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difference what she hit. The report
should not cause any serious anxiety."
Captain x. .i. Smith is in command x*r
the Titanic.
The Titanic when ahe left Southamp?
ton had about 1,100 passengers on board,
?,f whom >M were in th?? first cabin
Among th.- latter ?ire V. D. Millet, th
artist and prealdent of the Consolidated
Am? ? demy al Rome; Major Ar?
chibald Butt, military aid to President
M. Hays, president of the ?'.ran?!
Trunk Railway; J Bruce Ismay, ?-hair
rr.aii and managing director of the White
Star Lin? . Henry i*. Harris. th<- Ainerl
can theatrical manager; W. T. Stead,
Mrs. Isador Straus, Mr. nnd Mrs. John
Ir. Bl 1 Mrs. < ; 1?. \\ i'lener,
I ? ?1 Mr. an I Mra
llar:y Wldener.
in addition t<> several
prominent onea pr? mentioned,
are Alfred Gwynne Vanderbllt, wh?
ji.ineil the ship ?it Cherbourg, and th?
Count? -? Rothes, Mi and Mrs Emll
Mr. and Mi - -i B, Thayer, Mrs.
J. Stuart White, Mr. and Mrs. H. .1
Allison, Mrs Aubert, Mrs. Cardoza, Mr.
end Mis \v. i". carter, Mr. and Mrs
Mark Fortune, Mr. and Mrs. W. I?
Douglas, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harper,
Mi>. r ?i \ppleton, Norman C. Craig
M P., Mr. ai ) Mrs. \\ l lodge,
William ?' Dulles, Colonel Archibald
e. Mi- and Mi s Henrj B Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M, Hoyl
? ? ? her '"? How es, Lambert Wll
< gton Ro? b ; g, Adolphe
.?- ? .1 Clinch Smith. Mr. and Mn
? ; I? .. Speddin, ? "laren? ?? Mooi
Robert W. Daniel.
i he w hit? Star liner Titanic, the h-rs
e.?t vessel afloat, left Southampton ?\prl1
10 <->n h-r mal w-? voyaare for New York
Sh< Is .-' \. ?sel of 46,32s tons, is H ?????
?. tona,
??n leaving Southampton last Wednea
? the Titanic h "1 a rather exciting
moment while proceeding down South?
ampton wat? i. Pa sing Ih? WhK
? ?J the Ameri? an li'ier
*Ne\x- York, which were berthed alongside
, other, the suction of the Titanic'!
triple screwa dragged ti??> New York
?from iirr moorlnga and seven of that
el'a piern ropes parted. The stern
vf tn?* New York swung ' ro midstream
and narr ? : ?-1 striking tin? Ti
taiii?-. which had to stoi? linti'. th?; New
York was towed to a safer berth.
Th" passengers of th? Titanic appeared
t" h?? greatly excited. B?x>n the hi*?
gteamsht] ime to a .standstill, and a3
goon as the vope-? lia?l Inen dis? "iinected
her three tuns wem to the assistance of
the New York, barely flf?een f?-et sepa
gatlng t,i? two v? asels.
Fortunately the tugs Neptune -?nd
in v>t the New York back to he.
aithout a mishap. Then under het
?own steam ?he Titanic, v. nil her fifteen
hundr? d i a-seng? -. pro
n Water "ii her
v.. one ?'i nmforna.
however, lost ins presence of mind, the
v i- ?uing orders
gh his i??- . ? The tuga i a? ed
hei with ropea
ten and, under the
? r with diffl
- ? ,...?. .i
t ? ?
ni? ** n? n ?i is known tii it
? iur city
m?.. i--. . ? i woi Id i- moie than IO? f<et
? ? end. than the
? New v.? k The ves
:: '.? ? i j
? |
SI 1*11
? ? der of th?
of the Titanlc'a
at it?.- time of h*?**
1 ' ? ??? ke, In tha
i er.
? ? .. \?
?? to-da*
rmania and
with them last
\ ir frtnlan and
? - were
i of the Tltat
. ? ? latter'a wireless dit I ?
? i . th>- i ? .
? '? ?? value ol
? ite saving
Resifu! Help
nj? ligaments of
roll !- Riven l?y
\i?'ii Si", i r
>("- ? -il t in:/.-*
inf* j pecu
? n
? and re?
t? :?',!!' I?)
?Cownr.1 Arch , ,. and
' Ihavebeen
-na.lch? J:im ,n ,,,,
*vu?tom Depl
SOI I) NO? ll'.l-l I;lsp.
264-274 Greenwich St., X. *y
M?iil0rJ?-7*.l|IUd | .s?nd lor ?iialogu?
Housefumbhinj Wars rooms
l? ??? Artii-le hu?! Malrrlal foi
House Cleaning
? ; ? foi Kur.
I ? '
45111 St. and 6lh Ave.
Idelegates to Chicago
Five Hundred and Fifty-eight Elected So Far,
322 of Them for Taft.
Two hundred and s.x delegates to th?
Republican National Convention luve
I been elected a ?? Th?' Tribune's last
tabulation <?f delegates-elect was pub?
lished, ?.n A>prll 7. Five hundred and
: fifty-eight delegates have so far
chosen, and 322 <?f them are Instru.ted
for or otherwise committed to President
i ait. Colonel Roosevell has 17_ dele?
gates, Senator ?La Pollette thirty-six and
, Senator Cummins four. Twenty-four
At tho Presidential preference primary,
on April P, Roosevelt carried the
al large and twenty-four of the
twenty-flv< is ?iislri'ts. He will
have fifty-si. of 11 -? * * flfty-eighl membera
of th" Illinois ?-.? ? gation.
l\i:\ TI CKY.
