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= =-**-*S-*?-'~~~ mm. s _?_?-.. - * 1-1-1- ?1* /W'l" _,<I-*'YT' In (lt> ef New York. JeMeyilt^nd Moebokea.
V"' I.XXI1 V 23,888. r"d" "M',;,:r;r?K.*. NEW-YORK. THURSDAY. APRIL 11. 1912.-FOURTEEN PAGES. PRICE ONE LLM mM_?.???
New York Republicans Adopt
a Conservative Platform
Strongly Urging Presi?
dent's Renomination.
Controller Prendcrgast Makes
Only Speech in Opposition,
and Resolutions Are
Adopted Without
a Rollcall.
Teletrrai h to The Trlb-ane ]
:, April l". -With only the
Roosevelt men voting in opposition, the
orfanlzatlon programme for tin- veal
business of the spring Republican Btate
Convention went through to day, when
nomination of Presiden! Taft wm
urged and four delegates-at-large to the
chi,.. entlon were elected. A
wniwrvative platform. Including the
plank urging th.- renomination of Presi
dent Taft waa adopted, it waa adopted,
however, by ? viva vow vote, which
gav? i for a line-up to deter?
mina the positiv,' strength of the R
xelt nun. and ?iid not put on record any
upstate Republicans wlio were not will?
ing t.. vote for anything which could be
construed M Taft Instructions.
The Taft ?Preaidentlal plank found an
opponent In City Controller William A.
.'renrh*rgast of New York, win? made .a
vigor* )i against the platform
ami declared that ?President Taft
tv't i>e re-elected. Mia wm the only
speech made In opposition t<> the plat?
United States Senator Elihu Root one
of the "big four" sel.i to go to Chi?
cago, was the chief champion of the
platform, and delivered a speech, in
which he made ? vigorous defence of the
American Judicial system and a sharp
attack on th<- recall ?if judges.
? the declaration of eternal piin
Mt up l'y ih" people f?.r their guid?
ance Is ;' convenanl t>etween arbitrary
and overwhelming power and the weak
?' individuals ?'as the Senator's aa
SSTtiOh, To tell a judge that if he makes
an unpopular decision he will !>?- recalled
makes a coward <>f him, li? declared.
The perpetuity of the Judicial system <?f
restraint upon tin- p?ople makes poa
e-5ji.it- the contin?an' e ?ef th?- country's
fr?-?' institutions.
The day's seaslon was- given over en?
tirely to speeches on the platform made
Kect. James W. Wadsworth,
former Speaker of the Aaaembly; Mr.
Prendergasl and Job Hedges, ?.f New
York. After the Mete on the platform
and the selection <?f th.- delegates-at
larjre and their alternate? the convention
adjourned, and most <.f the delegates de
parte'l f?>r their homes OB afternoon
Chairman Barnes's Statement.
State ?hairman William Harnes. Jr.,
to-night authorized i his statement;
There should be no mistake in the tninda
of Republic-ana and of the electoral.
whole a* to the meaning of the convention
Which ai-Journed to-day.
it _.-? ai earn eat sober appeal to th?
' ste i eat its will sii.mi.] be expi
? nial coherence? an?! deliberative
than through hiatrlonlc
The r'latf.crm endeavored to ahow the con- '
usir-n? -.' and continuity of the de?/elop- I
rn- ??' American deas and their formu- I
lat'ren int.. law In an orderly rather than a
disorderly manner, 'l lie achievements of
th'- Re"imhliraii part) have all l??-en won
? -, ? ? ? ..
ratl.'r than to prejudice. That party would
us entire Internal quality an?i
riognomy if it offers
? people vain bopea an?l dreams In
steari of substance.
\" one disagrees with 1'ii? fact that from
?lay t., rtay an.l > en i to year Improvement
Iti political conditions and In the admlnla
tration of public affairs should be made,
but where our opponents ?iiffet from us Is
In the method The convention which ad
jjourneri believed thai under pur form of |
f'.ment irreal f ?-?it? have come an?l
h-it that structure Is amply able to fulfil
er demand may be made upon It.
The convention Itself reflected the <-har
a "r "1 the platform In the <iii-iiity <.f its
proceeedlntrs and the deliberal on whi.-h
eh successive a?t that it
),? i f.,.
