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New Berlin Bank Embezzler Onl
One of Many. Victims. It
Is Believed.
Gans: Snid to Operate Throng
Concern in Fir-nncial District,
Se'ilinT Worthless Stock
of Syndicate.
Ai Lerestln? line of criminal Investi
n Y\ts dt here in ropr?--*1?
tl ?
iltlng cashlei of th.? First Natlom
\. . . ? ? os v. h
h.* ve * een worl
New Ilerlin ?bank nre after the mem
r?f a notorious blackmailing; pan
rre known to have headquarters i
, !Tv. in?--. extorting a ten
h'in?-lr''?l dollars from "?.mold, ns h.?
tri. th-* ? rs have con
.?:ily mtik'te?! him of thousands o
ira during thu l ist few years, It wa
These Mfl'-kmHl'pr- are -?aid to hav
had knowl??dge of Arnold's peculation
from th?? hank for a long tinn?, and t
hav?* held the possibility <?f exposure u
to liim s?) pel 'lat he continue
,r. mor? tot amounts to sat
isfy their demands. The possibility o
recoverIng s substantial amount of th
bank's money which w?ant into othe
hands than Arnold's l?sd th?? det?aetlv<j
to pick ; the trail of certain men II
th\B i ? . I| ?? ? the men most wante?
i, Mid ? have left the city suddenl;
since Arnold c? nfessed his embezzle
ment. It is bell?tv?d that he sailed fo
a Ro.ith American port.
Evidence Not in Shape Yet.
Po far the detectives working on th.
?rase have not the? evldene*. in euch shap?
as to proceed to arrest any member a
the blackmailing panff. but there ar.
two or three of its members under the?
s'lrveJllanr?', It was said, whom they ex
P?vt to take at th?* proper time. F?
?ileverly have the members of this gam
duped their subjects that the l?"--al au
thorltles have been unable to obtain t
speeiflo complaint against any one o
them which would load to their arre-j
and exposure. Th?-? New Berlin cash le
Is ?"aid to have loen only one of lnm
dreds of "wealthy** ?subj?-cts of the blaek
mailing echen.es of tV*se men. Th??"
have extort??d l<trp<* amounts frnrr
women as well na men. It was declared
and always through some knowtoitf*? 01
1 ret?r. *e ol n family skeleton or com
promising ad of the person toward
dlr?sct their operations
Undtf such circumstances th??? vi<3tln
r ither than rur
risk of tl tel ed exposure.
It ?a.-is thought likely that the Nev
?i cashier mipht have made the ac
of this extortlor
? New YorV
? ' ? ?self with then
they le,*.rn?d o
! liona In Sem Berlin. The-,
i live In keeping nn ey?
ers who may b<
or for pleasure
true "f the finan?
. and towns
By coi?
Ep ho inform then*
r ppen to lean favorable'
'. rtlni ? Manhattan.
Stock Said To Be Worthless.
Th? :e is a ' - ? ? concern In th?:
fin.-,? ? which some of
tl?--- men <?; rate, II w is Bald, They
maintain a I ? pointed of
and conduct I 1er a syn
? a
ing th<? sto k of th?
?lass*, to the viertln* <?f their extor?
tion, hi order to make ? show of Rivins*;
him Kmethlng f.>r the money th"y have
taken fiorn him. Tn this way the "oper?
ators" are n,?..st Ilk? !?? avoid a "come
ba> k." in police parlan????,
nne of the favorito meihods pair! to bs
employed by the syndlcatori la to im
pr* s o?! the ?jubji t of thtdt threats that
the;/ ) ? , Ities '?* hand for
distribu? ng i: f hi ti n lly scan?
dal or -, to aji the local
vovt-^ i ? , oth? r r?-?.? i (
pora througl ?at the The name
of a well kn?*?wn ' distributing
a**:er'-y Is said to ?? te beta copied as
close BlMe for th? buafaeea n?????is
of these men.
