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Water Polo Battle Demands a
Sweeping Investigation.
News and Views on Live Topics
of the Day, Both Amateur
and Professional.
Everett <" Broarn, a former i?; e.ident of
the Amateur Athletic Union, and now- a'
member ef the champion?
ai'i-eHrx tiv have run thlni:-* In such a hi', i
tl r polo m
national title In Pittsburgh ?n
.vi u h 15 and M, that those inest Interested :
: not be satisfied until h?
ip on rhari -ins to look as 11 he
was largely responsible for the disgraceful
- h marred th<
tween tea : g I Sew York
Athletic Club and the Chicago n t ! 11- : i -
Association In any ?use. it he Is properly
? he assume.l authority which he did
not have m persuading the officials of the
Pittsburgh Athletic Association to permit
? hicago and Missouri teams to
me on Bat urdaj evening,
March 16, svlth the undei ?n the
thai it should be lor the n u
championship, if fore, Mr. Bro** n
.? properly quoted, 't was a bold and un
pportsntanlike method to lake advantage
of m, tuation, and a rpiick
guilty, expulsion from the Amateur S
let). tild folio?
rid? rougl
A week he-? imn I said
i diii nol an I
: out to be almos! a frei ht in the
tari nt Pittsburgh until l had seet
? ? pome of those who were in m
rti fo
The Tril une, I
i onclu ?.' - until mor? detal i i
? t? heard. I am now
sonably convinced thai the New Vork Ath
|< ||e ' "luh t. .mi has i ecu pul in h false
liicht and that the i'hicago players w.-n
? ? ble than the i .-)>..! ?- In The
Tribune Indicated Primar!!} ol course.
ihe .. lull for not . nf?
? lis? Ipllne Ht the tirst Indi?
pla.. and, front all I
l.vii.tt ?'. 1 "t < >v\ n whs directly respo
IsnguaKe used !?.v the Chicago substitutes
Hing m their team mates in the tunk.
t,!?.?) ? .
?es I", Bulllvan, secretary ?if the
Amateui Athletli I'nlon and clialnnsn of
lonshlp ??ommltl - - nie
that a meeting will be called, once the
re al
hand. t<? H
good of amaten
polo m parti nlar this
niertinc. which should amount t?. a
In order to show to what rn.i? i
Brown wenl to Iske the water polo chani
pkmshlp to Chicago and to prove ho_
a thorough Investigation of
?hole matter Is, a recapitulation of th
whole unfortunate sto ?. Is ne< essarj Aft?
the New York and Chicago teams had
playing for a short time, with Brown al
tbe eitviw- .if it;, referee and tin. r<
??_? tn protect the Neu York play? -.
? ?ere being att.-i? ked in
brutal wav and abused In the ?
language. Mr Hamilton, t? ? esldent
of the Pittsburgh Athletic Association, or- I
I the players out of the tank and re?
fused to allow tlie name to continue, i.
nf the New York flayers had i. ?
f-defence, for which, under the r?
? .mstan? ea he
Bed when all the evidence Ii heard I
? . four er five of thosi who f:im
the struggli sssured m? nol one atom of
blame can be placed on the should?
the Mercury Foot men. While in- ?
?was in progress three goals wert
the Chicago team, none of which, however,
should have been allowed by s com?
ref.iee. v. excitement died down
Everetl C. Brown called upon the New
_*Ork team to tmish tin- game in the shal
K>| of tin- Plttl ' _h k< Ictli ' 'luh
the next afternoon, bul this McAleenan,
the manager, refused to do under ant1
froni .lanes E. Bulllvan, win? h?1v?. -1 l-j
bal tie tournament could ? >?>i be ?<ui
tlnued without the consent of ail three
mill the championship commutes ? I
m-- Amateur Athletic Union had |
judgment on thi unfinished game.
came Brown's masterpiece .\c- .
eordniR to the Missouri Athletic Club play- '
eri he approached them and sugi
Uiat thi should taki- the tank against thi
_?? team un?l?-r the guise of an exhl l
IjOii game, bul l-ally for the title, iiml that
hi . I'd arrange II with the championship
committee. He t ban went to th* ?111? lais "f
u- Pittsburgh Athletic Association snd
begged them to allow *n exhibition -
pis v ? ?i, w lu, h w< piece
Of l_.vv neat tO .i black eye aiKl savi
? i t b) proi h - l
? 'i . ? played w ithoui foul ami
work The St Unils players ha?'
travelled a Ions; distance and wen anxious
to plaj a is me. s?< they agreed to take
the water, although Captain ?'??han
that thev al! knew, after seeing Mr. Sulli?
van s telegram, that no champioi
could taki- place until the Amateur Athletic
had passed on the unfln
%t im i aptain Cohan also asserts
that Brown told Mr, Newcombe, the man?
aRi-r nf t u- Missouri team.' that the New
York team hnd forfeited Ks match?whli h
nol the ? aai Thi .
was played?whether for the title or not
win bo brought out when ?n the evidenci
is In?and the Chicago team won easily.
The fact that Brown presumed t??
M that it be for the championship, In
the face of the telegram from Mr. Bulllvan
and of a letter from Mr. McAleenan, man
i" ti.- N? w York t? am, tl at be s
rot congeal under any i oaslderatlon, indl
cates dearly thai punish meat should be
. ?as well sa ???> the ? 'hicago
i'lavi | Offen? e 8 'ait:. I a; .
