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telted ^!? right ever again to apeak for
honest) w to represent honest men,
"Ai foi the men who engineered t'v
frauds, or who in aux way or shape ar
their beneficiaries, the) take their place?,
h aside Mr. Keeling and his associate?
x\ho ar? responsible for what \x,i> don.
Ig Indianapolis, bcsld Messrs. Uuggen?
heim and Evans, who an responsible
i"! what was dont in Denver, and. In
tn.it beside tin vsrious other bosses
to whom Mr. Taft s cause has been < otn
Balttsd In thi present contest; Ihsl Is,
the.v stand with Mr. Penrose, of Penn?
sylvania, xvho has just snnounced that
Mr. Sherman Is to be renomlnated as
Vtes-Presiden?, with Mr. Uslllnger, of
Nexv Hampshire, who is struggling to re
Introduce Into thai state lh< reign >>'
th( boss and the special interest, with
Mr. I'.ix. >.f ohi... with Patrick Calhoun
.. California, whose part in San Fran
0 politics can hardly be forgotten.
and with Mr. Lorlmer, of Illinois, whose
very name describes with precision Jus;
w hat he represents.
"All these developments are part of
the same movement. Mr. Lorlmer'i ?<
quittai Is recommended by the member*
..i the Senate commHtee who are try?
ing to bring sboul the renomlnstion 01
Mr. Taft, in company with those Who
practise the methods of which I havs
? We ?tie able t.. BJSUgC b) i heve a1 -
lions .iu^t what Is meant In actual prac?
tice by the application of ?iiy presi?
dent's doctrine that we should have a
government of the people bj ;? 'repre?
-rntaiixe part' <>f the people. Mr.
Koenig and thore with him Who are
responsible for the fraudulent N> v
York priman. Messrs. Guggenheim and
Evan?, of Colorado, Mr. Cslhoun and
the unspsaksble slllance of politicians
and business men who sl<><>,| behind
bin? in California, Mr. Penrose and Mr
(ralllnger, the members of the Senate
committee xvho voted t>> keep Mr l.ot
imer in lit", seat In the Senate. Mr
Keeling and those responsible for the
outrage In Indianapolis -these are the
?representative part' of the people xxho,
1n acoordanee with Mr. Tafts doctrina
era to govern the rest of the people.
"Last night Mr. Taft said that pros?
perity was coming and that we should
do nothing to ?heck it. In the Brat
rlare, I do not believe that permanent
prosperity will come through or by dis-?
honesty, and. in the second place, 1 be?
lieve that this country cannot a 1 ord to
purchase prosperity on such terms; can?
not alord to accept prosperity as tha
pries ot dishonesty and corruption Mich
SS we have seen in the last few day;',
Bnd Buch as '* symbolized b) the, su?
premacy in politics of so main of the
men Whom I have mentioned "
80 Roosevelt Terms His Swing;
Through the Middle West.
(By Telteraph I? Th? Inhun?
r>y?ter Pay. N". v, March "l?"A most
pri'iiral trip," ?a'I Colonel Roosevelt on
bts arriva) h?-?- at I If e'riees lo-nigtH
f">m his awing through ?he Middle \\e?i.
.-ore? one reminded loin that those wen
hi? word? on his return frees Maine 1 fort?
night ^fl" ' xx c 11. you've ?<en the reports
flow Maine. ?>. res anos gsraethtng about
tb* rr?' teal rei
I < id w Ith a he?t 1 \ laugh
Mr. Roonrvlt Will go t'> K- lUCkj "'i
?? Seed k at Lexington ... -i ;
M or two Othei .ill?? The? h. ?lit
1? a vtSH to XX?.- Virginia ?iri'lms eg
? th I ?pr?. I .
Wh?? 4e x'.'i espeti Mirpe ?tate? will
Iw ?1. ashed
I hrft. r 1-ih ?? | .i.i.i . p| -ph t
S ?pit
T"r? arubda' denie.l ? h? He
Knm of Mtrhtgan as 1 deserted Mm ? ??
n? ?t-a* pnt ?irgtr.] ..,?t -,. ,- ? , ,,|,,,1(.p, run
fling maie
?rre>r r?kSoiii h.,- .... mere deserte'!
m? ihnn Pesstoi MaoK hs -let M.
Msaeswsh it? hari a s,,"'i rasaos for not
a - masnvtng in?- ."i ISS
Oihi.'n l? all rtsht '
The Sag n?l I It ? -
than an ton. lei? '. ?? the titan?!
f'afiteal ??aimn xi> Raaansll "i?hr<1 te
S t*l?T>hoo?> Kr.-.lh an-1 <?ll?rl up hi? ISlWtt)
*t i?as?mr>fe Ulli ??> l?t them kii"* ?hat h?
%n iM N? horn? 11
xffer hia retici. trern Ksltttsera Mr
Rooeerei? grgl r. t. ,;. . -, \ h
In the hop* of gMtl'iR a grip pfl '1"
Rase'? ssssvtttuestt also ?.t get
gpasesaSS sees hate ??,? adjointes ??.
e>f X^iriMit WfcSeS h? think* |h? ?.<??<? ? ?
ta "??"tn* ?? ? ? ? a
At th? Denn?- 'vat a Mattes |.. ,,\u\,i tn?
roeal'date eh?.? ?.?-.da ?, th ll.ie.ai I ?,
Tarmka gf Dwiiaa
ajmpa^i?. ttf?ie~' ? . at Dallas
? I v e ? ? ? u. lift, the gieat \\ ? ?
telenet, an/| baws I - pesads ?r^ f>"
?I SfSSs Sf "in -at
"Sy rvaerge that . ..i th?
falonat. Rii?.|i< -. I', u I
I -tianox Hnwtt
Mettes1 eorwher? M tie UmteH ttete?
