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act o?i un
Decides to Investigate at Once
the Cause of the Great
Loss of Life.
Many MtMUret to Prpvpnt Simi?
lar Calamities at Sea Of?
fered and Action Will
Be Prompt.
'."??"m The Trt*r..i?i? E ?* .
W4?hmgtcn. fcprll 17 ?President Taft
held h's fir*-? eoofereae? regarding the .jif
niter to the Titanic early tbli morning,
when he - ? ??th the Becretan
the Treas : ;-*''!?|t? ol .ending
revenue rattern to meet th? Carpathla,
what ftwtMtlee eouM tx afforded to repr??
sentative? of the press, and what, if un?-.
assistance oould be 'he govern?
tnent to the survivor?, it ?*f.s decided thai
a* the scoi;t crulaecs Haien, and ?
would cor.v?..-. the Carpathla and su i ?
ef the rev.-.nie Uttera could keep pace
with that ship, it would he both unne-cea?
ary and Impractlcalek to One ?"uttt-rf as
an escort.
P*rom the Secretary of Hie >.*??> thn TV.
ifltnt learned the plans m.i_?> to relaj ?
Hba. messages from the '.'arpath;
which provide that, th? Cheater shall pro
oesd to the aide of the Carpathla end tnV.r
mtaaeges from her, transmitting then, tow?
%rd land, and that. th'. Balen .hall pl?*k up
euch messages and relay them to land UN
vessels keeping a upnrt
?intll New York Harbor ;s appro?.<
Measures in Congress.
In Congress various meaaurea growing
out of the disafrr wen Bada
tor 8mlth, of .llchi<.nn, Introduce^
providing for an Immediate I
ef the cause of the gr?ai Iom ol Hfe This
iras immediat.i? reported favorably by the
Committee on Comtnerr. a...i unanimous!)
passed bv the Senat.- eSenat?
resolution repo eating the Providern to un?
dertake negotiations with for<-ig).
with a view to devlatng precautions _?ninst
a rsepetltlon of th<=> dlsattter will probably
ne reported favorably by the foreign It .?
lattons Committee without delay. Senator
Ferkln? Introduced a MU providing thai
all vessels carrying paeaangari mart nr?>
vlde lifeboats s'iCUcien' to .i .?..i?imo?1?u?
?heir human complement 'at on* tim?-'
and for drastic methods of inspection This
"?ve* referr.e. to the Commerce Committee.
In the House nine bills and resolution,
were Introduced, all proposing ? i? mees m
tns exis'lnr e''?tnt?? t?. th?. end that th?
live? of traveller? ?by ????? m?v he further
? .ompereri with th" rr*'1 ntad by
the sinking of th? Thalle with the aj.
??alllng loes of life, all o? i.e. 1. gi..at?'*r
.?uestio/is dwindled into insignificance Tor
?he moment, all thought ef political contro
versy was pu? aetd? wd ?nteres! in the
ordinary nfta!?-? of the nation ?av. way to
the de*ermina?i''i ?o t-.k* all ro^stble mopm,
?o prevent a repettttm Of th? trape.y
which has bt'n uppermost In Ibe mlnde??af
Senators for the laat three days.
in- Senate Committal on Commere. will
meet to-morrow to arrange a plan for the
Investigation ordered by th< Senate to-daj
Ruch witnesses at- mav shed any light on
? he sinking of the ship or on the prob?
lems .'i prot?t ting ocean travdUen from
the perils Of the gag wW be summoned
before the .lNcomiri't'e?' which probably
"ill be directed to make the Investigation.
'? posslhle, officers of ?he Titanic ,vho
v..,-.*. been saved will t? call-wi and authorl
D maritime engineering and eoaatrue
?fen wiy be asked to ?euggeel means by
??hi?-'! like ?leeaters may be avoided
Provision*? of Perinne BUI.
Senator Perktn. i mu. what* Miffeeta a
method of ??fagu-if. lit* on ?h?
high sea?. ?ri11- notai'* bt cotiaidered by
?he committee In connection afitb the ir.
Testlfation ThU ?pr?vida? among other
feinta, .?that svt ?? navigaai?g the
ocean sailing fron? an?, otoarlrfg any port ot
tne I'nited States, and ?^ ?. ? steamer navi?
gation any mam, hav areeund of tin United
States. .hall, ir? addition to being provided
and equipped with snob floats, hfe pr?serv?
era. Mne-c-.rrylng projectile* .nd th? mean?
of propelling them.'and drags as will. In
tlhe opinion o( the board of .supervising In?
spectors, best aevnr- the safety of all per
eon?e on board euch vaaaali In caee of dia
ater, he provided nud p'impf.e.l v.t'r. a suf
l^ient number of eeaworttay-^Ufeboats tn
?transport and carry ex or.e ?in.. e\ery ?as
?enger and every member of the crew upon
aurh vesseL"
The hill a1?so provides thnt ^vr-rv steamer
must obtain a certificate of inspection be?
fore sa'ling. and that every laptatn or ro
ig?onsible agent, owner or charterer of ships
who violates d|e provisions of the law may
?be sentenced to no- exceedlnc t^n yearf
imprisonment at hard labor.
Although the United States has e?rtair
.tt^rl^dlction over all veasels entering ind
?.leering its ports and cgn impose restri??
tJon6 designed to prevent sn.?h -a dlsaatfT
as occurred In ihr ?as? of the Tlti.ni'*
widely ???xperienoei Senators fblnk the prole
lern <?an best i ? solved by fh<^ ??o-op^ration
of all maritime nations The wav for this
is opened by the resolution requesting the
Preeident to negotiat?-? with these na?i?Wis
with s view to a maritime conference The
Foreign "Relation? Committee probably will
report favorably a resolution hased on the
M?f*.lne measure, ia.lng -tres- on the ne?
cessity of marking o?1? the lane*- nf travel
tn the Atlantl?- particularly, an?! formulat?
ing regulations t.? mln'mlr" the v.r.ssihinty
of accident which shall he o.g..r\ ?.I by all
House Comrtvttee to Investigate,
.imultaneously with the introduction of
tOt nine bills and resolutions la MM House
Chairman Alexander of the Committee on
Merchant Marine and Flsberlee announced
??onstruction of ?he Ifauretanla and Luat
that th*.. coenimlttee will conduct an In?
vestigation of th< <-iu?" of the sinking of
the Titanic, ?v.th a ? ic_ to proposing legis?
lation to prevent such eel iier?
after. Air Alexande' mi-I the committee
would summon .s-veral, survivors of the
ihtp and wouiej oi,tHit, -?t flrsj h?nd an
explanation of ?*.. .? ere
lo ?
Uollowlng this Investijatioti. the commlt
bat probably will pregan a lUbatittite hill
for all .jf thof.e offered to-day.
P eltraioary ??? t!if- report of a byi r>
qutnng mor? ?triniffn? lvpa<ttlc<_l of the
lifesavlng devir-s of steamer' uatna United
ports, Mr Alekandat Introduced two
Joint resolutions to-._a%. iyy direkte th?
President to urge-the ?o-oporatloa "f all
maritime nations In ctablltfilng a?p "?
? N'orth Atlantic dining the maaon "f
?'?nger from icfhi-rg? The ,,?h-? fltract?
