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York, .leree.v City and Hoboke*-.
V01 LXXI....N* 23,872.
Ttt-amSX, telr ?nil ?nrm?-r.
T??-ni?irr?iH. rain or aaow,
Premier Asquith Labors with
Each Side Separately, but Can?
not Bring Them Together
in Conference.
Every Industry in the Land Is
Throttled for Lack of Coal?
Some Miners Break from
Leaders and Return
to Work.
b -'?'?. Th..il situation
., he utterl> hopeless? Th
fui . onferem ? tietween the
? .il <>\\ ners and the men'
.. win, h wag In .< nl" everything,
it, after all, take plai ? Th? own
? t ih?* government and the miners
n,rt * - nment, bul the owne:
? he men did nol me? l eat h other,
, resumabl) be? aus?? they * ould not
At ihe close ol the da) ev? i j moment
of wh" ii almost w upled bj meel
bigs o? th< spute, the
much settlement ? as not
?? hed.
Thai the subjeel which ? u so long
unil'-r discussion was the now famous
hillings and two shillings demand
may be assumed, and it seems fairly cer?
tain that the owners -refused to consider
1? ? thai Hi" government will
pr sed with Its minimum wage bill In
immons to-day.
London. March -?"?. -The twenty-lift*
? the national coal strike ends with
nearly three million workers l?il?\ tens
of thousands dependent upon charity to
keep them from starvation, every inanu
? ring Industry In the land under?
going a throttling, and a gettli ment ap?
parently as remote as ever.
The sanguine expectations ai the be?
ginning of the day that the .???int con
r coal owners and miners.
dramatically summoned by the ?Premier
? would roa?*h an aRroo
that would end the struggle, were
replaced by the gloomiest forebodings
T- ti??n it wi ? i that no j? >int con
? ha<l been held. For two and a
1 ra the Prime Minister and his
with the committee
? coal owners, and for
four hours and a half with the m
live, but they failed go comp
m either which
- f'.r agreement i.e
them that it was found Inadvis*
to bring ? manta together
Aj In pn ai'?n.
the government rea ?rta to mystifying
y, the only :iif?.rm<iii?.n
In the official gtat( mem
elng: 1 i ea? idj
until to-morrow."
\\':th everybody concerned in the nego
1 t?i gllence, what ? hang?'S
to-morrow will bring cannot be pre?
di? ted.
The one fact that stands out promi
nsntiy is that the intervention of the
ocvemment thus far has proved entirely
fi tue.
? nearest the disputants got to each
during the day was when the reji
tatives of ? ntered Um doof
ol Premier Asqulth'a official residence
? others left.
Owners Still Obstinate.
men .-till appear disinclined to
ri from their original altitud?- of
iltion to the Introduction of _pe< Iflc
s, su? h as $r*??? and 50 cents for
and boj rely, Into any
ti rm- ol ?settlement.
What expectations are now ente?
na! i he ruinons si -?ii be
? rminated are based on the
ii.! the miners will In Increasing
reak away from Um leaders
ati'l resume work. Their funds arc rap
Idly dwindling, and the men aro likely
i', take this step if ?assured that *
< i ih? principle of the minimum
wag? |g conceded A majority of then
? nothing to go n by s prolongation
of ih? strike. ,
it i- \ Irtually ? er ta In thai if a settle
mi m Is nol n ??? hed by the end <>f this
?? ? ? k all the i Mains on every
i ran? h line In the United Kingdom will
ded. Th. g< i . ral managers of
the railroads held .? meeting In ?London
'"?'! fter taking stock of the
?i ihe ' "ir luslon ihut
(1 " workli i, par
Ucularl ihos? dependent upon the
? i unspeakable suf
????! that some mess
must i?' -1 ?? * ?ii!.-. takon to pul an
??tid i-? L-ondltloni v. in? h. if not ?remedie i
wlthta ? ?en torn days, musl result In
Whole nation.
Starvation in South Wale*?.
where ihe funds of
ire Completel) es
'?millions have ?reached a 1er
r,M" bBvh. Man? of the chapeta and
In ?Cardiff and its \i ?
? ha va organisai s?.up kltcheni
? "i tain some im agr<
nourishment Labor yarda have alai
opened by the authorities-, and
? I th? ">"ii are theressarnlng i?
1 amount dally. ?Besides this th?
"""l;;- ol ih.- municipalities are busily
!" retlertag i be women and
' hlldren.
