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passes as though the pier were still under our control, but the Cunard
company ha-** the sole right to say whether the passes shall be honored."
Mr. Stuart made public the following dispatch from Secretary
MacVeagh: Wa8hingt?*Ti. April it, 1012
Collector of Customs. Nom York.
The followim? statement has ?-??-?en p iven t?-? the pr?s**: ?n order to oi-ivia"?**
? 11 nossibl?' delays In the landin*: of the passengers rescued from the Titanic
the Secretary of the Treasury has waived all customs regulations in r.mn?-?
Una with the landing of passengers from the Carpathia and the examination
of baggage, and as the scout cruisers Salern and ?'hester ?111 convoy the Car?
pathia Into port, there will be no ne.-esslty for the disp.iH'h ?>f "revenue ?utters
for either ruatomg or convoy purpose.?-.
* -There 1s however, no oi-Mtaele eo far aa the -nv-mm? ?ni is e.mcemed to the
boarding of the Carpathia by friends of gurvlvOTg and by representatives of
the press, provided the consent of the ownora of the ?'arpathia is obtained.
"If th?? authorities of th?? i'unnrd company are willing that ?n-preaentatlvM
of the prcas and relatlvea should board the ?'arpathia hef??r?* her arrival the
department will, upon beint; s?? advised by the Cunard (Hkmpany, authorize the
use of a cutter for this purpose, but thus far th?* Cunard company has taken
the position that it Mill be impossible f.,r anv one lo board the ship prior to
h? r reaching ?he dock.
?The H-rnuts issued by the depart men? will be limited of necessity to dock
passes, which will be Issued under proper reatrtction by the Surveyor of Cua
toms at the Port of New York. The representatives of the Cunard company
have been advised of thla decision. FRANKLIN MA-CVEAOH."
The immigration authorities have made arrangements to look out
for the steerage passengers and either turn them over to their friends
at the pier or care for them at Ellis Island.
Immigration Commissioner Williams sent the following letter to
the Cunard company yesterday:
Cunard Steamship Company, No HI State s'reet.
Upon tli'- return to port of the Carpathia the Immigration authorities will
do whatever in their power lies to facilitate the landing of aliens who began
their voyage on the Titanic. If any of these have relations or friends to meet
them at the pier they will be discharged to the latter. Such of these as do not
wish to land al the pier will be brought to Ellla Island and there cared for.
At the pier there will be two or three immigration lnapoctori to take charge of
those Of th Titanic passengers who may require our assistance.
It is the pr-aaent inttntion of both the customs and immigration authori?
ties that n<> cutter shall board the Carpathia as she ? onies up the bay. This
In order that she may be permitted to reach her pier without any unn<aceaeary
delay or interference Those aliens who are on the Carpathia for deportation
?Will, If you desire, be cared for at Kills Island until the ?'arpathia sails.
Respectfully vours.
WILLIAM wn.l.lAMS. C?9mmlMloner.
Mayor Gaynor yesterday afternoon offered the use of the Munici?
pal Lodging House, in East 23d street, for the Titanic's steerage pas?
sengers, but the offer was refused by the Cunard company on account
of the arrangements already made by ?he immigration authorities.
The Mayor announced at the same tjme that contribuions for the
re1i?f of the survivorr. would be received at his office. He said that a
relief fund was being raided in London.
The New York Women's Committee for the Relief of Survivors
of -"he Titanic's Steerage Passengers, of which Mrs. Abram Hewitt is
chairman, announced that contributions amounting to $2,700 had been
received yesterday.
Conflicting reports came yesterday as to the number of survivors
tarried by the Carpathia. From the Franconia, of t?Te Cunard Line,
came the following: *-?*??
Pronconla established c?ammunicatlon by mlrolees with ?lie Carpathia at
*:ia th!-: morning, New York time. The ?????rpatbia was then IOS miles east of
Am'ONN Cha iMi and ?o no nefd of assist-mc?. She i? steaming thirteen knots.
pr,'- -expect"-? t?> re.??-h New Tork at <?? p. m. Thursday. She ha? n total of 7?M
tur?-* ?.?. aboard. The I'rau-oiiia is relaying personal m?Msageg from the c?r
pathi'i ??. S.-ihl" l:-!.'?ii?l.
This message was sent by Winficld Thompson, a member of the
staff of "The Boston Globe," who is a passenger on the Franconia.
Later in the day an unsigned message came to the relatives of
Mrs. Edgar Meyer saying, "Leila saved; well cared for; Edgar miss?
ing.*' The message was from the Carpathia, via Halifax. Mrs. Meyer
is a daughter of Andrew Saks, who died on Monday and was buried
yesterday. She had not before been reported among the survivors.
When P. A. S. Franklin, of the White Star Line, was told of the
receipt of this message he said: "My, gentlemen, I hope that's true.
Then, perhaps, others have been saved."
Still later Mr. Franklin gave out the following message from the
torpedo station at Newport :
Cheater reporta it is In communication "??th the Carpathia Repeatedly
?isk'il f'ir list of third class | a ssen pers. Rcpicst not complied *?-ith. Will try
gfalll. ?' rpatbia is ?'? commuuication with shore stations.
An c-n'HcT message from the Chester had said that all tne names
of the first and second class passengers had been sent by the Carpathia
W. VV. Jeffries, general passenger agent of the White Star Line, said
that this.first message from the Chester had not been received by his
company, but he added:
"To my mind it means only one thing?that all the names of the
survivors ?f the first and second class have been made public."
Asked if he thought all the survivors of the first and second cabins
had been heard from, he said :
"We don't expect anything, but we hope for a great deal."
Communication was being had with the Carpathia last night
through the scout cruiser Chester and the shore wireless station at
Siasconset. The Chester was sending the names of those saved from
the steerage and the crew.