1er H V) a , ?? ?
? ? SS>" ? ?
???? - , ??? an*
High Arch Shoe
Ma?le rrvr>r ft ('ofTARti ssSt,
ll llpfMT that lil?
? I ii ftf ths
jiivirtg il- ? ? *l guprtorl
rt? Il I HP ! I.M -. ll.'t fllllg
t ?? ? Isralinn si tin-? rsHiit,
linns rrtftilat "lifxtati furni?li.
OMIiea wilft n m-?litmi,
iwunfl Iftt, in nil Mftftft?
ar?|e leall)ir?, rili'l in
White Can va?.
CoarofS Anh Soepart *t?i? aeS
t>srara1 Rt ten ???") Heel *?** he?a
steSe ^? ?a.??, g gjsssjgf, in hi?
Csetses n?ri ssf seas .10 ggggs,
MN.D htOWrlfttrt RL5P
2*4 r t Greenwich St., N. V.
m ?imp ?fSSB 1
Mad Orders mu? l .?es* hw l?tale?u*
- . --
F. Roland Law, Parachute Experl, Foozles on
Greal 26-Storv Leap.
After you had successfull) lumps
from the Brooklyn Bridge and th
statue of Liberty, while thousanda ai
plauded jour nerve as you fluttered t
earth, supported only by the flimsiest (
parai h?te?, and after you had made
wager with friends that you would d
the same thine in ilghl of Broadway'
rtdorinp thousand.? from one of th
tallest sk>.?craper? in the city, only t?> I.
foiled lv the potlcs "hen you had a?
cended IWO meaalv floors wouldn't :
m.-ik. you mad'.' Wouldn't it Jar you?
That ir- what happened to Franl
Roland Law, the original "tumpin
.ia< k. e^terdav afternoon. The photo|
raplier on the spot show | that Mr. Lan
meant i . IneSS, Hla ten toe.? ;ind te'
fingers can be seen gripping the Indents
tions In the stonework with the lenaclt;
of the well known nV lie has turn?
his face iMewlss le lha camera, so tha
hla Mushes of regrel ? an be seei
.?o. l>. "k i> it there h*> le, fully twent;
fe^t above the rid*watk, wbtie a acore o
mounted and foot patrolmen sum
? hi? feet, read) to rapture hin
w hen he .leaccnda.
lv??. daya ..ro Law ashed peitnlssloi
?.f Die builders of ?h.- McAlpta Hotel I
Jump e Its ! i pal schute from the t ool
of the building, promising not le apt'
an of in- gore or. ih? new etoneworl
in ..??? ins parachuta failed te wri?
properly. II? promised to jump m rai
? ? hat ?)?? w nuld fan ? leai or ihr bund?
le r?-.|ue?t wan refused,
??>m lni.nl frnm flr*l puff?
' if 4 ? : ? for an?re. ( for
h?alth and ? i of bei publie record? u l.v
?hoiiM nol nffnnder? and wniild'b* offend
H.- .'.!? <>f |,.|i ing th*
ef milk pi '.i.. ifnn*
"Ihn Ifratttl I "!? >' t'i i'n1 .. .?t aa? pre
? lui",?-.! ???> |ni|*Jt) H* dev ??! ,..|i |o 'nah mil?
Sa] nowepefMtfi
>m> ipoken ..- f h." um atandard wer*
H, (??> ? ? m.i <>\ vp Minn Th?v or?
I Tii,- ii??iih h pari meat
barked Sawa le lha eMj ? buaalUsttea and
, ? , i v fcestaa Wbj
x *>?intina mill, at ifsfarda '??
-, ?*cikrn?-l t> (hu?' ?I... ?oin ?fr""?
I li, .1? t,.,ri tnrtil lo h?' k
laai fviem>*a la iba Mes te pfo??-?
But Story of RoospvpM Man Is
Looked Upon a? Joke.
i tha eolith lea . . t? ? ? beat
|tt ?if thn PrepMeniUI eaSBJSJSlgS to
?OS pat In elr. ulnllnn vealerda/ In ?he
f?n m >.f a ?inn ? bat l> ir|.orl"d to etplslS
aaaethj ??hm William u Ward sf Mfesl
ehssisi ass basa istafl 'aiei) Tiw ?mi ??
io Hght through ? mas w||,> baa ssea
. i.,?n o." i. ?nth i ..ion'i Reoasvett
MIKl ?llO )lH? "??. ilfl'-'l H -"' ' of
? n latton w ill. ih? efrl' lu? i "in
nillte-- ?in. It ar? Looming Hie ? olonel
V\ oh Ihr ?Irl? ten? inpiii' tlotl te keep hi*
aeaaa s i? si M, thie pssm MM f/esesriay, in
\ ?l.p.rf ...m,!.., Hint Mt Ward had
.loin? e..in< high ?la?' "g'unehon
nnik ?m..?-? the national commit leemen.
?V|..| |i lha national rnmiiilttnemati for
Son ^ <?? K
Ha ''a? heeii lining up Ihn national '"to
mitt?men f.e UssseeeH, ?aid ti?i? geatla
man a?demnlj "and hi haa twent] nine of
ttoalli stsdged imw " Th* sa
planatlon t re. nnoV.i to the rffn. t that With
a maloritv of ihn \hH?>iimI t'ewmlllSS tor
? ell tlie\ ?oiilil aPpeMI H R.Miovell
rery ehatnraa at tha ewv*aa
ind iii<- Reessestt ssssfswasj weald ap
;?<? m a Reeae*. eitlen roaaaslttsa on reutest*
.1? ffhttb ?nilI.I K?Ht Rooeevrlt ?Pie
Bate? v 'i.-trver tt-ere wa? a r.iiiteat
\? to I.. M|>pHl.nt It ? otini-len, v ,,f Ktirh
a pr*>KiMm? ? a. asmpared wttb ths an
' ?? OSSSSf May tha? Doth
ful? and free axprea?lon frnm
?ran ??? t.niui.ai m. bary, *?i
what wa* ?ant??l. the one limn ftooaevelt
nan aim ?n??ri8??red tht Ward atory ?nuld
make tin > ninfiient.
