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Naval Formulas Revised?A
Fair Offer.
London. March -,l
Mr Churchill's stark naked candor in
?tf--russtng nav.il affairs shocks dlploma
,,,.1?. hi? does no lutrin Lord Chartes
peres'ord has rebuked htm "?t* ?mention?
l?g liermniiv. ami llierehy exposing the
Admiralty to crltl? istn f??r Indirect men
p, es snd provocative measures. The
v ? ?? i ord's spoe.-h has produ? ed a pro
.; impression In 0<srmany, bul whits
ggresstve edlt?-srs hsve be?en
? s In a high ke\ there is no ev i
,,, . thai ' hsa i-t-n ?regarded as either
v ..?e <>r offensive Before the da y a
? .,,->? the rwo-power
, rd ?? : s Invented ns s convenient
euphemism when F*ran?pe snd Russia had
( . itrongesl navies In Europe ami a
. ? v.?, n them was reason?
B probable In the cont Ingency of
i The phrase did nol de?
. bin Englishmen plume?!
- - upon II as ;? i haracterlsi Ic
, .l form in International
i \n time went on and the strongest
were the Herman
\ the phrase became
undiplomatic. sin?'c n car
i Ion "f an impossible alli
? .; Liberal ministers
? ? , tlm? ago bj restricting
andard to Europe,
-. hiding Vmerlca, and now Mr.
has ?ir'-i-i" d 11 altoget her as
-. and meat Inglcss. ? ?< rmany i?
ii. and ih.tuin
val ? omblnat Ion Is too re?
in ',.- , nnsid? red by the Admiralty,
.; . ness with which Mr. Churchill
. | ? ? . -r, air? of I ?ngland und
.. for supremacy In sea ?power hi
., gi ,,i nation and nol a
l.- i .p. an i" . ? Nothing
ined by evasions and in
- pression The plain
w .is that British ascen
.-???i by the cr?ai
..:?-- and s? ientlfl
a ..- ross the Noi ih
-,lr. ? ? has said this \? ith
per. and while
M -posii ion to b ?ter
and Hamburg Ger?
thc better for his
? think ihe worse ?>f
;; . . . (he air
; m? n and writers of
? ih? gravest
? sensitive
,.. - ? . ? ? rate, b?- ii" ?round for
t if i himei mblnatlon
- ., mor? Id fai If British
he ad lusted hereafter to the
. ? ? ;? rmany as th?
;,,-.'.er. 1t is an offlcl ?I , ?? .
form ida '? le rival, a - I
led with good gra< ? Am? i
nly ?a ill be pleas? d to ha? ?
: ??? ? r standard "? fli aban?
? .-?s ..-<-?,,. ? \? as
|e ' from Europ? an ? omplicationg
w . ngl c time-honored formula,
?hen. ie the new atandard ??
substituted for the
m conjuring phrase? . superi
??> pe? ? enl In Dre - In ights
f?ei man na ? ? ^ il h 'lie
ag? ,.f i he eight K lng Ed
the armor? d cru is.-rs
? [>r? ll ?Ughl era. he is sat?
fi?d ? ? * Bt ' all Empire s 111 i.e.
'??? veil? If )t have ?Jixlccn
- ..f tii. best t -. pe to ten for
V- the older battleships and
? - Une m relative fighting value
will have lo be raised. Por
v ? ear??, if there be no change
? ? - n naval law, i our and three
Btru 'ted alternately. If
i dmlraltj is beni upon
ditlonal Dreadnoughts
. h? ".- t ? riod th? r? a ill have
r more British battleships, if
ar? ihr? e additional ? ?erman
? \?. Ill h?- .s; v 1'rit lah
lo match them. The ratio
? o applies only t ? > the ex
German programme. If there be
d< -? ? opment of na*, al r>
?roas the North Sea there will
? ? one. or at least an al
of fives and fours against
. . .
. Bril ish determina
? ?? ma? ? of sea power at
? i bj .m < xpltcll ad?
n that any reduction or retarda
? ' lerman construct Ion a ill lie
pi .?-?1 by fully proportionate
u .?.?irk In England. If
? booses i.? drop any one or
two of her annual quotas. Eng?
a so si? ??? down on a lai ger
? ?erman capital ships are
? 1913, al a saving of |iiO,?JOO,
OOfi " s;;:.?mmi.ihn?. five British Dread
Ill be Indefinitely postponed.
rdlj I* a fairer Inv?ta?
lo (J? rmany to initi?t?- a reduction
rmaments on the most favor?
for h? r own na* y. and if the
ports about the < ?rion and the
Ir 13.?? Inch batter!? a, be
led, the holiday would be wel
.mi. wh.ic there would
for revising the plans <>f what
? to i- mis? alculat? d failures.
? thai this simple and
for the abatei ten! ol ov< r
lOUSl? OSl na .a! ex
? will )m: acc*epted across the
The < ?erman a? a lords will
h? ir dlgnit) to make
?? Ith Mr. Churchill, even if
? be i - bind him. They will
with i ' . ir programme and
?? it, but th? re will be no
Ii be s poor diploma
.nomlat, but he is a,
? ' -u Englishman, and lias ln
?? tlge at home by his
and vigor. More fortunate
? Prime Minist? r or the Chan?
? i the Poreign Secretary, lie
? mprov?sd his reputation during ?lie
? ? Inlst? rial decadence.
are sub and worn out
?I anxieties, while be is as
fresh ai ev?er, with undlminished power
t?w ig th? details of complex ad?
nnnistrath.il and with s characteristic
- for saying what patriotic Eng?
n warn the First Lord of the Ad?
' i?. say about aes powei
l. N\ F.
delphla, April r, Ths American As
I Patholoslati and Bscteriolo
p1 '" " ? began .. two days' convention
st the i.ivers!!. of Pennsylvsnls to-day,
' ? the following offli. rs Pit dent,
?or Herbert U Willlama, University
f Bnftslo: - lent, Profsssor J J.
?scKeasie, Toronto; treasurer, Profesaor
ry, Boston- secretary, Prof? - or
Krn-t. Bostoi coundUoiS, l>r W.
' Psrk, New fork; Vrofeseor l.eo |4SSb,
I Uala and Pr? ??- km m. l< In l oui i
1 '?? srgttj of Chi .
