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-ftiere la to be no "ttlhnte" from
?"^V. or stamp card**' They
ni,, ?it'll victims of a. system
?? than chattel slavery, and
jB,n is to ?-ct thorn free und to
Into their homes ami lives an ade
asgya ?Aara ol Btt national wealth:
-?I,.? England Of Chartism was a harm
: I'T pin is faddists ill
nipa,iSoii with tho England of national
? strikes and syndicalism. Private
rorerty sad capitalism arc now held up
expctation as forms ot robbery by the
ocisllsm, which appeals t?? the self
. r.. d of tollers and thrift
Dr. Manning Says Rented Seat
Brings Note of Discrimination.
In the course ol " at old Trinity
itf.r. >r Willi un T. Man
tile length res-ardiiiK the
? s, winch still exista
? ie church.
narks that he Is op
o i ente i pews
in all of tie churches of
Triait*/ :??''?
in. M inn ng said, In part.
noe?: ly think, for example,
xl a ,? ? i.teil pews, which mill
: 1..licl.es. i- in ao
? ir Lord \\ ants
? i earth? if any on?1 ?l'?-s
t]lll?), ; t his considera
a cond chap
I ?o] . when ther?* will not
^ ,, i. l.-tt m Trinity lumsh. it
far Hs m,.i, . admit??, w ?
?. h fe ail
to d I;.is. It
u t,;)f> [lu ... ? people show a mo.-t kiad
and V ' ' " *'n"
this does n r .tfte. t ti.e
tter m the least. When
??l lia ' ' M (':l"
t . their keeping famille t ?
11 remains true that
; .. h ??'ir
ami pin; " s Omich
rts that this is
? the house
? ;in<l pVUl
Bgt * " ? " : ' ' '
Hold Final Rehearsal of Charity
Pf vformance in Capital.
The Trlbum
Washington, March -I Marquis Cusanl
y-tyrcti, .'.Ian .mbssaador; COUU
? Minister,
,.,a . rubers of the dlploi
t?rr,s ie entire afternoon today
f rehearsal of the tnn plays
?.?u*. . , to im given to-morrow at The
playho is? for Ihn benefit ?>f a Washington
ehSlity. The plays are "The Dlel Klteh?
SB" snd "i?? the
!?,,,.. ? j by Mme. De Flors ami Mme,
Caillaverl <*>f Fans.
enoist i x'Ajty, wife of tho
sa.r.i sttachd of th? French Embassy,
?Rill take the leading part, and -will be as*
_m?ed > Count Ivan Csohonlcs de Zoom
ova, first secretary of the Aus?
tria Embassy ; Mr. Debach, second seere
? the Russian ? anil Mr.
Maugras, third socretary <?f the French
Mrs Preston C.ir.son, who, he
nolsl D*Asy, i? the
woman In the play, is also th? only
. .n.
Double Funeral at Lisle, V. Y*. for the
Parents of Street Commissioner.
? ne 1
.n. X 1 .. Mar h 24 ?A double
il was held In the
. Mrs. Hat
.ther of Street
f*l?anlng Commi ?> H. ' '-d
??.axds of New York, Were l^id at rest. I
. the funeral party WOTS relatives
fion? a1! parts of this StSte niid the Middle
Bow] *5dws-*ds, of Newark, a
? Mrs. Edwsrds, ofllclated, the
held in the Methodist
. elaborate
floral pieces were heaped shout the burial
jlot Th? were ?-implo and the
rnffn rrled by memtVrs of the
To Be Shewn by Kincmacolor Films at
the New York Theatre.
? Maine st st < ? 111 be
in ?novinf- pictures for the tirut time
st t e \, v. to-morrow night,
wh- two thousand feet of Irtaems
? ??n exhttii
?ec\ ?n their tn.e . olors, the
? n- shown Include the crowds
ggghered before the City Hall at Havana,
-.here of ? ? Malm
in stale; the deck Of the raided -,csi>el he
fsrv -? towed from t1 ? cofferdam, the
fan*.- city Hull to
the dockt where the remains of sixty-two
ssUoi Son to the North Carolina;
! ?lis
aiH"_. ? ? the v,av?'-.
fa t of additional films,
I the remains of the
i m Arii:. at Wssh
Ingtoa, an Ived Is th* ? ? rday, and
they v
18 h;..?? r.uti
? M
, Hotel
Hall i:
???'-i-' DO "I
v District R< publl
"t ' ii-? ?m r. nomination
? Taft, eini.
?.<*.. 743
and N'liiU.?,
? s of
esst of
Und of th?
? rle. 8.
.?..I OS.
? ' '
?i_i .
? "Scotland.
',??? ?;i.? Arnold
ir.s. Avenue A and
,*;?" ? ' nlbala on
,.?*, ,,"?-:', ' Masulre:
Steel ' - ll?lh
i?;. loKth an.. t
?. ' .. ',?!"!? Harrln.ton;
No 113
William K.
Hall, \o
Hurt. H Ko. 11.1
?".r '' denblp."
ill n -, ,'"""
.lohn v
i. Pun
oel iiv.:,
Aie?*-4ar l. Kork?.
Precedence Accorded to Them by
Non-Catholic Foreign Courts.
"'.>?._,?,. 1012, r,, ?? ,;,?,??.,?_, ,,,; ,
hoto* confusion appeara to exist with .
gaw to tbe exact position of the four
American cardlnala on th.- official table of
'once al Washington and in the rari?
',uss; Union. Thi? was hi ought
to light by tbe attitude of the Governor nf
busetts at the St. Patrick'! Lav din?
' which the President of the United
present Cardinals have not
red on the official tables of
lence cither of the federal govern?
01 of tin- various states, possibly be
untll last Christmas there bas never
??ire than one at a time, and also be?
ll was desired to avoid appearing- to
discriminate officially in favor of one creed
Of another.