Capita] Al! Subscribed for New
National Bank.
fRv ? -'. 'I ? .- Tr.hu-.? 1
". Y., A;.ill 14.?The doors of the
National Bank of New r?criin will
i ;or ?i? poaltors to
I '"? '? ?-h- 'rtltr-ates of ?3?v
-. - 1er to help the investigators to
full extent of tl i Hah-inties of
the 1 indrel and
eight hundred < I f ? It have
dy tV-sn obtained. Four rational hank
? *.- ng at th? bank,
the l . - . tat or the llabllltltsa is not
yet kroTvn.
? --j'O'k b**r rh?? nnnonnoe
I ? Of th? '''*a!eati"n of th?"? trii.srrd
rank T Arnold, New Berlin be*
' ?.f mon, and Is look
to ihr. futui...launt.-d, for all the
been subi
' i soon : - - tlonal closed its
? ? ?-teil for a
??Invlar Institution, irpora
ti??n was at I. Th?
atock, all subvert-***?, will r?a?h that
I ?t $10,0
for the -. will be
this week ; ? ? ...
??'? v ' : Holmes.
? I*. Hall, F A
1 d, Vf. M. Rack ). n i:ii:?,tt, A.
I' S| ragm?, Ir- others.
-,- 1m
? ? t that
? other ;,
that he wo lid make no pr? diction
me, for n was ?.n?*- ,,r ii?0S(,
' ? I.rn.i.,1 -g
' ot the
least th? r? poi t of .-."'-m?.!. d saf?
I . Arnold \
j. -IH has been i let? m m
too, ih.tt tin-re aver? vaulta In the
Arnold home In which ni''
t . wera k-? t, ?and in - ^*?? put
the fact that Mirm-, Uvera r? had - ? ? n
? Am-.Id ho
of fa? t, som? ?'???>.
? 'i?
u , and thl
?a-.!, f Dt to i?, i heme, la BuflalA it is her
?I.,,,,,,,. l-akl by i Tribun? Pho.op-ph?r ?mm th? Woolwortl. li.?'?Mi?._. :.? l*=?rU*l;,?-o .?..'1 l?m?.l__y. _
Looking Over the Tribune and the World Buildings, the
and Manhattan Bridges Can Be Plainly Seen.
c t'hotncruph* by ,T"bn Kiiinum >
own, an?1 ?va* not a sift from A'1 \~r
As for secret deposits Of money, there
n ?if.
The report, too, that rear!-.* tl>ir(v te
in ?Thennnpo county ha<l their de?.>os1t
the Now Merlin hank Is another pu t ? ! i ?
canard. There are onlj nineteen town
ibe county. ar"i tlie sreater portion ot tl
hnt k In ti.f other ?Tillages, of whlcli
lfjist three Norwich, Oxford and Qree
are larger than N'??w Berlin. Only tl
town? banke-1 with the Now BerUn It
ttitlon. The?, tire Sew R*.rlln, CblUH
snd Plttsfield, Otsegn County, which
Just f_--t of N'.-w Rerlln The supervli
aie boii.i??i by s n irety company, end tl
towns are. bound to ^'?'t their money.
The r'r.sin'?r of the bank !?- respont
11.?? r. ncn h the police force of .
.-?s lii. people now h
rio plac? ? ' ? ? il - - '.r rnoney
valuables, :t was thought wise to Incr?
' of officers, and this .
-1 ?
? on. Inn? tX fr??n first page*
voked by th?> federal forces, should eertal
never be used agaInst American ?"1? 1 z't.q
cop? ??' the foregoli .
lo ' ; ?
In ???... Amei
Marion Let? I
You will immediately informally a
unofficially present this matter to Oro:
accordinr? to abo'.e instructions and y
will at ti*e same time point out that, c
ing an American Consul, charged w
jtectcon of American citizens a
interests in Mexico r.n. holding an ex
quatur from the Mexican government
represent i r.c\ the Mexican people, you a
instructed by yo.ir government info
melly to say that you must continue
exercise your functions a^d to make re
resentations whenever occasion demanc
Americans, British and Germai
Combine in Mexico City.
? - of Ore
and Gei many llvli g ! ? ??? ha'
deft 'Iony f
? -
. . . .