The lok.i ?t ti,. ?i,,, ( ,? ,h# poiiti
.inn? Who have Ward? SSSafSsaSiSS, le that
Uar-I haa told manv of them thai h? eouM
ippert th<? Itonanv.li ?torfr'ne of th"
J mdblal m.Hll It la fuilhnr aald thai Mr
J W?ni haa talked over ihn !>*? .?idnMIal al'
nailon laffullv a-lt.i ht?ie ihabrruin
Rarnen ,iod I? lo per fe? I gf nrd with Mr
? ?i'.?inou i? lleoseeeN
that It U known thai al
ihniifh th.- Reaseeett eewWtee in New
?*|t> h?.i b*rti trying to get tjmfori
He was told It was unlawful !?> .?iimi
from tall buildings In this city. Bu
that did not deter Lan fr<iin seeking
accomplish his full. He t.. i ? i the build
er? he vv.if SCCUStOTASd t" hitting on!
the high places along Broadway. The;
turned a deaf ear to his proposal. Lav
then threatened t<> mshe the leap, .mv
w;i>. and went away.
Lesl be should rsrry out his fell i>nr
pose, the builders communicated wit!
the POllcs of the Wes? 80th street sta
lion, wartime: them that Law was ib-ter
mined to throw away bis life by u.akini
the plunge That was tx\ <? days agi
x e terdsy afternoon Lsw slunk nroum
the .'{.'id etrret comer nf the McAlpii
Hotel, shinned up one ??( the beams sup
porting the scaffolding on the first Roo
level and stepped triumph.un 1; out it
full '. lew of th" poll? <-.
Lsw then s?,ni. <i !?- > limn i he stow
front "?i the Broadway side of the build
ink:, i Util be K"' to tin second fl....r
the going was easy because of the in
dentations between the granite blocks
He. ond thnt point, howevel the xxn.ll
w<re smooth, and after half a dosen it
tempi1- Law t\HS compelled '?? R'xe up.
S/hlle Law vt;i? making bis climb t
fat patrolman asked "How ran xx? gl
that feller"' a boj "In. wss standlni
? in i he corner overheard the remark
"Aw" <;.t s piece nf flypaper and sti<-i<
it on him "
l;, fore the police could folk?? this nd
vlea, however, Law resch*d th- s- af>
folding again, slid to the streei and wst
whii?k?d nwa> in en stltomoblh
out ..f ?h- 'i ? that xi ?,?. .i .; .,. < iall.
? ii,, i;,...... . ?, :., idquai "? ? the fli '?
sni?? from ii"' Mth Pongreae bi-'m-i
Ar'-ii?r ape i nrhran? whose selection
\\*rd favored, are both antl Roosersll
m, n
Th? etorj that \\ .? -i '???* working up
Roosevelt sentiment In the nstlonal rom
mittue ni tti. mi? time I bat be was
eeejutesftng in the selection <.f anti-Ron*?
veit del?gales from his owa count) and
?tat?, and hi th?. Mitv>- lime thai he wa?
lelllng nil i"? rloee political friends that
i.< s a? absolut? ' '?; i.I i" thi i hk*i
plans of i'i' Roe ex-ell platfoi m, di-in t
even gain the reaped ..? eertoua attention
'from Ihest aba hsvi hees folios ng the
movements of nu 1%'eslcbester leader
AttAckerl hy Thrcp Brothers,
Musician Shoot?.
Montreal. Mar? h .11 Edgar, Herbert
ami Hat..id i h ?pni.in brothers wei ?
ab..! In the BSVO) Motel earl) to .1
the resuli of a quarrst ever s woman,
i ?ijrir and Met her1 are grobsbl] fatally
i'hM Hesnmsns, ? membei ol th? ,.r
rhestts of h Men x-.-k ihestrlral rets
psny, Is undei ai-rem charg?e] with the
shooting He will plead seif deferir?
The trouble originated In what \? ,i?
?hired Is have i.en au orTennlve re
lu^rk mad.- b) snothei plsyei in I he
? o., pan xxith Hemmans to .i woma i
friend of Harold Chapman The latter
?.?lletl on his brothers for assistance slid
the three assaulted Hsmmana. whom
they mistook foi the man wh<> bad made
the rernarh Hemmans bad been severe?
I] bsstsn xv h. h he Anally reached his
aestsi sad Hrsd wlib desdi) result?.
? '? ?
Fisher Clawed First Robinson. Amer
ican Entrant, Is Third
Mont- Carle, Msrch 11 The tiil?rna
liona! bydrssereplars meeting closed to
?ii. it has da monstre te? ine remarkable
prvgreaa ?nade in these machines
Thssa who competed in the ftighte have
boss stssssd ..^ fellowa Flseber, first, 111
,...una iianass in Paniken, M, and
RoMaSSS ' Am-rli an i, ;i I
Floods in Mississippi Valley
Drive Citizens from
Their Homes.
j Crowd! Watch Thrilling Rescue
of Family from Sinking
Houseboat at St.
g( i.,,,,, March II. Thouaanda of apec
? .. .. ? arttneeaed the leaeue of ?? faaall] of
>-e\en from n linking houeeboal Is th? Mis?
