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v . - \ VMM ? ' ' ?
Palm Sunday Fills Churches,
Ralmv Weather the Parks.
Crowds in Gala Dress at Conry
Island ana Atlantic
L'sboldlni Irsdll " r? ? rr<t out
Ilk? -i ismh yesi ifter ? ominE in
Itlc? .. M? - Earl ? ? h th* week the lion
named to i-.avi for a ion??r
I ? oephere to
asrasrsjn ihm Palm ?undaj found thou
asada st the ? ? " uj ? I - - I
Induct great > visit the pi
Kna bearhei fl ? ? ?* ?u' ? d '" ?
mark?.; degree frocKn
what neat S f there la a
Mu? aky above and .1 mod? it? ? 1
Th? prr"-'e<:!or. on Rlveretde Drive both
of pen. m ?? ; t p
ical of a -, spring da.v In Central
Parte, according to ihe police, then was
a higg<-r ? ? :.t than on da
suv? ?arlv last tall People oat on the
benehea until the aun hid Itaelf and th?
an gree chill.
That-? gathered on th? Mall ?aa an in?
formal 1 a.
kasdatand ar of
yoongat? ? of whoi mouth
harps. Invaded the atsnd, and ?
Of ihern fi
otbera -1 ?it
tenti"- m to
laset ??? mora
geetroualv and ian?i?'i on tha
?fand, to b? thoroughly
rhe show might
ha\? gont ? - ma had not a
film a
?ourvb ? With that
th? - at ? ?aped 1 he bai rlei s
of ih- ? he crowd
Th?'. ? nktng water
in :v ' except that which
amid 1? foun?l ? th*- base?
ment o' th? '? .-? ? II Th<- police
aid ix-- e of 1 ? .oi been turned
an. - ? ? eated 1 1 begged foi ?'a
hr. aft . t they 1 ould
find nom igerie
Ha .- ? ?ment v hen they
found . long line
?ara? 1 ip waa all
that at .. nald the
*&t?r irned on In .Mar, h for
laar ol
"Bill .- keeper of 1
naK?ri?. had Hattie, the performing ele?
phant gol ; igh ka In the in
alaaart bt th? elephant houae. But
'Bur ??,. pointed H? had hoped
t0 poatpor? t?,, performance until he could
i1*-* th? ru,-, term a 0 Ing of neatafool
o?l and b - ? ? hatltute for
Powd?r ID4 ,,, , Knyder, who has a sta
*j*t;ca' bin 01 . m propor?
??* '"? . e<,, foi ?.-.
Baasaad ? laltor ??? the menagerie
3? the aide 1 n< ..:-. knew how popular
th,e P1*1" waa thej would glvt ua ? new
?et of bull Mm ' he -., d
Thfr* < iwd of forty thousand
or mor? m the New Yoik Zoological Parh,
?tier* th? inmates were fretful and Impa
Pnt ' ? ? immer quai teta
aldi ' ? ite simian, did hie ;
,m'ins* ?nd : the ?at" for aa ad
l",nn? ? 1 -i has to 1 ? kept on
?he awv? .... altlng line t.. enter
,h* PpPulai . .
? ? ? nee In tue pai k
**" * "?? tw,. aoudadn, which
*l|? hrr.uKh? ... a . on. lu ita
**to}* H ' itall) m, ??!
h*n'"'-' . ... ke?l n kee) 1 1
"*" ? ' 1 blow
at him
? ? . thouaand per
It's the wear our Clothes give
that proves the superior work?
manship we put into every gar?
ment wc make
The most careful hand-tailoring in every Suit
and Overcoat in our Spring stork is l guar?
antee o? service and satisfaction?and at prices
that spell value.