Th" it-itc convi ntlon, held ? r I
ville ,,n April 11. elected W. O. Bradley,
.lames Breathitt, W. I?. Cochran and .1.
1-;. W.eci delegatos-at-large, and In?
structed them for Taft
'J'li'- pt I-Istricl Convention, h*M ?*
? Ion on April 8, eleeted W. .1 I ?etwe
atrl J, T Tooke delega.? a and Insti
tl.?m fe. Tafi
The . ? i Dlstrl I I Hen?
il "n Api il 8 ? lei '?-'i R \ < 'ook and
J. ix Harvev delegates and h ?tructed them
foi Taft
The '?''] i ? ention, h< Id al Bo** I?
? . ? Ireen ecu April :?. o.r\, .j p p ?
of Ko-ailii? Green, and Raleigh Keown. of
Moigantown, delegates and Instru?-te?
for Tail
The 4th i ilnti I. t < 'on .ention. held al
Ellzabethtown on ?\pril 9, eleet?ed I
? i Roy it"' d of
?-M,, .1? legates They wen
Instru? ted, but are fee.
Th?* 5th Dlstrlet Convention* held at
liOlllsvllle "Ii A pi il S, ele ted H- ! nard
helm, C. 11 Sesrey, M .1 Holt and William
Heyburn delegates, with one-half ? vote
.. .??? \ ote \\ ill go to 'l'..t't ai
to Roosevelt
Th?. fith District Convention, held al r
ington "ii .prll R, eleeted \1 P Gal? i
W. A Burkamp delegates and
th? "I fell Taft
Tlio "th I ?isirie i Con ' "???' n. h? Id et ].-?
grange on i\prll D, elected R C, Ptoll, ?f
Fayette County, .it<?i Jan n, of
; . 'nunty, df leg it? and ln?>ti ne t? ?;
them for Tafl
The Sth District Convention, held -it
? lile nn April !'. eleeted C C. Wallace
of Madison County, and P W Bethurun, or
Roekcastle County, del?gate? and Instruct '
th?>tii for Taft a j""-?- ?I in it minority eleei
? ?1 William Lawmlll and li ?; Ratson an?l
' Ihem for Boose?ell
? th Dlstrlet Convention, hold nt Mn-.
ville on April .. elected John IPiPsell. of
Boyd County, and W, C Halber!, of Lewi?
Countv, delegates and Instrnetead then, for
The loth District Convention, held at
? <--?.. o? \p*-1! . .i?*.i?"l .T H Bsrd
\? u c.f r?-"A??-ll County, and Asbury R Prit
rie k. of Bresthltt County, delegate? ??,] in
ted tho-ni fo. Taft. A neecdlng element
: Edward Mien, of Floyd County, and
A T Patrick, of Magoffin County, and In?
stru? ted th?"-m for r.oone\e\i
The 11th District Convention, held nt
forbln on April .. sleeted V .I Bethurun
C .Edwards delegate? and Instructed
for Roosevelt \ ??-?-edlng convention
? i ll Tl A ?-her and O. H. Waddle ml
i ted th?m for Taft.
-i ii? state convention ef th? y\.
(Black nod T?t!i faction of th
Bepublican party, hold at Alexandrl
April 8, oio ted as delegates-at-larg* -
B. Hebert, Armand Romain, \'i ???
T>oi?;?->i, H. c Warmoth, Emile Kuntz and |
i ?r D ?. i Ines, "'hey wero Instructed
,.?r Tafl
i ti\ r
Th" - * il ' held al Bu ngr?r ,
ted as delegates-at-large I
Morril '- "???' of Portland; , I
? ?, of Bumford; Charles H Hl< h
ugusl i, .-i nd Ha I her 1 P l
ner, of Patten They were not In
st rue ted, bu! are pledged lo vote for!
1 ;?>. '^('\ e!t
Th? invention, held nt i an
., April 10, ? le. ted J? ?? m Llbby an I
W 8 Kendall deic?.n?-?. The.? were ?loi
t are pledged to Roosevelt
jd Dlstrl? t Coi ' ' tlon I eld al I
cor on Apiil 10, elected P N M-nill and
H !' Merrill delega t?-. The? were no| in
pli ? evelt
The 10th l ?ist I nv? rt.c-.ii. hel I
ir on .prll 10, ? ?-? ted . i; ii vina
and E .?. I_awi
not In?trusted, bul are ? !
I it r . nty '
o*i April l' was marked by groat dlsor
.j. ' Two ce'? of delegates-at-large were
ted for Taft wera
D McKa. Detroit; W, ,T. Bich
i'ei- ? ? Falls; George H Morley,
Sagina w; Pred A. Diggins, Cadllla. . p,
' ? ' Ba? i "ity, and William
Jackson, ''.rand Bapids. Those Instruct*
. m t.ir Ro ?:-?-. ell w< ' ? ? lovernor i
m ?? i i ' rli N ? ols, Detroll :
Rybrant Wesselius, 'P;.n.l Bapids; ll,
F Boughey, Travers City; Theodore Jos
lyn, Adrian. ar,?l W. J ?. Gordon, Midland,
emed lo have a prima
facie claim to regularltj, and tl ?
votes ;ir> consequently j??it in the
? ommitted column,
? i ' ?!.-. ention, hi Id at Ann
.10?.. on April . .. -.. U w Watkin?. of
rank NVwton, of Ypsil
?,?.?? e Instructed f R
'!".io ?.th Congreai Distrlcl Convenl i
at i-e-iitfc;, on April 9, elect?_d ?..iai I
I ? ?? .it.. of Geness? ? '? I? I e
-, of ' ?a h land ? :
hem for Taft,
The ? trlct < 'on vent Ion, hi '
ted Henry R. Smith, ..! Bay
? ? loni Mi;. ? Khebo?, gan,
n d Instru? ted th< ml Tafl
Thi ? . ? ., ?,, ],| ,.
