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f^r^vvT T?I*oqq7q i^y.^ Tw.m?a*cww,c?eo>4r. vfW-YORK \VKI>NKSI> V Y, MA1UH 27, 1912.-FOURTEEN PAGES. ??? PRICE ONE UgNT^^tflgattlmfWl
> ol-' JLAAl? . . .J?* _.?>,?**< I ??? rain. Moderate ?.ont h wtadk ^-Ci" ' ,/nl*' 11 l.l'.ile'i'.? < ?_ _????*
All Negotiations Being Broken
Off, Minimum Wage Bill Is
Pushed Through as
Last Resort.
Miners' Representatives in Par?
liament Vote Against Govern?
ment's Measure to Break
Near Starvation.
r R? cah'.e 10 'Pie Trll
London, March 27 The long and
?i i-a-t-'-iii?? i ecot iations in which Pr?>
:i*ir' Vaqulth has been engage- with
itr- cowl owner? <>n th? one hand and the
miners on the other came to an end yes
t, i r- . ?. n, Ih? nal ?"ii now stands faca
?? with thai rrlsls which Sir i-".?i
???.ard ?;r.'\- at the ?beginning of th? strike
declared would ?be the greateat ratas?
trophe In England'* national hlatory.
The government*** minimum wane lull
? .I it-- third r?*adlrg In the H'?use ??i
('canmon? early thla morning by ;i vote
r?f m t.. i--. There -vu b si on.* of irreal
excitement, and Pr?-?mlei ts<-ulth waa
loudly ?*h?er?=d by all the members. The
Houa? of Lord? reassembled at 2 50
k this morning to r?r*celve the bill,
which, on th?- motion of Lord Herschell,
. ,s?f, it? firsi n id ns The proceed
Ines were purel*. formal and the house
Immediate!:.' Adjourned. The bill will
doubtless be pi --???<! li to lav i -flay.
The delay In preaalng th?* hill ara?
cans**?! by rablnel dlaaenaiona, Lloyd
i'enrge and 3ydney Buxton favred th.;
Xtio shillings ind five shilling? conces?
sion, bul both the Lord Chancellor ami
Lord Morley threatened t?? resign if any
r.iirr.?* were pul into th?- bill.
While Mr. Ast*|ulth was supported bv
a laree majotit) of hla .-oPeaRue.?.. It j
was neceaaar) to make a final effort for
peace between the owners an?l 'he Min?
ers' Federation. When tho iio?zotiajions
failed ih<- bill withoul any rigid mini ?
mum rato was th?* last reaource, and '1
waa taken up not only withoul enthusl
asm bul with th?- spprehenslon that i
considerable **r..:?i* of ?Radical? in sym
pathv with Mr. Lloyd ?George micht Join
th?-- Labor members.
The Prime Minister'? anxlet*. and
waatinea? ware evident when he f\
plained th? ' on t the House of
Commons?, Th?-. division In tho Cabinet
Itself ha?' haBcome an Intolerable source
of weakness, and th?* feeble bill which
r.pitii??r the master? nor the men ?rant?
ed '.?.as thrust upon Parliament S'hen
there >*,?* ski expectation In an) tiuar
ter tint <x would facilitate s aettlement.
Whal is really operating to ??rinn
abo u a raatoration of r-mfldenca I* the
exhaustion of the minors' organisation.
Th?- strike funds havi run dry, savings
Lank deposit? have been drawn upon,
n| opkeepera ar?. rutting '?"f their credits
and pawnbroker? form the onlj ?lass
in th< mining district? which is ?loing j
l profltable busineef
Non?unlonlstfl ar>- likely to load the
waj back i" th? minea a? aoon a? there
l? ? prospaci of adequate protection,
and th?-- striko leader? will b?> loft to
justify the vasi expenditure et union
: - and the ?hrinkage in the savings
of the working people.
Unless tho FederatIon of Tmnsport
Workers ran be drawn mt<? the i-onfll? t
prematurely it la probable that the
minimum wage bill, after being accept?
ed sullenly and reluctantly bj the
trade unionist1-, will be the basis of a
resumption ??f business In all the mines.
In another ten days London's rasen s
of ? "al Will be exhausted.
London, March it.?The rrime Minis
tor, in the House <?f Commons to-day,
ammunoe I that the government had
faiio'l to terminate the roa! strik.. "We
have done our best with thoroughness
and Impartiality," said Mr. Asqutth, "and
ll is with profound disappointment that
I have to confess to the house that all
our labars hairs been unavailing."