111 "'. ;'" ' alone m ?South Wales
,'""' hundred non-unloi?si workmen
'|.|.|i.,| i? th? parish '?M?r suthoti
'?" relief, and throughout Wai.-n
thg army of unemployed continues i<> ta?
ring t-. ih.. reductions In the
"'"' ?branch of trade.
'UK's from .'<otland.
? numbers <>r u,.. n,iM, rs of Bast
?!" . m gunk gtralts thai their
hing for ????i in ih. o
workings afci ??? Dm i?. .,, >,.
in Ufssgo? alone forty ?thousand non
miiKi;. at.- id!..' irhili in and around
.?-??_iu-d ?,ii iifii? sage.
The Lost World
Bv St Anhur Coran Doyle
The grrat ferial of !ove and
adventure in a hitherto unJis
covered part of the g!obc ap?
pears in the next Sunday M i?*
azine of the
New York Tribune
| Fire and Threat Preceded Dis?
covery, but Police Maintain
Explosive Was Stolen.
?Says He Received Letter Three
Years Ago Demanding $200
Families F\co from Tene
t as News Spread!.
N'lnt teen j oundi ol ?i\ namltc, i nough
to blot? up the neighborhood, wai found
?last night in ilir- reliar of n five --tory.
I tenement house ai Nu "'? Wesi i?9th
? street, w here it had be? n for ni leas)
i nine daj -.
Although ? fir? , v Ith all ihe markt
of Incendiary origin. ???.l In an
empty apartment above the dynamite
last Saturday, and notwithstanding Ihn
! f?u t that Pasquale Buccarl, the
of the house, received m letter ihr?-.
wars ago demanding IStM) undei
ol death to him and his family, the po
lice stopped working on ihe case after
' th?> explosiv?- w.is removed b> the Bu?
reau of Combustibles. The police be?
lieve the dynamite was stolen from ?
contractor and placed where II wat
found by tin- thief.
Tells of Threatening Lett-"-.
There are others, however, who be?
lieve the dynamite was placed in th
?t-llar by enemies of Buccarl, who liv.-a
un th?- second floor of the adjoining t? i ?
ment h?.'?s.-. Na 30_, with his wi?v and
three children. On the ground il"or of
No. 30_ h<- condui is a s ll'-on.
The threatening letter Buccarl r.- !
I said: "If you don'l bring th.
9J2?0 !?? Central Park West and 7-lth ?
street Bunday night, and have the money
ready to hand over to a mai who will
un . you .?i <1 your
j family will be killed."
Buccarl ? enl to ? ?? api ointed place
carrying an envelope In hi.? hand Be?
! hind him trailed sevi i da and tw ?
, members of th?- Italian dete? live bu?
| reab.
"I waited ail night long." said Bue?
carl last night, "but I never saw <--\?-ii
a Klimiis. of s man who was going *'?
? rlaim the m nn-y. Il was well for him I
I didn't."
The dynamite wai ? en about
nine days ago by Andrew Flickner,
; fatlif-r o? Charles, It vas wrapped In
two packages, one onta nlng fourteen
[sticks of thi explosive and the other
n. ( >ne package was done up in
a newspaper of the date ?if March 1. and
th?- other ;n yellow wrapping paper.
Ja-iitress's Son Opens Pa_i< .ges.
FUckner thought it strange thai the
packages should be In I r, and'
wondered why the lock had been forced
trova th?- door to pul the packages there ?
j Thinking they were tin- proper13 "f Buc- ?
carl, however, he did no! disturb them.
younger FUckner was chopping
wood in the cellar las! night, when he
noticed the same two packages. When
I he finished his task in- asked hi"* mother
what was in them.
The worn.-is curiosity was aroused
and sin-- suggested thai thej Investi
The boy opened on? package, and,
seeing the dynamite sticks, exclaimed:
'II ? dynamite!"
In a twinkling news of th? discovery
[spread through the house, and twenty
families tied to the street. FUckner
?went to the Wesl 08th streel station and
told of his ?l
Detectives Backes, Kelly and Healy
were sen! to the house They called In
Inspectors Briggs and Rosenblum, of
?li Bureau of ? 'ombustib.es.
One glance ai the dynamite was
enouali to show that it was froten, in
which state it is said to Im most danger?
ous, exploding Tom a slight shcn k.