Heoil i ? : ? Tl Whito,
.'. \ 1 ?:. I ', ?-. of I e
del* sate < and Insl them foi T eft.
9th '? '"?.--. ! ? trl? ? 'on* ention.
held on Api il I '. eleei Palmer, ?ef
' idl
ar.d !? ell
\/.H YORK.
'i he state coi . Id al Roches
Api il 9 and 1(? ? ?. cted as d? '? -
v of Ww Ytirk;
Mbany; William
Berrl, of Brookl n, and r.dwin A
ritt, ji . .ei" Potsdam. They were " irged
t t- ii m vote tor Tafl
i rlmary .-le' tlon for dlatri? I dele*
'si r:l 13, according te. the
:.: ? . 'hi? ?
-.??n unin*
? ?t.mmli ' . ? ?
i i:i:\it>\ i.
; .-t Moni
Vprll 10 i deles itea
i .,. i ?. -. of 1 ? ? John !..
of i re... and John . Mt id, of
. led, hul
m foi Tafl
t Mm
- ,|
. . . ? ,i I i.
te?, and
I, irnt < on*, eni n hfld t Mont !
?? ,;"- ""? "?.i
ni It I.
. i?., t^d < ' I" R? ? t
nd .?" ? i h "?'.
. ? i m ? orji ? ? "t. -
, w ? , i ,, , nd w a M
? I'afi
| , , | , ? ! . ? . I ?
kniet convenl t I
ivannah on April *; eierte?! K <~> Staub, r.
??f Ht. .ti'sej h, and .1 S Bhlnna ?
Nodawa* County, jelegatea, and Instructed
foi C'..?-.-\-? i.
The M District jonventPn. h'-l'l at Mo.
berly on April H. Mected A Q Knight, of
Orundy Cou t", an] E M laomax, of Unn
County, delegates, and instruet?sd them fot
It??.isi-\ ?--it.
The ?it? Distri? convention, laid al Su
I.oui? on April II, Meeted Charlea R. Grave*
and Henry i. \v?.k.? delegatea They wei.?
not instruct??!
Th?? l?th Dlstrl? convention. h?M nt St.
L?*?ul8 on April II ?*lert.d Henry Vf. Kiel
. and "Ou -" !'r? \ *?l? gat? s A v solution ol
instruct;"!) fni- Tat mea defeated
The loth Dlstrtetronvrntlon, held at Clay
ton on April li, reefed Otto F S?fei an?l
Edmond K?"?in iHegatea They were not
'. Instructed.
The delegates -lected by states, terri?
tories ;:?,?] i!.-pHn?ene|A,?j. with their pref?
erences, ar< sh?wn in the following
1?t C'l-r 1>. en?
t if Rt.I1 F let. mini mille?] T'l
Alabama -?_? 2
I 2
Dim ?f Col 2
I ''"l??ra.1" . ? *"
i rioridi .is 1
Indiana . 20 ?
Illinois .... 2 M M
I low. *. 4 12
j K.ntuckj- , , -'?'' -?? ? ?
.-, 1
1 Mali t II U
Ml I ,K?r 1" 4 A 22
p| .... 20 i''?
? 12 ?* -'*"
N.?-r M.sirn ... I fl
N ?? Voik . ?-I? ? nn
Nr.r?h I ?a'*?"-. HI ',n
Oklahoma 4 14 '**
1 P?*nn?vl? anla .. il M *\
philippin.! 1 - *
f-v?.|Mi Cat Ina. ta - * ' '
-| ? nn? saee K. - H
1 Ki' i. 24 -J
Vermont *" 2
v?i -- '.??*.
:??:?: i;j M i 2<1 KM
- ?-,.,, o-, f (ts rlr'rfizte' ?I :ar:--?
Michigan, on.foi raft and on? I i It?*??-??.
' . tn4 "?' ?? - . ..' r :' I In 'r? un -
i??iiii.i'???rr] column Four *"toe?<?Yal>*. del.fatea ar.
li? stal? of Indiana and f<* n
I from the ?tat? ? ' Mlaaia ?Ippl. I
??? i I -i?. |W0 from II ? '-.?! ' '? al Win,
I we f? in? ih? 4'?? ?klahni ia tiro ?
Dana, two froi ?I,? M India? i iwn ?ro???
?' .- ?; ? - ? ? . - ? : Ml*?l??!ppl,
, i- ? ?? f Kentucky and in
10th Kentucky "wo rail det.a;a??a ?
?. ??on-;, fron "-' "??!. Mi???-.'!! I an<1 "? ?
th. 1411- \t-'", i" ??? -. from - * l*i '?'
iwo fiom ih? 11th Kentu '
Territorial enl at?te conventioi
he held :!i:<? we?*k HS follows: Hawaii to
,] ?-. Conne 'Hi and Delaware to-mor?
row. Primaries will be held In Nebraska
.m?i Oregon on Frida
Dlatrici conventions lo be held this
week Incl i?ie tl.e following
Tib Mlasoui S?dalla, *?pr ' I?
Is? Kama? Atthlaon ?prll IS
" ? itjrl S'.vad ?. ?.pr
I mi s?*>uth raro?na- Charl.aton, aprll IS
Inrado April II
1 ? m ,M| Cant ? ?prll 17
2d i."ip'i?>? ? New < 'r'r ?i--- ? -, ft
Other state convention-? -.?"l atate p?-'
. lied a- follows:
antlon. "f"M?a .M'-.in-'f .?pr:i?l
i:, . ?a i . on ?ntlon, Pro? Id ?ni ?.