Pramdanl te ,ni to
; agre? upon \A0f4NnreOt tot rhtpt ?rave?
th? Atlant??
Ml ?""a'<"?"r. of N?rw York Ir?tn-x-ln?-?
resolution requesttn*-; the Presidan? ta
for nn IMernatl?**?*?! <-onfer?ni*<*. ?onnp
of repr? "Mat1'?" of all mi'ions. ??*> ?J
unlf'irm ?-???amshlp mspeetlon l*-?*s
fjtmy, pt *?*f?srW York aleo *sV?d ?for an
??rri-i?lMinl c??nf'??"*
Heevy Penalties Provided.
R'ire ?ntative? ,?"ul*-pr. ?Jarj Rad ?"
IntroducM drdatlc Mile ehutttng all Un
porta lo MtMli not equipped ?
Ilifeboats rutti. h n? ter eten part?? "an
I Th?- Balt?ar MIL ihe most Btrinnent M
?o?, would pr??' ide a senten?** of nal n
ears ?i har?? la?**?? (or any i
i ?itiVr Officer o? a ship which '
rteri of th? i '?i
rBtatea wtthoui ample llfeanvlng appart
j fr.r paeeengen and * ram. The Bulaer
|<*"ary blth) alea protide perj*iaiUea for ti
who nminfaitiira t -ssH iief?.rtiv?. life
? ra
Mr. Cory, in a leparaU MU, *penfie? l
lil ttaatlM *-??"???"''?i? iik. rtflfd ? i > - v- ?- ?* - * ?i
foreign boata, as nos? a?i?g*;<aated. Ib* i
nd crew liall '"* notified thai
?hip i* no? Bubjr? in tapirt-ecUc? imdei
law? ?if the (*nlt**d Statw
I' f'iii?.lr.-"?, of X?W VorV. is th? Tit
of a Mil <o itrika from ?Section I.4M
i,, Rcvleed Stal ite? IM provtalon wl
exempta from the Bperatloa of ?lUt-td Ml
laws fTei-rn v?*#eela the ?-*?Mmtrli*a of ?ai
have ni.j?" tii'ii lawi Mia Mil would ?
?trfde, without ?* viniptlon. ir.?-pe"iion by
[Tntted 9tat?M of ?H p*aatens<-i* earn
??..??ri? entering It* i orta.
Mi. Aiexan-'^-r said ?o..;-,v that ?he I
?u**tom ?-?f pro' Idlng llfeboata a?*?
i,- la tonnage. ?r?i??a 1 Of 'h* numb?"*
? . ?- -.irr,. ,1 VH. in?1ef?n*lble
For C-*?-*?*-"?-?! of Wireless.
?prompl action li to be tabat) ?
?.. repon v bill providing atrlcl ontrol
''wirel**--." a BubJeiH which w?aa *ind*r e
tion eater*?***?! In * eonference
li? lenl Tafi and m-mb-ti-a et
^ ? abinel 11 I ir?tn ha* *? pending
?some time In the Houm 0?>mmittee
V-. | ?? Marin- Interference bv an
i,,,'* m i . ?? operators ? ??*
anxlounly a-vp'i<") '?i*sg>?g?s from the ?
1 ,i*hia and .?*h?.i .--hip? ?arill reaull In an
?einr? *? itcurt ?mm-d'ate le?gi8lation re*
intir.-; wir' I tlon
Q*rr?Ma familiar * ut? n-s
time practical ?*omment?sd to-day on ?
!?* developments of a ? onr*"-*"
t-eatlcatlon. Th? Brit.ah regulation***, whl
do no?. rfq'ilr?i llfeboal capadt) e?-j'iii
I assenger can-ins capacity o? I
ar?- d?:? lai? d to "??l lately out
i tel? graph has ma
cut:?,n thi nnflr.g of llfeboata within
raj-aaoi *
der the Md wndltlona,'' taid Repi
aentatlve ;?-ir?ir*-r. of New Jersey, form?
d ?'oa.'-fv;;-. Bailor, ? ?ifebi-ats Insuffle!?**'.
manned or ?qulp.ied mate of little m?^r?' ?.
than 'ife preservers to the r*?'*'*'1?'''''' Ot
???.?recked o??^-in v-saseL The pres?-nt rea
Of the -?Irele?''- telegrap!., how>ver, li
made -?.lmobi certali. lb? speedy relief
Hf?-'!.?->Bts. and the ?" Ing I ? < i
? I away In ?hem '
Titanic, s Impact Equal to ?fir? ?
Throe Droadnniiglit*:.
?Washington. April 17.?A *rraphk M
| parlson of th< probable i?iip3?:t "i fl
! Tita-?.! agiilnal th? faherm thai d
etroyed h?^i with the pro'kwtUe forfcf
the gun*, of ,i modern i-atthshir? en
i made to-day bj Captain ?'harles a. M
; A)H.??'er, engineer In rhi.?f ??f tlio r?>\*?n?
ctitt< r aarri? I
"Th- ? th? Titanic -?e-?in?-t ti
Ikeberj ??hab?] ?quivalant lo 0
Ialmultaneoua ftr? ??? r:-!" 1 .'inch pr?
i r.r the i-on?"entrated fir?*- ol ihr?
i ?^
lnouajbti aa the Florl?la, oh
Capt-nin MoAJliat
"The fire of ?en 12 Inch |una ??u-'h i
the F]or\r]A r-Aryiot ji, w,| ppos?'1 ??? :
sufli'-lent to put any battleahip ?I o?
? nut "' ' : ? '
! ?n ibe BlmulUneoual) 1 h? [?a ? ?' tt
'I it..m?" .?tnking th? Iceberg nus? ha>
i iif^n approaima.?]*" one iniUlon ton
suivaient to her beintf rrtruck limblU
\ by tHr?v tOt h PT0j?9? ?il?'S.
Ill .i ?? "ni^r. In th** li?h? of euch a tK?
I p.irison. that ?h" lhM|t?*>d BO i"i't. I?
Iln(*onceivabIe 'h**t ?p*j Lnfanuity of ma
ovar devta? ? fl?oatlnf* atructufi t
IwKbstand ..ni*!! ? tarrifi? ?"-olliaton."
| Professor Wood Says None Wi
Ri3e from the Titanic.
r.altim<->r?-\ Ar?ril 17.- "The bodi??'- >
the victima <-?f the Titanic dif-aHtor ar
at the bottom of the deep, nyeyet to leav
it," declared Pref^euor Robert W. Woo?1
of the chair of experimental physic.?- c
Johns Hopktn? T"niv<*r*ilty, t???3ay. "I
is altoe^ther in-probati!?* that fin> wll
eM*r ret'jrn 10 th>? eurfaoo. of th?> *??atei
?is ifi the oase wi?h bodlM dro'vned P
??h-iHo?-?- water
'At the dopth of i?*" miles th? preas?
ure of the water in something like si:
thousand poundf. to the square Inch
which is far too ?rre?? to he ov<*T?*om
by buoyancv ordinarily given ?Irowne.?
bod^s by ?he gases thu? ar?* g''n.?-?a?e
in time
"That the bodies sank to th? hotton
ot th*- sea there la no qu<9ation." Profe?c
?or AVood ?-r.ntln'i'-d Th? Tit-?nl?-'.