'i'\.r ,n the unfortui
was a statement credited to Brown that hs
utely reliable Information that
i m- Naa York-Chicago . u-m- was stopped
on 'i?<- Influence of one or two men who
sated la the New 1 orb Athlet.
team, on the ground thai .: was
tally rough and defeat was feared, tie
i that it was untrue that women
ed or that the match devi loped Into a
? : -ail light He ?h quoted further as
saylag: "Instead of ihe Chtcago-li
being an exhibition a* the press dis?
patches Indicated, it was absolutely s
hamptoasbtp game, aad so und. rstood not
only by myself, a., representative uf the
championship ?committee of tlie Amateur
Athletic i'nlon. but also ?by the Pittsburgh
officials and the managers of Ih* Missouri
sad ? 'btcago teai
?? u s statement Hint th?
? ?t unduly rough aad ended in ?? frw
fot-all fi_ht _as lau_hfd at l?.v i aptain
? ? of Hi?- Missouri ti-ani He '?ai'l it
UM meal hiutal exhibition he had e\.-r
.'*n and that the *,,? McConnell and J i
? .r. tWO Chk a. ?i ( ? : -
Ifulenafh an?l then Steen, of N "-?
S_ooid have fc.f? fu_i?Ucd in.ined?ate). by
putting the Chicago plsyer* out <*>f the j
pool for goorl and all Both Captain ?'ohan j
and I ' ?Im substsntlate the im?
port that the ? hlraijo mon used vile
throughoul the gami it \*a*- so had
led the \\ . it.-rn
mber that worn? n ?? ? n present .
and to ' ?-ut it out."
As to Brown's contention that the
cago team would hav? ? it? Ses Vork I
by a ?..?ore of 10 t?> 0 If the gano Lud bem
allowed i?? go on, ' 'aptaltn ? ?dru
no rlnuht such would have been the ? ise
if Hie referee hsd continued Wind to the
fouls niHdp by th?r Chicago pis er H?*
added, however, thai if the rel - ?? had
done his full dut* the Ihre?? go
would hav4 nol '?? ? t. allowed, while the
penalties that tl"- Chicago men des? ?
would have so weakened th? I
Bure vl lory would have rested with New
Vork He expr?s ed the opinion that the i
on which Chicago sco
agnins! all rules Bret, becaime the hall
:.., held above tl ? water us pre
anse ll was i
w.u. r. wlili-1 i onstitutes h foul;
third, beca ise Hie scoring man was pushed
under unmate, which i.-> for
I ii,i( ,,. foin tb, In cause In most rase* more
feel .': '? llmll i w.'o
watn bj i he
i ..- i be Missouri Vtliletlc
I 'lub i' am did not |?r< ? teni "t
scoring use?! h* I
calle?| pxl Captain Cohan
Mr Hamilton,
... m of the r
til _ no ms <?? pi? venl a i ?
t. of tip ' ' pfoie,
i know n '
lechnii i he i me it was ex?
plain? il thai M Haml l?>n Biso In dated
th.it his decision should n??l h
und? i Ion. As s mal 1er o|
? . . ? ? .
: ?? as ov? r*
:. M ;lamilton. So a game was
? i| ih.it Brow i. ; .i.i.it . su ii - was
for tin ' . ?
ra\ c*?l> on Ihi - ?". i
lion doea nol b. ing I al in
I he A ? Atbletli i
plo run?! ? ;. . : nttl v
1 Sullivan
.... pa ment of
Finland will
. , , M
the t ? ni? t" nos
'i ? ? i of a will
? , -.< the ? all for
i >,. i.? ?bod
seems to be waiting foi everybodj else, and
rexult the committee may fui?i Itsell
? ?|.p..! when it should be In a
lion t? r a strong and
team with .? fr??e hand. I
gladly add ? ? v<i ? th? ippeal sent ?>ut
by Mr. Sullivan and hi? s ites ?ress
Ing u hope that tho
will ?end ? who
< i.nnot afford 150 wll send * '? ot 110 or
. v. n *?! Those who stand i m i. "f the team
at this time even for the smallest a.nount
?111 lind their Interest doubly Increased
when word is dashed across the waters of
this American victor) or that. As said
trnlv the rail Rti'-uld not be in vain for
I Ui h ? worthy cunte
It may ho recalled In passli -: thst ihi??
countrj carried off thr ira? k and tield
honors at the Olympic ?.?ame- n 1896
1904. ' --'? n ti?l i: '?- With mi h a re? ord In
tal it should nol he a dlffl? ?it matter
t?. raise the necessary monej to send ihe
h? pt and strongest team rosslhie io .?-?tork
b? Im, Sweden, in June \ strong team util
h,, necessary if the unbroken rectord of
vli lorli i Is to be i
Once more the .?trtte Athletic Commission
has provrd that It I?- workmc earnestly to
ve and recul?t?* boxing in this
L'nder s resolution adopted at it*? weekly
mi-eilnK la?-? Wednesday the chancee un?
an against a repetition of the fiasco at the
Hogan-Cross Lout, when the referee f.-it
railed upon to stop th?-* battle in the tirst
and the club would not protect ?hose
who ha<l paid (rom i- to K to look on.