The officers of the Titanic saved were Second Officer C. H. Ligh
teller. Third Officer H. J. Pitman, Fourth Officer J. S. Boxhall, Fifth
Officer H. S. Lowe and Second Marcon^ Operator H. S. Bride.
The sending of the names of the steerage passengers and crew
confirmed the belief that there were no more names of first and second
class passengers to send. Thus there was left hardly a possibility that
the names of such well known men as J. J. Astor, Charles M. Hays,
William T. Stead, Isidor Straus, Benjamin Guggenheim and George
Widener could have been omitted in the transmission of the passenger
lists from the Carpathia.
That these men had gone down with the ship there remained
hardly a doubt. Authorities on the conditions off the Banks agreed
that rescues of passengers not taken from the Titanic by the boats
?would have to be made speedily, as exposure and exhaustion would
ppeedily sap the life of those who had to resort to other means.
A dispatch to the Hudson Theatre disclosed that Henry B. Harris,
the theatrical manager, who had been included among the survivors
?was not saved. The dispatch, which was from Mrs. Harris, said:
"Praying that Harry has been picked up by another steamer."
While preparations were being made here to receive and safe?
guard the living on their arrival, word came from Halifax that the
cable steamers Mackay-Bennett and Minia had set out for the scene of
the disaster to search for the dead.
Early in the day the following message was received from Roy
W. Howard, general news manager of The United Press Association:
On hoard the Olypipl- ieasthound). April 17.-The b??dles of some at lea.? ot
.?irllmo r.t Ika Ir.*. ?Tl.....i^ ...111 K~ I. .-,...~u._. _. , ,. . .. ? *"* ? IH?"*"?> OT
An unsigned dispatch from the Marconi operator at the Camper
down station, Nova Scotia, said :
We are now in direct communication with the Carprthia via the ttP!,mch?
Franconia. and able to announce official!* that the Titanic struck I ? ??,
mous iceherf- and sank. Over two thousand lost. Seven hundred ? ?? ",?
mostly women, on th.? Carpathia. n marea surMvors,
A message from the Carpathia to the Cunard Line received yesterday but
sent at 11 o'clock Tuesday night, said: "Carpathia east of Ambrose Channel Ml
miles at 11 p. m. Tuesday. All well."
Nothing has been received from the Carpathia to indicate any change from
the first figures of more than 800 saved, and nothing to change the figures riven
out by the White Star Line of approximately 2,200 on the Titanic
It is supposed that the d.screpency in the figures in the unsigned dispatch
from Camperdown may be explained by the repeated relaying to which the
original dispatch from the Carpathia was subjected.
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Janos ?
Water m
Quickly Relieves ?-ni*? ?
Philadelphia, April 17.-The North tier
man Lloyd liner Hannover, which arrived
h> re to-duy from Bremen, reported having
been warned hy wireless by the liner f?eorge
Washington of the presence of Ice floe?
and bergs In the region where the Titanic
foundered, :.n<l altered her course accord
"It la nn impos?>?>illfy that ?'aptaln Smith
' r whoever was on the bridge of the Titanic
?it the time of ?he crash did not know of
the presence of Ice." ?"a j.tain Proltzsch
said. "Any one accustomed to th?- sea can
not fall to know <>f the proximity of an
i Mbftfg ?-tl>"n ?./)?? i.1, n? ti."
Presidents Brother at White
Star Line Of fices?Just Waitinj
_ S
The melancholy scenes about the offices of the White star Line, at No. fl
BroOkfWgy, were intensified b. the leaden sky and the rain that dripped un
ceaslnglv all afternoon yesterday on the crowds of anxious friends and rela?
tives who stood in throngs about the building. They were quiet; there were
few signs of grief, hut rather an attitude of simp'? waiting. The Inquiries,
It was said, CUM mostly for th? first and second .lass passengers, as only two
persons asked for news in the steerage department.
One of the early visitors was the brother of President Taft Henry W. Taft,
who came asking for tidings of Major Butt, the ^resident's aid. He said h?also
asked for Frank D. Millet, the painter, and K. H. Behr, the fBtnous tennis
player, who Is reported to be on the carpathia. He paid that no hope was
held out for the other two.
Another inquirer for Rehr was W. S. Brewsfer, a lawver, and he e ,pr??-ped
great relief when h? discovered th _t he was reported to be aboard the res?"ie
ship. F L. Allison, whose father an?! mother. Mr. and Mrs. H. .T. Allison, were
oti the Titanl?-. with a Miss Allison and a Master Allison, made inquiries for
them, but was unable to get any further good news than that Master Allison
was reported t - be on the Carpathia wi*h his nurs<\ There was . ? news of th?.
Mrs. Guggenheim Again Comes to AskA^out Hu?band.
Mrs. Benjamin '-Uggenhelm. whOM husl and. the copper and mining ma?
chinery magnate, has not been reported among those saved, rame again yester?
day morning, as she had previously, on Tuesday. She was accompanied by her
brother. De Witt Sellgman. and was shown into the offices of Vl<?e-Presldent
Franklin. She could not control her grief and showed the signs of the sleep?
less time the has spent since the news of the probable loss of her husband
was brought to her.
For a (ime the focus of interest was turned from the "White Star offices to
the offices of the Cunard Line, when It was announced that a wireless com?
munication had been received from thn Carpathia.
"Carpathia ."OH miles east of the Ambrose Channel; all well." it read, and
was signed by Captain Rostrom. The message was dated at 11 o'clock Tues?
day niRht, and was received at 0:1.. o*c|ock yesterday morning, although it wa?t
not given out till some time later. Figuring on the distance and speed of the
Carpathia It was said she would probablv reach port earlv Friday morning.
Carpathia Communicates with Nova Scotia Station.