Ml ?.-?? Plat?.?x?n?lon, B? l/>ul? ?r"*1
l?r,r,r, rtlro?D.| Pan
??prll S*
? ma Hampahlr? Pial? convention, rnncord
Manaehu*?tt? Prlmarl.? \r?"' 89.
?!? Iff,
Villlama fa
M . ? 2
n?h i ?. ^.i ,r ??? .-? e?ti ??-? Ion -
May 4
ind Prlmarl???, Mav ?J
? , ?. . ? ????-,
ArK ?? nventlon, l "? -
Maj T
i;.|iic.t at -a"
Ma ?
Ptat? - on? ?n-,'.?? '?!?? ?
f.'alll ? I -.???!'
... ... ?
V-r. 14
May Ifl
? rt h <
Ma I."
Btat' ??" n ' ">n A ?,?-r 1?' ??
Ma? 13
? ,-. rr... ?ntion, Pro? o, V?- 1".
M??ni ?? F!?al? . a, ? ..? n*???**
M , i,'.
Wo?? Vlrajinl? Bl ?- - '?? ? 'i'?- "
"m. Mi? 1?"
Olilo > - - May 21 '
y.--? .i. i ?---. i'
, ^ ?ntlon. Fort V II *?' "? '
I 11 . A .-,,-?,'-.- a. | ? - ,. I ?
ta -1 ' in? 4
McKinley Insists H* Will Be
Nominated at Chicago.
Washtnf-toi \ : --1 14 Th* a? alam he
\ietorj ?'f Colonel Rooaevell : ??
xaniH yesterday ?poke ii?<- final arord .ii'.l
? of Ih* Tafl ? tTii
Statement al Ro
"The President la In th I ghl to atay.
II?. xx ill ho th?- iv'iiiti"--*. "f the Repuhllean
, on? ? i" Ion -i ' ? ?,.;?'? Me ?* aa ; omln t? I
four s'eara .irn xxiiiimit th>- \ot,< ,,f K111?
, .,. N'.-v. y, rk or
\Vi. eonsln." R? pr? .-? ? tatlve 1*1 IIHam R.
McKinle; , director of the national Tafl
The i- n Rooaevell headqnm
i??rs to-day, while l??nt:. refers hrleflj t?i
the Peni i ele? t ion. Th - qui il I
given i.?- practicallj all on that aubjeet
The r?-! i Is 'ii v. t'--i i" ;? revlee of .'H the
lo .1 it? . setting out th? Iah i of
Roosevelt n -
i. .. toi McKinle .-.,.-,. ? he?idea
? k to 'ii? "third term," says h
Th-- ?.iiteome r,( th* Pennsylvania prl?
maries la plainl; Indicative of the faol thai
g only ?' ?mall
na rt n tat the ? itnpaign for th"
Reiiublican nomination for President
Instead of construcl p i
. | ? forth in ? effort to solve the prob
lema before th? nd ,-? .? bid foi
tj'l ol merit, -. nation wld
rampaif**n ol nd muH' i"-i ? nn
eentatlon, vilification -,-!'i aas nil
! 'tut? ?1 st-.!, has been sub.
fact, i" ?? eonspiraey, not only t?. humili?t?
H ?i, ? ? Munit the
-? ??? i???! ? ?"' ?-.!?. socialism, has noi
only been countenance bul conducted b?
)? ? m? i Presld? ;.? Theodore li" .
fact i hat " late i now rlnlml
weui th? ?: ni!!-- "f Abraham Lincoln li ?
me <?! rt? magoglsm in this
countr; I h?-d.
Those >tat.s which have yel to elect dele
in National l'on ?
?? .?? \\?.!i r? ?lite now
that th.- K? pul.Il , aa well a th? R? nubil
? an ? hi ty, i ?? b?s??n pli.i In I
th?? Isaues raised b? 1 h<**? ?lore I
Including Pennsx Ivanla, which
? . . ?test advices, i given Pi esidepi 'I a u
t twenty-on?
, -.ii\? ntlon ... *
pledged to hi?i
i ?!,?.i ilnatloi II?. i ?? .1 mil; ;.. tnoi ?? il? I?
more ?l? legat?.. mal
? -, ,. ,|oi ?
The IV. if ? .it ?.
. n th?
'.i?-ii. ? ,. i i-atei'lay, l?-?ok ihn
?-nli aa t h<
.-.?.???i 11 on thai t he ?rtei i
.-? ouM ? on Id? i i.Ih? r can?l!?lai nul
? 'ol .veil will be the i in
i -i .- ill l,. ,,.'. nated al on Hie
rm will i ?
with th? ; ? Inclpl?
and !? the I iii.x.
? . - . . ? ?. . ?
ran mm
Pennsylvania Politicians Say
suit of Vote Is Not a Real Vi
tory for Colonel Roosevelt
Trouble in Anthracite Fields f
Fight in Pittsburgh and Phil'
delphia Against U. S. Sen?
ators Important Factors.
[By Ti'lo-.r.iph to Th? Tribun* 1
Philadelphia, April 11 Astute Pe
sylvanla politicians, although "n
.< raje ..f i. In| shorn "r t.helr p- oter,
day uro almost a unit In declaring i
t:-..- sweeping victory <?f th?? spparei
Roosevelt follower nt th.- prlmarj ?
tlons yesterday ??'?a.- noi ? vlctorj
'.?It, hut was s vi' p.i-Y in ;i fl
against ?mai hin? polltlcs
Th-s?> politician? ;ir?' a "nit In deel
in- that Boosevell If the chosen i'i-t
? t.-. ,,\ erthrnw the pro?-,'tu p.? pu
can machine, perhaps for the upbuild
??f s hett?-r <.i-,o r.n m? advanced 1''
i., cause ..' hi ? abillt) '" ..i'po,-i! to
..s ?,f ihe multitud? an
? tuse ?<f hi? executl !' as
i ? :'?i Of :. PRttem.