Lake House, in Wiltshire, with
Priceless Furniture, Destroyed.
London. April 6.- Throe destructivo
Ares in hlatoric rjountrjr mansions ... -
< iittod to-night. The first was in Lake
Houaa, In Wiltshire. :? fine Kli/ah? than
???liire, fun fif priceless Jacobean furni?
ture Lake llius.? wan occupied hy
Percy Holden UHngworth, M. P., who
with his w-jfe ;ii,r) children wax saved
Prom death from 'he llames only by
Hi? barking of p ?ins OUtalde the door.
A- i? wan the family ina?i?^ i's escape
clad only in nightclothea.
The rither lires were In Roaadhu House.
on Loch Lomond, In Dumbartonahlra
ging to sir lfm Colquhoun, and
tilbbatown Castle, near Navan, County
Meath, Iroiand. where alone the datnag3
?'? ne aCtrre^Mierl S'.'l H ? i H M i.
v. illi.iin I nek. who up to 190; waa bead
? inlng hi m of I n.k A Mi er,
? i l. day morning at his home, No.
' ?? South '"h street, Williamsburg.
Mr. in. k. who was in his eighty-ninth
y? ir, waa ill eight month?. His family ?was
at hla bedside when the and ?ame.
Mr i ?i. k waa a la rae storkholder in the
American Sugar defining Company, ih
-\.i formerly president of (hi Manufactur?
era Nati ".?l Bank, of Brooklyn, retiring
? -
Although h? ?m.) l,.rTi ihr ?^.nr,i vie?
president of this hank for many yean. It
was mu until he \?,;i?. eight) yean old thlt
1 i "? i ame h? ad of the Institution
Alexander D Seymour succeeded him
when he s< .-?? ; conn? tlon with th?*
and Mr. I ?I k'a son, J. Henry l?i< k,
w ..-? rhosen i Ice-president.
V native nf Hanover, Germany Mi Hick
to thi* country when he wa.< twenty
two y..it old. tte noon aaved Rufliclent
? L-- n i ry buslm
I \?. -'. '?? hi u:,s conducting his little
grocery that Mr. Dick realized the
poaetblltiea In the sugar refining bui
In 185S h" ilrif!?-'! into that Industry with
Louis Wlntjen, opening a refinery al Pike
and Cherrj Ntreets. rive years later he .-s
tabliahi ? a refiner) In Division street, near
tl watei fi ont, 'ii Williamsburg.
Ills veni - ? - ? a great i
' II mother plant for making r? fin? d
waa erected In North 7th street. In
enterprise Mr. Dick became senior part?
ner <>f the firm of win. n he remained it
the heail until he retired from active bual
Ml Dick ?a? ;i vice-president nf 'lie
Nassau Trua! Company, a director of the
1 lei I ei -Jon? p .1 ><?< II Milling ? 'ompan; . ??
truatee <<{ the Cerman Savinj i Bank and
uuurer of thi Deri an l.uth? ran Hos
? !? ii. In i: i-t Ne? \ oi .? He waa also a
life tnenilx-r ?if the Brooklyn Institut- ?.f
Arta and Sciences.
TI? married Mist \nna Vogta In 181*.
He leaves two children, .) Henry in.k,
wlios,. daughter married Horace Have
' eyer, a son of the late H- nry ' ' Have*
ever, and Mrs.' j. Adolph Mollenhauer.
-? ?
. Lehman, known to play go? rs a s?-"re
ago, i!i< ii > ? st.-rii.- . ;if
her home, No 609 West 41st street, after a
lingering illn?-s.-. sh-- was sixty-five years
old hmH at the time of her death was em?
ploye,! H5 wardrobe mistress In the Lyric
Tb< .?tre
I'orty years mzo .I'l'.i Lehman and hei
- iter were hallet dancers al N'lblo'a Oar
den, at that tlm?i situated iti Broadway, be?
tween frinr-? an-t Hotiatot I ????? When
in? ?zreat fire occurred nt thai theatre,
Miss Lehman's si-.tr.r \. ;, < killed .-1111"! the
place remained closed foi a week as a
token of respect t<> he,- memory. The >.o
nd 8 ety was paying the 1 em or
?he ror.in occupied bj M S? I.-hman. and
?a? likewise providing h? r w th medi- at at?
tendance She leave? 1 nephew, who >,n
married .?nd live? ,,t '.? Sradhurst av
Detroit, April ;. j);. n ,i Walker, a
widely known Detroit surgeon, died to-day
a- the result of pneumonia. He was sixty
nlne yeara oh), mid for many yeara had
been prominent m nal onal medical
Dr, Walker waa born in r>rtr?.it in -yn
and eriue.iteii at Albion College, the Uni?
versity of Michigan and Bellevue Hospital
Medical College, lie had been eine? Mas
secretary an.l a member <>f the board of
trustee! of and professor of surgery In the
Detroit College ??f Medicine. He ?.?-? a-"
Burgeon to Harper's and 81 Marys hos
pitala. He ln.<i been at various times city
and county physician and a member <>f ti ?j
Board of Est?mate ami Hoard ?if Health.
Versailles, Ky., April I. Captain Thomaa
r. Carter, U. s. N. (retired), <ii?-d suddenly
last night He waa chief engineer ?>f
ihe battleship Brooklyn during the battle
of Santiago. Captain Carter ?as sixty
ara ?.hi.
Captain Cartel was graduated in 1879 and
itant engineer In
en! recently, with the rank of
in, he had been on duty as an In
sp?> toi of engineering matei ..1 at the Car
bon ste?-l Worka In Pittsburgh and In the
Pittsburgh rli-iilet. with headquartei
Munhall, Penn
? %
The Ti
BloomfleM, N. .1 . April 6. -Edwin U
forty-four years old, form? r pr?si?
dent of Hi?"* New ?ork Proebel Normt?
ol, ?li'-il t'l-ilay ;.t his home, No, 2H
Washington atreet, f-rirn a paralytic stroke
H-- was e'htr.r of 'The Kindergarten ?Pri?
mary1 magazine and lecturer of 8t Francis
Xavier College and Brooklyn Institut.- of
Arts .:T??l Sciences. Klght yeara hk? he was
aenl to Ruaala by ;- number "f wealthy
New v?.rk Hebrews to atudy .I?wiah ?-onrit
tlona lr. that country. )!?? received the <!?