This message from the Carpathia was verified later by a Marconi message
received at the main offices of the wireless < ompanv from the operator at Cam
perdown, N. B. Th.? message was as follows:
We are now In communication with the Carpathia, via the steamship Fran
conla. and able to announce unofficially that the Titanic ?truck an enormous Ice?
berg and sank. Over 2,<*X?0 lost; 700 survivors, mostly women, on the Car?
Late In th? afternoon Yi< e President Franklin of the White Stir Line an?
nounced what be said was the first authentic message, his rompan, had re?
ceived, Indicating that communication had been established with ine Oarpa
"Chester reports It Is In communication with th* Carp.thla Repeatedly
asked for list of third class passengers. Request not complied with. Will try
again, ?'arpnthla Is In communication with shore stations." It read, and was
fltrned "Torpedo Station." The station |g at Newport, and the Chester Is the
l'nlted States scout ship sent out by President Taft to meet the Carpa t hi _t
e.ti'1 assist In hastening definite news to anxious Inquirers on shore.
Doubts Report That Baltic Picked Up 250 Persona.
An unauthentlcate.] report that '!*.? Baltic had picked up 2..0 of the Titanic'*
passengers was ?ailed to the attention of Mr. Franklin.
"I do not think there can h? MU. hop* for that." he said. "We have never
heard from the Baltic to that effect, although we know* she was In tOUCb with
the Olympic''
His Ire was roused when he was told of another unauthenfkated rumor
that had come to a news bureau, to the effect that the ?"arpathia was show?
ing signals of distress.
"That ts an outrage. The public mind is suffering enough airead-.," he said,
without having 1hese additional tprrifying rum?>i.. t<> worry it. I think the
sonne of such a report as that should be run down. There is no truth to it."
When asked what he thought of an international Ice patrol, he replied that he
did not think it a good plan.
"That does not appeal to me, but, of course, It Is a matter for experts to de
. I le," he said. "However. I think the purpose Is served l>> the way the steim
ers pass along the word to each other."
This recalled the fact that It is kn??*>Mi that Captain Smith was warned by
other ships of the Ice floe, hut Mr. Franklin would make n?. .omment.
Vinctnt Astor Inquires Frequently for News of Father.
Many persons who did not come in person to the offices of the company made
their Inquiries by telephone. Among thej-e was Vincent Autor, son of Co|on?l
John Jacob Astor. Several times during the day and the night as we|| he tele?
phoned for tidings, but nothing new could be told him. Many telephone mes?
sages were received ..Is?, asking about Major Butt, Isidor Straus and Benjamin
Guggenheim, both by suburban and long distan? e wires.
Karly in the morning a band of Italian laborers on their way to work, carry?
ing their newspaper luncheon pa?d:ets. askcl a p?ill< email stationed m front of
Hie offi.-es for the latent news. When they were told that no encouraging
news bad been received they shook their beads sadlv and went their way.
They were a contrast t.. the many inquirers of higher degree who came fre?
quently t<> ask for friends or relative-, or drawn by a general sense of sym?
While Mr. Franklin was talking to the newspaper men H P. Da\lson, of
J. P. Morgan A- Co, rang up and mad? SOOM inquiries of him.
"I know something about that," Mr. Franklin replied, "but can't say any?
thing to you about It now."
Shortly before noon press dltpatcho? which state.] that the California!! of
the Leyland Line had p!? ked up some bodiog and was proceeding to Boston
were shown t?> Mr. Franklin. He sail he knew nothing about that, and It won
not authentic, so far as the White star Line ? .... conc?rn?d.
Mr. Franklin made a statement In reply to criticisms <?f th? equipment of the
Titanl?' by declaring that no ship ever left pori better equipped than she was.
Her life preserving equipment, he paid, exceeded that required by law. and he de?
clared thai the willingness of th? great Ins'inm? e companies to Hssume risks on
I her proved that slu was considered t > be orOMrl) prepared.
Vessel Never Gleaned Details of
Wreck, at- Reported.
St John's. April 17 Henrv P-iff R?id.
, (.-?-president of th? Reld Newfoundland
?"ompany, o-vner of th? steamer Hriie?, ?aid
to-day he had received onlv on?? me.??age
from the vessel Kin?" ?-lie left h?r<? feo
terday for North Sydney, The gat
Midnight, tWfOty miles moat of ?ape Pin?.
Weather storm?-. Nothing of Titanl
Sir Ralph William*?, Oovernor of N?w
foiindlatldi My! he has been unable t'. learn
anything regarding the disaster. except
?.?at .a' cntalnod In dispatches published
In the press. He ha? had an exhaustive
Inquiry n-ade st erery a\aiiahie point ,,-,
un effort to obtain detail*., pref.iim.Hbh fi>r
the Rritish government,
N'i details of the sinking Of ?be Titanl.
bat. been receive?! h'-re Hop? IMI enisled
that fishing .esaeli near th? place r,t the
disaster might have Information, but as
the Titanic went down at a point HO inll??
sontji of St. John's' t?Vr* has not b'?en suf?
ficient time tor any of theae tithing craft
to reach here.
Th?y steamer Bruce, which arrl\erl in St.
John's Harbor at noon on Monday and re
malned in port until 2 o'clock treat?rd?y
aftoipoon. was off the .-oaat Sunday nixlit,
bul heard nothing from the Titanic The
wireless operator on th'- Bruce ? losed his
office at 11 -45 p. in At _ o'clock Monday
morning, when he went on duty again,
the ."ape Ra?-e operator notified him that
th" Titanic had struck an Iceberg. The
Bruce had no details of the trng?dv and
was not in communication with any vessel
The operator on the Bruce was unable to
use his Instrument during his sta\ In St.
John's, ?s the engines were stopped and
he had no power to work his apparatus.