Now His Stepbrother and Step?
sister Arc Bil Stepchildren.
|I!v |> li Bl l|?l ' ii?" I
. i li?iii-< taiiy. N v .Man h 25. -Arthur
McMillan, i went} ?two ? n ?Id, and hh
stepmother, Jane M? Millan, thirty-elgh!
yeurs old, were married here this after
noon at the < 'II j Hall >?_ Police Justice
Alvah Falrlee on a license Issued to the
couple bj I!. A. Babcock, Town Clerk ?>
Duanesbtirgh, Arthur, bj hla marriage
gains t stepson and two stepdaughters,
who were formerly his stepbrothers and
?tepi ist? r* They are thirteen, len and
iwi, ?/ears old.
a question ? hi? h Is puxxllng th ?
i ladlei m I tuaneshurgh, said i
resident of that vicinity, Is whal rela
lion these ihrei children will bear to any
futur.- Mi Millans thai may arrive,
Also False One?, as Dr. Evan3
Now Realizes.
Ottawa, March -?"?? Dr. J. Owaller
i;?. .ms. of Toronto who i.-. under arrest
foi forgery, owes his downfall to his
weakness for medals und to the discern?
ing eyes "f the Duke of Connaught, who
"slxed th? in i'i>" for fakes when !>r.. or
?Captain*1 Bvans, as he called himself,
stood with ii"' army and navy veterans
when Ihe duke and duchess visited To?
ronto recently.
The duke remarked to ont of th? oiii
.i thi- - ?ill's that the man had i
remarkable numb? orad vertoAy ?f
medals for so oung a man Explana?
tions uii* ' '?" ' '" ""' ""' '" ' m Hi ?
corpa and a* " '1':' ' ?tauneidlateUr.
Mi I'oowvell devoted con Iderable attention In h |
.?ht i" Hi- fai i tii.ii the ballot had been mai
: u i Pi. ttsa-X'l.l mu i
ssani.'- lone
puzzle ih?- voters.
Chauffeur Shot Dead Near Pari!
and His Machine Stolen by
Four Bandits.
Cashier and Assistant Mortall]
Wounded While Man Stands
at Entrance with Car?
bine -No Arrests.
Paris, March '-'?"' Th? mo it re* ni et
ploll of the band of automobile roa?
j'irai?-.** who have put rural France In ?
?t?te of '? r r by their swiftness an.
n lentlessi ? re ited a tremendoui
Impri on the quick Imaglnatloi
ol Pai i in?. Ii Is safe I
crime for yean hn - had i u h ai
?..-i the I
The feal
dei ? ? ??ih win.1
th?" -.-.. r? ommltted An automobil
v.as stolen i*.! thi cd ai
8:15 a. n is It v
Hi.- hlstoi ibtriul
twent) five mi'?'.-? from l'a:
?o .th? i-'. Th? i s* hlne a
north*.* anl th VII
Qeorgei to Parti where they picked u|
us?. . i ? ? ??? nd thence to < 'han
twenty three mile. ?.. the ii'.rth
east ?if the ? apltal, when
arrived al 1" '?'?** s. m Th*-* Immedl
stormed the bank at Chantilly,
? ? i retui ned T" th?
?ubui b ol made *
em ai ?? by 11 '?'.*> o'? io< ?<. after ? h- \
of th.-m wa
It Ii calculated that between the theft
ni the a itomoblle and th? ii disappear?
an' <? thi band l I at li asi
miles, thi i ?.r a lit
tie more. The fact that the itol? n m ?
i hlne was on? IM hors? powei
an Idea "i" the remarks hie det? i
mlnation and .-kill of th?
Reported Arrest at Colorrbes.
The pol ii ?? i".*?! n-. i im?' In Retting i i
work, and there are now sir. automobile!
full of detectlvi <-nv ironi
... i 'aria, b .i thus far wit ho I
The detectlvi belli i ? i bat th? y hat ?? u
much better ? hunce of i-apl "iing i '
Ina now. Ii is u numb? i ol
persona have l?een able to obtain a good
look ai them and ? ould Identify them.
A i up i i ? ? m i 'ni i hat a mail named
i ?arm? i. one of the band, haa I.n ai -
: n the suburb of < 'olomls.-. but
there I no ? onfli mal Ion of this.
The i oil? ?? aa at pr< aenl equlpp? ?l are
apparently powerl? si against tin*- or
ganizatlon of the enemlea of society, and
a < ' i lam s< ' ii"'. "f the press la begin
nlng i" ?Till? i.-?- str??i glj I .?.in I- ; m.-.
the Prefect <?f Police, who Is charged
with allowing his administration to gel
out of date.