P.endergast Makes Protest.
lr oiler Prendergasl eniere.i -m
protest against ti,.- pr?ogramme in
1 eh which hrouRht QUI a r>-ar of
- and l?-ers from beginning to end.
H> took Senator Root Dr Butler, ex
??? r Wadaweorth and ?'hairman
Mame, (o task f??r tlie stand-pat plat?
form ami speeches upholding it. He in
Benator >".o"t vas wrong when he
'le< lare.l the ?recall would make rewards
of Judges.
"It would make a coward ?if no mar
v?h?. waea't a coward ?? th?. first place,"
red Mr Prendergaat "You mi_rht
?.<>u'?l make a < ..ward of
lier hv orrlerin? him to the front."
Criticises Dr. Butler.
Mr. PrenderKast crltlciaed l?r. Biitlor
for reference)? in his spee.h yesterday lo
pollti-ai patenl medicine men, exclaim*
?* J an, a?amst the
T* en years presided over the
?wtlnlesi of fhi- ,. untry. with a record of
?-liT.li.I administration win, splendid
t?til'-vt nenta, betas headlined as
it. -a, patent medicine man you know Hie
s. l.'i,m*:lUl <-ent. I'?'
?asc.*^1 wndofi?r
Job Hamngm d.nie.l ).?.-,? ,hltt ,h? .,,?.
huai patent medicine men" phrase of
Dr. Butler was Intended t., apply *.,
?Colonel Roosevelt HeaaJd II was mean
for Dr. rVoodrow Wilson. Whereal th
'< nventieon loar.-.i,
Mr. Prendergasl waa even leas gentle
will. Mi. Wadsworth. who had spoken
?*< great length, attacking direct laglsJa*
tion and the recall as ret? . . .,,,,.
in th.- political journey ?aiding
from representative fr.vernment He
?,'"' ' ' ' He's afraid ol
? legislation and n?. recall u?n i,. i
1 <>' theae days Hr n'l, ,v ?
? rn. i.
Mr Prendergaat's spa? h vs.,,, u? :
ur?- ,? the ?lays seaal?*n. Before he
Hi platform had I,., ,, ,..;,,- ?)V |jr
;ih nothing mor.- than a 1*0U
u"' " of approval, elanator
1 ? s eari?estii".:. in speaking on th"
?I recall hud Ini . ? ,i th? .Me
?te-eUiaaed ou ?e..?ue! Vm%s>t fmriu srtwa
Trail of Severed
Heads Put Stop to
Looting at Peking
A little while asio the ancient
capital of China passed through
ivvo nights of horror, being
given over to thieves and
flames. One who was there
and took careful note wiil teil
all about the thrilhng scenes in
Next Sunday's Tribune
Police Sav One of Tvvo Men
Charged with Complicity
Confessed Crime.
Two of Prisoners Say They Are
Mother and Son?Detec
tivos Recover Part
of Goods.
\ ?vornan and two men, one ??t v.ii'?ni
said he "?"?ai-' h?*r ?-on. ?rere i ? ??- 1k ??. i up In
the Macdougal stPeel police station last
nighi charge with having ratered ?
on the sixth floor ?of th? seven
atory building at No. 1?'l Varick street,
occupied i>y th.? \. A B. Hat Company,
and carried away raw material valued
al $10.000.
Th? woman and the young man. who
s her son, gave their names
..?. Mi D -.i Prank, of No. 41?> ?"?th
sire?:, and Samuel Frank. <<f the same?
addreftS. Th" <?th?-r man descrir-ed hlm
aa ?;. ttii?-i? Pruakln, a tailor. He.
said lhat ho live?! with th? Franks at
6th street address. In addition t>?
the charge ..f burglar) he was held f"r
i arrying a revolver,
The ?letectlvei said they believed xhev
had ?raptured in these three persons ;i
-.Tulip ?if the most aacompllahed
busin<BS*llke bui'glars in the cit>.
Bhortly before 7 o'clock Tutaday
morning DetectIv?BS Donahue ami ?L*aw?