?stor P?ace &l Fourth Avenue
right b) power? PSicravtng company >
? ..en? to r*onej Island bj trolie\ . ars
v nome soir c In the morn
'? t ??? ers In ?lie afternoon, nnd still mor?
a? night. ?i<> tli.it th>- Island hore a mld
?'? appearance
The Brooklyn Rapid Tran<-I* h-*d nu?
rara In aerviee, nnd while the trol?
le* lines lore their full quoM of pleasure
saekers the Moule\nrd v 'SS reeling l-e
neath a constant stream <>f automobiles
' Arrived hi the <?, e,,n n i rink. the auton n
| \pt .'?her parked in il.e r.ig .?.jnate lust
M'est of the Parkwav hath? or deployed
HI ^ tkinM tj1P water's e.fge as far c.,?.t
W .i hat tan Beach
' >f rouree, ?here were at.out ?wo hun
rtred. mostly of Ihe male *.-?,. who |usl
could not he entoined from taking ?heir
first dtp in the ocean. The i'on??\ Island
: tradesmen hegan to shake themselve* out
j of their winter lethargy, and many of Ihe
j rifle range? were open for business The
carrons? |h and e?'me of the scenlt railways
, ais.i rook In a little money, a.? .li.i the
', dance halls.
1'nptnin Murphy, in charge ..f the Poney
leland police, sent out word that he would
not permit ;inv of the blsarre dances
which have delighted and shocked Man
? Ites t.. he don.- at Cone) I aland.
, consequence everything In Ihe na1
l waa as clrcumspecl ;.e
-? S QUtker meetincr "ere In prog?
ne... the hot frankfurter man was
Atlantic i'hv. March il flnudlesa ski*? '
and seemlugly Ideal conditions beguiled a
record breaking crowd here to day for thi
Palm Hundi? hoat-n'wnik parade The
... ??!-.. filled from earl;, in lhal
morning until ?he middle of the after*I
' noon with s host of celebrities, many so-1
daily prominent In a half dosei
and so color full j dressed that s vivid k;t
j le?dos? ope spectacle was pre?.-nted. A
Ifht'llng wind, which swept from the ocean
with a :.las?. caur?*d all to shlvei It was
Impossible to walk slow!) and keep warm.
a ?
United Hebrew Charitir^ Have
Substitute for Custom.
A campaign asainst the eh Ing of flowers
and floral tokens in memory of the dead
ha* been started l>y the rnitcd Hebrew
Charities, of No. 361 Second avenue, ou the
ground that the million!- of dollars spent
annually in this way would form s flnei
uiliute to the dead if the monej were given
to charities in the name and to ii<- mem?
ory of the
The directors of the 1'nited n< res
i Charities believe that although their stand
may surprise those ?ho nave oeen eccui
homed to show their sympathy by sending
flowers, th'; idea will eventually lie app!'' I
ated as one honoring tin- dead and at the
j same time aiding t:.r lning
The jii.m is now being tried by the i'?i
??ration of Jewish Charities, in Washington,
and the Jewish charity funds have been
considerably Increased in the capital ac?
cording i" Moiris 11. vValdman, manager of
th?- L'nited Mebree Charities,
"Acknowledgment of donations given In
the name of th.- deceased,' s.nd Mr Wald
man. "will be made by the l'nited Hebrew
Charities lo the donor and to ihe family
of the deceased. The money given In this
w a ) will he put on th.- records of the so
.i<ty and the name of the giver, with the
sum omitted, will be published In our an?
nual it poi i
- a
4 Mailed anywhere in the United States
for $? 50 a year.
; Heroic Hatband Nearly Losers
; Own Life in Attempt at Rescue.
Captain Charla? O'Neill mad? a d?*p?r
ind gnllant fight to Mva hi? ?If? front
ih? hackwaatl of Mell ?late in th* Mark
ij momma With ^nc arm
na i" s allpj>ery pile, and with th"
other supported Hi? iinconeclotia form anO
although he a 1 moat gave hla ?.wn lif? h*
. oiild nol mi ? li?r.
He and in? wife lived on hoard the harn?