?Vow. however, a different situation has
snd as there Is little or no official
precedent in this country for the prec?denos
"i cardinals, It may be well to mention how
the problems in this connection nre solved
abroad, especially In England, where the
? hurch is Protestant, and In Scot?
land, where the official Church is !"
terian. in the first place, it Is ne?
to call attention to the fad thai ?the point
raised about discriminai ion in favor of one
church at tin- expense of anothei cannot he
apply in the ? ase of cardlnala Th. y
methlng besides ministers of thi
Pel and ecclesiastic*. Indeed, s .ardi?al Is
not necessarily a priest, but he is from s
purely secular point of view a v.-:y great
? ?ire. who Is n garded an i I
everywhere abroad nol as a dignitary of
hurch, hut as a pritic- of the Hood.
Tims in England the Archbishop of Can?
' V. as tiie primat-? or the Mate l'hurch,
otin-r dignitary
of tiie realm, enjoying the --pas" or tbe
Lord !?;_?_ chancellor, or the Premier, of
the Lord Fflgfl Constable, of the Karl Mar?
nd of all the other non-royal duk?_
? In his turn is obliged to make way
f"??r tin- foreign ambassador! nt non
representatives of fore gn sovereigns, end
th? ambassadors in turn _
an-i every cardinal, the latter having from
Immemorial enjoyed ttie so.-hil ,irel of?
ficial status <?f a pi ?nee of the blood.
Of .-(...irse, as mere Catholic Archb
ef Westminster tho Must Re? i?-. Bourn*
? walk in the renr of the Archbishop
- barj. hul ?? ? ardi?al h* -,
comes a long way ahead of him. nol In his
quality as s great dignitary of th? Church
but In his quality as prince of ne blood
Tho table nf precedence In England, ?lat
imr from the Reformation, is statutory,
?in?! the names of cardinals do nol ticm-e
thereon. Bui when King ESdward Inaugu?
rated the present arrangement, which has
since been followed by Kmp? ror William,
? ?? I'zar and by every other nOU-CatbO
lie ruler of Europe, no word was raised in
protest, it being recognised that the
crelgn has h perfect rl?ht to designate tlie
exact status of a foreign prince of ths blood
at his COUT*, and that When h? does this, in
:.m?-?< with the rules of International
tj Rial oM-eetablished usage, no one U
qualified to gainsay him.
I'nder the circumstances it muai i.? borne
in mind thai even though Cardinal! Parley,
CTOonnell and Qtbbons are at heart patri?
otic Americans and members of an Ameri?
can hierarchy, yet they are as cardinal*
foreign princes of 'he blood, to whom the
United Ptates, na c ne of ths great i
of tho world, is under an obligation to mu
th? same honors that they ?
abroad This were Cardinal\Farley to
visit an American man-of-war he would
be entitled to the salutes aini to the naval
honors reserved fur a foreign royal i ?
?iRe, and at any official eatertatnmei
Washington the Cardinal will outrank not
Ogeealit every cabinet officer, the isi?-_k.? i
of the House and the Vice-President, bul
also the foreign ambassadors, <?
mediately n?xt to the Chief Magistrat?
Incidentally, I! may he mention?
when a royal personage not of sovereien
rank visits New York It Is his duty to make
the first call on Cardinal Farley.
Prince Ludovico Pignatelli d'Aragona.
To what extent Prince Ludovico :
telll d'Aragona is personally reaponslbli for
all the foolish and manifestly mendacious
stories thai have been circulated about him
ever since lie CURM tO Ihn ?eilitr
seek in marriage an Ami
- difficult to say. if h la I
frieiiiis thai hi in Indebted for the
tale concerning him then i can only gay
thai he if exceedingly unfortunate m the
of hi acquaintance?.
The last story, published recent!;., Is tl.'
climax of th?rn all. It is to the effect tn t
if i>on Ludovico has- sailed fur Europe It iu
in order to obtain the permission of King
Alfonso of Spain t?. contract ;? marriage
with Miss Mary Duke, daughter ol Mr.
and Mr.- Benjamin \. Duke, of Fifth aw -
nue, it being Intimated that that monarch is
taking S very active int< rest la th? affair
and does no! view whal be la ?aid to re?
Sard as th<- Impending "meaaHlano with
approval Of course, thl? palp
has been circulated with th< o
of confirming the report
by the friend? of the prime during
the first few months of his stay In tins
coin,tty t?i the ? ff_ I thai he ? a cot
King Alfonso and s relative of tb< royal
famll; ? -: with them the tltli ol
I-?n. since Alfonso Kill Is nol onli
King of Spain, bul also of Castile and of
... and all the members of hli
? rants of Spain, ? - Aragon.
Now, In my lettei In these columns on
March I i declared it? reply to Inqulrlei
that Prince Ludovico Pignatelli d'Aragona
Ithoagfa of Spanish birth, nol a Span?
ish noble, and thai in- did no! belong to the
Spanish aristocracy; moreover, that he had
been admitted to the Spanish
Orandesaa, to _hi?h genealogical qualifl
of a rathei exacting ? harai la
much blue blood, undiluted by any plebeian
strain, are indispensable, though not titles,
for there are s number of grandees belong?
ing to the Oldest Spanish ai isto? ta? y who
have no titles of aoblllt) sad hav.
t..-. n willing to mo pi any.