1er wer? told that the v.-iri.-k street
loft building had b?een entered and that
a .??i<i.?in? robbery had been committed.
A substatpient Investigation shoated them
that thievis had shinned up a (111
cape in the r??ar ?.f ih>? building. The
fir.-l Indication that met the eye? of
th?? sleuth.? which told them that they
were dealing with an unusual set <<t
crooks came during th? ir examination
??f the window through which th??y
gained ent?rance t> the fir?*t '??ft. Th??
Window sill a? well as the loft floor
was covered with dust and the de
tectlves were unable to find s?? mm-h
as a mark, t?> say nothing of th?- usual
??n th.- ih.'iuy that ??.me ?if the small
bat cleaning eatahllshments In the lower
end <>'' tli? ?? 11>- might he alile to give
them a i lew to the robbers, th<? detec?
tives visited B sh'?|i at No "..' B-! d
avenue, where they found, they ?ay.
several h..ts answering the description of
the stolen propert) Th? proprietor of
th" Shop explain' ?l that the hats had
been left by a young man, who ordered
bands to be put on them, saying thai he
would return yesterday afternoon at 2
.,-, i. ?
When tins y??iing man ?li?l not k'-ep
this appointment the sleuths wenl to
Third ?venu? and ?Vh street, where they
were t"!?i he was ?>ft.?ii s<-?-n. and there,
th? police say, they found hihI arr?'?*'?-d
Hamuel FVank, a nttl?- ix-for'? ?. o'clock,
Frank. th<- detectives sav, led their.
t?i th" Fast '?th str?"-t addraas, where
they wer?- Introduced to the woman who
was iRt.-r taken Into custody and who,
the young man stoutly claimed, was his
mother. While In the apartment the de
t?-tives say thai they f"?n?i several
covered trunks, which were
?? ;?!? h'.-il and contained, they claim, th
greater part of the stolen property.
When the woman was asked where
sin- gol the ?tuff ?In? declared thai tie
trunks belonged t<? a man who told her
t?. k?-?'P them th'-rc until he returned.
She said si)?- did n?'t know this man's
name About an hour iat?r then? cam?
a rap on th? door, and 8 voung, BtOCktlv
built man entere?). Ilefoie h<? got his
fool across ths door s?? the ???-te th.-,
had him covered with their ravolvars
This was Pruakln. The police ?ay ho
confess?ed to iIt? theft
Man Sues Doctors He Alleges
Performed Operation.
A suit like that brought S few weeks
?p,, b) s w.-.m.in against s physician for
i?-a\iiic s towel in her abr?nnen following
an operation has been brought by Jacob
Weiss, of No. 120 Easl 87th street,
against Dr. Otto Klltunl, <?f N'?> 77 Wesl
14th Btteet, and 1 ?r. Herman Flacher, of
No. IOW ijenintXteai avenue, fur 110,000
damage? for alleged neglecl in leaving
in his aliiloiu'ii two sponges following an
operation at the German Hospital.
Weiss alleges that ths defendants per
formod th?- o|,?-n.Hon lie went to th?
ho*] Ital "n Januan ' ?? 1011, and was
discharged as cured on March I. He
,,.,1 much pain after that, and went
to Dr. Bsjgsjra, of Wt> '?"?? Baal '-??th
who urn tor mod aifuthei operation
On ths plalntlfi, and found in the wound
ponge* and other m?-di<.-?i mat.-riai.
m ? ?
Panama, April W The bodies >?f [?eroj
Cannon, of ?Harrlaburg, i'?nn. and i.? onard
i? ip.ii-i-, of ilalveatoa, Tex., hava arrived
hate troto SieataeVnx end ar?- in chargi of
the Nicaragua? Mliilstsr, <*??mnuel i: Velaa
,,,.,;,. canaoa ?""! Or? ? mere ? set utad bs
order ><t PreakJent Zebtya In ISM after they
i,.?i ?.ii ?ai'iun-i ?in? th?? revolutloaary
mmmyi Th.- i??'ii?s ?ill ,'" transshipped to
the .v.*l?aiar,'uali ?'??usul.. at N? I? V,.ik mi.)