\ batroaa tied up a' tha foot ?f l-'ianklln
? ? ? ? ? ? m unload ? i argo <-f i....!
j for Krank M Williams Th?-. w?nt oat to
ght. I I w'i?n they
got hack it-.? harg? had *wung R fea fei '
? "'i' froi ?if a plai K waa iiM?-d a?
a gangwaj Tha e?i<ii??> fr"m Hen r*,Ht?
arare ?winging the t>..r?:<- around uh?n M re
11'Nell I, arho a-etghed ion pound*, st?
on the plank. Hh* it hi ' ting and
dropped oui of aight betwe? th< wharf
and the boat I iptaln fV.Nelll tl.r?-w of
rang fter hei i 'atching
hold of t.r he iwam to .. pile alongside the
<!..? k and began lo ahout f<>r help
Ahout half an hour later Polleeman Mo
ran, paaalng In I ? vlelnlt) arlth aeveral
n cri. beard th- - ? I lowered ? rop?
The unconsclou?. f'.rm ..f Mra < >'N?lll wai
hauled lo th?- dork. followed hj har hua
hand, who waa about exhausted An am
hulanee wai aui i - from Ht .T ?, 11 r i .-?
Iloapital, but Dr IVark found that the
woman waa dead
Socrotiiry nf Crittenton Homes.
Talks ;it Metropolitan Temple.
'i.'.'?-. I Patteraon, rt?l<l secretary of
the Florenc? I rtttenton Home? apoka be
f'.i? .1 large audience al th? Metropolitan
Tempi? Revi ? noa .-ir,.i 14ih at re? t,
? tht ..n ih? <ar?- and protection af
forded t.. frirK al ih> homer, he repn ??'
Kormerlj h lawyei In Boaton Mi Patter
aon i?- ru.? in n. :'? i" ipeak ;.t a num
tier ?if '?iii'.h.-- m ..o endeavoi i>. aerure -i
auhatantlal endowment f?>i the maintenance
..f ih?- work thai wn* begun In this ? iiv
twent) ? ? n ago by Charlea Crltten
Since ihe fir*-! Crittenton home araafouno
ed In thl? rltj al No. 21 Bleecker atreet,
where it i- atlll, the ?oik haa been eitend
ed t" ".;ii.-r .i'!..-, until to da) them are
?event) thre? Institution! in thl? country
and a numbei In Europa and In the island?
of ih.- Pa. ilV
The horn? i? IVaahlngton, Mr. Patter?
son said, receive) annually under certain
condition? the Hum of f.1.l>''"i from the gov
ernment. other ? ta tea and munlctpalltlea
aid ih'- hornea, but navartheleaa Ihe amount
la Mnaii compared to the total expenditure?
f.>r running the ?nain of refugca
Mi Patterson declared that about ifi.f">'>
girl1- wn- cared for In th?- Crltt?nton homei
!.. i year Moat <>f th?-m rer?|\e<l only teio
porary aid, making 5,000 Hi? number de
pendent upon the hornea for tha year. At
tha New V.ok home, in Bleeckei street, and
at Hi" annex In Mounl V'ernon ?'?""> girln r?^
r el ved shelter and an education in some
practical form that would enable th?-m
when they left the boma t.i support th?m
i. : . ?
Mrs. Teeter Buys All Land Fronting !
Cottage at Harvey's Lake, Penn.
dMlkea-Barre, Penn., Mar. h 11 Mr*
Walter C. Teetar. of Now V rk City,
daughter of th< late l?ani?-i Edwarda, a
multl-mlllionalre of Kinust>>n. h?s tasan an?
noyed to much by bathers at her Harvey's
lak.- .-..tiau.- that aha i.h:- purehaaad all
lha land fronting her rottago. ?ad will
ftei see that It la seel ided In th?
n anner that sh. d?sir, ?
Fronting her cottage la Ihe onl) part "f
the lak>- with a sand bottom. I-""' '?
..o ti.> r.->..it of bathers Each aum
m>-r Mra Teeter entertalna many gv I
from the cltlaa of tha East at har ".iiau.
Th? preaenca <>f ao man) bathers In fr'.nt
of her propert) has I.?en annoying, and
thi onlj wai i" gat in. daatred >?? ? luaion
? ,.<- t . bu] the lai d
Mystery of 3-Povtnder Baffles Police
and Starts Bomb Scare.