! ,, . of I'll- D. from the College of Com?-,
and "I M- fr,,,n Columbia University.
MEREDITH HOWLAND, son of the late
? : ?,:... n- I I'pv land, ol New York,
Thursday at Cannes, France. Mr
Jiowlai.'l was a brother ?if Gardiner ?;i??ne
1 |.,w m?i 1 he :'?i foi ? ? general
. , ,.[ ?-ihe Herald '
Thrilling Career of Globe Girdling C?p
tain End?; in Maine.
Rockport, Me., April I.?Captain Jabea
,\, who had numerous narrow es?
capes from death In wrecks an?i tires lo
the fifty-two year? that he sailed the
... ?ana of t<"ie world, died at his home her.
to-day. He v;HH aeveaty-two years old ami
? five years ago.
Captain Amabury sailed around the
a d seven time?. His moat thrilling irij-a
. 1 master of the Rockland ?ship Will?
iam i? Macy and th? Bath ?-hip itoanuke.
The .M.? . Whil? <"> a Voyage lo Yoko?
hama, watt run <!<-wn bj ?? British steamer.
? . eolllaloa o*twurred near land and th?
abip w.t? beached, no live., being i?-?-t.
Tnouaands Attend Funeral of Senator
Taylor at Knoxville.
Kin.vville, Tenu , Ajril [.. Tl B people of
TenneeeM borieal their "Flddlln' Bob"
H.-)iat??r Robert !?"-?? Tayloi in Old Gray
Cemetery ,ier'' to-?my. Thla morning tha
Btatesmaa'a body was brought her.- from
Nashville, and '?-' 1] o'clock thousands of
Real T?-?**neaa?eana gathered In ti..- cltj-'a
auditorium for th?- fun? ral service?
ItiiHiries?" was t-uKp.rid.d In Knnxrllle
during the reremoni?-- Hundrt-di ol
aona made kma otiv 0 si th? ? ; I Tea
?eise* mountain?. In all ?Orts of ",n^y
anees t<? ????'??'? ,h* i""f,Hl I
Success of Expeditions to the
Poles Celebrated.
Rear Admiral Wishes He Could
Go to Crocker Land with
Borup and MacMillan.
'i he "vfi|S*)lln of- Natural l-flstory, in con
Jtinction with the Aniert.-m ??.-?.cr.iphi.-Hi
ftoclety and th.. Peary Arctic nub, cele
hrated ?he attainment ?>f tie South Pole
anil tile third anniversary <?f 'he reaching
' f the North Pol? in the audit or? i m ?>! the
-? im last night Bear Admiral Robert
'' Peary received ?< medal <>f honor from
the Peary Arctic club and delivered an
address on the achievements of explorers
in the North and ?South i?>iar restons.
T ? celebration .ils.? t?...k notice <?f the
!<???? ?'fi.-kir Land expedition ?;..,., ge
M.irnn ,-inii Donald '< MacMillan, t",. .,t
Hie m-?i who accompanied Peary .??? his
auccessfu! .'vpediii.n,, an(- ,,,,. ,,, nea(j (ne
?'rocker Land expedition, nutlln?ed the plan*
i..i their Journey. They are .,, atan from
Sydney, in the Newfoundland ?-.haicr
Diana, ?-.n July ?, and ?xpe-ci m spend t??n
year* in exploration of the ne<a land. Their
enthusiasm for the ndertaklna and i'on
fldenre m iiicceaa caughl tin- apirtt of the
\mrn* .1 ..h- .,. , preaent. and both <?r II??
young explorera were enthusiastically ie
eeh ?
Henry Palrfleld nxhorn. president of th?*
Muaeum "f Natural History, presided.
? !? -v addresses were made ? -. John Oreei -
otigh, ?,-,.? prealden! of the American ??eo
graphlcal S".-?etV; .inme?, H. ?;??ip, repre?
senting the National Geographic Society;
Henr) G. Bryant, representing the ('eo
araphlcal ttoci? ij ?if Philadelphia :" ,;
Zeniis ?'mue. of the p*ary Arctic <"hii>.
"Mat" Heneen, the negro inemher of the
Peary expedition, sat on the pint form be
s-ide the discoverer of the North Pole.
Ttear Admiral Peary, in his adilress, ex
t.t.ss.,1 ti-., opinion that Captain Robert
Scott, the English explorer, had read sd
lh< South Pole, as well a-- Captain Roald
Am indien.
"On January 3, if?ic. Captain Robert
H o? With four men nn?l equipment und
supplies for a month, all in good condition,
was lu? miles from the pole, and pusl Ing
forward In favorable weather," -aid the
explorer. "There can he no doubt thai hs
i the pole In .lanuary. probably by
Ha? middle ?if th?- month. The South Pole
has, therefore, been doubly attained.'
Th? speaker drew aome contrasts between
the fundamental physical conditions a- they
had been found ai the N?.rih and South
II? reviewed th.- history of ?.xplora
both the A?, Mo and Antarctic re?
gions. Mis yean alone kepi him from join?
ing his young comradea, n?.rui> and Mac?
Millan, ?mi the espedition to ?roik.-r [?and,
):?? said. Me wiahed them ?vary success
Herbert !.. Brldgman, stwretsry of the
i'i'iiry Arctic ?'inn, presented th0 m?-?lai ? ? *
honor to Rear Admiral Peary, Mr Bn?lg
rnon sal.l the medal was presented to
Peary nol 1-0 m 1,1, for what '? ?? had done
.,1 what h? i-,;.?, it ??a- more s token
l??i' loyalty and love from his friends in the
! Pear?- A relic Club, he said. Th< explorer
? sat.l h<.pted the medal on behalf <>* the
linen who were with him on ll.Spedition,
? a? well sr f"i hlmaelf Th? medsl *"ai In
[ the form ??! a ?tar, the '1 ? :.ted ?*?*kctlonfl
1 , ing mad.- from the ?? ? ? \
meteorite, hronghi in IW hj ?.dmlral Peary
from i' - re il ear Cape York. A
large diamond r - I the centre of the
Those who -at on ?he platform ,,rre i>r.