Hope ?0-nne with Lack of New? of Mrs.
A. T. Compton, Daughter and Son.
|Bv*Tele?r?rh to Th? Tribun? I
fiakewood. N. J. April 17.-!ncluded
among the first cabin passengers whose
names do not appear on the ll?t of sur?
vivors were Mrs. A T. Compton. her
slaughter. Miss g\ ,\ f.tmpton, and her
son, A. T ?"nmpton. |r , of T,akewood and
N?w York. Th.- last named 11 a large
stockholder In the laurel House and Is
also chief owner of the Waiimbek Hotel,
at Jefferson. N.11
Chicagoan Wires 700 Titanic
Passengers Were Picked Up.
?'hicn-j-o, April 17. -The follov?|ng
?v?reles.? message, date.) April 17. from
a pH.??enaer on the ?'arpathia. vas re
? I liefe to?da).
Carpathia picked up 7<"<? Titanic,
moat)) women. <?\?--r 2,<"*<* lost. Iceb.-.r'*
continuous masa ?vas twenty five miles.
Chlcafroan** Ulla ship well. ?:3?"> a. ni.
r>r Blaekmarr. et cidcai-n, waa going ?o
K?iroi?e on the i*nr|?H?hla. Hi.?? ??.'-t?mate of
the u?iml"-r lost Is evMMtl) un error, tl
ih'i- ??.ere pot *".7?*>" persons on heipl tha
Tita. nie.
'Paul Chevru, Saved from Titanic,
Informs Quebec Friend.
Quehec, April 17. The f)rst pie-?*ag*
raoglved it? Quehe. fr??ni nn\ of the stir
irlvora of ?h" Titanic came to-nlgh? to
Fhi!??aa <*orriveau. City Attorney. fr?im
P.i?]1 ?'tVvni. the French sculptor
The -i*iesi.a??* said he waa snfe on
boj-rd the < 'arpathia, hound for .Ye-*.
Ship Leaves Halifax lo Recover
Bodies from the Titanic.
Halifax, April ?7. The Meanv*r Mac.kay
*-"enii?Mt, going In fear??h of the Tlfanl?
vietlm**. sailed a? Z o'? lock thi.-? aftern??on.
In addition to the undertaker.?, the Re?
K. '". Hind a ?'hun-h of Kncland clergy,
in.in. -?vent on th? ?*hlp to perform the las;
riten over any bodies that may not h?
brought to port.
In addition t?. lAl com?, th? Mackay
Hennet? I? taking ever 1?"<? ton? ?>f |re.
'I'll? mlrslon of this ?hip recalls th* dis?
aster to the st?am?hl?? Le Houri-?*.gn<>, wh*?)
a similar vessel \ as flt?e?l out h?re to
??par.?tl tic*- f-e-i fur ?lead. At that tlni?? more
than thirty hodi*?.s \ver? found in the ?,|?*in
ltv of the dlKBitfr. although the ves?.| d!?l
rot get away from her?- until a arc?'- ,.ffr.,
the tragedy._
Answers in the
No. 136?A Fool There Was. ?
W?tch To-morrow's Tribune for Correct Answer to
Picture No. 137.
Portland, Me. April 17.?A list of third
? lass passengers and crew rescued from
the wrecked steamship Titanic by the
Carpathia was received by wireless to?
night. The list, which ?ontains 11..
nnnii'8. follows:
And?, ?on. Irm?i
Rentis Itoiidarcl.
Cubulaktt, ?ami'a.
I)ianod*ltim. t'ella
Dovt. Agntt <or
A A Mein.
Ktdegrek, Uaem h
I/idS?..*, Alno.
Murphi. Nora
V.iillln. Ka'l?
McCarthy, Katl?.
Meaamtiek, --
sSeaaockaa, Anna.
Man??--*. Yus*f
Monb.ir.-k. HaUn
Moubarck, fllteea.
MvMllMfl. Mina
Mane. Javn?
Mullan Klrk?an.
Mininn. K?r?
Kolfbotel. Anna.
O'l^ar- . Vera.
Otean, Arthur
Patron, ?o'frlna.
Pte-ard. Onolr
Fatrc?. Nobaaa,
r?rfnn. Frn?at
Roth, \ara?
Retfrion. Anna
Churchsinn. John
P?jll?-t. M?o|?
Strlnd'r Juhft
pchurblnt. Jan.
?ap, lnle?
Sofia. Anna
.tohlmn, ?5
.-lnd<\ n?l?r|e-?
Bihalmm? Ito??.
Stanlev. Ami
Blbtlr?m?, .un?!?.
P.iu-idlan. tohan.
I MallledeU. H?rt_a.
? Merrlgan Ma??!?.
; Maran, Hertha
Mndjen, Krlnteif.
. Mote, Alben
?? Mc'^overn. Mai v.
? McK<" . Km??
i M?K?\. Alke.
i M? ..'orrnack, Tl-omap.
M?-Kar?n. .loh..
M e;o\#m. Ann!.
Mannion. Marjtar?'.
Morphy, Maggt? j.
M.nman, He?i?ia
t ? h?m Vr??.
I M?-D?rmott. P?Ua
Nl-han. Krlkor?an
1 Nlck?rnan. John.
N?l*e)n, B?rtha.
' N'ket, Mary.
! ?laon, l>?mlna. I
Oaplnind, >"and?n?on.
1 Charl??. John.
Abbott. Itoia
Anderren. Edna.
Antlund. F?llx
! Aitlund, S?lm?.
, AMlund. Mlllan.
| AhVM'ph. AH??*p.
Akfak??. I.eak.
Bin*. I/O?
Boklin. Marie.
i Pnklin. K.Jg?"?.
e Bokiin. HaMit?
I Boklln. t.at?f?.