?lealpnt Rlvei liera lb-day.
"The houaeboai Is which a man, hla wlfa
and five amall children lived, was tara
from it- mooring* by heavy driftwood. The
??raft dragged over aunketi anas*, aprang
aleas .1 id l>egan to Ink. Two motor boat*,
aftei righting the heavy drift, reached tit"
? 1,.. ..1 iiw boat, lust ?? the watsi ????
?weeping ovei Ihe liech II sank within
th- mlnuti ? sfter the Isal occtipast had
atepped i" aafet!
The river reached .'?'.> feel here lo-nlght
This mark la nine-tent ha of g foot below
flood ?tage. The watei baa Inundated the
railroad track) along the levee, bul soleas
an unloose?] for riar occur? so great dam?
M?e is expected hart
Condition?. In the Hooded dlatrlct at Catre
ti ? ?erloua, und the dtustkvn la growing
gra.er. To-nlgbt the gauge .i1 1 'airomarks
.'.?'? feet, three-tenths of a foot hig'nei than
ih? rlvei haa e?rr before rlaen .11 that
point. Anxiety is fell f..i th.- levcea abova
and below the mouth of tha Ohio.
The 'hinkw.iter levee, on the Mleaourl
aide, 1.i?ik>- to-day, ..ml to-night tha water
li ?weeping ovei ?1 three-mile itretch of
levee and Hooding slmeet tha antlre south
-,i -i.i h get lion ?if Missouri
When u beratet apparent th;it tha levee
rouid not be aaved thn laborera turned
their attention to warning realdenta in the
lilatrict, thua aavlng man) lives Farmers
and their famlUea lied to ?.afriv leaving
livestock to lia fete, and hundred?, of head
of cattle ami hoga ara Heating toward the
Two iron Mountain tiain.-? >ver? caught
let wef 11 the Mirria Point ami Charleston
Hood? ro-da) aini the passengera bad to
tie taken off ?n boats AH traffic between
t'a.ro nn-l 1 hsrleeton, Kv . ha? heeti an
nulled. Wat.r covers tha entire Dog'.?
Tooth Bend territory of Illinois, ami reel
denta of thia aectloa have aurferea a iar?;e
Io.?a !.. liveotock, which bed to ta aban?
don? ?I
$1,000.000 FIRE IN MANILA
Standard Oil Plant Burns
Throughout the Night.
Manila April 1 (Mondavi. The stand?
ard '?il f'ompany'a main atorage plant
here has been deatroyed !>>? tire. Three
petroleuni warehousea ami one foi
1 he atorage of gasolene were burned,
The ine broke out early Sunday svsn?
ing .mil continued thruughool the niKht.
The lost It ?tlmated at 11.000,000.
Sultan Agrees to Establishment
of Protectorate.
Parla March ?"! The ii^n eatahlieh
Ins a 1 reneh protectora ta ovnr Morocco ha?
h??n ai^rr-d by ihn .sultan, according to 1
dlapatch from l-'e/.
The treaty contabia ten artklea, ionm of
whl.h .-vie td?ntPal with thn turnia of th?
Rardn treat) of Uti. ?hl.h aasured to
Pfance the nah? t<> occupy th.- poattlona
which iim Krench militar) authorities,
mlghi de?-tn neceeasry for thn mnlnten-i.-ve
of order in Tunli
Madrid, Mar. h tl. The French Ambaana.
1 fleoffray, handed to-day to the
-; ? lah 1 oretgn Mtnlater, Srfior Prieto,
* .hi..-- an-??i 1.1 thn laat gpanlah note
?leflning 1 poripm of 1!" Bpanleh gone In
Moi <?? ?? ?
AlthoiiKh thn ?iiKtn?! gacrec) haa h?en
ohaerved aa to th? contenta o! the com?
munication, it la understood thai Fraoee'a
repl] N ;, decided : t*>j' t<>?.no an arrange
mnnt of Um dlffer?m?5 Which n.?\n ?n^n
in iim negotistlona
? ' ? a
Attorney for Defendants in Sugar
Case Says He Is Satisfied.
The iIismri nnm> nt of the Jury In the
auger rasa is regarded a? ? practical vin
mention of hla cHenta b) DeLance) Nh
oil. vele, conducted the mm. for the de
fence t^rfnrr .1 u?Iao Hand, in ihe t nlted
Si^Im foalnrl Court,
Mr M.oll sal.I laal night ihn rulings
of thn 1 ?un 1 ?iiuiiiK thn niai presented
1 . d?fendante from entering what tn?*y
ronatdered a perfeci defence to the ehsrga
of oonsplrsc] sgslnst Interstate trad* in
Tim Indicia t '?;?? haaeil on thn thn
11IV Of ;. ...iri.OI ?on fill 0\ lo lop. Im Ih?
gherman lew between IM1 and ltgf,M eatd
M< Nl.-oll "AI thai I line, and for veaia
afterward, thie ata lute, aa interpreted S)
iim Ruprema Court ?r ihn iJnlted Main?.
permitted th< arqulaitlon ?'f competing re
gnertea actively engaged in Intsrstata
commerce, regardleaa of th?- motiva thai
prompted their acnulettton."
Mi Nir-oll aaid that, although an ahso
int.- acquittal vvaa con Aden ti y espeeted,
the reaiiii v?as aatlafaetory, in view of the
f,i.-i thai tht government after a r.ealoua
and vigorous prosecuthm wan enable le
parsusbla only h ?mall minority of the
hirers of ihn Jastlce ?if iimir causa
llnnrv \ Wise, 'tilted Stale? District
Attorney, who prosecated the case, d?>
rlarad last nirht he eesdd not ea> whether
there would Pe a new trial until after he
bad ceoBufted Attorney '>rn?rai Wicker?