Hereafter the receipts mus? be ? ?
to sctlon bj the stat.. Athletl? Commission
a wholesome effi
ti have
in in\ opinion, the managers of the Mh.1
'.sr.n Athletic Club, where the bout In qu?**s
tii.n was held, ?lid not show themselves to
be good friends of boxing by :h<ir mand
????'. ??. ho did
full dut*., though perhaps in ;i some
hasty way n Is s er? ing shame that
the hox office clouds so mai
Unless aaclly mistaken, Arthur Howe, ?.f
Tale, will make as good s football coach
as he ?lid ? captain, He has prov?ed him?, if
1er, and ha? s ke?-n knowl
edge "f the flii'-r points ??f the sport He
will have a chance to shine, as Val?, has ;?
?... ith hut h Princeton .'.nd
Harvard, whll** the changes In the rutes
ha\e opened the ?hi t.? development of
new i lays and combina I
Brown's aciion In giving up basketball
an a univers!) sporl Is cause f..r regret To
be frank, I ha*?? sen able t" work
up much enthusiasm for ihe ?ame, but It
athlel sctlvitj ami pro-rid?
a form of competition al a time thai ?hie?;
..??t good, f? thai n deserves what?
ever ei.ragement can be given.
The uiaata snd the Buperbas are working
their way toward home, and in a few ?la\s
th<- Yankees ?ill hr.-ak camp ??t A?
all of which means that another iissehaii
n Is at hand Tarn weeks from
Thureday thi flat-s *m1I t.. flying and th*
umpires will be bawling, "Fla) ball!"
"Oabby" Street, the nea catcher of the
Tankees, predicts that Caldwell Is s
??lui Walter Johnson in the making i??t us
hope that Btreel Is right, for it will mean
much f"t th<- Vatik? ??. in Hi.mlng
naiit race.
?'?in.?ii keeps on winning Five out of
seven titles In wrestling w.n? to Ith? .? last
Clan McDonalds and Brooklyr
Celtics in Lively Battle.
Battling In ? foot of mud at Marquette
(Ha!, Brooklyn, yesterday, the Clan Mi
Donalds and Brooklyn Celtic football
ele* i ns played s tie game in the third
round <>f the American amateur cup tie
mi..i floundering around r?n
twelve minute.??, Harrow?!, at Inside lefi
for the Scotch representatives,
receiving s prett* pass froi
?m tlie rif-ht wini?.
'I'll?- line-up folio
? ...n If? Donald- . 11 r.??. Brooklj n i
W'il?"ii ? ; [on, ,
R n * Ko
.LB.. . i .
Mc< .inn.C. It ., n.m
" ?" .!? H.
.<>?*? *. M. ft,.,?,,,,
''''".' ?'?. < 'amplon
il1**?1. '' . O'Hallar-tn
Harrower. i i. Kin? I
??'?"', .O. 1.U<
IV !" ? f Cunnlnghsrn Unssmea \v
Hon.- for i'l;,n UcDonalds and .1 0'N?MI f.,,
Brooklyn < ? | .. rower for Clan
M. non..!.n and O'Hull.r.n f.u Brooklyn Cal.
1 II H.
The New Turk <?? iti. Kootball Club
? ure.l Hi sixteenth ronsecutlvt victory bj
?lefealinR the ? l.m Gordon 1- ?eld Club by
the score of I ?_o..is io one, after holding
i i ts I lead si halt time, at Chelsea Part
i laHeston Man h ti. The -econd dit
ol th? Phlladelphl i t inert < sns d? ft it? d Ihi
BRI b) B
? m"'?n in m eleveo-Lnning ,
gajne, ? j
\ \ ni\!_vn
Champion Oreai fork. 1*11
Alley Owners Arc Warlike Over
Renisiration Enforcement.
Ev? - en! to the .-inn?; ? I 01
lion of tin Satu nal Bo? ling
hold Set
How ling _ ? as n si
debate ot ? i 1er of resit Irai Ion and
l fi ?? ? -; and
? ? I
? ? ?
.bout I I*. (
? Bronx . ? t ? r thi
era . ? . ? lodged i
the N ?
v g and
Itself on : - ? ?rd against II
At thi
f ? ? lee u|
ow in-. ? ?? limed I
for lie - ? ?
Kennt latloi ?
ng neu
competltivi " ? ?
Ian had shouted I n In
' ' -
t> ohm not i lo tin
port of thi
? ? . bul i
the invitation In do so w ? :. ?'.
It . ?
Hurd and Marshall Undefeated In
Riverside Tournament.
riarence i: Hurd and E 1* Ma.?hall
pockel billiard tournament, under i - ?i
\ - ?
teui i;?!n;?!'i r I heir pla? ?
at the hi ad ol th< ? nlunin -it Paul's R
side ,\? ademj. ?. I
Ihe pi ogi ei ..f i ! me? I
Ihe last
compet?! ? hav? pla -. ed a --.t .1 ?
01 th.
seht lui? 'Mu- i . . ich an
unbroken Uni ol twelvi - ' lorli -
81m Btearn, who was In the top d
lit .?... k, 'iet ihn e <-f his re enl mal
Prank V*. Simpson, w ho wai siso al Ihi
led four limes, _ hi!? John Pits
wi tei and Sid pi !k_ Burger eac!
i thai
M AS dl . ??Ii ?1 hi- t \\t ek
Thi Ii iders are all gly si
i he gam?u ol ? Iglil i?^I'- du m the
ball break 'i
w-eel Marshall Hi.i ? ? tabli
hi- opponent getting s ? ill. Because of I h
Int? ? -' in pocki t billiards. ? matin? i
illy arrangi ?i foi
labl? t?> contest In nicht games. The
w ill ? Ii.n Man h 31 Pot
pockei Ml
lug nf each frame wjtii the fifteenth ball
and the cue ? .iji remaining on the tab'
an to be pul In for? ?