I ? ? "i-. The \
had one s-Jorgens?
plenl . "f amn it h?
ntly by the i n?: - ? nmer
A system of communication has been ?-sta
? ? ..- Germans ai
at the tir.t sign that tl
wives and children o? the foreigners' eol<
are in peril II I .-irranRfd I
Irai ' ' ? ? ' - ? merles
Hundreds of Americans >and ?Europea]
are pouring Inte th?- capital from all par'
of Southern Mexico, where rebellion an
brigandage have displaced federal contre
Mexl? " city la also honeyoomited with s^d
.,- ] revolt i the Madero
Only yesterday a fo.r .?general In tl
Mexican army who retired shortly befoi
the overthrow of Dlaa offered to Join th
American defence corps n ti?l bring recruit
with him ni8 of.?*r waa declined, a^ n
M< xicaa Is now trust? ?I by foreign resid? nl
Culiacan, Capital of State o
Sinaloa, and Tepic.
Mexico City. April 14 Culiacan, eHpita
of the FtHte of Bins loa, and Teplc, caplti
of the territory of that name, fell Into th
hands of revolutionists yesterday, accor.
Ing to privat?? dispatches received in Mexlo
City yesterday.
The attack on Culiacan 1?; sai?! to hav
been led by Martine-/, ?le Castro, a Depu?
from the state ol Hirnlos to the Kations
Appembly. The assault on Teplc was |?
by Lieutenant Luis Guerrero, formerly u
command of the federal garrison In the
city of Tepic, wht'-h r?BVOlted severaJ weeki
jit".. H? Is pal?" to ha\o entered the lowr
at the head of four hundred men.
otllcial oonfirniHtloii of the taking of th.
two towns w;is unobtainable, but the I?e
partment of the Interior admitted to-ninhi
i. h.?ttle was being fnujrht at Santiago
twenty-five miles south of ']'.ipie,
Wonld-Ee Reformers Make It a Sodom
According to the Sheriff.
At a m. ? ting Of the members of th? Inde
nl Order, Free s..i * of Israel, li?-??l al
Hall yesterday, Sheriff Julius Har
r ex-grand master ?>f the order, said
"it is o.jtraK?"'ii? (?ti.i blasphemous t<>
?car our ?-ity derided by would-be reform*
? r? ne to its moraJlty.
"Oor people ate among the he??t that can
be found anywhere The '-'?-.?.l evil ?pi? s
tlon will always Im un Impotrtant on? until
ated by law, but in our city, with Its
ns ?'f Inhabitants, we are bettei ami
purer I ?" s ur?- governed In a liberal
bplrit We are not hampered mol? ted i
eperaeoutad, and because of this we are fres
men In all thai the word Implies
-? j ::_t a sel of#narrow minded, crimped
,;,.v men, always ready to denounce the
fair name ol our eity, let loose >perl<odleal
make outsiders believe our ?itv Is a
Bodom and ?.omnrrah. All the world
? .iji look at our dty, won?_erful, arelil*
lecturally beautiful und otherwise
"ft would put In tii<? siuido all ??f tho
suppoaed wonders of ancient day?, and in
habitation of millions, v.l. i
a city un?-i'i.iil? ?l a? i?. Its mot alii >,
?**duc_auon, liberality snd charttaMeneaa To
?be a New Yorker win Im a ?prend dlstlnc
? Sfnliei everywhere." |
Believing Tfiey Have Compie1
Case. The* Send Inspectors
to Two States.
Soapmaker Said to Hive Er*c
Slain by Man with Whom He
War, Well Acquainted and
Who Came from Distance.
'!!? Tolneraph ?o TY-e Tribun? '
Lynn, Muss., ipril 11 Th? i.- nn v
lie? Department to-nlaht aenl I
apee tors to Maine ami a third ? ? N<
i York In the hope of picking ii| tl
et n man who, *? it h rcvenr"
live, they in Heve, I? 111? -? i '.??? rgr
Marsh, th?- wealthy snap mi
whose bullet riddled body w i I
the \v??st Lynn marshes lasl Frida
i Every link In the ? haln m ?? 11
police Is prepared to throw ar ?und th
man has been forged, th?