Wiili a view lo coping with Ihe situa?
tion .Iules Kteeg Mini iter of the Inte
i air. has Het Ided t?? Introdui e n bill im i
ih< < 'ha m Is r of I leputles t?. morn.w pro
tiding for th?- creation of an automobil?
poll? e for? ?-.
Victims Thrown Into Ditch.
The ven foui in numlx r A
private automobile passing along Ihn
road to Fontalm lileau -?.iili it*- owner an I
n i haufTeur, hound for Nli ??. wa
null?-?] t? atop. When Ihe chauffeur r?
fused Ihe highwaymen shol him deal
with i heir revolv-ei and wounded l h
other '" '"?i -?ni "i i he car,
After tin??? im-- tin body of ih" ' 11.-1 ? i r
feur and Ihelr ol her \ \, tlm Into ih
ditch bj ill?- roadside the bandits en?
tered Ihe automobile and drove toward
The) r< a? h? ?i < 'hantilly, Ihe racing
centre, al W'M o'clock. The lour men,
all armed w Ith revolvers, entered th ?
local branch ol a big Paris bank, where
Ihe) shot the cashier and another em*
i.ioy?i dead ami dangerously wounded i
third man ?-?nil two revolver shots
The four i uhlans i hen seised s port?
folio containing *>.?''??> in banknotes. A
lift ii bandit was in the mean time keep?
ing guard it the door ?i the bank with
a loaded carbine, while s h?mIi .sat ready
at the stouring gear .?r Ihe m??t??r car
waiting to "rtarl Imme llatelj thi rot
Ikiv had been accomplished
The mur i.'ii'i"; dashed out? jumped on
the automobile and started al full speed
in the direction of Paris.
An employe of the Lank who escaped
in ?m altmisl miraculous manner relate.
in- stoi \ a the bandits' attack as f??i
lows: ' Four ,,.? i i . nt? ied the bank
an?i lined up before the i ounter *? v-i11?
< "ill iniii-il ?n fonrt I? iii-r.
Th?' n wl ?I? h? ion- srnllfi n- i? tid at Ink
i ? i ? r. il? ii?s Invalida bai K tu health.
I ?id?.
! Thoso of Dead Infant Substituted
for Adult's.
Rail more. March -'< Extracting cart
? m ill man and replacing
? with ' hn ' lak? n from a still-born In?
fan! a .? : : I.I..-I ,?? Ion t? ci ntl: P' r
farmed ' John i Ho| kins Hospital by
I ?i- Harve*? Ciixhlng.
it |a .-,i'd to he 'If Aral operation of
; it^ kind . ? ??? ; i rform? ?I. and it is
I thought It will Ik : m - nssful, for thu
man is still ii\ Ing
The pa tien I I Ruckner, a real
ileud i ??f ''m? innatl, forty-eighl
old. Coming to tif hospital ?>n
November '-'.'? he wos treated for -??? -
' .i,,i n...ut' !.?'-. ti?. .a?, ration s 'is
i-', mi !? ?I.
He had Buffered for soma tima from
a j?. if ihe hraln, which
? d him to i.ntlnuall) droa
The Florida Breaks All Records
in Standardization Trini.
Rockland, M- . Mat. h _.'? The fi I I
Inought in th- American navy, and
probably in the world, is th.- title i-lali
for tin- governmenl bull? battleship
da. ? in- h made '_".'._ I knoi
d irdlzatlon trial ??? ei the llo<-kland
-? t?i day. The British Dreadnought
. lard, with a record ol __."?" knots,
1 ?i i. ? ti ? oni len ?i pre** louai the
t :?.?: tli -iii|i of th?- world, atid the
Florida's .ist-r ship, the ?Utah, bull! ,?t
?Tard, ma.I.- . i. . r?i ??f _l t'i.",7
knota in her fast.-, t trial run.
The a\?ri_.- ??f five lop-speed run?
21 !?74 The I 'tali, ?k; her hu
a? ???;?? ? ils, made an
'.') '_*?*> on her fl ? rd -
Iiik t?. some ??f the ortli iifla here
< 'api ?it. Harr-, s. Kna |
mand of t!.- r
The four houn endurai ' th.
i in morn
! They're Not Pink., but Cream
Colored, Savs T. R. Manager.