Walter B. James, I?. B. MacMillan, ??eors.
Point?. 1" James ?I. Gore, /.<??.:? ' ran?, 1
Rear Admiral Peary, .Mr. Osborn, John
Greenough, fhriatopher Ravn, Norwegian
Consul; Henry ? '. Brj ant. .1 ?'Ian. 1 ?
Consul; Colonel David 1. Brainard, War.
Department, Washington; Herbert 1.. Rrldg-j
I man. Mat the? Henson, Di K O Hovey.|
Kmerson MrMillin, Dr. John H Flnley, Mr. ,
I*. A. I.'i' BS, I ?; ? '. H 'I'"?? iis-nd. Mi C.
Btuaii Qager .? d Mr Charles 1. Pollard
? ?
; Cost Too Great Except for State
or States, MacD. Hawkes Says.
Ma? Dougall Hawkes I <.f 1'-- In?
terstate Bridge <*ommlssion, could see no
proarxcl ?-'.a-,- .-i la t night ?>f the con-1
structlon of a bridge over the Hudson ??-?
a pi-Uate investment. He wss dlscusalng
th,- i.m? ? r? '.??.-mail Mils lately passed h?
the Senate of th? United Btatea, and nos
. the Hous? Committee on Interstate
and iTorelgn Commerce, providing that the
North Uivr Bridge Company and the Net
Voik and New Jersey pridge Company he
granted an extension of ten years In which
! id bridge? across ths Hudson linking
Man lattan with Jersey.
Th? t of such a bridge would be too
great," h< said, "to make it profitable ss s
private ent On ths other hand, it
Is an engineering ?possibility HHthei stats
01 both < ould 1 ulid it "
"What prospect is there ihm elthei state
or both ??ill begin the construtrtion ?.f such
a bridge In ten y?f*rs?" hs wss ssked.
"Thai l can't say until the engineering
Investigation of possible sltei and s?? on
proceeded furl 1er it is Interrupted at
il because the New Jene?, commis-1
Kinn wenl out of business, but ?srlll be rs
Mimed ahortly Governor Wilson hs
sppojnted a new commission.
"As for the OGorman billa, ?.;ir only in- |
teresl In the pending legislation Is to see
that. In granting the private eompanli
extensions, II does not hinder the state
governments from pro? ?-?ding to construct
a Hudson River bridge any time within
the nexl decade, A representative of the
interstate commission has appear?*] before
the House committee t< insure thai such
Ion be ni.'i'I?' and In effect. I undei
? 'and. the - ?'< '. h n. bill -. ...? they puas? d
the Senate, did make .him auch provision."
The ll?. :??? committee members appear
perfectly willinE la report in favoi ?.f
granting the ?.ri\..??? companies extensiotis
of lime in which to finance their projecta,
hut they point ?"it that tv.o ?!.?< a 1. - have
already elapsed without elthei company
having begun construction and the) . ?
press a desire for some assurance ihat tic
next ten yearn will see a bridge t>uilt. The)
also want to h? assure-d of the public neces
aity for a Hudson River bridge.
?iiistav Lindenthal, pr?sident of the North
Rlvei H/iJ--'" Company, has told the House
committee thai the nt*ce*sity for auch a
!, Idgl , BOW . : ? at? r than ?-ver Mr. IJn.
,|. utbal srss ? " nml loner ol Bridges m
Ute administration of Mayor Low.
The House c mmlttee has a?nl letters
to Controller Prendergsst and Nelson p,
?Lewis, chief engineer 01 the Board - f Kstl
mate an?! Apportionment, asking that mu?
ni? I pal rept ? ? tatlv? 1 be s? m t., \\., li.
Ington to apiiear b< 1 ire the co-nnuti? ?? n< x:
Thursday. From them the committee srani
to kno?v how gi?.?t li th" public necessity
for s Hudson Rlv? 1 bridge.
The experts Investigating poaslble bridge
hit? s for the two stat.?- sre now In favor
,,1 a i 1 IdgS h<'low 7:d street,
Ambassador and Wife Worship with
Day Laborers in Baltimore.
Baltlntora April E The Rusalsn Amtes?
aador snd Mme. Bakhmeteff ami Csptaln
and Mine D. S ?/SSSllleff, <.f th- RUSStSS
Bmbassy, wewMpped to-alght in lbs little
Russian ??r?-?-k orthodox ?'utholK' ?'hiir?-h
of ths It- sun?-? lion. In thin rlty. Then
wer? only sbool forty other ?worshipper??,
most "f th? m dsy lebor-w 1
Ths party from the Russian Bmbsssj win
remain here until "-nuda- for the Rast? 1
sf-rvlc? In 'be tlr-esi church. This ?/?Barth?
Julian snd Gregorian ealsa?lars r*rtn?*tds at
gjasti 1 v?? ? k.
Fifth Avenue Baptist Church As?
sured of His Acceptance.
"Gipsy" Smith to Preach Easter
Sermon After Announcement
from Pulpit Sunday.
in-, cornellns Woelfkln, or th? Ro. Ke-t?r
Baptist TheoloBhal Seminary, was ?callad,
by .1 UnanlmOUS "it" Of the onnKroi--,Mon of
the Fifth Avenue Baptist Chun*, ins?
night to till the pulpit left va.-ar.t by the
resignation of T'r. ''harle? F. Ake.l a year
ago, ???? forecasted by The Tribune on
Thursday, in?* aeceptan?*?, of which th??
congregation is already assured, will be
read from the platform t.- morrow morn?
ing. "<;i,.?y" smith, th? noted evangelist,
' ?.ill preach th.- Easter sermon immediately
.. f :.-:?>>. an!.
Members "t the church *aid lasl nl?*ht
that many mesaagas of congratulation on
the ?hole,, of Dr. Woelfkln had been re*
???he.i during the |aa< two days from
prominent parsons In the denomination,
who had learned Of hin BeleCtlon by the
P'ilpit committee through the Tribune'? ar
count. One of them waa said to have
called him "the quietest mighty man In th?
Bapttet Church to-day." Several others
. ompareU lilm to ?),.- II.---. r?r. .inhn Hfin
Jowett, wh.. recently rams from the '~arr'?