^i'-tlms who were not. carried down wltl
the h^.at followed nn?il the very bottom
of the sea was reached. There was n*
??ich thinR as their ?"topping in theii
downward COUfM ?' f* h;?lf >nll*r, * ?nil*
or at c<n>' other point
Parisian'R Crew Thinks Suh?
merged Mass Ripped Bottom,
I Halifax, N. g\, April 17-Th* ??team'-'
PaViiad-Ui, the Allan liner whose pre??n"?*
laal Monday n?*ar th? pis?-? of the Tltani'
? 1 hope, ?jntil a denial wa.<
T,re,:-,..[ iront },or that she had survlvors
vt th? Ti'snl' an hoar?! ?ni.r.'l Halifax
Harbor a? : ?.>>l?Kk th!** cv.nin-'
' aPtahl II,.?n?-: l^ptMrtOd ?h;?t ai JO"*!
lima) on Sunday night el
in Oommunl?*attaa with the Titani?-, b??ins
in mi!?.?- .lis?*-iii Th?? Tltani?-'was ?h?n
t-?-*.? The ?-?p?rator on th? Parisian retired
soon afterward, and nothing was kn?->wn*.'
th?1 dlM????!- uniil M^nds? m<?rning
The ??eat!i?*r ?-?n Punda; night ?aa? <eli*ar
and s?arll?ihi ti le.?h*? beli?-f aboard ?he
Parisian ?hat fl**; THani?* : tr?i?*k a low
lying i??.?r-r, no? ino?<? ?han ten teet out
<?t ?-?it, and !*even?y fevt subioerged. *?\ i?h
?'" Mp ??"i"?4? ?t l'igb speed, suoh a b?*rf
w-njjd rip th?? bottom ???.?en. prob?blj' at? (er
Im the pintee room, and UHa probabi.?- n<
???ii??? i??r her golns down so q'lk'klv Had
II b???n n high her?, it ?o?ild b&\e K?-rp \i.?
Ihl?? far off I
V.'arhin-iton, A,Til 17 -The iceberg which
d the Tltani** dlsaner waa a giant,
one-auarter to one-half a mile in l?Jti*-t!i.
rising four h?in?i(-'i U-e? pal of the w-oter,
''?Mig to th? confident otlef of govern?
ment meltn?? ??ffloer???, baaed upon rep?jrts
Tie master of the steamer Carmanla *-"is
i ??ie Hvdrographic Offlc?? that one
?????ok a?o to-dnv he r>ass.?-d about thirty
icebems /.?rd ?jth> t wtenirlve ?i-rlde ef lee off
the Oran*. Banks o( .Ntwfoundland. many
of the ?>rf9 hem?/ In ih< ? i. *.n- o( thi
1'nsnio wreck
?!? ports from othfr ves.ela ?.?onflrmed in-*
terrible .rndlUq-ia of th? lea. The Buns',
?tefime-- ? ord crorner advised the govern?
ment officials that mummotli l?.*el>?igs ware
seen in thet-c no?"tn.>rn latitud**? or. Mar? "i
*1 .?nd Ax-ail 1.
Prominent Man in Bus-m.?
Urqes Less Luxury Throuq!
Deck Space Curtailment.
North Gorman Lloyd Officiai A
vneates an International
Aproomf-nt on Subject
?Nfiyvr, 8y?tem.
Tb? ?ral ?teamehlp line t? ann?u
that any one of Its steamship, is eQUtpi
with enoii?h lifeboat^ t" keep ?Bo
?imp ?he maximum number of pa ?song
an?? erev. ?in have 'hat hhip I
.??pac??, '??. i ?un wggi round lhrougb<
th?- year l*hls was ihe observation oi
proniineit ;|e?arnsiiip men yesterday, wl
Hfkcd if ti?e Ti'ani disaster would com
hip line? to i?r.e?, nie lifeboat room
.'?er' petsem i ??? -a
,i : .-,i .<? more, hi declared i!..t the in
elllng p'iMIe had it within ^ epoW.
fAr?. t;> st?imahlp ii." tu ihli
ol ? lulpmeni bj hefustng to ere-** ti?. .
lantli ? i ?' ?' I ic not s?, e |uti ,??
1 hi r. "'?? '?? '???' ?' htindl ? ?!.?* of I
a-a y ??tj ?.>..fui transportation
,i. .? : i h. rompantes ha
i,?? ?hei?? Overc en.I'?- them h ??*
- ? loUars, i ut lliey ??are i
pyra],? ? , i e .,,?,-]. hai 'i i".'."t of i i -*?
i-,,. in<ess Putting '?" mot ? llf< ?? ? I
i? required hy la*? ??? III It an '?? m ot t
pt :i?-? . ? ImoJ * ?!? plofabl. ? w ' i
ment oi deck ipece, ...it numen lit?"
wr,rth ,.,,, , th..., : tes ??' Inani * .1 ??
and t?hl itlv* demand in'. ?
if ner.-... -. | i- . apatli] t'l I '
. ....?:,. . .' , ? : ???'.:
provided. '
Not ttn-ep hundred yard? from Where tl
sentiment was expressed saoth r stsamsti
official talked In .. dlaroetrtoally appeal
vein concerning llf* prelection In th? f ? 11 -1
on steamship
1 ?;*,,.? ? | an sxagl i sted end distort
Impreeslop In the publl? mlftd lust no*
laid tin other man. resfir-i.nm ~e-pr
equlpm ni ..??"'?; staMttt} ?f bul
i ??da i . . ? . ntrated lo -.*
human life on tl ntsnle. This If- on
natural But ?'lien the high ton: ion of *?>
eral alarm has niebelded those who ?tro
ci-, ?vtlantlc o? o ?? i taamahtpo will tru**
with a?- little eoneern over lifeboat equl
n.^nt M they al*va>s_ have done. I d?.'it?i
anytbtng Will be dOW Or *?n be done Hi
y.-ni goaraatM thai every soul on board
steomahlp vtu he saved *h..iiir! a tt -
;.er!?eli in .... It A f
"The -afe?.t plac* In lbs world ic si i<
on board a modern liner. This is BOl ?< m.
Impreaalon or belief; it is _ toet, gee* h?
he?n stated ?? h by ectuark ? ? ' 11k b
Insurance comparte? Of rourae, i
r"-k which "???<. idles even de) of his lit
rhere I? moja dangei to lift In walking tl
Street! Ol a Mg Stty than there i?
. tteamabip s? see i bell#ve that i?m pr
caution? should bt thrown ieronnd travail?
t,?.ken gCTON tlM n by 1
lb? tearaeshlpe, tat I tt?alvit?n. thai th
. n?, ii mon lhan met on all model
"Men Co?.:-l N*l Prevent It"
?? -*as met on the Titanic ? ?