"What reaaon? would enter into oSOgM?
rrallon 'if the hrlngliiR Shoot of ,1 gacond
fnal"' the Inlted ajtates IM?tr|et Attorney
was naked.
"Varioua reaaotie,'' waa th? reply, "among
them beSSg Ihn mntl?r of poll.y and the
are?t puhlle Interest that ha? hern taken in
th?- eaae. '
Mr \M*? added "It might he | want? of ?
time to go over all thl? again."
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Watch To-Morrow's Tribune for Correct Answers to the
Next Three Series.
I enMnttoft from flrM pas?.
am pfepsred, if and when the time
comes, to Hubstantlate them not only by
luv own issthwony under oath, but hy
the testimony of othsi wifnssses.' He
eontinues In hurt
",i .January H ol ml* yeai the District
AttvrtiS) xva- interviewed by the represen
latlves of certain newspapers at Albany
Ion id* r-'.um trom Pannemora, where 11 ? -
had f:?e., Brandt .nui heard his story, and
a" the result ol thai interview there ap?
peared m those pspers tin following morn?
ing nones suggsating scandal and loupimg
I ills. Schiffs nanu- with thai wandet, "it
jsnuan -'i ... i learned from nun the
nature o| Brandt's application ior clem?
ency, ami thai Ii was naxeti on the same
pslpsbij fai.se and scsnosloui tale winch
I ne 'mu Incorporated two years prior there?
to in letters lu .senator hjeieon i asked
?in? l'Uni, t Attorney wbetbei tie had any
disposition 10 belleke tha; the BtOT] WSS
line, and he tota me "thai he hu.i not,
?hut lie knew me bchlffs and that be did
not believe a word at It.'
i By appoint men i i called upon him ihut
same afternoon. I showed him the letter
wlu> h caused Brandt's discharge and the
sub equeni letter trom Brsnot asking for ?'
recommendation To any thinking mind
tin? ?>? letters ?battered beyond ihe possl
i biiits ui reconstruction thai pan of
I Brandt's storj upon which the motlvi for
the alleweil COnspifSC) was based; shat?
tered his absurd statement that he had got
I Into the house thai night upon tin- Invita?
tion of, and by means of a ke) furnished
! to him by, "an Inmate of the house." snd
licit open as the only poEslhle remslning
inference that he had broken into the house.
i i n.tvt- him also an account ?t conver?
sations Which Mr Bchlff and I had had
! with iirandiv attorney, in which Brandt's
; aitornej ha.I suggested to us that If Brandt
were tiled he might tell tale.? in which ho
would attemp to reded os afra Bchlff,
land i ha* for that resson it might be to
,our -nf-?.-si tn co-operate with him In an
attempt lo secure s liglii suntence in con
Uldeiatlon of Brandt's pleading gull* . and
?In Which Mr. schiff an?! I bad told him
?that under no circumstances would we co?
operate to that end and Mr, bchlff had
?nid emphatlcAil) that h< did nol deaire
Brandi to pi ad guilt) because he did not
I destrs th?? he receivs an) lightei sentence
in consideration <?f the entering of such a
Ip?eg Ami thu* he bail persuasive evidence
I that any ftoiv thai Brandt 01 Ftecher
: llant?n might t<ll t" the tontran wa? also
I raise.
I When i had laid hII these ta.-t^ before
him i asked him if the) did not rendegelt
I impossible to helirvr Hran.lt'S story,-and
nis answer was. "I never have believed i?
I do not Believe it, ami this does make tt
impossible to believe it"; but he added:
I 'Tli? sentence i- excessive, and th<- iJov
srnoi is going to commute ids sentence.'
I .-.ml lo him thst l felt quite sure that the
Oovernoi would not Kik.- any action favor
abb1 to the application when he learned
from Ihe tdstrfci Attorney's report that
the ?c?ndalo! i stor) -pon which th? appli?
cation had be. i, Ims^il was false. Since I
could not conceive that any man wltl red
blood In ins veins and with the ordinary
Instincts "d h gentleman would giv< to a
icandalous storj or that charactei the sesl
.f official approval which would resuli from
faxorable action I said to him that my
concern w.t* with the,falsll) ol Ihe
i to \ .uni thai If le- would n.I lhal
Brandt's stor) va^ false I was not In any
ata) concerned nor had l any i?kIh to be
concerned with hli expresalon pf opinion as
to the sentence To this he replied, "But
1 am not going to repott my opinion on this
i asked him wh) riot ;ie answered that
iie did not I o'isle.ei Ii to he s I art of his
dm* . ii at all be Intended to report was the
vid.T'.e x. ileli ?if had collected i was
aghasl ai this statement, *nd i told him
I so. i sai.t thai hs could h"i poaslbl) tike
such at- attitude, thai no mi.I hi train?
ing and Instincts could on reflection p : let
in such an attitude i aaked ' Im to con?
sider how he would feel If such stories sa
wer? being ir uiatv.i In the newspapers In
regard to Mri Setiitr were being ?nrculated
eotieernlna Ms iin-i wlfs and some other
man standing In 'tis official position with
.the power lo set those ?tortea .it reel t'v
n of1|ei>il report and an announcement ft
his views were to refuse !r SCI ! ' Btorlei
at n si bj "eil official action Ills on!)