Thi si
. ..
E r Man
.- in? Btsai ? i '
.... in
I, i ??__ . ;
?????i . !?
vi Kurser T
\ i :
? I"-- ?-'i i i,.i- ?ih.? '.
lin . 4
llarr\ i;.-n-'?-r
i. v Baldwin . ?':
A. I' Krli get . i
Daniel .tern .....
_ I
Mil ? r 'i
. .
P ?
1 ihki
A strong schedule has been*arr ged
fin the Maokenxle School baseball nine
fur the ? ? son t !oi ?? ?
carded with man;, promt nenl private
schools, whlli the local High School of
1 .. SSmUS I lall High .ter il u
to be me! A squad of thirty candidat.*?
iv responded to thi call last week
aad .m In earnest training t.. make the]
'i he . an noun? i ?i follows
A|.i u io, Poli n-. hnl? i ?
borne; 1".. Kra.mui Hall Hlsh - liool, .,
17. i ?a. al honi ." II
.-. in., i ..i i , .
. 28, Blair s. hool, si
:'T. Bonn ? Mann School, .,- horoi
? .
- i i... ion i'i ? ,.
ai home; il, ctiMtnui um \
Iphli t;. Rivi : .lew Militai . v. arieniy, ai
r.iu_l,l.. . i.-i. i-, Holt
22, It.? klej S? Ihm.i, h: home; 30 Saegkl : ?
.linn .*? .-i i
'I'u l-, tn r pn !? ? t ?
the motor boat owner should practise ths
throwing of ? life rim or buoy, sa)
He lluxlable. ,,f tl,.- West Side fOUUg Men's
Christian association. Hi advises tham lo
-? ' U ? beat i mi. on tin market, and net
I? * than te i <t of -'iihii rope to bt
? i ?>?- ?i Than _ fes i.
he declares, wt|| n;-u. mo i mea pro
thro? th? rini i ? dro
> Hum the boat by th
! t.i ? iff*
.1 I'.i.W
' ?
itlon, i
? ti fit>m lhal
Managers Take Down Offers t<
Carl Morris?-Other News.
? er unex
peeled, defeal Mon miffere?
St? wait in ihelr reci n
' hont at thi l Int. ire v? hletl i 'luh hs
? n? d the n ??; the rival cluh
with a start the match
m.ik- n "t i be National tf|>oi tins ? 'lui u
Am- rica .I Ihi ! on Vili
, l? ti? clubs had hurried!) withdrawn the|
? i un i-1 i ??nt between Al Pal
'?' ' -n ?! lh< t kla horns man The appa i en
unwiiiliiRi t<
bos in for?- ati) ? luh othe
? than ?I .porting ' luh ol Vmei
|. a i a?' ? ' i ? nenn). ani
t ? deprived ihem ?-f -i purs? worth) of -,
i ? ;.| ? ban pi?m nstea?l ef i a o i a a ? -
Mini's |? proh iblj doni - op? lie It
a r??? ? on, and i- about to i?
nu n lo i u. i. ?in. m. i for a month' in I
Th? tr? at ol ti...?? win h.
si. n si ihe I loni vu.i. ti. i luh. of Thi
Bronx, to-morrow night, when la k Denning
Ihe clever two i.and? .It- k" ol
Ih? w esl 81.? m?_ I - Mlk? (lib ions, un ol
the greatest mxera I . . ? pi odu< ? ?l
In the ? - ? bout, - whl h Dennlns had a
slight advantage, both m-n boxed with In?
jun ?i ' Ighl hand ith I av? declare?
h II wit, m decisive style thll
t ?n?.- _l. i ; bo ? i? is de? lu ed h
'? -.t on ??' in'- llminatlon tnali
i"i- the middleweight ? hamploiishi|i h
tii man.. with liennlns a id be wal.
j w itn - i ii leal ? ^ ?? Ihroiigl.t the i ouni 11
? ? s par _ ill? Ihe above boul i tin
feat her wi Ighl ? tournant?
; the Rmp " Vthletli i"luh al r? ?j ol
i New Vori or th? prl<
lieg? of meeting Johnii) Kilbane, th? i-ham
] plon i"i- ? ? vs ill face " Young"
\\ agn? ?. Pal Kiln? will meet Tommj
and i- foster will ? ross glovei
w i h I -I'll- ? ? I-' ? '?
The hi at will boh! th? c< ntre "t
Ih? stage "ii Thui day and Prlda) nlghu
Tom I\iiiii..i?. will fac? Krank Moran -it
ihe Katlonnl Siantlii flu of Vmeiles on
Thursday nlghi and .VI Kubiac will box
Jim Savage al th? Long Acn flub on l-'ri
? i a % nlghl
Tl.thei bouti ol tl >. week w ill Ue as
-, i .i ??i. i i i niniii Hu? k vt K. O."
? ?? -. mpii flub, ol Harlem
Phil ? 'i?. ? v- Padd) S illlvan al the Km
don flub, Joe Bedell _ VVIIlii Bi echer -it
the Irving i"1ub, Harn l_>rts vs "Young"
Quarlnl al the Brooklyn Beach Athletic
i luh ?m I hull .t ?? i ? Tei i y M cf. raw
at tin- u ai blngton Kthli lie Olub Tuesda)
nlghl "Young" Bellle) vs Kid BI -
Hi ?w ? ? . an.i "Youna" \hearn
\ i i-'t-a ni- ' at I he Bo) ah- l'lui?.