I also added thai In permlttlnj
to style him "Prince Pignatelli d'Aragon"
and sometimes "Prises d'Aragon*' Don
LndOVlCO was r<-l_J?rin_ hims?lf parly to a
deception, since he had no right whatao
eVf>r i? the royal Spanish name of tha
Kingdom of Aragon, bul had nnen
rich! to the Sicilian name of d'Aragona,
that of an Impoverished townlet
of sniiv. with which the Pignateltts were
formerly connected. Finally, i wound up
that tin- prince, far from be
, .p er relativ.-, n matter how re?
mote, of King Alfonso, was not even his
titular chamberlain thai is to say, aa hon?
or which goes to every grandes
in reply to this statemen! i received m
;,t letters from several of his New
fork friends, calling my attention to tha
fact thai bs is a bora Spaniard, la lead of
an Italian, I of Wiring RM t'i the Alm.mach de
Hoi ha for 1" 11. Quite so. But 1 lie.? r
denied )"* Spanish citizenship, i merely
denied that his tin? is a Bpaniah one, or
that he belonged in : ? if the word
to tiie Spanish aristocracy- Tha prose? s
friends admitted In their letters to me Umt
the prince ?lid not belong to ths Spanish
court aa ;> grandes ami titular chaaaber
luin, but aaerlbed thia la ihe fact that be
?tti.l Ins family an- ardent Caiilsts and ri
jard Alfonso Ml! as a usurper. ! hold
liii ir I. ti? i ? SS cttiuK "'i" In th.- iiioM
UvS fasliioii.
\o_, If the pillee Is .' ?'?ullsl ami ,,...
King Alfonso i i usurper, wh]
should be consider it aeceasary Is obtain
that monarch's sanWloa to hie marriage?
Tin- assertion that ""' prince .?n?t hit fam
tl- an Ii.hIiHK Csrllst? la oinilliinc i-tilii?
'? lea Jaime,
n,, pre ? m in . .i of tl* ' '??? II I i" -
?n.\ um i-?' .f. snd from i , ,
uiitu iwii i waj la frequent laterceutM
with the late Don Tarins, with his first
wife, the Royal Duchess of Madrid, and
With their entourage, an?l I do not recall
PlgnatetUs ?s being smong the latter
Don ?'arlos, moreover, was far mo proud of
hi? Hnesgre, as is his eon to-day, to toler?
ate the action of any mere IMenatelll in ap?
propriating the royal Spanish asme and
titl" Of Aragon, which Is that of a kifiK
fiom. in lieu of th? name of the dirty little
Sicilian town of Aragona.
Benjsmla Duke, who is far too sound an
American business mnn not to lovestlgate
thoroughly the ilscal. moral and social
Standing Of any suitor for his daughter'.?
hand hefore giving his san?'thin to 11 mar
will do well to Inquire whether Don
Ludovlco h?s an] actual right to the des?
ignation of "prlttco." Is order to have any
right to bear the title a? a Spanish ctttssa
he mu*d previously ohtain a patent to that
effect from the Heyn] Department of
Heraldry at Madrid, which is only grant?.l
In the form of a patent hearing the sign
manual of tie' sovereign in the event that
the claim ther?.to by right of pritnogen?ur?
tin- mai?, ?me i- firmly established, or
? -? hs must obtain a similar document bear?
ing the .signature of the King of Italy fr??rn
Department known as thS Con?
sulta Her?ldica, at Rome without either
of these be cannot us?- the title In ?
Spain or Italy, the two countries with
Which hi? family bas any associations.
while, of course, no other foreign court
would recognize the title Unless it were
guaranteed by the crown of Spain or of
Italy. Certain branches of the Pignatellls,
but not all, have obtained the right from
onsults II? raldli... st Rome, snd the***?
is no mention made of that branch to
which l'on l.iio o'ico belongs as having oh
i.dtied it. In that event, he would have ri?->
right even to the title Sf i?r1nee.
ily moderately ?well off. for hts
? Don Lulgi, has little or nothing,
while his motbei is equally badly oft. Bhe
is an Englishwoman of the asme of I
dish, a thirtieth cousin (about) ?>f the Duke
of Devonshire She was horn shortly af'-r
her mothers divorce from tier father; I" i
mother la sister of Horace Rumbold, Eng
.-ambassador) marrying on seconde?.
? Count Gaston Is Rochefoucauld, who
owns the p.?t" villa La Rochefoucauld, at
I'm . PlgnatelU's Amsrieaa friends Is
writing th.ir letters ntc particularly
fui t?? crave that their names snd sddi
should not be printed, r-omplatntng that f
have assailed the prince i.> "innuendo." ft
the si itemente i hsve
nuuh are franl enough, In
;(ii coneeloni ??
I have been fort?nate enough, hy n
of thev.e letters, : rail? d \
atlonsl sllisnci which would aertalnly
l.a\e proved unfortunate by urglni
parents or the girl m the relstives of s |
woman, if a widow, t" mnk? h thorough |
ti of the foreign suitor's i
? lents, placing st their dli
whstever knowledge i might i
which has sometime?! been ,,r an eshaus
live nature, us I ??ni endowed *? Ih I
?Hath- memory. ' would n -
conclude this letter l'y urging open Mi
Benjamin Duke, bel e giving his ?
marriage "f hit daughter, to
tly inder***nd<**nl parties th
i . lube to which the
belongs In i
Madrid. In Paris, In l/indon ml in I
' prove Instruct!? . might |
? lion to .ome of those
leading clubs that have aeew led Dot
? hospitality while Ii ?
\i I.RQ1TISR I'K i ' ?NT1
Miss Greta Hostettrr Was Received at
Buckingham Palace.
Mrs. Aliene Hostetter, of this citj
comps tiled bj ht?