? ph was thai "Ihe sentence was esees
ve thai Ihe Oovct or e as
mule Brandt'* ?ei tenee; Tha? he ?lid nol *e
II ti i., his official duty lo report his op n
ton " This i" ""??? it 1 ?'-. eral Um? -
fiant? quotes from s newspsper stor'
printed in sdvance of the trsnamlrsloi
ol the Dlatrtrl Attorney's report to the
Governor which purported lo give th
suhsta 1.f th? report He quotea fron
the story th.- psrsgiaph
That Brand! did nol enter the Fifth
gvsnue home of Mr. and Mrs. Bchlff In
Mm h. 1?k>7. xxtth ati intent to rob, but
mut there on the Invitation of a mem
her of the household."
The words "ami Mr*.'' are underlined
In the statement, and ?Jans explain? that
1 have Italicised the two words and
Mrs.' In the above extract to emphasize
iie obvious purpose of their Inclusion -
namely, to Indicate lhal Mrs Schiff was
the 'member of the household' 'on tha
invitation ..i whom Brandi had ob?
tained admlMlnn to Mr RchlfTe hoi
Kurt h?r Ofl he sa] ?:
Tbls was ill? h'stiiiiing nf Ihe Wa
Attorney's campaign, and thla <*? hut
of the man] facia which shed light upon
the sine, rli) "t the 1 Hstrl. 1 \ilorn? 's
induct To ?nier into s discussion of the
Others WOllId OCeiip) fSI lOO lii'hh IDBCe,
ami for that discussion ibis is nelthei the
time nor 1 place, rnlesi l great!) oxei
the r. 11 ???>?111 of the Instinct for Jus?
tice in the rommunltj al large and in the
lecal profession, s more fitting occasion will
b, Ufoided for iii- pn .-? ntatlon ol iho?e
fa '
Question of Fitness.
lie ..avs u has been suggested thai II Is
H serious question whether "ii" vvii.i can
be honestl) misled la s proper person t ?
1.ntlnued as District Attorney of
Neu fork County, but it certainly be?
nues s far more serious question
whether a person who wsa not misled
bul who, with all tin- fa. tg I.re him
Snd aft.-r an expression Of his opinion is
to those fa? 'OU Id adopt th,. course
which Mr Whitman adopted, can be toi
enit.-d in thai ? Ifil ??
?iaiis sav^
1 believe that the question will become
even more serious If oil the fact* with p'
gard to Ms ronducl of th? case ?-iiall be
nude public through an official Inveatlga
lion As an officer of ihe courts, sworn to
uphold tin constitution tnd th? laws, 11 is
my ?luiv to see t.. ii ihst flagrant abuei of
power b) s prosecuting officei shall not
pasa unnoticed. As s clrtsen 1 owe an obli?
gation to do mi part to enforce s lesson
such as xx 111 lea. h all future prosecuting
ifflcers xvlm m.iv be tempted for ??Irish
ends io a'..us? the powers ol their .dtp
thai the spirit of liberty is still alive ill
the land and thai acts <>f official oppression
are act:, of self-destruction.
The grlevsnce committee 0! Ihe Bsr
Association, which has beep engaged fo| I
the last two months In investigating the
suspension of sentences by the Judges <>,' ',
Ihe courts In New York ?'ouiity. |g gbOUl
tO extend its ItiSjUlTS l<? the routine j
H-eration* of the Court of Qeneral Bos?
aif.ns This is bscsusa of the circum?
stances attending the ohargS in the pre?
sentment handed up last Thursday l.v
the Bfandl grand jury. Judge T. ('. T.
('ruin, to whom this grand Jury report?
ed, refused to accept the pn'.scntniHiit,
saving that the evidente did nol estab?
lish the crime of burglary in the Oral
degree, on Ihs ground thai it did not
embruce matters ill the scope of th ;
Inquiry conducted by the grand Jury.
The rsfUSS! tO accept the presentment
With instructions indicating th.- .bauges
has been represented to the grlSvtUM
committee as exceeding the authority ,>f
the judge. He should, it Is held, have
accepted the presentment handed up to
him or have refused it vvithoul Indicat?
ing the change? desired. It is further
pointed out that the grand jury was
conducting 11 John l?oe investigation and
that in congsqusftog if was in th? prov?
ince Of the grand jury to malic such a
presentment as if ?hose.
Mow Orleans, Mar.-h ::i. Detectives here
are Irving to fra>e | package containing
$4.01X0, which disappeared from an e- press
shipment made by h local bank to the
Treahiirx Department at Washington. j
Continued from flrot pwg?.
tendency hem is to attributs hi? failure to
th? rnmlov nient of pontea Insteod of do?*
His was the beet equipped expeditnjn
that .-vet started for south polar region?
His final ?OO-tnlle dash for the pole atarted
at the begtantng of OctObSr. He expected
to reaeh the pola before Christmas Kvi
dently, however, from the alow progress
made orer familiar ground, ?lower even
than ghackleton'a expedition, unespected
dlfitcuttlea were encountered.
It I- now retailed that a pr??s dispat.-h
from .V. vv Zealand last May contained
hints of poaalble failure Th? dispatch
si.it.,I ?hat Bcotl VU making preparation?
for a Second attempt In rase the. first
should i?e urtaucceeeful. it araa suggested
thai he hail mlagtvingg about the ponies
and had arranged tor the dlspateh of aome
trained Indian transport mules an.l also
Sin?'r?an ?lo?;* t., replace th?- pontea.
w?iatv-i haw. been the dlmevltlss II I?