In a fin-il appoal to the disputants, the
Prime Minister said: "if at this 69th
minute of the eleventh hour, the parties
rann?it come to a reasonable arrange?
ment on S matter of relatively ?mail
proportions they will have a very serious
ac-'-ount to render to tho country. The
government has done all it ran."
Scotch Miners Boost Demands.
The government s persistent offoi is to
secure an outside settlement collapsed
In most dramatic fashion. Premier As
quith had greatest difficulty in get
tin** the owners and th?- men to meet,
and It was only finally on the earnest
persuasion of Sir Edward O rey, the For?
eign Secretary, that the owners ?<>n
?ented to confer with th?? men's repre?
The meeting lasted but a tew minutes.
The representative of the Scotch miners
Put forward a demand for a minimum of
<*? ?hillings 9 pence for men and .'! shil?
lings for boys, whereupon the owners,
protesting .tha? they wete always boiiiK
faced by fresh demands, angrily broke
Op the <onferen?e and quitted the room,
leaving Premier Asqulth, Foreign He- ro?
tary Grey and ('haii'-ellor Lloyd OsorgS
thunderstruck and CNgtfallea at the un?
expected turn of events.
Thst Premier Asf-uith's handling "f
ihe cris'? I? far fr??ni meeting the unani?
mous approval of his own party, was
evidenced by the division lists <?n the
?-inendmeiit moved by William Brace,
I-abor M P. for ?South Qlamcrgail, that
'i.e minimum daily rates of live shillings
l'T inei, ,ind two shillings f,? |?,\ , |?.
in<orr?.rated In the Mil, v.hi?-h wan de?
feated ??a to y.x. The minority which
voted against the government comprised
forty -five Liberals, as well an the mem?
bers of the Labor party, Tho N.ition.il
l?ls abstained from voting, anil th.
I'ntonistH voted with the govrnment
A I rge section of Ih? f IhSfgll and It
Is even rumore.I muh?. ?BjSMbari <?l ibo
government feel thai Mr. Asqutth IMS
niad? mi-dak.- in refusing : permit
the insertt'.ii of an? minimum figure* in
tbt bill, as it w.m almost certain that
(?ntiaur?! on dit. y?.?.
By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Helen Ward Banks. Mary
Siewart Cutting. Dynamite
Johnny O'Brien and Edward
Riddle Padgett, and an article
about stagestruck girls by Mar?
guerite Clark in the next Sun?
day Magazine of the
New-York Tribune
Five-Alarm Fire on Broadway
Still Raging at 3:30 A. M.
Fire which started In th? lofl build?
ing al No. ivj.", Broadway earlj this
morning spread to the buildings al No.
825 .in?! No ??-'T. ;inil whs not under <-<?n
tr<>! al 3*30 o'clock tins morning.
The damage waa eMimaied at upward
of .. "jr.'?.m u i before ihe flamei had leaped
across i" either No Hal ?or No. B27, und
when these other buildings were laugh!
bj them it a'aii figured thai the lou
would probabl) exceed twice thai
Two alarma had been turned In be?
fore chief K. iilmi re ich? I the scene, tnd
when be ?aw thai the lofl building ara?
tiiii ?i with Inflammable material, many
??i iis occupants being millinery Bnd hai
concerns, he Immediate!) tent In ta i
more alarm?, and .-? fifth alarm followed
when *!?>?-? flame? leaped oui of an upper
story window ??i No, H?_*l and Jumped Into
the adjoining building
Fir. Commissioner Johnson was i
???! out of ii-^ri then, and soon was on the
scene of whal he said was ap?parently
ihe most stubborn fir?, ?.f his expert? m e
as Commissioner.
The Are started In the factors on th?**
thin! fli.nr of the Artistic Milliner: i
pany, and some of the other Arms In this
building which were burned oui wer ?
the Rosen _.- Hermann Company, shin \
manufacturers; Belter? & Co, and 'h ??
Miller-Allaire Company, hai manufact?
Only Eleven Men Escape from
West Virginia Shaft.
Welch, W. Va.. March '-'?'. Eighty two
men were killed to-day by a cas exp?o j
slon in the Jed Coal and Coke Company
min. ?t Jad, w Va., a half dosen miles
from her?. Only eleven men escaped I
alive, and one of thuse died within an i
hour after being bi >ughl lo the sur
To-night thirty-three bodies have been I
located, and the rescuers hoped to have
them 01" shortly. Expia ing parties ex- '
?i?i tu have ?I! the bodies ?mt by n.n. ?