Veteran Playors Selected to Meet
Victorias in Match.
Thel ?? lias he n itnii ?,.!te ult: In * le? t -
. team of repipsentatlv? local pla)ers
to m,, i the \'li ti In Ihe
schedul? .1 for Ihe St. Nicholas llmk
nexi Wednesday night. l\ was original!)
;:.-,l fi r i he i 'n-scenl Athletic ? 'luh
team wlni.I ihe championship, to play
ill. '-Vies" ?i w ?, bul Ihe latti i had
lo return to ? 'anada
Cornelius Pellowes has selected an ali?
star team from among the various clubs
comprising ih<- Amati n Hockey league.
With on. exception, this is the line-up
against the Canadians. Dr. Mills, goal
tender of the fraseen ta ????ill h* in the caw
with Ida clubmate, Browne, playtof poial
Jtmm) i in i r_. r ?'( ihe Wanderers, will drop
. i ii.? n ami
I If, of Ik ihe ?-entre ol
m. foi i. ml line ? Ith Umm Bi Itton ul
ti? n,,, hi ? lui si ?i v'' Orath "f tit
V? and-iei?, lOuklu. altti lilt vun.a. I
lishment. This, it Is believed bj ?
in"?.- Utti I.-?'?-, none ?>f whom .1'.
1. tin* r?.il cause of the 1
?menI Han
It i-, th? ?h .-ir., of th" ol'. '
Mortal organisation that t
?1 by each Individual
the local : i,.!-., and II
tins w p- done no m ?? It It
torn m ?bowling '" . such
.?i- tl.. -.? to othi ? ?
... .1 .. - .
f' .. m e Is . \er 'f.i'd by tills el? m? n'
onal ofnV?
are very strunz
funds of
and that the work of 1
. han and !..
Borne ?if th?
a heavy u \
ai . ordlng to in?
ni* an 1 f 1 bidding
nw ner i?i howl*
-1?. ?? If ??'I
? . '
with the Io at hod In 1 erson,
\ 1 : \
is 11 it the
local o'ftlcls ? ? lient;?' concerned lest
tened s ?r materlslly hurt the
,,,,,,.,,. ps. whl< h will l*
? time in Manhsttan, begin
-, 1 . ..... tltlon Is along
\nes ;?- ihe nal 1 not? run
.. and 11 - ?
Io lu t ???ci' t'*t ed to
It. and p. he members "f the
Nea *? ork Bos ting A ??>-??? 1 it Ion
Now York A. C. Team May Win
Athletic Title To-night.
With only ??n* I to roll the \> s
Y?.tk Athlet!? < 'lui' team I? 1 ' ?
? Rowling I., ague pennant ? Il bin II ?
-1 ind nn
w "Ii ?itld '.' I- ? s hl? h is
?Itilnt? 1 \ - ' den
?.?.???i? ? improved position.
N'ewarl !?? regarded ? -
mi ;in equal footing with I though
th? I '? ? ' m??!? n ?? ii.i - oiled ? ? .?! i. ?.
The nea ion la * he-liil?*?! In "ith lall) i Io ?
to-night With 1 . ??
lows: Pu ??ale .it Kllzabeth, Newark B
? ' iliimhla, \i ? ? 'olumblan
K id .it N'.\? "? . ? . ? i;,, ,
? ni tl * ' ?
yel been si 1 if Sen Vork w In
? ih? ? hampioni hip 1
Y, ili\ iduall' ,11
to lead, ?s Ith an 1 erag? of it
01 1 N inns better than Booth, of N'orl
?landing und ai ? rages foll?n
- \ \i?t v, "i' 1 HE ? I. 1
II a
Se? Vork .31 ;'" K.1 ?"? 1 UTO
r??-.,i. -js
Newark Baj ft xi
End . 27 ui 023 11 1 ...-,;
?f ..i. ... ?,.,.,
Jerae- l II . j.|
1 di 1.1 ih 29 .?? :. 1 '. 1 o'.i
< nllJIlll.lH '.?i ... . ... 1 v
? 'olumblan ... ;; ?? -. 1 t .. ?,
v 1 h -
?' r.. ?. 1?.
'i. "ib. North Kn! .".1 IS. lu 1 .
1 is. New Vor! .".I Ifil ,
1 (7 1 -hi ; I
U" d i(.. 1- ???? 1-j ZM
\. Wet <?,-,, I", 1-, 11 ;?.-,|
Bhei ??.,hI ;..??.. \,,rk M 1-7 1.1
Hi'lli. !.. .11 2 -. _I7
II, Roaevlll? ,. I??
lu .n.i.in.-. Jerae) I'll HI . r -_?? i
Krler, North Knd .'.t ISH .; ..-.r,
I "i Rol I !?? i -?; 20 ??.;
? v..11? :,i
. Ho?. Ill I- '-,. |(| ??;;
Nol i h End . ".' 'si. i .
R \v. at, Ellial Mh..... IH IWV.4I
Rmni, Paaaalc 17 ? II
l'erry, Newarl lis i :
I'll - '.".'J.
'. l
Nolle, .m
1 '. Monti lali .M i ? . " i ,
i. i- i
Bay .. is IM.1 ?_?