The Lynn police ? ?
pared to shoa that this ma
the i?r?.;i?l?h of the i ontlnent to
?i ?counting with Marsh; that hia
was i.r?-?*?--<i'*?i by threatening
which Marsh Ignored; that \
every effort to keel
et, even to the point of staying
fr??m the Marsh home, whet
would have recognised hirn; that
in wait for tlii"" days outside t! ? Man
home before he finally en mn
Marsh himself; that he hud an auto
He in waiting, of which the Lyn
?a have the number, Into *?
Inveigled Marsh on a pretext, ind thn
Marsh flatly refused to meet his de
man ds.
The murder was committed
half an h r of tl ?? time v?h n Mars
turer sat talking with hi
murderer. Five hours later, ih
clare, his bo?i\- was plaeed In an auto
mobile, th? hot tl the cit;
and the bodj waa placed where it wa
afterward found, tl-"- man. a stranger '
Lynn, believing that the tide woul?
come in far enough to wash the bod?
out. The murderer then dropped oui n
the city, confident thai his racks hat
been covered
Case Developer! Quickly.
The Lynn poll? e under Chief Bur? kea
hive developed their case within th?
lasl forty-eight hours. In talking wltl
Marsh's eged 1er. wit llv?*?d
Hi?- firs! hint of a motive appeared Bhi
told tin* police that Marsh uns Involved
in the settlement ol an estate and 'ha
in this connection he had been threat
en? ?l
This was only a vague clew Tl m u
who had threatened M a ruh waa bellevei
to have been .". ihk? mllei away ?vl
murder ws? commlttH Chief Burckei
took a chance n?- wired this man'i
home and learaed lo his surprise thai
this man had drop|.?il out of Btghl In hi
ho'iie town a week au" Burckes thei
telegraphed hack for a description. Hi
then hud a talk with Dr C. H Bergen
gren, who live.s at Chatham and Timsor
streets I ?r Bergengren had seen l
stranger hanging aboul the vicinity oi
the Marsh home Burckes described hit
"That's the man," declare Bt-rf-en?
Kren." he huntr about lure three ?la*??-." ?
Inspectora Btaeey It. Tlurcke?- and
*A'1lllam F. Murray ha\e gone t?> Malne,
and Inspector Willi,un H. Kane's des?
tination is Neu York state Chief
I'iii?kes refused to-night t.? tell what
citi?>s the men will visit, but de?
ihat he had what he believed i?i be posi?
tiv?* Information as to th?-? identity of
the man. 11?' added that If an arrest
did not resuit within tho nuxt twenty
four hours he would be greatly disap?
pointed. Where this arrest was likely
i.sur ; I ?? chief d?Bclined to say. but
ho admitted that he lookeil for it to be
made by members of his own depart?
Little Activity in Lynn.
T-? nlghl there was little (?cti?ity in
police circles h?-re. Thr?:?? <>f tho four
Inapectora connected with th" force were
?nit <?f town, uml the fourth man I ? * f l
headquartera f"i home early In the even?
ing Chief Burckes also wenl hom? oon
afi?r dark mid apparently was Interest?
ed only In getting word f?roni the men
who hav? gone to New Vuil? and Maine.
Tins word was nol expected to-night
An invalid Miss Hannah Roome, ln
formed th?? police t??-u.iy that she heai I
the sound ??t shots coming from the <n
rectlon <?f ih?* Marsh soap factiiry <>n the
nlghl Mi. Marsh was murdered. Miss
Roome Informed -? net, ibor on Friday
morning before she learned of tho mur?
der that sho hmi heard Hiiots about mid?
night, having been awakened by the
iKils- Not until to-day ?litt she COnneo'.
the Incident with the murder ?>f Mr.
Marsh, how? ? i
m ha Information Is regarded b) the i o
lice a:? aiding material! In their efforts
to fix the lima and place of tin? ? rime.