When the explosion took place prob? i
_iiiy oniy the ele*, en men working al th
fool of the shaft had a ? hance for their I
They readily made their way uj? |
the cages which were not damaged.
Btate mine Inspe tors promptly organ?
iz.il rescue partie? and began the ex?
ploration of l?vela As the gases were
??Icare?! out ami they began searches ??r
i!i<- lower le\?-ls the) Immediately be?
gan tu ?omo upon miners, killed almost
Instantly. Other mines neai by s? ni ex?
perienced foremen to lead hundreds of
volunteer rescuers, who flocked t?? the
scene as the in-^s spread aboul the
? ?Mintr> si?!?
The mine was Inspected last Friday
and pronounced safe, Preliminary In?
vestlgatlons to-day have not divulged
the cause of the explosion, but some
local mine tuen are Inclined to retard it
physical phenomenon. Barometers
In thi. vicinity have been show in? un
Lsually low reading? for the las! week
without the ?iHu.ii atmospheric changes.
Separated from Wives, 1,600
Philadelphians Disqualified.
' B) tetaffi api to Th? Trfly_
Philadelphia, March it. Through ??
ruling to-day !>y the County Commis?
.loner.1' if Registration, approximately
1,600 men, all legalised voters, will he
deprived of their \??t'-s because they are
separated from their wives. Th.. com?
missioners In one case to-day ruled that
a man's residence is the place of dom?
icile of his wife, if h" is married, and
that he must register from her abode
if tills ruling Is upheld by the courts
it will have the effect of forcing men t??
go back to their lives from whom they
nu- separated or lose their votes, it has
been estimated that then- are about
1,100 mismaied couples in Philadelphia,
and among the men an- numerous prom?
inent politicians
The cage which brought about the rul?
ing was thai of William _\ Borke, a
local attorney Mr. Rorke is not _?'?i
Srated from his Wife, Who resides with
their daughter in Oermantown, tint lie
wished to vote from a house mi North
7th street. The commissioners Imme?
diately ruler! that he must vote fr??m
Oermantown, or not at all.
Banker Said To Be in Compara-1
tively Good Health.
Florence, Italy, March 28.?Charles \v.
Morse, who was released from the fed?
eral prison at Atlanta rocentl) on < om
miiiation of sentence, and concerning
whose physical condition alarming ri
ports have been published, Is said to be
In comparatively good health.
Mr. and Mrs. Morse srs staying at the
Orand Hotel here. ?
German Plunges to Earth from
Altitude of 300 Feet.
J m. seldorf, March 26. The German
avialor Kleine, while making n flight
t?.-<!a. . fell from a heigh! ?if ihre? hun?
dred foot end *> .,s hilled. The aviator*?
wife and ? 11 ill witness?-?! the a.-cident,
the cause of wlilih Is no! known,
Tiie death of Kiein? constitutes the twenty?
fifth aviation fatality since Januar] I last,
and the UMh sine- the death of Lieutenant
.elfrldi". ii. 1. 'S The lau pr'-vlou; \| um
wert ?'.b-Lieuteneni Aibokiin.fr ,t th
?Rus ?Ian n ?-111 v and hi-- aislrtant, ?lio wer?
killed at Fevaaiop'il on Bat urda ) list
, T
Pr|_n. Water Promote* Health. Avoid
?iita?)<?n !?- drlnKi'iR purest water in a odd
Oit??-? US'. Br-iailwuy Tel. Mn?l S<4 47I-.
? Ad\t.
Some of Jurors Standing Ana
Taking Any Action Have
Changed Since Monday.
I Husband Will Be Heard To-d
but Fight to Got His Lawyei
Howard S. Ga-*-?-*, Called
la Les*.
Mr- Mortimer l. Schiff wenl he
the grand |ury InvestigHting ihe Bra
?ase vest.ni, ? .in?! .Mmt unir I, .*-??
will Le heard i?. da*, .\ hard ilghl
mad?, m tin -u :. i r?. l Jurj room lo li
lli'w :ud s. ? ?ans i all??! aim?, bul Im
a suffi, i? m \..t. ?.as mtistertpd I? ? r
S liit? m 1-. I,. . :-i|. the llne-U|i could
; I??- held together for i
'Ih. iiu.-.i ...m -i hearing ?'?? h r
? ? u)i [mnn (lintel; nfl
h:i?l testlfli d, Rom? memliers ol
; grand. Jui-j ask? d t he ' H tri? i ' M ?