Lan? Congregational Church, of Binning
ham. Knglan?, t?. the Fifth Avenus Pr?
hyterlan Church, tins rlty. The Bev. Dr
William M. l.awr.O'-e. president ?if the
corporation of Colgate Cntreralty, sent th?
following telegraph dispatch:
"Heartily congratulate you on your
choice for paator. He is ?treat as ?
preacher, abl? as a pastor, and I helie\e
will prove thoroughly efficient tn any posi?
tion in which he may be placed."
White the meeting which extended the
rail whs .short ami businesslike, many of
; thr.se present remained afterward to talk
? Mi?- matter over. No wont of criticism was
! ?,.ar.i against th? choice .?r the committee,
I ?he general sentiment being that ?he beat
! ma*n possible had been chosen for ti"' pla?'e.
; It was pointed out that Dr. Woelfkln wa?
In man of man) aldea and activities, and
I that he was especially Influential among
? young men. Not ont) did he ably till his
'' chair of homlletica at the Ro? heater Semi*
nary, one of the deacons sal?), but he al-o
found time' to lecture, to preach ?very
Sunday, t.? write and to act sa preetdent of
? American Baptist Foreign Missionary
Boclt ty.
it was stated that much difficulty waa en
rountered In getting him awa) from the
I seminary, when the general "pinion pre
1 vailed that he would be th? next prealdent,
'? Dr. Augustus 11 Strong, th<- present head
of the Institution, having hand?sd In hi*
ation Before p.inz to Rochester
Dr. Woelfkln was long head of the evan?
gelistic work ?if the Baptist Home Mission?
ar?. Society in this country and many v.-;.'*,
pastor of the Qreene Avenue Baptist
Church, Brooklyn, before that
K ii Paddock, secretar] of the pulpit
committee, preaented th. name ?if Dr.
Woelfkln to the congregation In the ab?
sence of r-l-ar i, Marat?n, the chairman.
The report o( t i.nmlttee recommended
that the church offer .. formal call to the
clergyman and refer the fixing ?if his ,-..m
pensation an?! the tlate of hi entran**e to
th? pulptt to the lolnt hoard of dea?*ons and
trustees, Rdward ?' Ballard offered a res?
olution embodying the recommendations ?>f
the committee, with the addition that the
matter ?if compensation be referred back
t.. th? congregation, a* required ? 'he law
of the atat. .
? lectlng .1 personal word int.. his re?
mark?, Mr. Ballard said thai when Or
Woelfktn'a name first rame up before the
pulpit committee the Impression prevailed
that it would be out of the question to win
".in? from hi- ehnir in the seminan l<ater,
however, after n conference with him and
aft?-r hearing him in the pulpit <?f the
church, he came to the conclusion, with
? other members of the committee, that
he i'-a?; tho man for the pince. Fits Interest
in the work and bis r?alisation of n- re
i ?i tlhllltv, Mr, Baila i .1 said, w ? : ? un
? itlonable.
Mr. Callar?! added th.-.t Mi~ Woelfkln
would ndoubtedty feel the responsibility
placed upon her also .m-l that she would
be fulix equal to ? ing expect?*d of
her bum I> Rockefeller, ir.. w.i- present
at the meeting, bul did not ?peak, it waa
tat? d that Dr \\ oelfkln would probablj
?t.ik?- up his duties in hi? new pastorate in
it..- fall
Electrical Engineer Urges Concentra?
tion in Generation.
Bamuel Inaull, president of the Common?
wealth Kdlson Company, of Chicago, ad*
.". i .. rro led meeting of the Amerl*
can Instip.t.- of Blectrleal engineers last
night, it No '? W) ' '''h street. Gano
, un fid. nl ot the In? tltute, pr>;atd?ri
M?-, insuil In arguing for the concen?
tration of electrical power generation, said
that Hi lb? neighborhood of two hundred
minion t'.ns of coal would be saved yearly
In thi? country it' auch a - 11. m waa widely
?adopted. A lesa amount of energy, he said,
would i*" required for the electrification
of all ti"- steam railroads in and around
New York under one concentrated -ys
tem than is needed to ran tin- existing
separate electric light and i?ow. r plant- In
the same territory.
He otTer. ?I the concentr?t!? n .-f electrical
power generation t.> financiers and io engi?
neers as one of the n.-.-' lucrative and
Important fields no? open for develop?
Unong the prominent engineers present
??ere Prank -i Hprague John W. i.i?i>.
Charlea A. Coffln, Blon .!. Arnold, .! I-'.
Calderwood, W B. Murray, l.I- it g-till
w.-ii. Charlea W. Btone and Charlea P.
This Whole Trouble of Modern Life.
Dr. Richmond Tells Teachers.
Mbany, -kpril " I i? a hole trouble
with our modern llf?- is that w.- are putting
?lie accent upon things rather than upon
men," s.u.i Charlea A. Richmond, pn I
dent of Union College, In an address ? ,
i ight at the annual dlnnei "f the Eastern
Commercial Teacbera' Asaociatlon "Au
tomobUea, i?ik houaea, fin? clotba ex penal ve
living and the rest We clamor for th. m
..nd we scramble over one another to c-t
them. The fight b getting fiercer and more
merciless all the time, and Qod knowawhar?
it will end. Tl.- r. medy ?ill not be found
in an] MijnMfii-i.il .-. onoiiii. cure-all, such
? tallara <-r collective on mi ihip Dog
win Mill quarrel over the bones
?Ti,?- hep? ?.f the futur.- Me? |n teaching
men t?. l??..k open human life m ? chance
t?. cxjir?-",*. the spirit and not p, Indulge the
flesh, ?ad the new and higher valu? we put
upon manhood and womanh.i will be it-.
The real privilege of our profes?
sion K that art can give oui tlm.- and . n
? ii,". b. tin- i.ith enterprise. '
The memben "f th? aaaoclatlon callad on
QOVI ri; u- : >1\ (,, ,|a\ The Q0V?rt*r8l id
? ii. s . .| n,, n, briafl]
Albany. April I Joseph f s?-..it, super
Int. i,?let,? of Btat? 1'rn?.., ? t . da) ap
pointed Dr, .lohn w Ruaaell ..- medical
Buperintendenl ?>r Matteawan Ht it. Hoi
1'itoi. at ?n aiinuui aalarj of r.vc
Removing tlic-c bonds will be more effective than merelv (tagging resolutions against tlic recall.