What ih.- police of Ih?- U ?si 17th M reel
Station ?as Waa a three-pounder shell ?as
thrown Into tl'eat -ti'iri ~>.-? ? t ,.i>t nlgli and
??xpioded when h ?-iii'i. lb* ??sremeni In
? , . .,f \... Ml A fiagm.pt ?>( the oro
,, ,i,i. ^tiu-'< Man? Chase, I ?even yeal
.,],, , 1.1 ?.i ? i ?? ? ? pla) mc In tu Mu. t
n(,,ii.>, and inflicted a around .>n bar left]
?n,, |to|i? a m??'? n aatlgatl m, Put i
were unable lo I i(.la? ? from ? p.
. ., ..,, i? v - - ? ? i wi i'> ' ond m- .n.... '. i.i
tha '. I |a cWW n?i Jatdaga ara* Jon?. ?
MRH Ht r.'KF !:? a HE
""? PJ "???"? ti Powan .:??....?? ?aipaai >
They Organizo as Man-Eating
Hyena Grins. Elephants Trumpet.
Miss Josie De Mott, President,
Will OrRamze Women in
Other Shows.
Elephants trumpeted and get ,vi tangled
up in their chao,?, and a man-eattl g I ens
p. ,-ke.l nul of his '?s? and Kr'nnrd st 111
?ervnl? all resterda) afternoon, while SeV
entN -fH e women connecter! with the hi g H ?r
nunr <t l'.all<-\ < Ireus made speeches In t a
mat,age':, room '" Msdlaofl Square 1 larden
passed resolutions and formed the firs? . ir
cus euffragf en?. ? . hiatorj of the
I'.v.-N press age-? with the shoe aolernt
:?.- awore ,.-? nlghl with his hand on his
heart thai the meeting ?a.- >\ r. .\\. honest
I tO'COodrasas ?tiffrac? meet nn and that the
leaders had done everything possible to
keep thi tret from leaking oui II ??
?a>ly w.e?ld have remained s secret, : '
, Sam the babj kangaroo, hod nol been
' tak? '. ? Ith . oil? shi tier lun? heon
yesterdaj As ? es - of the keepers,
e. ho Woilldn'l .l.e know :. for
In a : i. i i ?
Ins . - - - - ? . j.;, for 8am
? ! O'clock In ' ' ? und there
?.- fo ind ih< e meeting In full sea*
.. .. .t It |s uno? rstood,
through t; ? enterprise of Miss Joel? De
Mott th? ? "i Id fa mom n her? hat k
and Mil ?Sells Ploren??, of the show, Mia
I?? Mott i - - ?? eptlna itloi
for her fes I ewomans . Bh?
I tired froi i i i r< is busltiesi several yeai *
[ago and Is non IHing down llempstead
waj. s s aid Miss Florence nre said t"
hav? pan ed lhe word earl) y? ?lerda) and
to hev? made all ?< 11 ana? ment ? for tie
d? mot
The w on i si I'nlon gave i tea
earl) In ' ft* to I>i Anna Rhs w,
t. r natloi al i resld? nt, si it - h? adq tai l<
at So v i ? ' .:mIi ?tr< el Mil 1" Mott
and Miss floret ? wet ? I to attend
After me affali tier.- was well started
Ihey, with Miss Adel? Jonen, ol the union.
returned to Madison Square (larden, where
I the clt m? > ri.? well under
w,i ; l-'or all thi setting I h? n? w
circus recruits to the ... ise dldti t seem to
see anything remarkable In the evenl with
the eiceptlon of being suffragtats and
. ;., . ? tlons ol all sot is rang
through the menagerie, while the
moved about uneaell) In lh< i cases and'
the Interested hyena grinned and grinned
The speeches, however, wer? nol foi ?
purpose "f converting any one. for ever)
? was airead) converted, Miss lie Motl
was elected president and Mis FWirei
terj ol i be circus bi am h, snd Ml
.1 n* s. m behalf ol the union, ini meed
,,t aomi ?? ' week In Shaw and
Mrs Harriot Btahton Match a ou Id ? I
'the circus and make speeches tu the aul
fragiats The final touch was added I
buaineas of the afternoon when the whole
gathering lefi thi seats and mov??d ovei to
tl ? giraffe i agi where the let? ? t baby i
giraffe ?as named Mlas Suffrage," with
appropriate eeremoi ei
Except fot .me embarrassing Incident, the
?ir'iis SUffragtetS mad. their bo? to their
equal i'xhtw slaters with perfect gra< <?