N? ?a ? u i. aaa i?sspe?ctl*/el)_
n.^.v'. Claret or Sauterne Punch
r?r ail ?'" Isl Functions
H T "I WKV * BONS CO..HSFult?js8t.(N.Y.
a Slate Chairman Barnes and County President Koenig shake.
.??ipil h> i'n'l'iwooit & i:n?ier?'.ol |
l'kAN.'IS HKNUKlC'Ka, ?>K 8YKAC1 8K
Driven by Thirst and Hunger to
Surrender. He is Shot
"in Fiight."
Condemnation of Death Appar?
ently Because American Had
Disabled Gun After
Villa's Retreat.
Kl Pi?.... Tea . aiu ti m in A ?
neuppi.; or in.in, who r? turn, d t..-day
fre.in Parral with im American and
foreign refugee? fr? m tin- battle i
dlatrict, broughi news of the execution
of Thoiii;;? i'.?iiiit,.lii. ..f Imo ? *ru?-????.
\. M, captain of .? federal >gun under,
("enera! Pancho Villa, by th- rebato.
Wh<en Vllli retreated last Thurt
nlaht Fountain remised part? "f Hi?
piece ?in.i concealed hlmaelf in g j>ri\.?t??
houaa The "e i ipanta were Ignorant
that they had a gu>aet In a part of the
house wldotn ?.
Th?- Ami ri' i
und hunger t.. reven] his presence on
Hunday, .-?rter wventy-two I sell - !
Impose*] tortore il?- waa arm??! ^^ i?*ti .-? i
revolvw, bul mad? o?? realatanci 1
< ?n Monday he ?waa*compelled to show j
the rel-el* where he hn?l iwcreted the
miaalng ?part? of hi? rapid Brer.
tried by court martini, and condemn??!
t.. death, spparenl for havlni
th? ?nn.
Amcriei?!! resident? made even ettori
to obtain ? modification of th? sentence,
but without ;?\ini ?Finally American
?Consul Letcher, .'t Chihuahua -<nt to
General Bu laxar what la beltoved to h iv? I
been an appeal rrom Washington that
his lit?' be ?pareil In delivering th?
missive '" ? ""' 6on,ul r''"
marked- "This I the last i? MOT\ "
In Mexico the; have r.urae t" what
to known ?s the "law of Right," under
which s prieoner win. has ?been con?
demned, bul where there extota a doubl
as te, the legality of Hih sentence Is al?
lowed his freedom within **ertaln Umita.
The prisoner knows thai his fate Is
sealed, Even if he does n<>t walk ? step,
from some nnexpfcted quarter the faiai
i bulle will come, and the report will i>
?mail?' that h<- was shot While "in flight "
it was tlius in Fountain's case. He told
'th?- ?_orreapondenl that there was no
hope, i"n strolled about the streets wait?
ing f'<r death. When hit? body was
broughi i" it crontained four bullet
WOUnda, made bj shots lir.-d from be
bind. ?
The young man's father was Colonel
Albert Fountain, who, with another son,
was ?hol by cattle rustlers in New Mex?
ico fifteen years ago. Colonel Fountain
was on" of the beat known lawyers <>f
ihe territory, and waa noted In eparticu*
lar a? a i. " ???? utor.
Moving Picture Theatre and
Tenement Hou3c Damaged.
Two ? ?plosions, lielle*? ed bj n. .
i t.< have be :> ca?uaed-by i?.ini)s. ,-ii..e>i<
i ih.it part of Harlem In th? \ Iclnll of
tilth sue. ? and Flral avenue shortly
!;,i!,.i 11 o'clock laal night, blew a hole
In the brick wall >.f a moving picture
theatre at ?Mo. 2157 First avenue, hurled
the glaea front doors the width <.f the
avenu? an.) frightened the twenty fain?
ili.-s In a six story tcn?in? nt house next
door t.. th.- th? atre.
Owing to the vicinity of s big >gaa
tank ?if tii" < onsoiidai?.1 (?as Coospany,
a hundred feet away, the >pollce turned
in two alarms, and ran through the ten?
ement horn.- .-.lid eCarried women and
I ? hildren Into the rti
i'airi"k O'Reilly, employed Ma watch?
man by the K:,:? ?'??Hipa liy, WSLS ?Standing
in ih?- yard next d????r to the thmtra
when th?' tkOmbS ?'.vploded ami waa
hurled to the ground win n the tirst mi.?
went off, 1 ?r.' followed th" exp|ei.sioii:.?.