If Judge ? "rain's opinion on i in
imunlty question prohibited I hem m
?railing Y MB The) w i re lold lhal
opinion held thai If Schiff and '
pd to teat.I ? '? ?
under oi : li i he? ? onld i? i-eh .? Immur
from prose? ul Ion for ?-onspli
thai il.u ' ' ?n ' srhelh? i
or ?both "f Hi m hhould be . tilled v
left to the di - lalon of thi i-r.-n ?
Wit h this explanation th ? i
pan. and lasted for Ihn ?
hour Thi attemi i n as find mn ?
ha* e both Schll
of thi
two V
?li?-tin.-iits had ehai
however md i? I?? rl in pul 11
in h i " Itlon v? !.. i ?? n.' a? lion
taken on tl final vote t?
el? ven to ten li fav??r ol
while the propu I ll In rail ' '
turn? .1 do** i .
T.-. o Juror? Dir! Not Vote.
? n. mem be i id the grand |ur> whs ?
seni j ? - . i.;.. and ol ? i i the ri"?m I
fofe the role wa
v ot< .1 ?ii i;i \ or ul !i.-.u-i.i. Si Inn i? ?
Hem ? i - '> '??- ? ?
Moritz Koi ni ai il, i J. V II Icnl* ri Ki
Prank Moritz I.. Krnst, Benjan
! ? 'ohen, M mpri cht, Hai
n? 1 l'"r> und .1 m. - '
After ! he ? otc ? m taken I Hslri? t \
torn? W hitman ?van k? d i" i ? i ???
?.?i. - he ri i no ' Ided thai
would vv .i-,-. .? imiiiunlt: , Thro
I?. l'm-? al li hla -n "'i n? y. Mr.
thai h? -' " ? lock i :
afternoon ?md ti * ?iviii. n
munil ? Judge Craln'i ?pinion a
thai ii' he leal Ifl? d befori the yt.i | il
under oath Bchlfl would n el*. *? In
munit) automatical!) undei itectkin :?'
of ih?- Penal I. <??? wheth
li.- waived immunil
'l hi situation n"'?v
? hanged i? in," r "f i.'-.- _iand ?
Indi? im? nta n .? i-- found, hui
of the li |.|"? lalon lu Si tlon ?"?,
?>f the Penal lau they will b"i<i again
onl) one of i hose Indi? ted A i
Indi? tmenl requlr? a tipil .it leasl I s
person? shall i>? charged with Hits trim
The grand Jur* haa ?.-.i Itself In a pos
(Km hi i??? .' ma brins Indi? tmenl
knowing that they will hold againsl "i
of th??.-*?' Indicted and ihe other will ??
n ?... 'im- was understood yesti rda i
be the purpose of th? th-? m
the t?-n 'vim fur the last iwo weeks hai
been fighting against any Indictment
have not abandoned their efforts
No Sub.oena for Mrs. Schiff.
The arrangement foi Mrs. s. hirr i
testlfj was made by Paul D. Craval
on Friday. In accordance with 11. i s? ai
rangemenl ?he appeared si the Crimlru
Courts Building yesterday afternoon a
n voluntan witness, no suhprens iiav
ing been is: led for her. Mr. Cravai
was with her an?' waited outside th
grand jury room durlni the fifteen mir
utss she aas on tb?- : land
Mr?, s? biff was nervous when she too
the stand, lut she BOOn regained he
composure, ? nd though Mme of th
questions asked were searching anJ con
fusing she realised thai the) vv re ask?
f?.r tb?- ?purpose of setting at rest an
rumor thai mij.ht have ?been spread al
tacking her, and she Is undersl.i t
have mads .'?n excellent witness, sh
testified as to the otrcumstanees unds
which Brandi vas employed and he
siiKhi acquaintance *.\ 1111 him sa s ser
vaut. She ri?* t? i?, i m??lui Brandi ;?
Sherry's o* an) ?-?th?-r plaire, and denle?
giving him id?. k?v i?y which he says h?
??niered tin- hOUSC, and denied in th?
m"st positive era) in-- stories regardlni
Her story of Brandt's discharge cot
mborate?! that told by her husband ir
his ?published statement, Bhe told ul
-receiving the letter which ?an*-?-.