Along about * o'clock Alexander Beabert,
a bareback rider, who had a-alted patiently
ai,.i hungrily for more than two houra, en?
te... i and Insisted upon putting to Mrs,
Beabeii t! <? perfect!) Irrevelanl queatlon <.f
whether she ever was going to K-'t dlnnei
g . insistent was he thai Mrs Beabert foi
gol all about her newly acquired rights and
haatll) excused herself She <iid nol leave
the meeting, never! heles", until the Last
pie.f tiu.~in.-ss was tranaacted
This was the appointment of Mlas De
Mott Is- special representative of tic- union|
t.. go about and organise the women ol
ever) circu? In the country under the suf?
f.a?;.- i ant ei Ml I "? Motl will star) o it
next month on ?< coast-to-coasl < ms.id.- f
this purpose
Not Ton Tired by 114-Mile Walk
to Seize Runaway.
Hillsboroogh, Cal . Msn h H M
Eleonora s.-ats, ..t Boston, who returned I
here to-dsj bj motor from a 'croas-eeuntry I
walk of 114 miles apalnsi time, l.tit tailed
i.. break ?he record, this afternoon stopped
a runawa) polo pon) before men in the)
.?road about hei .1.1 And ih.-tr sits or
i ourage
\vi He Mi;, Sean a i watching ? pofol
match from the mot >i csi <u Mrs Prances
1 i Ian, her hostess ora ol the extra pontea
dashed Im ? lbs parked srriages and auto?
mobile! Hoi ? legan to rear and plunge
on all d. . bui before ?? stsmpede wai
falri) -i m.,i Miss Hear- tumped from the
automobile, .-ued the frlgbtemd |o y i.^
(lie bl Ide and i|iil?t'.|l it
iklni ..t bei walk i day, Miss Bears
? "i ufc fresb ...- ir i bsd only walked ,i,
UiilC," I
' Man Found by Son and Woman
Discovered by Chum.
Robert L. Newman, Aged Victim,
Active in Profession, Though
Little Known to Public.
Tu. artists ,-i man ?ind a -'..man w ?r
U:- victims .,t ;.,s poisoning tu different
parta of the cit) yeaterda) Death In both
Instances a irentl) .. dental Th?
m.n,. Robert I. Newman, s ?- well known
In ix i ,...,f, laion, ..Hi;. . he mad'
"M' pt to place his work i efore
the public, ahile th.- woman Miss Louise
S< hofleld, ?as . landa. ap? painter. Th?
'?'??' M New man ? ri" had recently
moved t.. .1 boarding houae at No 206 Baal
' ''h ??.? : ?... found i i :? Is s..n. Walla? ?
Saw-.. \. -ui of N-. SI Wes* :",th
atreei ?;.,. .., iplng I rum a heater had
aapl ? dated him i ins let was found
burning and gas era-aping from the other
v? hen hla son entered th? r..,,m
I'anvasei and sketches, among th?m j
..n.- !.. which I.- had heen giving ih?- tin
Uhlng touches the nlghl before his death, I
aere scattered around ?he room Th?
nta m his clothing
Mi-.- Sv hofleld, who waa thirty-eight
years old a a? found dead m her home, No,
mi West ? 7th -ir..-t, b) her chum, Misa
\ Story, with whom she lived. Misa
Held j ? ip earlj v ? '-'? rdaj morning
lo make . offee At 10 ?.', lock, w ? n M -.