The Herbert G. Squiers and John
L. Graves Collections.
There ?r?l h>- sol.) n"xt Tuesdsy, Wednes?
' dsy, Thursdsy and Prldsy afternoon?- at
i the American Art Galleries the collection
of Orientaba formed hj the lat.- Herbert
i<; Boulera when Mr Bquters was secre?
tar? of th?- United st.ve? Legation at
Peking he had, of ?oursi peculiarly favor?
able opportui Itj to make a study of Kalt?
em art and to cet together example-? of it.
in the present exhibition ?her?- ar- about
eighl hundred ?ie,-.?.. snd they make a
i.t beguiling aria?. T e porcelains >**?
P-.-i.ilIy fill the gallertea to ?rood purpo?je.
There are man?' good d?ACOratiV< pl?M*?fS,
aid the single ?olor glas?s are atjaln and
n of th? hiebest Infere?:?. Theue, |n
deed. "m?ake" tue exhibition. We would
mi- especial!' the magnificent group of
celadon bottles and vases shown in on?
case, and th.- cx-imple? of sang ?1? b?uf
For th? not too ?.militions collector mention
should h?- mad" of ?he numerous small
decorative cups and howl-;, which come
early in lb?- catalogue. There ar.? quanti?
ties of these, which deserve the friendliest
attention. The many ?.oy-s of I'lnnabar
lacquer make a gooi effect snd are rom?
paratively novel into th" bargain, and there
Is a plentiful diapiay of miscellaneous ob?
jects, Including a very handsome screen
i No I'-., Th" huge "Sculptured Jade
M iii : i i i ? " ?No M?? hau. of course, an
historical value and a certain curious in
tereat, whicl should mark it as an ex?el
lenl "museum piece"; but from an artistic
point ??i ?lew it has no irreal significance.
Mere bulk, in ia?l?-. i? not particularly In?
Mr John i. Graves, of Boston, whose
collection Is o?, view at the An.bison gal?
lery, where it ??ill be s?>l?l in ten aft?-rno<m
and evening sessions, beginning nesl Mon?
da?, dei'lares in the preface to the cata
;i...t h?- thinks he must have been
horn .? collector. He began as a child to
gather flowers and pebbles, later In? ?-??l
li-.-t.-d birds, and as time went on his tange
continued t?. widen. He has travelled much,
and where he h,?s travelled he has picked
up Interesting things It la an extremely
mlacellaneoua collection that be sends to
ti..- hammer,
it contalna of course, a quantity of paint?
ing-, and a number ?if these, especial!? the
I?,. traits of the Kngll-h school, are iigree
able souvenir*. The more resounding names
- catalogue, however Msntegna, An?
tonello da Messina, IMlrer and Van l??ke
are not quite m persuasive. The most In?
teresting part of the collection Is that
which embraces the por?*elatns, lades. In
r-ense boxes, lacquers, embroideries snd
other objects from the Hast, and the jewels
from various sources It I?? a prodigious
muss of material, there belrut more than
.-. r ind numbers In the ,-atal?>i;';e, and
n??t all "t it is brilliant, but there ar?
rood itema. The jewelry In partlcu?
lui should command warm competition.
Madrid, April V fleneral Porfirio lasa,
ex-President of Mexico, continues to be the I
recipient of nmrk<d honors here To-day
;,i the flood r*rlday religious senrlces a
?-pedal tribuns beside that ?>f King Al?
fonso was pr"?i?i?-?i for the former Mes?
han ex?ecutlve, ami he \n dally In attend?
ance al rsceptlona In court circles
fui sdfnlssioa ?o th? Amerteaa M.mr >.f
Va? u ral Hlston Metropolitan Mtueun of
I th? n?-?a york Z'.iii.iKii ai r..ri<
\,i,i . ? indar the aoapteea ef th? League
Political Education, b) William J.
?turns "?? "The t'iKi.i At-ainat ??raft."
(ii,i. ,i, Theatre, 11 .? n
-gsetlas ??'? "" C*i?*SgO ?'lub. No. 46 L?ut 29th
, ,.-i, 3 to p. m
\,l.!i.-i? b? MlaS llarri-t Mav Mill? M "K.pi.il
Irat.'-iil'-- Huilai l-iuiulil?.' Society, Ne,
? K..M o"' k" ". i i? i"
Publie !??- ture? ?.r II .- Board ?f i-Mu. at Ion, t?:ir.
,, ,,, Manhattan Publl? ?Jcho ti is?. 11Sth
,tr?-.t >?"' "f l'uni avaaiM, "The i*r?-iu,i.
t,, ?paa Rhelngold.' " Mrs Man HUI iir,?\n
tmerlran Museum ?.f Natural lltnti.ry.77th
.,i,.t and '-??irai park We?t. "Pamoua
Paint Ins?? " ?V. Pool, ??r. .it nail ?>f
i'oopei Instituts, nth street und Fourth
,,, i,,,... Wli.it ,i ?-Itlzeii should Kill'?.'
William M* lii.nal.l, ph. I? ; New York
i iblle Mbrary, \?. |-jj Bas? .'.Mh ?(r-?t.
"Miiii i'iirr?-iil? In ???-rulan l.lf? aii.l l.lt
?ratura Ul. ISSS," Q?>orga Ma?lui>i?
Priant, I'1' " ; N?e Vmk public i.ihi u>.
-,,, -,.- , \\ .-11 USth atrert. "Th? filllld
l-aim-"? "f Heiland," Joba(julno) adama;
M Bartholemew'a Lyeeuni Haii. No. SU
42d si r Ph? rtuetlag ?r Moel and
i,? preveatlon." Bradlej ?Hough toa;
Touns m-n'? rhrtatlaa Assoelatloa Hall,
.*. \?'? ? IMth ?i.eei. "Natural Hal?
? -.??> .. Matter Idea." Prsfsassf f?Min?i?l
i Schm?cket Th? Hr,..i\ Pu?.lie Hehoel
S, n- ' ' I ".f Wlllll avenue
i .ai, Seag -.f ?,- rraany." \\ niiei i.