21 ts.'t
Pope, ?' lumbts .is i?" is ?? 11
? ;? nl< ?, N? ? Vork ...... *a |sj i| ?_??_?,
Newark Hu?.is Is': ".7 _;,,
."I ]si ifl n :,
Etalon 1 .1--11. ,M isi ?_':, ? -i
n u.nk Uay. '- ?si.?
I.... !?i?.1. Montch-.h M l-o 1,
I >_) . I '"lull I 1 m I*? 1-.. id
1 ??: I > ? ,
.m M
ai 1
H.?? 1?. r. No 51 l,?i l 1
Haldwl End ..... fil IT'? 1
1 1'1 178.13 223
I , ll ;..:... ?.;;,,
(|..1?. I'. M ii.vur . .*.| 177 1 ; _???
S. hull? . Il M i".7 II 220
? ?> IT?'. 12 243
-.1 I7fl 11 223
I..a, Montolalr 30 IT.*. 20 213
Vpttl?.IuimIiIh ... . r.i 17.-, ti _ n
-Til?. M 171 "I
. 32 171 20 "u::
I.um. ? -iilumi. ..n . . is. 1 1 ?,
Roh 1 " ? ? I'olunihtS . . :.l 171 17 '.'is
Under th? management of the ICanhss*
set Ba? V.h'IiI Club an invitation h.imli
,ap ? h? v pigeon ahoot will he held on the
. inn * 1 - l Port Wi hlngton, i n iai
April I-. ? sinning .n I p m I
match ?i'l he .? ' - 1 geti si M yards
of ? Then e/lll i?e
n, t . Mid "I third ?prtSO H L Hoj '.
41.. ii cbatnnaa of Un -hooun? coauottts*.
Both Tram- Win and McG-a
Hands Out Releases.
Da Hi s, Tex , March 21 Tl ?
? ,\ in the
th< h I ?all. ? and For! W orth schedule a
one to-nl [h! foi tl
T .It
i . while tl?.
Texarkana. In
? ? to l. and tl
? n si Potl _
to '
part) man: i f 'iir> pi -l ?'- probabl) [tai ti
,,?i h i l.i ? received I Is m cond
rieasi l_ub) .i?.?i i rank Noho?
|. ft with the ' twel ??'" ?"'
pot i team re! i to tl
l'olo ' ?rour.dp.
Th? mi ? ? '? a/'
Mei ii a iv mi nt of th? ? ? '?
? . ... dropped
?? pla?
. c(
' '
i ? aanti ?i i" ke*
: , iion '1st bul ilnali) di
i] i t Ik- i ould nol do II ai thi ej
pen ? lyei Then foi Arl
n:i . . pa . i en Thun
i si ham '-. i m to M.hl front here, an
? ? ?? I a job ?II:.,
not h or manag? t It 1
? a do lusliiei
? hi? ago club, a Ith Kran
? < g inn friendly
Tlie colts, or w hat Is lefl o thi m, a i
? i lal I ore *?? > I
proba ? will b
; ,.i Mobile on F e Dal
i .-lui. v.,- t Full? nwld? i. am
;'.-i rell oi r ? . ?
off M .
i..-.;.i- - same !" re. The
cal pitch? ?
j a neat ? illecl Ion "i ?1" ibli
i. .1 ii
? ? -i iggei - wa
? ?? tor? off -i doul le an?
- .,i bal II
Kit tcticr mad? a doubt?
>ing .i
v e.. | crowd an
?? a cold ai
got b?i ? For! Worth jus
me t.. eat and run foi t he train. Her
Maxwell, Texarkana's favorite son ? :
if I then lo-morroa .
T ? si ores folio?
NKW V"l:K i? vu.v -
: ??.,.? * .
|<> 1 7 ?? I
? i n n hn? 2! ?':.' l '
i i . i I ' i I 1 n 1 i
vn I 1 1 i f. 4 2 2 t i"
I : it .??.->, irinui ?-f 1 1 2 2 1 '
' ; - ? 3b a o I ?_ 21
? 2 t :; 1 n Knowli ? lb 4 ?? t - -
M- ? '? i t - 4 o i ? i*i
t n n 1 in. 1 i. o ?I 4 <
i 1 1 0 _ n | if. i ?
:? I ?? o o 211 PI llllp? t? 1 ?m o 1 t
? i ?? ? o .?,-?- in ; t un n i i
IS II IB .'T M " Total? 31 4 '? 27 1'' 1
Vork 2 13 0 1110 2?1!
2 e u n | ?1 ?l u I I
'I ,\.. Mrs tv ? N'
? '
? ?? - \. ?
.11 anl
1 . i.-.
? i. i ?_' i - y ? n? i, by
' Hi- t- plli '<?? iU i - - .
' hall Hie .in. 1
? three lnnln*. . _R Mar
Inning* oft Bros lu* 7
i lings; ntf Phil
lip* Inn'iiR?. I raplr.
? ' . une I ?'-*.
Wolverton Plans Game with Bos?
ton Bo foro Breaking Camp.
Atlanta, March 24 There will he an e_
hlbttion trame here ? et ween the
Vanki-s and Boston Nationals if t;
ter are willing. Wolverton wired to At
?ta to-da r.. If the Ward men would
Come ,,ver Thur
Th? more ?l.i 11 here,
. In? Innatl next Friday evening.
Wolverton purposes crowding a pom! deal
of baseball Into those uve days There will
.is to-morro ?
iday, and three games with the se,-und
t--im unless the Bostons come ever ? ?