Roston, Mar? h '_'.*.. Colonel Roosevelt
'.:- Boston last night, hut hie pajamas
! didn't get started fur Oyster Bay until
i ? ?!.!? The} ha\?? been a lap behind
ti..lonel evet since In- am! they land
ed in Boston together on Saturda} morn
Tin- colonel went to Portland and i? fl
them behind The} ?ere sent i?s express
! to Portland, _ul falling !?? catch up with
, their strenuous owner, tfifcy were shipped
back to-day. The pajamas were tender
. ly taken to the Rooaevel! headqui
.?m .t.-iti . ' i' ? t and prepared f??i ship?
ment. ' 'olonel I?) ry" l "esmond, in
i charge ol the headquarters, then Iss.I
tilts statement
'Tin- report that Colonel Roosevelt
pink pajamas Is untrue and
malicious and well all tin- usual Room
..-Hi.in terms Tin- pajamas, when I saw
tin in. were <.i i-ream color, with a dell?
| ? .id pink _ 11 i i >? - running through them."
Mayor Answers Request for
! Police Escort with a Question.
Mayor Uaynor was Just leaving ids
office ? lerda sfter.oon when in- wai
Informed bj Roliert Adamson, his secra
tary, 'hat ?;. Henri Payne, chief of the
RooeeveH press bureau, was mi tin- tele
, phone in ask a police escort for Theodor?
RooeeveH while on his speaking tour in
the evening. The Mnyot remarked
it has never been the ? uatom to assign
police ,.-??lits i?? apellhlndera -i - the} g>>
sboul making their ai?eechea l ?in no) ???'
tli.it Mi It???? ? v It Is a i?. llliin.l. r. ?lit will
mu? p|i .?-? ..g Mi Paj ne a he thi i Mr
Roosevelt wants tu bring In the Innovation
rta t?? spellbinder* :
Th?- Mayor went away without getting
a i?i?i\ fiuiii Mr. Payne, bul Mr. Adata
son conveyed Ihe message to the Roose
| mH m.m. w ii ?i tin- remark that th
Mayor did not think it would in- neces
saiy to furnish the police escort re
1 quested.
Manager and Four Players
Slightly Hurt in Collision.
\ Icksburg. Mies., March 2_ Manager
Hi.uii Jennings ami four members of
the Detroit American League baseball
?t? am were among s score or more pae
sengers siiuiniv hurt, when two sec?
tions "f an eaatbound VJckaburg,
Bhreveporl ?v Pacific passenger train
? dlllded here to-night
Besides Jennings, Eddie Bummers,
Charley O'Leary, Jack Onslow ami Jim
Me.nej were _ui ami bruised aboui
tin- h.-ad and body. Num. was seriousl}
hurt. Tha DetroM lestn was . n route to
Jaiksmi. Mi.-', ami New Orleans ?'> i?i ?
i exhibition gumae.
m .,,-!?? i ?-?i utilltl Anio$tur_ Bitter?
n, ?mi ii-j and laac) drinks. Advu
General Gon?alez Salas Bio
His Brains Out While Re?
treating After Defeat.
Orozco, with His Viotoric
Army. Pursues Enemy Towar
Torre?n?Honors of War
for His Prisoners.
Mexlm <'it\. March _?". Apparer
trustworthy messages r.Ived by
Imparclal" report .? federal rout nt .l\
in./. General tr?nzales Salas, th?- f
eral i ommander ?- reported t-> hi
committed suicide.
Gonzales Salas, who resigned as M
Ister of War to t.?k<* active charge
th.- ' n in pR I an ngslnsi Orozco, killed hi
sell at I . rjemilt?! h shooting hlmi
through tK hesd a hile with a i .rr
hlf ai " - retn it mi* i?> Tom
? ift'-r th.- " . r-? ..? ? 'orr i!:!"?, twei
th ?*.f Jlmfnes.
<>to . rlana Huerta, form
in commend <*f Pnleeal for.es in xio
ms. has i . .]|,
Th?* latter ' ft h- :.? to Ighl >- Ith t
!?? of i leneral .
i hagrln "\ er the failure
his fli ment. While Minia!
w ?r.i been suhjecti d to \ i' i'
nttacki tilt pre ?, and Ins i
tlrement fr"! the Cabinet t?? take ?"
? - - ? :. iign i - . ? effort
'. !: il.III?.it.- him*.'If in public favor
General Blanquet ivas shot in th?- l
and Major Nicholas .Martinez, chief
stair, was killed <;? neral Telles .<?
ofHi ' is wi re kill
and flftj officers captured and taken
? 'hlhua ;'? r with many privat?