Btor) u.n up ?he smelled ta -. and on i ?
idlng to the ku. Inn found
\l.-- S. hofleld Ij Ing on the floor. I1: I <;.
Harria, of No. i" Wesi 127th --irrt, ?aid I
? ? ? had Pi i n d< a i at I? ast an hour
n - ihe opinion of th. poll? ?? thai M |
Scofleid turned on ihe ?a- in the rang? ind
? si..! light it wa selw d a Ith
? ? ? ? . ? riling i pella to w h!< h i In a 11
aubjei t.
Mi Newman was a native of Richmond.
\ a . a h< i ?? he ? as horn el| ij flva yeara
v- ,i joulh he t>a.l mu. h ..Pout art.
f .sew nti. n b? cm to us?
paints and brush? entlrcl; all ail In?
?i m n..n In ! S50 he w? m In Pai is and be
? ?? 'o ihe work of Thon a -
pent several months In hU
at. i-1 ? ?ii a aecond trip to Paris, four
learn later, he made th? acquaintance >t
\\ illlam m Hunt, ? ho Introduce I him to
.o .1,1 I Millet, and he war- one Ol
? ? ir? haa? i - > f Millet's work.
i i Ij m the ? ii II War Mi Nearman waa
? ; ed a iffsman at Richmond by
L'onfedi ? i tun.-lit, and In 1 ii i
in ihe itfth \ nglnla Infantry. In
. this i Ity, v. h> ra ha had
It waf not i ntll 189 I, how? ? - r, that Mr.
Newn ?? i" ram? knoan to th.- public, A
loan *\? bltlon given here at that time of
b) uns "rarel) endowed but str?ng*
i unknown artist," as ha was termed, sur
i r ed th? public.
Central Fieure at Woman Suffrage
Mass Meetins; at Washington.
w a- hli at) i, March SI Mra I i Iva A
l.o, k?\.i iwtee a candidate for Prealdent
of the I'nlted States, was the ? ?-ntr.il fig re
t.. night at n mass meeting in the Interest
<f the woman suffrage campaigns In ?Via
, main K am as, Oregon and ? ?hio
<..,, lima ? ? portraits ol Miss Suaan
1'. Ant hon j and Mrs Elisabeth Cady Stan
,,,,, ,, mi ? :.?? ?' -'?" saw aim wt the begin?
? ?j ffraga movement, the van
crabh womai who i .-till activa despit?
h?r mora than fourecore reara, deUvatad aa
app? al for rot? for worn.-:
Awning SavrR Life of Seven-Year Old j
Fannic Faranga.
Little Kannle Paranga, aeven yeara old.
Ilvinf .m the rifth floor of an apartment
m No M Em' :?-'<i ?treat, >"M t,,M tl-,lar"*' I
while'climbing ahout on tha ire ea .?p? of
her home late yeatardaj afternoon and fall |
i,. the atraal baiowj bul escapad death
imt of the m? eacapa tha child heard one
,.! a,. | amall friends call to bar. r.mnie
., ,rt.-.! to climb "v?i tha rail to daacaad,
bat bacante diaay. aUpped and falL She
. ., , anvaa covering of a fruit
stand on the ground Boor. From there ehe
rolled to tha ground Dr. .Vainer, of the.
Reception H< pital. ^??l aba had sun red
? fractal?' I '?'* ?""? ?' ","'1' acalp wound.
U is believe?] fche ?ill iecu.tr. *
Bishop Berry Warns Young
Preachers of Higher Criticism.
Mont. lair. N .1.. March .'ti (Special).?
"Jonah han liad i stormy time, hut still
he is not an allegorical myth," said
Biahop Joseph F Herrj-, of Buffalo, in
hia sermon to-day in the First Methodist
church In connection with the fifty
fifth N'-uark annual < ?inference, over
whose M-ssions be la presiding. Bishop
Berry made his assertion of belief in
the authenticity of Jonah in describing
th.- Impregnability of the Bible against
the assaults of the 'higher criticism" of
the holy book, which he said is so prava?
lent to-day.
Prison Paper Declares Poem .That
Freed Convict Was Stolen.