England The rlK?mstance? at her elnl
?ne afkd ?he lot? o? Ufe ?.??r? somelhln
?Ahieh msn could nol prevent 1
pretest ?i?st t? being mad? to ?lav ato.
the Tit!.pic'? tecK of Mat? would be raise
to.morr?n- If a ship of her ?
in the bottom \o, Fav. an hoar
of life. **.en Ihough -1. had b..?.t?- anoug
for twice the number "t souls on
? Th.- . ..?t and ?*?.?'v ?av for per on? to
protec?e.] agsln^t deq'h ,,l ?. . is I
hOme The*/ views mav SMn
t'uey ar? based, without prej?dlc. en n
experience of thlrtj flve years In lh< ?>? in
ship bitsfn?_a? '
although ?h* m<j?agt- rlreles? new? th?
m? from tin rlUnltj of th? Tttsusl
disaster Indicates thsl <-h? has Ml ..n l
berg head?on ?t.- r. ar<- feu men n th
itf?mshlp busliMs? familiar with ship con
structton n'ho believe that the great lit."
eould ha v.- le.cn '-'ink In 5u.'h ;. mariner
Throughout the day ship ownen end sgeni
maintain"! f_Hh In lh? et.el bulkheods <<
mMern steamablps
NatwlUistandlng the strong, demonstra
tion that the unsinkabl.?^t e-unK. ap i
ip.i.e war? exprasaed yesterdaj th..t tiv
Cunardar? Manretanls and Lusltaals wan
uosir.kahl". -The bulkheads <>f theae llyera
acconlin?? to th?? local .tg?n?.. are difieran
from those ..t an^ v?h..-i coming to tbl
part, it ?a? explained u.ai t.?>tii the?
?. team-hip1" arp Ceaatmctad with twelvi
main (ca?averee bulkbeada, ?ut i. at? ar?
used on the British CETUlaara and that, n>
matter what ttu ? toaai mlghl hit at sea
fhe would fl'.'dt Indaflnltaly.
The Two Biq Cunsrdeps. ?
In th?' con.f.any'f. prlvatp record? of th?
tania are two ele\atloti!? of the h.iikhea<
lay-ont With the drawings Is thr- follow
Ing ?eference to cor,fjtiiiotion: "Ir. the d?
sign of the ehiji th? subdivision of the hul
was ?i matter whie?)i rec?.|\ed the most care
f?il consideration, and the very oohs?*rvat!v<
retruiatton?: p>f th? Board of Trad? com?
mittee which investigated thla question an>J
prepared rule-, ha'c been more than tu-t li
order to Insure safetv Ther? ar. twelv.
moin irsnsve#se talkbeadi as rihoirn ?a
th? elevation :)Pd pin-, and Intetmodlat?
M'tng bilMMadtf are ?ttp.l m ibr htmk.r-.
'ii"ldlng them into ynurr- about ?" te, ?
li'.ng. There ..r^ thus 1T> watertight "r'ii.
partments ?
The first st?nm*hl|. official te. ?come forth
?with a feat?Meni iimi Immediate ,.n?i .iota'
action shouM be t?ken by all steamahlp
linen for hetie..- itfeaavlng "eqrfpment on
board o.esn et.emfhlps ?-?i Charlea ron
Helmolt. the ffiieral manager In this ?ro?n
try f??r the \eii-ih r*,orman Lloyd Cine.
He t-.i- ., terda thai th? mattor should
be taken Dg at r,,,,?? ,-)n,| ,?,H(.,,?.?.,] .,, ,||f
Hsff'ie Trlt'iiiMl. ,np1 thai the ?tcamshU?
companies ot <>verv n:arlfin.^ ration In th'
WMN Mnmld be irgfttpaUad to p.)..raic i?.
accorian-e with i-eguletlorii? .e.i?.,,... ,.
euch a ronfer#>n.-.
"It is a maun,' mid y\\ von Ifeimolt.
'which lemands n.*ernH?ionsl ..gr??"mcni
Take, f.-r Instance, a rompan?, like the
Noflth '?erman Uoydl It must c?.|iform le?
ihe maritime gawa, ..?id iWgalaHNis M Ik)
less t'an f>? ir ???iintriej, in ?-artyliig pa?.
lengera between New fork -.mi Uartnan)
Oai steamer, have Brensst. das home port
and are uatei the imladlrtlon of (lerm.nv.
by touchlnu* .it Southampton th? ? .?.in?
within the regulattea nn.i iaw> of BagMM
:.t . h'rt?.?nj; ^i..i, passengers from r
".m.' sbgbrd the Ft?s> niMritim?' ta?Wt
Sgply, and by flnelly ?indina in Neu York
ili?i? are lha Ann ? ngk*g >?? ?? "? "? >?.iie
pll?-d with
"Nu Company if m..r< ..nxinii? to s?ee
dbsolutr. agg\ t-, ?.?*? ip^t ,,i\ pMs?_?enK?T^ ?han
is the Nortt. Onnan Lloyd ihn? ?"?mpan-.
ha* not oiil;. compiled with tRe IsMgr ??f
'he la?*.., but in wary ?*?s* has e?'cn es
''!;?! the if^al ruqulr*im*n's in providing
for the -,?,'<.. ,,( || pV?.-'?_..???.-? :
P?-oDostflon ythlch has been adv-i.ce.i ,,.,'
n?-att?r l ?? ?.tjoun-h** b*en carefully n.d
painstakingly investigated, and if found I?
hae." real worth has Lot Immediate!)
adopted. This l? ?ii? not only ot the North
eflarmaa lAgarm tsm mg ,,\i aAbm slaam>sblp
'.Uth th? coming ol the wireless te|e
yraph faterttfht vompartmenta.. .? ?iOmsr
lne alynalr. Improvad ftre rtyhtlnc >apgafat?i
and th--* other nortOOS ot thi last t*n
year??, th? RaaMMp ounipsnlsi bava *??
TI,? Ctmeronia. of th* Anchor Line, and the M.nneapol,.. of the Atlantic
TrsnsDort ! inc. are th? only \*r*X pnmnger -hip* provided with w*?cient hf*
it,H ?f,. ,., carry i" heop?-i oti hoard, both crew ami paa.cnfcra. Forty*
. .. ... ?.. ?grgt ^insert, accbrttfn, to ? u.to? Hot.? .tttiatlc. Lave^??rn-ent
Ma? -Zrc or les., to acccJnodata all fats might be on hoint .. rtlowb
m the following table?:
??hip ?r.fi fr-??, ???p.i*8?
: ?Vdrtaue ?*?* ,*.?f?<
i Arnadlar ??* W* .
I l"*"*lt!' (*ajTi*l.
Hl.i^ti?.- ilS '???::.
? . ? ? '". .
? Fm?rc*iU ? i" '":'??' .
? ' ? H.09A .
i ' |." ?*<? 'I" 4T"i .
. Kali , ?,? ,,!,.!,, ii ,r> -"..ii,.
? ?ni? f*>i '..?:-, . ;? i?;**
?7.1 ?i*> . (W
". .-an..' ?17 IT.".?. 1.74?*
i? . . '
? ,"i,>? ?ia.0721.,..
If 2X4I .
i.jirmj '?p?<-??'
p???en-*er?. Crew
2 o?' ?
? ?:
1 7M
Vum ?-?rr; in?
b?r ??(.a li?
t?5?i? ot boat? I,K? Rii"???
. and end raft? prr or
ran?, ?persons), ??r???-? rinn?.
i* 1,040 s.om i*
I ?viC
I?. ?
2 42?'
'.' .-.??'
1 ?X??
I ?"-I?
2. ?100
1 -)?****
:? ?* ?.-.
i???? on life i'.-?-r?<r' and Inwyi
followlna *??* ????>'??*?
noto TI"? I'
I??- had si th? i'.i?toni HOUM on ?lie
I'-'ibarossa .