? n. - rload.s of rebel .**.
l mot Ing tow ard To
r.'.ti. ah federal troops are said t" ha'
? ? id; retreat? d t<. thai point,
Th?' federal fight toward Torre?n b
gan ??n Runda) afternoon, according
I to-night's telegram to "El Impartial
ami General l'as? nal Orozco "A It h !
Ii toi loui irm Is said t" be
the heels of th.- retreating federals.
There icen to !'<? little doubt <>f tl
correctnes of the main ?points of "l
Imparcial's" teh giam. which l a b? ?
enrroborated by messages received ?
National Aalluay ofllclals to-day? Tl
information of "El imparcial" was Ii
terrupted I?) the government censorshl
hut us main substance reached the ol
ii. ,? of t h.. paper
Th?' repoii i?? "Kl Imparcial" la sul
stantlall] as follows:
T i ret* l \ i. tor) came .?ft?-' fou
days i?f almost contlnuqus flKhtms.. i
which the early advantage seemed t
i..? -*, ith th" government army.
"The federal pre sed forward throug
the "in: ? -t ?? "f th?- < hmuco for? i sn
t, nmpelled th. m to abandon the town o
Escal?n, where th-* first sel loti
'unce wni offered On Baturda) the roi?
,i fell i..,?!? toward Corralltos, uhi?!
?mis sell. ?.ii t the hohl of battle.
"Under General Campa, ? ??ht hundrei
revolutions tu were sent by a elrcuitoui
route soin- milea south from Corralltos
" ith Instructions to fail in behind thi
troop tralni ol the f?-*deral arm?., whlcl
were bringing up reinforcements. In ill?
mean while, i locomotive loaded will
dynamite was prepared In the rebe
ramp, a volunteer engineer piloted thi
locomotl.-fl out <?i t? ?n. ami when ?
i,,i. ti ir? op train approached the ?-n
fine was started with an open throttle,
.m?. r Jumping to safet).
"In the explosion, caused by th.I
II mu of tin locomotives, eighty federal
soldiers were killed. The move threw
th?' federal arm) Into s panic. By ibis
time .'imp. 's deploying party had ?losed
n, i?.hind ihe main federal forces, and
the real attack of the revolutionaries
bi gan.
"Undercoverol the nl-ihi the federals
retreat-**d, and al daybreak the revolu?
tionists found tin-ii enemy had ?fi--?*..i??
Prisoners at Chihuahua.
"it\ special Instructions ..f General
Orozco ih?* prisoners sont north were re?
tel ved with all honor? ?.r war nt rhl
huahiia. their wounds being riven atten?
tion ami the BOldleiS ted and tioatfd
w ith respi ? t. The number of pi Ival
captured is- nol given, Nicholas Mar?
tinet, chief "I **????"? "' th'tu-ral ??"alas, \g
i, ported i" be among those killed
"Peder?is are said i-. be pouting Into
?I'otri'oii exhausted and panlcatrti ken by
their complete defeat Kor ?lays they
had i.h advancing under th?- discom?
forts "f heal ami ?Borl ration--, ami are
said t?. have I .???" la poor condition tor
the battle."
purifies thi i'i???"i A ?i??'i.-?.?n*. .i.-?v. i .
h T ?mA\ l'A ? SON8 Co.,USlMiltiiiHi ,.\ \
- Advb
Coney Island Man Badly Bitten
Before Struggle in Chicken
Coop Ends.
Finds Victim Staggering from
Weakness and Loss of Blood,
and Cauterizes Wounds?
Goes to Institute.
After n hand to hand .tniKKlo with a
tl<-g that had bitten him in thf* face,
arms and body, Edmund Lith, stxty
s. vi-n years old, < h<ik*--?! the animal to
death yesterday sfternoon. Mr. Lith is
being cared f??r at the Pasteur Institute,
aid u -, thought thai there is no danger
Mr. Lith is ? iw ??f th.
Rev. .1. W. Kltsmeyer, pastor of St I
Lutheran Church, Coney island, and
lives at X?. _7l.. Henry itreet About
?liisk las; .. started oat of his
t house and was ? n?.-.-ing his la k yard
? when he heard ?? ? th<
chicken coop, h? oked In and sa
ill?, yellow, mongri I dot tu ?-ft
hold of one of tl fowls.
Without a th? fear, Mr. Lith
opened the door snd walked .nt?> thr>
coop. He aim? ?1 a kl< k - but
before 1! rea? hed its mark the a
! (lew at him and bit him in th? i oes and
! lefl ?