Ak?? Flllj
j Caeen, ?wasatf
! Ceeam, Bovam
: Batir?an. ?mllv
Po. katrom Maria
IVuckl?.. P.nl?l
I Bradley. Bridget
(Tip rhi.-?
I Farlnen ""tnar?.
Unite, "??atrli?.
I ? ehn. Oil?.
! ?TIM?. L *?*
Conto, Mlr.nl*
?.on???. Sevelse.
??nntn. Will.
< onoollr. Katie.
Carr. F.ll?n.
! ].?.,,,,r^ar TVl.^.Or?
'' K?'l??mi?. Jo??ph.
' Pa??-. P I?
| DtUjr, charl??
Daly, Maraota.
I Pean. Mr? E'tl?.
i ?o rhll-lren
I p??ap?v. Marg?r.t.
nrl'lge?. R?>s?.
Pmv?h?. Fall?.
??hip?. > >"l
! K?>orn\. Flor?ne?.
H?'?l?lg. Ctatt.
Turkiil?. M??1* l|
Ttirkg??". VN'llltara
i Variation.
Wirk?. F.llei-i
Vcl'iirg. .-lili?.
Yon??f. Wanna
Ye.is?f. o ?ora?
Ven?.* Marla'i
Oiim.nn S''trh.
7,?np. Philip
Elias? Mcii
??lanh. Nl'-e!?
Abrthamtoo. a u-???a?.
Aloun, n-ilno'ira.
A??lm. Marlanla
N?l?on. ?'arle.
The names of ?survivor-* among the
steerage passengers and '-ret-,' were sent
from the Carpathia to th? riOOUl cruiser
? hester, which relayed them to the
Salrm. to be relayed again to the <om
mandanf of the naval station at New?
port, p. I Thev were picked up by a
?arlraleaa operator here as the ?'hester
sent them.
On account of poor wireless conditions
the process of sending was slow, and the
name? had to he repented many times.
After a portion ,of the lid had been sent
the Baien was hoard transmitting a.
message from the Chester, directing her
to stop sending for a while. This was
'ind?rstood to be on account of inter?
ference ',?,? th? Chester's wireless appa?
ratus with the efforts of the Carpathia
to comnvinl? at?? with sh??re stations.
Ill? first snd second cabin passengers
of the Titanic whose names are not
among those who the White f^tar office
has learned bave been saved are as fol?
First Class Passenqers.
A | le
Aub?rl Ml?. V . and I.amh?rt-*.Vllllam?. FW
matd; "Mr? Abbott 'j cher Fellow??
I? nam?d amona s*sP-llm\wreote, Arth'.r
vl.or?. i Lewi*. Mr?. Charbon T.
Alll^n. H J ? I Long. Milton C.
Allljon. Mr?. , and maldi L#wy, E C.
AUI?nn, Ml??
Andrew?. Thonia?.
?. r'apa- oytla, Batnon
A?tor. f'olon?l J. J-,
and man aeriant.
Ander?on. TValkar.
B?a?t|?, T.
Brandi??, E
Ra'imann. J.
B_xt?r. Mr, and
I.In??. Ernoat M
I.tnd?holnn. J. .may
Lot-In*. J. H
I.lnarev, Ed. a-d.
Ma?ulr?. J. E
Marvin. P. W.
Mn'affrv, T.
Mr. ?fry. T . 'r.
McCarthy, Tlmo'tr
MrCou*h. Mr? J
MI?ldl?toii. Hon J.
Millet. Frank P
: Minaban. Pr
M 'ioae-h. J. n.
! Merer. Mr and
Ed*ar I.
Molaon. M Mnrkland
Moor?, >"lar?nc#, and
man ??rvant
?a.?d? I Moek. Philip E
<a\?ndl?li. T W Mat*<-h. Charle*.
'hlbnall. Mr? P. H K.
Row?rnian ipo*?lbly Ne??ll. Ml?? Madeline
?mon* iho?? ?a\?d> imav b? ?af?i
(lark. Walter M ! Nicholson, A. .;.
Behr. ?f. K
B]ornnerni, H
BI*ck?T?ll, pt?p. ?n
Borinell. Ml** IJIy.
Bor??'?nk. J. J.
Bradv. John B
l>-?w?. Arthur Jark?on
Butt, Malor Archibald
'"aae, Howard B. .prob-]
, )r.
Clifford, r.eorf? QuhMT
?Jolle-.. P. P.
Cornell, Mr? R C.
rali. Norman, t?. K.,
c> M P
<ard?ll. Mr. ?"hurrhlll
.?nay I.? ?af?.
? ?i :?"n. Trank
?'orrati. F. M.
? 'orran, I p.
.-haf-?. II I
?Thevre, Pail ?probably
amona r???"u?d>
< hlaholin, Roh?r<
?"??mptnn. Ml?? S R
iv.nipfon. Mr and Mr?
'rafto?. lol,n B
frothy. Edward <?
umlna?. John Read?
c????bf?r Mr and
Mr? H V 'Mr- ?a?
.?h??r m?) be ?af?.
Pa\ld?on. Thornton.
P? \'illier?i. Mr? B
ima*. b? ?afe..
poda?. W.?hln_pon
Pull??. W llllt .1 ?-.
paly. P n
Poiifla?. W P
Dflaftaa, M??ter R .
?nd nur??
Eastman. Ml?* Arni?
Kuatla, Mi?? F M
Evan?. Ml?* E. .may'Sh?i'?
b? saf?.
Otst*, P
cirno.i? Alfred T. (I
be aaf?.
Partn?r. M Austin.
i fa;me,
\ fond. Ml??
| and maid
Tort?r. Walter <*ham
I h?rlaln.
rot.?r. Mr? Them??,
i Jr <mav h? ?af*?
I Pttffer. C C
' Parr. M M W.