Cjear thai to AmundaSB Pelonga the honor
of ?list reaching the .South Pols, it is
now unlikely that any later new?, will he
heard >>r him before October, Until th?n
il will not I?- known whether he pushed
? hi and reached the pole or whether he
vvav obliged to turn ha?k and return to
winter quarter*
Th.- n.-vvs arrived too late for pie?? e.?m
ment or to gather t''<- views "f scientists
and explorer?, hut there is no d?iuht that
s.ott's non?succeaa win he the subject of
thi keeneal dlaappolntment. The expe?iition
v?i? better equipped for adeatlhc work
than any of the many which have hitherto
penetrated Ih? Antarctic region?, and mue'n
valuable geographical nnd other data,
therefore, is an satlctpated result of th?
Tena Nova- VOysgC.
Be.it Equipped Expedition.
Captain Rob?-rt t\ Sr.nt tailed i
London on J-une I. lf?|0. with what
?onsidere.l to he the best equipped British
expedition that ever aailed for the South
F'file HP) ?hip the Terra Nova, was an old
Dundee whaler, built asms, twenty-eight
ears ago, hut speelallv refitted for this
?enterprise. On lourd were sixty men In all,
With provision? lor'a three v.ara' .ruts?.
Captain Scott had with him, also, twenty
Siberian ponteo, th?- breed that Bheckletea
bad found so efficient, thirty dogs, and
two motor sleds Th?-se sleds w?re con?
sidered an Important feature. They had
!>? en carefully tested In Norway and found
capable of making nom two to thren and
a half miles an hour under the most try?
ing condltlona
The Terra Nova'? BctentlfiC staff was llie
largeal ever 'arri?d by auch an expedition,
.1 'a< i whi.il cavaed some rllssstiffsft?en
to tboss of his supportera who wished him
i . confina his efforts entirely to th.- dlscoe?
<?")' of the pole? The coat of the expedi?
tion was 000,000, horn? partly by the gov
.rnrr-nt and partly by the British publie.
Th? Terra Nova sailed from Port Chil
mera, near Dunedln, New Zealand, on Ko?
vembei ?9, IStO. the intention being to estab?
lish winter quartera near Captain ?cutt ?
el I sta':on at the foot of Mount Krehus, in
I ? H a
Last Report a Year Ago.
The latest new- frrtrt i'apiaui Scott, pre?
vious to yeaterday'a report, was received
about a year ago. when the Terra Nova
reaehed New Zealand with the statement
that Captain Pentt and his landing party
I ad been lnft at McMurdo Sound, whither
the ship returned to n|r|< up the exp'orers
.m the return ?lash from the pol?- M.-Mnrdo
Sound la '?'.'-a miles from th.- South Pole.
After having Bcotl ami twenty>ft?*e men.
the ship was coasting tha les harriers s?>tne
four hundred miles in th? eastward of the
sound, when the crew was treated to a
aurpriae, which, on its announcement,
rauaed no little eat. nlehment t?. th.- world at
large. As they rounded a headland of lee
the) saw- ahead in a bend of a broad hay.
known aa th? Be) of VA bales, ?he masts of
a smaller ship feat to the ice. It proved
to be the Kram. Nansens old ship, with
IP..lid Amundsen in .onimand He had
With him se\eii men and sixteen do?e
Amundsen announced that he, too, intended
to strike f.u the pole ?>\ ><r the route ee* I
l?el?d by sVott The Terra Nova returned j
' i M. \lunlo Bound and informed ?iron of
hi/ rlval'a purpose.
Captain Scott, in sneaking of his ar
ementa ahortly before leaving Kng
l.ui.l oll JUSO !. I'M", said.
? I lie problem of rea<hlng th? ?onth
P..|<> from a ?interine station is one of
transport. The dlStSnCS to bn covered
there and buk is about fifteen hutidrnd
miles The limn at disposal In a sins'?
season Is about nil' hundred and fifty
travelling dsya An average of ten miles
a da) .an be eaaily maintained by men,
provided adequate tranaporl aivaiignments
are made
There * r? th?-?? means b\ which the
traction for heavy sled's? loads ?-an be
provided via, pontee, dog;- and motors,
and eai h must be coneldered not onl) with
i.-Riird to rapai Ity for a-ork, but also with
reaper) to th? changea in the nature of the
Ha. k
"The motor sledge la a r?vv dev?lop
ment, and bids fair to heroine th? most
promletng meana ol polar transport As
? i.--ult of two years' ?xperiments. a mo
toi sled?? has been evolved which has
undergone astlafsctory trials on ih? snows
of Norway. A motor was taken on Mr
Khsckislon'a recent expedition, and it is
Instructive to note that It was found pos?
sible to run it in th? lowest tenip?rattires
its u >n a prolonged Journey was pro?
hibited only by Ihe fed that its whe?ls
arare not surBetenl to support \\ ,.n tha
: n|t sipo? of the I... i Tier
"Tin- plan for th? Journey to th? South
p..,. from King Bdward VII Lend mctudsa
the use ol the three means of lladga Hac
lion deacribed ponies will be taken in guffl?
lient numbers to Insure a thoroughly id
quate amount of food being taken to the
basa of the atacler, a dog teem with a n
lay of men will transport the loads over
the gla. 1er surface, anil a Picked party of
men ami dogt anil make the rmal dash
a. ross (he Inland i.-e sheet. Motor alsdges
will, a? e. rding to thetr pioved capacity.
I..- a mam agent or useful auxiliary to tha
transport plan if they rra>-h the foot ?>f
the glacier there can be little doubt that
they will eeceod it and greatly rtmpUfy
the diftleiiltles of Ihe further Journey. If
I hey fall to reach the gla?-ler they will at
least, as lar as they can be taken, relieve
th.- ponies and doga of welghta and In?
crease the safely of the return Journey."
Magazine Article Gives Bar Associa?
tion's Side of Controversy.