? smpenls
? fumi'i .
* '???i.- .
?Ti .
i j pagiM
?a a??.?. ft on .
- Butters* .
: i rg
?,-.-.i?. r,o ? i| ist?
Kaiser "A ihi.ni 1? r tiro???.
Ins Wllh?|-n .
I?? Bret.un?
IttC .
Miiiii???p??ll? .
? ? fora .
r>n?-?"l\ nnlri . . . .
lr -.l.nt I.ln.'ott?
p.j gdatn .
saxon H* .
? Lo'ii? .
?*? I*?nl .
. 2i?--:i
l.i Ml
??? Ml
i I '??*?
11; tt
i ? rws
?. v
m i*-.
1..R.*"? i
i?. ;?>
If* :?t:
10 -???:
??4 I*?
11 ?"."?
I ? -?a?
1 .11?
I. aw
H ni:.
; in
i ?.?"?
: ras
i .?<>.
i m
i ?tt
i 1*7
., ?fl.;
' : ?
: .,!:?
1 I'"
:? ??xi
2 14?
? ??.,
I lid
r rew
< opacHy
?.- boat?
and rift.?
i n:
i iti
i *.*?'?*?
1 ::?,?
2 nil
i 017
i 903
i :-f
i raje
o? ?
I 4V.
1 ?*??>
Il?ved the margin of safe- t.. le pradW
call) perfect,
"In the e;,?e ef lifel..?;,! ntid Uf< ;-??"* SO'dP*
mtrt there is BeMom a ?tebmdhlp arriving
,i? or departing from New York City 'hm
carries ite maximum nttmbaf "*' pusgsn
p. rv When the Masan rush begins foi
Earope. in April. May. June and juij th?
cabin aeoommoflatloo Is Ruad, bul during
these montha the steerages ar? practl?rall)
d< serte?1 for I? is a? tl-.t- time thai ihe
0 ltdoOf construction work - of th?
? ?mpanl'-s are being rerrled on. Th? fOT?
?ism lahor element ta thai fulll emptogtri
This labor comes MOOt from Banana In the
.eriv months of Ihr pOOM) wli? u that* ta
litr|*> or no rebln business
?When the rmtward bound steerag? busi
Increaaes, later In the fall of the
? .bin rush In ?Hnrpc i? <>?;.
'? klag into cansideratioti IIh ? f.?"?,
.i lifeboat sod in- rail KUdpmoni had
. ? i on ddered by th ? ? ??" rb*an Uertnai
h and BngU?b ?."? erna ? * ?mpl*
In g ? | ? ? mshlp com? i
add rt .?in- 'i ? "' ?
,.f t?. ....--?
? .-,-. I ihal ? ? "? 'hi- , '?? all
i nmpanlt s would stoi ? nd In more
I'll!? lafeguard their v????engere sa fs
? ? ., - !,?.
. tntety "f iiut.ia.
..t mon .??i r -? ?i. ? th B thi settle
...... , ? ? :. .en. M? lit
? ,|. ? wen ? e. kill
handM <? ih* '?? ' | " ?'
r,tn4ss of the Haoue Tribunal
I e Hague Tribunal ? : rcjibarri
... de tl with ?hi.-i situation Tl
oven 'hat i' i?. ha. ' '?
l. t- ? ? ? ? Tlui
could th' H-.g.e. Tribunal formulate r. ?
, . . ! r3r?-fl|l|>
n the 1 a
thi different ? mint
i ? ? ? nsblp ? omp ink ?. I l^now,
WOUld -'?' III CO I ????'?? 10 'II. ful|e.?t ?.?fin
?Tins ? ut any lie?. Or project whl'll
WOUld ? , ' '
.?( h| :n .?;i ,u ^ in.' ni ? e.i l!..- ? leA;i\
'e'Anere agalnM a" CBCasalve IQUlp
? oi iit<-iioats was the sr?at sncroacl
:n< in it ??.i.uiii lia-,, upon iht boal dec It,
arhlch on man) Mg Itaera I? taken up ai
eatlral) with ventilators, skylights,
t n ? ? ; - and c^wr.
? on tent ?ion, however, could be ?net
i.\ the ?nestiim" ineth.t'i which is employed]
m th? Hfeboat equipment an war .. - ,i
aod '?"a' of Ihe (llouceeter tisiiermen.
Lifeboat? to-day r.?-t about il a pp?ui?'l
The average webjfbl Is UN poonds T?tere
are two t.? pee. th . WOOtteO and the Iron, hut
the com i-, ?iwnit th? M.ine. The average
e.;il l vi abOUl ?"I feet Ion?. * feet !?
me -I.e. beam and :t fe?t 7 luchen draught i
On the o.enn they arc gusrsnlood to Bgrry
fifty peraoa? an?i aa rt.?rs riaty. The kssata
in?us.' on th?. larger tranaiflantic lin>r- ur.
i.ia.ip- of ireen. with air-tighi eompartments,
making them '*thaareUcall? uaatakable."
Home shtpa carry 'he aanvas eaUapatble
lifp'U.atf-, ur "rafti?,' as th.\ ..re culled '
Tii- -? arc uneeaw-orthy, -.,: h r :!?
The System of "Nesting."
T'oo snpitc?t|i,n that the ocean liner.?? ml .ht
carry s Mgg'-r complement of boats by
' nesting" them on the ripper dc.-ks mean?
tittinsr them ?me Inside the other, trtthl
rrad'.al reduetlop Insld.? ae the boats m..uni ?
?ip 'm ihe tattleablps end cruiser? of the
1 pit"! States nav] ti?.|. i ;. high per-j
centage "f trained sailors to bandit them
and there arc spefla] i'|eo|ri. rraQeC in uw"
to .raise an.i lower th<- eboati The "un
packliiK" <'f thet-c \,e,atr by the jackies Is
an operation Ii which th< con?
stantly drille?! Naval authoritkt declarad
"i.-iv thai ll ib? mea on tin battleships
?.mi efuisert aera not constantly ?iriii?.i up
to a .stat.- r,f the highest eflltfency the han
- . t ... .. "neated '?"?.| In au emer?
gency WOUld I'" S f*arfil failure.
it was addepl thai th" .-al!<?r? In the mer?
chant rnurln?. and on the ??Ik Uner? were
not to b< | 'iinpar?"l ?With ,:ir -ulor? of ll'e?
ne\y In matter pi thnt kin). Tli?u >li
(ar IgfairtoTi M wan -aid, _.i.?i the
,?? -i' i eef t ..Initia 'hein iip i?. il?. ?,tan.l
ul ??f the i\k\ j ?TM held to b? almoM Im- :
ta beoauss tbe gsen never atuck fol
one Job for an;- lepgetb of Urne, l.u', aa a
,., . w-r- r.>\er~. Jt wir IXgUed fiat, ijH- ?
. far greater complement o, ?ail'iis
.rrle?l on l*n?rn for the i xprenfj pur- I
pose of hundllnp mo'igh llf?l?..at? to ..'-1
i'?tmmoefiai?* two or three Ubouannd men.I
w?.iii"H an?l . hildi? i . practical l.an.lllng of!
li'Uidreds of life'f.Ht. gagg . ?h .?f t?.. mug .1
non. Th" eoaeplameai al expert sacad .-ait-'
orh ..r. a hattleship Is the high" t ?nul..)1
of all seagetag vessels
Marin? Authority Saj; Titanic Was
SacritjiTd to Drgpneratc Luxnry.