Mr Lith staggered a il In
he advan ?
the dog ai ?l tried to run lh? creature out
o? tho coop. '. lighter, t to,
: .n at, Instant tl
1 in an uproar. The fowls _??_ ail I
made a greal noi e above the h< ids of
the two. The dog yelped and growled
in hi- attacked th<
and gu Mr. Lith dod re : thin va y
and that; kicking at th. d,.^ and trying
; . as quicker,
and - ? Into the nan1 I? ; i
j :,n?l arms.
Finally, although bitten many (invs.
! Mr. Lith managed to ? at? '. h '?l of tho
dog's collar and drew the ? reature slow?
ly toward him with one hand, whil ?
with the other he grabbed the dog's
Jaws. The man then rank his fingers
Into ih?> animal's neck and exerted all
trength. He i"?:t tin> dog relax.
, Satisfied al lasl that the dog breathed
no more, Mr. Lith walked shakily from
the . link? n coop, covered with blood
and almost fainting.
He ?staggered to the fence and hung
upon i' ai he railed for help There vas
no one in his house, but Pr. Sigmund
Beck, his nexl door neighbor, heard him
and came running t?i his help. He aided
Mr. Lith In ri .titiK Into th. house and
cauterised the Injured man's wounds.
Then the i hyslcian called an ambulance
and took his patient i" the Pasteur In
stltute: The Hoard .if Health took
charge ?if the do?g*s body.
Wanted To Be Rid of We and Get
Insurance, He Says.
IH rwagrapti t?> l*lw .rlbaa? I
Atlanta March ??5 'She had growu
tired of m?1 i liad noticed thai for sev
eral weeks before she shoi mi-. I wasn't
Interesting to her any longer. Bo al on
ami ths same tuno she thought gha could
gel ri?! of me and obtain the |?7,000 In?
surance money sh<- needed."
This was the reason given to-day by
Eugene H. Qrace, who is slowly dying
at the home of his mother, in Newnan,
Qtt, why h.- believes that his wife, Daisy
Opts Qrace, who is now oui under ball,
tri??i t?? murder him while he slept
"There was no quarrel between us.
We had no disagreement of anj sort,
and nothing occurred to proyoke her
anger or t?> furnlah h?w any provocation
for shooting me," he continued. "ii>
fore \m were married a* friend of hen
said to m?-: 'Gene, don't lei Daisy's ?it
'fectlon make you vain; within six
months sh?- will turn you down. That . .
the way sin- <iu.-s witti every one.' That
Kiri was right ^in- knew Daisy, with
in -i. months she had turned me down,
"\v<- art m to Hoi Springs, bul that was
chiefly becauae of h?-r condition, I had
heard thai whan one has tak?-n baths
there he is often curad of ih?- wbiakej
habit. She was drinking t? ?? much, and
i wanted t? aid her In every way to
break ofl this tip] ling. She looked
younger and in every way healthier
after these bathe. Our marriage was In
sfter these hath- "
? ??
Trj Brown's Bronchial Troches hdvt.
Tour Gets Rude Joli When Ma
Malone. Suffragette, Takes
Floor al New Star
Candidate Makos Veiled ?ttftC
on Taft, and Uses Koenig as
Target in Whirlwind At
tempt to "Stampede"
Bast Sirio.
Theodore Roosevelt made his final ,
tempt t?i staraped^the K.ist Bids
Manhattan and The Bronx <>n the . ve
primar} day, when ho spoke al six mat
iiiKs ??n a whirlwind antomoMIe ta
frotn A n||o Hall, in Clinton fitted,
Nlblo's Garden, In The Hronx. last iu_
At hi-? largest meeting, howevi r, I
colonel's proverbial luck desened hi
That was th? fourth meeting, at the M
star Casino, and though s croard
about thr?-?> thouaand awaited him t
former President was forced to ape
fourteen minutas of hin time there one
Ing a riot started hy Miss Man,I M.?|?,t
the suffragette.
At th. first two meetings. Apollo Hi
ami Lenox Assembly ROoms, both In t
heart of the lower East Sitio, the oolot
contented himself with broad accueatlo
of traud Sgalnst the Republican COUfl
organisstlon, basing his attacks on t
affidavit of Nathan Qroeabaum, who
the head of th? Roosevelt ticket la ?*
4th Aaeembly District.