The a-eathcr was capricious to-day, hut
if th.mlng week ?? Is pul -i
; -, \\ ,-l\ i i ion vv ill g ?
of the ?a; his youngsters than
all the linn- wim-h has gone before '
Ifemphlll is to get a player or two from
\>-? in and Btutnp hsve
raughl his eye Wolverton, however, has
iflnlt? ni-a of what players he la going
to rets
Inasmuch is Hemphlll an?! his team
l?lu\. ; ? both the Neu Yorks an-!
Ith? Cincinnati? lust week, the opini?n or
the local leaders on the two clubs ?as
? .1 it up briefly thus.
.i?..?]i equal ?i hatting and lieldins;. the
fa.ii. i on the bases, the New Yorks
? for club, lie In?
? ? toward thi Sev \ tn
Youngsters Have Nothing to Do.
;ind Trip Seems a Fiasco.
1 l!>
l..en-' lile .larch '.t Bill I? hlen and his
evi i?i play at
? Park w Ith the ? '< loneli here to
?n feii con?
llnuall) until shout I o'clo k. w hen n
Th t ? doei n??t spi ?
hance of plsyii I
? i tried '? muni? atlon
with tlie lo? al "t t he !
v - - ? alth a vie?
of h ? or i out In its
'.:\ mnasium fot i coup!? ??: .1, ? -j T ??
w ..rk oui i-est? rd ? In a i?;? - >ii>?n el Ihe
I-., nturk Statt Fall Qi oundi did nol do
? ? - philosoph!? all)
. !!?? ttgured that he would have u good line
o?? Home ?.: ihe ?j oungster befon
; '??'? Indiana] oils In talking s Ith the i
papet ? Ighl hi . as r '? t Willie
? i i bal In t: ? Ir lo ig - ?
In baseball they ha? ?? net >r i ten si
Bouth al t his lime o
Athletic League of Brooklyn to
i Championship Series.
Manj del ? presen! at the an?
il! iiie.-iin;: of tl - bund ? Bch ?1
Athletic Lcagu? ?tes ol the
i ??? la w ill i!j\,. t ivo spl? ii'i.'i
? ?n the ii? ..i tin- 11 uson. The me -t
ras held al the < 'entrai ? ouni Man's
t'hristls ' \ ..n '?ni.m. Brookl)n. la-f
? .in? night, and it wai de? Ided to
n conduci the Junior and senior dlvl
. . |ui or dtvl -'.?n ?> il be for b< ?? ?
sixteen years old und un.le. while the
..n is for young men.
i .1. il. s... 11 acted as ? hairman of Ihe mi ? '
Ing ,,i i R. it Sklllings as ? ecretary. A
nominating commltti ? was eli ct?ed t?? .:
clde upon "th ers for the coming year. \
spei lal committee uns appointed t?? manag?
the junior i. .. another committee was
appointed on the > urlng of grounds upon
which to ?ii- th? nd the committee
Ion rules re|?orted thai si the nexl meeting
i the official rules of the .-on.lu- t of the
league a ill ? ? decid? .i upon
The nexl meeting a ill be held on W - ?
? lav evening, April I. ?it Which time all
schools Interested are reqaaated n< htv.
. delegst? i pri enl
Harlem amateurs al UM balkllae billiards
will begin to-nlghl .i tournaiaaal at the
Mornlngslde Billiard Academy, 128th street
and l-snox av.nne to decide the Harlem
. .. b title .'I?.?-, aell known players
,l ncludlng M J Doyle, who
i ,,, thit'i in the recan? national i teas ? '
tournament The other entran! si harles
Cerf i Prsnk, P Begall and v\ iIImim <'_>v
ad) Cerl and Frank will open the tour
jnamenU '
More than $20,000 Needed for
Hollywood Improvement.
Li!4> ? o-pect of Van Copland'
De Being Able to
Play for Weel i,
More ths l| he expended I ? ? ,
Hollywo d ?...if flub in fixing up it. n_-,
home srul link
the pu re has? ..f th? ? ?
tst? -?i Deal Beach The b??ard
of thp club met the other nlirh?
a resolutioi
asked to i ^
able M.,. |, und th amn ml mus? h ,
v ' 'I
tiiMiil ? ' . u (|,^
?i is bell '?.?"l thai little trouble w?II . . v.
i erienced In i il itrtr* the desii 11
Any m.'ini.? : nol ? ,
extrs aseessm? ? ? ? .
of dropping out, his i
IS I .1 ? ? Ii a ,?
i ? .ml' H? ndei -?m are on the .
committee. The hand mm
make an Ideal clubhouse, whll?
quarters an als hand It
Intention of the club to bt lid ?
lawn tennis <????? l
all who have looked m. ?
ei tj dei hue that It lends Its? If ?
natura of
??tul req m .
?' '
- length of i
yards In th?
?until their pre? "-hole
? ii full ' f "...-? '.. .: f\\g
miles from t he in at site
of th?
' he links .i?l\ antage ..i i - ? - ,
privat.- club Ot ? I
er who d? pends ii| on p '..
hi?? Ind - - trmn
ever up; reciated A prop? i Unkt,
attention has been called l iliat
thus fa i there hav< b**en no
an ea\
landl Pai k If prec? dent I followed no
?mm .. -.'in.*- Iikel) us lael '>'arj
"i i i.m. did not . uoBI Api I _
ilbly. Thomas F Hlgi ? l I'sr.