IP.- r-?:- fct:?ib te th? Tribun? )
< rl'iinhn?, Ohi'e, April if. RanKv R0?*d!e ,
:miit-.n County, ? detagrit* to IN eon
?.utMtlonftl convention ami on autMHtT en
?narin" englnOeflngi otfaracterltes the loss
of iif- on ?he fitanlc -* * ?orillee I.
pendrare lusury, it..MPiir ?dvbralea Intel
nntlotial lece l.,t..n t,, ?compel all ....?an
I'll? 10 e-VOW ?h?" n t.. Kali ;...! vhen
in th" Ice l/*-lf ?lurm_ fog or ,,M .ink
night? Ifl ?? Igtv.. ?? .. ?,,. ,,i. ,,. ,| ,,,
da>, he soya
The speed p.f this vuaae) at Hi tirs, trip
wur. but y irtuii) ?rien ma? biner: ?JH
.?r'l'vnal If rrlmingUt; ; onJv
I'} the f. ( i but ii,.. paH>.., . ??22
vegseta d?amTand mJ?.
med that a 8iifflc|e,,t Number of
llfehoat.- to carr' an average passenger 11. t
? necesserj snd eculdnot be carried
''"t ?._:_..*'"? ' '" m"1'" ?r th*' t*"l that the
? deck t*Pom allows tenms, rne.,,, . .
' fl-g-nerat? .,
?' In enjoyment, sfberttlc in ?banner
luxm .r.i criminal in epead i ho,,
la Is th? last of tuch weael, ?
Interfere with Wireless C<
munication with Carpathip
rio.'ion. April 1 ",. ? Hurt'vlng u, N'?"-.
with ?h?? rini?- known imrvlv?n*a of the
t.ni' th?' ?i?am?hlp ?'-u pa thin U
?within ihr nriraleaa sone ot nenrt]
of atathma Mon-; " ' ttoo i'pgian'1 et
Operatora n? nil theee p??intt- have
listening ?"?ngerly for twa ?laya to *
v'iin'?hl?i?r of ?li? ?t?.i\ ?vlii.ii th?- "ii:?i
"n the tTunarder an inin-tin-- of tbnfr
i?, i ii u'?' -,
A?ni"**"li* ?i' ? ?>n?llti??iis ?luring the
were geod, bul ? the Carpathia mortel
'?? approached the <??????? and endenvore?
reach show ?talions dirent!)', inn?-H?i ol
roin?n. am,i?H?ir wlrokMBi ? ? i?. t.it... . .
bined ?\itii ?ii?? Mementa to prevent ???
live wotk sin?. ?.?t?-.-1 station, on Nantu?
i land, win. which the ?Carpathia cam?
i otntnunl? * ? i * ? ? ? late in th? da r,
ported r..-ni?eiit thai the arthity ??t
amateurs ??.a? anriouelj in?*?rf?>riiig t
an ?*s?'ii.?ii(??' "f meanagea with th* ?
. end farther ?!?;?? th? targe ame
,,f t-iii? electrldti In the air ??.us nl?
hindrance, a northeael etorn* wni In pi
the nun edlate ?. klnlt* ot the ?
? .
Th?- -? ralean ?speratcira end th? injwral
:?t commercial and private stetlona wh
actlvltlM '??" Interfering with tb? ?
--.?reati-on betwisen the ?'arpathi? and
? <???? station ??? rt .?i>k??l to '
by,** meaning to etop Bonding, in
th?- Cnrpnthla might ?*??? able to send m
.???????':? ??? ??rgentl; Bought on mam rtdi
Ai'hoiigti ?he trngtenn ?n*?wi toW by
.'iiin opemtor ?; * the m
? .ic?? ware riiHpo??<?<i of .?<?v>n the farpnt
?.?,,ni.1 '.. ?.?it ,.t rune?? of the a. .
i I'l?.n. the ininrfnmncVi unnllnwwl
tTaahlngt? ?* Iprll 1 ? ?sea atlon of
" t-?l*?s? eCtlvlty, 'V'p? from n few ?1??'
? tin ? tit^li ;?r.' unaffected
smateur operation?, hala beott ,itrr??<?'i u*
;i ih" Maraonl oompgnj and i
l ...pat ?ni'iit. a?'?'or?linK to a ?' ???? m?
loans i?v ?iirmer Attorney Oeneral lohn
|gji r?? >?\ Bitorne? for the Marconi co
Th?? latter filed with the Navy Dopai
m? nt a t?>lr*;rim .it-kin-- ?hat ,iM g??\ ?r
i. ? n? wlrelew Matlona north of Norfolk
in? ?rn?*t???i ?o eee?*e s???n?-i!tn-T iii?>i-vii-?-?.
wirelIsTstock SOARS
Titanic Disaster Sends Marco:
Shares to Dizzy Heights.
Tlio boom 'n wirMess telegraph s?oi
which began la?! ?? ?-ek with the .innoun?*
m? nt of the ?-?-?iisoliilotion of th?- wlrele
companion baa boon stitnulateii ?lnio
i.? th?? fever point i>y the d?-m?instrnH?
<?f t?i?* ofii'-l?'!!??? of thn wireleee telegmi
In ?h?- Titanic <ll*-;?st??r -.Vltlun ?li?' la
?in?- or two ?i?** etiich of the Mir???
i\'ir??leHs Telegraph Company iiae reach?
tnoiiiinviiiai heights, i"?t iiH?. fiiowti e
rjith' fluctuation* in the ?railliiK on ?I
Curb, d\i?' to it?-? niaiilpulutlon by ??-rial
?ftatarda) ?i o*p?sn<a?d al . i"'- and cIom
.,? I". The high mark during ?I? da
vu.-- ISO ,\'ot many m..nth.-' ngo II WB
?????titu* a*? Ion m M H abare Eve
United wlr?leaa etock. which aeemed ?
be wo""th practically nothing after th
conviction ,-in<i sentence of ?om?? of th
directora of th?? company, soi.i yreterda
.,i ?:>' .-lit .? .linr?
In anis??er to I'nMed rVtreleea storkhold
t?< who h??li<*v?>d that the?- ? ?mid r?'?elv
\i..r. oui .?lo.-k ..? valuable ii*-.,!.?- to suh
?oribe to .Mai-i-oiii Bharea, Recretary Bol
tonii??>* of ?h? Marconi eomgway .?mphat
l?-f?ll.\- .?tfit.,1 ?rst?.r?1ay ?ha? ?h?* l'iilt??.
? t<.? khoi'i-1 ? I :i '?? absolutel) n?? r i it h t t<
..... iq Mar.', ni ..t.i.'K. and thai th?:
wnnlfl not l***?t*<*t|va Mar?onl .u.j?k in ??\
. hange for their United ahnreia
The remarkable advance In Marcon
toch lia?! proved a verltabla hnmnr,?- ??
iiiii?lr.'il'? of Tialjane. It l*i nal?1. Who, I.?
caqa? of their faith Ina their ? o?mtr> inun
Mar? ??in. Invesffi their small ?"?i-?inga I?