Country Seat Near Dublin Rent?
ed for Season.
l By Cable ?<> Tl ? Tribune :
London, April 6. Lord and Lady De
cies have i?>nte.i Luttrellatown, Lord
Annaty'a r-.uintr.\ seat, at Clonellla,
j County Dublin, and the announcement
I that th.- new tenants Will entertain
I there on 'in extensive scale has gi\eti
great satisfaction in th?^ district.
Their first entertainment will bo In
connection with the Punchentown races,
when a 'arpe nous? party will assemble.
Th? hostess's sister. Mjss Gould, of
New Y'irk, will be a guest at Luttrells*
town during the season.
Orfco' Sung Again at Metr?poli
tan's Evening Performance.
A Rood Friday I? Me? York nowaday!
without ,i -?erformsnee of "Parsifal" is nn
thlnkahle, and yestarday afternoon's
brought to tl,e Metropolitan ? ?pera FfOUSe
an ?u4l?snce th? large?! .,-? any that has at
tenih-d a presentation of Richard Wag?
ner's consecratlonal festival play for the
last few year?. M was an audience, too,
reverent in attention and musical in under?
''ti"" in.e-e Alfred H.-itz save to the or
chestra lila untiring interest, and once
? Olive Prematad made <,f Kundry a
figur? pr?gnant with feeling, both hidden
and expressed, and glorified by an Imagi?
nation rare indeed among artists of the
operati?' stage.
Mr. J?rns Parsifal I- not, perhr.n?. Ideal
in it? simulation of knightly asceticism,
hut he sang the music well. Mr. Amato -
Amfortaa has been praised highly and
Often, a praise deserved in all r?-spe.-t . . ? '
Mr. Witherspoon's Ournemans makes long
wlnded virtu? as attractive possibly as it
can be male. The minor part? were all in
i competent hands. !
In the evening tl S house went h.o '?< a
century to (Muck's "Orfeo el Eurli
and Artun? Toacaninl gave as beautiful an
orchestral reading of the score a- the pres?
ent generation is Hk>-ly t.. hear.
Mrs. Homer our.- again save forth her
noble Impersonation of the tlrst of all mu?
sician**, and sang the muni.' with Inn
classir form and line. Mra RappoM la not
the happieat of Ruridlces, imi Miss Sparkes
tnakeo Love a charming little god. Indeed,
and Miss Gluck the audience as happy,
with her pure tones, as th?- Happy Shade
?he li
tccordlns to an announcement made last |
night, H. ?'. Brookfleld, the plav Censoi ??'
England, experta t.? come to New Vork
during the latt.r part of April. Mr Brook
field, It is stated, wlaht - to nee th? presen
talion her? of his plav. 'I "at ?'Id Chart!. ,"
in which r'harlea Hawtrej will appear <.n
April 1J The .-< nsor-dra matist will be in
\it..l to apeak before th? fio? lety ?f Am? rl
ran Dramatists on ?he value ..f a play
censor to the public.
At the benefit to be Ki .1 bj William A.
Brady at Th? Playhouse on Tuesdaj aft?
noon. April s, for the Regina Angelorum
Home for ??Iris, th?? following a?-t .
.artists will be seen: The BCCOnd act of !
"Bought and Paid For" <'.>?ot?^?, M. Cohan, j
Wilton Lackaye, Melvlll? Kill?, Ow?n n.o
ter an?i Vera McCord In their act, "Told
in Secret' ; Ethel Dufr? Houston and Pa
Ripple in th?- duet and minuet from "Baron
I Trench" (bj eourteay >.f V. C Whitney),
D'Aruioti'l and Frank Cafter. Maud? Rock
Well and other? _
I - I
C. M. Cunningham Figured in Battle o?
Courtland M. Cunningham, s Civil War
t?l*graph?r, dropped dead from heart ?ii
,..,^,- j,-st.-r.iu> ?Afternoon a? he was enter?
ing a restaurant at No WO Putton street,
Brooklyn He was Mveaty yeara old. H?
Mv.-.l at No 311 Ki-hermerhorn Btreat
At the time of the ?'tvii War Mr Cun?
ningham was employed hy the Federal SOV
arnment t" totere*?! messages sent to th?
front tiy the Confederate government His
greatest exploit was lo catch th? tnessags
inatruottog ftonfal i-?.- lo Invad? ih
North He forwarded the message to
Washington and General Meade waa sent
,,, meet the linadel.s The Battle ?if ?'.-I
tyaburg followed, the Sonthern.-rs b) In.?
thrown back .pros*, the Potomac Rlvei
? m
Paaavsana, <'?' . April ? - - Kunerat sen lees
fof i albrallh P, R.-dgers, the gvtator. ?bO
I ??as killed on Wedneidav In a flight at
Inline Beach, were held here to-da?' Th?
body ivas sent to Pittsburgh.
I Crazy Snake. Who Caused the Last Uu
rising, Dies in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma City, OtclS., April .*..-'"rasv
Pnake, th? In?iia?i chief responsible for the
last uprising in ?"?klahoma. dl??<1 fit <sy. ac
?*rdtng to r report received f-om Vlnlts.
' Tl ? . hs- s end cHtn* near Old Flckory.
?he stamping ground of th? 'r??ks In UM
I Cras? Snake had always contended that
robbed ?f Its land by the
whites Me nppr-aro'l before the ??rnat?,
?e-. eia! Hmes in tVaehtngton. Failing to
= et what h?" '-'"'?-'I to he pl?'t--e. h*>
Ing i" M'-intoih. ?""kfij-ik*?
and adjoining r-ounttes, *?-<l at on? ttm? the
lives of mum settlers w?r? thren t?r|.--d
Crasy -'tak' ? tribal name ?a? CMtte
(far o
f ?n?. !>!?' K
lllll, R?ub?r,
tlrtpklne. Am?? L
t|o-?'.?n,t. *H?r~11th
l>>l-inan, Julia.
r*?nfold. Joseph In?
?an VIa.-k. A1?ile? B.
Woo/la. Ann K
Toaag, Mar- t
BARf-UAY Kntered In??-. r?at. en April 4. IStX
??? . iVa??. i^!.???d ??.-if? of ?h? lat* ?? ?t ?