The damage to th? theatre and t. nement
house ?us esattmated at about 110,000.
Idii ii?; retirlos f?-r lnsomiila. ?A?l\L
?Mrs. Mary Levy Jumps fro
Window in Her Fifth Floor
Nurse Says She Compbinc
Later of Feeling 111 ? Leaped
to Her Death When
Left Alone.
Mrs. Mar?. Levy, i widow, clghty-ts
old, w ho lit el ?? ith h? r s??ti [?id?
f?>r many months In the Antonia, Jurant
fralta .? ?rindo? <?r her apartments on tl
fifth floor Into an adjoining courtyai
shortly after 1'J'*?" o'clock this mor?
She w.?s killed instantly
With .?-'un" friends Mrs. Let -. had be?
i laying cards earlier In H.venlng, an
s<??-ni?'il to be In th?- best ?,f spirit?? wh"
, said |.' night to h< r
Hotel employes heard n noise In Ih
courtyard, snd nn Investigation resulte
in th?? finding of Mi" nged woman's bod)
The police at Ih? w est SSth street i- '
lion i"|ioit?-?i thai Mrs i...vy either f?-i
??r jimiped from the ? Indo? \t th
Anaonla it was d? Uni I st it??d lhal
had Jump?Bd.
The '""K ??> -1 fo ind h John Colllna
the night watchman. Vfter bidding hit
mother go ?d nlghl Mr, i.?-\ ? lefl th?
hotel and had not retnrne?] ea^ly Ihli
mornlns bin Leery had a mux- an?
a maid ' Mia Martha Ooetse, Ih
nurse, told the i oil? e thai sftei *?.;
Lev) liad retired d her lnt<
her k.i and ? omi feeling III.
The nil???? ?????in Into another room I?
y, i ,, ;,,- m? dlcln? -I ? hen she ??
turn? ?i ?lie found thai ': i ? I ?? ? ?? had
. i i.? \ gl:tn< b n th? open w In?
di w -, as ? , nugh '?? ? ?tpl iln Hei dlssp
pea rani ?-. Sh? I the hot? i i.
i i., -i one*, and ? Ix ul the same llm?
Colllna, the watch mi n, rej?ort?wl tl
?ll? ? -. ?it? I \ anl.
i?r. Thornley, th? house physician, ex?
amined the bod) and sa? ;it once thai
death had been Instantaneoue. ll<- In
i'?'rni.-.i the ?'o:mer's oui??<? and ill" po?
Eats Thirty Dozen in Thi-ty Days
and Calls for Eggs.
I Bj t?i,<-.';.|.1) '.. ti?. -i rlhmse I
? ', -?ii'iiaii. April 10. John I'.n'fii. ?
Cincinnati freight handler, made g wager
wi;h a Cincinnati saioonkeepot g mouth
a?.", that he could sal one dosen bananas
gai h day lor ihirt? days and top ??ff (he
ti it b] sating ?on tesen hard boiled
egg? atld two ?1"7."ii raw ?.yst??rs. Hs
- n. . sssfull] flnlshwl the lask to-night,
and announced tha- h? would begin in
a fen days t?> s??e h? n quickly h?- c??ul?l
cat aiK.th-.-r thirty dosen bananas.
Newspaper Prints Sherwood Mf
gce's Picture .is Yuan Shih-kai
' .?: i; ti t?l TtJe Trlintn? 1
Phi . ?? li'lm. \pril 1" Sherw...
? ? ider "f the Philli?
other morning, l
tin.i In in marked copy of
Kofi Smith. Ark . net? ip *\"-r with a ?toi
.? Prealdent, Vna
Bhlh-kal, taking the throne of ?'hin
The story waa Illustrated with a plctui
' M ? . .. SWln?gln*{ lustily with his ha
and it was . ; 11 ? t ' t . . 1 with a nine-llr
tun "i the < ?rlental ru'. - :
lu.'iits and ?? storj of hon he had b?je
broken In health since the strain ?
rdlng the peace of the throne
New York Almost Hits Gian
Titanic as Latter Sails.