?li?- shat*??? -?hen they sold ai a v?>rv low
iisfti*-.? Itany of tWae bnyen ar? ???iMns
at a handsome pn.ti? n?>?v and oontemplai?
returning ?o their tiiitiv^ country vltti
What npp??:?r.?? ?o Ili.'M t?? be a tortiip*.
The *?tnrv wae ??>i?i ytMterday Of an ol?1
WOmtfl Who, hiivhi?; heard In ai? indellnlt?
wi*\ of ?h?. j-t.-i? boom In Mar?onl shar>?-'
?i?it??'l ?? w?-ll kno?? n ?'ml? broker uith
ti?*e ehsune ?? iu?ii pbe nwnnd an*! otf--re'i
?h"??> for hhI?* T "pon inquiring at what
vri. ? th? 8t???'k ?as ?ellin-- ?he broker
i?i|?l her *ar"Hn?l >??? '* and offeroil hag $Sl
? --li.i'?'. ??.?*ri,ii she Hagerl? a'^-opied
When sli?- ?rent !? H" liank tu eagg the
l'rok.'i's . Ik k -i,.- -...,. t<_>I<rl that th? I ?
i. vas ii.ai-i f ! ???.'. and -h" tonllruie?l
th" m?o? iiiatnni at ihc Marconi compauv
oince-i. Nos* ?he In Hond**ring liow she
??an get h"i' I'hai? ii'! i ?. 10 B<eU tli?ni
..I ,' ',.. (|. X )?? "' '
m ?
Wasliitii-ion. \prll ft Foi' irore than ?t
Oirirtri- ni | renliii? lb? h\ iliopntphk 04*
Bee "f ?lie f-iirerm ol Navigation, N?vv De.
|)-*r?iuent. has be"ii pirbltatlng from month
lu month a aagAg "t ?-hsri?. ot UM North
At] ?n?i? U"?"an, d*Sftptin? PU? *,l<nl oondl
tluiin us well a*. H??* pi?"-**-*- of ?langii p
navi-catioii i-?-port?*?* by Inagnilng ship**
?the April pilot ?hart. Ia?ue?j M<?r
? *l lhl?t li, Mar.-li k*a h?d ? otw as fur
(?oiilh us 1-itH'i'le H n"r'h Tlie ?lall? nir.mo
randum prior to ?larch 13 fch?"-*:d that the
tf.ii'! ?if ????' *"??? ??" ttW south*?" aid. t,e
? i gr bf-lng *jlgl?t*d belo*? the 4M parall?!
on Anrtl ,. & I and I'. ?>n April :> and n ?t
had leached th? 12d parall*l, und ?>it April
n ....ni? ..t h ?? i.? ?e??n south of latlt'i?!. i
' The Tlfanl1-*'*-? position was i?.poi???d |q
kg ?- :??n l:??t"i-1'- II i?> l"iu:it'i'l?' *???:ll a?
? he ?In?-* of h?-r ?iiMistet.
fflVES m Hfl WOULD
Chicago Women Assert They
Would Rather Die with Hus?
bands than Seek Safety.
"Bui You Can't Tell.'' Declare..
One. Who Fears Brute In?
atinct Might Overcome
Wifely Devotion.
IP? T?ie?raph to The Trt'??in?? 1
?'hloago, April IT. If gag were ship?
wrecked, aad >'"i bete an opportunltv tr.
h mvad, hut '<> *e\n- It y..u wo'il'l have to
leav.e your husband, what would you .Jo?''
"If yp.tir children wre ^ith you/ ?Would
'"?i .ro and f_ke them, or would you send
your hut-hand, who I? the money mak?r.
With them, and flay hehltid to die?*
These qiiesfh.ne constituted th? 'hief sub?
ject of eoiiver?atii>n to-dnv wherever any
group of women ?ame together?at a '-prim,'
I musical p'f the rhlcas-o Woman* Club, at
! Inn.'heons for a few guests, at board meet
IllgS of Wednesday and other flub., an?! at
buslneaa dlactiaabms of the suffragists
?Whatever th? edaastog and Htm suh.lert for
consideration, the two gueettoas r?tsc<i br
I he- 'litante disaster received more aiten
tlon than an) thing else
1 knoT\ what 1 should do," ?aid Mr?. |
.I'.lin Ras*, ?eer.iarv of the North Side
suffrage organization an?l of the new Cook ?
County Federation. She had lust JolneH :i
little croup componed of her aunt, Mr*
? _e'orge Ha?ae. and, a few others. She f.iun?!
(hem "uigage.l In th?' discussion "When 1
fou;,ri the boat was in ?langer I would *eek
p.nt tne paraOM on the boat In whom I felt
th" ino?t eoafldeace. it ptuiialdjf wouM
be somebody ?whom i ha.i juat met during
the royaga ?maybe a mai.i .>r wnm kindly,
v ?1 tome woman who had Inspire?! m?;
with oonlMenne I v.-oiild say to her; Tak.
my r.nl'I and get Into tho boat In my place.
Pleaae take the heal ears 0_ niy ebtld that
???.'i possibly can.' Then I should stay be?
hind with my husband.*'
'But > on ?ant tell,* protested Mrs.
Qaorgs Bass, who le running for the preal
depey of the ChlcaegQ Woman's Club, "Vow
can't tell bow strong the Instinct for life
Is. V?m might think you would even sa?rl
fiee fdunelf for BOlas one outside your
family, and when the time rame for sav?
ing yourself the brute Instinct in you
would cry mn aad th? pajst thing yen
k. ?". ''e : would hare pushed yourself
ahead e>t tome One ''la?. ? think HOW that
i -i ouid stay with rnv buaband, nn?i i ? ??
lie-.. ?*\ery woman thinks she arouM. Hut
you can'l tell what sudden ?leath staring
>?>?! In the fa?-.- will <io t.. yp.'i."
Mrs. Bas? was right In one particular.
Kverj woman who was hebrd*to make an
. atimi on the eubjod in the afternoon
at the several meetings Icing held In the
! Pina Arts Bullding said ?hat sh" would re
i main on a sinking ship witii her husband.
"Not tiir<>ita.ti any particular vlrt'ie of un
neas," -aiei M?? W. k. Tracay( vi.-e
p ? ideal of the t'hi.'ago Woman's ?*"lub;
? i . i I couldn't r.r, \ should prefer to
Stay I ?Inijil.l he less miserable dead than
?? ?i. the memory alumys adtli ms that i
? had gone away and left my husband to die.
1 shouldn f want to be l.ft alone under any
? But, of coune, et lao'l a matlrr always
of voiir personal feellpp and choice." oh
.te.) Urs. .lohn Swlnson "If you don't
Ret into a beat Wh?n they tell yOU to,
maybe later you will keep your husband
away from S ?'hane? i?> save himself and
v..u. to... Thfi. might M .. I'l.ee in a boat
for him, but n.'t >'n...ugh for two. And then.
it ' >.?. have children, have you any right ta
?'ons.ilt your own \? i?hrv a.i'l die with your
husband, aven if you want taf
I was Jus? talking gbou! that with my'
[husband thil morning," spoke Mrs. Womer
!i h_ti?li?T. I ?iid: If we had basa on that |
ship, the) Would hav< .tuck Gloria and me'
Into .. Ilttb boat ami I ?d.ould have been,
saved, while you weal < I ? ? w 11. \nd then WS :
should have been perfect!, miserable the;
.. ?*' ..f .>ur lives. Y.^t tke] would have said
, my buaband was ? coward ami no pood if
li?' ha?l sa.e?l hlmaclf If I could have per- i
Buaded him to and his lltttc ?laughter and I
lit 111" go.