The New Muni pal Building Looks Different When Photographed from Such a High Level. The City
H&ll Lies ?n an L'rlian Vallev Between the Two Lofty Structures.
? t : ? l .. ' ? ,\ ,
? ? -, c
el .-ni i
ha? .-????
. ?
? : ... -. ?? ? |
..... ?
the troll? of the
.... ?
to join u Ii ?
? for i he
The ei rolm? nti
i tlmi tlate?!,
. ? i of th ? Indica Inltl itlons of
ill of
I, I ? ? , I ?
- e -
It se. ? - ,
? ?'!'. :.l ! tl
i - i : -
? ?i. \
7* "-> >??.. Y
/.. / V,"J
V. S. Department of Agriculture.
WILL'S L Mi-eput .. ?f
??.S T
A ! " ? *:? |?>^I_J|WW5 I
,v., **^-?~**^ ^\'7.*#v
s. *? ' / -i *?_. 'm stir liai I //. ? ?? ?m ,}
\ h --'???i-^ ^k*/H A*TfH/ iseh
eh,,nC..ii,' tin _..-?. '.I? ?*?_?? .? ? / I ... er **\ a? I
te*" ? ?<-?_4 ?" ?" ?_V / faMmirnmS* T-ll ?i~\\ \
.?,,.-l_.l_i*___. *-.???? ?Ml " . >*g ? 1^***^***Ai* '," \\ \
,/?-? 'V,imi n."-_i?>r-'* "*"'* 1 ??!'- ??*,"?? ?A
ii i. n i i rilinu -i?jtlrt******? . , I ?o tl "J
)c_?.??'???i?c__<..eoe_4?e??es??". ?v I ?.? >?i i
Hi? ?a. i__fi m is?FTAf:evj ruaf ?tV-*
C. im ?
? . -. I__:...c , U^__,'f.-, e___ _ r __
.?_,_?_,.._>. l?_l. --__._???< tmfln
( r. y. uu? ?-. -.7.
?_. T?. ?___??.
?._?_ i. ? '._5 *i
.???'.Ol la I?-?
... i -., 1> .'?
OtTk-IuI l(?*???r?l mu? Tor?*?n?t H'u
April i? Th?-- Wastara ?v-na .-??nti?? has navet
i, Boutheni Mlnn?aota bul lo? i?? '?* --"ii
fenerall) o.t tn'.r!??r dlatrtcta ?scepl
in the ... and
,- In.^t iiU-nt hi-.', to -:.?y III th?
!-....? r?Kl?,n ?ml ".?? Ohio Val:
, ilna dUtrleti tail of ?ti*
MlaslMlppt Ithrr 11. I ? ? ? '
In Wettern North Dat?la, Montana a. ?'. '
?rn V\'y? i log, It II ??n il lorsblj
? ?
:, . rn t pper I-??-.?
i ? ?? '
ca ?m?"? ? "i ralni on
la it... ?Corthwaet R?ate* ?iri?i in?? .*?."? I
i ; i. i i. i ? . ?I...V? ?i.-? ?>-- er tl i
?in r? j th? I '
l iv-, Ohio ValUj mil Ih? Atlanil.? and I.? '.
?ii.,f ?? it?.?, i .... i i.? , ? n- ? i- tali
: In ti ?? N ?i ? east d
: ! I.. ?bal
? . ni i.?] i ,.r ten ?f th? ? ?
.? w?mi !)? ? ar? i;..-i mill be ?,
Monday ai
ll Will I".1*1 Moi
I Ofller In I
It will b<
. n Monda) ..t-- - ? a th? -uili-?in
i . ?? i. i i, i, ai, i , m Mon ..i
nil t h? I..?? ?
M,,i, . ? v
iiil.-n i ?.f N. v. I ad th* Mlddl?
- .alllt.
I I .. 1 ? . . i - 11 I
latlon ut Helena, and
li that pUre, wrlth ?i?> further
talla ?l-jhUy
In th* ? ? kuburg dlatrli t and la
i ? itlnu? .
??? i.- an r..ii..u- EKani Ilia, - -
Mount v -n..,n ?i 2\ Bl ?-. -i i ? .