Southampton, A| ill 1". Another ex
ampli' of the suction caused by a crea
? t. nue- Vu., s rallar t" a hat is said i.
have result..I in ?he collision of th?
Olympic and the British cruiser Hawk.
near lote ?>n September '-'". IWll, wai
given here lo-day, when the new Whit?
Star lin?r Titanic, the largest veeae
afleoat, ?ailed on her first voyage fot
New Y
V; i!,, r?tanle was passing the Whit?
Star !1n?-r Oceanl?' and the Amerl an
Line 8te;tnier New York, which arc
lierthed alongside ea h other In t-outh*
.???nielen \\ ati r, ill?- terrific suction of the
Tltanlc's screws dragged th? Neu ? sftb
from her moorings, snd reven of that
?l'a at? rn rope p irted. The stern
of the American im?r swung Into mid
im and tin owly missed striking the
passing Titanic, which was obliged to
slop while the Now Y'-rk was t<Owed off
to ;. safer "berth.
The new liner i arrie? .".? first ?Mass
paaaengeri There waa a large crowd
epreaenl to witness her departure, and
enthusiaitli cheers were raise.) as she
The Titanic li fW2 fa l H Inches I-'uk.
ha? i be m of 0*J feet fl Inch? i, dto|
?'?;.? ?in tons, and Is of lO.OOM ton? net
irrj ;i.?iti ? paasengi ra
iiotl in the saloon, .".?'n \n th? second
cabin and 1.000 In the steerage v. hue
s(c h.e> I ? I'e-W Of S6?L
Thinks "is Rival** Will Havo
Finger Nails Full of Hair.
fit. Telrprnph t,. Th.. THbtaM I
Lincoln \' I?. Apt II 10. I"i ? ??.ti at
v? rk !?? ?ia> Senator i.a F.e|i,.ite. .-..!-?
mentlng on the Rooeevell victory In the
llllnol i"- - Id ntl .i i : Imary, ?aid:
?I see i:,..e-. veil ' arried Illinois?. That
is all right, it mean? thai Tftft cannot
i?e nominated on th iirst i.ai!..t. it will
help ni\ candidacy, i believe I would
have ee;ini..ii llllnol? if i ?amid have cam*
...i in th.it state f?.r ..tie week before
the primar] ' " |S aaked not t.. permit
my nam. I ,)"' ballot in Illinois,
imt i instated I th?tre was trag man who
want?-,I to vote for the principle? I stand
for he ?heould ehnve thai eh in ?
"If thlni ;i M in the recent
primai r election they indi, ate that W. H.
Taft snd Tlwodore Roosevelt ?ill have
their Bngegint-ili full ?>f hair."
Settles Louis Drucke's Action for
Damages, and Giants Will
Open Baseball Season.
For a Time It Looked as if Stars
Would Be Required in Court
to Testify in Pitcher's
Th?? Interborough Rapid Transit <*om
pany would n?it have s friend In town
tp-nlght If Its attorney had not put plain
common sense before dollars yesterday.
Even a soulless corporation would know
that there was something doing il" thou?
sands of ardent rooters for the Qlants
had gone to Brooklyn to see a new base
hall aeaaon start off and found that their
idols w-p' in court, subp?naed to tes
! tlfy In a suit for damages. But?-"fan
? dom's" mighty voice was forestalled,
Louis Drucke, the Giant plu her, whose
injuries In a subway accident nearly
?.uis???i thousands of eases of "heart fail
ure" Of the. degr*'e common to M?-a, h
ers. Is nearly .??."..?nh? ii? h?r. and?on"
8hudd?M*f at what might have been; a
?Igfa .?f relief- play Ball!
The Interborough had sul?|"rnaed four?
te.'ii members of the ?liants, ineiudlng
John Mi ?'.taw, the manager, to ha in
court as wltn<esses to tell ????me <>f th?:
things that Drucke ?lui In the b?>x even
after ho was Injured. The witnesses In
, lud.-d all the stars <>n the t?-am. or most
of them, and they wer?' in court yester?