"I think it would Im S thousand times
better if we all should go in case era ?ouid
not all be saved. For my part, I don't see i
how il.e women could ?misent to go. D.ar
nie. dear me' The?, sav that gallantry I?
M.aei h only needs t.. i?" pul to the test;
that Is all."
Ifutrelle foresaw death
' _
! Author Prepared for End Before
I Sailing on the Titanic.
[By Tel'trtph to The Tribune. 1
Atlanta. April 17. -.Tneqi.es Futrelle.
the veil known short story writer, was
1 r? T'..r??d f?>." death when the Titanic
ramme.l the great ?.?eberg on 'Sunday
I tVar that something might happen
??it the trip acroas tha ocaan eHuse.i him
to send a letter to .lohn Pod. of Atlanta
his hrofhor-in-law. in which he inclose!
a power of att?orney and gava ? liai of
his realty In Atlanta, told where all his
papers had bfen placed atirl mentioned
the diff?rant hanks in which he had de?
posits. Mrs. Futrelle. nlso sent Mr. Pec!
.. power of attorney for her property.
Mr. and "Mrs. Futrelle wer? anxious
for the futur.? of tlp-'ir s>?n ..iid d.iugh
ter. ;md gava detallad instructions as t.,
th?- way they ihOUld be ? ar.-d f?>r |ti th.?
.-. p-iit of ?.'rident. 1
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*f "difference between weelth
and poverty la the difference
between being $50 ahead and
$50 behind/*
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_,.v> ru.iton m . -ivrxalct.
La Bretagne and Helfin Olav
Come Safely Through Pack.
i Cincinnati Rushing to Rpgcu.
When Message Cornos. "Not
Needed; Olympic Coming."
Two transatlantic steamship, arrived
here yesterday which had encountered tee
| hf-rgs near the spot where the Titanic sank.
1 It took I^. Bretagne, the French liner four
? ho'ir? on faniay to pass through an ?ce?
tiil'l deOttad a Hh numerous icebergi, |r
latitude n*Jt,*fcetween longitude 4. _i agg
?'?0.21. The Titanic sank on Monday momlnj
ah???it tUM .,, t.. 1- in latitude tl:\g\ lonfltod?
A,third steamship, the Hnclnnatl, of tht
Ij.tmhurg-Amerlean Line. which mad* h?r
flo? k her" early this morning. rrj>nr*ed
ti.'kinff up a wireless ral! (or help fror,
th.' Tltatil.? nt inidnieht Sunday. Th<? Cin?
cinnati, though IM miles from the i"?epe of
th? ?llsasfer at the time, flashed '?.ck
"e~omirig" ;i?j her answer and tuned her
Head in the direction of-the sinking Tltanl?*
At 12:_o o'clock, however, she plcke?? ?? 1
?eeoad message from the Tltani", which
Olympic coming; not needed.'*
?ilenco followed and the Cincinnati re?
sumed her course.
The I'lnrlnnati mal with'no irx\ whatexer.
rince t-b* was puntan** ? scutherly course
from the Medlterraneaft. But i?* Bretagne,
from Havre, and the Heilig Olav, of the
S?-an?llnavlan -American Line. frVm Copen
hagan, hoth narrowly escape ths fa*?
which overtook the Titanic. It waa on
April 11. in latitude 41 :i3. longitude ?? 51.
that the BeHId Olav pa.sed three tarf*
Icoberge. A little earlier In the da". I*1
latitud.. 41 .r., longitude 40:0?. ?he came upon
a large field of h'e. with 3. moderate ;'.o1
berg rearing it .elf in the centre
< aptaln Mace, of T.a Bretagne, fpegfelag '
of his vessel's experience, said:
"The lee was everywhere The '"?le bt
huge bergs a? far as th?1 eye could carr
to th. north and west looked like the KtO
York skvllne **
Captain Mace counted more th?.- forf
t'-rhcrg?. one 0f ?hem 6.V? fe?t h'?h U*
?aid, bowavar, that the sk"-" w-iB cie^r dur
ing th?- entire time La Bretagne v?-a? pass
lug through the zone of ice, whir*? wa? a!1
In ?he forenoon, and that there warnt tut
flclent fo^ to obscure env of the dan?
monstere f?.? of the explanation? of U_*
Titanic^ eoiiii-ion wav the presumption the?
the iceberg Fh? hi' was obscured '_?' tOi
? Tlv loe covered the sea as far ae the
evo could tee." continued Captain bmOgt
"It was the greatest floe I have ever see.?
At Brat we mo' ?d through -mall floee al?
most awash. But before we had _?clrte<_ ?h*
held the bergs in great nnm'-er tmOm M
view." . . ?
U ordlng to Le Bretagne s log the. le*
field use drlfttnr ttOfg ahout ?f? we*, lOftg.
tude and 41 north latitude to 31 longitud*
a??l 42 h.tltude. Thl? would hav. b.QUgh'
the Ice tl?ld directly In *'?.? path of re-?
Titanic, which fpellowM the French boa
twelve h?Mirs later.
The i tncinr."M, which carried 1.W2 pas?
sengers, had sixteen lifeboats an?! nine co\
foi ? b!< boats with which to take care of
he?- human freight In ease of accident. La
? ? Lgne carried twelve lifeboat? an? f
liferafts. hut she had on board only Tii Pas
?engera an?! 2:1 crew. The Hellig 01*v
?eenied the h?st equipped of all t-i?.-.. wit!,
sixteen llfetx.af?- and thirty four coilep?lW:
boati She carried -14 paseenger? and "'??
Expert Says They Could Hav?
Been Installed in a Day
London. April 17?The managing
dtrecteOr of the .Velin Davit and En_'
naerlni Company ha. issued a atiKMneni
tliat the Titanic carried fourteen life?
boats and two cutters with an aggre?
gate capacity of !.."??'_ 'tibie feet, h'lt
was equipped with davit? capabl? of
handling double or treble th?? number of
bouts carrK-i.
The owners adupted thia plan, he .-ays.
because it was rumored that chang-?*
were to l>e made in the near future in
lhe official regulations, which woul.
have ?otnpell.'.r th?? carrying of more
boats. He conclude.:
"Additional boats fur the accommoda?
tion of every soul on board might have
been installe?) practically In n ..in*.?
Alexander i'.irllsle. the designer of me
Titanic and the Olympic. In the cours*
of an Interview ya*g|erday pointed out
that the Titanic wa.? Bt____ with davit?
sufflejent to eatmsff' f.njr timos the num
b.T ot' boat, actually placed on board.
"Executor's Unrestricted Public Sale*'
In the Grand Ball Room of
rrirTii AVFvrr. .-.?.tit to --?th -?TRFErT*? --
t AdtmAeatOm *??/ ??or?** ?n"y. to be besi free et the mematfotol
The Beautiful Paintings
By the Barbizon Master?**?
and their contemporaries.
Ai the American Art Galleries
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