yt-ing opposed by Bailey as an Independent
In the 32d District, including l.e-vts.
Ilerkimcr uiul Pulton and Hamilton. ISa
designating committee became dead
The result Is that Andrew D. Morgan, the
present representativa of th" district
?scott Partridge- are both running by pet:
t, ?.
William Towaasnd, representing th
District, which eomprtsei "jBCtds County,
is being opptised for re election '
.tudge ? ?'Connor.
?'liarles H. BwartOUt, ?i. '? veil
tion to run agalaat Charlea F I
the Mth, t:ie cayuga, Sanaca. Cort in I ?'??
til?:, was thrown oui of o ' ?* ?*?
tUd not has?' en lUgb " ?Ml signal ?
joim Twtunbly managed is tcx tit?
lar designation In tin* 04, Including Cllntoa,
I ? \ and B art** n ? ountlss, ?
John Aadorsoki \*. i-rson got u?i a p? titkn
to run Independently, bul the a hi
Jected it.
The ggw BtatS committee will meet tet
" in t: is city probably on Tliur?
__,y or Friday, April I or 5.
His Backers Say Clark, Harmon
and Underwood Have Combined.
|F:<?m T**.* frt-S-S P
Washington, March :x Speaker Claifc.
Govern? r Hinnon an.l Representune Ute
de-wood ara charged with having ?ihm
themselves as a ?dteihurd" f?r the ex?
termination of the WBaos boom, a? ordtnf
to the followint* Maternet-t issued io-n?f:ht
from the hcadquart. H I?i th- New Jeremy
Qtr\ i mor:
The M.-n.ls of OOVSrnOr Will 0 ' ****
thai th? v are not ti^lit'iig opposing c**_*"?
.lai.?-, hut a ? ommnallon 01 op|. i?. * ?'?
in., struggle bete ? th? Ni w Jei
tue on the one Me and the "alike es im
other is now on. __j
A iii?-re geneial denial ? f the existence ta
I his "drelbund" ?loes no? dispose nl,Am,a
matter. It is obvious that no ?*andma
wuuid admit It. end It Is entirely I10'"*"1''?
to form such an allian.e without any o i *?',*?
'negotiations. *3overnctr Wll-on is a ' ,,??
date In every state in the Union OS ?; 7
frank and full declaration Of principles *\*
on big r***co**d as ??oveinor The aiti?*?
have divided the field against him tern
turlslly and otherwise. , ?..., ..
Where the sentiment of ?h' P**?^* ?en
supposed to be sharply divided NlwMi
piogi cashes and ?onservaUv.-s the saie sn^
sane Hannen Is t-ent to the front )\n*T
it Is a fight among proaressivee. ?n*JST?5.
er Is put forward Wb?re m-thlne "?: *P
peal to something outside the real ?M*jf""
in the realm ?.f politics ?ill suffice l? *?****"
en Wilson, then ? hal.-man I'mfciw?.^ i
put I'd ae a candidate in Sou the? ?i ?*l?
as a Southern man. the appeal being to ?***?
tlonal pride.

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