Brandt's discharge, of bei fright <m gel
ting It, snd said lhal she locked her-pli
in the nursery vviiii the ? hildren untl
Mr. Schilt gol h"i ben she gave hint
th? letter and Brandi waa Immedlatel)
discharged, <>f the happenings <?n th?:
night Brandi entered ths house shs saiJ
Nh.- knew mi? Shi liad nol known "t
Um asaauH on Mr. ?*-*? luff until he told
b?.i- ai.'iut it after Brandi had left r I. - -
There were thrci other witnesses be?
fore the grrnd Jury yeaterJay. Two of
ih. m. Nathan lloldfarb and Frank c.
* Una, were called i?> testlf) concerning
Brandt's cht racter. Qoldfarb said thai
i he was arrested on llareh 11. i:m?7. au?i
i?>?-k?*<i up with Brandi thai night la a
?ell in Pottos Headquarters. Brandt,
liiildtarli Mid, told him that he had gon?
t?. the Schill house t?? ruh lt. and bad
< ntered b) the coal ?hole.
i ?>ie was warden ?>i Dannetnora peni
t. ntlary until g v, ,n- .,??,.. it,. ....?i tba\
! be knew little aboul the ?as,. ?Brandi
had been ,, good |. OSMT. US had talkel
ja gfKii ?deal al.I his caas and had ro?d
both thut h? got int.. the hOUOS by tho
?servnnf' entra?es sad by s key i?? the
fumi door. ?'??I?- said ? ?v .
11... i Bran i' ?<..?? ? liar.
Th?- other srltnsss yesterdaj ?rag .i?.hn
Wesley Howe sgsistaal city sdtt? ot
i "The Am? ri? ?n. ? The grand JUTJ hOfN ?
tu talSh Ihe caa? I?? day.
Mrs Mortimer !.. Schiff. Who Testified Before the Grand Jurv
'i? >!? ! IM : R l SCHIFP.
\\ ho 1- lo Vppear Before tin*
1 irantl |un I o da).
700 New Yorkers Crowd Capitol
to Show Approval of Proposed
Rppid Transit System. .
Chairman WUlcoz, Prendergast,
McAncny and Corporation
Counsel Watson Favor
n T? ? !?? ?: .
\iii.-.. M irrh _6 Seven hundred
re.\ len! - ol N. i York Pity, Ii eluding
Ihe r? tlv? "f eighty clvl? oi
ga?iz 11? i and ? nj promlnei t offi?
cials, api re. i hi tiring thla after?
noon befoi ? the Be ite i'ltlea < 'ommlttee
in favor of th?- Wagner billa to enabli
ih? carrying oui of the plan for extend?
ing aubways, recenll) pgreed on between
the city officiate, the Public Service Com
| mlwlon .um ih i ? I'l-.-i>ntstlves "f ihe
Ir.terborough and ilrooklyn Rapid Tt
all ? rrmpai I? Il ? .? ? Intendi ?1 to have
the hearing In thi Senate chamber, but
number pit
the committee waa obliged to adjourn
w. the v ? mhlj chamber, and that waa
not large i nough t?- aeal all preaenl
The ii? trini gave ri? t.. tan or three
stoi ni\ . ??? i ? ' ine mu? had to be for?
cibly ejected, and another waa obliged
It- apologise lo Senator Travis, whom he
[ accuaed ol being In le igue with the
Cone) i 'and i Brooklyn Railroad Com
i my, i?? fore he wa? i?? rmltted t?? con
i linne hi ; ? ? Ii < 'i poaltLon to the hill
| win headed h> Clarence .1 Bhearn, who
appeared foi Willi.un Randolph Henrat,
r g. ti"i with the repr?sentatives of Ubor
! < rganlsatloiu and n f< " taxqp) era' i
I ?-tal lona.
I, s. Bedford, known na the "Minute
i Man." who salil h< i ' in ? -.-iiti .i Typo?
? i bical ITnlon No I, araa tin- main
throe n out of Ihe chamber. He . ? i * -
;.i n ?i onlj agnlnat the billa b?l
' nxnlnat the othera In opposition, de? lar?
! ing th.it n? u t and his representatives
' ?rere the minions ?if Thomas _*. Ryan
i lhs n. a*aa arouai d s hen Timothy
Ifcaly, ii?;?' a ring for the International
? ,,t Stationary Kiremen, asa called
, in apeak
'I'll ???? ?1 mined if III let h.n, pptftfc
?head of m"'' shouted Mr. Bedford
? The ii' i'iii I represent started thi* thing
' ?imi i nii'A have tin right to apeak."
CHimber m an Uproar.