Hostottor, who
.?nu ami <i ?? ? n of Englaj d st I
Ingham Pals? ?. srrived here jrest?
i ; um ? ?? Cunard liner < '.?m
Mis Hostettei snd
e M., j Th? y ?
a to prei ? - . party and
danoe to he given _y Mrs Ho tetter for
her duUgbtl MtSS
etter said thai she snd three other
women w< ?
on Mar? h IS el 9 p m. i?y w Hilara PI
? ? the y
T ' Bhul ? its hat.npl? ted sn
cable for 'hare
famous la to play g
special spring engagement of four weeks
onl) m New y?iik <iiv at on? ?<f I
way theatres. Mr, Hawtrey, v-h? hs
? n n. r< i In? ?? in spp? al ? ?'? ?n ' A M? re
sage from Mars, some tu
will sail from England "ti March 30 He
will bring v. Ith him his
c tloti of "Dear Old * tiaili?," In ? hl? h
h? Is now stat tin? at I... I'iiim? ol U I
Theatre, it is by ?Charles u Brookfleld,
the r. cently appointed Plaj i ensor.
.im:: thy, ?in?.
'I he Pigeon," was t he flrsi pla
by WInthrop Aims al m* ne? playhot ??
for the presentation of intim
the Little Theatre, will visit the ?South ano
Wesl before returning i" [.ondon Iste In
Merabet i ol i he ' Bumurun'.ipan
to be the guests ?>i m?- \? II t< Qarden ;.t
to-morrow's matinee In ordei thai tlu-y
ma) see th? burlesque ?.f 11 n hi? h
nos playing In Philadelphia, and sn
menti n made to hav? the entire
compan) come ovei t" New fork The
Un Is Ii A Night
\> ni! the Pit rrots" snd Is the fli si pai I m
tie \\ int? i Qarden entertainment.
Mabel T.iliaf- n ". foi mei stai ol
Circus" and "Springtime," will ,ii>
peai ? Hamm i
during th? week i t April
?.-rro ?.?. ,n be .-. ' i ti s oie ?.?? t pla) en
titl? .1 "Takin ?m < r?wllt," bj ISdward ,
"The Unwritten ?Las Is tin title that has
been selected for Bdwln Milton Royk
Irama, which the Libelar Company is
Boa preparing foi production, B<
Qardner, who?e engagemeui for the
leading roh- hs been snno
the engagements madi to dab Include
Prank ?Sheridan, Vlolel Hemtng snd George
At:: 10 o'clock this sftsi-noon sll tho stage
boys 'iii'i guis who sre eager to take part
in the Lieblei ? ?ompan) 's aniui.il "all kid"
rmanc? foi charity win assemble on
th?. stage ut Wallack's Theatre, whei-e, so
April IB, the Juvenile "Disraeli" will be
given for the benefit of si Mary's Pros
Hospital for Children, tin id* tour boxes
and niativ I ? en SOW bj
James Bpeyer, who has sctlve charg?* of the
ilksi Whlteslde's entire .ipany, now
?daying "The Typhoon" st the PultonTho
ati<-, . .. sported to n London stage
the latter ?part of .May. "The Typhoon"
has been sees In Berlin, I Parts
an i Vienna
For the benefll performance to be giv?-n
at Wiiiiain a. Brady's ?Playhouse os the
sit si noon of Tuesday, April I, in ai'i of the
?Regins AiiK'l"iuni Horn?', the list of gf?
traitions will Include Qrao George, the
, i net of "Bought snd Paid Por," the
h? i und a?i or "Booty Pulls the st tings," an
gd fron "t'.al.;. Mine" and numerous feat?
ure sets from the Winter Qsrden snd Hip?
podrome Tins matinee is given by Mr.
Brad] for tin Mstsn or m? r<-y. ?
hom. ii ?it \o ua t,, n i Basi |,,,,,i,
P. /.i.'gf. id. jr., has completed the ?'asi
for "A Unison,,? wuiow" essnpoa* Tl".
lint ?.f players laelndsi Canny VPhden,
?'hati? i i;.. Hsn Conor, Prank Tin
aey, H u Kelly, I ?alls v\. iford Bllsa*
heiii Brice and Chsrlej King. ?Kathleen Hit
(old. \ ni? W hitu.oi. . Ids Alane. Si.ln. ?
i si **??'?' i, th i '"ii-. Ts in . Js? i- ?'ht
ford, ii'ii. \\ ? ion sad UUafkg? and Gtfesl I
lus. % I
End of the Symphony Society
Series?Mme. Gadski in Char
ity?A Debussy Recital.
This season'? conceit-- of the S
Society came to un end yesterday efti
noon at the Century Theatre. Mr Wall
..I?, having performed the "Eroic
symphony last Friday aft?-n.n, co
| the ( UStOffl which US has follow
ss a rule throughout th? BoaaoB and t
11 But it. place of tha ezeerp
from the "Melateralnger" which had fl
nred on the programme of last Bundi
ns well as last Friday, hs
?surprise" symphony. To laded mlm
theie was mm h refreshment In th
muele, despite, or, perhaps, because of i
gracious melodiousness and sweet air
pllcity?-which to tin knowing concea
so much learning an?! technical skin
Eli cant as slmpll? ity,
And S arm as ,
Mr Damroach I hearers as f
along tin- modern patiis thli
or his fellows, and with an obvl-aia si
oerlty of ? hi h it I
well as i duty.to ret ogiuut b it hs wi
none tha Is
giving ns th?- old music, without frills ?
furbelows, and lor this i a dese*
?n- of gratitude II?- I
ETteethoven symphony also with obvious s
fectlon, and his band responded nobly; bt
.? in i :? mor? of sti ong ?
in th>- matter of t. mpo In the '? i
... v. hi?
a < great a mil tU \* ? ? niUS
now as it must have seemed t?i mlnda ci
; able ?if oomprehendlns it a
the full bloa u no ? mantlclsm to
l linking world over s centt I
Mr. Winlhrop Am?-'- J.lttl?' T
W ?? t 4 I!.'
afternoon of a Deb
Henry Russell, the wife of the din?tor ?
the Boston Opera Company, snd
audit ? ? : it. an aud
undoubted! | due to tl
? Itets had be?
recital foi
i {if f..| -i ,i. ?.. k. si-? it aa hour of un
? ' Th.- little playhouse,
very little gem in it?? !f. might I
in ihe brain of i laud? elf, ai
nn?l w ith tW'i ? |
either side ..f the pi.?no would surely ha^
delighted the ? ?? ? oeei ?