Hfs third meeting at Mlnnerchor Ha
in the Yorkvil!?. section, was his bei
Though It was a small audience, ai
about one-half composed ?if women,
was nn attentive on*1, and one that ai
plauded his points in a genteel fashto
The colonel displayed his best brand
campaign Judgment when he faced th
audience, ami ?hanged his first spepc
! ised ?i. district politics, to a broad?
address, with a liberal sprinkling of tl
phraseology that is hi. own pecull,
Veiled Attacks on Taft.
In this address, too, ha beg<n for tl
first time during the night to repm
parts "f his < larnegle Hall speech, arhtc
contained thinly veiled attacks up?
n Taft
[n1 both the lower Baal Bids meatlni
: the rolonel received an enthusl
ceptlon ui ??n his entrance, but |i
Apoll? Hall nor the Lenos ?A
rooms ?'.i'i the audience till the hal
About four hundred . h?-,ir?i hit
at th? first mctln ., and the meetln
practically ended with the colonel's de
parturo. Boms seven to < kht hundre
persons awaited him In the next hal
ami aboul th?- hundred ? ti? pn i
Maennerchor HalL
? New Bl ir Casino Colonel Roose
wit received a tremendous welcow
when he came on th?> stage. H?' be?a
with s complimenter} reference te Osea
s. sir.m?, who was presiding, went o
to as? rt 'hat he still stood for th
"squar? nounced the primar
law under which to-day's election is t
be held, and then repeated his fling a
Presid? : i Taft'i t?>legram of Bundaj t
i????: iv Chairman K
?i sa? s letter to-day to Mr. KoesJi
from the President,n said the colonel
"i xpresalng hi? pleasure that all the Re
publi? an voters would be t?
\ ?it?-- "
Mr Roosevelt threw his voice Into i
falsetto "ii the word "allowed." a tri?.
which brought a laugh at each me-'tlni
of the i ijiht.
"It's your right to vote." lie begar
when the laugh subsided, and then
i he was Interrupted by ? womai 's voice
thrown in preciselj the same key he had
just used to exi?fi-s. his ? ? ?tempt f??t
Preetdent Taft's telegram.
"HOW about the women and th?'i
ri_ht t?i vote, Mister Roosevelt?"
Ii.iwn In the very centre of the hall
a woman was Standing She said li tei?
lhat she was Maud Malone. 'Ties of all
kinds, hisses, catcalls and yells ?if ' rut
lut ?iiit:"* came In an Instan* from all
over the hall, but the ?colonel managed
t?> ipuet things down after a minute or
t\\?>. and Bgaln using the falsetto, he
answered her:
"Madam, I have asked that j*ou women
bo allowed to vote to determine whether
or not you shall Vote," and sino?! quiet a
moment, apparently waiting fur her to
ill down.
Silently Stands Her Ground.
Mr. Straus shook his finger at her
warnlngly an?' shouted su town!" but
Maud stood stock still. Al thai
, m , and yells broke out again, contin?
; ued for five minutes and the moment
i they ?ii-?I down Mit' Malone s|_>ke np
again, In s shrill but ti ? dear ton?
that carried throughout Um hall:
"Mister Roosevelt, have women a right
to Vi it ??'.''
Colonel RooaeveM ataved his arms and
scowled down at tin source of __?
trouble. He shouted vainly for >? lima,
und then in ? 'nil I??' could b* heard ne*
i tainting:
"l.t in?- handle thtal Bit down! Sit
i down! sit I?' '?N'" '
"This is ii" squar ? deal, Mr. RoosevelO
1 came Maud's voie-, without s tremor.
i thi- Instan! she realised ?he could kg
Finally, after fourteen minut?e of what
! was said to be as noisy a riot as th?.
[New Btar Casino has ?-wr seen, s gray
'clothed special ?policeman, one "Sam"
1 Aronson, came \<> the colonel's rescue.
II. m.il.l.iil Maud roughly by the shoul
?I.is, tried Aral to force her Into her
seat, and then seeing that was ussiest
began to drag h?-r toward the <l<i?>r
"Th. less thu! any of you say"? Mr
RooeeveH shouted, but a storm of hisses
broke OUl from all over the hall. N )
?,in> could tell, as a matter of f.-. I
whethei they were directed a? Maud
Mai.me or at those who were dragging
her "?n of the hall, but the hisses .'pp.ir
ei'tiv nettled O tonel RssrgeveK
Hi.s teeth hated and his list shook a.?
lie shouted: "I" ?pllet. all ?if yoU? II"'
ably tlial's a put up fob on the pert ol

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