Hanator Prawlej endeavored to i>er
.?auada him to be quiet, bul ha only be
rtnw mere boisterous, until the ear?
geant-at.anna was railed on to put him
din That official waa shoved bach Into
,ilt. .. i,n ?? ni : he ' h imbet two or th?res
lime:, I??- tin irate "minute man." In
the meat tin.' tin- chamber was m sa
uproar? and Senator Sttlwell Bnafty loo!
i band m 'h.- struggle .\*.th Bedford.
The latter was half caiTled, h;ilf pushed.
I i ut.llil.il (III tlllirlll l-Hfr.
'mob m in m m
Three Killed and Nine Wour
in Attack on Police Statio
People Incensed at Ma;
Charging Him with Onsti
His Political Enemies.
i:?" h Island, III. March 'J?.?T
i"-? ' na .... '?? kill, d .'?nil nine wen
\ Jured tn-nialit in a rl.-t which grew
??t atrnlned retatlona which have exl
.eral daya between Mayor Si-hi
and M-uii- ??! hia opponents. He.
f hundred persona were in the mob
to-nigh! aurrounded police headquar.
where iwn of the leaders of llaori
lhal had p rev louai j occurred aere
', latned.
Bricks were thrown and nindowi
th? police st.iii.i" were .mashed. Mi
Bchrlver. directing the police squad,
deied the offi? era to ? harge the n
.?'mi i _ere fired bj the t?? ? 11< ?? im
numbei ??f men were aeen t?> fall. 'I
? ? i-? ?i the rioters temporarily to n-l
? ii ?
Three men were picked up dead N
were so bad!) wounded they were b
ii.?i in a hoapltal. After the dead i
wounded had been removed the mob
, organls? ?i. and one <?f tin- lead
directed the crowd to a hardware st
for the purpoee of breaking down
I doors and aecurlng a fresh supply
iarms. This move was checked by
-?I ind Of police which whs at the hai
itore when the m oh arrived,
in response to Sheriff limner's app
I to Governor Deneen to rush troops
' Un i-itv several companlea are expect
before morning
Mayor Bchrlver recently began _ ca
palgn i" rid tin- ? - ? I > of undesirable p?
? s.iiis. so he announced; but his enem
declared in- wanted t?> ?>ust his i?oiitii
Mutterlnga of discontent ha\e be
growing i"r severa! ?laya. The oth
day tli?- editor of a weekly nawopsf
published an article which denounc
Mayor Bchrlver .?nd the Mayor order
that the Issue ?if the paper be su
Announcement of th?- publication wi
made at a mass meeting of the opponen
? ?I' the Mayor, an?! after the meeting
large crowd went to the newspaper ?>
I , , in gal i oples nf the paper. Tl
Mayor'a opponents were nnsered by ti
fact ihn Mayor Bchrlver bad phyalcsll
chaatlsed the e?litor of t!ie puper for pn
vlaua editorial aspersions. The polk
ordered the crowd from In front ?if t_
newspaper office, and several arrest
were made.
To-day the bod) of Krank B. Potts, ..
Winona .Inn? lion. Win., was found in
hallway. It was reported that lie ha
i ? i'ii killed in tb?. disturbance in fron
..f ib?- newspaper office. Feeling ra
high and a mas? meeting was ?alle.
for t'i-ni.iit. petitions for the recal
?'of Mayor Bchrlver an?i Commissions
Mari were circulated at the meeting
a crowd gathered after the meeting
.wearing vengeance for the attack
mads on the crowd al the newspapsi
office. Some of the rioters de?-lared thai
the polie.- liad mnnlered Potts, althongt
physicians to-nlghl announced that th*
man probabl) died ttt apoplexy.
Rhode Island House Adopts Pub?
lic Service Bill.
Providence, Maren -?>. a public aer
vl?-e bill, the feature of which Is a clause
making H obligatory for all railroads In
,the stale to furniah passes to state offl
icers and members <>f the f-aglslaluia.
; passed the House to-day by a viva vova
Vote, after a l??ni; dehate. The bill pro
; \ id?'S for the creation of a publb- ?er
Ivi.ommlsslon of three, which ha-*
iliberal authority in regulating publfc
I service corporations
? a
F _ easv and delightful: Bpspcer'a Tnrlc eve
frin<?.en with "illKit" guards. 7 l|aldea Lan?
A?!\t. I
Chairman Barnes Estimates Only Seven Out of
Ninety in Entire State Elected for
Colonel Roosevelt.
Delay in Delivering Ballots to Polling Places Cause of
Extraordinary Irregularities?Dix Is Asked to De?
clare Election in Brooklyn Invalid in Consequence.