\- for Mrs. Ruasell herself, 'honch he
was a Hteall and in loi
of phrase, h<
? on, her perfect Intonatloi
were a di licht, snd ail wb i enjoy tbi .
I .-. ? .
her oflfei Ingi Mr?. R
npanli i bj ?
? ' i
nt th* highest pi ?
in ? s added tha
Theatre la In I 1 fo
chamber it is et
? ?,I'm-V fru-i
In? "Htm. nt i
? ay.
held at i afternooi
netted lti> ' '
I ? "?
tho Arion s?i. Iet> and tha Lledi
ih* Volp? Symphony Orchei
Metropolitan Directors Give Din
ner for Parker and Hooker,
i of i
In th?
i j, .. ??.... .
* l the whlcti
.-..?? (he fon
Vldrlch, Nathan !_
M fa.- y, Professor (1 P
? l'ini-h-im,
W R IlSUSn -'?t! ' ! I
i" il Dttaoa, il. i. im ;.. i illn Down? .
Resins Id de Kot ? n, _ t. i ? ?
! -.ink l '.m,-. - h, Il H i'!.?_ er, H. Kits?
? lllman. ptn
wold, Qiu n i ;.u \.
l-ilot Gregory, w i: Ha? ache, i
William W lllnshaw, Udney
lin.n r. Juatli e 1 tendril k. Crian 11
Herts, ?r.
Arthur T, Hadley, Kn Robert II,
v 11 Jullliard Profi isor 11
.- ight, Alvln W Kri h, W. di U
? m?. Il Kahn, 11. K. Krel
P . R Key, ? ?? ?. ', nsbury,
Philip M. I.yili. mi..n
Murphy, BL Clair McKi as . Charles
n.m j Mi it/? '. Adolph B 11- lis, Thomas
Prenl ? k< r, Win.
Il rop i'- ? odore Nevln, i 'herb a
Rabold, Rasyl Ruysdael, Albert
Lan. Ri amer, Proi ?
Ogden M Ri Id H llllam C Reich Byl
linga, i Rocjcwell, Jacob H.
&lwurd It ranl,
:?ii Bchlrn t Loomls II.
Tayloi i. i P Ban boni A i
l. U
\ an Cortland von W ? di II \ r r t. n
Ing, P John K. Welr, Rblnelander
lo II v. _"lnthrop. R U Welah
George Henry Warren and Irwlng Well,
Otto II Kahn, chairman of the board ?.I
Introduced I
Henr: Rogen Wlnthrop, vi-.-e-preald.nl ??!
the opera t oinpani. t?. t f??t med
Mi Hookei t Ithi
w. i. Presiden! Iladli | of Vale, \\ alb ?
lui | w hit ii
awarded I hi ? i ?? too prize in tn? ? :. atort
?t -Moi Krehbl? ? lohn ' '
?if the United Btati - Dlsti Id < !ourt
m Baltimore; Herbert Wlthemi.n, who
baas in th?- "Mona" cast, and Charles
lb m v M< l!
CHILDREN HAVE $4,963.000
Mi i. ? ? n submltti ?i i
Mlliai l. of \\ - i? i i st< t ' ounl . h) Hur?
tos U. Melghaa. sp?cial guardian of iiu
infant ? liililren or Alli.it i' Bo ivvi'k. ;i
wealthy clubman, m inn objections t.i the
probate of the ami -?f Mr. Boetwlch bo
canas the ehlldrea were no! mentioned,
and by lawyers representing the widow,
Mrs. M rl< I Boetwlch, who inherited the
entile estate.
Albert C. Boetwlch, Jr., ?Lillian B. Boat
wick, Dunbar W. Bostwleh snd George II.
J.:.. tvvn-k. Infant.-. w. i ? bOTB aftOl the will
a ade, : mi Mr. Melghaa ? onti ndi d
they wen- entitled to an squal niiare ?n
ia though no mil exist? ?i
Mrs Bootwlck eoatsnded that Jabea
Bostarteh aet aside aecnrltlea aggret
H>_;,i:;7 for the nm- nt hi- son Albert, and
mi ab death the fortune reverted to the
child! 1-n. mi In making hla win he _.i\i
his entire estate t?. ber. A. C. Boetwtck
left a fortune of ti..?i
Ag automobile srai drives Into Um )?>w
?arad g?tai over tbe crossing of Ihe Now
fork, Buaquehanna .v Western Railroad ->i
.Newark and W*si Mde aven nee, Ji
City, las! nigh?, smaahlng the gates, The
?Alud shield was smashed and ii^ihk glaaa
c,,t in, occupant, I >r WHllam K i.e..
,,r s., i,. Bast Mth st?reet, Manhattan, no
Un- bead n- ars ? led foi t.
. 1 ? j V .!??_: II'' I'll "I -11- 'I Wt ? Il II ball f?" .1
! _. to a ,? and i ?t-i ? o?.?ii. -t up
in, ?pel ? and kl II feel d thi ist
i lei a bkuii had boon fractured. . ,
Tho TVecrloctfiil Lawmaker.
N Y. U. NEEDS $4,750,000
Chancellor Brown Asks for This
Sum in First Annual Report.
$1.150.000 FOR BUILDINGS
Endowment of Teaching and Re?
search Call for Three
Millions Moro.
It. Kitnrr Brown, Chancellor of
tl th?** iinl-.fr Hy
? >?; ? nable him
? work in which
His ?rsi
tl report wilt i ? ? Is week, nmi
Th? ? ma?l?->
after i? close ? the university und .?