?- ?' Cairn, 62.9; Ne? Ma Irld, I'J I
|.i.?- 12 i Hel? ne, (?:: ?. \ i. luburf, ".<>!?.
.".'ui in / B2 I; Baton I
i :;. r-.?* ? Irl? n .-. 10 ,. Kan wa Cli ?2.1
4 f. at
Ttva viada akma Um No? *""n?Ut>d ? ..im will
' and a?nilh. I* ?null,g brltk
\n.?nn,? ?-<>.??.?, ?nodarat? ?.. iii k, aouthaaat ?..
null ? .... roaat, modarat*, i??*i an.i
?? ? I . tat, i . ? .,1h, aal
? .iii. w ?ai ? a? ?>r ? ? ? mod?r?t?
! ? i. ,
-.. n ? io ii< , ihwi i? dm .. ni? ? l
?-, ? ? Monda. r,.. i lutop* m
. a I, ,, la,,,',. ??, t.t lad ., ullia.l
M una*tll?d, allows?/ ??-jtii??r i
la iii- ? ?iand i. ".
I ...v. ? lal i ? alltlea
Of I ? ' '???,. II!.
?r and generally fair to !.*<.,
" ??- 1 >.<?> laj.
m..i i -i winds
For i" day; (hewers at
i mi d< i He aaal to .??uth^ast
Ter Ne?* .'?,-?-? ahowera te .a?, or to :i ,-.'.?
?r 1 pro ?
Foi i.iniii. ihowert today
? : i ? . ... IllShl
? ? '
i c '? i tei ? ???_ ' ? . I ? -ai hit
by night;
In Inte owers; brlak
? l?e? |0 .'".?*!.
? x and cooler to
Weatain Will -1 .".I ?
IIIO'lc?!..!.- ?c, tll-l. Id VI
I- it u eatei n New ._ ' ? ancl
proba ?
hi Ivk ? ' " .
Official observation! of l.'nlt. I tales \ ither
i.-, takrn at M p. m yealrrday, fol
A-I..nile- ? te\ . M
Boat on. |ii It un
1 ? i ? . ??" IUIii
... . Tu ' loud)
Sam Orteana . ~,t i nud)
',?? ' ? ci
. _ ion ?'?'
??an. N|lp tn
l_>< III ??ni. ..?I llr.? ..,.'. g I
: : il I c on 1 ha W'l' '.'I H I..-..'. Nil"
? h.iiiK' ? ??? ? m ?
four houi ?, in ? ..m I
. lat? ? ? i.
1911. IS ni' .
i IB i" '. i "t is
.1 | ii . .i I" II p i , A ? M
lin ? ' IB It p ??' ? ;
13 m ..: . , i ? ,. . .
4 p m ?.
II IK I'. M I .?
I ? el
pondlns ?I ???? i" ? IS
' a
r.. 1.1.ir...?? abo? i mod
?rata to brlak ? I I lout h aluda
Cardinal Ofiiciates at Morning
and Afternoon Ceremonies.
; ? .i
? . itreel an 1 Bl .'<? ? ? ears
The Bronx, * I :
In a n ? ind an afternoon ceremony
by fa i ? ?? rday. The new
? ? tine. t in New fork,
and i entirely constructed of white mar*
i Inside to a high finish.
other i relates an..
? irched Up the i
preced i by the
? j carrying his ?start and followed
ea . - trail A tl ?- *
? rough the ch ir? h the
Cardinal Bprlnkled the conj . in en?1
the enl ??? Ith holy water,
mlng ? rll of dedication at the
all .i- the
?' : ?ng the m iss and
tli?- sermon by Father 3_< M
? ?
Monslgnor Mooney, Monslgnor I ?untie.
Mon.lgnor l.uis sad other prominent
? 'athollc ? 'hurch In N- w
Th? ony in
?ted about four hours, ;m- the church
v... .-r. wl.d to Its * ' Im?
Lti ly Bfter the ceremony the Cardl*
1 nal left t.. ;. i appointements in the
Spectacular Blaze Nor.'- Water- '
front- -Engine Driver Burned.