Report, from the entire state last night indicated that Mr. Taft
had ? arricl all except eight delegate** nut of the ninety to the Repub?
lican National Convention.
State Chairman Barnes said his estimate was not more than seven
i for Mr. Roosevelt.
The yules in the contest in this city gave the Taft candidates a
plurality of more than .*? to 1 over the Roosevelt candidates, but the
"polling was -<' irregular, owing to the wildest sort of confusion arising
from late distribution of the ballots, that both voting and returns
were highly incomplete.
The Roosevelt court motions were said to have delayed the printer
in completing the voting forms, through causing changes to be made
up to practically the last day, and for this reason ballots reached many
polling places so late a*? practically to exclude many from voting who
were unable to wait long en? ?ugh.
It was stated in Brooklyn that Governor Dix had been asked to
declare the election in Kings County invalid on account of the troubles
arising there, as in other boroughs, from the delay in the delivery of
the ballots, and that the leaders there who had been in communication
j with him had received an assurance from him that he would seek rem?
edy through the ?Legislature. The Kings County Republican Executive
I Committee will meet to-day to decide on what action to take.
Samuel S. Koenig, president of th?
Republican County Ccmmittee, said:
"Notwithstanding the vigorous ef?
forts of the Roosevelt committee, the
personal effort of Colonel Roosevelt
to stampede the voters at the eleventh
hour, and the enormous expenditure
of t.ioney in the colonel's behalf, the
enrolled Republicans of the County of
New York, fully protected in their
nqhts when voting, by a secret bal?
lot and by an emphatic majority de?
ciared for the renomination of P-es
irlent Taft.
"This is very gratifying to the
county organization, which so loyally
supported the President.
"Of course, the official count of the
ballots by the state officials duly
authorized has not yet been made,
but the indorsement of President Taft
on the first unofficial count is so tre?
mendous that there can no longer be
any thought throughout the country
that the radical platform of the
colonel can be supported in New
1 President Congratulates Chair?
man Koenig by Telephone.
Th?* Whit?^ HOUM In Washington got
county hca?lquartcrs on th?* telephone at
12:15 O'clock this morning, ?md President
Taft Mkod Samuel S. Koenig. chairman
of the county committee, what the result
"-.as. Win n he learned that every distri? t
in grenier New York had been carried
for him. he expressed great satisfaction
and congratulate?! Mr Kotttlg most
heartily on hit- work.
?Woman Obtains License Three
I Minutes After Getting Divorce.
I By T?*|o?raph to The Trlhiin* *
Thiladelr'- n. March 36.?Mrs. Hazel H.
j West, o? No. 1517 South Wilton street,
and Geor B. Lippincott. U button
manufai-turer. <*f No. 3838 North 10th
street, to-'lav broke all re?*ords getting
to the marriage 111 ense bureau after the
young woman had obtained a divorce
from her first husband, John O. Johnson,
on the grounds of desertion.
The couple, with Jacob C. West, father
of the young woman, were waiting in
the courtroom for the divorce decree to
be handed down. As soon as they heard
the crier ask the usual ?luestlon as to
any person objecting to1 the granting of
the divorce they made one dash for the
license bureau, and obtained a l:-ense
within three minutes after the severa nee
of the tlrst knot.
The bricl elect Is but twenty y?-.irs
old. The wedding will take place to?
Hard Coal Operators Won't Sug?
gest Another Conference.
'Ft* Tel?******-*-- to Tl??- Trlhun?* I
? ttllkes-Barre. Penn . March 2(5 -Antlira
Iclte i??al operators announced to-day that
i there would Y,e no overtures for another
, conference with the miners. Coal ?ompany
j officials admitted they had prepared them
: selves for the closing of all their ?-?.literies
?neNt Paturdiiy when the suspension order
, cur? Into effect. I'ntil to-day there was no
. ile?nite statement that the operators would
i not suggest another conference. The hope
had been that the door would be opened for
further negotiations, but the frank admis?
sions of the operators are proof that there
Is a ?roll ?letermlned plan to ascertain tlu
unlon** strength during th?r? time of the sus
pension. Preparations on all sides have
been made for an indefinite suspension.
The suspension order, which Is .? plan
of attack from the ?-nlners' side, means
that the cutting of all coal must cea??
? Saturday. The operators io-dav declared
that they did no? believe the order to
cease operations would result In calling
out Utan than the miners, their laborers
and the company hands.