? ? It ? lurt-es with
itlom ? )t '?????? toi il
.>? "it... > ndow?
r the e id as
? arl Cure
? . ?
| ? ?
' B liool of i'. .i for "
Ing si ; i r. lated
Pot- buildings the rl - i *!.
rot a new ? t ng at Uni
- dortnltoi Iversltj llelghl
?? iur a building ai Washington Bq
tor t lof Commerce, Accounts and
Finance. The t. ? -** for
Immedl ite pun
and pei mai ? I llbrai y
It I ? ii - total of $4,
i tie- chancellor,
In order thai the university nun- suci
fully carry <m the work In which II Is i I?
-ed. Concerning future nee?.*?
-.1 >r. Bros i?ook
irther Into the future, ?me would not
ting tin- need? of the
?i ten or i??- Its
years i ; .M I -? 000
? ol the tK'.ir futur?!
which i have noi mentioned sre a hall ?>f
im in i nlve ?>?
.t Washington Bq
itlon build?
ings both al ; snd doe n
Incrca i d ,iro\ im.>;. for the las
;. rar- und i??t ourses in legal practice
endowment for collegiate Instruction .it
Washington Square, and s building for the
\ , t. i m. n y < 'olh
Th.it s general campaign for fund?? ?rill
. un m the In lies
11 . . losing paragraph of the report. ' 't h?
Ing of funds to m? et these need
fon moot hi.?? " m th.
m-tlvlt) ol the university council from this
ii. on mi thai end Is attained. At the
sum?, tine s general stud] <>f the situation
,,n,i ol th? resources "f tas university is
t.i forward In the chaliuelloi ? ofllee
covering the organisation of ths Institu?
tion, the leaching body, its scholastic
Htandards, Its present and probable sources
wnn. Its student body snd shimnl
.,. n- possibility of h closer adjustment
i., ii,,. needs which II seems destined t..
serve." "
alumni ol Ihe Behos* of Applb ?! ?*'? I
.ie? bave taken action In the imitier ??. as
engine? ring building, snd have gppolntsd a
committee i" assis* th? authorities In oh- |
for ties plllpo.se, and the
??iiimni of ths s?iiooi of Commsree, Ac?
counts nii'l I in.me have taken .similar
?tepe "n i-hah of that sdhooL ('ondltlons
in these two schools sre particularly try?
ing, owing to t ideal body, snd
tdequste rooms which sre at present
Dr. Brown s ted chancelloc In
April, VAl. ami took OfiCS on July 1 of that
year. The ceremony of his Inauguration
was observed at University Heights on Ko
Ytrnbet t. In the presence of representa
*rorn more than one huu?fnd snd
Bit] unlversltli ? snd t ollegea
\t t,,, time of in-- election ? banoellor
Brown wa. United States CTommlsstonss of
Kduoatlon, which place he had held tee .six
poiatsd b) ii- .-id.nl Rsoss
'wit and toniii in?'i hi President Taft when
i,, t,?.k ?the.. Before becoming Conunls
of ?Education be v .,.? ?jf
education Is ths ualTs?Tsltlei "i Michigan
?mi caltfsrnla.
Shu Matas, Cal. klareh B WIHlsmUsv?
,,,. %. i. -.f ? *hl*-a**o, : on ?if ih. late w \
,i.,.,,:,. ... . ii_.il i- ' erlously III
i_'Ui hgart trouble at * MaatodUBi hue.
Washington. March 21. Robert W, Wynne,
fi rmerly a capialn in the Halted States
Marine Corpa an 1 known in tho navy ,,-t
"Tho FlKhtiiiK Marine," die?! here to-day at
the home of his father, SX'Pootmaster ilen
? r ?1 Robert J. Wynne.
Captain Wynne waa thirty-, lx years old.
He died from tuberculosis contracted In
China during the campaign apalnf-t the
Boxera !!?? had a spectacular career that
earned for him big nickname, ife served In
th? Philippines and China, and re?
ceived the thinks of Congress and several
medals before lie left the eorp?.
a_B Wynne resigned from the service
after a dramatic court martial several ye;ir_
ROOaevi It a.?Opted his
resignation because of Captain Wynne's
lid record. Hi.- friends believe that
his gradual decline In health was dun large?
ly to Ids retirement.
fain Wynne first came prominently
before the public In April. 1W. He ?ass
then nttaehed to the cruiser '*hlcaeo.
When the ship was In Venice lie and three
other navy men were arrested after a dis?
turban?'' In a caf?. Captain Wynne was
sentenced to four months and ten days in
jail and the others to three months each,
besides the payment of damagea t?? Italian
Da Injured In the disturbance and
coats of th- trial. Through the efforts of
the then Ambassador f?> Italy, Cent-ge von
1. Meysr, th?. four navy men were par
!. but ih? nffalr cost them about $2,n00
for the damages and ?
The Incident leading to Captain Wynne's
retirement occurred In tlie navy yard,
Brooklyn, In May, IM_ lieutenant Com*
mander Bryan, executive oflloer of the bat
ti. ship Alabama, preferred charges of ln
: Unation aguinat Captain Wynne The
offen.e was said to be t?..- captaln'a refusal
t answer a call to quarters. At the court
martial Which followed testimony was
given that a sunstroke bad affected the
marins ot?cer's judgment. His resignation
Washington, March M William McAUis
ter, a retired yacht builder of city Island,
New- V tk. died here :c-day after a long
illness. I mil his death he was said _3
have been the only man then living who
all of the International yacht race.
for the America's Cup.
He was a Republican In polities, and was
un OS. i \ is.ir ??f the town of l'elhiim, N. V.
The late Lawrence Delmour. a Tammany
sachem, and Richard Croker ?were hi* Intl
mat? friends One of his eons, Captain
Charles V- McAllister, Is englneer-in-chlef
of the i nltod suites revenue cutter service.