A?- rharles Hoffman, driver of .'naine
Pompan) 12, drove ?ip to the front of No ;
226 Fronl street, where a lire that did
ras tri pi ogress, lust after
? o'cl? ' eveninc, then was a tre
mendous hack draft In the building
Flames shot through the windows <>f the
Boor and the t'ront d??.r vas blown
out A sheet of Ha me stint ae-re.fi the
street and Hoffman f? I! from his seat,
badly burned on the fact is legs ..n?!
t'...l\ He v.is laken t.? the Volunteer
The bul ding a?as occupied In the main |
hj o .line- and varnish concerns Direct* ;
ly In the o.ir. at No 573 Water street, i* i
-,i four story i ullding occupleed by .1. A. j
Zlbel, dealer In oils mt.?( si-oases, a wall
r n iter was thrown up snd 1111? hulldinl
c e. ?d
A tremendous explosion, which lifted ? '
tiie roof snd tore out the three top
.'f th?- live Ntnrv building, area I rat in?
cii.iitle.il thai .1 flre was In progr?s?* Il
? -ut there was no ? ham s
of saving the burning building, and the
ilremcn <t? \ oti 1 much of thi r - ffoi is 10
ng the ? ' ent buildings The bui n
lng building was an old din- and when
1 he hea ? ? 1 ma of tin- high pi
service were thrown .>n it man) brick?
were dislodged and added ?Luis?t t.> the
firemen working belon
I \ det i. lana on Hronkl) n Hi idge had ."i
excellenl \ lea of the fire The) crowded
tl..- promenade and v.. lolned 1 ? \ many
people ?who h"?'? th?' blaze f 1 <>m surface
? ars and I.ft the ? 1rs te. l..e.k .it it The
explosion was followed by a 1 it burst
of il.,m... which shot a hundred I t inte.
the .m There wus 1 ontlnuou \ 1 \ i?t
flume until the tlretneii had been working
near!) an hour, and then f??i .t time there
wei?? dense banks >ef smoke.
\\ 1:1 ?aniel ? .*v t'o., dealei s In \ ar*
nlaltea, occupied the greater pari ??!' the
A meeting of the *--c.r,..t\ ?m Italian
Immigrants will tie held at the hoi.I
\\ 1 h< hieffelln, No 1. ? ?? Mth street,
ioMa) ... 1 ... !.. 1. \\ Hitara ?Hosco?
the hl lorian and author >.f t ti?
.mi 1 -.- publlahed "hit* i?f Cavour," will
? p.' .i, \\ ill... m \\ llllaini ? 'ominl onei
..i Immigration, will .-how moving \>i.-t
?... . ut < e.iieiiii.iii. among the Immigrants
?nil 1 .t ii*-.-1 ? ? a 1 sbbri a m |-r?-. ids
Sim kills mm
Queens Man Attacked by Italian:
When He Disturbs Game
of Bowls.
Missiic Crushes Skull of Infam
in Mother's Arms, Then In.
furiated Men Redouble
Efforts to Catch Him.
Afta--k??d bv a ??rowd of half a Nindr*??)
arilfr?- Italian* tvhll* walk"-" an Oeeaaev?
ijw-r-ne. yealcrds t i fteraoon, r
Baker, h iteamflttcr, of No ii*-?" ?? . ?
avenue Queens, took ,ip -? ?ton? and ???ir??-?
It at rh* m?n. Th* ai?>n* ??n,<?"< Jam?? n,
laan?. a ??-.?? ?????ai-?-?h Italian babrf, carried
in Its moth-*r*8 arms, sn?l kill?-?! th? infant,
Th- crowd ili-n ??h.v-??! Haltet -.v.-o ?r,,.?.-,.
reftige und? I grai dal ?n?i an?! w.??.? oniy
? ! fmni .|?ath by the timely arrival of
th? poll?!*? Kukri? wa? li'??r ]o<-k??i un 0?