Pear?. Mr. and Mr?.
I Thoma*.
: P?.|a??-o, Mr an?1 Mr?.
Vle-tnr. and maid
: F?ivh?n. Major Arthur
in.ay ha ?afe*
I R'-.ie-hlln. .?onkli*?r J O.
Robert. Mr? Ellr.?b?lh
Wa'?nn, and maid
1 Roehiln*. W??hlnttor?
A . 2d
Roo.1. Mush R
' Roe?. .1 Hu?o
i Rh?ln.e. 'i?ort? (mar ha
v if? I
' Row?. Arthur
: Rv?r?on. Mr? Arthur,
and n.al'l
R\?r*on Ml?? ?nd Mas
i t.r (may h? ?af?.
Foi ?man
T. P
Jac .u??
R. I.
'?.?ora? R
C".?e. Ar'hur
Mr? ?
c}r??nfl?ld Mr*
miav be ?af?>.
Olarlie. victor
?1usa?nh?lm. R?ntv.:in
Hay?. Chart?? V
Head fhrl?toph*'
Hllli.rd. Herb?rt M
Hlpkln? W E
Hnc?hoom, lehn f*
fniax h? ?af?>
Hof?nh?lm Mr? A.
Harri?. Henry B
Rarrlaoa. w. H
Ha??r. H
Harr. Mr and Mr
rhari?? M.
Harp. Ml?? Margar?',
?nd maid
Ho??. W F
I Hlnkin? Mr? W, E.
Ml,? k W.
ma?- b? ?af?'
SI ? Mr and Mr?
William B im?y ba
Sr?d'l?n. Ma???r R.
Oouala?, and nur??,
??lead. W, T.
P'?hl Mr and Mr*.
Max Frol|?h?r
Ptrau?. Mr and Mr- t?'
dor. and two ??r??nt?.
- itt~n. Frederick.
Salomon. Mr? A. I*
>ma\ b? ?af??
I? P. ' ***rard, Fr?d?n ?_
' Pmar'. John M
I Smith. J rtln-'n.
' Pmlth R W
' Plah?lln. Max
' ?af??
Stenmel. Mr.
c E. R
! Pt**art. A. A
1 pmtth. t,. P.
Schaber. Mr?
Tho-n? Mr ?nd Mr?
T?u??l? Mr? Emll.
imav be
and Mr?.
.may b*
1 t'ruchurtu. M K.
1 Walk?r. \V And?-v?n
t Warren. Mr. ?nd Mr?
I Hol??r.on. A. M.
Isharn. Ml?? A. E.
JOn?. Fd"??rd A
K?nyon. Mr? F. R
Klmlall. Mr. and Mr?
E V ima? "->? -af?i.
Klnb?r, H?rman.
' w*h|f?. Ft?-!?.?? A
I ?Thlt?, Richard F.
Wl?l?n?r. 'jeorge D
I man ??riant.
W|.i?n?i. Harr?
Wool. Mr. an?!
Frank P
**.'?*?? koff. Van Set Hot.
Weir, J
Wick. Mr. ?nd Mr?
????sor?-?! P.
Wliiard. Ml?? ?"onitanc??
William?, Puane.
Wrlrht ?;?orf?.
8*>*--?nd Class Passenqera.
Ashbv Johr,
A '?"??-> r ? h, ?
An'li?-**'.' Fdicar
Andrew, Frank
u, i..? n*. Thomas.
Beaarhamp, H. J
B???l?y, la?? r?n. ?.
B?t?nian. nobert I,
Hntl?r. R.glnald.
Bot?ford. Mull.
Bow ?n<->'r, .-''.I^oion.
B?rrim?n. WIMlam
B'-i-ken. Jam?? M
I Banii?i?l. free.
j Bali?*?'. Percy. ?
Halnii i Ig?. <liarl?s R
' ?."lark?, <'harl?s.
I <*or?v. Urs
'"an?r. Rev. Ernest
! Coler-da*. R?-*lii?l?l.
I' Chapman ? lia: !?
? "nnnlPKhani. AH*
Campbell, winiam.
t ?*oly?r, liar?a .
] ? v>r??t?. Mr?. Ir'n?.
?"hapman. John K
H ,
Chapman, Mr?. Elli*
?*olan?l?r. Erl.
? .????nil. Hair?.
nark?. E
I ?tai ni. Pgt* "?
Da? i?. l'harl?*?.
Dobban WlllUm.
i ?a Brit?, Jo??
L>anl>ii'iiy. Herbert
Dt?-?*. .Iani?n.
Dr??, Mt'iT Marshal!
Pel Vario M -
Elt*mlll?r, '?? F.
Enand?r, lmr?ar.
F real. V
F>nn??rv. U
r??iiith??rr?. Haii
Fiilfroik. Charles.
Funk. Annie
Fahlstrnm. Am?.
l"ov. Stanley K.
QtMBbara. .-?Amu?!.
(Ml?-?. Ralph
?-Ja?k?-ll. Alfro.!
?'.iiie-ri". William.
Qllbart, William.
?Jail. Harr?.
?lall. I.
i ??III John.
! ?III??. Wt*?r.
?-.II??. I"'?'
?"?I?. Han?
?*?>. Phsdni ?'*
Oarv?5. I.a?? -"n. ?.
Hi'?kn-an. Leonard.
HI??Urpi?r. I,?*-.l?
Ht-'kman. Stanley.
KOOd \mt.?of.
Hodtcs, H?ary P.
Harr. H?njani'-t.
Harri?. ?*i"r.
Harj-.r. John
Harb?.?l?. William H.
Hoffman. Mr.
H"ffman c-httdi.
Ileffman ??-hlM?
Herman, aamual
Herman. MIm Kat?
Herman. Ml?? Alt-?.