[By Ttlfgraph to The Tribune.)
Rochester, March M.?Dr. Beeret! W,
fish, slxty-flve years old, fell dead in the
station in Plttsford this afternoon.
Dr i.sh wa ? leader in the Populist
ment In tha 10b. He ?edited a news
papei m Smith Dakota and campaigned the
country for Weaver, snd later for Bryan.
in UM he cami Beat snd astabushqd a
Popullat ntgati at I'eiui Van
|Bj Telegtepb m tha Tribune.]
Stamford, ?Vim., March 34.?i'lason W.
lloyt. thirty-live jeara In the Jewelry busi?
ness, dleil suddenly to-night In Summer
street. He leaves i Wife and two son?
William C. Hoyt. of Stamford, and Harold
Hoyt, of Brooklyn, Mr. Hoy! was tho son
of tbe late c. Ho.vt, a Methodist clergyman,
who, aft?-r retiring from the ministry, be
eanie | resident of the ClllZI-as' SdV?tli;s
Hank, at Stamford.
M.ss bOUIAA VKi;i'i..\Ni_. BOFFM IK,
the sixteen-year-old ?laughter of Samuel V*.
Hoffman, praaMeal of tha New York His?
torical Society, and granddaughter of the
Vary rXst, B_ A. Hoffman, died from Hplnal
mealngltia at her home. No. 91 Madison
avenue, Morristown, N. J., yesterday. The
funeral will tie held on Wednesday.
JOSEPHINE r>E FOREST, eldest daugh?
ter qf S. K. De Korest, a lawyer, died sud
iii nlv on Baturdsy night from diabetic coma
at the hon,e ef her father, Luke wood. X.
.1. the ama a?renteos years old. and had
Just returned from Westover School, Con?
necticut, foi the Easter vacation. The burial
will take place to-morrow In Woodluwn
ii an ti ry. from Grace church, Now- York.
nutti-rvverth. Ada I,. tVM, Krank I.
I... I'.iicnt. .to-ephlne r*. U Muntmnc. I_iura I?.
Dewttt, Abraham \'. .ei?mati, Sarah A.
tiinnnii'U Roastll Sheldon. l_nmia J
Doyle, tolin. Smith. NathanM S
rtranl fVeechiH >|.r!iissteen, .lohn i'.
Hartwell ?Ii.kIi N Stephen?. Marv W
...ni Charle? R. Thompson, Mary M
Hoffman, trnuit* S. Verplanek, Aiiru'ih M.
I|,. . . UiKi.ii VV Wright. ?'?therm? f)
HlTTKRWuf! I II At Pasadena. Cal. Ada Lois,
of Morristown. N t daughter of the 1st?
TtMfea H and Kllialx-lh Butierworth
DK .ORES. Su?l?liiily. oa Uarck -'. 19J2. ai
Lakewuod,. ... i.. JoneytUna Lauit*, ?!<.*_*
im , gunday, Mar- -,
t. Hj-ie list **?**'
llf*a-1.'ile. Penn s
Ca? ?t i" M,
daughter of Shepherd K and the lut? ??**-??>??-?
In? boelss de _***j*Mt, ai?*?.! 17 year?. Funeral
services will N? held In ?"?.?-aee r*liur?-h Chan
try. New Tel- Pity, se Tuesday, March .*>.
ISIS, at 11 a. m. Interment at. Woodlsw-i
ni the convenu.-e of the fanilly. Klndl?*
omit flowers. A ?r*clal train will If??-??. LS-1
I at 8:1.% a. in. on Tucsdav for the con -
I of lbs family an. friends.
I ?IV. ITT- At {few tendon. Conn. Marrh i?*.
1913. Abraham Vaadyck Dewitt. Funeral
??r? , late lesl-l-T-e, No. 2*>"> ll?tri ?
?t . ?Ml Monday, ??.".th inst.. at 1 p m.
Interment a? .\ltuinv Rural Cemetery on TOSS '
day aftermon on arrival of 8:45 train item
IHMMI'K v. s rastea, P*nn. gunday. Mar-i,
24, i.'i.'. Russell Dlmal k, ?
v.. ? lias. M ? i"?*h
DOTL.S?John Doyle, seed fg if-n-ral The
Kun?ral Church, No. 241 W-?lftl at. -Frame
E. CTaiupbell Building), Uotsdgff sitsirssss?, 3
GRANT in \i..v *,...> - ? -i- Karri ti,
Francis II is-. I, Infant ?-in ef ?'aptaln Po'if!??.
Grant and Fna ?? L-autae M .? Funeral
Agness, Chapel, Tuesday,
Man h .?*, at It a. m.
HARTWEL1 't^n pneumonia, ?in.
? lay, March 23, 1912, at the Hotel Al?
bert, i nlrerslty Placa at.d j jtii se, New
y.irk fity, Hugh Neabitt liertwetl ?if
WSservtlla, N I Fun-ral services a? tha
i*-sld'?uce of hi? daughter. Mra. Joneph J.
-, No |? S uth Broad et. K i.aheth.
N. .1. on : tareh 2*. at li o'cloei?:
a. m Incineration at RofjehUI Crematory at
?on?.- family Carriage?? v.Ill
meet Central Haiiroad ?>f New Jersey train.
leaving New York, foot 23d it., at IO*OS
? i.. fix? of Liberty st. st 10:30 a. ss. spe
Hal eai ?III hs attached to above trsln II
h> kindly requested that no flowers be sent.
HENDKRSON On Saturday evening, hfareh
2.'!. at ,?>iaranai' Lake, N. y i*harl-*a Rapa.Ho.
aon of the late f*harl*a Rapallo llend?raon ant
Jennie North Hinders..n, In hit? Mi vesr.
o pervlOSS "1 Monday afternoon at
.arana? T-ake. Interment servi.-e? ,in Tues.