;? i h?lT? of i-'>ml?-ld??*.
v ? ordlng ?" the ?toTj? ?-'.?k?r ?
r.?-?!!?*'-. he was walking on ???-?-an avsaea
iifiir Liberty Bvsnaa, wlion h? anco ,r.t*:mt\
n crowd or ftaiians ?he w?*n b-tmlkag in
th? roadway ?-.ith h??*-v w?v??i?n hall?. Th?
i::??!i were ?;r?--:it?y wrought up o\?r t"-,?ir
[gam?, end when Baker i rtdentally I
of th? hall? "-?th hla fo? I ? if th?,
They pick??! up - I iUnms and ? -? ?i
and i.'ii !" i them at I*ak?r, who ? 'ir"-?:
?afety in flight. Th? Italians tthassd bint
down - tho?? w h? r ?
?triklng distance puneh*;??-; him :
Baker realized he was In dang?r of h?tn*
aerloualy Injured, if n?-"* kille***, by the f?rt?
*-????? men, Wim ?eero ahri?kir.g ?
ran Seeing a lara?- ? ? ?
? -va?--, h? picked It up ard ? \
quickly. Th? foremost of ti?* [tall i is w?ks
now i -
? ? th* ex? temenl ol '???? men aat - set*
lost ?ad of
of th? men h? ?a-a s atmln-* at
' . " hog? moth?p
. irby il'iorst?'? Th?
fractured the hahy's skull, th? hloo-i
? other's dresa
Kevins ' ll?. ' '?? Il : ?' ? gathetffl rloi-B
Ictermlned now to kill h 1rs.
i t h? had dona and ran as
fssl sa he could, al th? same 'Im?* yelling
persons heard li ttiea?
hut either did not know what irai th?
Bnker, a ho wa? ; <?'.,-. ?d
?v t SOm? "la?"?
i lit <->n th? (rrmndftand
11 ih?* ball park of th*? Osoim Park Kl?ld
? and mad* for th? stand. Th? Ital?
over I 1
I scare? ?
ll? flnall ? iged to drot.
f seal : ,i,,-vn
I in one luera
.-uid soms of i
throe atonea - l
. climb under ? ?
ilm out st the i * .-? i
? kill him,
Juat it looked as t
illed from beneath
id) end Kief? ?
poll ?? at itlon, sppe ired In
park Thej were fore?sd to dra
volver? to driva the Italians I
whs only sftsr a fr-?e use of their I
i that they ?-.?r? aide to rescue F*nk?r.
: ? d and suffering from ?? *
wounds, Baker ?ares taken to *
| hou?<?, after having his in ?-- I
by Dr. Tterney, of St Miry's Ho?
I The surgeons na?d the little girl had ? I
; killed Instantly by th? stone
| Ar.nounr?ni?-,,.t was mad? 1 ist
the final afterno<m end ?v? ?*; benefit sal?
of "ii paintings, drawings, etching I
\?-i?.?r colors tor th? strikers' i t
1 Lswrem e M isa., wo Id be eld 1
ht st No S East '*;l> ?ti ->
- ? a'ork of ??? ell - ? ?
n I rt?-?.<1 at m:;.
A.i wli.e Wor_d
I Me is i . ' - ?'
l'e.tiir Be. ??? . ? >. ?
highly nutritive, hut it is I
m flavor an?i thoroughly -
The world's Ve*' Ale, the i ' wi
i. is
O/i Draught and
In Bottle Everywhere
?IV ceil
,. ...
You Can Carry
This Pen
Upside Down
l o.k. .,..,.
? e
? Ink *? Ilt ?i
IVil ?ft. .
- I'arker I II. k? ? 1er? I
w ....
I .
I ,, M ? I ??> ti|?.
? ? I.- .I ,?
r.ni.rr I'l-n ? empeaXf,
ii Park i?.??.
??i.|....ii?' r.i.i UmOea,
-...i.i .i.., ?i agaommaom
statt? iir.n tMtgmvi as*
k'-re?. Bsaadweai * Sst M-;
Util Mrrrl molOX I H"*"*'* *
i'i. .ri...,, ?. ?Xawai
Jack Knife

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