Howard. B?nlamin
Howard Mrs. BH?*n
Hal? R?*ri?i?t'l
H?m?tatn?n. Mr? *-nn
?nd infant son.
Htl?un?n. M.
Hun?, ijeorf?.
Ilattt, P?r?h?.
Jackson. Mr?
.lull??. ?taUWCl*?
??ccbain. Mr
.T?cob?on Mi?
, racoto-aoa. Mr?
I Jacobpon, Sjdnsy.
, J?rr?ry. ?.Ilffoid.
J?ff?r?, Ernest.
, J.iikln. S??ph?n.
I Jar*. I?. John D.
IKartr.?.?, Mi?.
K?n?Hr. .?.?Ina,
, KHinar. Mr?,
i Knlghr R.
i KtrkUnd, R?v. Charles,
i K-rii-? Mrs. F. ?'.
? Kevnal-to. Mir?
Krillner, Joseph H.
?.. ?
lAlson, Rob?rt W. **>?
| l.aroch? Jo??ph.
l-amb. J. I.
! 'n^Hni. , ohn.
. ta??f. P. J.
, Iaslitlmen. William.
I.?htiin?n. Mra.
Mudd. Thontas.
Mark, Mar?.
Marshall. H?nry
01 ILaybOTg, Frank.H.
Mi .er. Auf ?ist.
II) lee. Thi-ar.a*.
Mitch?!!. H?nry.
? Matthews. W. J.
Mlllln*", Jacob.
. Mantvlll?. Joseph.
Manichard. Noll.
Mora??.eck. Dr.
Ill ligio-rtsecl", Emilio.
Id? ' 'ae. Arthur 0.
M?*Crle, Jam?? M
I M? Kan". P?t<*r D.
N?-?s?rv I.?ra?'
I M-holls. Jos?r?h C.
Not man. Rot?rt D.
Pen??*ll, Martin.
Pain Dr Alfred.
Parke?. Frank.
Pengally, Fr?d?nck.
Peino?. R?n?.
P?ru?chlts. R??. Mr.
f'ffrk?!'. ?-llfford
? ini, Frank.
1 Rn??"s. i"?t?Iia
R?snouf, Petar H
Ri? 1 il. ItlM LUC/.
Ro?;?r?. Barry.
n?????.. Da? tat
??? ird
Han? K
?"?ii'iip. Jr.
- grp P?r.-',?al.
?.e.i?;wi.?k. Mr.
Smith, A?iin?t'is.
i., aar. i'?org?
Biostedl, BnMat.
pi.ni?n. PI.-!-ard J.
Knbav?;. Ha?.'l?n
*-*a?.??i. MtM H.
Blattor, Mis? H. M.
Btaaton. "Aard.
Toom??\ KlUn
T'jrpln. W'iiiiain J
T?irpln. Mrs Poro'hy.
T'irti'r. <.?or|t?
Trottpaanaky, Mose? A.
Tr.van. Mr? A
Traat, Mrs J????.
Troutt Mis? E
rroutt. Ml?? ???.?III?.
' \'?al?. Jam?s
\ ??n Pra.-h"?'1*. Rsron.
"?, slc-?ft. Mis?
Wllh-ltn. ?-harl??.
' w a'.-K->n. Em?ss.
W'ai?. Wlllia--.i G
? ii?-adon bMw***4
l??'.. .?'?hn Jam-s.
War?. Mr?
Wf.i, K. Aitlmr.
1 W h??lei. Fdwln.
W ?-'nan. Samuel.
! Yrel?. Miss H.
t >?nl In.led from flr?t page.
Marechel!. Pierre
Middle, y.me M OH va.
Minehan, Mrs rialsy i Mitianhan"!
Minahan. Mrs i Mlnanhnn"?
N?-_eii. >|r? Marjorie <MI*s Alice")
Newell, Mrs Madeline <Mlss?i
Newell, Washington.
Neweon, Iflaa Hei-n.
O'fonnell, Mis?- R.
Oatby, Mr and Mrs.
Oat by, Miss Helen.
Oiivt;i, Ml?.
Omund, Fieiinam
Second Cabin Survivor!.
Angle. William.
Ahelean, Mr.?-. Hanna.
Palls, Mrs Ada K.
Buaa, Mis* Kate.
Recker, Mrs. A Ci and three children.
B?ane, Edward.
Renne. Mrs. Kthel. Miss Kstle.
Brown. Mr iT W. 8?)
Brown. Miss K.
Bentham. Lillian W.
Bvstrom. Karollna
Belght, (Bright) Dagmar.
Clark. Mr? Ada.
CatnerpHi Mia?
Calduell, Albert F
faldwell, Mrs. Sylvan.
Caldwell. Infant Alden.
Collver, Mrs. Charlotte,
collver, Mrs Marjorie.
Christy, Mrs. Alice.
Collet, Stuart.
Chrlata, Moss Pncia?
Charles. William''
Croft, MUH?) Mall.
Doling. Mrs Klsle.
Drew, Mrs Lulu.
Davis, Mrs Agnes.
Davis, Miss Mary.
Darla, John M.
Duvan. Florentine.
Duvan. Miss A.
Davidson, Miss Mary"
Doling, Ada?
Drl-:.'?.ll, Mrs. B-?
Panhart, Miss Nin'tt?
Pomorv. Ml*? F.llen. ^ rt i.
Totter Mrs Thomas. Jr VrmtttTt
Pincha?, Major Arthur (Penohen )
Roser.on. John.
RenMg... Mrs. Ma mam.
Rancit, Hist kptMo.
Rothchiid. Mr?. Lord Martin.
P.oscnbaum. Ml?* F.dlth.
Rhelms. Mrs. George.
Rosll.le. Mil "
Rothes, Countess
Pohorts. Mrs. Kdna.