In Pennsylvania man thli
the Hi." ?? \ ell followers ??? Bgalnsl Pr
Taft, -.-. 'i" i i obabl?; v il!
" ?t .?r th" entli ' I?
from Pennsyl* anla " hi n the C
? .,ii\-..iit;..i? ' c h lied ie? e- d<
'I'!?" .-...-ii strll i ? ?* ihe lea ?I
the-?, and this statement '? ? vouched
? .-?n than John P. Whl
lent of tl I n U ?l Mine Worki
tmerlon .., ;.;: unguarded mom?
to-day, i., rtls - ig r -' ':| ?' ; eh
lion, Mr, White s Id
you know when the m ners sr? *.".oe,ki
tii.- mine eboss I* a >_r?>it. ilf in"- ' e
???i .? i ?e-ition to r?-')1"--' the meg under h
t., do ?-?ertciin tiling-, and they .-.r?*- ll.
to do ns ;iskr?l [Pi? ahen the mu??
Idle, the mine t" ss li orn of hi- pow
He ?- not || .i position to request Hi? m
under him <o p.? to me polls snd to vi
n. lio m..v suggest Th" miner thin voi
Whether this Is the reason thedellb*
Htinn of th? miners' repr?sentai
?i.pera tors have extended over ? i
rlod much Pineer than ?was said to
necessary, and even -.for most of '
important questions Involving th? su
pension at th? mines have '<"'??'? settl.
to th? satisfaction of l>oth i??
be declared absolutely.
Two weeks i-'" It wa tated hal M
followers ol Roose ell wanted I
suspension .-it th? mines >'\t.?ici o?.
primary day The wish may have Pe?
father lo t'?1? thought, but ih? suspei
Slon did extend n-??r prlmir- d-;-. at
yesterdaj even miner in the rennsy
vanla diacres wei I I ? voting plac?
mid cast ,-? baUot for the R."-??it d?i
gates and the .Hit: r?:,)'"-?? candidate
rtil ucounts i'-"* the Ro-osevell lani
slide tn th? mining districts.
In Philadelphia and Pittsburgh tl
light against Senators Penroae ar
Oliver has lieen .... for years. The flc*
,.e_;;.in<-t Penrose ? ? hed an antl-cllma
h> th? Mayoralty election here pfv??r
montha ago, when th? Ko?,ston? tick?
led I dolph Blankenbttrg a. I
Mavor nnd snowed ijnd?r '????r?e 1
Karle the - ?ndidate ?' th? ore
tlon. Since that time th* ;?o.j maeblr
follow?.? have h??n welding together
"!>?' I Ine - f th? ?t- rra n tiim have I ii"
tir Police Department ?"it <?* politic
'i he? i' - ?? - ;-.i i r i me tu ganlzation .
Us gt it has neither th
polk'e n'? 'h'- municipal patronage Tei
terd ? I evelt carried s>-\. nt??n ?
the f'-'t t v -seven ?.<- -.i '1- In Phlladelphl
Itecause tic- >people hrd decide the tlm
had '"ni.> t'. c.erthi ? ? ie.
In thi ? rn ? **,.i of tic ; < .,ic th
'?"n in Pittsburgh between forme
Senatoi William FUnn, himself ?
astute epolltli '.?'. and Major \hc.
thr? w United Stat? i .-'? >? .t,.i- .
'i h? re has P en a fs _ht in Alle
? ounty for -. ears bul two ->
powerful leaders never ? ?mi?) meal on
common ?ground before. This year th?
got together, and tl e organisation suf
I'l '-el
, The Republican leaders say they can
teil Be ounl r,?r the Ro me ? It land si id
! In the farming districts and In ih? in
of the state, othi r Ihn n Lai
!. aster, when the ??! Ranis ition still re
mains supreme, ihe one oasis ?if the or
ganlzation In the entire i late
Tl-. ? ? ? ounl for thi? land
si de i ? th? ' n t thai the organization
snug in Its ;ill"K<"l knowledge thai th
organization flghl was icine; w.-ig".
in the ' Ities eetii?, left the i ounti
iricts to theme? h es The tour of I
\ ? it through the state ., ompllshed th?
t ? t
Summed up In s f?ew aords, th? d?f?a
Tafl delegates Is due to the !..?
Peni .?al ion did n?.
? down t.. real work until sfter th?
Boosevell tour through the state The?
thai Penrose and his fol lower i
realized thai the people no longer would
follow them on national I sues, and th?t
anti-organization forces had ; ? r? ? ? i.?,? -.i th
voters with appeals thai Ihe time t<
strikr- a \it .1 blow for the elimination ol
i ? nrose a an t Ipe
Ex-State Senator Recoo-nized as
Pennsylvania Boss.
i. ? in? 1
1 " | - :
Will! , . . . ? (h, Ro
I, .-.,... ? ? ill fad
of the Republican part) *
.? i ind Idu .1 politician In the part) by
nizatlon, Sen itoi Boh
i the Tafl
? nina Moa "f the primar* rame
Wh? n t?
' 0| P' ? ? ' ' .l'-llll !
father of the Hou ?? The Oliver faction
. ? ? ? ; ; illty "t M ? ? . hl
The Mh ? :?; nl
i-lat?n i
Answers in the
No 134?Left Behind.