Stanford T'nivei ?it?. 'al. Maren .H
(leorge Horlne, -if Punfoid, regarded as a
candidate for the American Olympic team,
made a world's Intercollegiate record In
competition In the high lump to-day, clear?
ing the bar at I teet i\ inches The former
record was ?. feet 4 In. hes, held bv W. Bvrd
Page, class of ST. of the University of
Pennsylvania In I'M
* The wildest sort of confusion iKCUrwi
J yesterday when the first official prlmarv
| waa held In thla city. The ballots were
not delivered until late in a majority of
the Assembly districts, and In some poll
: in? places, particularly in the nutlyin*
I districts, no ballots were received at all
! until the polls were closed.
It was evident last night that the
, Roosevelt manager.! were preparing kg
'make the most out of this mix-up ov?e
| the ballots and would contest the ele?
? lion on the ground that many votSH
! had not had the opportunity of voting.
The Roosevelt managers instructed
their watchers in the various polling
| places where the ballots were late to
take the names and addresses of those
?who came and were about to go ??-.??
again because the ballota had not ar
j rived. They asked su<-h men to make a
? statement t at they had heen unable tc
?vote because of the lack of ballots, pre
I paring later to get affidavits to be used
In court actions.
There was much speculation last nigh*
as to Just what effect on the election of
organization committees, as well as dele?
gates to the national convention, the de?
lay In the ballots would have. In oases
where the ballota did not arrive at all
it was a question as to whether the com?
mittees and delegates voted for In that
particular district could he ?.ailed legally
Wants Legislative Relief,
?harles If. Duell, chairman Of the
Roosevelt city committee, declared that
Oovemor Dix ought to call on the Legls
i lature at once to pass a Presidential
j preferential primary law, and have an?
other primary t?i ? hose national delegates
before the Republican National Conven?
Abraham B. O?bert. chairman of th?
law committee of the Repuhll? an County
?'ommittee. said that the law provided
that whenever the official ballots wera
not furnished unofficial ballots, printed
or written In much the manner of the
nftb ial ballots, could be used. In some
! districts an attempt was made to write
such ballots, but this was hard to do
because the ballot was so complicated.
In some of the districts In ?ueens and
The Bronx the ballots did not arriva
until after 0 o'clock, at which time th*
law saya the polls must close. Certain
election districts in the .Id Assembly
District In Manhattan did not receiva
any ballots at all. In the 16th As?
sembly District some of the ballots did
not arrive until 8 o'clock; some in the
28th District came .hortly after 7
o'clock. In the 27th District it was after
?.:.'_> o'clock when the. ballots arrived.
It was stated at Republican headquar?
lers that In certain Assembly diatricti
In the 2"d Congress District the names
Of the candidates to the national con?
vention were left off the ballot alto
get her.
Roosevelt Movement Blamed.
.1. O. Brltt, prealdent of the Board of
Election, declared that the trouble waa
caused by ' i legal actions brought by
the Roosevelt city committee and by
reason of the fact that the balbits wera
so large thai It took more time to print
them than usual. He favored a law that
would make changes in the ballot im?
possible after a certain date.
The statement of Mr. Gilbert waa as
In ever> ?ase where it was reported Hut
the ballots had not been delivered. Hi?
inspector- were advised that unofficial hal
lota might be used. I*or this purpose th?
inspectors were advised to ?end to the n? ai
est polling place, having sample ballota
containing the names of ihe same candi?
dates, and to use them In the same inatUKi
as official ballots. No person should have
lest bis vote by reason of the absein ? of
the official ballot.
This situation is cover??d by se?-tlon ?I K
the election law, which reads a* fellows:
"If for any cause, the official hall?te for
any party shall not be provided as require?!
hv law at any polling place iinof
fb-ial ballots, printed or written, made as
nearly as practicable In Ihe form of the of?
(letal ballot, may be used '
The onlv sei-tlon of the law having any
applb-atiion to a case where no vote wei
accepted bv the board in section ?-*. and
that sectlob appears to limit the p?j?er of
the court to order a new prlmarv In ?"a??.
of fraud to such an extent that It Is Impos?
sible to determine th? true results of auch
President Britt of the Board of El*
tlon was overwhelmed with complaints
and inquiries as to why the ballota bad
not arrived In various places Late last
?Ight he made ihe following ?tateme?!
i AimmvereA Mondav night that a mlstak
___ been made In some of the ballots and
Th. xlronc station houses had been pu on
h!m out automobiles out all last night
S?fthia morning recalling thee, ballota. I

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