Drucke had sued the interborough
company for |25,?000 ?rUmaOaas for in
IJuries to his shoulder when a subway
train he was riding in left ihe track at
the Pulton street station. That was in
October. 1D1?>. Fortune had to deiide be
tweeji th?4 railroad company and the big
pitcher, and. of ???urse, gnve Drucke the
better Of the uncertainty. If the triai
of that suit had been called at any time
between October ami April it might have
h.'li'-.l the defendant company. But f.-r
the ?as.- t.- come to trial the ?lay before
the opening <>f the seas?-, made the raso
f..r the company helpless from the begin?
Nevertheless, It looked for a time as if
the Interborough was going to be re?
sponsible for a delay that Brooklyn and
M inhattan "fans" would never forget.
The cas?? was not called until the after?
noon, and If a s?"ttlcment had not be??n
efTecte.l It would have b""ii a ?uiestlon
of contempt ?>f "fans." or contempt of
court, with the f.irmer's end finding no
lakers, as ths players would have been
required in court to-day,
However, the attorney fir the Inter
borougti did soin?' rapid figuring He
?l??. Ided that amona: the jury ?>f twelve
men thete would be at least ten Jurors
win? would want to see the game. "I'll
?ak" no ?haines with a popular baseball
hero to-?lay," he said, and after a con?
ference with Druc!-c's lawyer It was an?
nounce?! that the suit had be.?n moiti?,l
without -i trial for about f.V'?<?'>.
i*"-jttter-<8es for to-?iay's game: For
X'Yawk, Marquar?! nn?l Meyers; for
Brooklyn, Rucker end Erwin.
? -i'i.iv bell!" _
Lord George Hyde and Family to
Live on Canadian Farm.
Lord ??eorge Herber! H>de, wh?> re- |
cently sold his lands and de? i?ted to
leave England forever, arrived here
vi-si' r?la> <>n the Whit?- Star liner Olym
Ipfjc, from Bouthampton. accompanied by
Lady Hyde and his two children, <;?-.'i".:..
, Villiers, six years old. and Joan Vllltet*!,
? three years old.
Lord H?-<1<?. wh<? ?onus from Hertford
Bblre, said ft -.tenlay that he intended to
live ??t Pickering. Canada, about twenty
miles (*rom Toronto, where he has pur
, based a farm of 201 ocrea,
"Teg." be disclarod, "1 am going t?? bal
a fanner. I shall work on the farm my?
self, and Lady Hyde will ?t?> her own I
housework. We will keep n?> servant?!
tor s while w.- feel thai th.? changa'
will be better for the ?hildren, whom we]
have taught to torweft their titles an?l j
i)rivt,?ratic an.'.-stry. We may visit I
England In U>e wteter oocaaiosmliy, but j
OUT liotn?' will be in Canada." L??rd '
d -.,!,. was ac?'onipani?-?l by his brother
in-law. Lord Somera.
Among Otfcefl OB the Olympic were
William KMa ?"rev, Mr. an?l Mrs.
QtorgS \'?ri?:*-i"??i 11. Mr. and Mrs. F. H.
I'tiiue. Robert I*. Perkins, Mrs. Frederic
(-.,ii?l..rt ami William Phillips, secretary
of th?; American Embassy at London.
Boston Wan Kills Himself a5
Wife and Brother Seek
Him in New York
Was Representative for Oorham
? Co.?Slipped Away from
Muldoon's Farm and
Went to Grand Cen*
tral Platform.
Herbert A. Sawyer, Boston representa?
tive of Gorham & Co., silversmiths, at
Fifth avenue and 3.")th ?treet, committed
suicide during the rush hour In the sub?
way last night by hurling himself in
front of a local subway train as 1*. ?II
pulling Into the Grand Central Station.
He was killed Instantly. The police
learned that Sawyer had been taking
treatment for h'.s nerves at M u Moon s
sanatorium, in White Plains, and had
left there only a few hours before he
killed himself.
A dispatch from Boston says that Pla?
yer had recently completed a fine new
home in Newton Highlands, and the
worry over this caused his breakdown
Samuel E. Lewis, of No. 4.37 Troy ave?
nue, Brooklyn, seems to have been the
only person who observed Sawyer clor.ely
Just before he threw himself before the
train. He told the police he saw the
man enter the subway at 7.15 o'clock
and walk about for several mlnufes.