Watch To-morrow's Tribune for Correct Answei to
Pi? ture No. 135.
Of the 372 So Far Elected Clark Leads with 130,
Wilson Has 81 and Marshall Has 30.
Two ivirnlre.1 und twelve delegates t
the Democratic Kattonal Convontloi
have been elected since The Tribuno'
tabulation of detegatea-elecl was pub
llahod, on April 14. Three hundr?sd an?
??event.'-two delegates h;ive liern el ?Me.
so fur. of whom 1% ??r.remitted I?
rinrk, elfhty-one to Wilson, thirty t<
Mur ill ;?nd ten to Burke. One h?m
dr??d ati'i eleven ?ir.? uncommitted.
Th?- offi'iHi <*->?ai! In Wtoconoln ihowei!
that ?'lark ff/ot six- delegates Instead "i
f'.'ir, Wilson nineteen Instead ??f twenty
??n?i (?n?? was uncommitted Instead ol
At the Presidential preference primarv,
hell ?m April !', ?lark carried the stal ?
and each of th?* twenty-five Congrega
districts. Je ? ill have fifty-eight dele
W'.i YORK.
Th?? state convention, held In tin. city
on April 11. elected ninety dele-rates
bound by th?? unit rule, but not In?
structed for or committed to any candi?
date. The names ?if th?-- delegates ;,,
peared in The "rihun?' of April 12.
/'/ \ \'RYLV IMA.
At the primar*,' election, held on April
13, according t-? latest returns, sixty
four ?listri' t delegntea w-?r? elected,
? xx,? of whom fa vit \V '
I?, !es;:itr,is .-,, f;,r e\*M teil by st.lt? *". ter
11??.i i? s and d? p? ndenclea and their pref-,
i ?r?nees are sh-.'vn in the following table
Wll Mar e-rmmlt
S>?t? rark f.n P irk" shall, led. Tl.
i A la ?ka
llllnol!? _ M
. . ??" *>
Main? ... - ?3 "
N.-v fork _ flO HO
i s. .th r--^ .... to "? W
Oklahoma i" I" ? ? MM
Par.nm '.?. ;m!n '"_ 2 '?
sin 6 IS 1 Ol
T. tali |30 -i i*> W l" ?"?"
Primario- will h? held on Friday n?xt
In \? .1 Oregon, and th? .Ma?
st;?!.? convention will m??t <>n
Wednesday. Other state conventions or
primaries are to i? held al later dates as
< -r>ir>' ' ' ntlen, <
I "' rar? State convention, !>?? i . *?
Florida- Primaries, \pril 30
M ? ? Prima ries, April ..O
Mai - land Prima I? M i >>'
Penna) I- anla Stat? ?tlon. Harria! 'ie-*
Ma?.- r
? ?
(?allfornla r'rtm.t>-i??s. ?a} n
n i .- ?n. < 'on. ord,
N"-.? \t"-(|e o State ronventlon,
May 11.
S'?.:?h ? '.. r? Un Rtate ??? ?? ? i
Mav 15.
. ? h !?-> niatr ? i ' Im irle? M
V'trgl ....,,. r?lk. May *._
-,-.ye?? e- ? ? Ion, Dalla* "
r.i .r.- .primarle ? M
Oeorffla .';.??< convention Atlanta, May 29
\ ri7.'u ;. P| nn_"e t. Ma | '-' '
Pho-i" island Primarle! Msy "1
i >i.. P>? State ' om ention, i Klmnt
.llU'r. :t
lelana?Stat? ion n?.ir".
.1.1". 4
.-??nth n.i<e>'.-i Primarlea, .te?..-- ?
Ark-?- on, l.lttl* Re '
.leir" ? .
? cr\' inei Toledo I
Minn"-"'i S'..'^ convention, Put nth. 1er?" ?*<
v. "*i Vlrg '?' convention, Parker*
burs, June fl
T' nn '??. tpd"i>?n?l?"it
i. Naaht III?, Jui '?
"We Hit Them Middling Har
Ht? Says, on Return from
(Mew Hampshire.
r**\ Telegraph to The Tribune i
''?.?-?.-?r Bay, Long Island, April '*
proverbial clam bursting with happi
a? fi?-,ni* ti?io liar) nothing '.n Th?*o<
I?oo?.rv<?lf vxrien h?> not l?i<-|< to Sisrnn
Hill m da* , [t? received mor?. than .1 1
'??rfi telegrams lirai h a ni from his
1 ?ii- admirera, rongrattilating
.?n ?i... result of m-? Pennsylvania primai
? them middling hard, dldn'l **?
the Colonel sakl Tve lust heard fi
Mr, Fllnn, a? Pittsburgh, that l ?-?-t ?-??
four out of th<? seventy six delegates,
eluding the twelve to the atate eonvent
whl? h I ? m . ontrol by e two thirds 1
it looka a.? though "?"enrose was pr*
i-adix- ?o?.;)i^n ' Rome one Interpolsted,
"f shouldn't (?ax- thai Mr Penrose 1
e\ar?!v won :t ?tI"|-|oijs victory," he rerl
?baking all ever with laughter
The thlrd-termei ?"? Into the ?'???