? Bj Telegraph t? The Trtbeae.J
Port Worth. Tex . March :>1.-Thai "Jake"
McJCiBOejr. formerly a convict m the state
prhi.r, in Busk, Tex . nsi pardoned .i\
Governor Oolqultt bsesssa of a touching
poem he was said to have written Th..t
th.- poem was -tolen Is the assertion made
by "The News." a paper published in th.
t'olumhus, Ohio, state prison.
McKlnnSjr was pardoned last Thanksgiv?
ing by Governor COaflUltt, who was present
\sh.ii he read th.. poem, entitled "Another
<'hanee." The poem was published in the
Kusk pri.-on paper last N'ovembir, over
McKlna?ry'S name, but the OMo paper says
it tiist used the poem nearly a year earlier
It was written, it Is asserted, by Leu Mitch?
ell, au ?Jtiio convkL
Bartons Separate When Charles
Balks at Laundry Work.
It h<>. amo known to-day that ?^hartes P.
Hart?n and his wife, Mrs Margaret Har?
t?n, prominent in New Rochelle society,
have sign?.I ;i separation agreement and
ar? now living apart Boom time ago
Mrs. Hart?n, through Aaatatanl Corpora?
tion Counsel Wal i <?. Otto, of New Ro
chelle, brought an action for a s?para
tloi , .tUegtng cruel and Inhuman treat?
ment The oat-e was about to h? tried he
fore Supreme Court Juatlca Mills, when
tha couple decided to sign an agreement
rather than have th-ir flamea tic trouble?
publicly aired.
Mr. Hart?n, when th? a?-tlon was
brought, tiled an affidavit in opposition,
in which he alleged that his wife forced
him to do his washing and that he had
to get his own breakfast, while ?he
?stayed in bed and forced him to ,-erve her.
Lawyer <ut<> aaya that un?ier the ?sepa?
ration agr??m?nt neither hushati.1 nor
wir. must molaat the other and that they
may g.? tiv-ir saparata araya. Mr Hart?n
will giv? one-half of the Income from his
real estate to his wife Mr?. Barton owns
the large summer residence at YVIldellff
which she is now o.vupying.
London. March .11 -The Treasury state?
imnt for the finan, lal year was isetied last
nlghi. It shows: Revenue. ?185,<a0.28*
111.Ml.Mil, expenditure. ?i:\M.Vl'?. <$?*,?
mj?tk The revenue is ?t?,:*V302 leas than
he previous year, when, owing largely to
thd late collection of the preceding jeara
property and income tax, tiie increae? in
receipts amounted to ?72.1?4,t?J
Gorham Silverware
Easter or Wedding Gifts
No more subtle or delicate compliment
can be conveyed through a gift than is im?
plied in the fact that it is of Gorham Silver.
This fact is a recognized guarantee that
each piece is the very best that art and skill
can produce or that money can buy.
The Gorham Company at its very begin?
ning three generations ago, concentrated its
energies not alone on solid silver but on the
very highest possible development of the art
of the silversmith?nothing less.
Its recognition to-day as the world's
leading silversmiths is testimony of at least
partial achievement of this mighty purpose.
The Gorham Co.
5th Avenue & 36th Street
17 ?2? 19 Maiden Lane
fl. Altaran & C?o.
.Fffllj Awttur, 34tlj ati3>- 3511? Sintis. 5?fm Cirri.
Andrew Alexander
New Shoes for Easter
Women's Pumps, Oxfords, and Ruckle Shoes in all the.
new shapes and a great variety of materials.
Street Shoes in colors to com?
plete costumes; White Shoes
in Buckskin, Canvas, Crash
and other fabrics; Colonial i
Buckle Shoes in Brown and
Gray Buckskin; Patent Leath
?j ere ?n'an unusually wide range
of styles.
Prices begin at the minimum for well made and service?
able shoes. An ample corps of competent salespeople
insures accurate fitting and satisfactory service.
Sixth Avenue Fifth Avenue
at Nineteenth Street above Forty-fifth St.

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