Sawyer did not appear unduly agitated
a moment before he threw himself on
the tracks. <}n the contrary, he sur?
veyed the approaching train calmly as
it was drawing Into the station.
Lewis had been standing close to the
e?lge of the platform, near Sawyer, as
the train came in. but withdrew g pace
or two as the first car approached. He
expected to see the man beside him do
the same thing, but instead Sawyer de?
liberately took a step forward, toward
the tracks, and when the first car ?vas
only a few yards distant threw himself
With great vigor off the platform
His body landed sq'i.'ieiy between the
rails, and before Patrick Mul\aney. the
motormaa. could apply bis easorg-ency
l'i akee or shut off his power the boa'.
disappeared under th?; train.
The couplings ,,f the first gOX ?aught
Baw-fer"? body and drew it beneath 111 ? -
wheels, aim the tram was not brought
to a stop until the body was 1,.
under the first truck.- of the second ? m
Platform Crowded at Tim?.
The platform was crowded af the tfflM
of the accident; and many winner? wait?
ing then for trains who heard the < lie?
of ihe men ?landing on the platform ran
from the pla.-e in terror. As goon as the
irain ha<! b-en brought to a stop the
ni.etorman and Pauvltnan K??ubsky. of
the West Nth surent police station,
Jumped to the tracks and crept under
the body ,,f the car until they found
Sawyer, wedged bet?veen the two sets of
wheel.* of the forward trucks.
Dr. Vtetor, ?if the New York Hospital,
who had been summoned, accompanied
the men. and a single glance at the
mangled form was sufticier.t to cominee
bim that life was already extinct It
required the aid of a wrecking crew with
a train jack before the body could be
removed, traffic on the southbound line
being delayed in the mean while.
After the body had been removed to
the West ?Hhh street station a sear? h of
the clothing produced several cards with
Sawyer's name. There was also a bank?
book, several railroad th'kets on New
Kngland lines, a sum of money and
pieces of jewelry. There was also a coat
Check of the Grand I'nion Hotel, an 1
this was the means of identifying the
The police eommundated with the ho?
tel and were told that Herbert Sawyer
was not registered there, but that hi*
wife and hla brother were guests tMere.
The clerk *Uao said that Herber! Sawyer
had visited the hotel during the fore.
Boon, had checked his roat and left.
Over the telephone a man who said h?
was Her!?? it Sawyer's trother, In reply
to inquiries as to whether he knew where
Herbert Sawyer was, sai?l, in an ex.ited
"No. he did not register here. He his
threatened to harm himself several timea
? has he done It this time?"
Wife Was Seeking Him.
When told that his hrother had killed
himself by throwing himself In front of
a SObway train. th? man s.?id Mrs. Her?
bert Sawyer was ai the hotel with him
and knew nothing of the a,'t Ot her hus?
band. After saving that he would go at
once to the police station to identify the
body, th^ man hung up the telephone.
He did not appear at the police station.
h'W.v ?:-.
?Later ? man who ?aid h?< was \v F".
Grant, "f No. 4t>5 Kighth avenue, Br???k
lyn, called at the station and positiv, ly
Identified the body as that ..f Herbert A
Saw \ er, the Boston representative ef
Qorham'a He said the dead man was
thirty-three years old, and ha?l llveil ,,t
Mo. I Kloial street, Newton Highland-.
Saw ye ? had been In the sanatorium for
the last two wtjeks, Grant said, and h.ul
left th"re suddenly yesterday, not being
under restraint of any kind. His wife
bad ebnen told of his departure, and cam?
on from Newton Highlands with S?w
yer's brother
After visiting several hotels where
Herber*. Sawyer was In the habit of reg?
istering, tl-ey went tr. the Grand Union,
not mowing that he had checked hl.i
coat th?'re earlier in the day.
I.e.ndon. April 10.?As a precaution
against suffragette' demonstrations, tick?
ets for the ladle1-' sallen ih the Hou.e -f
Commons to-morrow ha\e been restricted lg
the wive* and daughters of member?.

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