Central Station from New Hampshire
5:33 this morning. He left his Bleeping
al *-', '" and t??ok breakfast at the Harv
? 'loi', starting for Oyster Bay a? "? o"clo
H?? Iia?l luncheon With his fatntlx and
the early afternoon h?3 d??nned hH he;
waikin? sun of brown knlefcerboekera ;
short eoat and start'?.I With Ml - I 00
veil fer ? Ions '? rosi rounti
th?? north shor? s of Green H ?\
It waa neiirix ?. "" o'clock in the evi
Ing and vet raw and ?"-?cc?. *? ??en tl
Rot harii The ?colonel was In his best
itnoods as ?,c- -,'eoted the reporters on
"Colonel, S m'.rning pan???- t.. ,1 , ? 0,110'
Henry f*?". Taft
p.?leo !?? ?late has cost I70?.? and tl
pent I2BO.OH0 in i'it
burgh alone Is It true? ome one ask
Doesn't Believo Teft Said It.
afr ' ? evell looked ;i trifle strloi
See here.'' |?e said 1 don't know ai:
thinf? at ;?n about Pennsylvanie, but y
.. , ? , ? pul it this wa ? boya [do
believe that Henry v, btxin c<
rectlj quoted Bui If he has thai stsi
ment i?; a deliberate misrepresentation
in- part."
Colonel Roosevelt s-ild he -?. ,?? rnn?ld?
in?? the advisability of lasuing ? persor
statement regarding the actual standl
of tiie pi?'?-eni national delegations T
newspapers he says, pei ilstentlj mlsrc
, . ... the fscts
\. present," he declared Mr Ti
and l each have about 154 delegati
Many conteats have ?.i be sett I? I, ?...
ever In Mississippi for Instance, Jt'
Tafl rlalms all of th? deles-ates In Mi
aourl f x'.ill bave two thirds of the ??nti
delegation. They have credited me wl
1.ni?, two d? ' ?: ' te In Vermont f kn<
the other uninstructed delegates, ho
..... and 1 rn sure of thr? e more
[I In known that Roosevelt's manage
feel tire ?f ten delegati Sen ?*<
ilr? idy, .-,.1 tl they are ? ertaln
t.-n more nn i?ir,n as the hesitatitt|
zntrr- iir?- convinced that the Ro
boom is "looking up." The prospect
New Y.iik is getting brighter I
::???. declare, for the reaaon that tw?
t-,- more delegate are read? t., ti.?p
Roo*? -, rit ran ahow that he baa on? ha
of the total delegation of the country
Chicago. This, according to Renatoi Olxo
makes forty Roosevelt delegates from Ne
York Stat?.
Tro rOlonel I? pleased With the Ne
Hampshire outlook 'There Is an ui :
of feelm?- there. The big en -
are for Tafl perhaps, but the employes ai
r?T me he said "A nd h; th? wa Ma
rhusetts Is looking more hopeful th-m 1 > 1
New Hampshire primaries win he ivi
on April 2S and tln-???e <>f Massaehusetl
will be h? Id -.n April SO
Still Has Much to Ra ,.
?? ?ke?i for hla opinion on the situation ?
get ral ( !ol? I Roo te\ ell said t ?x 1? "flne
He promis?*d that the countrj would heai
l?,t more fiom him on the initiative, ti
referendum ind tin recall, ???. xx.ii ,
re? 'i of "Judli i'?i decisions "
11. was told thai Uton R Parkei
Inc befoi e th v'"'x v,.. >,. , , \
tl.Ivl abll ??? ol..< tti
ti ,1 f.'r the ie. -ill of .!'-? lalons," ha
itrl tl ? ' trouble all in? in tl
I - -,,.ii. p. opl? had tried to ? < , > 1
by de? I.n Ing the 1 ixxs un
lltutlon tl " Judge I' -i I ??'? nlde I the
. ; ? ? all ? v I .1.. en m id
? ,.. ,.?.,.! 'nn 11 an?
the Court .?f Appeals In Sea York Bl "?? b
of men "
l ? ? , ? 1.. Iphl
. ? >nel, hi
... ithi 1 ? th mil? s
Hera l th.Ion?
mi.? pi un ?i lea
The) xx.. ? parti ularlj gi atlf; Ing lo nn
. 1 ?? Hi. . ;.,;?!, ill ill ? ? i ' ? the xx ||
of the 1.pie x? 1.-..- th? I
. - m ? ? ? '*?
Three of President's Bnpporteri
to Vote for Roosevelt.
n 1 ' ?graph 1? 11?. Ti bun?
Philadelphia, \pnMi Colonel Roosevelt*
delegati?.f Hfl ) five Republli in el I
m r ? '-i.i? primaries xxiu t?e augmente.
by at i?H-t thr?? mo.-? votes 'n the Chicago
convention William Vare and Hugh 1 lack,
..f the i-t District, ?nd Harry f" Ransley.
of the "'I Wstrlet, announced to nii?ht that
they would hop Tnft for Root? veil In the
tiHtiona' convention. This will ln?*rease tl
Roosevelt tot.,i i? f|fty*e|ght, snd, w I
twelve R c. i-eli dele?ates-at l_r_.-. ??? i I
bring P< Ivania'a toi il vote for him In
th?- ? -]<in?. on t-i -o\ enty, ?
sis f.?r Taft.
St;tt? Renator Edwin " Vare, P.t v
nrganlsatfon I- -?dor of South Philadelphia,
?ie-o announced yesterdat thai h?> would
throw bi< support t'> -'oion?i Roosevelt
Senator Van? -aid te, night:
"Roosevelt now virtually assured of
the K?p"h"' an nom ?? ? I Is, 1 hi
e ? the only Republican who .an defeat
rbr. Democr uic ?a? lldate Thl ? ?
in i. i r?n for turning to Roose ?