?t Soiithmnpton, Ixing Island. Noti?-* nfl
special train hereafter.
HoKKMAN On Sunday. Mar?*! 24 1?12, Louisa
Verplanck, In h?r l?>th year, daughter of -Sam-?
net Verpianck and l/?ui?a N. Hoffman. Fu .
neral on Hrrival .->f ft a. m. train. P . L.. A W.
K. R., at Mnrristnwn. N. J., on Wedn??.??".
27, at St P-rte?*? Church. Interment
HOTT Su i .- g imf*-****L r-nn , Bunda-v;
March 24. IBIS, ? lason W. Hoyt. In hla ?_dT?
jenr. Notlc? of funeral hereafter.
lyjgg - On Friday, March 22, 1012. at his net*
?lence. No 117 East 3?Vh at , after a ahorl'
?i. Frank TJnsly lves, in h!a *Wtd year?
Funeral sen ?. en fr..in th? Marb'e Collegiate
Church, Fifth aw*, and _*'tli st., Monday.
March 2T, at 10 a. m.
I.A MOMTAONS?On Thursday. March 21. 19li?
ai her residence. Far Rockaway. N. T., I.aur-?
Louise, widow of the late Re.? l_ La Mon?;
tagne and daughter of the late Henry R. i
Morgan. Funeral services at the ?'hurch off
St. Vincent de Faul. "West 23d st.. New Tori?',
? 'it v. Monday, March _.*>. at *->:"*??> a. m reas? ;
omit flowers. New Orleans, Montr?*al and Paris
pOPSSB p.eaae copy.
?MAMAN?Oa PHdSty, Mai.h 22. Parah A.,
widow of ?'ilhert- Soaman snd daughter of tho i
lut? Mlnot F Winch. Funeral ?service?, at I
her residence. No Ku West 7.1d st . 00 Mon-? I
day, 2f?th inst., at 11 o'clock. Interment ptU
vats. Kindly omit flow??ra.
*DIBI_D0N- "n Mar h 23. 1P1-, at her realdenea*
No. 414 Macon a:., Brooklyn. K-ima Jeaup .
Sheldon. Funeral services will be held from !
her realdrn? e. No. 414 Macon ?t., on Tuesday.? ?
March 2<*. st S o'clock p. m, Kindly oml|
flowers. Interment at West port. Conn.
SMITH? Nathan el Stevens Rmlth, beloved hua->
band of Mamie Klnr Smith, died Man-h 23,
ir?i2 Fonaral Monday Mardi H, 9;30 a m..
nt bll lata n t. a, No 4'a'i West F.nd sva ,
Manhattan Ii lermant t>ame day at Klngatoo?
N. ^. Trail U ?? "^??i 42.1 st,. West Shora
Ra| road St . n, ai ll:.3o a. m. Roston, Phils
delphla and ChicaKO rapara please copy.
Mambers d.*?inn< t?> attend th? tnn*r
Nathaniel B Bmlth, 6n will meet outst.
Ms resldencv No. 4??"*, West End ave.,
M'i, at i on KeaSay morning, March -j.r.g
11112, m i? 20 " . loeW.
LANODOM P. MARVIN, Seci-ctary.
BPRlNOiSTRBN ?BDtSrei Into rest, on Frlla**
noon. John ('., ?on of the late ">>-l and Mare
Springsteen. Funeral aervlcea will b? hel<J st
bu late residen, e, No 49 Halsey aL, Brooklyn,
on Monday. ?March 25, at 8 p. m. Intermens
I 11 va te.
PIBMBNI Ssddsaty. in Trenton, N. J *--i
the r-'d inst., Mary W. Siephena. wife of tfe
lames P. f*t*ephen? services at her Is??
r'?*?l Maes. No. 2?10 Greenwood ave.. Trenton.
V .1 . SS Tuesday, 12 o'clock noon
TH'-MI'SON?"Entered into life eternal Marea
".'i at R:15 p. m , at her honia. No. 408 Weat
l.'ltth .?t., M:?r\- Male, b.':..?.ed wife of tl,?. Re?.
William Uni.?.m i'hompaon, of the clerical
alaff of ft. Thotnaa'e Church. Fu?era" utile
?.. UM ? dihedral of St. John tho Plvlne,
i?. Mar. h 2,*>. at 2 p. m. Interment at
Morar?an C?*m*"tery. >taten Island. Kansas
tlty iMo.) papera pleaaa copy.
\ Ki:i'LAN<'K At Newhurg. on Sunday. IM
24ih lost., Augusta Maria Verplan.k, young?
est daughter ?f the late Philip Verplan.-k. at
Hawkwood, New Windsor. Notice of funeral
WtU'lMT At S. waren. N. .1.. Marrh 24. 3012.
ralbarla? Pelaflild, widow of th? late Bd
wsrd M Wright and daught**r of the late?
?Sward and Julia Ilelafleld. Burial aervlca
at 8t. Job n'a Church. Sewaren. on Wednes
?! is March 27. on anlval of train leavlnc
Liberty st. at ft:30 a, m. Intettnient private
ri t.??
? n??*
tt3d 6t By Harlem Train and by Trolley?
Offlce, 20 Baat 2-d St., N. T.
Chapel?. Private Rooms. Private Ambulasea?,
Tal. 1321 Chelsea.
MAIN OFVIi'K No. IM Nassau ?tree(
UPTOWN OFFICE-No? J364 Bro-jdway. el
anv American District v?|-gvaph Offl *?
BARTJEM OFFlCES-No. 137 ^J?^?^fl__2
No. 2<53 Wist 12*?th atraet and No. 21? W-st
125th street
?"?ASHINGTON BUREAU?Westory Building.

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