-.., Servlcea ?ill b? h?M P*"?ir?
Kt '.'.'." p. ni. a? h?r lat? reaidarir?, KS
V>i I nlon ?t . Brooklyn.
BOND On Thursday, tpril i, ISIJ t" ? - -
Bond ' . ? of th? lat? Pr. Frai?k P-.-?1 a-t
? .?.m?;.n. r ,.f the late A r> Mai?ii?-??.
-.. ? -.. ? ? .,- '? .- -?- dene* of h?r ?t?f?-.
'? - ?' So, 41 South Portland ?-.-a,
Brooklyn, on Ruturda) ?venlng at t e'?-*leek
I r. ? I ' ? Bradley, a??d 1V? >?ara r?i
Satiir.i?-.. Ne 3
W.... :? . : , n. I.
B1 i.i??? i% \? Atlantic City. H. ?f.. ?p-i! *.
1-..1-J. vu m? ?'. i do? of 1 M Bullock, ?*
i<: Ids port, ? ? an Interment pri,*-?. ?rc-'l
|v , Com Rrnls'Pvr? papar?
?e opy.
? .!?' li Brattlebora, vt . April ft t.-i. y t.
Noria-- P ''She', as? I S*
s.-rvi. ?-.? will i>e |al<f at !i?r la?? r. ?lian- a
Monda> afternoon Apn, fc, at '.-lo o'eteeg
1'i'irn,!? are kindly r?-ni? ?tod not ?<?> ??nd
? -'.???. l:i.;il ? On T'iar?.!??. *v?T?,ng. atril 4.
11'12, ?'. ? . . aged |.? v.Hl?. t?>lo-. .'1 ?eti ef
. ; ..: i Man --.? i ??. -i ?? ? a--t? rl?-fhj
... their r??il.-n.?. Ne IS^
at S p. i
r?i< i- " ?:r,i .-., itlz, nnillam r>i^k. m '-?
???; ? ? i? ?
I .' ?u\ - ... \ ? t ?.??_? William A [Ml
? I Ml Si Delll !'!?e!.
--- Rever
i . ? itbuah ?n
. ?I
ru-TM <?t . ? ? 4 ? su rsst
.- So .",.. -? ll 10) ' ?' Bl M ??
- I ? ? ? ? ? . ? .
? ? :-,. 1,
ri'NK Suddenly, 'Thuraday meriting ?r- ?
.,->-.- Xo 23 ' ps* ">1'- italn a?? ,
\ t . U44. i\ ? - la the
*2 ! ?- ....?.,> V-r?
, nsr?| " Mend
11 11 v .. - Intennent p ? 1
P , - - - ? r?
KIM, On Tnuradi ? ? I ?12. IReuhea 1
. ne? ?; rim ?- ??
? , r -
RrtM-tkl? - . ? i"?l 1
Hurl ?? at ? -.ir- ? -ni--.?? ??? ef fan
HOPKINS In Heal a, .?' hi* ???id?.---?. N* 44
? on 11 realll ? ? ?.-.:? Antea Las ?
t ?? sail.r of hU 1?" ?*er? ? -??
.1 ?\ Vlan Su uv. .\prll 7. st
ll-'ll H','' ? ..--i-?--, rear??? *n
v-,, ?t....,- HowlanS ? '
? ,1 ..-?.. ? ?i Ho?-.laud ?f N---- I ? -
,N lulls t.- an, ?f.-" SS -rears
.1' '.'? . ?.V r.. '?-.^
' i- H . , pb?l Pull?)
?i.i? ?in n'edneiwlay, April S. Jee>phit>e,
- the a-- KHilan and .'??^.' Vail?
ic.ei.ii sarvt<-a *? he. laia r??'.(?n.-a.
\,. )?> 1"..?. l.l-h ?t OS S.-itiiMi.?. *prii S. ?t
in .- ^ . I'l?aae omit tlowera.
VAN ?I.V'K . ?n \V..|n?ad?\. Apr-' ". at
Rronxvllle, \ "1 . afl?-r a h. .?f Illness, .Vl?lm?
? - ightar of ? ?? ? Sfagi -r and ?he
. ..- v\ \ .ui \ ..?? h Kuneral ??rv|,-.?
...;. bald In ?he Chapel of the i*nll?-?jlais
h of IM Nl.'hi.'.aa. f.th ave. and 4Sth at..
, t\ htl.l?\ evealBg, at S O'clock. Interment at
paiai ? - Brl Ige, N I
Un. d>- On Ttriiadav. ftp II I IBIS, v>n K.
v\ . ?.'.a of it-.ti'ii I. U'onil? K?in?ral
h ,v, . vi be b.'i'i it? her Ut.? leei-ici. ?.
-, um l-aiil .1?. Mew Yoik, on Sat?
:... April ?. ?? I* ????* ? SB.
v ?>n I'ri.lav April .'.. 1H12. at Osnlnlng,
-, \- -,t.,ii I.,,. k?A,....l Young. Wlf? of lr?nH
1 -, - . 4 i-',literal .?t her I ?ma TseeAsga
v .- . 1013 at 3 v SB.
THINK K ? ?tMI'BM.I-. Ml * vVe,t ZM St.
Ho?.ma. Prl? it? Ambuiaucas,
l>i i;;:t 11
'."'."., 1 si Hi milem Trmn ?nd b> Tr?-ll?y.
Olhe. tO Bast fSd ("? . N T
1 'S
m \i\' ?irKi? g Ne. IM Bsssss Mrssi
uptown office N^ i??*?4 grssdway, ?IS
.,, v \,u. r, tn l"?'?i.-? TeUaraph ?>?*h *
HARLKM orriCK*. No IST Bast l2Sth Htwea
N-? 'J?"' *A-?t l*.5ih air*?t and No 210 tA ?lwt
PMh atreei
B'ASHINaTON BlfiKAL VTestery Building.
' rcisj \ddle ? '
r. nd, E - ?
Bradley, .loiiei ??
.. ?-i-?a '?
?'n,ii<?t. I.ii.v r H
? ,---\right, ?
i ilion, ? llllam ?
I". e.?il.,i

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