1'i'lm.ine, ('.
Rogereon, Mrs Buean P <Rv?rson?)
Rog.rson. Miss Emily (Ryeraoii?)
Rog.ison. Mr?. Arthur tRyerson?)
Stone. Mi s c;"n16re pj,
Bkeller, Mrs Wllfi m?
.??V tresser. MISS Cmm.l
Iteward, Kr..d K. iSevard?.
SI.utter. MIm (Shut* .
Bloper. winiam T
Pwlft, Mrs F. Joel
Scnabert. Mrs i'aul
Sli?ddei, Robert Douglas?.
Bnyder, Mr and Mra. John.
^. repace. Misa auku?. ?
Sllverthorn R f-prncer.
Baalfeld, Adolf.
Btackllehn, Maa (Btahelln?)
Blmonlus, Alfonalua.
Smith. Mrs Luden P.
Stephenson. Mrs. Walter.
Solomon. Abraham.
Sllbev. Mis William IT
Stengel. Mr. and Mrs. Helery ifitenm?ir)
Spencer, Mrs W A , and maid.
Slayter. Miss Hilda.
Rpedden, Mr. and Mra. J. O. (F. 0,
Steffanson, H. E.
Tucker, Mrs . and maid.
Th^ver. Mr and Mrs. J. B.
Thaver. .1 B , Jr
Tausslg, Miss Ruth.
Taussig, E
Thor. Miss Ella.
Taylor. E Z.
Taylor, Mrs E.
Trout. Miss Jessl?.
Tucker, Gilbert.
WoolniT. Henry.
U ard. Miss Anna
Williams, Richard It
Warner, Mrs F. M (Mrs F. H. WarrMn
wn.-on. Mlaa Helen A.
Wlllard. Miss.
Wi'-ke. Mli-s Mary.
widener. Mrs George D., and maid
White, Mrs. J. Stewart.
Young, Miss Marie.
Emcarmacion, Mrs. RlnnHo.
? F..')nthorpe, Mr? Lizzie.
. Fornery. Miss EMn
Garside. Ethel
Gerre.-la. Mm. Marc-.
Genosese, Angere.
Hart. Mrs Esther.
Hart. H.a.
Harris. George,
i Hewlett, Mr? Manr.
Harper. Nina.
Hold, Stephen (Anna?).
Hoseno, Masabumi
Hocking, Mr. and Mrs George.
Hocking. Miss Nelile.
Ilearman, Mrs. .lane.
Healy. Nora (?).
Hanson. Jennie.
Hamalamian, W.
Hcunalamian, Hanna.
Jackson. Mrs. Amy.
Juliet, Luwche.
Keane. Miss Nora A.
Kelly, Mrs F.
Leltch, Jessie.
Laroche, Miss Simmone.
Laroche, Miss Louise.
Lehman. Bertha.
Lauch. Mrs. (Alex.?
Ixmiore. Amelia ?Ellz>.
(Llnkkance>, Miss Annie.
Melllng?r. Elizabeth.
Mdlinger, c*hlld.
Marshall. Mrs. Kate.
Mallett, A.
Mallett, Mrs.
Mange. Paula
Mare, Mrs. Florence.
Mellor, J
McDermont, Miss Llllle (.).
McGowan, Anna.
Nye. Elizabeth.
Nassar, Mrs. Delia.
Oxenha.n. Percy J
Phllhpr. Alice.
Palla'. Emilio.
Padro, Julian.
Plnskv. Rosa
Portaiuppl. Emilio.
Parsh, Mrs. L
Quick, Mrs Ja-n?
Quick. Miss Vera TV*.
Quick, Miss Phyllis
Rldsdale, Lucy. i
Renouf. Mrs. LU:*.
Rugg. Miss Emily.
Richards. Emile. ,
Richards. Emily, two bova and Mr, Jr.
1 Rogers, Miss EMza.
6incv k. Miss Maude.
Smith. Miss Marlon.
Sheiieg. Mrs Imannltla (Mrs. TVUUamt*
Sllven. Lylle.
Troutt. Mus E
Troutt, Misa Cecilia.
William?. C. Charlee.
Weisz. Mrs. Mathilde.
Webber. Miss Sum*
Wright. Mlaa Marlon.
Watt. Miss B?s?le
Watt, Mits Bertha.
West. Mrs.
West, Miss C'instancs.
West. Miss Barbaja.
.Veil*. Addle
Wells, Master,
"Wells, Mis?
IPv relefrrir'n I* Th? Trlb-m? 1
Philadelphia. April IS (Thursday)-Mrs.
John R. Thayer, wife of John R Thayer \
v?ro.president of the Pennsylvania Railroad,
has sent a wireless to friends here' ggylng
she and her son. J. B. Thayer. Jr., are safe
on the <'arpa fill a, but that her husband. J.
B. Thayer, weal down with the Titanic
The news Is being kept from Mr. Thaver'a
mnth?*r, for fear It will kill her.
TN "Buck Peters, Ranch?
"*?*? man," admirers of
Clarence E. Mulford's
genial Bar 20 outfit will
find all the old crowd hard
at work protecting Buck
Peters from the rustlers
who have declared war on
his Montana ranch.
Buck was hard pressed
when "Tex" Ewalt?back
from the east and spoiling
for a fight after his tragic
attempt to buck the dty
game?arrived in time to
save the day.
How Texas is followed by Hopalong Cassidy and the whole
outfit, and how the rustlers are worsted are thrillingly told by
Mr. Mulford and John V/ood Clay, whiie the delightful p*erson
ality of Mrs. Cassidy gives a grace and charm to the story
that is often lacking in these chronicles of masculine life on
the plains.
Buck Peters, Ranchman
A. C. M?*CLURG ?ft CO.. Publishers

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