Delegate Hugh Black, Recelvei nf Taxes
and i Republican organization leader lor
?| believe the sentiment of I
and nf Pennsylvania Is for Roosevel
If th? Republican p*rt\- Is lo win nexl fall
h? musl be supported "
Harrt P Kan'-!?- . ;>r" idenl of ih? Feleci
II of Phllad .; another power
In th. tl Republican i : ?ai Ixatlon, ?ad
Vi opinion Senator Vare expresses wir.
ei\r ;? proper Indication of how T "-twr,').
Roosevelt la undoubted!; the i irtj achole?
All Republicans should lino up behind him
If they want t,> d?-f?at the >Deino.ratii
Ex-Cashier in New Orleans Is
Charged with Embezzlement.
New ? "-'?? ins, eVprtl 11 Eugene !"
Pnhl?r. president of th? Teutonta p^nk aril
Treibt Company of New Orleans, ..nd Joseph
H Goniila, s director. were arrested h*r?
to-night, charged with making fais? ?tat?
menta to the state bank examiner ?nd con?
cealing the * ie condition of th? bank
T-'r.nk .1 Brsud, es assistant cashier ot
? publli a? count
ant. \?i> arrested it the same tin??, charged
with epiebezzllnn ?"'?.<*"?*? of th? hank', fund.
Th* '?'?'-? ids after an Investiga
tin?? bi i'-- ' attorney Hi ?'i_ir Artan??
Th? bank Is a statt I I tutlon.
Braud severed his connection with th?
bank mor? than a yeai ago, snd it ? , |
? .- Buhler and (Jomllla attempted to
cover up his alleged shortage when the
bank'a affairs were examined some tint?
agei bj the ttate bank examiner, Buhler
la prominent In local financial ?nd so ::
The Lo7ier has more h .11
bearing, than any nrher
motorcar built?iCKtyse?..
This mean, utilizing
every bit of power pro
duced by the motor, with'
out loss or waste
Eall bearings :.clp-*d
make ihe victorio is
Lo7ier s lime in ihe I. ?
Vanderbilt -Ace 9 mile,
per hour faster than the
best previous record
5*Stb and a -*. J ?. , .?
?y col ?in
* >. ? t ? nii-fl from flr?t pit*
Rons?-?It forros ?.,<< th? 170,000 id 4
anthracite miners fi the non ? ? -i
counties <?f th? ?tat.-. where the for_<ner
I'r?.sid?rit ran strong.
in Phllad? Iphla President t_p s aA
herenta captured three of i
? 1 split Ihe d?i?p..tion in an?
other, giving th? l'r??s!'i?nt. s?-?.?n dele.
gates m Roosevelt's five Th? d?i?.
gates f.i\ " 'l -.ft were nee? ? 1
Amona th?**??. Who evnped th? p.
veil st.irm w?r? John \V;->nam.)k?r agj
K. T Rtotesbury, .vh?. ?-?r? ?1? ted ..?
.1?ioj?at?s in th? 2d DiStrii t Kdf.r
Fnh?: Smith, provoal of th? I'nlv?
..f Pennsylvania, ;? Tafl
down to defeat, bul William Ora per
?Lewi?, dean of the law departm-eni of
?be, university, u.-i? ? Rooe??v?it winner.
In Ail??_h?nv County, which Includes
Pittchurch. fot?n?-! RooseveH raptured
;?ii th? eight delegati - four d ??
?? ts Amonta; them Is William Kir.n,
?. ho has foughl the i ita organl
zatlon for j?>???
In tl?? (Vene?- ? n here r,\f 'J
Pun h- ? h his hon * R ?aevelt na
? . . .1 delegatea won hui mr P?nchete
1 -. ? . Taft delegate
.,, the state ? onvantlon
?tlovernoi Wilson hid an ea?\- time of it
m winning wventy-fout of the seventy?
six delegates te. the Ball re conven?
Mon -? t -? -?nt thwr? are? tWO Demo
rratlr state organisations In Pennsyl*
?.e-h ha? Indorsed t*-e New
(;.m, rrnor fof 1 I - ; ' it There
?, ?.. .1 t'--.- s. altered del? | ? ho f * -
vored Champ ?Clark, ami In thr?e du.
i,, t? there ver? delegates In favor a<
Figures al hand Indicate ?ha* th? ?
organized" 1'em.?? ri'n fa? lion, headed Ity
George W. Guthrie, of rittshnrgh
Representative A Mit?'h?ii Palm<er, ha.
I s majority of their delegates 'n
opposition t'. th? regular ori
i by Jam? ? _. i luff? of Pittj
burgh. Each fa< tlon has aenl
for ? state convention al Harrlsburg "n
une da. Negotiations have been
und?r waf ? tlma fr-r a ?slngl*.
convention. nti?1 it Is not known wh<ttht.
th? primary rwull will hasten harmony.
All the political parties In the tata
named candidates for Congreaa In the
thirty t?*.o districts and nated
candidates for th? .-?t?te- Senate in
tw*nt] five of the tlft> fSenati dlitrl Ll
and selected candidates fer th? 2?7
in tha lower house of the P-_-..- _?**- g,
Th? -SenatOera to !?? elected ?will h??!. ot*
?ce four years -md will have :i vol
ihe ?selection of a United States S?tnator
lu 1013, when Mr. Penroee's t?rm ex?
ANational Cash Register
makes good business men and
capable employes.
It trains them to be thor?
ough reminds them to be
accurate?educates them tobe
Nationals gu.ird a million storesful
of employes from temptation.
They protect a million merchants
from loss through accident and care?
They guarantee a square Heal to
both buyer and seller.
National ?soon pays for itself and
lasts for years.
lhc National lash Register Co., Da)ton. Oho
?t"*?. V?rk Office. S. P. corner 2Hth St. and R'dvvav
Pronkhn Office, N'>- 7.*? C'iurt St.

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