? ommisslom
a little on laat s eai 's tl.
s* Indicate s
?casons paal it vs...- the custom to leave
the ! Ill h? ? tifst six .
o|?en i ; ? ear, l>ui now
even thai is d? ?led ? 'on?* i .? ntl;
I "? . m... r I last th?-i
Van I'ortlandt. in ? t
lasf night, John 0'<
nf i ? golf house, said ths bad
I c. ?
.ni ? n declared I
.. . i.ii*-"
wif.i doing anj ha i m to
.\ t t he t i ? ?? Inter
? 'ihm . or lei
and i ? ? ? r i - i i
have been '
most .*' ' r ??"? rse? still -
II <.? i ; i "ti ? ? . ? ? *
make the trsnsformatio
L. Antoine Wins Three Contest?
at Larchmont Y. C. Traps.
In driving rain squ-iPf* paii of ths MSN
the hardy UapshooTers of tt? i.?r?*ivi>*<*?t
Yaeht <iuh returned some ? ? teeres
day in their reg ' --nd com?
petition Out of a t<?tal ? ?
? ? eturm d full scor?
of th','i' l' required sevi ? t-offl to
ne the **? Inners
\ c.-e || .*.-,. ?! good '
for he proved ?he ?sinner of three ogt
tests and h* trss second In t? i
In th?? one hundred "bird I
match, which was th*? feature of the
turned s card showing ??
?'. <~>ffiitt Wine the runner-up. v I
R.ilph I Si'Ott? was big
day, with IM tar?"ts broken out <
? wop the ' '3
? mitest with a full ?*? ore.
Th?' scores fOllo**l
100 TAR'"?. '.'.?'
Name H T Name. j*.
n? :i :.s R, I. - *
/. I ? ?? .?? I? 1.7 I?
"A*. H .-?.'? 12 M
!?? I: Hi ok i 12 M
v. ....
Ml INTHL.Y 1*1 P _.*. T?
R I, Spottf. 1 28 t. C. -*
I An'..n. 7 ?.'? T. 1 M *
w. i; shorl 1 '-?'? i:
K i: Hookei ? 2?*?!J H H ?' -l
m ..n
R. L Bp 'f ' -'
?. i. Oituii I -?"? "*? B -' ?
K i: Hooker. 3 S3 R J. ? ?f
,i it Henri 2 21 " i. M ? ? ??
I !..In
lit. 1.1? ?TROPHY DICAF
7 .in 2 25.1
: 29 ? H ? -,
T .1 M.-?'.thill ?i 21 '
H I. ,-tott? ?.1
Won ? -
Mi UVTION ?'i ! JO ' '???*"*
?A. B -i'.e" '? 10 t: I. -. " j
I. tntolne .12 ?>?. t< R
'/.. .' nffiil? 4 ?s ' H H ?fit
i: i ' . ? **
Woe b) .
N |
U. I, SpOttl II fl Ix H II
Z ? ' .'. Ill I II
i: i ion? -
T l M.'".?i'.ill 107 I ?
\\ "II
.1 It Hen? 1<? I. '
I \i ? ?
i; i s k .:
i: t. Spoilt - \?
w .m I ? ii
Brooklyn Te?-? m Defeated in First
of Home-ond-Honif -V?nt? ;iH
Meeting fm I
tr ims nf th" Manhatl in '
wound up il ',?,',,
. ths
rooms of the !
ihe early houi s of y? -t r?l ? ? - T'-*
Manhattans w??n i?> ''?'?.? i.n.- i" <m*
one drawn gamo w.i? reglet' r-*-l. ,f '*'
r? inaln?l??r uttuinliu* u ?I". i??i\.- ? ? u
Inter? ?i i ? litre?! mound th? i ' !l :"v*,r^ j
where Magnus Smith an?! ?' .1 - *',*',__5 '
the two club ? hampions, wer?
each other. The gum > was extrei
l> both castling on m?' qu? ? i
board, s.hw let ? r, with n
knlghl on Ihe flftccnth niov??, ii l
combination which n?tti?i him ? ,,"',il*_j
| .,uu toi two mil;,,, i u l'l->'*"
unsound, und l*.?- lost :?ft?i l'1-1**1'
, mot ? i ,
Ths summary folio? i
M m!..HU?.i ?' ?' Ii"' .
1 <;. |i. Koehl? . . ?? Ih. c, Y Vina J
2 I. Roses I ..?*.'??? ?
:; a I' K'.; ml?'g I .1 N ? ,
i .1 Roaenthal
.-, m Smith I H ?
SI. '' I W "'. I?'*"1' ' ?
7 ?> 11"- 'in-. . 1 I' A I .
s \ s Heyei ?? W M ?' ?
?.. i. ,.. I H. M l".?i " ' ?
m H M PtUlUp- ?? Il '/?ni ????
i nii'ii'. Walt? i i ltd? 'i i"
Hi.- Brooklyn player* had th'* mh
in.? .,.1.1 iMiini?. i...i t..... ? i - i '
i, i ?.?i? KnlghU; 2. n" Pdai ? :l- '?' .
I. Kren Defei
? 7 'III'", i. I'l. s. m? ?'' '
?a Biti 1."!"' . 1" \ i-'nna _ _
Rome - EXCELSIOR - Napl*
Hortts. ,%
e?T?-?.i??vTon kohls '.-.o ??"r**u"*"',0l'-.?ss
evsMV sntHiett, mothl ?.uxu?*** ???
star LOOATiOK.

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