Ih? COntrOVerS) stirr<-d up by th? re?
fusal of Ihe American ?tar Asao?latlon hi
admit to rasmborahlp WWtam if. l^wi?,
United States Attorney Qsasrel, f? Mm ?nb
lect of a voluminous dlatinoslna in the coin?
ing liist Issue of the new series of "Iteneh
and Itar."
Laying aside entirely the ethics of Ihe
uuestion, the aasonlatlon Brady rontsnda
thai Inasmuch as the urgenUStton 's not
only a professional but a so. la I body It is
compelled to piotert Itaelf against any
policy which would be undesirable to Its
member*. The article says. In part:
Membership Is the American Mar Aase?
elation confers i -rtaln privileges vt a chai -
acter which ImPl, adetal Intercourse upon
a basis of eip'allty. To a very large pro?
portion of ihe membership, however thor
miJilv each one might respect the attain?
ments, ability and character of a colored
nun. Ibis sort of association would be vWv
lepHv distasteful <Vrtalnlv in this wens*
ind to this extent, the Introduction of a
?oloreil man lo membership la unfortunate.
an I it : ems to us to be a mistake so seri?
?is M tha< II PhQUld be corre? ted. If this,
nijv now Lo dona 1
Tie House cf Lozier.
m ts sixteen years'sue
ces-f/ul experience in
destining and manu?
facturing motors and
motob- propelled vehi
c?es. Fas never mar?
keted t mechanical
The name Lozier en
a motor car means an
insurance that cannot
be measured in dollars.
Nearly 200 Men Engaged in
Battle in Heart of City.
Windows Smashed and Heads
Cracked in Meeting of War
ring Factions.
Taro person?, g hoy and a woman,
xxere shot, several other? xvere struct?
xxlth flying; bottles- and stones and rminv
windows I ere shattered last tiiglu,
when the "Red Pepper*' gang; and th?.
"Duffy's HIM" gang fought for fifteen
minutes in Kast lOSd street, bet-.cn
Second and Third avenue? The ?treet.
after the canisters had been dispersed
b> reserves, was littered with bro?>.-:i
gtSSS ;ind stone-.
Mrs. Ids Stein, of Ko. SIB Fast lA-.'i
slice' eras struck by a bullet flrcd by
MM of the gangsters. Samuel <??
eleven years old, of No 215 East I'-'t
street, vas shot in the STlSt Mm
Fan nie Blott, of No i><>:? Ka?t 1081
street, we? ?truck on th? head with a
The 'Tied Pepper" gang is CompsSgd
of young men ranging from twstve to
twenty .one years, The headquarters "f
the aggregation is In Sec"nd avenue st
lOSd street. The "Duffy? Hill" gang
holds forth in the vicinity of Lexinetou
avenue and |?TJ8d Btrsst.
About I o'clock last night about - v
enty-tlve members of the ''Duffy's !?
gang marched in s body down Third
,-tvetiiie to lni'd atresg. Members <>f tip?
"Mod Pepper" sang were Informed of th?.
approach, and a defensive gang wag
quickly assembled. Hast J"2d ?treet, be?
ivxeen Second and Third avenues, a*SI
crowded Many pushcarts s/ers In tbg
street ai'd jnany of the ?tote* were open.
Tbe BtOOpS Of ?he tenement hOttSSS W9H
crowded when the "Duffy's H.n" gang
msdi their appesrai? t
The warriors i lashed in fror? of ?h?
millinery ?lore of Abraham OoMhsrt, l?o
S07 Kast K'2d street, ? lanre pUte |
window in which was shattered
pockets of the gangsters xvere weigh??"!
with atones, bottles and other missile?.
When the bottles and atones wer.' es?
1 austed revolvers were drawn and dis*
charged A storekeeper In the vicinity
who watched the battle from a door? IJ
ash I not leas than thirty shots ? ete fireH.
Pusbcsrta ?'ere overturned and their
contenta scatter d. stones aere ti1'
through the windows ..f ?-tpartnie'r'
?aidless of persona atandtng a? tl em
wttnseslng the ba??ie. Roth gangs
reinforced, and the conflict was at '?a
height when the police of the Kast l^lth
street station were Informed A ii'ci
of reserve patrolmen, in charge of Tap
tain Patrick Corcoran, of that praeisct,
and several detectives rame on '' * rim.
The gnn?stei-s dlepsrsed et the ep?
proach of the police The Cf>'\ bo: ssd
Mrs. Mein were found bleeding on t1 ?
A dosen neighboring saloon mp"
nosed f.t be closed on Sunday, supplied
the fore? for the Ft cd Pepper' gang*
which wsa asid to number at leaet ???
Say? 'Whatever Happens T Shell
Be Found M My Post."
Mexico City, March 11. WhtUSVtf
happens. I shall be ^ound at mx pon? I
shall not resign. Reports that bare been
published flat I Intel,il ?o leave the '
Idency .'re untrue
President. Mader<> made the
statement toan associated 1res?- repre?
sentatlve to-night.
at?a '
r.navHouii. March M Tbe Beusd --1
government has slgnsd a., agreement as*
a Prsncb syndk.ne for S kMS "' IT.**?*!
fian- llM?.gS?I _?
The accepted
standard of fashion.
Chicago Philadelphia
Agencies in Ail Principal Cities
Housefurnishing Warcrooris
V tro Article sad Material far
House Cleaning
Brooms. Brushes. Dusters. Chains?
Skin?; Cleanssra and Polishes for-l?
nit tire. Motsl and OfcftM. Carpet S*e*v
ers, Va-uum Cleaners, etc.
45th St. and 6th Ave?

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